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Google Meet (original) App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Meet (original) app received 102 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Meet (original)? Can you share your negative thoughts about google meet (original)?

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Google Meet (original) for Negative User Reviews

Layout harder to useI enjoy this app as I use it for school, but the new app update changes the layout in a more difficult way, instead of easily being able to click and see the class on each person there’s a few more extra steps to do this, it is also annoying how there is still no grid view option on the iPad. When I saw this update I was excited as I thought maybe they added this feature, but now I regret updating, I could see people more easily with the previous update, and it seems with this update there is a lot of useless space. Can’t wait to go back to in person school so I don’t have to use this :/.Version: 45.5.0

Presentation problemsWhenever my teacher or friends present it’s always freezing and glitching. No I already tried to install and reinstall it and it’s not my internet 😒.Version: 94.0.0

Updates are getting worseWell every update u bring u make it kinda bad The old version was much much better like 5 months old one Also pls allow us to see the chat as well as the video and pls reduce the size of the app , it takes unnecessary space.Version: 51.0.0

Great potential, bad new changeI’ll start by saying I’m a teacher and required to use Meets by my educational institution. I do like it a lot because it’s quite easy to navigate. The one thing I’m not keen on is the new change on the iPad that takes the chat out of the main screen because as a teacher I am trying to both monitor the screens at the same time as the chat and now I am forced to only be able to see one or the other. That’s a big bummer and a major change to my ability to manage my online classroom environment. I wish it was an option to continue to have the chat be open on the side of the screens so I can see both. Thanks!.Version: 47.0.0

Why make a good app so irritating?The sound is good, there is lots of good functionality and yet they’ve introduced this floating thing that covers half the screen on my phone. It serves No conceivable purpose, it’s simply annoying. When I try to get back into the app to exit for example, at times I land in the app but not at the screen from where I can exit. The floaty thing is. Is small and doesn’t take me anywhere. The top left link has already taken me here but isn’t doing anything more. In the end I have to tap the blue bar that says ongoing call. Why is the UX design so messy and user unfriendly? OMG! Just sort it out already! It feels like five people designed bits of it without ever talking to each other!.Version: 94.0.0

No grid viewApp is okay but has a few infuriating flaws on ipad, and doesn’t seem to work as well as zoom for larger groups. The subtitles option is a brilliant tool, and reasonably accurate. Lack of a grid view is really annoying when you want to do a group call. This is made worse by the way the caller icons move about every time someone makes a noise. You end up having to pin one person to stop the feed constantly switching. Having the chat on a separate page feels very clunky. I would love the option to use the control button on my earphones to mute my microphone rather than it just turn off the call..Version: 51.0.0

People keep joining our meetPeople keep joining out meet and I did t give the meet code and the keep saying swear words and not kid things in chat and we keep asking who is it and the don’t reply and me and my friend don’t like it we are freaking out and we just can’t deal with it and I just can’t idk what todo idk if it’s an April fools prank of something we just need help from this app and help to ban them.Version: 85.0.0

Google meet.Battery draining real bad lost 80% in 5 minutes, I do not recommend this..Version: 43.5.0

Was good until this updateGoogle meet was good until this update where you can’t have the chat next to the call. Now it’s just a pain when your trying to look at what the teacher is presenting and the answers you are giving in the chat..Version: 45.0.0

Discord’s better😼Discord 🤩is 😃better🤭 then 😮this 👿trash🤮.Version: 45.5.0

💀💀💀Good but can’t update and laggy.Version: 114.1.0

Hits and MissesGoogle Meets is a useful app for communication, but the app hits and misses in its ability to be reliable. Lately, I have been experiencing glitches on mobile in which the video of my instructors and their presentations are not available—only their profile photo is present on the screen. While audio is available, video is not, making my work difficult on mobile. The problem on mobile, however, mysteriously does not exist on PC in which I get both audio and video. While the unreliability of mobile Google Meets is annoying, PC Google Meets is working fine. My question (to a developer if they happen to be reading this) is why does this happen, or how can I fix it?.Version: 57.0.0

Is Meet truely global?Compared to other similar products, I find the inability to link a video meeting by phone can only be accomplished via a US Phone number. Surely Google should be in a position to organise local dial in across the world..Version: 101.0.0

Battery drainerThis app is the hardest app on battery I have ever used..Version: 39.5.0

