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Helpful..butI have used Flo for about 3/4 years now and it really is quite on predicting my period which has been super helpful! however in the past you used to be able to read even just a small section of their “help” part with your symptoms etc but since this year you cannot read absolutely ANYTHING on there without paying for a subscription which in all honesty i think it ridiculous, especially considering the information isn’t coming from an actual doctor or health care professional yet they want you to pay £30 plus for a years subscription. i downloaded this app because it was free and helpful but now i practically never use it only to see when i will be on, where as before i was on it daily looking for support and help, disappointed with how its changed and seems to be, like every other app, hungry for money..Version: 9.25

Definitely the best period app.After I got my first period I used the same app for years to track it. It never predicted my period right. For the longest time I just figured I was super irregular as many girls are when they start there period, but eventually I realized It said I was consistently late by approximately the same number of days every cycle. I just dealt with it for awhile. When I finally decided to check for a better period tracking app I found Flo. This app is SO MUCH BETTER!! It usually predicts my period pretty accurately, sometimes spot on. When my cycle shifts it always makes adjustments and often becomes more accurate. I also love that it doesn’t mark your period late until A certain number of days after your cycle was supposed to start (I think 5, which is the “official” number of days that make a period considered late. It doesn’t just mark it late when your period doesn’t start the day it was predicted to. I was especially impressed when I missed a period after my wisdom tooth surgery and when I logged my next period the predictions continued to be accurate immediately after. It seems like the developers did a great job on the actual software as well as put lots of thought, research, and expertise into it. It’s a great app!!.Version: 4.59

Great insights and accurate predictions!I’ve been using Flo for about 2yrs now and I love it. It’s easy to use all its features and cycle predictions change according to how regular, or not, each individual is. I would prefer if it learnt what kinds of ‘insights’ the user doesn’t want to read about, as I don’t enjoy scrolling through stuff that isn’t relevant to me: it has a ‘Hide insight’ function, but to do this repeatedly for similar topics is tedious. In addition, it doesn’t work very well on the Apple Watch if you haven’t already opened the app on the phone, so for example when you don’t have your phone with you when you pop to the loo and want to log a period on the watch, it will only show it as being the last date that the app was opened rather than the actual date. Makes me wonder if the watch app is of any use, so I rarely open it!.Version: 4.71

Great until recentlyHave used the app for a few years and have loved it. I’ve just decided to make the switch to a different highly rated period app after contemplating it for a fair while. The main reason is that features on Flo are constantly being restricted to premium members. I believe top notch features could be a paid subscription model but not sure why this is the case when earlier versions of the app had almost everything for free. If you don’t mind a very simple app for free, or paying for the details - get the app, or at least consider it near the top of your choices I don’t like the increasing content restrictions. It feels like profit is the priority now, not open information. I’m sure a large number of the target audience are young, somewhat vulnerable and unsure of the things they experience during menstruation. They’re also probably a group who has less access to money for the app. Sexual liberation is also becoming a focus for the app, but it feels like this is a marketing ploy to gain more paid subscribers as it’s not free for the masses..Version: 6.4

Some suggestionsFirst let me say I really like the app and the period predictions have been pretty accurate, or at least they were! i’ve been having a lot of stress and my cycle has been all messed up so it’s not the app’s fault. however, I do have a suggestion: there are options in the symptoms menu under “other”. u can mark travel, stress, disease/injury, and alcohol intake. all of these can affect your cycle. my proposal is to add an option that’s “on new medication”. it would be helpful if you could come up with a MEDICALLY ACCURATE list of possible interaction these medications might have in reference to menstrual cycles. i’ve recently been on a new journey trying to find some medication that works, and I’m pretty sure it effects my cycle, but my doctor is a man when I asked about it he didn’t know. I know a solution could be to get a new doctor but you don’t know how slim the pickings are around me! another idea: maybe y’all can collaborate with costar or the pattern and have a fun section where u can read your horoscope. definitely make it optional but i can see a huge market for this! could be kind of fun!.Version: 8.9.2

Chat roomsI don’t know about other age groups but in the 13-17 group there’s a LOT of girls requesting a chat room or something similar for sharing our problems, rather than having to scroll all the way back down through the insights to find one with comments. If any of you developers actually read the comments, you’ll notice how many of them begin with “off topic, but...” To me this really indicates the need for an improved feature on sharing our thoughts and issues. Suggestions: - chat room as an added feature - being able to “favourite” some of the insights so that we don’t have to scroll down - notifications for when someone has replied to our comment - more insights that encourage Flo users to comment on a diverse range of topics (in order to mitigate the “off topic, but...”).Version: 4.5.0

Great app but I’m confusedI’ve had flo for a few years now and I really like it! It’s great for me as I have very irregular periods and it really helps me to stay on track and learn more about my periods. I am slightly confused though because a couple months ago, I got a pop up on the app that told me since I have been a loyal premium member for a number of years, my premium subscription will now be free forever. But I still keep getting pop ups telling me that I need to renew my subscription? I’m very confused as I was paying $27 a year but then told it was going to be free and now the app is telling me I have to pay $25 every 6 months?? What is going on? I live in New Zealand so the amount I pay could differ to others..Version: 9.43.1

So Good!I had no hope for this app, just thought it was be one of those crappy apps. But this is super reliable, gives you everything you need to put down and more things like that. I only had a little bit of information on my cycle and it’s literally so accurate already which I DID NOT expect at all ( that’s why I had no hope for it ). But it’s just SO GOOD, simple and easy to function for the younger people like me out there. The only thing is, when you are logging in your daily symptoms or period symptoms there isn’t an option for aching. A lot of people I know get aching in their back AND in other areas in your body that just take over your body and eventually your body is aching so bad. For me, my main period symptom is this horrible aching in my thighs to my feet and I have no option to log it in. So I was just wondering if you guys could add in a feature to make that an option to log down :) Thank you for making my period regular!!! I seriously recommend it! <3.Version: 4.47

Best Menstruation app on the marketI’d recommend this app to any menstruating female. It is an app that has many helpful features such as mood trackers and of course a period diary. It always has the ability to send notifications along with anonymous chat and many useful insights. If you're looking for a period app with mood and symptoms and how heavy your period is and how it differs this is the best one on the market right now. (But tbh I think another feature like tracking your diet and more detailed visuals and smarter assistance when logging period symptoms dates and things like that, even though that may be highly ambitious. I think the mood tracker should mirror in app purchased apps daylio as that app is great for checking your mood but important features are not free of charge, so I think if flo would allow you to log your emotions and have features such as daylio would save me alot of money. Also if it could tell me if what I’m eating would have an affect of my period or pregnancy or whatever rather than just my water intake, maybe a what did you eat tab or something I don’t really know what I’m requesting for. Also automatic sleep tracker another request/suggestion from in app purchasable apps). Overall my opinion of the app is that it is great and very very useful..Version: 4.9.0

Best menstruation app on the App Store!I love this app so much, it has so much help and information surrounding periods, and really helped giving me some peace of mind, considering I am a teenager experiencing irregular periods. Thanks to this It was hard to keep track of them, and I often got worried, concerning if there was a medical reason to why i was late. But with flo, I don’t have that problem. With their countless articles, a period tracker and an accurate test, I can now keep all my symptoms, dates, medical history and issues, all on one app! There hasn’t been any payment issues for me, from what I can tell so far either, but other reviews suggest there is, so definitely keep an eye on that one. Overall, I really recommend this app, definitely one of the best things to have if you’re a woman who gets periods. Thank you flo! ✨💖.Version: 9.15.4

Best one on the marketReally great app, helps you track your period with various different added extras, like; you can add mood, if you have had craving or cramps etc etc. It also helps you if you are struggling with just generally being a teenage girl, gives you advice on bras, if you have normal flow, what products are best for you. If you want you can log in personal details like weight, height and the amount of water you drink, this will mean that Flo will advise you to drink more or less. Also for added privacy you can have a passcode, which I think is really great, just incase my brother steals my phone! If anything could be improved, I would say to add a chat room, for people who are struggling to ask the community, so that they don’t feel alone. Overall, I think this is the best FREE app out there for period tracking.( you can also have ovulation tracking or pregnancy tracking, but I’m not planning to get pregnant, so I don’t use it).Version: 4.4.0

Absolutely amazing ❤️I’m only 13 and I’ve only had roughy 6 periods, at first I downloaded clue but I didn’t like it so I explored my other options and I stumbled upon Flo. The whole design of the app is very dainty and pretty and is well disguised. This is extremely accurate and it can predict if my period is on a different date than normal. For example, I started out being around roughly the 25th and it predicted it would shift to the 17th and it did, it later predicted that it would shift to the 8th and it did. At the start you fill in your age and every time you upload data it analyses it and gives you insights on your changing body and helps you stay well informed on not just your period but the whole topic of puberty and sti’s. it is well informed not only on physical but mental health as well. Would highly recommend to anyone ❤️.Version: 4.2.1

