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Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker app received 142 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about flo period & pregnancy tracker?

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Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Difficult to cancelI took up the one month trial but soon decided this app did not offer any additional information or benefits to an one off payment app I used for years. I messaged them in advance and asked them to cancel my subscription, received an email back confirming this would happen. I check my subscriptions in settings and the app was not listed. I then got an email to say my trial was ending so I messaged again to check it had been cancelled, no reply. I tried to log in online but it wouldn’t recognise my log in details and there was no ‘reset password’ option so I emailed again, no reply. Low and behold I was charged the £15 monthly subscription (the app is totally not worth that amount), I messaged them again and still no reply. Thankfully on my email receipt from the monthly transaction there was a link and I have now managed to cancel. I would like my £15 back but again, they have not replied. **edit** the developer refunded the subscription they took after I left the above review. Despite having taken all actions to cancel my subscription I have just noticed on banking that they have taken ANOTHER monthly payment!!.Version: 9.24.0

New update was a bad moveI really enjoyed Flo and have used it for years. My main reason for keeping it was because I could remove most mentions of pregnancy that are found in most period tracking apps. For those of us who aren’t looking to get pregnant, can’t get pregnant, or have difficulty looking at pregnancy related content - this update was NOT IT. Now I have to scroll through a long list of verbiage and track pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, contraceptives - regardless of if they apply to me. The other version allowed you to customize your experience so you’re not wasting time scrolling through options that don’t apply for you. Btw, the horizontal symptom scrolling with icons was way better UX/UI than having all the symptoms written out in a cluttered block. Don’t know how this passed accessibility testing! At this point, I will probably have to remove myself from Flo. I am honestly unable to look at the pregnancy tracking features every day and I don’t even have the option to hide or skip. This feature change does not keep non-pregnant people in mind. As a premium user, I also wish I had the option to disable the pop ups. They are NEVER ENDING. I’ll pay extra to never see Flo Assistant again..Version: 9.23.0

Was super good until the premium happenedI feel like its the best app but the premium thing is so annoying specially when you’re in the middle of reading something and then you cant continue cuz you have to pay for premium to continue it..Version: 5.5.1

Good but money….First of all can I just say how accurate Flo is!! I was on my period when I first applied to Flo , and even tho I skipped some questions on the question air it still got my period dates right!! It knew when I started my period and when I was on it and it even told me my symptoms which were completely accurate! There is just one problem tho, and that’s the money! Why on earth should I be paying £30 a year when the cost of living has shot up massively and I’m paying to find out more about myself? I feel like the money is too far not because I’m being selfish because personally I don’t mind paying, but for the women out there that need help or can’t afford it! What if someone was hiding the app from their parents so they didn’t get told off but they had to find a way to pay for themselves! I think that having Flo shouldn’t be about the money it should be about woman having a better understanding of themselves and who they want to be! If I’m trying for a baby and I have been for years , why should I have to pay to tell me when I can get pregnant the most! Apart from the money situation Flo is a great app and is very accurate! Yet again I’m not saying this to be selfish I’m saying this for all the beautiful woman in this world who are too ashamed to say it themselves. Stay safe everyone xxxx.Version: 9.15.3

Sleazy designApp does what it needs to, i know when my period is coming. the benefits end there i never write app store reviews but the sheer amount of unwanted notifications that i get every day is just unbearable lol i could deal with the barrage of popups and subscription prompts every time i opened the app but i have to draw the line at the constant promotional push notifications there’s no way to turn them off, obviously, unless you turn off ALL notifications for the app, which kind of defeats part of a period tracker’s entire purpose. i’m expecting the same copy-pasted reply as everyone else who made the same complaint, but this is just to say that if you appreciate a peaceful homescreen, don’t bother with Flo.Version: 8.7.1

Too muchI started using Flo years ago because of its design and simplicity. I just wanted to track my cycle for dates because I hate trying to remember when to buy supples and for tracking symptoms against some other health issues I have to see if there was any correlation. It was great. I could tap it in and done. Now, in addition to the premium subscription there are so many options on the screen, articles constantly popping up, the help center chat, promotions, it’s just annoying. I see the value for many users for this content, but it’s like walking through a gauntlet of ads to get to where you need to go. Busy, distracting. I miss the simple, clean interface, and the symptoms logging page with the picture icons that was fast and easy to use. I’ve started looking for another option, but then my data will be lost. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Also, I have been reading through the reviews and it looks like the price point is affecting the ability for many young people who have their periods under 18 to access valuable information that they may not otherwise have. Perhaps there’s an age gate where some basic health content is free to users under 18 that might currently fall under the premium plan. Something to consider. Same for some of the chat stuff..Version: 9.20.2

Gone downhill and is insensitive to baby lossThis app was great when I first downloaded it 2 years ago, but has massively gone downhill since then. It used to offer relevant content (some for free some for premium members), however in the past year has turned into a basic a calendar for those who do not want to pay for premium memberships with constant sales pushes. It is also extremely insensitive to those unfortunate enough to have experienced a miscarriage during pregnancy. It makes you go through the steps of logging a missed miscarriage, then asks you to log the last day of your first period to start tracking again. Except to do that you have to manually exit the pregnancy mode (despite the fact you have already recorded a miscarriage), which means the app wipes all of the pregnancy records and puts you at over 60 days (in my case) overdue for your period. Absolute joke. In addition when pregnancy mode was activated it somehow puts you a week ahead of the reality and tells you you’re further along by 1 week as a opposed to the medical test results. It’s confusing and annoying. Massively disappointed in the app that previously I would have recommended to friends..Version: 5.8.2

Nice app but Weight tracking removedBeen using the app for a couple of years now and found it very helpful to track not only my period but also weight, water intake and mood. It helped make conversations with the doctors a lot easier because everything was there. They appear to have removed the weight tracker in the most recent update though hence my lower ⭐️ review :(.Version: 9.25

So Incredibly helpful, but not enoughI have been using Flo since I was 11 years old in 7th grade. As a middle school girl who, like every other girl who got their first period, i didn’t know what to expect. Flo was incredibly helpful with mapping my cycle and figuring out my symptoms and it made it super comforting knowing that there were so many other girls going through the same thing. I loved reading the stories and the daily insights because they helped me understand more about my cycle and flow and what to expect. Unfortunately, and very disappointingly, there is now a Premium Plan where you have to pay to access most of the more helpful features of the app. I understand that it might be some women's choice to pay for this app, however, there a millions of 10+ year old girls who are not willing to pay for the app and therefore, they don’t have access to the stories that help them realize they are not alone, or to the Flo Help Assistant and Daily Insights because it always cuts off right as they are about to explain why they are feeling one of their symptoms and how to possibly help with it. I adore this app immensely, but i feel it isn’t fair to the girls who are figuring out their cycle and could use the help- that this app used to provide for free- that they are not getting..Version: 8.7.1

🚨 Flo please pay attention 🚨As you know, trans people get their periods as well. They don’t always identify as a female or use she/her pronouns. As I see lots of chats and insights and different things that say “Womanhood” and “girly chats”, using she/her pronouns a lot and basically a bunch of other things that make it seem like cis women (people who are born female and identify as female) are the only people on the app. A suggestion is to change “womanhood” to “adulthood” and “girly chats” into “secret chats” and changing she/her pronouns to they/them so we can make this app more inclusive and everyone can feel comfortable with their bodies. The only other thing that I have is having to pay money for Flo premium. When I got the app I thought “Cool! I’m finally gonna learn about what’s happening to me without feeling awkward!” Then I realised most of the insights that I want to learn about and most of the questions that I want answered are only accessible to people who pay. I definitely don’t think someone should have to pay to be able to learn about their body. Overall a great app but a few flaws that are making people like me mad..Version: 7.2.1

What happened?!I loved this app up until a few weeks ago when it started spamming my phone like crazy about things that I am not interested in and are somewhat offensive. I have played with the settings to no avail and contact support who told me to turn off the notifications all together. But I do want the ones relevant to me! I’m disappointed to uninstall..Version: 5.2.1

Extra features only available with premiumI originally downloaded this app to track my period and my symptoms. I do still like it for that, but I also really loved when more features were added such as giving helpful bits of info about the whole cycle. This info wasn’t always that helpful for me because most of it I knew already, but I do think it’s helpful for younger people. I didn’t learn much about the menstruation cycle in school, and I just can’t imagine much has changed. It was also helpful that they gave you tips seemingly based on the symptoms you plugged in. However today I went to log my symptoms and noticed they added in stories on why we get cramps, etc., but they are all only available to premium users. And when I went to the screen that used to have helpful articles, mostly all of the information is locked for premium users. This is all information that should be provided for free. Now kids are still going to have to wade through inaccurate information on the internet because apps like this are charging for the most basic information. I understand that you need money to survive, but information menstruation shouldn’t only be available to people with money. Also you would think they could get a moderator for the chat rooms or a professional to help answer questions, but no. So the chat rooms and answers are inaccurate and overrun with teens who don’t know anything because apparently female anatomy is only available to people with money. It’s such a shame..Version: 5.1.2

It’s really average. Money wasted.The free version is alright for tracking your cycle, but if you are TTC and want to track more than just your cycle etc then you will need to pay. There are other free apps for the things Flo is charging for I paid for a yearly premium for some specific features BUT they removed those features AFTER I have paid, and when I emailed for a refund they first ignored me and then said they can’t do it and I have to deal with Apple myself. I really think they can refund me they just don’t want to, they could have been a little more helpful at least. The thing is, those features are not removed for all premium user, some of us can still use them, therefore, some paid users are getting more of the app compared to others. Plus ignoring my email when I asked for a refund the first time is a pretty obvious red flag. Flo, don’t reply to this review by explaining how you are innocent, you know I can’t reply to your reply. if you are actually sincere about it you can email me.Version: 9.30

Don’t bother unless you’re willing to payHonestly Flo used to be good but now it’s garbage. You can’t access anything without paying for premium. Not even the “health insights” that used to be free. They went from being a great source of information and period tracking to being a money grab. You could say the whole community aspect makes up for it but that has way more to do with the users than the app. The app seems to want to start divisive conversations and often asks really outdated and sexist questions. Seriously thinking of deleting it..Version: 5.5.1

Not In love with the new updateI used to love the simplicity of this app. I was able to track my period, symptoms and ovulation and get a quick breakdown of the month every time I logged my period and it was perfect. With the update, some of the things I used to love about the app are unavailable without the membership and I get constant pop ups for information about the premium version and quizzes, that if you take will have you at a sign up page to join the premium membership. The constant pestering about the new membership makes me not want to go on and long my period or symptoms because a quick 5 second action now takes a few minutes of adds about premium features. I understand and appreciate the effort that has gone into creating the premium app, but I am at the point where I’m ready to get rid of the app all together as it’s just not what it used to be , and the changes haven’t benefited my experience..Version: 5.3

The pop ups need to chillFlo is a good app, I’ve been using it for many years now. However, every time I open the app to log a symptom I am bombarded a gazillion these pop ups!! And then after you log the symptom you get more pop ups!! I’m just trying to log one single symptom!!! I appreciate that there aren’t any ads on the app but these pop ups are so annoying and there are so many of them that it dissuades me from purchasing the membership even more 😐 Sometimes I’m so overstimulated by the first few pop ups and banners and ‘chats’ that I just leave the app without logging my symptom 😐.Version: 9.14

