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Unfair MatchmakingI recently gave clash Royale a try and instantly stumbled upon a problem of which I’m sure would affect most players. When your starting off at the game, let’s say below 3000 trophies, the matchmaking has a major flaw which enables you to be put up against far stronger opponents. This is ultimately unfair, even if you are the better player, having higher level cards and towers is an advantage which is almost impossible to beat. I was a huge fan of your Brawl Stars in which I spent many enjoyable hours over. But what I like about Brawl Stars is that any player can win in a fight whether or not you or your opponent have a maxed out brawler. Besides from this predicament with the matchmaking I really enjoy Supercells content and will continue to play both games. But I think clash could definitely improve with the implication fair matchmaking on lower arenas..Version: 3.2729.1

Why do people complain about this game so muchOk i’ve seen the common complaint for this game being that its pay to win or that everyone uses overpowered cards to win. First of all no its not a pay to win game at all yes paying will give you advantages sometimes, But if you had any game sense you’d be able to see as long as you play the game somewhat consistently you’ll also have high level cards and be able to push trophies easily it isn’t hard you guys are just lazy and aren’t willing to put the effort. And then for the people who complain about cards being overpowered they aren’t. There is balance changes every month to balance out cards. Common ones I see everywhere are that Mega Knight and Hog Rider are unfair and op, first of all every card has a counter for example Mega Knight can easily be countered by barbarians if you place them around him and not in front of him which is a common mistake. And hog rider can get killed by any swarm card or tank killer for example a mini pekka can kill him in one or two swings with help from the princess tower. So the game is actually really well balanced, its really fun to play especially if you make a clan with your friends. This game is great and doesn’t deserve hate from people who are to lazy to put effort to get better.Version: 3.2.2

EpicI get so horny playing this game lol.Version: 3.5.0

Clash’s growth rateI haven’t played as long as other people. I have only played when the battle healer and the heal spell was out. I think that this game is a great game and it has made a lot of progress. Everything is thought out. I do have a couple of concerns. 1: I would like better match making. This has always been a problem in the past. It is a lot better now since a couple of years ago. The problem is I keep getting paired of with people that are level 9. I would like the match making to be the same level and skill level or as close as possible to that. 2: I really have trouble with the mega night. He is not really a strategic card. There is also no card that can take him out. It would be nice if u could nerf the mega night or buff a couple of cards for a positive elixir trade. 3: Make some of the challenge continues a little cheaper. I just played the double draft and when I lost it was 50 GEMS. That is way to many gems. Another thing is if you don’t have money to spend on the game to get gems it is really hard to rack them up. Only SOMETIMES you get them in gold chests. It would be cool if I could gem more gems without playing challenges or paying for them. Other than that this is the best game I have downloaded in my life. In my opinion it is up there with Roblox and Call of Duty. One of the best games out there. I hope this review really helps. HAVE A GOOD SUMMER!.Version: 3.5.0

Please Take Notice!!!The game is a really good game not gonna lie 😂 I've played this game for about 3 years on an old account but now I started a new one and because I knew that game a lot and new a lot of strategies for different decks I rushed to fast through each arena and now I'm in arena 11 with low level cards and only 65 cards that I won .... please fix the update where I am able to drop arenas again so I can go to lower arenas earn more cards and be able to donate more and to also upgrade the cards I'll need 🤙👍😂 If you have read this thanks. This is my review for the game. Stay safe guys .... have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 😂🎉 keep the good content guys.Version: 3.2.1

Cool but broken. Here’s why...This game is very addictive. It’s always so satisfying to open up a chest and get a legendary. I also love the feeling of getting to a new arena - there’s just no better feeling than being better than your friends XD. HOWEVER, and yes that is a VERY BIG however, Clash Royale has a couple of major flaws that start to make the game not enjoyable. For example, whenever I’m being attacked, my elixir seems to produce slower which really frustrates me because I’m facing against people with Mega Knight that have a level 7 king tower. Oh yeah, that reminds me. The matchmaking in this game is almost never fair. It’s either you are 10x better than your opponent, or your opponent is 10x better than you. Some people get Mega Knight, Royal Ghost, Ram Rider, etc. whereas other people get an easily countered legendary, for example ice wizard or inferno dragon. I feel like matchmaking could be improved by taking into consideration the players’ cards, their level, and king tower level in addition to the amount of trophies. Anyways, enough of me blabbering on. Hope this gets considered. :).Version: 3.0.3

