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YouTube Music App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

YouTube Music app received 143 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using YouTube Music? Can you share your negative thoughts about youtube music?

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YouTube Music for Negative User Reviews

ItsalrightIt’s awesome to search for any unofficial and official music. Although the app is outdated and lacks a lot of features the competition have. A lyric feature and redesigned now playing screen which is easier, intuitive to use would be great..Version: 4.18

Beta versionSo many things missing. Update. So many things still missing or just not working. Maybe an Alpha version after all..Version: 3.79

Google needs to do some work if so many people are paying for this appThe only thing good about this app now is that you’re able to download your songs. I work in areas with little to no reception a lot of times and having downloaded music really makes the difference. The app has a lot of issues though. My main complaint and most annoying thing is when you search for an artist or song it will start playing songs normally, but comes 4 or 5 songs in it just plays the same song over and over and over or just goes into a loop of the same songs, does not matter if it’s a playlist or an album or just a random search. It will display different song names and album arts on songs that have nothing to do with what you are listening to. No matter what type of music you select it will automatically choose the same artists and songs for every search every time and it drives me crazy. I feel this app just is not worth the subscription price. 3.99 is top price for what it’s worth..Version: 4.37

Too glitchyThe app has too many bugs that make it a pain to use. A lot of my downloaded albums keep un-downloading and require re-downloading. When going back from an album to the download page, it takes you to the top every time. The lock screen display gets stuck on the same song even once it's finished. A lot of albums have a download option but once downloaded all the songs are greyed out and it says it's not available for download. Just some problems to name a few. Needs to step it's game up to compete with other streaming services. No one in their right mind should pay for this over other ones..Version: 2.41

No background play in CanadaThey said they’d release background play in Canada on nov3. Updated and no background play..Version: 4.52

Horrible appMost horrible app for music you can’t pick a song. you can only turn on the radio now so you can’t listen to the songs you want so what’s the point in having a search bar.Version: 4.53

Downloads keep deletingI like to download pre-made playlists but I have noticed that once downloaded they tend to have less songs than before and it’s even got to the point that over the course of a week my playlist will have lost 40 songs. I didn’t have this glitch earlier and it’s been very annoying. Please fix it soon.Version: 3.53

Was goodWas a genuinely good alternative to spotify since without premium you could LISTEN TO THE SONGS YOU WANTED TO but now it just plays a random song no matter what you click unless you spend money sigh back to soundcloud once again sad.Version: 5.18

WasteIs this even different from YouTube at all besides the fact it’s JUST music. Like if I wanted to listen to music and need to keep my phone on I’d just open it in YouTube..Version: 2.55

System unfunctionalIn the downloaded songs when i play shuffle mode, listen until reach random song and after it finish playing that song, its just stop for no reason then i have to press shuffle again.Version: 5.16

Spotify ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify Spotify.Version: 5.17

Don’t be evil??Yes, whatever happened to that slogan. I have no doubt that the transition from Google Play Music to YouTubeMusic makes complete commercial sense within the hallways of Google/Alphabet grand headquarters. But the coerced nature of this shift (including the delivery app and the way that music is navigated, managed and played) is an ugly outcome for those of us who invested time and money in the GPM ecosystem. Google could have readily adapted and transitioned the existing GPM music app to the YTM music library (the ostensible rationale for the move) but instead chose against this minimal impact strategy. The YTM user experience inevitably embraces google’s ability to push additional content recommendations - in our best interests of course (not). Well, now it’s done, and you’ll need to make up your own mind how much you’ll trust google with any other current and future product offerings..Version: 3.88

Cash GrabIf you’re coming from Google Play and if you’re already paying for a Google Play subscription, then this app may be perfectly suited to you. If you’re migrating from the free version of Google Play, you’re likely going to be very unhappy. The app seems specifically designed to annoy the user with as many roadblocks to enjoying their music as possible in order to force them into purchasing a subscription. The app will not run in the background without a subscription, so forget about using it in the car and having a gps running at the same time. Advertisements are played in between nearly every song, including music you already purchased. Often these would be video ads so if you’re on a limited data plan, that’s going to hurt. Downloading your music is a premium feature as well. YouTube’s global head of music, Lyon Cohen, stated in an interview at SXSW “There’s a lot more people in our funnel that we can frustrate and seduce to become subscribers,” and it appears he’s making good on that. Google Play generated income off me in their free service by playing ads on their radio, which I was fine with and presumably by taking a cut of the sale whenever I purchased an album from them, which I was also fine with. However, I won’t be bullied into paying for a subscription. I’ve transferred my music to another service and will not be purchasing further music through Google/YouTube which is a shame as I felt Google Play was really well done..Version: 3.75

As bad as it is possible to beI have used the Play music app for many years, now google has forced me to use this app. I hate it! If I could give less than one star, that I’d what this app would get. I am now looking for alternatives, and also plan to move away from other google services. Reasons: - it does not let me play my music with the app in the background (unless I pay google for a subscription that I don’t need and don’t want). This makes it unusable for me. It means I can’t do anything else on my phone while I listen to music. - it doesn’t let me download music to my phone. Again, unless I pay for a subscription. Google: I don’t want a subscription. I already have most of the music I need. - why does it play me adverts when all I want to do is listen to my own (purchased) music + I just found out that I can no longer cast to a google home hub, or ask it to play from my music library, unless, guess what,...I pay for a premium subscription. I will be contacting google to get a refund on my google homes, since they have taken away the one feature I use most..Version: 3.79

Often crashes when playback is pausedA good app except when music is paused via headphones it often can’t be restarted again with out taking my phone out of my pocket and pressing play. This is really annoying when I’m at work..Version: 5.41

Disappointing TransitionWas forced to transfer to YouTube Music from Google Play and I hate this new app. The interface is totally chaotic — it’s difficult to narrow down navigation and it’s too stimulating, even with the black background. I don’t like how other users personal playlists are mixed with YT Music’s playlists, and I don’t like how my own playlists are mixed with premades. I also don’t care for the videos. If I wanted to watch something, I’d go to YouTube... I don’t need the prompt to watch. I also just spent 10 minutes reorganizing a personal playlist by artist’s name and when I exited, it completely reset. Waste of my time. Even the web-interface sucks. You can’t sort your playlists by title, artist, etc. I liked how Google Play had genres, moods, decades sorted — this new way has no organization and less channels. I pay $15 a month for my family to use this app — it certainly doesn’t feel like it comes from Google..Version: 4.07

Don’t downloadThis app was great don’t get me wrong but a few days ago my phone started to crash whenever I used it it did not just affect the music app itself but the whole apps and phone together idk if it’s a bug or somthing but since using the app each time it glitched my phone now it doesn’t work at all whenever u click on apps ect it wont work so I’m confused on why it’s doing this I can’t even go on settings to see if I can fix this glitch it is very frustrating as now I can no longer use my phone and have to write this complaint on another device has anyone else had the same experience were the phone completely ruined the app I did try shutting down the phone reseting it and deleting the app and downloading it again I also tried deleting music incase I had to many songs but non of this worked until my phone completely wouldn’t corporate I’ve been wondering if it’s a bug or something in the app but I just don’t know please don’t get this app if it continues to do this to others as although I’ve loved this app for ages it’s not worth losing your phone over.Version: 5.30.4

Recent bugI’ve noticed that recently, I will be listening to my music when one song won’t play no matter what. It’s always random and it’s not just a loading problem as if I skip it, the rest of my music will play as normal. However, I don’t want to skip songs just because they won’t play. It’s a wonderful app however, and the only thing I would like to see added is to shuffle my liked songs from a certain artist. If I shuffle my artist liked songs, it will add songs that either I haven’t liked by the artist or completely different songs. This would be a nice addition to the app..Version: 4.62

You can listen to music with thisYes it is true, you can use this app to listen to music, shocking. However if you move your phone while in the app, cause you have to be in app to hear the music unless you pay, the music tends to minimize and you can accidentally tap on and start playing a different song. Also the quick picks feature is neat, though it will recommend some music that I haven’t listened to in 5 months and at that I barely listened to at all, I was listening the the cure, tilted my phone and accidentally started playing lemon demon, and there isn’t a way that I know of to hop back into what you were listening to, idk make the back button for songs at the start of a queue be able to take you back to your last queue, problem solved. Also allow the option to turn off tilt controls, I cannot think of a place or time when I would be glad that they are there, cause I could just drag my finger down the screen. Plus some artists either have their discography hidden (Bob Dylan for example) or just not there (see Jimi Hendrix), why is that.Version: 4.40

