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Silk 2 – Generative Art Positive Reviews

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Silk 2 – Generative Art App User Positive Comments 2024

Silk 2 – Generative Art app received 112 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about silk 2 – generative art?

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Silk 2 – Generative Art for Positive User Reviews

Absolutely amazing!A relaxing amazing app..Version: 2.718291

AmazingI came across this app after reading a paper about generative art. Playing with Silk soon after help me understand the layers of what I just read. When I need a reminder of the immense complexity and hidden beauty of the universe, I play with Silk and feel more appreciative of the world around me. Thanks team.Version: 2.718923

I like this version better than the computer versionThis game is much better than the computer version it's got much more choices of colors than the computer version and you can use multiple fingers and you can't do that with computer also there are more choices of patterns than the computer version it is much better than the computer version.Version: 2.718291

Rainbrow brushOops I figured it out.Version: 2.71829

AmazingI have no words! This app is so calming, I haven’t even been playing for five minutes and I’m so calm and I don’t even care about anything else. This app is amazing and I saw another review saying it helps with anxiety and I’m looking forward to having help with my anxiety. Edit: I’ve had this app for months almost a year and it’s so amazing whenever I play it I feel calm. I like making little flowers in this game and sending them to my friends. If you have anxiety or stress then I definitely recommend this game it’s really soothing and calm..Version: 2.718928

BllB,n.Version: 2.718928

Simply exquisiteOne of my most favourite apps. A wonderful mindful and visual meditation. I could spend hours on it..Version: 2.71829

Wow - just - wowThis app is a wonderful meditation tool, very relaxing - thank you 😊.Version: 2.718928

Awesome appI love it so much stuff you can do WOW amazing stuff any one who is bored 😐 do this it’s amazing 😉😊.Version: 2.718928

Very relaxingGives you a calm, serene feeling. The sounds and artwork are so peaceful..Version: 2.718291

My favorite app everI wish I could go back in time and give this to myself. If you have anxiety this is a must have. So soothing, so beautiful, so much better than the other mandala apps out there. This is the one to get. If you only get one app, get this one because it is so good for thinking and relaxing. It's like being at an art spa..Version: 2.718291

Really good!!This is a really good app and I recommend it for so many things!! It is good for random doodling, sketching, or even more advanced drawing. It works well because of the color features and drawing tools. The only thing I could say that would further improve this amazing app is to add white backgrounds. Sometimes I’m in a mess when I’m submitting for contests online and they ask for a transparent or white background when I used Silk as my first app to sketch a nice drawing and now my drawing has a black background..Version: 2.718928

Awesome appCould you maybe put an extra tab to choose the thickness of the lines?.Version: 2.0.23

It is very peaceful but…It is very peaceful but there’s LoTS of coolers but it doesn’t have grey or gold! So the next game you make put more coolers in….Version: 2.718928

Wonderful and refreshing.This app is unlike any other painting app, in that it has no traditional brushes. Along with the soothing background music, it feels like painting with neon light. Well worth it for anyone looking for something new..Version: 2.718291

Unique artworkSilk 2 is relaxing and simultaneously fascinating to use. Much beauty and serendipity is possible with a delicate touch, and it is useable by all ages. Something I would love to see added is the ability to import previously rendered stills (made by the app or other art) for further work. Nic.Version: 2.718928

The best of the bestI love this app it is the best 😁👍 :3 :).Version: 2.718928

Awesome!!!!! I love it!!!Awesome!!!!¡!!!!.Version: 2.718291

AmazingThis is the coolest patten app on the internet. You can do so many different pattens and just fun all around.Version: 2.718928

Is a Okay appIf just if… it had the opportunity to save the image with transparent background.. then it would b superb..Version: 2.0.23

Amazingly clamningReally relaxing and very calming. Pretty cool and love the end results could add a line option makes it hard to draw a line would recommend!! 👍🏻.Version: 2.0.23

Recommended to art lovers who have anxiety or need help calming downThis app is honestly amazing. the music, the way that the art looks, everything. it's super calming, and since I have anger issues and depression, I play this a lot. it helps me calm down and let my imagination flow, however it wants. it's super good, and for a cheap price too. this app is $3 and should be $20 because of how good it is, way better than the computer site. more options, colors, and you even get a separate black and white, plus a rainbow color for whatever color pallete you use. i don't know if there's anything bad about this, no adds either! thanks for making such a beautiful and calming app!.Version: 2.718928

