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Free VPN by Free VPN .org™ app received 116 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Free VPN by Free VPN .org™? Can you share your negative thoughts about free vpn by free vpn .org™?

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Accounts compromisedI’m sure the app is great. It provided me fast access and I was able to watch ads to increase my time. But that’s really where the positives end. I have spent the last hour securing multiple accounts. I had downloaded the app at 7.37 pm. Connected to it by 7.40 and was happily browsing. 7.41 - I get an email from Pinterest alerting me that someone in Russia has gotten into my Pinterest and they are resetting my passwords. 7.42 - more emails from things connected to my apple keychain telling me that suspicious log-ins are occurring. Never had this problem until I downloaded this app. I would honestly avoid this App, the compromising of my accounts is a real issue I have reported to apple. It’s pretty easy to correlate the use of a new VPN with software account compromises in Russia. I suggest using manual VPNs you trust, don’t go for a quick fix, this app does not provide a secure service. Just use DuckDuckGo. I would also like to add that when I attempted to contact the app developer, my app kept crashing when I clicked feedback on something else. Leaving me unable to report this..Version: 3.506

A bit misleading with the description...Update; They tick away your “earned” time even when you aren’t using the app (disconnected and closed)... how does that make any sense?!?!!! It would seem to me they’re getting paid when you watch the ads, so why aren’t we getting the time as advertised for the time we put in to get them paid! Original; They say unlimited, but I don’t see anywhere that they tell you that you will need to watch ads to gain vpn time... so here’s your heads up. It seems to work fine though, and they do need to get paid; so I’m giving it 4 stars. Just know that you’ll need to spend a little bit of time to “earn” vpn time. I definitely plan a little ahead so I have time when needed, watch some ads and get a bit of a reserve so it’s immediately available when needed. I am still new to the app though, so we’ll see how this works out over time..Version: 3.571

Can't do anythingThere use to be some servers that not paying people could use but now i can't go to any servers without paying, and the reason why i care is becuse i can only watch my netfix show it sone countries and now i can't watch them now thanks free VPN LLC.Version: 3.850

Free to tasteThis was a good app for awhile. When they switched from the ad/banner no time usage limit to only 30 min of use, unless you pay, it makes it a waste. If there was a clock counttdown to the 30 min that would help. I've been bumped off without no notice. Before this 30 min usage, it was fine to have the ad banner, in my opinion, its a way to justify the paid aspect. Since I don't use it often, the need to purchase is not justified for my use. I only need it for random functions every other month. So, I would not reccomend this for someone looking to use it more than 30 min at a time, throttled back now too..Version: 3.874

NOT FREEDont lie to people say its 7 days trial and freezes until you put payment details.Version: 3.850

Stop the capI got this after reading the great reviews. It’s a scam, the reason you can watch 12 ads for 24 hours of service is because it doesn’t provide a service. I switched my location to Japan to watch some anime and immediately noticed it didn’t do anything. The built in ad block doesn’t do anything either, and I’m scared I may have got hacked. The reason I know the great reviews are bots is because the devs responded to them, like they would care about your five star. The only thing the app did was slow down my phone. Worst app ever, it serves no purpose unless you like having a slow phone or the vpn symbol. Please, don’t waste your time and find a working vpn..Version: 3.851

DO NOT DOWNLOAD (VIRUS)Once installed, doesn't allow you to delete or close the application. It is comlpetely bugged, and isn't even free. Do not download unless you want to deal with a lot of irritation. Look for other alternatives, which are probably cheaper, and offer a longer free trial than only 7 days. I never write reviews, but I don't want people wasting their time with downloading this buggy, virus-like, trash, which they can't undo. Edit: figured out how to close application. 1-Press apple icon top left 2-select force quit.Version: 3.884

Wonderful app, but bad apples can access it.This is a wonderful app, I use it most of the time and I have no issues. However, I have a feeling that hackers are piggybacking off this vpn network from time to time. Occasionally my network will slow, up the most blatant breech of privacy I had was when my Mortal Kombat X data was stolen. I do not blame the company for this in any way, but it was too coincidental that after using and deleting this app, my data on that game was stolen. This is a great app, and I highly recommend using it, and unless you just so happen to be on when one of those piggybackers are breaching the network, your data is usually safe. Downloading this app is kind of a gamble, but the odds are usually in your favor. If I had to suggest something for this app and it's developers, I would suggest they update their firewall protection more often, to keep those hackers out..Version: 3.184

