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Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ app received 175 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Game of Thrones: Conquest ™? Can you share your negative thoughts about game of thrones: conquest ™?

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Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ for Negative User Reviews

Terrible.Shamelessly pay-to-win. You will constantly be destroyed by players who spend thousands of dollars in the game. I enjoy the crafting, city building and fighting animals but its a waste of my time since I'm always being destroyed by the big spenders..Version: 4.4.458113

Good game, but lacking some mechanicsThe game is solid enough and I’m enjoying it so far. However, in upgrading the buildings within your castle, a few say ‘in development’ and have no use. Despite having no use, we have to use resources to level them up to progress with other buildings which makes no sense. We could be able to upgrade them, but remove the part where it is essential to progress until they serve a purpose. Thanks 🙂.Version: 1.2.217606

Love yet hateAddition: IM SICK OF OPENING THIS GAME TO FIND MY SUPPLIES GONE AND MY TROOPS WOUNDED OR KILLED. ITS NOT FAIR TO ATTACK SOMEONE THAT CANT SEFENS THEMSELVES. I CANT EVWN UPGRADE TO THE NEXT LEVEL KEEP BECAUSE I NEED 4+ MILLION FOOD AND WOOD EACH AND EVERYTIME I TURN AROUND ITS BEEN PILLAGED. ITS MAKING ME WANT TO DELETE THE GAME AND BE DONE WITH IT. I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit. But I have a couple ideas to make it better. First, there needs to be a better way to send a percentage of your troops on a march. Also, it would be nice to have a cue for the marches: so when your troops are on a march and return they immediately go to the next march on the cue. One cue for each march slot. AND allow the marches to battle several targets on one march. For example, if there are two targets next to each other, why would they have to come back to the castle instead of just battling two targets on the same march. Finally, I don’t think you should be able to attack a house if that player is offline. It depletes their troops and supplies and they have no option to defend themselves. Many times I have opened the game to find my stashes gone and my troops wounded or killed. I am not available to play this game 24/7 and I would like it if I didn’t loose everything I’ve built while I’m at work or unavailable. That’s all I’ve got for now..Version: 1.8.225694

Exhorbitant prices for in game purchasesYou can't progress beyond level 12 without buying in game packs. Packs offered vary from a few USD (limited availability) to USD$100 (common availability). The currency conversion rates to £,€, or other major world currencies are outrageous. USD$100 will not cover everything you need to upgrade one building at any level. There are 14 primary buildings and around 32 secondary buildings in the build path per level. This becomes ridiculously expensive in and of itself, and then there is the cost to build troops on top of that.... Don't waste your time or your money. There are much better P2W games out there with less bugs and are not still in beta like this game should be. MANY OF THE PRIMARY BUILDINGS IN THE BUILD QUEUE ARE STILL IN DEVELOPMENT - THE GAME IS STILL NOT COMPLETE MONTHS AFTER ITS LAUNCH.Version: 1.4.221147

Utter scamThe game is cleverly designed to hook you in enough that you’ll eventually need to spend substantial $$, or else progress very slowly. And WB are well within their rights to do so, if we’re prepared to keep playing. However, if we are paying, the sheer number and regularity of major glitches in the game, is simply inexcusable. WB give vague responses and don’t acknowledge faults. Many times the game is virtually unplayable due to its many glitches, needing to be reloaded frequently, and often at crucial moments, and still often not fixing the problem. WB really should be ashamed. They are stealing money from players while delivering a shoddy product..Version: 2.1.233816

Worst game on the planet.WB can make all the fake reviews they want. They know how glitchy the game is. Fun facts: Keep 30 is over 10-15k USD. And a level 71 adult dragon is over 50k. Yes. You heard that right. Thousands of dollars. If you don’t reach T8 troops within 2 months of playing then you’ll fall behind. During a merged kingdom (when your kingdom merged into another) things become even more difficult. T9 troops become the only thing that will allow you to do much of anything and that is around 2-3k USD. There used to be a group of guys that could get you packs( purchases) for 50% off the game cost. But thanks to WB, they weren’t getting enough money and they destroyed them. This game will get you to meet people. Make friends. And then over time most of your friends will quit. This game is expensive and worse than a drug habit. I’ve seen marriages in real life end because of people spending so much. If you do choose to play this game. Download the Discord app. It will help you communicate with your team. This is to warn anyone. Most people who have played the game long enough view this game as very glitchy and WB doesn’t do much to refund you. Best thing you could do is get a credit card. Max it out on this game and then say someone stole your identity and make WB have to come out of pocket. Good luck to you..Version: 2.3.237061

Keystone jokeIt seems the only way to get advance resources to grow in the higher levels is to spend 100s of dollars. A complete joke stay away from the game..Version: 2.6.241756

Paywalls and poor PvPThis developer is excellent and the game is a fine example of its genre. However the gameplay suffers extremely from paywalls and poorly constructed artificial PvP rules. This is a clear cash grab from the developers who unashamedly make every single aspect of the game reliant on timed sales special offer paywalls. Grinding days of the week for specific “free” resources is not a viable option to compete as you have to pay for stamina and healing, training troops, building, you name it. If you want to pay for every part of gameplay this is for you. Free to wait and be redundant only this freemium business model is a disgrace to the entertainment company that produced great value titles for PC..Version: 6.2.733834

Pay to winYou can’t really do much unless you pay. Sure the first month is easy but after that’s it’s virtually impossible unless you pay or belong to an alliance of people who pay.....Version: 1.8.226165

Pretty cool gameThe game play is pretty captivating. I like that it has some complexity to keep you interested. You’ll easily lose hours playing it. Being a big fan of the GoT episodes, it does bring some aspects of the show to life, which is also pretty cool. I’ve had fun romping around Westeros and bumping into some of the famous landmarks in the GoT story. What I dislike is how heavily the in-app purchases drive your progress and result. It really does feel like you win if you can afford to spend the money on winning..Version: 1.10.229925

Cold CommunityNot a very welcoming community. I find myself being ignored in chat when I ask questions, and I was kicked out of an allegiance the game keeps bugging me to join in on with no reason or warning given. The game itself is alright but soon I won’t have the gold to keep protecting my city and since apparently we’re not allowed to integrate ourselves with older players I’ll probably give up soon. I don’t blame the devs for this, obviously, but it would be nice if the players themselves would be more open to providing information to newer players, especially where alliances are involved. Why make it open to join if you’re going to remove players for no reason? After joining, what should I be doing to help out? How are we supposed to protect ourselves and join in on the struggle for power if already established players don’t allow it? Even further, they have zero need for players looking to learn beyond attacking and taking resources from vulnerable people scrambling for allies for their own means because they’re already well ahead. Either way, there’s a lot of improvements that could be made in the attitude of the player base and the immense rift in power between new players and older players. I probably won’t pick the game up again after I run out of gold to buy shields, but it’s fun until you do..Version: 2.4.239324

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS GAME!I started playing this game about 2 months ago. All was good and fun until the game messed up. In this game you have a option of putting up a shield to protect your kingdom, troops and resources(which you pay for 99% of the time) so no other players can attack it. Well, I logged in one day only to find me shield had not completed its 24hr duration and of coarse I was attacked and lost everything. I message to costumer service department with the issue to only get the run around for about 2 weeks until finally someone emailed me confirming that indeed I did place my 24hr shield up the night before the attacks but still did nothing to replenish what I had lost. So I sent them another message with a screenshot showing what day and time the attacks happen to once again prove my complaint and that my shield should have still been up. Once again I was given the run around for another week or so just for them to send me another email to tell me they couldn’t help. I spent HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on this game. I understand odd things come up and games like this and typically the issues are fixed fast but if it effects the gamer in a way where they lost what they spent their money on they WILL NOT HELP in anyway way shape or form. Don’t waste your time and money on this game!.Version: 3.2.256488

This is a pay to play game 100%!I have spent 3 years building my keep and pouring money into this game i have finally got to a point where I can play. We got merged for a 3 time with super rich players who hog all the SOPs. Some players have 6 keep 35’s. Most alliances will not take in players less then keep 30. They use bots to hold spots making us littles obsolete. Our bigger players ended up leaving our team only to join with players who can play at there level. I don’t blame them wanting to play. I wish we had the option to relocate our keeps to a better matched kingdom where we have a chance at least in playing the game. Or put a keep max cap on two star SOPs and below. This would at least let little players participate in helping the alliance. The biggest disappointment is the glitches. You would think with all the profits they have made the game would have minimal glitches. Most of the glitches will make you spend or lose money. How convenient for the devs. Of course you can send in a ticket. If you end up getting a compensation it will never be enough to cover what you have lost. Don’t be fooled about this game being f2p. It’s a p2p game 100%. But if you got a lot of money and do not care I say go for it..Version: 4.2.432640

Waste of timeA player nearby who is a level twice as high as me attacked me 15 times in about 20 minutes, destroying all my traps and all of my highest level troops, and taking all (but 2) of my wheat (which I didn’t even know was possible). I can now see, an hour later, that same player attacking and scouting the other players around and below my level. It is completely ridiculous that (a) they can keep attacking over and over (Clash of Clans, for example, shields you automatically for a period of time after you’ve sustained a certain amount of damage), and (b) that it is worth it for higher players to do that (in Clash, again, the amount you can steal from lower players is way less than from higher players, making it a bit of a waste of time). This game is a waste of time and only rewards schoolyard bullies. Going back to Clash of Clans and deleting this..Version: 1.9.228298

Get used to being farmedJust another game that high levels farm low levels.Version: 1.1.216064

Cruelty on Kingdom chat to cancer playerI want to bring this up publicly and I’m not alone in my opinion of the cruelty that happened last week on Kingdom chat as lots of players started protecting and consoling an player that has been appearing a lot on Kingdom about her terminal cancer. Last week one player started abusive chat on her, caused her of faking her cancer, and if she is on Kingdom all the time then she shouldn’t have a white flag. On and on the abuse kept going. One, two more players joined in the abuse by aiding and abetting this abusive player. The abusive player then changed abuse tactics by tying to force her to quit the game, that this game wasn’t for people looking for pity, that she should be on Facebook. This abuse kept on & on. This player had no right to dictate ho should be allowed to play GOT. The person with cancer broke down, saying she was leaving. She has never returned to Kingdom. Over the next few days lots of other players started retaliation of the bully. He deserved the backlash. I heard her liege dumped her and was picked up by some of the protectors. So, this review is what to expect rarely on Kingdom..Version: 3.2.256488

Don’t get sucked inThe format of the game is pretty good and there are lots of aspects to it. It’s all strategy based and works to small percentage formulas to determine outcomes. There is a loose connection with the GOT series via the map and some characters but it could be any kingdom in history of fantasy. It takes quite a long time to figure out the game play and to advance your kingdom and you need to be active on the game every day, a handful of times each day. L The game is dominated by a handful of big players who form alliances with seemingly infinite resources and strength. They then wipe your kingdom/keep out time and time again which is a real irritation. Your choices then are to continuously and tediously play to rebuild and inch forwards or to spend money. Several players informed me that they had spent £ in the hundreds just to reach modest levels which I can see is easily done. How much do the dominant players spend or are the dominant players actually paying customers? The game and the dominance of the few is designed solely to get you to spend or to create an addiction to the game. If you are happy with that then go ahead but for more casual gamers I’d avoid this one and not get sucked in..Version: 3.5.283521

Poor customer serviceThere are so many problems with the beta it is hard to know where to start. Lack of ability to get materials for upgrades without purchases, introducing updates in an unfair and unbalanced way, glitchy as and of course ridiculous pricing. If you can overlook all this you cannot go past their abysmal player support. Player feedback tickets are hardly ever answered and if they are it is in a generic cut and copy way. It has potential to be a good game but the execution so far has been one of incompetence and ineptitude..Version: 1.0.212762

BalanceHonestly been playing the game for awhile. I have been through the time that we as players boycotted developers and no one bought anything for a week. I been there when dragons and titles changed the game. Even with ehancements and even now the HCA. Look to be honest any new player will have it rough unless they buy someone keep but that’s illegal yet it still happens. WB or the developers don’t care they have allowed Alt account abuse for over 3 years now. At this stage of the game the game isn’t balanced unless you start fresh and don’t spend and I mean no one spend. It will take you 1 full year to get t8 being a f2p and even much more for higher tier troops. The game isn’t balanced anymore and the abuse of everything makes it not fun. Illegal selling of keeps and using bluestacks to spy in other alliances because you can’t kick someone from the keep if they have the account on bluestacks. The game can be fun with teammates and have moments but now the game honestly needs a shake up maybe a hard reset. I wish I had an answer because I feel for newer players who can’t catch up to the others experience or wealth in game..Version: 5.5.639373

Pay to win sense the mergeI loved this game when I first downloaded it. Spawned on a newer server and my friends and I would get together on the weekends and drink coffee and collaborate for the events. We got our kingdoms to level 18... and then the merge happened. They merged our server with that of a server that has been around longer. Needless to say they made a huge mistake. All the keeps from the previous server are lv 30+. As a single mom and someone who works it’s near impossible to keep a peace shield up constantly. You leave it down for one hour and a lv 30+ comes and completely kills all your troops and takes down your walls. Not for resources. Just to take down your entire wall and kill all your troops. I’ve exhausted all my resources and to have week long peace shields costs actual money. You now have to pay to win or be constantly on your phone in order to keep your troops alive and continue to level. It’s not something you can enjoy when you have a little free time. It has to dominate your life. I would continue to play the game if they could implement a rule that only allows you to attack people within 5 or 10 levels of your keep. That would give the little guys a chance. Uninstalled because I no longer can enjoy the game and it’s caused me so much heart break every time I have to revive my troops and rebuild my keep..Version: 4.2.432640

Save yourself money and hassleWhere to begin ! This game is a pay to win game you’ll certainly find yourself spending incredible amounts of money to progress further. The concept is great and it could be fun to play but it’s full of bugs and glitches, this tends to occur with kingdom merges events become near impossible to do as nodes vanish or don’t show . Or have no name markers attack alerts come in way to late . The list on bugs is endless it has so many issues, avoid and save yourself the money otherwise you’ll find yourself spending the earth in the beginning , everything will seem great then a merge will happen then another until the kingdom your in falls apart as it becomes unplayable forcing you into another kingdom where you’ll find yourself spending more . Tbh I can see a lawsuit happening games completely unplayable. Running game on iPad 8 latest iOS..Version: 4.10.561999