Alright GameThe game itself is amazing and the point of the game is gaining trophies however even though the game is really good what brings it down is the players that have cards at lower levels that should be impossible to attain specially at Arena 6 where I’m seeing lvl 11 legendary cards that cannot be attained at that Arena which then means I’m not losing because of my tactical approach but mainly the cards my opponents have simply because I have not been in the game for long enough to get my cards to lvl 11. This really kills the game as I play two matches win one and face up against a player that should not be there I lose and it instantly ruins the fun and I close the game. Simple solution is to nerf this cards until the point at which they are supposed to be unlocked and as the player gains more trophies and push up Arenas their legendary gets progressively better until the Arena where they are supposed to be unlocked where it will no longer be nerfed.Version: 3.2729.1

AmazingI recommend this game for anyone. It’s really easy to play, doesn’t take to much effort to play & you don’t really have to pay to win. All cards are pretty balanced in rarity’s like legendaries aren’t super op, while some commons are really good like royal giant and mortar. It’s also pretty f2p, if you’re looking to pay I really suggest getting the season pass, as you can get so many cards, 2 legendaries, emotes and tower skins. For this season 15 I think, you offered a free guards emote and a free tower skin to f2p players. I think that’s really cool. It’s also not that hard to max out cards, especially commons and epics. Rares I find a little hard for some reason but that’s alright. You can max a common in about 2-3 months if you request for 120 a day. Very cool. It’s also really cool to test out and experiment new types of gameplay and decks. Right now I really like using lava hound + ballon. How much effort Supercell puts into their games is so much fun, and how different cards have different synergies with each other like the lava hound and ballon. You also do somewhat monthly balance updates so some cards don’t dominate the meta for too long. I’ve been playing ever since 2016 and I’ll continue to play, thank you for such amazing content and I can’t wait to see much more content! ☺️.Version: 3.3.1

A bit more could be added but I love the game!!For starters, I think this is a really good game and I have nearly got all the cards!! But in my opinion there could maby be some changes 1) it would be really good if you could maby be able to purchase legendary cards from the shop starting from either jungle arena or frozen peak, because as a true fact the legendary arena used to be after frozen peak! And that's the arena I'm in at the moment, and I personally think that some people may possibly agree with me.2) I know u probably wouldn't be able to do this, but maby the graveyard could be an epic card! Because every time anyone puts it down on one of the towers, all that spawns are skeletons every like, 1 or 2 seconds which don't do that much damage, unless the person on the other side leaves them to do damage and then they do a lot of damage to the tower. Thx for reading I hope u may agree with me. 🙂.Version: 1.9.2

Good update; suggestionsSo I played Clash Royale basically the first year it was out. And I loved the game and the unique troops. After a while, I got to Arena 7 and was just bored with the game. It just became this pay to win type of game, and gems were super hard to get. Just recently, I got back into it and played enough to get to Arena 8. The newer troops are cool, but they just don’t seem as unique anymore. Also, gems are still hard to get, and when you do get them, it’s only like 5 gems. Now, I must say, the update in April that makes sure we don’t drop arenas is my favorite update. I’m so happy now because I don’t have to worry about losing too much. I can just play, and yeah I may lose trophies, but I still get to stay in my arena. So that’s great, especially for players who aren’t the best at the game. Another suggestion of mine is to not make chests more expensive as you advance in arenas. It’s unfair considering the fact that the only way to get a large quantity of gems is to pay. One last thing, and it’s not necessarily for the game, but for the players. I think you guys should have a contest for a new troop that players get to create. Maybe have a hashtag that allows players to create a troop, and the most likes gets their troop added? I think it would help greatly with the lack of uniqueness in newer troops. Overall, Clash Royale is a game I hope becomes better..Version: 2.7.1

Came back and still happy.So glad Supercell ID is a thing! Recently came back after a long time (due to not having time to keep my challenger arena up) and there’s a lot of catching up to do but the game is still alive and well and there’s plenty of friendly players who look to get better rather than putting others down, the game runs well on older devices and the skill ceiling is still very high. The only issue is the levelling system, which does require you to either grind or spend money to level up, and in a lot of cases can be the deciding factor on whether or not you win, same as with what deck you use and if the enemy just has a counter or not. All in all the game is very good and not predatory whatsoever. They even support their community creators!.Version: 3.6.0

