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Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about fitbod workout & fitness plans?

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Good app but could be more user friendlyGood features including selecting which equipment you have on hand & adjusting targeted muscles. Need to improve on the interface - exercise to exercise should flow a bit better eg. shortcuts/automatic jump to next exercise. And timed exercises - you have to select two or three things for it to start, a bit annoying when you’re in between sets..Version: 4.26.0

Huge design flawTried to renew my subscription, paid the money, and my account is still locked out. Completely unable to restore a subscription through the app. Now I’m paying for something I can’t use while I wait for someone to finally get back to me and correct it..Version: 4.5.2

LackingI find myself spending more time altering the daily workouts than anything else. The order of the exercises within a set often makes no sense. Also I am CONSTANTLY adjusting the weight used in the exercises as the recommendations are too low. I increase the weight and log it with every workout. You would think the app would adjust the reco over time but it hasn’t. I would like to be able to exclude muscle groups permanently rather than having to do it with each and every workout. I’m an avid cyclist so between rides and other workouts I do.. so for example I should be able to exclude glutes and quads permanently if I choose to. I have my Fitbod account linked to Strava so Fitbod reflects the rides but I still get a reco for those muscles groups even when they’re fatigued. I also thought there would be more variety in the structured workouts but there isn’t. This doesn’t make sense to me as it looks as there is a database of dozens of exercises for each muscle group.. but I keep getting the same two over and over. I really wanted to like the app but after a month I don’t see the value in paying 10 bucks a month when I have to spend 5-10 minutes a day customizing the workouts along with the other issues I mentioned..Version: 4.5.3

Almost worth buying..I’ve used up 2/3 of my trial workouts and so far so good. I like the workouts that the app sets up for me and feel it’s really handy for when you start to get bored of going to the gym. One of my main issues is that you cannot set the measurements to kgs permanently. It always switches back to lbs and I find it time consuming to keep having to flick back and forth. On my first workout, I logged my kgs in lbs accidentally and I couldn’t change it afterwards. 😓 A further issue is the fact that the trial is only 3 workouts long! How am I going to know if I want to use this for a year just with 3 uses?.Version: 3.8.4

Bugs making app unusableI’ve been a paying customer of Fitbod for over a year now. When it works the app is fine but that is increasingly rare. For the following reasons I cannot recommend this app. Problem 1: Unreliable The app will at least once a week forgot whole exercises, whole sets and only record part of one exercise. This is infuriating because you don’t realize until it’s too late. All of the data is lost and has to be re entered from memory. Problem 2: App Software Errors The app upon creating new workouts manually will throw up an un clearable error requiring the App to be closed and re started, often losing the set data entered. Problem 3: Apple Watch Bugs The Apple Watch app will open randomly and need to be closed multiple times even if no active activity is occurring on the iPhone. Problem 4: No Reply from Customer Support I’ve reached out to customer support using the app feature regarding these issues. No reply was provided. These issues have been prevalent for months and appear more frequently recently. I’ve lost faith in Fitbod and will be looking elsewhere..Version: 4.21.0

Mixed reviewsI have mixed reviews about this app im a premium subscriber. While I do like this app there are certain things I would like added or changed. First I do like that it’s gives you a detailed video on how to do each work out I think for beginners that are just starting to workout and don’t want to look stupid in the gym doing workouts wrong it’s very helpful to see the right form and detailed explanation of breathing and tightening techniques. I like the tracking of workouts and how they change your workouts throughout the week and show which muscles are fresh to be worked out and which ones you have just worked out through the week to give a rest. I also like how if you really don’t want to do a work out you can replace it with a workout you feel better about. How ever it is to hard to do this and if you don’t know the name of the machine in your gym or workout you want to do it’s to difficult selecting a work out scrolling down to the video to see what it is then if it’s not the right one having to go all the way back select another workout ( that might not be the right one again) then repeating the process if it’s not. There should be a video next to each workout to show a snapshot of that workout so you don’t have to take the time selecting and reselecting workouts. I also feel like for 10 dollars a month it just doesn’t do enough for me when it comes to tracking workouts and progress. Needs more features for what your playing.Version: 3.8.4

I love the app butI love this app. Great workout day suggestions. However I have huge frustration with the support team as they Do Not listen. The app has a huge flaw. When I configured for strength as my workout option I should be getting low reps and high weight exercises. Instead I get options with 22 reps. I logged tickets to No Avail. Too bad really. I have to manually change the workout every day..Version: 4.14.0

