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Game of Thrones: Conquest ™ app received 72 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about game of thrones: conquest ™?

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Love it but sooo addictive!!!Can’t stop playing it. Aaaargh!!! Haha.Version: 1.7.224766

Work in ProgressHave really enjoyed playing but have come across a few game play issues that have made it less enjoyable..Version: 1.4.221147

Great game butBeen playing this for nearly two months nearly every day. I enjoy it but.... It is constantly requiring re-starts to fix various bugs. One minute you have sound then you don’t. Next you put maestro’s to work but they don’t show Craft equipment - it vanishes until you re-start. Pray at the shrine - doesn’t add the resource every now and then. I could go on. Requires three or re-starts every hour or so. Playing on iPad latest op system.Version: 1.8.226636

Game of Thrones ConquestI absolutely love this game, it is both strategic & battle diverse. The overall kingdom maps are fantastic, with a wide range of terrain, creatures, caravans and individual opponents. To suit you on whatever level you are on. The dragons are awesome, and I love the fact that we can individually customise them, to the body colours, eye colours and horn shapes. (I’d love to see even more colours for our dragons further on in the future). GOT Conquest is one of the few games that I have played, where your dragons, really are your own. By having the ability to name, colour/body customise & with Maester Research - be able to individually set and change their talents, to suit your troops, armour & obviously most importantly the level you are currently on. It would be nice, to be able to acquire a second egg to hatch, once you have achieved the process of training your 1st and currently, only dragon. They take a long time to train, so I don’t see how acquiring a 2nd dragon would cause too many in - game issues. (However, I understand that updates, glitches, and the time it takes to improve and add extra in game changes “for our benefit”. Takes time & much effort on your part.) Getting back to my dragon idea. Daenerys had 3 dragons. Even if each player could acquire 3 dragons as a maximum limit. I think that would be a great way of honouring the famous Dragon Queen. 🐉😊 Thank you ***.Version: 4.0.392935

No ones’ ReviewDon’t usually play these kinds of games, but grounding it in a tv show made up word like westeros from game of thrones attracts my interest. Its a great game and i enjoy playing, except when people keep attacking me. But i bide my time and wait cause ‘winter is coming,’ and i will survive it and emerge as the victor. After all a girl only tries her best to ‘pay her debts’ ;).Version: 1.1.216064

Best game I’ve played on mobileSo let just start off and say this game is every good, and better if your in a alliance. I’ve been playing for about a couple of years now and all I can say is “wow” the updates and pretty much everything has gotten a lot better. I have ran into few few problems with this game, and even tho I’m mostly a F2P (free to play) player the amount of gold I get from when other people buy stuff is amazing. one of the best game designs I’ve seen not only do they get a pack but we asa alliance get a little pice of that pack as well. Now I will say as of right now I been running into 1 problem I can’t sign in to my alt accounts it just keeps giving me one account even though I’m on a different Facebook account it still only gives me the option to 1 account even though I know I have a different account on this one. Besides this it’s a amazing game with great graphics, gameplay and fun all around I’ve started off in kingdom 76 then 12something lol Now I’m 392. It’s a good game if you are a hardcore strategist and if you know how to work as a team..Version: 2.11.251187

ResourcesWould be good if we could send alliance members resources as well..Version: 1.3.220380

GotcIt’s pay to win, if you don’t pay don’t play! In order to max everything out you will spend 20,000$ or more.Version: 4.4.452797

Oh noI love this game but reading all the bad reviews makes me think it’s all going to end soon. I see it as you can go fast and spend money or you can go slow and do it for free. I’ve spent about $50 all up and am very limited to amount I can spend. Hopefully not just money grabbing developers as they have made quite a bit already. Btw how do you get bannermen?.Version: 2.4.239324

$$$ 👎Si vous voulez jouer avec les grands et avoir le pouvoir de rivaliser dans les attaques de sièges. Le seul moyen est de $$$. En une journée. Un autre joueur peut vous détruire ... votre investissement disparu... ce jeu utilise la pandémie pour ce faire max d’argent... système du jeu bien fait sérieusement, mais tellement lucratif ... ça ne vaut pas la peine... lisez un bon livre à la place ou bien réécouter la série... très déçu..Version: 4.4.62169

