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Enterprise Rent-A-Car App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Enterprise Rent-A-Car app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Enterprise Rent-A-Car? Can you share your negative thoughts about enterprise rent-a-car?

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car for Negative User Reviews

Why only USDIs there somewhere currency can be shown locally?.Version: 4.5

“Not available at that location “All that is ever displayed. Any date any time. Useless..Version: 4.9

206 dundas streetWrong location on the map, took 15 mins to find the place, reservation for 5:30 pm but no car available that i booked for. Also charging price of standard car and giving me a compact, instead of upgrade. Rude behaviour..Version: 4.10.1

App doesn’t allow EnterprisePlus member offersEven when booking via the Enterprise Plus website login, specifically selecting upgrade offers or ‘dashboard’ offers, they never work. Dare I call this bait & switch? Very disappointing to long time Enterprise customers. Please update your app to reliably include offers received via email to actually be APPLIED in app bookings! It shouldn’t be difficult. I suppose their ‘off the hook’ is including “ Offer valid at participating locations, if available. disclaimer in their offers? Buyer beware..Version: 5.1

USD only pricing?What am I forced to guess what my costs are going to be if I’m booking for Canada?.Version: 4.5

Login issuesI’m not able to signin to my enterprise account i tried to reset my password two times but still the error exists in the mobile app. Signin into web browser has no problem there is only problem with the app.Version: 4.12

Very bad Service and Useless appOkei so This is the 3rd time I tried to rent cars here! I’m From Anchorage Alaska I tried to rent here because they are cheap prices but everytime I book a car here it says available on the app but when it’s time for pick up they don’t have it on their lot!! This is useless better off going to their branch in person so you can see but there you go there you don’t have much selection there is literally nothing much to choose from! Especially at 510 E International Arpt Road!! Shouldn’t Advertise or start a rental place if not enough options and every time always nothing available for something that you want or you need and in every location got different prices? And security deposit. I am sorry but I tried to work with this so called Enterprise Rent-A-Center but everytime nothing available..Version: 4.4

Cool people but why is everything confusing..for more $I’ve been renting for the past 3.5 weeks and you would think they could give me some kind of deal. Nope. They will confuse you and the website is so not what it says. I made an act & I’m collecting points but I can’t log in to receive them. It has said for the last week that there’s a problem and says try back later. I can’t believe that this problem is everyday for a week. I feel as if it’s on purpose cause they know I need the car. This is why co. That are gonna go out of business do. They don’t give their long renters and the customers that are their base Any loyalty like they get..Version: 4.1

It won’t let me loginI signed up to Enterprise Plus, received my membership card via email, and can login to the website using my credentials, but no matter what I try, I can’t login to this app. I get an error that my email/member number or password is incorrect but my details are correct. I’ve even changed my password, but I still can’t login. WHY?.Version: 2.9.1

App keeps crashingYou’re better off using the internet browser for rentals. App is garbage.Version: 5.0.2

Doesn’t support Enterprise ReadyPassReally surprised that the Enterprise App doesn’t support Enterprise ReadyPass…which is their own feature. Uninstalled..Version: 5.0.4

DisappointedHow is it I’m not able to rent a vehicle for two days but you do let me rent for two weeks?.Version: 5.0.5

All lies to get over!I’m a “Rewards” member and on the app was promised a free rental after my 6th rental. I reached that level and sure enough the option vanishes soon after. Even before my 6th rental I asked the guy at the location about it and he said I would have to call corporate office to schedule with a free ride. That play the app, the physical location and phone reps against each other all pretending not to be knowledgeable about the other to screw YOU the customer. And just for a cherry on top I moved up a tier in my rewards program and now I’m Being charger MORE for rentals! It doesn’t pay to be in their “LOYALTY” program. Try to use a mom and pop who’d appreciate your business more instead of these greedy corporate blood suckers, nickel and dime’n to catch up from the Pandemic!.Version: 4.10

Left high and dry without a vehicleI’m very unhappy with enterprise. Our flight was canceled on two separate occasions and our third flight had us landing in Philadelphia rather than Allentown (about an hour away). I tried to rent a car for the Philadelphia airport to get us back to our car an hour way at the other air port and turns out they don’t have a single car that can be returned at a different location. Ive never heard of a rental car company that doesn’t let you return a car an hour away in the same state. Keep in mind they have plenty of cars for rent but they just can’t go anywhere outside the area. This was the first time I tried to use enterprise after the pandemic and it’s clear the company is a shell of its former self. The app did not clearly indicate that rentals were only one way and we could have made arrangements if things were organized well and the company was managed appropriately. Stay far away from this unreliable company..Version: 5.0.2

