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Psych! Outwit Your Friends Positive Reviews

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Psych! Outwit Your Friends App User Positive Comments 2022

Psych! Outwit Your Friends app received 111 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about psych! outwit your friends?

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Psych! Outwit Your Friends for Positive User Reviews

Solid gameVery fun game to play with friends.Version: 9.2.53

Currency issues, more and bugs?Love the game! But when I went to buy a new pack, the game told me it cost $0.99 But when I went to buy the one, it cost $1.29, due to currency changes. I didn't think about this and was disappointed about the false price. Please fix so the appropriate price is shown, according to where people live. Also, we need more! When playing with my friends we often run into double ups, which people already know which ruins the point of the game. Please add more so this happens less! I have also found spelling mistakes in the questions. I think there may be a bug in the answers, as random spelling/grammar mistakes appear, so I don't chose that thinking my friends would make the mistakes, then the answer is the one with the mistake, but the mistake has disappeared. Please fix! Overall, love the game, play it all the time just a few bugs, all to be expected in a new game..Version: 1.1

Fun and some adviceThis is honestly such a fun game, my friends and i are addicted. Its good, but it experience a few crashes here and there. Also there’s a few things you could add. Maybe for some of the packs, not have a correct answer, and let everyone come up with their own answers, and see who’s is the funniest. My friends and i only like to play And the Truth Comes Out for this reason. Also, if possible, there should be a notification for when everyone’s done/a nudge feature to remind the players to play and/or hurry up. this probably does not make much sense, but this is still a really great game..Version: 9.2.53

It’s a hitSo many different games to play within this game and can play with many players who don’t have to be in the same room or even country! We really enjoy it and it always brings laughter..Version: 10.9.38

FUNGreat fun in a group.Version: 10.6.180

Fun as!!Loads of fun even when we are in different cities.Version: 9.1.11

Good BUTAds are annoying and kicks people outta the room randomly. Otherwise it’s a good game.Version: 10.3.7

Flaws and Fixes, But great appFun, have been playing Truth Comes Out with family that are in different places. For Truth Comes Out it take FOREVER for everyone to click ‘ready’ or submit an answer. The app should have a timer to speed people along, giving them 45 seconds or something to move on. I just spend 2.25 hours playing only a few 7-round games with my family. Way too long. Please add a timer! Thank you for letting us play this game! Many inside jokes are forming!.Version: 10.9.57

Change it backI love this game, and have played it countless of numbers of times. My favorite deck was the truth comes out but now you have to pay for it. Now, I know it’s only $1.99, but that was like the best one and now I have to pay for it. Another note, are the ads in this game, it was so much better when there were no ads. Change it back to the original and also bring back the coins. Beside all the these “complaints” I’m still giving it a 5 star because it is still a great game.Version: 10.6.33

Family and Friends FunGet creative and let your inner child come out. Think up answers that others will pick. Easy one-word answers for younger kids to play (and win) or more creative prose that sounds plausible. Team youngsters with more experienced players to involve entire families including neighbors or party guests. All you need is a smart phone or other internet-connected device for each player or team. Best played with 4 or more players/teams..Version: 9.2.53

Amazing game!I would highly recommend this game to anyone, it is so much fun! I love it so much, but it would be nice if the other decks didn’t cost as much coins (game coins) or real money..Version: 9.3.35

Great game but come on it’s 2020 better questionsGreat idea especially in lockdown but can you write some more scandalous questions, even the paid pack adults only was pretty average. Please make more free content too as the questions repeat. Ellen has enough money. Thank u very much.Version: 10.6.121

You call this a game? REALLY!The quizzes were horrifically accurate to what my everyday life succumbs to be. Red roses too, I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Do you read me when I cry broccoli, do you feel my regret as I scream at the cucumber? Neigh, nein no, the is as nimble as a dying hippo. Thy shall tremble in the wake of my agile swans, and suffer in the rath of my bleeding heart. I thank thee, and bid thee goodnight, until the dawn sets and upon is a new morn. Be gone foul being, for my strength is withering..Version: 10.9.57

