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Clash Royale App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Clash Royale app received 149 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Clash Royale? Can you share your negative thoughts about clash royale?

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Clash Royale for Negative User Reviews

CR flaws that NEED to be fixedI have been playing this game for a long time now, and I can’t help to realize that this game has so many flaws. One part I don’t really get, is the matchmaking. I have huge concerns as I am currently level 11 and I am being matched against level 13s. Another concern is the fact that every season, you get reset and drop trophies. Personally, I have no idea why you do this and think it’s just stupid. The most annoying of though, is the fact that upgrading legendary cards to high levels takes so much gold. I either have to spend a lifetime getting it or buy gold. One last flaw I notice is that chest opening takes way too long. For example, the silver chest is among one of the worst chests in the game. Despite this, it take three whole solid HOURS just to get like 200 gold and 3 cards. These are the flaws that I notice and need attention. Please fix these problems Supercell..Version: 3.6.0

Great game but…It’s a great game but sometimes it gets triggering. The worst thing I have to say about Clash Royale is… it’s pay to win. You can get far with free to play but the ratio is like 1:1000. (Meaning paying gets you 1000x farther ahead) I have to say help and support is fantastic. It’s quick, simple and friendly. Compared to clash of clans help and support Clash Royale left them in the dust. Clash of Clan takes 5+ days to solve a problem (sometimes doesn’t even solve it) so well done Clash Royale!.Version: 3.2803.4

Ladder Matchmaking is really badUntil they fix matchmaking I’m going to make it a 2 star because it ruins the game. Not so much early ladder but later on when higher level king towers and cards make the difference of winning or losing. I should not verse level 13s with all level 14 cards and expect to win that fight. Because of this you are often expected to use your resources on only one deck of cards and when you do try to be creative and use a lower level deck you always get hard countered by a level 13. This is the main reason why this game wasn’t fun. Unless you spend lots of money on the game (which admittedly I have done) it is hard to climb high ladder. Even then it gets to the point when it costs too much for you. Anyway fun game just flawed design that makes it frustrating..Version: 3.2729.1

Matchmaking is terribleBruh all we want to do is play against our own levels like damn smh..I’m level 11 playing lvl makes it impossible for me to move up or trophy push.Version: 3.0.3

P2w and no skillWhy is it possible to have a card which spawns with fireball damage, jumps with fireball damage, area damage, high health and high damage (megaknight)? And also, if for example you are level 13, it takes over a year to max out a single (f2p) deck because of level 14 and the outrageous prices (100,000 gold to level 14). Not only does this make the game boring due to using only one deck for the rest of your life, this also means that you cannot adapt to the meta due to the painfully slow progression speed. If I want to actually win, I have to stick to the deck until I max out other decks due to the immense gap interactions bring. Not only does the game become stale, I want to throw my phone into a wall after losing to the biggest no skill megaknight ebarbs wizard deck. I do not recommend wasting your time on a game which literally makes you want to drink bleach. I would rate this game 0 stars, but it is not possible. Supercell, please fix this thing you call a game..Version: 3.2872.3

RIGGED + exe opOnce you get to leagues it is almost impossible to win. i’ve been playing against people who have much higher cards and towers or people who always seem to have the perfect cards to counter mine. this makes it incredibly hard to win even one game. please fix this, people are dropping trophies on purpose to play against players on a lower level and it’s very unfair. executioner is also extremely over powered, he has almost no counters and way too much health. he can deal around 600 damage in just one hit and he is not even a legendary card. that’s more than the pekka and mega knight it’s ridiculous..Version: 2.9.0

Extremely unbalanced and unfairAs an underleveled player who is level 9 at challenger I, this game’s matchmaking system is the most brain dead mechanic. Matchmaking with an equal opponent in ladder is almost impossible, your opponent is guaranteed to have higher level cards and king tower to the outrageous extent where it is near level 14. Not only that they use the least skilled cards like wizard, ebarbs, electro giant, mega knight, etc. Even if you’re a skilled player you will get stomped regardless of your skill and level against these losers who spent their mom’s credit card and whole life in this game. The obvious solution is to ‘get better cards’ but it is incredibly hard to get the cards you want let alone getting cards in general. The upgrade cost and card requirement is extremely expensive even for just level 10 cards, which is why this game is retarded because winning is impossible in ladder with these underlevled cards plus the gay matchmaking system supercell implemented to match make you with overleveled losers who spend their while life grinding their cards to max or just using their credit card. Extremely unbalanced game and I would recommend you to not play unless you want to smash your phone or iPad against the wall because of this..Version: 3.2872.3

Waste of timeYou have a trophy lock so you continuously keep loosing being matched with people level 10+ when im level 8 kinda stupid because obviously they’re going to have the better cards this is a huge flaw since you cont get to a higher arena nor do you get knocked down so you can actually play people of you caliber ALSO PASS ROYALE IS THE BIGGEST WASTE OF TIME ESPECIALLY WITH THE TROPHY LOCK AS YOU DO NOT ACCUMULATE TROPHIES WHEN YOU KEEP LOOSING MATCHES lomg story short don’t download and waste ur time and if you have just delete it and take that shorty you’ve been snapping to town. Big big waste of time and ur actually dumb if you’re spending money trying to get around this flaw.Version: 2.9.0

Please fixGreat game had it for ages but it takes to long to get high lvl cards and if you are good at the game it limits how far you can get in it because I’m in master 3 with a all lvl12 deck but it’s not working so I want to change my deck but I can’t unless I want to use lvl 10 cards against max lvl 13 star lvl max cards which isn’t fair I know you don’t care how bad the matchmaking is but can you at least make it easier to get high lvl cards because honestly this is just not right it’s making it way to hard to play and enjoy the game because you are forced to use one deck until you wait a couple months to upgrade another one which still won’t be max lvl because it takes about 2 weeks to get a card from lvl 12 to 13 which is completely ridicules so can you please consider fixing your game so matchmaking matched you with someone with similar king lvl or card lvl or just make it so you can lvl up cards faster thanks..Version: 3.2.2

How to view active members & Clan ChestsHi, just a request if could create a feature to allow Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders to view non active members. Maybe insert a line under their player names to state when was the last time they were online e.g “Last active 5 days ago” or “Last active 11 minutes ago” or “Last active 3 months ago”. And Clan Chests, please bring it back, I used to win it every week and used to look forward to it. Clan Chests were exciting and maybe it could run simultaneously with Clan Wars. That was the best feature in this game as Clan Wars only allows us 4 games only in one war. Plus there is no use of having 2v2 Players as they are usually used for the Clan Chest. Thanks guys thats all. Keep up the good work. Game has really slowwwweeeeddd down..Version: 2.3.0

Why super cellAll people do is use cheese decks where it is impossible to counter it is really annoying and the developers do nothing but encourage it by adding more and more things to make cheese decks it is so annoying and it is pretty much pay to win every time I am up against someone who has spent money on the game like when I was in arena 4 the guy had everything fully maxed out and legendarys and all and it just ruins the game why do they do this ? because they want money like the pass in fortnite got a lot of money by doing it so they swoop in I used to enjoy this game but it is so annoying when u go up against someone who is maxed everything and they have every legendary because they spent money super cell has ruined it they removed quests and free chests and they have ruined clan wars and I know there is going be some baby who is like don’t listen to the haters and that is because they probably ask for there mums credit card and buy everything and are probably really bad at the game but keep winning because they buy everything with real money and get everything maxed and it just ruins it but they still think that everyone is having fun and also toxicity is a really big thing in this game when u lose people just spam the laugh emote.Version: 3.3.2

DONT reinstall if you were legendary arena or higherThis game used to be a 10 out of 10 but now it’s like a 5 out of 10. New cards used to be fun and legendary sided to feel legendary and now they don’t. Also, if u left like I did at around legendary arena and come back every single player has maxed cards and maxed level bases. It dosent even match you to levels or players of your skill just people who bought out the game. Absolutely in enjoyable not having a chance in regular play making the game very stale when your bored and just want to play a fair game and get chests. Considering that, if your want to buy thousand of gems and waste your money just to have an edge or chance to beat someone by all means do so but if your like me and don’t want to become frustrated with how the game is played out now then save the reinstall. If your new you will have great fun. So I would highly recommend to new players. That being said the only thing that gets me playing this is the challenges but even then those are hit or miss. Some are fun some are not. P.s- came back and uninstalled cause all u play against is lvl 13 maxed players and all of them under my skill level, 5 games in a row lost cause they had higher leveled cards it wasent even competitive or fun. This game is has gotten worse. There was a time where u actually needed skill to get high trophies now it’s just whoever paid more money. Don’t waste your time. Clash of clans is more of a playable game than this game..Version: 3.6.0

Game is very irritatingStarting off by saying it’s a great game no doubt. I just don’t understand how you can have the exact cards as opponents but their cards are just overpowering and you can’t stop them. There are times you can’t win games because the opponents cards just can’t be countered and you go to use the same card but it’s like it can’t do anything. I just find this irritating and makes me to not recommend the game to others, and this is as well as going through tournaments and arena’s, you can’t reach anything barely because you have to pile losses on losses because the other teams cards are just always doing better than the same cards you might have. Now I do not hate this game, but the 3 star rating to me is fair after all the times this game takes advantage of you and how you spend countless hours leveling up your cards, for them to be beaten within 5 seconds of putting them in. Also, how in the heck when I put down one card costing 8 elixirs, that it takes forever to get mine back, but the other team can throw down 5 or 6 cards instantly, makes no sense how this happens. In the end I’m extremely upset with this game and would not want to spend the countless hours I used to before this game made you go so crazy, I on some days would recommend, and others I’d tell you to find a better game to play..Version: 3.6.2

Fix ladderThe game is great I have it since 2016 I love game the cards are cool and memorable by the best part of the game is party mode, which is not a good thing shouldn’t ladder be the best part of the game? It was getting better with match making but with the update where they had in the goblin drill they ruined ladder again making the punishment losing back to the old way where if you lose you losses as many trophies as you win which would be a problem if match making was good at Making a match but it’s it not the player will often match will people higher level which is severe disadvantage because the king towers gain more damage and health making usual interactions not work while playing with some that’s a higher level and if they are a higher level the usually have higher level cards brackish to get to a higher king level the player needs to upgrade cards making it even worse having your opponent have level cards make the match not with play how is some going to win against a person with a level 13 pecka against a level 10 magaknight they can’t also with this update they increased the amount of max trophies a player can get up 2,000 maxing lower level players play against higher level players. If they fix ladder it would 5 out of 5 on of the best mobile games ever made with all of the other super games that are great..Version: 3.6.0

BIIIIIIG PROBLEMIve played this game for a couple of years now and never had an issue with it,But recently ive realized how bad it has come. You get paired up with people 2X stronger and better than you. And when you do get people who are lower level they have cards way stronger than yours . The game just isnt as fun as it used to be and i hope SUPERCELL will actually pay attention for our demands and fix the problem. Cuase i see A ton of people having the same problem but i dont see SUPERCELL do anything about it!!!!!!.Version: 3.3.2

Ruined my life 🇬🇧Please if you agree please consider marking this review as helpful I am a police officer and was playing game on my phone. Guy was using 2.8 hogquake. I ended up calling the hog rider a very racist ethnic slur and then he jumped out of the screen and put his knee on my neck. I shot the monkey but now live with a messed up neck and lifelong mental trauma. I constantly have nightmares each night with hog rider putting knee on neck. I go to therapy multiple times a day. I lost my job and lost my wife because my wife looks just like the hog rider. Shot my kid too because he liked hog rider. Supercell I want you to remove hog rider so then nobody else will ever go through what I went through..Version: 3.2803.4

Awesome... ish?I love this game, me and my friends would always compare eachother and 1v1, but as soon as you get into spoop town, 60% of the people you fight have non-English symbols in their name, these guys, I never beat. I have lost at least 6 times down to these guys and I have been one battle away from that legendary kings chest. Very sad that it cannot be at least a little local, can never win anymore. If this was racial, I’m sorry, it was unintended, I’m complementing them anyway, they’re good players..Version: 2.7.1

I hope that supercell reviews commentsToken system released is broken. Waaaaaay too many gems to get the “bonus” unlocks on global tourneys with no way to earn gems at more that 4-5 every here and there. The ridiculous brawl stars game mode they released, even if temporary, has no place in this app with the one tower having even 1 turret. It’s a promotion for the game they released geared more toward younger players and to cash in on a Battle Royale style game money. On the upside, gold finally feels somewhat attainable if you don’t spend real currency and the normal game modes feel balanced for the most part, except golem/night witch/lightning. It really bothers me that I can play the normal modes and enjoy the game win or loss, but the second I have to participate in the extra games or tourneys, I want to throw my phone due to stupid decisions on game types or rules they put in. (Also, for those who say, “just don’t play those game modes” that is where a bulk of rewards I mentioned as positives earlier come from almost exclusively). I say this as someone who’s favorite game type is a draft battle, where all cards are random chance. Also, why they haven’t made draft or 2x draft a mainstay outside of the clan wars irritates me as well. All in all, I was loving every aspect of the game until the most recent update where I feel that Supercell took a huge step backward. It’s not enough to keep me from playing at this time, but it is definitely pushing me in that direction..Version: 2.5.1