_Wonderful! SUGGESTION-PLEASE READFlo is such a simple and effective app to use, it has everything a girl/woman needs to keep track of her period, ovulation, pregnancy and everything in between. The health insights are an absolutely fantastic idea! To make this app even better, I have a suggestion that I think every person who uses this app would enjoy. In the discussion insights, there are many users who talk about their want for a section just for discussions. The idea is that for there to be another feature, in which everybody can anonymously post their stories, questions and thoughts and feelings, any be able to give and receive advice (especially in the psychological sense). I believe this will make Flo even better, and I speak for everyone. Please take this idea into consideration! Keep up the good work!.Version: 4.3.1

Features to addThe app is great and helpful but I feel like a feature that should be added is energy levels or something similar to that, plus with the stress it should allow you to select an option as to why (work, school, personal life, no reason etc.) and more emotions to choose from such as agitated and depressed also in the exercise section walking should be put there as another option other than that everything seems perfect! Other feature that should be added is instead of just having days have times during the days as for example I find I lot of the time my period sort stops or I won’t bleed during the night but will during the day and a lot of the time I’ll start my period very late in the afternoon making the amount of days the app says I have slightly inaccurate.Version: 4.8.5

ExcellentI’ve been using Flo for a couple of years to help track my periods as I’ve never been regular. This app is better than any other tracking app in my opinion because it send you reminders if you’re late on, and gives you personalised insights based on your cycle and symptoms. Not only that but I am currently 13 weeks pregnant, and a feature I was originally unaware of is pregnancy mode. This means the app switches from tracking your cycle to tracking your pregnancy, it allows you to track your symptoms such as morning sickness, tells you which symptoms are likely in the week ahead, gives you information on your baby’s growth and development based on how many weeks you are. It even gives you a size comparison of a fruit! My pregnancy was unexpected so the information available on an app I already have installed was really helpful and eased my anxiety until I could see a midwife. Overall this is a great app that I’ve been using for around 4 years now!.Version: 9.36

I like this appFlo is really useful, I’ve been tracking my periods on it for 4 years now (the app just told me it was our anniversary today, glad she remembered cause I didn’t haha). It been a great way to see approximately when my period is coming and easily log my symptoms to see where patterns arise. There’s also good educational content (less so if you don’t have Flo premium) and a nice little anonymous discussion section suited to your place in life, which is great to read every now and then. The only nitpick I have is that I don’t really like the Flo premium avatars. It doesn’t affect the usefulness of the app at all, but it would be nice to be able to pick the animal separately from the accessory - I want to be a frog but I don’t want a gold chain 😅.Version: 8.12.1

Mostly good & helpful, but too much monetizationI love this app for tracking my period. As many other people said and I agree, the app is pretty accurate when predicting period start dates, ovulation dates, etc. It has been super helpful for me to track my period on this app because I can recognize consistent and non consistent patterns in my period. Whenever there are changes with my period, the app calculates that in and new predictions are still just as accurate. However, the only problem with this app is the constant push for the “premium subscription.” I get that many apps have that and it’s a part of making money, and I have no problem with the features that are specifically for premium members only. I personally am fine with just the core period tracking aspect of the app and that’s it. But everyday it offers the premium subscription when I open the app which can be annoying. I also hate getting a notification on my phone telling me “you may have tender breasts today, see why.” Especially since I’ve never had that symptom. But they push that notification to push an article that is for premium subscribers only. Other than the annoying monetization techniques they use, the app is really good and it has been super helpful to me..Version: 8.3

I love it but to improve...I love the app because its so helpful, informative and easy to use to help track your health. It also suggests articles about your body (such as acne) to improve your overall health and wellbeing. If you want to go the extra mile, you can take courses to provide a more in-depth solution to any problems you may be experiencing by answering questions to make the courses personalised to your advantage. However to improve the app, if some courses and other resources are made free or are more affordable (especially since younger teen girls may be using the app) then I think the app would benefit and be enjoyed more by its wide and diverse audience. I also think if this is changed, Flow could benefit significantly by attracting more users as the app is one of, if not the best app for providing information about health and wellbeing for girls and women..Version: 4.41

Just Everything!!I have been on a contraceptive pill for as long as I can remember (i’m 29 years old now and started the pill early teens) and recently in the last 3-4 months came off the pill for various reasons. My friend recommend this app to me as she found it helped her understand her cycle from month to month. I didn’t understand how much I needed this app until I started using it. For someone that took a pill and rarely had periods, no issues with skin, coming off the pill was quite stressful for me as a log of things changed. This app has helped me understand my cycle more than any google article could. I now have hormonal acne but know when it’s coming and thanks to numerous articles on this app explaining everything in great detail, i now know supplements to take and ways to prevent the acne, to the point it is no where near as bad as it was when i first came off the pill. I love the comments section and hearing everyone else’s stories, it’s great to know you’re not alone :) Download it and give it a try for yourself. Have a laugh in the comments section as there are some great stories from real life people! I honestly couldn’t recommend this app enough and have been telling all my friends about it (most of them already have it!) thank you for making such an amazing app, for us women that have to deal with our fabulous monthly cycle! xx.Version: 8.0

LOVE but read before downloading.This is an amazing app, on the first day of high school I bleed through my jeans and said never again, and decided to get a tracking app so that I could better see when that day would come, and this app helped TREMENDOUSLY. I love it, it’s pretty accurate, it gives you a lot of cool information and ideas when it comes to your own body and what’s happening to us during this time period. And often, little chats will pop up where the robot will “talk” to you and tell you more about what’s going on with YOUR body. And I feel like this app is very personal and that’s why I love it. With that being said, I don’t pay for premium and I don’t think I ever will but I can see that paying for premium has a lot of benefits! Like better tips, articles you can read, all kinds of things. And I also think the app does ask me to upgrade a lot but a simple click of the X button and it’s gone, no big deal to me. Long story short, great app, recommend getting, especially if you’re going to pay for premium, but I can see myself shopping around for a different, better tracker soon..Version: 9.6

Long time user feedbackI’ve used this app for years but I’ve not enjoyed it as much recently because of all the pop ups. Sometimes I just want to quickly go in and log my period without having 2 pops ups every time. I’d also like to see a pain scale put in for us endometriosis people. Is it possible to turn the assistant off too?.Version: 8.7.1

Awsome, but I have a requestSo this app is awsome! I love it, but I do have a request. So I’m a trans guy (ftm) and I still have my period, so I was just wondering if there could be a secret chat for trans guys? I just think it would be nice to talk to others about this? Anyway great app!🖤.Version: 5.5

Great appI love flo! very productive, check on the app almost everyday to see when my next period is! i’m not sure if it’s efficient though because i did put it when i started and finished my period from the last month but the next month i could start days before what the app had said i started. i hope you understand what i mean, sometimes it can’t be 100% efficient also with the pregnancy’s and stuff because i’m young and i’ve definitely know i’m not pregnant or going to be, anytime soon. besides that, i still continue to use it because it’s better than using a regular calendar and counting up the days because my days are very random so i don’t blame the app for not getting the right days. Love the app! Would recommend!.Version: 5.3

Great app with a minor-but annoying-issueI’ve been using Flo for years to track my period cycles, and I’ve subscribed to Flo premium for two or three years. Thanks to the fertile/ovulation predictions on the calendar, I got pregnant the second month of trying. I switched the app to pregnancy mode. The app turns into one of the best pregnancy apps I use. BUT there’s one problem that’s pretty annoying. I went to my first ultrasound toward the end of what I thought was my 8th week of pregnancy, and the OB estimated that I was really almost a week ahead of what Flo predicted (based on my last period and average cycle length). I tried to change how far along I really was on the app, but it wouldn’t let me! There’s an option to change how far I was, but it would let me select an option that was ahead of the app prediction. I even tried to change the due date in hopes of changing the week I am in, but that didn’t work either. This is annoying because the “daily insights” aren’t synced up with my biological timeline, so I don’t have much use for the app anymore. I cancelled my premium subscription and I’ll be using a couple other pregnancy tracking apps that have let me change my progression time..Version: 8.12.1

Age restrictionI really like this app but I do have one complain. So I’m over 18 right? But I got on my period at 10, and so many people get on their period younger than that, so I really don’t get the age restriction being over 12, yes they’re young, but young people are actually the people who are the one who need period trackers the most, it’s really not a big deal but I don’t know, I just really don’t get the age restriction for periods when it just depends the person. We shouldn’t block period trackers for younger people who probably are probably the one who are having problem with period tracking the most..Version: 9.31

