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Yubo : Make new friends for Positive User Reviews

ProblemI saw the reviews and loved what I saw. I gave the app a shot but didn’t get to see much of it. I looked at the verification option. Not something I need but thought might be nice since it looked easy enough. I went through the process using school ID since I didn’t have one of the others next to me. After sending in the request, it would be reviewed. Nice. But After exiting the app and coming back on probably an hour or so later, the app opened on the “verifying under review” screen and there was no way to exit. Even a day later after receiving a reply that my request was denied, the same screen was there. I even tried to delete the app and reinstall. Since I had high hopes for the app, and could see myself using it for awhile, I bought the 3 month plan subscription and I don’t want to make a second account because of that. There is no way to cancel the verifying process once started, and I haven’t been able to use the app in almost over 2-3 days. I sent in a second request but want to cancel it since it’s basically just a simplified version of what I’m writing rn instead of pics of the ID..Version: 4.8.13

Made so many friendsThis app is so cool, I’ve made so many new friends just in two days!!.Version: 3.51.4

Awesome appHelped me reach out to people like me from all over the world, I’ve made some great friends😊.Version: 3.51.3

Swipe needs a fixHey guys, great stuff with the new features on the app. However, there seems to be an issue with the “My country first” algorithm, as I only just made a fresh account and I’m constantly being shown people from my country well outside my even the maximum range, as well as people from other countries. Haven’t had this problem last time I used the app a week or so ago. Otherwise, good stuff!.Version: 3.25

Yubos bad sideIf I’m going to be honest while u was on this app it was good, had good times and made a few more friends along the way, got loads of followers, got a few people to follow my socials but when someone reports you for having a fake account, you have to verify. Due to certain complications I’m unable to do it correctly and they aren’t active in there website for help and therefore I deleted my account in attempts to make a new one and I have to verify there, so I’ve deleted all these people who I’ve met on there to be forgotten forever, yubo need to upgrade there customer service on there website.Version: 3.46.1

GoooodReal good to make friends and other type friends.Version: 3.47.4

Just becauseI want to start out by saying that this app is perfect for trying to find people to talk to when you’re bored. I have met so many amazing people around the whole world who I can genuinely call friends. If you’re getting this app for love, (I see you lonely teens😎), then it’s either hit or miss but right now I’d say it’s a hit. I’ve met an amazing person who I’m taking it relatively slow with but I just know that my time with her let it be short or long will be the best. She makes me feel excited to wake up in the morning knowing I have something to talk to, she has the same personality as me if not even more crazy and I love that about her. She is beautiful not only physically but in ways that I can’t even begin to explain. She has my heart I hope I have hers. Tho we may be miles and miles apart I know the wait is worth it. No relationship is easy especially if it’s long distance but when it’s with the right person then anything is possible. It’s all worth it for the day I can look at her face to face and tell her ......... we’ll leave that for when the day actually comes;).Version: 3.55.0

ThankyouThis app has helped me gain a lot of friends that will last forever.Version: 4.8.1

App reviewI mean it’s pretty alright if I’m gonna be honest. It’s a fun thing to do in spare time and it’s a good way to make new friends I guess..Version: 4.0.6

HonestyWhen i was creating an account I didn’t like the idea of this app and it felt very unsafe. It has been a month or so now and i’ve made so many new friends and i find this app is great entertainment (live streams). It is really cool just to talk to people as if you have known them forever. I have taken a look at the critical reviews and i think the app does a really great job avoiding these concerns of bullying and supervising livestreams!! You get mean people everywhere you go! I have been locked out my account for 5 days to verify which i have been struggling with but i have been been chatting with the yuboteam back and forth. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon!.Version: 3.53.2

Just what I needed!! Absolutely Amazing!! Download now!!So I downloaded this app because I felt lonely in my life and I needed a girlfriend so I make an account and I don’t want to fake my age so I would be allowed on it so when it asks for my date of birth I put in my true age and then it lets me proceed. By this time I already loved the app. I then found it really easy to use and there’s no complicated buttons or anything confusing it was just really easy to figure out how to use and then I found someone who lived in the UK and I thought it was a miracle but little did I know that nearly every person popped up was near me. I found loads of people who are my age, gay and accessible as in I could arrange plans for the next day and I could see them. It’s an absolutely great app and I would totally recommend downloading this if you need a friend or a little bit of romance!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!.Version: 3.27