Suddenly they’ve made free features paid ones?It was never like this. Now I can’t even log my symptoms or view the daily report WHICH WAS ALL FREE before. Constantly shoving “87% off premium!” I had to cross off it every time. Didn’t bother me. Now it does with having taken the basic stuff away. Screw that. There are other apps out there. Disappointed.Version: 9.13.0

New update ruined it..There should really be a way to turn off virtual assist and my daily insights. Some of us came to this app because it was clean and simple, all these new updates and features are ruining that. It’s getting more and more intrusive and cluttered with every update. I don’t need or want all this crap on my screen. If I could toggle it off it’d be great but they give you no options, just shove all this stuff in your face. Why can’t anything be simple? Why do we need advanced AI and health stories on the front page? We don’t! Just a simple app that tracks and predicts our cycles and does it well. Please get rid off all this extra junk or at least give those of us who don’t want it a way to toggle it off. I hate this app now and will be finding a new one. To the developers- please don’t ask me to contact you for a solution. It seems to be your canned answer to every negative review and I will not be contacting you. If there is a solution to this issue or you have future plans to fix this issue, please just let me know here so the whole community can see it too. Nothing is going to be fixed in this situation by me contacting you. You used to have amazing customer service and really care about your users needs. Not anymore, there hasn’t been a genuine reply to any users feedback in a long time. This use to be a great app with caring devs behind it, but I can’t say that is true anymore sadly. Zero stars..Version: 5.1.1

Used to be perfect now it's annoying crapI regret that I updated the app. This has been the best app I've used for years with nice reminders when it's time for a period. Now it's a damn annoying thing that sends me notifications every single day! I turned off all reminders except for the start of a period, but I still get those annoying daily notifications. I can't turn them off completely, as the main function for me is a reminder of the upcoming period. The interface has changed to something crazy with a bunch of blocks, hints and other trash information I don't need. Every time I open the app I am asked to buy the premium which I will never buy as there are so many similar apps out there and the way the app has changed will never make me even consider paying for it. I would consider it for the app it used to be, a simple calendar with managed reminders, but not for the piece of crap it has become now. Too bad I'll have to find an alternative to this app, I'll miss the perfect app it used to be..Version: 9.29

Late byThis new update removed the late for period by x days and now for each day late it just puts the start of your next period for the following day. It seems much less helpful now. It no longer tells you when you were originally expected to start bleeding.Version: 4.63

PaywallThis used to be an amazing app, but now the only function you can use is logging your period/tracking it. Everything else with reading about your specific symptoms etc are behind a subscription. It’s like any other app now. Even the already written articles it tells you to swipe up on cost money. If you’re a student and don’t wanna spend money then forget about getting to use anything on here.Version: 9.32

NoIf you’re in america don’t use this app.Version: 9.1

BadUsed to be ok but now it’s none stop pop ups and everything cost money now. There’s other better apps now. The pop ups are infuriating, a couple is fine but they’re getting way too greedy.Version: 9.25

Taking away free features??I’ve used Flo for years. I’ve had no problem with it all this time, the past year or so of intrusive pop ups begging to subscribe to the subscription service offered was annoying and progressively getting worse as time went on but I was putting up with it because other apps have pushed subscriptions as well and paywalled important things while being less accurate than flo. But now out of the blue Flo has decided to take away basic features that we have been using for free for YEARS and insist we subscribe to use them again. Needing to make money is one thing but paywalling a good portion of your poor user base out of most of your app out of the blue is disgusting behavior. I’m sure there are plenty of children getting their period for the first time or are still trying to learn about it that previously benefited from your app that now aren’t or aren’t as much not to mention not even having an option to pay for the features they need unless they ask their parents. Shame on you for this. Not sure why you can’t just implement an ad system like literally everyone else. As long as it isn’t as intrusive as your SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SERVICE pop ups were every time we opened the app I'm sure no one would complain. All of the features you PREVIOUSLY charged for before having ads before or after using them would have probably been fine. An immovable pay wall however is scummy especially for an app used for reproductive health and safety. Shame on you..Version: 9.35

Good app with too many pop upsI tried 2 other apps before landing on flo because I like that I can write my own symptoms in the little notes box. However there is now about 3-5 pop ups the app puts me through trying to get me into premium which I DO NOT WANT before i can even get to the app. Then the chat pops up and if I decide to engage for once because it looks mildly relatable I get about two seconds in before it tells me to upgrade to premium. I would like to be able to use the app in peace and just log my dates. I don’t even log symptoms anymore because it’s just sends more pop ups about those. Please streamline the free version for those who want to use it in peace..Version: 9.25

Good For Keeping Track of Period Dates OnlyI’ve been using the Flo app since 2017 to track my period and of all the apps of its kind it’s always been mainly reliable and accurate. I also enjoy the option of tracking and recording my period symptoms. Years ago Flo was very educational and would offer quick articles or chats related to the symptoms you’d log so that if you wanted to know more about how to combat those symptoms or what causes them you could find out. Now it seems as if the only way to do anything beyond tracking the dates of your period and logging symptoms you have to subscribe to the premium membership. This would be fine if the app didn’t have articles (“You logged bloating, this simple tip may help”) that told you after the first slide “Unlock Premium to continue reading.” Like others have mentioned even the “chat” with the AI misleads you into thinking you will get information by having you answer questions for two minutes before telling you to unlock premium for this “benefit.” Aside from needing premium to do basically anything on the app I wish there was an option to check off that you skipped a period or two by skipping your placebo week of birth control pills. For a few months I used my birth control to skip my period all together but there was mo way to notate that on the app so Flo to this day thinks I had an irregular cycle where I was “late” for 94 days 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 9.0

DELETE THIS APPThis app sells ur data and can know when ur pregnant and can see if you’ve gotten an illegal abortion in the usa and other places so they can put you in jail, this is absolutely disgusting not just that ABORTION IS ILLEGAL also that old men are deciding what’s best for OUR BODYS NOT THEIRS, OURS. We are moving back in time, not forward, MY BODY MY CHOICE.Version: 9.1

Go back to the old formatI’ve had this app for a long time - at least 5 years. I love how it was originally, I could open it and track my symptoms and it would accurately predict when my period would come. Now theoretically, I could do this myself with any other combination of apps that pre exist on my phone. Flo has made that easy for us and I respect that. It used to be simple but now opening the app, there are two pop ups insisting I sign up for premium. After I get through those, there is a banner suggesting premium, that I can’t close out of. The symptoms log is no longer the first button I see. They have moved that to a section where you have to scroll LEFT to find it. There’s another symptoms button that is FAKE and behind the premium subscription. So another push on the premium subscription. I get it. You want to make money. We want to track our periods. Why not put two and two together. At this point I would do a one time purchase of the original Flo with no chat and no premium ads. I would buy the original app if you don’t touch it again. I will never sign up for a premium subscription for my period. You should rethink how you want to promote this app because you will be losing users in droves if you keep forcing the premium version to us..Version: 9.15.1

Good until the latest updateI used to love this app, have been using it for over 2 years. It was accurate and provided a lot of information. Would have easily been 5 stars. That is, until the latest update. Now it asks you to upgrade to premium for any and all information. It gives you a little teaser then automatically directs you to upgrade to premium where you have to pay (but they keep shoving down your throat a free one month trial even though cc details are required for that). Used to be a great free app, not so much anymore. Unfortunately will be looking elsewhere now. Reading the other reviews, they give a stock standard answer as to why they are making more content for premium users only but I read a response from them one year ago saying they valued the free subscribers and would maintain the same level of content for them. Guess they lied and decided they wanted money instead of loyal customers..Version: 5.2

Track pregnancyI used to LOVE this app for tracking my pregnancy. But needing to pay to see my babies size and what’s new that week? Seriously? It was free before why do I need to pay now? Don’t market the app as free when it clearly isn’t anymore, we need to pay to use any feature and I’m sick of it!.Version: 9.17

Disappointment as the app “grows”I understand that Flo is run by A LOT of people that need to be paid so while I understand that premium is needed in order to make their ends meet to pay everyone on board. I think there are a few select things they could do to for people who can’t afford premium. Firstly, go back to letting us see more than just two months predictions of our menstrual cycle. I don’t understand why that had to be limited if it doesn’t really seem like a “premium feature”. Cycle predictions, at this point, and along with period tracking, seem to be the only TRUE free features of this app up until this update. I feel like next, “My daily insights” are also going to be a Premium Feature and I feel like that would be overly selfish of a “free” app. Another thing y’all could do is provide SOME free content of the Insights we currently have to pay to see. Like a preview if you will. This would have been a great app had it stayed accessible to teens barely getting their cycle. Women’s health is hardly talked about and a lot of girls end up feeling insecure about themselves because they see changes and feel things no one wants to talk about and a lot of that is seen here in this app. While it is a shame that Flo had to start charging, it is understandable but work on making important information accessible, please!.Version: 6.13

Irritating and pushy.I used to really appreciate this app, but have found over the last year that is has become annoying, irritating and pushy in all the same ways that made me leave other period apps over the years. Before, I could just track my periods and symptoms, now it’s full of ‘health assistants’ and ‘daily insights’ that just get in the way with information and recommendations I don’t need nor want. Not to mention you can’t really tailor it to yourself (or at least not on a standard account, I haven’t tried premium). I can’t begin to tell you how many fitness and exercise notifications I’ve received... I’m physically disabled, I can’t use them or make use of them, but seemingly can’t get rid of them either. I just wanted a standard tracking app, not a big, flashy, all singing-all dancing app. If you just want a standard period tracker, this is no longer the app I would recommend. Edit: in response to the teams halfhearted reply below, I’m not looking to disable notifications entirely. I still need period reminder notifications. It’s the useless (to me) exercise notifications that I can’t edit nor amend that are irritating. ‘I’M disabled’ not ‘I WANT to disabled them’. Is it an automated reply that only picks up on keywords?.Version: 5.3

Developers- please readThe concept of the app is great actually! But what makes me upset and I feel a lot of other women is how you have to pay for simple tips to help you. If you are a teen or younger girl who is new to menstrual cycles, and you download this app to actually help you, you have to pay a pretty decent amount after adding all the money you’ve given to this app. Not to mention some people don’t have that extra money. You literally have to pay to learn on tampons, menstrual cups, and other basic things a young woman should know about herself. Also, if you started your period younger than most like me, you’re not going to want to tell your mom, or guardian “hey can you please pay for this app to help me track my cycle and teach me?” Its humiliating to MOST kids. Especially when a lot of parents don’t have “ the period talk” as they find it “inappropriate/ disgusting “ or it’s to akward to talk about. I understand “you have to make money” but maybe adds at least? Yes, there are many people that teach about this on social media platforms, but some kids aren’t allowed to have access to those types of apps. Overall, great concept of an app, but if you see this, please try to reconsider the fees and other requirements to have the app and actually be able to learn and get help. Thank you- a 12 yr old girl who started at 9/10..Version: 8.9.2

Toxic community and flo is unfairThe community is very toxic. Some of the girls call you slurs, and their comments don’t get delete but my comment gets deleted for standing up for myself?? Flo keeps your data too. Wish I could give 0 stars for this trash app.Version: 9.1