Great but needs improvementI’ve used this app for around 2 years now. It is very clever and does adapt to my cycle which changes ever so slightly, here and there. I’ve taken off one star for two reasons: because it’s not adaptable for UK English - I don’t understand some of the terms used, especially in the articles which I do enjoy reading. There is a lot of good advice but it doesn’t work for us in the UK. Is it possible to get a different version with health related articles for UK users? The other reason is there isn’t a migraine function - I suffer from hormone related migraines so it’s vital I know what is a headache and what is a migraine. I write in the notes section when it’s a headache or a migraine. I don’t wish it use another health app to track my migraines as they are completely connected to my hormones. While I’m here, I don’t enjoy the community section - people seem to use it while desperate and worried, but it’s not a suitable place to receive advice. Most comments get ignored and I find it frustrating to read. If I had a genuine health problem I wouldn’t use an app to get advice..Version: 4.34

2+ Year User and still Loving it !I have been using this app for awhile now and have been very dedicated to tracking my body's cycle. With this app I avoided pregnancy successfully for 2 years without hormonal birth control by working around my fertility rhythm using the information Flo provided. The longer you use it, the more accurate it it becomes. I think it is essential to track our menstruation. Apps like these can be life changing for women; Reproductive knowledge is empowerment for women. I always enjoy the updates and community sections. Tried other period trackers but I always just come back to Flo because I enjoy the aesthetically pleasing interface and ease of use. This is an app that gets better with time. Only until recently have I desired more; after giving birth I'm breastfeeding of course, and that can often cause you to go a while without a period. I wish there was a way to log this information as I await to have my cycle again, in a similar manner to flipping a switch for the pregnancy mode. When you look at past data, pregnancy shows up as yellow days in your year calendar. Just a thought. Could continue to aid in accurate predictions if this info was considered..Version: 4.40

Helpful but filter commentsI have been using this app for well over a year now and it is the best app for its purpose I’ve ever used. HOWEVER the “secret chats” section is completely toxic. There are group forums you can join based on your interests and a few chucked in for discussion. There are group chats such as “what symptoms did you notice during early pregnancy?” In order to help other women who feel they may have the same symptoms. But during my time scrolling through this I did not see one comment about any symptoms. Every single comment is from a woman about being pregnant. Congratulations, that’s amazing news, but think of the woman who’s been trying for 10 years to have a baby, desperately trying to know the signs, only to be greeted with announcement after announcement? It’s a great app, but these comments need to be monitored, it’s beginning to get out of hand and affect people’s mental health..Version: 4.58

Belle application mais..La Fonction graphique n’est pas suffisante.. il n’y a rien pour visualiser sa température, etc..Version: 4.10.4

FlawlessAbsolutely amazing I’m a teenager so want to know when I’m due etc so I can plan my social life etc with when I’m on or not as I live by the sea and my friends want to swim 24/7 and I hate tampons. So far this app has been 100% accurate and I’ve had it for about 6 months and it gives me super great knowledge about what’s going on in my body and why sometimes I’m moody etc, with little quizzes it becomes really personalised to you and can give you advice even on boys ! I love that there is a password optional feature as some of my friends go on my phone and I don’t want them to know when I’m on or not always. I cannot recommend this app enough I honestly don’t know what this app doesn’t have with wanting to know what’s going on with you, also it says for people who want to get pregnant how fertile they are so could be really helpful for those who want to know. I ADORE THIS APPPPP.Version: 4.8.5

Love this app.So I paid $2 for another app cuz it said it could tell me what phase of my cycle I was in and also send updates to my husband when I was in a new phase and give him heads up for ideas to support me, which is so awesome in theory, but the app is pretty dry, I don’t like the layout, and the insights about the phases weren’t as helpful as I would have liked. AND I could only track certain symptoms at certain times of the month, which is just plain stupid. So I came back to this free app because I like the design and the tracking features because I have random symptoms all month that I will never remember and need to reference at appts. That said, the ideas behind that other app are great. I would love to have insights about each of the phases and the opportunity to sign my husband up for emails that help him understand my cycle as it happens, too. I would even pay for that. (Not a lot, lol don’t gouge me.) I never understood much about my period and lady bits until I was older, so this has been very helpful overall. And it is usually pretty accurate at estimating dates (within a few days), even though my period can be really wonky and frequently comes early..Version: 4.17.0

Informative each weekI am enjoying the flo app as it very informative for each week of pregnancy and what to expect. All information has been accurate relating to my pregnancy and I feel more connected with my pregnancy journey having the knowledge..Version: 9.26.0

Great if your a typical womanI’m not, I have pcos, my cycle won’t go months and months at a time or will go for months, I haven’t got Fallopian tubes due to cyst ruptured and I’m not sexually active. For the past couple years I’ve been using this app. Last year I upgraded and got the flo premium version. I didn’t benefit at all from the premium version because the chats and secret insights etc don’t fit with me at all. I purely use this app just for tracking and logging symptoms for my drs. If you’re a normal healthy woman then great you will absolutely benefit from premium but otherwise nope just stick with standard. I think this is a great essential app for all woman but doesn’t cater for anyone other than average.Version: 9.11.0

💖🌸AMAZING🌸💖I’m 13 and I’ve had my period for ages now and so far I haven’t found much apps that are really good. But I saw Flo come up on my Snapchat and I downloaded it, I wasn’t expecting too much as every other app I have tried was horrible. But I love flo! It’s amazing! There are heaps of surveys on there to help you! Of course they are optional. But I absolutely love this app. This app tracks your ovulation, and helps you if your sexually active, and it has a pregnancy tracker in case your planning on getting pregnant or if you are pregnant. You can either have this mode “on” or “off”, of course mine is off but this app is just amazing! I definitely recommend you to this app and I have recommended it to my friends too. There are in store purchases but I’m not sure what they are I’ve never bought anything, it’s completely free. And it’s amazing. I wouldn’t recommend any fix ups, it’s just great..Version: 4.9.5

Almost PerfectI love this app, and all the options it allows. Especially the symptoms it allows you to add day by day, it really helps me figure out my cycle and how my body is responding to my life. The app is relatively easy to use, and pretty customizable. The two main things that I wish to see updated in this app, is the option for the app to tell you how many days late you are. Currently if you are late, instead of reflecting that, it just keeps pushing your "expected period" date to the next day. I have been trying to find a way to see if i'm missing a setting to add this feature but so far no luck. I really like that feature on other apps so hopefully Flo adds it. And number two and perhaps the most important, I wish it allowed you to add a PREVIOUS pregnancy. It allows you to go through add previous periods so it can give you an accurate cycle length/prediction, however no options to add previous pregnancies which I think would prove very helpful to the app being able to predict future periods/pregnancies. Also I would like to have the option to add a personal picture instead of just the avatar but it's not really that big of a deal. All in all I love this app and highly recommend it!.Version: 4.67

So expensiveI love Flo, I really do. When I first got it a couple years back, there were so many insights and other features I could utilise on the free version that helped me a lot, but over time it’s become less and less. I wish I had the money to spend on a premium subscription but I simply don’t :( I really hope it doesn’t keep continuing like this. Otherwise I love the app, it’s very easy to use and very helpful too, even with an irregular cycle it’s pretty on par 😌.Version: 8.1

Amazing but needs a touch.Don't get me wrong, Flo is amazing and you'll never use another app after you download this but it could use a few touches. The one idea I have isn't really important but if you want to have more fun with the app you should also have the choice of using your own photo for a background picture. Doing this would make it a little more fun along with being able to choose the color of the circles or bubbles. Also, it would be cool if people could make their own articles for everyone to read but make a separate column you can click on, incase viewers don't want to read other people's. And lastly, the articles usually talk about tampons. Not everyone wears them including me. It would be great if you could tell everyone how they work and if it hurts. I personally am really sensitive about "down there" and it would be great to know what it's like. Or even talk more about pads. Right now I read things I can on the internet and see how to insert them and everything. But I rly think sticking something up there is really nasty. Again just my opinion. But overall this game is really good. If it was just a little more fun and fit for everyone I would be giving it 5 stars. But hopefully something I said can come true. To Whom Ever It Regards, - Unknown☺️.Version: 3.6.0

Best period tracker but please stop asking me if i'm pregnantFlo is a great period tracker - as someone who has irregular and strange periods it's nice to have an app that lets me input symptoms and gives me notifications when my period should be around (also very useful if i go to the doctor about my period as i have months worth of data in a very easily accessible app) I appreciate that a great deal of Flo users are trying to get pregnant, or are in relationships with someone who can get them pregnant - but a lot of us aren't. My partner's a trans man and having my feed constantly full of messages saying i should take a pregnancy test, and talking about early pregnancy symptoms, when there's not a chance i could possibly be pregnant (unless he's some kind of medical marvel) feels a little tone-deaf and redundant? i'm sure there are plenty of people who feel the same way :) maybe just having a section within the app to say if you have a long-term partner, are they able to get someone pregnant, etc - then the pregnancy insights could just not show up if thats the case?.Version: 9.47

Whats the big deal?Honestly i dont really care if facebook knows when im having my period. I dont care if everyone knows im on my period, in fact i would like them too know. So people need to stop freaking out over the fact that our data is going to facebook. This is a great app over all.Version: 4.28.0

