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Brave Private Web Browser App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Brave Private Web Browser app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brave Private Web Browser? Can you share your negative thoughts about brave private web browser?

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Brave Private Web Browser for Negative User Reviews

Super FAST!! Amazing app DOWNLOAD IT! You won’t regret itUpdate:so now it’s doing the same exact thing as the other apps for the site. Deleting this. That lasted a whole day So I literally never write reviews (I know I’m sure people say that a lot) but I honestly don’t I could care less but I knew if there was someone out there unsure like me I had to share how awesome this app is. I have safari on my iPhone which is alright but for some reason Walmart (don’t judge I mean hey they have great prices!) just doesn’t want to load it or will half load and take forever or it would load in like writing with no pictures or like a different layout with no button to press on for next page basically just a mess and Thats on strong WiFi so I kept having refresh or put it in desktop mode til it would work and mind you that other sites would load no problem it was just this one so I had chrome downloaded because I love chrome and I knew sometimes it would load better in chrome then safari (but still sometimes even on there same thing) so I decided to look in the App Store and this pops up I decide to give it a try what do I have to lose and instantly it loads in a millisecond and no problems at all and the page loads correctly! I’ve never had anything load that quick and the page works fine (finally!!) and as do other sites too this app is awesome bottom line you won’t regret downloading it I sure don’t!! Hope this helps someone decide :).Version: 1.22.1

PooPooSo disappointing. Used to be great when I first started using it but now I am definitely NOT feeling confident about security or privacy or speed, the 3 things these guys are touting! I feel like I’m being censored as much by brave as all the big tech F*ckers! This app gets worse instead of better with each update and now it won’t even take me to places I have no trouble getting to on GOOGLE!! Feels to me like these guys must be in cahoots with the CHINADIAN government!! I’m going back to safari until someone comes up with a truly secure, fast and private browser! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 1.31.1

An excellent idea but mediocre implementationUpdated review It seems like some things are being smoothed out but at the same time there was questionable affiliate linking, which has been supposedly removed. I hope they integrate their beta search engine as a default option, it’s needed. Frankly most other searches besides google and maybe bing are awful Original review. I love brave. I applaud brave. I want to use brave. However there are a few bugs (many are inconvenient ish) with one show stopper. The browser just doesn’t work with 1Password. It’s a pain to trigger, and it doesn’t fill fields properly. This is down to Brave unfortunately (1p works on literally every other browser I’ve used) If they can get it going properly with that I’m in full time, but for now - given I don’t store passwords in browser and don’t use anything less than 25 random characters - I just can’t add 50% more time to browsing going back and forth to the 1p app. Privacy is great and it is worth inconvenience - but I can accomplish what they do with other apps and various settings - including aggressive ad blocking via numerous apps available on the App Store. Kee up the great work brave. I hope to be back soon..Version: 1.27.1

Brave cannot fully replace SafariSafari still needed to install iOS profiles on iPhone. Brave cannot do that..Version: 1.40

Lightning fast just keep your lightning cable at handA lightning fast browsing experience that removes ads and trackers. It even allows you to click advertised content on google and removes the trackers. Gives you rewards for receiving ads and you can tip content developers. Great app. I then checked the batter my monitor. In the last 24 hours I used the app for 6 minutes and it contributed to a quarter of my total battery consumption. Then I checked 10 days and found in the 15 total minutes I had this on and running in the background it used more battery than 2 hours of phone calls. That’s a bit crazy. Hopefully they fix this..Version: 1.14.1

Used to be awesomeI liked brave when I was rewarded bat coin for adds, but with the new update, I don’t get any thing because apple apparently wants the money from the ads that uses my data that I pay for. This is the last apple product I will ever purchase..Version: 1.22.1

Ok but some annoyancesI mostly like this, however there are some major annoyances. Top of the list is the inability to use the back button fully. Make a search and visit a site, find it isn’t what you wanted so use back button to return to your search results - sometimes this just hangs, other times you get a widget and are told to slide a slider to continue. Why? Brave search is pretty bad. Seems to ignore country settings so returns lots of inappropriate results..Version: 1.34

Gets very slow over timeI really like this browser, except for one very unfortunate issue: It currently has a bug that causes the browser (especially touchscreen) to get slower, and slower, and slower, until it eventually becomes unusable. A restart does fix the issue temporarily, so this app is by no means unusable, but it is a frustrating problem for a browser that is otherwise pretty great..Version: 1.23.1