It’s fun but I have an idea or two.I personally enjoy striking up conversation with all the people on the app (barring the creeps and bots and what-not, which there luckily aren’t too too many of). You get to meet plenty of interesting individuals, and you can even make buddies with some of them. You can even meet people from around the world. If your good at taking to people you’ll have fun here, no doubt. So my complaint is that why can’t I scroll to the rest of the tags on not only everyone else’s, but even my own bio (yes I’m aware you can view you tags in a menu but that’s not I’m talking about in the bio you and everyone else can see. You can’t scroll or expand it or view the entire list of tags or something of this nature)? C’mon I put those there for a reason! I wanna flex my diverse music taste, but no one can truest grasp the scope of its diverse magnitude because they can see but a fragment of my tags post-scribit my tasteful bio. And no it isn’t just my own expansive list of musicians and artist that are threatened to be known by only a fraction of their existence. I see many lists of tags be cut short by Yubo’s short coming. Whether it’s because the list itself was lengthy or the the bio was lengthy to cut short an already short list. Which seems somehow more tragic. TLDR; you should be able to scroll on the bio or something so everyone can see all the things the user meant for everyone to see. Sounds good?.Version: 3.54.2

AwesomeIt’s really, really cool that teens can make friends and stuff but maybe a video call option should be implemented?.Version: 3.25

YuboIt’s a really good app to meet different people and become friends with really sweet people..Version: 3.51.8

YuboThe gave me 1000 swipes, thank you yubo. The app is really enjoyable and you get to meet new ppl. Weather it’s in your area, country or even around the world. I have enjoyed talking to ppl and have enjoyed watching people’s lives.Version: 3.47.2

Age group ?I love this app , I met my first ex boyfriend on here . But I think when you’re choosing your age you should be able to choose 1 age : eg : I’m 15 so I would choose 16 not 16-17 . While a lot of people have written stuff about child pornography that’s their choice . It’s up to them to send nudes we can’t do anything about that . Anyways I just think it’s better to be able to choose 1 age and multiple if you would like . But I don’t ..Version: 2.65

Messages need to be fixedWhen people send me messages I can see them as notifications on my phone but when I go into the app to read the messages and reply etc it doesn’t show up and I have to shut off my phone and they still don’t show up and it’s quite embarrassing to ask again what they said. Other wise a great app I’ve met loads of friends and ex’s but it’s a great app and the people who talk about nudes on this app there is but it’s there choice I personally say no but this app is great just need to fix the app.Version: 2.96.1

Really frustratedHi yubo, this app was great but you have somehow managed to ruin it. Putting a 15 minute cooldown timer after like 20 or so swipes really ruins the whole experience. The option to share to your Snapchat story does not work when people open your link. Please go back to what it was before, this is dumb, nobody likes it..Version: 3.42.6

Needs to fix yotiEvery time I go to log in it ask me to verify with another app called yoti, which ask for your drivers license, past port and selfies of you and is completely not safe, I delete my account and make a new one but it doesn’t let me use it until I verify I’m not verifying with that doggy app.Version: 4.2.1

YuppersI’ve made a family in this app, I’m a father.Version: 4.8.17

❤️Exceptional app I meet my partner on this app and we have now been together A year and 3 months now.Version: 4.8.10

ReviewI really love this app have made heaps of new friends and its also i great way to get to know other people. Also i have made 15 new friends on this app..Version: 3.55.5

Ad watch? maybe. :)I really love the app, it’s a great way to connect with and find new people but i think that it’s way too hard to actually add people back once it’s from the swipe category unless you buy the swipes or send a link and get more than one person to open it at a time. I think a better way to do this for people to actually be able to add people who swipe on them would be you could add an option where you could put in ads for the user to watch to receive unlocks on the people who’ve swiped? i feel like it could be affective :) because sometimes people aren’t able to but the unlocks whether it’s because they don’t have the money or aren’t able to because of some kind of situation going on for them so if you added the ad watch feature to gain unlocks it might help a lot of people and be easier to add them back :).Version: 3.50.2

Great AppMade thousands of friends from my country and overseas, would recommend.Version: 4.5.1

100% get thisThis is great, you need to get it, I made so many freinds here!!!.Version: 4.8.15

Thx YuboI would just like to say thank you to Yubo as it helped find a really special girl that completes me. I got yubo as a joke and I never thought anything would come of it you know maybe see a cute girl once in a while and get her snapchat. But one day I saw this beautiful girl named Madison and swiped right on her which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She added me back and we instantly vibed she texted with all exclamation points it was so cute and I felt a connection so I asked her to ft which one also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So after FaceTiming almost evernight for like a month we built a really special bond. So we decided to hangout and see where things went. And the second I saw her at mini golf I knew she was the one and that she was really special. Ever since we have been hanging out and honestly I fell in love with her personality she is such an amazing person and never fails to put a smile on my face and she is so caring and cares about others and always makes me so happy. She’s also the cutest girl that I have ever seen and I wouldn’t trade her for anything I’m the luckiest person alive and I’m just so glad that Yubo brought us together thank you so much☺️.Version: 3.49.2

Great appYou can make new friends.Version: 4.3.3

Why I like itI like because you meet new people around the world 🌎.Version: 3.51.8

