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Selfie option DOES work!I'm not sure why people are writing reviews, saying that the selfie option doesn't work, because it worked perfectly fine for me. It took me two seconds to scroll down the home page, find the selfie option, read about how it is new and experimental, take a selfie, and find pieces that resembled me. Maybe it only works on certain devices, but as the owner of an iPhone 6, I assure you, the selfie option works phenomenally. Also, there are countless informational texts and articles regarding art(ists). This app is amazing and I 10/10 recommend!.Version: 6.0.17

HappyThey made the selfie thing in Canada yabooooi.Version: 6.0.23

Where’s the art tho?Zooming in to see the brush strokes while casting to a 4k projector is pretty next level. That said, I’m here to see some art: would love more comprehensive collections of artists work, more details, and more attention on the core browsing experience. Some pieces have very little information, could you at least pull from wiki? No comments on the apps other features. Less selfies more art please!.Version: 7.9.14

Compare your selfies to famous works of artYeah do disappointing. The app went viral basically but I can’t access it cause of my location? You wasted my time! Why would you do that? I live in a Chicago suburb called Lisle. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and maybe I’m just not finding it??? So please Google show me where to find it... “compare your selfies to famous works of art”. I downloaded your app...Arts and Culture” and wasted lots of time trying to find it. And if I can’t access from my location... then I think that’s a shame!.Version: 6.0.17

Please add dark theme. Thanks!Enabling dark theme would bring focus to the art, and also being easier on the eyes. Otherwise great app..Version: 8.0.54

This makes you art so hardI’ve never arted so hard in my life. after getting this app I literally arted everywhere !! I couldn’t even contain the art that was coming out of me! i’ve arted my pants, I’ve arted at work, and I art everywhere now. One time I arted sooo hard that I had to pull over ! My girlfriend (well ex now) would get so jealous watching me art all over the place, so she left me. She called me ‘disgusting’ because I’d art so much around her. Arting in public has become one of my new found hobbies. So thanks google, I never new I could art so much in my life..Version: 6.0.17

AmazingSo appreciative that this app exists. What generosity that Google even created this, to have this accessibility to art without leaving your home. And they way in which they present it isn’t just “here’s some art, look at it”, you can project masterpieces with your phone on to your own wall, get into sometimes hidden detail of what makes Rembrandt a genius, take virtual tours of the Prada! Almost a crime if you don’t use it..Version: 7.5.29

READ SOME ARTIt’s funny to read so many negative reviews because people can’t find the portrait feature. The app has such great content and people are so upset because they can’t post what everyone else is posting on social media. Read about some art instead of archiving yet ANOTHER photo of yourself in the endless abyss of selfies. Thanks for the app, Google. It’s great..Version: 6.0.17

Amazing!!Is long time I felt in Love with Google! But this app is absolutely amazing and rich, smart, also I like the selfie/art Great job MONSTER GOOGLE.Version: 7.3.5

Loooove itAbsolutely love it. You can learn so much about art through this app. Finally a very good source of culture through an app. Well done Google xx.Version: 7.5.29

Simply Brilliant!This app is a must have for everyone that wishes to deepen his culture. Great work!.Version: 6.3.12

Fabulous! Love it!I just downloaded and use it to see oil painting; after 1min, totally love this app and shared it with ALL my friends! Great job Google!.Version: 6.0.23

Nevermind that grump!Yes it’s a great educational tool but let’s face it: the selfie feature is awesome and loads of fun. Facial recognition datamining rocks!.Version: 6.0.23

Uhhh where’s the selfie portrait matching feature?Why would you remove it?.Version: 6.0.17

Something for everyoneWe just love this app.Version: 7.3.8

One of the BestThis is a great app with something for everyone on it. I think I have explored it all but no..... I find something else. A wonderful app to spend time on..Version: 8.1.19

UghMakes me furious to see everyone only downloading for the “selfie” feature and not the art...Version: 6.0.23

HistoriquesLes musées de l’évolution des historiques du monde de la planète des sciences naturelles de la planète invisible. La conscience invisiblement de la planète interprétée par les historiques....Version: 7.1.8

Love it, but could be a little fasterIt’s a beautiful app, love the idea and already very simple to use. You can learn about artists, art movements, the art itself, and much much more. You are able to save your favorite art pieces to collections and explore to find new ones. Overall I love it so much but the connection and wait time could be improved. Like when you click to go on another page it will take awhile or sometimes never even go. Something minor though, it’s a great app!.Version: 6.0.17