So relaxing 😌Love it. I absolutely love it because the sounds, oh baby they r good . No inappropriate stuff, no hacking + no passwords! I also hope that there are more updates and in the next update please let there be platform levels like in Mario Bros. Sincerely, Penelope Von Sweets..Version: 2.718928

OmgOmg it would a so fun.Version: 2.0.23

Unique CreativeIt would be really cool to be able to create your own color pallet for the multicolor brush. Other than that this is the best app and quite similar to ColorTouchApp on the Google Play Store. Definitely worth the buy 🤙😊.Version: 2.718928

It’s really calming and I have stress a lot so it really helps meI think it’s a great app I am stressed a lot and I use it all the time because I have a stress and this is like if you have stress it really helps because it like how do you like every time you do it like you can just shake out your nerves.Version: 2.718928

Best purchase in the world!Sure this game is a bit pricy for what you think you’re getting but trust me it is for sure worth every cent it is so fun and satisfying even if you are like me and have no artistic abilities you can still do it and it is so fun I love love love love love this game and I don’t think I will ever delete this app it is so fun and amazing and so much better than the silk game online that game is fun I guess but this one is for sure the best purchase I have ever made.Version: 2.718928

Love itLove it but I wish it had layers option that would make it amazing and why can’t I use it in portrait format it only really works in landscape. So quickly run out of area. Needs portrait mode, save your progress and load it up again. Also needs layers and eraser to rub out and unwanted area..Version: 2.718928

🌞Hi, great app!!! But it would be cool if you add a video recording feature. With different speed options and the ability to store of course... it will be unbelievable) I think you understand).Version: 2.718928

100\100The most calming thing to do.Version: 2.718928

BeautifulThis app is really beautiful. Please add option to listen to own soundtracks whist using. I would love to be able to combine the 2..Version: 2.718291

AmazingI absolutely love this I have done it at school and was pleasantly surprised 5 star recommendation.Version: 2.718928

Amazing appSilk is amazing. I can’t find words to describe this app because it is one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded. You can be artistic and creative with silk. And when you combine colors and use different drawing materials in the app, it’s just so beautiful. The graphics are beautiful, the colors are outstanding, and I really suggest you download it. And also, silk is helping and helped me through hard times, thank you silk!.Version: 2.718928

Best app everThis app is a must have. I have made beautiful art with it. I really like how I can paint rainbow color. No problems with this app at all. My favorite hobby is drawing so this app is great for me. I have shared all my art with my favorite people. I am 7 Years old.Version: 2.718928

MagicalSo beautiful and calming. Fantastical creative artwork! 💖 this app. Thank you!.Version: 2.71829

Helped with dysphoriaIt helped with PMDD instantly. The only problem is I wish you could change the music, it started bothering me after listening to the same sound for 20 minutes.Version: 2.718928

Wow, just wowUsed this for a few minutes and love it. The music is a perfect accompaniment to your creating process..Version: 2.718928

Get this, no ads.You heard me right. This app has no ads at all. All it costs is 3$, which is barely anything. It’s relaxing and anyone can make beautiful art..Version: 2.0.23

Absolutely AMAZING!!So soothing and beautiful 💜.Version: 2.718291

He’s a smart one in the situationThis game cause it isn’t just for fun it’s brilliant teaches you a bunch of things like that’s the main thing is it teaches you is that if you were to get two lines and draw the same thing it looked insanely cool you’re teaching your head what you would want it to learn about two lines on art there other sentence settings about the lines but still get it.Version: 2.0.23


AmazingBeautiful colors and unimaginable designs. It perfect for young drawers and makes an even design. Totally recommend. I do wish you could change background, plus my daughter has to save pictures of it since the app doesn’t save it..Version: 2.718928

Could be more helpfulI love silk 2 it’s the 3rd 🥉 best app on my iPad but it was hard to see what did what I could hardly find out where the rainbow 🌈 brush was. the button 🔴 for it could only show 2 colors at one time.Version: 2.0.23

