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Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans App User Positive Comments 2022

Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans app received 161 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fitbod workout & fitness plans?

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Fitbod Workout & Fitness Plans for Positive User Reviews

Great app but more fine tuning would be helpfulReally like the app, but for me the two things that would make it better are; the ability to set a max number of reps in a set so that instead of doing 20kg by 14 reps it would be 35kg by 5 reps, this would be especially useful on the low rep high weight programs which still seem to offer 12+ reps?? Secondly, it would be great to be able to set a minimum weight for things like barbell exercises where it will ask me to do 14kg by 14 reps, but I only have a 20kg Olympic bar so I have to manually increase the weight in the app and then guess what to decrease the reps number to..Version: 4.0.1

LOVE!! Totally worth it.I love everything about this app. I’ve been using it for a year and can’t believe I haven’t left a review on it yet. Fitbod rocks because it simplifies everything about weightlifting. Other apps like bodyfit make you choose from plans but Fitbod takes the choice out of it and tailor fits the plan to you. Everything is just so personalized I couldn’t recommend it enough. I paid for the annual Membership back in December of 2019 and most certainly plan on letting my renewal rollover. Well worth the price. I’m even willing to pay that amount in spite of the fact that I haven’t had access to the gym. Here in California all the 24 hour fitnesses have shut down for a large part of quarantine. I haven’t used the app that much since I purchased in last December because of the lack of gym equipment but for the little time I was able to use them before March it was a dream. It was literally like a personal trainer for a few months all for the price of $60. They clearly put a lot of work in to this app. Here’s to hoping that they continue to improve and add more helpful intuitive features like the weight plate calculator and the timer etc... 5 stars!!!.Version: 4.19.0

BEST. APP. EVER. Great for pandemic weight loss!I have downloaded every fitness app out there. This app is great because it lets you put in what equipment you have, makes a workout for you, calibrates the workout for you based on what difficulty rating you put in for the workout. It also lets you easily add on to workouts or replace if a workout is too hard. I have been looking for an app like this, I wish I had known about this app earlier before COVID. Gyms would’ve been so much easier to navigate! The recovery section of the app shows you which muscles you worked on the day before. The app also shows you which muscles you’re targeting for the day! Don’t like it? Change what you want to target and it’ll change the workout for you in 2 seconds! Amazing!!!! The tutorials are 5/5, EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS APP is perfect. I wish I could thank the makers in person, you’ve given a highly anxious person peace when it’s time to go back to the gym. Developers, can you also possibly work on adding a punching bag to the list of equipment and have workouts tailored for those as well? Thank you!!! 5/5!!!!!.Version: 4.20.1

Great UI/UXVery well planned and executed app, however it’s probably best for beginners..Version: 3.14.2

Needs more HR/watch optionsIt's so tedious to need multiple wearables that literally all do the same thing but fail to be universal. The workouts themselves have been fantastic so far..Version: 5.2.0

Great motivating app that keeps it mixedI’ve been using this for a while. I like that I can create a ‘home gym’ that doesn’t have much equipment and separately my main gym that does have all the weights and cardio equipment. It then tailors the workout to what you have, and knows how well recovered your muscle groups are when determining your next session. It rarely recommends the same exercises so your body is always challenged - the variety helps keep me motivated to use it. I’m happy to pay the monthly fee. Great value compared to a PT..Version: 5.0.2

The Best Fitness AppFitbod is an absolute game changer. Previously, I had been cycling a six-week training programme that I had programmed into the app Strong, which got quite repetitive. Since using Fitbod, I have learned so many more exercises and no workout is the same. The algorithm ensures that I train my freshest muscle groups in a balanced and progressive manner. Fitbod knows what equipment I have access to and provides exercises accordingly, which makes working out from my home gym a breeze in terms of logistics. I have even created an “on-the-road” gym profile containing purely body weight and TRX exercises. Really great app and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here..Version: 3.14.2

Great features, could be improvedI think this app is absolutely amazing with the timer option for circuits, hundreds of exercises, and very useful support and videos. Building a workout is fun and inspiring once you get the hang of the UX. I even like the emails and blog posts! I am stuck working out at home with limited equipment and the app feels like a daily personal trainer. My critique is that the workout generator is getting boring as hell after thirty days of use. Every day I get the same three different push ups. Why would I want to do three varieties of push up in a row every day? I like creating my own workout too but I would be so much happier if the AI or algorithm was more varied so I could learn new moves. Or maybe the AI could notice when I’m always swapping the pike push-up for downward dog push up. I don’t want to do superman anymore. Set me free!!! I also think the blog post workouts should be automatically loaded onto the app as templates, and that more exercises could be added for resistance bands, thigh bands, Pilates ball, and balance exercises. Add a few more isolating muscle groups like obliques and include workout generator categories for balance exercises and dynamic stretch exercises..Version: 4.18.2

Best workout app I ever usedThis app is amazing. Thank you..Version: 4.28.1

Finally an awesome workout app!I’ve been lifting advanced for 10+ years now and had almost given up on workout apps, just did my own paper thing. But paper workouts get stale and boring quickly. Then found this awesome app. Finally an app with customization, gym preferences, personal best days, progression, tracking, recovery options, rest, it’s crazy! Calorie tracking, foam rolling, supersets. This app is killing me every workout but I love it. Now I’m always so excited to see what my workout coach app is going to challenge me to next! Well worth the subscription. A worthy investment in yourself. You’ll be glad you did the commitment..Version: 3.20.1

Changed the way I workoutBeen using this app for a month and I love it. Can’t wait to see how this product and company evolves..Version: 2.9.10

Really good but...Loving the learning programs, it’s opened me up to a heap of exercises I’ve never done and machines I’ve never used - thankfully my gym has most of ‘em. But using beginner weight trainings settings, the fresh muscles routine didn’t program either triceps or calves. And similar for full body it was missing calves. I added calves manually but it didn’t keep it added for the next workout. Please add all muscles groups to both these routines in the next update, then I’d be happy to give a 5 star rating. 👍.Version: 4.13.0

Best appI’ve used for 2 days and already seen improvements in my weight lifting abilities and muscles are the biggest they’ve even been before 10/10 recommended.Version: 3.23

Perfect for all abilitiesI’m keen to maintain my fitness but have never really had any real understanding of training weights. I’ve tried a couple of apps in the past to assist and guide me with what to do, but most apps out there are just trackers rather than a virtual trainer. I have found this app to be perfect for my entry level, and imagine it will continue to be an ideal training partner as my ability and experience grows. Ideally for me, the app tells me what to do, what weights, how many reps and how many sets - it really is like having a personal trainer there to guide me. There are some really great features, including: setting your objective so that the workouts can be tailored to suit you; configuring your own gym to exclude certain moves or equipment you don’t have; gradual increase in weights and reps; and recommendations for cardio workouts. All in all, I can’t recommend this app highly enough..Version: 3.1.0

A pleasure to use 👌🏻After testing the free version, happily paid for this app, it just works extremely well and is a pleasure to use, especially on Apple Watch which leaves me to watch educational videos while I workout on my iPhone without having to ‘alt tab’ between video and gym app every 30secs. I entered in my weights workouts and shared them with my PT so he can send the templates to his other clients too ready to use immediately 💪🏻.Version: 3.9.2

Aaron RHello everyone let me say first this app is great! This is the best app of its kind... if u don’t mind paying. If your like me you don’t have to much extra spending cash especially for an in app purchase. I have avidly been using this app for about a year or more and i have loved it. It was great to time my breaks find out a rough estimate of what i burned (Cals) and to see how to properly do new exercises. I Had zero problems with the app minus a crash or two here and there but now 40$ a year is just not worth what i’m getting. I understand the company has to make money and for some of you 40$ is nothing but for me it’s quite a chunk of change i didn’t think i would be needing to spend Love the app just wish you wouldn’t force users to buy a subscription to use it. maybe a very limited free trial that gives the bare minimum would be a good substitute. Other then the price i highly recommend this app to all people on the fitness spectrum. UPDATE: I qualified for the beta program and was pleasantly surprised that they cared about their users i’m giving them a Big five stars for their actual care for customers great app and even better developers.Version: 2.9.22

Great app but bugs are ruining itFirst off, this app is amazing and is really helping me maintain momentum in my workout routine, as well as getting me to expand outside my comfort zone and avoiding just doing the same workouts every time. However, a couple bugs are really ruining it and causing a horrible experience. The biggest one is that on a day I am going to workout, I look through the “generated workout” and make any modifications I want to the exercises. This can take me about 15 minutes to get the right workout. Not a big deal, but when I go to the gym later in the day and fire up the app, I can see my workout for a few seconds, then it resets to the originally generated workout and I lose all my customizations!! This wastes a ton of my time at the gym to re-calibrate it. The other issue is that the gym profiles keep overwriting each other. I have a profile for my actual gym, and a profile for my home. But changing things on one profile like workout time length and available equipment will often update it on the other profile. Definitely defeat the purpose of multiple profiles! Hopefully these get fixed soon, once they are I’ll update my review..Version: 3.8.4

A happy userI’ve had a great time using Fitbod and have been getting a lot healthier. However, I have found it difficult to track my progress. I would suggest adding a feature where you can check on your PB, growth, projected 1RM, etc. for each exercise, not just after completing a workout. This way everyone would be able to clearly see if they have made progress for each muscle group or exercise and then add to to their next one if they want. Just a suggestion..Version: 4.9

Useful appVery easy to use. Great if you want variety in your work out and you don’t want to have to think of new exercises. Detailed explanations for each exercise and great to use for all levels of workouts (easy to intense). You can tailor your exercises to fit your body strength and the app learns how your body works. Excellent app!.Version: 3.21.1

If you invested in a home gym then you need thisLike most people over the pandemic my gym closed and I ended up converting a room into a home gym. I have limited equipment and so most of my workout routines became obsolete. This app has let me take advantage of my equipment and prioritise additional purchases based on utility to me. If you spent cash on home equipment do yourself a favour and get this app..Version: 5.0.2

All round excellent but with small errorsIt's a fantastic app to use for your workouts and has invigorated me to really take control of my fitness. I have noticed smaller things like spelling errors across instructions for excersies, and when doing something like an assisted dip or pull up it still shows the highest value input as the app belives the higher wait makes it harder when it is very much the opposite. I'd like to see more customisable export of data options and the ability for people with the app to share workouts with each other..Version: 4.28.0

Fantastic appI’m a long term gym user and have some pretty good routines I have used over the years but this app has been just what I’m looking for to log and structure my workouts. I’ve learned it’s important to track your progress to make you push harder in the gym and follow the path of progression that you are looking for. The only addition I would think would be great to add is some warm ups and stretches recommended for you, tailored to the body parts you have worked that day..Version: 4.5.3

