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DO NOT USE THIS APP, IT SKIMS KEYSTROKESAs the title states, this app skims your keystrokes. Three of my personal online accounts were hacked into because of this app. Do yourself a favor and research legitimate VPN options out there. NordVPN, Express VPN, these are highly reputable companies and I am telling you to stay far away from this app. Huge red flags within a minute of use. There is no such thing as a truly “free” VPN. If you have to watch ads for 5 minutes to get continual free access, this should be a screaming scam to you. Do yourself a favor, as well as your personal accounts, and get yourself a reputable VPN. Do your research, there are thousands of people who have been scammed with this app..Version: 3.879

Almost perfect.You watch ads to get time, and the ads don’t make you wait an extra 5 seconds after waiting the previous 15 and hitting the microscopic x in the corner. I have an unfathomable hatred for mobile game ads, but somehow, I don’t feel that hatred for these ads. I can actually kind of enjoy watching that VPN time rise after each ad, but unfortunately, I was doing this at school, and I got an ad that depicted straight up pornography. If there was a setting to hide the NSFW ads, this would be absolutely perfect..Version: 3.974

FantasticI recently downloaded this app for free and I can say it is running perfectly on my iPhone, I love the fact that it’s free but watching videos can be a little time consuming to get more free VPN time so after my time runs out I will probably upgrade to the pro version and pay the 2.99 a month, The free version appears to be a little slow at times loading Apps or updating apps even updating software so I hope pro Version will run faster, The fact that it gives me peace of mind that my Data is safe and secure from potential hackers, thank you developers for this amazing app keep up with the good work. anybody who complains about paying 2.99 a month to upgrade is just ridiculous.Version: 3.184

It's free and awesomeI think a lot of people expect too much for free, problem with the entitled society of today. Yes if you close the app while not running the VPN your minutes return to zero but since it's like 30 secs for 30 mins I think that's perfectly fine IMHO this app is amazing, it's free, and they are open and honest about what they do and don't do with the your viewing info which most free vpn companies sell on. To the people complaining that your minutes reset, hush up and watch a 30 sec video jeez.Version: 3.453

Unexpectedly awesome.I was looking for a temporary replacement for ProtonVPN until I could afford to subscribe to their premium tier. I have to say I will probably stick with this one, as I appreciate the developers’ honesty and interaction with their users. I really love their “reward based” (my words) business model; yes you can use this for free BUT if you want to use it a little more, you can CHOOSE to support them monetarily by spending a little bit of your time sitting through ads. Barring that, you can also choose to outright subscribe. What an awesome idea that I wish more developers and services offered. I have not had any issues yet and the connection times seem to always be relatively quick. Public service announcement: just because you’re using this, or any VPN, does not mean you are 100% hidden. Always be aware of what your local connection gateway is, especially if WiFi. Most of the time, a VPN only covers the connection to a point outside the local network, so your packets to and from the gateway (router, what have you) may not be encrypted. However, for the vast majority of people, this usually isn’t a concern :) Thanks devs! Love your product..Version: 3.506

Exceptional VPNThis VPN is very different from any other app available. The most obvious upside of this VPN is that it’s free, which could give the potential user questions on how useful this VPN could really be, being free and all. These prejudice views are quickly shot down after opening the app. The user is greeted with a wonderful tutorial on how to use a VPN. This VPN uses a very unique system where you can watch ads for VPN time. This is honestly a revolutionary idea, since the creator(s) get no money from people buying the app (because it’s free,) but they do still get ad revenue. I personally have no idea how expensive it is to run a VPN, but hopefully the creator(s) are getting enough money from ads to keep this app free. You can also get a paid version where you get unlimited time on the VPN, no ads, and an ad blocker all in one package. My only drawback on this site is that you don’t have any indication that it’s active. And when you log back into the app, it says it’s reconnecting, something that I’m sure is a visual glitch that the creator(s) can fix in a heartbeat. Otherwise, and exceptional VPN, better than any other free VPN..Version: 3.851

Just one problemIn a whole it is great and does exactly what i need it to do, deserves the 5 stars. But the one problem which is very aggravating is when it disconnects to “save battery” as it says, this happens even when i am charging my phone and takes a few minutes to be able to continue after turning it back on..Version: 3.184

Only 15 minutes then u have to pay0/10 it’s garbage.Version: 3.859

AmazingFirstly it does exactly what a normal vpn does except for free. Would recommend, but for some reason, it starts out taking up 43 megabytes but every time you use it, it takes up more space, It is currently taking up 675 mega bytes of storage. Why is this??? Edit: New update only takes up 300 megabytes, massive improvement, good job developers👍.Version: 3.405

Great vpnThe only issue I face is after a few time of use when I try to open it it just crashes instantly it’s an issue but please fix it this is the only vpn for iOS that really helps me.Version: 3.963

OkDoesnt work all the time but works!.Version: 3.031

Free VPN very nice!I have used this app for sometime and it works well. Yes the timer does time out even when you stop using the app... But Free VPN has to recover costs with advertising...that's good business... Fantastic app AAA+++ Would still recommend this service.. And when I get a full time job I will get the full version.. Nice app FREE VPN!.Version: 3.297