Amazing!This game is definitely worth it! You can create works of art! 😀😃😄😁😆🙂🙃😇☺️😊😌😉😋😚.Version: 2.718928

Background colourIt’s an amazing, calming app, my grandchildren love using it, but I really do reckon it would be much more satisfying with a choice of background colour. Maybe just white or black. Otherwise, I love this app..Version: 2.718928

Love these productsI first fell in love with which is free and incredibly relaxing. This one does so much more for just $4. What’s not to love about that?.Version: 2.718928

GreatIt's fabulous. It's just amazing and so relaxing..Version: 2.718291

Simply Amazing!It was several days after getting this app when I finally opened it. I had forgotten what it does. Oh my! What an amazing experience! Relaxing creativity, beautiful abstract imagery, calming music. I love the opening mode of symmetry that generates the companion drawing as you draw. Lots of possibilities to explore for beautiful creations. Thanks for a wonderful app!.Version: 2.718291

Silk 2 ArtThis is one of the few apps i paid, $2.99. It is so relaxing. When creating things i smile and relax. This drawing app also has soft music in the background while you draw. I found it while still sitting in my pj's on the couch. Guess i should get up and do some of the things are need to do..Version: 2.718928

Really funSo cool and so calming I do it when I am stressed.Version: 2.718928

I love this app. It's so satisfying.So beautiful. So smooth and flowy. Such a rich opportunity for creativity. I can play with it for hours. This latest version allows many more permutations than the previous version. More line quality choices, and more colors. My only suggestion for further developments is please add more dark colors. Like the black, where dark gets laid over light. Currently, the only truly dark color is the black. The other dark colors have dark "thumbnails" in the color picker, but when used they lay down light. It would be nice if there were subtle dark colors to paint over the top of bright areas. An eggplant purple, a navy blue, a deep olive green, a rich deep umber, etc. Thank you for making this app, it is such a delight!.Version: 2.718291

This is amazingI love the app you can do anything with it you can make an animal person flower star anything all sorts of colors and shapes to make things with there’s just one thing you should add you should make it to where you can zoom in I also love how you can just play around and find something to make.Version: 2.0.23

I love thisThis is the best app ever created in the whole entire world I’ve literally played this app for literally so long so The one thing I didn’t like so I can make a Perfect Circle, Monterey maybe make a new new update so you can make a circle show me this is so creative I love this so much it’s so creative and so much fun!!! It’s so much fun I kept playing it over and over again but the one thing I didn’t like about it but sometimes I didn’t look that good but I’ll fix it it’s so creative.Version: 2.0.23

MESMERIZINGI personally enjoyed the computer version of this app, but I love the iPhone version even more. More color palettes, more symmetry options to work with. Even when you go to pick your lines (straight or curvy), there are buttons that give your Silking an airbrushed quality - with or without the actual lines! And you don’t even have to feel bad about not saving your Silkings - it only takes about 30 seconds to make one, anyway. All in all, this app is absolutely mesmerizing, and worth much more than the $2.99 price tag..Version: 2.718928

RelaxingEnjoyed just being eased away from life for a short while.Version: 2.718928

Love this appI find it so mindfulness like and I really focus on the little things. Not just what I’m designing but my breath and the way I breathe. I love the colour choices and the misty colours..Version: 2.718926

Brilliant❤️❤️❤️❤️This app is really fun, cool and at the same time awesome. Took a chance and downloaded it, but am really happy that I did. Wife loves it too. You can really create cool art effortlessly. Good job guys... Looking forward to more cool apps from you in the future‼️‼️‼️.Version: 2.71829

Great but...It would be nice to have many undos. also it would be nice to have an option to hide the X and those on the bottom screen. i made some beautiful art only to be two stepped to blackness. if you could add a feature to hide the three like The X, share and the one that would be great..Version: 2.718928

This is to who ever sees this about the game silk...If you don’t have this game I really recommend buying this game cause it’s like an artist side kick. It’s like an artist side kick because you can draw cool stuff change colors, change styles, and change how you like you’re lines and the darkness. So that’s why I recommend it and why it’s like and artist side kick..Version: 2.718928

Excellent appIt's a great app with endless drawing possibilities, I wish ther were more choices in the size and the colours of the background..Version: 2.718291

