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Disney Emoji Blitz Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Disney Emoji Blitz Game app received 75 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Disney Emoji Blitz Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about disney emoji blitz game?

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Disney Emoji Blitz Game for Negative User Reviews

Not very satisfying anymoreI will be sad to admit, I have been playing this game for 3 years. I’ve seen a lot of good changes, but I’ve also seen a lot of bad, and this new wave of changes by the new company have all been pretty frustrating. Some of the emoji’s powers are glitchy and don’t work; the games will glitch and take away all my progress on events, the customer service gives itself a window to reply within 48 hours so if the event ends before they fix your problem you are just out of luck (they didn’t even answer me the one time I got frustrated enough to ask for help). The most frustrating thing of all is that they have made it impossible to finish any events without spending money. This new event requires you to have specific emojis at a specific level before you can play it. Since buying emojis is a lottery(that rarely ever gives you new emojis), who knows how many times you have to buy a box to level up, the only way is to buy a diamond box and if you don’t have enough gems, you have to spend your own money to buy one. I know this is one of their ways to make revenue, but that is just a snake move because the company knows it’s power and uses it against its consumer. If you guys want more money, I’ll gladly watch more ads, heck I might even download one of those instead of playing this. BOTTOM LINE: Don’t bother downloading this app if you don’t plan on spending money. The developers won’t allow you to make SATISFYING progress if you don’t..Version: 30.0.0

Slow to progress without spendingThe wait time for more lives is silly. Lives can only build up to 5 (without winning extra) and it takes at least 7 minutes for a new life. If you don’t want to wait, especially given the current circumstances, it will cost $3AUD for 10 lives. Given that each game is maybe 1.5 minutes, you go through lives very quickly. Add in the challenges that take multiple games to finish, progress is extremely slow without spending..Version: 34.2.1

Addicted but sadly disappointedI am addicted to this game and have been playing for over a year but ...... today I am really ticked off to the point of throwing it all away . I am in the last stage of finishing a challenge so purchased diamonds 💎to buy the emoji I needed .....guess what ? Got one I already have 😡💸 Then realised I had a wand so purchased more 💎💎 but you can’t use it to buy 💎💎 boxes 🤬😡 so please tell me JAM CITY why ????? Why not on diamond boxes and most importantly WHY NOT to finish a challenge? Is it really more about money 💰 than satisfying loyalty ? Maybe you should think about some modifications....😥😡.Version: 30.1.1

Poor poor poorI’ve written a review for this app before. Funnily, I got a response, an email saying that an update should have occurred and there would be no bugs and could I change my review and give it a better rating.. lol. Well thanks for nothing guys, it’s worse! No updates to be seen. The game just keeps cutting out to my phone’s home screen.. very frustrating! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU PAY REAL MONEY FOR DIAMONDS IN THIS GAME. IT AINT CHEAP AND I’VE BEEN TOTALLY RIPPED OFF MORE THAN ONCE. I won’t be changing my review, I’d actually like a refund for at least half the money I’ve spent on this game because I might as well have thrown it down the toilet.. I’ve a good mind to contact the ACCC about this App..Version: 39.0.1

Ive Enjoyed playing BUT I find rewards do not hold enough valueGiven the amount of time playing that is required to earn and gather reward points required to purchase or move thru levels is becomes increasingly frustrating and gradually over the couple of weeks of playing this game since I installed as unless you are prepared to spend actual $$$$$ on diamonds & extra character emojis then the possibilities of moving thru the game are almost zero and leaves you STUCK filling in time, going off to play other games while unable to do anything on this game until time passes for lives to be dropped and not achieving any satisfactory rewards for all the effort & time spent when you do have successes => it really doesn’t keep you wanting to play for long as it seems like a money grab - without you wanting to outlay money to purchase the various tools/tokens/ specials etc that can ONLY BE BOUGHT BY SPENDING CASH to buy them through the App, then you don’t get far & playing this game seems to get less and less enjoyable & has lost my interest in what I initially found as some who doesn’t spend much time gaming a game that had me playing daily & for increasingly more time & initially appeared to be an enjoyable & stimulating game BUT it became really apparent that as I wasn’t prepared to spend money in the game it became slower and annoyingly frustrating and just a waste of time rather than relaxing and enjoyable..Version: 38.3.1

ImprovementsI love this app but there is a few things that it could improve on. To save your progress you have to log into Facebook. For the non-facebook users, can we log in through our email because it is a bit annoying that we can’t sync our games across devices. Also, sometimes when I play a game and match up some combos, some of my rows disappear and a few emojis are stuck in the row and I am not able to move them. Can you please fix this.Version: 21.0.0

Disney emoj blitzFabulous game very addictive when you get five mins spare ie lunch break, waiting for train or bus or general life moments. Easy to navigate with mini instruction prompts and the best bit the more challenges you Win the more emojis you eventually win and can use in text or messenger on your day to day messages. Down side you spin the wheel of fortune and 4-10 you win money while which isn’t much that and needing diamonds so you can make you daily challenges easier I’m not on the game 24-7 so pick up sometimes where I left the game Last and things have changed which isn’t fair and as you progress through the levels once you hit 40 harder to achieve the challenges in order to buy new characters from the shop ... but all in all I’d give this gave 6-10 so much room for improvement.Version: 26.0.0

Improvements needed!I’m a little annoyed that my app didn’t update until this morning and I only have three days left to play the event. Why didn’t this show up when I opened my app for the past few days when I have played? I also updated this app three days so why didn’t it show up then also. Also now that I have finally been able to collect 100 diamonds, I keep needing to use them for my missions. Only recently I keep getting missions that I need to use emojis I don’t have. This never used to happen but now at least every mission I have to complete I get one I need to swap. Its not easy to collect these diamonds and I’m wasting them instead of being able to use them to get a diamond box emoji..Version: 1.18.2

Read the privacy policyDefinitely worth reading the privacy policy for this app. The level of data it collects seems high. And does not recognise privacy settings you have on browsers..Version: 35.0.1

Cool 💞The best thing about this app is that you get to use the emojis you earn in your actual texting. Me and my friend love sending them to each other and comparing our emoji collection. On my phone I downloaded it a few weeks ago and was really excited but was super disappointed when I went onto it because it didn’t load....I sat there for twenty minutes and nothing happened. Luckily I got it on my iPad and that works fine...although loading is still quite slow but at least it loads eventually. Don’t worry though....it could just be my phone but I’m pretty sure it’s the app. It’s not a particularly thrilling game but it’s still enjoyable when you’re a bit bored. I also think the prices of chests are a little overpriced as I’m saving up for a silver one and I’ve been collecting coins for months now. Please don’t take this the wrong way xxxx great job over all!.Version: 20.3.0