Good but not great enough to pay for...yetI’ve used this app for one week which granted is not a lot of time. However, it is long enough to see some glaring errors. The app has a lot of really great exercises for beginner to advanced fitness levels. There are very good, very clear directions with a video accompanying each exercise to make successful execution quite easy. The problem I have on my iPhone Xs and my Apple Watch Series 4 is that the app on the watch and the app on the phone don’t seem to work in perfect synchronicity. The idea behind the watch app is that you can use it to cycle through specific exercises within a set or superset while your phone sits idle in your pocket. The problem on the Apple Watch app is that you have the choice only to log an entire superset and move onto the next superset despite the fact that you may only be on the first set within a superset. It’s annoying to have to go back to your phone to login individual sets so that you don’t clear out the entire superset and move onto the next exercise. I’ve had this issue every day since using the app. Also and on a more minor note, when setting up the initial free 30 day trial, I had to install, delete, and reinstall the app three times before I was able to begin the free trial. These are just a few examples of how this seemingly very strong app is still a bit glitchy in areas of basic user interface. A little fine-tuning and I would recommend it even at its $10 a month subscription..Version: 3.9.1

So much more than a “Fitness Log”I’ve been using this app for about a year. During that time I have rated it 5 stars periodically. Occasionally I will read other people’s reviews of the app. I just have to smh at some. Some complain about the price. You get what you pay for, and you get so much with this app. I have never had a second thought about the value I get from using Fitbod. Fitbod doesn’t just log your workout, it creates and customizes a workout based on what you do and what you want. So much is customizable. And if you aren’t feeling a specific exercise or the amount of weight or the rep count, change it. If you need a lower weight than it recommends, change it. It tracks your progress and makes a plan according to what you are capable of doing. Other than a personal trainer that knows me and helps keep a record of my workout, I have never had anything give me so much feedback and a plan for every day. I was very overweight and had not been in a gym in over 15yrs, because I hated going in and not having a plan or seeing new equipment and not knowing how to use it. This app has changed all that and has helped change me. Thank you Fitbod..Version: 3.24.4

Simple, smart and spot onProbably the best fitness app I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot. I’m about 12 years in to going to the gym and would count myself as pretty advanced, the app is brilliant. Easily tracks everything you do, tells you 1rpm, your best lifts, when you last worked a certain muscle. Suggests workouts or exercises. Possibly the best bit for me Too is it populates with suggested reps and weight based on previous workouts and your goal. So shakes doing “the same old workout”. Highly recommend, easy to use, but has a lot more functions than even on the surface..Version: 4.15.0

GreatBest app I come across for weightlifting at the gym. Simple abs smart. Would recommend.Version: 5.5.0

Great appGreat app, worth the annual fee for a PT on my phone basically. I love that it creates different workouts for you, shows you how to do the workouts if you’re unsure, can choose gym equipment or body weight exercises, can also choose what equipment and weights you have at home. The app also shows which muscles you have worked, are in recovery etc and can choose a goal that tailors your workouts. Have been using the app for 2 years now..Version: 4.5.3

Amazing appThe best gym log app, record everything that you have achieved..Version: 4.10.0

James maggs going 4 years to the gym and boxingAmazing for beginners and even advance lifters. Something I would love to be able to add is if you injured your self like pain my shoulder or elbow which I’m going through right now. You can swap the exercise but I think there could be a tweak there in the software and would be nice to have a diet plan with this app. You could easy double the price of it then. Paying yearly anyways. 2nd week in to it. Amazing you will see results and cheap for a persona trainer. You must have it combined with my fitness pa. You are what you eat. Must have honestly worth paying for!.Version: 5.10.0

AAA+ App (Gym Trainer & Workout buddy in 1)Been using this for a year & it must be the best thing I’ve spent money in a long long time!.Version: 5.1.0

Perfect for someone who knows nothing about working outHands down, this is the best fitness app I’ve used. I’ve tried several and found this to be the most fit for my needs. Since it pretty much builds my workout based on fresh muscle groups, I confidently walk into the gym knowing that I’ll just do what the app tells me to do. It also gives a great variety to your workouts so you’re not doing the same things everyday. I’ve learned so much about the gym equipment from this app. The explanations and videos are exactly what I needed for new workouts. Honestly, every time I walk out of the gym after using this app, I always find myself saying to myself “that was a great workout”. On top of that, I really like the replace feature. So if someone is using a piece of equipment outlined on my workout, I just replace it with a workout that exercises the same muscles. And on top of that, the ability to customize the equipment you have available in the gym was so helpful when Covid closed all the gyms down. At that time I was stuck with at home workouts and the two kettlebells I owned. Thanks to this app, I had no excuses to stop working out when the gyms were closed..Version: 4.33.0

You got equipment? You go to a Gym? Buy this appIf you own your equipment or go to the gym this app is a must have. On most visits to the gym you will find many wondering aimlessly around wondering what exercise to do next, I have also been one of those gym users. With COVID-19 paying us a visit in 2020 I decided with my wife to invest in our own equipment and this app is the perfect partner for home or commercial gym. You tell the app what equipment you have and this could range from a dumbbell/kettlebell to a more complex setup of bars and benches. The app will dynamically create you a work out for YOUR equipment and will keep adjust each day to vary the workouts. This I like as the app takes into account recover. This app does what no other app does and that’s tailored workouts for YOU and YOUR equipment. I’ve seen so many other apps plan workouts for equipment you don’t have. I could ramble on and on about this app I really believe it deserves a number one title and is THE ULTIMATE Fitness app and fairly priced. I would say the way it works is even better than a personal trainer, although I’m sure many will disagree with that comment. Just try it and before long you will see what I mean..Version: 4.20.0

Best app on the marketDownloaded this app after trying MANY fitness apps and this is heads and shoulders above the rest. I love the ability to program which gym equipment you have, what your fitness goals are and that it calibrates each workout for you based on your feedback. Won’t be getting rid of this anytime soon, fantastic for both my husband and I to use..Version: 4.20.1

Couldn’t Be Happier!I’m normally quite skeptical about purchasing full versions of apps because most of the time, the price doesn’t equate to what’s offered by the developer. I’m only 2 workouts into the 3 free workouts and have already decided I’m going to purchase the full version. I’ve been using Nike Training Club for a while now but it doesn’t adapt to progress like Fitbod does. I’d like the option to change kcal to kJ though. Maybe it’s there and I’m not looking hard enough. I was going to hold out and see if a promotional offer would come up for a discounted full version price but after using the app I’m excited to start straight away. Love your work!.Version: 3.6.0

Super excited but somewhat sad!I had always struggled with feeling confident at the gym especially with coming up with sound and effective exercise plans for the day during peak gym season. I work 9 hour days and can only hit the gym if I would like during peak night times, and often times I’m struggling up to come up with work out ideas and end up not making the most out of my time at the gym. I think that is where the feature of this app really shine through. I would recommend this app to those who need a little help with creating and tracking their exercise plans and progress! Also, you’re not indefinitely locked into the plan and you can swap/replace exercises if you would like. I believe the best feature is the instruction videos that built right into the app. The achievements after a workout are also a bonus! It’s nice to cheered on. Also, with the help of this app, I really get an idea of what muscles I am working out and I am able to check my form without being super self conscious because of all the instructional video. I was so excited to start incorporating this into my regime and hopefully kickstart myself into consistency. Unfortunately, the $60 annual is a bit too much for me to justify at the moment and knowing what I could save with the annual single payment versus the monthly has me hesitant to go down that route. I suppose I’ll just have to go back to using without until I can budget out for the annual fee..Version: 3.8.4

A fantastic toolOne of my biggest struggles was picking exercises and tracking development. I’ve been using fit box for a little over 6 months and the progress I’ve made couldn’t have been done without it. Not only does it challenge me with excersizes I wouldn’t naturally take on but it motivates me to push my limits. Love it.Version: 3.20.1

Awesome but there is room for improvement!I absolutely love the app, however, there are few things that really need to be rolled out and are quite basic so not sure why are they not available considering the price! 1. Some exercises are repeated multiple times under the same name.. 2. There are a ton of common variation exercises that are missing making it hard to log- workouts that are not Fitbot generated 3. Needs the ability to add you own exercises that are not in the app. 4. If there are no major updates or any sort of community/ forum based activity perhaps one-off payment for lifetime access is much better than subscription.. 5. The fitbit two way integration should be for more than walks! It will sync my walks but not other activities. For example, martial arts, swimming, etc, which essentially affect the muscle recovery and therefore end up overtraining the group 6. The algorithm needs working on - some muscle groups are NEVER suggested and others suggested almost daily...Version: 4.3

Brilliant appThis app is great, I would highly recommend it. It is a great way to log gym work outs and to try exercises you haven't tried before. It has a feature where you can stop the app from suggesting specific exercises, for example, I pulled my quad muscle and have been able to stop the app from randomly generating any exercises that Target the quads during my recovery! Brilliant! Keeps every work out fresh, do the free trial and see what you think. One bug that I found was that when I switched my phone, the app altered some of my workout history data. That's the only bug so far though. One suggestion is to have a feature that allows you to choose a focus area (eg biceps, glutes) and factor that into the generated workouts, focusing attention on building specific areas more. Another thing I'd love to see is more detail on goals (eg strength building, powerlifting) you get to choose what you want the goal of your workouts to be, but to be honest I would like more information on what the specific goals will focus on. There is a brief description though so this isn't a major issue at all. Keep up the good work, best app I've found so far. 👍 UPDATE: since writing this they have changed the detail on the goal descriptions, thank you developers this is very helpful for me. 😀.Version: 3.8.2

So far so goodOnly done 3 workouts with this app and so far I’m loving it. It takes the thinking out of your workout and I’m really enjoying how it so customisable to the equipment I have. I had been using another fitness app for years and got board of how it was just the same workout on repeat and rarely updated, FitBod seems that it will keep bing updated to my fitness level and come up with different exercises. Definitely worth the purchase..Version: 4.18.2

4.5 Stars Great, but Not Quite perfectI love the design of this app. The app gives you the option of selecting the equipment you have access to (at home or at your gym). Then it can generate or recommend workouts based on that info. For example, I have access to adjustable dumbbells (5-52.5 lbs) and a smith machine. I was able to mention that in the app. You can prepare and adjust the rest timers for specific exercises. And you can even schedule warm-up sets. Also, you can exclude certain exercises from the recommendations list. This is almost everything you need! Cons: I wish that the rep count for planned workouts would not cap at 29. I also would have liked the option to add custom workouts. Also, I hate the fact that you have to add an exercise to your workout before you can see the instructional video for it. That is actually a major headache. This app is almost worth the annual subscription, but not quite there. If the features that I wished for were there, I would have happily paid $60/year for access to the full version of this app and given the app a 5-star rating..Version: 4.20.1

Best Workout app on the App StoreI Want to say a massive thanks to the development team for continuously bring updates and making the functionality of the app better every month. I searched for along time to find a Gym app that could do what I wanted and I was very happy when I got a trial to test Fitbod out. It’s refreshing having new and different exercises each workout that changes for you so that your workouts don’t get stuck in a boring routine. I have been using it for well over a year and have really start to fall in love with a lot of the functions. If you are looking for an app to kick start your gym life or help bring it back from the boring state it’s in then this is the one for you!.Version: 4.4.1