.-.Ik everyone is complaining about matchmaking and that can be relatable being a lvl 1 vs lvl 8, 9 and 10s (in legendary arena)(quick flex) but I understand that not that many ppl play so the lvls will be unfair at times and ppl at lower arenas then their suppose to be are because they have high lvl cards and are lacking skill or experience. One thing that could definitely make Clash Royale better would stop pay 2 win from being a strategy. Literally buy a couple of chests lvl up ur cards and ur good for the next couple arenas. This seems a little bit greedy giving an edge to people who spend money to free 2 play. Giving a slight boost to free 2 play players would help a lot. - .-..Version: 3.2.1

Good app, despite what people think, not pay to winSure, you do get a significant advantage from spending money, but it’s pay to get on the leaderboards, not pay to be successful. I haven’t spent a penny and am level 12 in leagues. I admit, as you get higher, supercell needs to make it easier to get coins and cards, which was helped by the token system, but still needs to be addressed, and made a bit less grindy, because it’s really hard to get a single max card. Another thing people complain about is the balance, saying cards are op, and that everyone plays the same op cards. Those are called win conditions. They do the main damage. They are not over powered, they are just your main damage dealer. Ice spirit is not weak because it can’t destroy a tower. It wasn’t meant for that. Balloon isn’t overpowered because it deals damage to your tower. You just have to build your deck to defend it. So many people complain about cards being op, but they just want to win more, and since only 1/2 of the people can win in a match, you just have to git gud. There’s no way that more than 50% of people can win if everyone payed a single match. There’s no possible way to make everyone win all the time, so instead of complaining in reviews and blaming your problems on hackers (I’ve never seen a hacker in 3 years) or the game being bad, just get gud..Version: 2.8.1

Clash RoyaleI have been playing this game from pretty much since it came out and not once have I been bored of it. This game just fulfils every bit of boredom you may have lurking around inside of you. I have played on many different devices and although o have started over many times I’m still as intrigued as I was when I first started playing! One piece of constructive criticism is that I have been levelling up the arena’s quite fast( faster than you normally would) because I have had to start over on my new phone and because of this I am nearly on challenger area but still haven’t gained some of the basic cards from much lower arenas Apart from that I love the game there is a very low chance of someone cheating and I have only encountered a cheater very few times in my years of playing! Continue building the game and I’ll be here along the way to watch it develop and become better.Version: 3.2.0

Love it! But than It gets boring.If your interested of playing this game for fun, Don’t, because first it’s fun and than It gets really boring, I’m not saying I hate the game but It’s my opinion, By the way, this is a cool game, Placing characters, Reaching trophies, Playing Special challanges, It’s interesting! It’s like your doing a war, and I feel like I’m on WW1 or WW2 when I play this game, Honestly, This is similar to Brawl Stars. Well, the gadgets and Starpower is not on this game, In my circumstances, I say it’s a interesting game, but yes, it will be boring if you play too long, and One thing I hate the most on this game, So when there is a new season coming, half of your trophies go down,You lose your battle royale, That’s honestly unfair, we work so hard to get those trophies and the new seasons are ruining it. So yeah, Please do some update with this things. Like once I was on 5150 trophies and just got down 4678, Anyways, please update those things I hate. Also goodbye! Hope you enjoyed reading this text :>.Version: 3.4.2

Brilliant game, but...This game is great. The fact that you have trophies that you can win (and unfortunately lose) adds that spark of competition that makes the game really fun. However, my one issue is that since each game has consequences to winning and losing, there NEEDS to be some sort of automatic exit when you or your opponent loses connection. The most frustrating thing when playing this game is when you’ve already lost numerous times in a row (and are getting pretty stressed out at your drastic decrease of trophies) then when you play again to try and get that little boost you need, the little red ‘connection lost’ symbol comes up. That’s it. The game freezes. You have no choice but to close the app and reopen it, but by that point (if your connection is back) the game is halfway through and you’ve got no chance of winning (that is, if you haven’t been defeated already). It’s an automatic lose that no-one deserves. Sure, when you lose a game, you lose. But when your connection messes up, you haven’t lost but you still have to pay the price of losing. If this was fixed, it would be pretty much the best game ever..Version: 2.0.1