Good app10 out of 10 would recommend.Version: 3.47.2

Could add some details to make the yubo experience even better than it already isI know that yubo is an app to make friends, however some people do look for love or a relationship on this app. From having conversations with some of friends I noticed that they could enjoy the experience better if they possibly had a preference mode, if that made any sense. So what I had in mind was that, if you wanted to, you could fill out a questionnaire on what type of personality you are looking for in a person as well as their looks. This may help out some people that may want this choice..Version: 3.31

Fixing Security SettingsI have a lot of fun with this app considering the fact I enjoy meeting new people in which I did, but I’m frustrated with the fact that my account was security locked by the system or someone. Even if I create new accounts the only way I’ll be able to use the app is if I verify to Yoti. I understand they want keep people safe from scammers or fake users but quite frankly I don’t trust the verification system with showing your ID and it’s not an option I would like to follow to bypass the security ban. Yubo offers an option to change pictures and add new one’s but even then the ban will still be there, and from what I noticed, a lot of people tend to have this problem. I hope someone is able to help me out with not verifying my account and that I’m able to use the app again because it’s an app I actually really enjoy using..Version: 4.8.3

FriendsI have made 18 friends so far since i have been on this app.Version: 4.8.17

This app changed my life :)Just a little over a year ago my girlfriend at the time left me and I was feeling really low. I downloaded this app to make new friends and get back into the social world. There I met someone truly unique, we shared a lot of common interests and really got to know each other. They were only 30 miles away from me and I know you’re not supposed to meet strangers on social media but we’d been talking a few months and really wanted to meet….. that was over a year ago. Our anniversary is this Tuesday and it’s all thanks to this app. It changed my life because I met my not only girlfriend but my best friend. If used CORRECTLY this app could change tour life too☺️ thank you Yubo..Version: 4.4.2

It’s pretty goodI like it so far I just go one there when I’m bored to make friends.Version: 3.47.4

Has its issues but really enjoyableReally happy with the work thats gone into fixing the app, one minor issue that’s really annoying is when you leave a live it takes you all the way back up to the top, if it goes back to how it use to be (taking you back to where you was before you joined the live) it would mean you get to see more lives because its to much effort to scroll down, join a live leave it then scroll all the way back down to where you was to find new ones, repeating this is so tedious and annoying and it kinda ruins the flow of the app. But regardless great app with so much effort put into it by the yubo team so thank you all. Still has bugs but no way near as many or as bad as they have been in the past. fixing these bugs should be a priority.Version: 3.2.3

The in app purchases literally defeats the purpose of theAs the app is for people to connect with each other but due to the fact that we can’t see who added us and we have to shout-out the app to be able to unlock a number of people depending on how many open our link in our platform. Also power pack or whatever they are are stupidly high as we have to pay an subscription to be able to see who added us. Overall please yubo remove this pointless feature as it will hurt u in the long run. Thank you.Version: 3.47.5

AppYubo is an overall great app other than people bullying everyone 🤣 I honestly believe you guys need to remove the verification thing as it is so unnecessary to the app like honestly the amount of times my account has been blocked just for me to verify my account is unbelievable would never make an account ever again I wouldn’t recommend this to any new generation kids out there.Version: 3.40.2

YuboFar too many people trying to sell themselves. Spare yourself the temptation and consider doing something else to quell your loneliness. I know that’s what I’ll be doing..Version: 3.10.1

Nice app, cool to meet people, but...Decent app with nice features and it’s a safe way to meet people that are your age online. Only downside that is the most frustrating thing on my phone is the notifications for when people go live. I always get notifications for when someone I added or has added me goes live and it is the most annoying thing. My notifications fill up with only that and it takes up my whole screen and goes off so often that it interrupts everything that I’m doing on my phone and it angers me to no end. It’s a cool app and has been proven so far to be pretty safe and fun, but oh my god, make the notifications for people going live STOP. No one cares so much that they need to know every second when a person who friended them starts a live. It’s annoying and useless, so please change that and it’ll be a 5 star app from me because every other feature is fine and as I said before, it’s a pretty cool app..Version: 3.51.4

Yubo lockingHey so the thing about my account is that I have been verified I’ve also submitted a request to re-verify myself because my account was locked I’ve also requested for the third time now I’ve been a user for two years typically live most of the nights I’m up And I also can’t get a response from yubo when I email my issues this has been going on for longer than the 24 hour wait.. I’ve been rejected my request for the second time and this has never happened. This is an amazing app however I feel like yubo is taking too long. I’ve been told that there have been more verification requests in the past couple days but my friends account was locked AFTER mine and unlocked BEFORE mine. A response would be helpful from whoever. Email or anything that I can reach out to about the problems I’m facing. Appreciate it. Still getting my best rating although it’s been a while..Version: 4.5.0