New update is terribleIt looks and feels worse, features like chat especially have taken a huge step back. Instead of making the meet app more like the gmail version, you should of made the gmail version more like the meet version. Meet used to be a good alternative to Zoom but the team at google has taken a huge step back.Version: 45.5.0

I really wanted to use this instead of Zoom!We have tried all the tyoes of meeting apps, and then realised our church was a GSuite subscriber, so thought, great, we can use Google Meet. We can, but it is a pain, as half our group have ipads, not laptops, and you can’t get a grid view, to help you see everyone. Considering half the group is elderly, that is a problem. We need to see facual expressions and know when to speak or not. Yes it has transcription for those hard of hearing, but it is still not the same as watching everyone and knowing when to chip in with a thought. Everything else about this app is great- but we need to use ipads, as I can set those up quickly and easily for our older members, and they can’t do too much to mess them up, unlike a laptop. If Zoom and Skype (which have other downsides) can work on the ipad/phone platform why can’t the mighty Google?.Version: 45.0.0

The new update is horrible.In the old one you could have had the screen as the camera and the chat on the other half but now you can only ever be on the video, taking up the whole screen or you can be on the chat which takes up the whole screen. You also cant just click one button up the top to get to the chat anymore, you have to go through all these other buttons to get there. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE LAST UPDATE..Version: 45.0.0

EEEEOur class got hacked :/ not happy.Version: 51.5.0

Amateur AppThis is an extremely amateurish app by Google. When you join a few mins prior, it randomly disconnects you from the meeting room, secondly it doesn’t let you know if attendees have joined before you. Learn something from ZOOM!.Version: 42.5.0

Battery drainerDRAINS OUR BATTERY.Version: 72.0.0

Cool but..This app is amazing for online studying and meetings but, To discuss meetings and private chat on topics, Can we add a chat? to talk about things and stuff like that, Me and my friend would be really happy!! I love this app, But We need to chat outside of meetings to discuss meetings and just talk about things. 👍😃.Version: 73.0.0

Wont let me change my backgroundHello, i use an ipad air 2 and it wont let me change my camera background when i join a meet. i want a tropical background because my house is messy but it does not show ‘background’ ANYWHERE !!!!!!!!! 😡🤬 please change this !!!! my googl meet app is on the latest update and still doesnt. WORKKKKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😢😢😢 PLEASE HELP 💪😮‍💨🥰.Version: 65.0.0

I thought google was good at making sitesThis app is terrible, it uses so much data and drains your battery very fast. You have to have great wifi unless you want to be lagging out and getting bad video footage. I would not recommend this app.Version: 39.5.0

It's alright but there are consI've been using Google Meets for school and i've continuously had this problem, I lower my volume down almost all the way yet the audio is blasting in my ear or through my speakers (phone speaker, pc speaker). This is a big problem for me since I have very sensitive hearing, and i've had my family ask me why I have the volume all the way up when I have the volume as low as possible. Google Meets also has a glitch where it for whatever reason kicks me out of the meet randomly and my internet is not the problem since i've always checked it afterwards. The volume also mutes itself when it goes below 20 which is a very difficult problem since it's still very loud even that low..Version: 51.5.0

Kinda badAudio glitches from Time to time and you cant hear others in the call..Version: 104.0.0

Update?Google meet is fine but since apple just got a new picture in picture feature for its devices can you try to incorporate that into google meet? And make more of the features that work on the computers at least work on an iPad? Like the poll feature and i would like to go off the google meet screen without it turning off my camera so i can get my work done and my teachers have problems when they don’t see me so i have to try and do my class work on my phone and it’s a lot. I’m sure you are aware of people using google meet for virtual school and it would make it a whole lot easier on everyone..Version: 45.5.0


Money hungryWhy did u change it so now u have to pay for meetings that are more than an hour??? that is so annoying. is google really that money hungry? and it doesn’t even work half the time. sometimes it kicks me out after an hour, other times it lets me stay on the meet for 3 hours?? make it make sense and stop making us pay for freaking google meet, no one is gonna do that babe.Version: 81.0.0

Layout and Chat BoxAs a high school student, I use Google Meet for about 8 hours a day. When I use my chrome book, you are able to see everybody on your screen, however, when I use my Ipad or Iphone, you can only see about 4 people. It makes it a bit hard because since I take ASL, you don’t know who is signing or what is being signed. They should change it to where we can see everybody. Also, when I use the chat box it pops up in the middle of the screen. I think they should change the chat box to going to the side instead of the middle like the chrome book because I still need to see what my teachers and peers are saying. Hopefully, they are able to change it. Also, I’m glad they put the “activities” feature because every time my teachers put a poll up I was never able to vote..Version: 57.0.0