McSearch ...Idk why search has been removed, when I used to type in the address bar, I'd have options to use other search engines and I could tap that to change it based on what I was searching for, such as science or news would get different results and preferences too, especially as my default was Duck Duck Go and it's been changed to Brave Search and I can't imagine that it's better than DDG but if I want to search Alpha as an example I now need to go into the settings to change the default for that search and that really blows McChunks and tosses a McSalad.Version: 1.32.1

Sad to leaveI used this extensively for 8 months. I loved its privacy blockers. However, I am a little fed up with constant issues that have started coming —websites don’t load altogether, repetitive ads that I have never shown any interest in (only blockchain finance is interested in advertising on this platform apparently), financial transactions can fail because some redirection will get blocked. I am sorry but I cannot use a hobby browser for serious work. Brave is a good experiment but sadly it has failed to convince me that it can ever be considered production grade..Version: 1.14.3

Crashes too much for meIt crashes repeatedly, often 10 or more times in a single session. I have uninstalled..Version: 1.6.3

Almost the perfect Chrome replacementOverall a great browser, however, it’s not quite there with being a Chrone replacement. The key thing missing is full sync between other devices in your chain. At the moment the iOS app can only sync bookmarks - passwords stored on your desktop for example will not sync to your iOS browser. This is a major barrier for people such as myself completely jumping ship. Apart from this the only other thing I would like to see is the addition of a quick search Home Screen widget. Once these two are added Chrome is out the door for good..Version: 1.29

Broken RewardsThe browser is an ok app but until they fix the BAT reward issues and introduce a way where you can actually use those rewards it’s 0 star because they fail to deliver what is promised. These issues are there for a long time now..Version: 1.16.1

Hard to navigate the sitePredetermined favorites on home page. Can’t change them. Toolbar is weird. Not intuitive..Version: 1.15

Another annoying updateThis time they moved the Brave Shields Global Settings an additional menu level down, making it more tedious to turn scripts off and on. You also have to back out to the top menu level to hit Done after making changes. Also, now when you hit the bookmark icon instead of immediately seeing your favourites it shows a folder named Mobile Bookmarks which you then have to select to see your favourites. UI updates should make the user experience better — not worse..Version: 1.21

Crashing and problemsI switched over from chrome on my desktop and mobile to try this app out because so many people praise it. However, the app itself both on mobile and desktop seems to crash quite often. Another problem is it forgets what your preferred browser is and auto searches through bing (really, bing?). Search recommendations are cluttered and sometimes nonexistent which leads to frustration when you’re trying to re-search something. Unfortunately I’m going to move back to Chrome until the browser resolves some of its problems, specially the crashing (I am fully updated on desktop and mobile). However the browser does have some good attributes, the appearance, VPN and ad blocking features are way better than any of the other big browsers which kept me on board this long. I hope to move back when the app polishes itself but for now back to chrome I go..Version: 1.35.1

Does NOT workIf i could give it 0 stars I would. The app doesn’t work. It only blocks some adds from time to time and pop up adds, it doesn't block it at all. Finally deleted it because an add blocker app that doesn't block adds is pointless..Version: 1.40

AnnoyingNo password manager. Once a password has been saved, you can’t remove it without removing the app and all the passwords. If this is like other problems (bugs) with brave then don’t count on this being fixed in the foreseeable future. Having a secure browser is one thing, but never addressing bugs is reason to dump the browser in favor of one where bugs are addressed before “improvements.” Also having a crypto wallet online is a no-no. Unless, of course, you’re planning on giving your crypto away. Not a good idea with all of the online exchanges being hit and crypto stolen..Version: 1.33