ImproveIf we could have us central then it would be better.Version: 3.827

Not fast at all.Clicked fast. Couldn't even go as quick as hero vpn. I had a great wifi, can load within a second. This makes it take at least 20 mins..Version: 3.818

Dishonest: you watch ads to earn minutes - but the minutes get wiped away if you close the appI wanted to like this. But the system where you watch a few ads to earn minutes is dishonest. I earned 24 mins. I had to do some other stuff so I closed the app. I went back a few mins later and... my balance was zero. That's naughty. I then had to watch several more ads to get the minutes back. I'm the sort of person who, when I see a developer that cares about their users, will pay for apps that I might normally only buy free versions of. But when I see this kind of naughty behaviour, it's a guarantee that I'll never buy it. The FAQ just says you can watch ads to use the app for free. It's not true: you lose the minutes if you close the app. That's dishonest and unfair..Version: 3.453

Used to work now it doesntIt used to work so well but now it only works for a few seconds before it will stop loading pages. I try to load pages and it will go a little but then stop and won't work after that. This only happened once the update wanted me to install a profile to my phone..Version: 2.959

RudeGet rid of the adds..Version: 3.816

Do not botherIf I could give 0 I would. Was reading reviews and saw that you do need to purchase the subscription to be able to choose your location. I decided I would give this a go so that I could watch a streaming service while I am away on holidays. I changed my location and on the app it shows that it is selected however when trying to watch the streaming service it does not allow me to. I refreshed it 100 times and every time was unsuccessful not to mention every single time everything was extremely slow. I understand you try to run a free service but don’t offer a paid service if you can’t deliver. I have also tried to contact support and am yet to receive a reply over 24 hours later. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS APP.Version: 3.879

This app doesn’t work.So today I wanted to see if this VPN actually worked. So I ran a test. I went into settings and got my IP address. I wrote it down then turned on this VPN. Guess what happened nothing this VPN is a fake. What supposed to happen is your VPN changes but guess what nothing happened. So I tried the test again and guess what it did not change do not download this VPN. I realest do not they are probably collecting my searches and data and selling it..Version: 3.794

NO LONGER WORKS AFTER UPDATEHi All, Just crashes now! Worked well before last update. Pl fix!.Version: 3.812

Pls make it workPls make it work in china if you do I will give you 5 stars.Version: 3.879

Does not work.Tried to watch a BBC show online through the UK server, but it detected that I wasn't in the UK. Garbage..Version: 3.031

Stop stilling MoneyI just tried your free trialAnd after the free trial the app keep renewing the subscription without my permission and you charge me seven dollars without my permission I asked for a refund and I got my money back and again the app took money from my account and renew the subscription without my permission again even after I deleted the app and I just don’t understand why I can’t stop the renewing subscriptions, without any permissions from me or without sending me a notification about this and I have to go to my purchased history just discover what happened to my money just to be shocked and see that your app is taking money from my card without any permission without any notifications even though that I ask for a refund just the day before and I got my money back and you doing it again please fix this problem I don’t want this subscription I just want my money back thank you ..Version: 3.879

Don’t buy a subscription go with Nord VPNThe problems that I constantly have with the ad version on this VPN is shockingly bad where it keeps saying that I have a bad connection and I have to restart it but that never fixes it and I have to delete and reinstall but it only works for a couple of mins and that it will start again I wouldn’t even pay for it as I was testing it out to see how good it actually was so it saved me in the end I have recently decided to take out a year subscription with Nord VPN instead and I actually think there services are much better compared to this app. So I will be deleting this app from my phone and this app had lost a potential customer that would have took a year subscription with them there lose not mine..Version: 3.859

It's alrightIt's alright.Version: 3.031

Was good until recent updateI used this app a lot. It worked well, watch 10 ads get all day VPN. Now it won’t work anymore. One ad and you don’t get anymore. Just swipe and swipe and no new ads. So I can’t get anymore than a few minutes of VPN. Very disappointed.Version: 3.571

