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The Escapists: Prison Escape App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

The Escapists: Prison Escape app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Escapists: Prison Escape? Can you share your negative thoughts about the escapists: prison escape?

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The Escapists: Prison Escape for Negative User Reviews

Not compatible with iPadI downloaded this on my iPhone ages ago and redownloaded it onto my iPad because I missed playing it. Unfortunately, the popup information in game keeps getting cut off from my screen and I miss out on a lot. I deleted the app and redownloaded it but it doesn’t seem work. I was looking forward to playing it again and now I’m just disappointed. I hope they fix this issue, I’m deleting it now..Version: 1.12

It’s okay but not for small devicesCould see the appeal and potential but I wouldn’t recommend this on a smart phone as the Game is too fast with how small the navigation is and with the limiting factor of the screen size..Version: 1.10

Interesting but not funInteresting concept but does a poor job of explaining anything so really failed at being engaging. Crafting didn't work for obvious items such as a torch. After much frustration and looking up a crafting wiki online, crafting was poor because only prison theme items are allowed and mostly weapons. Unless you are well versed in and enthusiastic for makeshift prison weaponry then crafting will be disappointing. The other big bore was having your prison life dictated every few minutes so you are mostly rushing around going from chore to chore to be a regular prisoner to avoid instant failure (also not obvious what's going on when starting out). You rarely work on the escape. No thanks..Version: 1.06

Needs two more thingsI’m giving this game a three because 1.when a inmate likes you 100% you can’t make them follow you 2.i want a prison editor..Version: 1.05

Good gameGood game but can’t escape because every time I start playing I find the red key make a putty mold and when I move while I’m holding it it instantly puts it on lockdown and btw can you make it like the escapists 2 where you can make your own prisons.Version: 1.05

Always crashesWhen I play it always crashes frequently pls can the developer fix this thx.Version: 1.11

It’s a good game-I really enjoy playing this game but i can’t change my touch controls and when i try to it loads me off the game.Version: 1.12

Good - but ruined by controlsCurrently using XS Max to play this game and really enjoying this so far but the controls are really annoying. I would love to see an update if there’s an ability to move the d-pad closer to middle of the screen. Otherwise I’ll get a refund as I can’t play as effectively and efficiently as it can be..Version: 1.11

Good but bugs makes it almost unplayableIt’s really fun, the game has enough prisons, it’s replayable as there’s many ways to escape. But the bugs makes some prisons basically unplayable, the guards will ask you to go to the area you to need to be when you are already there, and it won’t matter how long you’ve been there or where you are, guards will keep asking you to get to the place you need to be when you are there. It would also add the bar where guards will attack you or not so they will just attack you, if you have some red items you will lose it if you don’t have the skills to fight or you are in a map such the jungle compound. (I’m not saying red items shouldn’t be taken away when you’re knocked out instead how they would attack you for no reason at all).Version: 1.12

MusicMusic is so scary when the guards are after you I don’t recommend playing this alone.Version: 1.12

Fundamental mechanics of the game questionable.Generally quite good. Some aspects frustrating though. The 'send to solitary' notice for if a guard sees that a fence is cut? Shouldn't there be a chase while they try and catch me? or at least a countdown until the big guns arrive?.Version: 1.04

Keeps freezing during loadingWe have the latest update but it won't load. It freezes in the loading and then the screen goes away. Really like the game when it works. Definitely a bug game right now..Version: 1.10

I can’t open the game...It crashes at the title screen so I can’t play it refund please.Version: 1.11

Not suitable for phone playGraphics and controls don’t scale well to phone size. Only consider it if you’re playing on an iPad..Version: 1.11

Not good with the IPhone XWhen the game is showing me the tutorial and other messages. The screen is cut off to where the little space on the top of the phone so than I can’t read half of the stuff that is telling me.. please fix this.. I want to enjoy this game. Thanks!.Version: 1.10

Glitches ruin progressIn the jungle prison during food periods I would be sitting at the table and the guards heat would keep sky rocketing as they kept saying that I needed to go to where I’m supposed to be (which I was where I was supposed to be). Then I’d get shot and loose all my items which were needed to escape. Also there was a time where I loaded back to a save so I could hide my things as I knew I was going to be called for roll call. When the game loaded back it had me at 100% heat and I got shot and lost all of my things. No matter how many times I reloaded the game it kept my heat at 100%. Once again all of the items on my person were very important to escape. I had previously had issues that I could ignore but the game glitching me to 100% at completely random and nonsensical things made me delete the app. I truly don’t remember having these problems when I first downloaded the app a few years ago. I’ll still play the second game on Xbox but to anyone thinking about downloading this remember that glitches especially with guards will completely ruin game progress. Ask yourself if that’s worth paying for this game. If you like this game like I do, DONT play on the phone use the console or PC..Version: 1.12

