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Fantastic App!Before coming across this app, purchases online for me were quite difficult. I would have the cash myself, but my parents either didn't have the time or didn't have the money in their bank account to make the purchase. This was disappointing at times especially when trying to buy an item on sale. Then we sparked the idea of individual bank accounts for my siblings and I and came across Greenlight. Greenlight is a fancy app that allows parents to allocate funds into child accounts. It allows me to purchase items online and in stores whenever I want, without the worry of my parents lack of time or money. Parents can also restrict where money is spent and add interest to a savings account. My siblings, parents, and I all agree that this has made giving us kids payment for work so much easier. I highly suggest this app to any who come across it..Version: 1.17.0

Most helpful app everWe don't do allowance in our house, but we do have jobs the kids (3 teenagers) can do for money. I was really struggling to manage the pay outs, as I always had to have lots of small bills on hand. Then the kids would turn around and give me the cash because they mostly buy things online. It was a total logistical nightmare. Enter Greenlight. It is the perfect balance between simplicity and features. I got the account setup in a few minutes, cards came a few days later. I have scheduled transfers setup for the kids job pay. I can also add additional money to their cards with three clicks if they do something extra. It's easy to take money away if I need to doc their pay for any reason. Everything in life should be this easy! I just had to replace a lost card. It took less then 5 minutes on the automated phone system. First lost card is free. So far, everything on this app is fast, easy, and works perfectly. This was a great idea for an app and implemented very, very well. It saves me a ton of headache every week. Thanks Greenlight!!.Version: 1.12.1

Best Youth Debit CardI enthusiastically recommend Greenlight to every family looking for a debit card for their child. We have been using this card for several years and it is perfect. I have the ability to link my child’s card to funds that I transfer from my own account, and release the money to her as she needs it. The controls in the app allow you to monitor all activity on the child’s card and limit both the type and amount of approved expenditures. The card can be immediately disabled through parental controls. I receive notification of every expenditure, and the app will inform my child of deposits to her account. The card has a function that allows for automatic payment of allowances, if desired. There is also a savings and charitable donation feature. This is the perfect debit card solution for our family! The developers of this app thought of everything! Highest recommendation!.Version: 3.0.4

Almost perfectWhile this is a great tool to teach kids how to use money, it is just missing some final touches to be a 5 star app. Everything in the app (and the card) works perfectly. What is missing is the ability to create savings goals under “spend” so that kids can learn how to save for reoccurring debts (like Minecraft or Roblox Club). While this can be done via the savings portion of the app, it also needs to be available under spend as well. We want our kids to realize that if you don’t save some of your available for a service it just won’t work. Since the goals are under savings only there is no easy way for the kids to feel how monthly bills can drain resources. Adding goals under spend would be a huge plus. Lastly I wish when my child signed in they did not need to refresh the screen to see their current balance. Our daughters sign in each time thinking they have more money than they do until we refresh it. Will move this to a 5 star app if these two items are addressed..Version: 3.13.1

A few improvements to the app would be niceThe app is simple to use and my kids love using their card. Makes life easier not having to find cash! I’ve noticed a couple of points that would make the app a bit more friendly or make it work right. Namely, pausing before the scheduled payday then unpausing allowance after the scheduled payment day brings up an option to pay the missed allowance the following day from when you unpaused the allowance. This does not work and the allowance is paid on the next regular and scheduled date meaning i had to find cash to pay my kids. Second point is when allowance is only paid on completion of chores, there is no way from neither the parent’s app to pay nor from my daughter’s app to request additional funds to be passed. This would be useful if the kids are on a school trip and we want to give them money for food or entrance’s fees etc..Version: 3.6.0

Great app! I’m a kid who has the app and I have one requestI got this app a while ago because my mom wanted me and my siblings to have a money/chores system (I’m 11). We got the cards and it has worked amazingly. I love the feature where you can check off your chores on the list, it really helps with the organization. I just have one request. I think it would be nice if you could transfer money between the siblings. One time I wanted to give my sister money, but to do that I had to transfer the money to my mom, who transferred it to my sister. I think it would be a lot simpler if you could request to transfer money straight to the siblings (or whoever else is on the same account. If anyone is thinking of getting the app, I think you should. It helps with organizing your money (just so you know, I am not a bot and I was not paid to write this review). If the developers read this, thank you and would you please consider my request..Version: 4.0.4