York/Haig - St. Catharines,ON - EnterpriseWhat an unpleasant experience! I booked months worth of reservations in advance! Giving Enterprise months worth, of my business. I went on the App to use my points. Points I worked hard to earn, with my hard earned money. I applied my Points..and selected continue with my new discounted rate. My original rate was $47.98…with my 800 points..it became $1.48. It was approved..I selected “Continue” and then “Book Now”. It proceeded to tell me “Your reservation has been cancelled”! I called York/Haig back asking if they can fix this glitch…nope. Will the Manager fix it..nope! They pass me off to some 1-844 number..I speak to “Escalation”…will they fix it..nope! That’s the Customer Service you get, with Enterprise as a “valued customer”!.Version: 4.12

Lost and foundI rented a car for travel and left my $50 dress coat hanging over the seat. As I sat in the airline,I realize that I was missing my jacket.I called back immediately with my rental number and was given the runaround of what department I needed to talk to. Once I spoke with a representative he informed me that they would check the car for my coat. To my surprise my coat did not make it to the lost and found. I was not offered a discount, a refund, nor was I informed that they checked the camera of where my car would’ve been setting to see that my coat should have been removed by their representative which would’ve been proof that my coat was in the car. If my coat was not removed from the car, that meant they did not clean it well and the next people drove off with my coat. I was so disappointed with the process of lost and found! Unfortunately there was not something in place to figure out where my coat was at right away. I mean really, how many people would called back about the same thing about four times speaking to multiple people if they really did not lose a nice jacket !.Version: 4.12

Application un peu désuèteDepuis quelques temps, l’application ne fonctionne plus..Version: 4.12

Crap service! Beware of “hidden extras”I paid the full insurance so I won’t have to worry about anything! Turns out they have a 0% tolerance on tyres, which was not stated or written anywhere when I rented the car, besides the renter saying I had full coverage! Lady receiving me took 2 seconds to find a 0.01 millimetre scratch on the tyre! Saying she had to take £100 pounds to fix it! Absolutely crap service and thieves trying to make a buck out of nowhere!.Version: 3.8

Can’t input reservations already madeAs part of a the sign up process for a recent reservation, it was suggested that I downloaded this app, which I did. However, the reservation can’t now be imported into the app which would have been so much more convenient when I have to pick up my hire car in France. Also, although Enterprise Plus gives you the opportunity to gain points for each hire, I am not able to gain points for my forthcoming rental until after the rental has been completed, when I will then have to make another call to the company to get the points added. With other apps, for example hotel booking, flights etc., I have been able to add the reservation to the apps by adding a reservation number. Not a great start. 😐😏.Version: 2.4

Abysmal service from enterpriseThis review is for Enterprise “Plus” in general. I am using this app because their website and phone help are more trouble than help - lack of features (but no warning that that’s the case) on certain web browsers; rude and accidental hang ups on customer service lines with no call back; information about points redemption withheld or unavailable until much much digging and calling and searching is done; and, to top it all off, the inability to change a reservation when points are used. So Enterprise, this is what you call Plus”?! If you really are rated number one for service, the other companies must be positively abusive, because you treat loyal members like this: typical inept corporate BS and run around and nothing but a “we’re sorry for your inconvenience” in return..Version: 2.4.1

Doesn’t work...Constant error messages when opening the app. Apparently I’m offline, which is odd given that I used the internet to download the app, that safari continues to work and for that matter, that I’m uploading this review online. If it ever works, I may be able to write another review raising this apparently marvellous app. Until then, I’ll just have to record my thoughts that this is a heap of ****..Version: 2.1

