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WWE Champions 2021 app received 59 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about wwe champions 2021?

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CrashIt’s a good game but it keep crashing.Version: 0.440

Love wrestlingGood wrestling game...with that candy crush feel...🤙🏾✊🏾👍🏾.Version: 0.182

Good app but lots of bugsGood app and enjoying when it works. However I’ve had to delete and redownload the app multiple times over the past couple of weeks. First because it would just freeze on the main screen and now that’s eventually fixed, it freezes on the loot screen....Version: 0.364

Madrid Hell Mode bugThe last few days I have been trying to beat the Kane and Undertaker Hell Mode tag team European tour in Madrid. Each time the board tries to generate new gems the game freezes cause the leech gems have no where to go as the gems are still populating. You need to fix this bug and provide compensation for this issue..Version: 0.450

AmazingThis game is the perfect match between WWE And The candy crusher style!.Version: 0.131

Really good but!!!!It’s a great game but it takes ages to unlock new wrestlers, and I will always refuse to pay to play. I appreciate time and a lot of effort went in to the game but it’s bad that you have to pay to get certain privileges in the game. I’m an adult and love wrestling so I really love this game, but imagine kids paying stupid money to get their favourite wrestler, come guys be a wee bit more lax and at least give a free wrestler once a week or month if you’re tight? 👍🏻✌🏻..Version: 0.451

Having trouble loading the roster after the new updateHaving trouble loading the roster after the new update.Version: 0.363

GAME KEEPS CRASHING AND KICKING ME OUTEvery time I try to play the game I start a match it kicks me out I lose my health for the wrestler I use and I haven't been able to play for about a two weeks i have missed out on events and gauntlets because of this is there anything that can be done about this????.Version: 0.182

Awsome gameI love this game sure there are ups and downs in this game but come on people I know what loosing money feels like I'm related to famous people so stop winging about the money on this game it's fake money unless you're gonna buy stuff that costs money so that's my review.Version: 0.191

Great game but...The packs and stuff in the store cost way to much. and in order to get the packs the cost in game cash you have to spend 799 cash which is way to much! Either you Waugh for a couple of months to save cash or spend money. Good business trick but bad for reviews..Version: 0.442

Much improved but more improvement neededI have been playing this game for around 3 years. The game went downhill for a long time but I can honestly say that over the last 3 months the game has definitely improved a lot. Unfortunately the game is and will always be based around the amount of money an individual spends, ie, you’ll only have a top roster if you pay for it. There is still improvement needed but it’s definitely a game that’s worth downloading and is very addictive.Version: 0.451

WWE ChampionsI think this game is really fun as it does have a puzzle like thing in the fights. I recommend this game for anyone!!!.Version: 0.361

AddictiveThis game is so addictive I love it so much.Version: 0.131

Awesome Game and very addictiveIn game costs can get quite expensive but can play without it but it'll be slow. Really cool graphics and gameplay and hard to stop playing 👍🏻.Version: 0.221

Amazing 😉I love it so much I want more loots.Version: 0.302

Something just went wrongFor some reason my game is crashed.Version: 0.363

I love it... but it keeps crashingLook I love this game. I’ve been on and off playing for about a year and abit. On my google phone it worked so well, then on my old iPhone it worked really well too, now it just keeps crashing and takes all my health from my superstars though it crashed before I could get into the match 😔 I really do love the game but it keeps crashing on me please fix it?.Version: 0.377

Add actual match typesI love this game, don’t get me wrong. But it gets boring after awhile, you add color clash and stuff, but what people want are matches like hell in a cell, steel cage, ladder match etc. that would make it much better.Version: 0.493

I love it but...The app keeps quitting whenever I play a match and since my phone is new and I had to install the app I can’t even get past the practice matches. Please fix. I really want to be able to play it again..Version: 0.440

ChampionsAwesome game, if it wasn't for how overly priced they charge real life money for items especially those with a extremely low drop rate for decent characters to help you along, otherwise an awesome game....Version: 0.150