Basic features are a failureI truly don't understand how this app is rated so well. It fails in the most basic of ways, making using it a continually frustrating experience. When viewing Library by Artist, instead of showing the Albums by that artist like every music app ever, including Google Play Music, it just lists all the songs by that artist. "YT Music" and "Uploads" are separated when. Looking at your library, so you have to look in two different places to see all the content from a single artist. Loop preference does not persist between queues, so when you start a new album or playlist, if you want it to loop, you have to select that EACH TIME. You can view Downloads just fine if you have service, but if you're in a low service area, the app will just sit at a loading screen forever, blocking access to everything, unless you turn on airplane mode. It's a mess. The only marginal improvement on Google Play Music has been consistent album art when in offline mode (it'd just disappear in GPM for some reason). This app needs SO MUCH WORK and seems to have been designed by a team that has never worked on this type of app before, or simply doesn't get UX at all. Being forced to replace GPM with this is incredibly frustrating..Version: 3.86

No resume playAfter maybe 20 minutes of a paused song the app will maybe crash or it just forgets everything. You lose the song you were listening to and the playlist goes, you have to open the app again and it’ll send you to the homepage. If you were listening to a large playlist you can bet even on shuffle you will here a lot of the song you just heard..Version: 5.32

Limited on Apple WatchContrary to the iOS version, it is severely limited on Apple Watch. At the moment (Oct 20, 2020), you cannot listen to your purchased library without going premium. This is simply unacceptable. I am not interested in Streaming app as I have bought my music collection already..Version: 3.88

Stop forcing google music viewFor someone who wants to continue to listen to their own uploaded music as they did in Google Play music, this app is incredibly tiresome as it automatically shows general results first, and suggests inappropriate ‘play next’ tracks rather than using your existing library by default. If they introduced a setting allowing you to hide anything you didn’t upload yourself, it would be a lot better. As it is, it’s just tedious and the only way to use it is via the library/playlists functionality. Update: they have broken search for your own library..Version: 5.26

Consistently InconsistentAs a delivery driver, it’s nice to have some music while working. Also as a delivery driver, I’m constantly getting in and out of my car for pickups and deliveries and also have to plug in and unplug my phone from my Apple CarPlay every time. And every single time I unplug then plug in my phone, this app shuts down and doesn’t keep my queue in music playlists. Sometimes I will be unplugged for a minute or two and even then, it restarts the app and I’ll have to restart my playlists again over and over. 90% of the time it does this, the other 10% is when it miraculously stays open without refreshing. I like the app because it’s good to have it with the benefit of my premium subscription. I hope I’m not the only one who experiences this. It’s real frustrating that this app can be this incompetent and unreliable, doesn’t help make the premium subscription worth it either. I just wish they fixed this..Version: 6.31

The new update is terrible.Bring it back to when it was free of your choice to play whatever you wanted! We didn’t really care for ads but I guess that’s what caused this update for money huh :/.Version: 4.53

Missing Google play musicIn all honesty I switched over to this app with a really open mind because I figured it would work about the same as Google play music. But I've been disappointed in certain functions. I mostly listen to my music while I'm driving so the download-only feature is really important. On Google, you could toggle your downloads on and off and then sort by artist if you wanted. I've noticed on this app that if you want to listen to downloads you can either choose one individual album or you can shuffle all of your songs. This is frustrating to me. The other thing I'm not thrilled about is the really bad lag when I skip a song or two. And this is still if I'm only listening to my downloaded music so there is no reason for the app to act like it's buffering or whatever the problem is here?? I really wanted to like this app. I did. But it's got some pretty major issues and they had a long time to sort this out before making everyone switch over..Version: 3.85

Absolute dogwater without premiumWithout premium this is literally just youtube except it only has music, and i can’t play any songs i like because it just puts on a bunch of related songs the moment i select something. there are no advantages to this unless you use premium. you can’t even listen to music without the app open, which just completely defeats the purpose of having a music app in the first place. unless you’re willing to waste money on premium when you could easily just go to spotify instead, there is absolutely no reason to download this app..Version: 5.14

Clunky app. “Offline” downloads aren’t.I’ve paid for a subscription for this app for several years and it’s improvements have been marginal, at best. In a word, this app is clunky. On it’s face, it’s a basic app that plays music. But it doesn’t even do that well. For instance… If you dislike a song, you would think that the app wouldn’t play that song for you ever again. After all, this is a premium subscription you’re paying for, not a trial. You can skip through songs, but best believe the app will continue to recommend that song or play it for you, despite still showing your previously “thumbs down” review of it. Among the things especially bothersome about this app are the fact that you have to be connected to the internet to listen. You would think that if you “downloaded” a song or an album that it would be available to play offline, right? Wrong. The app just buffers until you get cell service again before it will start playing anything. Lastly, of those “downloaded” songs, you have to hit PLAY with each song-it won’t automatically play the next song in your downloaded list, EVEN IF you’re listening to an album! Have the developers of this app never used another music app? This should be common sense/basic functions for a music app like this… Do better..Version: 6.19

Not good enough, more updates!I only downloaded the app last night and there is lots of bugs in it. I use it on iPad and real-time lyrics is still not available 👎🏻. The screen goes blank when you are playing in player. That is just an annoying bug, which is frustrating if you use it regularly. I have seen real-time lyrics on mobile devices but it is still not on iPad. I wish the version was just the same on mobile devices. Sometimes I want to open the artist but is just displays a loading sign🤷🏻‍♂️ and says something went wrong even is there is nothing wrong with my connection to the internet. So please add real-time lyrics, not those lyrics like that doesn’t even mark where you are up to in the song. Please fix bugs because it is annoying when the screen goes blank. Thank you..Version: 6.04

Poor substituteThe company offered free music storage to its users, in exchange users agreed to allow Google to use the music they uploaded to build their music library. Google took note of similar artists a user might listen to and built their recommendation engine off of that data. They acquired competitors solely to put them out of business and eliminate the competition. They stifled innovation at every turn, and users kept quiet because they still felt the relationship was mutually beneficial. But as soon as Google had milked as much date from the users libraries as they could, they eliminated the service, and in its place coughed up this garbage that in no way is an equal substitute for what they killed. Now if you want to listen to your music that you spent years cultivating and curating, you either need to pay up $150 a year, or listen to an advertisement after every single song, with no ability to cache music for offline play. Are you an advertising business ? A music streaming company? A phone manufacturer? You can’t be all of the above and still prioritize the best interest of the customer..Version: 4.18

EhYeah, nice that it’s free but it’s even worse than spotify with the premium features. isn’t the point of a music app to listen while the phone’s locked??.Version: 2.35

What happened?!?The old app was so great then after the last 3-4 months of updates it’s become extremely laggy, takes literally 5-10 seconds to start playing a song, constantly tells me I haven’t downloaded a song when it’s already downloaded and in a playlist...... This app WAS amazing, so good, idk what’s happened but the updates have basically ruined it for me, hopefully this gets sorted in future updates. I will be leaving after 1 more if nothing has improved..Version: 2.39.3

Still the worst UI on the iPadStill missing the playlist from the now playing screen. The UI is just a port of the phone version and feels extremely bad on iPad. So many sub-menus. Zero use of the iPad’s screen. I have been using this app every day since it came out and it remains very frustrating to use. The updates have added nothing, in fact they removed features. They ‘patch’ it all the time without ever adding any functionality. The only feature they have added recently was a pointless social media comment section…. Just the thing you want while listening to music… :( Music selection is fine. Algorithm for suggesting music is fine. Would give this four stars if they back-date the now playing screen to when it was actually functional..Version: 6.42