Less and less availableUsed to be an incredible app. I’ve had it since 2018 and had so much great information, through pregnancy too. But now you have to pay for everything, even to see if I’m ovulating or not (every time I open the app I lose more ‘free’ information). It’s getting a little ridiculous. Yes, they offer sales and I understand it costs money to run with researched articles etc. but it’s silly now. Super disappointed..Version: 9.27.0

Why do u have to be 13!?????Hello 10 year old who’s had 4 periods already and uses Flo to keep track of them. Great app it does as it’s supposed to but one problem is that I can’t even mention my age in secret chats since I’m ten AnD I hAvE tO BE 13 TO BE ABlE TO UsE ThE APp. That’s the only problem because who said U HAVE TO BE 13 TO USE THE APPPPPP AND THATS WHEN U SHOULD HAVE UR PERIOD but mannnn I’m 10 so I can’t even mention my Age. So please make app 9+ or like take off the rule of having to be 13 to comment and use the app it’s so annoying it’s so annoying mentioning my age forgetting the rule then getting a little notification saying UR ACCOUNT WELL BE BANNED SOON DUE TO THE FACT U MENTIONED YOUR AGE because then I have to set up a new account I’ve been through like 6 already due to this Plsssss. Make this app not have an age thing and make it for all ages Ty -Annie<3.Version: 9.17

I like it... but...I like the app cause I can keep track of my moods cycles and more But recently whenever I’ve tried edit my period dates, it kicks me out of the app all together and I kind of rely on that function a lot, so I think I’ll start looking for another app to use....Version: 5.9

Have to pay for basic helpI’ve been experiencing extremely painful periods (family history of endometriosis) was hoping to us flo to help get some answers before heading to the drs. Filled out all my information only to find out you have to pay to get answers for general information. I understand why but it’s abit sad that we can’t even get basic female health knowledge for free. Going to try find something else. Good old calendar could also do the trick..Version: 9.53.0

Good but unhelpful new featureI’ve found Flo really helpful for establishing and understanding my cycles. However, they have a feature (which I’ve only noticed this month so assume is new) called “possible pregnancy prediction”, which between ovulation and period tells you what day of pregnancy you could possibly be on, and what could be happening at that stage. I find this significantly increases my stress around symptom monitoring as well as general anxiety around trying to fall pregnant. It also instructs you to do a pregnancy test 2 days after a missed period, and then when you log the result tells you it’s too early to check! Overall good for period tracking but I will be looking for a different option for trying to conceive..Version: 9.3

TOO MANY ADS AND ALERTS.I just log in to track my period I dont need 30 million pop ups and ads in my face..Version: 9.25

Sharing data with FacebookFlo shared private data with Facebook. Not the way to go..Version: 4.23

Good for period tracking but a bit insensitiveBeen using this app for a few years and its really great for period tracking. When i became pregnant recently I switched to the pregnancy tracker and that was great too to see how the baby was coming along. However, I unfortunately experienced a miscarriage and I felt that this is where the app became really insensitive and disappointing. When I logged that I had a miscarriage it asked if I wanted any articles or chats to help get through it but I never saw anything at all to help me, instead it just went empty. it showed my miscarriage but it seemed to have wiped everything else i had worked up over the years and now it gives pretty insensitve notifications about chats about pregnancy and baby bumps. It now is just waiting for me to log my next period but other than that you would think iv only just starting to use it. This needs looking at as I wouldnt expect an app that is supposed to track and support to be so useless now I have experienced this..Version: 6.5

Information should be freeThis is a Allgood app but for more information about your body and periods you have to pay which isn’t fair. This is existing to people that can pay. It would be really cool if this app was for all woman not just those who have money. I understand I am paying for a service and not to have adds but information should be free. Especially if you advertise me this app for the information that I then have to pay for!? I don’t know I just got really excited to be able to learn and then couldn’t.Version: 6.13

Great app, but annoyingLove the app, have used it to track my periods for years. Stopped tracking last year after getting pregnant and used a different app. Since coming back to this one, I’m already fed up with the constant pushing to get premium. Like many others have said, I just want to log my periods and leave it at that. Will probably find a different app now that isn’t so annoying..Version: 9.26.0

Free version is now useless.I have been using this app to manage and track my endo symptoms and cycle for +5 years and in that time I have seen the developers remove more and more features to the point it is no longer functional as a free app. The last straw for me was seeing that recently they removed the feature that simply shows what day of your cycle it is, now you must pay for this. I didn’t mind not having access to the premium features, I was even willing to tolerate the constant disruptions pushing “discount offers”, but now that the essential function of the app - basic tracking of your cycle - has become a paid feature, I’m finally saying goodbye to Flo as it is useless to me now. I checked out the trial and can say as a paid app it is overpriced for such basic features, such as generic advice and simple tracking and predictions that you can do for free in Apple Health.. Or a calendar, honestly, which is probably safer for US citizens affected by the overturning of Roe v Wade, given Flo’s lack of guarantee for the security of their user’s cycle data in the wake of this.. I understand app developers need to make money but this is blatant capitalisation on what is a necessity for menstruating people. Bye Flo..Version: 9.11.0

I am not a pregnant person.Loved this app until it recently started referring to pregnant women as pregnant ‘people’. This app is concerned with menstrual health and period tracking, something experienced by 50% of the earth’s population — the word we have for these people is women. It has just occurred to me that the people at Flo do not even have a definition for the word woman anymore as according to them, adult human females are not necessarily women. Woman is not a dirty word. Adult human females need a word to describe ourselves and the specific health issues we face. Flo should know that better than most. Keep identity politics out of our health apps. Can Flo define ‘woman’? Does Flo even have a word for its target audience? Or are we separated into our body parts? Menstruating people, people with a cervix, pregnant people… this is both dehumanising and medically irresponsible..Version: 8.4

Close to great, but missing the mark for meI was very excited about downloading Flo to take more ownership over my cycle & gain resources / insights regarding my intimate health. However as soon as I tapped over into the “secret chat” feature, I found an overwhelming presence of ideological (predominantly Christian) conversations. I know that spirituality and sex lives can be tightly connected, however as someone who doesn’t identify with organized religion, it felt like I’d just arrived to the wrong brunch party. This also immediately made me skeptical of the information being shared within the app. I’m a VERY strong believer in comprehensive sex education, which is commonly seen as being at odds with Christianity in this country—is this app actually balancing science and religion? After looking at their extensive board of medical professionals, I’d like to believe so but I’m still highly skeptical. This is where I also learned that the app was founded by two men (tech entrepreneurs), who (let’s face itttt) probably only care about women’s health in so far as $$$. All in all I wish I hadn’t paid for this app and had opted for a free alternative, as I don’t think the secret chat feature will be useful to me and I have skepticism issues regarding their approach to science / commitment to women’s well-being. The UI is beautiful, I’ll give it that..Version: 7.0

Obnoxious MarketingLook, I like the app, I really do but I am not paying $100 a year to track my period and the incessant pop ups trying to convince me to do so are just absolutely obnoxious. I get it, I get what you’re trying to do. I get that you’re trying to sell me on the paid version by reducing the quality of the user experience on the free version. I’m fine with the basic calendar and none of the bells and whistles of the paid version but all that the constant pop ups and attempts to woo me to the paid version are just making me want to delete the app and never pay for it purely out of spite. It’s not doing what you think it’s doing..Version: 9.35

Not for perimenopausal womenI should not have upgraded the app. It’s fine for accurately tracking periods but really only cares about sexually active women. I did the ‘why is my period late’ chat just to see but it made me so depressed because as a young perimenopausal woman it seems I’m invisible it went through literally every single reason in the book as to why my period was late and then at the end ‘well there could be many reasons but we just don’t know’. SERIOUSLY?!? My period is late because I’m a 40+ woman who is beginning my path to menopause- it’s pretty basic. Do better for us invisible women who still bleed and track our periods for other reasons than to get pregnant or to avoid it..Version: 9.29

No longer user friendlyI’ve been using this app for years and years and when they updated the app they really try pushing its users to buy the premium package. Everything used to be FREE. Every single one of these apps are greedy and want to force people to pay for things that shouldn’t need to be paid for in the first place—especially when, again, EVERYTHING in the app was FREE at one point. Apps can still make money using annoying ads. Flo is persistent on trying to make their users waste their money. And the prices are ridiculous. This was my go-to app whenever I would track my cycle, and get helpful health information. This app doesn’t provide anything at all anymore. Its disappointing what this app has come to. Premium should give people the option to make customizations and what not. Not prevent its users from getting necessary information. Anyone that recommends any other app the doesn’t charge its users to track their cycles please let me know! Update: Flo is using bots to write fake reviews please don’t fall for that. This app USED TO BE AMAZING years ago. It’s no longer helpful, unless if all you want to do is track your periods and get nothing else out of it. Don’t ever waste your money on an app. The Flo Team just makes excuses for why they push premium so hard on to their users. It’s sad. Just use pop up ads on go on with your day. There is no reason at all to be charging users for information THAT USED TO BE FREE. We all miss the old app bring it back..Version: 9.41

Amazing app BUT…Amazing app, i use it continuously to track my period and symptoms which has been a major help to me. However, i recently found out i was pregnant and within an hour of having had the positive test me and my partner had firmly decided that we weren’t ready to be parents and that an abortion was going to be the correct decision for us this time around. I logged the positive test on the app in order to keep my info updated and was immediately presented with a ‘welcome to parenthood’ screen. For me, it just made me giggle (down to my british sense of humour i guess), but for someone else who wasn’t as strong minded as i was at that time, it could’ve been a different story. Part of the reason people have apps such as flo is to find out sooner rather than later if they are pregnant in order to have easier termination treatment, especially in the states i imagine. My one recommendation for the app would be to improve this feature, even a simple “what are your plans?” question, with answer options such as “keep it/abortion/i don’t know yet” would be much more appropriate and would also allow the app to be more supportive in a personalised way..Version: 9.7.1

Please update for those with conditionsI have pcos, for the last year I was having regular periods until this month in which I’m almost 5 weeks late. This app would be so much more helpful if when you log symptoms you can get something to allow you to know if it’s a possible indicator to a period approaching or possible pregnancy. It’s hard to follow the predicted dates of when you should have your period as mine changes every month drastically. I use the app for my specialists to see. But I’d find it much more useful if I was able to actually use it for my periods! I have never found an app that accommodates someone with fertility issues but I feel like this one has the most potential too. Adding features or at least the medical information be more suited to me and not just around others who don’t have the issues. Just having symptom checkers in order to determine if a period may be approaching is more helpful to me than a predicated guess due to previous month cycles..Version: 4.21

Very LimitedGreat for tracking when your next period is coming, I’ve never had an issue with that and always very accurate for me but the fact that what feels like 95% of everything on the app requires the premium subscription makes me want to find something more inclusive for people not willing to pay an overpriced subscription. There’s a very small amount of free information on there unless you have paid for premium which I personally think is overpriced for what you’re getting since majority of the information you can just look up on google instead for $0. I know what I said might sound like it contradicts itself but I just think that is what could be improved in this app. I’ve been using it for a while and there used to be so much free stuff, but it’s very disappointing to see that basically all I can do on there is log when my period is and the symptoms without even finding out SIMPLE information without having to pay for it when the app is specifically for periods, ovulation and pregnancy, but yet you have to go somewhere else to find the info unless willing to pay..Version: 9.17