Super fun times in quarantineThis game is SO GOOD for quarantine as you can play with friends from afar (and we do a call at the same time). We laughed so hard the entire time. I would just suggest that you include an option to put a time limit on answers when starting the game as sometimes one person is very slow and it interrupts the flow of the game! Also it is a bit buggy/laggy/crashy.Version: 10.3.7

Fun but I wish a few things ...It’s really fun, but I wish that it had a section where if you’re still typing your answer, it’ll tell you how many people answered. You’ll then know whether to hurry up or not. I also wish there was a chatting section so you can ask each other what things mean or things like that. Not everyone plays in the same room! I play with people even in different states so it’s not so easy just to communicate across the room. Fun game though if you’re all in one room!.Version: 9.3.35

Really good but has some flaws ✨Hi! if your reading this, I hope your having a good day/night. Anyway, I really do like Psych. It’s fun to play over quarantine and in person. The only flaws are you have to pay for most of the really good decks. Like me and my friends were at a party and decided to play Psych and my friend got to choose the deck and she wanted “what do you meme” and realized it was 4 bucks. so we ended up playing the free try of “the truth comes out” Also, Psych does have some lag to it. But other than that it’s great!.Version: 10.9.52

Epic GameI’ve had so much fun playing Psych! Getting the dlc is recommended for greatly extended fun..Version: 10.6.180

Really good game.Great fun with your kids, it does occasionally crash but that doesn’t detract too much from a really fun game. It’s stealthily quite educational as well which is always a bonus when doing something with your kids on phones. I should probably knock off a star for the occasional glitch but I won’t because it’s rare to find something that you enjoy this much with your 12 year old daughter that involves phones!.Version: 10.5.5

Very vectorisedI LOVE THIS APP but i’m quite sad that shrek or vector can’t play with you ☹️me and my lovely friends are very fond of this app and take it everywhere with us, if you are gonna install this app please be aware that it doesn’t come with friends! YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO HAVE FRIENDS TO PLAY THE GAME!! ( unless you wanna play with JUST ellen) but that’s sad. Anywayyy love the app ell good job!.Version: 10.5.0

Pretty goodI would give it a 5 star but you have to pay… it only costs like up to $3 but otherwise we LOVE it.Version: 10.8.29

PopGuys I have to get the money from my house and I don’t know what to say about the house or not but I’m going out of the way for the first thing I can get you a little money I have a lot to go with my mom I have a a little money for me and then I’m going out of the way for the next two days I will be in a lot to help out the other stuff and then I’m gonna be there for you and I will be in a lot to help out the other stuff that we can do to get together for the first week or two and yeah thanks..Version: 10.8.46

Can’t stop laughingSo good.Version: 9.2.53

Great party gameIt's so fun with friends.Version: 9.3.35

LoveMy friends and I love to play this game on a rainy day. The only complaint I have is that when you exit the app there are no notifications that the game is ready to be proceeded. It makes it difficult if you want to do other things while also playing the game because you’re constantly waiting for others to be ready.Version: 9.2.53

Not able to playAfter opening the play button is not entering me inti game..Version: 10.8.50

FantasticFab family fun.Version: 1.5

Profile pictureThe app took a picture from my Iphone camera roll without my consent. It felt weird and intrusive that a random picture of mine was displayed on 4 other people’s phones without me approving of the pic first, it could’ve been any private thing. Otherwise the game is fun.Version: 10.6.33

A great game you have to get!!!This game is amazing and me, my brothers and my cousins always play it. It is a great game to get to know each over better and have fun while doing it. The only thing that must be improved is the amount of free games you can play since me and my family have to play the same games over and over again. ( if you put this On AppStore I will be very happy 😄).Version: 10.7.9

PsychGreat game for the pandemic !!!! Lots of fun and laughs... Highly recommend it!!!.Version: 10.6.149

