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It works again!I’ve been wanting to play this game again for so long backside my game crashed after I played the game before and I loaded up the game again to see if they updated the crash glitch and to my Suprise it works! Thanks you guys so much!!!.Version: 1.2

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THIS GAME!!It’s an amazing game!!! It’s is extremely entertaining I do have one thing wrong with it though... with the controls it is incredibly hard to stir the dragon and cars. Make it easier and more controllable make it so you have tilt the screen to make it work or something like that. Anyways it was worth the money you can only play it with WIFI but I’m ok with it so get this game there are ten levels than it’s basically free play...❤️❤️❤️❤️🎮🎮🎮🎮.Version: 1.2

AwesomeLove it I finished it then deleted it and now I’m down loading it again because I want to play it again:).Version: 1.2

GoodBest game ever I loveeee it so much I can’t wait for a new one coming out I hope🙂..Version: 2.1.0

A waste of money!Bought this for my son. Crashes and closes out when hitting the play button every time. Should have just lit a $5 bill on fire. If these LEGO games don’t get you with a bunch of in-app purchases to unlock every level, they don’t work at all. For a big company to make such poor products is really hard to understand. Clearly they don’t even care that people are being completely ripped off..Version: 1.2

Please fixI played on Chen's island, and it was super fun, but once I got to Spinjago Chase, it stated to glitch on me. At the part were you jump from vertical peg to vertical peg, it wouldn't let me jump on the last once cause "the stranger" was on it. I tried o jump and knock him off, but it didn't work. Please fix it. Also, I obsess about the show, it is amazing. I finally got sound for the game once I put ear buds in. It sounds like they all have the exact same voice as each other. There is no difference. It bugs me so much because their voices really gives them their character. Zane's voice is supposed to be a deeper, robotic sort of voice versus Jay who's voice is higher with a lot of enthusiasm. Even Wu and Darreth have the same voice as the ninja..Version: 1.2

Awesome Adventure!I have played this game and it is not the best you can play, But if you love Ninja's, Adventure, Puzzles and Lego you will enjoy this..Version: 1.2

GET IT!!!!The best game I ever played in my life.Version: 1.2

Great Game ! But to many bugsMy son loves this game but it’s very frustrating to see it constantly crashing . Restarting the game doesn’t help what so ever, huge disappointment..Version: 1.2

Cool!Amazing storyline and gameplay! I love it..Version: 1.2

Can’t get passed level 2 + other stuffI loved ninjago as a kid and still like it now. I remember when this game first came out I was so exited that the first thing I did that day, was play the game. And the game was fun, but since I beat the game I just kept re doing some of the levels because I liked it so much. Then I deleted it to clear some space. Today I downloaded it again to see what it was like. Well the problem is it kept crashing and it eventually stopped. But once I get to the loading screen of level 2 (Spinjago Chase) it keeps crashing, I’ve tried everything, restarting my phone, clearing up some space, closing out all the apps, but nothing I did worked. I was so upset I couldn’t play one of the greatest games of my childhood. So then I went back to App Store to try and re download, Ninjago: Tournament Of Elements, which is basically you play as the elemental masters like, Cole, Neuro, Lloyd, skylar, Chen, Shadow, etc, and fought serpentine but I searched it up, only to find out that it was DELETED OFF THE APP STORE. I was so upset and sad that I actually had a tear come out of my eye. I was really upset that another one of the greatest games of my childhood was gone forever. So if you could, will you guys please put it back up on the App Store.Version: 1.2

Update pleaseHi wanner bros is it ok if you updated the game with new characters and levels I can wait but not that long..Version: 1.2

InfernicusThis is a very cool game, I love playing it and it's better than I was expecting. If you could add a custom character creator that would be amazing. Overall it is very awesome, good job. :).Version: 1.0

Need to fix somethingThe game overall is excellent but need to fix the graphics of the cutscenes because it’s blurry.Version: 2.1.0

Great gameIt was so fun. Define fly worth buying.👍🏻.Version: 2.1.0

It won’t even open>:(We got this game in hopes of having a good time but we ran into trouble right away not even half way through the opening screen it exits you out we tried restarting, resetting everything!!!! it wouldn’t work so please don’t get this game it’s just a waste of money.Version: 1.2