The Best VPN For MobileUnbelievably good value, or you can even scroll through 10 ads in trade for 24 hours of VPN use for FREE, start and stop as you please. High quality, can choose location, it’s great. The fact it’s free if you need it to be is a great thing and is resulting in me buying a week of it here and there as well as using the great as system. Devs: consider making the free version similar to adblock and allow donations for the free users? it’s humbling to have the option NOT to pay when every other mobile VPN on iOS is a cash focused app only. Functionality, aesthetic/interface & ease of use is completely 100% with this one. Awesome app. Gg.Version: 3.571

Thanks, this VPN is good. Try it.This VPN is good compare to all other rip off VPN APPS out there. The ads in the apps are not too much and they gain you free VPN time anyway. This is better than nothing. Very nice of developer to allow people to use free VPN just by watching ads..Version: 3.571

QuestionHi I was wondering if it could download fetch rewards using the vpn because it didn’t let me but I was probaly doing something wrong if I was please help clear things up! Cheers.Version: 3.859

The fact it’s free compared to every other appOther apps are all subscription based while this one stays free and works well!.Version: 3.711

Not setting up connection.I used it for a while, and it worked great. No problem with it at all, but recently it said I needed to reset the VPN configuration, and then after it deleted the current one it wouldn’t set up a new one, so it just kept coming up with errors and there were no VPNs in settings..Version: 3.735

Works, fairly unintrusive, fair, few issuesIt’s a good VPN and it works. However I noted a few minor issues such as: - Sometimes your vpn server won’t be in the place it says it is, this is particularly the case with the “Netherlands” option. In fact, few if any servers under the Netherlands tab are in or anywhere near Holland. Using an IP locator on myself showed me connected to Belgium (in most cases Netherlands IPs were from Belgium), France, London, And Russia. - Advert feature is buggy at times. When viewing ads to get vpn hours, make sure you do so without connecting to a vpn prior or you might not load any adverts. It does work however..Version: 3.859

Works with Netflix!!🎬Finally!! A VPN app that actually allows me to watch the U.S version of Netflix!! Thank you so much!! I highly recommend downloading this app guys!! Amazing!👌🏻✨✨.Version: 3.335

Great for watching catch up aboardWriting this review as may help others. Went abroad. ITV recognised I was abroad and would not let me watch catch up. Googled how to get around this and looked up VPN’s that trick app into thinking you are in UK by connecting you to a UK based server (make sure you manually do this in app when downloaded). Searched AppStore for something free this came up. Yes you have to watch 10 ads to get access for one day but hey nothing’s free and ads can be skipped after a few seconds. Takes no more than a few minutes to get through. Absolute cracking find. Never had buffering issues etc. Thanks to developers for this, top marks.Version: 3.506

This is realThis application is real because it get its money from sponsored ads and this is one if the best free VPN if you don’t like to waste money on paid ones.Version: 3.506

GreatGreat vpn! I was especially pleased that there is no premium here, you just watch ads and get a vpn with a good connection quality of any country for free. Few vpn services can boast of this!.Version: 3.937

RAAAWWWWWRWRWRRRRRAwesome, thanks to you, i can now game in class no problem!.Version: 3.397

Useful!!I have been using this app for a while and for something that is free, it does a excellent job!, sometimes my internet would turn off while using the VPN but when I just turn the VPN on and off it’ll work. This app is extremely useful! I haven’t had any problems so far with the VPN.Version: 3.974

The best free VPNEvery other “free” VPN are almost always a scam. They either make you pay for a subscription which you get a free 7 days, or they give you a very limited about of minutes a day. This VPN has a great system, which allows you to use it as much as you want, as long as you watch some ads. The ads aren’t long, and only takes about 12 to get a full 24 hours. The VPN it’s self is also really good, and I notice very little connection issues or quality. Overall, a perfect free VPN..Version: 3.879

This app is GloriousMy God , it’s free if I just watch some ads and that’s it??? This app is amazing and worth every second of watching those add, if you think there’s too many than maybe you should pay for premium so you can stop complaining. Like I said this app is marvelous and I can watch those shows from other countries I’ve heard of but can’t experience because of where I live. This is the only VPN you’ll ever need and I want you to trust me on that word..Version: 3.916

Wonderful VPNThis VPN is great, and has the opportunity to expand. I can honestly say I haven't seen any adds, and all of my data and traffic is secure. No one can see my IP address either. They kept their word. Other vpns tend to be too difficult. This one finds u one without you having to do it manually. And it's the closest ones. And for the people that said FreeVPN wasn't clear about you having to pay 2.99 a month after the intitial cost if you upgrade to pro and wanna stay ad less. It actually does say that before u upgrade. People are stupid. Some people. But they don't pay attention to what the app is telling them. And I haven't seen any adds. I'm up to a week of being Ad less just for watching a 10 sec video. And I honestly have not see one..Version: 3.139

Best VPNGreat app connects great and I love it thanks.Version: 3.405

HiDoes this get rid of viruses?.Version: 3.552

Great so far !I’m impressed! This is a fantastic free VPN. YES you have to watch ads to up your time using the VPN but nothing is totally free and the devs have to earn money somehow. I use it all the time and in this day and age with all the hacking software about it’s imperative you have a VPN. If you haven’t VPN on your device yet and can’t afford paying this is the best free one out there for sure, and remember you can have paid option also. Top marks from me guys!.Version: 3.859

