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RuinedThis latest update has ruined the app. Can no longer play videos in landscape is the worst problem. Also, the new unread counts are broken. It assumes every post ever is now unread and if I scroll down a creator's feed, the number gets bigger! If I repeatedly pull down to refresh a creator's feed, the unread count at the top just changes to random numbers! No way to 'mark read' so now I can't tell if there's new content or not. Also, I don't like it now opening to the first creator. Having the 'news feed' homepage was much better so you can see the latest from all your creators instead of having to click each one in turn. The list of my current pledges has also gone missing! I have to open each creator feed in turn and click the ellipses to see my pledge amount. Finally, still no way to delete messages! Basic functionality!!!.Version: 2.12.6

Okay but improvements neededInterface is nice and useable but a few problems - can’t seem to scroll back through posts on iPhone, only allows you to see the last 10 or 20 posts on a patron timeline. Also please add a sleep timer for podcast player!.Version: 4.8.9

Always have to loginReally annoying that I keep having to login every single time I open the app. Just use the links in your email browsers chaps. Save yourself some time and don’t download the app..Version: 4.6.15

Videos don’t play in Lock Screen IOS….Version: 6.12.17

PatreonJuste pour le podcast des denis drolet ca vaut la peine d'avoir patreon 🙌🏻.Version: 7.2.15

Video lengthI would have liked it more if the video length was visible without actually clicking on the episode.Version: 7.2.26

Comments need time stamp for greater relevancy...Comments need a time stamp for greater relevancy to current events as they unfold over time. As I read older posts before I became supported a contributor, I see many comments but how old are they? There’s no way to know. Please developer friends, consider adding this to future versions..Version: 7.1.10

Almost perfect.I really love the app, it's a super convenient way to keep track of the artists I like and also keep updated on the content and my pledges without having to get on the computer or comb through my email, however even after having had the app for a few months, it's still kind of hair to navigate. Not impossible but I have found that some of the avenues to get to options that I thought I would find on the main page of an artist are often buried somewhere in my settings. Editing pledges is an example of this. The pages can be a tag glitchy and tend to lag depending on the content, but the scroll works well enough. There is no way to search tags other than scrolling until you find what you're looking for? Also unless you have a Patreon link or you know the specific handle of the person you're looking for, finding someone can be difficult at best..Version: 3.3.26

Good !!Idk what to say..It’s so good !! 👍.Version: 7.1.10

Kai skinnerAmazing application to meet whoever you like and whatever you are in to for me it’s betting tips from pro sports advice they are worth the monthly payment trust them and you will win no doubt about it just follow them day by day Big meetings they preform like no other.Version: 7.4.5

Video player problemsNot able to browse older content/videos from certain creators on the app, I have to use the website.Version: 6.11.5

Very much needed.I love Patreon. It’s great something like this exists. The ONLY thing I would change is the scrolling. Have to scroll forever just to reach old content. Other than that. Wonderful..Version: 6.3.19

GreatLove it! And such a great way to study the word.Version: 7.3.10

Is it rocket science?It shouldn’t be, but sometimes it feels like it is. I don’t know, I’ve never practised rocket science. What I’m failing to say is it’s not as straightforward as you’d expect it to be - why can I not access things I’ve got notified for, geniuses?! (Well aware that’s not the plural of genius, thanks) -but generally it’s pretty good at continuing playing music when you want to lock the screen like someone from the year 2063. Also I’m only here for Shaun Keaveny and he’s probably stumping up four of the four and a half stars I’d like to give by his sheer talent, average Paul McCartney impressions, and occasional responses to my messages into his shows. So I don’t know. I’m conflicted. Don’t really know what you want from me..Version: 6.12.8

Sign In with Apple broken? Update: WorksHow do I log in with Apple if Sign Up with Apple isn’t an option? I’d like to support a Patreon and do not have an account. When I press “Continue with Apple” it always replies “Something went wrong”. I cannot tell if it’s a bug or if I did something wrong. Update: Thank you for the speedy response. I don’t have an account so I don’t have Patreon email to send to you. This isn’t a critique, I genuinely want to know - why would I Sign In with Apple if I already had an account? I was hoping to create an account via “Sign In with Apple”. That’s my mistake. I realize now it doesn’t say Sign UP with Apple”. Seems odd to have one without the other though. Thanks again for the response. Update 2: Continue with Apple works. Dunno if the update fixed it or if it was because I reinstalled the app. Thanks devs..Version: 5.9.25