Waste of timeI giving this game 1 star out of 5. I like the GoT series, and I was really excited to try out this game, but the game have so much unbalanced gameplay and overpowered players which is not giving an oportunity to grow own house. That game is money grabber, it constantly keep show off advertisements such “oooo buy those stuff and that stuff, spend real money to grow up some fictional castle, but other people still going to rob you”, it makes unfair oportunity to jump from level 1 to 30, while the honest players can’t even keep up their castle. I quit that game twice because I keep getting robbed of much more higher players (I spent a a real week time to collect materials to upgrade my castle to level 11, and then some jerk level 34 took it away), my other friends who played that game quit it because of the same problem too. First time I entered game was the week after it was release, and there were already overpowered players. So there is no entire chance you can make it on your own until you join clan who are likely jerks too. Not enjoyable, money grabber, overpowered players, no fair gameplay, no pve option and annoying advertisements. 1 out of 5..Version: 1.10.229925

Unplayable. Must reinstall every time I want to play it. Unhelpful customer support.Don’t download this game until it’s been fixed properly or you will lose a lot of troops and resources that you’ve built. It crashes every single time you try to open it. Whatever WB’s developers did recently, it’s made the game unstable. Trying to get Customer Service to help made things even more frustrating. The only thing they’ll tell you is they’ve submitted your issue to the developers then proceed to close the ticket. I’ve played this game for years. WB doesn’t seem to care about that. Don’t download..Version: 5.6.656781

Number of attacksDon’t get me wrong, this game is very fun and you don’t have to pay money to play. That being said, I do have some issues with this game. 1) the amount of resources it takes to level some of your buildings. In order to level my keep to 13 (and be allowed to level everything else after) is if I get over 6 million food and 5 million wood. That is ridiculous and takes way too long to gather together. 2) the amount of times people can attack you is insane. There’s no limit on how many times one person can attack another and that seriously damages any progress I have ever made. I was about 2 million away from reaching the ridiculous 6 million food when I got attacked about seven times by the same person. Instantly all my hard work was for nothing and I couldn’t even train more troops, send them out to gather, or even heal them because I had no food to spend for it. It’s ridiculous. There should be a limit on how many times someone can attack the same person over and over again, especially those who are higher level..Version: 4.8.529883

Good Game - Pity about the bulliesI like playing this game. It’s fun, and maybe a little addictive, but it’s about the only game I do play. I have spent some money on it, but not mega money, and that’s a downside. Unless your willing to spend hundreds of pounds a month then no real point playing. I’m part of an alliance who are small and we are all trying to build and grow, except the bigger alliances who throw money at this game simply won’t let us advance. How fair is it for someone with 48 million in power to attack someone with only 2 million in power and all resources below 1 million, over and over again? It’s not. And this happens constantly not just during the event weekends or during battles for Seats of Power. And if you don’t want to join their alliance or won’t abide by the bullying tactics they govern their alliances with, you have no chance! They will immediately turn on any alliance you join simply for the fact you didn’t do as you were told. I’m about to give up with this game, which is a shame, but unless the game designers do something, like set levels where someone over 10 million can’t attack someone below, unless it’s a SOP battle, then I don’t see the point of continuing. But I doubt they will even read this never mind take action, why would they I only spend max £20 a month on the game when the bullies spend hundreds a month..Version: 2.7.242965

To many issuesWhere do I begin. I don’t normally write reviews but any person wanting to play please be aware. If you are a free player this is not the game for you. It takes an ungodly amount of resources to build anything or even just to research. Some buildings need keystone and there a a few events that have them as rewards but you need a lot of them to build. So if you want to build it’s going to cost you one way or another. This game has so many issues it’s not even funny things like not getting notifications when being attacked. Peace shield not working properly, purchasing items in the store and it not showing up in inventory, full March of troops disappearing, castle disappearing from map, buildings inside your castle disappearing, your power fluctuates on a daily basis. When you submit a ticket the only response I have gotten is I’m sorry there is nothing we can do or try restarting game or you get an explanation of the issue and a description of the issue they have supposedly fixed. I’m not even sure why they have customer service. It’s very frustrating when you spend money and they do nothing but want more of you hard earned money. There are things they could do to make things better but I honestly think they really don’t care. So if I was you don’t download game it just a big waste of time..Version: 1.2.219575

DO NOT PLAY - Waste of moneyThe game was good at first, but the only way to really survive and progress in the game is spend a lot of money by buying more gold and supplies. Keep your money, this game is a money trap..Version: 2.7.242965

It’s okThe game was not like the video shown which was originally why I downloaded it. As of today I'm at about 675 days of continuous play and have spent a ton but as of today I am officially done when attacked there is no notification unless you are in the app we all have lives but keep on top of our game but once in a while even if only an hour late to renew your peace shield 99% of the time you are attacked and completely wiped out . I have got coins to rebuild but now I’m done. Once you reach a certain growth point it is near impossible to grow unless you buy coins. I’ve found a new game The Ants which has a basically the same game with better rewards more interactive to play and easier to grow even after a certain level I’m 2 months into the game and have reached the same level there as in GOT with no where near as much money spent and in a far far shorter time GOT has officially lost my bizz.Version: 5.10.710051

MONEY TRAPHighly recommend not even starting this game and if you do then DO NOT SPEND MONEY. This has to be the glitchiest game I have ever come across! When it does glitch and it does it every time you use, you mostly get annoying things like the app shutting down, game out of sync or won’t load anything internally. However that’s not the worst part....I can deal with glitches but when the game faults during a battle (which it does for almost everyone I have communicated with on the server) you run a high risk of losing everything you just spent money to get. When this issue is reported to customer service they then basically tell you it’s your fault and to make sure that I have xyz on your device (this is them assuming that I’m the problem, please note that everything on my end is up to date and has 0 issue) Your game will crash or glitch at some point no matter what you do and don’t expect anyone to compensate you for the money lost due to their own game. Would be a good game if the people behind it weren’t money hungry thieves who try to turn fault to the players. Would love to leave 0 starts due to the fact that I had my money basically stolen. Do yourself a favour and flush it down the drain instead..Version: 1.9.227955

Needs a sort outOkay so I’ve read through the forums and read through the reviews and the exact same problem comes up - there should be a level limit on attacking like you can only attack 10 levels below you or something unless and the only time it lets you attack lower than that is if you’re attacked by them first - the game is just dominated by the higher levels and you can’t become a higher level because you just spend everything on healing troops and defenses after being hit. I’ve seen so many people in the reviews saying they’re not playing again for this reason and it was the reason I deleted the game the first time. It’s not like a developer will see this or even do anything about it but I think if there was a limit on how far below you to attack it would easily make the game 5 stars — I’m not even saying put it on the seats of power just on player bases so it stops a keep 25 attacking a keep 7..Version: 1.2.219575

Just don’t botherSo you’re doing well building a good army and some good defences and BAM! Some higher level guy attacks. “Okay, fine, some dudes stolen some resources, I can handle that” you think. But no, the defences you spent weeks building are all gone, the army you built is all injured or dead and it will take so much food to heal what remains that you’ll be crippled for doing everything else for a week. You finally heal all your guys, start building defences again and can afford to upgrade buildings again, things are going good the BAM! you get hit again and are once again crippled. I’m at the second BAM, and I’m out, I have thousands of dudes that need food to heal and nowhere near enough to do so in less than a week despite the farms being maxed for my level. Being attacked by a player much higher level shouldn’t completely cripple a lowing level player to the point where the only thing they can do for days after is heal and rebuild. I would have been willing to spend a few quid on this game but it’s so unfair that I decided the devs don’t deserve it. They can have a 1 star review instead.Version: 1.2.216551

Game of thronesHonestly the worst customer support, I’ve gotten suspended for no reason whatsoever and when I are a ticket to ask what I did they never told me what I did and said that they will not asnwer any questions about it and closed and ticket I bought 2 large packs and they said o don’t own those packs and they will expire and they will do nothing to help me, the amount of money people put into this game and this is the support we get it’s wrong and honestly makes me not want to play ever.Version: 5.11.719428

Why GoT why??!!!Why has Game of Thrones made a GAME OF WAR VERSION game? Because the series is ending and they need money coming from elsewhere. I can’t believe GoT is now one of the scheming games pay to play/buy a ridiculous $100 pack to have resources and speed ups for a days worth of play. Then repeat the cycle until you’ve spent 20k. Yes this is what happens to players of Game of War. You max your account and a day later you’re behind and need to buy numerous packs again. These mobile games are ridiculous and shouldn’t be considered a game but a gambling app..Version: 1.1.216819

Great potential1. WORK ON GRAPHICS and overall look of the game because personally only the big Westeros map is really good looking. So when some one looks at the game it is beautiful and doesn’t look like the other regular games. 2. Allow us to Customize character. 3. Let us Name our character without having to change the house name. 5. Add something like Lannister gold so we can buy things from other houses. 6. Let us have more unique cities were we can kind of move around buildings to our preferences. Winterfell and kingslanding are not the same so why can’t we have the same uniqueness. 7. Let us name our cities. 8. Make BATTLES more fun by actually showing the troops fighting each other. 9. Add the Targaryen house and the walkers(night king). Maybe like the story have the walkers attack from north of the wall only and people fight them together in an event. Basically what I’m trying to say is make the game like real and unique like G.O.T and not just like any other game of this kind..Version: 1.9.227955

Great game, but glitches and cost can overpower that!The game in itself is really fun, and can give you the chance to grow and interact with other great players. When I first started to play the game I really enjoyed myself. I started out with a great alliance and there weren’t a lot of glitches. Now I can’t even play the game anymore!! Today I kept trying to get on the game, and after 5-10 seconds (no exaggeration) of being on it the app crashed and took me back to my home screen. I keep trying and trying, but nothing is happening. I’ve invested A LOT of time into this game, and if I can’t get back in it will be all for nothing. It’s extremely frustrating when there is nothing you can do about it, but pray that the next time you open the app, that it won’t crash. Also, even though you don’t have to spend any money on the game, you are playing against players that spend thousands of dollars on the game, so if you’re not going to pay to play, then you are going to have to join a VERY strong alliance to get far in this game. As you grow your keep it gets more and more difficult to accumulate enough resources to expand to the next level without spending A LOT of money on the game. I really enjoy playing this game, but the glitches are extremely frustrating..Version: 2.2.234891

Kinda DisappointedOk, first off...this is a really good game. There are so many goals and things to accomplish, and I’m already off to a great start. The reason why I’m giving this game 3 stars is because of the confusion, difficulty, and the major GLITCHING. Every 30 seconds, there’s a glitch, and it’s really annoying. Also, can i mention the chat? I don’t feel like there should be a need for a chat, except for help. A lot of people like doing roleplaying, and it’s annoying. Is there a way for me to turn off chat? Also, I want an easier ya to earn coins. Apparently, I need almost 18,000 coins to upgrade my dragon. 18,000. WAYYYYY to much. That’s what got me. Can you lower that? I also think I would be better if everything won’t be so darn expensive. If I want to upgrade my buildings, I need to pay 30,000 or more wood for the bigger buildings, and for my keep...almost 100,000??! Come on!! I don’t want to spend that, it’s not worth it! That’s the most basic issues of the game, and there are way more. Until the developers can do a little better, I rate this game 3 stars. The game is good too, I really like this game, but I would like it a lot better if these were fixed..Version: 2.6.242675

Hope you have lots of disposable income!The developers continue to ignore or acknowledge the bias towards having to pay to get anywhere. The early stages are fun and the game is beautifully made, but once you have built up an army and then need to heal it ... game over. Fun for a week and now entirely frustrating. When they listen it will get better..Version: 2.5.240916

Not good unless you pay!This game has good potential but lacks in one major, and very very important detail. There is no level cap for attacks. When starting out you get the usual shield to stop people attacking you. But once that over, unless you have spent quite a bit of real money on supplies/army/etc then its simple open season. The higher players will swoop in and attack you. This leaves you right at the bottom again as you won’t be able to afford to heal your army. Food seems the most important source, yet is the main reason, once you have been attacked, that you can’t recover your army. You don’t get a shield, for a certain amount of time, to stop you being attacked again. So they simply attack and attack until all your resources are gone. This leave you with nothing to defend with and no army. So it’s start again time. Its just made me stop playing the game. It was a continuous struggle, even after moving. I teleported three times, and each time was continuously attacked by players much higher than myself. There is lower levels players around but all have already been plucked clean multiple times and likely stopped playing themselves. You won’t have your dragon either as that’s something you will either need to play for months to get, or spend around £100 to buy the credits to afford. Its a simple ‘pay-to-play’ game disguised as free..Version: 2.4.238

Read this before downloading.So, I will make this quick and short. Is a good game, it can get you to spend 23 hours of the day playing it, and engaged to your phone at the point where you’ll be every second checking any notification you received. Is really good on that way, is fun. Have a looot of bugs tooo. If you are about to start playing this game, hide your wallet, and deleted your Apple Play, this game will make you eat all you money is you want to get somewhere in the top or be somebody at all. Is people in this game that spend more that 300$ a day. So is you are trying to be a F2P, Good luck my friend. You will need it. From where you start be smart, try to get a nice place is a clan where the people is respectful, activate, and also, the spend a lot of money. I play for around 3 weeks I spend around 240$, and I wasn’t even close to the top players. We where the clan top 2, until the start attacking us, so we make them to dissolve his clan by so many attacks, and we become top 1. And I stop playing. On few words. Is you have a least 1.000$ in your wallet and you don’t have anything better to do or a social life. This is you game. Good luck my friend. Aka Warlord Dothraki (KC: 321) from H0N0R..Version: 2.5.240292

Nice game, but impossible to playImpossible to get enough resources together to build up keep, etc. after level 12, also a shame that other people with much higher level can attack you once and you’re game is over if you don’t pay hundreds of dollars to start again. This is made to rip off people, strongly recommend not to waste your time and don’t even start, since there has been absolutely no improvement with all the problems, deeply disappointing..Version: 1.2.217876

DO NOT DOWNLOADGame performance is atrocious. Can’t progress without spending money. Customer service are either disingenuous or incompetent..Version: 5.8.681559

They just want your moneyCustomer service will never actually help you. Waste of your time talking to them. They’ll do updates without warning that will lock you out of the game until you can do the update and you’ll lose everything you worked hard for in the meantime. They’re all about making money and don’t care at all about your player experience. Which is fine if you can afford to keep dropping cash all the time. I’ve only spent hundreds of dollars myself on this game, but it’s more common for people to spend in the thousands over time. I expect more than dismissive customer service if that kind of money is being spent..Version: 1.12.232388