The watch ads feature does not work correctlyWhen using this app it promises you that if you watch 12 adds you can get 24 hours of VPN minutes . What it means is that for the next 24 hours you can use the VPN. Even if you only use it for 1 second in that 24 hour period you lose all VPN minutes..Version: 3.859

Battery DrainThe free vpn seemed to work with many annoying ads but a major battery drain. Ended up deleting this app from my phone..Version: 3.782

Works very little timeIt worked well about a week and then I cannot connect to Netflix at all. My guess they just not letting you use vpn for free and encouraging to buy their plan. Very disappointing.Version: 3.363

Good vpn but the ads....I get it, it’s a free service, everyone has to eat, I don’t mind watching ads to get the service, but the ads have become an eye watering pain, one in particular for some block game, it last ages then automatically takes you to the App Store then you have to go back to the app then it shows you some of the block game again, annoying as hell, I don’t mind ads I really don’t but when they make the app laborious to use then I’m simply going to stop using it..Version: 3.552

Terrible app and a scamI was signed up for a free trial with this app then I wasn’t satisfied with it, I cancelled my subscription and deleted the app, I noticed money was being taken out of my bank account and I had realised this company was charging me for premium subscription for months and months without my knowledge, absolute scam and terrible app do not recommend at all. Disgusting..Version: 3.859

Can't open networkIt doesn't work at all.Version: 3.809

Can’t cancel my subscriptionI am not using the VPN and in the FAQs it says to cancel at App Store but I don’t see an option to cancel there?.Version: 3.879

Please answer meOk, I love this app so much but, when I watch my video sick 30 secs ad for 1 hour unblocked wifi awesome but, I wanted to watch ads in advance however even though I am not using the app the ad free minutes still drain please fix..Version: 3.160

FailSometimes no regions be working.Version: 3.767

Vpn minutesWon’t let me watch ads for free vpn often.Version: 3.720

Free VPNIt works well for about 2 days, then afterwards all it's good for is draining your battery lol.Version: 3.031

Good, until updateThe most recent update has caused the app to crash multiple times when i attempt to connect, and watch videos to earn minutes. While i think this update was a good one, but the fact that it keeps crashing means I may be finding a new VPN app..Version: 3.139

It will not connectWhen it dose connect its wonderful but when it won’t it may as well be a unicorn themed paper weight I’ve been trying to connect the vpn for at least an hour now and it will not connect I’ve tried everything I changed servers I’ve changed IP’s I’ve restarted my device etc... but I can’t get it to start and I’m worried because I’ve had the app before and it did the same thing back then were it will work for a while but then gradually stop starting and become useless even though it’s (when it starts anyway) probably the best free vpn on the market and I don’t now what to do Date of edited: oct 13 thus 8:22 AM 2022 Edit: I’ve gotten it to start again and it’s working now but I did have to uninstall and reinstall witch was a little annoying but hopefully it won’t stop again but if I dose I will update this.Version: 3.879

Unable to accessI downloaded it couple of mins ago and tring to access, but it does not work. I also purchsed the monthly option but still not working. Please assist me remove my subscription as I do not wish this app charged me..Version: 3.884

Holds your computer hostageOkay, so when I downloaded this, and opened it, it put me in a screen where I could do nothing. I could still access other apps, but I couldnt get rid of the app or anything. There was also a large red unlocked lock on my menu bar. Im not sure what that means, but maybe dont download this app because it seems to be not secure. If you want to get it off your screen, force quit it by clicking on your apple icon in the top left corner and going down to 'force quit' then select the app and click force quit. After that, delete the app because its likely for the best. But for people thinking of downloading this app, or they havent used it yet, DONT GET THIS APP/DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.Version: 3.884

VPN advertising rubbishInitially the app says free for purchase but unfortunately once you install it is asking for sign up in a credit card disappointing but I know this is a good service.Version: 3.859

Can’t unsubscribeThey seem to make it difficult to cancel the 7 day free trial.Version: 3.767

Definitely does not work...If you want it to work for Netflix and get Netflix in other country’s it only lasts 14 hours..Version: 3.363

False ADOnly 15 mins,NOT FREE at all.Version: 3.859

Cant connect in NetflixI tried to watch ads but still can't connect with netflix. Poor app.Version: 3.859