Initially great but starting to feel a little let downWhen I first downloaded the app it was great, and the tracking part remains so. I do not pay for the subscription for various reasons but I found I had enough info on the app to be satisfied with the free version. However I’ve noticed that with the last few updates, the content you receive is less and less to the point where all you can do is track your period/pregnancy. There’s barely any point to tracking symptoms anymore as every article is available to subscription users only, where previously you could get something and then get more info if you subscribe. Now I understand some will say ‘just pay for it’ or ‘what do you expect for free’ which I get, but it’s frustrating when the app initially offered more for free and has been reducing content which I personally think is poor taste. I understand that they are a business, and it’s in their interest to make money, but this just feels like they are using this to force people into paying. If you’re happy not to receive insights in the free version then it’s perfect and still does an excellent job at tracking. If you’re irregular like me, within a few months of tracking, the app will almost have it down to the day perfectly..Version: 4.70

Essential!I have been using this app for 2 years, and can’t imagine life without it! I don’t like birth control, but I also don’t want to be pregnant anytime soon. Tracking my cycle is a part of my “contraceptive” method, so this app had become an essential part of my life. It’s easy to use, and the information it has provided me is priceless. I’d like to thank the developers for making this app ❤️ It is a saving grace for women, in a world where female reproductive health issues are often ignored by GPs. The medical references, and reminders that while helpful, it is not a diagnostic tool, go to show just how much thought went into making this app..Version: 9.32

Great but could use a little extraGreat app Would love the option to say if we’ve been diagnosed with a condition like endo/pcos etc This app is great and I mean great, I decided to come off hormonal contraception after having my IUD out and the mini pill was causing havoc with my body, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my early 20s (after 11 years of fighting drs) and my periods have always been awful and I’ve been on contraception for most of my teenage and adult life, this caused all sorts of problems and also some serious mental health problems around my period, This app has been amazing for tracking everything I’ve been using it for around 6 months now it helped me to visualise my time of the month better as I would spiral whenever I came on and notice the patterns (2/3 bleeds a month was my average) the info on the app is great the symptom logging and the health assistant, I haven’t used secret chats yet The only thing I would love is if it gave us something to put down that we’ve been diagnosed with a condition like endo/pcos/fibroids etc and gave us an option for symptoms that are related to that or we could make our own symptoms to log at the click of a button Other than that it’s great my predictions are a bit all over the place but then again my periods have been as well.Version: 9.25

Great but...I’m 13 I have had my period for about 3 years. now and I was just scrolling through the App Store looking for a good period tracker because all of my ones tell me over a period of 10 days I could have my period within that time frame but the never actually tell me the date it’s due but I saw this and thought it looked decent so I downloaded it and all I gotta say is I love this app you can get accurate predictions and you can leave anonymous comments on chats but I don’t like how you have to pay for premium I feel like you shouldn’t have to pay to learn about your body and there are a lot of things you can read to find out what to do in embarrassing situations but you have to pay for them those could’ve saved me in a lot of situations but I’m not paying for something we have the right to learn about for free I would’ve given this app 5 stars if i didn’t have to pay for most things.Version: 5.6

Amazing but please add this update!Hello, I have been using Flo for about 6 or 7 months now and so far it has been really accurate and very informative to young girls like my self, I have learnt so much not just about periods but about general health and what normal and what’s not. One of my favourite features of the app is how you can share experiences, stories and information anonymously. This may sound weird and TMI but in the days leading up to my period I tend to urinate a lot and I have asked some of my girl friends and even my mum about it and they have also said they have realised it too. I think that excessive urination should be added as a symptom option, I really think it could help women like me. Thanks,.Version: 4.57

Thank you Flo!I had received 3 positive pregnancy tests, so I was certain I was pregnant. Did my ultrasound and found out I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I saw my gestational sack but no yolk sack yet. I cried and was so worried because the lady had said she couldn’t see a pregnancy, prior to seeing the gest sack. I had been anxious from the minute I left to the moment I woke up in the morning the next day. I downloaded this app and maybe about 6-7 other pregnancy apps and honesty I have loved every second of reading on Flo. Helped me calm my anxiety of my mild cramps, helps me keep track of my symptoms and the tracking of my baby development! Absolutely get if you’re an anxious mama like me, will help relieve your stresses and I hope for a successful pregnancy for you! May God be with you 🙏.Version: 9.28.0

Best app for tracking, haven’t found one like it for free yetI don’t think I’ve really ever left a review on the App Store, but I want to with Flo. I’ve used Flo since I started having periods 3.5 years ago. They offer great deals if you want their premium feature (it doesn’t have that much different things from the regular feature) and the app has a great base structure. It’s easy to use and has insights and tips everyday. There’s also the AI assistant. It’s been sooooo accurate with their predictions, like when it says it’s my day to start and I don’t it already logs it as late/possible day without me logging it. I just think that’s considerate because I can be a lazy person sometimes. I do, however wish that they could possibly put in a birth control feature other than the pill and the morning after, and possibly make predictions around that according to what day you got what you did. They also make sure to say they don’t sell your personal data and information. “Your body. Your data.” And that you can delete your data at any time. Good on you, Flo! I don’t think I’ll need another app!.Version: 9.1

Good app but don’t like all the pop upsI pay for this app and I find it really good and useful for tracking my cycle and symptoms. Some of the graphs and summaries are useful to be able to access to. I wish I could download everything I’ve logged to a sheet or pdf. The main thing that annoys me though are all the automatic prompts and pop ups asking me questions when I’ve opened the app just to look at my calendar and see what cycle day I’m on. They get in the way of what I’m trying to do and makes for a frustrating user experience. And the ‘chat’ function isn’t very useful either because it’s all pre-set phrases etc. I never feel I gain much insight into my cycle and I wish there was a way to turn them, and the prompts off completely. Secret chats are alright but I still can’t work out how to ask my own question… and whether that’s even possible..Version: 9.24.0

Great app but..I really enjoy using Flo and reading through articles which gives me a better understanding of my body but I am extremely disappointed now that there is a premium feature. We all should be entitled to read information and receive personal data but now we all need to pay for that. I feel there is no need to pay for certain features such as reading articles as you can so easily go onto the internet to find these things out. Everything used to be free and it was helpful but now we need to pay for information about our own cycles. I have had Flo for a few years now and the change has left me disappointed. I love the app but the premium feature doesn’t help..Version: 4.20

Love!Have been using Flo for a couple of years to track my period and track my pregnancy when I was pregnant with my little one; it is definitely worth paying for premium. I love it. I find scheduling my workouts around my period is a game changer but I would love if the app could tell me what phase of my period I am in..Version: 9.17

Great insights and features!I’ve had this app for a few months now and I absolutely love it! It’s easy to use, has great features for logging symptoms and tracking your menstrual cycle! But the best part of the app are the personalised recommendations! I only have the free version of the app, but I am still given a few custom articles and tips every day that are tailored to fit my symptoms and needs. I rely on this app every day now to search my symptoms or to read about women’s health and educate myself on something new! The app interface is easy to use and you can set a custom background and themes to make it even more personalised! Seriously cannot recommend this app enough!.Version: 4.65

Good, but bugsI really like this app! It helped me track my cycles and ovulation when I was trying to get pregnant, and then was super easy to swap over when I was finally pregnant! And the pregnancy side of things have been so good!!! I love opening it every day to find my new tips and advice for the day. It also helps me track my water, which I love. But, the new updates it has gone through have been sort of weird. It always prompts me to input my weight to track it, but that feature is gone! There is nowhere for me to input my weight anymore. Also, the chat feature is gone! I liked the “chat” at the beginning of every week even though you can only respond with pre written responses, it was very informative and useful. One week of pregnancy was incorrect (said I was week 8 even though I moved on to week 9) and it didn’t work because it knew something was wrong, and now I haven’t seen it since. Lastly, I loved all the of “stories” that it gave me during first trimester. A week to talk about exercise, a week for nutrition, a week for working while pregnant, etc. but as soon as second trimester hit, there’s nothing! I really looked forward to reading it everyday, but now there’s just a lack of information. I begin to wonder what I’m getting by paying “premium” because it sort of stopped all of the major things it was helping me with. But I loved it, so I’m mostly writing this review to let the creators know what they need to fix and bring back!!.Version: 9.26.0

Good app but one problemThe app is super useful and functions well overall but i would just like to say that not all people how have periods/who can get pregnant are women !! maybe there can be an option to change it, because in the very beginning i noticed that it said chosen by 150M+ women which could be changed to something along the lines of “people who menstruate” or something. just a suggestion :).Version: 7.4