Bloated software.PROS: Accurate predictions. Tracking of a variety of symptoms and fertile windows. CONS: The rest of the app. Constant nagging to upgrade to premium every single time you open the app, and then several times within the app in the form of extra tabs or banners. “Secret Chats” are more bloat than function. There’s everything from shortform smut to sensitive anecdotes. Why is this in a tracking tool? It should be separated into its own forum app. After watching some of the educational content, I believe more can be learned from a Google search. Then there’s privacy issues. The app tracks way more than necessary. I urge people to check out tracking apps like Drip that store data locally and don’t collect identifiable data. The existence of such apps proves accurate tracking can be done without a laundry list of linked data tracking requests. In their privacy policy, Flo promised to not sell to third parties, but will comply with law enforcement. It’s up to the user to interpret their level of comfort with policies and laws that could change in an instant, and reminder that online trails are never truly private. I used to like this app before the rabid push to go premium, but now I’ve found much sleeker, more intuitive apps to perform the ONE function of tracking menstrual cycles. Just use the Health app or something like Drip..Version: 9.15.3

Tampon trackerWould be nice to have the option to put in the time of your last tampon change so people like me who often forget can have that.Version: 9.0

Too much for too littleI downloaded Flo when I was a sophomore in high school (now a sophomore in college) and I really enjoyed the app. Back then, the calendar of the app and it’s prediction capabilities were most appealing to me. All of the added perks that came along with Flo such as tracking your symptoms and the available informational articles were something that I enjoyed greatly. There were even little surveys that you could take that I enjoyed doing in my free time! Now, it seems that the creators of the app care more for those who upgrade to the premium version than those who use it for free. While it is expected to have some in app purchases that accompany programs such as these, it is very disheartening to see that you can access virtually nothing without subscribing. While I do still only use the app as a way to track the regularity of my period, I feel that I would be inclined to use it more often if I knew there were more things that I could access that were free. I also find it particularly annoying when I am using the automated messaging feature about something I am curious about with my cycle, I’m led on to believe I am going to get some answers. Instead I am given the go-around and can’t access the information without being pressured in to subscribing. I really enjoyed this app when I first downloaded it, but I am now disappointed in the fact that there is visually nothing that can be accessed unless you subscribe :/.Version: 8.7.1

DisappointedWhen I came off birth control to start trying to have my son, I just needed an easy spot to track my period. While there were some other bells and whistles that were interesting, that was really all I ever used it for. Now a couple of years later, it’s essentially unusable for that purposes without paying for a subscription. All I want to do is enter my period dates, and I have to watch/click through ads (multiple) to do that? It’s way out of hand..Version: 5.5.1

Terrible for non womenI am a trans male and i wanted somthing to track my period and i keep getting misgendered, It would mean the world to me if you add a non feminine option and a pronoun option..Version: 9.2

Expansive payment if you forgotten to unsubscribeI’m very disappointed that I’ve been charged in one of the most expansive premium app in my life! I didn’t know about the automatic renewal if the trial period has ended but it’s ok, One thing I don’t understand is when I check your payment option, how come there’s different payment pricing but is in same categories? Eg: premium 1 year, some of them are lot more cheaper but some are more expansive but it still say 1 year premium? And it’s funny how my renewal has automatically renewed to the most expansive premium?? That’s very misleading on your app and it’s unfair how I’ve got charged to the most expansive plan??.Version: 4.41

Okay but why 16+??The app store says 12 and up but when i tried to enter my birth year it said due to legal registration you need to be 16. it's doesn't make sense to me because most women get their periods around 12-15 that's the normalized age so what about the women who want to track when they get their periods and can't because of the age limits? its not inappropriate or disgusting to have your period ITS NORMAL. it may be because of their secret chats but this is every period app!! i would like to know when i will start my monthly bleeding but that's impossible because for every period app, i have to pay for tracking something i don't get to choose, or i have to lie about my birth age so i can track my period, or my email has been spammed to pay for extensive or premium editions. like trust me i would choose not to get my period if i could but i can't so why? can someone out there please make a period app tracker that is safe and appropriate for anyone with a uterus who gets their period at ANY AGE. like i don't need a secret chat to track my period. can someone please make it free and useable without ads for your extras popping up everywhere because I PROMISE YOU. you make a lot of business with all of these ad spamming age restricting apps out here. the period tracker was pretty accurate otherwise.Version: 9.6

Not an educational toolThe symptom tracking is great and allows me to follow my period more closely. As a concept overall, I love the app, but in practice, there are some major downfalls… One large issue is the exclusive premium content. Almost NONE of the content is free, not even the most basic articles. I understand that the app needs to profit, but it leaves many users curious about topics they can’t even read about. My other issue with the app is the forums. New posts are rarely added, leaving the feature unusable after going through topics. Though, the bigger issue with the forums is the lack of admins and experts addressing responses. Having a poll concerning medical issues and allowing just anyone to respond has led to many top comments that are totally misleading. I honestly find this dangerous and neglectful. Women already have a lack of sexual education, allowing posts to perpetuate harmful and misleading ideas only hurts them more. I can’t even count the number of posts I’ve seen discussing risky forms of “birth control” and comments scaring young girls with the idea that sex should be painful. Without admins and experts actually going though comments, posts are becoming conservative echo chambers that are not fact based..Version: 6.13

Latest updateThe latest update took away the ability to track your weight. I dont know why this is but i emailed them and they said they took away this feature. Well actually tracking your weight is a very important part of pregnancy and general health. And taking away something medically important just for woke reasons is ridiculous. Ive been a premium member for years and have just cancelled and will no longer be using this app for tracking or anything..Version: 9.23.0

Too many pop up adsI have used Flo for 8 years now. It used to be amazing as it has so many symptoms to log, options to choose and easy to view summary/reports. Sadly in the last couple of years they have started to push a significant amount of ads to purchase their in app subscription. The ads come up every single time I try to use the app just to enter a symptom and often there is no dismiss option on the first pop up so requires more than one click through to get them to disappear. Makes using the app really slow and not the easy one click it used to be. With the health app options in iPhone I have started to move away from this one as only needing simple tracking and it doesn’t have pop ups. Would love the ads to reduce. If they do I would definitely come back to using the app.Version: 9.39

Decreased user experienceI’ve been using this app since around 2016 in the beginning it was great everything was free and easy accessible. And unfortunately over the years the free information is becoming less and less which is a shame because the app holds some really great content. Would be great to see some more of the free information/ articles/ chats become available again frustrating that developers are just hungry for a bit of coin 🥱.Version: 9.37.0

Cannot view without being bothered with the upgradeGreat app. It’s a shame they just won’t let you be. I understand asking for an upgrade but to be baited when I have a question is wrong. The auto assistant answers just enough of your questions only to shut you out before you get to the actual answer needed. I don’t believe stringing people along falls in line with their entire “we’ve got you!” “Women are awesome” “Women are great” “We are your friends” “We are here to help” mantras. An actual friend would do that. Now they’ve decided to hold my valuable time hostage and made me answer several questions before I could even view my cycle schedule. I’m a busy person and mom just like to rest of the moms out there and I had about 7 seconds (at that moment) to view my cycle calendar before my toddler got in to something. I wasn’t able to view my cycle calendar because of their making me jump through hoops. I ran out of time. I made time to write this review (I never write reviews and I especially don’t bother if it’s a bad one.) to tell other women to find another app. These people border on rude. Pretty shameful for software to come across as rude. But they irritated mo over and over again - no less than 100 times so I had to write my FIRST BAD REVIEW OF ANYTHING EVER. That’s how disappointed I am. It’s a shame. The function of the app is phenomenal..Version: 7.0

Good, but irritating adsThis app is good for what it is, it keeps track of your periods, with the added benefit of having mood and symptom trackers. I knocked off two stars because of the extremely irritating ads that pop up constantly on the screen trying to convince you to buy premium. There isn’t an X anywhere on the screen, you have to click the button to the purchase page before you can exit the screen. It happens every time you use the app, sometimes multiple times in one session. It’s so irritating that I barely use the app. The only reason I haven’t switched to a different app is because this app has years of data. I’ve notified customer support, they said they’d pass it on to marketing, to be fair..Version: 9.14

Please don’t download this appWith the new abortion rules flo sends your information to the government and can tell if you have had an abortion..Version: 9.1

Just a quick issue I had.So around last year, I had Flo and I followed all of the guidelines, which everyone should. But for some reason I kept getting reported? When I say reported I don’t mean a small suspension or anything, I had a suspension for MONTHS! To the point where, when I posted a comment I would time how long it would take until I got a message from Flo saying I’m doing something wrong. I mentioned this already, but it was still really irritating. Other than that issue, this is a great app and I love how there’s a secret chats (without that issue I had) but everyone is also really supporting and nice, it’s the best! I remember I would read some romance stories before going to sleep every night, either romance or period memes which I love just as much!.Version: 9.1

Starting to deteriorateThe app was great a few years ago because all the information that I received from my stats were really useful. However, recently there has been a premium version added to the app (a little pricey for me) and you can’t get away from their ads. Now, when you open the app you have to wait 3 seconds to close their own ads, not ads from other companies, Flo ads. It’s starting to feel like a cookie clicker game where you have to watch their ads to use the app. Also, now when I receive my stats, I have to go through this virtual assistant where I punch in pre-made answers and it seems a bit redundant to me (and at the end they suggest you pay for premium). I have recently switched to the Apple version of Flo in the health app because it has a lot of the same features but you don’t have to be bombarded by their suggestion to pay for a premium version. Really disappointed that the app got to this point because I used to always suggest that my friends use the app, but not anymore. I might be more interested in getting premium but $50 a year or $10 for a month seems a little pricey for something I only really spend about 5 minutes a day on every few days and I worry the premium version might not get me away from more ads to come from Flo..Version: 4.66

The app is getting worseI have been using it since 2016, and I liked it a lot and have been recommending it to my friends. However, I don't like how it has changed by now, especially the content section. For example, the idea to present useful information in a form of a chat is just horrible. It takes more time to squeeze the information from the bot and I have to click 10 times to read the equivalent of a 100 words article. I also don't like that it opens whenever I open the app and tries to engage me in a fake conversation, often the one I already completed 😫. I almost stopped opening the app because of that. Furthermore, previously the content was more interesting and in-depth, I could learn a lot of new info. Now the articles are very basic, there is not much information in them, as if they are written by the journalists from lifestyle magazines, not by experts, as it was before. Flo, please stop, at least remove the chatbot. I pay for the app, I want some decent user experience 😭.Version: 7.2