Love it but far from where it needs to be!I love YT music more than any other music streaming service, simply because there is way more music on here than others. However, I’ve noticed some things in the app that needed a bit of improvement. For example, if I lose data in a bad service area, and the song I’m playing has been downloaded, it should automatically keep playing. It’s kind of annoying that I have to wait for the app to finally recognise that I’ve lost data, and then it finally says to ‘take me to my downloads’ where I have to play the song from the beginning. I also think the layout needed some general improvements, it’s a bit slow sometimes and it could be a lot sleeker as right now it’s a bit clunky. Hire an app designer asap! Because there’s a lot of potential for it. Also when I want to add a song to a playlist, there are way too many options. Most people either want to add songs to playlists, to a queue or share with friends…. I think if the app visually looked nicer that would help though. Anyways for me the money monthly is worth it just for the vast range of songs, but I get why it isn’t for some people. Other streaming services are way ahead in other ways..Version: 6.34

MONEYThis is proof that google has been bought out by EA.Version: 2.57

PmoUsually this is my go to app and I love it for music. It annoys me because I just signed up on my new phone and email and tried getting the free trial but it took out $20 and then won’t let me play music without ads or anything. I’ve been on my phone trying to figure it out for the past 25mins now and I’m nothing but frustrated. Not only did I lose $20 but I also can’t even access what I paid for nor did I get my ‘free’ trial..Version: 6.17.5

PMO!!!Paying for this app for nothing it just keeps on crashing!! It's an awesome app not gonna lie. But every update f*#%s up my whole playlist. As if it needs re-downloading. And ain't no way I'm about to re download over a thousand songs 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ sort it out..Version: 6.13.2

Great app, big flawsThis is my all time favorite music app, and I wish I could give it 5 stars.. but there’s a couple things that are preventing that at the current moment. Firstly, it’s 2021 and there’s still no lyrics tab? I understand that it’s not always possible to be accurate 100% of the time, or maybe it’s a file size issue, but Apple Music does it and it works just fine. It’s extremely annoying to constantly switch apps to my browser, so I can read the lyrics, and I had to pay to even be able to do that in the first place. Secondly, and this is BY FAR my biggest pet peeve ever. When I go out of my way to rearrange my playlist to perfectly fit my mood at the time and I accidentally click on a song to start a station instead of adding it to the queue. Maybe add a warning, like “hey you’re about to lose that whole playlist arrangement you spent an hour on, are you sure you want to continue?” (Yet, another thing Apple Music does) I never thought Apple would be better at listening to their customers than google but here we are..Version: 4.46

Continuous GlitchesThe app is having multiple glitches and no matter how many times the glitches are reported NOTHING is being done to fix it. How do you increase the price of service and simultaneously degrade the quality of the product and customer service? The app does not close out the playlist being listed to. As a result, the algorithms gets scrambled and it no longer plays music according to the station created or music genre selected. It will start playing meditation music mixed in with reggae and so forth. When it’s not glitching out in that way, it’s repeating the same song (while not programmed to repeat) or it doesn’t generate a playlist at all and only has 1 song on a playlist. I have updated my phone several times delete and reinstall the app and have gone through every trouble shooting step possible to no avail. NOTHING gets fixed when you report a problem to customer service anymore or report a problem. THIS USED TO BE MY FAVORITE MUSIC APP. NOW ITS ON ITS WAY TO THE TRASH BIN AND IM LOOKING INTO WHICH COMPANY I’D LIKE TO SWITCH TO AND END MY SUBSCRIPTION. I’m trying to be patient but there has been no improvement and it seems they just do not care like they used to… Sad. I was actually looking to upgrade my plan but not with this kind of service..Version: 6.24

Plz fixI've been using yt music for about 3 years now, and I haven't had any major problems or issues until recently. Whenever I try to add a playlist to my queue it gets all messed up and won't play next, for example I listen to a song and want to add my playlist to the queue except it only adds 4 random songs from that playlist instead of the entire thing. Or it'll glitch out a lot and mess up what I'm listening too. I was usually pretty satisfied with the recommendation system but lately I'll click on one song from a popular artist and it will become my entire reccomended, versus when I want to get a specific artist I like but it won't reccomend me stuff like that. The other thing I was having problems with was the offline mode. It not only takes forever to load, but usually glitches out and doesn't work as well as it used to a while back..Version: 6.34

BrokenThe most recent update seems to have broken the app - I click on the icon, it sits loading at the logo screen for 10secs, then force quits. I pay good money for this app, and I would also like a refund on my past few months’ use as it has also been buggy, continually pausing my downloaded songs, and saying songs I know I have downloaded are not actually downloaded. Please fix this ASAP and contact me to provide a refund..Version: 3.57

LiarPromised to include free background play for Canadians beginning Nov 3rd 2021, 2 days have passed, still nothing happened..Version: 4.52

So badThis is by far the worst app for listening to music that I have ever used. (And I have the paid subscription.) It takes a gazillion clicks to find my recent or commonly used playlists. I don’t get on the app to use mixes some rando made, I get on to listen to MY LISTS and to find new releases. Why do I have to click like five times to reach my playlists???? And even then it doesn’t show me the ones I’ve lost recently played, only the ones I’ve recently edited! The playlists are not sorted alphabetically. If I want to remove songs from a queue or move them to another playlist, it’s impossible to select more than one song at once—I HATE THIS ESPECIALLY. Such a basic and inexcusable oversight they’ve had months to fix. And if I’m already listening to a list I’ve downloaded and then I leave WiFi, it complains to me that it has no connection and needs to go to downloads, and makes me click through multiple times just to find again and shuffle the list I’m already listening to. Just awful. Also google play used to show me how many times I’ve listened to each song, and that’s what I looked at to find my favorite songs of the year. I don’t want a 2020 list they make for me, I want to make my own list! Why can’t they provide this basic thing that was already offered on google play? The web app is equally frustrating. I can’t believe we actually pay them to provide this abysmal level of service..Version: 4.07

Terrible !!!I used to love YouTube music and used it all the time now with the updates I don’t even get to control the music I listen to??? Sure I get to close the app and still listen but I don’t even like what I get to listen to. This is just terrible...Version: 4.53

Could be greatGood music selection, generally easy to navigate the app but for what it costs per month there are some serious flaws. No option to shuffle all downloads No ability to sort playlists No ability to sort downloads If like me you are well into your music and listen to alot you will likely agree that being able to sort your playlists is paramount. They don’t facilitate this what so ever in this app and have shown no signs of changing this. Also i download all of my playlists so i can listen offline. I would love the ability to just select “shuffle downloads” but you can’t. You can only shuffle songs within a specific playlist, it doesn’t give a shuffle all option of any form. For how simple these things must be to add i think it’s pretty criminal that they don’t do it, especially given what they charge. I’m holding out because i do like the basic structure of the app but if these things aren’t added soon i will be moving away from YT music..Version: 3.29

HelpNot really happy with the app, I used to be able to choose between song or video when I purchased premium music but I have now switched to a family subscription and can’t seem to choose between either as in I no longer have the option to choose. I’ve had my premium subscription a little over a year and have had no problems but since switching to family subscription there is nothing but problems.Version: 4.42

GlitchLove the app apart from one thing that annoys me. If I choose a playlist, it always disappears from my current playing. I’m never able to hear the whole playlist, and even if I choose it again, it plays the same ones I’ve already heard. Frustrating to say the least.Version: 5.36

Need a subscription to play any musicI downloaded YT music and tried playing a playlist of my favourite songs on it, instead it just asked for me to pay a subscription for YT premium just to play on demand music 👎👎.Version: 6.31

Disappointing!I thought you’d be able to finally listen to music with your phone off without it closing but if you want to do that, gotta buy premium. extremely disappointing.Version: 4.05

Awful musicAwful app messy layout too much to look at all at once messy uncontrolled selections always making you listen to artists that pay for views I don’t want to give sympathy to pathetic artists that don’t deserve any recognition everything is drugs and sex it’s disgusting awful truly awful app.Version: 5.17

New update Ruined the AppThe update from 19 March 2022 completely ruined the listening experience. I didn’t mind the ads or the requests for upgrade, but now whenever I click a song it takes me to a radio of that artists songs instead of the song I want. No longer can see what’s going to play next. No longer can listen to the music I liked. No more shuffle on the list that I created. Why bother using this app at all now?! Should just make it an app only available to youtube subscribers if you’re going to take away all functionality. Completely useless app now..Version: 4.69