Currently On a Free TrialI’ve had Flo in the past and loved it. I didn’t have a phone for a year so I just recently got the app again and noticed a lot of changes, including that some features are only available through a payment. The payment is only around 14$ for the entire year. I don’t think that’s so bad but if it’s out of budget I understand. The features on the free trial are pretty awesome so far, it’s like having access to a gynecologist because the information you give about your period has so much feedback. It’s really surprising what the app tracks and the amount of feedback you get about symptoms, tips / tools, workout ideas, food recommendations, yoga, meditation, and self- assurance. I wanted to take the time to write a review because I was really hesitant to redownload the app with the reviews talking about payments but I’m glad I did and it appreciating the free trial so far. If you’re unsure try the 1 month free trial and see how you like it. Bonus for the awesome private community conversations that are available to everyone, so that you’re able to anonymously speak with other women/ girls on the app and freely ask questions or help respond to others. It’s just really awesome. I appreciate the app.Version: 5.1

Love this appI actually love this app. I rarely buy apps or subscriptions to anything. I, like many others, really think long and hard before downloading an app and especially if I have to pay for it. I originally downloaded the app for ovulation tracking while trying to get pregnant. I found the tracking and inputting of info to be really easy. It took a few months to get enough info for an accurate reading, but the app mentioned this was necessary several times so I understood it took time. I’m also a healthcare professional so I have an understanding of how the body works. I also really liked the interactive health assistant feature. I found it to be really informative and liked clicking on the related articles to learn more. I love how all the articles are written or reviewed by licensed OBGYNs. The info/education is vetted by actual experts as opposed to info you get from just googling. Overall it’s really eased anxiety around the ovulation and conceiving process. It can be a stressful process, especially when things do go as planned. The educational info is really what keeps me coming back. Would highly recommend..Version: 8.7.1

EhI like this app, it’s good for tracking period and ovulation, it’s very accurate. I actually got pregnant (after 3 years of trying with no luck) by tracking my ovulation through this app, and my doctor even said my due date was on point and everything, BUT I don’t think premium is worth the price, it’s not MUCH different than the free version and tbh it’s kind of unaffordable. Healthcare is already unaffordable as it is, but now this app is making it hard for all moms but especially young moms who just want access to information but are now having to pay outrageous prices for an app. I’m not saying it should be free because I understand that nothing is free, but I think they should have a more affordable option, and maybe even a student plan for moms in school. My premium plan didn’t give me very much more information than what I get from the What To Expect app, and that one is free and also offers more personalized information based on the gender of your baby. Overall I like the free version of this app and really appreciate that it helped me get pregnant, but I don’t like the price of the premium plan..Version: 7.6

Good depending on your cycleI found this good for general tracking and being able to see patterns however as soon as my husband and I started trying to conceive i realised the ovulation prediction was wrong. I have a cycle that moves around up to 5 days, although it is not classed as irregular it’s hard for Flo to predict ovulation. Due to my personal circumstances (hard to track O) i started charting my basal temp - and subscribed to natural cycles. In Natural cycles you can plot the temps, and through that it was easy to find that i ovulated on the 20th day, not 14th. Flo is great if you like to track all yr PMS symptoms, log as much info as much as possible. You can add yr temp in Flo, but natural cycles generates a chart. This saved me some $$ on OP sticks. It’s always down to personal preference. If Flo generated a basal temp chart i’d give it 5 stars..Version: 4.47

Easy to use and full of infoI really enjoy this app because it provides a lot of information about pregnancy, conception and motherhood. What i would like is am option to add photos for OPK tests to see the progression of the strips. That would be so helpful. I also think what would top this app would bu having the basal thermal charts to view. I have to use another app to view this. I think seeing the chart would benefit most woman to understand the changes. Please can this be added! Many thanks.Version: 5.8

Great App - But could be more personalised.First of all I have to say… I love this app! I’m new to Flo but have found it to be really informative & easy to use. I log my symptoms daily and always find myself reading up on their information to understand why I may be having these symptoms. One thing I have noticed is that you can’t log any health conditions in this app which may interfere with your symptoms/cycle. I suffer with IBD (Crohn’s Disease), so often log nausea & fatigue. It would be really useful if I could log this in my profile in the app, so when I’m chatting with the Flo app looking into my symptoms it could ask if my symptoms are likely due to my health condition rather than suggesting booking an appointment with a doctor (as I already know why my symptoms are occurring). Though it would be quite a big task to update in the app, I think it could really help IBD sufferers like myself and potentially raise awareness of the affects these diseases have with our cycles. Not only IBD, but many other health conditions have a huge impact on our monthly cycles. Perhaps Flo could sync up with my Medical ID with Apple? Other than that - Flo is amazing. I love the chat forums and the accuracy of my predictions. I also like how common questions are answered when you log your symptoms, so my questions are answered before I head into a spiral !! Thank you Flo!.Version: 9.48.0

Love this but pls take noteI love this app and it is very helpful although it does have some features that I don’t like or would like to improve. Please can you add more options in the daily log, like different feelings, types of medication/vitamins, more types of exercise, any unusual bodily functions, things you ate today, how your skin/hair is etc would be amazing!!!! Also can you please bring back the chat room things where we talk about subjects and offer advice? I loved those and I know that so many other girls did too. Or even can you make a general chat room for girls to talk about anything? That is a request I’ve seen a number of times and I know that Flo users would adore that feature. I definitely support the whole don’t be afraid to talk about your period thing and the videos with famous women about periods are awesome but I reckon the Flo users liked it better when you just had the daily advice and chat rooms. Love the advice too! But can you broaden your advice page to how to deal with relationships and stuff? Thank you so much!!!! I love Flo so much and I only want to see it improve so if you can improve any of these things above that would be amazing! xx.Version: 4.3.0

Great but lacking something important!I love the app for tracking my body and understanding my cycle, something I’ll pass on my my daughters when they are older. Wish we had this when I was younger! I’m disappointed that ‘walking’ isn’t an exercise option though, as I walk heaps, but can never track this easily. It’s a big disappointment. Apart from that, the app is awesome and easy to use!.Version: 4.22

Almost perfectI love almost everything about this app, but there are a few certain features that it lacks so I actually have to use it combined with another app. Ovulation test results should also cater for the digital kind, so that you can log low, high and peak fertility- and then the app should adjust the predications accordingly. And on that note- when logging a peak (or positive for the non digital) ovulation test, basal temperatures should still be taken into consideration with the predictions as OPK can show peak but ovulation can still be 12-36 hours away. I love that I can see the cycle days on the calendar, and my predicted period/ovulation days- makes it easy to look ahead when making plans. I do also wish that when logging a miscarriage, that the app would discount all of those days instead of showing as a super long cycle which just throws out all of the other calculations..Version: 4.8.0

Highly recommend appI started off looking for a app that can track my period. I was new to it and I downloaded a few different apps to see what was a good one. In the end flo stood out the most to me. Even though you have to pay for premium and you won’t get some different things. I don’t pay for premium and the app still does a bloody good job. At first i was a bit hesitant as you get those apps that you have to pay for premium to get the goodness out of the app. But what i found out with flo you still get the best of the app without paying. Also even if you don’t go on the app and you have your period it still knows when i am on it and not. I don’t know if it’s because i have a apple watch and its been working much better having it on as its checks your heart rate ect. I also like the app cause it gives you answers to questions that I’m too scared to tell to people. Its really helpful for bits I’m unsure with as well. Overall I rate this app 5/5 because it is so AMAZING compared to other period apps.Version: 4.36.1

HelpfulExcellent.Version: 3.6.0

Great AppI’ve been using this app for a couple of months now and I find it absolutely great and quite accurate. I would love to see some more options for mood and physical activity as I do a lot of walking but that’s not an option. Also it would be great to see more detailed/ in depth options! Overall it’s a great app and really has helped with tracking my period.Version: 4.9.5

Absolutely love, but am a broke college student :/I’ve had this app for a few years now and can honestly say I love it. It’s helped me with so much, including with figuring out how my medications affected me, where before I was so confused with what was going on. Watching this app evolve has been so cool, and I used to have a subscription in the earlier days, which was super handy. I also just tried the free trial of the newest premium version, which is absolutely amazing, and provided me with so much information that I actually feel somewhat educated on my body and how it works. I am a newfound broke college student and am bummed I don’t have the funds to pay for it right now (which I believe is an essential part to keeping this app running, because though we should have the right to free access about the health of our own bodies, I know I can trust this app based on the knowledge that hundreds of hours of work have been put into this by real doctors, instead of finding less trustworthy and sometimes misleading information floating around the internet). I will continue to be loyal to this app and will also hopefully soon be able to take advantage of the healthcare advice again!.Version: 5.2

Great for tracking but not when you have an IUDI’m very irregular due to pcos and this app helps so much especially with drinking water and reminders. The only thing is that the only contraceptive option they have is the pill which is awesome to have reminders but it’s hard when you have an iud which makes your periods really light or non existent so it would be awesome to have an option in the settings to say what contraception you are on..Version: 8.1

