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Love it!This has made my job feeding my furry babies much easier. I have a schedule set for them to keep their feedings consistently. All I have to do is check that they are being fed. This product is helpful for families with busy lifestyles. I love that the feeding bowl is detachable so that it can be easily washed. I also love that this devise is about the width of a gallon of milk. So far I have had this devise for almost a year. It also holds plenty of food to feed an animal possibly longer than a week and it is easy to refill. One tip to make this product better is to have a stronger lid because some animals may be smart enough to open it (cats)..Version: 3.33.1

Faster than WemoI have several outlets that connect to the TuyaSmart app as well as a wemo light switch. I have been using these devices for over a year now, and I have found that the TuyaSmart app loads faster and picks up communication with the attached devices faster. Switching devices on or off from the app works just as fast as flipping a wall switch. The wemo device seems to work faster after it warms up, but other then to compare it for a review, I’m not sitting in front of my hall light toggling the thing on and off until it works fast enough. I always notice a lag with the wemo, but there is no lag with TuyaSmart. Adding devices to the app is also much easier and it works with Alexa. When I shop for additional wi-fi devices, I will look for compatibility with this app..Version: 3.4.3

Simple Smart Home = 100% possible with TuyaI moved into my first home in 2022 & found 20 smart plugs in a charity shop at 50p each, bought them and found that they work with the Tuya app alongside my other Tuya devices. I control absolutely everything from tvs, lamps, fans, heaters etc through the use of these plugs, additionally I also have it paired to a humidity and temperature sensor which means it can automatically switch my electric blanket on if my bedroom drops below a certain temperature after a certain time - this app and the hardware have been an absolute game changer especially when paired with Alexa. I will be 100% buying more and more because the equipment and app are better designed and more UI friendly than market leaders to be honest :) Oh one extra thing - you can integrate this with home assistant for even better home automation, it even lets you view live energy usage from a single or all plugs combined - I find this really useful as I do energy shifting with Octopus..Version: 5.9.0

Love these smart plugsI got these because my old fashioned timers became inconvenient every time I lost power for any length of time. I would have to go to each one and set them back to the current time. These smart plugs are so easy to use and they will reset themselves if I lose power. One of the many functions I love is the timer setting. I’ve turned on my scented tart warmer many times and forgot about it only to see it still on the next morning. With the timer set to 3 or 4 hours I don’t have to worry about it. I love these so much I got two sets. There are so many functions to these. They’re great for Christmas lights too..Version: 3.21.5

TUYA SMART DEVICES - 1st Class Quality items !Very simple to get setup only the once for the Smart UK plug sockets & colour changing E27 Bulbs (the only devices I have to date!) Also when you want to take the plug out and move it to another location you DONT have to go through anymore setup instructions unless you RESET the device in question ! Actually, Christmas just gone 2020 I bought my mum one of these TUYA smart plug sockets to see if she would get on with this technology & low & behold... ! She LOVES IT !!!! So for mum’s 70th birthday last day of February I’ve bought her some more plug sockets and a colour changing Edison Screw Light Bulb ! Keep bringing out MORE MORE MORE TUYASMART !!!! I only buy the 1 brand otherwise my POOR OLD, decrepit, falling apart at the seams (just like me lol) old iPhone 5S would have way too many other apps so to keep it clean I always buy TUYA Products ! Keep doing what you’re doing - it’s awesome!!!.Version: 3.24.5

GREAT OPTIONSI only wish the wifi Fan controllers that also have a light switch could be associated with any other switch ! Aside from that and a few little bugs it’s great.Version: 3.14.7

Awesome app for a lost remoteAs above. Is it possible to add a control centre feature to enable and disable the app. Swiping up would easier than switching apps and waiting for the app to connect then scroll through the settings just to adjust something. Thanks.Version: 3.33.1

CameraThis camera is really good and the fact you can move the camera on your phone is just brilliant, I’ve had to turn the motion tracking off as it follows people when they walk past and don’t want them thinking we are watching them 🙈 The only downfall I have is that I’ve paid for the full package to record but it doesn’t always record even though Wi-fi signal is always in the 90s, it will record through the night and as soon as the camera switches from night vision to day time it doesn’t seem to record through the day and maybe comes back on around 4pm ish? I’ve switched the camera off and on and this sometimes fixes this but I don’t want to be constantly doing this? Any help would be grateful, also all my settings are in order so can’t see why it stops picking up motion through the day sometimes (not always) but most days..Version: 3.23.5