Don’t like the new layoutI love this app, it’s great for online school. But recently you guys have updated the layout for mobile, and now it looks terrible. You’ve also made working the app more difficult. Before, you could see yourself fully before joining, with the option to mute or turn your camera off, and now you’ve made the screen in which you view yourself before entering the call smaller. Now I can’t look at myself fully and adjust my appearance if need be, because I can barely see myself. Also, I now have to go through a series of steps just to pin a person, or look at the chat. And now when I’m in the chat, I can’t see the person I have pinned anymore, because the chat takes up the whole screen. Also when I accidentally leave the call, there is no longer an option to rejoin the meeting, which is very frustrating. Please fix this, I had no issue before, so I don’t know why you guys had to change it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You guys have completely went downhill with this layout..Version: 45.5.0

Good but not perfectWhen i was seven i used this for online learning as good as this app it is it has some bugs ,lags and more. When joining you can add backgrounds however this did not work. This app lags and the mute and camera button doesn’t work sometimes abs it is hard to confer straight sometimes..Version: 85.0.0

Video quality good, lack of grid for iPad badEasy to use and share links for family catchups but the lack of grid view makes your head spin when you have 6 people all talking at once..Version: 44.5.0

Where is the filtersHello look up.Version: 96.0.0

Waiting RoomI think this app is very easy to navigate and is great for students doing distance learning, but I definitely think there should be a waiting room feature for classrooms. Every day I have to click the meet link many times in order to see when my teacher has joined the meet, which is when it allows you to enter the meeting. I feel as though a waiting room sort of feature would allow teachers to let the students into the meet once they join themselves instead of having to click the link/meet button several times hoping their teachers are there..Version: 51.5.0

Yeah YeahIt’s a great app in all but it eats you battery 🔋 which is so annoying so for people out there who are to lazy so use FaceTime and want to know to download this or not I would say... Eh maybe 🤔, the only reason I say this is because of the battery percentage issue AND did I mention how glitchy it is 😂 🤩 so producers of this app if you want a five star rating ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ then fix this or I’m deleting it.Version: 51.5.0

A Useful Review that you should readI use google meets both on my phone and on my chromebook for school. On my chromebook, it’s great; the audio is a bit choppy on occasion, but other than that it’s pretty much perfect on my chromebook. On my phone however (I have an iPhoneXR if that has anything to do with it), the screen will just randomly go black while I’m in a google meet. It doesn’t do this when I’m on any other app alone, (when you’re in a google meet you can go onto other apps and still hear the audio from the google meet while you go on whatever other apps, just like FaceTime.) but when I’m in a google meet, my screen randomly goes black for about 4-6 seconds about 4 times every 30 seconds. I can still hear the audio, and the phone doesn’t turn off because when it comes back on again it’s on the same screen it was before and I don’t have to enter my password again. While the screen is black, even if I tap on, say, a keyboard, when the screen comes back on, it didn’t/doesn’t register that I pressed any buttons. This is quite frustrating, as I am currently in a google meet and it has taken me nearly thirty minutes to write this review..Version: 51.5.0

Hated it during quarantineSince quanreten is over it was good ap but I hate call because dumb so one star take off App Store.Version: 42.5.0

I hate the fact that you need workspace for lots of stuff in meetGoogle meet was the best app to call my friends until workspace was needed to do some stuff in meet. So recently my school district banned google chat and meet on my school account, so I moved on to use my personal account so I can talk to my friends. It turned out that you need google workspace to have longer calls and make people co hosts. My friends and I just want to be on a call without worrying about time limits. We also want to make each other co hosts to let people in or stuff, but we can’t. Other than that, I still use it but I don’t like the fact that you need workspace for lots of things..Version: 74.0.0

It was goodNow that it’s been merged with the other Meet app, it’s time to retire this one… why have two on the App Store?.Version: 104.0.0

Very disappointedAs a teacher, I am very disappointed that we cannot use polls or Q&A feature in the app. When can we expect to be able to use these functions in-app? Following Google’s response - to clarify, I have access to Enterprise edition however polls still do not work in the iOS app..Version: 51.5.0