UsefulNothing to complain about..Version: 3.031

Surprisingly goodI’m away on holiday but wanted to watch ITV. I tried playing ITV hub on my computer but it didn’t work so I decided to try use a VPN. I got this app after reading reviews and you just have to watch a few couple seconds long ads and you get loads of vpn time allowance for it. You can select any country you want, as well as specific american states. Would recommend!.Version: 3.827

Free worldThe best VPN that works free in Iran.Version: 3.552

ReliableI’ve only had it for like 20 mins but from what I can see it’s a amazing and im just a kid who wants to watch Netflix with shows that aren’t in the U.K and since I don’t have any money this is great because in 15 mins I earned 3 days worth of this by exiting ads and there is no buffer or lag just one lag like every 15-20 mins and u can exit it straight away.Version: 3.552

Works fine but has too many adsWorks fine but has too many ads!.Version: 3.879

This is the only one!Amazing customer service. When after a week of faultless using on holiday in Spain something went wrong. I’m not technical, 63 years old, like a beer just a normal ‘hankie’ on the head bloke from England. They told me what to do by return of email and bingo fixed again. Fantastic, stay here it’s not hard even I can do it and if you have a problem their is great back up. It’s a pity that more companies don’t follow their lead, well done guys. I’m proud of you. Great job and all done for free. Pete.Version: 3.571

Absolutely amazing no bsThis app helped me so much!!! I work 12 hour days and nights and this app allows me to play mobile legends even though they blocked playing games over the server. My boss doesn’t care because we are only needed on call we just couldn’t ever figure out why we couldn’t play games . With this app being loaded i now get more work done because im happy to be here . Thank you so much for not killing us on ads and giving us plenty of time by watching videos ! It was fast to earn time. Once again thank you guys !!!!!!!!!.Version: 3.453

Amazing VPNFor many minutes i have been searching for VPNs that work really well, and all the VPNs i have come across have failed, until i found this. This is an amazing VPN and works well and fast. It gives you a 3 day premium trial when you first get it. Then, you have to watch ads for VPN time. The reason they use ads is because they dont sell your data at all, and since the free version works well, you may not have to switch to premium, although premium gives more benefits. If the creators of this VPN are reading this, I would like to thank you for giving me (and others) a fast working VPN..Version: 3.794

Really really simpleAs others have said it is very slow but since I am using it to download rather than stream, all that’s required is a little patience. No complex set up and watching an ad for another app or service that lasts between 5-30 seconds unlocks between 30 and 90 minutes of free time. If you wish you can upgrade to ad free ‘always on’ access too. Really pleased..Version: 3.139

Great but could be betterI’ve used this app for a good 4years. 3 on Samsung and 1 on Apple. The both work the same way and are really good for when I’m at school. These are minor problems but some ads won’t come on for a long time as i continue to swipe. When I do get up to the 24hr mark and I continue to swipe for 48hrs or 2 days they it will randomly delete all of it and I’d have to start it over. Sometimes when I’m in an area where I don’t need to use the vpn anymore it. Other than that I don’t have any other problems with it, but this is all that’s been happening on my Apple IPhone. Great app tho and gets the job done.Version: 3.859

They are actually telling the truth.., I am impressed 👌Thank you guys for actually being honest people and doing good business! This is exactly how business should be done you told everything truthfully in the way you described it there was no credit card none of that and I really appreciate you for doing it. This is actually the first vpn I’ve ever come across, ever, who’s creators are actually being sincere and honest, it’s very unfortunate that this blows me away but I’m blown away, thanks again guys for the great business‼️🙋🏻‍♂️ 💰 -Cam T. 👌💯.Version: 3.815

Great!While it may make my WiFi slow at times (as all VPNs do every now and then, especially since I’m not exactly paying for the best quality), this has been the one VPN app that I actually trust and have no issues with. I see others saying that they’re getting 50 ads when it should be 12 for 24 hours, it sounds as though they’re being a bit overdramatic or didn’t realize that after the first twelve ads you are supposed to click out of that screen. Not to mention — 12 ads for 24 hours of free VPN service which includes being able to change your location freely? You almost think it’s a scam, but of course; it isn’t. It’s literally one of the best VPNs free of use out there in my opinion. And the WiFi issue isn’t really a problem either, I’ve noticed that lately it’s been running even faster while I use it which makes me believe they have taken the time to edit and sort out that glitch. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a quick fix to change your IP. Also, you’re not being hacked when you use it just because the wifi is slow. Before anyone says that again, you REALLY need to research how VPNs work because any other VPN I use does the exact same thing every once in awhile..Version: 3.844

My Subscription won't cancelOnce I finished my run of the app I tried to cancel the subscription, but it keeps saying that it's still purchased and it won't stop charging me. Can you please fix this?.Version: 3.397

Minutes continue to run even when disconnectedIt does the job it needs to do, however the add free minutes continue to run even when you are not using the VPN connection which I think is quite unfair and would like to see this fixed..Version: 3.184

