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LEGO® Ninjago™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

LEGO® Ninjago™ app received 154 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LEGO® Ninjago™? Can you share your negative thoughts about lego® ninjago™?

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LEGO® Ninjago™ for Negative User Reviews

Does not workI purchased this game and it does not work. Would like my money back please..Version: 2.1.0

Waste of timeI purchased and installed this for my Grandson who is Ninjago obsessed, however each time he presses to start the game it closes. It’s installed on my iPad mini 4 so if anyone has any clue as how to solve the issue I’d be grateful? I note there are other reviews describing the same issues. As a last resort I had deleted and reinstalled the app but no luck..Version: 1.2

Unhappy childThis game did not work at all! As soon as I tried to get into the game it glitched and crashed back to the home screen, the game wouldn’t even start up. I am very disappointed with this game as it is $8 for it to not even work, my child was very upset when it would not work after paying for it. I would like a reply to this and a reason as to why your app did this. I would like my money back and to get a refund for this. This is ridiculous warner bros, never purchasing from this company again, I’m disgusted..Version: 1.2

Can’t even get past the ‘Continue’ screen without the app crashingI’ve deleted the app, re-installed, turned my iPad off then on again and made sure everything is up to date... any suggestions would be very much appreciated!.Version: 1.2

LEGO Ninjago Shadow of RoninI can’t even get past the title screen without it crashing! Total waste of $8.99!.Version: 1.2

When I press play I just crashesFix please.Version: 1.2

Terrible!Just purchased this game for my son. To put it simply it doesn’t work. It crashes before the game even starts from the menu. £4.99 wasted! Unfortunately I didn’t read the reviews before buying as there was numerous other negative reviews highlighting this problem. I’m guessing based on the reviews the developer is aware of this issue but still allows people to buy. Outrageous! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!.Version: 1.2

Rip offDon’t buy this app. It won’t even get past the opening button on my I-pad - screen just goes blank when button pressed. It is a rip off that the bugs have not been fixed and it is still being sold. Shame on you Warner Brothers taking kids saved up pocket money for something you must know does not work..Version: 1.2

Don’t buy it. Doesn’t workDon’t buy it. Does t work.Version: 1.2

Wasted MoneyI bought this game and it does not work.Version: 1.2

Not workingIt used to work I don’t know what happened but when I get into the game it gets to the dragon part and then it kicks me out when it worked it was very good.Version: 1.2

It doesn’t work at all!I paid for this game and it doesn’t work at all! I need the customer service, someone fix the problem ! My son wants to play!.Version: 1.2

0Can’t even play the game Would like money back almost $10 for it not to wok.Version: 1.2

Faulty appI brought this game today for my son and it’s very disappointing as it loads for 2-3seconds and then crashes. I’d like a refund thanks as we have wasted our money..Version: 1.2

Keeps crashingJust bought this app today, it has loaded, but keeps crashing back to the home screen on both my iPhone XR and my iPad mini 2019 model, before my kids can even play it. Where do I go from here? My boys are desperate to play this game, and I hope to update my review with a fix..Version: 1.2

No go zone!Can’t play because crashes every time I try to play it. Took ages to load also. Refund please..Version: 1.2

Please can I have a refundCan I please have a refund.Version: 1.2

Can’t progressReally disappointed with this game. Would really like my money back as can’t get passed Chen’s palace level as unable to knock down the chandelier so obviously there is a glitch within the game..Version: 2.1.0

CrashJust downloaded this game and every time I push play button the screen goes black and crashes. Please fix as my 5 year old is desperate to play..Version: 1.2

Game doesn’t workScreen is black. Game doesn’t work.Version: 1.2

Ninjago Shadow of RoninI think it is a great game that people can enjoy a lot but it is a bit hard to figure out the game. Thanks. I have a complaint. When I downloaded it on to my iPad, it would always go back to the home screen when I pressed play. It worked on my phone though. I tried deleting it and downloading it again, but it still won’t work. I hope you have Luck with it..Version: 1.2

App fails before able to even start playingBought this app yesterday for my son at £4.99 but he has been unable to play it because every time we go into play the screen just goes black and takes me back to my phones home screen. Complete waste of money and not even been able to try the game out. I will be seeking a refund..Version: 1.2

CrapDoes not work! How do I get my $ back..Version: 1.2

App don’t work = REFUND PLEASEApp don’t work- download for my son today and it won’t open- refund please.Version: 1.2

Keep CrashingDownloaded a few months ago however keep crashing in the menu screen. Was expecting developer got a patch or something but never happened. Need a refund please.Version: 1.2

DOES NOT WORKThis game has been trying to download on my sons iPad for months and months. I can't click on it to open it as it is shadowed like it's not finished downloading. I try to delete it and it won't delete off. I have been hoping that a update will come out in the App Store and it will automatically fix the issue when updated but it has been months now. I paid $7.99 for this so I want my money back or I want the game. What a rip off.Version: 1.2