Deleting Brave = a much cleaner conscience0.5 Stars Just deleted Brave, & feeling so much better. The folks who run this browser are dishonest hypocrites. They talk all about Privacy, while working with privacy violators, Coinbase and BlockFi (Coinbase openly sells user data to US intelligence agencies; BlockFi avoided disclosing being hacked for user data including physical addresses.) Brave’s sneaky profit strategy and “improvement” over Google’s business model, is to try to convince you to buy things and accept small payments using their digital “Basic Attention (BAT)” Tokens. "BAT” is an Ethereum ERC20 token, which basically means digital Monopoly money with an unlimited supply that can be infinitely copied for free by any 10 year old with web access. ERC20 tokens were a leading cause of the 2017 Crypto Bubble; only the ERC20’s used by companies with deep venture capital investment avoided bankruptcy from Securities Fraud lawsuits. Brave’s BAT is a straight-up Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid Scheme and even shamelessly uses a triangle as its logo, LOL. Brave wants you to believe these worthless tokens are actually money, to make more people use them, increasing their value. Their partner in crime, Coinbase, comes in to help sell BAT tokens to the naive public (keeping records of every transaction for the US government- one of the ways those guys make money). Of course, Brave kept a huge pile of the first BAT tokens for themselves… So they can dump piles of BAT onto the market in exchange for real money, every time people start actually using the “BATs” in commerce. This is why cryptocurrency price charts have those big up-and-down spikes of volatility, and why 99.9% of them will never become real money. The dictator Maduro uses the same tactic (see Venezuelan hyperinflation)... Controlling a currency is one of the sneakiest ways the powerful make money off of everyday people. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, people. If you want an easy to use, quality privacy browser, just go with one of the well known and long respected ones whose creators aren’t running any obvious scams, one pretty good one is Firefox..Version: 1.17

That last update has proved to be Braves undoing.Brave is one of three browsers I use regularly on my desktop Macs and it is blisteringly quick in that environment, only the default to a Google search precludes it being my browser of choice. Brave on iOS was my preferred browser per se...until the last update. Since installing, Brave simply refuses to open; clicking the icon sees Brave attempt to open, there’s a brief flash of the home screen, and Brave then crashes back to my icons screen. Such a shame, perhaps it’s something to do with Apples last iOS update? Anyhoo, I’ll keep going back to Brave once a week to see if it’s fixed, but until it is, I can’t recommend it, for me, at the moment, it’s simply an icon taking up memory and storage space. HTH..Version: 1.9.3

Block ads but show Brave ads...Like the idea of this browser but blocking ads to only show yer own is still me seeing ads Brave also has no access to 1Password to fill in login details. Not going to save any within the browser secure or not. Will keep using as a secondary browser for now. Otherwise all aspects are very good and much like other browsers as far as ease of use. Cannot tell if it is faster yet. Tells me it is..Version: 1.23.1

Too Aggressive With Crypto CurrenciesKeeps pushing ads on the new tab page for crypto currencies, crypto wallets, and other crypto stuff, and even goes so far as to add bookmarks for crypto stuff without user permission. Tried contacting the developer multiple times to resolve these issues but got no response. Will be switching back to Safari with Content Blockers..Version: 1.14.3

I don’t know if this is just me.Hi there! I’ve been using Brave for awhile and I have to say it’s pretty good. Ever since I switched browsers I started off with Firefox but found out about brave from a friend and started using it and found how many things it blocks in comparison to Firefox. As such I began leaning towards using it more often. This is probably one of the most trivial things to ever put in a review but I noticed that it’s hard to highlight the URL by tapping it for copy and pasting, I know it’s trivial again but I thought I’d point it out anyways. Overall I think Brave is pretty amazing and I’d recommend this browser to my friends..Version: 1.20

Extremely glitchy and laggyNothing but problems trying to load pages, pop ups not disappearing, pages not responding but working fine on safari... useless. Works fine on my MacBook but is atrocious on my iPhone running iOS 14..Version: 1.30.1

Shady AppFor a browser that promotes privacy their partners and advertisers are super sketchy companies. Do not sign up for Uphold or any other companies they recommend. I quickly deleted it when I realized their game is to lure people in with the Privacy conscious buzzword and then collect advertising funds in the end. Shameful. I want a truly ad free and tracker free browser. FireFox is much more trustworthy even though it’s not perfect yet..Version: 1.14.2

Good browser but nagging all the time to make it defaultBrave is quite a good browser and I might have given it 4 or even 5 stars, but it is repeatedly nagging me to set it as the default. It is annoying enough that I am close to uninstalling. (Developers: if you’re going to reply and tell me I can turn that off in the settings, don’t bother. I shouldn’t have to go looking for that after repeatedly saying no to the nag question).Version: 1.23

Getting better all the timeNow stable, fast and has become my daily driver. Two small items I would like changed. The favourite bookmarks defaults to showing only six icons, with the rest hidden under a ‘show more’ option. All favourites should be shown by default. Second, an item I miss from DuckDuckGo browser is a button to clear all data, cookies and browser history. It would be far more convenient than having to go into settings, privacy and then scrolling down to ‘clear data now’. Update: still no quick and easy route to clear user data. Sorry guys but I’m heading back to DuckDuckGo until this is in place..Version: 1.42