Works OKSome bugs, but not sure why so many bad reviews. Can be tricky to setup if you dont have BT, location. Etc enabled during setup. But just turn them off after for better privacy..Version: 4.1.0

Excellent curtain and light controlI am using Tuya to control my Quoya powered curtains as well as a few lamps. I have been very pleased with the ability to control events at sunset and sunrise, as well as at specific clock times. It seems to have been very reliable..Version: 3.31.5

Outstanding appI bought a smart air conditioner and it came with this app. I didn’t think much of it but as soon as I started using I was blown away. I have 11 smart home apps for big brand items and even if I took the best features of each app and add them together they still wouldn’t compare to the simplicity and feature richness of this app! Flawless set up, pairing and automation features..Version: 3.17.8

Awesome lightsSo i bough The LED wifi lights and i think it’s awesome u can control them with my phone and ipad i think that it’s so cool because when you put music on it flashes to the beat. Also Price wise they were worth it. In my opinion though they were very hard to set up, it says your supposed to reset the device to get the, to get them connected but that’s not how i did it. I tried resetting the device so many times, but i wouldn’t work. I was about to return them when my dad found out how to get them connected. He said you have to play with the little white box. I wish it would have been so much easier. But overall after i got them set up and around my room they were awesome! I use them everyday!.Version: 3.24.1

Feature RequestHello, I think that the feature with Siri integration is very helpful. To make it even better, it would be great if the automation could trigger a mood or scene (Colour changing sequence) This would be very helpful in a future update.Version: 3.33.1

Life just got simpler!!Hi, what a difference these WiFi plugs and the app makes to your life. I can now manage my Christmas lights at home from my work place. The best part is that you can schedule on & off times easily! Very impressed, despite having one or two wobbly moments trying to upgrade the firmware! 5 stars!.Version: 3.6.0

First class 'outside' camera!Got problems with Apple, but, on my Moto phone this camera kit and application is as good as it gets without spending hundreds! The service....and response, is also first class! The camera's manoeuvrability and picture are very much better than one would expect from a camera of the price! I highly recommend this product!.Version: 3.31.0

Brilliant app always worksI did my blinds automation. And added Siri voice control. It works perfectly..Version: 3.37.0

PTZ camerasIt’s not allowing to tilt the PTZ cameras up and down the are auto trucking just left and right.Version: 3.33.1

Countdown Timer doesn’t workGreat app. Just one problem, the countdown timer doesn’t work for my outdoor heater. Could you please fix this. Many thanks 🙏.Version: 5.3.1

IPad versionHello guys when you gonna update your app to be fully functional as iPad version and use full screen. Regarding.Version: 3.17.0

Really solid appExcellent app, though has a few areas where it could be improved. Been using for a month now and haven’t had any glitches or problems at all. Links well with Alexa and IFTTT. Widget is handy on iPhone but needs to be able to customise what devices appear on it..Version: 3.6.0

Much more stable and improved over the past 1 1/2 yearsIt’s been a learning curve as a consumer and I sense the developer has done the right improvements as well. Much easier to add devices -more stable consistent use with Alexa. I use to have to reboot and restart all my wall plugs anytime the cable modem went of line due to power outage. One great suggestion would be -tell Alexa to turn a device on for 5 minutes or more. I have an electric pet containment fence and would love the ability to tell it to be on for 5 or more minutes..Version: 3.11.0

I am so sadTuya, today’s update has removed Shortcuts from the widget screen and replaced them with device buttons. Please, please provide the option to display Shortcuts instead. Otherwise TuyaSmart is and has been an awesome app. Only 4 stars until it’s fixed..Version: 3.32.0

Can’t add new device or smart option after latest updateHey, app was working great until the latest update, now when I go to add a device or smart routine a pop up covers the screen telling me how to do the option but there is no way to remove the pop up to add the device or smart routine. Looks like someone forgot to put an “ok or close” button on the pop ups. Using iPad Air 2 The rest of the app works fine, just need to fix this issue. Will update to 5 stars when this is fixed. Thanks.Version: 3.30.5

