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Great Customer Service!I’ll start off with this, great app!! But I’m not the age limit right now. So I had to delete the app, but I said I would leave a good review. I didn’t have a phone number and I did want to sell an item. So as I was trying to post, Curtsy was lagging. I decided to close out my apps, and get back on. When I did get back on the app, it had logged me off. I just thought it automatically does that so I tried to log back in but it said Curtsy Account Suspended because they needed to verify my phone number. And that’s when the problem happened. So I had to contact customer service and support but that was fine with me. They told me they have an age limit. I accepted that and they made sure that I didn’t need help with anything else. Great Customer Service, Curtsy!!.Version: 7.16

Love u curtsy <3There’s a lot of different platforms like this now but curtsy really sets itself apart from the others for a few reasons. #1 for me being excellent customer service. The app is also laid out similarly to a social media app which is now only user friendly but as you probably guessed, a bit addicting! I also am impressed with the clothing selection and a few other apps like curtsy I feel didn’t have the most up to date selection. They also make selling secure and easy. I 100% recommend curtsy Updated review as a seller- please allow us to sell men’s clothing! I understand it is a female based app however I have a lot of really cute articles of clothes that are “men’s” that easily be women’s! You guys are missing out on a lot fo extra revenue if you ask me :).Version: 5.065

Best app ever!!I came across this app on Facebook a couple of times and eventually decided to download it. I started listing my clothes and in the first week I got about 2 sales so far I’ve made a lot in only a month. I feel like most clothe reselling apps are for items in perfect condition and that are up to trend. And on this app you can sell it in any condition, obviously it would be better in a newer condition but either way. If the items have tags you can list them for a higher price. I also love it because you don’t have to be figuring out how much you’ll have to spend on shipping as they have that all set up for you. It’s so easy to list an item on which they also sell you shipping kits which I would say are 100% worth it. The app does have a fee for the items you sell but despite it you always know how much you’ll earn from the item. The other users also sell the cutest clothes ever for some great prices. BEST APP EVER I TOTALLY RECOMMEND..Version: 5.07

WoMy re-write review is long past due! I was initially disappointed with the review system, but curtsy has improved it substantially with adding the feature that buyers must select a reason for the low star reviews and reviews for don’t like/ doesn’t fit will not affect your rating! All the communication I’ve ever had from the support on this app is stellar! I sell on 4 other platforms and You won’t find a more responsive support system than on curtsy! The app does a great job at circulating listings and curating styles- I put so much less work into having to promote my own sales for this reason in comparison to poshmark or Mercari so the 20% fee is reasonable in this respect. All re-sell apps have their pros and cons but the owners of curtsy are constantly improving and are conducive-to feedback from users so I can’t wait to see how the app grow in the future!.Version: 4.82

Love the app, but not the instagramI’ve had this app for about a week so far and have really enjoyed it! I’ve put up a couple items to sell, and I’m so impressed that it only took me less than 3 mins to upload the pictures, write a description, and boom! Ready to go! The app is so easy to use and actually pretty addicting. There are so many great deals and really high quality items. My only complaint is the instagram. Usually for apps/businesses, the instagram is a place to go to find additional information and keep updated on app related news. I went to app’s instagram to find information about what’s popular to sell, tips and tricks for the app, what’s trending right now, etc. Instead what I found was no information and just dozens of pictures of random girls in cute clothes with zero context, besides links to their personal IGs so they can get more followers. I find this pretty unprofessional and disappointing. I do not know who’s in charge of the instagram page but it basically has nothing to do with the app. Hope this changes because I would love to have a place to get additional information, and right now there is none..Version: 4.66