It’s nice but...So I used this app for my period And it was great up until my period change and I came on a week early which was perfect for my weekend away because we were planning to get pregnant and my ovulation date was set for a specific day. Well I was on my period a day or two longer so I figured it would probably change my ovulation date. Well my trip was set to be at least about 2 to 3 weeks away and I kept checking the app to make sure and to see if my ovulation date was going to change well it didn’t change it stay the same and make sure that I refresh my app just in case and it stayed the same. Now the day I get to my destinations for my trip is my ovulation day that was on the app that’s what we were depending on. Three days later I go on the app to mark the fact that we made love and the ovulation date changed to the day before I arrived on my trip. Immediately I was upset because it seems as though we may have missed the ovulation day due to the fact that the app didn’t update until after my ovulation date that was set originally. So I deleted the app because of that. It’s very upsetting when you’re trying to get pregnant and your ovulation date just seems to change along with your fertile days changes I just think that that is something that they need to look into I no longer want to use this app..Version: 4.23

Excellent App overall!!“Flo” is a fantastic app that effectively caters to its overall purpose, record, predict and calculate the average in your own period cycle and ovulation. As a long-time user, and someone who has a fairly regular cycle, with no children or other medical conditions that could result in irregular periods, I’ve had nothing but a great experience with the app. As a busy woman who forgets when her cycle is coming up, Flo notifies you if your period is coming up soon, but this prediction feature works far better when you log in your period symptoms (bloating, flow level, acne, etc) lastly start and end dates. The user interface is simple and easy to follow when setting up your account plus navigating throughout the app is simple and seem less! Would highly recommend!.Version: 4.3.1

Amazing!I’ve used this app since the stillbirth of my second son in 2016. I never knew when I was due on so I wanted to log my periods as I didn’t want good old Mother Nature to keep “surprising” me! The recent updates over the last two years are amazing - for example: you can now get reminders to encourage you to drink water, take your medication, to tell you when you’re due on and to log your start and finish of your period. You can also log all of your symptoms, weight and other personal details. The fact the app is also secure (pin or Touch ID) is great because you know nobody could ever see your personal details. It’s also great if you’re trying to get pregnant as there’s a pregnancy mode which can help you track when you’re ovulating, or even if you are pregnant there’s countdowns and information about pregnancy and babies. There’s also a great new update with so much information from periods to day to day life, quizzes and surveys for you to do. I’ve tried roughly 10 other period apps and I can honestly say this is the best by far. I’d never change to another one. Keep up the good work creators!.Version: 4.5.0

Was loved & in loveI have been a flo member since 2020! I found flo when i was pregnant and i loved every bit about it. Since then i have used it to track my periods and it was absolutely great! The tools and information provided were so helpful for me & i learned so much! I noticed as time went on alot of the information that was once free for me i now needed to pay for in a subscription, which wasnt great only because I couldn’t financially afford it. I will still use flo but am seeking other options as most features require full access! I would highly recommend it to those wandering if they should buy a subscription, Do it! Thank you for this beautiful easy experience Flo! I felt you truly took care of me on my crazy journey. I will definitely be buying a subscription when/if i fall pregnant again..Version: 9.22.0

Love itI absolutely love this app and it helps so much and is very accurate. Usually I’m not exactly regular but a few days off from the last one and it still predicts it perfectly. Flo feels like a personal doctor because it knows me so well AND there is also a great community of people on it to support you. I love that it is anonymous and it talks about issues that need to be discussed and I feel so much better about myself cause everyone just brings me up and shows me I’m not the only person suffering with different things. The only thing that is bad is that if you post something later on you have to find that post again and look. I would rather if there was a section that told you if you got a reply. Other than that I think this app is great and I really recommend it..Version: 4.2.1

Amazing!I’ve used this app since the day I started my period back In 2015! It has helped me out more then you could believe. No more having to worry about your “surprise” every month because it lets you know when your gonna come on! Flo isn’t just for that though, you can put your period symptoms down for that day, and they tell you how you can prevent it or how to make it not as bad. Also flo lets you use Touch ID (for iPhone) or a password to get onto the app, just in case someone is on your phone. Flo also predicts ovulation dates and chances to get pregnant but I’m not trying to get pregnant so I do t use that. The only thing I think they could change is the age you have to be to make an account, you have to be 13 but I started me period when I was 12, not a major issue it’s just an opinion. Overall I think flo is fantastic and I definitely recommend!!!.Version: 4.11.0

Been using Flo 4 yearsIv been using Flo since 2018 and have absolutely loved the app. I have tracked absolutely every period and symptoms from day 1. It has literally everything I need to track my periods and tips and advice when things feel a lil different. They also have an amazing way to track pregnancy if you are trying for a baby. It is so easy to navigate and use. Thankyou Flo you have made the most reliable and trustworthy app I could ever use..Version: 9.1

Great app for first pregnancy need more options for pregnancy after loss!This app was great for my first pregnancy, the tracking and information was really helpful. Sadly we lost him at 30 weeks. It was obviously really hard to go into the app and say I am no longer pregnant. It then got even harder in my current pregnancy as it feels like all the information is aimed at people who haven’t suffered loss. It would be great if there was a rainbow pregnancy tracking option which focused on different things as this app now feels too positive and unrealistic to me. It was also really hard when I went to track this pregnancy when it asks how many children you have because that question is not cut and dry, and also triggering for someone who has had a stillborn baby. So more options for pregnancy after loss would be great!.Version: 9.22.0

Not AloneBefore, I would always keep the details of my sex life, menstrual cycle, and other feminine problems to myself. After Flo, I feel so much more secure and content with all of the aforementioned issues. The app is well-designed and visually pleasing, as well as easy to use and practical in those uses. Not only can you track your period with Flo, you can also access a community page to share stories, take surveys, and read articles. The period tracker itself is very accurate for me and is usually always on point. The period tracker also gives you the details on your ovulation cycle and such, which gives me a sense of security and preparedness. While I don’t use this feature of the app, there is also a pregnancy mode which can track your pregnancy’s phases and tell you about said phases. I’ve come to love the app and it quite honestly bests all of the other period tracker apps I’ve tried. Flo is great for any woman who loves planning and organization, or any girl looking for advice on her first experiences. The community is accepting and welcoming, and all shared stories are anonymous for those who want to vent. Overall, a wholesome app with a feel-good vibe. Definitely a keeper for me..Version: 4.34

Help my chat isn’t working!Ummm great app except the new update has made me unable to access the chat and health advice section... was one of the best things about the app and would appreciate a fix quickly please. It has been like this for a couple of weeks and says ‘oops, something went wrong’ and to try again later even though I have strong internet etc..Version: 4.57

I love the only reason I gave 4/5 is becauseI love it it really helps me out when I sought of know when to expect a period. I’m really impressed with the fact that my periods are irregular and some months I have some months I don’t and Flo was able to track and see when I might have my next one. Which really helps me out. The only problem I’m having is that some days my steps are on point and I know exactly how many I have done and some other days it really doesn’t work. Like today, I went on and it said I had only done 3400 steps however on my other app I had done 12,000 steps. Normally it’s really good with the measurements however somehow I think it got stuck in the middle of the day. Because it really wasn’t working for me. I tried everything to make it work and it’s just not working. But apart from that I really recommend this app..Version: 4.21

The layout? Is it a bug?Not sure if this was a update or a bug or something that happens if you’re not paying extra, the layout for the categories aren’t as shown in the preview for this app. They’re simply listed as a very long list which is a bit tedious to fill; for example: when I’m used to having the ‘taken my pill’ at the very top and now I’m having to scroll all the way to the bottom just to say I’ve taken it. I know it’s a small task but honestly it’s not what’s been advertised with the preview photos. I can only assume it’s a bug though as I don’t see how my app should look any different to how it previously did. Overall it’s a great app, I track my pill, period flow, daily moods and odd things that I didn’t realise would be really helpful to track. It’s simple and easy to use just not so quick for me right now..Version: 9.23.0

Great appI have been using this app for about 18 months now and I love it. It is almost entirely accurate with my cycle (usually im one or two days out but I think that’s just me), and it is great for logging symptoms and learning about your body. I recommend this app highly. The only thing I would like is a way to make the insights writing smaller as it has become very large in one of the recent updates, and a way to “add a symptom” of your own. I think that as all women are different, we should have a way to add your own personal symptom, mood, exercise or flow to the app, that can then be chosen again. I would find this especially helpful for things that happen to me at certain times in my cycle but arnt there to log..Version: 4.14.0

I live by my Flo TrackerMy Fav by Far and it really helps prepare me for upcoming Events and outings as well as having the graph I am able to clearly see the changes each month as I want to show my Doctor once I have enough information stored. Would love for example when Ive chosen angry or mood swings if there was option was it caused by work, partner etc because I use the note section alot to write what was the cause but it does not show on the graph. Also alot of questions are off Topic which is a great read and helpful I was wondering can there could be a colour option or Icon to be clicked for Off Topic comments so its easier to get to the gold mine of help and experience for that subject. Lastly its invaluable having other Women of the World to reach out to, THANK YOU DEVELOPERS for this App and making it Free 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷.Version: 4.1.4