Glitch makes game unplayableThe game is unplayable because on the 4th prison the guards yell at me for no reason. For example. At dinner I will sit down with a meal and the guards will yell at me over and over raising my heat to 99. So the guards start punching me but my character automatically punches back. Making their name red. So when I go to dig out to make fake Id papers they remove the bed sheets off the bars and catch me. So I will never be able to beat the 4th prison because of this glitch..Version: 1.12

What just happened??The iPhone “notch” cuts off the dialogue box.... seriously is Ed that just happened. Looked for settings and no dice. Gotta be kidding people..Version: 1.11

4 and a half starsReally, really, really good game, you have the crafting recipes, hard to get, I like it. There are a few things I do not like, and it’s the map and the fact that no matter where you are, whether you dug or chipped in some random place or stole a key, you get caught and do not even get the chance to put it back or fix it, and you either get sent to solitary, or last checkpoint. You can literally not know the map unless you go everywhere, and, I know that it is on escapists 2, so is the solitary thing but it’s not on mobile, so I do not have it, and because it’s $20 on computer, not gonna happen. I really, really enjoy this game until I try to get someone else in trouble and then you get sent to solitary, AND ITS NOT IN YOUR ROOOM! But, I really do enjoy this game, and plz put escapists 2 on mobile..Version: 1.05

It crashes a lotSome times the game crashes a lot.Version: 1.11

Not the bestI feel like this game could have been a lot better on mobile. The reason why I say this is because I have played all the way through this game on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox one. I just feel like it was not nearly as good on mobile. The controls are not good in the slightest and it is almost impossible to aim at something that you want to. Mouldy toof studios is a very good author, I just don’t understand why they did not put any effort into this. It’s like they just straight up ported the maps from the other versions, slapped in some controls and were done in less than a week. Just please, if you are reading this, just make the controls better. I ( and I’m sure many other people) would like this game a lot more if the controls were better.Version: 1.07

New update needs improvementsAwesome game but the most recent addition "banned camp" is a real hit and miss. I don't know if it's intentional but you can't break ANYTHING except the walls of inmate cells. You can't get into the job areas without a key or without having the job (no posters anymore) and you can't cut any fences anywhere. You can't even escape via prison takeover because the nunchucks have been so nerfed and batons have been buffed. All prison takeover does in this prison is open the Doctor area which isn't very useful. Chocolate is almost impossible to find as is the generator. The main gate doesn't appear to have a door and there is no obvious method of actually escaping without maybe digging under the main gate. This is a 5 star game but this new prison really takes my opinion of it down. Very frustrating. The only reason I still give it 3 stars is because the rest of the game is so perfect. I'm sure everyone who plays this would really appreciate a patch update as soon as possible. Thanks team :).Version: 1.0.2

1/4 of the screen is offscreen :/Screen issues in iPad mini, can’t read dialog, unplayable.Version: 1.12

Weird desk-hole glitchSo anyway, I was going to lights out after roll call, then I accidentally step on top of my desk instead of sleeping. So, I go to get off, but then my cellmate(Kel)says,"I haven't the time. I *really* haven't the time. OI! STOP IT! GUARD!", and then I get a note from the warden saying"We cannot tolerate your digging habits(I had a hole under my desk), therefore you must go to solitary." An' I'm like, "Say what? I didn't pick up my desk though!" Anyway, please patch this. Thanks! (P.S. Otherwise, it was great. P.P.S. It was on Stalag Flucht, if that helps.).Version: 1.11

Good gameI love this game, It has depth and skill to it while at the same time being a game you can pick up and play just for a couple of minutes. I've played the PC version and greatly enjoyed it so I figured I would pick up the mobile edition. It has been a complete blast. Sadly the bugs are everywhere, I'm 16 days into a breakout and when I load up the game I'm instantly knocked out by guards and have no choice but to be sent to solitary losing ALL OF MY PROGRESS. It's very frustrating due to how much time I've put into this save. Please fix the black box when you load a save that won't let you even move so we don't let all of our work on the game be for nothing..Version: 1.0.3

Please give refundI am asking for my money back because even though my iPad is compatible, it crashes when I get the loading screen for a prison and I have tried many different ways to get it to work so I'm asking as kindly as I can that I would please like a refund..Version: 1.08

GlitchesSo the showers glitch like when your not under a shower head you get in trouble and I went to sleep and woke up in the medical room so overall good game just a few bugs.Version: 1.11

TimberMy timber braces won’t work I put down enough to fill the tunnel and it still won’t work.Version: 1.12

MrsJust paid £4.99 for this game and it keeps crashing immediately after selecting character and starting new game. Tried rebooting device, deleting and reinstalling etc. Also, App Support button isn't working, can only leave a review. Please resolve!.Version: 1.08