The BEST reselling app!!I’ve been an avid Curtsy user since the app was a rental app. Though renting was nice for things like formal dresses, buying/selling has brought Curtsy to a whole new level!!! You can still resell things you only want to wear once and make your money back on them (probably will end up saving you more than renting). But the best part is you can buy good condition designer clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, and more for incredible prices! And you don’t have to sift through tons of outdated or bad quality photos like on Poshmark. Add in the fact that Curtsy’s customer service is stellar and what more could you ask for? The ONLY complaint I have is that USPS won’t let you use their shipping supplies for free with the shipping labels. Curtsy will let you buy shipping kits though and those are nice!.Version: 4.42

Best Clothes Selling App!I’ve tried to sell my clothes on MANY apps and either my clothes never sold, I couldn’t find anything I liked or I had a ton of problems overall. I decided to download Curtsy with low expectations but within my first few minutes on the app, I fell in LOVE! It’s a very easy accessible app, really nice features such as a “make an offer” button and free shipping. It is super easy to upload your items and to receive your items! I’ve also found such good deals and so many items I love! I’d say 99% of my items have came within 1-2 days of ordering it! Plus, the customer service I would give a 10/10. I had a slight post office inconvenience and within a few minutes I got a refund into my account and a credit towards a future order! Plus Clara from customer service was SUPER nice and respectful. I love this app wholeheartedly and would definitely recommend!.Version: 4.95

Long time customer/sellerI have sold and bought on curtsy since 2019. I sell on poshmark also and prefer curtsy over it. It’s easy to upload and I like where you can save your searches to always be updated on new posts. I did like when the curtsy branding was blue but that is just my personal opinion. Ever since I remember, when you get your earned money you can choose 2-3 day transfer for free. However, recently Curtsy has a $1 fee if it is under $10 even when you choose 2-3 day transfer. This is very unfortunate for sellers like me who sell a lot of phone cases and airpod cases that are usually under $10. Curtsy already takes a service fee out when you make money which is understandable to help the app run, promotions etc. But i’m very sad with the new $1 fee if you earn under $10, which is on top of the service fee. I love curtsy but this is hurting a lot of sellers who do this as a side job:( Other competitors like Poshmark only have the service fee and not the under $10 fee. I hope Curtsy can understand and look into this because I love curtsy!.Version: 7.26

Really good deals! Just some improvements!I have been using Curtsy since September 2020 and I’ve never looked back! The deals I’ve been getting on this app are seriously awesome! Like Nike Air Max 270’s for $25?!?! It’s crazy! Additionally, the sales I gathered from selling my clothes are amazing. I’ve been able to sell my clothes fairly well and fast. And they give you the money once the order ships. The Curtsy community is really trustworthy as well. I’ve never really run into any problems and all the sellers are super sweet and understandable. Finally, the only improvements I would suggest are bug fixes. I’ve gotten kicked out of the app in the middle of shopping pretty often. And I have a good updated iPhone so it wasn’t my iOS. Also, I canceled an order once but the app didn’t process it i guess and the seller approved my payment so I had to request a refund for an item I canceled. Even thought there is some work to be done, the curtsy customer service is phenomenal and they are very understanding. 10/10 would recommend downloading!.Version: 5.049

Enjoying it!!I ended up on curtsy while looking for a tennis skirt for sorority recruitment and then just fell in love. I’ve used poshmark and many other platforms to buy and haven’t had issues, I just never found one as easy to use as curtsy to sell. While I do think it’s more of a niche type market (it’s mostly clothing/accessories, not like apps that have tons of everything like mercari or poshmark) it’s a really quick and easy way to clean out your closet or grab a piece here or there for an event or something. Shipping is super easy and you can track right from the app, and there’s even an option to buy a shipping kit for sellers. Anything I’ve ever had an issue with I’ve gotten help right away. I will say that I have been having issues with the app glitching and changing my shipping addresses and additionally crashing when it’s launched, but both are recent issues and Curtsy responded to me right away and said they would look into it! I will definitely continue using curtsy and sharing with my friends!.Version: 4.96