Storm ReadyGood game, sometimes slow to load.Version: 4.7.513938

Please keep up the good workAfter having played many of these kingdom builder games styled games, and being a game of thrones fan i was pretty dubious this would just be another rip off with a popular skin. im pretty happy to say it is really not. compared to the other titles i have played this is by far the best one yet. its combat and clan system being the highlights. And still being in development it has huge potential. Its only down fall is the graphics of the city itself and its upkeep system which tends to favour pay to win a little to heavily at the moment. but a simple re work would fix both of these. So please keep up the good work warner bros and keep the free to play in mind..Version: 1.3.219909

Unfair advantageIt’s an okay game till you get the “bigwigs” and their deep pockets coming in with high levels thinking their the big boys and run the kingdoms. It spoils it for the rest of us who don’t want to spend a fortune and play the game fairly. All these big spenders get all the benefits because they have more “power” leaving the rest of us to struggle and they come and farm smaller keeps to gain resources which again leaves smaller players scratching their heads. And don’t get me started on the drama these big groups cause among everyone! If you want my opinion if you love GOT don’t play this game, it’ll stress you out, keep you up all day and night and you’ll forget to live in the real world because this game zapps you of everything!.Version: 2.5.240292

Exelent game, but a anoing glitchThis game is one of the best of its type i have played to this day. Yes you start of with on.y 100,000 power. But if you play your cards right and upgrade your buildings corectly and as far as you can eatch lvl. You will start to get so e real power for your lvl that is. And shure thair is the a typical pay to win players . That trust me ar next to n eatable if you solo games like this. But thats whair joining a good aliance comes in and trust me you must join a good aliance . Outherwise you WILL be burnd by the top lvl players. You alo progres faster i. Aliances thY are a must . But you dont have to be a pack buyer to survive in this game. You can still progres but not a lightning speed like the pack buyers do. It will be a slog but you do get thair in the end. As for this glitch. I dont know whT. Is cousing it. But evry now and then you get kicked out of the game. And have to tap back into it. It is a regular thing. I would say evry 10-15 min its of gameplay. But dont let it spoil your fun. After all “here be dragons” litrely.Version: 2.5.240292

The endBoopedoop wabalabadubdub hello.Version: 4.3.443446

The Fighting Part...Overall this is an amazing game to play! It’s addictive for a reason on how good it is! It is very addictive for me, especially because my dragon is growing faster than I expected! There is one problem, a problem many others have contemplated on: attacks. Yes, this game is all about fighting so why get annoyed about it? It takes me days and even weeks for me to recover along with others. I just got attacked recently straight after finally recovering. To keep the purpose of the game without losing more players to the game, I highly recommend, ask and beg that you make a combat mode. Example: If you do not want to be attacked then you turn your combat mode off, which disables you from attacking anyone else, or if you are willing to get the top of the leaderboard on attacking in events and need those resources fast then you turn it on but can only attack whoever has the combat mode on as well. This is when you lose all your peace shields because you will get attacked all the time. My last shield is going to run out tomorrow, along with others! Please do this as I’m at the point of losing all hope, along with others. You’re lucky I never give up and don’t lose hope, though. Others will be letting this go. Please do this. I’m begging you! We’re begging you! This is a good thing to do as well as it will save your game from losing players!.Version: 2.6.242675

WowDon’t listen to the bad comments, this game is the best! I played this game for 3 hours it’s just so fun! An idea if mine, make it that you can assign two builders to one building. That way the building that’s being upgraded will take less time like for example: a building takes like 3 hours to build right, then you assign another builder to it and it takes I don’t know 2 hours? That’s my idea. I’m not a game of thrones fan but I’m loving this game. Hope you read this! Here’s some ideas for the next update. One. If your clan members haven’t been on for a while you can click on their profile and press a button that sends a notification to their iPad that’s tells them to get on and play. Also can you make it you can only attack a target 2 times. Cos someone attacked me so many times and I lost so much resources. Thanks.Version: 2.6.242091

