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Streaks Workout app received 143 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about streaks workout?

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Amazing, could be betterThis is, at least to my knowledge, the best workout there is available on iOS app store. I would 100% recommend purchasing it. The voice command function makes the app far more useful during workouts, as you don’t need to move back to your phone in between each exercise. While the voice recognition could be improved, I won’t focus on that, as I’m sure it’s under constant renovation by default. My primary issue is that the exercises you are able to insert into your routine are limited to those programmed into the app. While there are a large number of exercises available, I still have some issues: • The exercises are not categorised in any way, and therefore, without any existing athletic knowledge, it is difficult to construct both balanced and targeted routines alike. • The lack of categorisation also makes navigating the exercises list more difficult in general • The list is large, but it isn’t extensive (an extensive list would be near impossible anyway). The best solution I can think of besides simply adding more options is allowing custom exercises to be added by the user. • No exercises requiring weights are available Besides this, I don’t have any problems with the app. If you’re considering getting it, again, I would 100% recommend. I struggle getting motivated to work out so this not only provides motivation in the form of wishing to maintain a streak but also removes any kind of barrier created by not knowing how to work out. Great app; worth the money..Version: 3.1

I never regret paying for his appIt changed my morning routine and now I am more active... thank you so much for making this brilliant app honestly totally worth it.Version: 4.3.2

PerfectionThe update literally added everything I wanted from this app, honestly I now think it’s utterly perfect for my needs!!!.Version: 4.0

I feel like jellyWhich means I'll just have to keep up my streak until it's easier! The customization and tips make this app worthwhile, although the Quick set is still a little tedious with 120 needed motions..Version: 2.1

WorkoutEnjoying workout but would like a couple more seconds between each one. Getting from standing to lying on floor can take longer than a couple of seconds meaning first exercise is missed..Version: 4.1.6

Super simple but perfectLove the way it push me mini-series of exercices with a "?" mistery-box-kind of feeling ;) well done. It would be nice if you ensure that your random doesnt pick the same exercice twice in a row tho, it breaks the flow a little for me..Version: 2.1

12 min WorkoutA great workout to make you sweat and it’s always fun to try and finish exercise under the 12 minute mark..Version: 3.0

So usefulThis app is great! It’s much better having a one off purchase compared to many other apps that have a monthly subscription which can be very expensive. It has lots of unique exercises and you can choose the difficulty depending on how much time you have..Version: 4.0.1

There’s just one thingI have been using this app for a while & I really like the simplicity of it and way you can customise the workouts. The only thing I don’t like is the exercises that are timed like plank & wall sit don’t give you a chance to get into position for the exercise. I have opted out of timed exercises but there are a few that have to be timed. If there could be just one more step to start the timer that would be great.Version: 3.0.2

HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDSuch a good simple app. The simplicity of the app and the exercises adds to the ease and innate want to continue exercising. The daunting notion of having to exercise daily is put in your head without the immense pressure of doing a full work out routine or doing things with perfect technique. Feeling so good about myself and it’s such a good way to get those happy endorphins pumping in the morning..Version: 2.1.4

Good app, responsive devI like this app because I can customize my workout routines and follow them as I like. Would like a bit more customizability on what kinds of exercises can be in what kind of workouts, but out of the 8 or so other workout apps I tried, this one is the one that lets me customize a workout the most. Also very good developer; I ran into a minor bug with a previous version, mailed them, they worked on it and released a fixed version..Version: 4.2.2

Get back into it, and never wasI can actually get into it with this app. The quick is the best 1 time experience, I was out of it. Than the next day jumping into 12.... perfect for my 10am break. I’m literally in my office on the floor resting after writing this! Amazing it works!.Version: 3.0

AwesomeA perfect app for workout!👍.Version: 2.1

Needs more activitiesThe app is good and I enjoy it, but I find myself straying from the routine of things and not wanting to keep my streaks. The quantity of activities are limited and there needs to be more difficult or challenging workouts. Over all, great app..Version: 2.1.3

Great app to take and exercise anywhereThis app makes incorporating exercise into my busy day and allows me to do something anywhere I am. Is love to see stretching range of exercises covering all areas of the body incorporated so just a stretch and release session could also be incorporated into my daily regiment to loosen up this ageing body..Version: 3.1.2

PerfectHonestly so good! Customisable, unique, sleek and helpful. Love it! :).Version: 3.1.2

Love this appIt doesn’t make me pay for anything I have to, and it is great to get a few minutes of exercise in everyday just to maintain my fitness..Version: 3.0.2

Good integration with Apple TVLike the customised exercises and mixing up the exercises easy to use with apple remote like it!.Version: 2.0.4

Really good but needs a couple thingsLove the app. Needs a few for customization options. First thing that comes to mind is it will unnecessarily break up an exercise into unreasonably small sections. For instance if I’m doing a workout that consists of 20 exercises doing each for 20 seconds. It splits them in half so I’m doing something for 10 seconds and then again for 10 seconds later on. I don’t want to do an exercise for a measly 10 seconds and then do it again later for another 10 seconds if I can just do each for 20 seconds. This is possible if I completely customize the workout and set the time intervals for each but in that case I can’t randomize the order in which the exercises appear during the workout..Version: 4.1.5

Very nice! Some improvements would be nice!Love this no-nonsense, intuitive and visually beautiful app that synchronizes with AppleTV, iWatch and iPhone 👍🏻 I would love to see new exercises (Pilates, Yoga and other regular exercises) and also be able to tweak some of the existing symbols we new « names » so I can integrate variations to some routines. Finally, when we accidentally hit a button before actually completing the exercise, we can’t undo that mistake 🙁. Thumbs up 👍🏻 bring it on!!.Version: 3.0