Jeu qui ne fonctionne pasJ’ai payé pour ce jeu qui ne fonctionne pas....Version: 1.2

First level is brokenI downloaded this game first back around 3-4 years ago and deleted it,I just got it back today and have started playing,but the first level Chen’s island was broken I couldn’t get past the wall jumping I put the sword in the placement spot and it didn’t work,this game was AMAZING when it first came out a few years ago but now it’s just a annoying buggy game, PLEASE make it fun again..Version: 2.1.0

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 1.2

Why are you even still selling this?This game crashes as soon as you open it. Which happens. But there are comments going back at least 4 months and the developers acknowledge this is a problem.... so why in the world is it still being sold! This is a game geared towards kids (my son used to play and love) so it’s not like you’re disappointing a bunch of adults with this - it’s a bunch of kids spending their own money and getting disappointed. Shame on you guys..Version: 1.2

Ok gameI have loved all the Lego games and thought I would download this. I have got so far but cannot progress past Chen’s Palace. The fire is supposed to bring down the chandelier but it doesn’t. No matter at what angle I aim from I cannot knock it down. Help!!!!.Version: 1.2

I dont know if this is my foult...Hello, i buyed this game for my son it was great at first but then he got bored of it, he got bored beacause he unlocked everything he loved the game and everything about it, but then he uninstalled it he found a game called “ROBLOX” i was fine with him playing that game since nothing to me is wrong, it was a year later he got back into ninjago on the tv beacause season 10-13 came out and he missed it he was kinds sad kinda mad then he wanted to play the game again but then it was kicking him out A LOT to me it was a waste of money, i think this is his device, this didnt happend at all before even i tried the game i loved it, again i still think its our device of its not then please fix this and if it is, i will know when a update comes and i will tell my son he will be very excited, Thank You.Version: 1.2

Come onThis game is not letting me in7$ gone.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work, do NOT waste your money!!!Can’t get passed the main screen. Crashes every time you press play. Very disappointing!!.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t even workWe paid and downloaded this game... can’t tell you anything about it as as soon as we press the play/start button it turns off. Terrible and waste of time and money. Would like our money back and seriously recommend no one to buy this. Shame - our son had been so excited..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t get past the start screenThis game downloaded fine, but will not get past the start screen. Once you press the continue button the game crashes & shuts off & returns to the iPad home screen. Who do I contact for a refund? I should have read the reviews before paying and installing the game as many people have reported the same problem from a year ago! Obviously nothing has been fixed & the developers are still taking money for a game that doesn’t work. Very disappointing..Version: 1.2

Watershed money doesn’t workRipped off I should of read the comments of others- my son love Ninjago so was happy to purchase- it doesn’t work, wasted money tried reinstallation won’t go past home screen. Very sad child. Who to contact for refund..Version: 1.2

Game crashesThis game keeps crashing. I paid $8.99 for a game that I cannot even start. It’s ridiculous and stupid..Version: 1.2

Awful! Keeps crashing!Like others, I find that the game crashes on loading. I have tried reinstalling and restarting the iPad, but the same thing happens again. This really shouldn’t be allowed. My children are upset as they were looking forward to playing. Wish I had read the reviews before purchasing. Take the advice: DO NOT BUY! Now to try to get a refund!.Version: 1.2

Don’t buy this game , it doesn’t workBought it today and we can only get to the menu screen before it crashes. I now have my kid in tears because he’s wasted his pocket money :(.Version: 1.2

Crashes every time. Never been able to play. Avoid.So annoyed I didn’t read the reviews first. It crashes before we get anywhere near playing, complete waste of money, my son was trying to get me to buy the Lego superheroes one a minute ago and I see that has the same problems, so I’ve refused to waste any more money!!! Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Does not work!Like many I didn’t read the reviews. Just bought this for my son with his birthday money and it just closes the app when u try to lay the game. Total rip off. Why is this still in the App Store. Would even know how to asks for refund. Disgusting this is still happening..Version: 1.2

ControlsI hate how you have to push your finger at the very edge of the touch-pad to run. It’s so infuriating and it caused me countless deaths. Or how about the touchpad randomly deciding not to work which made the vehicle segments feel close to impossible. And speaking of the vehicle segments, they control terribly. They’re way too loose and sway way too far whenever you do so much as tap left or right. This game really should’ve stayed on the 3DS and PSVita. Although, I can comfortably say that this is the best Ninjago videogame. But that’s not saying much considering how terrible that Battles, Nindroids, and especially the movie game were..Version: 2.2.1

Don’t waste your moneyNever worked !.Version: 1.2

How do you get a refund?Won’t even open. Don’t waste your money!!.Version: 1.2

My over all thoughts + moreThe story was fun to play and the characters are fun to play as but I have a problem with Wu’s staff because the staff is VERY hard to throw and when you manage to throw it and get on the staff 1/2 of the time the characters on the staff they get to the point or just fall to the ground or to their deaths and free roaming as the dragon is not as fun as I thought and the whole thing is boring in some way… so if you people read all the reviews you see all the problems with the so I recommend NOT getting the game..Version: 2.1.0