Tinder vibesKind of feels like tinder for children. I know it has an age ranking, but unfortunately that age rank was put in a short time after people started downloading it, so just like platforms like tiktok, Instagram, Facebook. Etc. the majority of its holders are kids, and its not the safest environment to be on. A lot of it is about asking for nudes, and just people not being mature on the app. But of course I have to give it a 5 star, just for the fact that when you numbered it across with all the good things this app has, it really is a good download, I’ve made so many new friends and the majority people are usually really friendly!! Just keep your eye out and trust your gut when using this or any app!.Version: 3.54.4

Suggestion !!I’ve used this app for 3 years, made a lot of new friends and met heaps of people! I think it’d be pretty cool especially for people in the online gaming community if we could have an option to search people via their interests! if you can already do that I have no clue how but it’s something that could immensely improve the efficiency 🥰.Version: 4.6.5

ReviewThe app is great but the app could use some changes and updates such as showing each person age instead of us writing it for everyone to see and have the premium item be free because not everyone is willing to shell out money for the premium especially during a decline in the economy or people seeing their wages decrease due to something out of their control also allow to choice the background colour scheme to make the background stand out while using the app, finally have a day mode where everything is bright and have a drake mode where everything is at the right brightness while using the app at night.Version: 4.4.3

It’s a great app but..This app is really cool and I Love the Swipe to find friends feature. I would have given it this a five star rate but when I send my friends the Snapchat yubo link it doesn’t let me unlock the people who swiped to be friends with me, so I think that’s a little bug in the system to be fixed but other than that this app is really awesome.👍❤️.Version: 3.50.2

Seeing who adds youI can’t lie Everything ab this app is great you can meet new people do funny pickup lines but the annoying thing is how you have to pay or share the Yubo link to see who’s added you, and even when I do share the yubo link and people open it I still can’t see who swiped on me that’s why it’s not a 5 star please fix this.Version: 4.0.10

YUBO is meant to find a “friendship”I downloaded this app because my friend told me to, but later on deleted it because I found the ONE for me on here. It started by me setting up my profile with cute pics and funny videos. And then the swiping...I swiped left on TONS of people and only swiped right on those who I thought were “cute” or “boyfriend material”. Every now and then when someone would swiped right on me I would do the same to them and text them a quick “heyyy”. Of course they would never respond and I lost hope. But then this one guy replied and I said this sentence that just meant the world to him, “yeah let’s see where this “friendship” goes.” He instantly loved it because he hates when people put a label on something they have not even fully explored yet. So from there I gave him my number and now we’re on the road to talking for about 2 weeks and we’re mad crazy about each other. YUBO helped me find someone when I thought there was no one out there for me. I will forever cherish this app and I owe my future to it. Now that I think I’ve found the ONE, I deleted the app, but if you were thinking about downloading it...DO IT! I know you may be scared of stalkers or creepy people, but if you are just know that you can completely delete your profile if you feel like it. But also know that I gained a “friendship” with the ONE and other friendships with lots of other lovely people. Just don’t put terms on anything before you explore the ins and outs of it!.Version: 3.53.1

Love to make new friendsDownload and take this chance to meet new friends is great.Version: 4.0.6

Needs improvementIn general it’s pretty okay, except for the fact that you have to pay so much just to see who’s interested in you. we’re teens we don’t have this sort of money to just throw away, maybe make people watch ads for them instead. Also messages don’t always come through which is highly annoying. i have ppl messaging me and i don’t even know about bc for some reason it doesn’t get delivered to me. it messes with your self esteem thinking everyone’s leaving you on read or delivered when in actuality they have either not gotten ur message or u haven’t got theirs..Version: 4.4.6

Fun appGood app you can make connections with people and make good friends during this hard time in covid19.Version: 3.47.3

HeyI have made some pretty cool new friends in the country I live in and I’m pretty happy with it.Version: 4.8.11

Yubo is fireI love yubo so much i think it is a very fun way to interact with people and make life friends everyone should get it.Version: 3.49.4

Do not use or pay for this app!I was using this app for about 4years and I once subscribed and paid for three months like twice. As soon as my first three months finished I paid second time for to use another three months. Then I got locked for no reason I sent messages to Yubo team to help out and they only said( (we’ll get back to you). And they haven’t for about 3months. As soon as my subscription finished, then they unlocked me and I lost my money. Do not pay for this app better pay for another one!!.Version: 4.4.6

FuriousI’m so upset I can’t even make an account cause it wants me to verify with yoti. I did download yoti entered a pin but decided to delete it cause I don’t trust it. Why all of a sudden do you have to download yoti in order to use this ? So you can see who’s being fake or not but either way why should we trust you guys with our personal IDs and stuff like either way it’s bad. So please remove verifying with yoti pleaseeeeeee I want to be able to use yubo againnnn!!!!..Version: 3.50.2

ReviewThis is better then other apps just like this..but the only thing that gets on my nerves is swiping.Version: 3.51.0

