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Disneyland App ❤️Love this app! Find anything and everything with the happiest place on earth. Make dinner reservations etc....love, love, love..Version: 5.8.1

Pretty much a necessityThis app is nice and easy to navigate, and is pretty much essential for a day at Disneyland. I love how it shows you the ride wait times, places to eat and attractions nearby. It does use battery quickly, which isn’t ideal for being at the park all day. Overall a good app..Version: 5.8

Amazing, but needs workThis app is incredible at what it does. Being able to book a FastPass on the fly if you have the MaxPass option is almost a necessity with the park so busy. The app just needs to have better stability & less connection issues during busy times. Trying to redeem a FastPass in front of a surge of people & your app freezing is very frustrating. Also I couldn’t use the order food menu at all as it just never loaded. I would also recommend being able to redeem a FastPass directly from the map when you click on an attraction. Many times I had to use the map to locate a ride, only then to have to click back to the main menu & click through to the FastPass I was trying to use. Oh, and the amount of time it takes for you to get your linked photos just takes away the excitement of it. You want to be able to share them then & there with your friends...not 4 hours later!.Version: 4.15.0

DisneyGreat app, stopped me getting lost, great info to plan a stress free trip..Version: 4.3.2

Love DisneyFor feedback, how cool would it be if you could tick off the places you have visited..Version: 5.8.1

Great AppLove that you can get Max Pass. Wish there were more wifi coverage through out the park so that international visitors can make full use of this wonderful App & Max Pass.Version: 4.9

California adventuresExcellent rides that are open... Disappointed that premium rides are closed for days.Version: 5.9.0

Don't botherI downloaded this app before leaving for my holiday and thought it would be so useful to have wait times and a map in my pocket...unfortunately Disneyland doesn't have free Wifi so if you're from the UK like me, the only way to use it would be to constantly be roaming which would cost a fortune! Therefore it was a total waste of time and memory space. A shame really as the app looked good but Disney haven't thought it through properly.Version: 1.0.1

It’s magical experienceThank you Mr. Disney for designing these parks..Version: 5.4.1

Fast pass useIt’s really disappointing that you can’t book more than 1 fast pass at a time. Especially when rides are booked 4-5 hrs in advance. Instead of enjoying the park, we are constantly waiting for the next time we can book a fast pass. Very distracting..Version: 5.5.1

Pineapple good !!!!!!!!Pineapple is AMAZING.Version: 5.4.1

Thank youThank you so much to TREVOR FROM OLYMPIA WA for explaining how the max pass works and how to link it to our app.Version: 5.7.0

Great AppI have used the Disneyland App and it is very easy to use. The photos and max pass are great what a break through. Compared to years ago it is so easy. I would recommend it to everyone..Version: 4.14.1

Great appEasy to up grade our one day pass ticket.Version: 4.17.0

A great additionThe Disneyland App offers now what was missing from Disneyland Explorer. The waits are very accurate and character finder too. My favorite thing is a quick link to a specific dining option to book! Overall having this app in the park helps.Version: 1.0

Simply the best!Just day one of our 10 day pass! Everything is simply outstanding and soooooo fun!.Version: 4.15.0

Disney parksI love Disney parks.Version: 5.0.0

Crashing a lot latelyI frequent the Disney parks quite often, so this app is extremely helpful and convenient. It has always worked well, and smooth, and I’ve loved the new features to make the park experience more enjoyable for frequent visitors, but the past 2 or 3 updates have left the app laggy and continuously crashing. I can’t even check anything out before the app freezes and then crashes, at least 2-3 time before it starts working. I’m assuming it has something to do with all the new added features and everything but it really is a downer to see one of my favorite most frequently used apps turn into a hot mess. I hope this improves.Version: 4.15.0

Great and efficient AppI often use this app to look at what the day is going to be like at Disneyland. It is very accurate and helps me make the best of the day at the park. After looking at reviews about this app, I don’t know why people use this review section to rant about the park. There are other forums to express praise or frustration. The developers are asking for reviews on the app only not the park and it’s operations. We all know that the park is usually crowded but the park cannot grow much more than what it is. With that said, the park is still adding a new Star Wars land but in reality the park staff and employees can only do so much. Sorry had to go this far on my review but I felt compelled to respond to other reviews, thanks..Version: 4.9

