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IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality app received 14 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality? Can you share your negative thoughts about iqair airvisual | air quality?

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IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality for Negative User Reviews

OK, but needs to be opened up to other data sourcesMost towns and cities have pollution monitors at busy road junctions or in city centres. My city in the UK has one data source for the whole of city represented on this platform which is 10 miles away on the east side of the city when I’m in the west side. This app needs to reflect data in the suburbs nearer to where I am most of the time. It would be good to open up the app, platform to additional more hyper local data sources over their own hardware and the official sources which don’t actually monitor or come anywhere near my area..Version: 6.0.0

Wrong details givenCertain details are wrong..Version: 5.2.0

Uncomfortable UI and sightly more cautious air ratingThis app is useful because it has daily notifications and a widget. I use this app to check the air quality in Korea. But the number that this app reports is almost always higher than the Naver number, which is probably most correct in Korea. If it’s :( unhealthy on AirVisual, it’s just :/ not good on Naver. or if it’s :/ not good on AirVisual, it’s :| ok on Naver. It can be good to be cautious though! The worst part about this app is the UI. Swiping from the left never works to go back to the previous screen so I have to move my hand and push the back button in the top left corner. So annoying! There are a lot of menus on the bottom that I never click on like a map, a world ranking, and other not-that-useful stuff. Overall, it’s not that nice to look at and a bit frustrating to navigate. So I give 3 stars..Version: 4.1.1

Can be useful, but not always accurateI use this app to help prepare for bad air conditions, since I live in the PNW and the wildfire smoke aggravates my asthma. The statistical information and maps are really interesting and informative and the app itself is easy to use, but now I'm concerned that the information I'm getting is not accurate. There is currently an air advisory due to smoke in my area. For some reason, this app is insisting that the AQI is "Good" despite the fact that I can actually see pollution in the air. I'm not sure if this is really the app's fault or the fault of wherever the information is being sourced from, but regardless, I don't think I can rely on the information I'm being given to help me make informed decisions about my health anymore. It's unfortunate since I was really excited to find an app like this in the first place. If you decide to download it anyway, please be cautious and don't use it as your only source of information..Version: 4.2.1

Terrible app with deviceIf you have an air iq, which I just bought. This app is pretty terrible. It has HUGE gaps in the reporting. For example I have my device on all day. And the graph for “daily” report only shows info for 10am-2pm then a huge gap of no data, and then more reporting from 5pm-11pm, then a huge gap again between 11pm-2am. It’s completely random each day with times it will decide not to record info. The decide itself shows what happened over the last 24 hours fine. But the app shows these huge gaps which makes it useless since you can’t look back at history on the device itself beyond a day. So this problem with the app makes in unusable and also severely damaged the usability of the device too since you can’t access historical data beyond a day. This makes testing in a bad air home almost impossible to see if you are making any progress or not. For a $300 device, the app should work flawlessly with it..Version: 5.0.1

Sends notifications to beg for ratings.Very annoying receiving notifications from an app and the notification is a request to rate..Version: 6.0.2

Inaccurate - Don’t Rely On ItThis is totally inaccurate for Sydney, Australia. Yesterday I received a poor air quality alert from the NSW government AQI website but this app shows good air quality - 27 for my local monitor station 12km away. There are many hazard reduction burns around Sydney now - 3 in central Sydney and 18 in total (rural fire service NSW). The air smells like a bonfire and my eyes sting. The app says it accesses government data - I doubt that. People with lung conditions rely on accurate information and they shouldn’t be allowed to operate in countries unless they use verified data..Version: 4.1.1

Forecast data is completely unreliableWhile current local condition air quality seemed accurate, the forecast data, even just a few hours ahead, was completely wrong. I live in Oregon and we had horrible air quality last summer, in the unhealthy range repeatedly, even crossing into hazardous at times. With many wildfires burning across our region, we are all jumpy in fear of a repeat. For some reason, despite consistently good air this year, the app predicts unhealthy air 4 hours in the future every single day. During the first week I cancelled a number of recreational and outdoor activity plans based on these predictions. I am especially peeved about one of these cancellations, something that I really wanted to do and lost some reservation money. I followed the site for another week—same thing every day. I know air patterns and fire conditions can change rapidly but AirVisual was never correct. The forecast ability was the main draw for me so I deleted AirVisual and swapped it out for an app with a very simple design, just current AQ numbers in bubbles on a map, easy to navigate around a region..Version: 4.2.1