Would like two more features!Hi, I think this is a good app but I would really appreciate two more features to get my money out of this app. # 1. I would like the ability to have a switch that turns on and off whether a custom workout counts in the health app as a workout or not because I sometimes like to just stretch and not have it count as a workout in the other streaks app. # 2. I would also like to be able to add my own exercises in the same tab when I’m building a custom workout because it’s kind of a pain to close out of the custom workout tab and go create an exercise and then come back in to the custom workout tab. Thank you.Version: 4.2.6

AwesomeAwesome app in every way.Version: 2.1

IncredibleDoing this consistently everyday, even for 6 mins has made a huge difference to my strength and confidence. I’ve tried many but this is the best yet!.Version: 4.1.7

Good for recovery daysStreaks is good for discipline. I understand that this will encourage daily use. But I use this routine app as a fallback when I’m too sore, but still would break sweat or just want easy work to recover with. When used sparingly on the odd recovery days is best. When used sparingly I don’t enjoy the display of low percentages of the month. This is discouraging to the user that is loyal regular user but only to fall back on the app when needed. I would prefer emphasis on variety of exercises for one muscle group. My favorite muscle group to work on the app is the abs on my recovery days because I can work up a good sweat in thirty minutes without being on my feet..Version: 3.0.2

I like itMy son and I are training for a trail run race next month and wanted to ad some exercises to the running. My son is 11 and is adamant that we don't break the streak. It's doing its intended job well..Version: 2.1

Needs more personalisationI like this app, and it’s a great way to get a quick workout in. But it needs more personalisation or more exercises. I’d like to be able to add variations to exercises like wide push ups and narrow push ups, or wide leg flute bridges and narrow leg etc - maybe that would be the easiest thing to add, so as a personalisation option you can get the voice to add that extra bit so at least you know what you’re doing even if the little video is doing a normal push up or glute bridge. Also, with an exercise like donkey kicks, it needs to say left and right or needs to have two sets one after the other because one on its own means that you’re only doing the exercise on one leg. Thanks!.Version: 4.1.7

Randomize and Volume Control could be betterThis app does exactly what it claims to do. Relatively simple controls for quick workouts and helpful tips and animations to make sure you’re doing each exercise correctly but the randomization isn’t very good. Leading to exercises repeating each other or doing little of one until the end. Now I could just be noticing the times it doesn’t work but it is annoying. Also the chime that plays when you finish an exercise needs to be louder because when there’s a timed exercise I can barely hear when I should be done and move onto the next one. Otherwise great app though!.Version: 3.0.2

I love itThis is the best workout app i've ever used!!.Version: 2.1

Life changing appI LOVE THIS APP! Literally like a instructor in your pocket!.Version: 4.0.5

It's good, but needs tightening upExceedingly good helper to keep the workouts going. But! Streak's counting is very poor. my iPhone app says 7 days and my TV app says 5 days, but the calendar clearly shows a streak of 15. As a central part of the app to keep people motivated, this is a poorly implemented part of the app. However the range of exercises is good and for the self motivated it's quite a useful aid..Version: 3.0.2

Good supplement for the gymWould be great if the developers could add water breaks.Version: 3.0.2

Abs routintI did for one year and now I am quite satisfied with the results. This program provides routine for daily workouts. I recommend it to busy people..Version: 3.1.2

Great!Awesome interface and exercises!! I feel like it can really suit everyone's lifestyle. Would recommend if you're looking for a workout app that is quick and easy to use and contains various exercises, all requiring zero equipment!.Version: 2.1

Be ConsistentThis app is intense, in a good way. If you want to lose weight you can, if you want to tone up you can, if you want to just push yourself... this app is for you. I have done all three of these things when I used the app consistently. This app can be used as a beginner app or an advanced app. You get to set the time and you can even pick the exercises you do. There’s even a feature that let’s you add your own exercise and make up your own exercise routine, this app allows you to do so much! I totally love this app!!! As you can see (smile). Try it out, it may become one of your favorite apps too. Either way good luck on your exercise journey..Version: 4.3.2

OkWould be better if the app randomly picked the workouts.Version: 3.0

Great help for workoutsHave had the app for a little over a week and absolutely loving it. Can see some areas for improvement particularly in relation to custom workouts. Have contacted dev and they replied promptly. Having told a number of people about it would be great to be able to share a custom workout with them. 10/10!!!.Version: 4.1.6

The best!Worth it! You customise to how YOU want it.Version: 4.2.2

Nice and simpleReally easy to use. You can choose what you like best or what you prefer concentrate on..Version: 4.0.8

SimplicityA really simple and fun app that lets you customise your workouts to minimise or maximise impact or if you’re in a rush just use one of the prebuilt routines. Highly recommend..Version: 4.2.6

Fantastic app to get you warmed up!This is a wonderful app to get you going for the day, or as a warm up for a more vigorous exercise or sport. It really keeps you on your toes the entire duration of the routine and 99% of the time mixes up the exercises very well. The animations and UI is just perfect for following thru with or without your own music playing. And of course it syncs with your apple watch too! Follow up the “tough or extreme” routine with another 15 or 20 minutes of some cardio exercise and i'm pretty sure you'll be “fitter, healthier and more productive” within 3 weeks. Suggestion to developers: please create an instagram page! This way users can share / tag the app. I’ve been adding screenshots of my workout to my stories and many of my followers are curious about the app. Cheers!.Version: 4.3.3