Makes exercise easierI have been using Fitbod for nearly three months now and it has made it so much easier to work out regularly. I find the hardest part of workouts for me has been choosing exercises and keeping track of what I am doing. Fitbod handles both of those tasks well and lets me focus on the workout. There are things I’d like to see added such as the ability to add certain exercises that are not there now. For instance, I have a concept2 erg for days I can’t get out and walk - but there is no option for adding rowing. And I often walk my golf rounds carrying my bag - but there is no way to add in the extra weight if I put walking in my log. But these are small inconveniences compared to the benefits I get from letting Fitbod plan my workout. When it does give me slightly squirrelly exercise lineups (like three variants of glute bridges one day last week) it is easy to pick other things. And i frequently read up on T nation and other places to understand how to have proper form on new exercises, since the instructions in Fitbod tend to be quite concise. In short, thank you Fitbod - I am already seeing improvements in areas where I was literally weak and that is all the motivation I need..Version: 4.21.0

Affordable and Practical with ResultsA year ago I began my fitness journey determined to better understand my body and perform exercises that would help me to reach my goals. Like most beginners I had absolutely no plan or structure, but this app gave that and more. The workouts are designed to fit your desired goal based off of your available equipment. The ability to personally tailor my workout program to any setting has allowed me to workout out practically anywhere. The pandemic has forced me to workout from my garage but in the past year I have accumulated more and more plates, dumbbells and equipment while simultaneously updating my available equipment on my app to set workouts and honestly I have had no need to join a gym. You will get stronger and you will see results so long as you stick to your goals and follow the apps instructions. My technique and form has improved tenfold and my strength has increased making every day tasks seem like nothing. I could write a whole essay on why you should download the app but it is definitely worth the trial and subscription if you are serious in pursuing any workout program. This app is a perfect supplement to any workout program or goal. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 5.1.0

AwesomeAs someone relatively new to the whole gym thing using free weight and machine can be a tad intimidating, you don’t know what your doing; you don’t wanna look at prat and end up on a Facebook page being this week hilarity. This app circumvents that, it has a huge selection of different exercises for each muscle groups meaning you don’t get stuck in a cycle of doing the exact same routine time in time out. This app massively helped my confidence in the gym, I feel like I can walk in and crack on with out worrying a) about if the exercise is even doing anything and b) how many sets/reps/ what weight it should be. GREAT APP!!.Version: 3.0.4

Please give us global KG!Absolutely great app - relatively tidy and easy UI, but please give us a global lb/kg option! Having to change each set to kilograms and having to scroll to the bottom, hit more and change the units for every single exercise is a pain. Little video/GIF clips of the exercises are a good help and the detail to which you can tailor your workout to your own equipment is really really good. I would give 5 stars if it was just a little cheaper for the full year and if the unit conversion was better implemented for those of us across the pond..Version: 4.25.2

Best fitness app on the marketAs I’m always jumping in and out of fitness and going to the gym I’ve wasted endless amounts of money on app memberships and without fail give up after a week of starting. This app how ever offers so much more than just a lift this and squat that. Depending of what you wanting out of the app it has all the information and advice you could want. From just basic overall fitness or hard grinding bodybuilding/ powerlifting sessions. You get out of what you put in of course but this app keeps you on track and pushing for greatness! (Or to the body you want.) Would highly recommend to friends and family without a doubt. 🤙.Version: 3.0.9

Almost amazingI couldn’t afford my trainer anymore, so I was forced to do the gym on my own. This app is great, and often gives me workouts freakishly similar to what my PT would come up with! I have to remove a star for a major point that I feel they could easily address. This happens far too often. When generating a workout, let’s say one of the areas I want to work on is chest (as is the case today). It gives me, in this order: push up, bosu ball push up, decline push up. I’d also selected other muscle groups, so why wouldn’t it mix them rather than give me a superset of literally press-ups? Sort this out and in my view you’ve got an almost-perfect app..Version: 3.19

User friendly and time savingI have trained with personal trainers and loved it, but due to covid, I was unable to access one any longer. We built up a small gym area in the garage, but after a few months I found my creativity for workout creation fading, my muscles were used to my known exercises, and I was no longer making any gains. Fitbod came right on time. It’s user-friendly, has hundreds of workout options, saves me a lot of time planing workouts, and is excellent for all levels. It takes into account your equipment, or lack thereof, and incorporates it into the routines. It learns what is easy or too hard, as adjusts workouts based on this. The instructions and demonstration videos ensure safety and good form for new exercises, and you can tailor workouts based on your goals. You can be a complete beginner or gym rat and enjoy the workouts, have no equipment or all, and adjust the time you want to spend working out each day. I am honestly really impressed, and for $60 a year I’ve never felt so motivated to keep working out. My only recommendation would be to add in a couple more cardio options (kickboxing, boxing, etc) for those who enjoy MMA and strength fitness routines..Version: 4.17.0

AwesomeComplete, lots of options, many many training possibilities, overall, love the app.Version: 3.9.1

Best workout app I’ve usedAnd I’ve used (and stopped using) a lot of them. Great job!.Version: 5.4.0

❤️Hands down the best fitness app I’ve come across. Paid around $69 AUD for full access for a year. Money worth spending. I struggled a bit at first trying to figure out how it works. Now I use it every day that I workout. If you’re like me, can’t workout without a program or a routine to follow, then get this app and you’re good to go🙂.Version: 3.8.2

Best fitness app I’ve ever used.Easy to use, was honest with the programming of parameters and lifestyle. Like the idea you can concentrate on either strength, bodybuilding, general fitness, etc. as it suits you. Have used for a couple of months, 3 gym sessions a week. First month for improving my general fitness / strength and second month for body building. I’ve always been tall and skinny with a fast metabolism and have never been able to put on any muscle for the last twenty years. Now at 50 years of age, the app has enable me to put on 8kg of muscle in 6 weeks or so. Takes the guess work out of what you should be doing in the gym. Yes, it’s not the cheapest but I believe it’s worth the money for the flexibility and general ease of use..Version: 5.0.2

Fix the little but important thingsI love this app but when syncing with my Apple Watch , the timer glitches , resting period also glitches when my Apple Watch screen is not on . As soon as I’m working out and the “ Duration” is meant to be counting down it will stop, until my Apple Watch screen is back on. Issues like these are what stop Fitbod from being a 5 star app and if these issues aren’t fixed I’ll start looking else where for my go to exercise app..Version: 4.21.0

Moderate ReviewGood application, keeps workouts fresh. There are some good features and the muscle fatigue tracker is a good idea. I would take it a step further and allow the person to enter their fatigue into the tracker. I’ll keep using the tracker as it’s motivating me to work muscle groups I may commonly overlook. The rest timing is a good idea also to avoid have breaks too long or too short. I would like to see the app combine some kind of cardio into the training..Version: 3.24.2

Motivation in an appI had been stopping and starting all sorts of different types of weight training for the last 2 years trying to find my mojo. Well I found it in the app. It is what I have always wanted in a journal. Easy adjust the reps or the weights. Adjusts them up the next time but also gives me the same muscle group but with different exercises to keep me keen. I signed up for the year without hesitation after three workouts and trialing the other apps such as Strong and FitnessAI.Version: 3.20.1

Virtual PT - mindblownHonestly this is the best thing since sliced bread! No exaggeration intended. I’ve always been a person who relies on technology and digital enhancements to make life easier and fun(ner)… and this app pushes the envelope even further; it calculates what type of person you are and tailors a workout just for you! Mathematics and algorithms never sounded better. For the first time I actually enjoy working out, I open the app to find a workout already created for me, I compete the workout and go about my business to return the next day with a new personalised workout all whilst the app does the hard work of calculating reps etc. I’ve used a few apps in the past, one being centr and although it’s a great app (especially the recipes section and random classes) it’s nowhere near as advanced as Fitbod. I’m truly blown away. It’s been a whole year and the reason I chose to write a review this late is because a couple months ago Fitbod asked members for feedback and to my surprise they actually listened… we just got a new update with great new features and UI. Thank you to everyone at Fitbod. This isn’t an app you should be living without. It’s brilliant!.Version: 5.0.2

Love all of the featuresI started using Fitbod in June 2018. Getting back into a workout routine as a mom and night nurse seemed impossible and overwhelming with three kids, an out of whack circadian rhythm, and limited time but I needed to do something for my health and to manage stress. I invested in home gym equipment over the years but never stuck with anything. I literally had to dust my weights and bench. I came across Fitbod while searching for an app to help me organize my workouts, give me some accountability, and some structure. It’s been a total game changer. There are so many helpful features that I love. It took the overwhelming planning me. Fitbod put together my workouts, according to the equipment I had, and was a great way to stay accountable. The instructional short how-to videos and explanations are great for beginners. I used these frequently to review form and ensure I was using the proper technique to avoid injury and get the maximum benefit. The timers for rest periods, superset builders, recovery log, max effort days, I love everything about it. For a busy mom with three kids, lifting with Fitbod took the stress of planning my workouts away and has allowed me to stay organized and progress! This transformation led me to health coaching and Fitbod is something I recommend to anyone looking to incorporate fitness into their routine..Version: 4.21.0

Better than an instructor (and cheaper!)Best body I’ve ever had, thanks to FitBod! Keeps it interesting, challenging and fun.Version: 4.19.0

Great for home workoutsPlenty of options for all skill levels. I started out with basic strength training and have progressed to more intense training. Excellent videos and very motivating with weekly email updates on your progress. I highly recommend this app.Version: 5.4.0

Wish I’d found it soonerAfter filling in my details, the app designed a workout that was perfect for me. Since then I haven’t wanted to skip a workout and I felt better after 1 week using this app than I have in years of training myself. I think it’s perfect for anyone who just wants to get in, train hard, and get out. It does all the thinking for you and if you’re like me it pushes you to go further than you normally would. I’ve been reintroduced to a lot of exercises and body parts that I have neglected and I feel so much better for it. It’s literally like having the best personal trainer in your pocket for a fraction of the cost..Version: 4.16.0

Problems with Elite??I have signed up to the elite subscription and it doesn’t work! I have followed the instructions on the FAQ and still nothing! I have cancelled and re-signed and still nothing!! No idea how to progress this... Real shame as well because the three free trial workouts were spot on...please get this resolved so I can go back to using this app for workouts!! Thanks... ...Following the above I contacted the admin team about the issues and they quickly resolved the problem and kept me up to date with the progress by Email! Very good customer service hence the change from 1 * to 5 *!!.Version: 3.0.5

Great range of exercises and videos, basic Watch AppAn excellent iPhone app, especially if you want more inspiration or help planning your workouts. Instructions and videos are excellent with good customisation options (eg gym equipment, time, frequency). Apple Watch app very useful but a bit basic. Would be better if it was a stand alone app that synced via the cloud rather than sync to the iPhone app (especially if like me you don’t take your phone into the gym - you have to remember to sync as soon as you can otherwise it seems to continue logging exercise minutes in the Health app). It would also be great if the gif previews of exercises were available on the watch and the ability to substitute exercises on the watch for when equipment is being used in the gym. Would also be nice if there was an iPad app (I use my watch in the gym and would prefer to plan / review my workouts on my iPad rather than iPhone)..Version: 3.0.5