No Regrets. Great card!In the two weeks my son has been using his Greenlight card for his allowance, I have seen a drastic change in the way he views and appreciates money. I switched all of his video game related expenses over to his Greenlight account. Between me and other family members, he would sometimes ask for $100 in add-ons for games over the course of a week! Now that it’s his own money, he’ll spend it, but not at the rate he was spending mine! I hesitated doing this for a long time. I didn’t know if he would be responsible with the card, wasn’t sure if he would really understand the purpose, thought it may be a big fight about his new limitations, and didn’t know if I wanted to pay the small monthly fee. But literally none of that has been an issue. I have explained to him with each step of the process how it works and he is stepping up to the responsibility. I like that I can go in anytime and add or remove the tasks that he gets allowance for. I can also do one time giftings for special tasks or special occasions. We both have the app on our phones, so we can both see how much he earns every day, how much he spends and where the money goes. And I have also set the round-up feature so the change left after purchases automatically moves over to the savings account. I love this card! If you are considering doing this with your kid, I highly recommend it and recommend it early! It is actually saving me money and teaching him some valuable life lessons..Version: 4.0.5

Convenient & User FriendlyMy kids LOVE having their own debit card. It is super convenient for me to pay them for chores with the app, instead of cash, because i don’t have to remember to go by the ATM and I can pay them in odd amounts instead of multiples of 20. It is super convenient for them because they can use the app to check their balance anytime, and they don’t have to carry around cash and coins. Compared to a prepaid debit card, which has tons of activation/balance inquiry/transaction fees, this is hands-down the best non-cash option that kids can use anywhere. Pros: -kids learn about money management -parent/child can check balance anytime -parent can view and control transactions -cool features like assigning chores and setting allowance -kids have a means to purchase online products with their own money (instead of me having to take their cash, make the purchase, and give back change, then deposit the money they spent into my own account) Cons: -getting their picture on the card is another $10 per card. This is a great way to add safety, so I am surprised it wasn’t included with the standard membership -there is not a way to turn off the function where kids can request money from the parent (my kids like to request absurd amounts of money often as a practical joke and it’s annoying) The monthly fee is really reasonable! I wish I had a Green Light card as a child. Very valuable tool for parents who want to teach their children good money habits!.Version: 4.4.0

Great way to deliver allowance!My 12 year old son is like a lot of kids his age, meaning he always seems to lose cash when he’s out running around. We also never know how much he might need for any event, and we’re weary about giving him a lot of cash. Pairing the Greenlight app with his phone and Apple Pay, means he just keeps up with his phone for money (most places anyway). If he needs more money, I can easily transfer it over. It’s a MasterCard, so most places take this card too which is great. Allowance is another way Greenlight is perfect for us. I can set it up to auto-apply on a set day, and can even pause it if needed. Finally, if for some reason the card or number is compromised or stolen, it only has whatever is in his account available. We knew the balance pretty low, so if that happens it’s pretty easy to recover..Version: 3.7.0

Great Service is a sign of a Great CompanyI’m a pathologist who keeps a busy schedule. Having the ability to provide money to my daughters of different ages and with different needs through GreenLight has been great! I initially had a problem with my bank information and getting my first set of money transfers to take place. However after speaking with Heather and her manager Derek, all aspects of the problem were resolved in one phone call and everything has been extremely easy and convenient ever since. If by chance you should have any concerns with risk management issues when considering GreenLight, I highly recommend speaking with Heather or Derek. I am sure they will answer all of your questions thoroughly. Thanks to Derek’s help, I will be a GreenLight user for years to come and highly recommend GreenLight to any other parent!.Version: 3.0.1

What a turn around, excellent service!!!I had to take some time to come back on here because I like to give credit where credit is due. After experiencing some issues, I had an executive take some of his time to contact and make things right. This is the type of business that I support and service that that should be provided to every customer. I understand that thing make not always work as smoothly as expected, but what matters is how the situation is handled. I appreciate the attention to detail and curtesy that was given to my concern. I was recommended to use this service by a friend because it meets my needs. Having a child who lives so far away, I have the ability and ease to send him money securely. I am glad that I am going to be able to continue to use this service, it’s perfect for my kids..Version: 3.0.4

Almost perfect - one problem with updateWe’ve been using for a month and a half and this has been a fantastic move for us. Now that the kids control their own money, they want to spend less! Just downloaded the updated app and there is one point I don’t like. You can see a child’s spending history in their wallet, but have to go to mine to see what I added and when. It would be perfect if both were back in the kid’s wallet AND it looked like a regular check register - in other words, it showed deposit and debits and also kept a running balance like a register. We’ve had a situation where I let my daughter use her card for pumping gas, even though I was there, so she’d get experience. I then paid her back, but it’s not clear as to when it was charged and credited. A running register with balances would make it easy to see he balance transaction by transaction..Version: 2.0.0