More manage swipe settingsI 100% love this app. But there is one thing that bothers me. You should have a setting to where you are able to see people from your own state on the manage swipe thing. It’s awesome to meet and make new friends around the world but if you want to hang out with them it’s a hassle because they are across the country. I would love to make new friends in my state. I don’t know many people and would like to know more but I don’t know where they are from and I can’t exactly travel across the world in one second to meet them for an hour. Please add a my state only feature to the app. It will make everyone’s life so much easier and you will have more people coming and downloading the app. In my opinion it is a win-win situation. Please take this into consideration and update the app soon. I’m am not complaining about anything else. The app works so well and it is the best to make and meet new friends and people. But another downside is you won’t let me post a picture of my stomach because a quarter of my nipple shows. It’s super weird because it gets counted as nudity even though we all have a stomach and they all look the same. (Btw I am a guy) Please work on what I said, it will just make the app so much more popular and so much more useful. Thank you so much hope to see the update soon🙃🙃..Version: 3.41.1

Really goodPersonally, yubo is a quite a fun app to me, just from talking to new people and socialising. You can make strong friendships from any distance and even find friends in your local area too. But obviously, not everyone is going to be nice on yubo so you’re gonna expect some really horrible people or some really nice people you can connect with. So if your not confident in your appearance or have insecurities I wouldn’t recommend it as much for you. And it’s also quite clever how yubo has created a range of age groups based on your age, to try prevent younger people talking to older ones..Version: 4.7.0

YuboI have made so many friends from this app.Version: 4.5.2

ReviewAt first I though this would be another fake typical bot app but it’s the furthest thing from it. This apps privacy policy’s alone stand out offering an enjoyable, yet safe social networking platform. It’s simple to use as well as understand AND guess what, FREE unrestricted access - with no tricky subscribe now pay later irritations. Also this app allows you to search social world, or confine a search to your country // region. On this app you make real friends, you have fun & meet people. 10/10 would and have suggested to friends!.Version: 2.74

Yubo is fine for friendsIt was good to find a friend on here but I found my current gf on this so I recommend.Version: 4.6.5

EhhI like it but it’s soooo strict with all the guidelines. I had a acc one and deleted it and made another one. When I made the second acc I put the same pictures of myself; and some others, it said that I have to identify myself now and it locked my account. I ended up identifying myself Buh I had to put a picture that I didn’t like of myself to do so (so that I’d be verified; wasn’t a choice). I wanted to delete the picture so I did but then it locked my account again. It’s so annoyingggg. I ended up making another account yesterday and I had to do the same thing 🤦🏽‍♀️. Now my account is now “under review” for verification and it’s taking soooo long to accept it 🙄. Other than all of that, the app is really enjoyable and a little addictive. I get bored and I hop on there. You can meet all sorts of people, most of them are real funny and nice. Ok I think I’m done, issa rap 😛..Version: 3.54.4

Would recommendThis app is a good way to make new friends as I have made friends from overseas and planning to meet up with them. it’s really hard to catfish on this app and if anything their account can easily get removed. however, i got a moderation alert for something dumb and they would remove photos which are appropriate, while there are other people who have photos that are way worse than mine but they keep it. but overall it’s a good app to make friends and even fall in love.Version: 4.5.5

It’s okayI did not really want to give a five star but this app is okay because you get to talk to new people. Needs improvements though like the app self checking on those people who are being rude and disgusting. Allow everyone to say wether they are single or not as from what I have seen and experienced is unfair ( apparent changes of not allowed to but single or taken I was blocked unless I changed it to not seeing the word single or taken - I have seen other people’s profiles and some still say that they are either single or taken) why is this happened to me and not anyone else.Version: 3.54.3

RateI love this app still think love 18+ should allow certain activities.Version: 3.47.2

Preferences.So far, Yubo has been a good experience for me; through this app, I’ve made multiple friendships. However, I feel like some factors could be adjusted to enable the experience to become more accessible & easy. As many know, you have to endlessly click through crosses and ticks on people that don’t quite match your vibe and all, so filtering for preferences personally seems like a good idea. So far we can only filter Male/Female(gender-neutral where?), age & location zones etc etc. I feel like it should be more in depth as do some friends of mine aka. personality , aims for being on the app , perhaps even looks. That’s my perspective on it but overall, this app is fun. It’s good for making new relationships with people worldwide even though it should enable for more further distances. I suggest it highly & stay safe ^^.Version: 3.31

Good but there are some obvious improvementsShould add a feature where you can change your location, for if you want to make friends in a place you’re going to visit And the age settings are really bad. I’m 17 and the maximum age I can set it to is 15-17. Why can’t I set it to 16-18? The app also gives me people who set their age as 14 which in my opinion is gross and could be used very badly..Version: 4.0.9

Teenage tinder but goodI personally love this app but it has its disadvantages like having to pay to see who added you and and not being able to find people in your area which I dislike and think the app should add being able to only find people in your city. I think this app is great if your child is trustworthy and not idiotic and I would make sure your child knows how it all works and the bad side like saying no to the few people who ask for nudes. Overall this app is brilliant and I love being on it and finding friends and finding a relationship..Version: 3.52.3