At this momentIn the time we live in at this moment, we need hope. Walt may not have known this would be where we are at this moment but one thing I do know, he has taught us to make the best out of every moment. So when I see a positive progression in the Happiest Place on earth, At that every Moment, I see and feel hope! So great job tech team with the app, providing information for us to enjoy hope at this moment! My husband and I have lost everything because of Covit. A company that was opened for 55 years, 180 employees that was like family to us. We’ve moved to Texas near our children (who have all grown up with Disney) we leave on the 6th to fly back to our home, picking up last items in our home to move back here. We’ve bought our tickets made our reservation for the park on Tuesday May 18th, for what could possibly be our last Disney visit for a while! So in this Moment we want to say THANK YOU, for not giving up on our hopeful moment ❤️.Version: 6.16

Very useful and easy to useDownloaded. Used the whole time. Easy to navigate and to use. Accurate as far as line wait times and using fast passes, and the photo links are great. The only thing I wish it had was where it had find on map, that it wouldn’t just show where the attraction is on the map but how to get there from where you are. For someone that isn’t familiar with the park and needs to navigate and get thru a planned day, this would be useful. I purchased another non Disney app to plan the day and crowd sources wait times and it was a complete waste and did not help at all. I used Disney app for both parks and was very happy with it. I suggest using only this app and don’t waste time or money on the others that say they help save time. They are nonsense..Version: 5.7.0

Unhappy employeeThe staff here is less enthusiastic than Disney world. Seem unhappy and no one talks to you. Bus driver doesn’t tell you where he’s stopping at the parking lot, very weird. Approaching traffic to the paid parking window on the Harbor Blvd side acts like a cop, screaming at me..Version: 5.0.0

Excellent content, awaiting optimization and gift card supportI love the content in the app. Wait times, MaxPass, mobile ordering. All awesome! The app does seem pretty sluggish at times, even on new mobile hardware. Tapping through MaxPass selections can sometimes take a long time. Also, if several tickets are in the app, but not all of the family is in the park that day, it’s inconvenient to have to tediously deselect the tickets that aren’t available for MaxPass selection. It would be great if the app could automatically detect which tickets have been used to enter the park and only select those tickets to begin with instead of only running that verify step when trying to finalize the FASTPASS selection. For some reason, when I’m signed in, the app only lets me select SoCal resident tickets when trying to purchase tickets, even though I’m not eligible for those tickets. I can sign out, select different ticket types, then proceed with a purchase, including the requires sign-in step. That’s a pretty inconvenient workaround though. Finally, we eagerly await the ability to use Disney Gift Cards to make purchases in the app. We would use Mobile Food and Beverage Ordering much more often if there was some added flexibility in payment options. Thanks!.Version: 5.8.1

Very UsefulTravelling to Disneyland with little ones made easy indeed! We knew where to go and what to see before getting there!.Version: 4.5

Ok butDoes not tell you how to operate.Version: 5.7.0

Great but I have suggestionsI love the Disneyland app! I find it really easy to go to both parks because i can pull up my pass on my phone instead of having to find it every time. I don’t really use it for navigation because I know the park very well but it seems accurate. I use it all the time in the park and use the lists of rides to plan trips. But, I thought it would be cool if you had a feature especially to plan trips. Like if you could name different trips and select what rides you want to go on,where to eat,etc. I think it would be helpful because there’s a huge difference in going to Disney with my best friend and with little kids. For instance if I was going on a trip with kids I wouldn’t go on space mountain I’d go on Peter Pan. And I think it would be really helpful to be able to plan with whoever your going with and get the most out of your Disney Day!!.Version: 4.14.1

Good app, needs better UIFor the most part the app works well. Where it falls down is in the user interface and battery usage (phone reports 38% background usage). Some things are hard to find initially; such as where to enter Photo Pass codes for the ride photos. Lately the app has been used more to advertise their paid Fastpass like service, which wouldn't be so bad if the Fastpasses weren't randomly unavailable for rides that they are available at other times. It becomes very hard to plan, when you can't tell what rides have Fastpass available before purchasing their service. Where the app shines is the ride estimates, the restaurant guide, and contact information..Version: 4.9

Very helpful and easy to useHonestly, I use this application so much whenever I go in. I don’t really use the navigation feature at all since I know the way around park and if I didn’t the layout of the park is pretty easy to guesstimate anyways with all of the land and the landmarks within the land. The only gripe I have with this is that the startup is really slow and, like snapchat, it eats up your battery (or it did with mine since I have an “older” model, ie not the newest one). I did find the maxpass to be very handy in a small group, I usually skip out when it’s a larger group. So overall, it was very handy especially when I went one a weird day when some of the rides closed earlier, so my friend and I knew about it before going there. (I’m really only writing this because I heard Disney in Tokyo is making an app and I wanted theirs to be similar to this one, if not better. Lol).Version: 4.12.1