Great for period tracking onlyI downloaded this app to track my periods, was great for that and plenty of little helpful insights/articles on the feed.. I used it to help conceive as well. Once I actually became pregnant and switched to “pregnancy mode” the little helpful insights diminished to almost none, maybe one every few weeks.. what would frustrate me also would be when I would click on the “For You” and it would show an insight article but then disappear before I got the chance to click on it. (Happened about a 100 of times on different occasions.) also the app doesn’t really have any symptoms tracker differentiations for the pregnancy mode... which seems kind of bizarre. Another thing is that in pregnancy mode it doesn’t say anything about the development of the baby at however many weeks you are. Not even a brief little description of what’s going on in your body at this time or a brief description of the development changes your baby is experiencing.. nothing at all.. I’m a first time mom so I use (5) different pregnancy apps to kind of bring all the information together, given that not all say the same thing or some say things others don’t and/or are more informative. I find myself using this app less and less as it isn’t very helpful in the pregnancy mode. I am currently 27 weeks so I’ve used it from the very beginning and nothing is getting better about it.. hopefully this review is helpful.Version: 4.32.1

Not very useful but chatrooms are greatIf all you want is an app to help you know when ur period is coming, this isnt the one. This is because, firstly, you have to constantly be declining adds for it's paid version while the actual tracker bit isnt even that good - it doesnt notify you when you need it to (maybe the day or days before ur period), it also doesn't pick up the patterns in the symptoms you put into it eg i always have mood swings before my period and but only register that they are swings when my period starts - it would have been rlly helpful if the app could have notified me when id be getting that symptom instead of me putting the info in retrospectively every month for no reason. It does, however, always clearly tell me when ill be ovulating which is not info i care about rn. Overall not v useful app. However, I will say that the chat groups on this app for taboo topic like discharge and vaginismus are a rlly good idea and very useful too..Version: 9.18.1

Not enough infoYou used to still get a fair bit of info on the free plan such as articles, insights etc. Enough that it made me pay for premium for a year but then surprisingly I was notified less on the premium and didn’t find the premium worth it. Now the free plan doesn’t give really any insight and it seems every button you press has pop up spam to upgrade which just gets annoying. Would be good if free was the way it was before and premium offered more than just secret chats and articles..Version: 9.15.1

Don’t like the updateIt is really good at tracking and does usually predict the dates very well, it is also good for recording which symptoms and emotions you experience at certain times of the month as there are plenty of options to choose and this helps you notice your own patterns. However since the update the amount of information you can get for free has completely reduced, you can’t read any of the tips anymore in full like you used to, they’ve changed the format from helpful articles to an Instagram story kind of format where everything but the first two slides are locked which are generally introductory anyway. I understand they want you to pay but it’s a shame they took all that content away as it was what set them apart. Pre update I’d give 5 stars, now I’d give 3 as it has nothing else to offer compared to any other free period tracker app, so if you want to pay I assume that the content is as good as it was back then so I’d recommend, if you want a free app it’s too frustrating that most of it is locked away! Plenty of others will do the exact same job. But ultimately it does offer a place to input symptoms and find out your next period likely dates so I will keep using, just cannot afford to pay right now and I’m sure a lot of women feel the same in this current economic situation (Summer 2020).Version: 5.1.2

Crashes ConstantlyThis app used to be amazing and I’ve been a subscriber for the last 2 years to the premium version, however this last couple of months the app crashes ALL the time. Halfway through a Flo chat it randomly closes the app and I’m back on the Home Screen. Then the insights part (a bit like stories) is just a black screen, so you have to close and reopen the app and then MAYBE it will reload but who knows because it’s so unreliable and unpredictable. The secret chats part is the same. If you search for something in there and then click on a response, some of them are just greyed out as they fail to load, and other times it just crashes again by closing the app and taking you back to the Home Screen. None of my other apps do this and I’ve had no other phone issues so it is 100% the app causing the problems. Really hope the developers can sort this out ASAP. I was hoping the last update would have sorted it out but it hasn’t helped at all. So disappointing, especially as I am a paying customer..Version: 9.3

Good but there are issuesFlo is overall a pretty decent app. It tracks quite accurately, and has a ton of information available for users. My one issue is the app’s attitude towards LGBTQ+ people and matters. I think the app should have a choice at the beginning for what gender you are, so if you don’t identify as female you won’t be misgendered every time you open it. I also have a massive problem with the secret chat, as my comments keep getting deleted. I have ones with lots of likes that are then removed because they violate the policy. I can’t help but notice that they are always the ones in the LGBTQ+ sections, talking about LGBTQ+ topics. I get very annoyed because I’m not discriminating against anyone, not being offensive or swearing excessively, not being political (unless gay is counted—which, in the gay section is very strange), and I’m not promoting anything illegal! It’s always on topic and completely relevant, but they always get removed. This is exceptionally frustrating when I use the app as a way to connect with other queer people/women and need the sense of community; which is impossible when comments get removed. Apart from that, it’s pretty good. Please take this into consideration for future updates..Version: 4.69

Not trans inclusiveNeeds to be people with periods not women as nonbinary people and trans men also have periods and can elect to get pregnant.Version: 6.3

STOP BEING PUSHYI had used this app for years until I got the Mirena and stopped having a period, then I took it out and got pregnant some time after. After about a year and half I tried to use this app again. I hate logging in, because it forces me to click on the “log my symptoms” as soon as I log in. Well, what if I don’t want to log any symptoms today?! After they force me to do that, they force me to click on their go premium button. I DON’T WANT A PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION! So stop trying to force it down my throat. I’m about to look for a different option for a period tracking app or I’m about to track my period on my own personal calendar. My cycle is regular so it wouldn’t be hard. I don’t mind that you’ve moved the informational part of your app to paid. I get you guys are trying to run a business and make some money. However, the only real thing I want from a period tracker is, wait for it….. TO TRACK MY PERIOD! I delete “fun” gaming apps if I have to put up with ads constantly. Look, if you had a one time payment that I don’t have to deal with your ads anymore that was say 99¢-$2 I’d probably buy it or if your subscription was cheaper I might consider subscribing. I really don’t think I would use your paid services enough to justify $9.99 a month, especially when I can do quick google searches or read a freaking book about my body..Version: 9.24.0

Hypocrites Who Don’t Follow Their Own GuidelinesDo not use this app if your religion is anything but christian. You will be targeted by Flo’s moderators in the Secret Chats, and your concerns will be dismissed. I have never proselytized in Secret Chats, and I never will because I don’t believe in proselytizing (this is a rule in Secret Chats). My issue is when hundreds of christians in the Secret Chats start saying that anyone who isn’t christian “doesn’t belong here” and Flo moderators see no issue with that. Yet when a non-christian tries to bring attention to the fact that the moderators aren’t following Flo’s own guidelines, their concerns aren’t taken seriously. Christians get to keep posting and proselytizing, and anything a non-christian says is labeled as “hate speech” and removed from the Secret Chats. I wouldn’t have such an issue with this if Flo actually did something about hate speech coming from christians, but it seems they want to encourage it. Update: I had to leave a negative review to get any type of response from the Flo app developers, despite reaching out to Flo help on separate occasions. I decided to cancel my subscription. There are so many other period tracking apps out there that do the same things Flo does, but without the toxicity and holier than thou attitude. Flo- stop responding to my review. It’s borderline harassment. Just acknowledge that you screwed up or leave me alone..Version: 9.38

It used to be my go to period appI loved the app when it was accessible and free and I wasn’t bombarded with Flo promoting its premium feature. You can’t even properly use the app without pop ups and when you close the pop ups the app does not work. You get pop up talks and pop up pay for this app every time you click on something in the app..Version: 9.27.0

It’s all about the SubscriptionI should have never updated my app. I used to enjoy using Flo to track the basics (for years!) - to track my cycle and my pregnancy, and I used to even enjoy reading some chats every now and then, but now nothing is free! Everything is “Choose your plan”. Every window that I try to open this prompt pops up to get you to subscribe for access. Everything is now locked compared to years ago when basic information was free. I know, I get it, that’s how they make money. But it’s just so disappointing when the basics that used to be free are now taken away. I used to look forward to reading a bit about the baby on a new week (again, basic information that I can find on google) but the point was, I could just go on to this app and be able to read about this. Now to access anything, you have to subscribe. Just disappointing. Thanks for all the years with free access. But for now good bye..Version: 9.15.4

Too many adsI only want notifications that tell me when to anticipate my menses start date or ovulation, but I constantly get notifications like “Feeling frisky today? Your hormone levels are up!” “Set up a workout today” “It’s normal to feel down when your hormones drop” and other inappropriate statements that are embarrassing to receive when I am showing a work colleague something on my phone. I reported the issue to Flo and they said I had to turn off notifications altogether! It’s ridiculous how we cannot filter what we want to be notified of. Also, at the doctor’s I was asked the first date of my LMP. That’s what Flo is for. It took a full minute to open the app and click out of the annoying in-app pop ups that try to get me to use their features when all I wanted to do was go to my calendar. I don’t want to speak to your health advisor or whatever else you want me to do. I want a simple, unmessy, easy app to track my period. Lastly, I’ve been having issues opening the app and all I see is a huge ad saying “87% off Flo premium. Click next” and there is NO X at the corners to get away from the page. The only thing to click is “next” but I don’t want your premium. I have to close the entire app and reopen it to get the ad to disappear. Your app has a lot of people using it but it seems to be devolving into something sloppy and profit-hungry. I miss the days where it was a no-hassle, modest period tracker..Version: 6.4

Women aren’t the only ones who have periodsCould you add a category for trans men or AFAB non-binary people? Women aren’t the only ones who get periods, there’s some other people who get them too..Version: 5.6

Not like it used to beI’ve been using flo for almost 6 years now and so many things have changed, and i don’t say that in a good way. nothing is free anymore, you have to pay for everything..Version: 5.5.1

They track your infoIf i could put 0 stars i would.Version: 9.1

Too many notificationsWhile I love this app, since recently upgrading to latest ios there are too many notifications. Even though in settings I have only switched on two individual options to alert beginning of cycle and to alert few days before, still I am getting rubbish, annoying and personal notifications flash up on my screen every single day. Please fix this Flow!! Make it stop!!.Version: 6.13

Too much going on the in the appI use to love this app. But there’s way too much going on in the insights and pop ups, it’s really distracting!!! The chat can be overwhelming and disappointed that this app doesnt tell you which period stage your in, follicular ect and which hormones are high or low during these stages would be so helpful. Annoying upgrade prompts too and th fact it even shows in the calendar.Version: 9.34

Offensive insightsThe features of this app are good, and I like the functionality and interface. After using it for 3 months, it’s quite accurate. However, I find some of the “insights” to be offensive. Recent insights I’ve received include a post about making sure your vagina smells good, and a survey asking about “homosexual” sex. It’s clear that this app is not designed or maintained by women. I’ll be switching to a different app..Version: 4.9.5

Too much changeI used to use this as my tracking app years ago when it was completely free so I decided to try it again and it has changed a lot. There now is a very persistent and annoying pop up that is hard to skip asking you to pay for the app. The idea of this app is good, however I think it’s insane that women still not only have to pay for health supplies for something they get every month (pads, painkillers, etc.) but now are also expected to pay for a digital tracker. I understand that a lot of research and work goes into these apps but I’d always make it my priority to make these sorts of apps free for everyone. I don’t think I will start using this app again. However, if you have the money go ahead and get the premium version, it’s much less annoying and will be more helpful but I just don’t see the point in purchasing it myself..Version: 5.0

Too many pop upsI used to love this app now there’s a pop up everywhere and it’s really difficult to use!.Version: 9.25

