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IScanner - PDF Scanner App App User Positive Comments 2022

IScanner - PDF Scanner App app received 222 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about iscanner - pdf scanner app?

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IScanner - PDF Scanner App for Positive User Reviews

Almost Perfect!Could easily be a FIVE star app IF… This app is so close to being everything you’d want in a mobile scanning app. For iPhone users, adding iMessage as a feature would make this all that much better. I don’t like or use Messenger and probably most iPhone users use iMessage anyway, so why wouldn’t you offer it? Let’s face it... there’s got to be a lot of us. Makes no sense! The other thing I would really like to see in a premium app like this is the ability to rotate the signature graphic, whereby it could be properly rotated to easily fit the profile of any scanned document. In the default alignment, it just doesn’t always come out the way you need it. That’s frustrating! These enhancements seem like simple enough fixes to get this to a perfect rating. I’ve made these requests several times in the past but the developer seems unwilling to concede. We’ll see. If this app could do these additional things, I’d probably throw away my other (less impressive) apps that can do these things, now. It’s a very, very good app... it could easily be just that much better and the only mobile scanning I need, IF....Version: 4.20

Fabulous!!What a fabulous app!! So easy to use. Very clear resolution, auto adjusts to scan documents, etc to fit perfectly. Easy to email or message scanned documents. Very clever having a scanner app!! Well done!!.Version: 3.2

BP Scanner performs AmazinglyPer.Version: 3.38

10/10I’ve used iScanner for years! Perfect for someone on the go or if you work in remote locations with no access to a office. Absolutely brilliant app 10/10.Version: 4.35

Great appLow expectations were blown out of the water... this app is great....Version: 2.1

MboytI have just downloaded and tested this app for about half an hour and it does everything I need it to do especially the ability to add and adjust the size of the signature..Version: 2.1

Does the jobIt's done the job for which it was intended, being self employed I can scan documents and other miscellaneous items that are requested from clients, forwarding on in PDF format. I'm not tech savvy and for example have done a months worth of receipts before, which due to an error resulted in loosing the pictures I took so had to start the process again. This was frustrating however it could have been down to user error. Apart from the error, I am able to store and call upon a digital copy which is a blessing. I would recommend this app..Version: 3.2

Works way better than I expected!I have just been so delighted by this. I’m a travel therapist and as such I do not work in the places I get paid. I scan all of my documents and send them in. It’s great. In addition my husband has his own business and I do the books. When he gets a bill or a receipt he just scans it and emails it to me from his phone and it is AS CLEAR as if I used a scanner in a home office. No matter what I have used it for it hasn’t failed me once. Sometimes I have to use the manual feature for smaller items like driver’s licenses but it still works amazingly well! The picture is so clear and it looks like it has been scanned. When I used the photos from my phone it never looked clear enough and I was always being asked to scan it again..Version: 3.15

ScannerEasy to use.Version: 1.0

Amazing 🤩Amazing app!!! Especially, the format-selector (for original paper size) is something other apps don’t offer by far as well. This app was splendid and its early days, and has just taken it to an even greater level now.-a loyal & happy user :).Version: 4.38

Brilliant ✅I'm loving this because it's so handy and I recommend it for every business person. I like the fact that it's on the go use which makes it easy for quick transfer of documents. Whatever you can do to keep it up, kindly do it..Version: 3.11

Excellent app use it every dayGreat app integration with cloud and devices works really well.Version: 3.1

Gr8 App & Gr8 Idea! Love It!Gr8 App & Gr8 Idea! Love It! Could use a couple few improvements but I'm sure that'll come with usage.... I just hope that any Company's, State Office, Government Or Whatever Else used for excepts the App & it's Scanned Pics of Documents is all I'm wondering bout! I'll try it myself ASAP! Other them that the airports absolutely great highly recommend anybody that is a paper order such as myself but would like to have it all in one little click of a button is your chance right here! "I'm Luvin'It!!!🤓.Version: 3.2

Convenient and it worksThe scanner app allows you to scan from your phone. Excellent - does away with putting on the printer and scanning from your computer. Excellent.Version: 3.13

Continuing quality improvementI have used I-scanner for my work as mobile consultant for years now and just loved it for scanning work documents. Lately I have noticed that documents go immediately to documents folder and are very difficult to move to another folder. Updates are not always a good move..Version: 4.21

User friendlyGreat for sending documents to and from the office.Version: 1.0

Life saver!This is one of my all time favourite app. Works really well without any issue. Stored all your scanned documents with or without password. So next time you need copy of your passport, just email existing scan from previous time. Definitely recommend this app..Version: 3.3

I never give 5 star ratingsI love this app, absolutely love it. I've thrown out my Fujitsu scan snap because this app is so awesome. The fact I can upload to google drive right from the app and it has OCR built in (not that I've found a reason to take advantage yet) I was hesitant because of the reviews but my experience has been nothing but positive. I love that I can just use the manual option and crop things later and make it fit. The color, BW, and the fading features are awesome! I can't wait to use it and I get excited every time I have something to scan. No app is perfect and I feel to give 5 stars would be to say there's no way this app can be better. WELL worth the money for sure. With such a digital world we live in it just helps to have my smart phone replace one more device and it can now fit in my pocket. Right now my wife and I are being licensed for Foster Care and there is A TON of paper work. As much paperwork as there is there's more people requesting that paper work so the fact that I can email from the app and store information in the cloud, is HUGE for us to stay organized. Highly recommend to everyone!.Version: 3.2

Love this appWhat a convenient and efficient way to send scanned documents. I use it often and I highly recommend..Version: 4.42

Great appI am enjoying this app..Version: 4.41

Very easy to scan and send documents and image is greatEasy to scan and organize documents.Version: 4.42

Super j’adore!J’adore cette application Pour un amelioration je vous conseil svp a chaque fois que je fais un pdf avec mes photos, je sois a chaque fois chercher mes photos a partir du debut ça serais bien que le logiciel se rapelle ou nous étions car j’ai 8300 photos ses long a trouver a chaque fois , et les photos son tous coller les une sur les autres. Si elle serait separer par date de creation ca Erais vraiement cool. Bon travail merci!.Version: 4.34