Don’t downloadThis app is great if you like being screwed over. This is not a good deal. I can’t access music I’ve downloaded if I move off of the app unless I give google my money. NO THANKS. I’ll use a different service. Google is rich enough why should I pay them to listen to my music..Version: 3.88

HoribbleI downloaded this app and sighned in then it started saying sighn in error. I tried closing it then deleting it and re downloading it and it still didn’t work this app is a pice of crap.Version: 4.05

Not goodFirst thing that’s super upsetting is I have to keep my phone unlocked to listen to music. You guys should fix it up like the other apps and make it more accessible when locked. Also the video idea is cool but it kills my data. The app has the potential to be the best music app because the music algorithm they set for you is better than Spotify but there’s all these little obstacles that make it difficult to use..Version: 4.02

It's so so...I mean, it's worth a go, especially since you get a free 3 month trail at the moment. And unlike apple music you can shuffle after you chosen to play a particular song, multiple times until you like the play que. However besides the UI that needs some serious work and other little things the main issue I had... Was that twice in the space a week the app would become unresponsive and I'd have to delete the app and download all my music to work again... 😑 plus it doesn't play too nicely with iOS in general. But again. Try it for yourself. It might be good enough..Version: 3.07

DisgustingI am appalled by this business model. There are already well established services and apps. This brings nothing new. It actually lacks everything that makes a streaming app good. If you want the stuff that makes it better you actually have to pay and you still get a subpar app. TLDR Google is making you pay way too much for something you can find in other apps for much less moolah...and it still sucks....Version: 2.37

Not even the track I want!When I click on a song, I plays something totally different, from a DIFFERENT ARTIST. Do I have to absolutely pay premium to have the basic? Why bother when I have iTunes. If I want a specific song that isn’t there I’ll go on regular YouTube..Version: 5.17

App gets stuck on one song after half an hourThis app started off well but lately I have noticed after about half an hour it just repeats whichever song was on at the time. Not great if running etc..Version: 4.57

A huge downgrade from Google Play MusicAs a free user of GPM, I had saved and uploaded a lot of music to my account. I don’t subscribe to a streaming service and I don’t plan to. I listen to a my own small collection. In GPM I could listen on any of my devices by casting but in here I can’t. Casting my own purchased and or uploaded music to my own devices requires a subscription. Where is the sense in that? Some of the transferred music is missing and when I asked it’s because of licensing issues in YTM. I can’t play my own music which I purchased from the Google Play Store in YTM. The whole UX of the app is a mess, the music is hidden in an awful menu structure. Searching for music is painful and shows results in different tabs. Why not allow users to only show or see their own content? If they want to see the entire global search results they can just enable that setting. Google needs to start using all that money and machine learning for better software development..Version: 3.81

Good but could be much betterThe App itself as of the time writing this, is working fine with no bugs spotted in the past couple of weeks. What would be amazing is if the added the functionality to create custom playlists with the music you have downloaded. Such as a playlist for going on a run, one solely dedicated to study or one for work. As of now, you can only use the potentially massive downloaded songs auto playlist or Albums that have been downloaded. A way to create playlists, or a way that isn’t potentially hidden, would be an amazing plus to the premium membership..Version: 6.13

Love this app for sure but…Not a fan of going into my library and seeing a bunch of artists instead of just my playlists. When I subscribe to an artist it pops up on the library, but when I checked the ones listed, I’m not even subscribed to them. It’s like it keeps pages of artists I’ve searched but I don’t want that. When I click on my library I just want to see my playlists, I hate when artist pages get in the mix because then things get hard for me to find. I shouldn’t have to use a filter in order to see JUST my playlists. Another thing that’s been aggravating me is how when I find edited versions of an original song and it doesn’t save in my playlist as the edited version. For example, I love this one song but I hate how long the intro to it is. When I actually found the same song WITHOUT the intro, I tried saving it into my playlist but when I check, it’s literally the song with the long intro included. Is this a glitch?.Version: 6.26

Why did we get a step down?!I honestly am very disappointed and will probably cancel my subscription because of how bad this app is. Google Play was so easy to find your playlists and organize them and even just find songs in you playlist. Now it takes multiple clicks to find my liked songs (which I had downloaded but then the app bugged out and said I had no downloaded playlists even though my phone storage said I had 12 gb of music downloaded). The app crashes way too many times while using it. There have been multiple occasions where I will pause my music to take a phone call and when I end my call, the app will restart and stop my music playback. Other times my downloaded playlists will reply the same song over and over again and my playlist will disappear. These problems force me to cancel my family plan and switch to an alternative even though I really don’t like any other options, I am forced to do so based on how long these problems have been around..Version: 4.28

Layout change is awfulBeen happily using this app for like 4 years now, but the recent layout change to Downloads and Library means I don’t use it as much anymore. My downloads are all out of order and confusing to organise, I can never find the songs I want because instead of one nice automatic playlist of songs made for every song you download, they’ve jumbled all your downloaded songs with albums and playlists. That and the filter always sets to recent activity not recently added. I really miss the old layout, it was simpler and much better to navigate. Can’t stand the change, I don’t see how it’s better at all. Very disappointed. I understand change is necessary but how on earth is this confusing jumbled mess supposed to even be useable?.Version: 5.42

Annoying bugsI love the app but there always seems to be bugs. Like the songs in my playlist won’t just continue to the next track after a handful of songs have played ex ( 1-15 and then stops playing songs and also at time will revert to the first song in the playlist. If I pick a song far down my list and expect it to go to the next song on the list or I choose to skip to the next song it reverts to the first song in my playlist and it is highly annoying. And also when I click shuffle to get a random order of my songs in a playlist i seem to get the same songs or even better, songs that aren’t in the playlist at all after a short while!!! PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS. and the playlist forever having the downloading symbol as if songs are waiting to download the should have already downloaded.Version: 6.21

You need money for this appIt’s like asking if someone if they want a certain food, they agree, and you still say you don’t want it. Oh you wanted to listen to this song? That’s too bad because you don’t have premium..Version: 4.57

Feature starvedI'm on the YouTube Premium family subscription and this app needs to catch up with many useful Google Play Music features that I'm used to. Also misses downloading latest Library additions. Misses Show All Albums for some artists. Could use offload download/ playback on Apple Watch without the phone. Shuffling and randomization algorithm is far inferior to Google Play Music. Some songs that I had on Google Play Music playlists simply fail to load offline on YouTube Music. The list goes on... I've considered switching to Apple Music several times but I much rather this app getting right..Version: 4.02

Great app but needs improvementI love this app. I have a premium membership I’ve been paying for one for a long time. I love the platform so I don’t mind paying a couple extra bucks a month to use the premium benefits of this app. There are a few issues though. If I run out of premium you guys absolutely flood me with ads way more then you need to which aggravates me a little bit and also ever since this new update the app has been crashing left and right and I’ll be listening to a playlist and you won’t be able to view half the songs in the playlist. Before the update the app was fine but after it kinda got messed up. All this app needs is a few bugs repaired and then it will be fine otherwise I love this app. Also it would be smart for you guys to keep political ads off of your website too because I know that people don’t want to see that regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum..Version: 4.39

Pls fixWhenever I click on a song it switches to another random one. Idk if it’s just for me but it’s really annoying. And other times it’s completely fine.Version: 5.07

Appalling integration with Google devicesThe app itself is nice and easy to use. However it has a serious flaw when using it with Google Home or Chromecast. If you want to cast songs from the app to the smart device you will find that the “play next” feature to add songs to the queue stops working properly. Added songs do not appear in the queue list in the app (despite a pop up message confermino that the song will play next), but they will play on the smart device, although you won’t be able to control the volume anymore..Version: 3.15

Doesn’t shuffle ProperlyThis app is great as you can find any song u want, only problem for me is that it doesn’t actually shuffle the whole playlist and will keep playing the same songs from the playlist every time which is annoying as I have many songs that won’t appear and are just stuck at the bottom of the list. Hopefully this can be fixed as I want to hear every song on shuffle.Version: 6.31