KetKet you need to get out now that place is toxic!.Version: 0.483

Good Fun Game. BUT...I think Feuds should happen more. I think when you enhance or Fuse, there should be only solid stars, Not hollow ones. It cost to much to fill the stars. That needs to be taken out out of game. There is no Strikers in the woman’s division, Except 1 (Ronda Rousey) unless I haven’t seen them. I only have like 15 women NO Black Strikers, I think it should be a little easier, to get some of the TOP SUPERSTARS. For people that don’t have the money, to pay for a pass. And another thing is, PRICES ARE SO DARN HIGH, I mean c’mon if your not wealthy, your not gonna be able to afford to buy the top packages, in the store. And I never get shards for wrestlers, I’ve had for so long trying to enhance/fuse them. I think this game could be A 5 STAR SMASH, if you added some things, and decrease prices, and give out shards more of players on your roster, as well as others. Last.. Change up some of the moves that a lot of the wrestlers do, They too many that do the same moves. And add some cage/ table etc.. matches. I’m gonna see this new update, and I will do another review..Version: 0.451

WowReally awesome game.Version: 0.131

Could be betterSuper fun and addictive!! Love the gameplay. Too hard to get characters though. I wish that you could just buy outright the characters that you want, but you have to collect shards to get the characters, but you only get 1-20(in most cases) of shards for characters at random and some characters are 800 or more shards so good luck ever getting them. The other thing is that they do these special battles that are way too hard even on the normal difficulty the AI characters are way better than your characters. I have no problem spending some money on games that I like but you don’t really get what you actually want when you spend money in this game. Please make characters available to purchase outright.Version: 0.381

Champions of wrestlingLove this game!!!.Version: 0.182

Pros & ConsPros... Good Game... I enjoy it a lot. Play it off and on throughout the day. Love the style of the game and the novelty. Cons.... I've encountered 4 bugs... reached out to Customer Service about one that involved buying in game cash... and received no response! Felt like they literally didn't want my $20! Some of the prices of things aren't priced to sell... maybe I should be thankful as I've only spent $15 in game and not $80 because the ROI isn't there and/or CS didn't respond. I'd give it a 3.5 outta 5 with potential to be a 5 star. Update... A lot of bugs are fixed... spent $65 trying to get the monthly promotional wrestler... didn't even get any of the promotional ones... it's a Money Pit Game!!! You can get the promotional wrestler you want likely with $100+!!!! Dear Lord, it's a phone game! Shame Shame.... While I am unfortunately still playing it, I wouldn't recommend. Had one good customer service rep for two issues, Tony. He was awesome. All my other bug reports go unanswered! Lowered my rating to 2 star!.Version: 0.182

I love itIt’s the best game I only got it today On Friday 21st of August it’s the best game I’ve never really wanted to later I even watch it.Version: 0.442

Very AddictiveAlthough this an gem game it was surprising that it was so fun because when you break the gems It makes a punch and you have boxes that are charged up by the colour that they are and finishers make you pin the opponent and if the opponent is on danger and you pin them you automatically win. But they should fix the glitch were if you press the health pack sometimes it will use it up but not work..Version: 0.182

BlowessExcellent fun.Version: 0.170

Not workingIt’s been 2 days when I try to play a match it stuck there, so can u plz fix it n my vip lvl it shows 1 what’s the reason I can’t understand it was my one of the best game but now i don’t think it’s going to be same way like before now there’s a lot of problems in this game, it is totally stop now I can’t play the road mode, showdown mode, deadman’s daily nothing is working n even I can’t see the store is this a joke..Version: 0.363