SUPERCELL PLEASE READOk so I know there has been a lot of issues with match making and cheaters recently and supercell you have to fix this because you’re losing players fast. Beside the fact that it’s become a pay to win game the matchmaking is absolutely broken. After you get to lvl 9/ legendary league as this is where the issue became a huge problem for me, you get put against players that are lvl 13 and have maxed out cards. I understand this happening once in a while but my god it’s become so frequent the game is honestly unplayable because 90% of the time you lose before the match starts. I have an idea to maybe fix this however. Now I’m not a game designer so I don’t know how easy this is but how about there’s a way you could divide the match making into two sections, players that play for free or have spent little money on the game and players that drop $200 every month. May the play to wins vs each other and the true players have fun. Or another solution is instead of matching people on the league they’re in you could do a card lvl system to stop players with maxed out cards playing against lvl 8 people. Like you would still play against people in that league but whatever deck you go into matchmaking with it takes the average lvl of the cards and puts you against someone with something similar. And a report button for cheaters. Could you at least make an attempt at communicating with the community and that you at least recognize these issues..Version: 3.4.2

Newest update.I’ve played since the release day. And I was so close to maxing all my cards without any money as well!! I was on the grind and I enjoyed the game. But this level 14 update has killed my motivation now that all my cards are worthless and those that purchase gold to upgrade are ahead of the game and dominating. It’s become one sided after being a max player for so long that pay to win has become a major part. And I get that … I think the update is cool and it’s good trying to keep a half dead game alive!! I enjoy the game but I’ve uninstalled and lost interest in the game. 3 stars review for the update. Cheers though for the awesome years. I might come back..Version: 3.2727.5

Declined into a pretty terrible mobile game.I have had this game since the very beginning. Me and everyone else used to love this game. It was the best game you could have on a phone for a time. But eventually, I stopped playing and now, 2 years later I am back. And I have seen how much worse this game has gotten. It has turned into a pay to win bloodbath of toxicity and unfairness. First of all, the cards are no longer in balance like they used to be. Every single player in the game has a level 14 hog rider, because it is simply unfair. And to go with it they will put their level 14 mega night or Valkyrie and of course a Tesla. The best part of this game is that there is so many different options, and right now there is only one. Secondly, the matchmaking is flawed. Now, I have had this game for a long time so my main cards are pretty well leveled and this does not have to much of an effect on ladder. However in the practice 1v1, it is unplayable. This is because you can just take a couple max cards and then whatever other card you want, and you will be matched against a player just playing for fun or to try out a new deck. Maybe they should make the matches based on average card level instead of the king tower level or trophy count for casual play. In conclusion, I am just disappointed to see such a fun game decline into this. And I am sure many people feel the same way..Version: 3.2803.4

Not a great gameI have played this game since it’s release and have had countless hours of fun through a game I have not spent a dime on. but the game has slowly began to fall off for me due to the lack of new additions to the game with it feeling basically the same as the first time I played, most of the new changes in my opinion being disappointing at best with new cards either being way too strong or poorly designed and not having a place at all in the game. I feel as through this game had real potential but feel off due to lack of effort and poor decision making by the creators of this game and will not last..Version: 3.2.2

Scam of your timeThe game is set up to make you fail unless you spend a LOT of money. At the beginning its easy to make you addicted, then the matchmaking system becomes so skewed to make sure you dont win a lot. Its seriously flawed, everyone complains and they dont change it. Waste years trying to level up. You’ll hate it..Version: 3.2.2

MatchmakingRegardless of whatever you do, no matter how good your deck, no matter how skilled you are and no matter what arena you are in you always get placed against people two levels higher than you with decks that always counter every single card you have and it seems they never run out of elixir. You can do literally anything and never win. It is always a constant cycle of winning once than losing once, sometimes you win twice then lose twice but once every 10 games you get three wins. You only go up around 30 trophies every ten to fifteen minutes. This game is a great game without a doubt, but if you want your playerbase to even enjoy the game why would you create a system where people in arenas such as arena 5 want to uninstall the game because they always lose regardless of whatever they do against a system designed to make them lose. Making your playerbase constantly lose makes them hate the game..Version: 3.6.0

Matchmaking is terribleLevel 10 getting matched with a 13 and get demolished every time. Fun fun. Absolutely horrendous matchmaking. If I could give it negative stars I would..Version: 3.2.2

Terrible pay to win game.If you are a F2P player, NEVER play this game, everything in Clash Royale revolves around king levels and card levels which you can pay to progress significantly faster. Under levelled cards in any arena above 12 seems to place you with anyone that has level 13/14 cards that hard counters every card in your deck even if your card is supposed to counter it. The 5k trophy range is the worst place ever for f2p players ever, the reason being is because everyone has a level 14 mega knight, hog rider or x-bow which is nearly impossible to counter with level 9 cards, any card just gets countered by every over levelled spell the opponent has. I am 99% sure balance changes are randomised as they break the meta or make cards complete, utter, garbage. Chests are received from battles in game battles and are incredibly time draining, you can of course use gems which you can buy with money to unlock them instantly or wait three to 24 hours to unlock individually making the pay to win experience indefinitely more rewarding than the free to play experience. That being said, if you like no skill pay to win games this is for you, but if you are free to play NEVER touch this garbage..Version: 3.3024.2

Makes you madI absolutely HATE this game because I can’t seem to get any wins no more and SuperCell forces you up against high lvl players and now I’m stuck at Royale Arena BECAUSE SUPERCELL IS STUPID.Version: 2.9.0

Lvling system broken and classic deck card collection is random, challenges with exclusive emotes.First the lvling system is broken because its pay to win to actually get high lvl cards in laddar and all the paying players have over levelled cards not to mention for FTP players chests take far to long. The classic deck challenge is war day is so random it can pair you up with a deck which is at a disadvantage against your opponent it would br a lot mote fair of there was a system where it would give you a deck with fair playing grounds unlike it being so unfair that you cant do anything, and a small thing challenges with exclusive emotes they were cool before the gold pass were released its literally pay to win to get them now either nerf something about the gold pass when it comes to challenges with exclusive emotes or get rid of them entirely in challenges its just not fair.Version: 3.6.0

MegaknightNerf megaknight..Version: 2.7.0

Clan War 2.0 bluesI want to preface this by saying at one time, this was my favorite video game. I played this far more than anything on PlayStation or steam, and the way you could team up with others and form a clan to actively work towards a common goal was just a great concept. However, with the new clan wars update, all the progress I and my clan have pushed so hard for in the last 2 years is for naught. It’s absolutely ridiculous that there isn’t any comprehensible scaling in the war games, it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent all your time and coin on leveling up your ladder deck for the last 2 years, the truth is that unless you spend serious money or a crazy amount of time on the game, it’ll take many years now for you to get to the point where you’re able to hold your own against the max level players with whom you’re consistently forced to matchmake with. Very poor decision making, as a guaranteed loss 3/4 times in the core team gameplay mode motivates absolutely nobody to keep playing, and I’m seeing more and more dedicated players become inactive due to the pointlessness of it all. The only possible solution I can see, is either more accurate matchmaking (and no, nobody cares if it takes a long time to get a fair game), or tournament standard on all war games. Please listen to the community and address this, whether it be through my solutions or your own, this problem needs a solution..Version: 3.3.1

Horrendous matchmaking and bad updates.Nearly all the new cards Supercell have added in the past year and a half have been annoying and skillless. Rascals, Elixir golem, battle healer ect. And don’t even get me started with the mega knight. He has an insulting amount of health, does splash damage, is fast, and doesn’t have many counters. Also ever since Supercell introduced the Season Passes, it’s made everything worse. It make a slightly pay to win game turn into a game where majority of high level players only got there because of money. It also makes it so you literally can’t lose in any of the challenges which takes away all of the excitement for anyone with the pass, and everyone without it is being left behind in the dust. The next issue is matchmaking. Im a level 11 but I only have 2 level 11 cards, most of the others are level 8-10. I keep getting matched with level 11-12s with level 13 cards. This enlarges the MegaKnight problem, I’m just trying to play 2.6 hog cycle and my hog is getting stomped on (literally and figuratively) by max level MegaKnights. The level of the king tower is a tiny difference, but the card level differences is what makes the came unplayable. I’m giving it a 2 star instead of a 1 because although the late game is not fun for most people. Gliding through arenas 5-12 feels fun and progressful. (We don’t talk about the first 3 arenas though).Version: 3.3

Forced reviewThe game asks for a review after every battle. Good way to annoy your customers. For a freemium game it's quite slow to build and preys on your sense to buy buy buy. Not for the weak in wallet..Version: 1.9.2

Fix MatchmakingThe matchmaking in this game is so unfair and they do it on purpose if you play a deck that counters your deck perfectly you better believe that you're going to play that same deck another 5 times in a row the game matches you up against people 3 levels higher than you which really stacks the odds for you're opponents and if all of that doesn't happen you better believe you're playing a guy where all of his cards are higher levels than yours. The only way to avoid this is by spending money because those pricks at supercell that's the only thing they care about money those greedy pigs.Version: 1.9.2

Used to be 5 star game, now simply a Pay to win game...NOTE: I am only rating the latest version of the game, earlier versions would be much higher rated... Clash royale has definitely developed over the years, and with its wide variety of cards and combos available to the player, it can be seen as a very strategic card game that was designed to last. With every new update bringing a fun and unique addition to the classic we knew and loved, like when 2v2 and clan wars were released, it made users always wanting more. However, the latest updates have ruined the game for the main player base which is free to play, by adding an overpowered and unnecessary “pass royale”. Albeit somewhat cheap, the huge problem with all Battle pass-like features is that they either cost too much to be useful, or are way too overpowered that it makes free to play impossible to compare, and there is no doubt the latter issue is what plagued the game. With free re-entries into any event they want, players who own pass royale can simply join a challenge and troll free to play players by simply beating them and throwing to reset their losses. This issue is the key problem to the entirety of the update, as they also removed the continue with gems feature. What I personally wish they done was provide a gem discount for re-entry I’d pass royale owners. This would solve so many issues with their power and put pass royale in comparable status with free to play accounts..Version: 2.8.1

MatchmakingUsed to be a 5-star game, but now with season league reset, lots of fully maxed players are at my level and I cannot defeat them because they have a major advantage. I think I am sharing this comment for quite a few other people also. Clash Royale should also not be AS pay to win, because as it’s easier to complete challenges/get more chests, the people with the pass Royale always have higher lvl cards, therefore winning. Please make it so you versus people your own lvl, even if it takes a bit longer to match. Makes me extremely frustrated when the only reason they win is because they have higher level cards.Version: 3.2.2

I have a questionHow did u miss the problem in all ur balance changes. I’m high challenger playing logbait and mortar and I’m winning. Then magic cards come and I’m versing level 9 with a level 13 mega knight who has the most broken leveling mechanic btw. My whole school of 4000 students used to play and we’d have tournament and it was fun until the magic card update and it all went downhill. No one plays anymore the game is ruined. Please change it back. The meta is so toxic and I matchmaker against level 13 every time as a level 10. It doesn’t actually matter tho because I uninstalled two months ago..Version: 3.6.0

Trash gameGame deviation level 8 vs 11?.Version: 3.2.2

I loved this game until...I liked the game back in 2018 but now it's garbage. Why may you ask why? The main reason is because match making is broken. Imagine fighting a higher level then you are with 300+ more HP, and DMG. Doesn't seem fair at all and it needs to be fix! It needs to be where you can only fight with your level. Essentially how the game works is that the amount of time and effort you take in playing this game comes out as your level. More time more Xp, is how the game works if you play it normally. So a level 12 shouldn't up with a level 13 because the xp difference between 12 and 13 is significant. I don't remember but it's expensive get to level 13. I want to even dare say that no one has a maxed account without any money being spent. It's how difficult the game really is. However I do love the graphics, there crispy and animated well. Also this barely takes much space and for me not much cellular data is being used. I love draft mode because it's random and makes things actually skilled based. Some modes are good some are meh but most of them are fun for awhile. I recommend playing for a year or two before you get tired of playing it. It seems fun at first but once you it your end point where you can't gain much trophies anymore it kinda get pointless. I don't like how you get into another challenger and feel like nothing has happened. It seems good at first but once you reach that point it gets boring..Version: 3.5.0

Getting more irritated the longer this goes onEdit - the game is so laggy. Why does it take characters so long to start to attacking/ defending after being deployed. My total for my current deck is 3.6 yet it takes at least 6 seconds for one character to hit the arena and start attacking. Not good enough. Edit- since I posted this review I think Supercell are not happy with me. Don’t seem to be winning many if any crowns. Thinks they have ramped up my opposition. Definitely not random opponents. Level 8 players with level 13 characters. Really.... It’s now 297 days and counting for me and I’m still be stuck on level 10. I actually don’t know what I have to do to get to 11. Winning isn’t helping. I’m not getting enough money to upgrade the troops I’m using which are way over priced by the way. As soon as I get near challenger 3 level then the season is over and dumped back all the way down again and again the whole slog of getting back to challenger 3 before a run of 30ish defeats now. As for receiving any cards which are relevant for me not one. 60 odd snowballs when never used them etc - can’t be a random thing as it’s happening too often. Plus still waiting for 2 epics to unlock yet people on level 8/9 seem to have them so what do I have to do. The algorithm within the game is pushing people to spend - shame on you. I won’t be..Version: 3.4.2