Great international companyMonster size reach. I am impressed. Surprised I hadn’t heard more or much about them. I would readily give 5 stars for the information they make available and willingness to share BUT I have a TuyaSmart Smart cam that keeps going offline on me and there is no way to wake it up as well as no way within the app to communicate with it. It gets very frustrating to repeatedly see the “camera offline “ message and no way at all to do anything about it to get it back online. Otherwise very helpful links in the help section but none that easily or simply addresses the ‘camera offline’ issue for how to activate it to get it back online..Version: 3.17.7

QualityUsed these for over a year and they’ve been excellent. Use them in conjunction with Alexa which is so easy to set up. Use them for my Christmas tree lights, reading light and change the others on a regular basis. Would recommend them to anyone..Version: 3.21.5

Hopefully they can add a new featureI had lots of problems at first where it’ll constantly freeze up and lag but found out later it was a problem with my micro sd card. I bought a new one and it hasn’t lagged since. I hope a future update can add an auto pan mode so it can pan left to right or up and down (user can set pan width) automatically every few seconds. If this feature was added then this would be an awesome camera! TENVIS Outdoor Security Camera with Flood Light - 1080P Home Surveillance Camera with Motion Sensor, WiFi Camera with Phone App, Night Vision, IP65 Waterproof, Pan/Tilt, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa.Version: 3.24.1

MessagesSince this update my camera wont save motion pictures anymore. I walk around infront of it and it saves no pics for me to view later, which it always use to..Version: 3.28.6

App updateThis awful now they have updated. You can not watch multiple maras and you can not go full screen and I have no choice but t use whilst the I pad is on its side I mean for god sake these were the main good parts I used it for will have to consider an other app now.Version: 3.31.5

OfflineTook ages to set up around 2 hours per bulb. Worked for a few days then went offline. Took 30 minutes to set up again now three days later offline again and cannot reconnect. Don’t bother until they can sort the tech out..Version: 3.5.0

Powerful features - sometimesFantastic features, if they all worked. Where can bugs be reported? Tuya wedbsite has zero support. Timer for panel heater works in app, except when trying to use the scenario/automate feature..Version: 3.10.1

ProblèmeLors du changement de réseau WifiJ ai changer mon internet et je n arrive pas à remettre les horaires de démarrage et d arrêt journalier Comment faire ?.Version: 5.2.2

Was Easy !Surprisingly easy to navigate, the iCloud is a little expensive, devices work well, quality of the videos aren’t the best resolution so I’d only recommend for indoor use. Tuya company appears to have no track record of any privacy concerns around spyware..Version: 5.2.2

Almost Five Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟Almost Five Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 This device and app was very easy to set up and works great, and I only have a few recommendations for improvement to make this a five star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟 winner. It is fast and works great with Echo / Alexa. On a few occasions Alexa would inform me of trouble connecting to the device and we weren’t able to connect via the app either. There was an error message stating the device was offline. I contacted customer service quick and easily via the app and they responded fairly quickly within 3 hours on instructions on how to restore the device connection by pressing the button on the device for 6-8 seconds. While this worked in a snap, my concern is what if we were away and wanted to turn the lights on remotely via one of the wonderful features in the app? There’s no way I could have reestablished the connection remotely. Thank goodness this problem has not occurred to often and did not appear to occur when we were away and wanted to turn the lights on and off at random times to ward off any potential burglars. Being able to reset the device remotely would be ideal. Other recommendations I have is to allow landscape mode in the iPad version of the app and to allow options for temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Also would like to be able to control via Apple Watch ⌚️. But works great otherwise..Version: 2.9.0

AppGreat app.Version: 2.9.6

Cheap and easy WiFi house controlI love this app as it controls my appliances without a hub, I know you need the sockets but, most others need the same plus an expensive hub and you could end up with several hubs. The app is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to add new sockets, plus you can share your settings with family members very simply.Version: 3.34.5

Great appI like this app and how it controls smart devices. One big advantage is that you do not need to pay for hosting the service. Smart plugs and door locks currently working with app. Very pleased. I have just got my head around the automatic features which are unbelievably smart. It keeps on getting better..Version: 3.13.0

It gets the job done but…Music, online I find other using the same product but it reacts to music, not so much for me, I have an iPhone 7, is this because of my version? Or is it that I need to do the software update I haven’t done in 2 weeks.Version: 3.30.0