Cool gameI love it.Version: 3.4.274232

Best Game I Ever PlayedYou really must get this game. At first I admit that I thought you would to seen the series on HBO which I don’t have how wrong was I. I loaded the app and that was it for me I was in and this game is so worth your time. I was finding things out on my own I do recommend that you read the intro on how to play. But I didn’t and I learned as I went and it has been the most fun I have had in a long time. It does keep you busy but I am at home on medical leave. But that does not mean you have to be. Gust devote an hour to two a night you can get a lot done. Believe me when I say I started I was ill and devoted an hour or two and boy did I get a lot done. There are great people in a chat room and I have spoken to people all over the world and if you only speak English they have translated so when they speak to you it is in English and when you answer in English it will be translated for them in there country. Spoke to people in Turkey and Australia you learn a lot. So please don’t worry you won’t be overwhelmed ir is ALOT of fun so give it a try you won’t be sorry. I even have a cute Dragon that you feed and pet they sure like attention. So rake the plunge and have ALOT of FUN. Hope ro find you on here. So that is my reason for giving it 5 Stars and I only rate games I like not everyone I played it took me well over two months before I rayed it. See Ya.Version: 2.7.243763

Play smart, stay active, don’t spendI’ve been playing for a year now and am at keep 23. I figured out ways to out play other players who have more power and are big spenders. Yes, I don’t level up as fast, but who cares. A good way to test your real life financial skills on saving, spending, and risk taking..Version: 4.3.443446

PhenomenalExcellent produced game; only been playing for just under a week now and the progression and game play is fairly straight forward. It’s generous with its rewards and money. Haven’t had to spend any of my own person money yet I’m still advancing and progressing in the game relatively quickly. I’ve made a few friends and joined a relatively good liege and I’m still new to the game so I’m very happy! Thanks guys for a great game!.Version: 1.9.228298

Great gameHas the usual troubles sometimes but overall very good.Version: 1.6.223785

Loads of funSo far I’ve found this game awesome! There’s a bit of unexplained stuff but it just takes a wee bit of playing around.Version: 2.4.239324

Games greatGames good fun so far! Only thing that needs a touch up is the ease in interface access and capabilities, just stream like things to make it easier for the user. The biggest downfall on this game that could make it a 10/10 game is its graphics if it had a touch up it would be amazing!.Version: 2.5.240916

Good game but of so expensive to competeBeen playing the game for three months now, there is enough complexity to keep you interested and numerous strategies to select from to build your power. The game glitches occasionally but restarting device clears the problem. The bad side? If you want to compete it is either going to take a lot of time or a lot of money..the game is designed to constantly put pressure on you to purchase packs and if you are not a US player you have to pay significantly more as for some reason pounds and dollars have the same value when you buy packs. You can protect your base from being attacked but lot your shield drop and you will loose a lot of progress. Getting repeated destroyed by players with deep pockets is the main reason for players leaving the game.Version: 3.2.256488

Interesting and stupidly addictive game.Interesting and stupidly addictive game if you enjoy GoT, and I have serious been frustrated and tried to stop playing many times in the last year! Beware, however! The in-app purchases are expensive and there are players out there who are already so far advanced that it is impossible to beat them without spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. It’s even worse if you are in the UK and have to spend an equivalent number of pounds, which is most unfair! (Take note, AppStore!) Plenty to do if you have hours to waste and you need a good alarm clock (and an understanding partner!) to wake you when you are about to become vulnerable. Now there are dragons to go with other events, which makes it worse (and better!). Beware of sleep being disrupted to play this! The best thing is the chat with friends, enemies and individuals all around the world and working as a team in your Allegiance and with other allies. The worst is that while a relatively small player (and without paying or being sponsored by WB/HBO perhaps?) you will never be big enough to resist the big players, who basically beat you up and steal what you have amassed in terms of resources and troops, whether you have progressed slowly or paid thousands for the privilege..Version: 1.10.229781

How good you areGame of thrones is the best app ever. I really love it. Ummm ya ok bye.Version: 3.5.283521

FTPHi guys. I just want to explain this game, I like this game! I have been playing for about a year now. I’m SaNerKat in K 369 now which is a merged kingdom. What will happen is you’ll start out with a keep under a bubble, but the bubble will run out. Then other people will attack you. And kill or injure your troops and steal your resources. This is my experience of playing. Keep putting a peace shield on! It’s best in those early days to try really hard, build up, and attract the attention of a great Allegiance (for me, REAPR) and then join the Discord of your Allegiance. There is much to tell, but it’s pvp now so I must go. Also make Alts if you’re FTP. I’ve only ever spent £5 on the game and I’m Keep 23 with 13m power. Good luck! Give it a go, I love it..Version: 2.11.251187