Best appBest personal trainer that cost me far less than an actual trainer. I like that it adapts the workouts to your skill level, allows u to create your own workout if u want and to adjust any workout that’s been generated for u. Been using for about 7 weeks and I can’t complain. I recommend this to anybody I know who enjoys the gym like me, can get bored with the same workouts week in and week out and even coming up with your own workouts. This app does it all for u. I especially like that I get a summary of my workout at the end and I get achievement records for when I do extra..Version: 4.0.1

Great app with so many different workouts plus awesome customer service.The work outs are different and can be customized. I had the problem when I purchased in the website and tried to login with the app and e-mailed customer service , Jose who helped me was really helpful and patience and replied really fast as well. Really great customer service experience..Version: 5.1.0

Ive done this for a month and a half and I feel fantastic!I started this as a news years resolution, coupled with a high protein diet that I worked around my work week. This app is fantastic. It got me over my hump of going to the gym and not knowing what to do. This app not only respects your time (you can change how long you want the workout to last), but also your fitness ambitions (you can select from a menu six different workout goals, including bodybuilding for aesthetics, strength training all the way to Olympic lifting). The fact that I can customise my (app-generated!!) workout so easily means that every week I have something new to do. Or I can shock the system and do something random to shake things up. This keeps me motivated and the gym so much more enjoyable. I'm now no longer intimidated by the gym, but enjoy it immensely. And now I'm not the weakest, I see other people coming and going to the gym and feeling exactly what I felt when I first started. They should all get this app!! It would make people a lot less scared and have way more fun!!! The best fitness app I've ever used by a country margin. It's great..Version: 3.0.3

Apple Music + Fitbod Perfect for the gym!Overall this is a great app for the gym. May it be for newbies or even the more experienced. Well thought of idea to include the muscular anatomy that shows which muscles have been worked recently. Still some UI issues I would love to see fixed in an updated version, for example: When pressing 'Log workout' or 'finish set' it would be good if it showed a larger timer ⏱ and the next exercise maybe? More often I am fiddling with the phone to much to see what exercise to do next. This happens on circuits and supersets the app suggests. The mute notifications needs to be introduced when a workout starts IMO and maybe a unique sound when the timer is up. That's my 2 cents... keep up the work and I really look forward to see where your team can take this app..Version: 3.15.1

Cool programIt’s a cool program that lets you know how to use what you’ve got..Version: 5.2.0

Must have workout appVery supportive CS team. App is amazing and make my workout planning much easier. 100% recommend..Version: 5.4.1

BrilliantLove how the app can compile a workout based on the muscles I want to target. The instructional videos are brilliant and easy to follow. It allows me to feel confident and comfortable in the gym ❤️.Version: 5.5.0

Fantastic results!I just hit my 100 workout mark effectively making the app $1 per session at the quality of a personal trainer. So far I’ve lost 31kg using the app. I love the fact that I don’t have to think about what I have to do at the gym. I just turn up and go with the flow of the app. It’s definitely getting me to where I wanna go in my life. I strongly recommend the app and enjoy it thoroughly..Version: 3.22

Just what I needVery challenging exactly what I need at 47 years old and 247 lbs.Version: 5.2.0

OutstandingI’ve been using Fitbod for around a year now. Before that I’d followed a guide that I found online, which was ok but obviously repetitive and I found that I’d plateaued. Once you add your basic details and preferences (i.e. beginner, strength training, full body) then tell the app what equipment you have, how long you want to work out for and Fitbod will do the rest! It may take a few workouts of giving honest feedback (no effort to max effort) for the algorithms to get to know you, but I’ve seen steady, solid progress since then. Wouldn’t be without it now, happy to pay the annual subscription - it’s actually a huge bargain for what you get! There’s a super supportive, helpful and inclusive Facebook group for Fitbod who will offer all the help and encouragement you need. Honestly could not be happier with Fitbod, thank you!.Version: 4.30.2

Keeps improving but always room for tweaksAddition of dumbell weight increments in home gym setup has been really handy. Perhaps having a separate *single weight* value would be helpful though - so for people with adjustable weights, you’d have the option to put more on a single dumbell and use much higher weights for concentration curls than for hammer curls for example. You’d want to ensure single weight exercises didn’t mingle with doubles in a set though. I’d like to see similar modifiers for other equipment too - eg I own loop bands but not the sort of installed framework that I can hook them around so those exercises could be limited to things I can do without that - loop band push ups, shoulder squeezes etc. One other thing I’d like to see added would be to bring the workout schedule (days of the week) out of the app settings and into the workout settings. Also be good to highlight chosen workout days along the top in the log view too..Version: 4.22.1

Great worth the money.Just getting back into steady training. Love this app, adds great new exercises very customizable, shows and explains the exercises. There are tons of choices and options for people with a full gym to just the beginner who only has body weight. Absolutely pleased with the purchase. I pay for my subscription and will continue to do so..Version: 5.3.1

Great app really love it!, butIn January I’ll be already using this app for a year. It’s been quite an experience and it has helped me so much. Going to the gym without having to worry about “what I’m gonna train today” and being certain you’re not overtraining some muscles more than others it’s just so worth it!. I love the fact that I can use it and log sets from my Apple Watch!, even being able to see the exercise example video from your watch it’s also great. There are couple things that can be improved though, like being able to log the amount of effort at the end of each exercise from your Apple Watch, there’s kind of like a glitch when you mix timed exercises with reps exercises the clock keeps running and logging all the sets, it’s a pain in the neck. Also while I’m able to log my Nike Running app runs into Fitbod I’m not able to log my Nike Training routines when I do HIIT training and cardio on that app, that would be a great feature, like for the Fitbod app to be more open, like when I log my weight into my Apple Health from my Fit2Live app and I weight myself everyday. I think inter-connectivity is the way to go, in my humble opinion. Anyways Thank you guys for making such a great app!!! I’m a fan!.Version: 5.0.0

Everything I’ve wanted in a fitness appIt’s like my prayers were answered when I found this app, it’s everything I’d been looking for in one place. It gives you countless options so you don’t keep redoing the same exercises, keeps track of your progress and notifies you when it’s time to workout. Everything is completely customisable too. I never subscribe to apps but this one is definitely worth it. I look forward to using it in the next 12 months!.Version: 5.2.0

Fantastic App for the beginners and the busyI’ve been using this “Fitbod” app for about a month now, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it for anyone like me, who doesn’t have time to make up and track a detailed fitness program for themselves, or anyone new to lifting. Every exercise it plans for you gives a detailed description of the movements and a video of the motions, so you’ll never be lost or unsure about what you’re doing. 20 workouts in so far and I’ve yet to repeat the same exercise twice, yet still activate every muscle group multiple times a week. Helping to keep things interesting, but in the long term, prevent plateau’s and stagnant progress. There is a subscription fee, but between the daily custom workouts, active muscle fatigue tracking, archived logs of all past workouts, and multiple customization features depending on personal preference and equipment available to you, it’s well worth it. Plus it links to Strava and Apple’s health app if you’re into that sort of thing. I never cared enough to give a review to an app before because that’s stupid, but this app has been a very pleasant experience for me, and I figured I should recommend it before everyone drops of their New Years fitness kicks because I actually look forward to checking this app and checking what my next workout has in store for me..Version: 3.8.2

There is room for improvement.The IPhone app user interface is one of the reasons why I gravitated to Fitbod - relatively straightforward and clean. The app works like a charm in pushing me to do better with weight training. After 3 trials, I had to buy it as it was obviously better than the others. The app could however improve more by (1) having readily available charts on stats and details of training progress, (2) having the ability to add other muscle groups during an ongoing workout, and (3) being able to enter exact weight numbers while in the Apple Watch app..Version: 3.17.1

Best workout app availableThis app has totally changed the way I work out. I’ve lifted weights for years, but it’s easy to get tired of planning your workouts and to get stuck in the same workout plan for longer than your body will benefit from it. Fitbod takes out all the planning, giving you a variety of exercises each day based on which muscle groups you’ve used most recently and which are “fresh.” It lets you customize the plans based on what equipment is available at your gym, what your goals are for your body, how long you want to work out, and how many days per week you want to go to the gym (or work out at home). After it learns your baseline during the first few workouts, it even suggests weight amounts for you so you don’t have to keep track or look back through your workout logs (though you can do that through the app if you so choose). There are detailed instructions and videos for each exercise in case you aren’t familiar with them. It also has a great Apple Watch app. Fitbod is the most complete, user-friendly, affordable workout app available on the App Store..Version: 3.5.1

PerfectMust have tried every app out there. This is perfect. The subscription is totally worth it, because it allows you to have a guided home workout, with whatever kit you have, for a fraction of the price of gym membership or a trainer. The way it cycles muscle groups without you having to think about it is great, and the fact it adjusts the reps/etc it plans based on your feedback and performance makes it perfect. Similarly, the fact you can easily readjust your goals or target areas is super useful, and obvs it will reflect the kit you decide the invest money in, so that in itself makes those investments immediately pay off. Interface in workouts can take a little getting used to, but not much.Version: 4.19.0

Fantastic app!!I have tried several workout apps focusing on a variety of weighted gym workouts and I have to say this is the best! It is super easy to adjust and log the weights used as well as to log the sets and the overall exercise. I love how it gives warm up and cool down stretches and exercises framing the overall workout. Great explanations and videos making it simple to follow and if one has any doubt of an exercises these videos and explanations clarify it perfectly. It is very easy to create supersets or to disband exercises from supersets to normal follow up sets. I also like the variety of exercises, one is given great workout plans which are customisable (it is possible to replace exercises) and that after completing a workout there is a muscle test scale so there is no danger of overexercising. Finally I really like how there is a great way to track progression, synchronise to Apple health and also to see achievements and log difficulty. Overall it is definitely one of the very best workout apps and I will be using it a lot following my 8 workout trial because I am totally hooked ☺️☺️.Version: 3.18

Best Fitness App!I’m an ex powerlifter looking to tone up my bulky muscle into something more lean and, well, feminine. The thing that floors me about this app is just how much you can customize it to your preferences! When you open the app, it asks the basics: age, gender, height, weight, y’know. Then it asks you what your goals are for fitness: do you want to bulk up? Get lean/lose weight? Bodybuilding? Are you training for powerlifting? Are you training for Olympic weight lifting? Then it asks how many days a week you want to workout (and for how long), what your experience level is, what equipment your gym has (dumbbells, barbells, machines, etc.), and from there it customizes a weekly workout plan that’s perfect for you. And if your preferences change, like if one day you want to just do a bodyweight workout with no equipment, it lets you do just that in the settings! The more you workout, the more the app adjusts to your limits so that you’re neither whipped to the bone nor walking away feeling like you waisted your time doing nothing. It’s as if I’ve found a personal trainer that fits in the palm of my hand!! It’s only been the first week I used this app, but I’m already so thrilled with how well it’s made that I’ve subscribed to the $60 a year plan. This app is well worth it in so many ways. It even lets you add recovery and warm up exercises!.Version: 3.15.1