How to make the game betterNerf fire ball and log, nerf cannon, nerf spawners, nerf Mega knight, delete Royale hogs from the game, nerf piggies, buff wizard so that it can’t die to lighting, make the pekka more faster and bulkier, matter of fact delete buildings in general, way to broken, nerf rocket, nerf tornado, delete Royale giant, delete e giant, nerf golem, nerf what ever the meta is, cause no one wants to vs the same repetitive stuff over and over again just to lose 400 trophies and lose 3 games and win 10 games just to make 200 back, the game is way to un balanced for players who don’t use spawners, or log bait and 2.6 hog cycle like seriously the game is getting more popular for now, but it will end up dropping even more, if you don’t fix these decks, no one wants to be defending spawners all game, just to stop them from getting 4K damage on your tower, zappies need to die from zap or something because if you don’t have fireball good luck breaking through there defense with Royale guards and goblin cage. Please do something about these decks, I was obviously exaggerating about deleting all those cards and what not, but there just broken unless you have the perfect match up against them, not everyone has the money to upgrade every card and I get that there is a pass royale to help out but like cmon, you can max about 4 cards max per season, this is not fun, plus that buff on the executioner was in called for its even more broken now.Version: 3.2729.1

PAY TO WINPay to win=trash.Version: 3.4.2

Another pay to win gameI don't really want to give it bad review but it is a pay win game I am not saying it's well balanced but i am not saying it's unbalanced. It's not a game for people with luck it's pretty much a game for adults with money so if your a kid don't play it. It's not A bad game but it's sort of expensive so you really got to change your card policies or no kid is going to play your game again it's not a bad game it's just over complicated on the card system I got one legendary but I saw some people have more I wondered why then I look at there level there higher than my level how do you level up fast buying coins and gems. You should make an offer to players that don't play too well. I want to love this Game but it's too expensive so I'm going to stop playing it due to the card fiasco I don't really want to say I hate it I just don't want to play it because it's too expensive it's really a pay to win game people play the game because they have money and they spend it but I don't doesn't want to have fun I don't really want to spend money and free downloadable game so I'm going to stop until either the prices change orders a little event will you spend like like two dollars or one to get like 300 gems something like that so sorry i am not going to play Game sorry super cell but I'm not going to play it anymore it's a pay to win game and I can't pay for anything..Version: 1.9.2

This game is horribleThe reason why this game exists is to break your device good job I’m poor so I can’t buy another one you proud?.Version: 3.2.2

Match MakingMatch making algorithms are complete donkey balls..Version: 3.0.3

The most unbalanced game ever. Except paying moneyI played this game for many years. At the beginning of this game is very balance. But now in the 2 vs 2 game. You will be playing to the money players only and their cards’ level must higher than you. Most unbalanced game ever. All of my friends and I deleted it and will not support this company anymore. First is clash of clan and now this game. Crappy game and good luck to the rest of players..Version: 3.2.2

Stupid game.It wants you to spend money on them to upgrade your level so you can have better advantage. They put you up with higher level than you so you get frustrated of loosing and you would buy more cards from them! Dumbest game ever!.Version: 3.6.2

Financially focussed foolsI have had so much fun playing this game over the last year, but some things are simply so petty! Such money grabbing is detestable! I paid for 80 gems so I could get a 500gem paid for bonus from the global challenge as I did well. This pathetic team of money stealing, lackwit slugs decided to put a cap on the number of trading tokens. So my money which I largely traded in to get the tokens was worthless as I already had the “max” and consequently my hard earned money which I paid for a few literal bits of programming to enable me to level up faster merely had me raging realising I had pointlessly given money away to them. It is just so infuriating that they have to screw you over even when I’ve supported their games for years and have paid for micro transactions then they proceed to pull petty things like this! Gods I’m furious. So yes play, but don’t give them a penny in satisfaction as they’ll screw your out of even the meaningless micro transactions. Pick up your game you financially focussed fools and realise your fan base carries you and that there’s no gain from screwing over those you happily pay for your micro transactions..Version: 3.3.2

UnbearableI remember when this game was the best game to play along with your friends. This game used to be one of the most highly played games, and we would all laugh about the thought of getting a legendary This game is probably one of the worst games ever created of all time. This is because of balance issues between many cards, along with the experience cap that leaves you ultimately screwed. I’m a level 10 player in the gold legendary arena, and I find it nearly impossible to advance to the masters league. Why would you ask? Because of the most unbalanced cards such as the mega knight or the peeka. It’s unbelievable that these cards possess such a great amount of power, and a great amount of damage. How in the world do I end up fighting against level 12’s when all my characters do is scratch their cards?? Why is there always a principle where you win win game, the lose two, or win two, and lose one?? It’s as if the game doesn’t let you advance, because this is clearly a pay to win game, and these filthy developers are greedy for your money. It was the exact same way with legendaries, but luckily they fixed that. The amount of cards in this game is the reason why you will never be able to advance, unless your cards a leveled up. It’s very obvious to see that there is no perfect deck against your enemies and that it’s nearly impossible to stay on a win streak I’m very dissatisfied with this game supercell Please fix this, Your game is literally dying.Version: 3.6.2

Megaknight broke the gameI got this game in the fall of 2020, when my fellow band kids introduced it to me during marching season. This game made a lot of boring classes and school days a bit more interesting for me, and I’ve played it moderately throughout my high school year. Yet the entire time, I had to put up with one incredibly annoying card: the Megaknight. The Megaknight has no strategy or skill attached to it. You simply place it down on top of the enemy units, instantly crush all of them, then push back on their tower. There is no other card like this in the game, and it requires no assistance to completely wipe out the entire enemy army. It’s incredibly frustrating to lose every. single. game. to any opponent who has a megaknight. The moment I see it placed down once, I already know I’m going to lose the match at the end. Whenever I use the megaknight, I win every match to the point where it’s not even fun. I feel almost bad using the megaknight because it just reeks the smell of a cheap move. I’ll return to the game when the developers finally realize that they should be nerfing the card everyone is asking them to and not the zappies. Also, the developers need to check the German chat system. In German, the chat option is “nicht schlecht“(not bad) as a translation for “Well played”. That seems like a minor thing, but the tone can be different. Creating this language barrier that can make the other player feel more toxic. Thanks for reading..Version: 3.5.0

Game has so much glitchesCan you plz make the cancel button work and give a warning before the match that your connection is bad.Version: 1.9.2

Devs, we are begging youClash Royale: A great game to play on the go, wherever you are, especially fun if you can get a friend to play too. I haven’t played this game for years like most people, but I have reached Challenger, so I believe I at least have enough experience to share my thoughts on the game. Now the reason for the title of this review is something I can condense down into two words. Are you ready? Mega Knight. Mega Knight is a card notorious to most players as the most meta card in the game, for a very long time. Requiring absolutely no skill to use, heavily damaging an area on spawn and leaping from target to target, this card’s usage rate from arena 7, all the way up to the very top of the ladder, is crazily high! Now you might be thinking about how simple it would be just to find ways to counter Mega Knight, but I and 1,000,000 other players agree that we don’t want to center our game around one card. To end this, I’d like to speak on behalf of the community. Mega Knight has been nerfed in the past, but I think that a full-on rework would be adequate. Dozens of players have told me they don’t enjoy using mega knight, but that they just have to. If the entire player base wasn’t revolving around a single card, I think the game would turn out much healthier in the long run. I realize this review has been opinion based, but if you ask anyone else, I bet they would feel the same way I do. Thank you!.Version: 3.2803.4

Rock Paper Scissors matchmakingIt doesn’t matter how skilled you are at the game or how much money you’ve thrown (which technically makes the game ptw too). The fact matchmaking is the biggest decider in whether you win/loose makes the game is bs. Assuming matchmaking is really random, if supercell’s able to rework cards so that they don’t hard counter/get hard countered by certain cards/decks, I think the game would be so much better as you’d actually be rewarded for skill rather than rng..Version: 3.2872.3

The war system is awful, and ruins the gameI have a ton of fond memories playing with my clan l, and I’ve been playing Royale since it launched. I managed to build a strong, fun loving, active clan where everyone helped each other. It was great. Then supercell decided to bring clan wars into the picture. They were exciting and frustrating but I gave them time. Well, it’s been several months now and my clan has managed to get to gold league level 3 from non-stop war. However, it’s really taken a toll. Engagement is down, most of the regulars have quit and now if I leave my clan open for new members to join, all I get are people who join wars and then abandon the clan. There’s no good option. If I make the clan “invite only” I can’t do enough recruitment on reddit and discord to get more than one new person a month, who usually quits after a couple of wars anyway. You might say that you can just play the game without wars, and you’d be right, but for me and my clan it was always about working together, and the old system of unlocking chests together was a blast. My guess is the developers must be making a lot more money from in app gem purchase with the war system, but in the end I think it’s going to slowly gut the game. If you’re looking for a way to waste a few minutes a day, look no further. But if you’re looking to have an engaging, fun filled social time with folks from all over the world, I suggest you spend your time and money elsewhere..Version: 2.6.0

FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING AND LEVEL SYSTEM!I am currently a level 11 player. Logically my average level for my cards should be level 11. However, my cards are level 11-13. I am currently battling players in the challenger 3 league against level13 players. There is a HUGE power gap between level 11 and 12 players. This makes it almost impossible to beat players at a higher level. I rarely get to play against people my own level unless I have dropped a huge amount trophies into the challenger 2 league. This means there is a huge level barrier. In order to level up, cards must level up, not just the cards you use but the cards that you don’t even care about. Each upgrade increases in costs exponentially. This means the money earned is better spent on the cards that you use; this leads to level 11 players like me with cards at a far higher level. Money in this game is extremely hard to get where each silver chest gives 100 gold average. Cards that need to level up to 12 cost 50,000 gold. This game is obviously a PAY TO WIN. Unless you have a FAT wallet, you’ll never get anywhere..Version: 3.4.2

Worst matchmaking everI keep on facing stupid high level players who's only winning coz they have high level cards. This game is not a game of skill just a game of levels. I dropped 600 trophies from high leveled players with no skills.Version: 1.9.2

Two more stars for permanent 2v2Clash Royale is an awesome game to start. But to let us play 2v2 matches with our friends takes the game to a higher level. I found a new love for this game being able to play 2v2 matches while collecting chests and and clan chests. The zero pressure of unranked 2v2 was also a very enjoyable experience in comparison with ranked 1v1. Now that the 2v2 is gone I've found my interest for the game has dropped significantly. Please bring back 2v2 to stay😁👍.Version: 1.9.2

What theJust lost all my data and reset to level 1. I was sitting around 1000 honor/rank whatever they give. Felt like I wasted my time..Version: 1.9.2

Have to make a titleHi supercell. I don’t know how else to reach out to you so here we are. I am in a clan called LongWhiteWolves. A player joined the clan and was promoted to co by his friend. He then proceeded to kick everyone he could and ruin the clan (which we haves worked hard towards bettering for the good part of 2 years.) I don’t know if there is anything you can do about this but help would be greatly appreciated👍. I thought on this a bit, because I play this game quite a bit, so this is important to me. Maybe you could add a rule where you can only kick 3 people a day or something. That way you could still kick people that had been inactive, whilst preventing the ruining of people’s hard work. Thanks, Astro (#G9VGGUG).Version: 3.2.1

??All the waiting makes the game really boring!.Version: 1.9.2

Why the game is good but not greatDon’t get me wrong the game is very good and can be very fun when you play, you have a deck of 8 cards that you use to beat other players cards in hopes of destroying their towers. However being matched with max level players makes you becoming max incredibly difficult, you can’t do ladder anymore without going down every arena to a level 14 the game does take strategy as long as you are on an equal playing field. But when you make a good play with a level 9 knight, they immediately die to a lvl 14 skeleton. The max players can play as brain dead as they want while everyone wanting to be maxed is sweating every day making little to no progress. It’s the matchmaking in my opinion is the problem. If the game matched us with roughly the same lvl troops and the exact same crown tower then the game would be fair and for once in a long time, be fun. That may have been a lot of useless information for one point but playing this game for fun is just as useless in reading this unless you played at the start and are max then you can have fun beating level 9-10 players but that’s not fun for the 9-10 players. In short ( Fix matchmaking, and balance cards) I love the games you all make. I just have problems with this one..Version: 3.2872.3

FIX YOUR SCREWED MATCHMAKINGYou guys seriously need to look into your fair matchmaking sometimes I’ll verse guys two or three king tower levels below me with level 7 cards, I’m a level 12 king tower with level 11 cards so it’s super easy and sometimes the roles are reversed I verse a level 13 with all maxed cards where is your fair gameplay and fair matchmaking you guys brag about seriously it isn’t fair on anyone when your going to push for a league or do a prep day battle or just a normal battle and you verse someone super high or isn’t fair on everyone else when you verse someone super low. And the final thing fix your messed up challenges I’m in two clans with two accounts and everyone there doesn’t make it past four or five wins especially draft you’ll verse someone who gets the choice between pekka or something stupid like bats so they pick pekka then get to choose zap to counter bats you guys need to take a long hard look at your corrupted files and data codes that allow this “Fair Matchmaking” to take place cause it’s screwed fix this mistake now please!!!!.Version: 2.4.2