Needs simple bug fixesPlease fix: Play next Add to queue Chromecast So annoying that I can’t add songs to play next or even the queue while casting. Playing to Xbox one, can’t change the song after casting. Have to restart the Xbox to play a different song while casting from phone. Simple stuff like this should not be an issue. Paying £20 a month to a billion dollar company and I can’t change the song from my phone. Such simple functionality that doesn’t work. Annoying to say the least..Version: 4.54

Literally so badThe mixes it makes for you contains like one artist you know, the rest are genres and artists completely out of your desired music. No matter how much you like and dislike songs, the algorithm still spews out terrible stuff, plus the songs you dislike still get put into you mixes. I’ve had to dislike one song at least 10 times. Any features made to tailor to your taste literally doesn’t work. I wouldn’t usually mind but it’s literally music that nobody would listen to because it’s all over the place. I want normal music not some terrible music festival wannabes. That’s what sound cloud is for.Version: 4.27

Stop automatically casting when openingI’d like the option to choose if or where I’d like to listen when I open the app. If I’ve got my headphones in and open the app, it still automatically chooses one of the speakers I’ve listened on before. Very annoying as I don’t want sound blasting out when it’s bedtime and I just want to listen with headphones and not wake everyone up. In your attempt to be helpful and intuitive you’ve given me nothing I can opt out of..Version: 6.31

Needs OptimisingUpdate: April ‘23 Been almost a year since I last tried the app. Its still improving but not there yet. Skipping songs is almost instant and it mostly remembers what you were last listening to. 👍🏻 However it still feels heavy (phone lags like crazy when using the app) and I’ve run into a issues where locking the phone causes the app to die within 30 seconds. I really really want to like using this app but its still almost impossible with these bugs. ———————————————————- After giving up with this app last year for being slow at skipping songs (2-3 minutes) I thought I’d give it another go. Seems to be improving (song skip more quickly now). But the app seems restart after a couple minutes of not using it which is very frustrating. Other music apps do not have this problem. This app also seems to slow down my phone/ipad more than any other apps I use. UI Improvements: I’d like to see the skip button also be a FF button like every other player out there. Frustrating as it breaks the usability of keyboard shortcuts or car controls. Also add a scroll bar to quickly scroll through a playlists..Version: 5.50

Great app with a good amount of bugs that mess up the greatness of the app.Another song now unavailable to play only on my playlist, like I can search it up and it’s there and fine to listen to but my playlist refuses to see it as a valid song. On top of that videos are being converted to the original audio which could be good if I wanted it done but when I’m listening to two songs mashed up I don’t want the mash up to be converted into the regular song that’s first in the mash up. We get it you can tell where the songs originated from but I wanna hear my mash up. Only other thing I have to complain about is the song I’m listening to not showing up on the playing now screen, it’s usually the whole playlist switching songs despite one being playing(all visuals but still annoying) that or the song I’m trying to play isn’t the one being played when I click on that song in my playlist. I could provide more detailed counts of everything I listed if the devs need it but this app is really great in terms of catalog and variety, it’s in desperate need of a hot fix..Version: 6.21

Needs workThis has a ton of potential, but there are two basic issues. With the free version (on mobile device) - making it cut out when minimised or screen locked is too much of a drawback to make it even usable in an ad- supported version. The paid version - the current algorithm repeats the same songs far too frequently. I've had the paid version for a few weeks and given the algorithm large datasets to work with, but the same songs come up with such regularity is extremely irritating. Perhaps the issue is my very eclectic taste in music, but I doubt it..Version: 2.65

BruhLove the app only thing is that when you dont pay you lose all of your music history unless u download which is annoying so in saying that this will be my last time every on this app..Version: 6.34

Please updateThe new update on the app is annoying it feels like all my downloaded music is all over the show especially with offline mixtape when I go to recently downloaded music and it comes up with heaps of random songs?.Version: 5.34

This game well music app is terribleI’m giving this game a 2 because it only works when it wants to it’s the same thing with the super Mario 64 camera basically only only works when it wants to and here’s how it goes how come I can play coconut mall on my iPad then shut the tab and it keeps playing but with anything else it just shuts off completely so that’s one of the reasons next one is it always makes me go to that website well app even though I don’t have it and that’s the only two reasons so you should take that into consideration please do that otherwise I’m giving you zero next time..Version: 4.29

Expensive comparing with apple & SpotifySo Expensive, I would rather choose Spotify over this.unless,they introduce ‘’audio only’’ option otherwise it’s overrated..Version: 6.31

Stopped workingSecond day using it, it seemed great in the beginning, upgraded to the free 3 month trial so was able to download and listen to music offline once I created a playlist, then Later music started to go missing from my playlist, now today I go in the app the playlists that I had are gone completely, I go to check my downloaded music, there’s only a few showing, the rest are showing missing, when I try to re load them, there’s an error message that comes up, I tried to search for music to re do my playlists when I try to search for an artist it just says no results, even though they showed up yesterday. They really need to fix the app for people to use it, it’s all glitched and poor, will be deleting it, useless..Version: 2.35

All your ads has added up in my bank account!I have been paying for the top subscription once a month for over 6 months and I still have advertising would have but I have paid too much adding it all up now! then clicking subscribe for no ads then login in and it says your already subscribed to your account! No sh#!! But in fact I think you have given me more ads. You constantly take my money but you never take away the ads. Please refund all of my subscriptions. I think I’ve been loyal to the point of your just taking my money for granted. And I’m sure you will miss it!.Version: 3.59

Poor design and UX logicI mean it does that job, so it’s okay. But it’s only okay. It’s still worse than the soon to be shut down Google Play Music, which should raise warning bells that this is worse than that old app. It lacks basic logic filtering like seeing all albums you have by an artist. Now it’s just a long sprawling list of songs. Want to listen to an album by an artist? You’ll need to search for the album in albums instead of searching for the artist. Want to filter albums by when released year, genre, artist, grouping or anything else? Tough luck. You can’t. You just get all the albums in chronicle order. Or let’s take compilations. Lovely things with lots of artists contributing music. Not here though. Now your artists list is polluted with hundreds of artists with only one song connected to them. Or what about videos? I mean we like videos, but for an app that’s designed to work in the background, why are you always forcing a video onto us. Allow us to block that out. If we want to watch a video then give us the option, but don’t force it down our throats. Really if you have to use the app you have to. But if you can avoid it, avoid it. Go for anything else. Heck you’ll be better of using anything else..Version: 3.69

Annoyingly money hungryAsks you to go for premium every time u open the app.even if u have a song playing and come back to it after 30 secs ..Version: 2.55

Functionally fine except for the recommendation systemIt’s a fine music player, but having come from Google Play Music, I have to say the recommendation system is not very good. For example: - same songs recommended over and over - “tunnel vision” when it comes to artists and genres. Expanding on the second point, if I like one song by an artist outside of my normally preferred genres, it thinks I want to listen to everything by that artist and/or in the genre. Meanwhile, it happily ignores my 1000s of other likes of a different genre and artists. Like one song from a movie soundtrack? You must want to listen to every move sound track! Liked 1000s of early music songs? Got nothing new for you! For music discovery, this app is not good. I have more luck just searching for what I like. I guess I wouldn’t mind if I hadn’t had a much better experience with Google Play Music. It’s sad they dropped a superior product. Oh, I took an other star off for lack of customisation available in the UI. I don’t care about new music by the kids these days. I’m old! Get off my lawn!.Version: 4.29

What was wrong with Google Play Music?The music plays fine at home, but when I’m out, even tough I have downloaded a playlist, the ap has often forgotten this and refuses to play the playlist. It seems to download, and then remove the downloads. This was not the case with Google Play Music. The problem seems to be that Download seems to be a state of a playlist, when in fact it should be an ambition, so if I add a track to a downloaded playlist, that new track and all the others should be available offline. But the point seems to drop the download... Please sort it out. Or just don’t cancel Google Play Music - it did all I needed it to, and mostly better than you tube music..Version: 3.81