Favorite thrifthing appWhen I first got curtsy I didn’t really use it as much but over the last year It’s become my favorite online thrifting app. I personally like curtsy more than Poshmark. I feel that it is a safer platform and people aren’t sketchy. There is a support team you can talk with in the app , unlike the other platforms where you have to email someone and it takes forever to hear back. I hear back from curtsy immediately and they are always so kind and helpful. Also the quality of clothes are better and there is less “junk” that people are selling. You don’t have to sort through stuff to find something cute! It’s easy to talk to sellers and buyers and I personally think people price items a lot more fairly on curtsy than on Poshmark or other similar platforms. I have found so many cute items in amazing condition. I couldn’t recommend curtsy enough!.Version: 5.067

Love Curtsy!I am someone who typically does all my shopping in the store. I am in my 50’s and I like to see the clothes and try things on. But I had heard good things about Curtsy and decided to look at the app. The first thing I noticed was how easy it is to navigate around the site which is good because if I’m buying used clothes online I like that I can easily filter for things like lines of clothing I like and then I know the sizing, etc (Free People, Lululemon, J Crew). Most of the time if I “love” something I get a message from the seller to negotiate price. Then I love how quickly the clothes come! There have been a couple times that the clothes weren’t mailed within a few days and customer service reached out to me which I was impressed with! Since starting at Curtsy, I have bought many many things! I always make sure that there are pics of the actual item and not just a store stock photo. One of my favorite features is how easy it is to re post, literally a click of a button! The only thing I would love for curtsy to do different is to add a men’s section so I could order for my husband as well!!.Version: 4.9994

I love it but it has its little kinksLet me start I do NOT hate this app. I like it a lot and I love that they pay you as soon as you ship. I sell a lot of things on here but mostly use Mercari for bigger items, because Curtsy takes a HUGE amount of your pay that ur selling it for. If i’m selling shoes or items worth over $100 I sell them on Mercari. I tried to sell something for $200 and due to the “Curtsy Fee” I only made $100 because the Curtsy fee was $99. I understand they want to take a fee so the app can make money, but that’s not fair. Buying things also is good or bad. I usually have good service when i am buying a item. some sellers are really responsive and text me a lot ab my order. Others NEVER reply after I ask about my item i bought or when it will be shipped. I have to had to cancel 4 orders. I do love this app, and it’s up to you to get but just know it does some with minimum problems..Version: 5.01

Absolutely AMAZING!!!❤️First off, I ran across this app on Facebook! Now, most Facebook ads are a scam, BUT this one was FAR from it! I used to buy on Poshmark, so I kind of had an idea of what this was. Curtsy beats Poshmark by a long shot!! Curtsy is SUPER easy to navigate. All of the sellers are super friendly and easy to do business with! Second off, the selling part is amazing! I’ve sold so many of my clothes and made so much money!! The fact that we can sell our own things and actually get rewarded for it with ZERO hidden fees and/or loopholes…FANTASTIC! The clothes I have gotten from this app are some of my favorite pieces! Right now, I’m working on getting my winter wardrobe up and ready to go. I always try to stay a season ahead, and this app is perfect because of all the stylish and VERY AFFORDABLE choices! As long as Curtsy is around, I will be a customer/seller! ❤️.Version: 5.058

Best Buy/Sell App!Love this app! I’ve sold a couple of clothes as well as bough many items. The seller side is super easy, easy to post, easy to get the shipping label, and easy to ship it off! Buying items is easy as well. I enjoy that the app is tailored to females teens to young adult. The app ensures no low balling for sellers, and gives reasonable recommendations for what to offer for each item when you are buying. I’ve used FB marketplace, FB pages, mercari, let go, poshmark, thread up, and a few others and this BY FAR is my favorite. The only critique is that there is a noticeable smaller amount of people in the app so sales are slower then other apps. I prefer the quality of quantity. The curtsy cut is average/slightly above but you get sales every week on different items and the sale doesn’t effect the seller, the $$ comes out of the app developers fund(through the cut fund). You can earn coupons to use on clothes based on how much you buy/sell. Finally, the app is super friendly over all. Customers/sellers are amazing, and the app team is on standby to help with any confusion. I had a shipping issue and it was resolve and refunded in about 2hrs from my initial text to HQ through the app. I like how modern the app is, I’ve recommended it to SO many people..Version: 4.99.2