Kid approvedMy kids love this program and are asking for like 50% interest on their money to help motivate them to save. When I was a kid my Step Dad would match me dollar for dollar on everything I deposited into the bank up until I was old enough to buy my own car at 17. This app can work the same way if you set the interest high and it would be fun for them to watch their money grow faster. Granted it’s not realistic because I don’t even get more than a percent at my local bank but for 8-13 year-olds it’s extremely motivating. I hope I can encourage a saving mindset doing this until they turn 18 and see how it goes from there. Great way to get ready to build credit carefully with credit cards and opening up their their own FIRST cell phone service plan. I am also going to put the babysitter/tutor on one of these cards to get her paid and offer incentives. I don’t mind bribing my kids with money to get A’s. So it takes my B student a lot of extra work to earn the big bucks A’s come with. This is a great way to reward them and this app makes it so easy. I love Greenlight as much as they do..Version: 3.14.0

Love it - just one thing missing to make it 5 starsLove this app - tell everyone about it and I love all the added features with the new update. We have one request, can you please add the ability to search/sort deposits within each child’s individual section. Currently you can search (each child’s account individually) and sort transactions by date and store however there isn’t a way to do the same for “deposits” (unless I’m overlooking it somewhere). I know we can view funding history for the parents wallet but this requires the user to literally go line by line to view each and without any sorting options to select either by child or date we have to write down and keep tally when needed. I believe most users would find it most helpful if you could add options to search for this information. We’d like to be able to go into an individual child’s “account” and for example also be able to search/view all deposits/money added from parents wallet for a given time period and just for the individual child. I hope I’ve made clear what the is missing and requested. Please let me know if not. Thanks!.Version: 2.5.1

Was excited until...After trying unsuccessfully to find a bank that will allow a 12 yr old to open an account, I discovered this app. I was super excited because it would’ve solved all of the issues with our son earning money with small jobs for neighbors, and be allowed to spend it at approved stores, etc. However, I was very disappointed to discover that they charge a monthly fee for service. It would cost us $60 a year, which simply doesn’t work for us. I deleted the app and am so disappointed. I’d rather pay a small fee up front for the app and the debit cards, then the service be free. Response to your reply: Our bank doesn’t charge any fees of any sort unless we are overdrawn. We would love to do these cards but not with a regular fee attached. Especially since we have four kids. The fee would be quadrupled..Version: 1.23.4

It’s awesome6 months in and our 11 year old and 9 year old are 100% on board. My 11 year had a couple crisp 100 dollar bills he’s been saving for a long time now. He asked me to move 100 into green light. We made a choice to pay 5% interest so our kids can learn.. a couple days later my kid says, “Dad, I want to move my the rest of money into Greenlight because it’s not doing anything in the safe, at greenlight I’ll make interest on it.” Awesome lessons to experience at such an early age. Our kids hated the old school savings account deal. They would get money from gma or family, we would give them the old line about putting it in savings, then they would never see the money again. Sure they had savings accounts, but they were not learning anything about money and saving. With greenlight, it’s all interactive at a level they understand - with serious parental control that makes me feel comfortable. Our kids also use the earn function a lot.. if they want something we have them put in at least some work for it. We started out with 100 dollars in the parents account just to see how it would go. Now that we’re more comfortable with how it works, etc. we’re all in. Highly recommend this! Only drawback I can see right now is that my 9 year old doesn’t have a phone. She can still participate and have a debit card, but can’t experience the kid app side of this. Honestly it’s fine though because we can show her what’s going on with her account and explain it in real time..Version: 3.2.1

What a great idea!My daughter turned 11 last weekend and I called my bank looking to open her a savings account but wanted a ATM card. My large bank told me no one gives any cards to minors. So I did some research and decided to give this a shot. My daughter has put her birthday money on here and is learning how to budget her spending. We have also ran with the idea of earning money for chores and I think every child could get with the idea of this app and card. My only complain is I swear I had put in correct info for my daughter. Her card cane with her first name but my last name? Maybe that’s a requirement or I can change this? It’s inconvenient because my daughter does not have my last name. It’s not technically correct. But I guess it’s not too big of a deal! She loves that she can pay for her Xbox games with this and order things offline! Thanks!.Version: 3.17.2

