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Good app but rubbish controlsI like this game. Downloaded 2 days ago now on level 36. Challenging but the controls are so annoying sometimes. Pressing the circle doesn't do anything and the cube itself is so slow when u slide it. At times I think of deleting the game.. But is great fun and something different!!.Version: 1.7.0

Nice start at a gameIt is rough and short, but you cannot save the levels you pass and there are no numbers on the levels on the menu! Each time you start the game your previous work is erased! The music starts up and can't be turned off on my iPhone, so irritating..Version: 1.1.0

Its okay, but...So i got this a couple years ago and its really fun! The challenges and puzzles are nice, but after a bit of time the puzzles were to challenging & to repetitive at the same time. They didnt add any features like maybe a blue square, or something, but just the repeating levels with just little change and no new features get repetitive, and VERY boring after a bit of time..Version: 2.2.3

Puzzle 36Puzzle 36 is unsolvable. I’ve tried every way - keep going in circles. Flaw in design..Version: 2.2.3

Has potentialSince you have unlimited moves, there is no challenge. Introducing a limit on the number of swipes the gamer can make would create a challenge. Even it there was an option to turn this on/off for people who want to be challenged vs those who just want to relax with the game..Version: 1.0.0

Actually FunAn actually fun/challenging puzzle game. It's unique and creative and really challenges ones special skills. While still being a very fun puzzle game we haven't had new maps in forever and it doesn't look like that will change. You're paying for 100 maps folks..Version: 2.0.0

Doesn't workI have an iPod gen.4, and it all works smoothly until I try to actually open a level. The game comes up with the number 1 inside the hexagon, then the game closes. Please fix this!.Version: 1.2.0

Must read...This is such a stupid app. I got it as the free app of the week. It is so hard. I mean it is easy but the controls are too hard. The tutorials are always helpful but this app's one is not. It just tells you that you can either swipe or click. And you can click that stupid black circle that does nothing. But I don't know that how to bring the cube on the other side of the structure. I nearly cried because I had no idea how to control it. Now I got it for free as the free app of the week but the people who paid for it should be given an admission in the mental hospital. Now I should mind my language. But I literally can't stop writing. This is probably the longest review I ever wrote. I would definitely give it 0 stars if I could. Highly disappointed. Oh! How did I forget that? When I want to create a level, it suddenly crashes and when I try to turn it on again, the screen of my phone goes black for like 2 minutes and it turns on again. And it nearly spoiled my phone. It said 'memory almost full' again and again and when I turned on settings, there was 7GB left. Can you imagine? 7GBs and it said memory almost full. This is the WORST app ever. Bye. And thanks for reading the longest review ever!.Version: 1.7.0

TediousWrite as much pseuds corner nonsense as you like in your review, after ten minutes this is just boring and tedious.Version: 2.2.2

Sometimes you have to swipe 20 times for the app to registerIt is very frustrating... I know it’s a bug, and the developers have worked hard to create this app, but this annoying bug is preventing me from enjoying it..Version: 2.2.2

BoringBoring game😴.Version: 1.9.0

Beautiful, but boringGames like this are beautifully crafted and pretty to look at but the novelty quickly wears off when you realize how easy they are. There isn’t much strategy to these levels, you just can swipe around in a relatively limited number of paths until you win..Version: 2.2.2

Fix game saveIt's an interesting game but I have one main complaint. It won't save game progress with an error saying there's not enough free space. Just how much free space is needed? I think there's plenty on my phone and no other game I have gives this kind of error, and I have hundreds of games on my iPhone. So I think it's a bug. So fix this and I'll be a lot happier..Version: 1.7.0

Too slowSlow.....Version: 1.9.0

Great game but currently has major problemsI love this game, it's one of my all-time favorite puzzle games. I got it back when it was Starbucks App of the Week (but it would have been well worth paying for) and I had played all the regular levels and many of the user-created levels . BUT right now I can no longer give this game the 5 stars that it normally deserves. Some months ago (?), after I hadn't played it for a while, I found out I could no longer access "top rated levels", "popular levels" "newest levels" etc. It just says "Check your internet connection" (which btw is working fine). It also lost my progress so I can't even go back and play again some of the more challenging of the regular game levels unless I first spend time to play all the beginning levels again. There's also no instructions for the "Play with card" feature. I thought they'd probably fix these bugs soon but apparently they still haven't done so. If they do I will change the rating & review to reflect that. PLEASE fix it. I miss hocus..Version: 1.9.0