DonationsSupercell could you guys recommend changing the donation request, Because there no point of people donating the same amount of epic cards and rare cards. Could you recommend that every time you request the clan can give a total of 10-15 rare cards and not just receiving 4 so it makes it easier and less time to get the amount of cards you need to upgrade.Version: 3.2727.5

Money makerLike most games nowadays it’s just about money with season pass and micro transactions you can progress just fine without them but you will miss out on tons of cards and gold you eventually hit the wall where it takes forever to collect the required cards to level up or the gold to upgrade them it takes some amount of tactics to play the best way is efficient elixir trade and then counting but it’s repetitive and you find yourself battling much higher level players who play the same meta decks over and over since the game was released hog has been a favourite and remains one of the most played for the win condition and amazing to start with for a while but a huge grind even for veterans. Graphics are spotless, bugs are squashed another hit by supercell !! hopefully they working on something new coc had died after th11 and brawlstars was a flop but nevertheless I’m a huge fan just don’t copy the industry be a star and shine in your own way ;).Version: 3.2.2

Really goodHi can you please bring the chairs in the box and I will pick it out and do the Christmas tree and get it haha was a good one thank ya for it thank you thank hi to ya thanks for your wonderful Christmas tree thank ya so much thank ya so ya know what you wanna have to you do I tie you down and do you have any idea what it looks better for me haha yes please thank ya so ya know thank ya so sorry I cannot was the Christmas Day is the Christmas Christmas Eve was an hour of a time to come home is the Christmas Day day I was happy for you haha is the Christmas we have Christmas Christmas Eve here is the day we are all here for dinner and I wanna was Christmas Christmas dinner on the way back and then we had dinner with roe for Christmas Christmas dinner on the way home I would be a great time to come home is the Christmas dinner time for you and I will be there tomorrow after work..Version: 3.3.1

Really great and fun game but...Ok, so right of the bat I want to say that this is SUCH A FUN GAME for so many reasons and I’m just suggesting same changes to make it even better. First off, you should be able to change your name more than once, maybe two or three times. Say you change your name and you immediately think of a better name. Maybe a child changes his name to something inappropriate and he or she can’t change it back. There are many more scenarios. Another thing is the cancel button needs fixing, I have a 2v2 deck and a ladder deck and I cannot say how many times that I’ve swiped and accidentally pressed the 1v1 battle button with my 2v2 deck and get completely destroyed. One last suggestion I have is to decrease silver and golden chests’ unlock times, those chests take way too long to unclock for the amount of cards they give. I understand you can gem the chests but you run out of gems at a certain point and I’m not really the type to spend money on a game. Anyway, Clash Royale is my favorite mobile game and one of my favorite games in general, the things I talked about are just some major things that should be tweaked or fixed, anyway I hope the developers see this and at least take in account of what I’ve said. Thanks for reading!.Version: 2.1.0

GREAT GAME 😁😁😃This is the best game ever created and I recommend it to everyone it’s very fun and addicting and you meet nice people in clans it also offers a variety of games to play you can play with other people around the world and battle your friends you can also get amazing 🤩 emotes that you can send to people during and after a game😁😁😁😃😃😁.Version: 3.6.2

Don't trust bad ratingsA lot of reviews for this game complain about how you always fight impossible opponents, can never get legendaries and have to pay to win. These are wrong, mostly. No opponent is impossible to beat, if you use the proper tactics you will win. If you prove yourself and get to a high arena without any legendaries, the chances of getting one is a lot higher. I restarted three weeks ago, and I have reached arena seven fairly easily and got a legendary inferno dragon along the way. No money was spent. A tip is: don't spend your gems on speeding up chest opening. Although this is an amazing game, there are of course more features that could be added. It is extremely frustrating when you get into a new arena, but you never get any of the new cards. I also think that there should be some way to stop people from on purpose dropping to a new arena to troll low level players. Lastly, the max clan chest level could be increased to fifteen be cause my clan and lots of others get level ten in a day and it is still not that good. Thanks for reading this review, and I hope to see another update soon..Version: 1.9.2