Good but..Honestly, its a good app but there are some bugs that dont seem to be the priority to the developers. For example. The are muscle groups to choose from to create a workout. The option is given to choose a secondary muscle (calf, traps, forearms etc.) but when you click on save it doesnt generate automaticaly. I have contacted support and searched the forums and it hasnt been fixed in a year. Why buy this app that is supposed to create your workout when you end up having to create it yourself. I might be picky but for an advance weightlifter, ill just save my money and create my own workouts. There are TONS of free workouts online and free apps. Thanks.Version: 4.11.2

Fantastic concept but buggyI love the concept but the app is buggy. I find the interval bells are intermittent in the sink to the Apple Watch is quite poor. But I love Howard cooks exercises for you and you don’t have to think..Version: 4.26.1

Glitchy and BuggyThis app, whilst having massive potential is bogged down by a number of glitches and bugs. Updates often break things which weren’t broken, and whenever I contact support they ask me to email the problems, but that would take too long because there’s a lot of issues. The app also sometimes crashes my entire phone when I complete a workout and it calculates my achievements. As I said, has massive potential but for a paid service, I expect updates which are actually beneficial and meaningful and quicker fixes to bugs. I recommend the developers of the app actually use this themselves as there is no way they could miss the bugs.Version: 3.21

CrapHorrible design. The engineers should all be fired. It’s been nearly a year the app is buggy.Version: 4.25.2

Need a family plan!I LOVED this app until my free trial ran out. At that point I couldn’t use it since my husband is already using it on the same apple family sharing plan. We would pay more for a family plan that we could both use..Version: 4.11.0

GlitchesI was wowed with this app. Unfortunately, lately I will log my workout on my Apple Watch 3 and it won’t record it though I press the log button or it will mess with my sets and reps and I have to go into my phone and log manually. If I try to use my watch regardless , I will flip my wrist to press log on the app and it will glitch after I press it and go back to my main watch face. It then says it needs to refresh with my phone. So I get my phone out to sYnc and my sets and reps that I know I logged for previous workout moves are gone and the sets AND reps are messed up! So I have been just logging through my phone and my app on my watch messes with it yet again! My watch will keep reminding me how many exercises I have left when I never logged into it with my watch . I have to go in and fix all my exercises that got reset or deleted again! I have now deleted it from my watch (one reason I got the app was I could workout without whipping my phone out) in hopes to get this sets, reps, deleting issue solved . This app WAS awesome! But the glitches has made me kind of want my money back! Don’t ask about updates, I have updated my watch, phone, apps, shut down and turned back on. Still an issue. This seems to be the only app on my watch with an issue as well. All my other apps work just fine ..Version: 3.14.2

Not value for money, so far...I’ve recently paid for a subscription to discover that the weights from my previous workouts have not transferred to the workouts designed for me by the app. Rather, the suggested weights are like 1kg so I have to try to remember back to the last time I did the activity to find the weight I’d previously used (I could not view this once I had commenced the workout). This is very frustrating and I Hope is a newbie glitch. I also am not sure how to, say, due a leg workout if the app thinks I am due for an upper body workout. It isn’t user friendly in this respect. I like that I can easily find replacement activities and build supersets, but overall I am disappointed thus far..Version: 3.3.3

I wish I didn’t subscribe this appI used this app for about four months after subscribing to it. It costs $60 per year but it’s completely not worth it. I would say $20 should be it’s fair price. I really regretted purchasing it for a number of reasons: 1. It is battery killer. I usually used it for an hour and it killed more than 50% of the battery every single time. For the information, I keep all of my apps and iOS up to date. After the frustration on its battery draining super power, I switched to other three work out apps and none of them used more than 15% of my battery; 2. It’s not user friendly and lacks the most basic function for people who would like to create and stick with their own workout routine. You have to navigate multiple places to get to where you need; 3. The auto generated workouts were just random put together exercises. All it does is switching out different exercises for you. As for benefit? None. Any other it’s competitors does the same job but Fitbod costs three times more; 4. It’s much more expensive than any other competition. Fitbod’s price is twice or three times of almost all of the alternatives on the market. I was four months in and lost too much battery juice and got frustrated for too long. I wish I didn’t subscribe it at the first place..Version: 4.0.1