Great scannerI like the iScanner because it is easy, convenient and it's easy to email everything from accountants forms to school orders. If it's colour you want, you need to take the photo first and then import..Version: 3.2

Making life simpleThis simple to use pdf scanner has made my life and expense reports so simple. The quality and easy of use is fantastic - you can change the color and contrast to capture even the lightest receipt. I use this for scanning documents, loan paperwork, IDs for business use, etc. This is really the best app on my phone for business and personal use. Don’t waste your time with other scanners!! Download this one - you will not regret it..Version: 3.17

ScanGreat App!.Version: 4.12

MRSExcellentApp.Version: 3.36

IScannerThis latest version of the app is not as easy and as good as the previous one. I thought the last version was awesome. For some strange with the new version every time I try and upload a scan to my phone photo roll, instead of creating a jpeg as the previous version did it now creates a png file that about 10MG. So I have to keep converting them back to a jpeg and trying to create a PDF to upload, for some bloody reason it just won't work. Also the file transfer system has been changed and I’m not sure why because the older version was easy as hell. The new way is a little more complicated. Anyhow maybe I just need some Help. Great app but you need to sort it guys. Thanks!.Version: 4.20

I scannedIt was great when it first came out but not now. More difficult to edit more than one page and not as intuitive. What an excellent app. Easy to use and is helping me to catalogue teaching resources electronically. I will not need to carry documents around and can organize what I have on my computer. Just what I was looking for, well done.Version: 3.2

Powerful app, well worth the price.👍.Version: 3.2

Great handy toolFantastic and easy functionality. Gets rid of having to scan almost any DOC. Love the integration between photos and scanning process. Dead easy!.Version: 3.2

A Necessity!!!I have been scanning documents for work and church choir “old school style” for a while now. This app is so handy and saves a TON of time! I recommend playing around with it to see if you like it and download the Pro version because it installs a different app for Pro and I didn’t see a way to carry your documents over. The Pro version has a few really cool features you’ll love. This app is a necessity in business for sure. I’ve been playing around with it for only 20 minutes and already made a couple PDFs of songs I need for mass tomorrow. I am so excited about this app! Make sure to pay attention to the tutorial when you first launch the app, FYI. I definitely recommend this app!!!!.Version: 3.4

Great productSo easy to use and always saves me when I am in a pinch to send documents via PDF. Must have on your phone..Version: 3.31

Good appVery handy and easy to use..Version: 2.1

Simple Easy and FastTurned my iPhone into the most important tool for our start up business, capable of creating, assembling and sending all my documents simply easy and fast..Version: 3.3

Fast & EasyGreat tool for documents and photos. Fast and Easy to use!!!.Version: 4.8

Very handyEasy to use. No brainer..Version: 4.20

Great, clean function - fast & easyI really like iScanner :) thanks heaps to the app makers for a reliable & helpful solution to home scanning without a scanner. Just one suggestion (and why I only rated 4 stars): once you’ve scanned and are in edit mode before saving the document - please make it easier to swipe to the next page of the document (or a different scan of the same page when you’re trying to choose the highest quality scan). There either needs to be an extra button added to press to view the next page, a bigger empty space made so there’s room for your finger moving across the screen (without accidentally tapping on one of the pages) or the current tiny blank space needs to be made more sensitive to detect a swiping movement (if that’s actually possible). I am often stuck on page one for way too long trying to swipe to page two. Overall though, a great app, just needs a little tiny tweak to make editing easier..Version: 3.13

Sincerely Thank YouAmazing app, amazing border detection. Well worth it.Version: 4.11

Awesome app always using itThe best yo scan and send documents though pdf.Version: 4.1

Does what it shouldNice.Version: 2.0

Easy to useGreat little scanner app. You can scan multiple pages easily and send them in pdf format. Pages can be adjusted to flatten out what may have been a part folded page etc. Great for scanning receipts for expenses..Version: 3.3

L’application constamment amélioréeLe cadrage est amélioré et performant. Les fichiers PDF ne sont pas trop lourds. Le développeur ajoute régulièrement de nouvelles fonctionnalités. Le hic: ne permet pas de zapper entre différents scans du répertoire Iscanner. Il faut à chaque fois fermer l’image et ouvrir la suivante..Version: 4.18

Practical and works every time!This app has saved me so much time!.Version: 4.3

IScannerI use the iScanner pro app almost more than any other app on my iphone. I save useful information and separate into appropriately name folders. For a future enhancement I would like to be able to transfer folders to my laptop/ cloud without losing the name of the file/ folder..Version: 3.17

MrGood App. Quick and easy to use and be able to email. No issues to date. Very handy, would be good if can create subfolders..Version: 3.3

Amazing appGood for everyday use.Version: 3.2

Great AppScanner at work gave up the ghost. Was about to spend £400 on another and found this app instead. Used to be a bit glitchy, but updates seen to have improved the stability loads. Buy it!.Version: 3.2

Easy to useExtremely handy cause i don't have a scanner or printer . Two thumbs up.Version: 3.2

Hard to scanThe paper need to be very flat like a new. Very hard to scanning.Version: 3.12

On the markMakes my job far easier. On the road and mobile is how I like to be. This app shuts off a reason to return to the office. I can email easily to where I need the doc. to be..Version: 3.2

Awesome appUse it all the time.Version: 3.2

Very happyVery happy and quick all paperwork and send ready. And same photos to jpg quick. A+++ thank you, keep going work hard..Version: 3.36

Excellent AppThis app made my life much less complicated when I was between houses and so computers. Still use it even though I have easy access to a computer/scanner as so convenient..Version: 3.22

A must have!This app is a must have for every iPhone user! I have saved tons of time and even money by having this app. I have used iScanner for school permission slips found left at home, for court paperwork, banking, and even my photography business! Once you get the hang of how to get the camera angle right (hold directly over the document) it is faster the using a hardware scanner. Just an additional tip. Use the color choice feature to see what is the best quality for your documents..Version: 3.2

Quick and easyI love this app!!! It is so quick and easy to use. I love the conversion straight to a PDF to be able to email right then and there. I am a nurse educator and recommended it to all my students..Version: 3.2

Great App!Helps me so much day to day with my business transactions..Version: 4.15

Most usefulVery handy and most useful.... magic on your finger tip.Version: 3.1

Good experienceVery Good experience but please improve lighting resistant support..Version: 4.3