Good, but having issues (now MORE issues?)UPDATED CORRECTION: My ovulation week (which happened weeks ago) jumped up an entire week too for. So now my period and ovulation dates are changing for seemingly no reason. This has never happened before. I understand the developer’s response, but I’m still not sure if you’re understanding the issue or if I’m failing to see something. Like I said, I’ve never had issues with this EVER, so why is every single thing changing. My period date. Changed over 6 times in the last few days, and so did my ovulation too. This makes no sense. I never had issues with this before, but this month, the day on when my period is going to start keeps changing. Every day it gets bumped up to the next day. First it said the 18, then 19, and now it’s up to the 21st. I don’t know if there’s an error occurring in the calendar or what, but it’s really annoying and confusing. I can’t tell what day is the correct day for my period to start, and now I’m worried everything else is wrong or the dates are offset (like for ovulation, as an example). Note: this has nothing to do with periods being late, as this is many days prior to when my period should even start..Version: 4.63

ImpressedI have been using Flo for almost a year now on the free version and loved it to track everything then recently I changed it to the premium just because I had the chance with the free trial and all and all I have to say is wow I’m actually impressed. The the daily guides, info packs and even your cycle summaries are so detailed. If this is the new flo I don’t think I’ll end up going to the free version it’s actually worth paying for now which I never thought I’d say. It’s very informative and the information is so valuable! The only change I’d make is I wish you could custom a few icons and add things like meals etc. or toilet movements but I mean other than that it’s great!.Version: 5.1.2

The #1 complaint you’ve hadIt really is sad that the premium feature is even necessary for this type of thing. I feel the best way to make money would be by maybe adding ads, or maybe people could buy a premium where it just customizes everything. One feature I feel should not be paid for, is the thing where you can talk to a professional about your health issues, or trying to find a specific article to read for a major problem you’ve been having, and to see how everyone else has dealt with it. As a woman and tons of other woman who use flo, feel like crap about this. Flo wasn’t just about tracking, it was about relating with all the anonymous people about basic woman problems that are to uncomfortable to talk about in real life. It really saddens me you have done this, especially when the “AI message” or whatever, says something along the lines of “your period is off” or “there could be medical problems, and then let that “AI” continue the conversation, and then wait until the end to tell you to buy premium. I just feel you have many ways around “keeping the basics free”, at least give some things back to us and make more things for people to buy, that are unrelated to something that should automatically be on your app to help women. I know it’s been two years of people saying this on the reviews so this probably won’t reach far, I’m just hoping in some way it’ll be better😕.Version: 9.37.0

Love it!This app is super useful for tracking periods, and has given me mostly accurate predictions so far! it’s been off by a day or two a couple times when i first started using it because it wasn’t adjusted to my cycle yet, but since then i haven’t had any issues. i love the insights where it gives info about my period and the different changes that come along with a period, and i especially love that you can comment anonymously on posts and get help from and give help to the community. by far, my favorite thing about the Flo app is that you can have it give you reminders to drink water, take meds, and weigh yourself if that is something that you’re concerned about! the reminders are super helpful for me as my meds are for adhd, so i need a reminder so i actually remember to take them lol! the only thing that i would adjust is that my water bottle has metric markings, but i live in america, so i have to convert the metric to ounces to track my water because the only way to use metric for water is to switch the entire app over to metric. this isn’t a huge deal because google is a pretty good converter but it’s just something that i’ve noticed. overall, this is a great app and i’ve recommended it to friends and family, and now i’m recommending it to you!.Version: 4.9.0

Information should not cost money.Five stars so this isn’t hidden, and because this app could truly be great if the developers stop being so greedy. I think this app is great in that it is very accurate and easy to use. However, I have a big problem that it has become a complete cash grab. Features that used to be completely free (I have had this app for years) are now blocked by a paywall. I think that is honestly a disgusting change because you are trying to profit off of people trying to understand their own health and bodies. Girls start getting their periods when they are still children, why on earth would you think it’s ethical to hide such important health information for them behind paywalls? I loved using this app to figure what is and isn’t normal with periods, sex, body changes, etc. but now you can’t do that without a pop up telling you that it’ll cost you. Not to mention the people who literally do not have money to spare. If you really cared about supporting the health of people with periods then you wouldn’t have turned this app into a cash grab. It’s just sad..Version: 9.22.0

Great, but needs bug fixesThis app is seriously a life saver! It’s predictions are incredibly accurate and I haven’t had an issue navigating the app whatsoever. I am able to use the free version and get everything I want from the app. It’s so useful! However, lately it hasn’t been logging my data. Even when using data or wifi, it is not saving any of my logged symptoms or periods. Recently I’ve been taking the pill for my endometriosis, and logging that seems to have thrown off the app, or maybe it’s just a bug, but my past 3 cycles were logged and recorded and were then deleted and the whole app has now reset my predictions. I don’t know when my periods occurred so I can’t edit or fix the mistake. It’s also saying my cycle on average is 15 days when my cycle is usually 23 days long. I don’t know what happened, but I updated it and it’s still bugging out. Thank you for taking the time to look at my review. Although I’m upset by the bug, it’s still the best period app available!.Version: 9.28.0

I use it everydayI just got this app yesterday and already love it. It’s so easy to use and very informative. Setting up your period (or pregnancy) might be a little confusing at first but once that’s done, you’re fine. I love how precise they try to be and get to know you with surveys (they’re optional). I also love how they give you all different articles to read about (romance, hygiene, body, clothing, exercise, etc.). You also get to chat anonymously with other women and girls - we really help each other out. I could write so much more but don’t want to take up too much time😂. I tried other apps and like this one the best - I would definitely recommend it!! I just finished my period so I don’t know how accurate this will be but based on my calendar at home, it’s right on track. This is the app to use! No app will be perfect, but this is the way to go - i can’t even say how much I love it (weird to be saying about a period app haha!) I’ll update my review once I’ve gotten my next period to see how accurate they are. One thing I don’t like is that they limit how many words/how long your comment can be which gets very annoying so if they can change that, it’d make the app even better..Version: 4.29.1

Pretty goodIt’s a great app, it lets you track your feelings, your weight, symptoms etc. Also, it’s quite accurate and it lets you log any day as your period if it does come unexpectedly. The only problem I have is when you add your age, you must be 13 or older to log your period. And it irritates me as I’m 11 and many girls my age and even younger get their period at such a young age. Anyways, overall this app is great for tracking your periods and cycle. Goodbye now..Version: 4.9.0

This app is ASTOUNDING!!I honestly don't even have the words for awesome this app is. You can tell that the thought, time, and effort put into developing this app was phenomenal!!! A place where women from all backgrounds can come together to talk about ANY AND EVERYTHING and you find out that you all can relate; and the best part is that they respect your privacy without making you feel insignificant! They have physician advice to read over as well as anything that can be going with u from sex, cycles, relationships, kids, pregnancy, just life in general! Im so attached to this app and it's something I can just lay in the bed and do..... This is a great way to relax and open up and just talk with no judgement...And its predictions are pretty much spot on as far as dates of cycles, ovulations, etc etc... It takes you step by step as far as everything and its geared specifically FOR YOU and your body for whatever you could be going thru. I had the basic free plan but I opted for the yearly plan because it's well worth the money! You all have done an amazing job and I just want to say thank you so much! This app is def MY favorite!.Version: 8.7.1

LoveI love this app I have tried many apps like this one and this app is by far the most accurate. The only thing I would change would add more details to the logs eg: severity of cramps. But that’s just a small detail I would definitely recommend getting the app to people looking to track their periods as this app is very accurate and easy to use. I also really like how you are able to lock the app with a password and use you fingerprint to get in..Version: 4.14.0

Great but there is always room to improveIt's beautiful and easy to personalise for what you are actually keeping track of. I enjoy the different insights but definitely when you are pregnant the most relevant one is the baby progress. It was a shame that when I had the first scan and corrected the gestational age from 10 to 8 weeks the insight didn't refresh so I got stock with "The size of an olive for 3 weeks". Hope that in this update they've added week by week baby progress for the entire pregnancy. (Other comments said they got nothing after week 20). I am worry about important medical issues being treated as discussions because thousands of women opinions does not necessarily is the right medical answer. Also, I wish you were explicit of which country the insights are from because timing for doctors appointments may vary and definitely options as terminating a pregnancy are not available in every country..Version: 4.6.6

Great app, annoying notificationsThe app itself is great and helps me track my period. However, I do wish there was a way to turn off the constant notifications.. I’ve changed my settings to turn off every notification type other than letting me know my period is coming, but still I am getting random tips. It’s quite frustrating. The app is great otherwise!.Version: 5.8.2