YuboMade plenty enough friends n ppl to talk to, it’s simple to use, the first night my phone would not stop going off I had so many friends requests and it’s not fake which I love so I have advised many of my friends n family to use n will continue to advise many other to use it too if they’re looking for friends, some ppl to talk to, a relationship, etc....Version: 4.5.2

Fun AppHighly recommend if you wanna make new friends.Version: 3.55.0

10/10 appEasy to use and perfect for lockdown boredom.Version: 3.51.0

Is good would recommend to find a friend :)It’s good to find people and good to chat with people on. :).Version: 3.49.5

Good, but stay safe!Ok, so it’s a good app to meet people on however it’s basically for horny teens which is fine. I met someone I dated for 10 months on this all but to be honest I was VERY lucky, because there were defo 19 year old messaging me (at the time a 16 year old) doing some sus stuff. I feel like some age restricting needs to be going on, or just something to keep people a-wear of each other’s ages. Also met a few catfishes on there too, so as always stay safe!.Version: 4.9.6

Good App. One thing I hope they addI use Yubo on a daily basis to talk to new people and I am getting a bit frustrated on how when I set my distance to people within 30-40km. I always get people from the other side of the country. I was wondering if an update could be released so that it would only give people in your state while using the “Swipe” feature. I know people that would also like this idea as we would like to talk to people near us “Melbourne” so that if we were connected, it would be easier to meet and socialise..Version: 2.97.2

YuboI have found great friends from people around the world. Love this app.Version: 3.47.4

Yubo buyer beware!!This Ap will continually take money from your credit card without your permission. Every time a child agrees to an add on you will be charged a subscription fee without your knowledge - until you opt out - hundreds of dollars will be billed in a matter of days. I will be reporting this Ap and it’s developers to the relative authorities. They refuse to refund add on purchases my child made without my knowledge or permission. Extremely costly (hidden costs) Ap.Version: 3.49.6

Yubo is excellent!I had always been a quite person and therefore never able to make a lot of friends. I had all the other social media apps, however still no friends. Then one day, my friend showed me this app and, instantly U had been able to make many many friends all over the world and built awesome friendships. Awesome app! I love it!.Version: 3.47.2

Jesus ChristWhen I first got this app, I was looking for friends to hang out in my area. I became more and more invested in those who had sent me friend requests, so I began to text them. Intrigued, I’d even decided to flirt. It was all fun at first. But then, it took up too much storage on my iPhone so I decided it’d just be better if I had deleted the app. A month went by, and my friend suggested we download it. I stipulated the idea that I had already created an account, but agreed to download it once more. Seconds after logging in, I realized that I had nearly 45 requests. Like no joke. I was stunned and went through everyone who added me, then added back those who were eligible of my attention. But recently, it’s become apart of my daily routine. Eat — sleep— Yubo. Eat — sleep— Yubo. Over and over and over again. It’s never ending. I just want my life back. But it’s just so bittersweet because of the beautiful humans in the app. Download it…Download this sinkhole of an app. If you dare..Version: 4.7.0

Great appThis app is amazing I have met so many interesting people and had so many conversation, Plus this app was so easy to use. But I do have one issue, the thing that makes sure everyone abides by the rules is deleting people’s bios even when nothing have violated the conditions. In the rules it says “do not tag paid account” (so I guess that’s basically accounts on other apps that you make profit from) And what I have seen is people tagging their social media accounts but people don’t get profit from this (usually) therefore it’s not against the rules. If I am wrong, then I’m sorry for not understanding. But aside from the occasional bio issue, this app is great yet simple and I have met so many new people from it so thank you x.Version: 3.49.5

Great AppI’ll start with critique: - The games are short in numbers; having more will make lives more entertaining for many. They’re also quite slow, performance wise. On the contrary, I find it’s still popular amongst many —keep developing it. - You cant filter the sort of people you’re looking for. Having an age selector, country filters, perhaps a gender filter too (Elements like this), would save much time when swiping. Otherwise, I quite enjoy the process of meeting new people through live-streams. Great idea. It’s a nice app. My favorite, perhaps very underrated feature is being able to embed videos into your profile; it’s incredibly helpful especially when sharing self-curated digital content. Good job!.Version: 3.53.2

Amazing, but could be betterHey yubo, I really love your app but I have a few suggestions if you guys are ok with that. Number 1, you should really look into group chats because so many people would love it. Number 2, being able to send videos to people. Number 3, give people 3 warnings before you ban them. Number 4 maybe have like an free power-pack time, like a certain time of week you can get the power pack for free for only about 5-10 minutes. Number 5 being able to post things like pictures and videos where people can like and comment, like a spin off of swipe and spotlight combined. Number 6 let people have stories like what snapchat and instagram have. Number 7 letting you have the option of deleting text automatically after a certain period of time. Number 8 having mini games you and your friends can play with it each other like truth or dare or 8 ball and icebreakers to start a new convo. Number 9 customizing quick with the line you want instead of just “hey” or the emoji. Number 10 introduce another way to meet and make friends. Well, this is all I have for right now. I know you aren’t probably going to read this but I hope all of these get implemented into this amazing app. Thank you for creating this, until next update. See you soon👋🏾..Version: 3.47.2