Horribly inaccurate.I live in South Korea and have for a total of 5 years, spread out over the last decade in a 3 year stay and now 2 years into a 5 year stay, in that time the air quality here has gotten much much worse. I was recently diagnosed with asthma (something that is apparently becoming more common for people in Seoul) and have to check the air quality regularly. If it's above 100 aqi I have to wear a special filter mask to leave the house. I got this app to make it easier to check the AQI regularly, one of the big draws for this app is it notifies me if the AQI goes above 100, or it's supposed to. Yesterday it never dropped below 100 and I never got a notification (thankfully I'd had the thought to check online before leaving the house) and upon checking the app it said an AQI of 63 when it was really 163. If you're relying on this app for all your AQI information and live in a city with poor air quality such as Seoul you may be putting your health at risk by relying on this app..Version: 3.0

App has not been working for over a monthI use the app frequently for work as we have AQI monitors outdoors and I live in a polluted city. The app has not been working for nearly a month, it will not connect to the servers, will not find my location and will not update or allow me to enter the codes for the monitors at work. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app and have tried a hard reset of my phone but to no avail. I have no internet connectivity issues and all of my other apps are working perfectly. Very frustrating when I rely on this app so so much for working outdoors..Version: 5.4.2

Excellent in theory, crashes constantlyEvery time you switch away from the app to write a text or answer a call or look at a different weather app, when you return to it, it crashes. Without this problem it’s excellent, but with it, the app is very frustrating, because obviously pollution levels are something you check throughout the day. Update: I wait to update to the current year’s version of iOS right up until the new iOS is released. Tonight after upgrading from 12.x to 13.7, I hoped the crashes on IQAir would improve. Instead they are much worse: the app is unusable now. You see an initial reading and any interaction at all crashes the app, as does no interaction but waiting about 5 seconds after opening..Version: 5.4.2

Love the info-as far as it goes. Definitely recommend as one tool.Great app, but as a small population state in MAINE. I am in the second largest city, Lewiston and I am not sure if the readings ARE actually for LEWISTON or the most well known city of PORTLAND which would mean a difference for someone like me. What would be very helpful for people with lung diseases and air quality issues- knowing mold/ mildew spore counts as well as allergens such a ragweed, goldenrod, and other pollens. These are just as important to know for most of us. Thanks for the app- I have been telling others about it, but then I have to go to other sources for the other info- one app that would tell me everything I need to know as a person with severe lung disease and allergies would be the BEST!!!.Version: 4.2.1

App doesn’t get basic functionality rightThe service behind AirVisual is decent, but basic functionality in the app is broken. For instance, take a look at the map one day, and then look again the next day, and all the data will simply be out of date. Zoom and scroll, and newly loaded stations will have up to date numbers, but others will still be wrong. The UI has also been redesigned so that the lost of your own sensors is basically useless. You have to open each one individually to see anything more than a colored dot indicating air quality. This app represents the worst trends in modern design. It looks pretty at a glance, but it seems that no one on the development team ever tried actually using their own app..Version: 6.0.2

It Might Be a Good App if...I used the app for a couple of days and was pleased with the ease-of-use and the number of places I could monitor at a glance. More importantly, the app utilized different monitoring stations than the epa website, so it didn’t seem redundant. And, always a sucker for something pretty, its slick appearance appealed to me Then one day I was at work and the smoke kept rolling in, soon obscuring the view of a nearby butte, yet the app’s AQI number read 187, pretty much in the same range it had been for a number of hours. Finally, after I finished my work project, I checked 2 other monitoring sites and the AQI was actually over 400! Maybe it was a glitch with a particular monitoring station? Maybe this really is a great app??? In that moment I was disappointed, felt like got a false sense of security counting on the app so I deleted it..Version: 5.4.2

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