Terrible update and way over priced.Have been paying for Flo premium for over a year and used it for my high risk pregnancy. I am now in month 8 and have been tracking my weight weekly as required by my obstetrician. Flo has decided to update their app and randomly remove the weight tracking graphing altogether and my entire weight recordings throughout my pregnancy has disappeared for seemingly no reason? I followed up with their customer service who advised the feature is no longer available, no reason given at all! Have cancelled my subscription as this is absolutely disgusting and unfair to its paying customers. I recommend using Pregnancy+ to track your pregnancy instead. This app is way over priced and they don’t care about their paying customer..Version: 9.24.0

I used to love this app way moreI got this app when I was a freshman in high school as they do not teach much about female cycles or anatomy. When I first got it, I found tons of useful information on the app and it was all free and amazing. I learned the different parts of the cycle and it helped me manage my symptoms better as well as understanding what’s going on with my body. While I understand that programs like these need funding in order to run, I find there is no need to bait people into paying for a subscription. Like the chat feature. It pops up prompting you to interact for a bit and making you think it’s going to tell you some useful information but then it tries to make you pay before you can access it. There shouldn’t be as much push for people to pay. It’s irritating especially for people who can’t afford more payments like myself. I would much rather there be a pop up when you open the app asking if you want to pay for premium rather than being tricked into thinking I’m going to be getting something useful for free. Also I am a strong believer that all the info on this app should be taught to girls in school or be free public access but google is not a reliable source and this app has loads to offer but for a price. It’s already bad enough that women don’t get taught anything about their own bodies and it’s a “luxury” to access this information..Version: 8.7.1

Use a different appIt used to be really good and informative but now it just wants you to upgrade to give any information. Not worth it! There’s a thing called google which is free..Version: 4.59

Do not downloadI used to love this app, the free version was easy to use and kept everything you needed for tracking your period and other health information. I used for many years. However, recently , I learnt it was never free , my data was shared with other companies (the same that work with Facebook and other companies) without people’s consent. Since then, the app has updated itself, you will have to check what they do with your personal data. In the latest version, you cannot use the app without getting the option to get the very expensive premium version with every click you do. It is not worth it anymore.Version: 6.13

Be careful about paymentThe app itself is fine. The payment is a joke. Having read other reviews I was careful to make sure I had selected the monthly payments, however I was still charged £43 in a lump sum. Make sure you go to your subscriptions and check the monthly payment. There is no need to charge for a year with an app like this. No one wants to payout a lump sum like that, it doesn’t give you the option to cancel it then if the app doesn’t meet your needs! Or maybe that’s the point, they aren’t confident in their app, so take full payment up front expecting people to cancel. Well...I won’t be renewing next year simply because of that. UPDATE: the developer has “helpfully” told me how to cancel this subscription...which I already know how to do and have done. This was not the issue I stated. The issue I have is that, despite selecting to pay monthly, I was charged for an entire year in a lump sum. I was warning people to double check their subscriptions once they finish the free trial, as it appears selecting the monthly payment option in the app does not work. I was explaining that it was a disappointment to discover this had happened as I feel cheated out of my money, as I now have no option to cancel if after a few cycles I find the app does not meet my needs. If the app does not meet my needs, I will now be out of pocket as I will have paid for months of use that I will not be using..Version: 4.11.0

Y’all are getting greedyI’ve had flow for years, the design is great, rarely bugs, very intuitive, does exactly what it says it does… until the last few months. tale as old as time: a functional app decides to slowly monetize every element of that functionality until one day you wake up and poof: everything is locked unless you start paying monthly. what is left now is the functional equivalent of just the calendar app for recording when your periods start and stop. i get that you guys need to make money but I wish you would learn when to stop.Version: 9.28.0

Went downhill after pandemicThis was the first app I used when I wanted to track my period as a teen (back in 2013) it’s been a wonderful and a clear interfaced app but man… I started noticing after the pandemic, it’s just been right in my face constant ads to purchase a subscription for this… I’m so fed up with that… like it’s not even a lifetime subscription but a yearly?! Forget about it… like what the hell, why would I pay $14 a month to just log in my period dates… I can’t even use this app anymore without the screen prompting me to subscribe at least three times alone literally just logging in my period dates. Looking into using another tracker sadly… oh well :,(.Version: 9.27.0

Needs more customisation to reproductive issuesFollowing on from my previous review below, the app still needs much more customisation and to be able to use the data you’ve already provided effectively. There are a range of health issues you experience that impact your menstrual cycle, but there is no option to include this, and even if you did, Flo would likely ignore it, and ask you the same questions each time you have your period. I find it super frustrating that unless your cycle is ‘normal’ and regular Flo does not have the ability to support you. While there is some great information on Flo, and it is easy to use, it is frustrating that the app doesn’t recognise issues that you’ve already inputted. I have PCOS, I’ve included this on Flo, but each month cycle, the app doesn’t seem to recognise that the symptoms I have are due to my PCOS. I wish the app were more tailored to your experience. It doesn’t make sense to track your health in this way if the responses and information given is generic..Version: 9.41

The app is good but...Flo is good app but I find it creepy how it knows when I am late for my period. I don’t tell it anything and somehow it just knows and most of the time it doesn’t even get it on the right days..Version: 4.56

...It use to be a great app...until they updated it and you have to literally pay for everything. It’s very pricey as well. Imagine being young and just wanting to get some insight on your body, and people are trying to make profit off of that...that’s shady. I honestly do not recommend this app..Version: 5.5.1

The ‘upgrade to premium’ prompts are infuriatingI am so thankful to have an app that I can use to track and predict my period. However, I am getting so fed up with the constant offer of information, only to find I can’t see any of it without signing up to a subscription. The app never used to be like this. I have floated in and out of the paid version but after some time All I really wanted was the ability to track my symptoms and dates. But like today for instance, I jump on, log my period and some of my symptoms. Then, a prompt opens ‘your latest symptom tracker said ‘cramps’ find out why you’re having these symptoms’…so I tap the box, it opens to a story, I get through two taps only to find I’ll have to subscribe to find out more. This feels so stupid to me - yes I know you need to make money, but don’t bait people with information only to be told they can’t read it. If there is a free version can you just remove all access to paid components, instead of this little teaser of info? I find it almost a bit unethical and a bit sneaky. It makes me not want to use the app..Version: 9.2

READ THIS IF YOU WANT THIS APPNow i see that the only way for app creators to get money is to charge $$$. But i dont see why app creators just go to Apple and say can you make this app this much money. I see that its called marketing because i do that for the school i go to but i really just hate hate hate apps like that. It makes you answer all these questions so that artificial intelligence can help you with girl stuff, just so you can go through all that trouble to weigh and measure yourself and then out of nowhere it says ‘ monthly pay’ ‘ yearly pay’ ‘ 3 day trial’. This is everything youll ever want but i never got to experience it my self because my parents said they wont be spending any money on apps. And if you have a ‘ 3 day trial’ option just think that whoever if using it will want to use this app but some people can barely afford phones or technology or housing. I saw a homeless woman in her 30s with 2 kids on the street with a phone without a back on it, an iPhone charger all ripped up plugged into the charger point in the subway with a pack of pads and a tint bag of food. Just think about it. Im just trying to help. If you send back to me developers DONT because i dont like getting into fights at all! No hate towards anybody!!! 🙏🙏❤️❤️.Version: 9.1

I don’t knowComing from a teen girl, this app isn’t necessarily bad. It’s ok with being on time with when I get my period and stuff. The only thing is, I don’t like that you have to pay to learn more about YOUR body. Why can’t everyone have access to learning what is happening to themselves? I get that this app needs a way to make money or whatever but I feel like it’s wrong that I can’t know more about what’s happening….Version: 9.36.1

It’s OKI really just want to use the app to log my period dates but it’s constantly bombarding me with unskippable ads for the $$$ premium version to unlock papers and track pregnancy, all stuff I’m not interested in, and as someone who struggles with infertility issues it is a really upsetting issue at times and doesn’t feel good when you are constantly being berated by your period app being like “you’re 1 day late, you’re probably pregnant, wanna spend $80 to find out????”. I can never get pregnant, but I can’t tell my app that, and the sliver of hope it gives me is shattering every time it’s wrong.Version: 9.25

Bed experienceI have pcos problem and this app wasn’t helpful for me and The payment is a joke. Having read other reviews I was careful to make sure I had selected the monthly payments, however I was still charged £43 in a lump sum. Directly for premium membership Make sure you go to your subscriptions and check the monthly payment. There is no need to charge for a year with an app like this. No one wants to payout a lump sum like that, it doesn't give you the option to cancel it then if the app doesn't meet your needs! Or maybe that's the point, they aren't confident in their app, so take full payment up front expecting people to cancel. Well...I won't be renewing next year simply because of that. UPDATE: the developer has "helpfully" told me how to cancel this subscription...which I already know how to do and have done. This was not the issue I stated. The issue I have is that, despite selecting to pay monthly, I was charged for an entire year in a lump sum. I was warning people to double check their subscriptions once they finish the free trial, as it appears selecting the monthly payment option in the app does not work. I was explaining that it was a disappointment to discover this had happened as I feel cheated out of my money, as I now have no option to cancel if after a few cycles I find the app does not meet my needs. If the app does not meet my needs, I will now be out of pocket as I will have paid for months of use that I will not be using..Version: 9.37.0

Gender neutral optionsThis app is amazing and helped me a lot with my period and stuff, but sometimes the way it addresses me bothers me. I’m non-binary and i would prefer if the app used my preferred pronouns they/them. it just makes me uncomfortable when people call me a girl or she. there’s also a lot of trans men on the app that are trying to track their periods but are being called girls too. i would like it if there was a setting so we can choose our gender or pronouns that we want the app to use..Version: 6.3

£5 a month for info you can get freeI have used the Flo app since it was a brand new app. Since then, gradually less and less is available for free - which I understand especially when it’s an app that has professionals available to answer questions on a forum. My issue is how little there is available for free now, especially when I’ve used it for so long. I recently found out I was pregnant and changed the usage to pregnant. With this feature there is nothing but the tracker and some of the secret chats available to me for free. It’s a shame there isn’t even basic information available for free, £5 a month seems extortionate to me when I can get the information they are charging for from baby buddy for £0 a month. The app for me personally has changed from being informative when it was first out, to now being mostly used as a calendar and a symptom tracker for my own record. Great app, but i wouldn’t pay £5 a month..Version: 9.26.0

Great Tracking ToolI’ve used Flo for years and have loved it! It’s always helped me with tracking, and with their updates over time I’ve come to understand my cycle and symptoms better. I occasionally appreciate the different articles etc about symptoms and ovulation and have learned quite a bit. However, this most recent update I’m not a fan of. When going to log symptoms, it’s visually messy. It’s visually overwhelming and everything is smaller. Also, they took away product logging! This is incredibly frustrating as this is how I base how heavy my flow is. I’m able to go back and see, historically, how light or heavy I think my current flow is based on this point in previous cycles etc. And now there’s just an option for clots instead of size of clots. I like this but also dislike. Before, you only got the clot option with pads logged, and then it would ask the size. Now, you can log clots without pads, but no size option. I do like that there appears to be more options so symptoms, which I’ve always wished for, but it’s just a very busy screen now. Overall, I’ll continue to use the app because there’s no better one by far. I pay I believe $50 or $60 annually for the premium and will continue to. This app is doing great things for women and providing incredible education at fractions of the price you would pay professionally, and is FAR more reliable and reputable than simply Googling something. I just hope they make some more tweaks and bring back product logging!.Version: 9.26.0