Shehde AbumayyalehI had bad experience with Enterprise specially in Düsseldorf airport. First time I rented a car they changed it twice, they gave me KIA first then they change it to ford then the ford needed maintenance then they change it to other ford, and I made it clear to them that I’m not going to take KIA again.. Second time I had very good experience with the people in Frankfurt airport, no problem with the car at all and I explained what happened with me to the manager, she said that they are sorry and she gave me free upgrade for the next time.. Then in Düsseldorf airport again, they gave me KIA and the employee was very rude, when I told him about the upgrade and showed he that the manager wrote it on his business card he said go back to the manager and let him give you this upgrade, then he said sorry we don’t have cars, then I found out that they have a lot of cars, they said it’s all taken, so I had to take the KIA and change it after a few days...Version: 2.5.2

Very bad , not honestBery bad service and not honest . lies and you better check hidden fees after you bring back vehicles !.Version: 5.2

HorribleI have been renting from Enterprise forever! Today by accident i booked a rental at the wrong location (not my regular). When i arrived at my normal location they informed me of my mistake so i called the location that it was booked at but they said they gave my rental away. So i called and was able to make a 3rd reservation at the Nicoleson location i made it there within 1 min of closing time. Only to learn they require numerous of documents that i have NEVER needed before, I gave them everything i could pull up APPS you name it but i was denied so now i’m missing a family members funeral. They showed no regards but told me the other locations are not following protocol. I know everyone can’t be wrong and they are only right! i will NEVER use them again!!!.Version: 4.4

EnterpriseBe nice if you accepted credit cards through Apple Pay or take credit cards from digital wallet it’s 2021. Also there is a pandemic. Some people like touching your covid debit card machines.Version: 4.7

Ok for booking. Not functional for checking inThe Enterprise system isn’t good for online checkins. When you try on a browser it won’t take any credit card and you can’t check in without one. The app will let you add the very same credit cards that were declined on the browser but the app doesn’t have an online checkin option which seems a bit barmy to me. If you try and checkin online with one of your registered cards that doesn’t work either. Finally, the app seems to think that local councils issue driving licences in the uk. You can’t register your licence without selecting one of them, all of which are wrong because the authority which does issue them, the DVLA isn’t an option. I think that Enterprise should engage the services of a good UX developer ASAP..Version: 4.7

Yukon ReservationsI am sick and tired of your screwed up app. And making and having reservations CONDIRMED on the pp only to have them close me the next stab and say no car re bailable. The availability of cars to rent at this location is abysmal. They have a horrible record. You set up a reservation on the app only to have them inevitably call you the next day to say they have no cars to rent. This happens with such high frequency that there is a problem. In my experience, it doesn’t happen at other locations. Just here in Yukon. Why no cars to rent??? This happens way too often. This is a problem of long standing and because it’s a problem of long standing one must wonder why hasn’t corrective action taken place. Why don’t they get in other cars to rent like other locations. This is a car rental place that chronically has no cars to rent..Version: 3.3

For the most part...It’s super funny that I get a call checking on my last rental experience but no call after the previous rental. Going through check point and being accosted by the border patrol because the previous renter smoked or used some type of opiate and drug dog wouldn’t get out the vehicle but never found drugs. After they swabbed the headliner, which tested positive for opiate residue they let us go, 3 hours later. (This occurred at US checkpoint, never left the country) we had to go back through 3 days later but they remember us after our horrid experience. Keep in mind we left El Paso airport and drive straight through the checkpoint. Not a call to check on us!.Version: 2.3

Charged an extra $300 for changing a time 5 minutes after receiving confirmation emailI have been trying to get in contact with ANYONE for the last 1.5 hours. I understand that it is “after hours,” but for a company that charges by time.... it’s astonishing that you don’t have a 24/7 customer service line. 5 minutes after receiving my confirmation email, I went to go change the time (from noon to 6 PM). The price then jumped by $300. A Facebook “representative” told me that you get charged extra for reserving a pick up time closer to the actual pick up date. I’m not sure how 5 minutes warrants $300 extra dollars... or even 6 hours. That’s nearly 1/3 of the price we were already going to pay. Regardless of the reason, this is completely unacceptable. I am absolutely disgusted and will be sure to share this experience with everyone I know..Version: 4.7

Not committed (Think twice before booking)I often hire van from them but last time I booked a extra large van but it wasn’t available on time on site. So, they apologise and offered me a 50% discount for the following day booking. I was a bit ok though I had to re-arrange everything. But it is sad that I never get that 50% back from them. I realise, this is actually there technic to calm down the customer and get out of their mismanagement quickly. Really, not acceptable..Version: 2.3