Only works in specific regionsI’m still kinda surprised people having seen enough comments to realize this only works if you live in specific regions (mostly America). And also, to the person that claimed that since they lived in Asia and it didn’t work because it possibly doesn’t work with Asian faces, I’m Asian American and it matched many faces with me! Even the ethnicity was spot on. Love the app.Version: 6.0.17

❤️Thank u for this beautiful app. Thank u, i cant thank u enough. Its perfect in everyway. ❤️❤️.Version: 8.0.54

Lockdown SupportWhen Australia was in lockdown, I couldn’t achieve my dream - to travel and explore countless worldwide museums and art galleries! But this app helped a lot - with virtual tours, games and rewards, Google Arts & Cultures is amazing. I recommend it for anyone struggling with the COVID crisis..Version: 8.3.12

Amazing source of art information.I really enjoy using this app to find out about the art I love..Version: 7.3.8

Great appGreat app but I would like to see more high quality paintings.Version: 7.1.11

Excellent content but clumsy navigationLots and lots of really high-quality pictures of artwork with great resolution so you can really zoom up close and see detail; this is cool particularly with paintings because you can see the brush strokes and detail. But the problem is this is it’s clumsy to get around it. if you press the back button while viewing art you are in never Ever land. And there’s lots of duplicates. But the pictures are really fantastic so go with that.Version: 9.0.47

Zoom in feature.Great app but one aspect of it that I like on the iPhone is that you can zoom in and really see the details of the art work. Unfortunately on the iPad it doesn’t let you zoom in. I don’t know if this is a glitch that needs to be fixed or what. I use this feature a lot to study art and become a better artist myself, and to be able to use this tool on a bigger screen instead of a phone would be ideal. I hope you take this into consideration. Thank you.Version: 6.3.12

The best museum in the world - in your pocketIt's amazing that you can get this sort of curated content and high quality images of artwork you'd normally have to travel and pay to see. Highly recommended! Check out the print "Pink Fuji" by Hokusai..Version: 7.2.16

Does work very well in New ZealandGreat app for art lovers. Works great in New Zealand too, including face explore feature and the Wellington Te Papa museum and Auckland art gallery are included!.Version: 6.0.23

Work of ArtThank you Google for bringing the world of art in our mobile phones..Version: 6.0.23

Best New Addition To My PhoneFound by accident, and am so happy. I love everything about the things this app offers me. I don’t have access to many museums in a 500m radius, so the views and art this opens up to me are very welcome..Version: 7.1.11

Generally really great, but has problemsBesides missing art by certain artists And the complete lack of certain types of art Like illustration for example The biggest problem that I've dealt is definitely the resolution / the quality of the pictures of the art With every painting a look at, the picture is always a little grainy / a low a quality image, unless i zoom into it, then the image suddenly jumps in detail and quality, so i know they have a high quality version available somehow, but i can only see it when I'm zoomed in / unable to look at the full painting Its really annoying, and I've seen other art apps that don't have this problem, even if their image quality takes a second to load Please fix it!! Other than that stuff, great app 👏👏👌.Version: 9.0.43

A visual treat that continues to surprise meI got this app on a whim, expecting to ditch it after a couple of days. But I keep coming back because it shows me such a wide range of creative items. Visuals are intelligently laid out, and you can go deeper and see more info and photos on any given topic with simply a click or swipe. Smooth to use and well designed. I’m hooked!.Version: 6.3.12

Omg I love this app!It always brightens my day. So much to learn and explore. I love it and always forget about it but once I open the app I’m in heaven. I love that you can save favorite articles or pictures. There are so many ways to appreciate art within the app so it can fit any need or style of learning and enjoyment. It’s endless! I feel like I never have enough time to browse but there’s constant information so I don’t feel like I missed out on anything, it just keeps coming. Love it!!.Version: 7.9.14

Wow! What a resource!!Google Arts and Culture is an amazing resource - a treasury of links to over 1,000 international museums, galleries and cultural institutions. The entire site is searchable in many cases in a variety of ways- alphabetically, chronologically, geographically, and by medium. As an educator I am awed and excited by its potential for use in every curriculum area! As an everyday person I get caught up in exploring and learning every single time I open the app. I am transported to far away places, caught up in the beauty of innumerable works of art, and educated by the “stories” that are included..Version: 6.2.3

Really GoodMy favourite google app :) Fantastic if you love art, history and photography. I'm very happy :) :).Version: 6.1.12

The app is a virtual museum to me.I really love this app. It’s a virtual museum to me and it has helped me gain a lot of knowledge about art and culture. It’s a pleasure to visit this app everyday as I could travel to the museums from all over the world..Version: 7.9.14