Excellent until the bugs..Superb game overall but beware, it does have bugs. Most are minor but we got to the ice slide and now cannot progress. It got caught in a loop so the cutscene just before hangs, in silence then eventually goes to a loop where one of the characters continually falls and dies. Restarting the whole level does not help. Just don't fall down any chasms on this level and you may be ok.. Like I say great game otherwise!.Version: 1.2

Not HappyDecided to purchase this today for our 4yr old, really disappointed, it crashes every time we open it, it just won’t start on my iPad Pro, it’s does not appear to have family sharing as it suggests others my boy is really upset as I made the mistake of showing him the app then downloading it to find it won’t work at all. As other have said, and I wish I read the reviews before purchasing this..DO NOT BUY THIS APP.. I will now be trying to get this refunded..not happy and things like this should not be allowed..Version: 1.2

I WANT A REFUND!!!🤬🤬🤬When I go in some of the levels for example the Caves of Despair I press on the level and then it just get me out of the game and then I have to log back in the game and it is getting on my nerves!!!!😤😤😤.Version: 1.2

Lego NinjagoApp ne fonctionne pas!.Version: 1.2

CrashingApp crashes when you try to play. I want a refund.Version: 1.2

Game doesn’t workThis game doesn’t work on my iPad Pro 2018. It loads up but when “continue/play” button is chosen, the game just crashes..Version: 1.2

Does not let me playI Played this Ages ago, and I’ve downloaded it and every time i tap the Play Button it Exits the app to the homescreen, why is this a thing it’s so annoying, Please fix this, I would give it a five but I’m just so dissapointed that it won’t let me play a game I played 7 bucks for lol..Version: 1.2

This is all i seeSo basicailly i hear the ninjago song then its just black.Version: 1.2

Crashed on loadingGot this app for my son as he really wanted it. But it wouldn’t load on his iPad mini nor on my iPad. Once you press play on the main menu it crashes the app. REFUND please. This game should be removed from the store until it gets fixed and tested properly!.Version: 1.2

Does not workDo not buy this game it does not work..Version: 1.2

Idiotic scamWhen I saw this game, I thought it would be really fun. But when I bought it, it didn’t even start the game. Instead it just crashed back to the home screen of my tablet when I tried to play it. This game is such a stupid scam, because Warner Bros literally just wants you to pay $8 from your parent’s bank account, just for a really cringy game that crashes right when you start. Plus, the last update was FOUR years ago! For version 1.2. Are you serious, Warner Bros? Now I just wasted $8 from my dad’s bank account. I would really like a reply from your company and a new update, fixing the bugs in this game. I just want to have some LEGO fun, not continuously worry about my family becoming bankrupt. I’m disgusted, Warner Bros. (P.S. How do I get a refund?).Version: 1.2

No Sound on iOS 10.3.2I have installed this app on my son's new 2017 iPad iOS 10.3.2, there is no sound. I deleted and reinstalled still no sound. I have installed it on my iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.2 no sound. I have installed it on an old iPad Model MC706X/A iOS 9.3.5, this model can't be updated past this version of iOS. The only device with sound is the old iPad. I have contacted the developer about this problem but have not received a reply. I have wasted over an hour on this issue and I have a very disappointed 6 year old. I am requesting a refund for this title but could Apple should require developers to update software or remove it from the App Store. Keeping buggy software on the App Store ruins the experience and is a cynical attempt by unscrupulous developers who know most people can't be bothered to request a refund. This is more disgraceful because the developer is Warner Bros..Version: 1.2

DO NOT GET THIS APP,IT CRASHES CONSTANTLY, UTTER WASTE OF MONEYThis is the only Lego game we have had a problem with, it immediately crashes before you can even start the game so a complete frustrating waste of money. I wish I’d read the reviews of others who had the same problem before wasting my money..Version: 1.2

CrashesThis game crashes as soon as you press play. I have emailed support and tried their suggestions but it still crashes. I have a very disappointed child. Wouldn’t recommend..Version: 1.2

Does not work - should have read the reviewsWe’ve bought Lego game before, so I didn’t check reviews and wish had! It simply won’t work after download and crashes every time you try to play. Will be seeking a refund. With so many bad reviews amazed apple & Lego allow this to be sold..Version: 1.2

CrashesHi this game crashes on both my XS Max and iPhone 6, never even get to start the game just keeps crashing.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workPaid $8.99 for this App and it closes after the main settings page. Very disappointed, expected so much more from an app of this quality..Version: 1.2