Amazing app but......I’d have preferred a little more effort in describing the exercise for newbies, even if the animations are nice. More descriptions or a short video would get the fifth star. All the rest is simply perfect and easy and inspiring to use..Version: 4.0.2

Well formatted and an excellent way to get startedI’m just starting to work out again and this thing helps start you off!.Version: 3.0

An almost perfect workout appThe UI is simplistic, contrasting and beautiful. Just wish it had the ability to add weights to my workouts. For now I use for my stretches and pairs perfectly to my apple watch.Version: 4.3.1

Nearly perfect!I’ve tried nearly every app and this is nearly perfect. There are 6, 12, 18, and 30 min options, and I can remove exercises I don’t want. It’s so simple yet so customizable, and it’s “streak” measurements make me want to do it every day (and with 6 minute body weight options, there’s no excuse not to)! Just one request: please add chin-ups and pull-ups! (Even if they’re not enabled by default.) I know not everyone has a bar, but chin-ups and pull-ups are basic body weight exercises, and a pull-up bar is one of the simplest and most common at home fitness tools..Version: 3.1.2

Interesting and challengingNice and simple format, and I love the way the exercises are mixed up so they don’t get predictable. Challenging workouts - I’ve only done the 12min ones so far and still end up in a sweat! Much better value for money than many of the brand name subscription workout apps :).Version: 3.0

Amazing app for fitnessVery good app for fitness, love the different workout and I also love that you can create your own workout. On top of that, no excuse of “I don’t have the equipment to workou, because you don’t need any” Thak you developers, you rock!.Version: 4.1.4

Great app!Easy to use! Really like that I can choose from a list - would like stretching exercices or more low impact exercices. Even better, I’d like to have access to custom workouts created by others (with a share button)..Version: 4.0.4

DabDab.Version: 4.1.3

The Watch version doesn’t workThe Watch version just get stuck, doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t allow to click or select anything. It just shows the list of workouts and then nothing. The iPhone version works great; fantastic app. I wish it allowed for a day of rest; I’m not sure a workout EVERY day is actually beneficial. UPDATE: I had to reinstall the app on my Watch to make it work..Version: 3.0

Providing Great Workout Routines (& Pain)It is actually kind of funny how this one little app motivates me to keep at it. Although I can never complete the Routines in the Recommended Time as indicated by the different workout tiers, the app never scolds me either saying "Hey Buddy, you're a little slow." For that, I am grateful! I do need to give a little warning to those wondering if this app is for you. It is definitely not scared to throw in a few rounds of "Burpees" just for the heck of it or ask the user to do multiple "Low Stance Jacks" in a row. There have been quite a few workouts where I complete a round of "Burpees" just so that the app can ask for another set of "Burpees" right after the other. At that point, I just stare back at the app and think to myself that "I need a breather before I tackle that one buddy." My recommendation is to ease into this app and make it a part of your daily exercise routine. Just be prepared to feel a little beat up afterwards once you get through a set or two..Version: 3.0

Incredible DesignWow. One of, if not THE best workout apps I've used. Only thing I would like to see is a greater variety of exercises, such as tricep dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, etc. Great App..Version: 2.1

Very goodThis is a very good app for making up your own workouts but maybe some people don't know the exercise they have to do with the animations so maybe make the animations a little bit better..Version: 2.1

Option avec équipement aussi?App formidable! Mais est-ce possible de rajouter des exercices avec option d’équipement aussi comme un ballon, des poids ou exercices band ?.Version: 3.1

Something DifferentAlways good to try something different and this is a great app for getting out of a rut and doing something to work the whole body. At the end of day two my abs hurt like crazy but still went back for more on day three. Bring the pain!.Version: 3.0.2

Easy and flexible, but room for improvementQuite a user friendly interface, with flexibility to customise and randomize quick workouts. But after adding several custom exercises, the exercise list gets messy. Could benefit greatly from a search and/or sort function. Although there are many icons to choose from when making custom workouts, unfortunately many are not exercise themed. It would also be great to have the option of using the same icons from the pre-populated exercises (for custom-named variations).Version: 4.1.4

Great app, but still room to growThis is a great app especially since the change to timed workouts (though it’s odd that a 12min workout is always like 13+ but whatever) I like this app because it’s quick and encourages me to “do something” everyday even if it’s not the most complete training program, and that’s where I’m at in my journey. There is a propensity for random workouts to have back to back of the same exercise, which I hate, but have also come to value as it shows me I usually have more to give than I thought. Things I would like to improve. -Allow me to hard press (or another method) on exercises and let me remove them from randomization. After an injury you might need to avoid some movements. -Allow me to add a custom exercise to the mix. For instance add pull ups or rows, since I have the equipment. I know there won’t be a cute pictograph with it but that’s ok, I like the audio queues. -Allow me to keep my streak alive when I do another workout (like run, swim).Version: 3.0.2

Well thought appWell thought out app. Love using this as an addition to my workout. Trying to get in shape and feel this is really helping..Version: 3.0

Just what I need in my morning routine.Perfect for those morning exercises. Easy to set up and customise to your required exercises. Also use the other Steaks app to form daily habits. 👍🏻.Version: 3.0.2