OkJust no.Version: 40.0.0

Google MeetHi good morning, I came to know about this Google Meet due to meeting organiser’s requirement. No choice to use more familiar application like Zoom. I tried out feature in GM, and trying to compare with Z but didn’t found all features that I can do in Zoom. It might be due to the fact I’m new to GM, or limitations. However I know Google Meet team will definitely improve in every aspect. Have a great day! Steve.Version: 96.0.0

BadVery bad can’t even schedule a damn meeting without needing another app.Version: 93.0.0

This is a bad reviewI hate this app everyone in my class have backgrounds and it doesn’t let me have one and i can only see the people who are talking and now one else please fix this app or get rid of it it sucks.Version: 51.5.0

An issue.Hello! I have used google meet for around a year or two now, and recently I have noticed a huge issue. I use this app using my iPad, and whenever I try to join a meeting, sometimes it just immediately kicks me out of the call. Other times, it lets me in for a few seconds / minutes, then I get removed shortly after. Sometimes, I could call for a while using this app, then mid - conversation I just get removed. This issue is repetitive and doesn’t seem to happen with any other people I know who use the app. I’m beginning to question if maybe it’s just my device or if Google Meet is just a certain way. Other than that, the app is great and easy to use, just the issue is really bothering me lately..Version: 75.0.0

RubbishThere is echo, it drains battery, bad camera quality, and just generally runs badly.Version: 39.1.0

Way worse than the siteI recently switched from a laptop to an iPad for school and I am really disappointed with this app. Online, features such as polling, q&a, etc. are available, while on mobile there is no mention of these. What should a student do if a teacher expects them to respond using one of those features? Secondly, when the chat comes up it blocks the entire screen. There is no way to be able to ask questions while paying attention in class because, as I said earlier, the chat screen blocks everything. It would be better to have the chat on the side (For my purposes I wouldn’t mind it being permanently open, but I think it’s best to make it minimizable). Lastly, when I tried to submit this feedback the app crashed (this happened five times) so I had to resort to leaving a review and hoping the developers saw it. If they do, I hope that they change these things soon. Thank you!.Version: 51.0.0

NOPEEveryone in my class has this thing called ‘gridview’ which apparently i cant get because my sync is not working or maybe it is because I am using an iPad. Nope. Not only that how much battery can this app eat..Version: 40.0.0

Why do I need to download an app??Should be optional to download on mobile but they force you. After my meet is done i’m deleting it because it will be useless once again.Version: 96.0.0

AN ANGRY STUDENT WHO HATES THIS APP!!!!!😡😡😡This app is probably the worst app on planet earth. You do NOT have the tile grid or the icons. It is very glitchy and crashes during my school calls at least 3 times a call. I have trouble unmuting and muting myself. 99% of the time my camera doesn’t work even if I turn it on and off AND ON AGAIN!!!! Every time when I enter a call I have no audio. My teacher and classmates ALWAYS GET RANDOMLY KICKED OFF THE CALL!!!! The picture is always blurry and SOMETIMES is BLACK. I can only see 3 people. The chat only lets you type 10 sentences (witch isn’t that big off a deal but still) It crashes after to many people come on the call. THE CODES AND LINKS DON’T WORK MOST OF THE TIME!!!!!!! To NOT get all these problems my parents had to BUY me a chrome book cause not A SINGLE ONE of these bugs are on a chrome book, lab top, or computer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP if there was a 0 star that’s what I would rate it. Btw zoom is WAYYY BETTER THAN THIS APP!!!!!!!!.Version: 45.5.0

StinkyStinky monke.Version: 57.0.0

THANK YOUEvery time I log in I have to sign in again.Version: 40.0.0

No grid viewWould love to see some of the web improvements come to iOS. Grid view and PIP would really help!.Version: 46.0.0

PLEASE BRING BACK OLD UI !!!!!!!SCREAMING and SHOUTING - please bring back old UI! NEW UI is terrible: - InVideo Calls it is not possible to see In-call messages window without obstructing video/shared screen content! - mute/hang buttons re-arranged and made it worse! -InVideo calls you can not see participant list without obstructing video/shared content!! - no possibility to arrange different layouts to see either one main participant/shared screen or mosaic with multiple faces. This is similar r$$ish layout like the one that comes from Mail App, when call is initiated from Mail App. So it was tested on the Mail app but instead of recognising shortcomings and making improvement it was rolled-out to sand-alone app - WORST decision ever! NOT user friendly at all. Developers decided to use some “out of the box” functionality which is not helpful but went ahead anyway. For example - in-chat messages open new window that obstructs everything, instead of developing a side-partial window that allows to see messages alongside the Video/Shared screens. I’m advanced user with 30+ years of IT experience. Mostly working in software project environments with high level of collaboration where conferencing is essential. I know what I’m writing and understand the mistakes that have been made implementing new LESS-user-friendly layout compared to previous one. Best luck! K..Version: 45.5.0