ControlsMy son loves Ninjago so I thought he would also love this game. Unfortunately he gets very frustrated with this game because of the poor quality of the controls. It is very difficult even for me to maneuver the characters and get them to do what I need them to do. There is a point in the ice place where Zane is supposed to be under water turning an island that another character is on. When the island is turned and you go to move the other character they fall off. Every single time. The levels take hours to complete because the controls do not work as they say they do. The game does not run smoothly. The dragon is difficult to steer. The first level has a glitch which requires restarting the level numerous times (yes from the beginning even though you are close to the end). Not worth my $5 and I am very disappointed in LEGO for not putting quality into this game as they usually put into all of their merchandise..Version: 1.2

10/10 DONT RECCOMEND 😠My son kept begging to get this game, he loves the show so I used some of my husbands pocket money while he was in the restroom. I thought my son would finally leave me alone and play that game in peace and quiet but guess what????? NO THE GAME WANTED OTHERWISE. No momma time, WASTING MONEY ON NOTHING TIME. I had to hear my son cry and had to tell him it doesn’t work. DONT GET IT ABSOLUTELY TRASH AND DOESNT WORK. Don’t hype your self and kids up for a waste of your husband's money. On top of that, now my husband is upset I wasted his precious money. Absolute trash, but if you like trash, and a waste of time: Definitely get it..Version: 1.2

Can developer please get in contact with meMy son bought this game and it is not going past the loading screen. We have gone through all the options and keep having an issue with it asking to override the iCloud (which we don’t have) and then it turns black and closes the app all together. WB we are willing to troubleshoot with you to fix the issue. Although if this cannot be done we would like a refund. Also we did not find any tools through app support to help resolve the issue..Version: 1.2

Crash-Tastic!Do you like apps that crash? Do you like clicking on your favorite game app, waiting for it to load only to have it eject before ANY gameplay at all? Well ladies and gents, this app is for you! To the creators of LEGO Ninjago game app... If there is a setting or user level maintenance that can be done to make this app playable please inform me. Both of my apple devices are new to a year old, both from manufacturer (original/up to date iOS). The app has been deleted while the devices are checked for system upgrades and rebooted. The app has been reinstalled several times without resolve. $4.99 Is a bit high for a dysfunctional app..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t even workLiterally doesn’t work. Paid £5 for this game but it only loads to the title screen. As soon as I click on ‘play’ I get booted out of the App. Same happened whether I try to play it on my phone or my iPad. Lego is going to seriously damage it’s brand if it thinks it can keep on rinsing loyal customers, largely kids, with trash like this..Version: 1.2

CrashesDownloaded this app for cost of $7.99 but it crashes when you try to press continue in start menu. My son is very disappointed and I am dismayed at having to pay for something we cannot even use..Version: 1.2

App Doesn’t work!!Terrible. I’ve downloaded this on to iPad and my iphone and as soon as you press continue to start the game it shuts you out of the app completely, taking me back to my home screen. I’ve tried switching off both devices and restarting. My son is devestated. How can I get help or a refund?.Version: 1.2

Every time I hop on a level it exit me out of the hole game 😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤I hop on and it just crashes every time and deletes it self please fix it or don’t have it ON THE APP STORE From J brick.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work!Waste of money! I open the app and it crashes.Version: 1.2

Does not work. Don’t buy!!! 😡I purchased this yesterday for my son, as he loves Ninjargo. We have tried to deleted app reinstall and restart iPad but nothing works. Game will not load. I now have a very upset autistic child on my hands and have been ripped off for £4.99!!! Not happy!! 😡.Version: 1.2

The crashing has ruined this game for meI bought this game on my phone when it first came out and it was fine. Sure the controls were a little wonky, but I didn’t mind and my sister and I had a blast playing it. I recently got an iPad and, now with more storage available, I decided to download the game again to play with a controller and to actually finish the game since I never got around to finishing it. Everything is working up to the main menu. When I go to start a new game, the app crashes. No matter how many times I tried along with uninstalling it and reinstalling it a week later, it still refuses to work. It’s quite disappointing since I have been wanting to revisit the game after so many years and now the app refuses to work..Version: 1.2

Don’t download save moneyDownloaded this for my son who was very excited about it. Firstly it requires a lot of memory which meant clearing some space for it to download. Now I have managed to clear the space and download it crashes every time we try to play the game. Not good enough for the price. Save money and child heartache today!!!.Version: 1.2

Bugs bugs won’t workClearly an old that isn’t supported anymore. Game won’t run past the load screen. A very sad and disappointed 6 year old. Just delete it from the store. Seriously..Version: 1.2

Refund pleaseBought this to cheer up my son who is very ill. Just made him more upset as it keeps crashing. I should know better 😔.Version: 1.2

Can’t even get it to load... disgracefulI would be leaving no stars but can’t, the game won’t even load! stupidly I downloaded it and paid the £4.99 as my son is a massive Ninjago fan without checking more reviews, but since have looked and it obviously has some serious bugs! I can’t believe an App can be downloaded and it not even load. I have checked my memory and it has loads left available to allow it to play. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME - DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!.Version: 1.2