Good, but could be better with small improvementsFirst, I love this app in many ways. Mainly I love that it has a random sequence of exercises and that you can go at your own pace. I use it almost every day and it hasn’t gotten old so far. I’ve also gotten stronger pretty quickly just using this app. It takes the guesswork out. That being said, I have a few critiques: - like another reviewer noted, the times listed for workouts are laughably unrealistic, especially if you are a beginner. Expect to double or even triple the time listed if you are just starting out. If you’re used to rapidly switching between sets and are quick then you might be able to get somewhat near the listed time, but I can’t do the 12 minute workout in less than 20 minutes or so, so far. - related to that, there are some timed exercises, but the app doesn’t give enough time to set up into the hold and make sure I have proper form. This could easily be fixed by adding the option to tap or give a voice command to start the countdown. - also noted by another reviewer, the random sequence is great, until it isn’t. It would be awesome if the developers could keep it from putting two of the same exercises back to back, it happens frequently. Overall I like the app, but these would make it five stars for me..Version: 3.1

GreatIt’s great, worth downloading.Version: 2.1.3

Great Ap for getting back in ShapeJust had a baby and it is very hard to become motivated when your exhausted. The options the app gives you for the amount of time you want to workout is great and the visuals for the exercises really help anyone figure out what they are suppose to be doing. It also is great that it gives you random exercises that you probably wouldn't choose to do. It educates you on other exercises that would be good for you and gets you to try knew things. I really like the format/ structure of the app..Version: 3.0

Stellar!Such an amazing app, especially used with Streaks. I cannot say enough good things about both apps - truly fantastic and aside from music, a browser and a notes app, these two apps are essential to my phone (and watch!).Version: 4.3.2

Excellent Bones for a Revolutionary Workout App, but Needs RefinementThis app is incredibly well-designed and has great UX and UI, but suffers from its simplicity. In my use-case, the number of available exercises is just too small. Personally, I would love to use the app to design my own yoga flows (something that seems like it fits perfectly with the app design/concept), but there are almost no yoga exercises included. At minimum, I would love to see an option to create a custom exercise (even if it just has a title instead of an animation). Also, as others have mentioned, I think the ability to choose the order and duration of exercises is a must, as its very easy for exercises that attack the same muscle group to happen right after each other randomly. Keep up the good work!.Version: 3.0.2

Works great as a casual daily workoutCurrently I have it set to only exercises where I’m laying on my back/sides or sitting down. I do the 6 minute workout everyday, which is generally somewhere between 6-7 minutes. I’m planning on increasing the duration between exercises to 10 seconds and adding more, but right now it’s great to just use as a basic exercise app. I also got this for free a while back. It’s not going to make you a bodybuilder, but this in combination with a daily walk/run is a great way to stay in shape..Version: 3.1.2

Great work out App! Specially for a new year!I've been using this app for four days now and it's great and super easy to use! I've been able to do short workouts and longer workouts when I have the time. I feel like I'm actually getting off to a good start this year. Please add different types of chin-ups to the custom menu please and thank you..Version: 2.0

Wonderful No Equipment workout!There is no warm ups or cool downs. It feels like a short “circuit workout”. Press the question mark on the right if you do not know how a workout. The numbers the app tells you per exercise are not sets, so just do as many as it says, for the exercises are repeated. Switch to your left or right side when the exercise is announced again. There is a pause button, so expect to use it a lot when switching between exercises. I would suggest the timed exercises to be paused automatically, and let the user un-pause the timer when they are ready and in place. Overall I am sweating from a 20 minute mini circuit workout. Now time to get ready for work..Version: 3.0

Awesome App - looking forward to more exercises!The recent update with more exercises brought me back to the app as the constant same exercises for an app you are supposed to be using everyday gets a bit boring. Hoping that there continues to be more exercises, including hopefully some hand weight ones - even if people don’t have them they would be great as an extra option. Something as simple as bicep curls would be great!.Version: 3.0

Good start would love a few additionsI use the design your own workout function on this app & I find it easier to use than other similar applications and I like the interface overall. I find it motivating to get certain things done daily and even make progressively harder workouts. However I would like to see more variety of exercises able to be added to the workouts. Or variations (ex narrow squats vs wide squats, front lunge vs back lunge or walking lunge). It would be nice if maybe we could have some yoga or stretching add it in as well. And it would be nice to be able to have pauses or transitions (standing to floor, etc) added into the custom workout so you have a moment to get in position for the next movement without rushing and compromising form..Version: 3.0.2

SimpleJ’adore!.Version: 2.1.4

Very good, but needs a little moreTwo things I wish this app had, plank times and a stopwatch for the planking . I would also really like to be able to design a custom workout so I can do say 40 crunches then 40 press ups then back to crunches again rather than spreading them out more..Version: 1.2

Good AppI like using this app to get in a short workout for the day. The app allows you to choose exercise moves to create a 6-30 minute workout. These alternate at random after about 15 seconds with about 5 seconds break in between. This is good for me who likes change and can follow the pictures pretty easily but not the best for someone who wants to follow a live person or go hard for a few minutes with little break. No exercises require equiment and streaks encourage you to stay consistent. I only wish they had more exercises (even though you can add you own) divided into categories so it’s easier to find, that exercises that do one side (ex: side plank) would do the other side equally in that routine, and that the voice would say “continue” before saying the exercise name and seconds when repeating the same exercise twice in a row..Version: 4.2.7

Great app but less repeat sets please!Love the workouts and how you don’t need any equipment but sometimes exercises are repeated consecutively without a different exercise set in between.Version: 4.3.2

An essential appA fun, rewarding and intuitive fitness app, great for getting you into a fitness routine, could not recommend enough!.Version: 2.1