Absolutely ExcellentI have been using the Tuya Smart iOS app daily for a couple of years, including integration with Alexa. I have about twenty smart switches, temperature controllers and humidity sensors, plus some others. I am an IT professional and have reliable WiFi and internet at home. This app is absolutely excellent. It just works as it should all the time 100% without fail and has many brilliant features. The Alexa integration is perfect, as is the more advanced automation, which allows either very simple actions such as ‘turn a light on at a certain time’ (which Alexa can also do), to far more advanced sequenced automations such as triggering any number of devices based on sensor inputs reaching certain temperatures or humidities etc. I moved to this app - and make sure all new smart devices support Tuya before buying hardware - after some bad experiences with products and apps from other well known vendors. This Tuya Smart app and its huge multi-vendor range of hardware products that support it is truly first class. Works perfectly every time without a single failure of any kind, ever. I have not read other reviews. If there are any with less than five stars, my assumption would be that the user does not have reliable 2.4G WiFi, has unreliable Internet, or has not read and understood the very clear Tuya in app instructions. Brilliant. Thank you..Version: 3.21.5

Works extremely well 👍🏻 but a couple things could be changed…I got this app ages ago, made an account, but just couldn’t add my LED lights. I eventually gave up but came back to the app to try again months later. Turns out it had locked me out of my account and I couldn’t do anything about it. Or so I thought. Typical, typical me didn’t realise there was a SKIP BUTTON. So I pressed that skip button and I got onto the home page. There were a bunch of different options for you to select for which one your LED lights were. They were all different names and all the different categories looked the same. I found a scanner which was USELESS. But fortunately, I somehow managed to find the instructions on the app. It was a really odd task, but at least it worked and now I have a cool LED light control on an app on my phone 😊 The only things I’d change about this app, is for heavens sake, get rid of that scanner. It’s useless. And maybe add in a tutorial to find your lights with wifi. Thank you for listening ❤️ May whoever reading this, have a day that is as special as they are <3 Byeeee.Version: 4.1.0

Good App, missing widget however.I really like how simple this app is and find it very easy to control my equipment with it. However, where did the iPhone widget go? Before the major update to the Tuya app I was able to control my lights via the widget screen which was much more convenient than having to open the app, but after the update this feature disappeared. I would love to either have the widget back or a hard press shortcut to access switches with because it’s actually kind of a hassle to load the app every time I want to turn my lights on..Version: 3.2.3

Schedule should include Start Time and Stop TimeI have a 4 Gang smart switch to control lights. The Schedule option only allows the Start time, it should include Stop Time as well..Version: 3.8.5

Faultless if you know what you’re doingI have a dozen switches, wifi bulbs, 10 dimmers, humidity and temperature controllers etc. Also projectors, screens, TVs and amplifiers too. It runs my home, observatory and garage. I also use smart power monitors in my fuse cupboard. It all works faultlessly if you have decent wifi and a basic understanding of logic and IT. Try to make it work in a big place with one dodgy old wifi router hidden behind the TV and your going to on here complaining! If yours doesn’t work then get an IT pro in to show you how to do it..Version: 5.6.1

Brilliant heater remoteI have this in my log cabin and use it remotely to warm the man cave before use. It works quickly and beautifully also giving a temperature reading for the room. Totally recommended for the control of the panel heater. Haven’t used the timer but it seems very straight forward..Version: 3.14.7

IOS homeCan I add to iPhone home and Siri.Version: 3.33.1

SolidGreat app. Have ditched the kogan smarter home app, mirabella, and a few others. Pair everything to this app, setup automation. Then seamlessly add in the google home app. Its great. Would love a pc app or browser for it too..Version: 3.32.7

Buggy releaseThe latest release does not allow full screen and also the app does not rotate to match the screen. This has been a bit annoying. Until now the app has been quite decent.Version: 3.30.0

NotificationsNeed to remove the word "triggered" in notification body. Add it to the default but when I change the name, the word "triggered" should be removed. Ideally there would be two text fields. Notification title and notification body..Version: 5.1.2