Would recommendGreat site, massive range of ways to interact with creators and fans, does have some problems however have rarely had the same problem twice and a majority have been site wide and not the app’s fault, would recommend for anyone who regularly accessed Patreon from their phone, overall would rate 5 stars if I didn’t just see a comment section filled with people saying they didn’t get an email notification they signed up for..Version: 6.8.9

Best Content everThere are some truly great creators on this app, I find that it’s usually content from YouTubers and podcasts that are looking to give their followers some extra videos or episodes or what ever is that they do, and also make some money off of it. I’m my case I am subscribed to a channel called Dungeons and Daddies, the name is not what it sounds like it a Dungeons and dragons podcast that follows the story about some dads it is the funniest thing ever, go check it out on Spotify and if you like it enough subscribe to them to help them make more of their great content..Version: 7.2.26

Members Flying High ✨So appreciating this platform that allows us to all #AllowMore @highflyingalignment; leading edge opportunities to connect with the whole of who we are as we gain clarity, guidance & inspiration,..Version: 6.4.16

Good way to view updates but still room for improvementThe latest update does as it says stopping crash on launch. Not sure why it suddenly started crashing in the last few days and this was needed? Latest update also now seems to let clicking on a notification to take you to that info rather than just opening generally, good but also unsure why this was not working for so long. Unlike on the website the app does not allow you to view all patronage updates in one list but it is a good way to look at each individually..Version: 4.5.7

Essential for all hers fansJoined the site around a week ago and can honestly say it’s superb stuff. Loads of content from the daily news, trips down memory lane, EFL, European league news and champs league news to name a few and for £2 a month you can’t get this great content anywhere else for the price..Version: 3.9.21

Can’t click on linksCan’t click on links and ALSO i cannot copy comments. Also wouldnt it be easier if comments were already opened with the post u are viewing like u dont have to click on comments when u view a post but its scrollable when u scroll to the bottom???.Version: 3.9.21

A miracle for improving my art skills!Since joining Patreon, I’ve improved my digital art skills immensely. There are so many talented artists to follow, who all upload wonderful interactive content. It’s great to be apart of such a selfless and positive community, thanks to Patreon!.Version: 5.9.19

The New Player WindowAs of today the layout of the player is really good. The transport controls are no longer partly overlaid on the image of whatever program is being played. Previously the skip backward and forward controls would obscured if the program image contained a lot of white. Thankyou very much for sorting out this. It has made the app instantly easier to use..Version: 7.4.19

Keeping the Arts alive!I might not be a rich man but a lot of people supporting artists with a few quid on a regular basis mounts up & keeps the happiness & joy of music alive, especially in recent tough times. I’ve been appreciating the unique feedback too. Together, we can save things!🎤🎸🥁🎵🎶.Version: 7.4.23

.Seul point négatif : difficile de se repérer à travers les épisodes.Version: 7.2.26

Latest Update keeps crashingSince 23rd Oct update have not been able to scroll down through a Patreon page without the app crashing and force quitting, really annoying as it means I am unable to access past creator content on my phone. The update has also wiped all my downloads, and I am unable to reach the content I had downloaded on the main page as the app keeps crashing. Fix this please.Version: 3.10.16

Works well enough but doesn’t match website functionalityWe love using the platform online but the app doesn’t quite match the websites functionality. It would be great to be able to do polls, and the other post types within the app too. I wonder if one day they’ll make it so we can also send pictures privately via the message function? Many Patrons keep asking us for that. Apart from that and a bit of ‘buginess’ it’s a great app thus the 4 star rating 😊.Version: 3.7.27