Works Rather WellIn only a few countries, I have had a few issues with Argentina being one, but it works as expected, particularly for being free. Adverts are 5 seconds to add time to your connection, so that’s a bonus as most are upwards of 30 seconds. Watch 14 5second advents gets you 24hrs of access with only a minute of viewing them..Version: 3.859

Very satisfiedThis vpn is very helpful and I have been using it for a while now. With only needing to watch 10 ads of the length of 5 seconds, you get a whole day of free von and there is no need to upgrade to premium.Version: 3.571

YESThis app is actually free, there is a proscription.. other than that it's fine, no. Perfect actually! If you don't pay for the proscription, that'll be totally okay! Because what this app says in its bio, it's NOT lying. I love this app so much, you can block adds using this app on your utilities! So I think this app is a 99% recommendation! Thansk for reading and I hope you join the unicorn family soon!! 😃.Version: 3.827

Best VPN appTried so many VPN app but this app is the best. Loved it simple and straightforward.Version: 3.506

Very good for free, decent allowance time for watching 30sec advertisementsBeen using this today on my iPad, so far very impressed. Masks your IP address and location, d/l speeds pretty good, close to other vpn’s I’ve tried. Watch 30second adverts to get 30mins of vpn access, watch a few and have a couple of hours vpn protection, simple as that. Definitely thinking about using this instead of an expensive alternative. And the advertisements are actually half decent apps worth considering downloading. Well done this developer!.Version: 3.139

Highly recommendIt does what it says- free VPN simple as that. Never had any problems using it and it’s very easy to use as well. Takes less than a minute ‘earning’ VPN time to get 30 mins usage or take longer and you get more time. Couple of minutes for 24 access. Great app. Can’t recommend it enough.Version: 3.552

Great app but missing featuresIn all honestly this is one of the best VPN apps, it’s fast, free, secure, and easy to connect. The internet is fast but I’m not so sure about how secure it is. They could fix that maybe (if it isn’t.) my only concern is the ads. I don’t mind them since it’s only once for every time you connect and it takes like 10 seconds but if there could be a feature for a one time payment for no ads I’d be willing to pay around $5, if not, that’s totally fine! But overall it’s a great app (:.Version: 3.184

Hit & MissAn app that works when it chooses to. Sometimes it can be as fast and useful, other times it can be like swimming through treacle just to do the most basic thing. They also keep changing how the app works with regards to the time you earn by watching ads. You have to watch way more ads nowadays than in the past to earn time. Also you used to be able to save up time, you can’t do that anymore as the timer runs down whether you use the app or not..Version: 3.363

Downloaded in 30 secs and worked straight away 😎Can't recommend highly enough, great work guys, will consider upgrading..Version: 3.031

GarbageAbsolutely ruined my corn addiction can’t touch my meat anymore all I think about is some of the stuff that I have to make for a week and then I can get it to you get a little more black beans and white meat.Version: 3.859

HorribleI got this VPN because it says it is free if you choose to stay with free version with ads. So I downloaded and from the beginning it was working, of course with ads. Then after a few days it started to act up - constantly and on its own connecting then disconnecting and connecting…. I started to think that someone has been turning it on and off! Not to mention that my internet speed became increasingly slow and glitchy. So I decided to delete the app and reinstall it back. When I did it would not even allow me to configure it on my device, which makes me realize that IT IS NOT FREE VPN! STOP THE LIES THAT IT IS FREE TO ALLURE SUBSCRIBERS! IF IT IS FREE THEN PROVIDE IT FOR FREE!.Version: 3.827

By Far a Service with & without OptionsExcellent VPN app. Though a bit expensive for the bar, still gives enough grunt for the bit of ad sense to play through. Deserves a 5 for sure..Version: 3.720

Best Free VPNThis is the best FREE VPN you can find. Me finding this was like finding diamonds in a coal mine. The VPN provided is great quality and doesn't farm your data like the majority of other VPNs! The only slight downfall I would say is how the ads can get annoyingly long but can be overlooked. This app is always being updated with the newest features to keep it fresh. I would highly recommend this VPN to anyone looking for one!.Version: 3.735

WowBest free VPN.Version: 3.571

Good free vpnThis vpn is free and good. also very useful.Version: 3.397

The Be All, End All of VPNsHaven’t rated an app in over a decade I’d venture to say; and I don’t think I’ve felt compelled to ever leave a review, considering how many opinions already echo any number of sentiments I’d be sharing. However, this app is totally perfection, and really is a great model for what providing a free app for a vital app should look like. When it comes to a VPN solution this was made those of us tired of paywalls, especially when tiered access is so prevalent, and lower tiers still watch ads that generate revenue on top of the premium you’re paying to access a given service. Once you’re done viewing ads for the time allotment you need, no more ads. They make you view their premium offer and bypass it for the basic, ad fueled version every time you connect, but it’s a small price for such a big payoff. If an ad won’t load or stalls, you still get credit for it. You don’t get rollover time - so watch ads in the increments they offer because they don’t issue VPN time in equal increments per ad you watch so it’s not advantageous to try and watch one ad in the 24 hr slot (thinking you’ll get 2 hours after the first one). It always connects, has a great deal of locations to choose from, doesn’t slow down connectivity (significantly) very often, and absolutely means free in the way of not requiring an in app purchase. Kudos developers, this deserves a higher rating than the current 4.6 IMHO..Version: 3.879