Keeps CrashesPlease update app to stop it from crashing.Version: 1.2

Refund pleaseI bought this game for my son and it doesn’t even start. It crashed as soon as he pressed to play the game and blanks out and sends you back to you home screen. This and many others issues seem to be very common and reoccurring problems as I found out upon reading multiple unsatisfactory reviews from upset customers who trust your brand. How can you still be allowed to rob people of $7.99 (not .99c) and not resolve these issues. I want some answers to fix this game and make it work or I want my money back. You can’t sell something that may work for some and not for others with no solution or refund for the unlucky ones. I want this resolved..Version: 1.2

You need to fix thisToday I want to play a game I schools in my whole iPad and I found shadow of Ronan I went to play it but when I got on it I press the continue button and the screen went black for a second and then I went back to my home screen so I deleted the game and download it again and then I went on it and it didn’t even let me go to the title screen you should really fix this because it’s not even letting me play or he hasn’t even let me go into one level you guys need to fix this.Version: 1.2

DeleteThis game is out of date and should be removed. It doesn’t run on the current iOS - refund please as this games listing says one thing and then does another..Version: 1.2

GAME WON’T STARTI've been busy rewatching every season of Lego Ninjago and wanted to see if there were any games I could get. I decided to get this game. One of the biggest wastes of money I've had. I booted up the game and it crashed. I didn't even get to see anything. So I tried redownloading it. It was better but not good. I got to the title screen and hit play. You'll never guess what happened. It crashed again. At this point, I'm lost. I decided to go to the WB Lego Games Tech Support Thing. It told me to make sure I had the most recent update to my device. Then, I downloaded iOS 14 (which is really good btw). I got to the title screen. I hit play. Then, it was just a black screen but it was playing the Lego Ninjago theme song. I really regret that purchase..Version: 1.2

Very bad a waste of moneyIt does not start.Version: 1.2

Good game but crashesI played this game but it didn’t load it just went black then kicked me off the game after a while it worked and it was good but please fix the crashes.Version: 2.1.0

ReviewI don’t personally think the game is worth 4.99 because there’s only ten levels to it but in the levels they are pretty good but still it’s not enough there needs to be more levels.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workTook money.Version: 1.2

Keeps crashingI can’t get past the menu screen. The game keeps crashing when wanting to continue. Want to refund my $ Warner Bro’s.? How many comments relating to the same thing does there have to before there is a fix to the app?.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workThis game worked on my sons ipad2 but won’t work on his new iPad 7th gen. Can’t seem to find where to get a refund! Game downloads but when you open it it just crashes, tried several times to delete it and download it again but same problem every time, I want my money back please!.Version: 1.2

Waste of space and moneyI paid all this money for this game and it’s so dam glitchy it won’t let me go into level one it keeps logging me out can you fix this before I delete the app cause looking at all the other reviews it seems like a really fun game but I wasted all my pocket money on a game that doesn’t work.Version: 1.2

Crashes after control selectionHi, just downloaded this on my iPad mini for my son and it won’t get past the first screen. Just goes black and clashes. Tried removing and downloading again but the same thing happens. Please fix, I have a very disappointed 6 year old..Version: 1.2

Can’t even run itThe latest iPad Pro 12 inch screen. Updated IOS, game up to date and all the fault finding tips followed and will not load the game. This is the second app to do this from the start from this developer (LEGO marvel is the second game). Very poor and I want my money back for both apps..Version: 1.2

Warner bros makes you pay 5 bucks to buy a crashing gameHi I’m 11 and I got an iPad of my own for my 10th birthday and I bought this game with my birthday money, because it was cool, but when I started on Chen’s island the game kicked me out. I tried over and over, I even restarted my iPad, and did everything, but the game totally cheated me. Now I’ll never get to play it again. Warner bro’s, I hope you realize that the money you cheated me out of came from my grandparents who loved me and I got in trouble when your stupid game didn’t work. I never got in trouble with my grandparents and even worse, we can’t get our money back..Version: 1.2

SucksAs soon as I create a new game it crashes 🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯😡😡😡.Version: 1.2

BullThis game has not been updated since 2016!!!! My son was 2yo the and since 3-4yo became a huge super fan and I mean that because he just won’t pic another LEGO series up, only ninjago. We go to legoland 3 times a year so he can watch his favorite characters and all. Sooooo sad that you have not paid attention to your game. I bought it without noticing the obsolete upgrade, and got so very disappointed. Should pay more attention by WB since kids still are so involved in this cartoon series. Bad bad boy WB..Version: 1.2

App doesn’t workWe just paid and downloaded this app and it crashes every time we say to overwrite a new game (we haven’t even played once so nothing to overwrite), how can we get a refund given it doesn’t work.Version: 1.2

Great game BUT keeps shutting offWhen u play on the game after a few minutes it turns itself off and you find yourself on the main screen of your device which is really annoying after you get into it.Version: 1.2

Game is poooTake this game down it doesn't work. I want my money back..Version: 1.2