Buyer reviewI want to start by saying I love this app and will continue to use it as I have had good experiences with sweet sellers. However, I had a recent issue with a buyer taking days to ship an item (she was labeled as a fast shipper) I opted to cancel the order since I was afraid it wouldn’t be here in time and I was also worried it wouldn’t fit after looking at it more. The seller denied my cancellation (which shouldn’t be an option) and I was notified by the seller it had shipped with no tracking number and like 5 hours later I got a notification from usps saying the seller actually shipped it. Customer service was incredibly helpful and kind but now I’m left waiting and returning an item I no longer want to a seller who was rude to me through messages. I love this app but sellers shouldn’t have the option to cancel unless they already have shipped it with proof of shipping. I didn’t want a refund as it wasn’t an expensive item but the whole experience with the seller was incredibly frustrating. My advice to those who want to download the app: do it but don’t be surprised if you have to deal with problem sellers..Version: 5.061

Great app!!!I love curtsy and I love their weekly deals. I also love how friendly and helpful the staff is. I’ve sold many clothes up here and I’ve bought many as well. I also love how you’re able to get discounts and $5 off coupons. The only thing I don’t like is that curtsy takes a minimum of $3 off every purchase. Therefore, if you sell an item for $5 you only make $2. They also make the buyer or seller pay shipping so if you sell something for $5 and a person buys it and pays for their own shipping they are spending $9 on an item while the seller only gets around $2. I understand why curtsy does this because they have to make money too. And don’t get me wrong, I love this app! I just think the sellers are in an unfortunate predicament. However, I am going to continue to use Curtsy because it’s wonderful.Version: 5.06

Very impressed with customer serviceInitially I left a poor review, but my opinion has definitely changed. I had some grievances with this app due to a lack of clarity regarding seller shipping time, how the app isn’t conducive to resellers, and how a customer service rep handled my issue. After speaking with the David, the CEO, my opinion has completely changed. He resolved one issue with a seller that failed to ship an item and issued credit to my account. Most importantly, he was extremely polite and prompt in his responses and truly took the time to address every point I made with multiple paragraphs in his response. Almost every individual I’ve interacted with from support on other reselling apps has given me nothing but automated cookie-cutter responses that don’t acknowledge the points I’m making. This was not the case here at all! I’m very pleased with the level of customer service I experienced..Version: 4.83

Great app!I have tried a variety of selling apps and this is by far the best! The app makes it super easy to post things and ship stuff out. Also I really like how they filter stuff to fit your liking. It is very well organized and helps find things you’re looking for. I had a problem with a seller one time over shoes and I ended up getting a full refund and the curtsy team was very quick and responsive. Compared to apps like poshmark, they have a messaging system that helps you reach out to the seller or buyer to keep each other updated. If you are selling clothes they usually send one free packaging kit which is very helpful. I have been purchasing them for about 3 dollars and it is definitely a must have. It comes with packaging bags, stickers, and shipping label holders. With any selling app some percentage is taken which is very reasonable. Yes it can be frustrating but they let you know how much Is being taken out and every app will do this. I recommend this app more than any others! It also can help build your Instagram which is fun!.Version: 5.057

Easiest seller app ever!First off, let me start with their customer service! You don’t have to wait days for a response, you can literally send them a message on the app and they respond within a half hour to an hour. The next best part about this app is how easy it is to list your items. They take out a fee which most selling apps do anyways, but you have the option of giving your buyer free shipping or you can have them pay for shipping. The shipping fees are very reasonable and not overpriced. The third thing that I like about this app is that once your item has shipped you get your money. No waiting around for buyers to except the package which can take up to four days on other sites. I can’t say enough about this app. They might just be starting out but they already have won me over.Version: 4.73

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