Brave ok but default browser iphone links fail to openMain issue is website data DOES NOT CLEAR when all tabs are closed, NOR when the brave app is closed and reopened -even in private mode with all boxes checked on the Privacy settings page. This is NOT how privacy should work! We should not need to manually clear website data! Also, we should be able to block only third party cookies and/or block all cookies. Not just block cookies. Which if NOT blocked, brave retains these cookies between launches of the app, AND ALSO, displays cookies (website data) that was previously MANUALLY CLEARED after previous uses of brave before closing it. Finally, Whatever iphone ios 15 App interface is used to pass links to brave, has in the past, failed to use brave as the default browser and sometimes also, fails to open the page in brave when the link is passed to brave. Nothing is in address bar, nothing opens. Brave opens then nothing. If this is a brave or ios setting related design or issue it should explicitly say so. Brave also holds old webpage in cache of a tab in tab view screen that has already been navigated back using the browser ‘back’ arrow. Why should we have to be bothered by having to use community page and create login and create report FOR A PRIVACY BROWSER and troubled by such trivial issues. Emphasis on privacy..Version: 1.36

Pretty GoodI like the privacy features of Brave very much. Blocking ads, trackers and seeing those stats on various websites is great. One thing I don’t care for is navigating between or opening different windows. Very clunky and inefficient. Why not just use tabs at the top? I get you want your browser to be unique, but it’s a pain in the neck navigating between different windows. Another thing that’s a deal breaker is performance. It seems if you get more than a few windows open, Brave performance just falls off a cliff and often times the entire browser freezes. I don’t think it’s an iOS/iPadOS issue restricting resources because I’ve had 50+ tabs open in Chrome browser and that just keeps going...And Brave is built on Chromium so there ya go. Fix those 2 things and Brave will be my main browser, otherwise I’ll just dabble with it every now and then until it freezes and uninstall..Version: 1.19

Still needs more work to be perfectBrave works fine as a browser, and I love the privacy it grants me. It gives me control of who gets my information, which is especially important in this day and age. It’s honestly alarming when I see just how many creepy things get blocked on every site. That being said, Brave isn’t perfect. I’ve been using this browser nearly since it first came out, and while it’s made improvements, I still have my gripes: 1. Some pages are displayed improperly or appear broken, even with shields down. 2. I have been experiencing severe lag spikes recently on my iPhone XR. The entire app will freeze up for ten seconds at completely random times regardless of what sites I’m visiting. 3. Switching to other apps via link will almost always lead me to the App Store page instead of redirecting me to the actual app even if it is already downloaded. 4. Still experience occasional minor bugs. Overall, I’ve had a good experience with Brave that has been slightly dampened by various issues. I would still recommend this browser for anyone looking to feel safe and protected online, but I think that generally you will have a better browsing experience on mainstream browsers. I hope Brave will continue to improve and eventually make itself mainstream, but it isn’t quite there yet..Version: 1.32.1

Uses its own crypto tokenAll the money early adopters put in got converted to their crypto token which can no longer be converted back to $$$. Any company that engages in this type of activity cannot be trusted in the future. Alternatively, why didn’t they just use btc? Clearly there is some benefit to making their own token (hint: printing money)..Version: 1.14.2

MaybeBut. No, a big BUT, when the app starts to add tabs asking me, telling me, to this or that or whatever the frell it wants, no. As in NO. I trusted Brave to allow me to do what I wish or what I want without being badgered by ads or suggestions to do anything. Heck, I came to this app bc I use it on my PC. I used DuckDuckgo as my browser on my iPoop for a long while & thought, what the heck? Well, what the heck means shyte to Brave. They want your info as much as any other browser out there. Stay Away..Version: 1.30.1

Autoplay and URL/Search suggestions are terribleAutoplay is extremely annoying and I cannot figure out how to disable it. The default behavior is to play loud videos with no user interaction. Who would want that?! When I start typing in the URL/search field, the first suggestions should be previous sites I’ve visited. Unfortunately in brave, I get search suggestions, which I could maybe live with, if they were different every time I entered them. Example: “wordle”. If I type in wordle, it would make sense to show me the wordle site I visited yesterday (and everyday). Instead I get search suggestions with history way down below. However the history doesn’t always show up and the search results vary. For example today it pulls up a bunch of fake wordle sites, which is useless. For a better way to handle user input look at how Firefox does it. Also if I type in an IP address, instead of going to said IP Addy, it tries to search it…that’s a major fail..Version: 1.36