Pay to winYou can’t win big prizes unless you pay for extra lives. It would be a lot more fun with infinite lives, and you only had to pay for extras. Not worth getting into unless you can devote your life to it..Version: 38.3.1

Great game constant crashesThe game is addictive. It seems to crash frequently especially recently even after update..Version: 41.0.2

Pay to win eventsMy original review was 5 stars, but I’ve had to change it because I have just run into the pay-to-win wall. You can’t play the current Star Wars event past a certain point unless you buy a diamond box to *maybe* get the same emoji to level it up. My situation for example: I bought (with real money) enough diamonds to get the Star Wars diamond box. I got Luke which was cool because he is a ‘lucky’ emoji for the Vader event. Cleared two maps and then couldn’t play any further because I didn’t have a level 2 Luke. They wanted me to buy another diamond box to have a 25% chance of maybe getting Luke again to level him up. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish the event and I’m very disappointed because I really wanted the Vader emoji. I started playing this game solely to get a Darth Vader emoji and now I’ve missed my chance because of the pay-to-win system. Thanks Emoji Blitz, you’ve lost a few stars for locking the event behind a pay system. I would’ve paid for a diamond box with Vader in it, but that wasn’t even an option. I don’t even know when that emoji will come back around. It’s weird too because I played the Queen of Hearts event not too long ago and it wasn’t like that at all. It was free to play and didn’t lock you out if you didn’t have a certain level emoji. Highly irritating..Version: 34.2.1

Last level let downSo latest event, going great, but last level of Rainbow falls, it becomes laggy, and the game crashes mid game taking me back to the beginning of the level. No haunted mansion emoji for me obviously. 😭.Version: 29.0.1

Quest Pass is a ripoffI enjoy this game but I’m getting sick of all the expensive in-app purchases. Most of the events require the purchase of a diamond box to unlock the event character unless you get lucky with the one provided during the event and now the quest pass has been introduced which is another $30aud for 12 rewards... most of apps I’ve seen that use a similar system charge between $8-15aud which seems more reasonable. I understand that the game needs to make money but this is just getting ridiculous!.Version: 41.0.1

Gotta pay for the good emojisWas better when you could win them.Version: 41.0.1

Way too long tutorialAre you serious? Is the whole game an endless tutorial? Just let me skip it. I played like 15 minutes and I'm still not past it. How long would it last. All I want is check those (insert upset nasty wording) emojis. What kind are they. But no. Keep being forced to just click that 1 little button. I played like 20 games that were exact copies of this game. I think I can manage it. Definitely not coming back until it's skippable. (So no money from me until this, but probably never. Because usually I play like 5 hours with a game, where I get fed up with the ads. I pay some £3-£5 to get rid of them, but never actually return to the game. So basically you blew your only chance to get money from me 🤣 That was a free info about myself, you don't even need track my Internet behaviour for that).Version: 38.3.1

Listen to us!!!I would like to start off by saying, I love this game. I’ve had this game for 2 years and I’ve always enjoyed playing it until recently. The events that are happening right now is ridiculous. Why should I play these events if I’m not guaranteed a diamond box/emoji at the end of it. Not many ppl want to play Rainbow Falls for the fact it’s become harder to get through. It should have stayed like before where at the end of the original event, you get a diamond box and then if you also want another diamond box, you can get through Rainbow Falls. Isn’t the point of the game to collect emojis?? You’re discouraging your players from wanting to play some of these events if all they earn is just coins, gems, power ups, and hearts. Also, what’s the point of having social media pages if you’re not going to read the comments and address some of the issues or feedback people are saying about the game??? It’s disappointing that these feedbacks on your social media pages aren’t being taken seriously. You’re going to be loosing players if you can’t even give some decent customers service to the people keeping this game alive. Won’t change my star rating until I see some actual decent changes on how you handle these issues that players are having with this game. That includes talking to ppl on your Instagram and Twitter pages..Version: 30.1.2

Fun game but the music isn’t working :(No rhyme or reason why but the music just stopped working. Tried everything to get it going again including deleting the app and reinstalling (thereby losing my progress)..Version: 39.2.0

The privacy setting needs to be sorted!I love Disney so when I saw this I just had to download- couldn’t wait to start using the emojis 😄 You have to add it to your keyboard which is pretty straight forward but to actually send the emojis in messenger (such as WhatsApp) you have to allow full access. I was completely okay with this until it states that this allows the company/maker of this game full access to everything I will or have ever typed! It clearly states that this may include sensitive data such as addresses, credit card details, personal information, etc.. I DO NOT see why this is at all necessary... I understand they may never use the information but there are many hackers out there and with everything that’s gone on I just would not trust it! I think this needs to be adjusted otherwise I would recommend people taking care when they agree to these terms....Version: 33.0.1

#Justice for GeraldI first found this a wonderful app ,they have every cute Disney emoji you could possibly want 🥰😍I wanted to have a look at all the wonderful emojis when I stumbled across the emojis that looked as though they where from finding neon/finding dory but to my dismay they had forgotten the most important character of finding dory which is ...............GERALD how could they forget Gerald he is obviously one of the most important characters of the movie and it would be NOTHING without GERALD!!!!!!! This game would be a 100/5 stars if they had Gerald but sadly they forgot about him .i recommend this game to all Disney lovers as it is a great game but I’m sure they will all agree with me that Gerald needs to be included!!it would be greatly appreciated if you could include Gerald thankyou for reading 😀 Plz comment #justiceforgerald if u agree and believe justice should be served.Version: 25.1.0

DisappointingI’ve had the app since it’s initial release. Things have gone downhill with Jam City taking over, and even worse in the past month. You can’t complete events without spending a fortune, glitches abound, customer service and support is ridiculous, refusing to fix issues and telling you it’s your fault and you need to update the app (I don’t, btw). What used to be a fun and relaxing game is now frustrating and stressful. Listen to your customers Jam City, we’re not happy! And with the new update, literally NO ONE wants item cards instead of gold chests for map rewards!.Version: 36.1.0