Money Hungry.Had bought this once before, then because I bought a new phone I had to re download all apps and games. This was one of the games I had. I already bought this and it gives the cloud down option to download again. Except this game wants me to pay again for it. I already bought it I shouldn’t need to pay again..Version: 1.11

Unexpected crashesCan’t play for more than 10 minutes without it crashing.Version: 1.12

Fun game but brokenThis game is a 5/5 but the annoying part is for the final jail you need to make a raft. The crafting recipes to make a raft base is broken. When placing wood wood rope you get nothing I have been googling for possible fixes and there’s nothing. Please fix this as there’s no other way to beat the final map. Otherwise 10/10.Version: 1.12

BugC’est vraiment chiant car ça fait des heures que j’essaye de m’enfuir et j’ai presque réussi mais sous terre je n’ai pas pu creuser À CAUSE D’UN BUISSON donc évidemment il bloquait la sortie.Version: 1.11

A big bug in the escapistWorth buying it i fully support it but theres a bug in the London tower update when you go on any prison and if you get the solitary meny if you go to load last save you go there but your items that were in your desk resets and its like you’ve started a new game but if you go to a place you’ve dig and put items in there they would be there but not the things you put in the desk.Version: 1.06

Good but...I really do like the game but I have a small problem. In all of the prisons I've completed, whenever I go to roll call the guards always say the message “get to where you should be” even though I’m in the area. This usually ends up with my guard heat too high and getting put in rest and recovery and losing all of my contraband even though I did nothing wrong. Other than that I do like the game but more maps would be appreciated..Version: 1.10

Good game, but this is really annoyingI enjoy the game concept and it’s fun trying to break out of jail. There are a few things I don’t like about this game. Number one is that you can’t fight backup, you just automaticity get put in solitary. I wish there were more powerful specialized cops, you could still fight them though. My main problem is... what idiot that auto attacking would be a good idea, it’s literally impossible for me to get a good reputation because people always attack me and I literally do nothing but I attack them and all the cops get mad at me seriously that mechanic makes this game so stupid please remove auto attack..Version: 1.07

ChangesSome things can be pretty annoying, I think cops shouldn’t pass by cells so much as breaking a vent cover can prove to be very difficult, then I find it very ridiculous that the fake covers break as they’re used, it took me long enough to get the materials to make that thing, only for it to break, I also wish inmate names could show up on cells cause I really need a bed dummy but I don’t wanna steal from a friendly inmate but checking the desk takes too long as you must act quickly to steal from cells. I also think you should be able to ask favors from others and apparently fake keys break from use so either make that not happen or you should be able to use moulds from fakes..Version: 1.11

Can’t get new jobThe job bored is not working it’s just blank and I have no job now! Plz fix.Version: 1.04

Okay but.My character seems to occasionally glitch out the map. And then I suddenly win. Even if I wanted to not escape and look around, I glitch outside. Yet, I'm actually sort of amused. The glitching stopped after the first three levels. Don't worry..Version: 1.07

Sucks on iPadThis game is probably fun. When I started playing I quickly noticed that all of the text and instructions are cut off/off screen. As a result I have no idea what to do. Maybe the developers can fix it in an update..Version: 1.11

Updates people updatesWhen ever I try to get a mold and succeed and put the key back I still get sent to solartay continent it’s so annoying fix or add a thing so that sjjshdgifgeub annoying thing never happens again.Version: 1.12

Text boxesIt looked rlly good on AppStore, but in the second part of the tutorial (after you wake up from the dream), all the text boxes that tell you what to do are only half visible. The other half isn’t on the screen! This makes gameplay hard to understand and it is very off-putting..Version: 1.12

MehIt’s ok it needs multiplayer tho just get the escapists 2 it’s better.Version: 1.11

It would be a great game but..I keep getting stuck in time loops ill get sent to solitary load my last save and instantly sent back to solitary i dont want to just take the solitary time beacuse ive spent ages trying to break out and if i take solitary time all my progress is lost also another minor problem is when im crafting the items will glitch and i have to exit the crafting menu to fix it not game breaking like the first one but worth a patch.Version: 1.11

I love this game, but .....I love playing escapists And was very happy when for Xmas they added the Santa’s sweatshop prison however wasn’t so happy when I tried to complete the level and it crashed over and over and over again so it’s impossible to complete. I get right to the end then why I place the lever at the tree it crashes and when I try play again I’m back to the last save point. Please fix this. This game is otherwise amazing thanks..Version: 1.05

VentsGood game apart from the fact that the guards hear me in the vents even if I have managed to get out the vent and into bed. They walk passed and I’m caught “in the vents” when I’m in bed. Not sure of this is a bug or what but makes it impossible at some points..Version: 1.06

Good But...This app is great, but some cool feature would be the opportunity to join LAN peoples world. But the app is really cool!.Version: 1.08

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