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Socratic by Google App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Socratic by Google app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Socratic by Google? Can you share your negative thoughts about socratic by google?

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Socratic by Google for Negative User Reviews

New update is a flopThis is an amazing app. When I needed to get some answers on problems I was stuck on, but as soon as you guys paired with google and changed the format things have been difficult. Scanning the questions always translates it into something that wasn’t written in the actual photo/physical paper. I try different angles and there are still many errors that I have to fix by hand. Although, this app is supposed to make things easier, it’s giving be harder time than before. Overall, the app is still helpful and makes life so much easier but I just hope the picture function improves more so I don’t have to fix the sentence every time I take a picture..Version: 5.0.2

Doesn’t help me at allI tried asking it simple fraction math questions and it didn’t give the correct answer. Gave me an irrelevant explanation video which didn’t help me answer the question either..Version: 5.5

Image failureOne day it just stopped taking photos an always saying “Image failure” even after I downloaded it again!!.Version: 4.8

App not working recently!!It used to give results instantly. And now when i tried to search anything, it says ‘no results found’. I am sure there is a problem with the app recently..Version: 5.5

The update suckedTo whoever is reading this, you must be confused to why everyone is talking about why the update sucked, and what did they exactly update well here’s an explanation Before the update this app would both give you the answer but explain it in a way where you knew how to do the rest of the math problems you needed help with initially. I sometimes used it just for the answers, but most times it was because I had trouble with a specific problem. Some math problems got more complicated and to understand it I would use this app, it would go into a step by step process to make sure you, the user, understood how to do the problem. Sometimes it would provide links and would show you graphs so you fully understood. I also used it to check my answers to see if they were right. Now after the update you can’t really do any of that. It tells you how to do specific things but doesn’t show the step by step on how to do the problem. For example you could in put, 5+4-3, and it’d show you how to add and subtract but wouldn’t show you step by step what to add or subtract first. I used to love and recommend this app but this partnership and new update completely ruined the app for me..Version: 5.0.2

App not working as of recentWas working great before, now “no results” every time..Version: 5.5

R.I.P. :/The old version was so much better but now ever since the new update with google and everything it can’t even show me how to solve basic math problem.... very unfortunate... it was a great app but now you killed it :/.Version: 5.0.2

Favorite App, Now DisappointedThis used to be my favorite app as i used it daily for my homework and schooling. it worked just fine, and was such a help up until today. After taking a photo of the question, it would automatically crash and send me back to the home screen. I have tried different questions, and even attempted to delete and redownload the app, however, unfortunately neither of those solved this issue. With final exams tomorrow, and me in a race to study tonight, the timing of this is rather disappointing. I rarely write reviews for any apps, however this app is a major help to me and the lack of its responsiveness has let me down tonight. I’m writing this in hopes of the app getting fixed, as I would love to be able to use it again..Version: 5.1

Want to unsubscribeHi can someone tell me how to cancel unsubscribe this app. I don’t want to use anymore this app..Version: 5.5

StupidDumb app doesn’t even give any answers all it gives is really confusing topics for you to figure out yourself. I thought this app was supposed to give you answers and explain it step-by-step..Version: 5.5

The New Update...The app used to be so easy to use and user friendly... Now it’s like this complicated maze... Where do I even begin? The app used to give you the answer so easily before. Now it’s this confusing math lesson... Personally, I like seeing the steps behind math so can get a better grasp of it (I also know others who do too). I can see where I went wrong and how to fix it or how to continue if I get stuck. It really helps me especially when it’s done with the question I gave. That was probably the best part about the app before. But from what I’ve seen.. it’s gone.. Now it has these explainers which don’t really help at all. They explain the logic behind them but don’t really help the user if they’re not related to the question you gave. Yes, the explainers can help to an extent, but not to the same extent a step by step process can give. Another problem was the keyboard. Before you were given an in app keyboard which had plenty of math symbols to use. Now you have to use a regular phone keyboard and when using a regular keyboard you have to switch between letters, numbers and symbols constantly! I’m someone who uses this app constantly but after this update with Google I don’t think I will continue... Its really sad too because this was probably one of the best math help apps out there... :(.Version: 5.0.2