Terrible over levellingOver levelling has ruined the game for me for causal players don’t don’t smash the game out constantly I hate having every game I play cards that are over levelled by 1, 2, or even 3 not to mention the king towers that literally give them more hp and tower damage In some situations having them not punished and not taking any hits not punishing them allowing them not to have to place a card having them have a elixir advantage the game only gets play able when ur full account is maxed out I feel so you can use what decks you want even in the low 5000 trophies I now have this problem I used to be able to get 5800 now I’m stuck at 5000 and it’s impossible to have any fun I find my self deleting it after a couple matches cause I see the player have lv13 card and I have to use 3 card to counter it and they get a huge elixir advantage and eventually take me down every game I play it’s luck of the draw if there card levels and there decks it’s such a advantage decks u counter you loose too I get the battle pass is really good offer but I now feel like I have to buy it wish isn’t gonna make me happy as a player don’t get this game unless your willing to spend a lot of money or a lot of time and patience because it’s horrible..Version: 3.2729.1

Major bug has been around for monthsThe game is good, if you have a really good phone and are lucky. I have an iPhone 6s, which can run most games just fine. However, there is a major bug in clash royale where the match will start before I am in the game as it is still loading. This is not a problem with my phone being old as my 2013 ipad mini doesnt have this problem. I suspect it is a problem with my storage being close to full, so the game loads the match’s assets before every match instead of keeping it downloaded. Ive deleted every non-essential app off this phone and now have 1.2GB free storage, and now i sometimes dont get this bug. Even if it is my low storage, this is such an easy bug to fix! Just dont begin the game until both players are ready and have all assets downloaded. I stopped playing after i entered 3 games in a row and got an instant defeat screen, but I’ll happily play again when the bug is fixed. I hope this review helps in fixing this bug. I also sent a bug report, but I dont believe it was read..Version: 3.2728.0

A great game with terrible matchmakingI love this game and have been playing it for a couple of years now, and although the game is fun and skilful ( to some extent as I gets into games with lvl 10s with maxed cards which requires no skill to play ) the match making system needs to be updated and improved. It doesn’t really matter if your opponent’s towers have maybe 200 more or less health than yours what really matters is the level of cards that you have in your deck. I am a lvl 10 and I come up against other levels like mine in 1v1 but most of the time they have maxed out cards and it is impossible to win. What I suggest is that instead of matchmaking being based on your king tower level it should be base on your card level in the current deck that you are using, you could for example make an average of the level of card in your deck and pair up games using this method which would make it much more fun to play, not to mention fair..Version: 3.6.0

Used to be funI’ve played this game for around 3 to 4 years so I feel I can give an educated review. I am a max player (lvl 13 with 4 maxed decks) and for anyone new to the game this will take you either a lot of time, or a lot of money to get to this stage. Early game before 4000 trophies is really fun and you will enjoy using the new cards as they become available. There’s a lot of interactions to learn and at this stage it’s all fun. However beyond that point you will start to feel the struggles of card level mismatches and unfair matchups. At mid to top ladder essentially all decks are the same - there’s no variation. The only difference is what deck you use. As mentioned I have several maxed decks, and can see first hand the matchmaking effect. One deck gets matched against the same base cards all the time, I switch decks and suddenly those ‘hard counters’ are changed to something else to beat my deck. The game is now stale. There are no improvements made and clan wars 2 was a massive fail. New cards are always broken and there’s nothing engaging for me at this stage other than to push a boring ladder. I leave this review as an exit from the game. Hundreds of £ and hours later, I’m finally done being mad at this game. I give up, there’s no point anymore. Thanks for the fun while it lasted supercell, but it’s certainly over now. P.S new players, good luck playing against Golem Night Witch, 2.9 Xbow and boring Royal Giant decks. You’ll need it..Version: 3.4.2

I give it two starsYeah no I’m not giving this game anymore chances because all the players on this game waste there money chests that give excessive amounts of cards to collect and not only that it also gives so them gems and basically if you don’t money for this game you’re not making it very far and also if you don’t gems you can’t get money to spend on upgrades that extremely high for free to play players I think it’s ridiculous with the sbmm as well because every time I make a deck the game will always somebody with an exact counter deck to it so what is point in me playing the game if I literally cannot win it is absurd you’re logic for this game plz if you’re reading this at least do something for free play players that way we are not getting absolutely crushed by pay to win players cause it is a little bit rediculous, also another thing I would like to add is that fact that the only way for me too have fun on this game is too literally play on a fresh account where the cards are pretty much equal level and it’s fair whenever to place them down you know your not really going against someone that is higher level than you also just redownloaded the game and deleted it then again because I’m level 11 and you think it’s okay to put me against a level thirteen in my arena what joke of a game plz fix this I can tell your getting lazy so for the love of god just stop making games and also stop catering people who pay to win.Version: 3.2729.1

Overrated and Over PricedTERRIBLE Balancing issues, and waaaaay to much money has to be spent on this “freemium” game. This game is severely overrated. It’ll be fun for the first few games, then it’s all pay-to-win from there. Nobody should have to pay, paying should give your only cosmetics. For example: Different Skins for different cards. Flaming skeleton army or whatever. Balance your game and you’d be getting a lot more players. This is why your not on the top games..Version: 3.3

From good to badThe supercell game development team is clearly doing something wrong. The current meta requires no skill with cards like mega knight e barbs and mother witch. Supercell keeps on neufing good cards that required skill to use like graveyard without realizing that most of the community doesn’t have the skill to use them properly so it only affect the people with skill. No skill players who are town hall 9 in challenger 1 can now get there easily by playing a mega knight cycle. Also the magic cards mean these crown tower 9s can have level 13 cards. That’s just dumb. As a long time skilled log bait main I’m annoyed at these players to the point where I’ve now uninstalled. The supercell dev team at some point just needs to listen to the community. I’ll come back when it’s good again but for now I’m onto brawl stars a perfect example of a balanced skillful supercell game.Version: 3.6.0

WHY:(So i love the game and all it’s super fun but i started playing yesterday (may 21st 2022) and today i logged into the game again but NONE of my progress was saved and i DESPISE totoriels but i had to do it again i finished the totoriel and i started playing like NOTHING EVER HAPPENED again but i was actually FURIOUS AND DISAPPOINTED then i went off Clash Royale to do my streak on a game called Color Number and i played my other games to and then i went back on Clash Royale but the SAME thing happened again that is why i only gave this game one star ⭐️and i DEMAND to know why JUST WHY:( :( :(.Version: 3.2803.4

PAY TO WIN!!!! *MUST READ BEFORE PLAYING*At the beginning the games really easy, fair and fun but when you get to higher levels you get paired against people with way better cards than you and are way higher levels than you. The game is hard if you don’t want to pay. Players who spend money on the game will dominate you and the game has a BATTLE PASS! That’s where they crossed the line. There is a free one like most games but the items it gives you are bad. Supercell should match free players with each other and paying players with each other. Like most mobile games, you have coins for buying things and gems to buy coins if you don’t want to grind for them, but the coin system in this game is HORRIBLE. It’s 60 Gems for 1,000 coins and that’s literally nothing. 1,000 coins can even let you upgrade a card twice, only once. It’s basically impossible to get gems for free. You wanna know how much 60 gems is? About $1.39, doesn’t seem like a lot right? WRONG, that money will add up. The best cards in the game are legendary cards which if you are in arena 10 or above you can buy for 40,000 coins. 60 gems for 1,000. 60x40= 2,400 gems for 40,000 coins, in real life money that’s worth around $26. Do you really wanna pay $26 for a card? Let’s say you do, what about the rest of them, there are 17 legendary cards in the game, so if you wanted to you would have to pay around $442 for all of them and that’s without the battle pass. The paid battle pass gives you lots of chests that can give you legendary cards but eventually you’ll deal with getting the same card which is good if you want to upgrade it but not if your trying to get new cards. Without legendary cards the games really hard, but when you get to arena 9 (which is really easy to get to) the game is basically impossible now, everyone you meet will have at least on legendary card. I don’t spend money on the game and I’ve been playing since the games launch, that’s 3 years, and over those three years I’ve collected every non legendary card in the game and I’ve collected 7/17 legendary cards in the game, and the game is still difficult because I deal with players who pay money. Out of the 7 legendary cards I have, only like 3 of them are good. In conclusion if your willing to put $$$ into the game, DONT! You might have a great time playing but you’ll ruin the experience for other players by getting all these good cards while the rest of us have to deal with paid players, but if you’re willing to GRIND A LOT then by all means download the game. Just delete it after arena 9.Version: 2.9.0

Way to unbalancedHi there, I have been playing the game for about a week now, I used to play about a year ago but quit because it’s so unbalanced with the match making. It’s really disappointing that nothing has changed. It’s so unfair. Secondly some cards are way to over powered like the Mega Night. He’s the most annoying card in the game. There is nothing you can do to stop him. Either get rid of him or give him a serious nerf. I will never recommend this game to a living soul until this is done. Probably the worst game in existence. If you are reading this do not download it’s a waste of time..Version: 3.6.2

Toxicity is rampant in this frustrating gameThe base of the game is fun and the characters are unique and interesting but the balancing of the game is largely flawed. A lot of characters are unbalanced and some are uncounterable, some games it definitely feels like your opponent can generate elixir faster than you. But aside from that, the most frustrating element is when someone emotes at you with the simple emotes in the game. Like the thumbs up or the laugh, simple emotes by themselves but they are used for very toxic reasons and it can make you want to pull your hair out especially as there is NO REPORTING SYSTEM. Please add a reporting system, balance the game and then I might consider continuing to play because at the moment all this game does is frustrate me. Also started a few battles today just to get one chest, I had to play 5 battles to get it and my crown chest earlier was a nightmare. I am currently level 6 and keep getting matched against level 7s. To level up you have to upgrade your cards and each card will maybe give 50 points. And just to clarify how big the gap is, it takes 1000 points to get to level 7. I am being placed against people who have 20 more upgraded cards than me. As I said previously THIS GAME NEEDS BALANCING HOLY HELL. Also micro transactions are everywhere 2.3.1

An absolute jokeThe game is made for you to spend money, if u don't, u simply won't have high enough level people, they also match u up against higher level players to the point where it is literally impossible for u to win, it's a 100% guarantee loss of trophies loss of trophies makes u want to earn them back, where as in reality, u go into a losing streaks & lose 50x more terrible game; would not recommend playing.Version: 3.2.2

Pay to win game... new update was badMany people can agree with me on this. There is no way you can get up to max level and have all maxed cards pretty quickly without pulling out the best card in the game: the credit card. I used to love this game and played it constantly every day. The clan community was awesome, the endless amount of decks you can try and play with, and the occasional nice challenges here and there. However, as I got better at the game, I realized that I had to pay to max my cards. The problem is that you need to spend hundreds if not thousands to be maxed. Also,I was a level 9 at challenger three playing against gold star level 13s with e barbs and wizard. Now, overtime it got better because I eventually leveled up and I actually stood a chance. (not really) My second big issue is that it took ONE YEAR to have an actual big update. And let’s face it... clan wars 2 are just very underwhelming and almost the same. The worst part is the fact that you get matched against maxed players that happen to have ALL of their four decks maxed. I really hope that they can fix this and just have it at tournament standard. I have a massive amount of respect for supercell but even now at level 12 without paying I’m not really enjoying the same stale game play. I was really hyped for clan wars 2 but all we really got was dueling (which is nice) but with a level disadvantage. #lowleveledplayersmatter.Version: 3.3.1

Needs to be sorted out in lower arenasIf your below 2000 trophies everyone is a sweat in lower arenas waiting for an undeserved win because they are 3 tower levels ahead of you and got every legendary. Honestly really disappointed I used to have this game 5 years ago and think all that’s happened is everyone’s just became a try hard . Don’t believe me u used to be able to complete a challenge like common cards only (used to be at 4000 trophies ) even if u were an average player try now everyone using sweaty meta decks. If matchmaking got sorted so u only go against people your level it would be a really good game. all I’m trying to do is get a legendary card (used to have all of them btw) by reaching 1950 trophies so I can actually play the game without common cards and not get beat because the opponent has legendaries. literally everyone is 3 tower levels ahead of me and have lots of legandaries and are arena dropping for easy games. My score may seem harsh but the nostalgia of the game has gone the only way to win is to sweat..Version: 3.2.1

The graphicsSince I am a free-to-play player, I won’t spend money on the game, which means I won’t spend money on the pass roayle. Since you added the pass royale, the graphics of the game have gotten way worse, ex: when a fire ball hit your tower it used to have an explosion and shook your screen a bit, now it’s so lame, none of that, also the cards/arenas have just got more boring, no movement from the water, flags, boat or spectators. Also the towers graphics got more doo doo..Version: 2.8.0

Good game, but supercell seems money hungryThis is a great game! However, there are some things that started off annoying me but now they are straight out pissing me off. First, legendary cards are very difficult to get without spending money. Second, it seems like to get to high arenas you have constantly play and upgrade the same cards, causing a lack of variety gameplay. Third, during special events( such as the bat event) I was 1 win away( with no losses) from getting bats and then out of no where I got 3 back to back losses! This has happened more than once and is starting to give me an off feeling about the situation of the game. It just seems scummy and it is making me angry so I will only rate this game 2/5 stars and I will not longer be giving supercell my money until there is improvement..Version: 1.9.2