Won’t startWhen I try and start a game it crashes.Version: 1.2

I WANT MY MONEY BACK🤬I had money and I was just getting back into ninjago and I saw a game so I was like I always wanted a the game but my mom always said now to I have Money I can finally do it everything was perfect wrong spent 5 dollar on a game that doesn’t work I wasted my money that took me years to get and I waste it on this the won’t reply and they won’t fix the game i need a refund right now and delete the game from App Store your causing other people to lose there money such a scam and ninjago tournament was way better I didn’t even glitch and now it’s gone so people think o sense this is gone maybe this will work please people don’t fall for this scam 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.2

CrashesCannot play as crashes at menu page.Version: 1.2

Really!!!!!!!!OK so I’m a little kid and are used I actually I loved the whole series of Lego Ninjago and when I finished it I just kept watching it over and over again and it’s like one of my favorite shows!!!!’and when I saw all of these horrible reviews there’s like barely any good reviews and mostly bad reviews I’m like I don’t know if I should download it. But I wanted to try anyways because I love that show so much so I wonder if the game would be as much fun. So I download it and when I click The button to start the game it just went back to home screen. I just want to play it so if the people who made the game are listening please fix it because I really want to play it..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work!I paid for the game but it doesn’t work! Very disappointed! I want my money back..Version: 1.2

Won’t Work$7.00. Game won’t start!!.Version: 1.2

Game doesn’t go past start screen!Waste of money, doesn’t work on any device. Purchased for my 6 year old & deleted and downloaded on multiple occasions and still to no avail. Doesn’t go past the home screen. Very disappointed!.Version: 1.2

Why is this app available for purchase on App Store?This is the first time I purchased an app for my son and it DOES NOT work! When I come back to see the review and can’t believe Apple can let this App stay on it for such a long time! Not only Warner Bros also Apple should be responsible and refund everyone who got cheated..Version: 1.2

😡🤬🤬🤬Fix or I’m suing you.Version: 1.2

Crashes almost immediately on opening in latest iOSNot fit for purpose. Crashes almost immediately on the later iOS versions. Suggested fix is to use an old iOS version to save to cloud etc ... which we don’t have so this game is not fit for purpose.Version: 1.2

Zero starsThe game won’t even start... 7.00$ down the drain for a game... wow Won’t even purchase from this developper.Version: 1.2

Garbage,don’t purchaseJust paid for it,and won’t even start!.Version: 1.2

Pls fixI have seen 7 of these reviews I login it it’s me out back to my screen home screen pls fix this P.s how do I turn down the volume.Version: 1.2

Coolest app ever but .......It’s amazing and I’ve played it before but I deleted it because it was taking up to much space on my phone. Then a couple weeks later I deleted some of the apps and it wouldn’t work so I deleted more and it still won’t work. It’s a minor problem but it’s a great game! ( even though it still won’t work now.) PS plz can you not lose if you just die once cause its really really annoying and makes the game three times more hard and ten times more annoying. Plz notice this, read it and take it into consideration/ have a great day ;) ALSO IF I CAN NEVER PLAY THIS AGAIN I WANT MY MONEY BACK?!?!? 🤬.Version: 1.2

Obsolete App - please removeThis app was last updated four years ago in 2016 and doesn’t work at all. App crashes and won’t proceed to next screen. Several reported issues mentioning the same. This app shouldn’t exist on the App Store. This is scam. Stop selling apps that do not work. Really bad on Apple’s part who apparently has such strict guidelines for apps to be published in App Store. I’m really disappointed. I’ve contacted Apple requesting a refund. Hope this gets processed. What a waste of time!.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work with latest iOSAlas, this doesn’t seem to work with the latest version of iOS, and crashes after you select the play button when choosing the control method. Can the developers please either a) update the software or b) remove from the App Store and refund me £5?. Many thanks..Version: 1.2

I am not happyI love ninjago and all but you should bring back the old ninjago games they where fun and good but know we dont get that choice any more because the no longer able to play also why no new save slots thats just cruel man just cruel.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t work on ipadpro with iOS 13.4.1Downloaded today - app starts, display menu options however any attempt to start the game results in a black screen which crashes back to the iPad home screen. Strange I’ve brought every other WB lego game and they have been fine. Reading other reviews there seems to be a problem.Version: 1.2

Want a refund.The game doesn’t load when you attempt to play it. How do you obtain a refund? Very disappointing!.Version: 1.2

TERRIBLECrashes on home screen. I want a refund I payed 9 dam dollars for this to get scammed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t get past the loading screenWhen I get into the app and see the loading screen and I press on the new story button, goes to a black screen and glitches out to the home screen.Version: 1.2

Don’t buyRead the reviews before you have a sad kid..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workCrashes just like everyone else. Refund please.Version: 1.2

DO NOT BUYThis games does not work. I thought the other reviews might be exaggerated and that no-one would allow a game that costs £4.99 to be completely unplayable but I was wrong. The game does not load past the menu screen which has led to a very disappointed 9 year old Ninjago fan. Disgraceful use of the Lego brand..Version: 1.2