Great, but could be betterI love being able to support creators directly, so I really appreciate the service Patreon provides. The site could be a little easier to navigate (the few names I have been trying to find haven’t shown up when searching for them?? Had to use a direct link) or maybe being able to search by categories/subcategories of creators would be good. Also, if we’re able to search for new people to follow within the app/browser, maybe some cover page content from each creator so you know more about what you’d be spending money on, rather than kind of a guess?.Version: 5.8.8

Two suggestionI believe this is s great app and the way in which it functions is awesome except for the search bar. You have to know the exact name of each artist with exact spelling to find them, and that can be a bit frustrating. You also can’t type in an item a creator has made and have it show up, so maybe you guys could include a feature for that. Also I can’t tell if this is a creator thing or an app feature, but I’d really appreciate seeing the content I’m about to purchase before I do so. At the moment you have to either really want to support the artist or view their work elsewhere to see it before the subscription. So possibly, in the future, the patreon team could do a preview style of the creators content if that is an app controlled feature. Thanks for your time..Version: 3.7.11

Love itPATREON has allowed me to create and get paid- doing the thing I love- horse football dissections. It allowed me to drop a day a week at work so I can concentrate on creating more PATREON videos. It’s a perfect platform for me as it’s so easy..Version: 5.3.9

Fix swipe backIt should swipe back when you're in the comments. Instead, it opens a redundant screen. Put that in the top left, and swipe to go back instead..Version: 3.9.21

Good, just one requestI'm mainly writing to request that the audio download tools be expanded. A lot of podcasters use patreon to post extra content, but downloading it via this app puts them all into one long slush-fund of unsearchable, partially named material. It needs to be better: searchable, with easily-accessible episode descriptions, more like Apple's system- if it's gonna allow artists to produce content that I feel are worth paying for. It's good, but it's frustrating to find what I... kind of paid for. In part. Lol It's also stopped letting me control the app from the lock screen, which means I have to unlock my phone and open the app just to pause something; while with iTunes Podcasts, I can just pause it from my Bluetooth headphones. But there's a chance I've got some setting messed up on my phone. Who knows.Version: 3.8.31

Needs more work, pleaseI really love the idea of finding and patronizing through Patreon creators that are doing great work out there. No problem there. What I would like to see is more flexibility with the app. For instance searching a creators posts. Some of the creators that I follow make many posts and refer back to other posts. I have not found a way in the app to search those. Also many of my the creators do video or audio. The app does not let you leave the page or even turn off the screen(for putting in your pocket). It also doesn’t save your place on the vid/audio file if you mistakenly turn off your phone or hit a button while holding it in your hand trying to listen. It might do a bunch of stuff but for me if it doesn’t do these things then it doesn’t really work how I need it to work. Thanks.Version: 4.8.9

Absolutely NeededI am thrilled that an app like this exists. My favorite content creator can’t profit from YT because his videos are often taken down. Here, I see all of his work unedited, and I can show him appreciation for it. Plus there’s messaging directly to the creator. If you don’t have Patreon, you don’t have the full picture! Playlists would make it perfect!.Version: 6.12.8

A good platform for fans and artists to interactI follow rock bands and find it interesting to see beyond the music that is released, like for example, how the songs come about. Also I enjoy the content that bands put into their Patreon platform for their followers to engage with. As gigs are currently off the table, all the ‘live’ interaction keeps us in touch with the musicians and up to date with what’s going on in their musical sphere..Version: 5.7.16

Just like the site...confusingI’m not sure who designs there apps or webpages but None of it is intuitive. This app doesn’t allow you to just see one creators page. Or does it? Hard to tell since it’s not in your face and apparent. Even on their site I find myself clicking needlessly to go where I need to go. Just the other day I realized the Patreon symbol in the top left hand corner was a link to the home page. It’s silly. use words and stop making everything a “discovery”. I don’t have time to be wasting memorizing what clicking certain symbols do on a website. I swear I used to be able to see how many people are donating to someone I back. I have no idea how to do that now. Why do some modern websites insist on being edgy and making you work to get content. Simple and straightforward is all you need. Their app and website creators need a lesson in empathy. And whoever approves this needs to learn what it’s customers want. It really makes me want to use a different platform..Version: 6.3.19

It’s greatIt’s been 2 months, I love having access to the individual I subscribe to. I use PayPal for payment, no issues..Version: 7.1.28