Great game!!!It’s an incredible game that (unlike the new ninjago game) follows the show good. It’s got lots of different characters and levels. The storyline is very creative and interesting. But there is a glitch where you cannot play it.m, I had to download it twice. For the sake of other people, please fix this..Version: 2.1.0

How do I DeleteI can’t delete data please fix really want to play from the start overall a good game.Version: 1.2

How to make the game work:If your on ios and looking on how to play without getting kicked out all you have to do is go to setting search icloud and turn on game center then go to game center and switch it on boom you can now play but the cutscenes are black sadly. Hope this helped for ios users :).Version: 1.2

Game will not playWarning, don’t waste your money! Paid and downloaded the game and cannot get it to start. Continuously glitches back to the home screen. Total rip off 👎.Version: 1.2

BEST GAME EVER!!!Good job I got to Amit I do like the game but Kai Cole jay and Zane losing There memories is kinda boring but still AWSOME!!!!.Version: 2.1.0

50/50 I guessI find the game really fun and the things you are able to do is awesome (I.e. using the elemental powers). However, I finished the game in one day... there needs to be more added to it. More levels. Perhaps going through different levels that coincide with the tv show but from the beginning to most recent. Other suggestions, I had problems with Cole “summoning” large boulders from the ground and throwing Wu’s staff. The controls are pretty good overall, just wish there was a way to use their powers easier..Version: 1.2

OkKkkReally good game but on the primal fulcrum level I collect all the eggs but then it glitches me of the game and I have to start it all over again it is not my phone because my other games are fine please k I I.Version: 1.2

Bit to shortIt’s pretty good but a bit too short.Version: 2.1.0

Best Game Ever!I normally don’t write reviews for games but I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about this game so I just wanted to tell people if they are looking for a great, fun new Ninjago game, then this is the one! I can’t stop playing it!!.Version: 1.2

CoolYour game is cool but when you finish all the levels and you press the level of temple of fire it skips the hall thing and can you make more levels.Version: 1.2

I wish the golden master was on this gameI am Nate and in love ninjago.Version: 2.1.0

Je fhffjbGgg ce h et gr t et qui je ne suis qu’amour personne ne veut que WhatsApp vous allez faire des économies dans les années qui viennent de vous hier.Version: 2.2.1

Can’t get past main menuI paid $4.99 for a game my son can’t even play! We have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same problem! Once we get to the main menu and push continue, it logs off of the game completely. Save your money...unless you are ok with just staring at the main menu..Version: 1.2

Amazing gameIt’s a really good game do not remove from App Store please.Version: 2.1.0

Keeps taking to home screenEvery time I try to play it it takes me back home and I get frustrated because I bought it yesterday every time I push play it keeps taking me back home plz upgrade it to my iPod if y’all don’t I want a refund if y’all do upgrade it I will not get a refund and try doing it today.Version: 1.2

A nice game.So, it is a very good game, and I haven’t had the fun of a lego game in a long time. Sure, it’s hard to control and has expensive character prices, also pretty short, but the actual gameplay is what matters to me. It’s not too bad, even if not having the same voice actors and animation style, but it was very fun and never got repetitive, and the storyline and animation were good. Jay was funny, Zane was weird, Kai was short tempered, and Cole is sarcastic..Version: 1.2

Best game ever but needs an update.So my dad. Buyed the game but first I think it was lame until I tried it and after a day I finish the game and after a couple of months it didn’t update.Version: 1.2

Cutscenes won’t load anymoreToday I decided to replay the story but it crashed when I loaded the levels. I checked to see if another level worked and a level without a cutscene worked. Then I was wondering if it was the cutscenes so I went to play a cutscenes and it was the cutscenes..Version: 1.2

Crashes every single timeWell I want to tell you that YOU MADE SUCH A TRASH GAME for Lego Ninjago. And because I say that is because every time I load up the game crash reload it crash reload it again crash I played this on my iPad a long time ago and it was really fun but I want to play it on my new phone but it fricken won’t work because every time you load it up IT CRASHES!!!!?!?!!! By Anonymous not telling you my name because it’s private jerks. 🤬.Version: 1.2

This game actually works on MY iPhone 6Guys do you have an iPhone 6 well your in luck you can play it it is really good five stars stop writing hate comments because it works on my phone!!! Thanks for reading.Version: 1.2

