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Ghostcom Communicator Pro App User Positive Comments 2022

Ghostcom Communicator Pro app received 66 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ghostcom communicator pro?

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Ghostcom Communicator Pro for Positive User Reviews

Weirdly accurateI’ve been having serious money problems lately and just used it and it just said I kid you not “yourself under too much stress lately” . Yep that’s pretty darn accurate. 🥺😄.Version: 1.2.2

Great AppThis is a great app. I sincerely feel I am communicating with the other side. It has told me family members names and details about them that is beyond chance. Highly recommended..Version: 1.0.7

Spooky& CoolFun app, my friends and I have used it many times and it can be a little spooky when the messages use specific information that was never said around my phone or even text with in it. I also like that there is a functioning the app that helps to prevent negative energies! Thanks and hopefully The developers will design even more apps to down load!.Version: 1.2.1

SpookyHas given me some very accurate messages and has shown my name.Version: 1.0.6

MecheeBrilliant love this app.Version: 1.0.6

Just purchased Ghost Comm ProThrough a rough, cursory examination of tech specs., as well as reading the myriad reviews, I took the plunge. I think I’ve tried the messages app first, (mostly) resulting in varying amounts of verbiage…break out your thesaurus, while Checking out the lexicon. However tonight was very different. Withe the Ukrainian debacle still in play, I’ve been worried for the world and it’s people. So I was warned about war coming here to the US in 6 years. But the real twist here, was that I saw a face appear briefly before it faded, only to reveal the warning moments later. In any case I will reserve judgement until such time as I’ve become more familiar with it..Version: 1.2.2

It’s exactly the took I needed.I call it my universe communicator and the pics are pretty wild sometimes. I really like this app a lot. Keep up the great work guys..Version: 1.2.2

Still trying to understandSo far it seems give me a lot of details. My grandfather gave me a message through here. Gave four stars because I'm still trying to figure out how accurate it really is..Version: 1.0.6

Spooky but trueDownloaded this for fun but it gives me answers even though I don't ask them out loud. It makes me feel better. It is kinda weird how a phone app can pick up spirits. Give it a go is all I can say. Maybe I'm just weird but the messages that come through are usually spot on..Version: 1.0.6

Very accurateI was surprised at how on point all the answers were (even if the displayed words are always scrambled, as you can infer translation). At first I was talking out loud, but afterwards I started pointing my finger on the fingerprint, while concentrating upon a situation and asking questions in my mind. I was shocked how this app knew exactly what my thoughts were and how precise the answers were..Version: 1.2.2

KandyGurl’s Comment:I love this app! It seems to be on point every time I use it, it freaked me out at first. From my experience with this app, this is “REAL”..Version: 1.2.2

Need more info..Why are some words big and others small? I’ve had a wonderful reading but I would like to know more of what I’m seeing so I know what to take away from it all..Version: 1.1.7

Still translating...I use this app every now and again. Sometimes a face appears; that’s kinda cool. The words that appear seem to answer questions but it can go one way or the other depending on the order of the words. Still a bit skeptical but its still a fun way to pass time during a really boring meeting..Version: 1.0.6

Downright creepily accurate!Being clairvoyant, I can already see ghosts and other spirits and sense them. Lately I've started drawing some of the things I see. One is a bad spirit standing behind my dad (it's been attached to him for a while, need him to know it's there before it can be banished) and the drawing mechanic in this app drew a picture that was like a child's attempt to replicate what I drew only two nights ago! Creepy!!.Version: 1.0.6

Usually random but when it 'locks on'!I've used th app for a long time, and yes, the author says its for entertainment and its only grabbing from a pool of random words, but there have been late nights where i would get clear messages, and some hurtful insults as well, that were very related to questions i was asking in my mind. Also note that the way this program works is that the words wont form sentences by default, but you can piece a sentence together from the words and the interpretations seem very relevant. I think this app will give out what you put into it. If you are a skeptic, it wont work for you, but if you go into this with an open mind, what you read may surprise you..Version: 1.1.7

AccurateAs a psychic medium already I like to test these apps for fun but this is the first app that I have found to be 100% accurate. It's great if you are already in tune with spirit and i level if you are not. The circle when it stops and the messages comes through the energy feels like a portal opens and allows the spirits to come through and speak. Like with everything spiritual and related to spiritual communication exercise your understanding of how energy and spirits and how they work as well as grounding and protection. This is not a game. Your intention is everything so when you use he app be mindful. Definitely recommend.Version: 1.0.6