Pay to Win TrashDO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME first off i want to say that i enjoy playing this game and have played for quite some time, however, i would consider myself an above average player. because of my ability, the game punishes me and matches me against people of the same trophies but they are 2 to 3 levels higher and their cards are maxed while mine are sitting at 8 and 9. i have never played against somebody and had higher level cards than them, the game stinks of micro transactions and is ridiculously pay to win. the progression system is so flawed and has been for years now, these new magic items don’t change much as these pay to win accounts are also getting them. this game had so much promise and potential when it was first released but that’s all gone now and the numbers show it, this game has lost nearly 80% of its player base and i’m sure that number is higher. overall i urge you not to install as this game has caused me more rage then i will ever know, and to top it off when i lose to these maxed accounts, they just throw all these crying emotes in my face. not for the fragile minds out there..Version: 3.5.0

AlrightIt’s a good game however something really needs to be done about players leaving or purposely not placing anything in 2v2 I’m amazed something hasn’t already been done about it to be quite frank, it is one of the main issues with the game half the teammates you match with will leave it go afk if a thing or two goes against the team in the match, have a system to punish players who leave or go idle in games it doesn’t even have to be that much of a punishment refusing them matchmaking for 5-10 minutes would suffice or maybe a bit more or maybe another punishment altogether use your imagination however something really has to be done about this leaving games that aren’t looking good or idling leaving your teammate with virtually no chance, this is one of the only team games I know of that doesn’t have a punishment system for this kind of stuff. Either have a punishment system similar to what I described or at the very least add some kind of in game reporting system for players who purposely leave or idle in games and other punishable offences such as offensive names etc.Version: 3.2729.1

FIX THE MATCHUP SYSTEM PLEASEI’ve played the game for years and it’s fun until around the leagues. i’m a king level 12 with most of my deck lvl 12 with a couple 13s and one maxed card, (all free to play) and during showdowns i got put up against two fully maxed lvl 14s in a row. i get showdowns aren’t for trophies but it’s still not fair especially since a lot of people are testing new decks or practicing their current one without the risk of losing trophies. the p2w feature is also super annoying and i understand there are gonna be people who pay to level up in the game but it’s super annoying when you matchup against a lvl 11 with a fully maxed deck who’s toxic during the whole match and has been playing for less than a year and it really ruins the game. often times during my games in the league i get put up against either over leveled players or decks with perfect hard counters to mine, the matchup system (from what i can tell) only bases itself off your king level and your cards, but not the level of your cards. i always hear people complain about three things when they talk about clash, and it’s OP cards like e-giant which have few counters, toxic decks, and the matchup system. although toxic decks and players can’t really be fixed by the devs, the first and third absolutely can. i know you guys have heard about these problems before for a long time so for the love of your players PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME..Version: 3.2729.1

UpdatesI have spent incredible amounts of time playing this game just to be let down. I uninstalled this game about a year ago and reinstalled only recently; my verdict - a waste of time. I made it to level 9 very quickly due to the initial lure of the game. However, upon plateauing I realised that I was YET to get a legendary, and have been playing against people as low as level 6 who have several legendaries. It seems that MAJORITY of all decks I play are the same sort of thing - freeze loon/hog; pathetic. I recently matched against the same level opponent as me, and were stunned to see he was using 4 different legendaries in his deck that actually contributed to winning. Unfortunately, the time I actually spent money on the game I was rewarded with a Sparky.... a sparky. I mean, come on Supercell. I’ve had enough of this; I enjoyed this game up until I was consistently being destroyed by everyone that was lower then me - legendaries. They are the only cards that are preventing me from climbing Arenas..Version: 2.5.2

TrashWorst game I’ve ever played, it’s impossible to defend, and overall trash game.Version: 2.9.0

Pay to winAll this game is now is just pay to win. i go from winning fair matchups with people with the same level cards as me to versing people with completely maxed things at level 14 when i don’t have a single card that’s that high. the level 14 update is even worse. i know people that were too 3000 in the world, and are now struggling in master 1 because everyone just spends all there money on this game because that’s the only way you can win now. i’m sure i’m not the only one that has this problem and i know that supercell won’t say anything because all they care about is money. not their game. i would suggest like putting a level cap on your cards depending on your king tower, that would fix the game and you would never have any more complaints like this one and it would be happy days. however i know you won’t because all you care about is the money..Version: 3.2728.0

The matchmakingIm in arena 12 lvl nine and keep being put against lvl 10/11 with lvl 13 cards ive unistalled the game back in 2017 it was good but now its ptw and i HATE that no one will read this or pay attention bc u dont care about how we feel u just want money your company has just gotten greedy and that has really annoyed me i might re-install but make it so when you join a game your agaist someone with similar stats and how good you are so your not in arena 1 against lvl 6s like what happened to me at the start fix ur game or i aint playing im fed up and bc of this i have broken my phone due to anger issues and the terrible matchmaking i dont want to break my phone further just because of your crappy game and lazy staff and i just want to say fix this or i will never play this game again bc of how much stress it causes me, when i was younger it was acctually enjoyable bc you couldnt buy everything to get to the lvls you want you should have to earn that yourself and not pay to win other than that fix it and i might play again because im just trying to get one chest in arena 12 when i win one i loose 3 others and this is angering me so much. lastly up yours you money grabbing selfish idiots i hate the game rn bc of this reason.Version: 3.2729.1

MatchmakingFix your matchmaking...why am I up against 2 levels higher in both king castle and every card. I have never been on the other end where my levels were higher. Let me speak to you in a way to get your attention and mention the only thing you care...MONEY fix your broken game PURCHASE matchmaking is not fair MONEY.Version: 3.4.2

Why did you nerf the giant skeletonIt used to do 1500 dmg level 10 now it does 400. My deck relied on that giant skeleton since I got it please decrease the elixir cost or add some sort of speed increase and make it less easily defeated. Also the mega knight can be hit while landing ( check the description video ) so that’s annoying the baby dragon should be slightly faster and you should possibly change the animation for bats as when their speed was nerfed they look and are kinda trash. The inferno tower is great. It would be nice if you could get the old deck changing aesthetics. The matchmaking is unfair for other players as I’m being pitted against level 1 players being teamed up with a max player on party it makes for an easy win. Also Can afford and can upgrade about three of my cards to level ten and the rest to nine without spending a single penny. It was an advantage that I’ve been playing for nearly five years so had some cards that were moved to higher arenas in arena four. Or should make Gems more common, jet ate grindable easily (about 400 in three months). I think you should add a bot back for when the player leaves the match on 2v2..Version: 3.5.0

It’s not half bad.I’m going to rate it three stars only because I do have an issue with the game, the unbalanced matchmaking can be annoying sometimes. However the game is still really enjoyable, you just need to get past those losses. Take a break if you lose too many times in a row! Trust me, unless you easily rage and absolutely do not have the patience to play this game. You should give it a go. I’ve been playing since day 1 and I’m at level 13, because I took a long break it took a while to grind but I did it. It takes a while to get up into the higher leagues. Learning different strategies, synergies, counter attacks, how cards function and getting the timing right with each placement is key. In terms of gameplay balancing with each card respectively, it is fairly balanced. Yeah you’ll meet some people who have decks that completely counter yours but at the same time you could have a deck that completely counters theirs. It’s chance really..Version: 3.2727.5

Cash cowsAfter playing since release, today I hang up my boots. I swore to never spend money on this game and I stuck to my word. First of all I got fed up at upgrading cards for them to be nerfed. If I had know you was going to nerf a card I wouldn’t have upgraded it. Can’t imagine how someone feels paying for gold to then upgrade a card for it to be nerfed. They introduced the new wars with 4 decks, making people upgrade more than their usual deck to even be in a chance with winning against blatantly unbalanced opponents. Once again if you’ve got money to splash on upgrading straight away rather than waiting to accumulate the gold then it’s no issue for you. When you decided it wasn’t enough you went and made a lvl 14, therefore making those who can afford to pay for gold to be ones with maxed out lvl 14 straight away. How is this fair? Where’s the skill? Why should I be pitted against max lvl 14’s and lose every time because I now can’t afford to upgrade anything 😂 I knew how bad you lot are for p2w however I carried on playing due to being an OG, yet you just carried on with your cash grabbing ideology and supporting you tubers meta decks because you know people will pay for it. Today I uninstalled clash of clans, boom beach and clash Royale and I know you don’t care but I just wanted to say up yours Supercell, you cash grabbing, greedy so called ‘developer’ that only tailor for the rich naive folk..Version: 3.2727.5

Just delete this game forever!!!!I used to play this game hours every day, at the beginning was too much fun but as you go higher you progress very slowly and very annoying. So it’s has being programmed that almost impossible to have a balance tactic ex. If you try to get balance it will be more costing with loading timing during the game so you won’t be able to get your tactics done through the game especially when the system chose for you the opponent who has quicker cards to load, also if you chose to do this way don’t worry system alway find your gap and chose opponents who got can play on this gap. Also these guys who win on you they will lose as well as it’s being programmed this way. I know if the game easy will get bored and not going to be enjoyable but the concept when you progress higher “the more you lose the more you feel get revenge then get addicted to it” it’s so unfair and irritated. I just asked myself what I’m getting out of this game; irritated, wasting of time(hours every day), also wasting for money. So I don’t need it please guys careful it’s not enjoying as in the beginning you will regret big time that’s way I deleted!!!!.Version: 3.0.2

Updates ruined this game do not downloadWhen I got this game in 2020 it was actually fun no stupid buffs like mega knight and e barbs I went from i win away from c1 to the bottom of the arena it is just not fun for a users experience anymore honestly just make the game good again by making cards how they used to be because it’s not fun playing against people with mega knight, pekka and wizard and rage e barbs and balloon honestly just nerf those cards and I know a lot of people who would agree with me on this. Also supercell if you want more people to enjoy this game don’t make them verse people in another arena just because it’s their arena up game it is not fair because someone in arena 14 could be versing someone in c1 if their high arena and the people in c1 have lvl 14 ebarbs and prince which is over leveled for level 14. The only good thing about this game at the moment is clan wars which is actually fun because it is skill based matchmaking unlike arena games. Also pass Royale it is just not fair for people who don’t want it or can’t afford it as it gives a unfair advantage to the opponent without pass Royale, as when clash didn’t have pass Royale it was a better experience as everyone was equally matched now you will be versing people with level 13 e barbs in arena 12 because of this. Hopefully u guys at supercell will listen to this comment and try to make some changes. Because it’s ridiculous that some people have maxed our pekka in arena 12-14.Version: 3.2872.3

Good game but needs some fixingIt’s a good game when you go against people with the same level deck as you but when my deck goes against fully maxed decks there’s just no point in trying. What am I supposed to do against maxed egiant mk and ebarbs. I think you should add something like the tower level matchmaking cap to card levels. It’s just so stupid that 9 year olds with their mums credit card can go and beat anyone without even having to try very hard. If you fixed this it would be the best mobile game.Version: 3.2729.1

*please read* I have advice for SuperCell.Hi all at SuperCell, Your game is amazing and it is one of my top games in my IPhone but because of your UNBALANCED gameplay I give you two stars. One is the MegaKnight it does too much damage and has too much health. Two is the ram rider. Too OP. Another is the battles in challenges and two v twos. In challenges I am always up against players that have all level 9 cards (I know this makes things ‘balanced’ but it doesn’t) and I only have level 7 and level 8 cards. My king tower only is level 8 too. I love the draft challanges because all cards are at level 9 so it doesn’t matter what level you are. In two v twos I am always playing with a friend and we together are king tower level 9, and we always face king tower level 9s all fair but this comes two the cards, we have a highest card of level 11 and only one level 11 and we face people with all level 12s and we always get thrashed and three crowned. So update your matchmaking system. Beside those things we are all good. 5 stars when you fix these things..Version: 2.7.1

The matchmaking is terribleI will admit that I enjoy playing the game from time to time but I have just uninstalled the game and don’t end up downloading it again. My reason for this being… the matchmaking in the ladder system (normal 1v1 battles) is completely unfair. I will admit to having spent a couple of dollars on some in game items, but I never spent more than $20. This makes it so I am at a disadvantage against those who pour their pockets into supercells arms.. and it works. My highest level card was level 11 and even then I only had two level 11 cards. I had to verse someone who had a full deck of level 13 cards and got 3 stared extremely quickly. I will have times where I am on a winning streak but as soon as I start gaining some progress I just verse another person who has over leveled cards for my arena. Another one of the big issues is the crown tower levels. Would it really be that hard for supercell to make it so you only verse people of the same level. To sum this up I have grown to hate this game for all of its stupid matchmaking flaws. TOTALLY UNFUN WOULD NOT SUGGEST TO ANYONE WHO ISNT WILLING TO SPEND SOME MONEY TO MAKE SOME PROGRESS..Version: 3.6.0