👌Best App to enjoy with your family while touring at Disneyland👌.Version: 6.21

Disney appGreat app! easy to use and very helpful when in both parks!.Version: 5.6.0

Great ap. some improvements would make it betterAp is awesome. Wait times sometimes delayed to update as queues ebb an flow - some 25mim wait times are actually 10 min. When a ride breaks, it doesnt show on the ap for at least 10min. It would be good if it showed the fast pass return times on the ap..Version: 1.0.1

Informative and easy to useI went to Disneyland for the first time in about 16 years recently and this app proves that technology is indeed a beautiful thing. The app provides wait times for all attractions, which are accurate. The app also lets you know when an attraction is temporarily closed for maintenance or for some other reason. The app also shows restrooms, dining, and entertainment attractions on the map. You can search for different kinds of food and the app will show you which dining spots within the park have those items. You can also now order your food through the app and pick it up at whatever restaurant you have chosen. The app also stores your Disneyland ticket if you have created an account with Disney so you don’t need to carry the paper one. They just scan your phone at the gate. It also keeps track of your annual pass and provides calendars that show you your black out dates, if you have any. This app has never bugged out or crashed on me and I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. This app is a must have for your Disneyland visit..Version: 5.3.1

Rick MaxwellGreat way to work the rides non stop. We rode 16 yesterday some 2 times and space mountain three..Version: 4.17.0

RecoveryToday was very difficult talking to many different people to get into this theme park was very difficult we did a ping pong between calling people and talking to employees it wasn’t until we collected our cool me and my partner and talk to MAY and Keke her Manager to put everything together to get into the park is self. This app helps you and guides you through the park with the reservations at great restaurants such as Carthay Circle to Booking fast passes to Book yourself your spot in line. I have to say it’s not how you screw up in life it’s how you recover. Don’t blow up and get mad at technology give it time. It’ll show you many great tips to get you around the park ask any employee they’re willing to help you out just be patient..Version: 4.19.1

Extremely easy to use ⭐️⭐️⭐️Using this app when I went to Disneyland with my sister was amazing. It was very helpful in telling the wait times for the rides. It allowed my sister and I to be able to plan our day better and decide which rides we wanted to go on. Also, the app tells you where specific character are throughout the park if you want to visit them. This was especially helpful and overall was a very easy app to understand!! Also when I went to Disneyland I purchased my ticket through the app which was extremely helpful and minimized the amount of wait time! The app really allows users to save time throughout the day 👍🏼.Version: 5.0.0

Magical AppAmazing App for my first visit to Disneyland this September. I am now busy planning!! Download it now!!.Version: 1.0

Max passIt takes a while for the max pass to load up on your phone..Version: 4.8

Amazing practical AppWe could look for rides, very practical and very helpful..Version: 4.14.1

Love this app!I love using this app to help pre-plan my Disney trips. I’m currently 2 weeks out from my next trip, and the app is a wonderful way to show my son what we’re going to do and who we’re going to meet..Version: 5.8

Great functionality but keeps freezingGreat app but just a bit slow (keeps freezing on my iPhone 6s), but comes to life again after a minute or so..Version: 4.14.1

Easy to use and lots of informationEasy to use. Lots of informative.Version: 5.7.0

Best day everDisney land app is so helpful and tells you every before you go, Disney land itself was amazing I loved it, def will go again and will use this app more ❤️.Version: 4.16.1

Your plus one companionIt’s as good as having Mickey himself give you a hand around both parks. Heaps of perks (maps, event/character picture times, fast pass purchases etc) and definitely makes it easier to plan out your day 🙌🏽.Version: 4.17.0

Good but some quirksI couldn’t buy tickets on this app but everything else was very useful..Version: 5.4.1