FunGood fun game.Version: 8.2.25

This is the a great game!Psych! Is a great game to play with your family and friends, I especially love the movie bluff! It’s funny and creative, and easy to do! Even though it’s a good game we (my sisters and I) found a couple of things that aren’t quite working well...firstly it takes an eternity to load, and it’s constantly kicking us out, were sure the problem isn’t with our wifi since we tried it 50 times with 3 bars of wifi and celular. Another thing that didn’t work is that when we were doing the movie bluff, there where usually creative titles of movies , but when we had already hit submit the title changed making obvious to which movie title was the correct one...besides it being laggy and having a couple of mistakes I would recommend this game to anyone who wants to play with their friends or have quality time with their family! I liked this game very much, it was honestly amazing!.Version: 9.6.19

Freaking brill hunniesIntroduced this to my college friends and we all have a great time, even if we are at home or with each other we can still play, no probs! Great laughs and different mini “packs” to play with! Definitely recommend this game to play with friends and family!!.Version: 9.3.35

PsychIt was so much fun playing with my friends. I would so recommend it to people who need something to do with friends online. Me and friends had so much fun going on zoom and talking to each other while doing psych. If there was something better than psych, which there isn’t, I would want that. It is so much fun and child safe. There is 18+ games but they are for money. It was still a blast!.Version: 10.5.5

Great Game, only host has to pay nowI’ve played ‘The truth Comes Out’ for years and had so much fun. One of the best downloads on the Apps store. Recently I thought they’d added a harsh paywall of £1.99 for every person. But I contacted the Psych! Team, and they explained only the host needs to make the purchase for everyone to pay. And if you haven’t played the game yet, £1.99 is a bargain. The questions are never repetitive and hilariously refer to the people playing. You write the answer that you feel will be most chosen, whether it be relevant or funny, and let the laughter flow, it’s a great purchase just for this game mode alone..Version: 10.6.22

EllenGreat game.Version: 10.8.15

Really goodDefo go to for family meet ups, all you need is a phone and you’re off! This game is good for all members of the family and you can learn some cool new facts. I have never had a question repeated and I never know the real answers. There are add on decks which don’t cost too much and I think that they are definitely worth it but the free ones are brilliant too!.Version: 10.5.5

Perfect for zoom!Great game over zoom with friends! Perfect for virtual quarantine entertainment..Version: 10.6.143

Great gameIt is a good game and is great for playing with friends even when they are not in the same room as you. There is 1 free game which all of my friends play which is basically where it gives you a situation involving one of the players and then you have to say why they are in there situation or what they would do in that situation. Then you all vote who you thought was the funniest (anonymously) and the person with the most points after all the rounds win. There are also other games in it but they all cost money and there is some ads but not as many as most mobile games. It is a great game for parties (I played it at a party today!) and is very funny!.Version: 10.9.57

Fun for fam to sit down and play a gamePsych is a really fun game to play with anyone, it’s not to hard and I definitely recommend it for anyone, any age!.Version: 10.10.101

Literally the best gameThere’s only like 2 or 3 sets to choose from but honestly such a blast! can play with friends even if not on the same network,, makes school for a whole lot quicker!!.Version: 10.8.35

BEST GAME EVERAfter a long day at a sporting championship myself and 8 either people (aka the whole bus minus he driver) played this game for 4 hours straight and laughed the whole way- can be played as maturely or as innocently as fits with the group and is bound to give even the most bored person a bunch of laughs.Version: 9.3.35

Easy and funGreat for a laugh with friends.Version: 10.8.67

Top 5 Best Games AvailableOne of the best apps on my phone (including biggest hitters instagram, Twitter, mail app). Puts all other party apps to shame. i.e. talking to you, heads up fans — you must make the switch. Absolutely uproariously funny, never gets old and the app designers must have created one of the best algorithms out there for “mixing things up” because I can’t remember ever seeing the same question twice. This is the first positive app review I have ever written that’s how much I love psych! Going to text the friend who introduced it to me NOW just to thank her, in fact. One of our gangs favorite pastimes — can’t recommend it enough..Version: 9.3.35

Long-distance playsLove how you can play this long distance with friends and family!.Version: 10.8.62

FunWe liked.Version: 10.3.7

Great gameThis is a great game, and a quick play anywhere. But where have the coins gone? We we saving up for a pack, has the right amount of coins and then they were all gone! I could understand it if they stopped giving free coins but to take away the ones I had already claimed seems unfair! Bring the coins back please.Version: 9.4.23