AmazingThis is a relaxing and fun game. It is so satisfying and there are so many options of Colours and modes. I makes me feel like an artist! The music is so soothing and makes me in the mood. Love this game😊😍😍😍.Version: 2.718928

So helpfulThis is so helpful to come down.Version: 2.718928

Worth trying! 👍🏼🙌🏼Honestly this game is fabulous! You can be on a plane, in the car, waiting in trafic, before a test and be playing it. It’s a really big help for people with stress or anxiety, since it has calming music and the sounds. One thing is that on the computer you can replay your art, which is amazing; but on the mobile version you can’t (if you can som1 tell me how plz) BUT overall good app!! Tip: I’m sure it doesn’t crash.. if it does try clearing ur device, remove apps u don’t need and make space. Most times it crashes cuz of that. Enjoy 😉👌🏼.Version: 2.718928

Mind blowing....God....I started crying so hard seeing the results of just a few strokes. This sacred geometry is very much healing especially when you do it yourself. Thank you creators. I feel like I won a jackpot lottery. This is so magic....Version: 2.718928

You too can be an artist!This is a really cool app. It’s peaceful to use and quite meditative. I suck at drawing but with this app you can create some neat and random works of art. Pretty much anything you do looks good! Worth every penny :).Version: 2.718928

This game is Sooooooo Relaxing. And funI love this game so much.Version: 2.718928

Best app!So honestly this app is called Silk. You can draw a wonderful mirror masterpiece and save them to you’re photo album to keep forever. I have had so much experience with drawing apps and I have never had one like this. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.718928

AmazingThis little app allows you to create stunning and unique abstract art with very little trouble. You can save them to your photos and share with your friends. Would love the ability to save them and finish working on them at a later date - perhaps that is something the developer could incorporate into a future release..Version: 2.718924

Worth the 4 bucks😁😁😁💵💵💵💵So calming I can’t describe it in worlds but omg I love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.Version: 2.718928

Most relaxing game everAs soon as I booted up the app I loved it. Not only does it have a beautiful selection of colours, but it has very relaxing music to go with it, and it has the power to make even someone like me, who’s not good at art, look like the next da Vinci. I would recommend this to Anyone who is stressed and just wants to get away from it all, or just people who want lovely art in a matter of seconds..Version: 2.718924

Read!!Ok so I've had this app for about 5 days and man I'm in love with it it's so soothing and your just make weird shapes with you fingers but it's very calming and if you have like anxiety( like me ) I recommend this app for you it helps me as well It just gives you this warming kind of vibe It's great you should get it.Version: 2.718291

AmazingAn amazing app so relaxing I feel in love I always use this app it’s part of my daily routine! I highly recommend.Version: 2.718928

Great butUsed this app and I love it on my phone. But it's crashing on my iPad Pro as soon I I try and export! Needs an update?.Version: 2.718923

Great butAmazing app but I wish you could save your drawings.Version: 2.718928

WOWI got this from school it helps me focus and I love it!.Version: 2.718928

Most satisfying game everIt’s amazing for new creative ideas and is a fun thing to do when you bored!!👍👍👍😍🎉.Version: 2.718928

GoodIt would be amazing if it was one sided so it could make 3D art.Version: 2.718926

So good🤗It’s worth the money.Version: 2.0.23

AmazingLove thees app simple,awesome fun!!!!!.Version: 2.71829

Beautiful art at your fingertipsIf you have always wanted to create beautiful art, or just draw satisfying pieces that you are proud to show to your friends and family, this is the app for you. It allows us to explore our own creative energy, but gives you tools to make it easy and enjoyable instead of frustrating and complex. Some of the art apps are so complicated that there is a steep learning curve. With Silk you are off and running in no time. Use the links in the upper right corner to change the shape of your lines, the circles of color on the bottom right to change colors (you can mix them together if you like or use the arrows to forward through the prepared palettes) and the links on the bottom left to change what type of output you want. Mix, match, play, it’s all effortless and so relaxing. This app is well worth the price, I have gotten hours of enjoyable artistic expression out of it, and I am just getting started. Enjoy!.Version: 2.718928