Yubo ratingApp is pretty good, have spoken to some great people while using it. Would recommend it 100%.Version: 3.54.2

I love this app sm!!With this app I’ve met so many amazing friends, I definitely recommend it bc the people on here are seriously so nice and you won’t regret it at all!! It’s so fun aswell and I love making new friends!! with the tags u can seriously find people who love the same things as u, please download this app it’ll be worth it. <3.Version: 4.6.0

Great BUT...I think that the app is a really great platform for making friends and getting to know others, especially with the different tags you can include in your bio. Gives you an insight as to what the person you’re viewing might share in common with you interest-wise. I’ve had an overall positive experience on this app but my biggest issue is as follows: !! The methods of accessing people’s requests. I have over 200 untouched requests that require me to share a link on snapchat and per every person that clicks, I can access ONE SINGLE REQUEST. Do you guys understand how absurd that is? No one has enough friends to do this, much less ones that would even bother to click the link all on its own. I think this shouldn’t be a thing AT ALL but if it must as a form of promotion, it should be done so in an easier more openly accessible method. !! That one issue is precisely the reason I cannot give this app 5 stars. Apart from this issue, I love yubo..Version: 3.47.4

Good appGood app lots of friends fun too.Version: 4.0.2

Good app but few thingsThe app is amazing Yes but the whole premise of it is to make friends but yet you can’t see who swiped you unless you pay I feel like if there was another way line having to watch ads or do something it would make the app more fun for those incapable of paying.Version: 4.0.5

Why I love Yubo :)Yubo is such a unique application , this allows people to meet new people across the world or in the same city 🌃 , this app has multiple benefits and it’s extremely enjoyable , you can converse with several people at once. This has been a part of my lifestyle for several years and it just keeps getting better!😇- the livestream feature is extremely useful as it allows everybody to showcase their talents and express their thoughts freely in a safe environment🥰. I cannot recommend this application enough, it allows me to engage with my social media following in an amazing way, yubo actively supports the LGBT+ community 🏳️‍🌈 and makes everyone feel welcome and safe. The staff that run yubo are extremely responsive and helpful when in need it’s overall such a unique app, I RECOMMEND! 😊❤️10/10.Version: 3.23.1

Overall a great app*Personal perspective* I got to honest say from my point of view of having this app since it was called yellow. I think it’s a great app all around the fact that you meet new people on here daily is amazing, I’ve met several people from this app and became great friends with them in person. Also when stream you have so many options to removed/ban or mute from chatting users who are not friendly or rude. In addition to that this app has a swipe feature where you can swipe right or left to add new friends. So it expands the variety of people you can meet. How ever it doesn’t give you a filter where you can just choose to match with people in your area. If that feature was added it would be great! In addition to all that the yubo team does Q&A to get the opinion of the users on the app and they gather those opinions and suggestion and put them on feature updates. Overall the app has great potential to it specially if you are patient. I plan to stay using this all and suggesting it to friends for a while..Version: 3.42.7

Rating recommendHi y’all, I am loving this yubo app right now. Made friends rea quick from near and far love it.Version: 4.8.3

Great but some issuesSo the app is good and all don’t get me wrong...you meet some nice people, some ain’t but oh well you skip over them. You can have a laugh etc but the age limit is mad, surely if you’re 17 you should be able to join your IRL friend who is 19 and add them on it. It’s a pain...atleast add a feature in settings to resolve this?? Anyway the last thing are the swipes, can we or atleast get like 3 free swipes per ad? Or 10 free per week? A log in bonus? Something other than sharing your link and having to pay...pls.Version: 3.51.13

Review of yuboI highly recommend this app if your a social extrovert type of person :) it’s a great way to meet new people, interact with strangers, and build relationships. you have the option of meesenging people you find, or joining their lives and meeting them face to face :).Version: 3.49.5

FriendsTo make even more friends, people that have liked you should appear in discover first, so that matching with someone is a lot easier.Version: 2.64

ReviewI’m liking this app and how I made new friends on this app. Improve suggestion: Need to fix live as some off the Lives won’t let me in thanks.Version: 3.51.8