AmazingIt is my and my friends favourite game by far. Amazing!.Version: 10.6.6

Family funSo much fun!.Version: 9.2.53

MumImaginative and quick moving. Great laughing at everybody's inventiveness ..Version: 1.5

Great game 😊👍🏻Pysch is a great game, I have had it a few months now. And I can honestly say that I haven’t had any problems with it. Playing this game with family and friends is so much fun, I always feel good after I’ve played. The connection is good, and the idea of the game is genius. 5 stars. Well don’t Warner bros I would definitely recommend this fab game 🙏🏻.Version: 10.6.180

Yeah nahNot behd.Version: 10.9.57

PlayerGreat game. Thank you..Version: 1.5

To: Psych creatorsThis is a great game to play with friends and family and you can even learn from it. This game is a great opportunity to connect with you family, play games and a have a bit of a laugh!.Version: 9.3.35

Amazing... minus one thingThis game is so entertaining and so fun to play. The only negative thing I have to say is that I was playing it with my family one day, and suddenly the game froze. I exited out of the app & reloaded it, and it just ended up on the same screen and crashed. I even went as far as deleting it and downloading it again. Nothing worked. The next day, however, I was able to get back on the app like nothing ever happened. It was weird, but I’m glad to be back and playing it again! My family loves it!.Version: 9.2.53

Such a fun game! Minor glitches but still fantasticThis would be 5 stars but I’m hoping they fix a few of the bugs. Been a blast playing with our friends and family out of state. Only criticism is that there are a lot of ads and the occasional glitch/freeze but we’ve been able to exit and get right back into the same game. Drop the ads to 5 sec or less and this is a 5 star app!.Version: 10.3.7

Fact! Really fun and creative to play with friendsI really enjoy playing this game. It is super satisfying to trick your friends. The interface is a bit clunky in design and transition, guessing it is not made natively ( some cross platform thing like Phonegap) which is understandable as it’s so expensive to make native apps for each platform. It is a great game though so thanks!.Version: 10.3.7

Awesome gameThis game I play with my family at dinner and it is AWESOME.Version: 9.2.53

Best game everMe and my family play this game ever week.Version: 10.6.157

Great Game!Really great, fun family game..Version: 1.5

Great Game but.....This game is amazing there are so many fun things you can do with your friends except it’s no fun playing with 2 people. Also, what’s with have Ing to pay for almost all of the fun categories?!? It’s stupid you have to buy extra categories just to experience something different. Though I love this game it would be fun to include more categories. I wish they could also include AI characters. I know they have Ellen but if your playing with 2 people in the truth comes out category you want more people. I mean if you want to 1 pack for $2.99 go right ahead. Love this app but sometimes I just expect more from it..Version: 9.6.26

Pretty goodI love this app but I do wish there was an option to make public games where anyone could join so that I don’t have to find people who want to play with me..Version: 10.8.62

Great Team BuilderI actually downloaded this to use as virtual team builder for my team while we have been working from home during the pandemic. We use our work video chat to be social and play the game on our cell phones. It’s a blast and we have used it several times. It would also be great for a virtual happy hour. The ads are a bit annoying but totally worth it to keep most of the decks free..Version: 10.6.6

Fantastic!!I was playing a game with some of my friends when after a round the game crashed (I thought it was no big deal because apps crash on me all of the time), when I went to open it back up, it pulled up my last game for a moment and then crashes again, I did this a couple of times and got the same result. I texted my friends to tell them that I wasn't able to get back into the game because it kept crashing, to find out they had the same problem. We tried deleting the app and reinstalling it (it is that good!), but the same thing happened. After that we tried restarting out devices, can you guess what happened there? IT WORKED!!!! Just kidding XD Same problem happened Moral of the story is, the app broke, and I was hoping that by some miraculous way you programmers could fix it 😁 But for all of you people who read the reviews before downloading the app, I rate it 5/5 Because the programmers fixed it not too long after the problem happened! Now that is amazing service!! 6/5 it's a great game Thank you for your time 😉😁.Version: 9.3.35