Didn’t get to compare myselfI guess my location doesn’t allow me to find my old school doppelgänger. However! This app is the coolest thing I’ve come across in a long time! To see all the art it has to offer for you to explore and get lost in is breath taking. Much better reads the social media accounts and the same repetitive news articles. I’m so excited to keep exploring this app and the museums within it!.Version: 6.0.17

Slightly Disappointed But Otherwise An Amazing AppOn one hand I am slightly disappointed that I am not able to use the selfie feature in the state that I live in. However, this app has caught my attention for a few weeks now because it’s amazing options for viewing art. It allows me to go into a 360° environment and be able to look around at the artwork. I really enjoy using this app and I hope that someday in the near future they will be able to install the portrait comparison in the areas that it has restricted..Version: 6.0.17

SplendideJ’aime beaucoup ce site que je trouve facile a explorer Merci Google.Version: 7.1.11

DetailThe reason I love this app is that it is so easy to zoom right into the details of so many paintings, really brings them to life..Version: 6.1.12

This is a terrific app....lots of fun, and educational too.I think just about everyone will like this new app from Google Who knows who your art world doppelgänger will be? Google Arts and Culture does! Not only hours of fun, but glimpses into the vast and wondrous world of famous artists...some of whom may not be familiar to you. Try it once and you will be hooked. Thanks Google..Version: 6.0.23

Great AppGreat concept, really like using the app and actually have seen similarities with photos I’ve taken even in the dark. Pretty cool and recommended for fun and knowledge..Version: 6.0.23

Great app, some problemsAs an educator, this is a really exciting app, but it fails to load 360 sometimes, just remaining black..Version: 7.1.11

A Brilliant Time Waster!I have just discovered this app through a friend. How amazing to be able to access all of these museums and galleries across the world with links to information and video clips etc. I am enthralled!.Version: 7.3.8

AmazingThis is what technology was made for. The joy and opportunity this app offers is wonderful. Thank you.Version: 7.5.29

Wonderful but limited by solipsismThe app you have is good and offers many new ways to see a painting if one is limited to accessing the painting in a museum. This is game-changing and needs to be commended. Positives: 1. Zoom in to see the greater detail. Wonderful! 2. Deep dive into Hokusai’s famous Great Wave. Amazing! 3. Research Renaissance period pieces in context, with high quality Google imagery. Thank you. Here’s the big distraction element (for a child or any younger people using the app): - Find a painting based on your selfie. I understand and believe in the power of using egocentrism to get even the most distracted people involved in art viewing. The practice of looking at artwork is personal, so at times can be soul-stirring and challenging but then at other times it takes awhile for me to click into it. However, explain to me how comparing a selfie of someone is helpful when comparing it to an 18th century painter? What are the benefits other than creating a gimmick. In the best light, I will be encouraged to see younger students to engage in art on this app in response to a selfie they took painting it in their style of a chosen artist based on the algorithms Google uses to select the selfie image. That will be a 5-star worthy app in my eyes. Best, Lewis.Version: 7.3.5

Rendre l’art accessibleLa création de Google Arts est tout simplement géniale. Ses sujets, ses reportages, ses artistes, sont variés et rend l’art et la culture accessible à tous. Bravo! Continuez, on aime ça ainsi..Version: 6.5.21

Availability in UAEHello, love this app but noticed it misses on nearby museums (Louvre Abudhabi for example) and still doesn’t have the portrait feature .please make it happen!!.Version: 6.0.24

Great for all art loversThis app opens a whole new world of different arts for everyone. Really great..Version: 7.3.5

Explore the World from HomeThis is a slick app. Most well-known is the museum doppelgänger feature, which was fun to experiment with. Then, I checked out some of the other features and had a pleasant time exploring the British Museum and Versailles in the street view section. The only thing that could make that part of the app better would be if it could track the movement of your device, and it could be like actually walking around those places. Constantly pressing the arrows to move a few feet was a little clunky, but it was still fun..Version: 6.0.23

Good so farI’ve only used the app for three minutes before I was prompted for the friggin feedback - so how it can be accurate is beyond me – but the picture matching was a bit of a laugh, though I think you need to improve on your algorithms if you would really like any credibility good luck with those suggestions.Version: 6.4.19

Too cerebralA great idea but full of tricksy gimmicks that treat art as a physical commodity to be measured and displayed in novel ways rather than as an experience of a transcendental reality that needs to be contemplated..Version: 6.4.19

Cool app, needs dark modeI would like to use the app more, its 2am and my eyes hurt from the bright white colour scheme. I really appreciate the devs who work on this, thank you..Version: 8.3.16