My angelI want someone to find Angelita in the Main Street restaurant where they serve the chicken dinners. I was at Disney for the first time alone (my wife went to heaven 5 months ago ) I walked in the entrance and asked her if someone could help me get my plate because I am handicap. She said she could help me so I told her I wanted the chicken dinner that I have had for years. She told me to go wait at the cashier station. She proceeded to get my entire meal I paid for it and then she carried it to my table for me. I later tried to tip her a mere $5 she said they aren't allowed to take a direct tip from a customer. Since that is the case I want her manager to reward her in some way for her caring and excellent service maybe employee of the month with some kind of promotion or $$$$. She made my day ! If you can somehow let me know what you did for her I would appreciate it. Again her name I think was Angelita my Angel for the day !.Version: 4.8

RatingA tad laggy, but the information is super helpful.Version: 5.8.1

AwesomeIt awesome and it tells you everything.Version: 4.15.0

AMAZINGI’m sorry to say THAT THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER. This app is extremely helpful and everyone who’s like “it glitches THIS IS STUPID” can go be a nerd at Universal Orlando studios and not experience the magic that Disney has to offer I love Disney I’m 12 years old but I’m still waiting and counting the days till I can get a job at DisneyLand and I must say that I have NEVER ran into a bad cast member and one personal experience is I was at Disneyland and I was walking with my family when I looked around and didn’t see my parents or brother and I just gave up and sat on one of the benches and CRIED but then a cast member came over to me and asked me hat was wrong and I had said I was lost and I couldn’t find my parents and she asked me what ride they were going on and I said haunted mansion and she took me there and sure enough my parents were right there waiting, so like I said go to FRICKIN ORLANDO WERE IDIOTS AND BUTTHEADS ROAM..Version: 4.17.0

I love the Disneyland AppThis app is great well your outside and inside the parks. You can check out what the wait times for attractions, you can even find out where Disney photographers, Characters and more are. You can pre-order your food on the app too! All and all this is a great app..Version: 5.8.1

FantasticFantastic app that works in and outside the parks, allowing you to plan your trip based on average wait times before you event arrive. Entertainment, restaurants and hotels are also listed allowing you to explore the Disneyland resort right in your hands before you arrive, or make the most of your visit at the time!.Version: 1.1.1

About having to payI think it all should be free but besides that everything is so helpful like the times of the rides and how long we have to wait.Version: 4.16.1

Great time. Highly recommended.We took our daughter, who has an intellectual disability. We were wonderfully accommodated so we all had a fabulous experience..Version: 5.5.0

It does it job, at least....I am early bird with this, bc I coming back from my Disney break. I decide to download this app to see the wait times. But it does more than that. You can create a account, and add your ticket there, and put your favorite character to your profile picture. BUT, my biggest problem is that this was made for people who has a max pass or the photo subscription. But I leave that away since they don’t promote it to much. I always have to go to the main screen to check my fasts passes, which is annoying, but it there. I thought less of it, but there more to it then I thought. I’m happy about this app. I’m glad it there..Version: 5.7.0

Great upgrade start to the FastPass progressionI am not a local, but I am Cast Member from WDW Florida who has experienced ticket FP and now the My Disney Experience apps. I think the upgrade changes DLR is going through with MaxPass is awesome! Easy to utilize. My favorite part of having FP available through the app has always been making that walk all the way to the ride, only to find FP we’re done for the day. Also, I love that you’re able to make another FP as soon as yours has been redeemed; whereas with MDX you can make another one until you’ve used all three in one park, or your times have expired. This is only my first day here at DLR, but I love the app already and can’t wait to use it the next three days!.Version: 4.11

FantasticGreat app that really helps manage your visit with wait times in near real time. I also loved that you can book dining both in advance and on the day through the app - saving time in queues and letting you grab extra time on rides or with the characters. Recommend this to first time or frequent visitors and download in advance (as new features are being added regularly) to learn all the little hints and tips it provides. Been 4 times with this app and never been let down. Wish other visitor attractions had such a great app as this..Version: 4.10

Perfect!We use the app every time we are at the parks. As Annual Passholders, we visit the parks a lot and the wait times are more accurate than on the other apps out there because they are pulled directly from the park and are not dependent on visitors to update them. The times are usually about a 10 minute difference either way. Mobile ordering is spot on and super easy and convenient and so is linking photos from the photo pass. The one thing that would make this even better is the ability to load and use Disney Gift Cards directly from the app. We haven’t been able to load the Disney gift cards to Apple Wallet, so having them in the Disneyland App would be super helpful..Version: 5.4.1

First timerSo far so good.. we were a little nervous in doing the wrong thing - but honestly we have found just by asking anyone who works at the park anything - they are only too willing to help. So it’s been amazingly wonderful 💖.Version: 5.0.0