Not Working!!Have been using this app since May and it’s been amazing but since December it’s super slow, crashes my phone, and often doesn’t even record my workouts anymore.Version: 3.8.1

Great potential but misses the MarkI’ve been using this app daily for two months now. While the concept of having it adjust to meet your ability and push you further is great it misses the mark on execution. It starts out great, five stars for being able to suggest the proper weight and exercise according to what I want to achieve and the equipment I have available. -1 star for not being able to RELIABLY go between my Apple Watch and phone to track progress or complete sets or workouts. App is often out of sync. On my watch the timer randomly stops while on the phone it works fine. Not all the time and not for the same workouts which only adds to the frustration because I never know what to expect next. -1 star for not being able to RELIABLY add exercises or sets. Have tried several times and it’s hit or miss. Sometime it works, other times it resets prior exercises I already completed. Now before I try to add I take screenshots of any changes I made in case it decides to reset. -1 star for having to pay a subscription for an app that is not being properly tested before it’s released. Looking back over past comments and many people have said the same thing, this is unacceptable. If we are being asked to pay monthly or annually for a service the least they can do is address the issues that are being reported. Not expecting changes overnight but going back a year and seeing the same called out, it’s time to get it right. If not, start reimbursing us until you can..Version: 4.18.2

Awesome app, but could be betterI have tried a few apps and I really like this one. I purchased an annual subscription. The theory and inner workings of the app is great but the layout could be improved significantly. The design is not really user friendly. I’ve been using for about 2 weeks, so I will likely get use to it, but it could be laid out better. Even though I rated 3 stars, I would recommend this app for anyone that is new to the gym, someone that wants a great way to log workouts, someone that doesn’t not have the time to plans your workouts or someone that does not have a great understanding of different weightlifting methodologies. I look forward to future updates of the app..Version: 4.20.0

Good app but bad pricing structureThis is a good app but I just can’t get my head around the pricing/subscription structure on apps like this with no option to buy the app outright. I mean I could buy a game that has taken a couple of years to make for under $100, while a very basic in comparison gym app has ongoing subscription costs which could end up costing substantially more. It’s a shame as the app is quite user friendly, but I will be switching to something that is priced a bit better..Version: 3.6.1

Good app but workout programming isn’t greatThe app works fine as far as function goes. However, the main purpose of a workout generator is so that people that don’t know what they are doing can have some guidance. There is guidance with exercise instructions and demos but the guidance for an optimal workout is subpar. I am a personal trainer and a natural pro bodybuilder. I would never program an isolation movement before a compound movement unless it was a pre-exhaustion type of routine. There is no rhyme or reason for the way the system generates exercises for a routine. I was playing around with it to see what the routines looked like and it generated a chest and tricep routine that started with 6 sets of 2 reps with dumbbell flys. That doesn’t even make sense. Why would an isolation movement be put as the first exercise and why would an isolation type movement only have sets of 2? That should be compound movement in that spot. I tried to regenerate the routine and it kept coming up with the same first exercise so I manually had to go in and replace the exercise and move all the exercises around to arrange them more logically. Too much work for something that’s suppose to be a no work no hassle workout generator. This is the same problem that I’ve found with most computer generated apps that works off of algorithms..Version: 3.10.2

I WANT to love this app...I’m a fitness professional. MS in exercise Science and an exercise specialist. For the casual gym goer looking to expand their repertoire in the gym and have something keep them accountable and organized, this app is wonderful. It’s user friendly, right to the point, and highly intuitive for just about anybody looking to get in shape. My issue is this. I got this app because of the convenience and the peace of mind knowing that I can follow the given workout and be confident that I’m doing all the right exercises. But I don’t have that convenience and peace of mind because I’m OFTEN finding myself trying to configure the workouts beforehand, quite thoroughly. The workout plan comes up and it gives me exercises that are just not conducive to a good workout. Meaning, why would I do an isolated movement, 3 sets of 6 before a heavy compound lift for 5 sets of 12? That makes no sense. Unfortunately I have to do a lot of the thinking myself because the algorithm provided just spits out workouts based on a flawed system. It doesn’t know what I know and how I would configure my workouts so in order for me to work better with the app, I’d have to sit there and configure every exercise. And makes sure you save the workout because any setting changed without saving the workout will completely throw out everything you just did. Frustrating when you’re on the fly. Anyways, good app, just can’t love it..Version: 3.3.1