The ReDesign is terrible + no step-by-step solutionsTL;DR at bottom (To long; Didn’t read) Let me first start this review saying how awesome Socratic used to be. Socratic used to work by letting you take a picture of a math problem and it shows you not only the solution, but the steps you take while solving the problem. Socratic is also searching other sites, although it uses a preloaded Cymath and Wolfram Alpha websites if you want to make sure your answer is right. Those also showed step by step solutions but Old Socratic had step by step solutions you could understand easily. Now let me tell you what this app is like to users (mainly kids) right now. Suppose you take a picture of a problem, like x^2 + 11x + 30. New Socratic does not give you the answer. It gives you the formula (ax^2 +bx^2 + c) and how to use the formula with using a b and c and not actual numbers, or the answer. If you want the answer you have to go on LITERALLY A SITE FOUND ON A GOOGLE SEARCH shown as u scroll down and wait for the website to load before finally getting your answer. Lots of hoops, not straight to the point like Socratic was before. This app is horrible and be prepared to lose a lot of users all because of update 5.0. Shame on you. TL;DR: Socratic does not help you in homework, nor does it give you the answer to your math problems. It just searches google and that’s it. Do not download this app..Version: 5.0

It’s decentSo either you have this app on two devices with good quality for taking pictures, if you have a difficult question on your phone/iPad and can’t take a screen shot which is annoying. Basically, the developer/s need to add a screenshot mode in the camera because I have it on my iPad and I use it for doing homework and such. No one wants to have to write down the question on paper so the camera gets it(BTW sometimes it give answers for other questions with the same words just some added ones). Please add this and make the answers a bit more accurate and I give 5 stars. Thank you..Version: 4.9

Pre Update was better...Socratic was one of the apps that had my back throughout most of the tough problems I had during school. It was working fine, but the new update made all the good features of the app go away. One of my biggest uses for the app was to use the math keyboard, because it allowed for me to easily search for solutions to problems, but it seems that they seem to be more reliant on the photo taking feature now... The next issue I had was that there were no longer solutions to specific problems. If I went to socratic, it was usually to see an answer to a specific problem, and to see a solution. They seem to be leaning toward teaching the topics needed, instead of giving specific solutions. Lastly, the format of the app itself has gotten a lot messier. Weird purple gradients and smaller button sizes make the app more awkward to use, and more confusing for returning and new users alike. I hope that socratic will consider will consider bringing back some of it's older and most popular features. Even if it cannot come back completely to what it once was, I hope they consider bringing back some of the aspects that made it a great student friendly app..Version: 5.0.2

UselessI installed this app to see what it was for, after about a minute I wasn’t even sure it was running. I use a iPad Pro exclusively mounted in closed frame because I have grand Children and i need to exercise reasonable since their very young. Problem is that the frame is firmly mounted to my desktop, it doesn’t rotate. This app opens the camera and starts in portrait mode. The wall behind the iPad is very dark walnut and unlighted so the screen showed nothing at all which made it impossible to read anything or know what input it was waiting for. To proceed I would have had to unplug the iPad then disassemble the frame assembly just to take the iPad out [of the frame] to stand it on edge so I could read what was on the screen. This wasn’t going to happen, I have low tolerance for sloppy coding that couldn’t even check the environment it was running on and accommodate the screen orientation immediately. End of story, there were no proper startup checks and Am not tolerant of arrogant coding..Version: 5.5

Not what I have expectedBefore I downloaded this I read a few reviews and I thought that I would be pretty decent. So I decided to give it a try and then I read the information about this app. It says take a picture of a question and it will give you your answer ‘STRAIGHT AWAY’. I was over moon and I tried because I have my SATS coming up in less than a month. So when I take a picture of my question about dimensions and that, it take a full 5 minutes to come up with the answer. Also, it says that there is no available answer to this question. Remember what I said earlier. They should really improve this app. (Please don’t ignore this review because it took me such a long time.).Version: 4.10

It doesn’t help with chemistry lolSadly.Version: 4.8

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