New updates make it awfulFollowing the standard of Spotify, YouTube music makes you listen to whatever song they choose for you unless you upgrade. You can’t control your play list, or even if you listen to your actual playlist as they add in other songs. It’s full of ads and is just generally terrible. The paid version only offers what the free version should. Instead of competing in a market they’ve lowered their standards to meet the base of what other apps are doing. Gross..Version: 5.04

Annoyed!I’m beyond annoyed! I cannot get the app to cast to my Google home devices on a daily basis! I literally have to delete the app daily and reinstall in order to connect to my devices. When I press the button with the “cast screen” nothing happens! Disappointed as we have a paid membership!.Version: 6.41

The new update created a new bugSo, supposedly instead of fixing the “only one song in a DOWNLOADED playlist when not using the app while before driving “ it now crashes in the middle of the first song just when the car is barely moving to a certain speed. It doesn’t do that if your listening to music while working or just chilling, only on a moving car. Also the random button doesn’t really randomize the music in the playlist. I noticed this whenever it lands on certain songs and it starts playing on a particular order. I missed how you can just press the randomizer button to get random songs. Now it only randomizes every other press, losing the point of the button. And when you have the randomize button on and you do something else for a bit before coming back to the app, it’ll unrandomize itself, losing whatever particular order it had when it was randomize. Please go back to the previous patch til you fix this! I don’t like listening to the radio while driving..Version: 4.54

Not working when offlineI’m not happy about the behavior under unstable cellular environment or offline. This is really common when you road trip. 1. When I’m playing online music (my mix) and driving into non-cellular coverage area, the music stops and it stops forever. It should continue playing my downloaded music automatically without me touching the screen. It’s dangerous to do so while driving and I cannot easily navigate to the download page (see #2). 2. When I suddenly lose the cellular connection and I want to play downloaded music, I need to navigate to the “Library” page. However, the app somehow still thinks I have the connection and tries to load the page. The page is stuck in that loading circle forever and I cannot head to the downloaded music page. The only way to get around it is to kill the app, go to Airplane mode, go back to that page, and now you can see the offline version. It’s so ironic that you have to have real network connection to play the downloaded music..Version: 3.85

A few work on point probably not going to get fixed!Well the app is all good, apart from when you try add music to your playlist, the playlist that you have made aren’t there, so really you can’t add music, also why do you have to update and manually download your music even tho once you have downloaded that playlist you got to sync it again, doesn’t make sense, is so stupid and annoying, then when you do play the songs they just won’t load even tho I’m connected to wifi, and sometimes when there’s a video, the video and the sound aren’t in sync, there’s always a delay, this probably won’t get fixed as long as they are getting there subscribed payments they are happy.... so unsatisfied.Version: 4.17

App layout has changedYesterday the layout of the app changed on me. Prior to that, when I would open the app ‘Listen Again’ and ‘Quick Picks’ were at the top of the page, making it easy to change songs to one’s I listen to constantly and enjoy. Now, they’re almost at the very bottom. It’s annoying having to scroll all the way down just to quickly select a song that I’ve previously listened to. On top of that, I have to scroll down each time I want to choose a song from either list—it does not maintain where you are on the page and constantly goes back to the top. Please change it back..Version: 6.29

It was goodSince the new update you can’t listen to the song you choose and instead you start a radio? But we can have background music. but overall 1 step forward 2 steps back.Version: 4.54

Good app. One Dealbreaker FlawThis app is pretty cool. It has a ton of music, videos, playlist, etc. I was even impressed at the fact that if you play an album such as Pink Floyd for example there is no to second pause between the songs. Everything flows from one to the next as it should. What drives me absolutely crazy about this app however is that on any artist, playlist, or song that you start with clicking shuffle is not really shuffling in random order.I put on a huge playlist for workouts and click shuffle, however I quickly realized that it shuffles in the same preset orderEvery time. If I click shuffle 20 times today and two days from now click shuffle 20 times again on the same playlist it will be the same exact first song, second song, third song etc. My understanding is that this has been a complaint for years and has not been fixed. It’s enough for me to quit premium service..Version: 4.42

GLITCHY and CONFUSING as heckI wouldn't be very upset about how they are getting rid of Google Play Music if this app wasn't so crappy of a replacement. It is super glitchy, freezes way too often, doesn't let me download many things that were downloadable on Google Play Music, and it still hasn't downloaded the playlists that for which I initiated the downloads weeks ago...I mean come on! Google certainly has the resources to make this app so much better, so since it is hopeless that they will change their minds on getting rid of Google Play Music (which I heavily endorsed for the years that I used it and spent hours upon hours building up my library etc, and have been the DJ at work and many gatherings personal and professional), PLEASE GET THIS APP FULLY FUNCTIONAL related to my complaints above!!!!!!! UPDATE AFTER USING THIS CRAPP FOR OVER A YEAR: I think this (crapp) app has gotten worse somehow 😢😪😫 It has frozen a dozen times after playing DOWNLOADED songs during my cries country trip today. And it takes about a minute to get its bearings to even begin paying anything for EVEN THOUGH IT’S DOWNLOADED let alone the fact that I’ve got FULL 5G SERVICE 🤮.Version: 4.50

DisgustedBring back google play music. Or at least let us listen to Albums we have previously paid for in google music player store for free without adds. How can you justify forcing someone to pay a monthly cost to listen to music they have already previously paid for, this is robbery and extremely unfair. And yes I downloaded my music before you shut down google music player, but it didn’t download properly, there are songs missing or songs in the wrong order. I tried several times, but I am missing a lot of songs. Disappointed and disgusted in Google..Version: 5.22

Yt music is not good at allFew things about the app Its a nice app as yt has everything you will meed to watch ad free and other benefits. I have been using yt premium for 2+ years now and there are few things I don’t like about yt music 1) the sleep timer for any song always ends before the song even when you press the end of track option 2) it doesn’t have a custom timer to shut down app which it had earlier where you could atleast + or - 5 mins from the app which is a necessary thing if you work or sleep and want to play music to a certain time. 3) there is no option to skip the song for 10 seconds anymore. I don’t know who suggested that skipping the whole song option was only needed rather than both(10 second skip and song skip) but this was a bad idea. 4) don’t copy other music apps but atleast learn from their mistakes if not yours. I pay £17 for this app and being ad free and play videos in background just not it. These are few things one needs on a music app. I will use this app for this whole month and see if there are any updates to fix these issues otherwise i will stop using it after that. I have good few alternatives and my pc doesn’t even neet yt premium(it has adblock extension) it’s just my phone..Version: 6.44

This app is below averageUsing this app since it’s replacing google play. I don’t like that it takes forever to connect to my Bluetooth it seems to always have a lag and the music buffers in the beginning too. I never experienced this with google play. Maybe the music videos are still loading in the background even though it’s on “music only” mode. I also really dislike that my music never picks up where it left off when I’m done. I have to manually go and search for my song every time I restart my car or anytime I come back to the app really. I’ve tried not closing the app on my home screen but it didn’t make a difference. Sometimes my playlists can get long and searching for a song toward the middle is annoying. I do like that I can find any song that’s on YT on here though, sometimes google play would not offer songs YT music has offered. This app is constantly crashing for me after a year of using it now and I am not impressed by any of their updates so far.Version: 4.43

HorribleI absolutely hate this app. Can’t believe Google is taking away Play. And I’m paying for Premium, too. Playlists are confusing, “moods” is very limited and there is no “activity” filter. The other day I was listening to kids music with my young children and next on the playlist was Drake... ?! Hey Google, get your algorithm right..Version: 4.03

Quality of life here is utter garbageIt’s a functional app. That’s the best I can say. Music is stored on here and you can listen to it. The library is about the standard with the bonus of being able to save videos for the tracks you can’t find. But the good stuff ends there. Opening the app brings you to a home with your playlists. Psyche. It takes you a page featuring “listen again” and auto-generated playlists. You have to click to go to your library, then select playlists or albums from there. It’s not the end of the world but it gets tedious. Speaking of albums, it only registers you as having the album if you save the ENTIRE album. If you just have one song it won’t show up. The biggest offender is how playlists work. In them you can search for tracks to add or take auto-generated suggestions. However you CANNOT simply go through your library and check every song you want to add. You have to add every single song manually. And it’s more tedious than you can imagine..Version: 5.23