Fabulous, especially now!Great App, so glad I purchased it. I lift weights 3 days a week and wanted some assistance workouts to do in between my lifting days, been using this for a week and am very happy with my progress and can see my body shape changing everyday. Buy this app, you won’t regret it!!.Version: 4.1.7

NiceGreat app 💯💯💯.Version: 2.1

Helped me get a routineWasn't really sure if this was gonna be helpful not not when I downloaded it but literally in the first 6 minutes of the workout I knew it was simple and great tbh. I did two 6 minute workouts in the morning and at night for a week and I feel great. This is really helpful to get in the mood for changing your lifestyle..Version: 2.1

Excellent App!I'll try to sum it up. This app is great for setting habits, you're able to select automatic times or custom alerts. You can easily maneuver habits to the second layout and vice verse. Now when you snooze an app (snooze feature is a must!) you can choose in the settings whether you be snoozed for 1+minutes, 1+hours, etc. Completely useful! I've had just about every Habit, tracking app you can name. This one is a keeper. I got the bundle with the watch face (I don't use the watch face but it's fine; I do use the Streaks Habits and Streak Workout app on my watch though!) I have Streaks and the workout streaks, that being said. When you set up a workout habit, I.e I have 1HourWorkout set up, when I use the Streaks Workout app, it logs that workout time to my streaks habit app. Intuitive, and simplex, no complicated steps or art ups. And that's pretty much what we need. Not another app that takes a while to learn how to use. The steps are easy to follow, and you pick up on it quite fat. Ty rit out, I do have the paid version as I mentioned. And I can see it WELL-WORTH IT! PLEASE keep the app as nifty as it is now, I love it very much the way it is. I hope future updates don't take the simplicity and usefulness away from the app itself, but instead enhance it..Version: 3.1.2

Approachable Good Habit BuilderThis app has been tremendously helpful for me to build a robust and sustainable morning fitness routine. It only has you do a small number of repetitions of each exercise before moving to a new type. This keeps it from getting overwhelming while still pressing you to getting it all done. Two suggestions for the app: 1) Better randomization (I.e. make it not completely random) to prevent occasional repetition of the same exercise twice in a row in a session. 2) For exercises that include a left and right component (I.e. lunges), force the number of repetitions to be even so those of us who are obsessive/compulsive don’t need to worry about making it even over the course of the session. Great app!.Version: 3.0

AwesomeI really like it so far! It's a quick and fun way for me to get some excersize in, vs just following some odd Pinterest workout. What I especially like is it scatters the workouts so I'm forced to get up, down, up, down. I would like Notifications reminding me my streak's about to end (although I just sent a phone reminder for this), and Being able to add custom excersizes (ie: plank, upper toe raises, arm circles, etc) but they're not necessary. I highly recommend it. Probably the best iPhone fitness app I've used..Version: 2.1.2

Flexible and intuitiveThis is the perfect application for my needs. I am working on special programmes with my exercise physiologist, and here is a product almost infinitely flexi ble to allow me to load my custom routines. As a side benefit i get the motivational elements of the streaks philosophy. Fantastic..Version: 4.1

Mostly good, just a few minor tweaks could help.I’ve been using this app for a week now, and it has most certainly helped me get back into the habit of a daily workout. The one main thing I would like to change is for exercises that NEED to be balanced, such as side planks, force you to give both sides equal attention. As it is now, the app just tells you that side planks are next, and how long you’ll be holding them. It would be better if they always did them to one side, then the other for the same amount of time. Or, at least telling you specifically which side to do them on, and making sure that as you progress through the workout, that it evens out how many you do on each side..Version: 3.1.2

The best!So simple to use and gives you a variety of workout moves without having to pay a monthly fee.Version: 3.0

Would be fantastic if it said how many calories you’ve burned!I first want to say that I got this app when it was the “Free App of the Week” (RIP to that little tradition), but I think it would have been worth the money had I paid. I enjoy the workout options and find it to be motivating. However, as another reviewer mentioned, the workouts tend to take longer than the allotted time. For instance, if I do the 12 minute “Everyday” workout, I plan for it to take 16-18 minutes. So, two suggestions for the developers: 1) On the main menu, list how many exercise in addition to the approximate workout time 2) please add something in the app that tells you approximately how many calories you’ve burned from the sets! Other than that, I would recommend this app as an easy way to get in a home workout..Version: 3.1.2

Highly recommendedLove this app. Because it’s practical, works for me and my young family, I have 3 kids, they join when they want to. Simple. Easy. Work out anywhere. Listen and follow the chosen work out, it’s that’s easy. Plus no extra costs involved, just one payment. Thank you from an over weighted classed NZ citizen, who has started the getting stronger journey with this app :).Version: 4.0.8

There’s way more to this app than meets the eyeWe’ve come to expect great software from this team, and this definitely is that. But this app also has an incredible amount of thought built into it too. Building on streaks in one component, but there’s also something brilliant about randomizing workout patterns so that the exerciser doesn’t psych themself out of a workout before they start, but is still able to do exercise routines that are within their abilities. That type of mixed workout approach is also better to keep the body guessing which results in greater benefits than just hopping on a treadmill every day. Kudos to the team for a very special app..Version: 4.1.2

Needs more activitiesIt’s a great app. Very motivating and slows me to work at least a little bit of physical activity into my day. It just needs some more activities because after awhile it gets a bit repetitive..Version: 3.1.2

Nice UX, but few contents• Please add the calf raise • Please add more exercise for sitting on a chair, because i don't have enough space when i do workout. • Please add customisable workout then i can add my special workouts..Version: 3.1.1