Don’t even bother.I’ve played many games of this type before, but this one is among the worst designed games I’ve played. It is NOT free to play. If you intend on not spending money you will be lucky to get to keep 15. And that will take ages. Even if you spend money you will have to spend an obscene amount to compete. Aside from upgrading time wise, you need huge resources, which you will only get in pvp. Pvp however is extremely difficult if you do not keep paying for teleports to move around the map. Which frankly isn’t within keeping of the story anyway... cities teleporting... right.. this is not a game for free players or even spenders this is solely a game for the stupidly rich and is far too unbalanced for the majority that want to play GOT. This is not even to mention the constant bugs, broken events and poor dispersal of resources on the map. Seats of power? Again pointless unless you are in an alliance of the stupidly rich. I have seen people spend less and get far more in MMOs on PC than this game..Version: 1.8.226165

Fun? Sure. Expensive with glitches? That tooI've spent about $100 on this game give or take $20. I'm keep 16 (keep 30 is the highest) and around this point you hit a resource wall that requires you to fork over large amount of money to even remotely be considered an effective player for alliances. It's a great game, the idea of it alone is better than most traditional games in my opinion because of the teleport option. The only thing that kills me with this game is the teleport and shield cost though. It's annoying that you can't even buy a 72 hour or a 1 week shield. You'd have to spend $50 or $100 on a shield pack. For instance if I was buying $100 or $50 packs already and I have to leave for a vacation and I won't have service on my phone you'd have to fork over another $50 or $100 on a shield pack just to go on your vacation so you don't lose troops and resources. Overall, I would fix the bugs because this is insane on the amount of issues you come into contact with in this game. Secondly I'd try to balance out this amount of money you spend because it really makes a lot of players leave the game. I'm already seeing a lot of players leaving due to 4-5 top dog players running around just destroying everyone. Most people can't spend more than $200 on these kinds of games..Version: 1.5.221600

Cost not worth the fun-not recommendedI played for over a year and just quit after months of hoping things would improve. They only got worse. You’ll need to spend about $20k US to be competitive and enjoy this game. Not worth the tedium. And until you’re competitive you’ll have to spend time avoiding people stealing from you. The dragons were cool for about a minute and the keep animation was good for a little while but these both become ridiculously repetitive especially considering the cost. A lot of the people playing are great and the social aspect through Discord is fun. But you can get that for free in a lot of games. And unfortunately there are a lot of jerks in the social part of it as well. It seems that some people with money and no life are drawn to this game to make up for their less than great lives. They can drop the $20k and abuse people they don’t know or will ever meet. It’s a draw for internet bullies and tough guys. Maybe if enough people quit they’ll lower the fees and get a better clientele. I doubt that will happen. If none of this matters to you then go ahead and play. There are fun aspects especially if you don’t care about fully experiencing the game. If you really want to play it just realize it’s a money pit..Version: 3.2.256488

Realmente me gusto muchísimo la serie, y este juego…Realmente me gusto muchísimo la serie, y este juego, aunque le dedique algún tiempo, llegue a la conclusión de que no vale la pena el tiempo invertido, primero esta prácticamente secuestra do por gente que no hace otra cosa. Y además no permite el desarrollo de historias lógicas y/o similares a la serie, realmente la jugabilidad y entretenimiento que proporciona es muy baja, espero que produzcan un juego mejor que haga ciertamente honor a esta espectacular serie..Version: 5.6.656781

Absolutely crud!Whenever I open the game and just tap on something it won’t go to it, the only thing that works is the music and snow when it’s winter. Otherwise this game has become trash because it doesn’t even work anymore! I’ve restarted my phone and have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s the same damn bug! UPDATE YOUR GAMES IOS COMPATIBILITY I am using the newest version and it still freezes. Fix this so I can actually play!.Version: 5.11.717066

GotC....Futile money pitThis game doesn’t particularly require any skill but rather, offers beautiful graphics and acts as a bit of a thirst quencher for GOT fans. Importantly, it hasn’t been designed for anyone new wanting to come in on the game. Its just too late. The game is currently been monopolised by a small handful of rich, powerful and egotistical thug leaders, intent on not allowing anyone new the time to build up their own power and offer competition. Even if someone had a bottomless pit of money to power up quicker, it would be still near impossible to compete with these guys. They come armed with loyal, and equally well established clan followers, who are always willing to fall for on their own sword in order to maintain their leaders position. It’s a big shame. The chat rooms banter was once fun with participants often referencing the GOT storyline and addressing each other in the appropriate GOT fashion. In more recent times, now that Westeros has opened up, hostility has now become the main feature in the chats. The technicals are also a constant headache, incurring faults on a regular basis..Version: 1.10.229925

They only care about moneyThe format is fairly good but they have ruined any opportunity to make it a good game. You cannot progress without spending a lot of money. The game favours those who spend money. You can get to a point where you are invincible and there is nothing small or no paying players can do. There are constant bugs and when you complain to WB they do nothing. If you are lucky enough to get compensation it in no way is enough or fair. Some players get much more and quicker compensation and my only conclusion is because they spend more money. It is pure and simple a money making game and not fair to those who won’t spend thousands of dollars.Version: 1.10.229509

More good than badRight so this game has been out for what 5 years now? the game has many bugs still and i believe they’re rather easy ones to fix too. secondly the prices for packs in australia… $160 for a $100usd pack… You greedy corporate ***s! make the price the same for all countries and respectfully stop ripping the people that keep you buggers employed. on a nicer note, game is fairly well balanced if you’re paying hundreds a month and isn’t a game for free to play people. Warner bros you have a lot of work and thinking to do..Version: 5.11.717066

BewareThis game will lure you in with your love of Game of Thrones and give you a false sense of progress and achievement till you reach Keep 7-8 and then you start to realize it really is a pay to play game. If you have thousands of dollars to spare and don’t mind wasting it weekly THIS IS YOU GAME.Version: 2.4.239324

Latest update! Don’t! It doesn’t work!Updated and now it doesn’t sync, load or do anything useful! :-(.Version: 1.1.214190

This has about killed it for meThe glitches in this game have gotten out of control. Over the past few weeks there have been numerous glitches that effect the play and flow of the game. After a day or two we get a notice saying “ sorry, my bad “ here’s a couple of gold coins (300 or so)The only issue I’ve ever had happened a week ago. I was about to stop playing for the day. I purchased three, 24 hour shields to protect my keep/castle. When I checked back my keep had been ransacked. I emailed the developers about this problem they immediately sent out 50k in gold to rectify the problem. The problem is that I’ve been building this stuff up for months and that amount would replace a forth of what I had lost. I asked only for them to replace what I had lost. Nothing more, nothing less. I was met with a “ we’ve had players take advantage of us in the past, so this is the way we do things now “ I can’t help but feel ripped off. I lost things to no fault of my own and because of what someone else supposedly did I have to just take it and be happy. Tell people up front how great, fun, and challenging this game can be. Then tell them what can and will happen when things go side ways on the developers part. If I had known how this would have been, I would have never started playing this game. I recommend you think long and hard before you start..Version: 1.6.223173

Good game but not really worth playing anymoreThis has been my go to game for some time. Really enjoyable and challenging once you get to higher level keeps. I would of said hands down, download this game but and it’s a massive but! Players that pay to play and unfortunately destroyed this game. It’s not their fault but when you have a 18million strong army and you get completely destroyed by a 400 million strong army every 2 days. What’s the point!! WB if you want to save this game and you should do you need to stop the impossibility of playing the game. Open a kingdom for huge powered alliance. Give them more of a incentive so the rest of us have a chance to play and enjoy this game. Also you should be more impartial to those that suffer in game problems. I’ve suffered lots of problems with glitches and bugs in the game but I have never received any support where those that have bought pack but suffered the same problem have been sent gold to support the efforts. This would of been 4stars but there’s little enjoyment now. Please please try to sort this out quickly..Version: 3.8.349411

Big money toilet flushIt’s a game of strategic and power play. But to get anywhere in the game the game requires huge amounts of money which can be lost when zeroed. Best avoid this game. In the beginning when kingdom it was fun but as big spenders come requires you to grow and spend. I’m not talking hundreds of dollars, I’m talking thousands upon thousands. Many have left game either being zeroed or the game glitches game bugs that cause you to lose what you have built. Overall I do not recommend ppl to download this game, spend your money on something better.Version: 2.8.246306

Teleports n MoneyThis game is fantastic first of all and it’s one of the best ones on the App Store, but there’s one problem TELEPORTS. If you’re in a strong alliance you probably know that you need to teleport a lot, especially when you get attacked and your base gets teleported randomly. We want to have fun with our friends and alliances and if we have to spend money for teleports in order to just get together, that’s messed up, there must be some sort of way to get teleports or some sort of system, people shouldn’t have too many teleports but ally least enough so that if we get attacked and we teleport randomly to space we can go back to our alliances. I understand that you guys made this game for money and I think spending a lot is not wrong for players that want to get stronger, but please, why did you have to make teleports cost? You could make them cost, but please don’t make it so that free play players can’t have fun because they’re not with their alliance. I get that this is a copied game and other games like these have that, but this is the only thing I hate from this game and I mean it drives me crazy seeing a good alliance member get teleported 200 leagues away and now we can’t play together and he has to quit the game..Version: 1.1.214565

PitifulPerform an update and the app won’t load. Spend stupid amounts of money on this game for it not to work, can’t access my account at all. Customer service send standard reply “we’ve passed your report onto the game developers”… meanwhile account gets zeroed, you’re left with nothing. Don’t do it, scroll away from this app. In reply to the response I’ve received here….. I have contacted customer support to many times to count, via all means possible. Same answer everytime “We’ve passed your report onto the game developers” who are unable to respond..Version: 5.6.656781

Will leave you on read every single time.Honestly this game is such a sham with the packs. The prices are rip off and you sometimes don’t even end up with the correct pack items. If you complain about it they 9/10 times don’t reply. Oh and will ban you from using certain functions but won’t tell you and blow you off constantly You are better setting fire to your money because this is literally the equivalent. Only staying because of the friends I’ve made..Version: 2.2.234891

Don’t play this gameUnless you are sinking $$$$$$$ this game is pointless. I have a level 22 keep and my t8 soldiers have a zero percent chance against the few spending thousands in packs. There is no progression past a certain point. Total and utter waste of time. Amusing at first but seriously don’t ever bother unless P2w is your thing..Version: 4.4.452797

Rigged gameWhen I log in I will have 500k food. Collect all resources do nothing else then log out. I’ll then log back in 2hours later and my resources will deplete by almost half when I have done absolutely nothing absolute bs do not recommend.Version: 1.5.222487

Fun, addictive, pay to win.Its fun when its all smooth aside from some toxic people, glitchy bugs and late game play requires money to survive or progress. Glitches cause losses and expect little to no help or compensation for game errors beyond your control. But it is really fun just prepare to invest a lot of time and money..Version: 6.2.733834

Don’t play!Unless you are extremely rich and have a lot of time you don’t want to play this game, the in app purchases are £100 max and you feel you have to buy them to keep up with other players in the game otherwise you are an easy target for people who spend hundreds if not thousands of real money, it is up to you if you spend real money but the game is made so you basically have to! the customer service is extremely shocking in which they don’t even bother to reply to you! You have to send them 100’s of complaints per day just to get a response which never happens anyway, the game starts off pretty slow you buy a few packs which you don’t mind then once you hit a cap unless you’re spending £500 a week on the game you have no chance of any progress. The £100 packs don’t even touch what you need for 1 upgrade (and you have about 20 before you can level up).Version: 2.11.253010

Bring cash...I want to give this game 5 stars, it looks great and can be fun, however, those who pay big money in this game dominate and those that don't pay have a hard time building up... there should be a cap on who can attack... if you have a level 8 keep and power of 400,000 there is no way to survive the attack of a person that spent a ton of money and are level 20 with 2 million power... once you've been attacked you have to go through a long and boring process of healing your troops, and if you are attacked again then the cycle continues... it's frustrating and I've already seen many a player quit. Troop upkeep is also ridiculous... if you want to survive in the game you need a big army, but if you have a big army the upkeep costs make it impossible to level up your keep as you food will deplete faster than you can harvest it... I'm stuck and getting frustrated and one of the only ways to have enough food is to drop a lot of money on this game, which is not possible for everyone unless you live in your mothers basement... To make things worse, the PvP event benefits those who spent money by rewarding them to decimate others... namely those who have worked hard to get where they are and didn't just drop several hundred dollars to fast track... sure, if you get killed you get rewarded too but honestly it's an empty reward... i spent weeks recovering from an attack by a far superior player that obviously spent a ton of money, I have spent $4 so it took me several weeks to gain power, and not even close to he power that player had... the PvP event just killed off over 1/3 of my troops, wounded the remaining 2/3 and i lost half my power... 2 weeks of playing instantly gone... I have a choice to play for several more weeks and build up again to where I was, or quit the game... in this game, the rich get richer... so soon it will just be a few big whales fighting each other... I'm going to at least throttle down on my playing and will see where it takes me, but honestly, I'm so discouraged that in an instant I went from enjoying the game to hating the game.. Fun, but not great for 'free to play'... be prepared to spend a lot of $ to get on top, the only thing is that there probably won't be a lot of competition as people seem to be dropping like flies (quitting)... the recent PvP may escalate that....Version: 1.1.216369

Needs to be balancedYou need to do something to separate the players that pay from the players that don’t.Version: 3.7.327031

Overpriced cash grab.The cost of in game purchases is absolutely off the charts ridiculous. $70 and $140 in game purchases for hardly anything is not how this model works. Telling people they can get to level 15 by buying a $70 or $149 pack, breaks the game play. I refuse to put another cent into it. You will not get good value from your purchases..Version: 1.1.214565

BadIt’s so stupid when you build up an army costing millions of resources then you get attacked by a person way high and lose all you resources and troops.Version: 2.2.235496

P2W non P2W gapThis game is a good one along the lines of castles and such and that is worth the 1 star. But a few rather large recommendations to make this game more accessible to everyone. 1. And this is a big one get rid of bricks, soldier pine, keystones, scholarly fragments, flakes, and shards. Those things hinder players so much. Everything is so expensive to build it’s outrageous. It limits non P2W players of getting any progress, yes there are events but you’d have to constant farm for 10 bricks. And at castle 14 it takes about 60+ bricks each item. Same with the other things listed no other P2W game requires anything like those, it just hinders people greatly 2. Also a rather big one, I like the bannermen theme and everything but I believe being the t1 of an allegiance should be in direct contact with who joins. I believe the t1 should have the right to kick out anyone they want from the allegiance. Also make an option to set the allegiance to private. So people can only join unless invited. 3. Have a “hero” concept like on game of war mobile strike etc 4.fix Daenerys’ left eye in the loading screen and where ever she pops up, and Margery Tyrell, she is the only one who looks nothing like her human counterpart. 5. Make a Private messaging system along with an allegiance mail. 6. Be able to send resources to allies 7. Allegiance gifting, say you buy a pack. Everyone in the allegiance gets a reward like GoT/Mobile strike..Version: 1.1.215396