Great gameGreat game! Please add a chat function for players to use while playing and a timer option, for quicker game play :-).Version: 9.3.35

10/10 best gameThis app has claimed it's spot as my favorite party game. Playing with your friends and trying to guess who wrote what is tremendously fun, and the personalized card pack is definitely a fan favorite. With how easy it is to earn coins, I have a feeling that my family will have a definite favorite pack in a couple months. I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a group of friends who like to have fun! :).Version: 9.3.35

Thumbs-up!This is a super-great online version of Balderdash, with other neat parts. Definitely recommend it as a game to play with family or friends..Version: 10.6.157

Something weird happenedThe game great but occasionally it won’t let me start a game or it won’t load even when everyone has pressed ready. I really enjoy to play with my friends, however sometimes little things happen and we can’t play. It’s an awesome game for when you’re bored but when half way through a game you have to stop playing and start again because it won’t work, it can be frustrating. Apart from these couple of issues, it is a fun to play. I’m really happy with this game. I barely ever get adverts coming up and I’m so impressed..Version: 9.6.26

I love itI love it though I don’t like the ads.Version: 9.3.35

AmazingI love this game me and my family play it all the time would recommend.Version: 10.3.7

Love it!Love this game! Just discovered it and great to play with adults and kids!.Version: 10.8.15

OMGThis is hilarious for anyone to play especially with family, friends or work colleagues, the more the merrier. You don’t even have to be truthful with your answers as long as you think it’ll get the most votes, which makes it even more fun..Version: 10.3.7

Awsome!This game is fun and kid friendly! Only a small bit of ads I recommend this game for anybody who needs to do a family game!.Version: 10.8.9

Super fun gameThis is an amazing game and for all of those complaining about advertising just pay to remove the ads. It’s s free game of course they need to make money from ads. I normally don’t write reviews but I really enjoyed playing this game with my friends. Yes it can be improved and there are few bugs making it a bit slow but the concept it’s brilliant..Version: 9.2.53

Great game to play with friends!This is such a fun game, works well, can even play with people who live in other countries so it’s a great way to remember the fun times you had with certain people. Times I’ve most played it are on summer courses, especially if there are long bus journeys or just lots of inside jokes. We still play together now even though we’re all from different places. Only critiscism I’d give is that when we’re not altogether playing it, we end up chatting on a group chat at the same time and it’s frustrating to switch between apps- i wish there was a chat function at the side or something so you could talk with the other players in real time :).Version: 9.3.35

This game is great!This game is great not just for playing with family, to can connect with friends across the world. I’ve been doing this for a week, and it’s been great to laugh with friends with this game. I would definitely download it if you want to play with anyone, family or friends. 13/10.Version: 9.6.26

Fun for whole familyHilarious and fun!.Version: 9.2.53

Good GameThis is a good game, but I faulted where everyone needs to have the app on their device to play as well. It’s really fun, but sometimes you can’t play it with everyone because not everyone has the app. I also would love to see an online game option where you can play with strangers in real time when you’re not with your friends and family. Otherwise it just takes up space in your phone until you get to play again.Version: 9.3.35

Fun for the whole familyWe have giggled and laughed our way through our whole holiday playing this game. So much fun..Version: 9.2.53

So funThankful for a game to play when we have to isolate far away from family!.Version: 10.6.180

Won’t let us playA really good game, and loads of fun! Until it glitched me off the game (as the leader) and now none of us are able to get onto the game without it glitching off! Even after restarting our phones, deleting and reinstalling app, the same thing happenes every single time we try to open the app..Version: 9.3.35

The thruth comes outThis is super funny to play with friends and is easy to play in a video call with friends..Version: 10.6.185

LOVE ITSO AMAZING!! Very very funny to play with the family.Version: 9.6.26

Super fun family gameSuper fun while giving the kids practice writing good sentences....Version: 9.2.53

Very Fun GamePsych is a very fun game to play eith your friends. The app is well made with a friendly interface. The problem with this app is there are a limited amount of question packs you may choose from and you must pay to access more. And from the packs you are limited to there are a finite amount of questions. Just from 30 minutes of playing with friends we ran into a double up which ruins the point of the game..Version: 1.1