5 star but some flaws stillAmazing app all you need to do is watch like 12 ads and you get a whole 24hrs of free vpn. but personally I think they should do some bug fixes cause like sometimes the app would just crash or something and then I end up losing my VPN time and I have to restart process all over again..Version: 3.859

Theres an annoying bugI have an annoying problem its that when i was watching so many ads it randomly started glitching and i didn't have to watch the ads or maybe it just takes longer for the glitching but its annoying.Version: 3.859

RetractionI want to apologize to the developers. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote an undeserved negative review the other day. I didn’t even remember it until I saw the response. It was wrong of me to call the app a scam. I immediately assumed the worst about the developers, which is not only unjustified and stupid, it goes against who I want to be. I have since tried the app on an iPad, and it works. It just doesn’t work on my phone; which could be due to any number of other factors, which if I had just taken a step back, I would have comprehended. Thanks for your patient response..Version: 3.954

Does The Job on my iPadI only have access to a public hotspot, so I occasionally use this app in order to online shop. I line up everything at the checkout page, and then before I enter my CC info, I’ll turn it on. Seems to work well, I test it by Googling “Where’s my IP?” and it’s always somewhere else, so I imagine it’s doing what it’s supposed to. I’m not sure how it works for other things like gaming or watching videos on sites for other countries, but to place orders it seems great..Version: 3.794

???This thing actually works and it’s really weird, you just watch ads to earn useable time for the vpn, such as watching 12 ads over 4 minutes and you get a day free. The paid options are an absolute rip off, such as £7 a week, but if you plan on using it sparingly, it’s great!.Version: 3.859

Thank you for this!I love that the app is free and it makes sense that you have to have adds. Is there any way that you could make the adds keep playing one after the other instead of manually having to swipe for the next and the next and the next… That would make the experience even better. Also I must say your subscription prices are much higher than some of the top rated paid vpns but I guess you have the right to decide that. Thank you for creating this vpn!.Version: 3.859

I LOVE THIS VPNI downloaded it a few days ago, and my experience with this VPN has been awesome. It’s fun and easy to use not to mention it’s FREE unless you check out the other available options they have. Nonetheless this is great for someone that can’t make it to a theater but wants to stream online with no issues! I recommend you give it a shot it’s worth the whole TRUST ME I love it and I will continue to use it, Thank you, now if you would excuse me I gotta get back to steaming hahaha, Love you guys and Happy Streaming :).Version: 3.827

No betterI’ve had this downloaded for about a month. I’m in Australia and want to watch episodes from the UK. It does the job however not given the full 5 stars as times go on it has gotten a lot slower and freezes every time I try to watch the episodes. A little disappointing because it was so great at first now it’s taking longer to load my programmes but I have not found any other Free VPN app that does the same. You just watch adverts to gain your watching time.Version: 3.532

It’s awesomeIt works great and it’s even better that it’s free.Version: 3.405

BrilliantI’ve been using this app for two days now and I think it’s great. I love the concept, Watch some ads which helps fund the VPN service a win-win. so far it has worked delightfully for me. I have been able to make video calls back home in a country where some messaging apps are banned..Version: 3.879

Thanks for your vpnI use this vpn for two years , it is work well , of course you have to see the add too..Version: 3.426

This app is genuinely greatFree VPN is great because although there is an option, it is not necessary to pay for anything to get the service. Instead you can simply watch some ads and get hours of VPN use (I think it’s 6 ads for 2 hours 👍). Thanks developers, good job..Version: 3.643

I CAN’T SPEAK!I thought that a Free VPN would be horrible, I’m very surprised it has meet all my expectations, I would recommend this app to everyone! ps, I’m writing this review with the VPN on!.Version: 3.363

AwesomeI love this app..Version: 3.405

Best appI can watch Netflix from another country thank you.Version: 3.405

Just greatI am trying to watch my favorite anime but season 2 is only on certain thing so I’m looking on Crunchyroll and searched and saw only on Europe severs I could watch it so instead of paying for some thing I’m only going to use a handful amount of times so I look up free vpn’s and I saw this thought it was going to be bad but I saw some reviews it’s a little slow but come on you only have to watch 10 ads wasteing at most 5 minutes so just in all it’s great free and don’t have to worry about if I’m ever going to be able to watch my favorite anime.Version: 3.612

Needs a little help to make it more accessible for voice over/screen reader navigation.For people using voiceover or a screen reader, this app is extremely hard to navigate. I’ve had this app on my phone for several months now, and I still can’t figure it out, let alone use it. If someone could look over how to make this app compatible for voice over users, it would greatly help the blind community..Version: 3.879

Could not find betterOk so it goes slow during 'prime' time. But great for watching other channels from outside of your country out of these hours. I have no reason to think it is being abused or misused but we all need to be careful and not get naive about possible hackers out there. Worth the 5* because it seems to be the ONLY VPN that tries not to rip you off. One thought for the developers... I would be happy to DONATE a regular sum when I am using it and IF it gave me another 2 weeks of improved service (say) but I will NOT lock myself into the pain and grief of contracting for a given period if I am not going to use most of it! Know your market?? There is a lot of us out here like me!? Dr TN.Version: 3.031