Just doesn’t workMy kids did extra homework to save up the £4.99 for this. It just doesn’t work. Won’t play on any gadget, closes down when you press play, have turned all gadgets off and deleted and reinstalled it repeatedly. Very disappointed boy. Please help!.Version: 1.2

Angry momSo this is the second game purchased for $2.99 now, made by the same company and it does NOT even work! I’m buying these for my son that really just wants to play some new games and apparently just wasting money! It’s ridiculous! It should be taken off the App Store if your crap don’t work. This was my sons graduation money and rather than buying more toys he wanted some new games rather than just the free ones he has already...good to know you guys keep ripping people off... he literally goes to play the game(s) and they open to the beginning and once you press play it just shuts down to the home screen. That’s so awesome....waste of money don’t do it..Version: 1.2

I don’t like about itFirst of all it’s not meant for iPad Seca when I’m on the level that has jays nunchucks that doesn’t make sense to jump on the things in it that you can’t land a single one people probably can but that’s not just make it easier for a pad you dick.Version: 2.1.0

Doesn’t LOAD!!!My six year year old son had received an iTunes gift card for his bday on May 31, 2020. He was so excited about getting this game. Wasted $7.00 on this app that doesn’t load or anything. As soon as the app opens up you hit the play button and NOTHING but a black screen and the app shuts down. I’ve email the developers and NOTHING! Not even an email back at all?! This is so frustrating too bc there is no one to talk to tried to get a refund and nothing at all. Ridiculous don’t buy!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Does not workMy son was so excited to play this. Lesson learned, we should have read the reviews before purchase..Version: 1.2

Does not work!Can I get my money back, this game doesn’t work.Version: 2.1.0

Not workingTo whom it may concern. I bought this my son as he is a big Ninjago fan. It is sad to see I paid $7.99 for this game to see I can’t get it to load past the start page. If you see this App Store, I would like to follow up on this as it looks like it is not iOS 14 compatible. If that is the case I would like my money refunded ASAP. It is a shame a game like this is still available to purchase and we are not able to play it. Hope to get this rectified. Thank you.Version: 1.2

Does not work.Does not work. Remove from store..Version: 1.2

It’s really good except for one thingIt’s really good but Level 4 can you going to the temple to fight the guy With special armour call hits on with rocks when he hits to the ground I tried to hit them with Coles rocks but it does not affect on the ground it’s really frustrating and I are still like to take the game playing really want to get past level 4 I want to really like it if you could make your own character.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t loadEvery time I get to the main screen, when I push Continue it crashes and goes back to my phones home screen. Is this getting fixed cause otherwise I’d like a refund..Version: 1.2

I love it, but some really good levels seem to have been removedI do really like this game, I remember that a while ago, there were things like the Temple of Light, and you got to stop Lord Garmadon. Now I’ve downloaded it again, but you stop Ronin, and there is no Temple of Light. I have finished the game in roughly a week and a half, but I now have nothing to do except play old levels, so please, please add some more levels! If you did that, not only would this game be a five-star from me, but I, and a lot of other players would be extremely happy..Version: 1.2

Closes when we try to playWe have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting the iPad, looked for updates and various other ideas, but we cannot even get past the first main screen. When we choose the continue triangle, the app automatically closes. My seven-year-old son used his own money to buy this app and is incredibly disappointed. I have tried to search the website for product support but can’t even find what I need there..Version: 1.2

It don’t work famMy game doesn't work. I’ve bought this game yesterday and I tried to play it. It don’t work. I’m like no worries. It’ll work tomorrow all good right? Nah fam. I tried today and the game won’t make past loading screen takes me back to my iPhone home page. I deleted and redownloaded the game. I shut of my phone and closed all my app including the game. I’m sorry fam. As much as I love Ninjago cus of my childhood. This don’t work. If possible I would like my refund. Or please update the game to work on the iPhone 11 models. I loved Ninjago as a kid I love it now. But this game ain’t it fam. It be like that sometimes but now is not the time for it to be like that. I’m sorry fam. But I would like my game to work or get a refund..Version: 1.2

Virtual Controls are not as good as other lego gamesThe virtual controls on the left of the screen are terrible. If your left thumb does not fall within the the small circle (virtual joystick), it will interrupt your gameplay while you're attempting to run and jump. Other lego games like lego Batman or lego Star Wars, have virtual controls that have a broader radius. In those games your left thumb can land anywhere outside of the circle as long as it's on the left side of the screen. Additionally, controls for the flying missions are poorly implemented. My little boy and I play all the lego games together. I was hoping the experience would be the same as the others. I'll consider updating my review if they fix the controls..Version: 1.2

Does not startI payed the 6,99$, and it does not work. After launching, the app crashes. My son and I are very disapointed. I want my money back..Version: 1.2