No sharingIt says share up to 6 people but when you use share button it will just share information to other person to download and buy it again with same price as £14 something , I bought this apps and now I can’t share it with my family members..Version: 3.19

No more need for bulky portable scanners!Call me old school, but I was actually researching portable scanners to use while traveling for business, when my very handsome and intelligent husband said, “Why don’t you just download an app on your phone?” (Duh...I’ve got a high pixel camera, but never made the connection.) So, I played around with his phone’s iScanner app (after reading the FAQ/instructions in “Settings”) and viola...the best little scanner I could possibly want in palm of my hand! So naturally, I sprung the “big bucks” for the $4.99 iScanner purchase instead of the $269 for the scanner I was thinking of buying online. 😁.Version: 3.4

Works greatI no longer need to worry about purchasing a printer with scanning features, as this app takes care of my scanning needs. It's super easy to scan documents with multiple pages. I can instantly send the scanned documents from my phone to any of my contacts. It also has a great security feature where you can lock/password protect your scanned documents, so I don't have to worry if I ever lose my phone. So easy!!!.Version: 3.2

ScannerEasy to use, what more could you want?!.Version: 3.2

Top app on the flyGreat app scanning documents wherever you are then straight to email. So simple so good..Version: 3.2

Great!..... ButIt's a great app works nicely. However it's makes you buy the full version (not sure what else you get for it considering the free version already scans but whatever) after only three documents have been scanned and saved. And £5 none the less! Bit much in my opinion.Version: 3.2

Clever and simpleSo easy to use and very effective. Great for taking snap shots of docs at meetings that you can't take away. Also use it for expenses receipts so I can then email straight to myself to process. Worth the extra cost to get full use..Version: 3.2

Great app but!This is a great app, I like it and use it over other popular scanner apps, the only problem I have is the speed and inefficiency when taking a pick using the auto method! It's simply too fast and basically screws it up about 50% of the time. I end up taking about 5-6 shots of each page and deleting the crappy ones! Just add an option so the user can set the timer for auto to take the pic, then each user can set it for as long or short as they want and it's no longer your problem! problem solved..Version: 3.3

Love this app!So convenient and easy to use and never had trouble having imported documents accepted while using this app. Thanks team!!.Version: 4.33

Scanning existing jpg containing textWhen you are scanning an existing document image in your iPhone, the scan resolution is much weaker than the original jpg. For this reason the scanned text is quite blurred, difficult to read..Version: 3.11

What an awesome scanner!I was using Scanner Pro as my scanner of choice, but now I scanner is the only one for me! It does everything I needed to do and does it effectively efficiently with an excellent interface and gives me email ability as well as one drive and Evernote excesses. It is fast and efficient and includes OCR. I bought the bundle with the fax, but I probably will not use the Fax program as I seldom use faxes and it is a monthly charge and not a credit charge total. I paid throughout dollars extra for the bundle, but just having a scanner is well worth $10. But don't tell the developers… That.Version: 3.2

GREAT APPI didn't even realize you could do this sort of thing (not overly computer savvy) Since getting the app I'm scanning all sorts of things it's super handy and so easy to use 👍🏻.Version: 3.2

So handyLove all the options and easy to scan from my iPad..Version: 4.9

IScanner - simply the best!The only scanner app you need..Version: 2.1

Handy while travellingGreat to have a proper professional looking document from this scanner rather than just a photo. We are travelling and certain visa requirements were met easily with this format. Plus it's quick and easy to use..Version: 2.1

Great app!!!!Don't know what I'd do without this app now. So many functions but so easy to use!! Recommended if you sign & email a lot of documents, it actually works faster than my scanner at home & you can save it into many apps right from your phone. Love it!!.Version: 3.2

Quick & easy to useGreat app for my timesheets for work. Had to get the pro version as you can only send a limited number on the free version. Definitely worth the little money they are asking for it.Version: 3.2

Great app but documents disappearI absolutely love this app because I can create folders and add pdf documents from scanner. I have noticed on occasion that the documents mysteriously disappear. I would say user error, but I specifically checked a scanned document in a folder from last night but can’t find today. This has happened a few times previously and thought I may have inadvertently deleted the files. Now I check each time and it happened again. These were important documents..Version: 3.4

So far...pretty helpful!I purchased the Pro scanner to aid in sending documents to my attorney, employers, and important documents regarding insurance claims and so far it's been amazingly helpful as it's saved me a couple of trips to the office to use an actual office scanner. My only issue is that when I tried to save a rather large file to the iCloud Drive it would not allow me to do so. I also can't find anywhere that indicates what the maximum size files allowed to be saved to the iCloud Drive are...? HELP PLEASE?? Is it me or an app thing? Also when I upgraded to the Pro from the "free" app, I lost several documents I had scanned using the free app. 😡 Other than that, I love the ease of use and will probably recommend to anyone needing to scan and send documents on the go! ***UPDATE: After digging into the app a little further, when choosing what you'd like to do with the documents, I selected the option "Move to.." and it allowed me to save my very large file (43 pages in all) to my iCloud Drive. 🙌🏼 I'm giving 5 stars after all and will humbly refer to my first attempts as "User Error.".Version: 3.2

Best app everThis is rhe only paid app that i have bought cuz of its features. Loved it.Version: 2.1

Fantastic app!I’ve been using this for over a year now and it still works great! It’s very easy to use and the most important thing for me is that I don’t need to go home to use my photo copy machine because I have this app. I can use it anytime and anywhere. Absolutely fantastic if you’re a university student, work in an office or cannot afford to keep buying ink for your photo copy machine..Version: 3.17

Pretty good but still need improvementPretty good to use. Improvement needed Please put the camera button on the side for iPad users and it will be perfect..Version: 1.0

Love this appLove is in the versatility of this app.Version: 3.1

Easy and quick scansThis app saved me a lot of time and energy, it’s the best option unless we need more than 50 pages to scan with a machine. I’ve been using this app for years and I plan to continue using it..Version: 4.12

Fab!After leaving my job to care for my poorly hubby, I still need to email and scan documents which I would have previously only been able to do in the office. But this app has solved my problem and I can now do this from home. Thanks!.Version: 3.2