Great but lost all downloaded tracksThis has been my go to streaming service for music and library is immensely vast than Apple Music . However , after using this service for over two years and having downloaded more than 1500+ tracks , today woken up to all of them being deleted. I have enough memory on my phone and allocated space on the app yet all gone overnight. Vastly disappointed guys! Anyway to get it back?.Version: 5.26.3

Awful AlgorithmThe only songs i listen to are kpop or alternative music. Maybe some rnb but only sza and chloe x halle. My entire recommendations are hip hop, rap, pop or tiktok songs. No matter how many songs or artists i dislike, time and time again, they only recommend them more. I can't tell you the amount of harry style, drake, taylor swift, lil wayne, kanye west music i have disliked yet they're all my only recommendations for "songs chosen for me". I maybe actually get 1 or 2 suggestions from artists i have consistently liked or music ive heard. No matter how many times i refresh, its always the same artists I don't listen to, with the same songs. I don't understand. Also they recently took away the feature where sliding down on the music you're listening to when in the app would stop the music, now it does literally nothing except go into the next song. Small thing that has been upsetting me as well. Please fix the algorithm to people I actually listen to for the love of god..Version: 6.08

Too CostlyToo much $$$ to make this app functional.Version: 2.55

Not suitable for offline listeningThe offline listening experience is broken. Two major issues: 1) Even when a playlist is downloaded, the app tries to stream the tracks. This gets frustrating especially when travelling underground. The only way to play a downloaded playlist is to go to the “Download” section and select the same playlist. 2) On multiple occasion, when playing a playlist, the player gets stuck at the third or the fourth song on loop and refuses to move ahead. I have submitted this feedback twice via the in-app feedback mechanism but there isn’t even an acknowledgment that the feedback was received, let alone being acted on..Version: 5.01

So much worse than Google PlayThe most frustrating thing is that it never remembers the song I left off at and then I have to navigate a 200 song playlist to figure out where I was. This is made worse if you shuffle a playlist. For the love of god please track the song position in iPhone storage so it can resume where I left off..Version: 4.07

ChaoticNew design is nicer sure but it’s harder to listen to certain kinds of songs like clicking on a song that’s recommended or recently listened to and getting similar songs, now it’s just going into a recent song and every song playing after it is the same songs and not random anymore. It’s like its just one playlist..Version: 2.39

Music plays in wrong order via car playHi, why the track order of an artist when played on web/mobile differs to the same played via car play device??? On web (or the mobile phone) the tracks played the same order as they listed on top tracks section vs once the artist is selected on car play the order is random - it does not follow any of meaningful order.Version: 5.28

It has a bug, a really annoying oneI have subscribed and un subscribed a few times now, I love the app when it works properly which is most of the time but I’ve had an issue which has repeated itself more than once now. I start to play a song and it plays for for 3-5 seconds then it has no sound for 3-5 seconds… the song plays again for 3-5 seconds then no sound for 3-5 seconds and this repeats itself over and over again to the point where you turn it off because you can’t use the app..Version: 5.17

BTS DESERVE BETTERFirst of all it’s already a bad app because you literally can’t do anything until you pay and plus they are snakes who took away almost 100 million views from ON by bts I hate the app even more now.Version: 3.53

Sucks have to pay to listen in background bruhJust download Spotify.Version: 4.05

I hate this. Google music this is not.I was a Google music user, for years and years. Would have or not have subscription throughout, depending, but would always store my library online with it and use it. This... is awful. Trying to play your music library is painful, so deep in menus, and somehow I always end up being pulled into some mode of having to hear either ads or other songs / artists I don’t care about. Basically, this is the music app for people who don’t actually know anything about music. It’s for that guy who listens to “whatever” on Pandora. It’s not for people who like particular artists, or who have any love for albums. This service is a mess just like every other Google product has become over the years. Sad truth. Just wait until they abandon it.. because they always do that. Instead of fixing a few things on Google Music, they killed it and gave birth to this mess. I don’t need all this junk, I just wanted a music player. So, back to loading everything onto my device via iTunes I guess..Version: 3.87

MoneyI like how it functions but not how you need to pay for everything like listening to it while it’s closed.Version: 2.35

Good Value, but extremely buggyNot bad value for the money, but tons of bugs such as: - Playlist always pauses when a song ends in Carplay - Overall poor carplay UX - App display keeps changing in width, bad UX - Songs fail to sync, sometimes have to delete playlist and download again - Song covers keep disappearing - Explicit songs will be hidden and deleted as soon as you connect to a public wifi with restrictions - Pressing shuffle on a playlist will sometimes randomly add extra songs that arent in the playlist Song recommendations are great though!.Version: 6.40

Stops after 3 songs!I download to my iPhone so I can play music in the car without wifi. Starts off fine but usually stops after 3 songs, meaning I have to pull over to fix. Dangerous and annoying. What is the trick to getting it to play continuously?.Version: 5.46.2

Google play transitionThe transition from google play to youtube music is just abysmal. There is no option to purchase individual songs or albums like before. You can only stream music, which you can’t even turn your screen off for unless you pay for premium. This is youtube’s bad take on spotify and I would not recommend it at all. If you want to stream music for free or as a subscription, apple music and spotify are far superior options. I have spent hundreds of dollars building a library on google play and I hate to see that I can no longer expand said library because of this transition. I will be switching to spotify because I am left with no other option..Version: 3.79

LMAOAOAI was excited to finally see that I could literally listen to all the music on YouTube that I can’t find on Spotify until I read that u have to buy the premium version for background playing. Lolol what a joke..Version: 2.55

AlmostWhen I first got the App years ago it was great. The app is still working wonderfully when it comes to finding songs, getting recommendations, and adding music to a playlist. And I really like the inclusion of accessing community playlists. What irks me is that I’m having issues editing my playlist off the app. I’ll spend time, kill a GOOD bit of time, editing a playlist and it won’t save! I’ll hit the editing pencil icon, move songs around, hit done, then I refresh the playlist to find that it’s still the same. It’s really really frustrating! And I can’t get continuous play off my downloaded playlists often. It will stop play early in the playlist, or glitch out altogether and stop at one song. When it stops at one song it will usually say, “unable to find playlist.” Really tired of this as well. These really shouldn’t be issues. It’s kind of the core of the App to have these functions. It’s like having a movie service subscription, but you only get to watch on odd numbered days. What’s the point?! Really shouldn’t have to point out that the focus on the developers should be to make sure the core services that the App provides are working as they should. Let’s make sure the App does what it’s advertised to do before we get ambitious..Version: 4.64

It was bad, yet i gave it another try, it is still bad or even worstOk. Google is a huge company. Their experience that this specific service offers is so inadequate and even frustrating for a company this big. Do not sign up for the “free” month premium tryout. They will charge you a month ahead within a couple of days (you’re basically stuck with it for 2 months, and if you like it, great, but if you don’t, well here we are). And if you do it through iTunes, it is impossible, I mean impossible, to request a refund on google’s platform, although of course google being mediocre and buggy as they are (their stuff is just buggy all the time, they can’t ever charge for it), they do not explain how to. You have to go through iTunes to request a refund. Just listen to their commercials keep clicking in “still watching” buttons which are so dumb, and go about your business without having to pay for Google services with dollars; instead keep paying for them with your privacy, and ad time as you always have done lol..Version: 5.33

Very glitchyEndlessly stuck downloading one of my playlists at 99%. Most of it is already downloaded. Actually sometimes it takes a while to update the playlist and download newer songs. Can’t remove songs from collaborative playlists if not owner. Also it doesn’t always display the right song playing. For example. It’s playing thriller by Michael Jackson but in the notifications it says some other song. Also while connected to my cars aux it always repeats songs at least once. Can’t turn it off even if the setting is off. It’s not always compatible with the Ford Focus software. Also I should mention that I’m on free trial. So basically premium. But it’s not worth real money. Also you can’t search songs in downloaded. For example I downloaded 2000 songs and I want to find music by Yung Gravy, I can’t search for it. Also sometimes the “play next” list is glitched and doesn’t show. Also I made a Siri shortcut where it plays a playlist but it’s the same order everytime. There’s no option to shuffle.Version: 4.52