FantasticThank you for the free workout app and the customizability. Motivates me a lot.Version: 2.1

Nice but improvements neededApp is very well designed. It would be nice if they were more detailed exercise explanations. As the whole app revolves around you streaks, it would be nice to be able to turn on notifications..Version: 2.1.2

Amazing AppThis is the best workout app that exists!!! It's amazing.Version: 2.1

This is the oneThis app right here, this is the exercise app everyone should be using. Select the exercises you like (don’t like push-ups - don’t select them) and the app will randomise a workout for you..Version: 4.4

PerfectExcellent app, been using it for some time and it’s great!.Version: 4.0.1

One thing...I really like the idea and concept of this app but please consider adding more detailed animations for those who don't understand the exercise. Possibly a tutorial for each activity is recommended with videos or like I mentioned before, detailed animations instead of the usual 2D one. Thank you 👍🏽.Version: 2.1

One requestNeat app. Uses your own body weight, so you can use it just about anywhere. You can pick the length of workout, which is actually a bit longer to account for time allotted between exercises- so you are actually ‘working out’ for the time chosen. Plenty of exercises which is great, but when you choose random, they can be a little difficult to transition sometimes. Overall, handy little app to get your heart rate up. My one request would be... to be able to do it with a friend and connect devices to have the same workout when choosing random..Version: 4.0.1

Really enjoying itSince I can’t get to the gym, my exercising has been walking the dog and using this app. I like how I can program in the exact workout I used to do at the gym, but I mostly use the random workouts. I really like being able to customize the exercise menu and add other ones that I already know I like doing. Now when the random workout picks six exercises I’m always happy with the mix. I don’t even like working out normally, but with this app, I like keeping my streak going. Give it a try..Version: 4.3.1

Brilliant appPros: I use this daily for thirty minutes and eat healthy and for the first time in my life I actually have visible abdominals! I’ve spent thousands on gym memberships and realise you just need a thirty minute workout and balanced diet and cancel the membership. Cons: I have reported the app to the developer because it likes to “double up” on the same exercise in a row which is a killer for me when it’s press ups twice after nearly thirty minutes of non stop doing something with five second gaps between exercises to get in position. I actually curse at my phone when it does this, a fly on the wall would surely laugh! Joking aside, great app. Improvements? Maybe more core exercises would be good. Maybe a warm up mode too as I never warm up..Version: 4.1.5

Hate itYou choose up to six exercises and then you just do them 32 times. I wish it was more like the seven minute workout style where every exercise is 30 seconds and then you get a quick 10 second break to reposition for the next exercise. The time on the exercises is so random..Version: 3.1.2

Good appI have managed to keep using this app because it works well with the Apple Watch. I picked it randomly I guess from the AppStore but since it works well I think I’ll keep it until I see an issue. I would like to see kettlebell exercises in there, would be nice. I’m keeping an eye out for an app that does that and if I do find one it might be competing for usage with this app. Workout do take me longer than the stated time though. 😨 I just updated and saw that I could add kettlebells? I don’t know this app may deserve the 5 stars I’ll update my review after I try it..Version: 4.0

This app is really simple but really effective!I love this app! It really motivates me and changes up my average workout routine with its random workouts each day. One thing I would change though is the guideline of the timings per workout: I may just be very slow at working out but for each workout I’ve taken at least 5minutes longer to complete than it suggests..Version: 3.1.2

This has made me healthierAfter using this app a few months now, I can honestly say that it has made me a healthier, stronger person. Use it and the same will happen for you. I love that it documents every exercise I do so I can look back and pat myself on the back! I also love the faceless icons used. Makes it less like an annoying workout video. My wishlist for the developer: -MORE EXERCISES PLEASE!! As long as it’s customizable, why not add some more exercises? I wish I could work pull-ups into my daily workout. I’m sure others feel the same way about exercises that aren’t on there. I understand and appreciate the simplicity of not including any workout that requires equipment. But there are a lot of bodyweight exercises out there that use basic equipment. Why not add it? People who don’t have access to that equipment (or low hanging tree branches) can simply leave them out of their routine. -Please allow me to erase my progress. I was hoping to start 2018 with a clean slate so I could have specific goals for the year. I couldn’t do that, even after pressing the “erase all data” button. Unless I’m missing something. -Do a yoga app please! That faceless little guy beats any of the annoying yogis that you have to follow in the yoga apps! I’d buy it! Other than that, thanks for making a great app!.Version: 3.0

Great app for quick at home workoutsLove the look and simplicity of the app. Plays on a competitive nature to encourage you to beat your own streak. Would love to see a version come to the Wear OS watches..Version: 3.1.2

Very nice!!To all who are confused about how to do the exercises: The simplicity of the app does not specify anything so it is up to you wether you want to count 2 sides (e.g. Left + Right knee raises) as 1 exercise (1 knee raise) or 1 side as 1 exercise. You can choose based on what you see fit for yourself, or how much your body can handle. If you don't know how to do a certain exercise, there are tips and animations in the app but if you are still confused, literally open safari and search 'how to do ---' like it's not even that hard. That aside, I really enjoy this app as it is simple but very useful and helps build workout habits. :).Version: 2.1.4

Legit best workout app I've usedLove using this app. Love the way it shuffles my workouts, keeps me on my toes. Would love this on the play store as well..Version: 3.0.2