Good gameIt's an addictive game.Version: 0.182

GameExcellent game needs more ways to level up characters.Version: 0.132

FUN GAMEFun game to play and fun for all ages who love WWE..Version: 0.142

Wwe championsBest game!!!.Version: 0.131

Auto PinningI think one of the most annoying parts of this game is when your wrestler automatically pins someone.......I think you should have the choice whether to pin or use another move. I have lost countless matches bc my wrestler pins someone with little points......when I could have used my extra turn as you should get when you turn a five block move. But instead of the extra move.....you pin the opponent and lose that extra turn. Which now it becomes their turn and it turns the tide of the match which should be in your favor but now it's not. You aren't rewarded for getting five blocks in a row but affected negatively which a lot of times loses you the match bc you lose the extra turn you earned. I believe the auto pin should be eliminated and you should give the player the option to pin the opponent or use his/her extra turn accordingly. That is the most frustrating parts of the game to me. I have literally stopped playing bc of that one issue..Version: 0.182

A good long grindThe game is fun if you aren’t obsessed with completing everything and you have patience. Lots of people complaining about it being expensive but if you aren’t picky about your wrestlers and patient with lots of grinding you can jack them up pretty well without ever buying anything. The store is ridiculously overpriced, but I’ve found I’ve gotten enough for free to keep me happy. The game changes just enough to keep me interested, a good game to play while eating lunch, bathroom breaks, etc..Version: 0.442

Fun game, but.....I really like this game. The down side is getting a three star to drop. Also, it will take a while before you can level a wrestler up. It is fun for the wrestling fan. I love that the older superstars are in this game as well as the newest ones. There is no woman’s division. Would be nice if they had Chyna, Trish, Lita, Mickie James, etc.... That is why I gave it four stars. It is fun and can be addictive. Hope they add other wrestlers not in the game like Brutus the barber Beefcake, Ricky Steamboat, a woman’s division and a tag team division. Demolition, the Killer Bees, etc would be really awesome. Maybe adding titles to try to win too or special events like Wrestlemania ! I have a lot more ideas, but time will tell if this game improves.......Version: 0.240

Great gameLove the game.Version: 0.142

Best Mobile GameFun and addicting. The only mobile game I've ever paid real money for in game cash for upgrades. Getting duplicates of player cards can be annoying, but I feel it's part of the game. I also love that when they do updates to the game itself, it keeps within the spirit of the original game and doesn't completely change gameplay or your strategy. I've never stuck with a mobile game as long as with this one. I'm hooked and I haven't been an avid WWE fan for a decade. The mix of old school and current wrestlers is great. I wish they would have some of the women though!.Version: 0.182

UpdateI just updated my app to the new one and my game won’t even open now it just stays on the loading screen, how can we fix that? I love this game BUT bugs need fixing.Version: 0.485

It’s fun but...I just wish it was easier to get characters as the normal process of obtaining characters is long time consuming. I know this probably won’t get a response but if scopley read this could you make the process of obtaining and fusing up characters less time consuming? Besides that great game :).Version: 0.442

AwesomeCool game.Version: 0.161

Amazing gameI think wwe champions is the best wwe game but I think they should four things. The first thing I think they should add is managers so then when you in a match you could have a manger by your side. For a manager example Miss Elizabeth to go along with Macho Man Randy Savage. I think managers would make the game a lot better in my opinion. My second thing is a create your own match option so you could choose a match that you want to do. My third thing is a trade option so you could trade with other people. My last thing is crafting section so you could craft shards for your superstars..Version: 0.442

Stop the ad’sThis game is awesome But every time a match finished it goes to an ad for another app very annoying and drains your data if on a pre paid account, loading time is slow, but the game very good 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼.Version: 0.303

Pay to win or grind it out for, well, yearsReally to fun, but like pretty much all mobile games these days, it can be a money pit. I mean, for real, why is every in app purchase so damm expensive in every mobile game? Thankfully with this game, you can pay to advance modestly quickly, or you can grind it out, and never need to spend a cent. But it is one heck of a long grind. Overall, I really enjoy playing the game. I love that it’s turn based. So no need to to fast or twitchy. Only other negative is that it is a bit of a battery hog. Would be 5 stars if in app purchases were no stupid expensive. I’d have no problem dropping $5 a month or so in it if you got a guaranteed 3 star superstar card. You don’t. So nope. I’ll stay in Power grind city..Version: 0.342