Fun! But a bit of a cash grabI love this game - play it all the time to unwind. But lately, it just seems like the app just wants my money. There are challenges you have to complete to level up and win prizes, but sometimes the app will give you a challenge for an emoji you don’t have. So you either need to use gems to switch that challenge with another, or if you don’t have gems, buy gems, or try to get that emoji by saving all the coins you win (very hard to do). And don’t get me started on events! I’ll save up my gems for WEEKS so that I can use them on the special boxes to get rarer emojis you can’t normally get, only to get a normal emoji. And then some events can only be played with those rare emoji. I like that there’s regular event levels that you can play with any emoji - but the prize at the end of those should be at least a fair chance to get an emoji in which you can play the next round! One time, I got a prize that was a random emoji that had NOTHING to do with that collection! Imagine how infuriating that is - spending 2-3 days completing an event only to get an emoji that would add nothing to your collection. I thought the whole point of these events was to win those specific emojis. I mean at least make it less obvious that all you want is our money 🙄 And it’s happening more frequently lately. Makes the game really unsatisfying to play..Version: 37.0.0

Annoyed 😑Hi, I have tried multiple times to play this game and I keep getting stuck on the part after it shows you your goal of completing two tutorials. The wand on the play button to be more precise. My presses on the button are not responding (I don’t even get a loading page). I have an iPhone 7 which is fully updated to iOS 11.2.6. So I am unsure as to why this is happening. I have attempted it on my own data and on wifi, but neither work. I am looking forward to playing this game and so I strongly suggest this bug is looked at in the next update. Thank you 🙂.Version: 1.18.2

A cash-grab glossed over with Disney charactersI’ve been playing this game (off and on) since it’s release. While at times it has been fun watching what different emojis do, it has also been challenging, which any game should be. Recently, however, the villain challenge to earn Captain Hook has seriously made me me question if I want to keep playing or not. In the past, I’ve been able to grind out the levels to collect the emoji box waiting for me, and I’ve loved the challenge. However the newest villain event has become nothing more than a cash grab. In order to advance you have to have certain characters from the Peter Pan collection in order to even play the levels required to get Hook. The only way to get them is through a diamond crate. Anyone who’s played this game know that unless you have 200 diamonds, you’re paying cash for diamond purchases. It’s sad that this game has taken away the ability to win the villain event without having to pay for it. Maybe the dev’s could release a paid version of this game in which I don’t have to get stuck with constant micro transactions to unlock an emoji. We’ll see. UPDATE: Nightmare Before X-Mas event! Sweet! Oh wait...I can only play the first 2 maps because Map 3 has a required character. The latter ones require level 2 of the aforementioned characters . Like their previous events, you have to pay to play. It’s been fun, Emoji Blitz, but I’m going to delete you..Version: 37.2.0

Great game but it’s too hard to collect charactersI love the game but it takes forever to get enough coins to buy the Disney Bitmoji characters..Version: 19.0.1

Not so greatSo I only got this for the stickers for my messages. But guess what the ones you get initially are absolutely pony. To get any good stickers you gotta play and pay. And I mean play a hell of a lot. I’ve unlocked 3 in all the games I’ve played. Takes a life time to level up because you have to buy chest things. 30,000 coins a pop. Played maybe 50+ games and I have 2,500 coins. No way am I about to spend real money to get passed level 5. Yeah sure this is a kids game but it’s a kids game designed to hook them in a get them to spend money on a free game. Takes ages to get a new life so once your 5 lives (5 games) are done you have to wait a while before you can play again unless you want to use 30 gems per life. And gems cost real life money. You can get 3 free lives by spinning a wheel but it’s pot luck. To spin again you gotta watch an ad. Then that don’t even give you extra free spins 90% of the time. Oh did I mention that for the first 10 minutes minimum you cannot turn the annoying sounds off because it essentially puts you in this almost tutorial phase. Sure you can put your device on silent but what the hell, you should be allowed to switch off the sound before you play the game. Kids will get bored of this really quickly..Version: 25.9.0

IssueI love this game. I have been playing for 2 years now and have gotten multiple friends hooked onto the game and we all love it. But I’ve run into a huge problem recently. At the start of this Snow White event, the diamond box became unavailable to me. It wouldn’t even show up as something possible. Also, the ability to watch an add for an extra spin on the wheel or for extra lives went away as well. This went on for over a day. And then now for the past day, I haven’t been able to open the app at all because it says that the servers are down and I can’t connect. I have had this issue before and I deleted the app and reinstalled it and then got all of my stuff back because I’m connected through Facebook. So I did the same thing this time to resolve the issue; deleted and reinstalled. And now it’s saying that I can’t reconnect through Facebook because the servers are down still. I’m just very confused and worried that I’m going to lose all the progress I’ve made in this game over the last 2 years. Like I said, I love this game and want to keep playing it. I’ve almost collected every single silver emoji and duplicate, I’ve almost finished multiple groups in the group collection tab, and I’ve collected so many gold emojis, purple emojis, and rainbow exclusive emojis. I just want to keep playing, but not if I have to start over. I went through the FAQs and can’t find anything to help there either. Please help!.Version: 21.0.0

Lovely Game TO much disappointmentI do enjoy playing this game but that being said I’m about to delete it. It never fails EVERY time I play an event that could give you the diamond box I ALWAYS get the one I already have. It’s truly disheartening to play for hours to make it through a timed event just to get no reward at the end. Getting a character that I have already gotten multiple times is no reward and makes me not want to play anymore. What is the use of I am never going to progress. So you will then tempt with buying a diamond box. So, you either save up your diamonds or buy more diamonds to get the diamond box just to end up with the same character AGAIN!!! So now I have double wasted my time and effort on this game. I play my games to be calming and to relax me after a long stressful day at work but all I get is more aggravation. So with as much as I do enjoy playing, I feel that I’m really going to have to delete this game. My suggestion to you is to let people pick which character they want if they purchase a diamond box. Stop giving them hope with your percentages that don’t mean anything. Also, if you play an event with a diamond box at the end. You should get a diamond only character at the end. Not the chance to get a gold character that you have had in your box forever..Version: 24.3.2