PatreonBrilliant, saves time and really easy to work.Version: 3.3.26

ReviewMake it more easy to scroll content creators content on the app, have a setting where they can make like playlists etc so easier to navigate but besides that it’s good.Version: 4.6.28

A great platform with a few hiccups...A great platform for supporting creators and kickstarting one yourself. Though it’s not without some issues, sometimes the video player will close something your in the middle of if you close your phone or switch apps. Sometimes comments you write will inexplicably disappear after posting it, which can be frustrating when being able to comment on certain posts can be a tier for certain projects. And lastly occasionally posts won’t appear on the mobile version. I support Easy Allies a group of video game enthusiasts that make video content, for a long period of time they’re patron exclusive series Cup of Jones never appeared on the mobile app. Thankfully they reached out to patreon and worked this out. Despite a few annoyances Patreon is a great platform and a solid app. I wouldn’t listen to half the podcasts i do without the Mobile version..Version: 3.3.7

App still broken!The app is horrible to navigate, won’t show you your new mesages, doesn’t show new posts, you have no ability to sort anything… come on guys you can do better! last update should read changed colour of icon, to make app more difficult to distinguish from every other app… but I will give you a little credit, at least it no longer deletes the messages I am trying to send… Don’t get me wrong I love Patreon and the ability to support artists through it, and your website works, decently. It’s just the app that’s broken. And why black? Please change the colour to anything but black!! Anyhoo you can only get better from here, I’m looking forward to the next update! Have a great day!.Version: 7.2.15

I’m hookedJust want to thank you for all your hard work. You have made me a lot of money. Last Friday thanks to your brilliant charting you made me a profit in oneday of £3000. So in response to this I just had to sign up and support you. Thanks again I’m hooked watching your charting on utube..Version: 6.1.25

Honesty & IntegrityWhen you get to 60 it’s hard to not look back at the events that have shaped your life in finance. So after many losses over the years I can now say that without a doubt I have found a presenter that acts with honesty and integrity, which makes it easier for me to be responsible for my own actions, and now on my way to financial freedom. What an awesome human being you are. Thanks James, May you be continually blessed..Version: 6.6.11

Love the concept, not the appPatreon is a great idea. I love that I can support some of my favorite creators. Navigating the app (at least on the iPad) is a pain. When I swipe to scroll through the feed, it works fine until it runs out of pre-loaded content. When new stuff needs to load, it’ll give you a spinning “loading” icon to let you know it’s thinking - fine. But when the new content loads, it rushes up past where you were quickly, so you lose your place. When you scroll up to find your place again, the feed gets super stuttery, making it annoying to find your place (especially since you shouldn’t have to). Some of my favorite artists post multiple images in one post - that’s cool, right? It’s nice to see a group of drawings around the same theme. But when you go back to the feed from within a post, it just puts you somewhere in the feed, usually past where you were when you clicked the post. And if you’re deep in a feed but need to put your iPad aside - say you get a phone call or something - when you open your iPad again, you’re back at the top of the feed. Super frustrating. I’ve had all of these problems in landscape and portrait modes, on the previous generation iPad Pro. It makes for a crappy user experience. I’d suggest using the website over the app..Version: 3.12.3

I like Patreon butWhy doesn’t it save where you stopped when you listen to a podcast! I’m constantly losing my place ;(.Version: 6.12.8

Good but clunkyGood but app is clunky.Version: 5.9.3

Good honest advice.For me, the advice Neil has given has been both honest and sincere with some valuable tips and recommendations. There is much clarity in his investing strategy and the interviews with various high profile people are priceless. Many thanks and I look forward to your future postings and views. Kind regards and good luck. John..Version: 6.6.11

Good, but I have a slight glitchThis app is wonderful, but I sometimes get a glitch where it says I have a notification from a creator when there is nothing new being made by them that has been added. I’ve updated the current page of the creator that I was on but it still doesn’t update. I’ve had this problem only with 2 creators, and I stopped it before by no longer supporting the one, but that was due to my financial reasons not the glitch, and the second one only recently popped up. Long story short, please fix the glitch where it says I have a new notification for a creator when I don’t, I’ve even checked the website to make sure that I there was nothing new to see. Also alerts when a creator messages you in dms on the app would be helpful.Version: 4.6.15

