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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Five Nights at Freddy's 4? Can you share your negative thoughts about five nights at freddy's 4?

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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 for Negative User Reviews

It would be the best game ever if....It would have my progress it never saves what nights I complete and I always have to restart them😔 Can I please get my money back or something because I will just have to keep redoing every night! And lots of people have this problem well it’s not a problem it just doesn’t save!😭😭.Version: 2.0

Shoddy portFor such a simple game FNaF 4 is very poorly ported. For instance, the animations. They don't need very much processing power to apply, so why use frame skipping in all animations? Many 3D mobile games use laggers graphics similar or even superior to the PC edition of FNaF4. An example of such a game is NOVA3 or Slender: Rising. The design and graphics are nearly flawless. These are also first person games. I suggest adding smoother animations, and not making the same mistake you did with FNaF3..Version: 1.0

Where to Begin...This game has a lot going for it. However, constant lagging during gameplay, incredibly quiet breathing sounds but ear shattering jumpscares, and repetitive gameplay make for a pretty average game. I love the atmosphere of this game for taking the use of having your character a child fending of nightmares in an incredibly dark house, but this doesn’t make it scary when the animatronics are lacklustre and downright dumb. They look nightmarish and will scare you at first, but you will get used to them that the game won’t be scary anymore. And since this game was coming off of FNaF 3, it didn’t do too well for a FNaF game. In a shorter sentence for anyone wanting to buy this game, it gets repetitive fast and loses all of its scare factor by the third night. It was not really worth it, but it still is a solid game to play every now and then..Version: 2.0

Needs improvement now!!!In this rating I will briefly explain what fnaf 4 needs: 1. When I bought this game I was looking for the TRUE fnaf experience with: the cameras, vents, doors, mini games, custom night and the phone guy!!!' 2. I experienced a incredibly annoying glitch when I closed the door the animatronics would not go away!! This resulted in me having to check on the little freddies which meant I got jump scared in my room. 3. How much are you going to downgrade the iOS version I mean I know you are just balancing it out but I would rather have long nights than impossible ones. I am on night 2 and it already is impossible. 4. And last but not least I hope that the DLC which is going to be released it is going to be good. Honestly Scott like most people I think the first and second fnaf were the best the third was alright but in the future I hope that the iOS will be just as good as the PC. I also expected more from the jump scares Now with that in mind please don't let this be the last chapter. I hope you fix what I said..Version: 1.0

It's a little different than I expectedGood day Scott! I just wanted to say that this game kinda cut down from what the PC version had to offer like the minigames or whatever... The game is quite laggy on my tablet (but I think it's cause I need clear out my storage space) I would still recommend it and I am hoping for updates in the near future! Thank you dear reader for spending your time reading this although it's short! ;) See you later!.Version: 1.0

SoundsThe sounds can be clear that somone is coming but when you close the dorr u can’t hear anything and it’s unbelievable because it’s sounds like the game just stared u can’t hear noting and the game needs the volume raised for the characters breathing and foot steps ect.Version: 2.0.2

Great game! but...I really love the game, I think it is a perfect way to tell some of the secrets and lore though the game. it really tells a lot about this mysterious and Eerie series. But... I do have some problems about FNaF 4. There’s a couple glitches I have encountered during gameplay. For example. Sometimes when I am about to get jump scared by one of the animatronics. The sound cuts off. It’s a bit obscure. But hopefully you can fix it in the future. But other than that. It is a fantastic game! It has many new characters added. Like plushtrap, Nightmare, ECT. And is very good with its atmosphere and soundtrack. :).Version: 2.0

SoundI have an iPhone 12 Pro and I can’t hear anything please fix this.Version: 2.0

So scaredIt was fun yet very very scary.Version: 1.0

TOO HARD!It's a promising game with a good idea that's almost completely unique compared to the others but the breathing mechanic is just RIDICULOUS! I don't know if it's just me but I can barely hear the stupid breathing and you get less than a second to react to it. I can't hear it anyway, let alone the stupid dog and clock... PLEASE change this! Stuck on night 2. The only FNAF game I'm not keen on😢😢😢.Version: 1.0

Very DisapointingFive Nights at Freddy's 4 was an amazing game gameplay wise, but the feel of it lacked what the first three had (Mainly the first two), but that was the PC version. This did not feel like a Five Nights at Freddy's game and though the jumps scares were very excellent, but the ultimate failure of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 were factored into this. But to be frank this port is the worst quality game I have ever played, whether it be the continuous lags, the bad graphics, or the lack of mini games/ lore, but you can feel that Scott Cawthon put NO effort what so ever in this mobile port, unlike the PC game. I would not recommend buying this game AT LEAST until this 1.1 update comes out on Halloween (Knowing Scott probably sooner), where hopefully these flaws will be fixed, though not much can be done about the graphical errors. If you want the full quality of this game I HIGHLY recommend you get a Steam pre-paid card at one of your local retailers. This to me is not a suitable conclusion to the Five Nights at Freddy's series as Scott Cawthon stated on the summary on Steam, but a man has to provide for his family and making Five Nights at Freddy's games is how he provides for his family, so this probably is not the end..Version: 1.0

GIVE ME A REFUND THIS GAME KICKS ME OUT EVERYTIMEThis is the worst game i ever played.Version: 2.0.2

SoundsI really do enjoy it I just wish they fixed that stupid bug with the breathing and footsteps, basically all the sound effects.Version: 2.0