Great with some easy to fix flawsThe app provides a solid system to set up a workout routine based on your requirements and restraints. The video tutorials provide clarity that affirm you are getting the workout you signed up for. The interface is engaging and well designed. The issue is bugs and some logic within the app. The most annoying issue is the lack luster algorithm for determining calories burned. It is directly tied to the time of your workout, regardless if you just sat there for an hour. In fact if you take twice as long to do the same workout, you will be rewarded about twice the calories. This is silly and should be fixed as it a big reason I do not port this data to Apple health. Two, the split days do not recalibrate correctly if you change the split day (maybe you wanted to do chest on a Friday instead of legs.. it might make it chest again on Monday. Three, small bug but if you go to check future workouts, it won’t load all of them until you click on one first or leave the screen and return to it. This is probably a week of dev work max. Please fix these issues. - 2 year subscriber.Version: 4.26.0

First time, really great appToday I used the app for the first time, and honestly it’s really great. You’ve got three trial workouts to test it before you pay - I’m still thinking whether I want to invest the monthly cost to go ahead with using it frequently, but I’ll use the two extra free trials to make my mind up on that. In terms of using the app, it’s fairly simple, I love that it customises workouts depending on which muscles have had the most time to recover and also has already given me more workouts to implement into my routine. You can choose specific muscle categories to work as well, which is then customised. I got to a point that I was challenged enough that I couldn’t even do one of the specific workouts, and there’s a simple option to replace the workout and do a different one. I also really like the GIFs of the workouts at the bottom, although they could be a little bit bigger. This app has some minor flaws but genuinely is a great all round workout app. You can even choose what type of way you want to workout (for instance I chose muscle definition, but you can do lots of different ‘end goal’ categories). Pretty sure it’s worth the monthly price, just gonna try the rest of my free trial to make that decision..Version: 3.1.0

Fitbod is my personal trainerI have been weightlifting for over 10y on and off. I tried different options for my workouts until I found Fitbod. This app is incredible! I have had it for 3 years now and I use it in every gym session. I no longer have to worry about what to do because the Workouts from Fitbod are always fun and different! You have the option to set up your workout duration in case you have little time. Also the difficulty level. You can even create profiles for different gyms so that Fibod recommends you a workout that matches the equipment available in that particular gym! Honestly, it is amazing! Give it a try!.Version: 5.7.0

Brilliant appI’ve been using this app for over a year now and it’s been great. It makes programming workouts so much easier. I especially like that I can generate workouts that only use the equipment I have available. I also like how the app keeps things fresh by recommending a variety of exercises that I wouldn’t otherwise try out. Well done!.Version: 4.38.1

Amazing app! But no room for personalisationI have been using fitbod for about a year now. It’s amazing! But, if you do an exercise that they don’t have in their selection - you cannot add it. This is a little frustrating because I have quite a few exercises I do regularly that fitbod doesn’t have :(.Version: 4.20.1

Found it difficult over the yearsI have been in and out of the gym over the years and one thing that I found had an effect on my levels of motivation - keeping track off which workouts I have done, how much weight I lifted in each workout and how many reps and sets. I find this app solves all these problems. I really enjoy taking some time a few hours before a workout to look what’s in store for me on the app and plan my next workout. It really gets you motivated and thinking about what you’re going to do. There are however, a few things that I have noticed in the app that I don’t like/ don’t understand which I would love to share with the team as feedback but nothing that takes away from the app receiving a 5/5 review in my opinion..Version: 3.3.0

Best workout app I’ve seen!I started using this app after having a personal trainer for years. I had been wanting to start doing it on my own but struggled with putting workouts together that I knew made sense. This app very closely matches the kind of workouts I would do with my trainer, which makes me confident it isn’t asking me to do things that don’t make sense. It is also good about the way it groups exercises together, as in they are appropriate to do together, but also the order they list them in. Even asking you to do max reps every now and then to keep you from plateauing. It is the most customizable I’ve seen, and the most helpful. Giving detailed instructions with videos if you are unfamiliar with the exercise. I even got my boyfriend to start using it who is new to lifting and is intimidated by the gym. This app is the only reason I have finally been able to quit paying $60 a session for training twice a week. Now I pay close to that for a years subscription for the same workouts. I never leave reviews but had to because I love this app sooooooo much!!!.Version: 3.20.1

Changed the way I work out!Cannot speak more highly of this app! For such a long time, I was struggling to find motivation. Stuck with a mundane routine, and couldn’t find any interesting replacements. Along comes FitBod, and it’s free trial of a workout program, claiming to customise itself based on my fitness level and previous workouts logged. Well, there is a reason I decided to stick around after the trial ended. Variety, challenges, and sweat-breaking workouts, all tied into a well designed, snappy app. I have my motivation back, feel like I’m smashing goals, and most of all, seeing results! Thank you FitBod!.Version: 3.19

My best friend in the gym!I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now with the fitness goal option selected in the app to do strength-training, muscle tone, and bodybuilding, and let me tell you it has forever changed how I work out for the better! I’m already seeing a difference in how I look because the app is there to make sure I do the number of sets and reps I’m supposed to to reach my goal. It’s also challenging me to do exercises I was always scared to try as it offers videos and instructions on how to do the exercises correctly with right form. An option that I really like is that I can replace an exercise with another of the same muscle group. I connect this app to my apple watch and it lets me log in each set how many reps of an exercise I’m doing and it calculates the calories burned in a workout based on that data which is very convenient! This app will get you from a beginner at the gym to an expert in no time! Just keep exploring all the features in there and you’ll be amazed of how awesome it is. I would highly recommend this app even with the $5 subscription price per month that I’m paying. It’s totally worth it!.Version: 3.19

Almost perfectI wish I could drag and drop exercises when building supersets to change the order and group them in different ways when editing and that I could record exercises in a session as I go. Besides that, great app!.Version: 4.33.0

Up... Down... More EnergyFitbod has definitely kept me motivated to work out near everyday since downloading the app. The workouts so far have been within my current abilities after being injured. Having the ability to replace certain exercises in my workout is a huge benefit. If I have one qualm it would be that the app didn’t ask about any injuries when initially asking about ability, health and goals..Version: 3.9.2

Fantastic motivatorI've been away from the gym for 4 months due to Covid restrictions. Now I'm able to return, it's been an eye opener to see how much fitness Ive lost. But comparing the weights and reps that I previously did is a fantastic motivator. I know that exercises that I'm finding hard now will eventually seem too easy, provided I keep putting in the effort regularly. Thank you Fitbod for the unexpected benefit of being able to review my previous Fitbod Achievements 😊.Version: 4.39.1

I love whoever created this so much***9 month update: I ended up losing 40 more pounds using this app and am the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I wish I’d had this app in the army, because it has saved me from the hip injury that got me medically discharged. I can even run again now! Strength training is the way to go and this app helped me 100x more than that trainer ever did. *** I was a member of a personal training gym for 6 months ($700 a month for 3 workouts a week). Having a trainer was great; I built muscle and lost fat (20 pounds total weight loss). But once on my own, it’s been a struggle. I didn’t know what exercises to do together or how they affected my body. I saw this app on an Instagram ad and while I usually take a peek at fitness ads, I ultimately never download or buy a subscription. They’re almost all the same, don’t do much for you and are expensive. This app is EVERYTHING. Jeez- for the price of Netflix, I could’ve been using this app from the beginning and seen the same results. You still have to put in the work, but this is the best tool I’ve found so far and the price is amazing. I bought the annual subscription and am very pleased with my results so far. Great, customizable workouts that take all the I’m-confused-and-don’t-know-what-to-do-so-give-up out of it. This app partnered with a cheap $10 Planet Fitness membership may very well be the best thing to ever happen to me..Version: 3.16

Doesn’t show up on Apple WatchI like the app and everything but I don’t get why it doesn’t show on my Apple Watch, just on my phone..Version: 3.8.2

PT in my pocket - love it!Love this app! My husband had it for ages and kept telling me to use it...I thought it was just all weight training stuff and one off workouts. Eventually I used the free trial and it was great, it is tailored to my aim of losing weight & toning and the workouts are part of a program that know what I did last time and get harder over time based on my progress. We’re lucky enough to have a home gym so we just add all the equipment we’ve got and I like the replace option if I don’t fancy a particular exercise (I hate squats!!)..Version: 4.10.0

Completely Changed My Relationship with Fitness!I started FitBod about a year ago and am SO happy I stumbled across this app!! After the changes that came with Covid, and being at home for two months, I was completely off my workout game. Pre-Covid I was an avid morning gym goer.. waking up at 5/530 to get to the gym and workout for an hour before heading to work by 8. When everything shut down last year, we fortunately had some decent at home weights and other things to help maintain a level of fitness, but I was all over the place with what I was doing. I was following random accounts on Instagram to get ideas, or different articles from health magazines, but felt my progress reversing. When I came across this app, it totally changed everything! It gave me focus and a proper regime for working different muscles. It’s helped me to explore new and different moves, and also make me more comfortable with equipment now that I’m back in the gym. I love that I can set up different gyms, depending on if I’m at home, traveling, or full access at a gym. I still incorporate some other exercises outside of this app, but this has added so much to my routine! Thank you FitBod!!!.Version: 4.36.0

My own personal trainerI smashed my phone one day and lost track of where I was, how to move forward and which exercises were right for my goals. The app keeps me on track and with a little self input, I get the result I’m after. Can train without it..Version: 4.30.0

Best in classMy favourite thing about Fitbod is that it doesn’t get in the way of the workout. It is easy to change exercises, reps or weights on the fly and tailor the exercises to the equipment your gym has or your preferences. You can set up multiple ‘gyms’ and tailor the equipment and exercise types. I have a setup for my main gym for weights training and a home gym for body weight training only, and it was simple to set up. The iPhone and watch interfaces are straight forward and clean and easy to use while at the gym. I like how it highlights muscle groups that might be fatigued and those that are fresh, and tailors workouts to suit your recovery. I don’t think any other app does this so well. While I don’t love subscription models, as long as the developers keep improving this great app I’m happy to pay. Thank you!.Version: 3.1.0

First fitness app I am willing to use regularly!Really like 2 things about this app: - It selects workouts based on exactly what equipment you have available - It rotates muscle groups depending on how recovered muscles are from your previous workouts A couple areas could be improved to make it 5 star: - You need to play with the app a lot throughout your workout, you can’t just click ‘start workout’ and then follow the instructions on screen. For example it requires clicks to start timers, log sets, move onto the next stage of the workout and view the guidance on how to perform each exercise. - Perhaps this is not possible, but it would be great if there was some info on how you should adapt your diet to suit your workouts and fitness goals based on the info you enter about height, weight and goals. For example, as a beginner, I am always confused about whether/how much I need to up my protein intake following a workout to aid muscle recovery. But overall it’s a great app and I’ve just subscribed to continue beyond the 3 free workouts!.Version: 4.7.1