LOVEPatreon is a win-win for creators & their patrons. Jack and the team at Patreon do an amazing job!.Version: 3.7.11

Fantastic resource for artists and alternative to mainstream platformsI am really impressed by the support that Patreon offers. It feels like real people behind the scenes in a way that mainstream media platforms don’t. When I had issues the team have always been prompt. Patreon also offered some great resources such as talks by experts on anxiety (at least that’s the one i saw) and other topics, offered for free and really quality. The actual interface is a bit faulty which makes formatting a little hard when posting. However, the fact that you have to keep it simple is nice in a way. It’s not an emoji-filled space for eye-grabbing candy, it’s a place to post quality content for the people who have the time and inclination to engage with it. I run a tiny project, and to me intimacy and being able to curate the content in a meaningful way is the most important thing, Patreon allows me to do that in a way that doesn’t feel disposable like other media and allows people to support me when they enjoy my work. A massive thumbs up and thanks to Patreon! it’s only 4 stars because of the interface being a bit awkward. otherwise 5 stars all the way..Version: 6.8.9

Miami Housewives the best last night.I started watching Miami Housewives again. Of course Audreana is going to be your light in life lesbian. I think the last 5 minutes was real TV. I like it!.Version: 7.1.10

Love Patreon! The App Could Use Some Work.As a DIY songwriter, Patreon has changed my life. My ONLY complaint is that the app is tricky, it takes fast internet to work properly, some of my patrons in who live in the country have told me that they simple cannot use the app and can only access Patreon via the website. This is a small issue, but I would like to see the app more prioritized in the future as it makes access to Patron content so much easier. All in all, Patreon is a quality platform and this app is really coming together nicely, with some adjustments, I’m sure this app can really boost Patrons experience and allow for even more personalized connection with whoever they choose to support on the platform..Version: 5.6.12

A perfectly usable app on IOSI have noticed quite a few complaints about this app on iPad Pro. I had a few similar problems myself, but was able to resolve them simply by logging out on the app and then logging back in. This seemed to solve the issues. Hope this advice is useful for troubled users..Version: 6.4.16

Kiwi bushmanLove it..Version: 3.7.19

Perfect for me as a creatorLove Patreon. I can create and share and get paid! So so easy, minimal fees taken- great customer service- can’t rate it highly enough. Been using it for 3 years. The study of the Equine Hoof.Version: 6.8.9

WeirdFor some reason patreon wouldn’t let me use my credit/debit card so I instead had to go through pay pal, minor inconvenience at most.Version: 6.12.17

I no longer listen to musicI’m new to podcasts I never gave them a second thought. The I watched The Act about Gypsy and Dee Dee the whole sorry tale fascinated me and my daughter recommended podcasts. I found redhanded and the rest is history. I listen in the car and in bed. I get freaked out so much as I live in a cottage on its own with no neighbours. I’m a self confessed addict of redhanded. The stories are entertaining and informative. I’ve learnt so much. I no longer listen to music at all, I must find some sort of balance. Keep up the great work. I can’t recommend the Redhanded podcast enough..Version: 5.10.18

Literally giving this a rating so that it’ll stop giving me pop upsLiterally giving this a rating so that it’ll stop giving me pop ups.Version: 6.1.25

Glitchy but good.Still cannot figure out how to view ‘clips’ from within the app. I have to go to Apple notifications. Even then if I write a comment it starts from the beginning again. Otherwise, a good app. I wish there were more uploads by creators. I follow VANCITY VANLIFE and he’s a good content creator. Others I’m a Patreon for don’t upload much or use all the features. Keep doing updates and making it more user friendly ‘intuitive’..Version: 6.8.9

WondermentThis is absolutely wonderful to be able to help and support a part of life that is based upon the principles of being kind and principled and giving inspiration to people from all over the world. Stephanie is so true to herself and her total love of Lalande and all the family and friends who touch her world, a unique human being who inspires others to live the dream..Version: 5.6.12