Can't live without itMy favourite most functional app! This makes everything look smooth and professional! Thanks so much for this app..Version: 3.2

Must have appI use this app all the time, very good and useful to scan and send documents..Version: 4.16

Great app, very handyJust when you need a scanner and then realize you have this app! It's great , used it for signing contract document and sending straight from app. Like anything it takes familiarizing yourself with it and then becomes easier to use..Version: 3.2

Brilliant easy appAbsolutely brilliant app, so easy to use and share documents from. I have the free version and absolutely love it. It has solved all my day to day issues with scanning Just point at document, it zooms in and out automatically and takes photo which it then converts to PDF Couldn't be simpler.Version: 3.2

Wonderful AppApp works extremely well and does everything as it should. You must however pay 5.99 and buy the app otherwise it's not worth it. The ads that it pops up are absolutely out of control and you can only scan three documents so the trial version is not worth it if you really need it just buy it it is worth it. The auto scan/picture function is much better and easier to use than Turbo scan. One major negative issue is you can save to cloud servers but not iCloud that I can find anywhere thus 4 stars..Version: 3.2

Best appBest app to scan with phone and go!.Version: 4.23

Easy to useGreat and easy to use, great it has upload to your cloud storage..Version: 2.0

Update issues!!!!I have used this app and have loved it for years!!! However, in the past couple of weeks, due to one of the recent updates no doubt, the app is not the same!!! The order in which I choose the pages is very important but now they are all scrambled when the pdf is created. Plus, the first screen shown to edit is not always the same and sometimes the pages are cut off on the ends!! Whats going on??? I want the older version back as this app is no longer useful at all this way!.Version: 4.28

Very HappyI originally downloaded for a specific task but after using iScanner for a couple of years find that I rely on it more and more for scanning sending and collating documents I’ve even used the fax facility a couple of times instead of having a print/scan/fax machine that’ll be much more bothersome to use.Version: 4.32

Good but...It works well but is not totally user friendly... more instructions and demos please....Version: 4.20

So usefulI tried the free version and bought the full version. If your time is valuable then its well worth buying. Instead of scanning every page through a scanner this just snaps all the pages through a photo and then sends straight from my phone. So easy..Version: 3.2

Great app to make a PDFGreat to make a pdf from the instant snap shot with the camera.Version: 3.0

A pleasure to useVery simple and effective programme..Version: 2.1

Email Glitch?I keep attempting to email a PDF or Jpeg image of a document to myself (or others) and I just keep getting a banner across the top stating "!Enter your email address to send documents to it". I've entered my email address under the settings toolbar and there is no other place to input an email. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I even purchased the Pro version to overcome this and continue to have the same issue...making this app useless to me at this point..Version: 3.2

Simply brilliantEasy to use, makes sending important documents easy and safe. Does it quicker and better than our home printer/scanner does. Bought full version so we can drop box as well..Version: 3.2

IScannerThis is a simple app which does its job very well. It’s best feature as far as I’m concerned is that I can add my signature to documents and then email them from the app, although they always seem to be queued to send even when I’m connected to wifi..Version: 3.4

WoWSuper application et très pratique !.Version: 4.29

Reliable and dependable3+ years now using this App, and it is still 100% there when needed. No crashes, no jumping to odd screens etc., and the developers have kept the operation as simple as it was in the beginning, with performance improvements that don’t make you relearn to use it as happens often with other Apps. There are other similar Apps out there, as evidenced by colleagues trying to scan from their phones, often giving me a chance to show off; here, let me do that for you! Hope you keep this App going with the same simplicity and reliability..Version: 4.3

I scannerExcellent application to use. I have recommended for a lot of my friends since I started using it Simple and easy to use.Version: 4.28

Great app!Does what you expect from a Scanner app. The only thing, you cannot change the auto text that it adds into the emails when you send the attachment out, have to change it manually every time which is quite annoying..Version: 3.2

Pretty GoodWhen it works which is most of the time it is a great app. Like others I get annoyed by the rate now and is in part one of the reasons I am rating now in the hope that the request will go away. Just recently when I email the PDF to my mac laptop I have trouble printing it which I did not have before and it only relates to items saved on this app.Version: 3.2

Why iScanner is better than NotesIt’s true, your iPhone notes app has a document scanner inspired by iScanner, but here’s why I still use iScanner. You get a better scan. I find iScanner’s edge detection to be faster and more accurate, as well as the edge edit feature being MUCH easier to use because of the cleverly placed magnifiers. On Notes the magnifiers end up hard to see under your finger. With iScanner it’s actually fun trimming up those edges. The color tuning options are also very quick and easy to get the best look from the scanned document. Easier to manage and share. I much prefer using iScanner to manage my scanned files and export them to PDF/JPEG on the fly. Just my two cents worth..Version: 3.28

Great appThis app is very quick and easy to use in creating PDF files and sending them via email plus it has loads of other features excellent app.Version: 3.4

Highly recommendedI’ve been using this for about 6 years and it is a great life app to have. I’ve gone from using it to scan a submit university assignments to submitting all my expenses for the yearly tax return. And now that I’m buying a house, scanning endless statements and documents to send to and from your lawyers and brokers is an absolute breeze and a must have. I’ve recommended to a lot of people I’ve met in my life journey. It’s great..Version: 3.4

Very user friendly appUse it all the time to create multi page PDF docs to email..Version: 4.12

Best app for its purposeThis is the best app for its purpose I have ever used! I have tried a bunch of different once’s and it really is good. I use it over my printer now to create any pdfs I need. The editing tools make it really easy.Version: 3.34

Best app I have ever purchased. I’d Recommend it to anyone!Normally I wouldn’t write a review but this app is great. It has been a huge help on many occasions at work. Being able to photograph documents and edit them with the option to save in different formats including PDF. It’s an app I think everyone should have as an easy way to keep track of and back up important paperwork and documents. I wouldn’t even bother with the free version. spend the money for the full version you won’t regret it! I cant recommend this app enough!.Version: 3.34

Scanner appI’ve been using this app for a few years now and can say that it is absolutely brilliant and thoroughly recommended. Can’t remember the reason but ended up upgrading to the pro paid for version but was under £5.00 and worth every penny as I’ve often written out my customers invoice at the roadside , emailed over and have been paid on several occasions before I’ve even got to the end of the road . Top scanner app and just works 😀👍.Version: 3.12