Really amazing, exceeds expectationsI bought this on a whim as I was looking for an app to create my own music visualizations. Not exactly what I wanted, but I absolutely love it nonetheless and find the various tools to be quite adequate for creating a stellar array of beautiful imagery. Highly addicting, and I cannot give the developer enough props for the SILKY smooth user interface and just the overall aesthetic. Very tasteful. A true masterpiece. My only wish is that there would be two additional draw tools: 1. One that draws perfect circles that can be resized and spiraled with dragging motions, for easier “flower of life” type shapes 2. A straight line tool, where you place point A, drag to point B, and when releasing the touch a perfectly straight line is drawn. Currently, you have to swipe pretty fast to get anything close to a straight line and the swipe speed leads to lots of inaccuracies. Also I would love to see this somehow someway morphed into a custom music visual creator. It would be divine. That is what I was looking for to begin with, but I’m very happy to have found this..Version: 2.718928

It’s so funI got this app years ago and it still brings me joy despite the fact I’ve no artistic ability at all. Thank you developers for keeping it updated..Version: 2.0.21

Awaken the joy of your creativity!If you want to understand how or why you can enjoy art, simply start creating with this app. Incredibly intuitive and enjoyable. If you’ve found this you’re missing out if you don’t give it a try. Doubles as a calming meditative experience..Version: 2.718928

AwesomeWorth it.Version: 2.718928

Brilliant!One of the most enjoyable and creative drawing programs I've used in a long time. Lots of options, great music, and very relaxing atmosphere. Great work!.Version: 2.718291

An ideaFirst off I love this app it’s so fun to use when I need a little creativity boost and is enjoyable to look at. An idea I have is that there should be an AR function in this app It would be cool to make this 3D and be able to make a sort of gallery in your room and to save rooms and be able to load them again..Version: 2.718923

Love itI love this app. It’s fun and relaxing. I am by no means artistic, I draw stick people….lol. With this app anything I draw is really petty. It brings out my creativity. Well worth the one time payment to purchase. Plus, I love the fact that it is a one time purchase and not a monthly fee. So much greed out there with other apps. Kudos to the developer! Great job!.Version: 2.0.23

Freaking awesomeSo my is taking computer art in 7th grade and they are using this app in school. The first week of school (virtually) has been a little rocky with the sites not always working, so I downloaded it onto my phone. Oh my goodness!!!!! I LOVE IT! He has created done really beautiful fractals with it and so have I. I HIGHLY recommend this app to everyone!!.Version: 2.718928

Awesome app fund to play around onThis app is fantastic the only issue I have is I wish I could have a white background option so that all of the artwork created isn’t required to be on a black background. This is a very small issue but I feel this incorporation to the app would expand the possibilities even further..Version: 2.718928

Silk reviewThis app is great a is really good for art and playing around in my spare time but I would love more tools maybe something with water or be able to make the background one colour And the silk another, you could get lots of ideas from caves. I hope this helps.Version: 2.718291

Excellent App but lacking a bitI’ve used this app for years to create pictures for my website, but I’m constantly limited in my creativity because I cannot change the color of the background. I really really hope that this feature will be in the next release.Version: 2.718928

My favorite art appEasily my favorite art app by far. The stuff I make with such little effort amazes every time. If I could make one suggestion to the developer it would be to add options to adjust the overall resolution of the image and the option to save what you’re working on and not just exporting it..Version: 2.718928

Grandma to GrandkidsThis is enchanting for me, and the toddlers. They play with Silk for long periods of time…better than some other online choices. I also find it relaxing, and “head clearing”. Far and away the best, most used app we have..Version: 2.0.23

InsaneGreat wow just wow🖤❤️.Version: 2.718928

Pure beauty.Relaxing, soothing, beautiful, peaceful..Version: 2.718928

It’s awesomeSo fun. I love all the different modes. It’s awesome.Version: 2.718928

Great appA really great little app that is creative and keeps you occupied for hours. One suggestion for improving it would be great to be able to select small areas of your creation and zoom in on them as often there are really interesting humanoid shapes within the drawing that would look great zoomed out. ultimately to be able to order a photo prints or even a poster size print or a card print would be superb?.Version: 2.718924