TuyaSmart AppVery pleased with this app. Easy to add devices and to set up. Simple to amend items if you need to alter anything later on. Has lots of options and actions, the smart screen is a very nice option. Integrated with Google Home App first time and it let’s you use the Scene routines set up in TuyaSmart App in the Google Home App. The help section is excellent and if you do notice a bug or you want to make a suggestion they respond very quickly and in my case a small bug was corrected in a couple of days. Well done from me..Version: 3.8.1

Shifting things on screen, please stopHi, I am enjoying using Tuya. But one thing that bothers me is when I want to activate or deactivate something, i might be pushing the wrong button because something else up the view just loaded and taken more space. So I trigger an event that opens lights everywhere when I wanted to quietly close things down. Remove the banners. Make things take the soace even when not loaded. Dont. Shift. Things..Version: 5.3.3

Love the app on iPhone but the iPad needs to be nativeI love my tuya app and I am still learning more about it everyday, i would love to give it 5 stars but it needs to have a native iPad app, I use a ipad to control our smart home and having to turn it on it’s side everytime to use this app is just not what I want to have to do.Version: 3.26.5

Good software but latest update needs fixesCould you please fix groups of devices in the software, since the latest update you cannot enter and make changes into a group of lights for instance. Only one by one. There is a bug with the grouping and changing settings of the group. It was working fine before tue update..Version: 4.4.2

Setting up Defender smart plug via TuyaVery flexible and versatile app - Praticle example of setting up a smartplug when another app didnot work ! — First time setting plug Smartplug - put into socket Connect mobile to 2.5gz wifi(check your router settings - you may be able to assign 2.5 to a guest wifi rather than split or switch the whole network) Turn tuya on Add device - choose socket wift - login to guest 2.4 - then press plug button for 10sec - make sure red light flash quickly - and press next next on app and click on app network connected and it should find device on 80-90 sec and proceed .. —- Resetting plug if any problem - Delete profile of particular plug from Tuya- Smartplug put into socket Connect mobile to 2.5gz wifi Turn tuya on Add device - choose socket wift - login to guest 2.4 - then press plug button for 10sec - make sure red light flash quickly Then press 10 sec untill flashing stops then press again for a few secs Then press next next and connect to plug wifi from mobile settings then come back to Tuya - it should automatically load old profile after few seconds ! Voila ! ( Apologies for puncts and typos-getting a bit impatient !).Version: 5.4.0

Garage door openerWorks great! Would be nice if there were two channels one to open the garage door and one to open the gate.Version: 3.11.7

Timing and scheduler not very consistent!!!I love my light but I have it set on a schedule so it’s not dark for my dog. First the time was wrong after UK clocks going back and now doesn’t work at all. Any chance of fixing it anytime soon TuyaSmart? Seems like others are having same problem so would be nice to get a response.....just sayin’.Version: 3.5.0

Excellent app. Make sure your device is supported.I’ve been using this app for several years and found it excellent. It’s a bit fiddly to initially connect your smart device making sure your phone is connected to the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi when both 2.4 and 5 GHz have the same name by default as in the case of my BT router but once you’ve set that the app works really well and I make sure ant new smart devices I purchase can be used with this app..Version: 4.4.3

Fantastic AppLove this application, the fact it works with stringify/IFTTT is a bonus. I’ve got geofencing set up to trigger lights on/off in the evening. Please fix groups though, currently My IFTTT trigger on groups turns on all plugs even though not all plugs are in the group. My current work around is to use scenes instead. Feedback on this issue would be good. Also what’s the difference between Tuya Smart and Smart Life apps, apart from Tuya seems to have a widget? Update: what the hell is the new door trigger sound, it is terrible! If your phone is not silenced it goes on forever! Please restore it to the previous, or allow users to specify..Version: 3.6.0

Perfect app with perfect service!One thing I have noticed is 1h difference. I have set a timer to turn off my lights at 00:00 but it turns it off at 23:00. Please check your software! I think the problem comes from this change we do every year and moving the clocks one hour forward at spring and one hour back at autumn..Version: 2.9.0

ReliableI love our new outdoor security camera I have it on the center point of our roof so it gets everything in our front yard better yet I love how I can move it left right up me down. Plus we can her anything that goes on out front. I love that I can use the microphone to talk to anyone in the front yard and it’s really clear. I have about 4 different camera systems nd this one is by far the best one in everything you could want in a security camera system. Oh and having Wi-Fi allows me to access the camera while I’m at work or out no about. If I’m not watching it live it will record movement so I can go back on the cloud and access any day I want to go back to. I give this camera 5 stars..Version: 4.6.0