A month in and never going backI have been trying to get into working out for around 2 years now. I struggle with social anxiety so going to a gym and not knowing what to do or if I’m doing it right had been a BIG struggle. I had settled for 10 minute workout videos and running until I had a friend recommend this app. I’m OBSESSED. The algorithm works different muscle groups each workout so that I’m not doing just an “arm day” or “abs day”. Also, throwing in different exercises each day keeps me interested AND has proven to help my muscles. I love that you can change reps or weight for each round of an exercise as well. The videos and descriptions work perfectly to describe/show the correct form for the exercise. This not only helps my confidence in public but is super important for a beginner (to learn the correct form that is). As a student, it’s also really nice to be able to change gym profiles for at home/at summer apartment/at school. VERY handy. I also loveee the Apple Watch compatibility (calories don’t count unless they’re on the Apple Watch!) I’ve only been using the app for about a month but I am shocked at the amount of muscle i have added. This app really is like a personal trainer and adds room for personalization, the perfect mix..Version: 4.28.1

I like This Alot , Except . . . .Im a beginner when it comes to working out so i tend to be in the gym not knowing what to do just pretty much in there hopping from one machine to the next so i love the fact that this app (been using for about 3 months now) gives me my full workout . From start to finish so im not just in there trying to figure out what to do next . Love that it shows yu how to do it as well as what area of the body the exercise is actually for. My only downfall is that because im a beginner i would expect all my workouts to be beginner friendly. They most certainly have beginner friendly workouts but when im starting my workout and i see the workout they put together , i can never just go thru with the whole workout because im constantly replacing the one they put in my workout. For example , it may tell me to run for 20 min on the treadmill and ill have to replace that because its no way as a beginner that yu can run for 20 min straight (well i cant) or another one they always have be do are pushups but i always have to replace that with the one where yu can be on ur knees or just a completely different workout. So its not something that would make me not continue to use this app its just that if my workout is for 1 hr 30 min it then becomes way longer than that because i constantly have to stop to replace the really tough workouts that they have me doing. Only reason why i gave it 4 starts , other than that , would be a 5 for me🙂.Version: 3.23

Well worth the money!It does exactly what one could ever want from the workout app! There's progression tracking, rich atlas of exercises with instructions and gifs all labeled with which muscles the given exercise affects. Suggestions are great, so is the ability to create super sets. Even smaller things like timer for a plank are making this app so much easier to use. I've spent a lot of money on this app and I don't regret it in the slightest! Having an apple watch app is definite plus, although previous of exercises on the watch would have been nice! Love it!.Version: 4.1.1

App - Fantastic. Website - not so much.This app is brilliant. I use it every single time I go to the gym and now when I don’t use it I feel lost without it. It’s designed very well, it’s very easy to use and so motivating. 5 stars. Website. Confusing. Difficult to use. Doesn’t really work. I changed my bank account and my payment didn’t go through. So I got an email, tried to update my details, cannot find a way to do this at all. I can’t seem to access my account online, I can only do this through the app. When I click through to manage my subscription, it takes me straight to the homepage with no option on the menu to access an account. When I finally get to a point and try pay for the app, I just get a spinning wheel that’s says ‘completing your purchase’ and nothing else. It doesn’t progress past this point. It annoying because all I want to do is use the app. Please let me give you my money! I want to use it. But I get frustrated with websites that do not work. With such a successful app, that’s so well designed and polished, I don’t understand how they’ve got the website so, so wrong. Come on, fitbod!!!.Version: 3.22.1

Wonderful fitness app!Takes the guesswork out of progressive overloading. Very customisable. Get a strong sense that the creators know their stuff and know what they’re doing. Also very affordable on an annual plan. Noticeably seen my size increase since using the app. One suggestion: Set an option that supersets always use the same weight, irrespective of the exercise. It’s time consuming to change weights between sets. Keep up the good work!.Version: 4.15.1

Awesome app butI really love this app it completely changed the way I train and I have seen amazing results. However, sometimes the app acts up. For example, I want to add an extra muscle group to my exercise and it will take out another and this has embers every time I used the app after the most recent update. I also would like an option to change the start of the week from Sunday to Monday. Thanks Keep up the good work😊👍.Version: 3.18

Best workout app on the marketI’ve tried many but this one is by far the best. Workouts are varied, exactly like how my trainer would structure them, it automatically works out strength and volume exercises and is easy to use. Keeps me really motivated. I love how I can set the time I have for the workout and the app creates a sesh that leaves me sore. Highly recommended..Version: 3.23.1

A mustI’ve been working out for years in gyms and at home. Now I can use this app and input as much equipment as I have at home and cater a workout to my needs without hassle. No more writing things out for 20 min the day before to set a functional workout up. AMAZING app.Version: 5.2.0

Easy to use.I’ve waited to give this app a review, until I was consistent enough to see any sort of result. The app is really like a personal trainer in a way. It gives you an option to rate each workout when your done, to help with your next time you do the same or similar workout along with showing you how to do each workout. At first, it seemed like the weight and muscle groups were the same, and nothing was increasing, but it definitely starts to increase right around week 3. And I think that’s to do with settling in, and getting familiar with everything. I do enjoy that you can increase your time on the app, to help create a longer gym session. Along with all of that, it changes your workouts each week, with different movements and different workouts, that help increase muscle growth, and using that certain muscle group differently. Overall, the app is cheaper than most “Instagram trainers” that have “miracle growths” and it’s really helped me break up the pattern up in the gym, and keeps me motivated to continue to go..Version: 5.4.1

Life changing. Works great with Apple Watch but not necessaryAll I could ever want and more. Very impressed. Recommend to all friends and family. Would like to see a short description of why I’m doing lower reps and higher weights on an exercise and a short description of the whole workout, eg push max effort low reps ect.Version: 5.4.1

Works wonders for gym newbiesIt’s been several years since I went to the gym & after my first disheartening session back I decided that I needed a plan. I was looking for an app to track my workouts, not believing that I could find an all round app to both provide & track a workout within my price range but then I found fitbod. I’ve been using the app for 2 months now and I’m thrilled with its performance - I get a completely different workout every time, the app keeps track of which muscles are tired (and I can manually adjust this if I’m feeling particularly tired in a certain area), the calorie burn is amazingly accurate when not synced with a heart rate monitor, and now I have the option to link my Fitbit which is fantastic and saves me from manually logging walks! I would definitely recommend this app to anybody who wants variety in their workouts & gets bored of traditional cardio fast..Version: 3.16

Comprehensive Workout App!My foundation is in starting strength barbell strength training and I then do accessory work for bodybuilding. Currently, push/pull/legs split. This app has all the exercises a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter could ask for. I’m sure with updates and customer reviews they will add more exercises to the library. It’s great for calculating volume and calorie burn. Notably, the calorie burn can be worked into your daily diet and calorie count so you can factor your workouts into bulk or cut routines. The app is very easy to use, customize your own workout, supersets, or have the app generate a workout for you based on your fitness goals (and then customize it to your satisfaction). I purchased after my 2nd free trial session because I saw how convenient it was to track weights, volume, rest intervals all on your phone. It was one stop shop. Well worth the purchase, will recommend to friends and others! My phone is an iPHONE XS Max, no glitches, runs smooth. Please add the following exercises: Pendlay Rows, Deficit Deadlifts, Halting Deadlift, Rack pulls, Barbell Overhead Press (OHP), Barbell Pin Press for OHP, Rev Grip Bench Press, Wide Grip Bench Press, Block/Pin Bench Press, Rev grip Tri pull down (medial head), cable/rope triceps extensions, leg press stance variants (narrow/wide, upper stance, lower), Barbell Front Squats.Version: 3.5.1

An almost perfect home fitness appI’ve been using Fitbod for a couple of months now and it’s proved itself to be worth the money. I’m fortunate to have some equipment at home, all I needed was some guidance on what to do with it. Fitbod has given me exactly what I needed and I’m seeing (and feeling) the results. It costs the same as the cheap gym membership I had, but gives me a plan to follow that is working better than a gym membership did. The functionality of the app is flawless. It gives you a lot of flexibility to customize your workout if you want to change the exercises that it generates. The navigation is easy and it integrates with Apple Health and Fitness. It provides a good post-workout summary and helps keep you motivated by letting you know when you’ve set personal records. Overall, I’m happy. My only gripe is that, while this app won’t let you forget about leg day, it seems to neglect chest and triceps exercises unless you manually change the muscle groups you want to work out. It’s easy enough to fix that, especially since it shows you how your muscles have recovered since you last worked them, but the point was to have an app that would guide me through full body fitness. For that reason, it falls just a little short of perfect for me. Regardless, I’m still happy overall with the app and plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future..Version: 4.18.2

Some missing equipmentsSome missing equipment like row rear deltoid otherwise I am extremely happy with the app..Version: 5.11.1

Good but could be betterI did my first workout with Fitbod today. I really enjoyed the workout itself as I could pick which muscles I wanted to workout and it would generate the exercises for me. The exercises didn’t repeat, supersets were available, there is a built in timer, all of which I loved. Also available to add on are warm up and cool down exercises that are automatically generated for your muscle groups that you’re working out that day. And it shows you how to do each exercise/stretch. Can’t wait to see how my next two free workouts go before I consider subscribing. The one downside I’ve noticed while trying to log the weights I used— for the mini loop bands and resistance bands, the only way to log weight is based on their specific band colors/levels of resistance and I have bands from different brands with different levels of resistance to them, so I would like to be able to insert my own level of resistance for workouts rather than the preset ones. Also, the colors of the bands in the app don’t match up with the colors of the bands they sell on the website. This should be reconciled to at least match the ones that the company sells IMO because then I’d be more likely to buy the ones that match the app. This isn’t a huge deal as I just matched the resistances, BUT it’s an easy fix the company should adjust..Version: 4.32.0

One of the best apps out there for creating workoutsAlready recommended to a few friends as it’s one of the best apps out there. Able to customise your workout easily and I love the ability to add exercises by muscle group. One downside is that it’s not very feasible for those on a budget. I love the app but 15 dollars a month is not affordable for a lot of people, especially students..Version: 4.22.1

Best app!!Love the app! Used it for the past 106 weeks, love it..Version: 5.1.0

Think they’ve cracked itThese folks have done something quite wonderful. I’ve mucked around with different apps to put together interesting challenging and motivating workouts for years and they’ve all been a bit too hard to use or just worked in annoying ways. Fitbod automatically puts together some perfectly challenging workouts as it gets to understand where your abilities are at and works different bits of the body on different days to stop you overtraining anything. Totally worth the investment for the subscription for me..Version: 3.9.1

Beginners luckSix month update *** Still absolutely LOVE this app. It has made ALL the difference in my time at the gym as a beginning lifter. If you enjoy the feeling of clicking “done” at the end of a set to see progress, this is for you. If you need to see examples of how to do the exercises, this is for you. If you need to be pushed into exercises you didn’t know existed, again, this is for you. Well worth the money. I just open it, make adjustments based on how I’m feeling and then go. No thinking involved after that. Looking back at my past sets and seeing progress is phenomenal. My ONLY complaint is that it picks a few exercises and will not let them go. I love being asked to do new things, but it seems to be desperate for me to try some things over and over when there are even more new things to try. And that makes the reps get crazy high!! Doing 5 sets with 42 reps of ANY exercise is a LOT. I want it to cycle through all the things I haven’t done before it gets that high on one particular exercise. This would save the time replacing those with new things on my own before each exercise session. Otherwise, this is the best app I’ve ever paid for. Hands down. 100%..Version: 4.7.0