Hate itDo not get the app it’s The worst app 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬.Version: 51.5.0

This app is great normally but PLEASE FIX THE SCREEN INACTIVITY FUNCTION!The screen inactivity function where Google Meet will turn off your screen if you are not tapping your phone or tablet every half second. Google, please get rid of this function when the user is not in low power mode. I normally give 4-star reviews for one issue applications but this issue is just so frustrating! Edit: I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it is still coming up with this issue. I will try to list the “symptoms” as accurately as I can. 1. When in a Meet, unless I am actively doing something (talking, typing quickly, or moving tiles) the screen goes black. 2. Sometimes when the screen comes back, it comes on brighter than before, then resets back to the original brightness. 3. I have to use the home button to get the screen back on, and when it does come back I noticed that if I tapped twice, it allowed to swipe through my current applications (meaning that the app was still OPEN but may have been in some sort of standby state). 4. My phone was not on low power mode this time, and I don’t have auto lock enabled..Version: 51.5.0

No grid viewApp works fine, but no grid view for iPad is frustrating.Version: 40.0.0

Used all my data, while I was home on my wifiI’m pretty annoyed. I was at home on my wifi and was on a video call. I hadn’t turned off cellular data yet, bc I had just downloaded this app before the call. I was intentionally in the part of our house that has the best internet connection. And while on the call I got notifications that I had used 90% & the 100% of my data for the month. I got my 50% notification on Sunday. Now I have no data for the next week+ and am going camping. So frustrated!.Version: 44.6.0

Dumbest app ever createdWho creates an app that doesn’t use web platform and does not explicitly say that it has to be downloaded prior to meeting. I’m going to miss the meeting because of your stupid app..Version: 96.0.0

Sorry i used to like it moreBut now I dont like this new layout Its harder to get on to lessons (more faffing around) Then there isnt a history wherein you can select the lesson you just came off which was a feature i very much preferred as it made my life easier Can i feature be added so whomever has a bad connection they r told or others r told that it is for ... reason so that people aren't moving their devices trying to get closer to the connection point when its not even their connection which is the issue.Version: 51.5.0

This app sucksI have to do school because of this.Version: 95.0.0

I’m madI don’t like this I rather use discord sorry.Version: 51.5.0

Absolute trashDo you want to constantly be in and out of class because of trash connection? Do you want to not understand any of your classes? Do you want constant freezing and broken sentences? Well then congratulations Google Meet is a perfect fit for you. My school uses this garbage sorry excuse of a program and I’ve never felt more disconnected from learning than now. Like common it takes 20 minutes for me to unmute my mic and by then the conversation has shifted. You would think google would have come up with something better but clearly I am mistaken. Don’t even try to say “It’s your connection.” I guess my entire school district had bad connection then. I’ve tried to do my work elsewhere with the same results. I’m just feed up..Version: 51.5.0

New update = UNABLE TO BROADCAST in SPLIT SCREENTHIS IS SO ANNOYING. PLUS I hate that I cannot monitor the chat box directly from the meet and I now have to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages.” Before the update, I was easily able to broadcast while in split screen mode which is perfect for teaching in the virtual classroom. But now, the broadcast gets interrupted whenever I try to enable split screen mode. This concern was also brought up in Meet support in this comment by R. Souza which got upvoted 28 times: “ Since the last iPadOS update 14.0.1, I am not allowed to split screen and show 2 apps at same time while broadcasting on Google Meet. It interrupts the screen broadcasting / recording and says that multitasking is resizing the app's windows. I teach art and drawing classes online through Meet and I used show the presentation and draw with Procreate at same time. It was very handful, and now I can only show one app at a time. “ Additionally, the chat box was a part of the old default screen, but now I need to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages” and it has become very challenging to actively monitor the chat box during my live lessons. I absolutely love all of the features of Google Meet, but if you could update the IPad version to include broadcasting while in split screen, and/or include a default view that seamlessly includes the in call messages, I would give this app 5 stars..Version: 49.0.0

You need a google account ZERO STARS.You need a google account ZERO STARS..Version: 64.0.0