This has changed my life!!!The scanner app is truly an app that makes life so much easier. Now I do not need to find a scanning machine in someone's office my phone has become a scanner and this has revolutionised my life I would give this App a 10 out of 10.Version: 3.2

The latest application has worse picture quality than prior versions of the applicationUnfortunately the latest downloaded version of this application has severe picture quality when scanning a document. It becomes virtually not useable. I try several times but the quality lacks the necessary resolution. I am very disappointed, because the prior version of the application worked really well for quality..Version: 3.25

Better than desktop scanners!I gave up my desktop scanner after refusing to sync with my pic for no reason or jamming docs or even refusing to scan at all...this app is trouble free, quick, can email direct or save it or import to Dropbox... I just love it..Version: 3.2

Excellent app.Easy to use, great quality..Version: 3.2

Excellent ApHave been using this app for years . Never failed me . Easy and quick to use ..Version: 3.25

Easy to use AppGreat scanner have now used it for years.Version: 4.3

Great ScannerScan the pages, drag the corner of the image box to the corners of the pages scanned, click done, email to self or upload to box. Very easy to use scanner application with great quality. I scan documents on the go, client documents handed to me to look at; no longer to I have to ask can you send me a copy of that; no longer do I have to take the original scan it at a traditional machine and then have to return the document. If you have ever needed a digital copy of a document, or a copy to take with you for later, then you need to get this application now. It will save you time and money..Version: 3.2

The best scannerIt’s fast an professional save me lots of time.Version: 3.32

PortableI don't have a scanner at work. This is saved my life. Makes me look professional when I send something out as a PDF. Am easy way to store documents. When asked for them, I can simply open my phone and send them as I am standing there. I have had a couple of instances where people got the PDF and couldn't read it but that is it usual, and I'm not sure why it happens. Document can be signed, locked, rescanned. Very user friendly..Version: 3.11

Great Scanner app!Fantastic....very powerful scanner....thank you!.Version: 3.33

Does what it says on the tinAnd a lot more too. I spend a lot of time scanning, and this app saves time without loss of quality. At the end of a meeting I am able to offer employees a copy of the notes, straight to their phone or union rep. Thank you so much for this app..Version: 3.2

Perfect scanning appI’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s awesome! I love how easy it is to use. The quality of the scans are great and I haven’t had any problems yet. You can change how the scan looks after you’ve already ‘scanned’ it but changing it to a gray scale, black & white, all colors, etc. It’s simple to remove/add pages as well as rescan a particular page. The best part about this app is being able to save as a PDF and emailing as a PDF. I’ve also recently started using a faxing app and this app makes it so much easier. Plus it’s all free! Overall great app. I rarely write app reviews but I had to write on for this! You won’t regret downloading this app..Version: 3.19

The best out of many I have tried! Even just the free version.I have used many different scanning type apps. However, there is just something missing with their organization or edge detection or file saving. It is very fast and will allow you options to either take a picture or import one from Photos. I will be upgrading to the paid version for the OCR capabilities. However, just using the scanning and file saving is everything that I need to go paperless. I absolutely love this program. I do not believe you can go wrong with the free Version if scanning is all you need..Version: 3.4

IScannerI love the convenience of having a scanner on my phone..Version: 2.1

Awesome Scanner !!The quality of this app is brilliant!! It saved me a ton of time while on the road !!.Version: 4.41

Love!This app.Version: 3.2

Great app easy to use and worth the $Great scanning app that is very easy to use and edit the documents I love it and think it was well worth buying..Version: 3.2

Does not work as advertisedI was pretty excited about this app but was disappointed. The pdf function may work I can’t speak to that as I didn’t get the app for that function. the count function does not work at all. It only counts if the objects are all exactly the same of the perspective is off just a little it won’t count. Plus you can not make the window small enough to count small items. The math equation solver does not work very well at all. I am very disappointed in this app. I have to be fair and reiterate that I did not test the pdf function as that is not why I purchased the app.Version: 4.6

An incredibly useful toolI have found this invaluable. Once adjusted it gives a clear scan and self adjusts future scans. I do find it is much more efficient in black and white as the colour doesn’t seem to eliminate shadow in the same way. It is easy to crop and straighten scans and if necessary just delete and retake 1 page. I use a music stand to scan from as it seems to give the best angle for reducing some shadow..Version: 4.45

Excellent App, use it regularly instead of a scannerI was planning to buy a scanner a few years back for the home office, until I realised how expensive they were! Got this app for $5 or thereabouts and it fulfils so far every scanning use I’ve needed it for. Intuitive, fast, easy to use as well.Version: 3.4

Generally very good.Only problem I have - Crashes every time I try to ‘Share > JPG > Save Image’ though which is very annoying. Sometimes some other random crashes when editing an image but they are only occasional not every time..Version: 3.22

GoodThanks.Version: 3.2

HizzyUser friendly app, fast and convenient 👍.Version: 3.2

Paperless at its finestGreat.Version: 3.33

Good mobile scanner appThe quality of scan is pretty good and provides options for adjusting clarity of written content. It would be great if it allowed adjusting the size of the scan. At times it creates really big docs and prevents sending it out on emails due to the big size. Update June 19, 2017 It has almost replaced my need for using a proper scanner, which I still use it but only when I need high quality scans. For everyday regular scan iScanner has been doing a marvelous job..Version: 3.2

Fantastic appBought the full app. Fantastic for sending my job sheets to customers saves a lot of time scanning on computer then attaching to emails. Just scan paper work adjust if need to and send via email could not be any easier. 10 out of 10.Version: 3.2

Very goodVery good.Version: 3.2

Great purchase with an annoying flaw.I use this app religiously for scanning documents at work on the fly and I like that I can back things up on Dropbox, Evernote, etc etc... but if there is one thing that has started to annoy me to no end, is that I bought the app not only for utility, but so I can avoid the ads every 9 seconds. Now even after I bought it, it still gives me pop ups to sign my email up for news and promotions. Absolutely annoying. I already paid you 5 bucks to use your app, stop repeatedly bothering me!!.Version: 3.2