Great app but doesn’t support metric systemI’ve tried a bunch of fitness apps. This is the first full body solution I’ve found for men that isn’t just a gimmick. Other fitness apps (for men) tend to create short term programs like “two weeks to big arms”, and “4 weeks to great abs” which isn’t helpful if you just want a proper full body routine to improve everything. I like the automatic program it generates for you every day, and the timer between sets is excellent as well. The only reason why it’s not 5 stars is because the app only supports the imperial system and doesn’t support the metric system meaning I have to convert the numbers myself before I enter them into the system. This simple edit would open the app to the rest of the world..Version: 5.0.2

Excellent application, now let’s make it even better!Firstly I must say this is a really excellent app I am a 63 year old man who over many years has worked on my fitness for sport, body building, CrossFit and now general fitness. I have now been using the app in my home gym since coming out of the last lockdown in very bad shape and with poor motivation. The app learns about your ability and steadily increases reps, weight & times to increase strength, muscle & CV. So what would improve the app would be an understanding of adjustable dumbbells & kettlebells so that different weighted exercises didn’t get paired in timed intervals. Also sandbag exercises would be a good addition..Version: 5.9.1

The dream workout app (almost)The app is really good. The recovery info is very helpful in deciding what muscle groups to target. Cardio should Aldo be brought in, to provide completeness..Version: 5.4.1

Love this appBest fitness app I’ve used. Actually amazing. Generated workouts makes every workout different and fun. Coupling this with afternoon naps and no coffee has increased my testosterone and I’ve put on about 3kgs of muscle so far. Love it..Version: 3.24.4

GAME-CHANGING!I’ve been using this app for a couple of weeks now and it has completely changed the way I work out. The seamless integration with my Apple Watch makes logging exercises effortless. I love being able to look at the post-workout stats such as total volume and if I’ve beaten any of my previous records. The ability to customise what gym equipment you have is really helpful too. It may sound absurd but I now look forward to going to the gym knowing that my workout with Fitbod will help push along the (green) exercise activity ring on my Apple Watch that little bit further..Version: 3.8.3

Excellent app, few minor really annoying issuesOverall the app is excellent and gives really good workouts that are easily adjustable to suit the available equipment at the gym at the time, the clear demonstration gifs are also a good feature, However there are a few minor issues that get really frustrating that are: 1) I enter my height in ft and then go to set my weight kg which when selected changes your height to cm so I go back and change my height back to the correct height in ft which then changes my weight from kg to lbs with no way of seeming to avoid this 2) I often go to the app to find it’s reset my height and weight completely with the height reading 27cm 3)finally I often find that the app will change unit of measurement for lifting weights from kg to lbs which is fine if your gym uses lbs and kg together, which mine does not on all equipment Overall I would highly recommend the app and would have given a solid 5star rating if it wasn’t for the annoying issues.Version: 3.9.0

Never write a review but this app is better than the restOne of the first reviews I’ve bothered to actually write, that’s how good this app is (I’m a paying user now). 4 problems it solved for me: 1. Decision paralysis, helps me choose the right routines with preselected equipment 2. Tracks performance and automatically increases my weights each week 3. Let’s me know which muscles need rest / overworked 4. Check up on my form with their helpful videos improvements: I’d like it when selecting replacement workouts that it would show me small previews of these before confirming replacing excercise..Version: 4.24.0

Hits the spotI’ve always enjoyed cardio workouts and had wanted to sprinkle some resistance training in, but never knew where to start, or what to track, or what equipment to use and how. This app was really the perfect gentle introduction. I’ve continued using it for over a year, and now I slightly prefer weight lifting to cardio, which I never expected. It did take me a bit to learn the main exercises, but once I got used to them, I couldn’t stay away from the app. The features are all really great - I can use it to generate a quick 15 minute workout or a longer 45 minute one, and can customize it depending on whether I’m at my work gym, my apartment gym, or not around any equipment at all, and based on my overall mood and what’s sore. Most of all I like the variety, both within and across each workout, and all the customizable features, and how it tracks logged workouts and recovering muscle groups. It all prevents exercising from getting stale and keeps me on my toes. I’ve enjoyed seeing the additional features over the past year, especially the “achievements” tracking, and am looking forward to getting more use from the app in the future..Version: 3.1.2

Great App and variety of exercisesThe app provides a great variety of exercises to suit your ability but also to suit what equipment you have access to. I like that it provides different exercises each time so you don’t get bored of the same/repetitive exercises . It keeps me motivated as I look forward to doing something different each day..Version: 4.11.2

Brilliant app!This was the app I’ve been looking for all these years. Tried a few others before picking Fitbod, I find that it’s perfect for measuring muscular progressive overload which is vital for gradual but steady muscle growth. Also the timings between sets etc are excellent. The app measures progress very well to increase the challenge week to week but you have to be honest with yourself regarding how hard an exercise was before inputting into the app. I’ve already seen more gains using this app in a month than a decade of training erratically without a plan. I also like that it varies exercises and keeps mobility exercises up which have been essential to my progression. I’ll certainly recommend this app when people ask me to give them tips on training which I’m sure will happen soon when they see my results!.Version: 4.20.0

Does the thinking for youI’ve worked out for over a decade, but more recently with work and life I started slacking going to the gym. When I started getting back into my routine I found myself having issues in thinking through a split routine and tracking it. I had tried other apps, but sometimes I’d miss a workout or two due to travel or what not and then had to rework the program. This app, on the other hand, is excellent! It works like magic with the Apple Watch telling me when rest time is up and allowing me on the watch to log the reps and weights for the specific set and see the next set coming up. I started with just the trial and have found this app to be incredibly useful. I decided to purchase the subscription because for me it saves me time, motivates me to get to the gym, tracks everything effortlessly, and allows me to adjust workouts while taking that info into account for the remaining sets and future workouts. If nothing else, at least TRY this app and see the difference between how flawlessly it works. Also, one major feature that helps so much: you tell it what equipment you have. It then only makes workouts you have available in your gym. Genius!.Version: 3.0.10

Best I’ve ever usedI’ve used many apps and this is the cream of the crop. It does it all; automatically creates workouts based on your equipment, goals and what else has been worked at recently; tracks PBs and progression, streaks - amazing. The perfect tool to take the hassle out of planning, tracking and progressing..Version: 5.0.2

Mostly excellent with a few flaws and a high price tag.Overall an excellent, easy to use app. On the positive side this is a superb app if you want to just get to the gym and workout. No need to plan, no need to think about what to do. Just a turn up to the gym, start the app, follow the plan and leave. Workouts are tailored to your freshest muscle groups and you can easily track your progress. The app has helped me develop a habit of going to the gym. The most annoying thing about this app is the erroneous weights it suggests. Perhaps the developers have never been to a gym outside of the USA, if they had they’d know that you never see 16kg or 18kg dumbbells, they are always 15, 17.5, 20, etc. Same with cable machines, the suggested weights don’t match standard metric gym equipment. It’s no big effort to select a different weight then manually change the weight in the app but it is slightly annoying in an otherwise seamless app. Why not just have the weights standardised to real world gym equipment? Lastly this app is expensive. At AU$90 per year it is something I would use for a year to develop a habit and routine but probably not keep paying for every year. A one off $90 fee and more modest subscription cost would seem more appropriate for the content..Version: 3.10.1

Goodbye PlateauI’ve been lifting since I was 16. I worked in a gym through college and didn’t have a problem staying fit/built. Then, real life happened. I worked a professional job, got married, had a kid, and skipped the better part of a year working out. I’m highly motivated so getting back to work wasn’t difficult. The real problem was that I am not 37 and my body doesn’t snap back to 100% like it used to. With that being said, I am determined to be in the best shape of my life or die trying... Enter Fitbod. Fitbod got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do exercises I’ve not done in years or, I’m some cases, ones I have not done before. I’m finally, after the better part of a year hitting weights like crazy, seeing some major gains. I questioned the formula at first but as I fine tune the weights and number of reps I’m finding Fitbod to be indispensable. With all that being said, the only improvement I could recommend is to pair supersets in a way that is efficient. Sometimes similar exercises are paired which is okay unless they use the same piece of equipment that need rearranged (and can take a few minutes to strip and reset). This is really my only complaint with the app. It’s really great otherwise. Also, the synchronicity between the app and the Apple Watch needs some serious work. They don’t always know what each other is doing or has done..Version: 3.22.1

LOVE this app....but....Okay let me start off by saying I LOVE this app. I just take like 5-8 mins before my workout to log in everything I want to do. You have the option of telling the app what machines and weights you have available and it will give you ideas for workouts. You can make multiple profiles too. So, for example, you want to use it at the gym and home ....well you probably have different equipment at home than a gym. So you can create a home profile to tell it what equipment you have at home. And then another profile where you can use it at the gym with their equipment. The instructions and videos are very helpful as well for those workouts you don’t know very well yet but would like to try. It has made me sooo much more efficient instead of wandering around between sets wondering what to do next. The ONLY complaint I have (and why I didn’t give 5 stars) is because they don’t have as many different workouts as I like (for example, kickboxing and heavy bag workouts to name a few) and you don’t have the option of adding it. Other apps allow you to add your own workouts that aren’t listed in the app. Soo if any app developers are reading this right now ....please fix it and I will use this one religiously instead of bouncing between apps. It would really help eliminate competition because other than that feature, the app is unbelievable!!! And I would change my rating in a second to reflect how I feel.Version: 3.22.1

Uncomplicated, user friendly exercisesHave thoroughly enjoyed using this app and am very happy to recommend it. As long as you set your profile up correctly, you can’t go wrong. Some demo videos are questionable, but get advice from real people before using on your own & you’ll be fine!.Version: 5.2.0

Super happy, thoughtful features[Update: Just had to add how impressed I am with how responsive the developers are to feedback. I’ve only ever provided feedback on a couple other apps in the past, and didn’t get much of a response. This team are clearly passionate about making this app awesome for their users; they reply promptly, and have even let me know about some stuff in their project queue. Very happy to pay for a subscription for app creators like this.] Super happy with the app and looking forward to future developments. So many thoughtful little features, like adding warm up sets to your program, or changing your muscle focus areas. I use it daily, and will continue to..Version: 3.0.4

FantasticI love this app. I had been flipping between programs for years just tracking them on basic apps, making little progress and getting bored. Then I found fitbod and I am so impressed. It has so many options, I work with limited equipment at home and I can tell the app exactly what equipment I have. It builds workouts based on your goals and you specify how much time you have to workout. It has introduced me to so many great exercises I was missing out on before. It builds in general warm ups and warm up sets if you want it to. It is so customisable. I also love the little touches it has, for exercises like planks that require a timer, you press the little clock and it auto fills with the time you’re aiming for, and crucially, once you press the start button on that exercise it gives you a few seconds to get into position ready. It’s little touches like that I love and make the price of the app very worth it for me. 5 stars.Version: 3.22.1