Following Rachel ParkerI am so glad I joined Patreon so that I can follow one of my favourite artists, Rachel Parker. Her tutorials are very informative and entertaining and her guidance to help improve my watercolour paintings is invaluable. I have hesitated to join for a while but it’s the best thing I have done this year to help with the current lockdown situation. One thing I would like to see is a guide on how to navigate Patreon as I don’t know how to post a photo to the community page? Is there a help page available? Other than that, I am completely happy with my subscription to Patreon..Version: 6.4.5

Content great but app not workingI love Patreon and being able to support creators. However the app can be very temperamental and glitches frequently. This is particularly true if you need to update payment details. Every time this happens I follow the troubleshooting guide and uninstall the app, turn my phone off, then turn back on again, download app and sign back in again. It doesn't work!!! It generally takes 24 hours before it gets back to normal and this is after multiple times uninstalling app etc. its super super frustrating as I love the content on patreon and think the concept is great but the app consistently is a nightmare to use if yoj have issue with payment and need to update payment. Other than that app works ok, just seems to glitch badly when payment needs to be updated or resubmitted thru app..Version: 6.1.25

Addictive to Crime Junkies PodcastAfter discovering this podcast several months ago and binging everything I could I finally decided today to join Patron. I loved these podcasts from the first episodes and converted a lot of my friends into crime junkie enthusiasts. I can’t (although I’ve tried) listening to other podcasts on murder but no one tells a story better than Ashley and Britt. I want to thank you guys for the abundance of information you have given all of us and the entertainment you’ve provided me with during all hours of my life from morning till night. I hope one day to meet you both at a meet and greet and hear first hand what sparked this all for the both of you. The void I was missing in my life was filled from this podcast <3 love you guys !.Version: 4.11.15

Family pictureI absolutely love being part of the Homely House , I feel like you are a super friend , and I love the picture of you as babe and both your brothers and your very handsome Dad n pretty Mother . I didn’t know it was your birthday, so belated Happy Birthday 🎂 I adored watching a beautiful gentle lady opening her Christmas box , a wonderful watch , so true , absolutely lovely. See you on Sunday beads n cake 🍰 n chat x.Version: 6.1.25

Very Happy Camper!Brilliant! I've found some of my favorite authors here on Patreon and new ones, too. Also pod casters. This gives me a way to not only get the most up-to-date info on new books, but also I get snippets, ideas, pics and any thing else that happens to cross their minds to share 🤗! I haven't had a single problem using this and I'm more than happy to share this with anyone!.Version: 3.7.19

Press the Whopper Button..!My names Don Beverage and I own Iowa’s 2nd largest giraffe and wildlife sanctuary ....Version: 7.2.11

The Corona DiariesThe most fun you can have in lockdown (with your clothes on) is the Corona Diaries. The weekly audience with Ant or (Dec)h, keeps all the purple community sane for another period of time (still don’t understand how anyone doesn’t love Bill Nighy btw). The two gigglers that punctuate the hour can only be measured against Sid James and Mutley in the most positive way. We have the honour of guest stars too such as Dave Gregory (XTC) who doesn’t sound like a member of the Grumbleweeds actually! It has a puzzle section too, it did take me until me Episodes 34 to get the words of the New Hampshire lounge pants. I have purchased the diaries of the lovely Mr Steve Hogarth but never read them (my wife hasn’t put them in the cupboard yet). Only three more years to go (even slower than my normal reading speed!) before I’m finished with my bedtime story. Keep the stories coming Mr Short and Mr Hogarth and never let the facts get in the way. Keep the Purple Faith.Version: 6.3.19

Fables and storiesI use Patreon every night and have done for years. I’m on a mental health website and I recommend Patreon frequently. I love the fables and the stories but like in the case of Alice in Wonderland I have to listen to an episode during the day before I can listen to the next one because I can never get to the end of the chapter before I fall asleep. It’s irritating that it works so well. After listening night after night to one fable for months I had to listen at lunchtime as I was desperate to get to the end..Version: 6.1.11