Don’t expect much unless you payI used this mainly as a ovulation tracking and it worked great. But as time went by the ‘free’ parts of the app became locked behind a very expensive subscription. Becoming pregnant no part of the app is free? Want to see how big baby is? Pay. Want to see body changes during this stage of pregnancy? Pay. If your prices weren’t so ridiculous I’d be keen to sign up but I can’t justify $20 a month for an app in this economy. Shame..Version: 9.48.0

FloI’ve used this app for years, ever since my first period. Now you can barely do anything on the app without paying the price of premium. This has taken away all of the health info that was free and easily accessible previously which was so helpful but now this information is only available for $15 a month which I find super annoying as it’s so important for young girls to have easy access to this information from a genuine source..Version: 8.7.1

Misleading trial subscriptionWhile i was on the flo chatbot, an offer for a trial subscription came up and it said i won’t get charged if i try the premium version of the app for the first month. So i decided to try it as i was a bit interested on the workout videos and some of the blogs you can read on the premium subscription looks interesting. But they ended up deducting on my bank account right after i subscribed and no one got back to me when i asked for my money back! I wish i took a photo of the offer on chatbox but I didn’t. So disappointing!!!!.Version: 7.6

Loyalty lost!I have been using this app for more than 3 years now, and found it very reliable and helpful. It helped me a lot during my first pregnancy, especially the insights, tips, and calendar etc.. So easy and simple to use! BUT for the past few months flo has changed from a lively insightful women's app to a useless space waster on my phone. No notifications whatsoever anymore. At first I thought it was my phone, but when I checked the settings I realised it was because I now have to pay to continue using it. The pregnancy calendar tracker no longer gives insights like it used to. I clicked on the insights a few days ago and was happy to see some information, only to be bitterly disappointed when it disappeared before I was able to read it! That was the last straw, and I have now downloaded another app, and will be deleting yours, seeing as you are now too commercialised to care about your long time users!.Version: 4.31.1

Disappointed at change of waysI was a huge lover of this app and used it for years, as well as recommended to my friends. Pretty disappointed now however that majority of the insights are unavailable without a subscription! Out of the 50, only 1 was available for me to view. Also, every single time you open the app you get the notification to join premium. Seems like this app is more focused on getting subscriptions and making money than anything else now..Version: 6.12

This app actively strives to make me hate itAll I want to do is track my period on the calendar and I can’t do that without 12 millions popup ads. No, I do not want to pay for the app, I don’t need the premium features. I also only want notifications for when my period is expected ect, all the extra notifications and beyond annoying (yes I’ve gone in to settings to see if I can turn them off). Also there’s no way for me to change my name, I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times to try and pair it with the names on my Apple ID and it just won’t work. So I’m stuck with my dead name, I have contacted support for this too and they were absolutely no help at all. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find any other options so I have to keep using this app, it’s beyond infuriating. I’m having intense pms, trying to check when I’m due and I get so many popups that I just give up and end up crying. Come on dude, this needs serious fixing.Version: 8.12.1

PINK TAX, NOT FREEHaving a period is extremely expensive, and Flo thinks it should cost you an extra $10 a month to track it..Version: 9.13.0

Has been getting annoyingNow, I don’t want to deter anyone who’s recently gotten their periods or looking for a new tracker, but this is coming from my experience alone. I’ve had my period since I was 11 years old, and going through different tracker apps to track my periods so I know when they arrive. Recently, I have not been notified 5 days before my periods (which I have set to let me know) and my predictions have failed to reload again and again. I tried deleting the app, creating another account, and more, but the problem keeps popping up time and time again. Because of this issue, I don’t get notified for when my periods start. At first, it was a brilliant app for me, but now it’s starting to not be so good anymore. I’m having to delete this app from my phone and move to get another app as this is becoming extremely annoying. I like to know 5 days ahead cause mine can be heavy when they first start. I was so happy to use this app for 5 years now, but as soon as the new updates roll out, technical issues appear more often. I’m sorry for those who might want this app, but don’t go off it based on this review and another review. Try for yourself first cause this just could be my account/s or the app on my end itself. Please fix this major issue for the future updates!.Version: 8.9.2

Latest Update HORRIBLEI have been a lover of the Flo app for years now (nearly a decade!) and I’m really VERY disappointed in the latest app update. Flo used to be a straightforward, simple way to track my health. Now it’s GO TO PREMIUM, ads, banners, DID YOU SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM??? bizarre articles, chats I guess??, 87% off premium!!, every time I open it, multiple times. It’s frustrating to suddenly be unable to see basic information due to all the clutter. I’m now asking myself how I could possibly migrate this much data into a more straightforward, simplified, calmer app. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, on my period, I don’t want to be harassed. I don’t want to be confused. I don’t want to be sold. Even the idea of an ongoing subscription instead of a single-time purchase feels like a low-key way to continually ratchet the price & pull more money from me. Apparently I have to pay an even bigger price for my female health. When states are working to ban things like the pink tax, this feels like bad form. I’d even be willing to pay a single purchase price *IF* Flo promised that classic, simplified interface… even if I hate the idea on principal. I understand the need to support the developers. But here’s an idea—maybe your app didn’t need all of the bells & whistles you thought were necessary. MAYBE simple, aesthetic information was your sweet spot. I suspect the new business model isn’t geared for that. Total shame..Version: 9.15.3

ClutteredI can’t open the app without it trying to direct me to a personalisation quiz, or a bot chat room with “fun facts about periods”, or an article about sexual health, or unsolicited advice about my exercise/hygiene/dietary habits, or random mythbuster facts about generic biological functions like goosebumps, or... And for the love of god, I’ve turned off every notification except “your period is due”, and STILL multiple pop-ups a day chirping about my hormone levels, and new deals on the app, and whatever else this thing thinks I need shoved in my face. Look, I just want to mark the day I woke up in a pool of blood, maybe log a few symptoms, and check the graph to see how this compares to last month. Get out of my face. Please. Every time I check in there’s more useless add-ons to wade through before I can get to the basic core functions I want to use..Version: 7.6

Not what is used to beFlo used to be the best period tracking app out there. Now it’s all behind paywalls, there’s ads, and is full of useless information. Don’t waste your time and try out a different tracking app..Version: 9.28.0

Used to be good, now it’s a choreI used to swear by this app. I’ve been using it for at least about 5 years. It used to be super straightforward and quick to quickly log your daily symptoms. Now, because of the paid feature, it constantly pops up with the prompt to pay for the subscription. I understand the need to make money but the amount that this pop up comes up is so annoying and ridiculous and I end up avoiding opening the app because it’s so long to have to close the pop-ups each time just to log a few symptoms for a few days. Is there a way to turn off this pop up? Or reduce the number that it comes up? Without the obnoxious amount it pops up, it’s a really great app but it really ruins the experience because it takes about 3 clicks before the pop-up comes up in your face again. I don’t want to pay, I don’t know why I have to state it again and again for the app to keep offering me. Is there not a “not interested” button?.Version: 9.26.0

User since 2016This app started as a period tracking helper, then it became an guide to being a woman, but all it’s turned into is a scam. This app has truly taught me so much and has been easier to use with each update since I started to track my cycle in late 2016. It’s with a heavy heart to rate it so low but I’ll tell you why. All of the help I get from the app has slowly, one by one, been made to be a Premium-only feature in the last few years. I am down to only using this for my estimated cycle days again, when this app used to be so so much more at its prime. It made me understand what was going on and helped me feel comforted with why I felt the ways I did. Now it is another money sucking app. I can’t switch to another because this one has 6 years of my cycles and it will take forever for another app to get my algorithm right- if ever. I’m glad I did get to use this app while it was so new and have seen it go through so many updates. I got to use it when it was literally just a calendar lol (I feel old), but now it is literally just a calendar again (unless I want to pay). Sad..Version: 9.13.0

Used to be goodI’ve been using this app for yearssss. There’s SO many pop ups and annoying stuff now it just drives me nuts. I just wanna log my per!od like please. And the emails and constant notifications about the premium thing. Just ask me once and accept my answer jeez. I’m just gonna find a new app cause I don’t have the patience..Version: 9.25

Prediction is offThis app isn’t like any other app, it helps a lot! Whatever you’re unsure of Flo has the answers. I’ve used it for about 2 years and other apps aren’t as helpful as Flo. There’s only one thing about Flo I don’t like and that it’s always getting the prediction of my period wrong. It would always say one day late and then two days late. I’m not even sure if I’m able to fix this but it really frustrated me, and worried me. Sometimes my period would skip a month and that REALLY stressed me out. But apparently it was only because of stress. That one little issue with the app is that stressful but regardless it’s a really helpful app. There are articles you can read to help you understand your body and what happens as you get older. I would only wish for the app to fix that issue..Version: 4.35.2

A vessel for marketingI have had this app for 6 years in total (initially for 2yrs and then downloaded again for 4yrs until now) When I started using Flo it was amazing, I could easily track my cycle and add/remove as much information as I wanted. It was detailed but not over complicated, and the free version was more than adequate for basic tracking. Since the app has been developed and updated the free version has become nothing but a vessel for advertising and pop ups. Every time I open the app, I am bombarded with ‘insights’ and ‘chats’ (which are a horrible way to convey automated information) and daily requests to ‘update to premium’. If I have said no once, why am I being constantly asked to update over and over? I have tried the premium version and as others have said, it’s no longer useful or evidence based articles, it’s just user comments on topics and magazine style articles of quite frankly, basic secondary school level information on the female body. The range and quality of content has reduced dramatically over the years (and it’s fair to say I’ve given the app a good test!). It would be great to see Flo bring back a free version of the app that is user friendly and not a sales assault. Women should have access to good quality and free period education and products (yes, that includes being able to track it and monitor your period health) without feeling constant pressure to buy something. At the moment, this app is not worth your money..Version: 9.5

Bye byeNearly five years and i’m tired of the bombardment of the subscription i can even access the app for the intended purpose with being annoyed, people in close proximity to me that use flo agree, im making the change now to a different app, thank you for serving me while you could.. until you got annoying and a bit greedy...Version: 9.32

SubscriptionsI’ve been using Flo for a while now and it’s a pretty good app and quite accurate, the one problem I have is the amount of stuff you can’t do without a subscription I get that the app needs to make money but I feel like there is so little that you can do for free, for example the chats with the health assistance, you get half way through and then they ask you to pay for a subscription which isn’t really an option for me, and the annoying thing is I would find those chats really useful if I didn’t have to pay, as well as the insight section, you can’t read any of the things in that section which is another thing I would find useful if I didn’t have to pay. I just find it very inconvenient because I have a lot of things I want to find out and most of the time they have a thing for that but I can’t read it without a subscription. Other than that I think it’s a pretty useful app I just wish they would expand what you can do without a subscription :/.Version: 8.4