Going downhillI started playing this game two+ years ago while it was still operated by Disney. It was fantastic, missions and challenges were challenging and entertaining. It could easily be played by me or my child and we enjoyed collecting the characters and items. It was free and we could occasionally treat ourselves by buying gems to get further in the game, but mostly it was a stress reliever at the end of a long day. But then Jam City took over and it just isn’t the same. The game is constantly glitching, and they are making it almost impossible to progress through the game or complete challenges without spending an obscene amount of money. It’s a game y’all. A kids game at that. It’s turned from a fun game of collecting emojis to a stressful chore. (Which I know sounds silly because it’s just a game, but I am a big Disney fan and a compulsive collector 🤣) To me it shows that Jam City doesn’t care about improving the game, or making it better for their customers...they care about the money. I know everybody has to make money, but why do they have to ride on the coattails of Disney to do that? Make your own awesome game that’s worth spending money on, and let us Disney nerds go back to collecting characters. 🤷🏻‍♀️ For what it’s worth...Ive also sent them two emails now about gem packages Ive purchased in the last two months and have gotten zero response. When Disney managed the game, I heard back and had situations rectified the same day..Version: 30.2.0

Needs improvementDoes glitch a bit lately.Version: 34.1.1

Frustrated and disappointedI am extremely frustrated and disappointed after playing this game for some time now. I downloaded the game onto my iPad last week and ended up losing all of my progress and had to start at the beginning again. I contacted support and had hope that they would just get my progress from Facebook. I followed all the steps they requested but they were still not able to locate my progress. Every time I got a new response, it was from a different person, with some not reading the previous messages so I would have to write everything all out again. It has been a week and the last response I had gotten was that they could not find any other progress. I stated the date in many of my messages of when the progress was lost but it seems that at least the latest person only looked up the current progress. Without all of my progress I cannot participate in most events, which are the exciting things in this game, and my progress goes much much slower because I do not have any of my level 2 emojis to play with. No one seems willing to do anything to at least give me gems or something to help me toward my lost progress. They do not seem to care that they will be losing a player and many others after I spread the word. Be forewarned that you should take a pic of your ID while playing this game so that they can locate your progress if anything goes wrong!.Version: 40.1.0

I’m a big Disney fan, but this is too muchI downloaded this app tonight and promptly deleted it from my device out of fear of unwittingly spending way too much real world money. It’s just too complicated. You earn one character at a time who each have different powers within the game which are apparently not the same as power ups. There are opportunities to get free emojis, but you have to go to the emoji “store” to access them. I feel that the app should be redesigned to significantly clarify what is a reward screen and what is a purchase screen. I’m 39 with a graduate degree so if its confusing to me I can’t imagine how much could mistakenly be spent by a much younger user. The tutorial of how to play is not very clear either, but if you are already sucked in there are several sites that offer step by step instructions including how to set up your emoji keyboard complete with the warning about how the app wants “Full Access” to your device and this may include personal information that has nothing to do with emojis...Um Hard Pass! I don’t understand why Disney can’t just straight up sell emoji collection (s) without being all big brother about it. I am disheartened by the level of shadiness in this app. I am still a fan and will still be a consumer of Disney products, but think people should know what they are signing up for and this is definitely a case of buyer beware. It’s a shame too because I think it would be awesome to have the emojis for my next visit to the park..Version: 22.1.0

How to Ruin a Game - by Jam CityI first picked up this game to play with my girlfriend as she is a Disney nut and when we had some spare moments on trains we could play at the same time. It was fun getting new characters and talking about it together. This was years ago, we broke up, I continued playing the game as a habit in down time but then Jam City took over. What I enjoyed about the game was how it seemed different to other mobile games that work by frustration mechanics. Prevent the player getting things so they spend money to get them. With Disney Emoji Blitz it seemed like the game just rewarded you for playing. I thought this was because it is primarily aimed at children and couldn’t be so aggressive with the Pay-to-Win mechanics that other games utilise. It was only a matter of time. Jam City came onboard and introduced diamond box (paywall) exclusives by the bucket load, and Rainbow Road post-event events that were purely designed to make the player spend cash to get through them. So many emojis were introduced and their powers were relatively nerfed (lowered) so the game continues to be difficult. Always trying to push you to the numerous ‘offers!’ that pop up with alarming frequency. I stopped playing. It feels much better. Don’t start this game and for the love of all things do not let your child download this game..Version: 33.0.1

Okay.I have played this game before and I enjoyed it. I loved the idea of new emojis and cute stickers to go on my messages. However when I played it and collected the emojis, they were only images with an emoji in them! I haven’t played since and don’t know whether they have changed that. I also don’t know whether it only works in messages and not social media like whatsapp. I am going to try it again and see what happens but I can’t guarantee I get a different result. The characters are cute though and I enjoy playing but I just feel like it is too similar to a lot of games. I don’t really like the games like this because it is basically a candy crush for younger kids/ adults and I really wish the emojis were something worth playing for instead of them being a simple image. I haven’t tried it in messages but hoping that it does work..Version: 40.2.0

Bugs on the game eventsThe last couple of multi level events the game gets stuck. I keep passing levels to progress but the game map never moves on so I can’t get the major prize. I’ve made sure I’m on the most updated version of the game and the IOS software. Have tried it on my iPhone and Samsung tablet and both have the same error so I can never get the big prizes. Have started playing the game less as this is just so frustrating and I used to play every day..Version: 34.1.1

Great game but a scam!The first time I had this game I bought a special offer, it took the money but didn’t give me the offer purchased. Because of this I deleted the app after the support team failed to support me. The other day I decided to redownload the app in hopes that this issue was no longer a problem but today I bought a special pack and didn’t receive what I paid for. I complained to the support team and got left with an automated message saying that it could take up to 48hrs to get back to me. I am unhappy with this because the offer runs out in less than an hours time! If I don’t get the help I want I will definitely be deleting the app and not getting it again!.Version: 35.0.0

BadI hate it.Version: 41.0.2

Events!Just gone to view the Hercules event and I’m absolutely fed up to see that once again I won’t be able to finish the event because I don’t have the emojis on high enough levels and I don’t have enough gems to buy diamond boxes or enough money to buy gems. Do you have any consideration for people who are new to playing this game? If the events were like this when I started the game I probably would’ve just deleted it straight away out of frustration. Literally become all about money for you which is a shame because myself and my partner love this game but we’re both getting fed up with being unable to play events. Why can’t you do the same as with the recent food fight? ‘These emojis are lucky but you can play with any emoji’ That way people will actually then get a chance to get the diamond boxes and rare emojis..Version: 36.0.1