Can’t have separate password anymoreBrave used to have unique password protection to open the app. The most recent update removes this protection which makes the app useless for people that share an iPhone device. Now anyone who can open your phone can open the app. So disappointed..Version: 1.29

Home PageThe other browser that I have used for years stopped working with iOS 13.1.2 so I am giving Brave a go. Getting a shortcut on what the other browser called the ‘Home Page’ takes 3 steps instead of 1, quite cumbersome. Also the ability to open the current page in Safari so the page can be saved in full in Reader View was really handy. That would be a nice addition. Brave may have superior anti-tracking, it certainly gives you the info on what it is doing..Version: 1.12.1

No bookmarks on mainRemoval of bookmarks button on main page is a poor move. Having to dig deeper to get to it won’t will tire out quick. Best fix soon as people will find this annoying.Version: 1.10

Not Ad FreeI downloaded Brave two years ago after hearing about it from a friend, and I couldn’t have been happier. However, in the last 6 months, I feel betrayed by the experience. It still blocks the majority of ads in websites so if that’s all you’re looking for, it’s excellent. I can’t recommend it enough. But now the formerly blank background has ads that you can’t really avoid on it. It started with NewEgg and a few random things I’d never heard of before, and now it’s got Chipotle ads. This will probably be the new norm unless they offer some subscription option to get rid of it all. Plus, now that they’re advertising more mainstream companies, how long before we get to ads from more poisonous sources? The whole point of going ad-free is because advertising is disgusting and arguably immoral. Please offer an alternative to ads through some kind of one-time payment option or a subscription method. We support you and use your product to get away from the constant bullying and nefariousness of advertisements. Please let us keep it that way..Version: 1.16.2

MediocreIt’s okay but something about it puts me off. For example, Brave advertises itself as giving you, the user, rewards but this is misleading. This reward scheme only works on desktop but it doesn’t tell you this when using the app unless you delve into the settings and explore around. In other words, it acts as if it awards you when it doesn’t. It also doesn’t have the most user friendly infrastructure. Hence, I think it is much more useful to use other browsers that reward you like Edge..Version: 1.29

Overall good with a big shortcomingOverall this browser is great. One thing i do not like about brave is inbuilt vpn by guardian. It is overly expensive, has very few locations and once activated, it does not block system wide advertisement on ios. VPN Speeds are good though even without wireguard. But lack of system wife ad blocking is a big letdown when you are paying so much money..Version: 1.36

Going downhillFunctioning worse and worse as they add more fluff like their playlist, crypto, etc. It’s time to start looking for something else for me..Version: 1.25

It doesn’t have screen lockYou can’t lie in bed on the side and read articles. You can’t lay down and read with Brave because the screen keeps turning and you have to stop and physically lock the screen in the Apple settings. Chrome doesn’t need to do that. You can comfortably choose to read on the side without having to manually change a setting. I’ll adjust my review when they fix this..Version: 1.19.2

Useless ©rapolåFlee this junk like the plague. time consuming dribble. this piece of trash automatically went into a dark and private mode and i lost all my tabs. then you spend huge amounts of time going through nonsense to find an answer. then, somehow, by itself, the pages all come back?! and i'm supposed to be thankful after wasting valuable time? who are the mental deficients disguised as experts that come up with such design garbage then tout themselves and their 'product' as something to behold? oh, and all the tabs area and '+ tab area' and url area for search, their tab banner, confining and tiny. Why? isn't there someone in companies such as this that has any common sense, whatsoever? oh, and there is no way to delete auto suggestion in url bar. i have a name of a person that comes up automatically and there is no way to turn it Off. i am deleting all webpages after i have saved those searches, elsewhere, and deleting this big pile of excrement which is totally useless, frustrating, time consuming. my suggestion, is find something else instead of tearing your hair out; flee this crap like the wind!.Version: 1.38

Really slowAt first the app is fast at loading websites but now it is really slow and laggy.Version: 1.20