ArmsNot too much for arm workout?.Version: 3.1.2

Love it!Nice app which you can customise the excel use and link to Apple Watch and Apple TV. Best one I have found so far..Version: 4.0.8

Perfect for meI like HIIT training. These workouts are already familiar but lots I’m learning that’s new. Love it. Use it 3 times a week-ish..Version: 4.2.7

Thank you for listening to my requests!Thank you very much for adding Energy Burned to the app after our conversation. Health app integration allows me to use Streaks as my primary workout app and automatically benefit from calorie intake adjustments in my diet app. You rock!!!.Version: 1.3.2

Simple and effective motivational appLove the simplicity of streaks workout. However, as it's not very customisable, once you progress to other workouts its not very useful. Would be great if there was a tick box option for 'i did an external workout today eg went to the gym or went swimming or did another app' so that we could keep the streak going. Would be even more amazing if we could add our own exercises or variations..Version: 3.1.2

Love the simplicity but....I love the simplicity of this app but I’d like a couple more options. For example, I’d like to be able to create a set of exercises that I use one day and another set the next day. Currently, I have to uncheck all, check the one’s I want, then tomorrow, uncheck those and recheck the others. It’s too many steps. Give me 3 customizable routines that I can choose from. There are days I want to do leg work on my runner’s knee. This is are low impact and very little cardio. I may want to do those every day and still want to do an everyday exercise. With all that said... it’s all UI stuff I’m complaining of. The content is there and I love the app. I have been using it a couple weeks and really like that it keeps me on track. I’ll keep using it for a long time to come..Version: 4.2.1

To-the-point everyday workoutsVery simple, streamlined interface. You just select the amount of time you’d like to work out, and then start doing it. It doesn’t really need to be any more complicated than that. But if you want to customize things, you can do things like exclude certain exercises or create your own custom sets and times. The main thing I can see to improve is just more workouts, and maybe have support for integrating things like dumbbell exercises into routines. Update: It’s gotten better over time. It used to be pretty inconvenient to use the app since you had to constantly tap it to get to the next workout. Now workouts are timed and have a small automatic break between them. This is way better, especially on Apple TV where I can’t hold a remote in my hand and do workouts at the same time. Awesome job improving the app..Version: 4.2.1

OMG!!! Why!!!Why can the world be this simple!!! I have a problem with myself when working out!! As in I get to distracted I have nooo structure!!! I to start workout, then play on my phone, think of thinks I could invent, wonder if I should ha e played baseball, get jealous of the guy next to me being ripped and why I can’t get that way! And by that time, 30min past and I’ve done 10reps of my first exercise!! I tried other apps but, man I just can’t STAND being charged monthly for everything and anything I need to help me be a better person or feel better about myself completing an activity!! Then here comes STREAKS! I set up my exercises and just gooooo!!!! It felt good to know that I cut down my workout from an 1hr workout 15min! And the best part, I just paid for it and it belongs to me!!! It’s all mine! No monthly plan no bothersome ads! Streaks Workout is literally saying “we giving you world on a plate, if this doesn’t help you then it ain’t the world, it’s YOU”!! Thanks guys I am a true fan!!!.Version: 4.1.3

Good AppThis app is amazing, I Was Email By Apple saying that this is the 2019 fitness app so I downloaded it and now I’m using it and it’s really good!.Version: 3.1.2

Best workout appThis is the best workout app ever in the App Store even tho I'm 11 and I only came here because free app of the week I still use this amazing app.Version: 2.1

Simple and Effective, Lacking VarietyI love the simplicity. I get right into my warm up and workout without having to subscribe to a program filled with ads and cheesy motivational trainers. However, I wish there were more exercises to choose from. There are plenty of exercises that don't require equipment that are not in the seemingly small selection. Also, if I wanted to workout a specific area of my body, like my belly for instance, I can’t sort through which exercises would help with that goal. There could be filters like: legs, arms, belly, etc. I do like the random exercises from time to time, but I would mostly like to use it for the custom workouts. One last note: on the Apple TV version, I cannot name my custom workout easily. If I name a workout “Arms” it will save it as “Custom1Custom1” or “ArmsArms”. The only workaround is to rename the workout in the iPhone version. Other than those things, the app is excellent..Version: 3.1.2

More exercise please!We need to see more cute exercises gifs.Version: 4.1.3

Great app for someone like me!I’ve just recently started working out regularly again and I love this app. I have started with the Quick timed workout and it really gets my heart racing. The time between exercises is quick but there’s a pause button if you need to catch your breath or have knee issues and it takes you some extra time to get up off the floor!😊 The best part about the app for me is that you don’t have to keep checking your screen to tell you what’s next. You can hit start and just listen to the voice tell you which exercise to do and then, if you’re on timed mode, listen for the heartbeat to let you know time for the exercise is almost up. Great app! Have recommended it to friends!.Version: 3.0.2

MusicCant play music on ipad mini when program running !.Version: 4.2.5

Genuinely changed my lifeI’ve the last twelve months, I’ve lost about 30kg. Right now, my 5K time is 21:20 or so, 10K is about 45 minutes, sub-two-hour half-marathon, I cycle (both road and mountain) for hours a week, and have recently started CrossFit. At 42, I’m in the best shape of my life. And it all started with Streaks. I might have only used it for two or three months, but that initial period of time was *critical* for forming new (and hopefully lifelong) habits. By committing to doing everything at home, I removed any excuses between me and not exercising. And Streaks’ light gamification actually makes a difference - if you can’t find six minutes in a day just to keep a streak going, you got other problems! But yeah, my journey started here. Streaks, a healthier lower-calorie diet, and a couple of months: that’s all it took to lose noticeable weight, add noticeable muscle, and make huge gains in overall fitness..Version: 3.1