One suggestion to improve the gameCan you add a chat feature to the game? It would be great to chat with each other while playing the game from afar. My cousins and I play in the evenings while everyone is at their own home. We have to have a separate chat going while playing. We like to talk about the game & have to keep clicking in & out to chat. Please consider adding a chat/message feature on the game. Otherwise love the naked truth pack, so funny..Version: 10.9.57

Hilarious game, must download!So funny.Version: 9.3.35

Really fun but too many adsThis game is amazing to play with my friends and family and you can definitely have a laugh, but unfortunately there is just too many ads popping up, and I know you need that for a free game so you have some way too get money, but there is no need for that many, especially when many people by extras. I am aware there is a thing you can buy to have non but many people, including myself, are not going to spend 2.99 on a game just for no ads. But in conclusion I would recommend this game and it Is a really good thing to play when you are bored..Version: 9.3.35

The best Christmas fun ... ever!Thank you so much - my family and my partners family spent two quiz nights playing this game with such hilarity. Kids and adults alike spent hours playing this, without one single question being repeated. I had only one advert pop up on the free game despite playing for hours. Only, beware, have your phone charger handy - you will drain your battery as this game is highly addictive!.Version: 9.3.35

First ever reviewI never write a review but here I am this game gave me and my friends and family hours of fun. Nice way to socialise and laugh to death. One improvement I would give is that with the latest update the coin system has been removed meaning we cannot purchase decks for free I thought of that as a really good feature as it encourages people to play more often to get more decks I hope you reconsider this and change it. Till then I will continue to spread good news and recommend it to other people..Version: 9.4.23

FUN GAME PLZ READSo, I’ve had the game for a couple days and it’s really fun! I’m in a group chat with people and we play it multiple times a day. The best free deck is the truth comes out (the free one). I think honestly that $1.99 is a lot of money for just one deck, so I’m probably not gonna bye any. I get it you have to make money. Also $9.99 to remove adds, thats too much. Keep this in mind when you download this game. I gave it 5 stars because it’s a fun game that you can play with your friends that leaves you dying of laughter! This is a Rick Roll.Version: 10.9.52

This game is SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousThis game is one of my favourite apps ever and is perfect to play with lots of friends and your family. I payed 99p for an extra subject and I rarely pay for anything in an app. You can choose a nickname and profile pic and when the whole family plays an takes the mock out of each other we have a great time. Would definitely recommend to anyone and many of my friends now have it. You can play with people in other towns and I hope you download it cos it’s just fabbydoo..Version: 9.3.35

Good game but extra decks should be cheaperThis game is very fun, I love playing it with my friends on the train but after about 5 hours of playing we’ve done most of the questions and each deck costs 1,250 coins which takes over 15 hours of games to get..Version: 9.2.53

❤️💩I like this game very much because I play with my whole family and they all love it.Version: 9.3.35

5 out of 5I love this app! Just one problem being the lonely girl that I am I have no friends that have the app so I can’t play because I will be alone.... ;-;. So can you make a global thing where you can play with people that live in your country (yes I know I called it global but I can’t speak many languages other than English and German) or at least speak the selected language. Thank you for your time and for a good end a kaomoji ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶.Version: 9.3.35

Lit and some suggestionsThis app is great! I play it with all my friends and we have tons of fun! This is a great idea and I’m glad they made this. But there are some others things you need to fix. Sometimes after a game, it would be nice if we would be able to “friend” others and have a friend list. This way you could play online without having to text them or chat with them outside of the app. In all, this app is great..Version: 9.4.23

Amazing!I love this game! So fun to play with friends and family. I got it about 1 week ago and it has been great, considering what I read in the other reviews. My favourite ‘deck’ to play is definitely ‘and the truth comes out’ as it has the best rounds. I recommend this from ages 12 and up. If you haven’t already, download it!.Version: 9.6.26