Awesome gameLove the game although I could not get my old account back:/ started over and it’s still great, however the new update makes it so easy to get trophies that I keep facing level 12 and level 13 people... I’m only level 10. The thing about that is the difference between level 10 and level 12 is at least a year of gameplay or a bunch of money I would rather the old style where you lost a lot more trophies when you lose. I think it’s awesome how y’all have made it to where it’s not Necessarily a pay to win game anymore but it is also very frustrating playing against people with level 13 troops when my strongest is level 11... this is not a complaint bc this is the only mobile game I play. I just get tired of people with 5 level 13 troops talking trash. Would much rather be matched against pple my level. Ps. Y’all know the emojis or whatever they are called in the game are just straight disrespectful 😂. I get and appreciate the trophy system but maybe have the matchmaking find people the same level I know I’m not the only level 10 with this problem. With all that being said any level 12 still in the league I’m in is complete garbage and I think they should have to face people their own level. Recommend to anybody looking for a fun challenging game though..Version: 2.7.1

Entertainment, Graphics and the best game everGoes to clash Royale. It’s great, it cures my Boredom. It has great graphics its never blurry, or you need a new phone. It is great when your at home with nothing to do because you don’t ever need to stop, unlike clash of clans where once you’ve attacked you have nothing to do. I’ve had loads of games on my phone and iPad and this is probably the best game I’ve ever downloaded, and boy have I got a lot of games. Sadly it uses WiFi but if you can get 4G or your hotspot or something then it is as good as it is with WiFi. I must admit I definitely couldn’t play it 12 hours strait but still when you get bored of it, just go on clash of clans or boom beach or hay day or brawl stars. There are so many games supercell have made but this one is by far the best. That’s my thoughts on this great game, and... join my clan. INFIDIUM My name is Alex Arsenal, and my second account is Alex Arsenal(2).Version: 2.7.0

Clash Royale reviewThis game is an amazing game. It is so fun to play while waiting for the train or on the toilet. Clash Royale is also great because you can also play with your friends in 2v2 or against each other in fun modes like touchdown. My only complain with this game is that it is really hard to level up to level 14 without buying pass Royale. I have friends who have been playing for 5 years and are still only level 12. I think they should fix this by adding new ways to earn xp rather then just leveling up your cards. They could add a feature where you earn xp for reaching a new arena for the first time, winning a game or winning games in a tournament. This is my only complaint about this game which is so fun but supercell please think about this..Version: 3.2803.4

I have an idea for you guys at supercellHey Supercell, I just had an idea that would be pretty good I think: Maybe you could add like name tags or “titles” to your 10 deck slots. Like for example on deck slot one there would be an option to title that slot and I could name that slot like “balloon deck” or something and then deck slot 2 you could title “ hog deck and ect… These titles would also be customisable by the players so they can name it what they want. I feel like this will be useful to like remind players on what they used for certain slots or what slots have a deck they can alter in ect as sometimes when I’m looking for a free deck slot it can be hard to find, yet with titles I could easily label it like “ free deck slot” or something. Anyway this is just my suggestion on something you could add, I love this game though and have been playing it for years, definitely one of my favourite mobile games..Version: 3.2803.4

Great but…..I love this game and have only played it for a bit but fell In love with the game straight away. There are a few problems with the game and that one main problem is that no matter how hard you try the game will pair you up with really hard opponent's that are much higher level than you. Like I was on a 10 game winning streak and then it pairs me up with Someone who has cards 13 levels higher than mine and cards that I don’t even have and the cards were from builders workshop and I am only in p.e.c.a. Playhouse another annoying thing about the game is when you start in the first 2 arenas you level up super easily and the kings journey chest come super easy but pretty much as soon as I went into barbarian bowl the game got 20 times harder It took me three weeks to get one kings journey prize and 2 days to open a new Teir level and also what is the matching you up with player who have got legendary cards I AM STILL IN ARENA 4 put me with player who are same level and roughly the same card level and the same cards don’t put me with people who have level 20 skeleton army when my army is only level 11 and don’t give me people who have obviously put money into the game because they have zappers and mighty miner and mega night in arena 4 but apart from those little things the game is great. I am not being sarcastic the game is great but the only problem is that they match you with people who are super high level. 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂.Version: 3.2803.4