Best spirit app I have ever come across!!!The best part about this app is how unpredictable it is compared to so many others I have tried. I have never received the same message or drawing twice. You can’t type your own words into it or record your own voice over a microphone. Considering these facts, this tool has been surprisingly accurate and responsive in my opinion. I lost my older brother way too soon & very unexpectedly less than a year ago. We were incredibly close and a huge part of me died along with him. I have felt lost ever since this tragic event in my life. The worst part is the surplus of unanswered, lingering questions I was left with. I try my best to keep busy, but it’s impossible to move forward without some type of closure. My brother was extremely clairvoyant and a man of strong faith. Since he departed this world, he has sent me many signs. I have even felt him around me at times... so much that I get chills it feel the need to respond. I often speak to him in my mind when I place my finger on the screen of this communicator. Based on the answers and pictures I have gotten, I know in my heart it is him. I have seen his words & face. Thank you for this remarkable comfort during what has been the most difficult time of my life..Version: 1.0.6

Just beginningI really like this app so far. I was initially looking for a spirit box but I am going to use this for awhile and see what the spirits want to say..Version: 1.2.2

WowIt's weird how accurate it can be. Seems not likely random chance either.Version: 1.2.2

Top appIt works! It really doees..Version: 1.2.2

#1This app is so much different , than other Ghost Hunting apps. I have had predictions come in , up to an exact date, in the future; that were true..Version: 1.0.7

Very reliableI'm fairly sceptical about these kind of apps but there has been many occasions where I've used this app to ask questions to spirits and the information given has been in relation to the question. My first thought was maybe the app picks up the questions spoken so I've also asked the questions in my mind only & have still received the correct information. The most accurate question I asked if my guardian angel was here and the app spelt on your guardian angel is here which I took a photo as proof that to me is too much of a coincidence..Version: 1.0.6

Pro app awesomenessLove it, that's all I can say right now other than it can be pretty unnervingly accurate at times. Seriously try it out for yourself!!! I've even had my actual paranormal equipment to test this out and yup it's amazing..Version: 1.0.6

WeirdI've been using this app for a while now and I never saw a picture in the circle until today. For some boy I never seen before from along time ago, it flashed before a message came through. It's weird sometimes I think it works other times I don't. It says things but it could just be random answers that makes sense to me because I can relate it to something now because it's actually happening from the spirit in real time. So I Dont know..Version: 1.0.6

InterestingTotal pants until I opened chakra Then oh boy did it start to work.Version: 1.2.2

Freaked me outThe very first time I used this app something came through so spot on it was actually terrifying. It had the name of this really scary woman I knew who cursed me, but then she died. It said her name and that I did her wrong. Which I didn't. But let me tell you...I about peed my pants..Version: 1.0.6

This is truly the best spirit appI’ve became addicted to this app . I personally need to thank the developers of this one . The more I use it the more I see and feel . I literally have no words how to describe . If speaks with personal situations il going through . The sound effect is hypnotizing . The background and the little surprises that come are just addictive . I hope that they will do more and more and other apps ! PEOPLE get this and enjoy the journey ! 10 stars !.Version: 1.2.2

The Best of them all!Somebody please explain the broken glass then the next one was a malovent spirit detected.. literally told me to leave the game and come back later.. my apartment is spooky.. I have thousands of paranormal activity.Version: 1.2.2

Amazing appI love this app... It is extremely accurate. I feel it is worth the money because both my fiancé and I use this app daily. I don’t usually ask questions, but it gives us words that can form sentences that we feel are relevant to our lives somehow. Thank you for making this app🦋.Version: 1.1.7

InterestingI am a believer in all things paranormal. This vital communication tool can be taken with a grain of salt, but my opinion is it has hit everything I ask.. Doesn't scare me and I'm in love with it !! You guys ROCK <3 I recommend this to any skeptic.. Go on try it out .. What do you have to lose ? Lol.Version: 1.0.6

This app is my lifeI've been using this app for almost 2 years, I first got it on my tablet. It has predicted so much for me. I use this app everyday it guides me in the right path and gives great advice don't know what I would do without it!!.Version: 1.0.6