Great game but a bugThis is a great game overall but for some reason I can’t see the cutscenes and it’s just plain black for the CGI ones the rest are fine great game overall but just need to fix that bug.Version: 1.2

Remove this game from app storeThis game should be removed from the app store. The game doesn't get past the title screen and just crashes. The developers have not updated it to run on current ios 11.x. They should not be taking money for it if they are not willing to support it. My son has enjoyed other lego games and thought he would enjoy this one. We are both bitterly disappointed. I want a refund but doubt that will ever happen..Version: 1.2

Very frustratedI have never written a review before but this is a joke, I paid money for this game as a reward for my sons amazing behaviour as of late, but it does not get past the start screen. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, and of course restarted the iPad. But nothing will work. Fix it or please refund me.Version: 1.2

Crashed on loadingI also just purchased this game for my son and the game crashes upon loading. I would like a REFUND immediately of my $8.99. DO NOT BUY.Version: 1.2

My son loves this Ninjago game..We installed this game on my newest iPad iOS 13.6.1 today and It did not get pass the start screen like as others stated on the review, then my son tried to play it on our old iPad mini 3 iOS 12.4.8, It actually is working without no problem.. I wish he could play it on the bigger screen since he loves playing this game..Version: 1.2

Does not workI wish I read the reviews before letting my son buy this. It does not work. Very disappointing. Take this game down before making more people waste their money..Version: 1.2

I keep on getting kicked outThis looks really fun but whenever I press play I get kicked out every single time please fix this game😢..Version: 1.2

App doesn’t work!App closes itself every time I try to play the game! App will open and allow me to enter all settings, but when I press the play button it just kicks me out. I have the newest iPhone and software, everything is supposedly compatible yet it doesn’t work. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading several times and it does the same thing every time. I’ve also tried getting help through app support and never received a response. I wouldn’t be so concerned if this wasn’t my kid’s favorite game! Is there any other way to get help making this app work or getting my money back?!.Version: 1.2

Are you kidding me!?I just wanted to play the game I’ve been wanting to play for 5 years now and it doesn’t even work! I spent $8 on this after wanting it for so long and can’t even get past the front menu Thanks WB you’ve made my day 😤.Version: 1.2

Game won’t load for us or most others, don’t waste moneyThis is a new and up to date iPad and we have deleted and reloaded the app and restarted the iPad multiple times, and the game still crashes in the opening sequence. Do not waste your money. After troubleshooting for half hour, we find that about half of the five star reviews here say the same, as well as all the one star reviews. (Did someone change the star rating on those angry reviews that gave five stars?).Version: 1.2

Game doesn't workThe game freezes and can't be played.Version: 1.2

Could even get it to startI tried downloading this twice and on both occasions-after sitting through the lengthy loading sequence-we hit play only to be kicked out of the game and returned to our device home screen. A very disappointed child and the inconvenience of having to request a refund from the App Store. Real shame..Version: 1.2

Don’t buy this game!My kids love Lego Ninjago and of course when they came across this app, I had to get it for them. However this app is a total dud! You cannot start the game. Every time you hit “continue” from the menu, the app crashes. I have to restart the app. Then when I go to other menu settings, it’s fine, but then I go to “continue” but then the game doesn’t launch and the app crashes! What a disappointment for $5! I don’t even know how to get my money back. Let this serve as a warning to everybody else out there that this app will not launch the game. I am on an iPad and have an iCloud account..Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workLike many others, my son begged for this game & even used his own money to purchase it. I read him the MANY NEGATIVE reviews trying to talk him out of it. Of course, we decided to try it in spite of the warnings & of course we got the same result. The game basically got through the intro & the second you press the “play” button to launch the game, the app shuts down & returns you to your home page. Again & again we have tried to get it to just PLAY! But it just doesn’t. I have the newest iPhone they launched during rona so it’s not my device. It’s clearly flawed & disappointing kids all of the country apparently! I want a refund 😠.Version: 1.2

Game keeps crashes before you even get a chance to playThe game opens up but when you click the continue button to start playing it crashes and takes you back to your home screen. My son is very upset, I want my money back.Version: 1.2

CrashingMy son wants to play this game so I purchased it for him. Installed on ip8 and crashes every time we hit the CONTINUE button to start from the main screen. Ever other button works. We did a hard reset. We deleted and reinstalled the app. Another hard reset. Same results. Plenty of memory available on the phone and no other apps running. Quite frustrating. Last update for app was two years ago, so maybe there is an issue with the ip8 or latest iOS. Buyer beware! Going to installing from iTunes as a last resort but not holding my breath for success..Version: 1.2

Game doesn’t start upThis app is appalling. My 8yr old just spent his Christmas iTunes voucher on it and it doesn’t launch past the start screen. Looking back this is an ongoing problem and the app shouldn’t be for sale and needs to be pulled from the store immediately. I will be seeking a full refund also..Version: 1.2

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Is LEGO® Ninjago™ not working?

LEGO® Ninjago™ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact LEGO® Ninjago™.

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