Needs Sign In with Apple support!Disney Emoji Blitz is a lot of fun and there are absolutely loads of emojis to unlock, which can then be used whilst messaging within one’s smartphone... However, it’s going to take you a while to collect them all if you choose not to make in-game purchases. Cash-grabbing aside, one thing that annoys me in this otherwise fun game is that Disney refuse to implement support for “Sign In with Apple” which among other things, can synchronise one’s progress between Apple mobile devices. A lot of people use Facebook, I get it... But believe or not, there are still people out there who don’t use or have a Facebook account for one reason or another - so why not offer your customers an alternative? At this stage, I cannot rate this game more than three stars because there is no “Sign In with Apple” support... It’s just too big of a design flaw, particularly given Facebook’s infamous reputation with regards to privacy, which is ironically in stark contrast to that of Apple. Hopefully the developers will see sense to implement “Sign in with Apple” support in the foreseeable future, and then I can adjust my review accordingly....Version: 37.0.0

Fun but events feel a bit unfair.I’ve enjoyed the game. I like the emojis and send the new ones I earn back and forth with my wife. But the events can be unfair. The latest event requires specific items to drop to advance. Certain items do have a lower drop rate but the drop rate increase with certain emojis that are easier to get if bought from pay boxes. I like to complete events like these, but I don’t like feeling like the game is designed to require a money transaction to complete the event. I put a fair amount of time into the game, but when I only receive duplicate items for over 5 games straight with no progress being made in the event. I still needed 22 rare items (10:10:2), actually spent all my saved purchase currency on a diamond box to not receive the emoji needed to increase any of the last 3 items I need drop rate. I was left feeling defeated and a little duped. That being vented, it is still a fun little time waster that adds some cross benefits by being able to use emojis earned in game in text. I might score this game higher if there was a way to purchase specific emojis and not just gamble for them in loot boxes. I would also be more likely to fork over money if it meant I could guarantee I receive the emojis I wanted. I’ll keep playing, but until there is a way to purchase what I actually want from the game, I won’t be spending a single lucky dime on this game..Version: 1.18.3

Too muchThere is too many updates to do!.Version: 41.0.2

Great but...Stop giving me double emojis!!! I have bought six boxes in the last week and every single one of them has been a double. Yes I get that it makes them stronger but maybe have that happening once all the other emojis have been collected! I only have tinkerbell in the series I box and I’ve bought two other boxes in that series and got her every time, that’s not ok. I love this game and it helps so much with my anxiety but it’s now just starting to feel like a real rip off..Version: 26.0.0

Gets worse every upgradeI’ve been playing this for years now and gets worse and less value every upgrade. This latest upgrade has so many glitches for me, constantly losing points, opportunities, black outs etc. After one upgrade lost my progress to level 65, back to 0 and lost all my emojis I never thought I’d return. Reward for actions is now very rare and not in relation to the amount of cash you pay..Version: 33.2.1

Fun, addictive but very glitchyI have been playing for a couple years and while I like all the emojis you can collect and the game is fun, the newer updates crash, reset if you pause, and sometimes during the “bonus” game Rainbow Falls, and it forces you to use hard-to-come-by gems to try to “buy” exclusive emojis but they put non-exclusives in the box so you waste gems on emojis that are easy to get and then you don’t get the one you wanted. Same with events, you used to win the exclusive emojis at the end of an event and now you just won a diamond box, which is a “chance” at an exclusive or just a regular emoji. Still happy I found this game though as it helps pass the time and the emojis are so cute!.Version: 34.1.1

Again you have failed!!!I bought 3 boxes with gems and got 3 icons already have !!!!!! I can’t finish an event because I don’t have the 3rd icon. You disappoint again truly hope you are happy with you deceitful ways Wasted day wasted time, wasted money . I think you should let us have the option of what icon we want when buying with gems! I got two Steamboat Willies and another Retro Minnie. On the average day I wouldn’t use either of these icons. I wasted 600 gems and I’m steaming mad. I don’t mind doubles when paying with coins because I’m working on collections but honestly when you buy with gems it is maddening. Done with this game, that until today was something I looked forward to doing. TTFN or perhaps forever It’s too bad when people complain you just say how sorry you are instead of fixing the problem. Typical. Like putting a bandage on a toddler’s imaginary boo boo. Sugar coated . And yes we have the option to opt out but we don’t know we’re not going to get what we want till we don’t. It would just be nice if you fixed things I work for a company that if the customer isn’t completely happy we offer some consolation most times half or all their money back. I just want some gems back not a quick sorry and also I feel like you scolded me. I’m not two years old. Thanks again.Version: 38.0.0

Game is great! But two stars off because SCAMS/LIES!!!Disney, Jam city, WHY would you do this? You are scamming people! People get angry by losing, then pay power ups and boosts to make themselves satisfied! People all around are saying your scamming them. That is SOOOO uncool! You really aren’t seeing other reviews of you guys scamming? It’s almost like you don’t care. So please, lower your prices. I hate to see where you pay and waste your actual money. The power ups are so over priced for a game like this! I don’t think it’s cool. Sure! Buy a power up if you need it! But please don’t waste your money on such a simple game like this. Your going to read this Disney, I know your reading this, and not write back. I don’t care. Just please do this. Let’s go on a happier note. Sorry for freaking out on you. But I like this game. It is kind of easy. I am always am on the top of the leaderboard. (Guest😀) It’s fun and frustrating, but that’s kind of what makes this game a good one. I also think it is really hard to afford to get the emoji boxes. Those are two things you need to lower your prices on. Thank you Disney for this game, but it needs some of those improvements. And don’t waste your money! Your welcome! Just saved ya!💋😇 Disney be like=🤑🤑🤑💵💴💸💰💎💶💷.Version: 31.2.0

Game has severely declined!I previously reviewed this app and gave it 5 stars. I have played it daily for 3 years and you are taking the fun away. It used to be that when you completed the events you automatically won the new emoji that was introduced. Now the Diamond box gives you a small percentage chance of winning the new character and many of them are “exclusives” meaning this is your only chance to get them. It is extremely frustrating to complete events, complete Rainbow Falls, and even use gems to buy Diamond boxes only to get all duplicates. I also agree with many other reviewers that Rainbow Falls has become impossible to beat without depleting your power ups/boosts and are no longer a “bonus” but required to win the diamond box of the event. It is a waste of time to complete the event and get basically nothing. Judging by comments on the disneyemoji Instagram page, I am not alone! Everyone is disappointed and complaining about these issues. Please go back to actually rewarding players who complete challenges and cut back on exclusive characters that are nearly impossible to get. I am fine with the exclusives if they were awarded outright for completing their event but not when you have only about 2 days that they are available and a 10% chance of getting them..Version: 30.1.2