It’s good but could be betterHi so this is a good game but I have problems with it. No bugs or anything but gameplay issues. I recently got into arena 4 and since then the game has been really hard to progress. I lose up to 33 trophies per game which sometimes gets me all the way to the bottom of the arena. Also, there was a really op card called chariot in arena 3. Everyone I vsed has got it and it was annoyingly unfair because I was basically the only one in my arena who didn’t have it. The only other problem is the pass Royale. I find it very irritating that you have to wait 24 whole hours just to get the next chest. I have already easily gotten to the end of it but crowns no longer do anything, unless I pay money for pass Royale to get more gold with crowns, which gold doesn’t really do much other than upgrade cards and buy a couple of cards each day. Other than this the game is actually really good and I would reccomend it..Version: 3.2872.3

MUST GET GAME!!!I started playing this game because other people were playing it and I am now hooked! I’m currently king tower level 11 at legendary arena and my gosh this is a good game. It takes a bit of time to fully understand everything but once you’re around my level, this game is hard to put down. I love how there is a party mode where I can just chill, do masteries of test decks. For those who don’t know, there is even ranked battles! This is the best game I have ever downloaded on my phone!! Also, it’s free to play and even if you do purchase the deals that the game has in the shop (I don’t) the game is still super levelled and I’ve never felt that I lost a match because I didn’t have the pass Royale. NO ADDS, NO COSTS (unless you want there to be) AND GENERALLY AWESOME!!!.Version: 3.2872.3

Really fun but has kinksI’ve been playing this game for a couple of years and I’ve always enjoyed it. However even though they have improved much about it, it still has some key issues that hinders the game from being even more enjoyable. The main thing that has always bothered me is getting matched up again players that are higher level; even though they may be in the same arena, playing against players at a higher level automatically puts you at a disadvantage. Facing an opponent that is only one lever high is not too bad but countless times I’ve went against people who were 2 or 3 levels higher than me. So they have a higher hp for their towers and usually higher level cards, so that has always bothered me since that affects the outcome to many battles. The second thing that bothers me is in 2v2 battles when your teammate leaves halfway, you’re guaranteed to lose. There is no way you could win against 2 players. I know there’s practically no way to prevent people from leaving but if there was some type of penalty for rage quitting and leaving a teammate stranded I feel that would be appropriate. That’s just one suggestion to improve that aspect. Overall there’s a reason why I’ve been playing for so long. It’s super fun but like I said there are things keeping it from being even better and possibly moving the game to the #1 strategy game in the AppStore..Version: 2.1.0

Great GameHello Supercell ain’t have been playing the game for a year now and it is amazing, it has progressively gotten better and better until it can’t be beaten. Through the past couple of days I have been thinking of even MORE things that you could add to “Clash Royale.” I thought that some cards could have ability’s, eg. Giant Skeletons could drop the bomb when you activate the ability. I also thought that you could add hero slots (including the 8 playing cards another slot for a hero, such as Barbarian King and Archer Queen). The way of upgrading these cards is to earn here points so after every certain amount of hero points you get you could upgrade your hero. These points would be obtained in chests and wins. Thank you so much for making this app. It is my favourite game and I can’t wait for your next Game : ).Version: 2.1.0

It doesn’t work anymoreI used to love this game. At first I thought it was a network problem, but I’ve used multiple wifi’s and it’s not a network problem. Whenever I enter a match, it stays at 84% and takes about fifteen seconds to open up the screen. After that, it doesn’t allow me to even select cards or do anything at all. I have to refresh the app completely, after it loads (freakin 20 years later) it finally lets me access my cards, but then it glitches and fast forwards everything, completely freezing frames at times, showing different frames of the battle. Then it ends. After it takes me back to the Battle menu, I try to reenter a battle and it repeats the process. I’ve lost multiple 1v1 battles and have dropped hundreds of trophies due to this. I’ve let down too many 2v2 partners. I’ve finally deleted the app. Please fix this. I really enjoyed this game and I want to continue playing it but I can’t. Please, PLEASE fix this.Version: 2.0.1