Can't get to the player created levels onlineAbsolutely in love with this game but the online part doesn't work for me..? Kinda disappointing because I know I'll run out of levels soon. If not for that for that I would definitely rate 5/5..Version: 1.9.0

Really needs to support landscape modeIt's a great game, but the lack of landscape mode support for iPads Pro is annoying..Version: 2.2.2

Mediocre game. Needs work.I liked the idea of using optical illusions for mazes at first but it didn't take long to realize their really are only a few techniques to learn that, once you master them, make every puzzle so easy to beat it's just plain boring. One nice feature is that users can create their own puzzles which other players can rate. The trouble is apoplectic are creating puzzles before they've even learned all the tricks so almost all of them are ridiculously easy. The developers are smart in one way. Users are creating their puzzles for them (and what do we get out of that? Hm?), AND rating them to boot! All the Devs have to do is load the best rated puzzles from a database. Nice way to make your users do all the work for you, but it won't last..Version: 1.7.0

Easy going, mind bending, needs more.I like the unique quality of the gameplay. It's simple and slow-paced which is nice, but it begins to get boring after a while. It didn't take long to finish the 50 levels that are on here. I wish there were more. It needs more gameplay mechanics but also needs to retain its simplicity. The game continues to play the same from level 1 to level 50. The difficulty doesn't really increase much. I want faster rolling and I don't like that the screen dims while the cube roles then flashes back when it finished. When you become more comfortable with the game and begin to play faster, the screen starts to look like a strobe which gets annoying to the eyes. Overall, I really enjoyed the game. It's a nice breather from the majority of other games on the App Store that are over-encumbered with coins, tokens, gems, complicated mechanics etc. it just needs some small improvements. I look forward to seeing what it becomes..Version: 1.0.0

About “Pocus”So you basically removed pocus from the AppStore and put back the same thing with a different title on it as puzzlement?.Version: 2.2.2

Not bad startThis type of puzzle really appeals to me. I love the optical and gestalt flip you have to fight in order to solve the levels. The game is very relaxing although it lacks some of the spit and polish of other games such as zen bound and monument valley. There is also some saw toothing/jaggies on the graphics and the small boarder aroundthe hole at the end of each level is visually distracting.. Being distraction free and zen doesnt mean bland. Get some colours gradients on the graphics and ne pixel perfect on all screen sizes.. Im on iPhone 6. Nice first punt. Im happy to own the game but i have great expectations for further releses..Version: 1.0.0

SuxDo not get it monument Valley is better.Version: 1.9.0

Mediocre, but mildly funHocus has an interesting concept at heart which is reasonably entertaining for what it is, however, the controls are a bit off as sometimes the cube will go in a different direction to where I swiped or not go in a direction at all. Overall, a mediocre execution of an interesting puzzle game..Version: 1.7.0

OkSure, the concept is ok, but only 100 levels for a game that costs money? I would rather play a free game with over 3,000 levels than this..Version: 2.2.2

Fun but too slowThis game is fun and a good brain exercise. However, the red block moves just too slow for my liking. I already see the answer and it takes so long for this block to travel there. 5 stars if they add a Speed Option in the settings..Version: 2.2.2

Bug ReportDon’t know if the game is having trouble with the latest iOS, but I’m having real trouble getting the app to recognise a swipe down. I’m totally stuck as a result - which is a real shame, because I like this game and had wanted to play through it again. Please update this app, otherwise I’ll have to delete it..Version: 2.3.0

I like puzzlesI like puzzles so I’m enjoying this game. However the UI could do with some improvement. It looks like the resolution is not equal to that of my iPhone screen which is highly annoying. I thought it was a joke at first, or perhaps some kind of “creative styling”, then I realised it was just down to poor dev skills..Version: 2.2.2

HmmmmmOk, so I've just started playing this, having bought it to fill the void that Monument Valley has left. It strikes me that this game is very much trying to ride on the wave of success that the aforementioned game enjoyed but for me, this is a very inferior effort. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice little puzzler and worth the 79p price, but it lacks the charm, character and overall visual appeal of Monument Valley..Version: 1.0.0

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