Best tool for my teen to manage his money!As the world around us changes, so must we. Gone are the days of weekly tangible allowances and chore boards. My tech savvy son was excited to have a credit card and ready to earn some ‘spending’ money. The app is very user friendly allowing me to designate chores, as well as chore days and frequency. I like the ability to break up the allowance given between ‘spend, save, and charity’ and the ability to pause the allowance (if needed) or transfer extra money onto his card if he earns it. Through the app my son can see the amount of money he’s earned and has already put his earnings into a special category, he created, as a way to focus on maintaining his goal. He feels more in control of his allowance money/spending (but you can restrict places they spend money on if it gets out of hand-like video games) and we as a family have an easy way to keep track of his ‘chores’ and financial progress..Version: 4.0.5

Almost there but could use a couple of added featuresI absolutely LOVE the idea of this app and the card to go with it. We’re super excited to start using it. BUT here are the things that could give it a 5 star rating.... 1. Add the ability for 2 parent wallets for the kids cards. With the world today and the divorce rate, there are so many split households so having the ability for each family to have access to the kids cards would be amazing! I even think you could double your profit by charging $5 per parent wallet. 2. Having the ability to require a chore to be completed for the kids to get paid their allowance. I chose to go with this app because of the debit card feature but a friend of mine has a different app where he can assign chores which are “required for allowance”. If those chores are not completed, they don’t get their allowance. He can then also assign chores which are assigned extra money and can be redeemed as well (which I know is also a feature of Greenlight). 3. Last, I think there should be a parent approval process so the kids can be held accountable for what they are saying they completed before the allowance goes out. Those are the things that would really help our family and I’m sure other families out there. Hopefully these things can be implemented soon so we can use the app to the fullest. Thank you for your consideration!.Version: 3.7.0

Great Technology and SUPER friendly staff!If you have busy teenagers or children, you need this app! It is fairly easy to set up, and has plenty of security. My kids feel comfortable using the app and it does a great job tracking everything. I feel like it will help them learn to budget better than handing them cash and hoping they spend it wisely. I did have to call customer service, because of a small error I made starting the card up. It was easy to get a hold of someone and she was super friendly and very helpful. I do have one suggestion: it would be nice for children to be able to send money back to you. There are times when I pay cash for something when they don’t always have their wallet and I would like them to learn that they have to pay me back for that kind of thing too..Version: 1.23.2

Great learning opportunityI love this concept for kids, teens and young adults. I think learning about money, finances, interest and taxes should be taught to our children at an early age so they can develop and learn good financial skills growing up in a very entitled generation. This has given me the opportunity to show my kids how to earn money, save money and learn to spend their money more wisely. It allows them to see how their money is being used. It’s a great motivator for them. One thing, I wish there was an option for the kids to be able to pay the parents back or have money go back into the parents account. If they don’t have their card with them and know they have money and want to “borrow” from mom or dad and then repay us when they can, would be a great additional feature. I know having the card with them is most ideal, however with younger kids they don’t always think to bring the card with them everywhere..Version: 3.0.4

Best way to teach kids about money!!!I’ve LOVED having Greenlight for my foster son!! My 15 year old foster son is obsessed with online gaming and is always wanting money to spend on his games. I do NOT want any of my personal cards saved to his account. This has given him his OWN card to use that has an allowance automatically added each month and that I can instantly load more money onto when he earns it. I get notified of every purchase he makes and every purchase he attempts to make that gets declined. And if he ever loses it, I can easily turn it off and request a replacement card. I also got a card for my 5 year old. He mostly likes to watch his monthly allowance add up and then use it to buy big packs of legos or video games. I HIGHLY recommend this to EVERY parent!!.Version: 1.23.4

This app is good I recommendSo I asked my mom if she can let me get this app since I really wanted to go shopping online and stuff so I got this app If your child doesn’t have a phone number there isn’t a problem which that was a problem for me until I found out you can make an account for your kid right now i accidentally signed out and I can’t sign back in I tried everything I remember my user and my password but it doesn’t seem to work but I’m gonna wait for my mom to come so I can check but I really like that the app is very safe 5.99 a month is really good so I totally recommend this app! But it would be great if you had it in Spanish because my mom talks Spanish but it is good over all but you should really add Spanish thank you….Version: 3.17.2