AnnoyingThe game originally was ok and fun. However a bug recently found its way into my game. Whenever a join an alliance, the next day, I get kicked off of it and i have no alliance again. This has happened multiple times and continues to happen. And I know I’m not still in the alliance because people from that alliance attack me, because my keep is right next to theirs (because I moved next to them when I became a part of the alliance). It’s really frustrating because I keep getting attacked and losing resources. And then I have to waste more resources healing my troops... while I’m getting attacked again. Then I have to teleport away which wastes more resources. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 1.3.220380

Fix neededBug problem in siege weapons.Version: 1.10.229781

Why so much hate?🤷‍♂️Yes, I read the reviews beforehand and still downloaded it. First of all it’s game of thrones so it caught my eye straight away (Which is why you’re probably reading this) and secondly it’s the first time I’ve played this sort of game on a iPhone, now I’ve heard there is plenty of other games similar but this type of game has got me hooked, yes there are waiting times and so fourth but overall design and feel to the game just works for me. I do see a few things that need improvements, for some reason the game will just freeze or you can not tap on any of your buildings but I just restart it and it works again, not a regular thing... But overall any game of thrones fan that enjoys let’s say strategy, build and a game just for a chill out then this is the one 😁.Version: 1.1.214274

Value as long as the money is coming in.This game started out great, bought a few packs burned a few keeps. Then slowly I realized that the developers and WB cater to those who spend the most. At first it’s like a great relationship, all her friends like you, you guys gel together. But then she realized you stop spending money on her! Then all her friends think your a piece of crap, not good enough. But you’re still the same guy, just can’t afford to spoil her like you have before. Doesn’t matter, guy down the street has a new credit card with no limit, days are numbered. And then bam, out of nowhere she tells you she’s pregnant with visas baby, and she’s moving out to be closer to her parents. But wait that’s your kid, you paid for it. You help conceive it. You want a part of its life. So you take it to a judge. They look at both sides. Now I remind you this judge is an WB/friend of the misses. They conclude since you couldn’t show them a screen shot all the money you spent on raising this little baby of yours is lost. Thanks a lot WB, worst 1200 I’ve ever spent!!!.Version: 2.9.246570

Great, could be better. Get yourself a good kingdom.I played this game for a month, built myself up pretty big without spending a dime, got a little boring though. Decided to bing my account and create a new one, spawned me to a different server/kingdom, have only been there for three days now and I won’t go back to me high level account. This game REALLY depends on where you get placed, my first kingdom was full of bullies, this new kingdom is full of lovely people. We chat every day on discord, there’s never any big arguments that can’t be sorted out and it makes the game worth while. The game is great, could definitely be better but it’s a great time waster..Version: 2.6.242675

HelpI love this game. I’m still getting used to it but I really enjoy it and have spent quite a bit of money on it. But since the update I can’t go onto the map to kill creatures/attack anyone, there is a constant blue circle going round on the gyroscope icon. I also can’t get on the second map in from the left, it also has a blue circle going round, for both of those it just says loading when I tap it. I can’t do anything to my dragon, soon as I tap the dragon area the whole game freezes and I have to shut it down. I can’t use the daily tasks page, as when I tap collect it just won’t collect my rewards at all, and then freezes. It’s a real shame and I hope you fix it. I keep getting scouted and I’m hoping that I won’t come back to a ruined keep when I can play the game again..Version: 2.1.233016

Decent gameThis game has a decent premise and although it’s fun to play and the kingdom chat gets very fun it can become boring quickly and is dominated by the pay to win players. It has a few bugs like it lagging out or things not loading properly but overall it’s a fun game with some minor issues..Version: 1.5.222487

Fun to play, only if your a top dog!I know it is a war game. Worst feature teleporting in and out at whim. Weaker players and alliances do not stand a chance. Game makers, be a real man or woman or both or none. If you have a seat of power all alliance members should be relocated there period! If they want to expand power they have to march to live, die or heal in the field of battle. That would simulate real life. Not this teleporting nonsense. Do the right thing. Then you would have 5 stars. Cheers..Version: 4.3.441752