Quick and EffectiveKeeps asking for feedback even when you have already done it. Otherwise would have been 5-stars. Ditch the desktop scanner. This is all you need..Version: 3.2

Too goodToo good like the service very much.Version: 4.28

I ScannerBrilliant just brilliant. Best hand held scanner I've ever used. I prefer to use the I scanner to the scanner I have on my desk top printer. It quick and unbelievably easy to use then I just email the document where ever and how ever I like. Putting scanned documents into separate folders is easy takes seconds. I would recommend to everyone if you don't have this app on your phone get it. You never know when you might need it and you will be so glad you do..Version: 3.2

SuperbGreat little toy that gets the business done!!.Version: 3.2

COO, World Fashions GroupExcellent service!.Version: 3.31

ExtraApplication extraordinaire, simple et hautement efficace. Bravo aux concepteurs !.Version: 4.19

Juste super applicationMoi c’est ma préférée s’a fait des années que c’est elle que j’utilise. Bravo.Version: 4.43

Best everHighly recommend.Version: 2.1

Making my life so much easier!I just recently downloaded the app and shortly after upgraded to pro because I can seriously see myself using this a lot. It is easy to use and manage documents uploaded with ability to edit document quality and share directly from the app. I cannot really tell the difference in quality between the pro and free version other than the elimination of upgrade messages. I will say being able to password protect documents is really useful specially when uploading documents with sensitive information..Version: 3.2

EvaluaciónVery, very good. Thank you..Version: 3.33

Lost my all scan files afterThanks to this I’m loosing my job I’m trying recover 11 GB my data form this app it’s not showing any of my file in app , I have spoken to apple support they tried and ask me contact the app support no one contacted me for last 48 hrs.Version: 4.27

Fabulous AppLove this app, and the developers are brilliant. I previously reviewed making a suggestion about a change and they listened and now the app is even better! One note, it would be super useful if you could select the filter before you start scanning (i.e. photo, black and white etc) as when I’m scanning multiple pages I then have to go through each one to change it as it defaults to black and white and most of the time I need a photo copy in colour. Other than that, brilliant!.Version: 3.25

The most useful app I have!I have used this app, for so many important things... don't know what I would do without it now. Completely eliminates the need for a home scanner..Version: 3.2

Brilliant!I’ve been using this app for years ... never disappointed Excellent quality. I’ve used it for formal documents as well...never had an issue. And it’s free!!! Definitely give it a go!.Version: 3.23

You Need This!Love this app. Useful in so many ways. One of the most used on my phone. They seem to stay on top of development and fixes with regular releases, which I really appreciate. The only thing I don't like is losing double tap to zoom feature which went away several versions ago. Pinch to zoom is OK, but I much prefer two tap zoom. I used it on every scan to dive in and verify image integrity. Not sure why that changed.....Version: 4.41

Really useful app, no complaintsI have used the app for about 2 years. Primarily for sending docs to the family and saving paper docs to the cloud. I really like it and have no suggestions for improvement..Version: 3.2

I scanner ProUnfortunately, during phone transfer, this app lost years of vital data saved in the cloud. No support despite three attempts to contact. My query was ignored; no one replied. Support has been non-existent. Would not advise anyone to trust this app..Version: 3.4

Does the job wellI’ve been using this app for about a year and it really does the job; and I like the recent improvements.Version: 4.24

Best scanning appThis app is the best. I’ve used it for many years and never had any issues. I recommend it to everyone I know..Version: 4.9

Good appEasy to use helps heaps when I don't have a printer.Version: 3.2

Mr. Indi SinghExcellent app! Reliable and very easy to use! Great functionality. Would be great if you could scan a document and reply to an existing email in your inbox, rather than scanning and sending a new email to that person. Small thing though. On the whole, really pleased with this app!.Version: 4.8

IScannerThis is a most convenient app for making a quick copy to add to a document with no fuss and simple editing. I like the facility for straightening the picture . Recently my scanner went out of commission so I was very happy to find this simple replacement for everyday copying. Highly recommended. It is one of my most useful apps..Version: 3.0.2

Mr VernonExcellent n brilliant n very useful handy App! Works great n does the Job super effeciently. Very Efficiently does the scanning n then attaching. Well done I would recommend anyone who wants to scan documents n stuff to use this brilliant app. Well done guys. So Useful..Version: 4.40

Very ConvenientI've used this scanner for business & personal use and I'm very happy with it. Its so convenient especially when your on the go & don't have access to your printer/scanner. The one complaint I have is that when I upgraded to the pro version I lost all my previous scans. But there's plenty of options to save - Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive you just have to remember to do it after you scan your document..Version: 3.2

This app has saved me many times!This app is very practical and I'm so glad I have it! The only complaints I have is that once you've made a scan, you can't seem to ever delete it. I accidentally took a picture in scan mode of a wall, somehow it got saved and now it's in my list of scans. You also can't change a scan once it's made (add a new sheet, rearrange the order of pages, etc). Not a big deal, as I just make a new one in those cases, but annoying to have a list of useless scans, or one time scans, accumulating in the app. Otherwise, this app has saved me many times!.Version: 3.2

Great easy scanner appA great app to scan documents, convert to a PDF and store and send them. I find it easier to take a picture with my phone camera first then upload it to the app rather than take the picture whilst the app is open..Version: 3.2

Easy to useI used this app for free for quite a while but found it so handy that I ended up paying for it and haven’t regretted it. It can easily create multiple page documents and adjust resolution so as to have a reasonable size file..Version: 3.28

Great stuffGreat app - just had to write something so that it would quit asking me lol.Version: 2.1

ScannerIt works.Version: 3.34

GoodGood app that can do lots of things. Lately its been bugging out, not saving things and freezing after scanning..Version: 4.38

Good app but I almost deleted it before I tried itTwo recommendations to make if you want better reviews the first one to not start something a person to upgrade to the pro version I think I've given them a chance to try the trial version at least let me use my maximum of three document until you start bugging me about pro seriously it was overkill and I will even try it I almost just deleted it immediately second suggestion distinguish the two applications from each other the icons are identicaladd the word pro to the pro application for god sake's otherwise I could delete the wrong one and I would consistently trying to upload it would mess I'm just distinguish them from each other.Version: 3.2