Good but improvements needed to be greatThis is such a fantastic way for our children to learn money management firsthand. However, the downside is that my former spouse and I share the same access even though we have different log ins. That means he sees the balance I’ve put into the parent account and he can potentially transfer from my personal account, and vice versa. It’d be nice to have access to our kids’ account while maintaining separate parent accounts and separate financial info. Also, it would be great to hide some of the things on the interface that our young children wouldn’t necessarily use right now, such as the “give” tab. Additionally, it’d be convenient to have FaceID recognition on the app or a simple 4-6 passcode. We don’t want our kids to continually have to log off in order to protect their info, then log on with their mobile phone number and password to get access..Version: 3.17.2

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE This appI am a 12 year old girl almost 13 and I believe that this is helping me learn money management skills and help me not to splurge my card because when I grow older I will know that the money on your card can run out and having this direct app to my card is a necessity because I tend to loose track of the amount of money I have and spend and I do not have the time or patience to wait on a call to know my bank balance I believe all debit cards should have an app like this this card is amazing and my parents love it and I love that no one knows how much is on the car so nobody asks me to spend money with it because they aren’t sure so thank you Greenlight for inventing this I love this and I will be happy to spread the word about this card thank you thank you thank you :).Version: 3.17.2

No Help Available When NeededThis app works beautifully until something goes wrong - then there’s no technical help. Yes, there is a customer support line, but they’re pretty much unable to help with most requests. I was told contact technical support tomorrow (Tuesdays must be better than Mondays at 2:30 in the afternoon). Well, that doesn’t help me when I’m at a store and need assistance. I’m deleting my account and my two kids’ accounts. Another company will likely pick up this concept and do it better. Greenlight, rule #1 of business: you must focus on the customer. You must be able to solve customer problems when they need you - not leave them hanging at the register. I’m really disappointed. Let me know if you ever need help framing up a business model. My idea is a customer-centric model that provides customer solutions every day of the week..Version: 1.23.4

Great ideas, great app!My daughter is 11 (received her card at 10) and loves having her own debit card! The app is easy to use and functions well. I love that it reduces the likelihood of her losing cash. I do wish there were a kids version of the app she could have on her phone to keep track of her account balance without allowing the full level of access parents have to the accounts. But my biggest complaint right now is the time it takes for funds to deposit from a funding acct into the parent account. It used to be shorter and now it takes almost a full work week. We have definitely reduced use of the program for this reason as some spending decisions are made in a smaller time frame and there isn’t time to wait for the slow funding process. There have also been times when my child was on a field trip and did not have enough money for something, but I could not add money directly to her account unless it was already in my parents account. Funding it from my bank at that time to my parents account would’ve taken days when I only had minutes. In those situations she had to go without, because I was not present and the process takes too long. Please change this back to the immediate funds access you used to have..Version: 3.0.4

Great app, needs one thing.I love this app, and it is a really smart and neat idea. I do have one request though. Not being old enough to drive yet, I don’t need to spend on gas, or other things like that, I would love for it to be possible to create new spending categories, or rename old ones. If I want to spend money on a new football at the store, it would make it easier to rename categories to “sports” than having 1 large ATM exchange category, so that I can manage money more precisely. I did notice that there was an option to add other spending categories for specific stores, But A category might be too wide to apply to just one store. It would be a great improvement to the management of the overall spending side. I really do think this app is a smart idea for kids and parents, as it makes everything a lot simpler and easier..Version: 4.0.0

14 y.o. Loves it!:At our local banks kids aren’t allowed their own acct attached to a parents account with a debit card till age 17.. Our son plays High School baseball and does normal running with friends his age.. this card has been amazing.. when the team goes to eat as a group for away games after.. or stop for snacks...when he rides with a friend after school to grab a bite before their home game directly after school... this card has been a game changer for us.. we both have the app to see what balance is available.. I can keep money in my parent wallet and only transfer when needed.. get real time alert on where he spends the money.. and when his balance is low.. I can immediately add money to it for Instant use.. We even paid the little extra and got a picture of him playing baseball as the card background.. he gets compliments on it all the time.. I highly recommend this card! 😍.Version: 3.16.0

Great so far, but...This app is just what we’ve been looking for... mostly. My only complaint is that sometimes my children have to pay me back for something where they didn’t have their card or they needed cash on the spot. They can move money out to my Parent Wallet, but I can’t move it from the Parent Wallet back to my bank account. I’ve read other reviews and the response is always to email customer support and they can do that for me. However, I don’t want to have to do that all the time.... especially for a small amount of money. I keep a meticulous budget each month where I account for every dollar, but if I can’t move that money back into my bank account, then my budget is off for the month. Is there a reason we can’t transfer money from the Parent Wallet back into my bank account? It seems silly I can’t access my own money in the Parent Wallet..Version: 4.1.0

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