Meh...Honestly I just don't know I mean the games great but I was a massive fnaf fan and this as the final game... Kinda Dissapointed me I mean the jump scares are better than the other games but that's it's only fuel you just sit there with no cameras what so ever and no free roaming having to stop over and over to listen which I think slows down the gameplay but whatever because THAT is the gameplay and not to mention it's really irritating when I'm trying to listen but then I can't because of the dog and the chimes in the background and I end up dying... I guess I'm not gonna play this one instead I'll just watch other people play.Version: 1.0

Unbalanced for mobileWorks just like the pc version, which is the problem, as not only does the game lag a bit, it also takes longer to move from location to location, which means Nightmare is increasingly harder and almost impossible in some situations. I really do hope the balancing for this game is fixed to fit mobile devices, however I do not believe Clickteam will do this as the game is already released. Decent game besides this.Version: 2.0

To Be Honest...To be honest I thought the game would be better, I bought the game on PC and it was ridiculously good but when I bought it on IOS, It's not good at all, jump scares aren't scary, the animations aren't as good, all the other FNAF games on IOS were decent but not really this one. This is just my opinion but I thought IOS would be better..Version: 1.0

HiYay, I am in nightmare mode.Version: 2.0.1

Really great game but severely crippledTo start off this is a great game or at least has the potential to be. I was really hyped for this game and let down to be honest because of the flaws that hold it back. I understand that this is the mobile version but it is so subpar compared to the computer that it is hardly worth playing in its current state. The biggest problem is the lag which is unacceptable given other much more technically impressive games do not have this problem. The audio glitches and makes running noises when I am not even running which makes it hard to hear the breathing and other audio cues especially in the later nights. Finally it would be nice to be able to remove the instructions for the flashlight and running to the door, as they only serve to get in the way once you know the prompts. Overall it just feels very rushed and in need of major polishing..Version: 1.0

CHICA’S BREATHING IS INAUDIBLEI’m on night 3 now and I’ve been fine with every anamontronic and everytime I get to a door I wait 3 seconds until I flash but in CHICA’s case I wait 3 seconds and I hear no breathing then I flash and Chica kills me it’s not fair this is some sort of a glitch and I can’t get past the 3rd night because of this so please can someone fix this!.Version: 2.0

Help!My FNAF 4 has no mini games and I payed money for it. Please Help!.Version: 1.0

I cant hear the game anymoreI unstall it and I can’t hear nothing.Version: 2.0.1

SoundsWhen I first played this game I got so excited after more than a few minutes I couldn’t hear the volume I thought I muted it but it was on full blast so I deleted it and got it again and it still doesn’t work jump scares are no fun and when I try to get a refund it won’t let me and it says go to the app site and there’s nothing there this is horrible please fix this :(.Version: 1.0

Sorry Scott...Since fnaf 1 I have always been a big fan of the franchise and had fun but after the 3rd game I thought you should have stopped. I know, I know, you are putting in new concepts every time but really, it has gotten boring, and now a fourth is out... The gameplay is ok, was expecting a bit more from the jump scares, breathing should be louder and the mini games aren't there but that is to be expected, it's the ios version after all but what I am trying to say is why did you continue the series. I have gone from loving this to I don't know, and now warner bros is making a movie. WHY? 2 stars from me I am sorry Scott, I am not trying to be mean or hating only giving my honest opinion. Thanks for making something great, with kind regards.Version: 1.0

Truly botchedOk what happened. This is the bare bones of the pc version, not in terms of the core fnaf gameplay is in tact really that has been there from the beginning (except for fnaf 3 where things got out of hand and not in s good way) but what I actually paid my price of admission to get... The kid sections, WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY I wondered why it was a short download (they're all short but this one especially). It just feels like a rushed port and horribly downgraded from the PC. Not only that but the game is very choppy and runs nowhere near as smooth as the original as well. I hope and pray the kid sections are added in the NEAR future and the only thing getting this more than 2 stars is that the core gameplay from the first two are in tact and functional although double tapping foes take time to get used to. Fix these otherwise I've lost faith in your franchise as after 3 I was hesitant to buy another one but when I saw the kid gameplay I thought "ya know what that doesn't look half bad" but this port at this stage is half bad but I can't give you 2.5 stars so I'll give you 3. Good day to you sir..Version: 1.0

AwesomeBut the breathing is to quite.Version: 1.0

Awesome! IshI like the new characters, but the storyline doesnt fit, plus im too scared to play (good thing). JUST if the storyline fit, and if thee was more to it... Plus theres a little lag in it.Version: 1.0

The listingI love the game, in fact I think all of the FNAF games are good, but this is the worst FNAF, granted they are all good but this is is to be honest the worst. For lore maybe the best but for gameplay, not so good. I will be at hour 5 and nothing is breathing, so I shine the flashlight and I die, even though no one is there. The same thing can happen but opposite, I hear breathing, I shined my flashlight by accident and, no one is there. I think is Scott want to make more hearing based games (ok, look, I know all game depend on sound but this is on another level) like the new FNAF VR game that’s coming out (I don’t know if hearing is dependent in the game or not I have stayed clear of all the game so I can play it fully when it comes out tomorrow) he will have to try to make the breathing ( or otherwise) much more distinctive than what’s in this game. Before everyone hates me for being like “ Oh, I hate FNAF because it’s to “scary”. I love the game, in fact it’s a lot better than a lot of games, it’s just, sound needs improving..Version: 1.0

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