BEST APP EVER!!!!!So I was at school it was a normal day and basically we were have silent time aka computer time and I was playing keep out on portaportal and then i looked over to see that my best friend was playing silk I asked "what are you playing?" and she said "want me to get you on there?" an I said "Yeah! Just let me do this real quick"and then she got me on there and I was like "wow!" after playing it for awhile I absolutely fell in love with it! You would totally get it it's worth the money.Version: 2.718928

Innovative and InfiniteExceptional artistic expressionism...but it requires you to master the creative capabilities at your disposal. There will always be some chaos along with the genius as it is inherent in the digital algorithms built into the core codebase. Once you learn/develop a modicum of control, real art will emerge. It is inevitable for the serious or even casual user. I agree that an option for transparent and variable color backgrounds would be an immense improvement..Version: 2.718926

Great artIt helps my child who has anger problems and can help yours it can calm your child down no problem I prefer silk art for anyone It has different patterns and colors my child has fun with it he creates different styles colors and patterns after hard days of school he comes home and plays silk art every day.Version: 2.718928

BeautifulHonestly it isn't tinge best app I have ever downloaded but I get yelled at by my parents a lot and I get a lot of stress. This totally takes my mind of everything. It costs money but totally worth it. Just ask your friends for iTunes gift cards for your birthday :P.Version: 2.718923

Brilliant packageThis is the very first artistic app I have ever been comfortable using and it produces good results with not too much ability and the music is calming and relaxing too..Version: 2.718291

THE BEST!!!I found the App in remote learning and before I go to bed I do it!.Version: 2.718928

WOW!!!! Epic, beautiful, magical, hypnotizing!I wasn't sure what this app would be like at first. My partner has the older version and he showed me what he made. It was amazing! So I played with it and immediately got hooked. It's SO relaxing and fun. I just bought this version and I never buy apps bc I don't have much money. But this was really worth it. Especially if you need some relaxation stimulus..Version: 2.718291

ExcellentI loved the original version of Silk so I was delighted to see a 2nd gen version released. This is a fantastic app, with many more creative options, terrific colour combinations and geometry than the original. What I particularly find a stroke of genius is the inclusion of an eraser which adds a whole new dimension. The developers screenshots seldom display the beautiful images possible. The only disappointment is the loss of the spiral on/off option function. Highly recommend..Version: 2.02

Silk is the best!Silk is an amazing app! It is inexpensive and let's people express their creativity! I adore this app because it has so many different designs to choose from, and it also lets people just go for it!! Silk is so amazing and is worth the two dollars! Silk is so creative and I haven't seen anything like it! I love silk, and it is worth it!.Version: 2.718923

I can’t agree more.I can’t agree more with I❤️ making movies... it IS better than the computer version. At school this is a choice for technology specials. Today I even did it at school!!! I bet your rich from making this!.Version: 2.718928

Lovely!Very fun app, and absolutely beautiful graphics! I used to have a similar-concept app which has since been discontinued — I was excited to find this as a possible replacement, and it’s almost everything I was hoping for! The one feature from that discontinued app that I miss a lot on this one is an option to have cycling colors draw over previous colors rather than turning white. It can be so meditative to draw and just keep going and going and going without needing to stop to switch brushes. There was a sense of continuous unfolding pattern that felt like slowly turning a kaleidoscope. I don’t know how difficult this would be to do programming-wise — is continuous color-cycling self-coloring-over a possible future upgrade? An example (but nowhere near as gorgeous as this app) is Fingerpaint II by MeritumSoft. Either way, thank you for putting together this beautiful app!.Version: 2.718928

Really fun, 1 suggestionAdd the ability to make the background different colors. Black is cool, but if white was an option it’d be cool to create something and print it out..Version: 2.718928

Un-put-downableI'm not normally one for apps that don't do something useful, but I keep coming back to this one. It's simple - just draw random shapes with your finger(s) - yet subtle and infinitely variable in its results. No two drawings are the same... and all are beautiful. I find Silk to be calming and relaxing whenever I use it, which is often. So I guess it does something useful after all..Version: 2.718291

ZenDon't usually buy from the App Store but this was worth it. Such a good past time when you feel fidgety. Also great if you want a change of iPhone background or desktop background. Would strongly recommend!!!.Version: 2.718291

OkayWhere do you find the paint brush otherwise great and I definitely would recommend it to children.Version: 2.718928

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