Is this meant to happen?Hello! I am a NINJAGO Lover, I recently just got this game. The problem is, every time I press continue, it becomes a black screen and starts playing the Weekend Whip. When the song is over, I keep pressing the screen, I am doing what I can, and it stays black. I restarted the app and it’s still doing it. Is it possible if you can help? Thanks!.Version: 1.2

Not really a Good GameI had This Game And I Fished All the leaves And I was Getting a little bit Broad Of it so I Got read of it Then I Asked if I could Put it back on my iPad So I could play it so mabey you could put in some new Games on it Please I get board after I fished play it and I really really love This GAME! .Thank you for putting it on those..Version: 1.2

Ninja shadow of ronenIt’s a brilliant game with lots of adventures but the problem is that I can’t play it anymore so please fix it and if I can’t play it again I want my money back.Version: 1.2

GoodGood amazing cool.Version: 1.2

My reviewIt’s really good and all but I finished the game so quick so maybe if you guys add more levels of the continue the rest of the series and I really liked the Ninjago tournament of elements but I can’t find it any more which is sad.Version: 1.2

WellI just wish they would add the more recent seasons.Version: 2.2.1

I like itHi! I can tell you I’m not a bot and I’m also a really big fan of ninjago so when I saw this game I knew I wanted to try it so I asked my mom and she let me and this game is actually really fun! I got addicted almost becuase of it 😂 I almost have every character and I’m trying to get all of them I also finished every map :D.Version: 2.1.0

Update the game it had glitches my god >:(Okay I am not trying to be rude but if any of you get this PLEASE UPDATE the game there’s bugs and I try to press play it makes go back to my Home Screen but please fix this issues and others like it it makes me unhappy and I really want to play it but I can’t sadly ;(.Version: 1.2

So goodThis is the best game ever.Version: 2.1.0

Fix your gameIt’s good but all it does is close down when you press play please fix it it give so we can play it.Version: 1.2

AmazingAlthough the game dose get a little glitchy I think this game is amazing I do ask one thing though it would be great if you could add more levels to the game now that there are new seasons out I think you should make levels about them and include baby wu..Version: 1.2

Loved the game cause it was a Apart of my childhoodNow the reason why I said this is because I played this game a lot on my tablet that I used to have but that’s not the point right now because this game is not only the best Lego game ever but it actually works now I know what you thinking that just because the views and ratings it gets that it’s not good but trust me I was there to when I saw that you could buy it and it was worth the money to I saw the old reviews form 6ys ago and it made me think that I didn’t work but until I bought it it never crashed broke of did anything of the sort. I still play it even to this day I’m 13 about to be 14 playing a game that’s been here for 6 years and has never been taken down unfortunately like cars as fast as lightning did which is also a game that I wish they brought back, but in all words this game means a lot to me and if you give it a chance you see the difference to. Thank you 👍🏾.Version: 2.2.1

Fun but 1 porblomThis is a fun game but there’s one problemThe cut scenes are black but I can still Here cut scenes happening but I can’t see it happening update it’s been fixed now fix Lego Star Wars force awakens update you fixed it in this game also the game has fun levels and it’s long for its price but it would be greatly appreciated if we got controller support.Version: 2.2.1

Everything’s Perfect!I love the game and it’s amazing. I haven’t played in a while so I guess some things could have changed but it’s still amazing. I also love how there’s almost up to every character up to season 4 of ninjago. I played this game A LOT before and completed every single level with every of the collectible faces and characters and max coins. So yes I love it..Version: 1.2

Can you get me on the gameWhen I tern it on it turned off can you help me get on pleas.Version: 1.2

Great game just should be longerThis game was great and fantastic price was worth it just wish it was longer but still great job warner bros!.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t workLoaded this to an ipad and tried on my iphone and it loads until you press start. It then shuts down and goes to my home screen. Tried everything. Would like a refund but I can’t even find a contact to ask for help. So disappointing..Version: 1.2

Loved the game but…I loved this game but now I cant play it anymore but it’s great load it so have a great day.Version: 2.1.0

How it’s the best gameFirst of all to the people that play this game on iOS or iPhone there’s two versions of the controls they are so easy to handle just use the dpad controls this game is good actully it has so good storyline the gameplay is great I would like to see more of these types of games I would be really really nice of the game was way longer but hey it’s a good game.Version: 2.1.0