What Type of Game are you looking for?If you are looking for a PVP game that will be playing a lot and constantly looking after your keep and as lower powered player will be targeted and constantly rebuilding, then this is the game for you. If you are someone who enjoys story, building characters and playing at your own pace enjoying a game, then this game is not for you. There is not a non-PVP option. A player will start with a shield to protecting their keep for 7 days while you build your keep and forces. But afterwards you need to purchase shields to be protected or be open to constant attacks. Soon after my shield went away, I was targeted for three straight days, losing forces and supplies and focused on building more forces. I was constantly starting over. I wrote the developer who said that’s how the game was played. I think a way to make this game more enjoyable for everyone is have a non-PVP play and if a player wants to move over to PVP, join a guild or group. For me when I login the next day and see my troops decimated by 8 attackers and all my resources gone, is not an enjoyable experience. This game is not my style and I have ended this experience and moved on to other more enjoyable games..Version: 2.6.241380

STAY AWAY!!!!!This game from the jump is full of false promises and full of nothing but cash grabs. Half the things that are promised haven’t been implemented. With every update or patch comes a new glitch. The game system is severely under developed and cannot advance unless you empty your wallet to do so. They do not put any resources out to develop and game features are not there. The latest patch says one of the main features of in game scouting is fixed only not to be. And then they issued an apology saying “my bad” pretty much. I could go on and on about this waste of app. And the worst part is after you email them about the issue they only send you a response saying please refer to our forums for a solution. If I woulda have known now what I did from the jump I would have never downloaded this game. If I could give it negative 5 I would. The worst part is the whole premise is unbalanced and sways in the favor of those willing to p2w to do so but gives the f2p people ZERO chance. And then they quit the game making it even harder to play because the resources that you need go extinct. I know there’s 40 some odd kingdoms now and everyone of them are having the same issues. Go to discord or other gaming sites and see. This game is junk please save yourself the time and money and play something different..Version: 1.1.215858

Game of GlitchesThe level of frustration with the loading issues, missing buildings, and more is ruining the game. I’m a k30 but this game is a money pit with glitches that just don’t make sense. They spend more time putting glittery displays and green messages in the AC than they do fixing the mountain of problems. The game kicks us out frequently. The buildings don’t load & when they don’t load you have to restart the game 3, 4, 5 xs. The gear has disappeared on me twice and each time that I’ve sent in a ticket the reps act like they don’t understand what my ticket is for. There has been a phantom rally notification that stays on our screens for about 6 months. WB has acknowledged it, months ago, but never fixed it. The keeps are sometimes missing on the screen, march lines aren’t visible all of the time, the sops don’t always show up, the nodes don’t show them as being occupied and then you find out after you attack, you don’t consistently get attack notifications, I will heal all of my troops, restart the game and have more dead troops because of the delay within the game. Meanwhile we spend thousands of dollars like idiots. Find a different game to play..Version: 3.8.349411

Great game but NOT secureThe game is fun and addicting. Really feels like game of thrones in a game. I’ve been playing for over a year and made friends in my alliance and the kingdom. The only downside is be careful with your account. It can get stolen and WB can’t even determine the right owner to return it to. I play in now a merged kingdom 548. An account named Adela was stolen by another player. he wrote to WB to get access back to his account and he got it back for a couple days which is great. Then suddenly for some reason WB returned his account to the THIEF! Also to give you an idea of how expensive the stolen account is I wanna add that the stolen account is a K35, great stats, with a fully grown dragon. And if you have No idea about this game—we’re not talking just 5K-25K, these are cheaper accounts. It can be very expensive to play this game to only lose your account like that. If you’re playing for a very long time and have receipts in their system other than your own copies in your game account and card on your payments on pack buying you would expect them to know you’re the real account owner to return the account to. But instead WB returned this owner’s account to the thief! It’s very disappointing when you’re playing and see the stolen account around the kingdom.. the thief is enjoying an expensive stolen account. While the real owner who played in that account for over a year and spent a ton of money on it is empty handed now..Version: 3.5.283521

Great, addicting, I love it, but....This game is great. It gives you incentives and free stuff every day in order to keep you in a position to play, unlike many strategy games. If you like GOT you will love this game, as it does involve quite a bit of the GOT universe. It’s highly addictive and I find myself sitting for ages!! But...If you’re not willing to pay to win, you will lose. You’re given a power rating, which is made up of the amount of troops you have, the quality of your keep defence, etc, however if somebody with 1million power or more attacks you, you’re a gunner. Since I downloaded his game, I have had days worth of work taken in minutes from high power players, on about 4-5 seperate occasions. This is highly unfair! DEVELOPERS!!!..Possible fix?... Players with over a million power can only attack fellow 1million power plus players, unless the person being attacked is in a seat of power. I cannot go on spending days, and even small amount of real money on this game if it’s just going to be taken away every week. One more time and the game is going..Version: 1.12.232025

Addicting but needs improvementsI hope that the developers read this as there are a lot of suggestions I want to include. This game is fun and I like the seats of power idea, but I believe there are even more things you could add in to make it more unique. One big suggestion I have in mind is to add in more diplomatic options, e.g. marriage. Not everybody enjoys battles only and not many games include diplomacy, this would make the game a bit more unique. An improvement I think is needed is the chat system, it is currently covered in bugs (repeats messages) and is very laggy. A simple feature I think you could add in is private messages, since it is difficult to conspire with people other than my bannermen. Finally, it is very difficult to advance and gain food and I believe that wood and food are very imbalanced, I always have a ton of wood but no food and my farms are high level and my sawmills are level 1.. I recommend this game to any GOT fan and I rate it 7/10.Version: 1.1.214274

A Pay-to-play disguised as a Free-to-playAt first, I thought it was a nice game. After 2 months, I can say that only players who will spend thousand of money will be able to stay on tract. It is shamefull. I do not recommend it. It is not a question of addiction, it is a question of ethic. I would prefer to spend some money in games that I know, the company behind is clean. Anyway, the bases are good, but the costy things beside it... it is disgusting.Version: 2.6.242091

This game could be one of the best mobile gamesThe beta server design was the best design for any mobile game I’ve played. I’m a “pay to play” gamer and haven’t enjoyed a game as much as thing one since it’s release. In beta servers we were able to farm advanced resources required to upgrade your keep and do all your research. They later removed this and made it purely pay to win, after that players dropped off like crazy. Their original design gave everyone an opportunity to compete and make the servers and game feel so alive. If they’d release a similar game to this with the same design as their beta servers they will be a top tier game for years to come. People will still spend money if advanced resources were avail to farm, your community would be alot larger Please consider this in future games as I made great life long friends here who all stopped playing as the money needed to keep up was too much.Version: 5.2.610702

Pay to winThis is by far the most extreme Pay 2 Win mobile game I’ve seen since GoW. Beyond a certain level (lvl 16 keep) it’s impossible to get the necessary resources to upgrade without buying packs. Keystones (needed for upgrades) can only be purchased in packs! I currently need to buy 4x $99 packs to get the keystones I need to upgrade to the next level!! You can’t even collect resources much by killing creatures because it costs so much stamina.. you have to use your gold to buy back stamina. Ridiculous P2W game.. don’t even bother..Version: 1.1.215564

Don’t waste your time or money.There are many versions of this type of game out there (Final Fantasy XV, Dino War, Vikings: War of Clans, Glory of Throne, Sky Kingdoms and Guns of Glory are ones I’ve played and enjoyed), the only reason I gave this one a shot was because it had Game of Thrones attached to it. In all honesty though, this is the worst version of this type of game I’ve played, with next to no customer support which is surprising as the game has been going for years, there is constant server maintenance running in the background which often means the game doesn’t work as expected. The game often requires device restart especially after daily server reset time. This wouldn’t be so bad but it directly affects your ability to defend yourself from attacks from other players. My experience here has unfortunately also soured my liking for the Game of Thrones HBO TV series. I will not be supporting them and will boycott the final season. This may seem extreme to some of you, but for me allowing my principles to be compromised for short term gratification isn’t how I live my life..Version: 1.7.224073

Horrible don’t waste you timeThe saddest thing is playing a game you love with developers that only care about your money. First— I have bought stuff from the store only to never have it given to me. So I think well maybe the order didn’t go through not true. They charged my credit card three of four times for the same transaction. I have fought with Apple and the WB neither one cares about the customers. I have had to ask my credit card companies fight on my behalf because neither side will help. Apple has some policy on we can’t refund if you never got the item or being charged several times for items. Telling the WB needs to solve the problem. Good luck with that, they never answer and when they do they tell you to get the refund from Apple. Second— the game is always glitchy, the developers are always trying to “fix” the problems but they never get fixed. Third— I love playing the game it hurts me when I cannot. The GOT community is awesome so when asked by Apple why don’t you just stop playing it’s because we all love the game. We just wish that Apple and the WB would really help us the customers from constantly get s*****d over. So I write this with sorrow in my heart but don’t invest in playing with the game. Not until the WB and Apple take serious the amount of robbing that is going on because of the glitches in the game. Save yourself the trouble. Walk away!.Version: 2.3.237061

Awesome game that’s lost it’s rootsThe loss of being able to hunt for keystone has made the game unplayable as I was a beta player we had this ability and now I can not further my keep as I have to buy keystone for every building at the price of keystone it’s not viable as would cost me thousands of dollars for a single level 22 to 23 upgrade of all buildings level 23 keep needs 800 keystone and you can at maximum get 1 a day that’s 2 years to upgrade just the keep you can also get keystone from events but it’s only a couple here and there I know from our server (106) there are a lot of people in my position and after already spending thousands I’m not prepared to spend for keystone and pine so I guess this is the level I’ll stay at I do feel like wb have moved the goal posts by changing our servers ability to get these materials from creatures and have now made the game unplayable for me and the many loyal players that have been at is from the beginning the game is awesome it has a lot of bugs but you put up with them the last changes kill it for me 😔.Version: 1.6.223486

Treated like second class citizenThe fundamentals of the game are good and whilst it’s a play to win game, you can play by not spending if you prepared not to reach the dizzy heights of the biggest keeps. To get there you need to be prepared to spend upwards of £10k? £20k? who knows? The mind boggles. That much money on a mobile game, it’s almost like there should be some sort of intervention by Apple to prevent people spending this much. The reason for the 1 Star is the customer service. When as someone who plays for free you submit a genuine ticket because you’ve encountered a real issue you get no help at all. Someone who spends money will get compensated a ridiculous amount of in game currency. The disparity is concerning and seriously needs addressing as without people who play for free there would be no game and be treated like a second class citizen discourages those players to stay. Steer clear unless you have a high tolerance for dissatisfaction or you have deep pockets..Version: 4.3.443446

Enjoyable for the most partThis game is enjoyable for the most part. The only reason I’m writing this review is to take issue with the fact that you can have your troops completely wiped and spend all your food trying to heal them, go out and gather more food once you’ve healed some troops, heal some more and then before you’re even back at half strength get wiped again. Other games have a system where only a portion of your troops get sent to the hospital, as severely wounded, get sent to the hospital whilst a portion are slightly wounded and don’t need healing. I’ll keep this game downloaded for now because I love game of thrones, but I may soon delete if it carries on this way as it’s just a bit boring being in a cycle of not being able to do anything because you haven’t got any troops..Version: 2.5.240292

Buggy asfThis game is so simple yet it lags and crashes all the time. Surely if you have the rights to game of thrones you can make a half decent game. Drop kicks..Version: 1.1.214274

Good but out for the moneyThis is a good game and quite addictive, however once you get up a few levels it’s impossible to get anywhere because the big players just attack you and kill all your troops ruining weeks/months of building your army. There is nothing to stop it other than by shielding your base 100% of the time which will cost you real life money to purchase and keep going. You will also need to be shielded if you have any chance of saving your resources also because you will be more likely attacked if you have resources to take as well. It’s a lot to lose just from 1 person being a bully and going around attacking lower players to stop them progressing. There needs to be some update to make it fairer for smaller players who can’t spend money on the game. Suppose that is the whole point for the developers is for people to spend money on it but still I believe there needs to be a chance for us non-purchasing players to enjoy the game also. On the whole it is a fun game most of the time but if you really want to progress in the game you need to be willing to spend a lot of money and be very active on the game..Version: 2.10.248329

Money hungry devsWith the new update it’s pointless try to send your troops to a SOP to keep them safe or the owner of the SOP safe. This means everyone will either be zeroed or have to be under a bubble forever. I’ll still play but that’s because I spent a good amount of money and I can still be zeroed. 11mil.. do yourself a favor and download Game Of Kings. I played it and it’s better than GOTC. You can’t even send rss to alliance mates to help them progress. The devs only care about money and I’m fed up. They will also delete your tickets in the website or whatever it’s called because a friend of mine posted about a trade building where we will be able to trade rss but devs deleted it. Don’t download..Version: 1.5.221600

I had started to enjoy this game but..When I first downloaded this game I couldn’t get enough of it and put many hours into it, quickly getting up to level 10, and then my peace shield ran out. I quickly started getting scouted by people of a much higher level and so I used my 8 hour peace shield to prevent getting attacked. Went to bed and woke up to having been attacked 15 times whilst I slept. I decided not to let this get me down and started to train more troops, went to bed the following night happy that I had built up my army again. Woke up in the morning, checked my phone, had been attacked 37 times within the space of 2 hours!! There is very little you can do to prevent this from happening unless it means using your gold to buy peace shields every day which will dwindle to 0 gold very quickly and progressing in the game will become near impossible..Version: 2.3.237433

Fix ThisThe fact that a bunch of the top top players can lump together into one allegiance and rule over the entire of Westeros if they so wish is ridiculous! All these players who either buy pack after pack team up with the players who already very powerful to take SOP after SOP are ruining the fun that this game gives us. One such allegiance is PSZ - these guys are just bullies who are taking everything because they’ve found a loophole. There needs to be a big balancing in order to keep everyone happy and allow every player to have fun, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT..Version: 1.7.224073