Very good game but offline mode plz and something elseI really think WB games and HBO have done a real masterpiece in this game. It really connects to the TV Show, Even know it doesn’t have a lot of characters from it(Unless you are talking about the introduction and when the characters are actually there, Explaining to you how to play the game). This has also been a game that I have played for quite a while for a long time everyday. I also really love how there is also lots of events, WB is always getting something new. The only two things that I would like to change is one, An Offline mode would be very useful, Since I have internet at my house, But I Travel around a lot, And when I am travelling I don’t usually have internet, So that would be highly appreciated. The only other thing is that there are lots of things that cost money, Which isn’t to bad, I I kind of understand, Because this is based on a HBO Series. And that’s pretty much it. Thank you for reading!..Version: 2.7.242965

ReviewGreat game. Love it to bits. Wish i could advance more without having to spend money..Version: 2.8.245612

It needs better graphics for the baseAlso the dragon, and maybe if you have time animate the base more. So solid 3.75 stars.Version: 3.9.370344

The ultimate in a money grubbing, broken game.Your choice is simple: Spend little or nothing and be food for others who do pay, spend a small fortune and manage to exist and be food for the big spenders, or be a big spender and find out that the only way to stay there is to keep on spending big. They even have an event called the iron bank, where the ONLY way to make any progress in the event is to directly spend money. I get the pay to win model. Most games have some balance to it. This one has none. Heck, you can spend $33,000 on your account and STILL not get the T30 keep. I know this directly. My choice.. no blame, but have an idea of what you need to spend if you’re going to be a “big dog”. My review isn’t about things costing money. It’s the amount of money, and that EVERYTHING costs money to move on. It also uses the lure and hook model. Everything starts off great.. fast building, fast troops, quick research.. but quickly runs into a wall of must spend. The game is also full of bugs and glitches that seem to only be getting worse with time, not better. The problem with this is compounded with the costing model since one crash at a bad time can cost you real $$. Horrendously expensive garbage..Version: 3.9.370344

Great game but...I believe that GOT Conquest is a great game but if we were able to send/receive resources to our allies it would much better the game for the players who aren’t always able to afford packs. Also, if the castles along the wall such as castle black and such were unlocked and available to be taken would allow more room for more players to maneuver. We are limited to the seats of power that we currently have but if the castles along the wall were to be unlocked it would be a great outcome in response. And lastly, the only way to obtain steel is either buy it with gold and/or packs or through the tree... if we were able to mine it like we do other resources like food,wood,stone,and iron it would definitely help in crafting. It is very frustrating having to wait sometimes weeks to craft a single gear item , especially when we get up in the levels. Thank you for listening and hopefully those of you in charge of making changes can accommodate some of these requests so the less fortunate players can rise and not be unfair due to financial restrictions. Thank you.Version: 1.8.225694

Great gameLove it.Version: 4.6.489186

A good gameA good game..Version: 4.4.62169

Reviews are BSIt is totally possible to play this without spending real money. I've made it to level 19 without making a purchase. Sometimes the game can be slow, but it is the same as many other games. There are good aspects and some things that need work. Don't believe the people that say you need to spend real money!.Version: 2.5.240292

LoveI like that u dont have to pay with your own $$ to get more coins and also that the packages have bonus timers.Version: 1.10.229925

Fun and time consumingThis game is fantastically fun, there are the occasional issues with this and that, though in general the game is well designed and interesting from start to finish. You will find players willing to spend hundreds of $\£ to purchase speed ups et cetera, and this will have an impact on you as it will be competing against someone who realistically is advancing massively faster than you are. However this does not take away from the game itself, be aware however unless you’re willing to be one of these players, you will not be top dog, this however doesn’t detract from the fun. The first time I download this I found myself waking up at all hours just to restart something, I had to delete the game to get my life back and try to salvage a relationship. The second time I downloaded it I treated it as it was, an enjoyable game but it was just that, a Game! Enjoy the game for what it is, don’t be afraid to take a few days off even knowing that you will lose time, efficiency, and perhaps your Built up reserves, but this isn’t directly important, they can be replaced. Treat this game like gambling, when it stops being fun, take a break. The dynamics of the game and much like any other pay per play, with a little Game of Thrones fun thrown in for good measure, Weekly events, interesting storylines, houses, guilds, armies, and of course dragons!..Version: 3.2.256488