Love the app BUT…For some reason whilst listening to my favs list, the app randomly decides thats its going to remove all other songs and end after the current song. As you can imagine it is very annoying (especially while driving!) This has been an ongoing issue for as long as i’ve had the app and would be great if you could fix it please :) Other than that, great app.Version: 6.20

Not greatI really wanted to like the app but it keeps letting itself down. It won’t let me access my downloaded songs when out. Making playlists is an overly complicated process and it takes a long (hours) time for songs to download at all..Version: 2.69

Permanent setting to accept listening “harmful” content is missingIt’s really annoying to have to accept “suicide or self-harm topics” EVERY time. A permanent setting would be really good thing to have. As a side note, ironically, someone can get killed, being distracted with this prompt when driving on a freeway..Version: 6.01

Not working as expectedClick on song. Get random other song. Deleting 2 min after installing..Version: 5.17

Great AppGreat App but needs improvement, I’d personally like to see a feature where it tells me how long I listen to a genre of music, how many times I’ve listened to a song, most played song, most listened album. Maybe even a regional leaderboard to see who listens to the most music and where, and the exact songs/albums that get the most run time on the app in those locations (kind of like trending) but more refined and less promotional. I’d like to see the ability to backup your downloaded song to the cloud that way you have the exact same songs on a different device (this currently is not in the app) it is painful to get a new device and have to type out hundreds to thousands of songs and download individually..Version: 3.61

Why do we need to pay to listen to music?!Horrible app music helps me stimulate and I am not paying 160 dollars just to listen to musicians😡.Version: 5.17

Worst version of SpotifyBad.Version: 2.35

Few inconveniencesCould you make the shuffling better, because it only shuffles the recently downloaded songs. And also add an option to have alphabetical order in your playlists (by artist and/or song name), other than that the app is great :).Version: 4.43

Could be 5 starsAs a previous user of other music streaming apps, this is by far my best one. However, prices went up drastically within the few months I’ve joined. Hence why rating could be 5 stars, but price is stopping my fingers from clicking the 5th star..Version: 4.67

Why do you have to pay exactly?So I get the paying for the no ads thing but paying so you can go off the app is pretty annoying for me. I’m not able to pay for it because I still live with my parents, and a 3 hour drive while stuck in between two little brothers is annoying especially when their screaming is all you can hear. Overall it’s okay but I don’t really get the use if you have to stay on the app while listening to music..Version: 3.69

This app has serious issuesI started using YouRube Music several years ago because it had music that wasn’t available through other streaming services. Now that the others have caught up in genres like indie, classical, and K-pop, I’m seriously considering leaving YT Music due to the long-standing, unresolved app issues. 1. Shuffle play does not work. I would expect a playlist to play randomly and thus to hear all songs an equal number of times, but some songs are definitely played frequently and some songs in the playlist never or rarely come up with random/shuffle play. Other music streaming apps have a shuffle/random play option that actually works. 2. Songs are randomly swapped out for other versions. For example, a song I’ve added to a playlist in its studio recorded version will suddenly we swapped out for a live concert version of the song, or a mixed version/special release, or even a different language. This is extremely irritating..Version: 6.05

Aight music appI use this app to listen to all my music. However there are some songs that aren’t available on this platform but are available elsewhere. But one of the things that bothers me is the fact that there isn’t no features to listen to music on a playlist from oldest added to newest added. Because I don’t want to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of my playlist to listen to old songs I added. Also some other features that would be nice to have is the ability to filter through songs in your playlist so kind of like a search bar or options to help sort by music. Also another thing that would be nice is the option or ability that you can turn on or off to find new music not based on music you listen to already so you can find and explore new music from people you probably haven’t heard of..Version: 4.71

Deleting this app after 5 minA music app that stops the music as soon as you close the app??? Unless you pay $160/year! What’s the point and why do I need a second YouTube app if they both do the same thing? No thanks!.Version: 2.55

Can’t use on Google Home anymoreWhatever has happened, I can no longer play my own stuff on my Google Home speaker. I thought it was bad enough that when Google play music app was stopped and I can’t ask google verbally to play stuff I own, It now just won’t play stuff when I cast it. There is no way letter scroll so if you want a particular artist, you gotta scroll baby. I tried premium once and it just bugged out and didn’t work on my google home when I wanted it to. There have been so many bugs and glitches and it has just been a let down in comparison to other music apps..Version: 6.03

UpdateI used to use this app daily, I sat through all the adds, left the app open etc so I could do my schoolwork. I’m most likely going to delete it now. They just updated it so you can’t pick which song is playing next, everything is a “radio” now. Previously I would have given it 5 stars, not being able to close the app without paying is annoying but made sense. They need to make money somehow, but this is going too far, I switched from Spotify because I could choose the song. I am a musician and not being able to pick the song so I can play with it means this is useless now. I also have mental illnesses and certain songs calm me down, certain songs help me do work etc. Now I can’t pick, I would happily change my review if this update is reversed but for now it’s staying..Version: 4.54

Forced outI used google play music for many years and found it better than Spotify. Now I’m being forced into an incomplete app which I’ve seen ignores your preferences and recommend garbage. No thanks, I can turn on the radio for that. Because of the discontinuation of google play music, I will no longer be subscribing. GG.Version: 4.02

MESS!The library and preferences from Google Play Music do not transfer to YouTube Music. Instead of sticking with Google Play Music or just rebranding the service, Google decided to go for the messiest transition in their history..Version: 2.35

YikesIf you asked me a few years ago to rate it, i'd give it 5 stars. Now in order to do anything you need to pay for the subscription. Waste of my time..Version: 5.14

Needs improvementI know this is relatively new but there is few thing needs to be improved right away. First of all, replay music option isn’t there. every time I want to listen to the music I put on again I have to open my screen and tap on the app. Secondly, there is no fast forward option. Last is a major issue for me. I downloaded some music and I can’t access the app when I’m offline, it asked me for internet connection. I mean what’s the point of downloading music when I can’t use the app while I don’t have internet?.Version: 2.41

Not as advertisedMight be good if you want to pay the monthly premium, but free version you device has to be on and in the app in order to work. Drains battery quick and turns off unless you have premium package. Zero stars from me I’d rather have the google play music back..Version: 4.02

Well It Plays MusicOnly came to this app because they shut down Google Play Music, which was the best music app around. And since they transferred my playlists, I switched. However, when you choose a band or genre for their radio feature, it plays the most basic, popular, every song you’ve ever heard playlist possible, and only goes for so long then repeats all those same songs again. And if you choose any band from the 80’s, plays all the same songs. Any band from the 90’s, plays the same songs, and so forth. Then when it can’t figure out what songs to play, it throws random songs in the playlist that don’t even match the radio you chose. Definitely not run by musicians. Just plays to the crowd of basic people that just want to hear the same songs over and over. Please figure this out. When I chatted with them about this poor feature, they just said go into my history and delete the songs I don’t want to hear. So obviously not understanding because they probably don’t listen to music. Fix it google.Version: 5.53

Not optimised for Apple CarplayI understand that YT music is a Google product but you must also consider that a great majority of customers are iPhone users. YT Music on Carplay encounter errors 2/10 of the time where you have to restart the app or disconnect/reconnect the phone. Also the major issue that completely gets me off from using YT music on Carplay is that pressing “Shuffle” button on the Apple Carplay screen does nothing. You have to go to your iPhone to activate Shuffle mode, which isn't great if you're driving. Some minor tweaks on these issues and YT Music will be a great music app even for iPhone users..Version: 4.32

No subscription feed :(Please just add a subscription place so we can know when our favourite artists post. The new releases section just promotes new-ish releases from pop artists and not artists that I’ve subscribed to. If I want to find new releases from artists I’ve subscribed to I have to go through their profiles 1 by 1 and it’s so time consuming. If they did something like replace the explore section that nobody uses with a subscriptions section it would really make my day :).Version: 3.65

BugsWhen listening to downloaded music, the album artwork is always pixelated. When going through sections, like clicking over to the downloaded music, there is always a delay..Version: 2.47

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