Jam City changes keep getting worseThis app says it’s rated for ages 4+ but I had it on my kids’ devices and since Jan City took over it requires them to have Facebook to use it. They’re not old enough to have their own Facebook accounts and I’m not creating one just so they can play a game so they can’t play anymore. What 4 year old has a Facebook account? False advertising. Now with the requirement of diamond box exclusive emojis in order to even play an event, I stopped playing too. You have to collect for months to get enough gems to buy one diamond box, then you spend those and don’t get the emoji you need so you can’t play an event. I spin the wheel after the free spins, watch a ton of ads, I’m not just going to sink a bunch of money into paying for gems and cross my fingers I’ll be able to play an event. The game an be pretty glitchy too. It lags at times and has blank spots on the board or doesn’t recognize when you try to make swaps to clear emojis so you waste lives because the game wasn’t functioning properly for you. It’s fun when it works and when you can play the events without being required to buy exclusive emojis... even though your progress is slower without them, at least you can play. I’ve avoided leaving a review for a long time waiting for things to improve, but things just keep going downhill..Version: 30.2.0

Super frustrating game!!I played this game religiously in 2017 non stop and then I got bored, I recently got a new phone and reinstalled and logged in with Facebook to restore what I had and I have nothing. I know for a fact I had logged in with Facebook previously because I was sharing my score with friends to beat them and nope gotta start all over again so I’m uninstalling. You also cannot just log straight in you have to go through a painful long drawn out tutorial EVERY time..Version: 33.0.1

Love it but.....Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game, I devote far too much time playing this game, but I am SO disappointed that when you earn enough coins to buy a new emoji, you can get a duplicate one! Why!?? I have now spent countless hours playing for emojis only to be given 3 - yes 3!! - Dorys! That’s 90,000 coins wasted! Why?? If you work to earn rewards, they should be genuine ones. Please please please change the functionality so you don’t double up emojis - at least until you have been able to earn all the others first..Version: 22.3.0

Used to Be AmazingThe More Items boost should be removed from the game as it does absolutely nothing to help with items. I am lucky if I get 5 items using the boost versus getting more usually without it. I remember the days when 15-20 items was normal when using the boost and it’s sad those days are gone. Getting a score of almost 30 million in a game and only managing to get 6 items (without a boost) is sad. Also, 500 gems for the Fathers Day box? I can’t think of very many people that would be willing to shell out that many gems for a chance at a character and not even a guarantee on the character you receive. I want The Mandalorian and The Child but not for 500 gems each and not a guarantee I would be receiving those characters. Also, there should be a box that contains villains and rainbow emojis in it so you have a chance to level those. Considering some of the group collections include these emojis, it’s a bit ridiculous to not have a way of leveling these characters aside from spending gems when these characters are available in boxes. Please add this option in the game. The box could be 45,000 coins. You would have to own the emoji already (like with gold exclusive emojis and leveling them in the gold box)..Version: 35.0.1

Why am I playing this?I saw it on an ad for another game I was having fun with. I love Disney. So I downloaded it this morning. The app has crashed a couple of times, and I’ve have to close and reopen it quite a bit more than that because it freezes or won’t continue loading; freezing especially on advertisements. When I do play it, it’s a grind almost right off the bat. You’re only going to have fun if you pay money, and even then they’re random-drop lootboxes, so you might not get the character you were hoping for. Ridiculous. Don’t let your kids play it, unless they’re prepared for disappointment, or you’re prepared to pay the money and encourage the beginnings of a gambling addiction..Version: 38.3.1

Disney Emoji - Addictive but full of bugsThis game is addictive and the emojis are great for an apple keyboard. However I had an account (that was logged in with fb) however when i switched phones from Samsung to apple I conveniently lost hundreds of emojis, thousands of hours of game time and money spent as the app believed I did not have a linked account and wanted me to start fresh. After numerous attempts at retrieving my account I started a new one but this time around I have found it difficult to accumulate new emojis (I keep winning duplicates) and challenges now all require certain character that you can never seem to unlock. Latest development is the app won’t open, it tells me to log into the app to allow fb to access it yet the app won’t open because of this error message? How do I log in if the app won’t open?.Version: 39.2.0

It’s impossible to obtain gems in a reasonable mannerThe maleficent event is the nail in the coffin of my patience with the gem collection system. In order to advance through the event, I have to be able to purchase one of the three fairies in a diamond box. This requires 200 gems. This wouldn’t be a big deal but unlike coins which are earned every game, gems are only earned through the occasional prize or by chance on the free prize wheel, and even then it’s a piddly amount. To top it off anytime you need to extend your game so you stand the chance of achieving an impossible goal, it cost 20+ gems. This leaves those of us who enjoy the game high and dry if we don’t want to pay to play. Everything else about the game is wonderful. You can experience the full realm of gameplay without paying. Everything except the exclusive emojis that only come during an event and are always locked behind a diamond box. Even just increasing the reward on the free prize wheel to a reasonable amount would make it that much better. Update: this is the second time I’ve received a quest to use an emoji I do not have. I did not realize that there was a muppets event and as such did not get a muppet that way and every time I try to get just one muppet I get something else. I already explained I can’t afford to do anything with gems and yet here is one more example of why the gem collection system stinks-buying away quests that you absolutely cannot complete..Version: 33.1.0

Frustrating!!Would have been 5 stars because I absolutely love this game!! But, it’s taken me months to get to level 100 at 18 missions a level, which is fine, 18 missions is not too bad. But get past level 100 & it changes to 30 missions a level!! That’s 3,000 missions just to get to level 200 for the next special emoji!! Are you serious?! Oh & the group collection thing is ridiculous & impossible to do when there’s a ton of emojis to collect but you have to get each one about 20 times. I love this game but it’s impossible to get anywhere. & don’t get me started on the fact you can’t even pick your own emoji when you’re paying 30,000 coins for it!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ But other than that, it’s the best game I’ve downloaded, I am a bit addicted to it 😊😊😊.Version: 22.0.0