The game is so epicThe first time I installed the game it doesn’t work but the 3 time it worked in the year 2021 and I’m so happy.Version: 2.2.1

How good this game isSo I got this game the reviews say it always crashes and I played the whole game without a crash def worth what I bought it for.Version: 1.2

It’s a great game! But there is a bug....When the cut seen plays I can’t see it it’s just black but the game is good,it’s just that one bug..Version: 1.2

Please workI hope this game is good because I don’t know! I’ve never been able to play this game because every time I hit “play” the game kicks me out I don’t know why? I would really like it if you guys can either update the game or fix the problem! I really want to play this game since I loooooooooooove Ninjago but it won’t work. Please help! Bye..Version: 1.2

Too shortThis game does cost five pounds and it is way to short for five pound i think you should update it so we can other storylines that would make it worth £5.Version: 1.2

Ninjago shadow of glitchesMy son (8) had a great time playing this game. Lots of fun styles of adventure and fighting. But in the ice temple after defeating the ice snake the game glitches out and shuts down. Please address this and fix bugs and would be a 5 star review..Version: 1.2

WhyI had this game a few years back with the same iPad and it worked perfectly but now when I push the play button it goes to a black screen for a few seconds and it brings me back to my home page. Can you guys please tell me what is wrong because I absolutely love this game and I wan't to play it again. Thanks if you do.Version: 1.2

Bad🥺🥺🥺🤮I can’t even play.Version: 1.2

CrashesPush play game crashes can’t play want a refund.Version: 1.2

It is goodIt is a good game because if you complete all the levels you might not have all the characters so you actually have a point to go back and play.Version: 1.2

I can’t play the gameRight this is nothing to do with the storage but every time I try click go it kicks me off please fix it and don’t make it do that icloud thing.Version: 1.2

And play my Ninjago something is wrongI want to unlock go people.Version: 1.2

Is this the final?First of all, this game is awesome but simply it is short i don’t know that after i beat the final showdown is this really the finish of the game? I think no there is so many things to discover , I literally finished the game within the first day but please someone tell me how i can continue, and one thing else, there is many many characters and world is not unlocked!.Version: 1.2

The game is amazing but not the crashingTo: Anyone who knows the person who made the game. If you know him or her tell them to fix the game because the only reason people don’t like it is because it keeps crashing. I for one love the game and if you know someone at the App Store then tell them to try to convince the maker to fix It.Version: 1.2

BugSo there’s a serious bug which makes the app crash so please fix.Version: 1.2

My opinionI thinks this is a very good game as it takes place in between season 4 and 5 in the Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu show. The game turned on for me and as of writing this I have completed chapter 4. The only issue with this game that I have is that the characters don’t look like they do in the show and the voice actors aren’t the same for the game. Other than that: 4 stars. Good job Warner Bros..Version: 2.2.1

Best game EVER, just one problemOk,so I started a few months ago, and it would NOT start . Then wen I got it to load, I played and played until my iPad went dead, then, when I got on it then game again , the next morning, I WAS BACK ON LEVEL ONE. Lloyd was gone, and I was SUPER MAD. please fix this Also I’ve been stuck on level one ever sents this happend . PS: the dragon is amassing PSS: never remove Lloyd, he is amazing.Version: 1.2

It’s dopeThis game is fun but it sometimes gets boring I still think it’s cool.Version: 1.2

Please fixMy son loves this game but right now he can’t play needs bug fixing. every time he loads on the game and selects any level it cuts off. Wouldn’t mind so much but this was not free I bought this when it came out and now he can’t even play it bit of a waste of money..Version: 1.2

Good but badThe start was really good but I couldn’t get past level where you get the sword of fire.Version: 2.1.0

Refund plzMy son has downloaded and paid for this app however it doesn’t work. We can’t get past the menu screen as it keeps closing down. I have come to help him only to find that others have also complained about the same issue. Please refund our money. I have tried to report the error but I keep getting redirected to other sites..Version: 1.2

How to get past KaiHow do you get past Kai’s obsidian weapon I burn the metal and then I can’t go farther.Version: 2.2.1

DoneHi but what’s impressive is I completed it so make sure to make more chapters like do you watch the movie and cartoons of it watch episode 80s baby wu not too hard or too easy.Version: 1.2

Nice game BUT you could use the same voice actor in the showYeah….Version: 2.2.1

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