OkNo.Version: 40.0.0

Crazy battery drainApp works great but massively drains battery during calls.Version: 16.0.0

Terrible!I hate it, the presentations are super glitchy. This app made online school the worst it could ever be, there is many sorts of things that happen at google meet that make the app really horrible. It ruined everything and mainly doesn’t even work that good!😤I just hate and dislike this app very much.So disappointed.😡.Version: 51.5.0

Change it back, please.The new update where you see everyone at the bottom of the screen is hella annoying, as it means that what is being presented is now only taking half of the screen instead of the full thing. I can’t see what my teacher is showing unless I zoom in, which results in only having a small fraction of the powerpoints on my screen. I can’t take notes properly, because zooming in and out every single second makes it difficult. Change it back, it sucks..Version: 57.0.0

The new mobile update.This update has ruined the google meet experience on your phone, the chat isn’t as accessible which makes lessons harder also it literally turns your phone of and on now unexpectedly which has just ruined all my online lessons, this needs to be fixed immediately because everyone that gets online school and does it on their phone will struggle 50x more thanks to your new update..Version: 45.0.0

Change the time back to normalWhy did you people make the meetings one hour only I can’t even play with my friends now cause you made this stupid update I used to think that’s this was a good platform but you really disappointed me..Version: 66.0.0

Infuriating UXYes, I can schedule meetings, I can even use another app or email to share a link to the meeting - I just can’t call anyone in real time, you know, like a phone call? Something that you can do in every other app, from Teams to WhatsApp. If that isn’t an oversight, I don’t know what is? Sometimes you just want to call the other people then and there - isn’t that an obvious use case guys? Stop copying zoom blindly..Version: 62.0.0

Doo dooThis stuff ain’t working.Version: 51.5.0

To everyone to still uses this version of MeetThe Google Duo app has been upgraded to the new Google Meet app for a long while now! This app is now called “Google Meet (original)”. Now you should DEFINITELY upgrade! Google Duo was bad while it lasted. 😄.Version: 114.1.0

ProblemOn the app others people have moving backgrounds they can use but on my ipad i don’t have moving backgrounds for a background option (We are all on ipad).Version: 70.1.0

GSince the last couple of updates, the video from our end now appears in widescreen to others (when in landscape mode), with black bars on top and bottom. When pinning a teacher during homeschooling, you can only see a chopped widescreen version of them too. Turning the iPad into portrait mode means you can see a pinned teacher better, but my son appears in thinscreen with bars either side of him. The camera aspect ratio can't be changed in the iPad app or in the iPad settings. However it can be changed via a laptop. This has only happened since the 'grid view' update. Very frustrating..Version: 62.0.0

Good if used for personal calls, terrible for schools.It does it’s job when used for personal calls, like friend to friend, and can handle a good amount of people in calls. The problem is that schools are trying to use this app as an alternative to Zoom, when they have just as easy if not even easier access to Zoom than this app, and Zoom is much more stable. It seems every class period I have with the teacher that uses this app, it crashes at least once, and we all have to scramble to get back into the call and resume, not once have I had yet to have this problem with Zoom. Meet simply can’t handle a classroom amount of people. If you’re a teacher or anyone in the education board, STICK TO ZOOM. It simply saves everyone time and effort. Other than that, decent app to use for personal purposes..Version: 45.0.0

MonkeUh oh,stinky.Version: 101.0.0

Just bad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡Ok do NOT recommend this app for school it kicks me out of my classes and don’t let me back in I also saw that it caused a lot of internet problems and a lot of WiFi problems too I had to buy another laptop for school I’ve only had my old one for two weeks ! It always put viruses in my chrome book and my laptop I have now do not recommend this app crashes to much audio quality is HORRIBLE plus video quality is TRASH i have a clear camera and on the meet is looks like I have a pixilated filter on but I DON’t this app doesn’t work properly because I used to be on zoom and on zoom I had amazing quality for everything!! Zoom is wayyyyy better because it never crashed it never did anything wrong so please if you’re still reading this please rate this app one star.Version: 46.0.0

My screen keeps flickering on and offI am obligated to use it for school, but I prefer zoom to google meet. Also not sure what the problem is but the screen keeps flickering on and off every time I have a meet on this app. I have an iPhone 8. I asked my sister who also uses google meet if she had similar issues and she said her screen also flickers on and off relentlessly when using the app. She also has the iPhone 8. It’s honestly really annoying , and I don’t know what the problem is so I don’t know how to fix it. If I had the choice, I would go for zoom over google meet. Way more versatile and user friendly..Version: 51.5.0