Good but has some problemsDeletes past workouts every now and then..Version: 5.2.0

Love itSo good to be able to do home work outs that really get a good burn thanks Fitbod!.Version: 4.3

Best work out app everThis app can help me build body strength and be stronger.Version: 5.4.1

Almost a 5This app has legitimately changed my life. I would recommend it to anyone and the issue with Apple Watch syncing has been largely addressed. The only things keeping me from giving five stars are one major and one minor issue. Major: App struggles on iPhone 8 when launched. Freezes a lot and is often unresponsive for a while, almost like it needs to warm up. This might just be due to older hardware but good to be aware of given the price (which is totally worth it). Minor: On the Apple Watch app the timer disappears if you do any navigation while the rest period is active so you can’t see how much more rest you have left until it vibrates..Version: 4.10.0

Revolutionary idea - still some more work to doI really like this app a lot. It has an intuitive interface, and gives me challenging workouts that I look forward to every day. Like a lot of other people, this app has also exposed me to many exercises I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. I know that I will continue to use and enjoy this app for a very, very long time, and for that I thank the developers. The reason I gave 4 stars is because there are still some bugs that I feel need to be worked out. For example, one workout had 2 exercises that were both “max effort” days on the same muscle group. Maxing out one muscle group on a given day is taxing enough, but maxing out the same muscle group twice in a day will give you inconsistent results. I’ve also seen very strange weight/rep recommendations. For example, I maxed out one exercise at 13 reps for 50 pounds. A couple days later the app wants me to do 15 reps for 40 pounds. That’s practically maxing out again. Besides that, there are lots of little bugs that I’m sure will get sorted out over time. For example, the timer beeps are inconsistent between sets (sometimes it’ll beep and other times it won’t). I also wish you could tell the app that you don’t have fixed barbells. Most barbells are 45 pounds with no plates on them, yet there are barbell exercises in the app calling for 30 or 40 pounds, which is impossible. Again, I’m sure this will get sorted out in time, but they are still a minor annoyance..Version: 4.10.0

Great app for beginners!I never review iPhone apps, so this is kinda meaningful. This app is awesome! As someone who has messed around in the gym before, but ultimately just did the same exercises every day and not seeing results, this app is a lifesaver. I just put my headphones in, turn the app on, and go. When I go to the gym I don’t like to think about what I’m going to do next, and this app takes care of that! You tell it what you want to do (I’m doing a strength-training program), what your gym “level” is (I’m a beginner), and it creates a workout for you based on how long you want to workout for and for what muscles are “fresh”! This is especially great, because I typically workout 4 days in a row, so sometimes some muscles are way more sore than others, and the app knows that. I have used this app to keep my same weight, but start to put on some muscle! I have even caught my wife checking me out, which she hasn’t done in a while. All-in-all, this app is fantastic as a personal trainer that fits in your pocket. Yes, it does cost at most $10/mo (they have yearly plans for $60/year), but honestly that’s way cheaper than a trainer and this is basically doing the same thing. Definitely check this app out, if you’re a beginner or even an advanced gym rat! This will put together whatever kind of program you need, and if you stick with it I guarantee you’ll see results!.Version: 3.24.4

Great appHave a great range of exercises & you can select & modify to the equipment you have access to. Myself it’s the weights & equipment at home. If there is a exercise you can’t do for whatever reason you can swap it for another to target the some muscle group. Cheaper than the gym or PT. Great workout so far..Version: 4.20.1

Such an easy weight workout appThis is my second year with this app and I’ll admit I didn’t use it enough in the first 12 months. Now I am in a better space and this app is great! Videos, instructions, replacement exercises, you can target muscle groups and so much more. I really can’t fault it. We pay for a yearly subscription and it’s totally worth it because then you know the company will invest in making the app better. I love it !!.Version: 4.36.0

ExerciceExercices complets avec des démonstrations bien claires pour une bonneexécution...👍👍👍.Version: 4.22.0

Great if you’re anxious to go to the gymI’ve always had a lot of anxiety around going to the gym but decided to join earlier this year. I can confidently say that without Fitbod, I would be completely lost when it comes to what exercise to do and what machines to use. I am 4 months into my gym journey and I already feel so much stronger and better in my skin. That is greatly thanks to Fitbod. I love the workouts that the app puts together for you. I like the fact that you can replace anything you don’t want to do. You can exclude equipment that your gym doesn’t have. You can create different gym profiles if like me you work away from home and have to use hotel gyms. The gifs with each exercise are really helpful. The achievements help me to push myself to lift more for longer. Only thing I wish the app has is an integration with Fitbit or Garmin. I want to get a smart watch but want something that works with Fitbod! I hope this is coming soon 👍🏾.Version: 3.9.2

Best fitness app I have ever usedI’ve tried everything. I’ve done apps I’ve watched videos gone to classes. I hired a trainer for a few months. This app for the price and all of $60 a year is totally worth it. It’s been a blessing for me and it’s something to look forward to of “what are we going to do today?” Which helps the motivational aspect that I lack. It is simple to use. It has videos loaded into every exercise so you’re not having to struggle with waiting on a video to load via the internet. It’s clear and concise and clean and well thought out. It lacks all of the obnoxious pressuring tools that people think are so great and if that helps you fine - but I sometimes just can’t finish this last exercise after an hour of pushing myself and I’m just glad the app doesn’t get judgmental about it. It just says ok great job look at what you did today. Lol. If you’re struggling to work out or not sure how to get started - coming from someone who’s worked out solidly for the past 4 years - and still struggles with weight and motivation and body image issues and all of that - this app has helped me tremendously..Version: 3.24.5

The app I’ve been waiting forI’ve had brief flings with lifting apps before, but they never worked. Either they were too basic, required too much time to build workouts, were not customizable enough, or were a pain to log reps in the gym. Usually all of the above. So I stuck with the notes app for years. Fitbod has been game-changing for me. After a week of use, it started consistently generating a challenging workout every time. It’s infinitely customizable where I need it to be. And it’s easy to mash the big orange button to log a set (though it could still be bigger!). Most importantly, it generates workouts based on what I have available at the gym (or these days, at home). Absolutely amazing and well worth the yearly subscription price..Version: 4.23.0

Exactly what I needed!Growing up in sports and working out most of my adult life, I started to find it difficult after having my daughter to find time to plan my workouts. I’d forego planning, and go to the gym, and leave without feeling accomplished or having done anything meaningful. To combat that, I did CrossFit and workout classes bc I just needed someone to tell me what to do. Finally, I found Fitbod! I look forward to going to the gym throughout the week and have been able to establish a new routine. Before each workout, I check the app to get my mind right and know what workouts are listed for the day. After each workout, I feel SO accomplished! There are new workouts within the app that I’ve never before and are challenging me each workout. I use the HIIT feature for each workout, so it keeps my HR up and prevents me from lagging in between reps. All in all, I recommend Fitbod to anyone looking to challenge themselves, loose weight, or get stronger, because this app will push you to reach your goals. All you have to do is commit and show up!.Version: 4.30.2

Great appThe only thing I would suggest is better naming of the exercises. Alternating dumbbell curls are different from dumbbell curls so name them separately..Version: 5.2.0

Making me work(out)I’ve been using Fitbod for about three months. I’ve previously worked out with weight training plans and another app. The AI is really good at recommending what weight to use, which stops you from getting in a rut and being too ambitious. It’s easy to customise the workouts and change the exercises if you want. My only gripe is that it logs my runs repeatedly, so today I apparently did the same run three times. It might be my fault but I can’t find anything in the help section..Version: 4.21.0

Incredible.Absolutely love this app. My strength gains are consistent and beyond all expectations. Just as important, my physique is being sculpted like I’ve never seen it before... Get this app. Follow it. Eat well. You will love the results..Version: 3.24.1

Almost perfect- needs one featureHey Fitbod team, I’m loving the app and have been a paid subscriber for a couple of months now. So far I’m really loving it but there’s one missing feature that has put a bit of a thorn in my side, but it’s so close to already existing! Right now there’s a feature to exclude exercises, which I use, but what I really need is a feature to force include exercises. I want to set the foundation of every leg day to be good old fashioned squats, but right now often the app won’t suggest those and I have to manually add it, then remove some other one, which more often than not messes with supersets and is generally a pain to have to do. I would LOVE the ability to set it so that every leg day no matter what will always start with squats and end with leg press drop sets. Then let the app sort out the rest based on those non-negotiables. The same goes for other muscle groups, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying. Hopefully this is useful feedback, it would be a huge value add for myself and would essentially remove all of the friction out of my workflow- I’d never have to edit workouts again!.Version: 4.32.0

What I neededI always struggled not knowing what exercises to do at the gym, got bored with routine. This app generates a new routine on the fly and keeps it interesting. Helpful videos and exercise details really help. I really am enjoying this app and plan to use it for the long term. Thank you to the developers!.Version: 5.2.0

ExcellentI have been into physical fitness for many years. Recently gave up my gym membership and purchased my own equipment. I was getting frustrated with the Covid restrictions, and not being able to book a time to go, or the club being completely shut down. The app keeps things fresh and created workouts based on the equipment I have. I have noticed tremendous change in my strength, and my physical appearance. I highly recommend this app..Version: 4.24.0

The only App That I would give a review onLike a proud parent, I’ve watched Fitbod grow and develop from the early stages where the app would crash, videos were pixelated, and it looked like things would not end up well for the people of Fitbod. I sent them a message when I noticed their instruction videos that used to have audio attached were removed. With great customer service, they explained that they were planning on re-recording all the instructional videos that were once borrowed from another company. After about a year, I noticed improvements in the types of exercises you could choose from, the gym equipment you had access to, and (my favorite) the option to choose your body type that you would like to pursue. This app keeps me motivated to hit the gym every day at 11:30 at night after a long day. I get my notification, and can see the workout that’s ahead of me.... I absolutely love it. For all those type A planners out there like me, get this app. You’d spend money on anything else of value, this app is WORTH IT. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hit the gym!.Version: 3.0.9

Perfect app, needs more colour to itI would resubscribe to this app if you could personalize the main graphics colours. Make it more fun to look at / engage with than just functional. Otherwise, functionality is great..Version: 5.7.0

Add in percentagesBy far the best fitness app I’ve used, however I’ve noticed the app works with around 60% of your 1rm which is great for bodybuilding and general fitness when lifting in the 8-12 rep range. Personally I train in Olympic lifting and find workouts effective when training between 75-90% of projected 1rm in the 2-5 rep range. Is there a way fitbod can calculate this instead of manually changing reps and sets every time?.Version: 3.24.1

Great fitness appFitbod is a great app. I’ve been using it now for 18 months and cannot fault the app for assisting me reach my fitness goals. The only feature that it is missing is a dedicated stretching feature. It would be great to be able to generate a stretching workout based on pst workouts and muscles used. Overall a great app..Version: 4.31.0

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