More Scene Options For LightingI just downloaded this app for smartbulbs i bought. It’s working fine, but I’m disappointed in the lighting options. Color, dimming, etc are fine. It’s in the “scene” options. I’d like my light to slowly and gradually change colors. The only options similar to this have the colors blinking and changing very quickly. Even when I turn the speed down on the color changing it still feels jarring how fast the colors change. Would be cool if the company added another scene with a slow gradient change, or more customization options on existing scenes..Version: 3.22.1

New enhancement please!An excellent App. Can we please have an option to use our own photo ‘images’ when selecting the ‘Style’ image in Tap-to Run and Automation (instead of having to select from the current default images only)..Version: 3.13.4

Glitchy sometimesThe app was really easy to set up the lights, the best one ive used however when changing the colour on the app of my led lights it crashes my phone before working, and the connection is not always the best with the lights, however i’m sure it’s an east fix then for me it would be 5 stars!.Version: 3.28.6

Best thus farI will definitely say that of all the smart bulb and plug type apps this one does work the best. You do get an occasional moment where it doesn’t connect with the Alexa app but it’s very easy to fix. The one thing I would love to see change would be involving scenes within the bulbs. Scenes would be so much better and more useful if they could be set up as a library of scenes and then attached to a bulb. How they are set up now you have to set up a scene inside each lightbulb. So if you want all the lightbulbs to have the same scene you have to go into each lightbulb and try to duplicate the exact same thing which isn’t easy. Plus if your bulb goes off-line you have to start all over again because all your scenes will be lost. If the scenes were a library outside of the bulbs and then a scene could be attached to a bulb or a group that would be awesome and way more useful. If you can do this and change the app that would be fantastic!.Version: 3.22.1

Solid app - just a bit more widget love pleaseI’ve tried quite a few of the non HomeKit smart device apps now, and this is the simplest to use, best designed and most reliable. I’ve got so used to it now that we’ve got 7 smart plugs in use across the house. Whilst the app is great and I’ve got it using Alexa to communicate with them all, I do wish the iOS widget was a bit more configurable, allowing me to... 1. Add Rooms to the widget to turn off all smart devices in that room with one tap (it display only devices not rooms or groups) 2. Be able to set which individual smart devices do and don’t appear in the widget (so I’ve got 7 devices there when really I only need to show 4) 3. Be able to reorder the devices if I can’t pick which ones appear ...it would really do everything I could hope for then. Fingers-crossed that’s coming - the app does seem generally very well supported! :D.Version: 3.8.5

Bulbs are unreliableBought 10 smart bulbs for outside house. Anybody's guess which ones will go on or off when using the timer. Sometimes others can’t be switched off, or on using the iphone. Look great when working but far too unreliable..Version: 3.17.8

Works PerfectlyLove the Tuya IoT platform as a consumer. I’ve got all my smart devices on Tuya because it just works. Easy to pair new devices, reliable platform that works everyday. Native branded Tuya Smart app is also my preferred app. Good functionality, good UX. Thank you Tuya..Version: 4.7.2

NotificationI would like to see the ability to change the notification sound on app as it is the same as a few other non changeable notification sounds and it’s confusing..Version: 3.38.0

Great baby monitorHave had this monitor for a few months now. Works well. Sometimes goes offline during the night but otherwise very happy with it..Version: 3.32.0

It get better with time!I bought 4 plugs years ago and they were kind of archaic- it took forever to get them set up and when power/ internet went out, you started all over. Over the years, they have come up with constant improvements and all in all, the plugs are definitely worth having. My latest use is my best- the tea maker is plugged into one socket. I prepare the tea before bed and whenever I wake up, usually around 4 am, I remotely turn on tea maker and 5 minutes later, voila! Tea is steeped and ready to go🤗.Version: 4.1.3

Works as expectedI now all my 7 blinds connected and in synchronization. All controlled by one remote control and a wifi dongle (connected to my iPhone). Everything works as expected and all automatic. All the blinds come n down at a preset time of my choosing. Very happy with the products.Version: 3.31.0