Face match?Where is the face match option??? Very frustrating..Version: 6.0.17

Came for the selfies. Stayed for the info.I genuinely got the app to see whether my portrait was in a museum. I haven’t found that aspect of the app yet, but I ended up keeping the app for the easily accessible and organized information curated to various artists, cultures, issues etc..Version: 6.0.17

Looking for the “selfie” featureCan’t find it.Version: 8.3.16

Brilliant idea Google!This is a brilliant app and has loads of brilliant art works on! Hats off to the people who thought of this!.Version: 6.4.15

😭👌All of days on this app.Version: 5.1.22

These reviews are hilariousI like everyone else am downloading to use the selfie portion of the app. I don’t know yet if I can yet because this whole location restriction thing but the fact that people are so upset by it is hilarious. Someone is so upset that they spent “lost” fifteen minutes of their time trying to find a place to use it. Are you kidding me? You ran around for fifteen minutes trying to make something that will have no impact on your life or anyone else just so you can’t post it on social media?? 🤣.Version: 6.0.17

As usual, Google just gets it!Title says it all! Google is just so good at this whole app thing. With the added benefit....No being charged, (monthly or yearly) for quality craftsmanship. What’s not to like?.Version: 6.1.12

Scrolling downEnjoying it, but can’t scroll down when looking at artwork :(.Version: 7.1.11

Slightly annoyed, but overall super cool!So here, I, like a majority of others, have downloaded this app for the selfie thing which seems super cool! Sadly, for some reason Chicago doesn’t have access to it yet which is a bummer. But I’m not that upset cause I actually really dig art and I think this app has a ton of awesome things to read about and whatnot. So, while not being able to match my face to a famous painting is annoying, it definitely wasn’t the end of the world..Version: 6.0.23

The beginnings of something wonderfulThe exploration of art never ceases to amaze me. This app takes my initial curiosity and expands it into a practical setting. Seeing museums that I may never experience in person, and immersive views into pieces not contained in any one place allows this app to flourish with a fluidity that cannot be matched by visiting any one institution. Here’s to further expansion and building upon what seems to be the potential for a massive catalog of art, bravo..Version: 6.0.17

Arts!Why has no one told me about this app before? It’s simply the best resource for artists and art appreciators alike. Also no one cares about your face being matched, go be narcissistic somewhere else..Version: 6.2.2

Have just started exploring Love ItThis app is beautifully curated, fascinating and so diverse. There is so much to see. I Wish I had more time to use it. It’s also a worthy contribution to the arts in general and to be applauded..Version: 6.1.12

👎 selfies not available in AUSThat being said it’s a good apps just expand it fam.Version: 6.0.17

Creating a 360 degree view of arts and cultureI have just stumbled upon this wonderful app, Google Arts & Culture. What a wonderful facility to have during these self-isolating times of Covid 19. Recommended too for teachers of art..Version: 7.3.8

Love itI’ve been kind of bored with all my apps and I’ve been looking for something more informational. I have oodles of art pos and they’re great, it’s awesome to just browse through art. This app takes it further and provides so much incredible information and learning on all kinds of art. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from this app and have actually found myself clicking on this over Twitter, fb, instagram, etc..Version: 6.0.23

Excellent fine art appA gift for any lover of the arts. Very easy to navigate, intuitively. The links from artwork to gallery are clever and the information about each piece concise. To be able to zoom in and look at brushwork and detail is useful. My favourite arts based app so far. Well done..Version: 6.4.15

Culture in the palm of your handIf you’re busy like me, getting out and about to visit exhibitions or events seems to get more and more difficult. I saw this in an earlier version a year or so back and I can get a quick fix on the Arts and Cultural stuff I really like. Brilliant!.Version: 6.0.17

Google Arts and CultureSo much to look at! Hours of amusement and information. Matching portraits is a hoot! Don’t just stop there though there’s so much more. Really great app..Version: 6.0.23

CoolIt’s pretty interesting, the feature that lets you find a portrait that looks like you is right there on the home page. You just need to scroll down and make sure to read fine print descriptions on the different links..Version: 8.0.45

Disappointed...Disappointed to find the selfie tool missing or not available in Australia.. No mention of it in version history either..!.Version: 6.0.17

FantasticBringing art to everyone by smart tech.Version: 7.2.16

Good... ButI downloaded this app in search of the portrait matching feature. Though, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the apps other features. I will continue to use this app because of those features, but since I am in Australia the portrait matching feature is not available to me! A five star app if you add this feature to other countries. I wonder if it will be available soon. If you can get back to me that would be great. Cheers.Version: 6.0.17