Disneyland appThe Disneyland app is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.Version: 5.7.0

Disney appGreat way to navigate around the park. It would be great if the app aligned to the numbers on the physical map..Version: 5.6.0

Updated review- fixed mobile ordering!You made me wait two weeks, but you fixed the mobile food ordering discount bug, so back to 5 stars! This app is great! Tickets, fastpasses, wait times, current fastpass distribution times, menus, reservations, map, show times, it has everything. I used MouseWait for years but this is now my preferred app. It’s cleaner and more user friendly. The mobile food ordering is my absolute favorite thing they have come up with in recent memory. Whether you’re an AP or just visiting you need this app. Couple things that would make it better- be able to have a favorites list. I don’t like having to scroll through every ride just to find the one or two I want to see wait times for. A favorites list would be awesome. Also- could we filter by meal when searching for food? Going through 20+ restaurant menus to find just a few that serve breakfast is annoying. Or filter by hours open. At 11 pm I want to be able to quickly find who is still serving. Only other thing is full performance times list. Street performer times are still only listed on the paper brochure at the entrances. Disneyland Band and the smaller groups, green army men, piano at coke corner etc. Overall, fantastic app!.Version: 4.14

Brilliant!Making things so easy! Would love to be able to “find my friends” on the app!! Would be perfect if you could connect with them..Version: 5.3.1

Can’t buy tickets from this siteI was trying to purchase tickets, put in credit card information as soon as I was complete my Amex showed a 1.00 pending charge that was used to see if card can go through , then when I tried to buy ticket it didn’t work and a red box came up with phone number to call because there are issues with app. When I spoke to that person they insisted I did not put my card in correctly, I tried to explain that the card works and your app did a test run for $1, so it’s not the card it’s the app. Well I gave up because she had no clue, for one of the largest companies in the world you figure there would be a better understanding. My son has some challenges psychiatrically, I was only trying to avoid waiting in line so I can take him to Disneyland for New Years today. But challenge accepted, I will not let this ruin my day, just disappointed at the customer support.Version: 4.17.0

Disneyland travelersDisneyland is all in all a great experience for the family and our 8 month old baby even got to go on lots of rides which was a nice surprise ! There was 1 place in California adventure I tried to get an alcoholic beverage and the lady working told me my drivers license wouldn’t work because it’s from Canada. It clearly said my age on it.. that actually made me super frustrated. Also the change tables in the washrooms aren’t very baby friendly. There’s not enough of them and there’s no soft pad baby can lay on. Overall the food was great anywhere we ate but I think there should be more fancy drinks. Downtown Disney is very well done and there’s an amazing restaurant called black tap I believe and it’ssooooo good highly recommend..Version: 5.5.1

Great Disneyland appGives you all the info you need to have a great day at Disneyland CA.Version: 4.5

Dale not niceEverything was fantastic except when we first arrived at the DL hotel. We were so excited to see Dale and I asked if he could please take a photo with my 89 year old mother and her friend who were sitting in the lobby, (dale was also in the lobby). He motioned to have them come to him, so I did. He was very animated and friendly with other guests, but when I asked him again to take a photo because we were there, he walked over and did not engage, just stood a distance away with his hands folded for the photo. I had to have my family move close to him. He then left without any engagement and engaged greatly with the Caucasian 40 something year old who was there with some girlfriends. Not sure if it was a racial thing, but it felt awful. This was about 12:45pm on 2/7/19..Version: 4.19.1

Beautiful EscapeMy autistic grandson saw a commercial for Disneyland, asked to go and we took him. At first he was only able to stay a hour, it was overwhelming. 7 years later as Passholder he is wanting to stay and never leave. We so enjoy both parks, it’s like the first time every time, he will only stay at the Grand California Hotel which we every year, sometimes 2-3 times a year. The parks and the Hotel takes your mind off of what’s going on in the world and your life, you are in a place were your just surrounded by smiles, laughter, joy, and amazing food. We love coming here and will always be Passholders, it’s our beautiful escape place. We tip our hats off to all the staff. Thank you for making little autistic child and his grandmother happy every time we visit.l.Version: 5.7.0