Doesn’t fit full screen on Xs max and doesn’t load at tallI used to have this game on my iPhone 7 and it was perfect and amazing and now I’ve got an Xs max I re downloaded it to continue playing and it isn’t full screen for this phone and doesn’t load at all just stays on the scopefly screen this game was amazing please fix this all my other games work fine just this one doesn’t anymore.Version: 0.411

Great gameI really do enjoy this game, mostly updated roster, legends, different eras of superstars, nice and simple and its just addicting to play... It reminds me of all-stars but a puzzle type version which at first didn't interest me but now I could play alot... but in the future it would be awesome if they made a game like this just not with the puzzle feature. I have not run into any bugs so far so thats good but I have seen other reviews saying there are. Please keep updating the game its awesome!!!!.Version: 0.131

Love it.I started the game since it came out it is F2P but if you want to really enjoy the full roster and it’s perks you will need to invest money. Most people don’t seem to realize that the creators of the game need to be paid for their creations we enjoy.. the graphics are good, not great but the gameplay is easy to understand and addictive. If your a fan of gem games, the WWE or both this is the game... roster covers all eras of the business and continues to offer a growing roster you can earn, get for free, and buy pulls for.. I gave it 4 stars as it still needs work like inventory cleanout, trading tokens amongst faction mates to help the faction grow together.. and needs to update and reward the main roads to earn more items for enhancing, but overall a great game....Version: 0.363

Cant give it 5 stars!Great game, graphics good. Gameplay good & all the features are good BUT to go far in this game you need spend a ridiculous amount of money. The loot system is poor. The amount of times i've saved cash for days & days to then open a 'mega superstars' or 'premium superstars' box to get a superstar i already have so it jus gives him move pts is shocking. It happens nearly everytime. I rarely get a new superstar. Really really need to fix that & fast..Version: 0.182

Kat got blackedIt's tevin's fault.Version: 0.402

What’s happened with updating superstar on daily login?For me a great game, but what’s happened with the changing of the superstar on the daily login? 3rd month in a row now that Paige is the superstar poster for the daily login..Version: 0.411

Addictive and Very Well DesignedI've never given a heck about Candy Crush style iOS games, but I downloaded Champions because I loved the character design from the ads. This game is incredibly addictive, very well designed, has tons of features and is exceptionally good at making you spend money. If you're a wrestling fan and are prone to in app purchases, you may want to steer clear of this one because it will cost you. It has an expansive roster of wrestlers from different eras, the special events are fun, and the game does a better job of paying attention to wrestler move sets than most platform games. If you love wasting time and wrestling, then this is the game for you..Version: 0.182

BugsThis game is good and could be way better but it has its problems. I keep getting kicked out and my wrestlers lose all their health when I get back on. I keep getting the error of not enough space even tho I have enough and just finished playing 10 minutes ago. I would like to pin when I want. You save up all this money and tokens and don't get anything good or get the same wrestlers you already have. There is probably more but I'll stop now. Black and blue gauntlet still not giving rewards, gone through it twice and nothing. Once was after the fix. Missed out on the premium chips that I needed.Version: 0.202

WweAmazing game and easy to get use 2 😀.Version: 0.142

Disgusted!!!!!First, you guys haven't updated the app to fix the lagging and crashing problem. And NOW you put up a competition for a superstar card, where the only way to get it is to spend $400?!?!?! The developers of this game are getting far to greedy. I'm sure the WWE would not be impressed with the way you handle things. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!!!!.Version: 0.230

Loved it but......I used to love this game however it still crashes and goes slow and would be better if there was more match options like triple threat,fatal four way etc,and could add divas/women superstars other than that its a brilliant game,since last update has become unplayable as you go to play a match and crrrrash!.Version: 0.230

Awesome gameA awesome mash of wrestling and a gem pop game! Only complaint is WHOLIE does it kill my battery!.Version: 0.132

I love the game but...For some reason on numerous occasions the game would just exit and when i go back in the superstars that im usobg on the vs mode go from full health to only 15! Not happy with that at all!.Version: 0.216

BadGame stopped loading 3 days ago, contacted them no response,.Version: 0.320

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