Great laugh and funI have had this app for almost 3 years now, without a doubt it’s one of the most fun social apps I’ve experienced honestly such a good laugh and joke with new people you’ve never met before, so many friendly welcoming people, you can chat on live or private dms, I honestly met one of my ex girlfriends on this app, don’t take ex as a bad thing I’m sure others have worked out besides me 😂 but no it’s fun it’s a laugh so many features so many lives you can join with different people in all no live is ever the same which makes the experience such a laugh, seriously recommend downloading it and giving it a try you’ll 100% laugh and smile and make a lot of friends 🙌🏼.Version: 3.43.0

BddbbdI got called a egg.Version: 3.49.4

My reviewIt’s better, and the swipes can get annoying before you unlock the 1000 free swipes. Other than that I like it. There are little kids though.Version: 3.48.2

Yubo is pretty chillNgl you’ll feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland when u be using this app.Version: 4.7.0

Prrrrrrrreeeetttttyyyyy goodI actually really like the app I meant like so many friends and we are still currently friends I haven’t been on the app for too long but long enough to make like maybe I would say 10 pretty good friends and a couple other acquaintances I definitely 100% would recommend this app to people who want to find friends near them.Version: 4.8.13

No i wont rate 3 anymoreOk a little backstory i was on holiday and my yubo account was fine nothing wrong no notifications from yubo then the next day my account got locked for nothing i want to get back in and make friends but i need to use yoti and i dont trust it I deleted my old account to make a new one and guess wat in 1 minute that account was locked to i dont get it i followed rules aside from yubo removing my bio 3 times but i made it normal my pics were me and a pal and me on the burj khalifa so i just want to use it again........... Update as a reminder my account has been locked since august 2020 so yubo can i use my account again my email doesnt give notifications so stop directing to yoti i dont trust it and my account was only shut down after a friend deleted and blocked me so idk wats going on.Version: 3.54.4

Teenage Tinder, but not ALWAYS a bad thingI’ll admit, when I first downloaded this, I actually expected a way to simply make friends. And you CAN do that. But this app is far more efficient as a Tinder clone. For teens. Now, that’s associated often with flashing, warning signs. “A Tinder for teenagers?! OMG, that’s dangerous af!” Yes, it is, if your teenage child is an idiot that is. If your child is responsible enough to talk to people and make friends, or perhaps start a relationship online, make sure they know the risks, they can handle them, and they know what information to give and what not to. But the app in itself is wonderful. It has a nice, addictive system of swiping people that you want to talk to, whether for relationship purposes or for friendship. Very nice app, highly recommended to anyone from the age 13-25. If you feel your teenage child is responsible, and isn’t rebellious in any way, I say personally, letting them have this app is a good idea; they’d have a great time..Version: 3.22.1

Pretty DecentI’ve been using the app for a couple of years now and i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it most of the time. It’s great if you’re looking for friends or a relationship with someone in your area, I met my ex on here. I’ve developed a lot of great friendships from this app and i’m grateful for that. Although, I was pretty upset when I saw that the option to add people by tags was removed. How am I supposed to find people to talk to with similar interests? I also wish that the app was more LGBTQ+ inclusive. As a transgender boy/non binary, I was disappointed with the gender options. I think there should be more options for that. I also think the app should add more settings to the swiping preferences. I’m personally most interested in being friends with other transgender males and it’s fairly difficult to find them when i’m swiping, especially in my area. I believe the app should add settings that are friendly to the non-binary and the transgender community when it comes to choosing gender and preferences for swiping..Version: 4.0.3

Why is this happeningIt’s making me Verify my account because it’s locked and i didn’t do any thing but live with friends but i can’t verify with because i don’t wanna show my passport information. Can someone help...?.Version: 3.43.1

Pretty goodI made a few friends off of it and it gave me opportunities to meet new people.Version: 4.0.6

Good app needs some improvementsI really enjoy this app and think it was a good idea to install. However I do not like having to pay to unlock my adds from swipe. I know it is a way of money making but a lot of us do not pay for apps. The other option to unlock them is to send a link on Snapchat. If someone swipes up you can unlock one add. This seems like a good idea but it is very difficult to get many people to swipe up so you can unlock people. It gets slightly stressful when people have swiped up for you and can’t unlock anymore. Especially if you have many adds it is quite annoying. Other than that problem that I don’t like the app is good..Version: 3.44

FriendsWhy is it that we have to pay to see people who actually want to be our friend... please make viewing swipes, free please.Version: 3.40.2

Found the Love of my LifeI wasn't using YUBO for too long before talking to many people, making friends. Lots of which didn't last long but thats just how it is. It didn't take long at all to find this one girl, about 5 and a half months ago. Her and I have been dating for 5 months now, and for many more in the future, without YUBO, the chances of not meeting would be very high. fortunately, it prioritises location so she isn't too far away, but we are so grateful to have been on YUBO and found each-other. I never knew downloading YUBO would have changed my life. :).Version: 4.0.4

DamnIt won't let me go live anymore.Version: 2.45

Like a MessageEnjoy the app, a cool feature would be being able to like another persons message (similar to messenger and Instagram)..Version: 3.52.1

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