FaultlessChanged from another Wi-Fi switch with associated app due to constant issues with loggging in and poor customer service. This worked straight away and has been superb since very intuitive and well designed..Version: 5.1.2

No issuesBeen using for about a year now, no issues at all.Version: 4.1.3

Schedules have left the buildingI have several switches with schedules assigned. Last week all schedules disappeared from the app under each device however the schedules are still working from their servers. This would be ok but I can’t change an existing schedule nor could I delete one if it was no longer needed. Tried to uninstall and install app as well as contact via feedback but no solution to be found. Also, if I lose power all switches have to be reset—which is a pain for the modules behind a large piece of furniture. Works great with Alexa and TuyaSmart app to turn things on and off and would get 5 stars if it weren’t for the schedule, lack of support, and reset issues noted above. Update May 31, 2018 It looks like the latest release fixed my missing schedule problem, but now the widget function seems to have disappeared..Version: 3.1.3

Really ImpressiveI bought three Tuya Smart switches a couple of years ago off Amazon,I have a couple of cat shelters in the yard and use them to turn on heaters either using my IOS devices manually or you can set your location and the app checks your local temperature every half hour and I have it so if it drops to or below a setting it comes on ,very clever and useful Been running outside 24-7 for 2+ years not directly exposed to rain but certainly wind and sub zero conditions and they are fine Would recommend totally,also had occasion years ago to contact Tuya re location being out by miles and as the app is generic as most are from China they contacted the developer and it was sorted I couldn’t do without these now.Version: 3.7.1

Really good appRecent update has made connecting to alarm systems and cameras very slow. I use the cameras to monitor outside areas I cannot see and it takes ages to connect after the update making quick access in an emergency difficult. Before the app was brilliant..Version: 4.8.1

Light optionCould we please have a basic option for multi gang light switch so we have it all in one place. Just on/off would be great nothing fancy like dimming.Version: 3.16.5

Great product, Updated.Great product, very good application has many useful features for those who start in smart homes the app has great control and very good intuitive interface, but I would like to see in a future update the consumption of my appliances and not only to me but to several people as I read in the comments to those who would like to see the consumption of the product is good can be handled with different apps but these apps as I had mentioned do not give energy consumption out of this everything is fine with the product ⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️ additionally I would like continuous improvements of the app. good job..Version: 3.3.1

Better than any other I have tried.These smart home apps are always ripe with bugs and weird issues so I had to put a good review for the one that I have had the least issues with. Sometimes you just want things to work and while I haven’t tried everything you can do with this, I have had minimal problems with it and if you consider all the things it tries to sync together, it’s quite an accomplishment for it to do as well as it does. Developers deserve medal, or a little statue or something..Version: 3.34.5

Sockets/plugsTake a little tinkering to get set up to your wifi, If it doesn't connect fast something's wrong, once I figured out the issues it was fine, fast flashing is continued I found if flashed for 5 times and stopped when it did this it would not connect- then held the on/off for over 5 seconds and it seemed to reset the unit. Now it's awesome. The auto on off schedule is a bit strange you have to go in twice to set the on then the off time but hopefully works... if it does will buy more units, seems okay for now.Version: 2.8.2

Constantly works wellThis has been a great app, the app constantly connects perfectly every time. It’s fantastically easy to set up. It runs well and it has constant updates so it’s not like most security camera software where the app is released and never touched again. Big thanks to the developers of this app. I greatly appreciate the good work your team does in developing this app..Version: 3.29.5

Bug needs fixingWhen I updated the application as per push notification that I received, I lost all the programmed scenes/scenarios that I had previously saved to manage my house 😤 Lots of time and effort wasted….Version: 5.9.0

Reverse Switch gone missingThe Reverse Switch in Tap-to-run at least has gone missing on WiFi smart bulbs. I love that feature. Please reinstate into this great app..Version: 3.26.5

Update killed timer functionThis last update by the company actually made the device useless to me, you can still turn it on and off with the app but the timer function to turn on and off, that was working great until the update, does not work anymore. I even removed my device and set it up as new again and it still doesn’t work. Why would a update ruin a good device? Maybe so you have to purchase another one. Sorry never will I buy a product from you again. If it is ever fixed I will do a follow up review..Version: 3.4.3