Taken money for a subscription I didn’t sign up for!!The app is good for mostly everything, but I’ve been charged £29,49 for a subscription I did not sign up for! I’m fuming as I have money issues already and I’m low on money, the £29,49 I was charged for was money I NEEDED for a few plans I have, now I have to change my plans because I can’t afford to get the stuff I needed to sort out without that money. I’ve tried what I can to try getting my money back but nothing is helping, I want my money refunded back to me as I did not give my permission and if I did I would’ve knew, I don’t do subscriptions because of my money issues at the moment, so I avoid subscriptions on every app at all costs as I know I can’t afford subscriptions. I would never in a million years agree to a subscription that costs £29:49 that’s ridiculous honestly!!! And if there’s a number I could directly contact the Flo support team by, to discuss my issues personally with them then I would much prefer that. But I want this sorted and a refund as soon as possible..Version: 8.9.2

Great app till you had to pay for everythingI used to rely on this app to track ovulation and periods and analysis my symptoms throughout my whole cycle. I’ve been using this app since 2017 and it’s always been my favourite app but with all the features slowly being taken away and being paid subscription only it’s not as helpful as it used to be. There’s no point even logging symptoms because you have to pay for the insights. All you can see on the free version is period predictions which so many other apps offer with less ads anyway. They have slowly been increasing what you have to pay for for years and I understand why the app creators would charge for things but to slowly take it away from long term app users who rely on Flo to assist with medical conditions has sucked and I can’t even access my old data that’s entered in the app as I can’t afford to pay for the subscription..Version: 9.24.0

Based on my satisfaction I gave 1 star .I’ve used this app since i was in highschool , around when it was first developed .. I was actually soo excited ! Bc there was an app specifically for me , that informed me of the different things my body was going through during puberty nd , EVERYTHING was free .. I used this app to track my first pregnancy , everything was free ! Fast forward to my third pregnancy … everything is available for premium users only . I can’t even look at the second trimester warning signs , can’t view any information about baby , and I can’t view any information about the changes my body is going through without upgrading ..! As a woman I’m upset that we are continually seen as a marketing experience … Like , this should be free ! We already have to buy menstrual material and some of us have to buy more than most . Along with the cost of children , some of us are single parents… and even when there’s a 2 parent household , people are still barely getting by … I think this is honestly outrageous . Like , when does it end ? 😂 I’ll be deleting the app , and hopefully I find a better alternative , but probs not bc this is like the Midas of the tracking apps … smh … it was a vibe while it lasted flo ! But , I’m gonna have to let you go … the app is literally serving 0 purpose in my life other than telling me my baby has now reached the size of a mango ! Lols ..Version: 9.25

WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY???Frankly I used to love this app when I first got my period a few years ago it had helpful articles and insights that helped me learn all the things I was never taught in my inadequate public primary school. However, recently I've been having some problems with my cycle and I went on the app to see if it would have any suggestions and suddenly you had to pay for everything. The private chats and insights, the articles, the community chats everything you now have to pay for. There's a cost of living crisis, I'm 15 and I don't have a job so how do they expect me to pay? Do they not realise that this will badly impact poorer children who are less likely to have recieved the necessary education about their period and may need a helpful app like this when they first start it. Why don't they make it so only adults are forced to pay and first timers on their period say 11-15 year olds who likely cannot afford it can learn everything girls shouldn't have to pay for to learn. It's just another expense women have to incur just because they're women. Definitely looking for another app that maybe you can actually use..Version: 9.21.0

Great app but Super pushyI have been using Flo for over 5 years and it is great for tracking period and symptoms. I have PCOS and with irregular cycles it is really useful to know I have information on hand for appointments etc. I have tried the pro version during a trial period but didn’t use the content or additional features so I am back on the free version. And IT IS SO PUSHY! I can’t open the app or make a single action without being asked to upgrade. I have made a decision to not upgrade during the trial period and being asked repeatedly after every single action and input is so disruptive. There are so many dark patterns with these purchase modals too; with hidden close buttons and long-winded opt out journeys. It is just not necessary for a period tracking app to be so aggressive in its subscription pushing. I am slowly moving over to the native iOS health app to track my period as it offers the same. The Flo app used to feel like a safe space for me to log my period easily and privately but now feels like if I click the wrong button I will be signed up to a payment I don’t want to make - It feels sneaky and disingenuous..Version: 9.33

Good with clear issuesThis is a good tracking app, however some issues affecting usability. Main issues I have are: 1. app takes a long time to start up, with a very non discreet and bright opening page . Not really something I want to open at work and wait to start up. 2. Reminders aren’t very good. I find them very difficult to figure out. It doesn’t automatically start up again for the next cycle, and you miss reminders, turning reminders on is confusing. I think I have turned it on but nothing appears. I end up creating another one, and sometimes I get double the reminders. Not very clear how to use these. If you can please fix this, that would make me want to rely on the app, right now, don’t find it altogether reliable..Version: 4.19

Good but...It is totally awesome how you can know when I could have my period just in case I forget, and the emotion things and stuff are pretty cool too (no other app that I know has that) but... I’m 11... so yeah... I can’t track my own! I only help my 13 year old cousin with setting it up because she got her period not long ago(she got it about 2 and a half months before her 13th birthday and when she could, she downloaded the app for all the other stuff that isn’t on other apps...because before that she had one that makes age not matter). And most of the 5-6th graders at my school have their period too. And also some 4th grades and 1-5 3rd graders! I really want this app and to rate it 5 stars but I can’t because I’m “too young”. Even if when I’m 13 and I do get this app... I won’t change the rating unless I KNOW younger people can track their periods. Please fix this, Sincerely, this random girl who put too many words into a review....Version: 4.29.1

Why new versionWhy can't I changed the layout of my symptoms anymore? And I can't track my temperature anymore! Bring that back, I just paid for pro and now I need to look into other apps..Version: 9.27.0

Sick of pop ups.I’ve used this app since I was 19, at first I loved it due to its accuracy and accessibility, I still like it for the accuracy and how easy it is to access your past data like cycle lengths, and the calendar which shows your ovulation and period days with different colours is really helpful, however, recently I’ve become increasingly annoyed with the incessant pop ups asking me to spend a large amount of money on the premium version which I don’t want or need every time I open the app. I would switch to a different app if Flo didn’t have years worth of data already on it, which I like to have so I can see how my cycle lengths and symptoms may have changed over the years. I got this app simply so I could track my cycle and log symptoms, I’m sick of having to click through so many pop ups just to get to my info, I wish there was a way to turn them off for good..Version: 9.39

Good appSolid app, reliable 100% But y’all can you chill with the pop ups, I just wanna see if I’m being moody cuz I’m hungry or if it’s pms, or plan my vacations around my period lol I don’t need a bunch of stuff popping off in my face, I just wanna use the app, not have a information pop up that I can’t click out of.Version: 9.26.0

On the nose about all the wrong thingsI used Flo a few years back and it was really good just as a very simply period tracker. I downloaded it again about middle of last year and paid for premium as I started having issues with my cycle and contraceptive, and very quickly I started noticing the notifications were very bang on, even though I hadn’t even been tracking for two months. Then when I had a conversation with my doctor and progesterone was briefly mentioned, I had a notification shortly after mentioning progesterone levels. Another example was when I woke up one morning and had a terrible nights sleep, which was due to discontinuing a mediation, I mentioned it to my Dad and sure enough had a notification very quickly saying something along the lines of ‘Bad nights sleep? Here’s why’. And sure enough the pattern continued, even after I stopped using the app because of it. I’m sure it’s a very thorough and well-thought out app but the possibility of it making predictions and suggesting articles based on conversations I had had relating to something completely other than my period, was concerning enough to unsubscribe… $70 later..Version: 9.43.1

Great for periods but not for inclusivityThis app (even just the free stuff) is an awesome period tracker: it predicts when your period will arrive with high accuracy, it gives you personalised data about your cycle length, ovulation, etc., it gives you advice on dealing with period symptoms, and you can chat with other people about a whole range of topics. However, it’s not inclusive of transmasculine people - which I guess is understandable given it’s designed for women. Still, I’d at least like to be able to change my name and display my pronouns to other users (eg in chats, in my bio, and/or on my user page for others to see). I’d also like to see more content for us trans guys in the future, eg binding advice, the effects of HRT/testosterone, etc..Version: 9.15.1

Developer won’t cancel subscriptionDuring trial period, I tried to cancel my subscription before I incurred any cost as I didn’t find the app suitable for my needs. I couldn’t find it under my usual subscription location to be able to cancel, so I emailed the developer who explained to me that I must not have an active subscription and that I won’t be charged once the trial period ends. Today I noticed I have been charged the premium fee, despite attempting to have the subscription cancelled. Again, I have emailed the developer who has given me a long list of things to try (which I tried the first time) in order to cancel it again! This is really poor on your behalf, there should be a simplified “opt out” not making customers jump through hoops and be charged unnecessarily even after they’ve contacted you asking for it to be cancelled!! I’m still awaiting a response and refund!! If I could give you zero stars, I would..Version: 8.1

Negative connotationsThe basis of this app are great, and there are no issues with functionality. There is great access to several resources and features even in free version. I find it very disappointing though that so many of the symptoms and moods you can log carry negative connotations. There are 9 negative emotions to choose from, compared to 2 positive ones. This sets a precedent of periods being negative and heavy things women* have to deal with. True, no one really has a good time during or the few days leading up, but getting notifications like “you’ll probably have a headache today” or “you might feel bloated” is honestly not helping. Many women feel strong, energetic or sexy during other phases of their cycle, which should be equally highlighted as when we’re feeling less so. Why not add things in such as “hey you might feel strong today, try get a PB in whatever you’re doing” or ‘energetic’ ‘confident’ to the mood choices. Let’s lift women* up. *Women or people that menstruate.Version: 9.24.0

Not helpful to meFirst of all, I’m gay- so the consistent need to tell me i might be pregnant and continually ask me if I may be pregnant is extremely unhelpful and annoying. I wish there was an option to eliminate any questions or feedback around pregnancy. Second, I have PCOS. With irregular, extremely unpredictable periods it’s not helpful to be quizzed every time my periods late and have the flo assistant continually ask me what my usual cycle is- I don’t have a regular cycle and can’t pinpoint a close guess as I have between 2 and 10 periods a year. The only use for this app for me is to use it as a calendar to track my periods for health care providers. I can do that on any app that has a calendar. I think this app has great potential and if you have a regular period and are concerned about pregnancy I’m sure it’s great. I just get very little use from it..Version: 9.14

Disappointed with changesThis will be the first review I ever wrote on the App Store! As part of the free version, you could see when upcoming periods were predicted, which were super accurate for me. Now, this has been moved into the paid for plan, which makes the app useless. I can track my periods with pen and paper, other apps, which have the same function as the free version of this app. I’m upset that it’s changed to be this way, and you’ve decided to capitalise off this brilliant feature (that set you apart from other period apps). I think it’s lame to sell out like this. I’ve been using this app since I was in my teens, and will no longer be using it until the period predications move back to the free version. No one in the world should have to pay/have profit made off anything that could help them when it comes to a very painful and recurring experience that you have no control over. Well I did have control over it, but now it’s been taken away and I have to pay to see when my periods are coming. Shame for you Flo! I used to recommend you to everyone and will be revoking this asap..Version: 9.1

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