You need deep pockets to play this gameI started this game at the beginning of 2019 and initially enjoyed it. Got to Keep level 20 (House level 31) but after spending an awful amount of money on packages that kept popping up and still wasn’t able to advance to level 21, I realised that all I was doing was wasting a fortune for very little in return. Only players with deep pockets are succeeding in this game. It is constantly a battle between gathering resources and building your Keep and if you get attacked and all your resources are lost, you are forever trying to catch up. The UK packages are far more expensive with less benefit than the US or European ones. Then there are players who create multiple clones, thereby gaining a lot of advantage in Events where they hog the first three places on the leaderboard and thus get the best prizes. When I realised that this game would actually never end, even after the Iron Throne was taken, I woke up one morning, dismissed all my troops, spent all the gold I had but left the resources in boxes where they could not be touched by anybody attacking the inevitably unprotected keep, left my alliance without telling anybody and deleted the app. My bank account definitely benefited from my decision!.Version: 2.4.238671

Needs workNot very even matched between big and small players(money players and play for fun)It needs to have a attack only similar size keep otherwise its way to really need to spend money to advance at a higher level and it is very time consuming to the point if your not shielded or playing it’s pointless..Version: 1.12.232388

More bugs than every other app combined - RUNDO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. I love my games. LOVE them. And I love Game of Thrones. But this game is not worth it. There are bugs EVERYWHERE. And every update fixes one, brings two more. Bugs for daily rewards, bugs for gathering resources, bugs for resource caravans not appearing, bugs for peace shields not working, bugs where you can’t see someone’s peace shield. The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on. Some of these can be glossed over in the moment by restarting the game - but if you’re under attack and trying to shield, your resources will be gone and your troops dead or wounded by the time the game restarts again. And yes, you can lodge a ticket to have the issue addressed. But in my eight months playing this game, the only people who get any joy from lodging tickets are the spenders. If you are a free to play player, you will be ignored or fobbed off. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME..Version: 2.1.233816

Game Money RacketHave attempted play the game across the span of 3 years now. Numerous known glitches (same ones for 3 years) that are proven unfixable(they have the tech, $$$, and resources to fix if they really wanted too). Customer Service doesn’t take any responsibility when it comes to fair compensation to losses incurred on your account due to their known game’s glitches. Plain and simple this game was designed with a known shelf life and the goal during that shelf life is to rake the customer for every $$$$ until the shelf life runs out. The glitches can be fixed they are there purposefully because with loss comes opportunity to spend. Also a certain % of users won’t complain(free rake of the pot for them). Customer service takes time in responding because % of users will give up and go back to playing. Once customer service does compensate this is always fractional and never adequate. Once again this is by design they’ll give you enough back once you’ve hounded them so that you can spend to get you the rest of the way back. Calculated designed money pit easily seen when crossed referenced among numerous other games. The customer comes last here unless a really high end clientele. This is a cash cow being milked until there’s none left. *Warning stay away* If you have downloaded, but haven’t started playing delete the app off the phone and shower immediately to cleanse this filth off of you. Shame on greedy companies especially during a global pandemic..Version: 4.3.443446

A replication of every other real-time strategy game out thereNeeds a few innovative ideas to set it apart, like possibly some game cinematics, or a political algorithm with more of a story. More depth; atm it is like every other RTS game.Version: 1.2.219575

Look elsewhere for a fair gameEnjoyable to start with, if you can ignore the constant glitches and lagging, but you can’t get anywhere without spending thousands of dollars. WB customer support are not helpful when you have a problem. I lost over a years worth of progress due to a peace shield malfunctioning a few months ago and was compensated with peanuts. Now I again have losses during the Facebook outages and have been given absolutely nothing! WB doesn’t care about it’s players, only how much money they can make from them. This is obvious from them continuing to add elements to the game without fixing well known bugs and glitches, and their treatment of individual players is directly linked to how much they spend..Version: 4.11.581705

Actually okay, but...The game was actually a solid strategy game and I loved actually getting into player made house, rising through the ranks and helping my liege take a fort, however I didn’t spend money on the game and at the time the game had just came out so everyone was around 100,000 power and I was one of the higher level players so it never made me want to spend money on it, but suddenly I found everyone was hitting 1,000,000 power when I hit 200,000 and it’s almost impossible to do without putting a considerable amount of money into the game. However, the main thing I dislike is when you finally do well and a high level player destroys it all. When I began playing, I was a high level player with 150,000 power, and had a fairly popular liege Lord which I really liked, who I was highly ranked to, being in his tier 1 bannerman bracket. However when people put more money into the game and progressed faster and my liege eventually quit the game shortly after giving me the role of his hand, I got fed up and went off while I was ‘powerful’ - with 5,000 troops. However when I went back on to see I had 0 troops and little to no food or wood or anything due to being attacked, along with how everyone was about 3,000,000 power, that was what did it for me. Overall, okay game but would not recommend especially at this stage..Version: 1.10.229781

Very Expensive GameBe prepared to spend over $10,000 on this game. Not a joke..Version: 3.5.283521

Fun for a bit, but it has a flawed systemAfter restarting on my new phone I managed to get back up to the level I was originally quite quickly but I was also met with the same problem I had before as the only way to not get attacked is to keep your resources under a million or to buy shields. With shields costing a lot of gold, you’re forced to try and keep your resources under a million which makes it nearly impossible to upgrade your keep etc. However it doesn’t even matter if you do this as there is apparently a pvp weekend that’s been implemented into the game where no matter your resources if you’re not shielded, you get attacked. This flawed system turns the game into a repetitive cycle in which you are forced to save up gold, heal your troops and then once they’re all healed you get attacked again. It’s an alright game that could be a brilliant game if you didn’t have to pay for shields and could just play the game peacefully without getting attacked by people with over 10 times your power level for no reason at all. Hope that this is read by the people who run the game as I really enjoyed it up until the introduction of pvp weekend.Version: 2.9.246963

Show me the Money!!They should rename this "Games of Thrones: Cash Grab". Every aspect of this game has been monetised so as to milk as much money from players as possible. Likely to pay an exhibit ant licensing fee. There is no trading and the economy is a farce. If you want to advance beyond keep level 12, you better be willing to regularly sacrifice some cash. Although it is theoretically possible to play this game without paying, i sure wouldn't want to try and prove that. Otherwise the game is much like any others of its genre out there, different skin but same system..Version: 1.3.220380

Not looking goodI’ve been playing this game over two months and in that time the glitches have gotten progressively worse! It’s super frustrating & disappointing. Some of the features are fun but the best part of this game is the social aspect of meeting, communicating with people from various countries and becoming friends with some. However this is a spenders game. The resources needed to upgrade are crazy ridiculous, millions upon millions. The game would be much better if 1.the glitches weren’t a daily occurrence, multiple times daily 2. You could at all times send resources to your alliance (not just with buying packs that pass gifts at random) 3. T1 of the group should be able to cut anyone at all times 4.Keeps or players should only be able to attack other players within their troops level. 5. Cut the resources needed to upgrade in half!!!! Everything costs way too much. 25 mill food and 25 mill wood plus brick ( that I had to buy), keystone, etc to upgrade a keep 19 is excessive people. Worst of all is the glitches! I’ve had people in my alliance myself included that don’t mind paying to advance (within reason) but not with the glitches and sample response message you get whenever you submit a ticket. My number one spender has left the game. WB really should do better to make the game more glitch free & enjoyable for all whether people are spending money or not..Version: 2.2.234568

GotcIt’s pay to win, if you don’t pay don’t play! In order to max everything out you will spend 250,000 usd.Version: 6.3.735774

Resources are a jokeNot even keep level 20 and I’m stuck. You can’t attack anyone for resources (because no one has any), it would take weeks to produce enough from your farms and mills and quarries (because the amount they produce even fully upgraded is a joke), and creatures drop the smallest crates of resources (even when hitting the highest level you successfully can). I really enjoy this game, but the lack of resources is infuriating. I’ve sunk about $100 into this game and won’t spend a penny more. The resource packs are a joke. You can’t even get a fraction of what you need. I had such high hopes for this game, but I shouldn’t have to sink thousands of dollars in to do anything. Can’t even keep up with the hourly upkeep of my troops with how little my farms put out (fully upgraded). Fix this issue!!! There are so many abandoned castles and people are stuck. The Kingdom Chat is laughable. Never works properly for more than a couple min at a time. Doubles and triples messages, won’t load, all garbage. So frustrating..Version: 1.1.215564

Game of GlitchesSo many issues with this Pay to Play game. Support isn’t very helpful either..Version: 5.7.674288

Buyer bewareAs much as this game is great at times, there are way too many glitches in the game that cost players thousands when their bubbles expire before they do. Also I do believe it is time WB come out with general rules for ALL KINGDOMS as it would avoid a lot of heart ache and issues when they decide to do kingdom merges. I also have the issue with kingdoms being missed matched when they go to merge with different servers..Version: 2.9. 247616

Lag Lag LagThis game is ripping players off with the constant Lagging. When loading game and in game play . Have lost millions in resources because of this Lag . And support just don’t care . There response is refresh’s game to receive your rss when transferring from bag to in game total .. other wise you will lose millions because of this Lag . Known problem since day one .. only play if you want to be ripped off ..Version: 2.6.242091

Absorbing until.....Ok, You start off full of hope, put a bit of time, strategically use the free speed ups you start with (and acrue from time to time) and with a bit of luck you’ll be at level 11-12 in around two weeks, you’ll have an army of some 25k troops, you’re a big boy now, right? No, you aren’t, a lvl 22 will roll right over you hardly losing any troops. All your hard work lies in ruins. Your troops are revivable, if you have enough aid tents, but it takes time and resources, resources the lvl 22 just took from you. You can shield, you occasionally get given 2, 8 or 24 hr shields or buy them, but don’t go for a week away, you’ll return to a smoking ruin and no troops. You can send your troops out to gather meagre resources at the other end of the map, but that’ll only keep them from the big boys for up to 5 hours. You can join an alliance, but unless it’s one of the behemoths, you’ll still get stomped on. 1 lvl 22 stomped on my whole alliance in less than 10 minutes. In summary, if you have a fat credit card, you could do well, if not, don’t think you’ll ever be top dog in Kings Landing. Good luck. Now been playing for 3months, the game slows up sharply with regards to upgrading after keep12. I still stand by everything I said above..Version: 1.4.221147

Close but so far away!Meeeh this game is so so, Great concept but the game is full of bugs and glitches. Every update causes more problems then what it fixes.... also If this game wasn’t so dedicated to the “Pay to Win” scheme, it would be one of the great live action multiplayer mobile game apps in the 21st century. Especially with the popularity of the franchise world wide! Great game but if you’re not wealthy it’s difficult to do well. The programmers need to do better... poor overall... sadly.Version: 2.1.233016

After several years review remainsAfter many years of playing one things remains being you will execute commands in the game which will not reflect the next time you visit be that adding troops, setting a peace shield, adding to your dragon only a few examples none of which a due to other influences by players. Usually each one causing you to repeat this process of which you resources have since declined due to being used for that same purpose previously. No recourse available as their help desk is as incompetent as those programming, expect to spend further real world money..Version: 5.1.599922

Get your wallet out! And be ready for the non stop glitchesWow this game is so glitchy. And if you don’t wanna be the one everyone picks on, get your wallet out cause it’s gonna cost ya. Wow. Probably the most money hungry game I’ve ever played. Even if you don’t wanna spend money to play, you have to spend money to wear a shield to stop the big spenders from feeding off you. Just don’t. Get out while you still can..Version: 3.1.255304

Don’t like.I don’t like it because i came here for dragons had to play the game a lot, got bored out of my mind then, sometimes I don’t know what to do, and you really need to update improve add new features, and MAYBE in the future you’ll see my ratings go up a little..Version: 1.12.232427

Great concept, poor executionI like this game, a lot. It is highly addictive and a lot of fun to play. It does have some pretty major drawbacks though, the in-app purchases are a wonderful idea, except survival in the game is majorly dependant on putting money into it, as is progressing. Without spending money it is virtually impossible to grow past a certain point and impossible be able to have a sheild when needed (which is all the time). I’m fortunate enough to be in an allegiance with some majorly big spenders and get gifts when they buy packs. The customer service is pretty crap, when bugs or glitches cause issues like being attacked or becoming unsheilded and not receiving notifications due to a bug, the reimbursement you attain from wb is a joke at best. For an example i lost what would equate to around £50-£75 worth of resources over 2 days due to not receiving notifications which for the record I have turned on. If you wanna spend big it’s great but free to play is really not possible after a certain point.Version: 2.8.245612

Game of Thrones ConquestMyself being An Avid Game of Thrones fan shows to play this game back in the end of July and for the most part I regret it, except there is some fun aspects of the game and I’ve met some really awesome friends. We can run down the list of problems. Game glitches all the time, Crashes in the middle of battles, Can’t see any marches, You win a Sop And then you find yourself bounced from it, Meanwhile your battle reports show you did not take any wounded, Players using cheats, and Alts, To affect gameplay, Missing packs after you buy them which is one of the worst things that happens, Missing gold, Resources that vanishes out of your storage, Multi-Purchase glitch when you try to buy one pack you buy several, Which I’ve experienced several times myself, And the best part that no matter what you say to them as the developers their responses are next to nothing with any kind of merit or fix their normal response is we’re going to look into it and we’re closing your ticket. This game has been the bane of my existence there is no fun Anymore all they do is bleed us dry add new features that are needed and never fix things that are needed to be fixed WB is horrible with responding to players valid complaints. Unless WB is willing to fix this game I would strongly recommend you not to play it.Version: 2.1.233816

Terrible customer serviceThe game itself is quite enjoyable but be wary when making purchases in game. I have made quite a few but have had some serious issues with the purchased items not properly doing their promised task namely shields lasting half their expected duration. This has left me unknowingly open to attacks causing me to lose countless troops and resources. When this information has been passed onto developers they are unwilling to help. Unfortunately you have to pay to get anywhere in the game so you can imagine my disappointment that purchased packs do not work and developers do nothing about it. I’d prefer to spend my money on having teeth pulled next time. Be very careful when making purchases. Items are regularly faulty and WB couldn’t care less..Version: 1.4.221500