Great App!Great app! Only suggestion is add more body weight exercises. I’d pay a one time fee (in app purchase) for more exercises..Version: 4.1.7

Amazing!Absolutely brilliant app.Version: 4.1.4

It good👍👍👍.Version: 3.0.2

Just as I like itGreat work out, you decide how hard you go at it for, high intensity, lots of different exercises to do, sweat it out..Version: 3.0.2

Seriously no sit-up!?By a bad app for the price but hey! No sit-up!!?? And no reminder or plan? Please add... People would pay extra for a plan that’s from easy to more intense..Version: 3.0

Nice App but missing some featuresThis is a nice easy to use app, and decent for those who like to customise exercise routines. It would be enhanced by the ability to break down a workout into warmup, workout and warm down. The ready made workouts should have these included as these are essential for a safe workout. I would like to customise pre-existing exercises. This would avoid creating my own variations of the existing exercises. I would also like to easily re-use parts of my own work outs without having to create new workouts from scratch . I think the ability to randomise sections of a work out and to copy a whole workout would help a lot. Other then that, addition icons would be great for representing different exercises and it would be fantastic to add custom text for descriptions or tips..Version: 4.2

IssueI seem to have not read the description as i do not have a floor to work on but otherwise good.Version: 2.1

First Workout ReviewI love the setup of the app, I let it randomly pick several exercises and it gave me a random order with random amounts. Only complaint: The 18min workout isn’t really 18 minutes, it’s 40 sets of the various exercises and took me almost a half hour (but I’m out of shape and was focusing on form). I’ll do the “Everyday” 12min one tomorrow instead and likely hit 18min..Version: 3.1

PerfectI think it's great because it makes you healthier and closer to a 4 pack.Version: 3.0

Highly recommendI just bought an Apple Watch for weight loss and strength training purposes and I was looking for a legit app to help me along my journey. This app allows you to choose from different workouts (i.e push ups, squats, jumping jacks, etc.) that you prefer and when you’re ready to do your workout, it generates 6 of the workouts you chose. Siri will say, “Jumping jacks 20 seconds” then she counts down from, “3...2...1 start!” You then do that workout for 20 seconds and rest for a few seconds then you go on to the next. I choose the “everyday” option which is about 14 minutes and I am sweating by the end of it. This app is $3.99 I believe and it is completely worth it. OH! and it automatically logs your workout into MyFitnessPal if you’re using that to track your calories/fitness. Highly recommend people!.Version: 4.2.4

Great, but needs more exercisesThis is an amazing app, but needs more workouts. Like ones with dumbbells.Version: 2.0

Almost perfectThis app was worth the money and I use it consistently. I love that you don’t need equipment or too much space and it takes all the thinking out of working out. The 6 minute option really ensures I do SOME sort of movement every day. I love it. HOWEVER I am taking off a star because it doesn’t work as nicely with the Apple Watch as advertised... the watch doesn’t record calories when I use Streaks like it would if I had started a workout through the watch. All my Streaks workouts (labeled Functional Training by Apple Watch) say I burned 0 calories. It’s infuriating!!!.Version: 4.1.6

Just started using it and it’s looking goodVery simple and hard to find and excuse to avoid it, especially when the shortest exercises take only “6 minutes”. Would be nice if timed exercises gave you a setup time because it just launches straight into them and you miss the first few seconds.Version: 3.0

Top AppWorth every penny.Version: 4.4

Issue with music volumeLove this simple workout app! However there seems to be an issue with music volume during workouts (I use Spotify). When giving audio cues, e.g. count down before for each exercise, the app never seems to give volume control back to Spotify and my music remains dialled down and I can hardly hear it during the entire workout. Frustrating. Could this be fixed please?.Version: 4.1.2

Highly Reccommend!I love the fact that you can personalise it with the exercises you can do and even add your own. You can create your own workouts, decided what type of intensity you want your workout to be, and loads more. It’s easy to do and really gets me in the mood to exercise and is easy at recording my progress. Highly recommend it!.Version: 4.1.7

5 starI think it's really good for fitness..Version: 3.0

Really worksYou can set your own exercises and it’s hard at first. But it’s made a great difference to my 50year old body shape. I aim for a 70% monthly completion target. This helps me do it regularly. So it’s a good motivation and the range of exercises work for me..Version: 3.0.2

Fun & cheaper than a GYMPump it!.Version: 3.0

Such a great toolI find this app just really easy to use and use it regularly during the work day. Highly recommend..Version: 4.3.2

How great this app isI love how you are motivated everyday to do a workout and I love the options if you want to do a quick or longer workout and it is extremely easy to work and there is a exercise for everyone.Version: 4.1.3

BEST APPThis app is amazing! I really helps if your that kind of person that goes to the gym and doesn't know what to do! I tells you in the most basic way how to do the type of exercise it should have a video showing how to do the exercise correctly but great app and so good that it's free. Enjoying the gym more with this app x.Version: 2.1.2

ExcellentEasy to use, able to personalise everything ! Excellent workout app.Version: 4.2.6

Good appsThis apps is useful especially under this pandemic. However, it should have a pc version or more other platform..Version: 4.1.7

Brilliant!Had a few apps for workouts and ended up deleting. This is by far the best. Worth the money. Easy to use. I do the 6 minute workout every morning. Highly recommended..Version: 3.1.2

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