GreatAwesome.Version: 6.8.9

Lack of a search functionalityI only listen to one authour “Mike Bennett” who is amazeballs!! But I cannot see a way to search his feed for particular stories, or an wasy one click to where I have my downloads ... I just accidentally found that spot through a number of unintentional taps and screen slides. Could be easier!!.Version: 4.8.23

Broken!What the heck happened to Patreon on iOS? A recent update seems to have ruined the Community page. Now all the posts are overlapping and it’s a jumbled mess of text and images all overlapping. Gets worse as you scroll down to previous Community posts. A different looking mess each time I go to the Community page. Ugh! 🙄.Version: 5.5.2

ReviewNo complaints.Version: 7.2.26

Perfect except...Everything works well, and they even fixed one of my biggest pet peeves with the app for a while which was not being able to reply to people’s comments via the app.. it was mad annoying, i’d have to log into the online version any time i wanted to reply to someone’s comment.. but now there’s still one thing that’s bothering me.. i really wish that i was able to change my profile picture within the app.. i’m a person that likes to change my profile pictures a lot and not being able to do it within the app really bugs me, it’s the same situation where i have to log in to the website every time and it’s really tedious.. hope they fix it in a future update...Version: 6.2.20

Love itNice app.Version: 6.6.11

Best Bible Study to keep one motivated!This is my second round with Tara Leigh and will be my second time to actually complete the entire Bible in one year instead of starting it and only getting to Deuteronomy and then abandoning my commitment once again! Great instructions and explanations and stories keep me motivated and successful! I use Tara Leigh’s “Bible Recap” Book, search all the resources she provides and joined the Facebook PATREON group. I also joined the $15 tier in PATREON allowing me to have bonuses sent to my e-mail and also, one of my favorite, her “Bible Kneecap” ( as on your knees in prayer) where she shares the most beautiful prayers. I’m so happy that a very special young lady recommended this program to me at the most opportune time for me! ❤️.Version: 7.2.26

Awfully frustratingAs I refuse to complete Google ReCAPTCHA challenges, I’m utterly unable to login to Patreon’s website; this makes their iOS app my ONLY experience of Patreon and its just not good enough. Here’s an itemised list of grievances: 1. There’s no support for universal links, so website URLs can’t be opened in the app. 2. There’s no search, other than for creators, so you can’t search for the post you’re looking for. 3. There’s no filtering or sorting of the post list, making scrolling through page after page after page the ONLY option to find older content. 4. There’s no download management, no progress indication, and no sleep prevention. The only way to download multi-megabyte files is to just. Keep. Tapping. Every. Twenty. Seconds. Or the device goes to sleep, the download stops, and you have to start all over again. 5. There’s no ability to contact support, other than a web view with the contact page from the website, which doesn’t provide a feedback option and STILL HAS RECAPTCHA! In the app! Why!? Does Patreon have particularly numerous bots attempting to lodge support requests from WITHIN their iOS app? (For the avoidance of any doubt: while I fully support sites’ need to discern human from bot, I refuse to train Google’s commercial ML projects without due compensation.).Version: 3.11.2

Really write a review? Ellis freakin greatAhh review writing who really is sober enough. Ellis fan lyrical at the same time blunt. Downer kickin just a huge fan yo.Version: 5.4.6

Using on IPhone 11 Easy GermanAs a new user I find it quite difficult to find the subscriber version of the episode even though I remain signed in . I listen through hearing aids and the sound quality is excellent. I would have given five except for the difficulty described above..Version: 6.11.5

So far so goodI’m liking Patreon and the people I subscribe too..Version: 6.12.8

Hash tag showTethers cunts are good counts.Version: 6.4.16

Easy way to support the artsI wish the iPad scroll controls were present in horizontal zoom..Version: 7.3.10

NiceNice app! I would give it a 5 star review if they make an easy to access or dedicated page for subs. Sometimes when I’m scrolling I have to go all the way to the top to access my subs and follows. The ability to pin new content would be nice. Sometimes there are creators that have something interesting but I don’t want to follow yet. But may be interested in a particular item..Version: 7.2.15

J’aime bien maisLorsqu’on suit un artiste qui a des centaines de publications, il est très dur de remonter aux premières publications… un outil de recherche/classement par ancienneté serait bien!.Version: 7.1.10