Thank you for keeping it realIt just works, which is all it needs to do. Throughout all the updates. Had this app for over a year now maybe 2 and still no issues. Thank you for not breaking something that doesn’t need fixing..Version: 3.879

Works on adsIf you are looking for a free vpn that works on school networks this is it. Depending on how much time you need (though it’s always the best to do the 24 hour timer to how much time you need) you have 3 options of watching ads. The 24 hour version has 12 ads, some of them you can instantly x out of, some 5 seconds long, and some weird ads. Personally I close the app out for ads over 5 seconds and go back in because it’s quicker, and you get the time for watching the ad. The time you get per ad is exponential (first ad like 10 minutes, then 30, 1hr etc). Also has a good amount of locations to choose from even while free. As all vpns it can be sometimes slow, but it is free. I haven’t tested the actual ip location hiding (to see if it really redirects through somewhere else) but it seems to work for Netflix atleast..Version: 3.974

Just flawlessEven the basic mode doesn’t freeze up at all on public wifi.Version: 3.859

The Holy Trinity of Free VPNsOkay so I typically don’t write reviews but this VPN is A LIFE SAVER!! Im a high-school student (11th grade) and, as high schools do nowadays, they block certain sites. Nonetheless, some of these sites we actually need to use! I especially use Pinterest so I can draw for my art class and Pinterest has been blocked, not only is this VPN free (though - you do have to watch a lot of ads) it is so far the ONLY VPN to give me access to Pinterest which imo is makes it an automatic winner. It will make your loading time slow but honestly you’ll get used to it after a while. Once you’re on the VPN it should appear in a box where your battery and connection is at (for iOS, I’m not sure about other devices) but once you’re on you can access pretty much anywhere!! Including discord, instagram, twitter, etc… for me!!.Version: 3.937

Free but give us your credit cards details anyway!Pushes you to watch ads before telling you to enter you details including credit card!.Version: 3.916

Actually awesomeI was trying to watch Spider-Man: homecoming and it wasn’t on Netflix in the USA. The way that the free trial works is awesome! You don’t have to give your card info if you just want the free trial. I wasn’t able to watch Spider-Man, but that’s just because they took it off of Netflix a while ago and I didn’t know, so that’s not the VPN’s fault. I tried out an IP address tester and sure enough, the VPN was actually working as advertised! It’s not on for me right now, because I wanna save my free trial time for the future, but if I had the full version, I wouldn’t be opposed to keeping it on most of the time because the loading speeds aren’t really affected much..Version: 3.818

Its fine, one issue…The “VPN minutes” thing, It says *VPN* Minutes, as in minutes that you can be connected to the VPN, Okay. But when you disconnect from the VPN the minutes timer keeps counting down.. Why call it *VPN* Minutes if the timer will just keep going down even if you arent connected to the VPN? I watch 12 ads for 24 hours thinking that ill get a 3 days use out of it since im only connected for about 8 hours for school, but no, every morning im having to watch 12 ads because it continues to count down even when im not connected… At least the ads arent 15 seconds long though, which makes this a minor inconvenience compared to other apps..Version: 3.967

Fantastic VPNThis gotta be one of the best FREE VPN in the mac store, it's fast, connects well, and doesn't make you watch a 60-second video every time you use it..Version: 3.766

To the create and about the appThis is by far the best VPN app. You can chose if you want to go premium or just stick with the basic free. I’ve searched for a VPN were I could get it free and finally found one. It’s really easy to use and everything you need is right there when you open the app. I’ll definitely be sticking with this VPN. Thank you to the creator for making this. I appreciate that you didn’t make it like the others where as soon as the app opens, you have to subscribe. It’s nice that you added a free version of it too and that we get a 7 day free trial. Thank you so much..Version: 3.735

Pretty goodWorks well.Version: 3.031

Great App - does exactly what it says!!Thanks guys for a very functional and free VPN where your not constantly trying to push people into spending money or overloading us with too many Ads. You have a fair balance of paid content for a free service and it’s good to see a developer that is not just being greedy at the expense or time of its clients. The balance of Ads also makes it possible to watch the Ads instead of just ignoring them so this is good for the Advertisers too. It’s a very pleasant but sadly rare thing these days and hopefully other developers will follow your example..Version: 3.350

Works great!Pretty sure this is like the only free VPN out there. I've been using it till the start of the year and it's never failed on me : )).Version: 3.874

Great 👍 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️As a person that gets the lowest pings everytime i enter a game this is works wonderfully..Version: 3.951

Does it pay to believe in encryptionAlso memory inplants andfinal cut hd Directors special effects and are. Wealways to direction look into recordings as possible frauds and always zoom in /100x to know if untill that is comprimised by adding ablock and fade out in texture to the point it isnt going to work anymore unless prove pickles ability.Version: 3.444

Great. Quick tip to save watching addsQuick tip for users: by starting an add, then restarting the app, you can save a lot of time. An add takes about 20 seconds, and turning it off, then back on takes 5. Hope this helps..Version: 3.844