Google ArtFantastic knowledge about Art... hours of enjoyable reading, discovery. Amazing!.Version: 6.2.2

Hope Selection and Quality GrowsI have used this app for some time now and it’s another google service/app I enjoy. I do hope the selection can continue to grow and be expanded. With the latest high end devices showing HD and QHD/UHD pictures/videos I hope the works are available in that. This is the only chance many people will have to see these works..Version: 6.0.17

Would recommend 100%I’ve been trying to find the best portraits of me as an art piece and I’ve found wonderful results. I have to admit that I am a woman and I do get many man paintings, but it is very enjoyable and funny to see all of that..Version: 6.1.12

How do I add photosGreat app how do I add my photos in this app... please.Version: 8.0.45

Really great but...That little “Google Arts and Culture” banner that always comes down annoys the life out of me. I understand why you would have it there, but its presence stops me from becoming absorbed in a painting. The art should come before your self promo! Like get that moneyyyyyy bish but don’t interfere with the Hopper. Also I would like to see more work from artists such as Bacon, or Freud, or Wyeth, but there’s a lot of other artists on there already and I’m having fun looking at different people’s work, so it’s not a massive issue.Version: 7.5.29

JkJk it’s not worth 5 stars.Version: 6.0.24

HistoryGood to test your general knowledge of times gone by..Version: 7.3.8

Wonderful….and keep going further Google.This app is already awesome, it appears to have the potential to be and do much more as an educational and cultural device/platform of engagement, particularly in these times of isolation, and the need to pay strong attention to energy use and travel. I really hope Google invest more into this application….one of those things could be a campaign to help it be wider known. My kids, and my wife and I love this app. Best wishes to all..Version: 8.3.12

LoveLove looking at all the art work when I cannot travel around the world to see it!.Version: 6.4.19

Selfie restrictions for some states are state law, NOT GoogleThe reason some states (like Illinois and Texas) can’t use the selfie feature is because those states do not allow the collection of biometric data needed to implement the selfie feature. Don’t blame Google (it’s not some plot against middle America like some are suggesting)...just write your state legislators and get them to exempt apps like this if or (ahem) Google the work around (hint Forbes mentions it)..Version: 6.0.17

A great app but...This is a great app but many features are only available in some regions like the US and my other regions. It would be great if you could update the app to allow regions such as New Zealand to use the face-matching feature as it is a really interesting idea.Version: 6.0.17

Cool; but full screen art please!Please allow us to view the art image full screen in retina mode (high dpi) with black borders. The text menus at the top distract when you just want to take in the piece of art. Simple fast (cached) pinch-to-zoom in this mode would make examining brush strokes and details great! I really like the idea of this app. Clearly an immense amount of work and resources have been dedicated to this; which I appreciate. The informative text and background info is awesome. But the interface feels clunky; like a web site from a decade ago..Version: 6.2.3

Please Bring The Selfie Experiment to the U.K.Looking forward to trying the selfie function when available to the U.K. the app is interesting with lots to see and learn about..Version: 6.3.12

Selfies are easily accessibleFirst of all, this is an app that allows you to explore the world of art. For that, it is excellent. And if you want the selfie function, it’s right there on the “front page.” It also works in Canada..Version: 6.3.13

This has become an addictionEverything about this project is bonkers, informative, innovative, thought-provoking and occasionally dead wrong. This is so much better than Twitter..Version: 7.1.8

TyPerfecto thanks!.Version: 7.3.8

Great app, only one thingGreat. I only wish I could swipe through my favorites rather than clicking, backing out, and clicking again. Also, it would be nice to have different options for organizing my favorited works—by medium, time period, etc., or even reversing the order— rather than having to always scroll through them from my most recent to the earliest that I favorited; once you gather a decent number, it’s very tedious to navigate them always in the exact same order..Version: 7.9.13

AmazingInteresting, engaging and educational. Super super app. Endless hours of actual brain training..Version: 7.3.8

BlobOpera.Version: 8.0.54

No, the selfies don’t always workTo selfie or not to selfie is a legal issue. Does Google want to deal with the necessary disclosures about facial identification in your state or is it easier to just not allow the function in your area? I’ve read you can tell the App Store your location is different then it is but it’s on you to figure it out. Sorry. I didn’t think I’d need it. I’d like to choose photos from my camera roll for some features, especially pets, especially my dear departed ones. I’m sure I’ll figure something out but I’d rather have it be easy..Version: 9.0.44

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