Don't workMe and my friends use to use this all the time but since the last update we cant even connect on it.Version: 3.031

NOT free VPNIt says it’s free but only for 15 minutes. Never even used it as I searched for a free VPN and this is false advertising..Version: 3.571

HorribleIt doesnt let me delete or exit the application it glitched my macbook.Version: 3.866

Great VPN, bad way to get moneyFirst off, i like the actual VPN part of the app. it works great and it unblocks pretty much everything. The part that im really not liking about it is the 'Saving Battery. Open to reconnect to VPN' part. really? i use many other VPNs and i know for a fact that they're just trying to get me to watch more ads so they can get more money. i understand that you have to advertise stuff, and i get that everytime i first open the app. but the saving battery stuff needs to go. i had 87% battery, and it popped up. i reconnected and about 5 minutes later, it came up again. I HAD 85% BATTERY.. come on now..Version: 3.031

Great for freeIts great, seems to do what its supposed to. Just makes browsing super slow, also has annoying banner that you cant get rid of that has adds.. but it is the free version after all..Version: 3.766

Not helpNo help for ad-based one.Version: 3.937

One major thing!I’ve been using the app and I noticed something that’s kinda worrying. So, I watch ads and I get my minutes and I make sure to turn off the VPN so that I can ”save” my minutes for when I actually turn the VPN on. However, when I have something for example,1 hour of time left, I turn off the VPN exit out the app and go on with my day. But then after a while, I go back to the app, it shows I only have 8 minutes left. That’s a problem, there are other apps that has the ads system and they don’t waste the time when your not using it. That reason I don’t use those apps is because they don’t work on iOS and this is the app I found where this works for iPhone. If this is a bug, please fix it and then I can change it to a full 5 star!!.Version: 3.859

Battery-drainerIt allows anything while you're using it which is great, but seriously drains your battery. Even after you switch it off, it still glitches for like an hour and drains your battery. If I've used it for ten minutes, I'll often go from like 90% down to 78%, and then lose an extra 10% or so in the next hour. It also drains a lot in the background if you don't clear it, even when it's switched off, so make sure you clear it from background refreshes..Version: 3.297

Overtook my computerCompletely took over my computer cant click anything, cant close the app, cant close the pop ups, cant restart my computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 3.794

Not very free to use friendlyIt’s great and works fine, however, when using the watch ads option to use the vpn for x amount of hours/minutes. Sometimes, more frequently than not, no ads will load and I will be swiping for a good 10 minutes between each ad interval which is rather annoying, and, in the end, what urged me to delete it to find a better app. As, it’s very frustrating to have to sit there scrolling for ages for an ad because the app won’t load any. Don’t know if it’s a me issue or an app issue, but regardless it’s more hassle than it’s worth so I don’t recommend unless you plan to pay for the full service..Version: 3.879

AverageDoesn’t work with Netflix.Version: 3.571

TynzeDoesn't work with Netflix so deleted.Version: 3.031

Was good, now deletingI used this app for a while. I really enjoyed the ability to choose other regions (limited options) for free. This allowed me to use an IP address that was out of my state or even another country. Now that option seems to only be available with a subscription. Not sure when that change happened, but it seems pointless to use the free version if it only lets me choose different IP's within my own city. I tried choosing an alternate IP multiple times, and I keep getting the city I am in. For those willing to pay for the subscription, this app is easy to use with plenty of options. I'm just bummed the free version is so limited now..Version: 3.850

UsageIt does not unblock US Netflix. I’ve been told it does I’ve tried several things. It still doesn’t work.Version: 3.787

I didn’t find it good at allI mainly download vpns to do one thing- watch Netflix. Which is sadly, very hard to do as Netflix is good at blocking these. I read a review that said their Netflix worked when they used it so I was like, hey I should get this, it says Netflix works that’s great! Not great. Netflix did not work at all. Other things probably worked but I didn’t check because like I said, I downloaded it for the Netflix. I hope you can do something about the Netflix thing because you would get many more downloads if your vpn worked when on Netflix..Version: 3.297