DisappointedI’ve been hearing so much about patreon so I finally caved and downloaded it so I could subscribe to my favorite podcast. I pay x amount of money a month for this subscription, but due to the glitches of the app the episodes almost never load. It doesn’t matter if i’m connected to wifi or using my data, the app is just so wonky and slow. It’s frustrating because there’s no where else I can get this content, so I rely on patreon to work. Even more, i’m paying for this monthly so I want to be able to access it without waiting 10+ minutes for an episode to load. Even more so, this affects the content creators directly because of the app’s low functionality. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future, however I’ve updated the app several time with no avail..Version: 4.5.17

Great Crowd Source Funding appSo Patreon allows you to fund groups and or individuals through small dollar or in some cases large dollar monthly donations. It seems a lot like a tech-black hole to avoid taxes and official incomes for the users but that’s their problem. There is a huge diverse community of thought, content and speech. It is also from my experience easy enough to change your commitments so say if a Pandemic hits you are losing your mortgage. It will be interesting to see where it goes. I also can’t find anything that says how well they protect your information or who/if they “sell” “trade” or otherwise use your account information..Version: 5.10.18

Skydog is a heaven to meI love skydog and what they do ... I’m from England so don’t really see anything like this..... I love how Clare shares everything to do with the horses, donkeys and mules.... and tells everything that they are doing and where the money goes that they get..... they never hide anything and in my eyes Clare and her team are all angels and can never thank them enough for saving all the animals that they do..... I also love I can see where my money goes and what it goes on...... I will always support Clare and skydog ...... thank you 🙏 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💙💙💙💐💐💐💐💐💐.Version: 7.2.26

Ross Bolen Podcast.Nuff’ said..Version: 7.2.26

Wish listWish I could search for topics within the podcast/s I subscribe to. Wish I could see a menu index of the episodes Wish I could choose to filter episodes by date order.Version: 6.5.22

Great except when viewing large imagesThe app is great but could do with some major improvements. I mainly subscribe to artists and comic artists. Whenever there’re several large images in a post, the app always crashes when I’m trying look at the images. One more thing is more of a Patreon thing than the app: could I get notify of creator’s posts within the month I’m sub to even after I’ve unsubbed? It’s annoying to miss posts due to no notification because I’ve cancelled membership for the next month even tho I’m still subbed this current month..Version: 6.8.9

Only Two ComplaintsI really enjoy the chance to give help to my favorite YouTubers and Vloggers. It seems only fair to pay them for their time and effort. I really only have two complaints about Patreon. One minor one is that I don’t get notifications when new posts are uploaded. When other apps are doing that, Patreon can get drowned out. I’d prefer a reminder. The second complaint is much more important for me since I have a small phone (an iPhone 5S). I would like to be able to change the posted videos to widescreen by flipping my phone horizontally so I can see details. Sometimes that’s important. Always, it’s irritating! I’m not sure it would be much better if I had a bigger phone, either..Version: 5.1.28

Patreon App used for Viktor Larkhill.I have found so many things go bad when using the internet; misuse of personal information, misuse of credit and debt cards such as unauthorized withdrawal of funds and getting that money returned not being easy; impossible in some cases. I have just recently installed the Patreon App to donate monthly to Viktor Larkhill's Animal Rescue Treatment and Care Organization, headquartered in Spain (I reside in the USA). So far, I could not be happier and feel safer with Patreon's security measures to insure I am the person authorized to access Patreon using my verified device. Most people may not appreciate the extra security step, I for one do. Also, I feel confident that should Patreon find their current security is not fool proof, they will be quick to resolve the possibility and implement upgraded security and precautions. CJ.D..Version: 3.9.21

Get ItI really like this app, I appreciate its growth and app development it has gone through since I started subscribing. I use this app from a subscriber, not sure how it is for content creators..Version: 6.12.17

Great!I love this podcast! It has interesting characters and facts lol.Version: 7.2.26

Bernadette teaches musicTeacher is the Best and gives Patron members the incentive to continue by giving all her Special offers For Patrons👍only. Well worth it.Version: 7.3.10

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