Has become a cash grabI started playing this game 3.5years ago and have a got a fair number of the emojis you can collect. Yet even i cant do many of the current events, these require you to buy multiple lootboxes with low chance of the getting the emoji you require to continue. Plus it has collected lots of glitches. So i have gone from daily to maybe once a week playing. I would not recommend a new person starts playing this game, unless you are willing to sink lots of money and time in to it and willing to be disappointed you can’t get a high percentage of emojis..Version: 34.1.3

It’s so cuteThis game is so cute and it is defiantly very fun I LOVE it so cute I’ve fallen in love with it this game is entirely free no money at all in les you want more diamonds or un lock an emoji before it is meant to be unlocked Iv gotten lots of emojis in just about 15 minutes it’s so addictive and no kidding I can’t stop playing this is an amazing game please take my advice get it it’s so cute cool and SO addictive you can challenge the queen of harts an get heaps of points or you can challenge other villains. Today I was chalk gin the queen of hearts it is not just easy it’s really hard and super fun so if you don’t know if you want it just get it and if you don’t like it get rid of it easy as pie.Version: 36.1.0

AddictiveI’m hooked. It’s free! Feels like when I was young trying to collect all the Pokemon but I’m an even bigger Disney fan so working on getting all the emojis. I like the challenges and the side quests that randomly pop up as well. Keep trying to beat my own score as I’m always at the top of the chart. Nearly have all of the silver class emojis then working on box 1 gold. There isn’t an order you have to buy them in I just like doing it that way. You can get boosts with in purchases but I just wait till all my free lives are gone and then spin the wheel for bonuses. One thing I would say I wish the emojis were smaller as when I copy and paste them into a message it takes up the whole screen feather than being the size of the writing. What’s that about Disney? Been using them in normal text messages and WhatsApp it does the same thing..Version: 25.1.0

FrustratedI love this game but sadly it makes me download data every time I try to play please fix this.Version: 36.0.0

Pay to PlayThis game has “events” that you can only progress in if you use a specific emoji avatar. The problem with this is that these events are often the first introduction of new avatars, and event when they are not, avatars are acquired by purchasing blind boxes, where your chances of success are literally <2%, with “coins” earned in the game. You can improve your chances by purchasing a special “diamond” blind box during the event, which has only the event avatars, but diamond boxes must be purchased with “gems.” The maximum number of gems you could collect in a day, if you played the game constantly, is probably 10. Realistically, you’re more likely to earn 2 per day. Meanwhile, the diamond box costs 200 gems, which might seem achievable, except there’s two or three events per month, meaning you can’t possibly accrue enough gems in the interim to afford even one diamond box per event. So you’ll need to purchase gems with real money, and you’ll need to do so multiple times per event, because some events require event emoji A to unlock level 2 but event emoji B to unlock level 3, and, even once you possess an emoji, it continues to be an option in the blind box; duplicates are “power-ups”. So your chances of getting a new emoji don’t improve each time you purchase a box. Not only is this a pay to play game, it’s a pay to play game marketed to children. I’m disgusted..Version: 35.1.0

RIPPED OFF AND ANNOYEDDisney Emoji Blitz was my favourite game until Jam City took over. I woke up one morning to find that I was locked out of the game and after providing proof of age (via credit card as I don’t live in the States) I was charged a total of 6 times! Was not paid back and I still am locked out of the game! Really disgusted in the customer service as after I complained they stopped replying to my emails. Would I recommend any game operated by Jam City - NO!.Version: 26.0.0

Used to be 5Seems like they want your money now. The game play is fun but then events won’t give you your rewards. Feels like I’ve wasted my time because they won’t even give you the rewards if the game is broken and that’s why you couldn’t win..Version: 33.2.2

Questionable PricesIt’s a really fun game to play however I don’t understand why it’s literally an arm and a leg to buy gems and coins. Disney we all know you make billions upon billions of dollars each year, to be charging those amounts is greedy, distasteful and disgusting. Be better. Especially for an app that needs updating every week, runs slowly after updates, and needs internet to play.Version: 38.0.0

Love it, but crashesI love this game and have played it for years. However there are some updates I’m disappointed with. Firstly, this most recent update keeps crashing and I can’t even get to the game, so I’ve lost my streak and I missed out on the Coco event. Sometimes I do get bored of this game and drift but the events always have me coming back and enjoying it. I love having goals. But they did update the levels of events and sometimes you can’t even make it to the last level or rainbow falls because it requires you to have a level 2 or 3 of the event emoji..which is usually only available to get in the diamond box and so you have to have a lot of diamonds to get the event emoji and then keep buying the diamond box to level it up...if you even get the same emoji to level it up. This never used to be the case. I do buy from the diamond box occasionally but I cannot afford to keep buying for every event, they want us to spend our real money on diamonds to play events and that is discouraging. They need to find another way to encourage players to buy in-app. Requiring the level ups for all the events, meaning we have to spend money to complete the event, is going to make me want to just give up and stop playing. And I have recommended this game to a lot of people, which I won’t be doing if I can’t enjoy the game anymore.Version: 38.0.0

In app purchases are ruining a good thingThis is a great game, I love that you get actual emojis and there are tonnes of events, daily, weekly, monthly. To subsidise these events I understand why you would need to use in app purchases which players can choose to buy if they want to get ahead. In the UK you basically need to spend £5 to try and get the emoji you need to ‘win’ exclusive emojis. However this latest Star Wars event is basically forcing you to buy multiples to try and ‘win’ brand new emojis before you can progress to new stages. It feels like a blatant cash grab rather than a way for people to choose to go a bit further to collect a full set of emojis. I think it’s really undermined the game for me and doesn’t reflect the values that I would associate with a Disney game. I think it’s also the cost of the boxes that troubles me. It’s not even across the world, charging $5 in the US does not equate to charging £5 in the UK. Please reconsider this when you design and set prices in future updates. Even if it means doing fewer events..Version: 34.2.1

Unrewarding, but a bit of fun, I guessI like how fast and “punchy” the game is, but it takes ages to get coins or diamonds. It’s not worth using power ups for missions or any other situation because the rewards never cover the expense. Admittedly, I only started playing recently when I saw the Star Wars emoji in an ad, but the chances of getting any (let alone many) seem pretty slim, and even then, there are chances you’ll get the same one over and over, which you have to do if you want any actual expressions on your emoji. It looks like I’m probably going to lose interest pretty fast because the reward goal is just too vast and distant and my chances of getting any emoji I actually want are remote..Version: 35.0.1