ClassicThe devs are still very invested in the game, but they really like to push certain cards. The mega knight card, for example, is boosted during this season to encourage you to use it. This just means it’s leveled up to the level of your towers. Problem is the mega knight is STILL rather OP. It drops in killing any small troops around it (including things like the Wizard if he’s taken any damage at all) and then he continues to deal high splash damage at a moderate speed, so anything that doesn’t get killed from the spawn will get killed by his first attack. I’ve tried a few decks, but it’s one of those cards that require special consideration. You can’t just make a deck and think about if you have all your bases covered: air defense, defense against heavies (golem, giant), defense against high damage (pekka, prince), defense against splash... The mega knight requires very special consideration. You have to make your deck and ask “Can I defend against the mega knight?” Because regular anti-splash technics typically don’t work since he has high damage, and small troops like goblins or skeletons won’t work because of his splash damage. On top of all that, he has a ton of health, so you have to keep up a sustained defense while also trying to fight off the troops that are placed behind him, usually another ranged splash troop, making this card almost a guaranteed win if you have it and requiring very little experience.Version: 3.2.2

Used to be betterOg player here! I still play this game a bit, but not since the update where free chests got removed. First of all this let unlucky and other types of players still get a chance of getting cards outside of earning chests and donations. And since then the game has gone down in quality in my opinion. Broken cards/no skill. Battle Pass meant play-2-win get a even bigger advantage, while free2-play get a bigger disadvantage (I am f2p). With the addition of champions I feel this encourages spending to get to king tower level 14 to get these overpowered cards. And matchmaking needs to be slightly better as well. As I used to be champion, then stop playing for a bit, came back and got stomp due to new levels, stupid cards, etc… and dropped a few arenas. I understand why the marketing team did this, but it doesn’t make the game fun. Overall 3 stars as not as good as when hog mountain was highest arena. Needs some work/patching. And I think the game could be made more fun and interesting for the overall player base..Version: 3.2729.1

Came here after the updates recentlyYour pay model is ruining this game. I have played for over three years and can’t believe what is happening. It’s like you have weaponised the game to make profit over what it used to have as a heart to the game. Spending gems to speed up your paid monthly pass? You really did that? I have to pay to speed up my progression on your paid monthly pass? That’s some EA action right there. I hope you read this and understand your shareholders won’t get a win from this as people leave what used to be great. Before this I did spend money. Now you will get exactly zero from this long term fan and customer of yours. Disappointed.Version: 3.2.1

Fixing the gameI like the game and all but there are some stuff that I don’t like of example when there is a tournament and I see a prize and I really want it but it says you need like 9 wins to get it and you only have 3 lives and I never get it cuz I lose then I get mad. I think 3 lives isn’t enough I only see like the really good people getting the prizes. And mostly people with the pass Royale and someone can’t get it which makes not fair. I just like a fair game. I don’t know if anyone thinks same way but this is what I think. This game is really stressful because when I am doing the tournaments I know that I have only 3 lives and get nervous. Then I join a match and I literally see the guy using a golem WHICH I HATE they literally have so much health that I don’t have any good stuff to stop it and then they put more troops behind the golem protecting it which makes harder and me over here with like a princess or like a lumberjack which die real fast and don’t do much and them with golems and electro wizards and magic archers and then I lose and I get mad cuz I lose my first match-_- when I watch you tubers for instance orange juice I see that he loses all 3 of his lives in tournaments but he has the pass royale so he can just get his lives back I know supercell you’re like “get the pass royale then” but some people can’t get it! I’m not trying to be rude or anything I have my respects..Version: 3.2.2

Truly pay to winWhen I started playing this game , I loved every minute of the gameplay. I didn’t really mind the chest taking so long to open or the lack luster gold you get from them but then I got to certain point where it leaned from a 50/50 duel to 0/100, why you ask? The game has a rating on cards that relate to their power level (common,epic, and rare) but then legendary cards come around and you think wow let me see if I can get one from a chest, after two months of opening chest of all kinds not once did I get a legendary so then checked online and saw that you have to buy these cards with gems or lots and lots of gold. This in itself made question the time I’ve spent playing arena trying my hardest to get wins to get more cards but when the duel was between you and someone with a legendary card you new you were done for . Legendary cards are so powerful in this game that they flip the second they spawn like the dragon that cost 4 mana and can do 1000 damage per second which obliterates your tank minions or the ice wizard which can slow down everything moving. The fact that these minions are behind a paywall just makes the game harder for free2play players, some people might say go and save gems and gold then but the thing is that they are so scarce that by the time you get the gems and gold to get one card , you might as well just turn to another game. This game is great but in order become a champion you need to a legendary card so pay up.Version: 2.1.0

Game is horribleI’ve been playing for about a year now and it’s been fine till you updated it a couple days ago, now when you lose you lose more trophies then what you gain. It’s ridiculous that I’m a level 9 and I’m vs level 12-13 with all maxed out cards and now every time I win a game I get 29 trophies and when I lose a game I go minus 30-31 trophies. No one likes playing a game like this. This game isn’t even worth 1 star.Version: 3.4.2

BadIt’s a good game but there are so many flaws it makes u wanna throw ur phone into the wall. Last season I was in master league 3 and I lost 1200 trophies because of the reset and now I can’t even make it into leagues because the matchmaking is unfair. Just then I played 12 level 13 people in a row when I am only level 12. Supercell fix your matchmaking please. Also some cards are way to weak and way to strong. Firstly, before zap was nerfed, it could take out goblin barrel in 1 hit. Now it can’t, deeming the card useless. Now the only use for the card is to use it on inferno towers, which are already overpowered. A max level one can take out my max level golem in less than 10 seconds, which is absolutely unfair. Even if you reset its damage with zap, the golem is still dead in 15 seconds, proving inferno is to powerful. Please make zap take out goblins please. Also, after about 8 arenas it becomes pay to win to get max level cards or else you may as well not play. I’m game my nAme is “Ziggy” and I want this game to be fixed. I remember back 4 years ago when this game was actually fun, not complicated, no nerds who spend hours playing and hundreds of dollars. Please supercell fix your game so I can enjoy it again..Version: 3.6.0

Rigged matchmakingThis game is rigged to make you win and loose, what is the point of playing if this is how matchmaking works, no real sense of progression or organic gameplay through real random matchups. You win 3 and proceed to loose the next 2 matches, you loose 2 and proceed to win the next 3 matches. This destroys any purpose for pushing in ladder for casuals, as it artificially inhibits the players progression by creating a constant loop that can’t be broken unless you and your opponent are already at the top arena(s)and maxed where matchups are slightly more even, which realistically can only be done by spending a small fortune on the game. Underneath the garbage matchmaking is a great game however with the current matchmaking system it completely destroys any real purpose for attempting or wanting to play any form of ladder or other game modes present in the game. This most likely won’t be changed as it’s a primary way to encourage players to spend, but with that said, it comes with the cost of destroying any reason to play this game, knowing how your next matches are going to play out is ridiculous, especially when the dev’s claim in to be “random”..Version: 3.2729.1

Matchmaking.The game is fun to play but the matchmaking is utter garbage, you always get matched up against players with double your card level and there tower level is always higher and no i’m not gonna waste irl $ bc they will just match you up against a player who spends more $ with higher cards and tower level. Matchmaking should be adjusted so you play against people in the same level and card gap..Version: 3.2.1

Good yet really unbalancedThe game overall is very intriguing, the solid gameplay, fun mechanics, and overall great theme / atmosphere. There is a major flaw that many games have though, RNG. RNG can actually make the game more interesting, but more often than not it makes it unfair. For example, it is highly unlikely people who don’t spend money on the game will get legendaries, as they’re extremely rare and are most often obtainable through buying with real cash. The major problem is matchmaking or choosing your cards. A lot of the time, I see many clan mates complain about how their choice of cards always seems to backfire, leaving them with nothing but lose after lose. This is because of how you cannot see what cards the other clan has, you have to choose without an knowledge of what’s to come. Now you might argue that well, this happens to everyone, that means it’s fair, right? Wrong. That means most games are completely on one person’s side at random chance. So every game feels like your opponent is going to destroy you, or you are going to destroy them. The meta is infinite, anyone could have a great counter to your deck at any time, and you don’t know when it’ll happen. Fair matches are a treat to come by, but it’s like finding a needle in a pile of hay. So maybe a great addition you can add into the game is an data board of “overall cards used” in a specific game mode..Version: 3.2.1

This game sucksHad terrible matchmaking which leads to an unfair game. This game should be banned.Version: 3.2.1

Crappiest game everFirstly, what was going through supercells mind when they added anything that is pay to win, especially pass Royale. All you need is your mummy or daddy’s credit card to pay 8 bucks, and the you max out everything in like arena 9 and your set until chal 3. The only time your going to get beaten is against an actually skilled player who is a basic pro. Matchmaking makes me want to smash my phone. Being free to play(like all normal people are) nearly every single game in arena 10 I come up with someone who has at least 1 maxed out card, which, like normal, they spam down at the bridge like every other no skill player in the history of the game. And what annoys me the most is that people max out their lumberloons, electro giants, mega knights and ebarbs rage players, instead of cards that take skill to use, like ice golem, musketeer, firecracker, and skeletons. Also beatdown decks, like golem night witch, egolem battle healer, giant graveyard and even rg Fisher. They build 1 big push in double elixir and just 3 crown you and it makes me want to delete the game. Rocket cycle is just straight toxic tho. You try to break through inferno towers, Valkyries and bats, and when it gets to double elixir they spam rockets, and all you can do is sit back and watch your towers crumble to pieces. I hate this game.Version: 3.3074.2

Addictive & frustratingGame with incredible details and many hours of dedication to create fun and increase the fans interest. However this game doesn’t seem to be for everyone. The concept of matchmaking is present and you will find that the “algorithm” will eventually hit you in no matter which level you are. Unfortunately this is a game that survives and improve with the fans money and consequently they are provided the best gaming quality. Just like everything in life: if you have money you can reach whatever you want. I have been playing this game for 3 years and I am still surprised and disappointed by many of the changes made in the major updates. Seems easier to level up but the “fixed” matches will stop your winning streak. In the end, much does not mean better. It is undoubtedly a fun game for those who are gifted, rich or devoid of obligations and duties. One last note: the game can become too emotional, which is also due to the fact that it does not allow rematch or even verbal response..Version: 3.2.2

Not very good.I came back to this game because I remember enjoying it when I was young. As soon as I loaded up the game it all started to make more and more sense to me; this is a children's game, meant to target and exploit kids for money. The whole game is basically a trap into getting children to spend money. So, you need to compete, where do you get the good cards from may you ask? Chests! How do I get the good chests? Gems! How do I get gems? Real life money! Ok, well if I got the chest legit how long would it take to open? Up to 9 hours! How do I unlock these chests faster? Gems! Oh ok, well I’m going to unlock chests a different way such as the FREE battle pass tiers. Hang on a second, it’s saying that I can’t redeem the free tier I EARNED for another 19 hours, how do I stop this? Gems! Oh ok, so how do I play the game then? Well, if you just head to the store and buy the limited edition £2.49 chest pack, then you will be fine. Well, I bought the pack but now I’m in arena 4 I can’t compete since these people have much better cards then I do, what ever shall I do? My gold chest doesn’t open for another five hours and my moms bank account has been rinsed dry. I-I just can’t take this. *dies* The end..Version: 3.6.2

This game is for tryhardsAlthough you might think my title is negative, it’s not. This game is very fun... at first, as you improve you will like the game less and less as the people who have improved as much as you did it by looking up decks and spending money on the game. If you want to do well it is very hard to do it without buying cards and gems, you can’t do well and be a casual player at the same time, I do think of myself as a try hard, as I do try very hard at this game, and for the most part I do well, however I never come from the game feeling happy and most of the time I feel furious that people beat me just because they have a higher level card or tower. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very addictive, fun (sometimes) and lets you communicate with your friends in clans. They add new cards that are either over powered at first then nurfed out of existence, or they are over powered and nothing is done to stop them, either way it’s quite frustrating. If I had to describe this game In one word it would be frustrating. So if you don’t mind wanting to throw your phone across the room because someone’s exploiting the new op character by all means get the game, but if you want to do well but have no free time, RUN AWAY, AND NEVER RETURN!.Version: 2.8.1

Player match upGame sucks player match up is rigged it always makes me fight a player who’s 2 or 3 levels ahead of me. I would have given 5 stars if it weren’t for this.Version: 3.2.2

BugsKind of addictive but definitely has some frustrating bugs. Imbalance - I compete with people and sometimes they overwhelm me with high elixir cards that I go “how can they put that card on the field immediately after they put that card on the field”. Other times I drop cards on the field and they are gone immediately. Then the game pauses - I’ll be winning and it will pause and when it comes back all of my forte have been destroyed by cards that were never on field when the game paused. Not great for my blood pressure. Kind of cheats too. Ive counted an opponent puts 14 elixir cards on the field within 30 secs very early on min the game, plus just faced an opponent who put two wizards on the field within two seconds. My cards rotate making that kind of response Impossible. All i want is a fair playing field. I had two profiles. Deleted one. About to delete the other. I have spent $50 on stuff and would have spent more within reason but after a certain level, its a joke..Version: 3.2.2

Worst Customer SupportCan not login the game since system maintanace on 17 March 2022. Every time when I try to login the game it will remind me the game need to update first, but the updates is not available at this country or region. So I can’t login game without updates I keep trying to explain the issue to customer support, Arrogant staff ask me to report the issue from in game support every time without reading what I wrote. How can I send them a message from in game support if I can not login the game. What a stupid customer support!!! Last reply get from their staff is It looks like we have exhausted all possibilities to resolve your request, so we have to close the conversation here. None of their staff is try to solve the issue Really disappointed about this game and this company.Version: 3.2729.1