Can't enlarge font size, open link in new tabGreat browser missing some important features. 1. When using Brave search, can't configure browser to open link in new tab. 2. Can't increase font size per web page, not overall/systemically. 3. Would like tab groups. 4. I accidentally select Private tab instead of regular tab, and find I can't get back to my list of regular tabs. 5. There should be a way to leave feedback that doesn't involve creating a forum account. Multiple threads have been open on the Brave forum about increasing the font size for iOS. Unfortunately, they are closed after 30 days automatically. This makes it impossible to see that numerous people have been asking for years for the same thing: give us the ability to increase font size. Since Brave does not allow the increase of font size, I will not make it my default browser. This is too bad. I had made it my default until I realized they have overlooked this crucial feature..Version: 1.40

Doesn’t seem any safer than just using SafariI’ve been using Brave for a while because I had it recommended to me as being safer and more private than just using Safari. Just did a search on Brave and clicked on what appeared to be a legit link from the results, and was redirected to an obviously dodgy “you’ve won a prize” site. I hit back and the app locked on a screen claiming that “39 viruses had been downloaded to my phone from an adult site” and trying to get me to click through to some other site to get rid of them - I had to restart my phone to get rid of it. I know that nothing is foolproof in internet security but I don’t see the point of having a separate ‘safe’ browser if I’m still going to get stuff like this (which I don’t recall ever getting on Safari)..Version: 1.23.1

Harsh reviewThis is going to be a very harsh review because this browser masks itself by saying they protect you from ads, potentially hazardous websites whatever but it’s useless. Not all ads or pop ups are blocked ads always find a way to sneak up on the screen and at first the browser was faster than even Microsoft edge but all the ad blocking has slowed it down. Safety is the highest concern but tell me why every website is hazardous target, Walmart, buy buy baby why are these sites potentially harmful and blocked? Now let’s also say you get this app to avoid ads, if it worked right, they promote watching their ads anyways which is basically contradicting the point of the app. Yeah they pay you for it and you can turn that off but it doesn’t sit well with me that you may get a few cents here and there while they’re making probably pretty decent money off ads. Pointless browser for blocking ads but pretty unique setup though is it worth it probably not..Version: 1.18.1

Its okayPretty much chrome but pays you for less intrusive ads. My gripes are that you can’t clear your history or cache, which is a basic feature on every browser. Also hardcoding referral links on crypto websites is a big nono especially for privacy’s sake, give us options, thats why people are interested in the first place. Until you can get the simple stuff covered, I can’t give it 5 stars..Version: 1.17

Multiple ads have started to pop upMultiple adds across multiple sites have begun to pop up. Only way to block now is to block scripts. This causes blocked content such as YT link and videos on news websites..Version: 1.18.1

Decent, but searches aren’t workingSo, I’m liking Brave so far, I use it for privacy somewhat. However, the images part when using brave doesn’t work, and DuckDuckGo is just entirely broken… and that’s all I know is broken. But yeah, 5 stars if not for making it hard for me to search anything.Version: 1.41

DuckDuckGoneSince a recent update DuckDuckGo go doesn’t work in the Brave app when you try to search for something using the search bar aka where you’d type a website address into and yes DuckDuckGo is/has been my default search engine for ages now. All that happens now is the DuckDuckGo page comes up without any results and even if I try searching for something in the search bar on the actual DuckDuckGo website itself, there’s still no results and the page is blank…where’s me DuckDuckGone?.Version: 1.28

Crashes a lotQuits (closes) unexpectedly about on average three times an evening, sometimes more and this has become very bothersome. Other than, seems to otherwise do it’s job as a browser pretty reasonably, particularly around ad and tracker blocking. Unfortunately Due to the crashing have gone back to Safari..Version: 1.6.2

Guaranteed to crash 5 times a weekGuaranteed to crash 5 times a week Most likely to cause you to rage quit / delete. I was enjoying brave as a simple browser, that was quick to load and removes a lot of the garbage that a lot of websites insist on drowning you in. But over the last few updates this browser seems to have regressed to the point where it is hard to recommend as the primary browser. Seems to crash the session or tab you are in far more frequently than Safari. Like every week I have something that I am viewing, or something that I am editing in the browser, that crashes and I loose everything that I am working on. Makes it very hard to recommend until they get an update provides more stability and fixes those crashes. Until then I am back to Safari. :).Version: 1.39.1

Too many issues!My version of brave (yes it is updated) is not customizable. None of the buttons that should be on the home page bottom right are there, I cannot get them to show. I have 1 top site button and cannot add more. Hours of research and I can’t find a solution. This is one of a bunch of issues I have with this browser, I can’t be bothered to list them all but this one is the most annoying for me..Version: 1.40