I LOVE THIS APPThank you so much for providing such a great app, it is amazing for tracking periods and learning more about women’s health. I love all the different things you can log during the day, I was wondering if possible you guys could eventually add a bowl movement/type option! Would be amazing for keeping track of digestive health <3 tysm.Version: 9.34

The best app out thereI have had flo since I started 3 years ago and it’s still just as good and only gets better with each update. This app is really good for teens as periods change dates all the time and flo is the only app I have found that has allowed me to log it when it’s started and unlike others suggests when it’s gonna start rather than just telling me and me being unable to change it or say no it’s not today. I’m 15 and I have a lot of questions about growing up and everything to do with it and flo has always had an answer to my questions when I first got it it didn’t have the community tab so I couldn’t ask people for help or advice but now I can and it’s even better as it’s anonymous I have recommended flo to so many of my friends and I will continue to do. I have no plans to stop using flo so thank you for creating such a good app for women and girls alike. I’m sure it will only get better as time goes on I look forward to new features brought in. 👏👏.Version: 4.53

Good app overallI’ve been using this app for over a year now, at first to track my cycle and for the last few months to track ovulation as we are TTC. I’d be lost without it for tracking ovulation because my memory is rubbish and also my cycle has been irregular. So for that I am thankful. However after a few unsuccessful months trying to conceive, and trying to maintain a positive mindset during those 2 weeks between trying and hoping that your period doesn’t come, every time I open the app in the few days before a new cycle is due to start, I’m greeted with the question “have you noticed any pre menstruation symptoms today?” Which just throws me off and makes me anxious. I wish that when you set your goals to track ovulation that they switch these little period questions off because I find it disheartening 😞 other than that it is a great app..Version: 5.8

Perfect for tracking but can be negative if things aren’t going to planI’ve used this app for a long time, with two goals one of tracking ovulation and the other to get pregnant. When I started using the get pregnant setting I thought it was great at predicting the timings to aid conception. However, once you’re past ovulation it assumes your pregnant and tells you each day what the development of the foetus would be. Which might be nice for some people and if you are pregnant then great! But for a lot of people it doesn’t happen straight away and I found when it came to getting that negative test after 10 days of ‘seeing how my baby is developing’ it really caused my mental health to decline and made me question my own personal health after just 2 months of trying (which is TOTALLY normal not to have conceived by then). I think this aspect should be an option to include if people want it not just start it straight away as it can cause some serious unnecessary stress..Version: 9.37.0

Excellent for all stages of lifeThis app is excellent for first time young adults right up to menopause for tracking your periods, ovulation and monthly symptoms and pregnancy. It is intuitive and changes with the more information you give it tho u may not notice at first. I only have the free version which is more than enough for me and well thought of to not add pressure to buy any extras so it still gives you the critical needs of the app all for free. I urge all women to download and enter this app daily and watch as your body tells you subtle signs of what’s to come. Thank you for this well made easy to use app! For years now It’s Helped me track my period and then ovulation and now pregnancy. The added private chat subjects weekly opening up the ease of conversations women just should have and all private so no stress discussing anything. And best of all... it works perfectly fine for free for critical information so your not held at ransom at all. Highly recommend for young women new to the world of their body and periods or those trying to conceive for tracking body symptoms that you may otherwise miss. Very detailed daily multiple choice entries of symptoms to help the app predict what your cycle is doing. So easy to use and links with health app for added benefits and info all in one place. The best app I have on my phone..Version: 5.4

New updateIt’s a great app, I’ve used for nearly 2 years. I also use it to keep track of natural planning and write in my Basal Body temp and it use to show me a Chart of my temperatures showing me when it was higher and lower through the month cycle, the new update has got rid of that chart and I’m quite disappointed, because it was so helpful. So please flo, can you bring that back into your app please. Thank you.Version: 9.27.0

LoveeeeeeeeI love this app and have been using since march 2017. Is great for tracking periods and ovulation days when my partner and I were trying to conceive. Currently 6 weeks pregnant woo! And can't help but notice that pregnancy mode doesn't have as many daily insights as normal period tracking mode? I use the "notes" a lot as I can't log all of my symptoms. Would be great to see a better variety of pregnancy symptoms and especially a option to log/track daily medications like folic acid and iodine - considering they are pretty vital during early stages. Just a little food for thought when looking at ways to update/improve. Other than that the app is great 😊.Version: 3.6.0

Best women’s appFlo is the best. It is not just a period tracker app. It’s got interactive features in there that’s customizable and caters to different needs. It’s highly accurate in my experience. Flo also has plenty of other articles etc on women’s health related issues. It’s amazing! It also helps me to know when I’m fertilized etc. it’s just great. I love it. I really do! Thank you Flo!.Version: 4.7.0

Great app but...I’ve found this app incredibly helpful for me and after using it for almost a year now it’s been very beneficial for a variety of reasons. However, one problem I have found is that when I first downloaded the app I was getting new and interesting health insights every time I logged my day. Now I’m lucky if I get one a week, it has made the app bland for me and what was once a tool to read about other people’s experiences, acquire information and help track my cycle. Has now become purely a way of me seeing where I am in my cycle..Version: 4.4.0

Room for improvementI have loved using Flo when tracking my ovulation & throughout my pregnancy. But once I went past my due date, there was no longer daily info / stories available for me which was a bit disappointing as so many mums go over their due date. Being overdue is mentally draining so it would be great to have daily info / stories that touch on things like that. I think this app is great though and been super informative throughout my pregnancy & when we were trying to conceive..Version: 8.9.2

Better than the others out thereI’ve been a user of a particular period tracking app for a while now and decided to have a change after that one wasn’t really working for me how I wanted it to. I came across Flo and I wish I had been using it way before now! I love how the app responds to your symptoms and changes your predictions according to what you are experiencing at certain points in your cycle (something that was clearly missing from the other app). I haven’t been using the app for long, so I can only assume that it will get better with time/more to work from. What is great about Flo is that it makes you want to use it on a day to day basis to keep the app as accurate as possible. The only suggestion I have to improve it would to have “custom settings” where you could add your own symptoms. I know that there is currently a notes screen but it is hard to keep a track on specific individual symptoms should you record them in this way (for example leg pain). This wouldn’t have to necessarily have an impact on cycle predictions, it would just be nice to keep a track on certain symptoms that aren’t currently listed. Anyways, this app is fab and I would highly recommend it to anyone!.Version: 4.0

AmazingHad this app for over two years now and its sooo great for tracking your cycle, most of the time it’s insanely in sync and predicts my period due date accurately!! Also really neat that you can see how many steps you’ve walked, as well as dabble in the community for some feminine tips! I’ve recommended this to two other girls who also swear by this app! Everything is all in one place and I highly recommend it!! ☺️.Version: 4.59

Best free app I’ve usedLove the lay out colours etc. and that you can adapt what info you want recorded and that it’s lets me know when I’m ovulating so I’m extra careful on that day but also there’s no unneeded info that doesn’t appeal to me like a few other apps. The notes part helps with recording any illnesses and the multiple reminders are useful if you start a new medication on top your normal daily ones. Glad you can remove the options of contraception which is helpful if like me you’re not on any but also not wanting to get pregnant. Like that it coincides with other apps like the health and life cycle app by recording sleep weight temperature and water intake just wish I could figure out if able to how to get it log my sleep automatically from the sleep app cos at the moment I have to log it manually once I wake up but that’s not an inconvenience really. Fav one so far and I’ve downloaded and tried to use loads before. It has Touch ID which is a nicer way of locking the app..Version: 4.3.1

Great app! Recommend, but may need a little touch upI have been using this app for the last 1-2 years and have recently in the last 11 months have gone on the contraceptive, the rod. This app has been really helpful to put in all my notes and symptoms about my cycle through the years. It is also very easy to use and be able to see all the information I’ve put in. Have recommend to my friends that they should use this app, many have. Just as some feedback, it does not allow me to put into my information that I have gone on the rod. I would recommend putting a feature in where people are able to put in other types of contraceptive and not just the pill, as the rod completely up ended my period cycle. I think it would be helpful for the app to at least know why I have a completely irregular cycle and that I am not pregnant..Version: 9.32

Super useful for trackingLove this app, although, I would like it if you could still see when you’re ovulating even with contraception reminders. With the pill if you miss one or are sick you’re more likely to get pregnant - and seeing as no contraception is 100% it would still be good to have your main ovulation day lit up on the calendar regardless of contraception reminders. Other than that, I love the reminder feature. Would like a little more options in pregnancy mode as well. None of the data input options change, despite that there’s heaps more stuff going on in pregnancy that can be logged (like morning sickness, spotting, carpel tunnel, restless legs etc). Had to download a different app during my recent pregnancy, which sucked because I prefer flo and don’t enjoy having a tonne of apps around..Version: 4.15.0

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