Great app - so usefulPaid for the full version after using the trial version for a while. Perfect for anyone who needs to send signed docs back. This is a great scanning app with loads of good features and easy to use. The OCR test recognition works very well and has saves me a lot of time..Version: 3.2

Good for meEasy to use.Version: 1.0

Incredible. LifesaverI volunteer for a dog rescue and work for a design firm. In my daily life I have access to high end scanners and copiers. Whole volunteering I am always in the need of scanning medical records and adoption documents for the rescue dogs. I never expected to find an app that would even compare to the equipment that I have to work - I was wrong. This app is incredible, flexible and fast. And the quality is better than our high end scanners - truly. This app is worth every penny and has saved me endless hours standing at a scanner and is a smart app. I highly recommend..Version: 3.2

Literally replaced my file cabinetOnce I found out I could fax or upload to google drive or email myself anything I bought the app. Just being able to scan about anything and it looks like a legit scan or fax helps when you don’t have a scanner/ printer. Last year I went through and scanned everything in my file cabinet and organized everything in the app. Really this apps usefulness comes from how simple the design is and how robust the options are. This app alone is better than the Neat scanner..Version: 3.19

Efficient, but expected moreReally efficient and simple scanning tool. However I had higher expectations and was somewhat disappointed to the fact that it may take a while to recognize the borders and/or get a steady shot due to hand movement. Nonetheless I recommend this app.Version: 3.2

Very practical!!!Works always great for anything I need..Version: 3.2

So easy to use - a life saverLove this app - use it all the time; has saved me on many occasions when I've needed to send a copy of a document (but not as a photo) Highly recommend it!!!.Version: 3.2

A MUST HAVEBest money I have ever spend on any paid app. A must have app for on the go professionals. Well done guys. I also bought the fax etc app but never used it as it's asking for call credits but they should creat something which allows users to use their phone to send fax. Overall I can't do without this app..Version: 3.2

IScannerNice simple app for scanning, I do like the ability to save to Dropbox..Version: 3.2

Easy Scan, easy adjustments, Simple and straightforward. Colour formatting could be improved.One of the best easy scan app out there. Would recommend to anybody requiring quick scan at low res. Easy to use, to format and to save. When dealing with tons of admin paperwork, it could save precious hours..Version: 3.4

Hands-down the most useful app on my phoneOf the tons of apps on my phone, this is the most I paid, yet the BEST money ever spent on an app. Worth FAR more than I paid. It’s extremely user friendly, and very versatile. I use it all the time .... being able to create PDFs in my pajamas using my phone camera, and then email them instantly (it accesses my entire phone book) is priceless. I am also able to name and store the documents, and add pages at any time. This is a workhorse and I highly recommend it!.Version: 3.19

Issue when closing the AppIt would perpetually ask for your passcode or thumb when you try to close the app..Version: 3.3

So easyI use this all the time to PDF signed docs and email them back to clients and institutions. It is quick, the resolution is great for docs, it auto crops. Saves me heaps of time..Version: 3.2

Great ap!I use this ap to scan receipts for our trucking business. Work fantastic with emailing pdf files. Has saved me from the steps of copying, scanning, downloading to my computer then having open email and add as an attachment. This is just easy, quick and very convenient. I would highly recommend this. Worth every penny and more!.Version: 4.44

Great appMore convenient than using the photocopier..Version: 2.1

Love it!Have used this several times for work already. It's fantastic and easy to use. Love being able to scan in multiple pages and email them straight to my work address..Version: 1.0

Not so usefulOnly does b/w scan. Text is ok but any pics or graphics are not captured to desired level..Version: 3.3

ScannerEven though I very seldom pay for apps. I just had to buy this app. No contract one time fee of 20$. It scans papers and turns them into the format needed as well as adding signatures and text. It’s an app that apple should look at buying outright so we all feel like our iPhone has everything we need cause this app does everything needed.Version: 4.22

Just so simple, even I could use itThis is one product which lives up to its name and reputation. I was having trouble with my home printer and scanner, mostly because I use them so rarely now. The thought of trying to find someone who would look at my scanner and be able to fix it cheaper than buying a completely new one was, frankly, too much to bear. I spoke to a friend who told me about iScanner. She uses it for all her work and she has a busy business of her own as well as handling the accounts for the family business. I don’t like wasting money, but for $20bucks, there was not much worry there. It works, it tells you what to do, and by the second time you use it, you are an expert. I am sold!!.Version: 3.15

ImpressiveThis app has been a lifesaver for business. Scan and send a PDF while on the go. Absolutely impressed 😊.Version: 3.3

Fantastic appI do all my scanning with this app because it’s so good. I initially used the free version for a while, but the border detection and colour options made it worthwhile to get the whole package. I export my work via email or add it to my dropbox immediately and it works a treat!.Version: 3.12

Good appVery intuitive to use and handy to have a scanner in my phone.Version: 2.0

Great appI have been using this app for years. I don’t know much about any other scanner apps out there, but this app has been a game changer. It’s very simple and convenient to use. I have recommended it to many friends. I continue to use the app whenever I need to send a document via email, text, etc. I like that it has the option to send in color or in the regular scan mode. Also of note, the app makes it very easy to file and organize your documents. I definitely recommend this app..Version: 4.12

ExcellentSafe, quality and easy to use.Version: 2.0

RecommendUse this scanner daily and have no problems..Version: 3.22

Great for an emergency!!This app is one of my favourite purchases ever. The free version has all the same features as the paid, except for the number of items you can save (free having a limit). It’s very easy to use, and once you get the hang of where the tools are, it’s SO EASY AND FAST. Must have for uni students/people who need to scan things on the go, and a really good tool for helping you keep everything centralised on your phone..Version: 3.12

FantasticFantastic, easy to use, saves having to faf around with scanner on my printer, can scan documents either by taking a photo or by selecting from photos on phone. Can also sign documents before sending them. Only negative is that it only scans in b&w..Version: 3.2

Handy pocket scannerI have now used this app for several years. Working out of my home, I find it very useful..Version: 4.44

Excellent app with one faultIt's a great scanning app, I've been using it lots of times, photos come out great. Useful to have the quality choice from low to high. The auto detect borders is brilliant, almost 99% perfect. One problem though is one you've adjusted the colours, black and white features, there is no reset to default. I have to keep uninstalling and installing the app for this reason alone. Please fix it to include reset to default. Thank you..Version: 3.2