Company stole my belongings after I was in accidentI was in a car accident, the next day I had tried to grab my personal belongings out, they said they had to hear from head office about a month and a half later they finally get back to me saying there was nothing left in the rental. They didn’t take the pictures till 14 days after the accident ( which means anyone could of gone in and grabbed it at any given time) so you can imagine how frustrated I was. I then get a call later on this evening saying oh uh sorry we found your supplies the auctioneers have your belongings out in London (I’m from Hamilton) they said they have to do all this paper work just to send me my belongings. So do as you please, just know you were warned! Still waiting for my belongings!.Version: 4.0

Low grade appWhy does the app show the prices only in GBP?Where do I change the currency type from?.Version: 2.9.1

Need to work on selectionWhen you pick your vehicle that does not guarantee you get the one you pick.Version: 4.8

A lot of improvement is still needed1 - currency is only in USD. I live in Canada. Why won’t it show in CAD. It’s so confusing. I look at the price. It has no info about the actual cost. ie tax. + the exchange rate. Because the price on my credit card is in CAD. So with 42usd, I would ended up paying close to 80CAD even without insurance. I was unpleasantly surprised by the cost. 2. 1-2 day Weekday rental. No warning that the reason which doesn’t work is because it only takes min 3 day rental on weekends. You can’t use the points unless the booking is online. So the app doesn’t tell you this. It just says no cars are available.Version: 5.4

UselessI managed to rent a car after 2 attempts, I’ve paid the rental twice (they send me the money back for one of them, after I complained) . After one week the app stopped working, I cannot sign in, I called at IT support, after one day they send me an email saying that it was a problem with the account ( I don’t know what problem!) they reset the password...and still doesn’t work, I tried to reset again but without success...so I give up....Version: 2.9.1

Lots of problemsGreat app when it works properly. I used it to rent vehicles twice in June and July 2020 and worked a treat. Two weeks later it wouldn’t let me rent again kept telling me everywhere was closed or had no cars available but when I rang I could hire without a problem. Just tried again after 4 weeks and yet again telling me rental choice is closed for the next few months. Shame that as I currently have one of their cars, do I just keep it lol!!!!! Get it sorted Enterprise please!.Version: 4.0

HORRIFIC SERVICE! WHAT In the WORLD!I was on hold for 16 mins before anyone picked up. I then spoke to rep about picking up my car to tow and bringing me another one. Tow company called me right after hanging up with rep and said he was coming to pick up car, but didn’t have one to bring to me which was a waste of my time and the Tow guys time. I’ve now been on hold again for 13 mins waiting for another rep to pick up. This is absolutely horrible service. To top it off the rental I was given had a bad tire and the the tire pressure light kept coming on. I took it to one location and he over filled tire to 40. I took it to a second location and they told me the pressure light comes on sometimes due to weather which didn’t sound right, but I went along with it since she is supposed to be the Enterprise expert. This has been a terrible experience. I am now at 20 mins on hold without anyone anyone answering. This is absolutely horrific.. Now I’m back on hold for additional 40 mins and still counting and for some reason I don’t think my rental is being sent to my location like the associate told me 3 hours ago.. I’m calling to follow up, but I’m still on hold.. The service is so bad that it seems as though you’re going out of business...Version: 3.6

App not connected to inventoryThis app in very easy to use to make a rental reservation and sometimes it actually works... But don’t count on it. I have used the app about half dozen times total and in 3 instances it failed me. Twice my local dealer had No cars available at all when I was about to pick up, and once they simply did not have a vehicle in the class that I had reserved. One would think that their computer system would know the current vehicle inventory on any given day. Why would the app accept my reservation if they had no cars? It has been a huge inconvenience and extremely annoying!.Version: 4.0

Good customer serviceThe store location is in a really awkward location and very difficult to get in and out of. The staff in the store are very customer service oriented. My complaint is that I keep getting these free upgrade emails but I’m never able to use them. If I ask at the location they say I have to do it online. When I try doing it online it says this rental is not eligible for an upgrade. Very confusing, mixed messages..Version: 4.9

