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Scribblenauts Unlimited App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Scribblenauts Unlimited app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Scribblenauts Unlimited? Can you share your negative thoughts about scribblenauts unlimited?

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Scribblenauts Unlimited for Negative User Reviews

Worst game everThe game won’t ever let me do creative stuff like making a tower defence army.Version: 1.22

LackingFun game but desperately needs a few fixes. iCloud syncing doesn't work. iPad keyboard is not supported. Sound doesn't work on iPad. Touch is finicky on iPhone 5se. Please address these issues..Version: 1.22

WHYYYYYFor some reason, this app will not download on my device. It only loads a tiny smidge and then it does nothing. This game needs a major bug fix. Also, I have been trying to download this app for 5 hours. Please fix this.Version: 1.20

WellI personally like the game but I have never had a game That takes up so much space it won't download I have deleted tons of pictures to make extra space but it doesn't work.Version: 1.20

Doesn’t have the object editorI’m replaying this on my phone because I originally had it on Wii U but I can use one of the most know features of the game the unlimited part the note pad only gives you real life type items like an axe or a gameboy but it doesn’t give you stuff like the imposter from among us or spider man from marvel, I actually really like the game but it feels not finished. Please add it.Version: 1.22

Plz updateI love this game sooo much but one thing you left this game for along time it’s nilly Christmas and you did not update it like come on there is a billion things you still haven’t fixed like come on update p,z that’s all /:.Version: 1.20

No object createrWhy can’t we make any object.on the PC or others you get to create any object you like and get other people’s object please make an update for this.Version: 1.22

It takes so long to downloadI.Version: 1.0

PowerIPhone X Max It devours you’re battery power like I’m talking going from 100% to 50 in half a hour which usually able to last me a day and because of all the powe it’s using my phone overheats like CRAZY. But the rest is awesome no complaints but this power issue (and kinda your problem ‘the overheating issue’) is a huge problem.Version: 1.22

Pretty goodThis game has a amazing concept and it’s amazingly fun! I just wish there were more levels. Like others have said, this game ended too quickly, which for me, was a huge let down. Another large letdown was no item editor. Before I got this game a couple years back, I watched youtubers use item editors and that was one of the big reasons I got the game. Please make it so we can edit items in mobile..Version: 1.22

Great Game (Just One Problem)The story is great. It's inspirational, and it's entertaining. Just one thing: the editor. That's what got Scribblenauts Unlimited so famous. The mobile version just seems like a way for you guys just to earn a quick buck. Five dollars. It's not a reasonable price. I think it should've been about 2.99 USD. You see, if you make something that's worth the money, it'll be more of a success. Thank you for your time..Version: 1.20

Love it but...Okay, Scribblenauts Unlimited is a very cool and adventurous game, however it asks questions that I don’t understand and I end up texting my friends or asking my Alexa. It also gets boring quickly and I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. I want to beat the game, but all the worlds are so messed up from the things I spawned haha!! I think there should be a “reset” button so that I could go back and see the ending. Thanks a bunch Warner Bros!.Version: 1.20

Not worth the moneyGive me my money back remix is cheaper and better.Version: 1.20

Family sharingWhy isn’t this game available on apple family sharing?.Version: 1.22

What a wasteI had it on the wii u, but it stopped working, so I got it on my phone. Why isn’t there the object editor? That was THE reason that I got the game. Dont buy the mobile edition. Its a waste of money!.Version: 1.22

Where is the object editor?It would be cool to have it on this cool mobile game since that I baught this game so I could play around with the object editor! And if you add it in this incredible game I will make a five-star rating!!!.Version: 1.22

I love the game... But, Object editor?I love this game a lot, it is so good to get in and mass about with the things you can make. I would like to see an Object Editor from the PC version on phones because there is a lot of things we could do and make with it! Also, being able to control where other characters walk or drive would be cool too, please add these things..Version: 1.20

‘Was’ looking forward to playing it..Used to have this game on my iPhone 5c but for some reason it won’t get passed the loading screen on my iPhone 8 Plus.Version: 1.20

Can you make a lamboPls.Version: 1.22

Add iPads object editorIPads need object editor so we can make and give people an example of what we think and it’s so short add more levels I literally finish the game in a hour one star because all game that are usually are on pc and iPad are different the iPad does not have the good things the pc have and you should be better then that the pc and the iPad should have the same things it’s no fair to the people who can’t afford a pc yet they should like they don’t have to get one because it’s should have the same things the pc have it’s no fair dude pls be better then them because it’s no fair.Version: 1.22

Annoying gender biasUnlike the previous app in this one the only characters available to choose from for the player are male, and what was previously the female option is now a damsel in distress that requires rescue. WTF?.Version: 1.22

Getting boring in need of updateI've been playing this for ages but I'm getting bored with it now.Version: 1.20

Add object editer!!!!!!!!Add the object editer and I with give five star review if you say no I with do one star review.Version: 1.22

Needs object editorI remember when i played the pc version I had an absolute blast with the object editor, I expected it over on the port as well. Hope it's added soon.Version: 1.0

Object creatorCould you add the object creator for IOS!? When I was watching you tubers play I was seeing them edit objects, create them and download them. So I think it would be a great idea for object editor/creator for IOS and not just PC it’s really not fair because that's the main reason why I down loaded this game. Even if it costed money. So that is my reason. But it’s still a very nice game. It’s just that you left the best thing about the game to PC and not IOS so, thank you if you do add it to IOS it is a very great game overall..Version: 1.22