Very handy scannerI don't have to search around for a scanner for immediate scanning of documents. I would have given 5 stars if the app could give Gmail app support with it. Other than that perfect app.Version: 3.2

Best mistake everI purchased this app to scan and upload my ID to my States government website. Unfortunately, the website didn’t work with iPhones so I felt I wasted $15 on an app I’ll never use. However, I was so wrong! I did an ENTIRE home loan application using this app. Not once did I have to go to Print, scan, eSign, or make a pdf file from the comfort of my iPhone. It even has the option to fax. Saved me many trips to The UPS Store or Fed/Ex Kinkos. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 3.38

Great scannerExcellent app!.Version: 3.1

Great App all aroundI’ve been using said app for a few years now and it has been a tremendously appreciated addition to my app arsenal. If you do business related anything often then this is app worth investing it. It’s simple and straight forward. It’s as user friendly as anything out to date. For example, get the document you need, hold phone over said document and boom, it’s scanned. You don’t event have to press automatically does it for you. You even have the option of editing what you scanned. Great app hands down. Don’t take my word for it..try it out for yourself..Version: 3.4

Excellent aide to a mobile executiveThis simple tool aids the most mobile of business people. It is very easy to use and it portability is fantastic. The ability to use OCR is also an advantage.Version: 3.2

Rock solid scanner appI own a construction firm and won’t waste time with convoluted or flakey programs and apps. This scanning app is rock solid, intuitive, and makes it child’s-play to transfer documents from the worksite to the construction office fast..Version: 3.12

Simple n greatUse all the time to make pdf's and mail them from phone. Keep all kinds of docs handy. Have copied whole 50-page docs and sent by email. Also easy to transfer via ftp server in app, normally turned off of course for security. You can passcode-protect any document. Sometimes it is frustrating if it insists your doc fits in one of the predetermined sizes/shapes, which makes your doc look distorted but the original is still there if needed, and you can still try another. Saying “Original Size” solves shape but makes the email recipient unable to print without expertise. Also wish I had better corner fine-tuning: my thumb just isn’t precise enough when I let go. Small issues compared to the incredible usefulness just about every day..Version: 3.34

5 stars to meI tried it out and loved it! Bought the bundle. It really does a good job! Worth the money for me.Version: 3.2

Does what it saysThis app pretty much kills the need for a flat bed document scanner and allows you to scan anything anywhere quickly which I like and instantly email it to yourself in .PDF format. The work flow is straight forward and the auto border detection works amazing most of the time. It's also faster than a flat bed scanner and the resulting document looks crisp and you can't tell it wasn't scanned in but rather taken as a picture. I also like that if your scan from a distance the iPhone 7 still has enough resolution to give you a crisp, square image! I would like it to automatically sync the scanned documents to my iCloud and Dropbox and also be able to save the documents as images so they go into my roll as well as a .PDF. Another great feature is you can use an image as a document if someone sends you something to sign in an email and even apply a live signature on top of it using your phone and mail it back to them. This way you don't waste any paper and can turn around signatures very fast.Version: 3.2

I love this appI was going to go and buy a small photocopier, but then I came across this app. I use the app to scan in what I need copied and then just print it off on my home printer. This app has saved me a lot of time and money!!! It's very easy to use and a great price. I couldn't be happier with it..Version: 3.2

Love it! Useful, easy, powerful!Capture docs simply, fine tune or not, save--even send--all within the app. I haven't even begun to discover the range of things I can accomplish with this app. My daughter recommended this app to me, and it's obviously going to be indispensable for saving documents and records. With next to no effort almost all my filing is going onto my devices rather than into file drawers. Plus I can email scans (jpg or PDF) effortlessly. Thanks for a great app!.Version: 3.4

Great apps works every timeWorks every time.Version: 4.41

Essential for teachingI use every day to save digital copies of written maths answers and board notes etc. so easy and quick to use..Version: 3.22

AdeyGreat on-the-move scanner. I have used it for a couple of months now and so long as you keep a steady hand for the pictures, the scanner file quality is great. Scan a receipt for expenses. Scan a document while out at a meeting. Could be the only scanner you’ll need! Well worth it..Version: 3.3

Super for Traveling Instructor but...This app is suuuuuper awesomely convenient for me. I travel to various schools and studios to train actors and must report Attendance to home base office. This app allows me to NOT have to make it to a copier machine and scanner for 30 minutes every week. I simply snap a photo scan of their old-school handwritten attendance sheets during class cleanup time. Email immediately aaaaand FINISHED! No paperwork! Now, this app LOSES HALF A STAR because it's not in color and just so grainy. And I have an i6s I'm working with. There are also too few post-editing options to truly take over as my main scanner..Version: 3.2

IScannerVery happy with how i can scan or photograph documents and create pdf's with this app from my ipad. excellent app.Version: 4.31

Good appAsk too many times for review.Version: 2.1

Good appThis is fine for signing the received document and what is sent by email, but there are still a few lines that sign to not get too crooked and an eraser would be of great help to delete a letter when it is signed, for this and it all..Version: 3.19

An Absolute Must for the Small BusinessI don’t ever leave reviews. Let’s be fair. Who can be bothered. However I’ve used this app for years and it’s always been useful. It awkward to navigate. Specially when creating files of receipts for my accountant. Since the new update it’s brilliant. If you’re a small business and scan files. Stop. Use this app and make your life easier..Version: 4.24

Best scanning appQuick, accurate , easy to scan and upload to the cloud! Would be nice to have an automatic upload to the cloud feature.....Version: 3.12

SneakyFound functionally ok but only if y you purchase. Get sick of prompts to rate it every time I use it. Needs to be more disclosure about functionality b4 I download Response said that problem would be fixed on April 25' now July 25 and still have same problem. Definitely a waste of money. Buy a different app Always asks me to upgrade to pro when I did that months ago. Very very annoying andv time wasting.Version: 3.2

Saves timeThe app gets better when you become more familiar with the features, save time by taking photos of the pages first and then create the pdf. using the camera can be frustrating.Version: 3.4

So handy!!Just love using it, time saving and handy..Version: 4.12

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