App keeps crashing & doesn’t sync with Watch appI’ve been using Fitbod for years. The app has so much potential. It makes logging workouts and tracking progress so easy. I usually use my owns self-created workouts, but the ones that the app generates are great as well. But lately, the app has been crashing nearly every time I use it. When I create a workout, when I update a workout, when I’m mid-workout trying to log a set, the app crashes. It’s incredibly frustrating. Often times I start a workout and continue to log exercises on my Apple Watch, then get halfway thru my workout before I realize the app on my phone has not synced, and not of my progress appears there. Then the watch app defaults to the phone app, and my progress is erased on the watch, forcing me to go back thru and re-log everything from memory if I want to have a record of the day’s workout. I’m not sure what the issue is. I sent an email but have received no word back. There have been sporadic issues like this in the Pat surrounding various updates, but they usually pass within a few days. This time the problem has persisted for months. Please. For the love of the gains, fix this issue. I pay for this app and it crashes nearly every time I open it. Often times, mid-workout. It’s infuriating. Only thing keeping this review at 3 stars instead of 5..Version: 4.12.0

Rip off!I was super impressed with the app, even without having to pay, I necessarily don’t need all the extras. Then I discovered after 3 workouts, you have to pay the $60 a year for it to work!!!! I JUST want a n easy way to log my exercises!!!!!.Version: 3.0.2

Should be 5 starsI have been using the app for a few months now and found it quite good with no major issues until my last few workouts. Now when generating a new workout it only gives me handle band exercises to do. Because I don’t have a handle band or any resistance bands I’m now unable to use the app. I’ve checked my available equipment and it is the same as when I originally set it up, I tried turning on the handle bands and off again with it making no difference. There’s no obvious place to report bugs or app issues to so I have had to resort to leaving a poor review. I am happy to change the review back to 4/5 stars when this is fixed but until then I’m paying £10/month for nothing which is frustrating..Version: 3.23.1

Great idea but has issuesThis is the first fitness app of this kind that I’ve used. It’s a great idea and does a good job at replacing class workouts. I love the mini circuits that it suggested and found they kept me motivated. It provides combinations of exercises I just wouldn’t have made myself. There are however issues that I’ve come across. One of the suggested circuits given was 5 sets followed by 2 sets and another 2 sets across 3 different exercises. What do you do with the final 3 sets of exercise 1...? Also it does not provide a suggested test period between. Do we assume there is no rest (if so it’s not thought through at all) It doesn’t seem to record calories correctly. With an hour and 20 minutes completed it suggested just under 400 calories were burned. The 36 minutes of cardio at the beginning burned 500 alone according to the machine. My final issue is with the ongoing cost. £55 a year seems reasonable if paid monthly, however to pay monthly the cost doubles to just under £10 a month. In my opinion it’s not worth that. Having researched there are several similar apps for half the price. To finish on a positive, the video examples of exercises were very helpful. Especially if you’re trying something new. In conclusion, great idea, well executed in most parts, but not for that price..Version: 3.16

Great app. Subscription service shady AFReally enjoyed the app before lockdown and was a yearly subscriber. The app doesn’t appear in your iPhone subscriptions though, and on their website they claim that you can unsubscribe through their website, for which that page is not available. You know how real like gyms will pull all sorts of shady stuff to keep your membership going? Fitbod doesn’t want you to miss out so they’re continuing the tradition in the online space. It’s not possible to award zero stars but that’s what they deserve..Version: 4.17.0

It’s good at first sight!At first I really loved the customization of this app, but it’s actually VERY confusing! I was hoping to get an app that I could have a tailored plan that I could customize- but when it comes to using it it’s not very user friendly. My workouts always take an extra 10-15 due to having to read it..Version: 4.12.0

Unoptomised rubbishIf you just want this to give you exercises to do during your workout it’s fine. But if you try and use it to track your workout this turns into one of the worst apps I have ever used period. A one hour workout will drain the battery from full, logging that you’ve completed a set can take as long as it took to do the set in the first place (if not longer) provided the app doesn’t crash and every input is delayed by 2-3 seconds so you’re constantly unsure if the app is trying to update or if just didn’t register the input. I’m very happy with the workout builder and overall tracker, but for the money to buy the app it’s very disappointing how bad the app is during workouts when you actually need it most..Version: 3.11