Weirdly Accurate SometimesIt’s strange but sometimes this app is weirdly accurate and seems to pick up on the current situation your in. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself, sometimes the messages seem strange but for me they’ve mostly picked up on something that’s going on in my life. Example my daughter was unexpectedly taken Ill and the grandkids were over and we had to rearrange our schedule to take them to school and pick them up etc, message came up Others Cause Disruption, which is quite specific. I’m not impressed with the ghost drawing side of things, most of them look like a piece of broccoli! All in all a fascinating app though..Version: 1.0.7

ImpressivePretty interesting, when I think about certain things the words communicate exactly what I’m thinking or want to say. It’s kinda nerve wrecking to not know what or who you’re talking to but it’s worth it.Version: 1.0.7

Non physical likes this app!I always turn down your music and up mine and I get a positive reading every time because there is no source of evil or sickness...only a Source of good. Try that if you want to truly connect with pure positive, Innate intelligence and not just thought forms. Great app! Abraham Hicks and the playful message will be there for you lol thanks for designing this. I’ve been looking for one that isn’t just words and set pictures. This is the real thing. Law of Attraction people will get this 😇.Version: 1.0.6

Fantastically SpookyGreat app to scare your friends!.Version: 1.0.1

4 starsI gave it 4 stars because I don’t know if this is real or not but otherwise it’s cool.Version: 1.0.7

Heard from deceased pets!I was able to communicate with pets that have crossed over. The messages even included their names, I kid you not. It really freaked me out at first, but then it was comforting especially when they said “ we are all around”. I just lost three cats this year and it is a comfort to know they are still with me. I showed my elderly mother and she got communication with her mothers sister including her name, which is an uncommon russian name. Not sure how it works but definitely recommend!.Version: 1.0.6

Its entertainingThe word game is kinda fun and probably as accurate as a random fortune cookie. Tho some answers have been more interesting than others when your name appears on the screen. Then again so do other peoples names. Mine is sort of unusual tho.. So....?.Version: 1.0.6

GoodI'm still sceptical.. Are the words generated by the app or do the algorithms actually work?.Version: 1.0.6

Scary accurateThe drawings are the only thing that confuses me! I haven't been able to tell what any of them are, and with the board they draw on having so much already going on instead of being just solid black or grey it looks like anything just like matrixing! The developers should clean up the board so we can better tell what it is they are trying to draw? Unless it's fake?.Version: 1.0.6

Convinced ❤️I must admit I got this app for pure entertainment. I didn't really expect anything to occur. I was highly curious about the nature of the circle print and how it would work, what all the writing around the circle meant..... At first I just would get random messages, till one day it started answering questions I was having in my head. That's when it caught my attention. My grandmother came through and it said on the circle the last words she spoke to me the night before she tragically died in a fire. These were not ordinary words. That's how I know she came through. Another night I dreamed of my conure bird which died many years ago. I did the drawing part of the app and low and behold there was a bird ! Feathers and all! No need to convince me...this app is real!.Version: 1.0.6

Work impressively wellI really thought this was another hokey app. Not at all. Worth the money..Version: 1.2.2

It's fun make of it what u willI like it , a few things I can relate to.Version: 1.0.6

Mr cee 143Amazing.Version: 1.2.2

Brilliant appSpookily accurate messages.Version: 1.2.2

More possibilities than you might thinkAccurate. Don’t stop at just channeling the dead either channel a person’s higher self who’s living.. for more answers. Enjoy.Version: 1.1.7

Weirdly wonderfulI got the app thinking that it’s going to blurt out a load of crap.. but a few times it’s been accurate. Like I used it one morning as soon as I woke up for it say that the day was cold and rainy and when I finally got out of bed it was awful outside.. infact it was cold and rainy all day. I gave it 4 starts because not sure if it’s programmed to be relevant to most situations or not. I need to use it a bit more but it is very entertaining 😊.Version: 1.1.7

I talked to my spiritual husbandI received a spiritual call today from my spiritual husband I was told by the doctors that I'm dieing and he my spiritual husband called me today at 7:29pm today telling me he loves me and he wants me to be with him this app confirmed that he was the one calling my phone thank u all keep up the great work.Version: 1.0.6