Great App (In my opinion)This app I use for my school hotspot that is blocked. It works perfectly and I can do anything I want on it with no restrictions. I couldn’t really find another vpn that could un-block stuff, but their might be one out there who knows. One thing though, (reason I’m only giving 4 stars) you have to watch 12 ads for 1 day of use. That’s really gonna kill the user. Maybe 5 ads? It would be a lot easier and I would be more likely to download the apps in ads with it being lower because I wouldn’t be in such a rush. Again great app and if they shut this app down imma cry..Version: 3.812

It's litIt works pretty good!! And that's literally all I can say 😂.Version: 3.031

School wifiI have been using free vpn for a year and a half now but it has recently stoped working and every time i connect it it appears with unblocking network please wait... which i do wait followed by the message school and government wifi try their best to prevent vpn on their wifi this may take a while and about half way through it it cancels out! I have tried it several times hoping it would work in different places but it hasn't please improve this! Thanks!.Version: 3.612

Very useful and im satisfiedWhen i moved internet providers i found out my provider blocks certain websites, even anime and i wasn't about to live life without those, so I decided to download this and i was instantly surprised that it was actually free and not a scam, it also isn't laggy and works well i would recommend 10/10..Version: 3.571

Worth Every Moment of AD TIME!I never write reviews… However, I do use a VPN for almost everything. I have been a long time subscriber of P.I.A. and my monthly subscription was up for renewal when I saw this. I thought, “what do I have to lose in trying it?” And was I happily surprised. The ads to get a full 24hrs are not overbearing or cumbersome and worth watching. The price for full access is also LESS then what I was paying. If these features stay the same, I can’t see myself ever using another VPN service. I applaud the developers and thought behind this app. Very well done..Version: 3.827

Good but I have a questionI have no issues except for the minute that I get from my ads don’t save all the time and when I go back on it my minutes will go and I wanna ask does it sell or take any of my data? Because I find it a little bit dodgy that it’s free and runs so well. Excellent app 👌✅✅✅ MUST HAVE.Version: 3.974

Great updateBest and only free VPN provided you watch several adds to buildup the time needed to suit your purpose, fair enough, sometimes you get 24 hours time bonuses. Thanks to the team.Version: 3.405

Tbh pretty goodI personally only got a VPN since I live in Australia and wanted more Netflix shows to watch since we don’t get everything over here, I find watching a few ads for a few hours of VPN fine. I’d say give it a go it worth it!.Version: 3.571

Best vpn I’ve foundI don’t have a massive understanding of the mechanics of tech and how it works but what I can say is the service is fabulous! I tried a few free versions of various other vpn providers but I think this is the best one out of half a dozen. I decided to buy for the full version as this app proved its metal on the free version so the paid for service had to be better. Been able to access content that would of otherwise been unavailable and it’s like a whole new world of internet and security! Defo feel more secure when browsing..Version: 3.859

Amazing App, Unparalleled ExperienceLet me start by saying I did not expect to see an app like this on the market. It delivers high-quality service and spares no effort to present an intuitive and pristine layout. This app offers much the same services as competing VPN providers out there, at no cost to the user. Many of the apps we use on a daily basis use advertisements, and scrolling through a few more in exchange for the ability to spoof one’s IP address is a unique method that I haven’t seen elsewhere. If you’re looking for a free VPN, I hope this helps you make your choice..Version: 3.859

Great!Really good app. It works and it can be free!.Version: 3.426

Amazing !Tried many other “free” apps before that asked for a subscription but this app actually was free. Wanted it for Netflix and works perfectly. Very happy with this app. :).Version: 3.363

Ping Problem SolvedThis is amazing, I live in New Zealand and always have high ping but this made it have extra low ping.Version: 3.827

VirusThis hijacked my laptop even siri couldn't get rid of this scam. it takes you to a seperate search browser and it doesn't work. It won't let you delete it. It's stuck on your laptop for eternity.Version: 3.397

Honestly AmazingIt’s just like all the other free VPNs, except the catch is: there’s no catch! All you have to do is watch five short advertisements per day. I use this because my parents block my phone from the WiFi at night. It makes it to where they can’t block me because they can’t detect me. It overall has worked great. The only issue I have had is that it slows down my connection if my server region is too far away from where I really am. But it’s easily avoidable by choosing a country that is close by, but not where I live..Version: 3.532

Premium trial ???I’ve been using this app for a few weeks and it works fine only issues are the error where ads don’t show and slow connections. After the update to the Unicorn Logo I somehow have premium and it says trial. Did I lose any money from this because I can’t see any proof on how I obtained this premium trial..Version: 3.711

How can I thank you?I am student and I live in Iran with restricted access to webpages . Your vpn free helped me to have access to YouTube.thank you thank you . You are looks like light in the dark . Look like as a gold key for hard doors . Thank you . David. 22 feb 2019.Version: 3.444

Fantastic & Free!I found this a very useful app for accessing UK websites and for streaming when on holiday abroad. In addition, as the WiFi abroad is not always secure, I really like that FreeVPN gives added encryption security. Installing on my iPad was easy, and best of all, for the sake of a few adverts it's free! The premium service is not very expensive, so I'm even thinking of upgrading! If you need VPN, I would really recommend this app..Version: 3.031