Great Game! 30 second Ads have to go!This game is a blast!!! I really have no complaints except the ads are 30 seconds long. I recently hosted a game and paid the $3.00 to have no ads thinking that the friends I was playing with would also have no ads. The result was I had no ads but my friends had ads from ranging in time from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. This resulted in random wait times for the players, and players having to log in and out to get back into games. We still had a lot of fun playing this game, and I don’t mind paying for extra decks. But 30 second ads take the fun out of it..Version: 10.5.5

Extremely Good!Ok, I don't usually write positive reviews but this game really is amazing. I downloaded it thinking it would be a bad, poorly made game. It downloaded quickly and when I opened the app I was very impressed by the short video. It showed a little bit about how to use the app. I set up an account and was ready to go! I sent a message to my friend who downloaded it to play with me. We went into the game and it was really fun. I really recommend the movie bluff type. Apart from one glitchy game, I have not experienced any ads or crashing. The only thing I think would be a good idea was if you could friend the people you talk to so you can send them a request to play with you. That would probably make it easier to play with others. Anyways, I recommend this app, don't listen to the other (bad) reviews because I have experienced nothing that they have said and I have been playing for a while. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - A captivated person..Version: 9.2.53

Great Covid gameGreat game for playing with friends during Covid!.Version: 10.6.180

Very yumVery well made of a game! Very yes! Get 100%.Version: 10.9.57

BEST FUN EVER!Only to be played with people you know, give it to them! 1 rule, no one can take offence. Such a laugh..Version: 10.6.33

I love it!!I love this game!! it’s a great icebreaker as well as getting back in touch group game that is fun for everyone!! with different topics, you can explore everyone’s interests while having a fun, positive environment. the only 2 things i wanted to bring up was 1) the game glitches a lot (they’ll have to bug fix that), and 2) they should add a message feature in-game. it should be available while you’re in a round, and there should be an option of group chat (with all of the players) and 1 on 1 chat with only one other player. that way, players can communicate and comment their outputs while still playing the game. thank you for this amazing game, and please take my insights in consideration!! ❤️😄.Version: 9.3.35

Family funSpent hours playing this absolutely hilarious and tons of clean fun for family time!.Version: 10.9.52

Great, just two issuesIt’s a great group game to include people who are far away. I just have two issues with it: 1- Ads will show up randomly and there is no way to exit out of them without closing the app. Then you have to rush back into the game before everyone moves on without you. 2- It would be more fun if each answer was revealed one at a time so everyone could laugh together at each answer. Instead everything is revealed at once and you miss that moment to connect with everyone and laugh at one item at a time..Version: 9.3.35

Good appThis app is amazing! It’s a great app for Covid because you can play with your friends. With some decks like the truth comes out you can get to know your friends better. And my mom used to get mad because I didn’t know my friends very well but now I do!.Version: 10.7.9

GoodtimesThis game is wonderful! while it is sometimes a bit complex ( more than it needs to be ) it still is very enjoyable to play. I have a group chat with a bunch of people (all of whom do not live close-by) who all have the game. when i’m bored or just want to do something with the people i don’t see often i can text them and say “HeY! TimE tO fUN” and they will reply with “ah yes i’m in” “of course” “yess” and we can have a good time. all in all it’s a fun and easy way to connect with friends even when you’re far away..Version: 9.4.23

Excellent group gameWe play this game with friends and family very often! Anywhere from 2 to 8 players seems to work. We've played enough that we've earned coins to get all the decks for free. 😁 Having a variety of decks is great. Still haven't tried playing with people who aren't all in the same room and not sure if it will work, but if it does then an added chat feature would be helpful!.Version: 9.2.53

BrilliantDownloaded this game with my friends and we use it to rip each other... and the truth comes out 🙈 but I’ve recently noticed the game asking questions that seem a bit fishy so I’m not sure if it pics up on certain things said in other apps... 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 9.3.35

A must haveTired of family members and friends staring at their phone the whole time you are all together? Well at least now you can all engage each other!!! Such a brilliant game concept, even my 10 year old nephew was playing. You’ll love it.Version: 9.4.23

AwesomeBest game to play with friends.Version: 9.3.35

Backing outWe need to be able to go back.Version: 9.3.35

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