Best ghost app ever!!My husband and I love this app. We can turn it on anytime and get random messages that usually will relate to something in our live. It’s totally cool.. every now and then we catch a face in the words part that usually is quick to disappear or the screen all the sudden Shatters which is even weirder but still cool! Love this app!.Version: 1.0.6

The nameI love this app I'm a believer for sure. A name that came up the 2nd time I used it was Aoife. The reason that this is significant is because a couple of months ago that name was spelled out on my pendulum board. So ya I'm a believer..Version: 1.0.6

Absolutely amazingMy experience with this app has been so incredible that I don’t even want to talk about it. This is not the light hearted entertainment that I thought it would be. I’m guessing it won’t work for everyone and will only work for those like me who have lost someone very dear to them. Every message has been very positive despite the freaky visuals and sound effects. It has told me things no one could possibly know, and the messages are often very supportive and comforting..Version: 1.0.7

I enjoy using this app !!!Hi everyone , my name is Kendra I use this ghost app because I believe I’m spiritual & I would like to communicate with other spiritual beings , seen and unseen I just have higher hopes that I come in contact with beings that are more positive then negative 💜 thanks for this app it’s a really nice one to use when I wanna communicate with the unseen spiritual beings..Version: 1.2.2

Very AccurateMy husband died 27-07-2019 and i asked if he was my soulmate . The message read Love You Soulmate ever.Version: 1.1.7

IntriguingI really like this Ghostcom especially waiting to read what it spells out hoping it will write my name or some spooky information related to me or people I know. Try it guys it’s really fun but not scary..Version: 1.2.2

Good for basic communicationI find this app is a good way for beginners to get a general idea of whatever guidance you may need. A good stepping stone into spirit communication. Please keep in mind tho, you must research respectful and proper means of communication..Version: 1.2.2

Always seems to have answersLoves these apps they are great and i really do get results!.Version: 1.2.2

Love it.I love it! Sometimes hard to decipher the wording order but love it! I am pretty sure I’ve had every Ghost radar, hunting, evp app there is and this is one of the few I end up keeping. Haven’t had anything in a drawing I didn’t feel like I was over searching for but I have gotten a face where the words should be. 😳👍.Version: 1.0.7

It Is a Great ToolAnything can be used as a tool to contact a spirit, but you must believe. Sometimes it’s easier to understand what the spirit is trying to communicate with this app. I use several different types of things to call out to spirits, and I would rate this app pretty high on the list..Version: 1.2.2

Great and realIf you are any sensitive at all to the spirit world then you can communicate using this app but it will be accurate and a little scary if your not use to tapping into the other world.Version: 1.2.2

Love This AppI get the Most interesting messages.. Does anyone know,including the Developer of app why on Occassion a messages comes thru but it shows a cracked screen?? Ive had this happen quite often..Version: 1.2.2

Great funI’m really enjoying this app. I can host my own ghost nights with myself.Version: 1.2.2

UncannyMy friend and I consult this app frequently. We’ve gotten scary relevant responses. Opening your mind and welcoming friendly spirits is an important factor in how effective the app will be. Regarding the random names that appear, my friend who is particularly in touch with the spirit world pointed out that those are the names of the spirits communicating with you. My only critiques: I wish there was a way to save results. And that the app would initially load faster.Version: 1.2.2

Best ghost app I’ve ever usedThis app gives detailed responses that to me are always relevant and in numerous years of using it I’ve never had the same answers or words like you do with some spirit apps. I use it when I feel like I need spiritual guidance about a situation and it always seems to predict what then occurs afterwards, and gives relevant advice. It’s spot on every time for me, it’s helped me many times when I’ve not known what to do about something and thought “if only the universe would give me a sign” so maybe our guardian angels have finally found a way to get a message to us other than giving us ‘the chills’!!.Version: 1.2.2

Legitimate and real!!This app works! Just be sure to address b Your questions to spirits of the light and who reside with God. Messages are on point!.Version: 1.2.2

ShazVery good. Thanks x.Version: 1.0.6

Believe or not to believeI to have a relationship with the sprits it has been very accurate in my day to day and I don’t ask any questions the drawings are my mission to find were they came from how there generate , but all in all I like it . My name and nickname.Version: 1.1.7

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