Works BUT...It does work! Sadly.. You get only 15 minute sessions for free, this may be just fine for the purpose you want. Unfortunately for me I was hoping to use it view US netflix, 15 mins would not be sufficient lol, but I couldn’t even get that far because netflix detected it. I had a similar problem with other VPNs, I did find one that Netflix didn’t detect but unfortunately it was paid and I just can’t keep paying at this point..Version: 3.571

Doesnt even let me watch adsOkay lets start of by saying this is a really good vpn and i have been using for a while but recently it doesnt show me ads when im trying to get minutes and whenever i get one it wont count and the minutes will stay same for 6 ads then i will get 5 mins and it will repeat. I have deleted and reinstalled the app restarted my phone but it still doesnt seem to work. I really wish this is fixed quickly as this is a good vpn and that is whats letting it down.Version: 3.851

OkIts a great app but i need ads to get more vpn time so it is free but ads.Version: 3.827

Can't access downloaded filesUsed the private browser to download large files and can't access them. They don't show up anywhere in Finder and can't be found by Spotlight. A complete wate of time. Had to download them again using Safari..Version: 3.837

Don’t work, random disconectDo not use this app, the "ads for time" is not working and you get random disconect.Version: 3.818

This App is TrashI think my phone got cancer just trying to use this app. Absolute crap when it comes to actually watching the ads for your ‘vpn time’ it says you have to watch 12 ads for 24hrs of use, but then gets stuck on 11/12 ads, permanently. There’s no options on the Home Screen to change the location, literally no user interface with the main ‘menu’ every button on their home screens is either to share this with someone else or to buy premium Multiple ads brought up tons of pop ups on my iPhone, including new web pages, asking for facial recognition for downloading a new app, and opening up my App Store. This App is absolute dog feces and cancer to anyones phone. Don’t waste your time downloading like I did.Version: 3.859

DeletedChina server doesn’t work..Version: 3.184

Bad upgradeI’m premium version there has been an upgrade and now I always get downgraded back to free & have to restore purchases.Version: 3.405

Accumulated ad minutes resets to 0Bringing to your attention that the free minutes that you rack up through watching the ads all reset to zero the next time you log in. Didn’t use to be the case but has been consistently doing so for the past week. Frustrating especially when you have racked up minutes just so you can use it later when you are in a hurry. If this is not fixed, I wouldn’t recommend the ‘free’ version of this ad as it essentially a waste of time. And yes, I disconnect after every session..Version: 3.297

Free app doesn’t consistently work.I liked this app because I could try it out before I put any money into it. I paid a year subscription for an old vpn app and it quit working after a few months and I was stuck with it for a full year. So I thought that I would try this app. The adds that you have to watch for free vpn time is not a problem and totally worth it. The problem comes when I can’t access my content. It worked for a while. Sometimes I would have to try and try many times (like 10-20 times) but with a little patience and perseverance it would work. Now I can’t get it to work at all-very frustrating! That being said at least I am not out any money!.Version: 3.879

Fake title15 mins free to test then gotta pay. False advertising.Version: 3.859

This app does not workNot once did the IP reflect the country I selected in regards to region. Regardless of the region I Selected it would always show that I was in Europe/near Luxembourg. I checked the IP each time. I selected parts of Asia Multiple times only for the app to error out or show that I was in Europe even though I selected Asia. At 1 point it showed my own IP address so this confirms it is not a reliable service. The app does not offer all regions it has in the drop down, but I suppose this is what you get with an app that is free. Not worth downloading, as it claims to offer regions which it cannot actually provide. I’d give it a -1 if I could..Version: 3.937

Doesn’t work anymoreI used to use this all the time in China and elsewhere around the world but it no longer works. I click to watch an ad to gain more time, it loads 15min of time and starts the countdown, I then click the red button that says connect and it says unblocking your network, wait 150 seconds to connect. After the that period to connect, the red button should turn green but it goes back to red. I click the red button that says connect and it says (sound familiar?...try, fail, repeat) unblocking your network wait 150 seconds, meanwhile the time is still counting down and soon is under 8min. Previously I clicked the red connect button and after a short bit it connected. It never mentioned the 150 seconds thing to unblock the network or whatever. This app is junk now, look elsewhere..Version: 3.453