Actually amazing appI was installing a bunch of apps looking for one that actually worked and I found this one it doesn’t push you to spend money you can just watch a few ads and it works for everything recommend.Version: 3.974

Impressive AppThe app so far has been of great use, the app can sometimes take a while longer than normal to connect but seems to sort its self out after couple of tries. If you are thinking of buying it then do it, its definitely worth it. Great easy to use layout makes it very user friendly. Soon as I can I will buy the app for sure.Version: 3.031

AwsomeWorks Fine..!!.Version: 3.297

Awesome VPN!This is kinda long: this app is awesome and I enjoy it very much. Why? Because you can literally get 24 hours only by watching 12 ads! It works so well, and in school, all the blocked online games…magically unblocked, I just love how this is! ONE thing I do not like about it is I got a warning on asphalt 9, saying I was banned for hacking, although I did nothing. This might of been a coincidence. It also said I lost all my progress, but for some reason I kept my progress so I was quite confused. Back to the good stuff, this VPN is for real FREE and so simple to use, I just hope the developers of this game are getting paid enough, because the VPN is free, although it’s awesome to have a legit FREE VPN for me to use. Even though it’s free, don’t forget to watch ads because the developers get paid from them, and in return you get more hours of VPN time. Best VPN ever!.Version: 3.859

1947HThe VPN works best Regards.Version: 3.405

FreeVPN is best VPNWhile it may be simple and limited, FreeVPN is an incredibly useful application thats not just helpful, but it's FREE! While the ads are annoying, it's only inside the app and once you properly set it up (which only takes a few seconds) you're all set and ready. I've had no connection issues so far, so that's pretty impressive. Highly recommend this application..Version: 3.031

Okay for the most partI’ve been using this app for a few months now and i got to say, it does work. it doesn’t have long ads (about 5 seconds each ad) and is simple. my issue is, is that now it’s been really slow. i try everything. delete and re-download the app, reset vpn, change the location, all of that. i deleted the overall app and have not used it in a while. i watch the ads and connect to the vpn but it’s slow. i take off the vpn, and the internet is perfectly fine. i hope this issue gets fixed! i’ll update this review if anything changes. good or bad..Version: 3.967

Great appIdk why my comment got removed but i think it maybe depends on the location but its decent and works fine you should get this app also recommend skyvpn but this ones great too.Version: 3.954

New reviewIt works great. i previously gave this a bad review for a few reasons. since then the app has been updated a few times and i’ve not encountered any of the issues i did before. if you’re after a free vpn for casual usage and don’t mind “paying” through watching a few ads, then i recommend this..Version: 3.879

Fantastic!I was concerned about getting a VPN as I have a major visual impairment and was worried that it would be a complex and frustrating thing to set up, but this app did it all in seconds at the push of a button. As well as that, the layout is very friendly with large, bright menu icons and menu buttons. I very much recommend this VPN. Apparently, I am on the other side of the world at present. Go figure!.Version: 3.974

Shocked on performanceI’m actually shocked on how good this is. I’m currently on Holliday with really bad signal, suddenly (after downloading) I get great internet speed with the same signal. Basically, I was very skeptical about this and didn’t really think it would work but it did. So if you’re looking for a free vpn then give this a try. I certainly didn’t regret it..Version: 3.767

Pleasantly surprised!As someone who has had a very vague knowledge of what the uses and advantages of a vpn were. And honestly I still don’t know MOST of the information I feel like I need to cram up on in the field. As a beginner this vpn was exactly what I was looking for, as far as my needs went for the product it was exactly what I expected with NONE of the annoying advertising or click bait that send you to some ridiculous ad site, all that said the ads you do need to watch to get you vpn time is short and easy to navigate. I’d give it a 7.5 out 10 🤙.Version: 3.612

Just Awsum! It’s like pay as you go VPN…. But for free!I can’t watch movies on certain streaming sites over my WiFi as my country is obviously on the block list or whatever you call it. I begrudge paying £xxx£ per week, month or year for a VPN which I only use a handful of times a week when I watch a movie Solution….. I use this handy little app/service. Say I want to watch a film or 2 one night. I will open the app, watch 3-4 very short promotions, (like 5 seconds each) close the app and stick my movie on. Never had any issues whatsoever. I hardly ever leave a written review for apps but this one is worth the review. 5 out of 5 is an understatement 😁.Version: 3.827

Could be betterThe is so far the only app I’ve been able to use to bypass blocks on school WiFi’s and not be slower than my data, with that it’s really hard to actually watch the ads. I’m happy to sit there and swipe ads all day to earn time but unfortunately they barley ever appear and if they do it’s usually 1 or 2. This seems to be a new issue because this didn’t used to happen before. I’d still definitely recommend though.Version: 3.787

Impressed!!Hi my name it’s alonso and I was at the us but I need to phone to work and certain app to run but they stopped working..I bought an app to take care of it (the one yellowish with ghostly icon and it didn’t do the job..actually wasn’t working at Mexico which surprised that was the all purpose I bought the app…but maybe I did wrong and was my fault but I ruin into this app and did the job that I need to do been free..thanks and I will definitely recommend this app..5 stars all way…good luck and thanks.Version: 3.974

Free VPNThis free vpn is very good, although it is not free! I would recommend it..Version: 3.759

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