Missing key functionalitySite specific settings are normally accessed through the advanced settings menu. There is no option for advanced settings for Brave on iOS. Better not screw up any settings for a specific site, or you'll never be able to fix it..Version: 1.40

Not well optimised for smartphone/tabletI'm a fan of the brave browser on my mac - it's very fast and easy to use even for those not looking in the advanced settings - but the mobile browser needs a lot of work. It feels very under developed and not very intuitive for use on a smaller device. Things like a dedicated search bar in the centre of the page and better access controls make this more like basic safari than competitors like Edge or even Chrome. If it took some UI elements from apps like opera it would be the best browser out there..Version: 1.25

Deceptive review tacticsYou can’t trust the App Store rating for this app. Brave shows its own review pop up. If the user gives 5 stars then they are directed to leave a review on the App Store. If the user leave less stars the app thanks the user for the feedback and prevents the review from being posted to the App Store..Version: 1.14.2

Crashing IssueI love Brave, I use it on desktop and it’s fantastic to have it both on my iPad and on mobile. I appreciate that devs give a crap when it comes to privacy and that there’s an entire browser dedicated to protecting our information. However, it’s pretty buggy, and since the last update, there’s an issue with consistent crashes. It doesn’t crash on my iPhone, but it does on my iPad (which is a fairly new iPad Pro)—I haven’t been able to use it for the past hour without it crashing. The other bugs are things such as favorites not saving, copying a page doesn’t always save the link to the device clipboard, “find in page” search vanishes right after attempting to use it so you have to try 2-3 times before it works, tabs overwrite each other even though I’m opening new tabs, and old tabs vanish without explanation. Hope these things clear up so I can raise my rating!.Version: 1.6.6

It’s works better than Safari and battery saving but it keep crashes in a specific websiteI’ve test it out the battery consuming and in 20 mins I can save 2% of the battery it consume than Safari which come in handy when I need my phone to last as long as possible. Sometime Safari doesn’t work and if I use this website it can load it perfectly. One thing though... It keep crashes on a specific website. Mostly it works, but sometime it doesn’t and would repeatedly crashes until it doesn’t and sometime it getting on my nerves. Maybe you guys can do something about it? Could be it’s too much for the app but then, I don’t like it..Version: 1.19.2

BuggySince last update 2 days ago. Browser freezes every few seconds..Version: 1.25

Not secureGot hacked somehow through their ios or desktop version. Have some respect for peoples time..Version: 1.30.1

TrbledMy beloved Brave used to be ‘Advert Free’. What has happened that I now have Sunny Dee commercials in my life ! ?.Version: 1.21

Not serious about ad blockingThere is no option to block all ads. It blocks ads that have trackers, but will allow all ads that don’t have trackers. I understand there is a rewards system for viewing ads that meet the privacy standards. What I don’t understand is why they show you those ads whether or not you’ve opted into that rewards system. I don’t opt in. I don’t want ads. If I don’t opt in I shouldn’t get the ads. Period. It’s that simple..Version: 1.13

Abuse of cypto adsThe browser is ok nothing wrong with it. Like any other chromium browser. The issue is they are annoying with their crypto ads..Version: 1.36

White ScreenDespite saying it’s fixed. I have downloaded the new version and all i get is a white screen that quickly turns bkack. Everything is frozen.Version: 1.32

Speed dialShow all favorites in main page is better to use. Don’t need press show more button !.Version: 1.18.1

1.40 not working in CarPlay mode1.40 version. App stopped working when connected on CarPlay..Version: 1.40

It had become a fav of mine, but slowly losing that title..I think the recent update (it’s November 2021) has caused this issue that is insanely annoying. I probably have around 60 tabs and they all keep disappearing when looking at an overview of them or when switching back from another app. None of the tabs want to reload and I get white screens and no url present. I have to quit by swiping up to quit on iPhone 11. This probably happens several times per day. Unfortunately I can’t deal with this as I’m a mom and don’t have time throughout the day to deal with issues like this (every minute is important to us moms and cannot be wasted on stuff that doesn’t work properly). So back to DDG I go until it’s resolved. Oh and BTW, there are some numbskulls in the reviews that don’t understand how Brave Rewards work, that they bash Brave as having pop-up ads. Read them, and learn more about their rewards!.Version: 1.32.2

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Is Brave Private Web Browser not working?

Brave Private Web Browser works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Brave Private Web Browser.

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