Last updateThe last update has caused the game to freeze. Couldn’t get the last Magic Key Box. Normally love the game..Version: 1.16

UmmI love this game so much but it's really annoying because it's always crashing like always. I'm only on it for a few seconds before it crashes. I had this app downloaded a while ago and when I did it was fine but now I can't even play 1 round before I see my home screen.Version: 1.16.6

Pay to winThis is a pretty fun game , but it’s a complete cash grab . Take for instant the events . You get double the items if you use real money to buy the emoji you need . But the only way to get that is to buy it . Even then it’s a grind to get past the event . And then you can’t do all the levels because your emojis youbjust spent money on isn’t a high enough lvl . So all and all you have to pay to win . The emojis could be cool but you can’t use it in a sentence. They have to be separate from the message you send . To bad because it’s fun.Version: 41.0.2

Not bad game but a few gripesSo I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t stop playing this game and it’s super addictive. I also don’t spend any real money on games because I would rather spend my real money on things that I want or need in real life. For those actually buying things with real money I feel sorry for you and I would not suggest it.... but I understand why they have you do this since the developers rely on that to find the game (simple economics). I just keep the in app purchases blocked on my iTunes account to prevent it. That being said it can be a fun game but after a few months I have the following gripes: 1. I get the emojis that you need for the challenges (except for the villains one) but it’s super annoying to get nothing but duplicates and you might get one additional new character for every 15- 20 characters you purchase. It’s a waste especially since you have to earn 15k or 30k coins fir each character. No chance to get new ones!! 2. For the challenges and for the items you have to collect: it’s super frustrating when you simply just need one item to beat the task and it doesn’t appear until after you’ve wasted like 15 games to receive the one item..: other items appear and you simply don’t get credit for them since they’ve been completed. Suggestion: when that’s the only item we need have that item show up in the game we’re playing so we can go on to the next board. Same gripes but still playing (no Idea why it’s so addictive)..Version: 1.16

Would be 5 stars but...Don’t get me wrong, this game is great. It’s really fun and addicting, especially if you’re super bored (hope everyone’s staying safe in quarantine by the way ❤️). But two things: Number one—when a new event starts, please don’t give us a tutorial each time. Just do it like the first time you get that type of event (clear event, villain event, etc). It’s really annoying being told how to do something you already know. Number two—the events should not be so reliant on you having gems. Gems are really hard to get if you don’t spend money, and since a few of the events require you to have an emoji which costs TWO HUNDRED GEMS... it feels a little unfair to the people who won’t or can’t spend money on the game..Version: 35.2.0

Used to be fun now it's a cash grabI've been playing this game for years, and I used to love it. But ever since the game got sold to Jam City it's just a cash grab. Most of the events now are impossible to play unless you want to shell out money to buy "exclusive" characters. It used to be that anyone and everybody was able to join in the events. They were a fun way to earn special characters, especially if you didn't have enough gems to get exclusive diamond box characters. Now, you have to already have exclusive characters to play? Oh, and the only way to get them is through the five dollar a piece diamond boxes. It's corporate greed, plain and simple. It's no fun to see that there's a cool event and new emojis, but then see that you can't play unless you pay. Beyond that, it's next to impossible to get new characters from the silver and gold boxes. The company claims it's random and you have an equal chance of getting any character in the box. Then how did I get five duplicate emojis in a row, when there were more than ten emojis in the box that I didn't have. I even got the same character twice in a row. It's frustrating when you work hard to build up enough coins to buy an emoji, and then you get the same one for the fifth time. I still love the concept of the game, and the actual game play is fun. But I've become so disappointed and frustrated with the blatant greed from the company that I can't enjoy it..Version: 34.1.3

Fun but has become an obvious cash grab.The game is fun overall but every since Jam City took over a while back it’s become an obvious cash grab. For example: there are events that require certain characters to play and sometimes those brand new characters have to be at higher levels to even finish the events. The only way to get these new characters is to get them using diamond boxes that cost at minimum 200 diamonds. The game only lets you get diamonds in increments of 2 or 4 on a spin by wheel with other prizes that aren’t diamonds. The other option is to buy the 200 diamonds for $5. Even then you have a very low percentage chance of getting the same character if you but multiple boxes. Some characters have as low as a 10% of popping up in a diamond box. So in order to finish the event (current some Star Wars event) you have to buy enough diamonds ($5 for 200) to buy multiple diamond boxes (200 diamonds each) in order to raise the level of the characters needed to even play later levels of the event. So you’re probably looking at at least a $15 investment at minimum if you’re lucky. So without paying actual cash for diamonds to then give yourself the extremely low percentage chance of leveling up your characters players can’t even finish the event. Pretty blatant use of loot boxes for a cash grab. Don’t fall for this. Play the game without spending actual money..Version: 38.2.0

Don’t play unless you plan on spending the bucksI love Disney...but... even though the game is fun to play, there are lots of issues. First of all, it’s going to cost you big bucks. I have all but 1 emoji and spend over $300 bucks to get them. When you spend your gems, expect to get duplicates of emoji you already have. Oh and twice now, I have bought gems to have them not show up. You have to go through customer support to get them, but by the time they do show up 5-7 days later- you miss out on those special diamond boxes you bought the gems in the first place. The customer service will not go out of their way to make it right. If you haven’t started playing-DON’T! The game is addicting and will end up spending more money than you had expected. The game freezes, sometimes lags & special event sometimes will not load for days, limiting you on time to complete the missions. Oh, and you have to sign in with Facebook to save your game. If for some reason you have delete and reload the app, you’ll lose everything you have worked & paid for if you don’t save on your Facebook. It has gotten to the point it is more frustrating than it is worth. It’s a shame the developers of this game are more interested in taking your money than giving the service the Disney name is known for. Shame on them!.Version: 1.16.1

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Ready to build your dream world? Channel your inner designer and bring your vision to life as you transform a rundown vi...

Disney Frozen Free Fall Game negative reviews, comments
Disney Frozen Free Fall Game Negative Reviews

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Bubble Shooter - Panda Pop! negative reviews, comments
Bubble Shooter - Panda Pop! Negative Reviews

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