My obsessionI am obsessed with this game! However I have not received my nights watch gift and I was a pre registered account. I did unfortunately reset my account, do we not get that gift on a reset account?.Version: 1.1.216369

Good gameGood game but at the moment it keeps crashing for some reason. I do like the game but more resources and gathering points would be awesome. A timer on when the next's seat of power would be open would be awesome. But no I love this game. Thanks.Version: 1.1.214190

Good graphics and gameplay only just started playing but I am enjoying itMy favourite show ,, hopefully the game is just as good.Version: 1.5.222526

Good game they are constantly updatingI have enjoyed this game for years however it could still use more options getting characters for the small council and gold for updates..Version: 4.2.424766

Game of ThronesI’ve been playing this game for about a month. Nice game but can’t put in enough time the game requires which is why it’s a 4 star rating rather then a 5..Version: 3.9.370344

Pls give more chancesCould u pls give more castles And big players always attack me I have no chance of winning More events that help smaller people like me But overall good game it’s just a BIT SLOW that is what bugs me pls make game a bit FASTER to play Anyway great game..Version: 2.2.236003

👍Keeps you occupied I like it.Version: 2.4.238159

Deep, Dark and DaringThis game allows you to travel all across Westeros, discovering seats of powers, forging allies with other players around the world. Friends or foes, fight to the death to better your survival against the cold dark nights and the creatures that come with it. In my opinion, this game so far is a masterpiece, although there are a few things I would tweak. For example, once the whole kingdom has been conquered, what else is there to do? Perhaps the conquest of Essos is in order? Make it so we can battle hordes of Dothraki and Stone men. Lord of Qarth would look good as a title... Overall the game is brilliant, yet somewhat lacking in depth, hopefully the developers can use all the money we spend to progress (a hell of a lot) and take our feedback and make the game a true work of art..Version: 1.5.222526

Awesome!Very addictive, i usually hate phone bames but this is amazing ..Version: 3.9.370344

I love this game!I love this game! It’s so addictive and fun! I have a newborn baby and honestly any spare time I have I spend on GOT:C the graphics are great and it’s easy to power up especially when you spend a lot of time on it. I would have rated this 5* although there are a few ideas I have that would make it 5* in my opinion and without these features unfortunately I am unable to give the 5* rating at the present moment. 1. It would help a lot if you could ask fellow member for help with speed on items such as research, building and crafting. 2. Make speed ups a bit cheaper when buying in the store. 3. Have a delete option and delete all option in the inbox for messages reports etc. 4. Get an hourly gift consisting of gold or speed ups. 5. Make packs a bit cheaper or send out a big gift once and a while not everyone can afford to spend that amount of money especially when the packs aren’t a decent enough deal. Also I’m on an IPhone 6 and the game is quite laggy it also kicks me out a lot which is really annoying and I’ve wasted multiple speed ups due to the lagging not taking it off the time remaining. As I said I do love this game and if these ideas/issues are fixed I would definitely rate it 5* and despite the above I still love playing Game of thrones conquest..Version: 2.4.238671

My opinion !Perfect for all GoT fans😍😍.Version: 3.6.306149

Great game - but expensiveI am loving the game. The hours have flown by and it has all been worth it. It is strategic, it is intricate, it is well conceived and it is very, very addictive. I highly recommend it. BUT, and it’s a big “but”, it is expensive. There comes a point when you can’t realistically progress without spending real money. I can understand the commercial reality that creating games is a business. You can’t expect to get a great game for free, no strings attached. The trade-off for no up-front cost is there needs to be in game purchases. So, be prepared to spend up. To get to the mid levels, I estimate hundreds of dollars. To make it really interesting, it will cost thousands. For me, that’s a bit rich. I would rather pay $100 up front and dedicate the time, but this game will need you to do both..Version: 2.1.233016

Love this game and am free 2 playOk so played this for a while now and yes there is a lot of monster players who have spent thousands and can wipe you out in an instant. But getting yourself in a good alliance and learning the way to survive is the key to not getting wiped out all the time. The events are fun and tbh I very rarely go for the seats of power am happy building and growing my troops I was able to finally take part in the pvp which was fun and I have learnt not to get to down when my troops are killed . I love the team I play with we can either take part or not in the wars. I try help where I can but am very small compared to most it’s a game for the long haul that it s for sure..Version: 2.9.246570