VideoThe respondent’s video was hazy but easily useable….Version: 95.0.0

So it is useful but really bad with glitching outSo we have been using this app for a long time this year and it hasn’t been the best considering about 7 people are gone every class of 20 people (20 so we don’t just have a lag fest) especially on mobile I think it has more capacity on computer on a computer you can buy an add on to have 500 people in at once now I always misclick the tiny buttons on my phone and I’m just raising my hand all the time (and the worst feature for me is whenever something hovers over the microphone on the top of my phone the screen goes black but when I move my hand it goes back after like 10 seconds, like what???).Version: 51.5.0

Better, but frustrating for groupsStill playing catch-up to Zoom, but marked improvements to earlier incarnations. Main thing I’d like to see changed is addition of a grid view. Why don’t you have this? The school uses Meet, and this is critical for home lessons. Ideally with an option to pin the teachers to the top. Maybe have it so the teacher or meeting organiser can set the default view for their meeting - this I would really like. Option to have persistent mute/unmute button. I understand the UI choice for the vanishing button (makes it look nicer), but having it disappear is confusing for younger (remote learning) kids and older people, which is not helpful when they want to speak. Should be a setting somewhere that can enable it to be always on screen. Or an “Easy Mode”. Audio when there’s lots of people on doesn’t work as well as with Zoom or Teams. More “echo-y” and “feedback-y”. Would love to see this tweaked. And generally, feature parity with the web version. Even things like Question & Answers don’t work don’t work on the iPad version! Makes it very difficult for educators to work with classes when everyone is using a different device. At least have a flag or notification when a tool will not work for all participants!.Version: 51.5.0

Mediocre with IssuesI think the app overall is good, however I do have some issues with it. Half the time I cannot hear anyone at all and so have to resort to using the captions, which is hard when multiple people are presenting and talking at once. When posting the meeting link onto the Google Chrome app or Safari, it will take me to the app but not load up the meeting or anything which is also very quite infuriating for me and happened today when I tried as much as I could to join a meeting and actually be able to hear people speak. The fact that gallery view is unavailable (despite being available on pc) doesn’t irritate me all too much, as it’s something that can be dealt with easily, however I would hope that the issues I have mentioned before will be fixed soon..Version: 47.0.0

NiceThe reason I gave this app 3 stars is because in my apple iPad dose not let me change my background when I need but I LOVE this app 😍👍🤪.Version: 75.0.0

Slick app but terrible battery drainI use the all on an iPhone XS with iOS 14.6. The all works great and is very easy to use with simple access to meeting chat etc. The only issue I have is it is horrendous with battery usage! I have just used it for a 45 minute meeting and it took about 50% off my battery. If they improved this it would be perfect..Version: 67.0.0

Worst app everKeeps on crashing, lagging horrible quality, horrible sound quality. Id rather talk on the 90s telephone and it also lags your other tabs. SO trash.Version: 51.5.0

DEAR GOD, LET US MUTE OTHER PEOPLE.I am a student who is required to use this app by my school. It’s so irritating that we don’t have control over such a simple function. You know how in the browser version, you can just mute the tab? We need something like that for the app. My phone is my primary device for work since I no longer have a working computer. When I am required to watch a video for class or I wanna listen to music during independent working time, I cannot because I'm forced to listen key clicking and static from teachers who have unmuted mics. I am also forced to be listening to teacher-student conversations that do not involve me. I really do NOT care, and that extra noise hinders my work progress! And of course the only way to shut the call’s volume off is to mute my phone completely, thus taking away my ability to watch educational videos or listen to music. Please fix that. Thank you..Version: 51.5.0

Battery HOG!Update: Developers told me it can change my camera settings but this is only available on a PC. Not sure why they gave that feedback as I’m clearly using the iPad app. Old review. Currently using my iPad Pro 2018 for work reasons and we use a range of video software, Zoom, Meet, Teams and Skype. The iPad is plugged into a 45w charger with a fast charging cable to plenty of juice. On Zoom, Teams and Skype I can hold a video call for hours and the battery % will stay at 100%. If my battery was low before the call I can start it knowing it will it will hold the call and charge up to 100% Google Meet is an absolute beast for using up battery. Same situation as above, 45w charger, 100% and taking a call on GM and the battery drops like a knife through butter. 1 hour call, down to 73%. I can understand this if it wasn’t on charge but I’m not only on charge but a super powerful charging method! If i know i have multiple GM meetings in the day i pray to every god available. OUCH! Only using as I have too..Version: 51.5.0