WORST APP EVERI should've read the reviews first, it refuses to close, i can't shut down or restart my computer and it wont delete. You also can't even click anything on it anyways.Version: 3.816

Wrong titleIt's not a free VPN really.Version: 3.812

.Alright vpn, but the constant p4rn ads are disgusting..Version: 3.916

Listen To the ComplaintsIt froze my computer and im trying tovdeal with it now... i cant restart or delete it and its stuck on my screen.Version: 3.816

Just crashesTried it on Catalina. Crashes and crashes. Unusable. Sad. Looked great....Version: 3.809

Doesnt work, will probably spoil your macIt froze my mac and i wasn't able to quit the app until i restarted the mac..Version: 3.794

Pain in the a…Such an annoying app. Can work well - when you get it working. Some of the adds you’re forced to sit through in the free version have no way out. You have to watch it an then it just sits frozen so you have to close the app. This has happened so many different times with different adverts so it’s not just a one off. The worse thing about this app is it won’t shut off. It stays connected when you don’t want it do and doesn’t always have an option to cancel it. This happens every 1 in 10 times. I’ve just had to uninstall it in order to stop it connecting..Version: 3.859

Does not workI tried in China 3 different sets of wifi and it didn't work.Version: 3.031

Connections.It ended up okay when I first started but after the first timer ended and I went to watch more, I couldn’t connect to it any longer. I could of auto connected but that was for premium and I was fine just watching Ads and that but I just didn’t like how it wouldn’t connect. Another one was I noticed the minutes was going down even though I haven’t even used it because I wasn’t even connected. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that but I wasn’t really expecting it to just down when I wasn’t connected..Version: 3.963

Wont connectIts stopped letting me connect for some reason..Version: 3.031

When it works it works wellThis was my go to VPN because it worked like a charm, however it will no longer connect and does not show any minutes or let me watch videos. I have deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple time but to no avail. I noticed in the app description it says free and unlimited? Am I reading this wrong or what?.Version: 3.297

Does not work in ChinaNot a working vpn in China.Version: 3.537

Worked after like the100th timeWorks eventually but always has to unblock your server and doesn’t know what it’s doing thought he it was free but it’s a scam.Version: 3.818

This is awfulIt says it won’t connect then won’t allow to connect unless I have the free trial I find this unfair I should be allowed to watch my shows but instead they gave me this don’t wast your time on this app 😕👎👎.Version: 3.735

Only app that works for me, BUT-I’ve used many vpns on my schools WiFi that have not worked and I have relied on this one for over a year. Never had any problems and it’s been a great app. The only issue is the problems I’ve been having with recent updates. Before, the app constantly crashed, so I had to go into settings to turn it off and then try again. Sometimes ads wouldn’t work for me so I wasn’t able to get the full amount of time. With the most recent update I don’t even know if it crashes, because I can’t get it to connect, because no ads are showing up for me. Every time I click an ad option it says “swipe left to go to next ad.” It swipes but nothing happens. I’m unimpressed with this app and hope measures are taken to improve this update. It should not have been released with the current state its in.Version: 3.506

Its using my vpn time without the vpn onFix this garbage❌❌❌❌❌.Version: 3.794

Has ruined my internetI initially downloaded so I could attend a game event in a different country. The first thing I noticed is that it was incredibly slow. Then it has made my internet icon disappear. I turned off the vpn so my internet would get faster. Slow as before and my icon is still gone. Then I deleted the whole app and even restarted my phone. While so far my internet still somewhat works, it is much slower than before compared to my family members phone with the same model connected to the same internet, and their phone is older by a year. Still no icon, and I still have this crappy problem. Absolutely terrible. I’m issuing data rn to type this review. Edit: somehow it got fixed by using my data (I’m kinda salty about having to do that) redone loading and then reconnecting the vpn to my country as my brother suggested. Somehow it turned it normal. This is prolly some kind of weird ahs bug. Pls fix it. On the good side, I’ll upgrade this to 3 stars, because of the stupid bug it gets a minus. Anyway, works fine now..Version: 3.827