Rules/Cost/p2pFirst, fun and addicting game but for the lay person I feel I need more guidance and understanding of rules in all aspects. Second, in order for a person to really upgrade they must rather be extremely patient with nothing more to do or they must spend money on items that are, as I see it, fillers. (Myself I’ve spent more money than I’d care to say). I do understand that the point is for the developers to profit but I do see plenty of abandoned houses everywhere. Maybe bringing the cost down and the rewards up would make for a much more popular and fun gaming experience. Lastly, playing the game I find it’s basically “your” house that you can grow. Is their an option to help others in your allegiance such as your banner men grow with you? Say a person pledges an allegiance and with that you’re not allowed to leave it for a certain amount of time if those in your group helped build up your house or everything that they helped you accomplish would be directly stripped from you and dispersed to the group and you’d start with what you had before entering the alliance. (Fair).Version: 1.1.217196

Best game but..It's one of my favorite conquest games ever. But the game lags you out when ever you played for a minute..Version: 1.1.214274

Personal message systemI really like the game, but I would like a personal message system that can be between two players or a group chat. Otherwise the game just needs some more fine-tuning, and some more elements added (e.g more resource points, more areas to conquer apart from the north).Version: 1.1.214274

Really goodThe game is super fun but Maybe when a level 20 house is trying to attack a level 6 house maybe it pop’s up (level too low) this is just some feedback you don’t need too do it but I personally think the game would be better.Version: 4.4.62169

Best game outStarted this game a year ago and I found myself a good strong and fun alliance fo join, the people were kind and helpful to newbies so I prospered in their hands in game and out, joining discord for some of the bigger alliances is a must to get the info before an event and just to chat and get to know your alliance members so they can trust you more, which is key to a alliance. The game has many good features other than how many resources you need to upgrade the keep. That should be reduced! Or populate with more higher number of big farms on the map.. or give better rss from events..Version: 4.2.432640

Enjoying GOT conquestGood game can get by being a FTP just takes time and patience looking forward to how the dragons are going to be part of the game and the merge of the kingdoms will shake up the game a bit getting a bit stale in our kingdom.Version: 1.3.220380

AddictiveFun game- having never played this type of game before I really can’t go a day without logging on!! Events and creature hunts keep you on your toes and despite having to sometimes put up with player attacks there is always some quest or goal to accomplish to keep you occupied!.Version: 1.2.218474

Loving the game, but...Loving the game, but I’m tired of being unable to logon. It happens at least once a day. I’m ensuring that I shield up (using two hour shields) every time I log off, just in case I cannot get back on. This is getting a little pricey. Would request that the developers attach a contact form to the logon page to cover this issue. I would rather bring it up there, than in here, especially when it happens, that way they will have a specific time to look up. Cheers, and keep on doing the improvements, as it’s a fantastic game so far, and I love how its the same but VERY different to any other game I’ve played so far..Version: 1.1.214565

Jarry M39Such a good game. It’s cool how similar it is to the show..Version: 4.4.62169

Ten thumbs upAwesome fun addictive game.Version: 1.0.213144

Game of ThronesGreat game!.Version: 1.12.232427

My new GOT fixGreat app.Version: 2.5.240916

Great GameI have been playing GoT for more than two years. It is a good game, but it is very expensive to play. I have been hit multiple times, but I have always kept going. If you are going to play expect to spend money. Some things you can only get if you buy packs and they aren’t cheap. The game really is a solo game, being in an allegiance only really helps in events and that’s about it. It’s a real shame you can’t send resources to people or even other things like materials for crafting. Other games allow you to do that. To win svs you need to be in a strong United Kingdom and that’s very difficult to achieve when everyone is fighting over sops and hitting each other. Bullying misogyny and racism - this seems to happen in chat more and more often these days. Even if it is reported very little is done about it. War games seem to bring out the best and very worst in human behaviour. Shame there isn’t a button to turn off kc. The other thing that really annoys me is that there are not enough higher resource spots to gather from and no events for those under a certain amount of power. Other than that it’s a good but expensive game..Version: 5.4.627997

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