Zoom is betterWhen I found out I was upset but I just tried meet because it was a google app I loved all the google apps I used... except this one. The first time I used it was math class that failed horribly, my camera was glitching on and off and I was mute. I found out how to use it the next day with help from my sis. So I was doing some work and the teacher was like make sure camera is on. So I was like ok and me and my teacher was the only one who’s camera was on but that wasn’t the problem THEIR CAMERA WAS ON I just couldn’t see it until they speak. Which was very annoying especially if someone was participating and I couldn’t see the teacher. Also I couldn’t use tiles like I can with zoom unless I’m on a computer. This app was very disappointing I liked zoom better. My sis uses zoom. This app does not deserve 4.2, 3.2 at the best I don’t understand why the DOE decided to use meet. I don’t recommend this app unless it is mandatory for school.Version: 47.0.0

I can’t join a meeting even with the right codeDear developers, I have been having trouble joining meetings even with the right code entered and all it would say is “You will join in a moment” and then returns me back to the main screen! Please update and fix app!!!😡.Version: 45.5.0

Better none than 1/InfinityThis app kept on glitching, you need full volume in order to hear others and it’s just unstable whenever it comes to more than 3 people chatting online. You sometimes can’t see what others are presenting as well. Long Story Short, you could tell that this was only made for google promotion. Edit: Thank you for fixing the glitches but PLEASE STOP SELF PROMOTING THE APP INSTEAD OF THE WEB ON IPAD.Version: 46.0.0

New update is terribleI can’t present!!! I have no issues with the desktop version in presenting and until I updated my iPad, no issues presenting. I presented yesterday morning, then update the app last night and now can’t present. I can handle the chat in another window - it’s less than ideal, but tolerable, however the inability to present defeats the purpose of using the app..Version: 45.5.0

Add Poll Feature for iPadAll my teachers are using the poll feature, however I cannot participate because I am on an iPad. Please add this feature!! Also, the old layout was so much better. Please bring it back! It made the app easier..Version: 51.0.0

Need to be able to multi-task with video onI really need to be able to refer to other apps while in a call without interrupting my video. At the moment I cannot use any other apps even in split view or slide over without it disabling my video in Meet..Version: 47.0.0

Google supportWas having problems verifying google ‘my business’. Was told to verify via video call using this app. Simply does not work, explain over and over and over again that it isn’t working but still get the same stock response from Google giving the same worded response. For a tech company, their tech doesn’t work very well!.Version: 99.0.0

UselessDozens of display problems such as being unable to see other people or what they’re presenting. Support never has the help you need..Version: 41.0.0

Get back to the last version plzThe last version was way better at least I could see that chat and the teacher at the same time it was easier to use than this one it’s just a pint to not be able to see what the teacher is doing and not being able to write in the chat is worse. you would have to go through a whole lot of a proses to see that chat, plz fix this problem.Version: 45.0.0

AidsThis is very aids.Version: 40.0.0

Good, but can be better with...This app is extremely useful especially with the times we’re in and how schools use them. I have the app on my iPad Pro, and apple has a feature where you can have to apps open at once to multitask. However, when I do this my camera turns off and says it can only be on when it has the whole screen... which makes no sense. Then when I leave the app as a whole, without multitasking, it also turns the camera off and doesn’t bring it with me to the home menu or anything. I believe these are small things that can bring this app to be something capable of competing with zoom or those other big known platforms when it comes to convenience..Version: 46.0.0

Nightmare redesignOkay so like.. why redesign the app? It looked like the web version before. It was redesigned with little to no functionality improvements. Now I can’t see the chat while seeing video at the same time on iPad, which makes it useless for work as a teacher. Also, this app is now for some reason also built into Gmail? And there’s no setting anywhere to get things to open in this standalone app, which is also awful because I like to use my email while video chatting so I can privately email students if I need to. Also, what’s with the inability to have the camera on while multitasking? Is that just an iOS thing or is that a you thing? If it’s a you thing, fix it. I literally bought my iPad for my job and still have to use my laptop because Meet on iPad is so bad..Version: 46.0.0

Rate one star so we don’t have to go to schoolFrick this.Version: 57.0.0

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