Okay but very flawedIt get the job done occasionally but WOW is this app infuriating. Ads range anywhere from 3 seconds in length to two minute ones that aren’t skippable. The app is full of bugs so it’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll have to restart after one or two ads, because the app has either frozen or you can’t swipe to watch any more ads. Plus this app is so needlessly power-intensive and drains your battery way too much when you’re using it. It’s so bad you can feel your phone literally heating up the from the performance usage. It’s not worth to get for a free VPN. There are much better ones out there that don’t drain your battery ~10% when you open the app. The premium service is better, but at that point you may as well buy one of the more mainstream paid VPNs. However, if no other free VPNs work for you, this buggy mess of an app is somewhat tolerable..Version: 3.859

FROZE WHOLE COMPUTUERThis doesn't work, it froze my whole computer and I had to force quit it from my computer settings. DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 3.809

How do i cancel my subscription??No e-mail to contact customer support on the app; no policy on how to cancel the subscription. i have a few days remaining, and i’d love to cancel it no offence. please someone help me out lol.Version: 3.720

App logs your data - SCAM!Free VPN is one of several VPN services that claims to not log your data. However, UFO VPN, FAST VPN, Free VPN, Super VPN, Flash VPN, Secure VPN, and Rabbit VPN have recently leaked the VPN data of over 20 million users. This service is a scam, and using it will put you at risk..Version: 3.735

Won’t work in chinaHopeless.Version: 3.506

Doesn’t workIt worked for me once but then it just stopped..Version: 3.031

Great app but a lot of ads and turns off oftenGreat for unblocking blocked apps however after awhile long ads come up that never seem go away and it turns off after 10 minutes so u have to keep going back 😥 Otherways in love it 💟.Version: 3.363

Getting worseA few months early u can watch Ad to get half hour free time , and the time can accumulate. Now , no matter how much Ad u watch , once u re jump on this app , u lost all ur free time . And worse now every time u watch ad you only get actual 11 minutes free time . And new version is slower than before . No point to use it anymore ..Version: 3.363

Yea it’s goodI like it but I wanna give it one star.Version: 3.735

Free but doesn’t workHi guys, the app is super glitchy (heaps of lag between screens, shuts down suddenly, ads get stuck and you have to close app). Besides that, it doesn’t work. I tried many different IP options and couldn’t access the content I needed due to region ID. Was excited to have found a legit free VPN but disappointed it was not successful..Version: 3.859

Showing more adds in latest updateOk,this was a free vpn which used to show adds randomly and you could close them easily and if you want to get rid of the adds you had to update it to premium version which would cost you a bit. But the thing is after the latest update that I had (ver:3.453) it just shows adds and its very difficult to close the adds and connect to VPN, sometimes there is not the close icon on the screen and at times there is a close icon ,A.S.A.P you close the add another add appears . It has become so annoying that I wont recommend it..Version: 3.453

It works sometimesAlthough the app worked for me the first time it didn't work the second time so really disappointing but maybe it's just the slow servers here in Australia.Version: 3.031

Fake VPN that just forces you to watch ads and dosent connectLiterally a fake VPN that scams you into watching adds for “connection time allotment” and then puts on a show says it “connected with x minutes remaining “ and dosent actually connect you to a VPN my ip was identical before and after “connecting “ this app is a scam to get you to watch ads..Version: 3.937

All the time stop working, support fail to helpAfter message support to tell them about issues with the app, they respond after a week and I’ve replied, with more information, but they never respond anymore. I’m deleting this app as many times not work and need to re-connect multiple times and also not work in data mode, just in Wi-Fi. Obviously it’s free, but in the same time it’s not as we pay by watching ads. This is exactly what I mentioned to the support and probably they get mad because I’m telling them the truth and then they just closed my case. Update after the developer resoponse. I was re-connecting many times and I’ve email the developer. Also I don’t mind watching the adds, but that mean that I’ve paid for the service with my time that I’ve spend to watching them so my issue it’s that the developer closed my case without resolving it and disregard my email to them. Posting this update as nobody to be misled from their response to think they are ok. I’ve already took another one that I’ve paid £65 all to get with VAT for 2 years and it’s briliant. Free VPN not even work when I’m not on Wi-Fi in Uk. With my current one (I don’t say the name so don’t get interpreted as I’m making false review) I don’t have such issue and work with hours without stop (in fact unless I change region never stop working).Version: 3.916