Used to workThe generated workouts used to match my criteria .... but they now fall short. I reached out to customer service and they offered a fix, which worked for a week or two before things started to break again. I’m really disappointed because the workouts are great when the app generates them correctly, but that no longer happens..Version: 4.10.0

Great app but the spam emails.The app is alright I wouldn’t put it up there with the best on the market, the different exercises library is so basic, many exercises aren’t listed nor is there anyway that I know of to add a custom exercise to a workout routine. I would like to see the 3 work out sessions extended to possibly 5 before being asked to pay a monthly or yearly subscription, however the serious down turn is the email spamming it is absolutely ridiculous how many emails I’m sent by this application and for that I’ve decided to truely down rate the product. I’ve paid for a monthly subscription, however honestly do believe I’ll stop using once it’s done and look for something more..Version: 3.15.1

I need new exercicesI used to love this app, full of exercices and easy to use. However, after a year of using it at least three times a week, I’m getting bored. It’s always the same exercices that comes up and I feel like I don’t make progress anymore. I hope new exercices would be proposed more frequently, now I probably won’t renew my subscription for another year. Still worth it though, if you don’t get bored fast like me!.Version: 4.19.0

Great polished app with annoying bugs.Been using fitbod for 1 year now. Love it most of the time but there are bugs. Apple Watch sync can fail and then best case you kill the app on your watch and iPhone and restart and hope it syncs back up. Worst case your watch restarts your workout from nil then overwrites your 2 hour iPhone workout you just did. I’ve resorted to using Apple Watch Strength Training workout to track time and calories and disable fitbod to Apple Health sync. In other words don’t allow fitbod to write tonApple Health and use Apples workout app to track time/calories. Do that and you should have no issues since you’ve taken fitbod out of the Apple Health equation. Annoying though that they can’t get the Watch sync working perfectly. Also recommended weights and reps can sometimes get really wacky (just peruse the Facebook fitbod group’s comments). I’ve recently felt like fitbod’s AI has changed as well and just not feeling confident about the recommendations it’s giving for workouts. Having said all of that, this app is definitely worth the $5 per month no question. Hoping fitbod spends more time on getting the bugs worked out once and for all..Version: 3.21

Good when it works and doesn’t crashProbably the most unstable app I have ever used. I purchased it as it was recommended as an app that worked with the Apple Watch and would allow me not to keep my phone with me in the gym. Unfortunately the app seems to rely on regular connectivity to the phone or it can’t remember what weight you last used and constantly crashes if you try to input a weight, or if you want to increase your weight e.g you have improved and want to increase weight mid set. The other annoying issue is if the app crashes you need to go back to your gym locker, open your phone and wait for it to reconnect to resume. Better to stick with the free or cheaper apps that don’t support the watch and keep your phone close by. I wouldn’t bother with a purchase as it is overpriced for the quality..Version: 3.10.2

Good app, poor Apple Watch experienceLove the app. Lots of workout options that adjust to the equipment, if any, you have. Would have given 5 stars but the Apple Watch interface is wonky at best when it should be the perfect addition..Version: 4.21.0

Full of bugs makes it unusableI have never written a review before but feel compelled to let people know they are being ripped off. First bug was that it didn't sync my active energy after a few workouts. Tried everything to fix it and I’m pretty tech savvy. Next was it was recommending too many lower split workouts. I set it to pull/push/lower split and it would generate workouts like Lower, push, Lower, pull, push, Lower, pull, push etc. My legs were on fire and on the upcoming workouts it still didn’t resolve and seems to miss out the pull workouts. Shouldn’t it be something like lower then push then pull - repeat. It correctly reflected my legs recovery at being at very low percentage but would still generate a lower split workout. Next was no matter how many times I excluded and saved the excluded workouts they would come back. Same for equipment used. This wasn’t even resolved for any period of time. I would go back to generate the next workout and they would appear again instantly. Same with equipment. It also seems to just forget most other exercises and repeat the same ones. How can you trust the developers to create an algorithm for workouts when they can’t get the basics right? I don’t trust it at all. It’s a disgrace they are charging people for this app..Version: 3.16