READ BEFORE PLAYING!!This is hands down one of the best mobile games I’ve ever experienced, as a game following the popular strategy game clash of clans the game certainly lives up to its predecessor with great character development and a great levelling system. But here’s where the positivity ends as some of the cards are completely and utterly unbalanced and have an insane amount of damage speed ability’s etc means some plays are un beatable. BEWARE this is a very rage worthy game causing many cracked screens in the past so this is not a game for the short tempered out here (taunts do not help with this issue). The main problem that this game has is to do with the way the game matches you with similar skill based players ect (also bots) and this is great until you reach the legendary arena where they seem to completely scrap the skill based match making it almost impossible to win. For example you might have level 8,9 troops heading into the arena and you first match you get paired with a player who have level 11,12 troops which is completely ridiculous and un winnable under any circumstance. Overall the later arenas need to get given skill based match making. I am aware that they are meant to be more difficult but it’s ridiculous how hard it is to win a match. Thank you for taking my review into account..Version: 3.4.2

Abandonment issue a major problemI absolutely love this game. I would give this 10 stars if there was no abandonment issue ..I pay money every month for the pass...But the issue is that you play a 2v2 and 5 seconds into the game they leave if it looks like we are going to lose... I messaged support and they said play with your friends (that is easy for them to say but not all of us are on at the same time), they also said they have introduced a penalty but understand some people get cut off because they receive a phone call etc... Fair enough but I just play 4 in a row and they all left .... one of them I ended up winning...and another one the guy left and my partner got the same person... There needs to be something done it is killing the game .... The clan I am in always talks about it and how if there was another game they would go... Well I don’t want to cause I love it but this really needs to be looked into... It’s so disappointing... otherwise PERFECT l!!!.Version: 3.5.0

Terrible game! It is all about who pay more moneyIf you don’t pay money you wont have higher level troops, also this game decide who is the winner by slow down reloading.Version: 2.8.0

This game is the worstWorst.Version: 1.9.2

Ever heard of the word balanceThis game is unbalanced, hey supercell have you ever thought about how much fun us players are having. Every one in all arenas are getting completely stuck in the same place because of your dumb unbalanced matchmaking, you should make people with higher card level fight people high the same card level,I myself am level 10 and in spooky town and I sometimes get a 3 winstreak and climb a bit and then pummelled by people with super high level cards and drop lower then I started, also your use of the word legendary is terriblem there are probably more legendary cards then epics it’s completely stupid, I seriously think you should lower the chance of getting legendaries by loads, I recently made a second account to get out of this but still the same problem ,I get lvl 5 people pummel me with like 3 legendaries . Finally I don’t think your putting any thought into your newer cards, for example what exactly is the point of mega Knight he is basically a super powerful dark knight which is already strong itself, and another one , ram rider is basically a stronger hog rider, same with goblin giant over giant and barb barrel over log, I think you are getting less creative with your cards and hurting your game..Version: 2.7.1

Horrible match up systemHonestly u guys can’t do math. What’s the point of giving us a level system if you don’t put us with the same levelled players. I am sick and tired of going against people with much higher leveled cards this game isn’t even skill based anymore. Just because I am good at the game, I shouldn’t be put with people way “better” than me..Version: 3.0.3

ONLY ONE GOOD THINGThe only good reason for this game is to get leveled up and verse ur friends. But no I can’t level up because I am versing flipping mega knights and Wizards in arena 4 like what the what. This game needs a lot more improvements including that u get basically nothing out of a chest after waiting half a day which is terrible. I played this game when I was little and I thought it was good but little did I know that I lose trophies after about every game I play because I don’t win because mega knight destroys me. And when I join my friends game for help it’s even harder because they r versing arena 7 people. I thought this game was good even better then clash of clans and now I am starting to think clash of clans is heaps better!!! THIS BETTER BE FIXED OR IM DELETING THIS GAME AND WILL TRY AND GRIND ON CLASH OF CLANS INSTEAD AND IF I DONT LIKE THAT BECAUSE ITS FROM THE SAME COMPANY WELL TO BAD IM DELETING THAT!! SO IF UR PLANNING TO GET THIS GAME ASK UR FRIENDS WHAT ARENA THEY R AND IF THEY R A HIGH ONE THEN DONT DOWNLOAD IT OR EVEN WHEN U R TRYING TO GET A MEGA PEKA AND U KEEP GETTING HELD BACK THEN DELETE IT!! From Trinidad tb20.Version: 3.4.2

The more I play, the less I want to play.To begin it’s a fun game and concept however for me that didn’t continue. I now can’t look past the monetisation and micro transactions and pay to win aspect of it and I find it super frustrating just to look at really and have soured my attitude to this game completely. The season tiers are flawed as there’s 35 tiers in the season, each tier is unlocked every 24 hours but you only have 30 days to reach the top tier? I can image you have to buy a pass to access all tiers other wise it’s impossible to do so. Hardly ever get cards I currently have in my deck from chests but have no problem finding other rare/epic cards I don’t use or don’t want to use. Matchmaking (if it actually pairs you up with a real person or if it’s just a computer) is very odd as can find it’ll match to ‘people’ levels above me consistently for a few days, then after will be matched with ‘players’ who clearly want to loose and don’t play any cards for the duration. This is just a few of my grievances but yeah, fun to begin with but the more I play, the less I want to play..Version: 3.2.2

Matchmaking is the only problem.This is one of the best multiplayer games ever created as you start to approach the game at first. You’ll keep unlocking new cards and items used to improve your deck as you climb up the arenas. That was all going well to the point when you reach much higher arenas. Now this is when it gets bad…The matchmaking at one point will constantly match you up with players of a higher level than you, which basically means that your opponents’ cards are of a much higher level and they are more experienced. At one point you’ll find yourself being stuck on a certain arena for ages because most of the players you find are of an even higher level than you. Every now and then you will find that one player who happens to have cards that are literally NOT even in your current arena so the chances of your opponent having OP cards is very likely. Supercell either add cards that are overpowered at first and then they get nurfed and destroyed in the game, or cards that remain overpowered and are then pushed way up to the arenas ahead of you. It’s really annoying either way seeing your opponent wreck you using cards you can’t even get in the first place. I would still say to give the game a go, it’s actually pleasant when you’re at the lower arenas, so enjoy it while it lasts :).Version: 3.6.0

Need urgent fixesI have been playing this game for about a year now, and the matchmaking is totally bad. Like, seriously bad. Also, some cards, like pekka, electro giant, elite barbarians, etc. need a fix. ASAP. They are super annoying yet they are just utterly broken. Also please fix your matchmaking system. It’s so unfair having to lose a match against a lower or equal king level, to playing a higher king level the next game. It’s so unfair. I’ve lost too many trophies this way and I reckon majority of them are charging elixir faster than me. Please also consider adding a report button onto opponents you’ve played, to share your thoughts that they could be possibly hacking the system. Maybe consider a level cap for certain arenas (arena 14, king lvl 10 cap), and also consider applying this to certain cards as well. This game is fun, but once you get stupid and overpowered opponents, it doesn’t make the game as enjoyable..Version: 3.6.0

Poorly balanced, pay to win, etc.At first it can be quite fun and addictive. Though it doesn’t take long to see the game for what it is, a manipulatively designed game with the aim of coercing you into spending money. It does this by having poor balancing (Both with regards to the units you use and placing you against higher level players) and requiring you to grind. Consistently, matched with players who are a higher level meaning not only will they have higher level cards, rare legendaries will feature extensively in their decks. Which a free-to-play player will not have access to unless they are very, very lucky. Some may retort that with sufficient skill and tactfulness you may beat these paying players, this may be true early in the game when there isn’t much card variety. But once the better cards become more common particularly in the legendary arenas, every match is an up hill struggle, in some cases your fighting someone 2 to 3 levels higher than yourself. Which is very meaningful in this game. It’s beyond a joke. Of course the problem of micro-transactions is nothing new in mobile games, but it’s so frustrating here, because this game has potential to be great..Version: 3.5.0

EhThis game is fun but unbalanced and when you get arenas like hog mountain it’s so unbalanced and just makes you lose trophy’s so then you just pay money to get op cards and win and the emotes are so annoying whenever you lose your opponent just spams the laughing emote and the noise is so annoying I had lots of fun at points but still incredibly frustrating at some points download at your own risk.Version: 3.5.0

Toxic waste of timeFirst, the game can be very fun if you go into it without any expectations. There are fun challenges and the clan community is also fun to have. However, when trying to play with expectations or trying to play competitively that's when it gets toxic. I was a level 9 and noticed once I was hooked on trying to beat the game the only way I advanced was when I spent money on gems to buy cards, coins, etc. Once I made it to arena 13 I was being matched with players a level or two higher than me (I was a level 9) that alone had me at a disadvantage, they also had higher level cards than me even tho I would spend an excessive amount of money on the game to upgrade all my cards. As a result of constantly losing some then winning some, the game just felt like it was getting toxic not to mention the bad sportsmanship some player had when beating you at a game. Lastly, I noticed that I would spend hours glued to the phone trying to achieve this delusional goal of beating the game only to lose to an op mega night deck and high tower level. I became so discouraged and angry when losing these matches I decided to uninstall the game altogether, I wouldn't recommend this game to someone that has anger issues or has any mental health issues. I hope supercell finds a way to make this game fairer to people who aren't spending money and also nerf some cards like mega knight cus there's only 1 card that can destroy it fairly fast which is the inferno dragon..Version: 3.5.0

Used to be goodI played this game for years, I think it was around 4. Over that time I used my own money to purchase things in order to upgrade cards within my decks. Supercell change the ratings of certain cards month after month by making them weaker or stronger. I don’t know how they get away with this. If you bought an album on iTunes and the following month Apple removed three of the tracks, you wouldn’t accept it. I got to the point where I had maxed out every card and thought I could progress. Supercell then added another level, meaning every card I had was one below max. It had taken me years and a lot of my own cash to get to near the top. It’s daylight robbery and I don’t know how it is legal to keep changing what you have purchased. After years of playing the game daily, I deleted it. Many will say, simply play for free. This is true but to progress you also need to join a clan and there is pressure from other members to get better and join the clan war or get kicked out. Don’t get sucked in to spending your money and play something else..Version: 3.2729.1

PAY TO WINHowever good you say this game is, you can’t ignore the fact that this game is massively pay to win. For a start, the only real way to get good cards is to directly buy in the shop with gold, grind out chests, compete In broken matchmaking tournament or waste money on buying “special chests”. The game used to be good at the start but when they updated they brought in sooo many pay to win options it was too much. Then they brought in emotes which was an okay cosmetic I guess but it costs 250 gems for one unless you buy it with a bundle or win in a tournament. I think the main reason they added them was to have a useless thing to give away as a tournament prize. They have just brought in a “season pass” which is a direct £5 for a few extra chests and emotes and perks and from what I have heard, it will be £5 each month for them. Finally, matchmaking is still broken in wars (which are pure luck on winning) new cards being brought in are treated like the second coming of Christ until they actually come out and they just dump them in a new arena they will make.Version: 2.8.0

Good game yet extremely unbalancedI go into challenges to have fun and try win some cards to level my troops up but I can get a single win because I’ve just been going up against people with maxed out troops and I’m only level 7 or 8 and I struggle bc I open chest hoping for an epic or legendary but the because of the chest cycle I’ve only been getting silver chest for 5 weeks and it’s starting to get on my nerves plus the fact that with each time you level up I think you should get another chest slot because the chest opening time is crazy judging that all you really get is commons and rares the only people that probably don’t care about this are rich kids with daddy’s wallet or YouTubers that make money of of their content but I don’t blame them bc they need to level their cards up but the fact that clash Royale is...........................................................Completely play to win which is why rich kids with daddy’s wallet and youtubers that have the money to buy gems and packs love this game I say the game is not for people who don’t have the money to buy heaps of gems to buy packs to buy in game currency and a pass Royale that makes you wait a day to get 10 or 20 crowns and wait another day..Version: 3.4.2

Pay to win gameIf you want to reach high levels and still have fun, then get ready to empty your wallet on this game.(basically EA on mobile devices) now that I’ve warned you, play this game at your own risk..Version: 2.9.0

HorribleNot worth your time, upgrades don't come fast enough and units die way to fast needs lots of work done before it be a playable game. Game of the year? Yeah right. You try and get ahead and supercell sends in ringers to stop any momentum you have. They don’t stop after one or two losses either they keep hammering you until you have like ten losses in a row.Version: 2.9.0