Not downloadingI've been waiting for 30 mins and it hasn't downloaded a little bit! Not even a little! It's already been paid for so I'm annoyed 😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.20

R U adding it?I ♥️ this game just the object editor is what everyone wants and I do too. I might buy the pc version because of it, which is a waste of $30 which I don’t want to do because I already have the game apart from that it is totally ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.Version: 1.22

I pay money And now I need to pay moreSo I got the game that cost SEVEN DOLLARS for one thing that is very expensive and second thing is one u get the app u half to pay more to get different world and that is already a lot of money so why can’t u just make everything for free cause u already need to pay seven dollars and u kind of make it less fun cause u need to pay a lot of money just to get a different world! So please change it so everything on the app doesn’t cost anything and maybe could u please make the game more cheep. Thank you!.Version: 1.22

Game is brokenYou can’t even beat the first level with the pig! Every time I do something big with wings in it there isn’t that option! I want a refund..Version: 1.22

The Wii U was BetterI was so excited to hear that Unlimited was mobile. I love this game so I thought it would be cooler if it was played on the go, but then I found out this didn’t have the editor feature. That was what made Scribblenauts Unlimited great. I might as well have gotten the old Remix version. I love the game but it would be a lot better if it was similar to the WII U original where I could create new things. I’m a bit disappointed but I guess I can understand that it’s a bit harder to transform U games into mobile ones. Best wishes..Version: 1.22

Limited!For a game that’s whole premise is the use of imaginative words to achieve goals, it’s dictionary is lacking in the most basic of words! The game uses words it doesn’t understand if you type them yourself! So stupid!.Version: 1.20

Good but..I have the other game and this is just like it but instead diff levels and added adjectives I BUYED it cause I thought it would have the editor were you make a character and give it name add diff stuff to it but you don't have it in this so I think it's not good waste of money......Version: 1.20

Help meHow do I Go down the Pole in the fire House If Im on ipad?!.Version: 1.22

Super trashWaste of money.Version: 1.22

Good idea but can’t use the gameThe button settings don’t work very well. Maybe it’s because I have an iPhone SE, but I can’t hit a lot of the buttons in the game, they are very imprecise or just don’t work. I end up having to tap all over the screen until I can open up the notebook (and almost anything really). I am disappointed because it seems like a fun game but I am unable to play it..Version: 1.22

It’s greatBut it doesn’t have the object editor...and the buttons are impossible to press if some actions are being done already.Version: 1.22

FunBut not as fun as scribblenauts remix..Version: 1.11

UnimpressedPlayed the original on Nintendo ds, nowhere near as engaging Simple gameplay repeated, I want a refund..Version: 1.22

Eh its ok i guess just...The reason i got this game was because i wanted the editor. I have it on my computer just not on my phone. The reason why i got on my phone was because i wanted to create stuff when im away but i cant do that because i wasted $5 for a game that doesnt meet the actual price. I think this game should be around 2.99 just because it doesnt have the editor. With the editor you can create so much more than what the game already gives you. You can create fnaf, super heroes, deadpool, and all of those characters. I hope you guys add the editor. Then ill play the game. I already beat the levels on my computer..Version: 1.20

Where is itI got the game and there is no object creator do not get the game it sucks.Version: 1.22

I can’tI can’t get to map where I can travel to other levels.Version: 1.22

JUST RELEASE 2.2 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!Robtop, Why Haven’t You Released 2.2 Yet!? It’s Been Forever!!!! Everybody is Saying “Robtop! Release 2.2 Already!” So Just Release 2.2!!!!! I Mean Like, I Know That Geometry Dash Subzero Has 2.2 Features, But There Isn’t a Level Editor! So Either Release 2.2 NOW or Add Level Editor to Geometry Dash Subzero, OK ? ? ?.Version: 1.22

HelpIt’s in a different language, how do I change it?.Version: 1.22

Good and BadEverything is super good. But now I see others dat play on da computer have the custom mode which they can change the look and more. I really want this added to the iOS version of Scribblenauts unlimited. And and the memes too, I tried to add the memes in here, but it didn’t work. Why don’t you add these? There is no reason that you shouldn’t. I’ll change it to 5 star if you do. (And also the multiplayer on it + can you add more levels and things to create) It is also short cause I finished the game like in 1 day and 3 hours.....Version: 1.22

Amazing but..There’s no object editor Can you please add it I’m begging.Version: 1.22

No object editor = unfortunate waste of moneyI bought this game for the sole purpose of using the object editor to bring unique ideas to life. Sadly this option is not available. The rest of the game seems to work fine on the iPad but having. A key feature missing is a big low to overall enjoyment..Version: 1.22

To repetitiveThe game is fun and all in the beginning but after a while you realise it is just the same..Version: 1.22

2things1Can’t refund and I wanna refund cuz 2no object edit.Version: 1.22

I want my money back.Why can't you change the maps without paying money just to get some really restricted area for you to flop around in? Honestly remix is way better and I want my money back..Version: 1.20

MThis game is horrible it says you can make anything you can't make even close to anything and why can't you bomb people it's stupid this game is too strict with the age thing I want my money back.Version: 1.20

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