BruhI deleted the app and its stupid vpn loading thing is still stuck on my taskbar and it wont remove itself.Version: 3.874

Don't work no moreDoes not work after the new update used to work fine but now it just says connecting and it doesn't connect.Version: 3.031

FakeNot free at all and you get no “VPN time” unless you are willing to pay.Version: 3.453

GarbageIt's titled "Free VPN by Free VPN" but its NOT free. As soon as you download and open - you're locked into paying a subscription. Also filled with ads and pop ups..Version: 3.850

Takes money without authorisationI downloaded this app and never intended to pay for the app or the VPN. service and was always happy to view advertisements rather than pay. They ask for credit card details IN CASE you might want to upgrade or purchase something. At no time did I authorise a payment. However, I checked my credit card and money had been taken!! I raised a complaint but they just give me a “sorry you are having trouble with your VPN, try another server in a different country” reply and don’t actually read the complaint. This is the first time I have rated an app but I wanted to warn people..Version: 3.879

Doesn’t work ...This app was sooo much better before this update, when they still the panda which made the app look more interesting as a whole it was far better however the only I have is the fact that any time I earn Vpn time it tells that it needs to unblock the network. I wait 4 minutes for the bar to be complete and even afterwards it still won’t let use the actual vpn. It is extremely irritating and it makes this app completely useless, which is very upsetting because it used the best vpn out there (and the only valid). PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 3.552

Total bsTitle and description for this app says it is free. Only for first 15mins then it’s pay or go away. U people should be done for false advertising.Version: 3.557

5/10Even though this is supposed to be a free VPN in exchange for watching ads. I watch about 12 ads every 24 hours in exchange for 24 hours of free VPN service. But when you actually do the time and he’s a timer and all the stuff you realize that they are actually stealing minutes from you every single hour and so realistically you actually don’t get 24 hours. I mean at least you get this for free which is better than most but half the time the VPN is very slow or very quick you never know. Sometimes it will turn off while I’ve been running it within an hour or sometimes if I don’t even look at it it’ll stay running even if I have disconnected. Definitely more bugs in the system than good but at least it is free considering. But I have been looking into plenty of other services because this one has been very disappointing to an extent. Again don’t forget you’re watching free ads for free VPN service so I guess you get what you get.Version: 3.844

Connect but slowVery slow speed, had trouble to play any movies..Version: 3.571

NEVER USE THIS APPFrom a real person, i am not biased and im here to tell you right now, never download this app, it will take over your laptop, i had it and it froze my apps i couldnt press ANYTHING until i clicked force quit, again, NEVER, instead use betternet or x-vpn !! - angrily, from a macbook user <3.Version: 3.809

BadIt doesn't work at all.Version: 3.031

Ridiculously TerribleThe app needs to be constantly refreshed to keep the VPN working for more than 5 minutes. The ‘unblocking your network’ message keeps popping up, the process takes ages and usually leads to no result. Be prepared to re-install the app at least twice a day, because it asks to install VPN configurations all over and over again, even though it’s already set on your phone. For the price you guys offer, the premium service quality is worse than any free app. Simply outrageous..Version: 3.937

Don't use itIt didn't freeze my mac, but I couldn't close it after downlaoding and opening. Wouldn't recommend..Version: 3.809

EhIts good but as soon as you have it for a few days it just drains your battery 😐.Version: 3.735

Wasted my time watching ads for zero VPN minutesI 1st selected the 24 hour VPN with 12 ads, watched 3 or so ads and then the ads stopped playing, kept me in the same screen with the same ad with no prompt to click next or “X” to close the ad. Had me waiting for like 15 minutes, but I kept clicking all over the screen to see if maybe something would work and trigger the next ad, but NOPE, nothing till I click at the bottom of the screen where it says to skip ads and pay real money for their subscription service. It kicked me out of the frozen ad screen and gave me nothing in exchange for my lost time. Then I tried the 30 minute VIP ad pack which supposedly contained 1 minute worth of ads, same result, gave me like 3 or 4 ads and then it just got me stuck on an ad with no way to leave and redeem my invested time. Got out of the screen the same way - by clicking on their “ad free” button at the bottom of the screen. What a letdown and waste of my time..Version: 3.948

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