App keeps crashingNewest app update keeps crashing..Version: 5.0

Unsatisfied CustomerI have rented 3 times from Enterprise in the past 3 months. My 4th time up at the office, they tell me I can’t rent because I can’t prove my address is mine. The same address that they pick me up and drop me off at. The same address that was on a stack of mail (some of which was from the government itself) with my name on it. The same address that’s on my insurance and my license. I was able to rent 3 times before, and suddenly my address won’t verify??!?! My family will now be missing valuable time with my father in law, who was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer this year, because I don’t have a way to get to him without this rental. I reached out to Enterprise Corporate the day of the issue, and have received no response- it has been 4 days now. Thanks, Enterprise for choosing the worst possible time to be rude and decide I’m not worthy of a rental..Version: 3.7

App crashing on iOS 13.5App keeps crashing after updating to the latest version. Current iOS firmware iOS 13.5..Version: 5.0

Bad receptionistI had a very bad experience trying to rent a car . I always rent a car with enterprise but last Friday ( I landed on Saturday at 12:30 am from the airport to the office at lax I got to the rental office at 1:30 am the shuttle took forever to pick me up and my nightmare began there. The line was very long it was the Labor Day weekend which I understand, but I did my reservation 3 days before and I thought everything would be ok but the girl who was helping me , she spend 2 minutes just to let me know that I couldn’t rent the car at this point it was 2:45 am, I was waiting for my turn to be called for nothing . I always rent a card with my Visa card never was a problem at the airport office and now I switched to a different rental car , people who work at enterprise should be nice and helpful, managers too..Version: 3.1.1

Absolutely uselessI try to get a day and time for pick up. “Not available at that location” so I filter to available locations. Choose one. “Not available at that location” So I try another one in the filtered list of available locations. “Not available at that location” Any car, any time, not available at any location. Great App….. 🙄.Version: 4.8

Unavailable carsOn two separate occasions I have had to make a booking at short notice due to circumstances at the time. This involves going through several screens etc and finally reserving the car. Then I have to plan the journey getting to the rental station, which on the first occasion was via a not at all cheap bus journey. It is at this stage that I get a phone call from Enterprise to say they have no cars at all. Why does the app not recognise the lack of available cars at this site? I am not at all impressed with the service I get from this app which I have to say does no justice to the superb quality of customer care which I have experienced from Enterprise staff at several locations..Version: 2.2.1

Enterprise AppI travel a lot. Very convenient app. App is lacking in the billing/past invoices abilities. Usually have to call to get a copy for expense reports. Needs improvements but overall ok. Sorry guys. I have to retract the statement above. I went this evening to pick up the confirmed reservation made earlier. But to my dismay there was no vehicle available for the reservation. I left that pickup location & called 800 service number. They rebooked reservation @ new enterprise location. When I got there there was once again no vehicle available. Called 800 number again waited on hold for a supervisor. She said I should call after the specific location after confirmation number was received from app. She says this can happen from time to time @ enterprise. This tells me the app is useless. Good Luck..Version: 5.1

Used to be 5 starI love this office so smooth every time and has great prices so I’m willing to rent Tesla or more exotic cars sadly my last rental had a hiccup and miscommunication due to cell number mixups and lost communication during the rental my debit card canceled due to possible fraud from the rental even though it was me renting the car with my account then enterprise showed up at my house stating they tried to contact me which I believe them but then they stated they were about to put a police report on me for not bringing the car back. Everytime I have rented with them I always end up keeping cars longer if they are fun to drive and I’ve always paid in full day I do bring it in also fully washed inside and out full tank. But this one time my bank closed on me without my knowledge enterprise tried to bully me and now I haven’t paid my bill I want to cause I need to rent a car but feel they won’t let me now due to this incident.Version: 3.7.3

GarbageDon’t bother yourself, high price and garbage cars.Version: 4.6

Terrible AppThis app is not working for me at a time when we are planning a 2-week vacation to another city. Every time I try to log in, it gives me this error “invalid locale,” and when I retry, it gives me another error. This time it says,” sorry, we are having some network trouble.” It keeps giving me this error, and I'm not able login on to my iPhone 13 Pro Max and book my car for this vacation. This has been going on for God knows how long now, and it has been very frustrating, to say the least. I am shocked at the incompetence of the developers of such a big company in fixing a bug like this. How come other smaller car rentals such as Budget will have excellent working apps, and a big company like Enterprise can not? It will be a shame if your developers can fix this for another week..Version: 5.1

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

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