Got conquestThe game is a lot of fun. But it can get annoying when houses that are millions of points ahead of you attack you. It’s also annoying that there are certain beginner levels of research, that have 12-15 levels & individually take 20+ hours to research so it’s hard to get new skills. The only way for me to protect more of my food now is to research storehouse, but you have to get to a level 21 maester tower? How tf does that make sense for a BEGINNER level of storehouse protection. It also doesn’t make sense that my wheat levels are constantly disappearing. They say you need to upgrade & research the storehouse, but you don’t have to do that with wood?? I always have ridiculously high levels of wood. You need to make the game more accessible for people who don’t want to blow 10-50 dollars on the game. It’s a free game, which is outrageous. The glitches are annoying and even with new updates they don’t get better. The game seems to only focus on people that spend a ton of money and build up super fast just to attack smaller houses. I would also like to see more variety in the characters. The majority of them are white or men and you should be allowed to customize their looks. When I craft new equipment it’d be cool if that equipment was on the character I have chosen. I love the game and want to continue to play it with my friends but things need to get easier and better for everyone..Version: 2.6.242091

Has potentialAfter first playing this game, I was disappointed to find that the game took off at around season 7, but that is something I can get over. I have a few suggestions, it would help a lot if we could send mail via ravens to other players. In fact, that is pretty much necessary. Also, would be cool if white walkers and wights spawned north of the wall and we could send our armies there to fight them. They can just spawn like bears and Giants except only north of the wall, that would make me very happy. Also, sending resources to allies, that needs to be added asap..Version: 1.1.214190

Good at the start then just #@*%The game was great at the start but now that everyone got to a certain size no one can be attacked. Don’t bother with this.Version: 1.3.220380

Broken gameI’ve been playing this game since worldwide launch & problems that existed since alpha/beta stages still remain. You will make zero progress in this game unless you are prepared to spend ridiculous amounts of real, hard earned cash. So much so, you would be better off buying an Xbox one or PS4 for less money. Really disappointed customer here! *updated review* 4 months on from my initial review & the game still feels like it’s in BETA stage. My wall is on fire every time I log into my account, even though I have a shield & haven’t been attacked. When I do get attacked I receive no notifications & all my troops (which cost a lot of real money & time to train) are killed off. Customer support is very poor & you would be lucky to get any kind of response from a submitted ticket, let alone a useful one. Also after making an in game purchase it charged my account for another item which I did not purchase & am still waiting for Apple to resolve this issue. Avoid this game at all costs!.Version: 1.3.220380

Justice4k397This started as a great highly addictive game that I really got into and enjoyed, but as the months went on it started to become apparent that you needed to spend big to compete with the hundreds of players that were also spending, which to be fair i was happy to do and in the year or so that I have played, I put in thousands of pounds. Warner Brothers then made a huge screw up when merging our kingdom for the second time with another much more experienced one, this meant that this other kingdom is far superior to huts and are literally lording it up and frustrating people at will if the are unprotected and offline for a heart beat. There have been complaints by hundreds of players daily to the game team, but they are all ignored, in short WB do not care about you only the money you are spending. This is not a rambling from a bitter player, you will find many reviews the same as this..Version: 3.4.274232

Big fan, but crashes a LOTAs a huge game of thrones fan I was excited to see this on the AppStore, although after a few minutes of playing I started to realise that the optimisation is not the best as I was crashing every 2-5 minutes if not less. Not really sure why, I’ve got a brand new phone and have never experienced this when I used to play on my older phone (iPhone 5s). Seems weird that it’s crashing on a newer model. Although, extremely addictive and fun game. The lore is brilliant and you feel very immersed in the realm of Westeros. Nothing more enjoyable than watching your power grow as you build a bigger army and a more advanced city. Best part is that it really doesn’t take long to progress, within 2 days you can easily be at 30,000 power no trouble. Great game, just please fix the crashes!!.Version: 3.5.283521

Unavailable Ghaston greyI’m really enjoying the game except that some places such as ghaston grey are on the map but unavailable to conquer. I would like this to be activated as it is a remote castle that smaller allegiances can start on. I don’t know if you just forgot or it’s a mistake but it would be good if it was there and available in time for the dorne update when all the dorne places are available..Version: 1.2.216551

Pay to playThe only way to succeed in this game is to pour money into it and pray that no one with more money than you attacks you. The first few levels are easy to advance through, but the moment you start getting into the game you start hitting the pay wall. And you will continuously keep hitting it, there’s no way to succeed without spending a LOT of money. Also Everything you’ve worked hard for and paid a lot of money for can be wiped out in moments by someone who has spent more money than you. It’s the most money hungry game I’ve come across in all my years of gaming. Steer clear..Version: 1.11.231351

One of the worst Kingdom games yetI’ll be 100% honest. I’m not one to complain about “pay-to-win” games. I’ve put around $800 in this game. All the while I was hoping for fixes. It lags. A lot! Every time they “fix” a bug. The game gets worse. The Kingdom chat doesn’t work correctly. Supplies don’t work correctly. They have a HUGE imbalance in pay in to pay and free play. Worst of any game of this kind. This causes many players to quit and leave the game. Which causes the Kingdom to die out quickly. I’ve been in two kingdoms in this game. Both are now dead. $800 for about a month of play. Bad play. Very bugged play. They have to many issues to correct in this game before it becomes playable and enjoyable. The customer service is non-existent. Think about that. Where else would you spend that kind of money to have no customer service help? It’s ludicrous. Do not download this game. Do not play it. Do not pay for in game purchases. There are 30 levels in the game. It cost $100 to go from level 18-19. $600 to go from 23-24. It’s not balanced. It’s terrible. You have been warned. You will spend money and your Kingdom will be dead within two months. Also it’s not even all open. So the people who are left will never take the Iron Throne. Because you need 126 followers to take it. That many people aren’t even left in the entire kingdom I am in..Version: 1.1.215107

Money grabBe prepared to spend thousands of dollars if you play this game. It’s only for the rich. If it was not for alliance friends I would have quit a long time ago…..Version: 6.3.735774

Bad gameIt's a very unbalanced game. Has potential to be a great game but need a lot of work. It's just not worth it because there are so many other great games out there..Version: 1.1.215396

Must be a masochist to play this gameDon’t waste your time or money (yes i know the game is free but trust me ... you will spend money and regret it if you download it).... there are other better games to download of this style that are not plagued by glitches (where this one creates more than it fixes with every update); that the developers admit mistakes and ensure that any wrongdoing is rectified (where these developers blame the user for everything and fail to be empathetic let alone offering recompense); that do not offer a stale platform where big spenders rule and bully because there is no realignment and merge has happened once per kingdom in a year and a half. Most recently I was logged in to my account and was unable to do anything as my keep was rallied and zeroed as I was forced to sit and watch after trying everything to get my shield to raise or teleport. The glitches have become oppressive and WB does not care as long as there are players spending money. This is the third major glitch effect during my time playing including one that bought a 100$ pack instead of the 5$ pack that I clicked on. I was forced to give it one star because I can’t give it zero. That one star is the friends I made playing the game who are fantastic however every single one of them threatens to quit daily because the game is so oppressive it takes the fun away..Version: 2.4.239324

Philosophy of the gameThe negative aspects of this game are more than its positive aspects. One of them is propaganda of violence and betrayal. Unlike the main storyline -which Night Walkers along with the traitors are supposed to be wiped out and wisdom and honesty be the winner- in this game, the more ruthless and treacherous you are, the more you grow and be supported by the game creators. In an particular event, it was explicitly told to attack other players and score points. Many of the alliances were smashed, and many people who had no sin other than they were new in the game were destroyed by those who had no advantage except that they started the game a bit earlier, and all for a few silly points. Of course, newer players can stay in the game if they spend a lot of money to purchase the resources required for repairing damages. It's better to provide an opportunity for people to trade in a business center and get ready to fight with the night walkers rather than fight and kill each other. Nobody has chance to join and success in the game from now on because big allegiances won’t accept and support him according to his level and others will mention him as a farm. Really players feel like they are new version of gladiators in Colosseum providing fun and financial outputs for Caesar..Version: 1.6.223173

Think Twice before downloading this game !!!Is it fun to play? Yes the game is awesome !!! But, there’s a catch… heaps of bugs or game crashes & you end up loosing your unprotected resources… Any warrior gear or trinket upgrades results in you having to dish out heaps of cash (in app purchases) & the upgrade gamble is hardly ever in your favour even when the odds are on your side… So, after making loads of in App purchases (you don’t get anywhere in this game of you don’t) I’ve realised that WB makes heaps of coin out of your addiction… like they say, the house never loose !!!.Version: 5.7.662061

Would give 5 stars but...The game is great the first few days until you get stuck doing the same thing for hours and days at a time, it makes you just want to delete the game, because it’s either you stand still or you spend money, so I kind of feel forced to spend money, which takes away the fun of the game. I need 25,000 dragon lore to continue upgrading my dragon but even though I max out all of my daily quest you only get about 62 dragon lore a chest and you don’t get it in every chest, I feel like the rate of obtaining dragon lore while completing quest should definitely be higher. The game is fun but the high request of money just to progress through the game, makes my need to want to play feel pointless. Like, we can’t even build gear higher than level 1, unless we spend money, if we’re working hard and playing the game we should be rewarded. Then people who spend loads of money on the game team up and take over anything and the people who don’t like to spend money like that or can’t afford to have nothing to look forward to achieving, as if there’s no chance to even be able to complete and they definitely talk like that and are very cocky about it, I just feel like the game is free for a reason and the need to spend money seems forced instead of an option..Version: 2.5.240292

People are starting to get bored.In general this is a great game however the WarBook team are slow to respond if at all to the serious glitches that reoccur and diminish game play. While this game is fun socially I’d encourage more and more people to be a free to play player as the more you spend the more you are punished by WarBook making your gains useless. Dragons which are so expensive are now useless. Many players have keystones that can no longer be used with the introduction of Valeryian stone, thus reducing previous purchases as useless. WarBook will now expect you to buy armour twice with little real statistical gain and armour while released monthly does bring anything new anymore. Rangers are still for the most part ignored by WarBook despite being one of the three main troop types. Building beyond K30 has driven many established players away from the game sadly. Several SOP are on the map but never opened to spice up game play. So yes, you can carve out some fun but be mindful of what you invest in because this game gives little to nothing back..Version: 3.2.256488

Pay to play.Don’t bother with GOTC, unless you want to spend ALOT of $..Version: 2.6.241756

Great conceptThis game would be great..if it didn’t have so many purchases required to even stand a chance. The big houses are openly admitting to cheating. Using hackers to steal resources, etc. not to mention harassment in chat, etc. there is NO fallback or security to report players for anything. Cheating, threats, etc. nothing to do but email and hope the developers see. I’ve been playing, things have glitches, peace shield has been hacked, all known issues. Especially with people buying robots to run houses for them in multiple servers, etc. something has got to be safe done about this, or you’re going to lose a vast majority of players very quickly. People who are actually playing the game correctly stand no chance against robots programmed to cheat. This is ridiculous. Everything from people threatening NWO, harassing messages, spam and viruses in chat rooms. It’s complete chaos. I regret every penny ever put into this game, and I’m a little nobody. The Big players are also regretting this game due to the ridiculous amount of cheating getting through the servers however they’re doing it. This is the last time I’m accessing this until the entire game is redone. Absolutely ridiculous. People wanting to fly to meet me, hacking accounts that are bound to Facebook, etc and being able to find MY personal information?! Seriously...there is a huge security issue with this game vs IT hackers..Version: 1.8.225694

GreatFun game.Version: 1.0.213796

You DecideThe game is very addicting and fun when you first start. There are several events that come and go and give good rewards. The graphics are are decent for a mobile game and there’s a lot of content to play through. As you progress in levels it gets very difficult to do anything without making purchases, which I do understand that the game needs to make money, but that puts the players who cannot spend $20-$50+ often at the very bottom. Also, there are many high level players that will CONSISTENTLY bully others with no hesitation. The bullying may vary from kingdom to kingdom, but don’t be surprised if you see yourself or a player being bullied. As several other players have said, it is a very unwelcoming community, but there are some decent players that will make the game a little bit more tolerable. Another issue with this game is the attention you need to give it throughout your day. Higher level players will most likely reset what other players have worked very hard for or purchased, in this case it would be resources (food, wood, etc.), and without being attentive, the player cannot know when someone is about to attack their keep, which in the end means that the average person who works and has a busy schedule will not succeed in this game by any means. Based on what I have experience myself and seen, it’s a playable game to an extent but not worth investing your time unless you want to invest your money on it. Download and play for yourself..Version: 2.8.245612

Very disappointedThe game has lots of potential but unfortunately it’s impossible to level up after playing for a while due to availability of resources and you can’t hold them because credit card warriors need to hit little guys to get resources and grow because they are scarce. This makes people quit and each kingdom is slowly dying. There is many bugs and I have lodged 3 support tickets with no response to any in more then a week, not even an acknowledgement of my ticket. Extremely poor support, worst I’ve seen in any game. The game needs so much work and has been released way too early. My advice is look for better games to play that are supported..Version: 1.1.215107

Warner Brothers is the only one winning this gameStarted off really good then started getting buggy. Is now at the point where it’s unplayable. Contact maintenance to solve and am always told to restart game. Seems to be there go to response. Even when you say you’ve already done that. Every update features “bug fixes” problem is it seems like the game is a leaky ship and every hole they patch is replaced with five more. Instead of fixing the issues so users can actually play the game they introduce new events which of course don’t work. Then On the off chance that someone does look at your bug report when you loose millions cause the game glitches at just the right time they will compensate you with 1/10 off what you loose..Version: 2.1.233816

Started with high hopes but allegiance function is uselessI had originally written a review speaking quite highly of this game, I used my 5 day shield to build and strengthen my defences. The whole game is ruined by the lack of an organised allegiance function. It's chaos! There are two or three allegiances that control everything and all places are taken so you have to make do with a rubbish allegiance that does nothing because the two or three dominate. Every time I try to Join one I'm either told there are no slots or that it would create too many tiers even though others have joined. The whole thing doesn't run smoothly and now after 5 days of playing obsessively, it looks like I'll probably just delete the app. The whole allegiance things needs a total overhaul, the game was otherwise good but if you're not in a top allegiance, there's no point..Version: 1.1.214274

You’ll never succeed unless you pour money in.So it’s the kind of game you don’t do much but click a button, your troops fight for you, you don’t see any action etc. Thing is there are so many high level players that have poured money into the game that you struggle so hard if you don’t. They win everything and then get rewarded with more resources then hunt all the vulnerable new players to ensure they don’t succeed. It’s incredibly frustrating. Resource packs start at £5 so it’s not feasible for a game with no action in my opinion. If the packs were much less money I’d happily pay to play but then the wealthier players would take advantage again. So I’m stuck at keep level 13, I can’t afford to buy shields or resources, I can only protect 450k wood but I need 5mil to upgrade and be stronger, so I start collecting then someone like 10 levels above me comes and takes it all away. I’ve got no chance. You can see where people have made extra accounts just to farm themselves it’s ridiculous. I have paid out twice now to advance and I wish I’d have used my £10 in the real world instead. On top of everything the game is super glitchy too..Version: 1.3.220380