Good time, except...After an indulgence in the Mad Hatter’s spinning teacups and the always classic “It’s A Small World,” we went on every ride which appeared to be fun for an adult. Matterhorn was good entertainment, as was Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted House. Our favorites were Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain... both are rollercoasters that are WELL WORTH the wait, whatever it is. We also took Disneyland railroad... FYI, it isn’t actually an “entertaining ride,” but just a mode of transportation between “lands.” The one ride we were HUGELY disappointed with was “Indiana Jones’ Adventure.” The line marquee said to expect a 45 minute wait when we entered, 10 minutes later there was an announcement that the wait would be longer than originally expected, and that we might need to wait 75 minutes. That was bad enough, but we ended up waiting nearly 2 hours for this 2 minute ride that was TOTAL CRAP. Your ride looks like a truck, and all you do is go on a bumpy, whiplash-rendering car ride for 2 minutes. SO LAME. Had we known the ride was like that, we wouldn’t have waited even five minutes, much less the 2 hours we waited. Summary... for an adult to have a good time, avoid Indiana Jones, and don’t miss Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain..Version: 4.10

Best APP ever!I absolutely love this app! It’s so easy to use and easy to book reservations :).Version: 5.1.1

Love the featuresThis app has good features, especially the up-to-date show and parade times etc. However, the app keeps crashing when I try to show my passes. Disappointing in that respect..Version: 4.4.1

Worst experience by far!I have not encountered this issue before but today I was informed my pass has been placed on “hold” and to refer to the ticket booth office to resolve issue. Before arriving to the park, I confirmed my pass has been up to date, and to proceed onto the park. Once entering the front gate, we were then told to turn around and leave due to our cards to scanning. We had to get Donna involved, Manager, to help us and was then able to let us in. Upon entering the park, I remembered the parking structure attendant did not return our cards when informing of us of the issue. Overall, I spent 2 hours in lines trying to resolve and issue with our passes. We were beyond very disappointed, this will be the last year I wasted my money on Mr. Disney..Version: 4.15.0

Map AdjustmentsI would like the option to download the map which may make the app a little larger in size, but it wouldn’t force users to have to load the map constantly. Whether it be by moving around or simply zooming in and out, the user can always see the map forcing itself to load and trying to keep up with the user. It’s not easy on the eyes, and I think it’s worth the sacrifice of downloading it just to make everything easier and quicker. Completely unrelated: I have maxpass on my annual pass and I was told that it includes photo pass, but it has never allowed me to receive the photos without paying. Another individual purchased the pass for me as a gift so it’s purchased under their name, so I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app or simply a rule of Disney. Regardless, these are the only issues I have found within this app, and I highly recommend it..Version: 6.0

Wi FiWe have been having so much trouble with the WiFi, it comes in and out. Very disappointing.Version: 5.5.1

Very goodNice easy to use. Very handy for my upcoming holiday.Version: 4.3.3

ExcitedI’m not there yet but what I can see is amazing!.Version: 5.4.1

Disneyland ExperienceWe are annual passport holders and make sure to budget it so we can renew every year We have been members since 2002 With growth comes change and we understand that but our experience today to getting to the parking to getting into the park was such a challenge We exited the freeway at 930am and we are now finally in at enchanted tiki 12:07pm first before we stopped here we wanted to eat at carnations They are not seating anyone without reservations which is crazy cause that’s what the Blue Bayou does so we didn’t eat We wanted to get a dole whip and they are only taking mobile orders The whole point of being at Disneyland is to enjoy your family and be off your phones NOT A GOOD START AT ALL!! But who cares right cause nobody is gonna read this cause so many people come to Disneyland a day that complaints won’t make a difference Just needed to vent My family will reconsider renewing our passes this year Very sad but it isn’t worth coming here when everywhere you turn you have a bad experience!! Thank you for your time Sincerely Paulette Ysais Annual passport holder since 2002.Version: 5.5.1

MAGICAL! AWESOME!! AMAZING!!!Disneyland truly is the most magical place on earth! I’m looking forward to coming back as often as I possibly can!💗.Version: 5.7.0

Australian Birthday at DisneylandIt has taken me until my 60th Birthday to make it to Disneyland but I couldn't have wished for a better experience. The attractions were everything I could have hoped for, the staff were friendly and the facilities spotless, and I got to meet Mickey! Having been a member of the Mickey Mouse Club prior to being school age I have always wished to come to Disneyland, so as Mickey said Dreams Really Do Come True 😘 Thank you, all staff were amazing and very quick to notice I was wearing a Birthday badge. I was even presented with a Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake after my meal. Kind Regards Debra Sumner.Version: 4.8

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