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What is Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking? Description of Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking

Greenlight is the family online banking app¹ where you learn to earn, save, and invest together. Join 6+ million parents & kids learning about money and navigating real-world money decisions with debit cards of their own.

- Receive & send money instantly. Set up direct deposit for working teens
- Kids banking¹ & teen banking¹ with flexible parent controls
- Set savings goals & earn up to 5% in rewards²
- Keep track of chores & pay automated allowances
- Kids and teens learn investing or invest directly with approval
- Get real-time spending notifications & set spending limits with Greenlight's debit card for kids & teens
- Play the Level UpTM money game to boost financial literacy
- Unlock purchase, identity theft, & cell phone protection³
- Keep your family safe with location sharing, SOS alerts, crash detection⁴, & more

- The New York Times: "Every conversation about money is a conversation about values waiting to happen, and these products can help inspire those discussions with your child."
- Parents Magazine: "Greenlight allows some independence for kids and teens to manage their money."
- CNBC: "The Greenlight Family Cash Card's up to 3% return on everyday purchases is extremely lucrative — whether you're a parent or not."

"My teen is learning to manage his own money. I wish Greenlight was around when I was a kid! I tell my friends & family about it all the time!" – Patricia A.

"I love Greenlight. As a mom of 4 kids, it makes paying allowances & spending money for trips so easy." – Samantha B.

"Traditional banks don't make it nearly as easy." – Shannon M.

Greenlight Core: Debit card and educational app for kids and teens to earn, save, spend, and give — plus 1% on savings² ($4.99/month)

Greenlight Max: All of Greenlight Core with 1% debit cash back, 2% on savings², protection plans³, and more ($9.98/month)

Greenlight Infinity: All of Greenlight Max with 5% on savings², location sharing, crash detection⁴, and more ($14.98/month)


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(1) Greenlight is a financial technology company, not a bank. The Greenlight app facilitates banking services through Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC. The Greenlight card is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International.
(2) To qualify, the Primary Account must be in Good Standing. See Greenlight Terms of Service for details. Subject to change at any time.
(3) Provided by Virginia Surety Company, Inc., cell phone protection is not available to residents of New York.
(4) Available on Greenlight Infinity. Requires mobile data or a WiFi connection, & access to sensory and motion data from cell phone to utilize family location sharing, SOS alerts & crash detection features. Messaging & data rates and other terms may apply.

© 2023 Greenlight Investment Advisors Investment Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor provides investment advisory services to its clients. Investing involves risk and may include the loss of capital. We only use the Value of Investment within the app store screen to show how the app works. It does not represent real customer investments or accounts.

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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking App User Reviews

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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking Pros

Almost there but could use a couple of added featuresI absolutely LOVE the idea of this app and the card to go with it. We’re super excited to start using it. BUT here are the things that could give it a 5 star rating.... 1. Add the ability for 2 parent wallets for the kids cards. With the world today and the divorce rate, there are so many split households so having the ability for each family to have access to the kids cards would be amazing! I even think you could double your profit by charging $5 per parent wallet. 2. Having the ability to require a chore to be completed for the kids to get paid their allowance. I chose to go with this app because of the debit card feature but a friend of mine has a different app where he can assign chores which are “required for allowance”. If those chores are not completed, they don’t get their allowance. He can then also assign chores which are assigned extra money and can be redeemed as well (which I know is also a feature of Greenlight). 3. Last, I think there should be a parent approval process so the kids can be held accountable for what they are saying they completed before the allowance goes out. Those are the things that would really help our family and I’m sure other families out there. Hopefully these things can be implemented soon so we can use the app to the fullest. Thank you for your consideration!.TeamMeckleyVersion: 3.7.0

GREENLIGHT DEBIT CARD FOR KIDS IS THE BESTI rate this app a 5 out of 5 star rating (five out of five star rating) because it is a a great app for kids like me. Greenlight Debit Card for Kids is also good for kids to learn about money. I recommend Greenlight Debit Card for Kids to you guys because it is a the best app for kids to learn about money, pay for things with a Master Card, and more with the Greenlight Debit Card for Kids app. There is only 1 bug (one bug) that I noticed and that is when I try to change my profile picture it does not work. I would be happy if the people who made this app will fix that bug. The parents or guardians and the kid will need the Greenlight Debit Card for Kids app on their devices for this to work. Please keep in mind that if you order your Greenlight Debit Card for Kids it will take a while like mine did. Download Greenlight Debit Card for Kids for free today on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Also I think you can also set up Greenlight Debit Card for Kids on the website..Andrew MulqueenVersion: 4.20.1

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Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking Cons

Technical problems leave kids strandedThe technical glitches with this app outweigh its benefits. The bank information saved to the parent account to fund the kids’ accounts has to be re-entered nearly every time I try to fund the card. I’ve tried to transfer money for a kid out-of-town and been unable to do so because the funding won’t work. The bank info is there - you can see a portion of it, but the “help” response is to delete it and re-enter it. Unless you walk around with your bank account number memorized, this isn’t a fix. The kid is stranded and you’re stuck fussing with the account numbers late at night when you get to where you have them saved. Just save yourself the time and money and give them a debit card tied to your checking account. As a follow-up - I called the customer service line in the developer’s response and was told someone would call me back with a fix. Also received an email from Tristan asking if he could call me. I said yes, if he could provide a fix for having to re-enter account information every time I want to transfer money, if I have to re-enter each time I would need to cancel. I did. It get a call, but Five minutes later, my kids’ cards were canceled! I guess that speaks to the app’s abilities and customer service..Milo-montVersion: 4.7.0

Great App. Fatal Flaw- no security.I’ve been keeping track of my kids earning and spending with a spreadsheet on my phone, but you can imagine when life gets busy it can be weeks before I update things, and often I would forgot to add items. I was about to open a bunch of child checking accounts for our kids when a friend told me about Greenlight. I downloaded it and set it up and I really like it except for one MAJOR problem. Once you login to the app for the first time there is no password protection. Anyone who might be using your phone can see and move money in and out of you checking account. This is not okay. The chances of someone having my phone with ill intent is small but not zero. Maybe my teenager borrows my phone for something and is tempted to go in and move some money around. This app has direct access to my checking account and debit card, it NEEDS to be password protected. All of my other banking/financial apps use Face ID or a password for security every time I open the app. This app needs that kind of security. A banking app with no security? Otherwise I like everything about it. I hope they can add this feature otherwise I will have to close our account..Erdoc2Version: 3.0.3

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Is Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking legit?

Yes. Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 361,754 Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking is 95.1/100.

Is Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking safe?

Yes. Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 361,754 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking is 95.6/100.

Should I download Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking?

There have been no security reports that makes Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking Screenshots

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Product details of Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking

App Name:
Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking
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Greenlight Financial Technology, Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
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4+ Contains no objectionable material!
App Size:
501.92 MB
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Relase Date:
14 December 2016, Wednesday
Last Update:
24 January 2024, Wednesday - 22:29
IOS 14.0 or later

Greenlight Kids & Teen Banking 5.31.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

So fresh. So clean. No bugs..

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