Save your money, there are alternativesI’ve paid the subscription for over a year and I cannot believe I have been dealing with the constant desyncing issues between the phone and watch apps. In addition , after a year of activity this app suddenly stopped syncing with Apple health and activity so that was the first deal breaker. I have always been frustrated with the generated workouts. I’m no expert but I selected body building as my goal and yet the generated workouts would come up with crazy super sets. I finally got fed up with a super set of 21 bicep curls and 22 hammer curls. That is crazy no one should be doing 43 reps per set for biceps, you have to use very light dumbbells to even do that many reps. The app also likes to keep increasing body weight reps each time while never increasing the weight for bench press. Again I’m not an expert but I feel like if you want to build strength it is better to do like 8 reps with full plates meanwhile the app wants you to do 15 reps with 25 pound plates every time. These issues would be fine for a free app but this is 10 dollars a month. I have already found other apps that are cheaper and actually sync properly with the Apple Watch and Apple health app so I cannot recommend this app..Version: 4.13.0

Too expensiveThis is a great app, well laid out and comprehensive, it really helps to keep workouts varied and engaging. However, it’s way overpriced. If the £10 a month doesn’t bother you or money’s no object, go for it, but otherwise I’d urge caution. I don’t really see how the subscription model is even applicable here, it’s a piece of software that logs and complies exercise routines. Why a significant monthly outlay for an algorithm that does the same thing month after month? Of course the devs can charge what they want, I wish them luck, they’ve done a superb job on the app itself. I just hope a more sensibly priced alternative comes along soon..Version: 3.8.4

Few bugs and freezingFreezes quite often where I need to close and restart the application. It would be good if I could skip a type of work out. My app signed me out for some reason and when I signed back in I had to do the same work out again. I don’t want to do leg day twice in a row and I shouldn’t need to manually change the muscle groups. Unfortunately better applications out there..Version: 3.7.3

Way too expensive, outdated interfaceThis app was good for varying exercises, albeit a bit simplistic and with a chunky interface. I’ve cancelled my subscription because it’s overpriced. I don’t like having to sign myself up to a full year in order to pay for a reasonable subscription and the only other option is paying monthly at nearly £10 per month! This is far too overpriced for an algorithm based app. Think I’d rather put that extra £10 a month towards a better gym that includes personal trainers than an algorithm that still takes editing to work. I’ll be using a better priced app like Strong until this becomes more affordable. If it were maybe £5 monthly I would definitely support the app despite its childish interface..Version: 3.6.1

Such a good app but...The subscription fees are too high for a tracking app. It does everything you want, and brilliantly, but if it were not for the steep fees, it would be a 5-star app. Only gives you 9 free workouts until you need to purchase a subscription. Such a shame..Version: 3.19

Could be betterThe app needs improvements. Firstly I have adjustable dumbells. So giving me a timed interval with 4 dumbell exercises each with different weights doesn't work for me. There isn't enough time to change the weights and unfortubately the app isn't smart enough to split my interval among other things I have available. Secondly the timer doesn't display enough info. It tells me "dumbell squats" but doesn't tell me how many reps I'm aiming for or what weight. This combined with the previous issue pretty much makes timed Intervals unusable. There's no way to cancel or stop a workout you can only finish it. And this logs the workout as "done". Unfortunately this means I've used my 3 free workouts even through two of them I cancelled after a couple of sets due to the above issues. Now I'm faced with a dilemma do I give up or pay £10 for a month in the hope I figure out a way to work with this app. People take time to figure out a new app. There will be false starts they need to be able to cancel a workout and it shouldn't count towards the freebies unless they have completed half..Version: 4.5.2

Not for beginnersExercises are difficult if you don’t have the right frame and existing body strength. Their idea of what a “beginner” can do is a bit out of touch. I’m not expecting every app to cater to my specific needs but this just isn’t it. The majority of the exercises provided aren’t doable for overweight individuals without direct trainer support, and easier ones aren’t available even though I know they exist because I’ve had them taught during in person sessions. Demonstration videos are very simple with long descriptions that don’t really help you get the correct form. No details about how to add weight to the exercises or how to gain the flexibility or strength necessary to perform some of them. I found myself frequently consulting external sources, so what did I pay for? Interface is clunky with confusing menus. Maybe a good app if you want to track your progress across a moderate library of exercises but it won’t help many who starts training from a level of poor fitness..Version: 4.19.0

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans.

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Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans.

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