I HATE ITI played a minute and then it quit working so I exited and went back in and did everything thing I can but the farthest I can get to is the loading screen where it says loading coffers! Would probably be good if I could actually play!.Version: 5.7.674288

Don’t bother, dev bot will steal all your hard workThis was a good game until, as it seems a few other players have been hit in the same way, a much higher level player destroys everything you’ve been building for weeks. After spending money to help speed up my progress in less than 12 hours everything I paid for has gone. I now have 300 members left in my army from more than 5000 last night. From 2.3 million and 2.6 million units of food and wood respectively I now have less than 1000 units of each. Not very good when it’s needed to repair defences and rebuild an army. So coincidental that I’m left alone for weeks then from out of the blue get hit by a much higher level player who I now can’t seem to find anywhere on the map! I’m not going to bother with this game anymore and certainly never spending money on it again. Completely unbalanced attacking/defending with other players. If indeed it was another player and not a bot set up by the developers to steal from players with high units of food and wood to make us pay again for resources. At least in the program you know who the back stabbers are. After reading more reviews it seems the developers only ever say exactly the same thing and never actually deal with players concerns and always ending in “we hope to see you again soon”! So basically, we’re making money yippee, we don’t need to do anything to improve this game for players just improve it to make more money for us..Version: 1.2.216551

Lord of the Flies in real time ‘game’This ‘game’ is the epiphany of the dark side of online gaming and littered with the carcasses of unhappy people who have left. It is great if want to teach your children to be the taught to be cruelest bullies or be brutally bullied, I have witnessed all sorts of illegal activity, racial vilification/discrimination, bullying and harassment predatory and unethical conduct. The game is predatory in itself, encouraging and rewarding overspending by placing the packs on the first screen. It should only be for over 18 years and come with terms and conditions. There is no transparency or accountability. It belongs on the dark web. It does not generate happiness other than to the rich and greedy. It is not designed to be fair. There are no limitations. Legally you are required to monitor your own website and chats. It’s only time before a person will be mentally injured and a claim is made, maybe a class action. This game is not a playing field like the TV series - unlike the TV series there is no balance, there is no guiding light helping Jon Snow, only Lannisters. Shame on you Warner Brothers. I choose a brighter path in life..Version: 4.9.538989

GOTCThe worst game ever made. Do not down loan do pay to play. Game is unstable and WB is uncooperative and horrible to deal with..Version: 5.6.656781

It’s meh.The game is a lot of fun until your shield runs out, which is when the fun should really start. Rallying with a liege and attacking people from across the map is awesome, but when one dude gets to attack you 25 times in a row and loot everything you own, wound your whole army (which you can’t heal because you have no resources cause he took all of those), and destroy your walls; it kinda blows. This isn’t an exaggeration, last night i got attacked 25 times by a guy who has a power of 649,000 and i have a power of 124,000. Why does that make sense? Now i’m slowly trying to get back my house to what it was, and I won’t be able to even get revenge. He shouldnt be able to attack me 25 times in a row. Do like clash of clans, let him attack me, I lose some troops lose a percentage of my loot, then give me an hour shield before he just comes and attacks me again. I can’t teleport away from him without spending $10, so I’m stuck getting attacked by him. If he attacks me again tonight another 25 times, I will delete this app, I’m not a sore loser, I just want to be able to actually play the game, not constantly pick up the pieces of my destroyed house..Version: 1.12.232427

Could be betterActually at first I really enjoyed this game. I really liked game of thrones the series and thought a strategy game with name would be fun. The game is fun if you have an enormous amount of money to put into it. At first you grow quickly getting boosts and army and upgrades. You feel like this is a game you can play and have some fun with but as the game wears on you realise that the odds are stacked against you. If you are prepared to throw unlimited amounts of cash and are prepared to be on call 24 7 like a doctor then you will enjoy this game. If on the other hand you want a game you can pick up and play this isn’t the one. The game does not notify you when your being attacked. Sometimes whilst your actually playing. By the time your realise you had a lost 150,000 troops and it’s gonna cost you millions of resources to get them back. A good game but not very well thought out 😓it’s a shame as for the most part I enjoy playing but I think the enjoyment has come to an end through sheer annoyance.Version: 2.11.251187

Classy to look at, expensive to run.The graphics are undoubtedly great to look at but if you’re going in as a F2P player, it will take you a long time to move upwards. Be aware that you will need to spend most of your life under a shield and shields cost gold, which you have to purchase mostly. The packs are very expensive - £100 is the usual amount so, if you are going to purchase packs, be careful about what you choose and look for the best value. You can build up great friendships in the alliances but it does depend on which alliance you choose. The alliances that go in for fair play tend to be friendlier and more loyal to each other but the smash and grab alliances tend to be more powerful and ruthless. And be aware that unless you have major amounts of money, you will never be as powerful as the established P2P players - they’ve been at it a long time and have invested heavily in the game!.Version: 4.2.424766

It’s Ok, but really just a Reskin.All these games are great fun until you start having to wait a day to build a sawmill. And then like all the others I loose interest as there is nothing really else to do apart from collect materials and try and attack other players.. to collect materials..Version: 1.1.214274

Pay to winStarting now all you’ll get is wailed on by people very fond of themselves. Bearing in mind this game requires no skill, the only reason they can smash you is because they have poured money in (big money) not because they are actually good at anything. There’s no protection from game devs, I suspect enough new players get sucked into spending money in order to try and compete. DONT DO THAT! The others will just spend more! Save a lot of time and money and play literally any other game, or re watch GOT to get your fix.Version: 1.11.231351

$6,500 deep and I’m weakSince k34 and T11 a person willing to spend $10,000 can literally break the game balance and solo everything. An entire group of k26+ can’t withstand a single big wallet player. It’s not even close to balanced and it’s not like a couple hundred $$$ closes the gap. It’s literally several thousand dollars if you want to compete with a big spender which means your few hundred here or there literally gets you no where: in short, it’s a money sink with zero balance unless you’re willing to spend $1,000week to keep up. So if you don’t have deep pockets stay away. This game is fun but literally a money sink with ridiculous bugs, glitches, poor customer service and zero thought to game balance beyond “what can we do to take more money”. For example, when they added keep level 35 and the next tier or troops they added so much rally size and March size a single T11 can solo a seat of power (main objective) when it takes 3-5 strong players to fill it. In other words, they gave no thought to balance, didn’t increase defending size or a way to increase and let a power spender run over every other single player in a matter of minutes costing them hundreds of dollars in healing bills or deaths with zero chance of holding out for more than a few minutes. Horrible game, I want my $6,500 back.....Version: 2.12.253960

Typical pay to winVery hard to advance without spending money. Effective attacking requires teleports which are crazy expensive. Whole game revolves around spending and the problem is many players are. So if you aren’t spending, your getting steam rolled by wallet warriors and even if you spend a little thinking it will help.... nope wrong. No matter if you spend $20 or $200 there will always be someone who has out spent you and will zero you. Every kingdom has a handful of players that have spend thousands trying to dominate. You won’t win..Version: 1.1.215858

Poor Game and Over ComplicatedIt takes forever to get established in this game - very little happens and you’d better be prepared to pay money if you want to be able to do more sooner. This is just game play - it’s a slow burn and not overly enjoyable. Then - the bugs! For something so popular, the amount of issues is appalling. If it’s not freezing, it’s out of sync and if it’s neither of those, it’s crashing. Tried to report it and go no feedback whatsoever. Very addictive to start off with but bare minimum is explained. The social aspect is ok but some allegiances within the game get big and ruin it for the rest..Version: 3.4.274232

Be Extremely Careful!!Yes this is an addictive game, it has many engagement opportunities, both in terms of gameplay and socially and starts off being very enjoyable to play. The clear issue is that Warner Brothers have no social conscience and deliberately construct the game to lure players into spending big. In fact you will probably find that within a year of playing you are questioning how you came to be spending so much on the game, for most, much more than is comfortable. This has the same feel as a gambling app. Most people stop playing within that 12-18 month timeframe, not because they want to, because they simply cannot keep up without spending a fortune. Warner Brothers don’t care so long as a core % of players go on to spend tens of thousands of $$$ each year. Be very careful before getting sucked in!.Version: 5.4.627997

Spend money lost it allThis game is okay at first in till you gain a little power and then you have guys with thrice what you have come in and destroy it all. You will literally have no defense unless you constantly keep a peace shield up which will eventually cost you as well. You can be asleep and the some over hyped guy can come and ruin it all which will take you back to square one. GOT Conquest moderators do nothing about that probably like it because they think you’ll spend more money to build your keep and solider back up. There should be a minimum power level that you can attack pertaining to your own level because getting attack by someone that can hit you only once and kill everyone in your keep doesn’t make me want to keep playing. Honesty I would like my money back I spent here at least in other games when I spend I get to keep my results. My suggestion to other players is don’t spend money to get more rss it’s a waste. But the games it self is very glitchy lots of closing on its own and restarts also sometimes just collecting your rss can cause a glitch. Maybe don’t play at all most of the game is control by powerful groups already so there is not much left for the new players and new allegiances. My take on the app don’t download it’s not worth it..Version: 1.7.224766

Newbie advice, Bugs, positives and negative.(3.5 stars) Advice for newbies - try and hide for as-long as possible and grow in silence than make noise and end up being destroyed. If you earn gold in the events, spend on shields. teleportations, upkeep reduction costs and defense enhancers. • The game will freeze and then it will take me to my home screen, I’ve spoken to many others in the kingdom chat and they are experiencing the same problems. • Sometimes when forging a weapon I will change the condition from poor to exquisite and it will stay on poor. Really good game and very addictive if you are into looking for many hours of building your kingdom and/or if you like The Game of Thrones Series. It’s very good if you like strategy and good for communication also auto translation means you can speak to anyone. You can message someone from a different alliances and make pacts between your and the ally alliance they are in. If you liked the series you will like the game. Down fall is there is too many strong players, you need to download it if you have some free time in your hands and build fast. It’s a game that requires a lot of attention but if there could be cuts to gold store prices maybe for shields, until a certain keep level or experience level it, would be easier for lower levels to get through. Also possibly put more events up with more than two or three events that at that can earn you can gold..Version: 2.11.253010

Long time player/feedbackThis is a very addictive game the social side of things is great while you’re waiting for upgrades to complete and the events are always great when there working. The problem with this game is that you’ve really gotta spend to get anywhere in it. After you’re 4 day bubble runs out you’ve instantly got to spend to get more, and if you don’t keep up with bubbles any troops you trained or resources you’ve collected will be killed and raided then you’re back to square one and will have to spend another few days rebuilding while the people with deeper pockets have already upgraded to 30 plus power. This is fine, they work hard for their money they deserve to spend it on what they want. But there should be something, perhaps a spot on the map where you can not attack or be attacked so you can build up your troops, etc without needing to spend hundreds a week on a game that is forever glitchy and forever breaking down. This game is made for people with deep pockets and the patience to tolerate a game which have is literally glitchy all the time 24/7 And to the review titled “WoW” 3 hours of game time and you disagreed with reviews from long time players... you clearly don’t have any clue about this game..Version: 2.9.246570

Credit Card Warriors!Welcome to Credit Card Warriors, where the man who can splash the cash will triumph! GoT Conquest is THE most unashamedly ‘pay to win’ game on the App Store. Is it worth playing if you’re NOT prepared to drop $10,000 into the game? Possibly, but don’t expect to win and accept you’re going to get stomped on by the guys who blew their kids college funds on the game. Realistically you should easily be able to work your way up to keep level 15 without paying a cent. Around keep level 20 it’s going to get very hard and vary slow to progress. All that said, the only ads you get bombarded with are for in game packs and offers and you don’t see too many. At its heart GoT Conquest is an interesting strategy and resource management romp with lots of references to the hit show. I say if you like GoT and you like this sort of game - give it a chance. But go in with your eyes open. If you want to max out your keep level I suspect it is impossible to do without spending a LOT of money. In honesty it is fun for a few levels and at least they’re very transparent about the ‘pay to win’ element of the game..Version: 5.3.614864

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORTI have been ripped of a few times now from purchase glitches in the game! One was for $30.00, and the other was for $14.00. And it also had glitched one other time, but for those two purchases in particular, the customer support did not recognize and did not give me what I payed for! They ask for so much money and have very bad, extremely slow customer support! The only thing that keeps me playing now is the amount of money I’ve spent on the game already and the friends I have made in it. SO JUST A WARNING TO THOSE WHO PLAY! I DON’T RECOMMEND MAKING ONLINE PURCHASES! IT’S A RIP OFF AND THEY DON’T COMPENSATE YOU FOR YOUR LOSES. I HAVE TALKED TO MANY PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCED THE SAME..Version: 2.6.242091

Don’t REGRET THIS!PLEASE IF YOU VALUE MONEY AND TIME STAY AWAY... sadly I started playing this game a few months ago and it was challenging and even fun at first because there was so much to learn but others have been playing this game for years so they are light years ahead of you... if you decide to “pay to play” with buying packs to “get ahead of the competition” think again because there are players spending thousands and even some spending more than $10,000 on this stupid game so you might as well throw your money in the trash because this game has so many bugs and glitches and lags so much that you will never get ahead of your competition... personally i spent $1,100 on this game (I bought 11 of the $99 packs) and I wasn’t even in the top 40 of my the kingdom when it came to strength and guess what happened?! The game failed to send me notifications that I was getting attacked and I lost 98% of my troops and I emailed the developers and all they said was “here is like 70,000 gold” equivalent to like $20) when I spent over $1,000!!! And lost it all because the game glitched and didn’t send me notifications properly like it had always done before.... please stay away unless you are a millionaire and can afford to spend a couple thousand dollars on a game... better yet go donate your money stop child sex trafficking or helping the homeless - I will regret for a long time putting a single dime into this terrible game.Version: 2.7.243763