New iPad update is terribleWith the most recent update to the iPad version, there is no longer the ability to watch the feed fullscreen without viewing it through a small emulated phone screen. I much rather preferred the option of using the phone app and just using the built in full screen button that Apple includes for apps that don’t have a supported app. If there is a way to revert to a previous app version, I would do it in a heart beat. EDIT: They have updated the app and fixed the video feed to be fullscreen rather than the weird emulated phone they included with the recent update. Thank you!.Version: 3.30.5

Easy set-up and reliable operation!I have become a fan of Wi-Fi controlled lights and household devices that I could activate from my iPhone app when I am away. Lights, music, etc. It helps me feel more secure when I am not home. The consistent problem has been the inconsistent ease of installation and performance of the available plug-in devices. Also, the expense can get out of hand when you need it to be several of them. With one major brand, it took nearly an hour and additional time on the phone with the helpdesk to get a single Wi-Fi hub let plug up and running. It took me a total of five minutes to successfully install three of these-two for lights and one for a radio. Please plug seem to have worked out all the bugs found in earlier and clumsy or attempts. Additionally, they are smaller than any of the others I have found-taking up just a tad more room then hey single plug and, most important Lee, not covering the second outlet on the wall plate. Suffice it to say that I love these! They do the drug easily and reliably from anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi. Great product..Version: 2.6.0

Smart SocketThis device works great However, I can see how some consumers could get really confused when setting the time for astrological timing. I would give it 5 stars if you fix the recommended issues below. The scenes do not work at all. It would be nice in the timer section to give your first option a sunset/sunset adjustment feature then a specific time. Then for the other two in the middle allow a set time with the very last timing adjustment to allow for sunrise/sunrise adjustment or a specific time. Scene would be great if you are grouping devices together to create a scene between multiple devices. To confusing to have a scene adjustment and then a separate feature of just time adjustment. The other thing is make it understand its geographical area and whether you use military time or standard 1-12 as well as Celsius vs Fahrenheit. Other than that the app is super fast and responsive and works great with Alexa. Please make the fix for I sell these devices and do not want anymore calls or returns because of goofy programming..Version: 2.8.1

Had to remove and re-add my device after the last update (October 2017) so it lost a star.Pretty much flawless except for the update problem, you need to use AP mode by the way to add this - hold button, wait for slow flash, open settings on iPad/phone and connect to the unsecured smartlife access point. It should do everything else for you..Version: 2.7.1

Great, for the price. Couple small detailsThis thing was very inexpensive when it comes to security cameras. I already have other smart devices, so it used the same app as well. Considering the price, the night vision and motion tracking capabilities work quite well. I haven’t quite figured out the scheduling function yet, but that’s probably more due to my lack of time commitment to doing so. Another benefit is that the camera is extremely easy to setup. My hang ups: -The sound detection alarm, even while set to lower sensitivity, triggers A LOT. It may not be worth using if you have pets that travel in the area of the camera. -The snapshots with human body detection seem to be a bit delayed. This might be more due to the fact that my cat sometimes sets it off, so I can’t totally blame the speed of the camera. This does lead me to my next drawback though… -The human body detection is picking up my cat. I realize she’s slightly larger than your average house cat, but unless I have a ghost (sarcasm), then my cat is setting off an alarm meant to detect human movement. I suppose I would rather have the system be more sensitive than less, but 3 alerts with photos of my cat watching the tv seemed worth mentioning. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. It fits my needs fairly well..Version: 5.5.1

Handy App to Make Your Home Smarter - Integrates with AlexaBought some of the Tuya WiFi wall outlet switch modulesThey were simple to set up as long as you followed the instructions on the paper insert. The app also tells you what to do. Make sure you have a clear view of the LED. Even when you unplug the module, it still retains it’s name, the one you choose when setting up the module. Use the app. Pretty straightforward. It’s also easy to integrate with Alexa. The Alexa app has the ability to pull in different manufacturers of smart home hardware, by giving each its own name. I recommend keeping the same name on the Tuya app. Amaze your friends by what happens when you say, Alexa, turn on front fountain!” One last thing: I discovered the app let’s you set timers. Choosing start, stop times and repeating days. It’s easy to set it, vastly superior to a electromechanical timer I owned in the past. Have fun with the app, making your home smarter!.Version: 2.9.6

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