Friendly chat so buggy it blocks out normal conversations was told IoT couldn’t be turned off!I’m Leader of a decent war clan. A while back anytime I typed a name in chat or tried to say simple things. Asterisk started popping up. Turns out friendly chat had been accidentally turned on. No biggie right. wrong. Cant be turned off. Awhile back some of the older members who are now gone because of this had written and to Support to have it turned off and they said they did but then someone who was under the age of 18 joined and it was automatically turned back on without anybody asking now when I write to Support telling them this is hurting our clan we are losing members because we can’t hold simple conversations and talk to people or say a persons screen name without it being blocked by Asterix they said we could not be helped because we had someone previously ride into Support to remove the filter and it could not be done again how ridiculous I don’t mind friendly chat but if you’re gonna be a huge game platform like this at least make it where it’s not so buggy that simple words or simple screen names can’t be typed out in the group chat so ridiculous people are leaving the game left and right because of this And I’m next I’ve had all I can take of this it’s ridiculous I’ve been in the game for almost 4 years have almost 5500 trophies in a legendary to clan and for what now they won’t even help you this is so stupid.Version: 3.2872.3

Rng and pay to winFirst let me start off in many of the challenges it’s always rng based. Draft for example is so rng reliant its not even about who plays better the majority of the time you literally just need a royal giant and bridge spam and if you don’t have any counters to it your done. The leveling system in this game is so stupid. It’s clearly pay to win and pay to win if you plan to climb in trophies. When you first start the game you can vs people who out level your cards by so much the interactions are rigged. And in high arenas all you need to win the majority of the time is a max level golem with night witch and that will guarantee you a win only because your opponent doesn’t have high enough level cards. Gold in this game is stupid to get, not only do chests take so long to open but they barely give any compared to how much is needed to upgrade cards. Gold is hard enough to grind but they just had to add a limit to how much gold you can get per day another fact of the game is pay to win..Version: 3.3.2

Don’t play...This game is broken and it sucks, have fun being a lvl 7 vs. lvl 11-12’s, unbalance and just sucks..Version: 2.9.0

RIGGED YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE!!! DONT GET THIS APP!!!!Worst game on the planet . way to many cheaters cards that are op or useless and pay to win. Buffs the OP cards you can't get but everyone else can and nerfs the cards you rely on. Have fun playing people 3 LEVELS ABOVE YOU!!! GARBAGE DON'T GET THIS APP >:(.Version: 1.9.2

Bye-byePlayed this game for several months. The idea is interesting, the mechanic is great, however the matchmaking is awful. After some time I started to face players with cards 2-3 levels above, which totally kills the fun of playing. Today they announced the plan for major changes including heroes and a lot of other stuff. I think such update will kill everything I liked about this game. GL;HF.Version: 3.6.2

SmhLet me start off saying I love this game and have spent money on supercell games plenty of times. Clash royale has way to many bugs and glitches that will scud or gender you from having a fair chance at certain points. In a recent tournament named ‘elixir capture’ I went 7/10 wins pretty good for being in the royal arena, but I could have made it to the top prize if I could have had a better match making, I was playing against players in challenger 3 and spooky town, the level of card may stay the same, but if I can’t have the same cards as them like the electro wizard and goblin gangs to compete, why am I playing against them, they also have way more experience than me but I will not count that since it is a tournament, that is an unfair advantage why can’t I play with people in the same arena as my top trophies ( not on arenas because you can go back down of course ) so that at least I know that I’m not playing some clash royale try hard. Second the kicking me out the game stuff is not cool, it feels like every game I expect to be kicked out of a match at any moment, Idk if it is because of players cheating or the game just crashing on its own be it seems that when my opponent pushes me I get kicked out and have to see a loading screen to me getting 3 starred that is embarrassing to the devs that I have to expect this every game please fix, IMMEDIATELY I hate it. Thank you, sincerely a dedicated player.Version: 2.7.1

Just moneyAll super cell wants is money for upgrades. There is nothing fair about this game. It matches you against higher players, so you can pay to upgrade your cards quicker. Just a big money racket. Not worth getting into. Super cell got rid of there fair play policy, an put in let’s just make a pile of money policy..Version: 3.2.1

Ok but not greatClash Royale is a great game but there’s two huge problems I have with it. After arena 1 or so, every time you win a match you get put against someone better. This normally means that the person who you have to battle next is minimum one level higher than you. They have way better cards that will kill your cards in a few hits, and their towers will have more health than yours. The second thing I don’t really like about the game is there are in app purchases that benefit you. This doesn’t sound too bad, but that means that if you’re against anyone who has spent money on the game you will always lose, no doubt about it. It also costs a lot to buy the stuff in the shop. The game can get very annoying too because every time you lose, most players use the laugh emote or say thanks, or taunt you in some way, which I think is ok and I guess is an alright addition, but after losing like 3 times in a row and everyone is just making fun of you it will make you mad no matter who you are. Apart from then two (or three) huge flaws, the game is pretty fun is made very well. With the introduction of clan battles, you have to work with your team to win some really good cards and chests. In conclusion, I do still play this game because it is pretty fun and has a lot of replayability. It definitely deserves 3/5 stars, just make sure you don’t keep playing when you’re mad, because this is one of those games that will make you break something valuable. -OneAboveTwoThreeYT.Version: 2.3.1

Move the queue chest button back!I’ve been playing for 4 years now and recently the position change of the button to queue chests was moved in this latest update. Thanks to this, I and many others have inadvertently gemmed multiple chests. Gems aren’t cheap and they’re hard to earn as an F2P player or even as someone with pass royale. Disappointed in this update. Sack the whole dev team for hyping up the worst update in history and bring back the original clan wars. At least then we don’t have to wait a week once we’ve completed this stupid clan wars 2..Version: 3.3

👎👍Can be so annoying at times! 1. it costs so much to upgrade cards yet we're only winning a little bit of gold per game. 2. It crashes, ALOT! 3. When it comes down to the last minute one players elixir goes faster than the other persons; it's obvious cause I'll be waiting for my elixir to go up and they've put down 3 cards already some that use 7 elixir another 5 elixir and another 3 elixir and I'll still be waiting for a 4 elixir on my side 😡 really frustrating as it almost always happens when I'm close to getting through to the next arena. Other than those 3 things I enjoy it! It just can be so annoying, especially during a war game.Version: 2.5.0

TrashThe game is pointless for new comers who don’t tend to buy the battle pass to boost yourself in card levels. I’ve played the game since it’s release and since then tbh the game has fallen of the rails. Currently I’ve uninstalled the game multiple times as I’m a lvl11(king tower) versing lvl12 and up or Lvl9’s with lvl13 cards due to the game being pay to win. The game does have sbmm but as a frequent player I feel it as being broken and unfair because of lvls although countering is said to be easy and sometimes it depending on who you vs the lower card lvls make it a lot harder as most cards I have are only lvl 8-11 they don’t stand a chance against 12s or 13s as well as the king tower health boost paying to win is ultimately the most stress free get out of jail free card. And I don’t recommend this game for a person who is quite serious in pvp..Version: 3.4.2

Is Clash Fair ?Clash Royale , is supernaturally unfair , whether if it’s two Arena 8 Verse 2 Arena 5 in 2v2 or players that are lower mucking around when ur playing , it leads to a major disadvantage , I mean ... I love clash Royale , it’s a fun and Pretty famous battle game , but when it comes to fairness ... NO NO NO, I’m in a 2v2 and I notice that there is an arena 9 and arena 5 playing , and me and my friend ( Arena 5 both ) yes , we still one but the fact that they had strong troops , We nearly died , I did read that it’s cause of trophies , but people drop just to get more wins and come top , it’s completely unfair , instead of aiming for trophies , players should VS Arena bye Arena ( Same Arena ) u made a lively game , I love everything , don’t take that just because of fairness I hate it , it’s A Really good game , it entertains me , there is also a clear cooperation against the afk people , I have had 3 in a row , is there any chance of not making it a 2 v 1 in a next update , Thanks ! Besides the unfairness and that it’s a great game ! -.Version: 2.2.3

Another greedy cult of a companyIt’s still clear to see that this disgrace of a company doesn’t know how to make a game that isn’t a complete scam. Sure it’s fair when everyone is on the same level, but when you start putting people with absolutely no life and no future in this game in the higher arenas, that’s when it starts getting boring, pointless and just plain repetitive. Sometimes I think this game is literally the definition of insanity. Clearly, Supercell does not care for its community or what a regular human being would call common sense, so they just destroy the game even more with constant pay to win incentives and impossible progression. It’s been this way for years, and I know now that these fake humans will never actually make a good game, or listen to the people who actually play it. Of course, a greedy corporation like Supercell sets the bar pretty low when it comes to empathy, so they won’t be reading this regardless of if they care or not, and I’m sure I’m not the only person on earth that has this issue. Perhaps now I can find something actually worth doing with my time, instead of this game designed by people with a lower IQ than a piece of burnt toast..Version: 3.2729.1

Good, for a an hourThis game is very fun for around about an hour. When you get into it and enjoy it, but don’t want to spend your entire life savings on it, it eventually gets so painful, you try hard as you can in a single game just to be screwed over by a 2 king level higher than you who put $300 dollars into the game. You never make any progress and that’s why I’m deleting. It’s a good game to mess around with for an hour though. Supercell please make it so you lose half of the trophies in one game, not an entire winning earnings. Don’t play this for very long, it just ends up angering you.Version: 3.2729.1

Used to be funOk, I have nothing against this game it’s amazing, the unique gameplay and cards makes it unique to very players choice and approach however… when people come out and play cards that can 1 hit your tower without them doing anything that placing down that one card and a spell to freeze the tower or rage the troop it makes it unfun because you have to actually set up a push to take a tower whereas a simple placement of a card can deplete your tower and leave you done just like that. The game was better in its early days when it require actual skill to progress higher up in trophies, and upgrade your cards. Now if you have the Pass Royale you get so much more content and cards than if you’re free to play and you’re there to have a good time or kill some time. When you hop into a battle and you have underleveled cards and are like how is he beating me. This game is not fair anymore that’s why. The cards that are being released are not even cards that require the player to shape they approach. Now it’s simply, I place this electro giant and watch my enemy get mad because his tower and the giant are dealing insane damage and taking your tower. The game is really falling apart but people still play it. You either have to tolerate the unskilledness of others or join them, because there’s no way to play this game casually and not get triggered by a 2 card push that costs 16 elixir.Version: 3.2803.4

Match makingFirst of all I just want to say that I love your game. I have been playing clash Royale one year and I love it but the biggest problem is with the match making. I am a level 10 and I just played a match against a level 13 with max level cards. This is not fair because how are my level 10 and 11 cards supposed to fight max level cards you need to make it so you only fight people your level because I’m sick of fighting level 12 and 13 kings.Version: 3.3

Matchmaking isn’t the bestThis game is absolutely amazing and I love the fundamentals of this and how great the graphics are that being said I’m going to explain why I give this game a three star. The matchmaking for this game is terrible I will be getting level 12 or 10 more than an opponent equal level to me ( level 11). Whenever I go on a win streak of 5 or more after that win streak is over I get nothing else but loses for the next week. This game is more of a pay to win game because buying gems can get you more cards and coins to upgrade your cards beyond the level they are supposed to be in their arena. I admit I have spend money once on this game to get my pekka to level 14 and it was through the pass Royale. Ever since then I have been trying opponents far greater than I am. This game also needs to balance out more of these cards. Recently I went up against a player with all level 14 cards. Their level 14 witch and skeletons withstood my level 11 poison and ended up taking my tower. Out of all the cards the witch should be nerfed the most. A level 8 witch has taken out a level 11 mega knight. The spawn rate of the skeletons for the witch should be bumped up to 8 seconds because a witch should not be able to take a mega knight out with ease only with skeletons. That all being said I enjoy this game nether the less and hope to see the matchmaking fixed at least so myself and others aren’t out ranked..Version: 3.2729.1

Match making is super awful!!My king tower is level 10 and I have 5000 crowns every time I want to play 1vs 1 the opponents are level 12 or 13 and have maxed cards!! Now this hasent happend for once or twice but for more than 20 times in a row!!! Technicly I dont lose because of how I play but ussualy beacuse their cards Have a mich higher level than mine(level 10 or 11)and lets forget about crashings and freezing in game that not only happnes to me but even sometimes to my opponents and its really full of shame!! Fix it.Version: 2.9.0

What Went WrongHonestly speaking this game has been such an addicting and fun game to play. From the launch it was somewhat balanced and fun and each update had something decent and new to keep the game fresh, clean, and playable. Recently, matchmaking has not made any sense statistically with me (lvl 11) going against a lvl 10 or 11 with max level Cards. It’s literally not fun anymore. You go into one game and notice the opponent is a level underneath you but has a whole deck of maxed out cards and you think to yourself how are they possibly a level below you with this many upgrades cards and it just doesn’t make sense. Every match I say “okay it’s just this one person with this leveled cards” but it’s consistent every single match. The only possible way you can actually enjoy the game in the higher arenas are 1) pay for the books and coins to max out your cards 2) somehow come up with a deck that counters max level cards with your lower level cards. It’s just not enjoyable anymore. I don’t know whether the addition to the books was a good idea because I have taken a break from the game, come back and it’s still the same issues that have gotten even worse. I honestly don’t know how they could fix the game but a game where you’re paired off tower levels even though the enemy’s cards are 2 3 levels higher than yours will not be enjoyable in the long run. Please do something about this game..Version: 3.2872.3

BadAddictive. Easy start. Terrible matchmaking, if I’m king level 9, just about to reach legendary chest in the ladder, it will match me with 3 Chinese king level 11 and 12s and I’ll be lower than I started with. I refuse to believe this isn’t done on purpose. Over and over and over..Version: 3.2.2

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