Not very goodThe game is fun for the most part as a builder goes but there’re so many bugs within. It seems that the same bugs come around about every update and players that play the game for months end up losing all of their growth because they can’t simply log on. Not being able to collect rewards is an issue as well, and when the problems arise the people in charge of the game give out compensation on a few hundred coin. That amounts to a few thousand resources but millions are often lost. Besides the long wait times and being mainly a pay to play game. The lack of being able to send resources to one another is also an issue. Over all the game is poorly made for a builder and lacks the fundamentals that most builders have. Being able to send a chat to everyone in your alliance at once, you know things like that. My biggest complaint is that their customer support is a joke. It takes forever to get in touch with anyone and by the time you do the problem has already been solve and more than not they are unwilling to compensate you for the lost time or what not. I liked the people I meant on this game, always do, but overall it’s a pretty terrible builder that’s only goal is to take your money. Not meet players somewhere in the middle..Version: 1.10.229925

Good game butI like this game a lot, the game is a part of a generic group but it actually has a lot of content once you get past the constant advertisements, there is a lot of events and it’s a good game to play once or twice a day. Though, I keep running into game crashes and I’m starting to get sick of it, almost every time you open another menu the game freezes and crashes. Otherwise it’s a good game but until the bug or whatever it’s called is fixed I’m keeping it at a 3 star.Version: 2.1.233816

Spend spend spendThis game is fun and frustrating. Fantastic concept. I love the multiplayer dynamic and the events that bring variety each weekend. It has so many aspects that are really so very fun and well done. I don’t usually last long on these kinds of games as I get bored of them quickly. This has kept my attention for 4 months now. However... I don’t spend money. And it is progressively more unrealistic that I will be able to continue much longer. The main reasons for my discontent are: -the lack of supply in comparison to the cost of upgrading or building. -the hourly unkeep cost (a large amount of food that just dissipates over time) being 3-4 times the rate of hourly income. Each level requires an extremely high amount of resources. If you spend a large amount of money, this will be fun. If you just play for fun and don’t want to spend money, be prepared for each keep level to take a few weeks of attacking, farming and hunting to try to get enough to upgrade. I am reaching the point that it is unlikely I will be able to continue due to high jump how much is needed for the next upgrade..Version: 1.2.219575

Deceptive - Not FreeFor those thinking about playing this game for free - avoid if you’re only a casual game player. You will require a lot of time to dedicate to this game, and if you are to be successful in any way, you have to spend $$$. This game is deceptive in that it shows you what is possible and exciting if you played, but what WB forgot to tell you is that those things are only possible if you fork out a small fortune. As per a lot of reviews in here, this game is designed to champion only those that fill WBs coffers. Don’t believe me? Try getting customer service to help you with a glitch or tech issue if you haven’t spent money. You will not be reimbursed, or even offered an apology for the game’s errors. The time spent building up your progress in this game can be wiped clean, even when it is out of your control! Game glitches cause even the most dedicated player to lose progress, becoming cannon fodder for those roaming around the kingdom without you even knowing. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but to save you time and money, do not play this unless you have money similar to the amount you were going to buy a car with..Version: 1.12.232427

Pay to WinReally tried to love this game but its impossible, (played up until level 13 keep) but now I’m at a stage where it costs to many resources to level up and by the time I collect even half the resources I need, some bigger player teleports right next to me and uses me as a farm with the annoying private message saying “ty for resources”, whoever pays to upgrade and get to the higher levels just wins. Period. There’s no strategic gameplay, whoever has the least power just loses everything and gets crushed, the first 10 levels were fun in the games defense. However once you start hitting the higher levels it’s impossible to rank up unless you either join some massive clan that has a monopoly over the entire map, or you just pay to win. It’s almost like the first 12 levels are the trial but to keep playing you need to buy the full app..Version: 1.2.219374

Babka gemsThis is a great game however they do have a scam with the gems I paid for one lot of gems which didn’t arrive I thought maybe it was a glitch so paid for another batch.. didn’t get them either spoke to GOT they said not our problem go to babka went to babka (company selling the gems) who said they’d look into it couple of days later I chased got told the same thing. Still don’t have them so asked for a refund they said they have to speak to GOT to see if they can.. days go by I chase and get told refund has been processed. Get an email saying I will receive my refund in the next three days. Message them just to check I’m getting a refund for both payments. They tell me it’s with their manager I should hear in three days if I deserve a refund and then it’ll take ten days IF I get one.. so now it’s going to take a month IF I’m eligible. I actually need that money I shouldn’t have spent it but I was wanting to take part in an event. So yeah great game but they have a scam attached..Version: 5.7.674288

My dragonI can’t even hatch my dragon.Version: 5.7.674288

Games has many flawsHaving committed to the game, many hours over several weeks, I would advise others to avoid. The game is very cleverly structured to bring a need to make purchases... or lose everything you have built up. Many players fund their game with big spends, others work on ability... very polar. Also, when you join, you are allocated to a kingdom where other players have been developing for very long periods of time... your well behind- you are a lamb for the slaughter... working out the rules, how things work is empirical ... it is a game that essentially consumes all your time... if you leave, you can be attacked and destroyed... of course you can buy a protective bubble and then you are safe... but that means a dollar spend... in fact many dollar spends as these “ bubbles” are not abundant in the game. If you have a lot of money, and have enough time in your life to go on line every few hours, and even set your alarm for middle of night checks, you will love the game... but it will be expensive. I worked my way to level 13, and then things became very tough... hard to find resources, and at 13, you become worthy of attack...and all those hours are at risk... best walk away after a severe attack ...either pay your dollars, or be sport for those that do..Version: 1.10.229509

Greed mongering at it’s finestFirst of all I’d like to say this is a highly addictive and fantastic game but I would never recommend playing it unless you like to spend thousands of dollars a month, as Warner Brothers have geared the entire game and every aspect in it towards micro transactions and pack buying and have slowly phased out any chance of free to play. It is also worth noting that despite the absolutely ridiculous amount of money they’re making off the game every month, they continue to do nothing about basic bugs that have plagued the game since the early days and continue to plague it nearly two years later. I really enjoyed this game and think that had it been created by a company with less emphasis on greed and more emphasis on enjoyment, it would truly be a phenomenal game and well worth investing a lot of time and money in to but as it stands if you aren’t prepared to spend a small fortune you can’t progress. So I highly recommend you do yourself a favour and never start playing this game......Version: 2.11.251187

FrustratingThis game starts out fun. But it gets addictive and expensive if you ever want to level up. And another major issue is that you can be attacked by players who are far more advanced than you. When it should be keeps at the same keep levels that should attack each other. You can’t attack certain enemies because you’re either to weak or too strong, but you can be at 5,000,009 power, and someone over 100mil can attack you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless you plan to spend 1000 in gold everyday for a peace shield. This game is meant for those willing to spend major money. It cost so much to upgrade, grow your dragon, train your troops, and research! It’s literally a money pit! I’ve been playing almost a year (keep level 19, dragon level almost 30, and he’s not even really able to do anything until level 40, which will be mad expensive to get to, or it’ll take years lol). I’m almost ready to delete the app! And there was a issue that happened Saturday, that has me heated! I was teleported out of my spot, and attacked! The place I was at was pretty good at keeping the peace, even if you weren’t bubbled! I was moved, and almost wiped out. You have to play this game all throughout the day, if you plan to survive. It’s time consuming and costly! You’ve been warned lol!.Version: 2.11.253010

Dark alliance glitched the game to deathIt’s all so detailed, a little time consuming but I’m good with it, but I can’t get enough dragon lore to do anything 😑 please fix this, I would also like to comment on the people who are getting mad at spending there own money?!?! If you think the prices are crazy than don’t buy anything!!! I CANT buy anything and I’m doing fine. Y’all need to be more patient 😐, oh and I’m not getting picked on at all, I found a really nice community to 😇, last thing I’m seeing a lot in the comments is “Apple Users Can’t Play The Game!!!” Im an apple user and everything is working fine? I’m back now and I’m in a green of people who broke the game. There’s this really annoying voice telling me to go into settings and press the back button constantly. I got into chat after a lot of inoying voices yelling at me and someone else was having the same problem. I went into settings to try and fix it but now I’m stuck only being alowed to turn the music on and off. I take back the last sentence in my last paragraph. Please help me gamecreators. Fixed it.Version: 5.8.681559

TerribleJust like every other game like this. Terrible graphics. Took about 45 seconds before I got a “special offer” to buy something for 6.99. Don’t waste your battery downloading this pile of....Version: 2.7.242965

Need Help!!!!I am enjoying the game but it says I have to update ... and when I updated it. It says I have to still update and now I cannot play ... please help!!!!!.Version: 1.1.214953

Sliding scaleThis app moves the goal post. It’s rewards are insufficient for moderate playing. Inconsistent researching, building, and troop building play. There is no way you can be worldly successful in the app unless you are dropping major money. I’ve had four keeps. I’ve kept the largest and smallest and did a comparison. I slowed up my game play. Im unable to upgrade my dragon until I reach keep 20 which forces a fast build. Fast build does not mean you will succeed. You have to continuously kill creatures in order to level up on how high you make your armor. Expeditions are worth less than what you put into it. There is never enough lore and never enough red flakes for research, especially for larger keeps. You can never keep enough food on hand and you can’t stockpile. You are charged wild cost to box the food you collect. The longer I stay in this game, the more I want to quit. Im going to level up on the smaller keep soon. If you start playing, I would not pay. You are better off going to GameStop and buying a game that has you purchase skins. You have some type of end achievement with purchasing true games. There is no the end to this game-nothing to really complete. Just spend more money. Also I shouldn’t need to be online to raise a shield, that is dumb. I should also be able to load shields consecutively . Not have to pay for a 3 day shield..Version: 5.1.599922

Way to expensive to playThe game in itself is good and fun to play, but gee it is a money bucket!! Cannot progress unless you pay, and you just keep paying and paying and still get nowhere all just becomes sooo much more expensive. Resources are taken by upkeep and are hard to come by and takes way too much time to save just to upgrade one building. Big changes need to be made, especially as the game is still not complete, many things still to be created and features in development.Version: 1.3.220074

Glitchy expensiveWhere to start the game is very very very glitchy even when they do updates it creates more furthermore if you don’t spend enough and continuously spend it becomes very hard to keep up with the other players and you will find yourself bieng the kingdom farm or using every bit of gold you get to buy shields the rewards compared and real money packs compared to oher games of the genre are by far the worse and you will struggle to advance if you don’t get into a allegiance of spenders there is no rankings like other games for player power and attack and defence value something to compete for the seats like winterfell and that are really terrible as half the bonuses they give you are not all that great and very hard to hold onto if you are a small player in a small allegiance I say if you don’t have ridiculous money behind you to play the game it’s not worth investing into as it will be a waste of money.Version: 2.1.233016

A good game for about a dayFor fans of game of thrones this game is great for about the first days of a game when players are all lower level keeps there is actually a good amount of competition and don’t get me wrong I had great fun attacking iconic places like the dread fort with my mates and I did put money into the game and got my keep to about level 24 but by the time the iron throne is unlocked the fun is all gone it becomes the most pay to win game I have ever seen making gta look like it doesn’t do it at all you have players who rock round with about 100,000,000 power and have sunk hundreds of coins into the game and honestly it just becomes who’s the most willing to destroy their bank account honestly I have had a good time on the game at release but now it is absolutely terrible and impossible to play and compete without investing money into it and it is like that on every server so if you are a fan don’t get sucked in.Version: 3.1.255304

F2P vs P2P/P2WUnless you’re willing to spend well over $5,000 most likely closer to $20,000 to $40,000 you won’t enjoy this game. There are large numbers of “players” that spend around that much and have between 20-50+ million attack power give or take. Most of them just go around burning active houses for no reason besides they want to. A few of us in an alliance tried spending money to protect the rest of the free to play people in our group against them but even then we aren’t any competition for them. Free to play and even some of us smaller pay to play are fed up and are looking for new games to try together. If you can’t spend easily $20k you will end up with being angry and deleting this game anyways. Don’t waste the time. Servers are dying and each Kingdom that isn’t dead already is slowly dying. Cost of upgrades are too high especially when you get zeroed multiple times a week by some easily 10 times your power. For example if you’re lucky to have 3million power, soon enough a 40million house will come and take your resources and kill your troops. To even get to 3 million power you need to spend some money. Don’t waste your time or money unless you only go on here to talk to people and nothing else. Give us refunds. We wasted time and money on this game..Version: 1.2.217876

Boring and PriceyBoring and repetitive, costs a fortune to get to the level that you can do anything, and even then the people who have paid the big bucks just wipe you out..Version: 1.12.232427

Quitting todayNew players beware... this game is ultimately a waste of time. (and Money) I’ve been enjoying this game immensely until I got my keep to level 11. That is the point where all my resources kept getting taken away every few hours to the point of futility and frustration. Keeping 2million+ resources in your inventory to drop on an upgrade takes forever. Anything over 300,000 gets taken away. The remaining gets spent on healing troops rather then the upgrade. I’ve been trying to advance for well over a week now, and I’ve burned through all my teleports and peace shields only to still be at square one. The Allegiance and Bannerman do nothing to prevent any of it. What to do? Buy resources? Well that just means players are taking away everything purchased with my money... it doesn’t go to advancing me. Unless I drop all the money for the full upgrade, and then I’m back to fighting and clawing to get my keep to 13 with no teleports or peace shields. I’ve read at least 40 similar comments and the developer just makes the same comment with slight variation. I’m not an idiot... no money has been spent, and none ever will be! Note to the developers. Thanks for keeping me entertained for 3 weeks. Good luck with your P2W pocket lining. Don’t bother commenting back, I’ve already read what you are going to say. :).Version: 1.9.227955

Expensive and poorly runI have played for nearly a year and yes I stupidly have spent money on this game not a fortune but more than I should have. You cannot progress in any real way if you don’t. The game itself is very unfair do not be tricked by the adverts for this game the graphics are nothing like them. The game is extremely glitchy which will cost you as a player but do not expect WB to care they do not fix them as they make money from them. The only time they fix a glitch is when it affects them then funnily enough it fixed straight away. There is very little customer care. Recently my kingdom merged with another kingdom not the one we were ment to but one that is a year older than us which means they are a lot stronger than us and have had more time to build. This is extremely unfair. It appears to be an error but it is not being acknowledged. So why do I play? Well to be honest not sure how much longer I will be able but it’s the people who make this game and if you read other reviews you’ll see other say this. I have met the nicest and funniest bunch of crazies who have now become my game family but I personally would not recommend people to bother with the game itself unless money is no object to you..Version: 3.1.255304

Need to spendUnless your willing to spend money. Resources are hard to get to level. And there are alot of strong players.Version: 1.1.216369

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