Cards levelCards should be easier to obtain this is coming from (quick flex) A legandary arena player with level 10 towers, but I only have level 9 cards and I currently have no gold, and yes I am a free to play player but I have been playing since the beginning, I just wish cards were easier to upgrade towards the later levels and, one last thing, we should have a higher chance of getting a legandary we don’t have rather than one we do have.Version: 3.2.1

Battle replaysWhen you replay or watch a battle after it’s been done please make it so you can see the elixir of both teams and please make it so we can see where we placed the units on the field like in game. For example, when you are playing you can see where you and your teammate ( 2v2 mode ) are going to place the card on the field. I would like this to be the same on replays so I can see where the opponents and my team placed the cards to I can analyse more and learn more from my battles. It helps me in game to communicate with my teammates when I pick a card and moved it across the map indicating where I want to go or what plan I want to do. This has happened many times before and I just want to see it in my replays. I want to see the things I did in game to analyse, learn and adapt and I want to see the enemy’s or opponents thinking or placement that they did in their game. Please make this possibly, thank you 👍🏻💪🏾.Version: 3.2803.4

It’s good fun for 2 months every so oftenI love clash Royale, there is no other game like it. They have just brought out level fourteen and so far has been really fun. However the problem with this game is that these new updates only come out twice a year and so it gets boring after about 2 months. Compare this game to brawl stars ( a different supercell game) they bring out new brawlers every month and bring out balance changes every month so every month there is a new meta and you have lots of fun playing different brawlers all year round, clash Royale just doesn’t have those kind of updates. For what felt like a year the biggest update they brought out was pass Royale and that was really disappointing. But this year clash Royale is really looking up- making progression easier and level fourteen is dope and I’m having loads of fun again. Hopefully they can keep it up so I don’t burn out after 2 months. Overall a great game that seems to be back on track to being the best mobile game in the world..Version: 3.2727.5

Good but has flawsClash Royale is a good game, even great. However, there are a few flaws that bring it down immensely. 1. Matchmaking (THE MOST ANNOYING ONE): This has happened to MANY if not EVERY person, where they are matched up against someone with a huge advantage. Like I was level 9 going up against a level 13 in Arena 12. That’s stupid and annoying because there’s essentially no way to win. 2. Missing Features: This includes Global Chat, Friending someone with tag instead of sending a link, Minigames and more. 3. Luck: There are so many cards in the game now, and that’s fine. But it also makes it worse for the player because the chance of getting a card they ACTUALLY need, they instead get something useless. Say they wanted a Valkyrie, they open 3 Magical Chests, 99 Giant Chests and 5 Mega Lightning Chests, and all they got were garbage like Royal Recruits, Rage or Mortar. Apart from these, Clash Royale is a fun and awesome game. I would love to see these implemented into the game..Version: 3.2.1

Skill and Luck...I've been playing this game for three years, so I can truly give an honest review. I've spent absolutely 0$ on this game, and although I've considered it, you don't need to pay to win. Admittedly, it does take a while to grind, but not too long. You could get to 4000 trophies in 2-3 months with casual ladder play, if you're good enough. As you climb up the ranks, Legendaries can be pretty hard to come by, but I have 6 of them, all of which are either from quest chests, or from magical, super magical, and legendary chests won from battles. If you don't want to lose trophies and just want to chest grind, you can do 2v2 to earn those crowns for the crown chests, and you can get reward chests just the same. Better cards = better chance of winning, and you can get better cards to win simple by playing and learning. Overall, a great game with a great core idea..Version: 2.6.1

Super Mini PekkaDear Supercell I’ve been playing your game since it has came out and a little bit of a CoC VET and I have loved playing the game and hardly ever have complaints with it or even how matches turn out. That’s just to give a little bit of my knowledge in the game. The reason is because of your new champion the Super Mini Pekka. The card is to strong for its own good it completely one shots a king tower or queen on full health. How does that make any since I noticed that he is at the bottom of the cards so he has not been planned to be put in the game yet and I hope it stays that way because I don’t want to have to worry and this card when my trophies are on the line because if I misplace one card and that’s my punish that’s one tower and the 3 crown before my king can even send of a shot and I’m not even counting the support cards that would make it even more broken all I say is atleast give the player a chance by making it a 2 hit on towers I don’t mind that he one shots every card but the towers is the cherry on top that drove me to this comment love the game for all these years but I really don’t know how I would feel if I played 6 games and was three crowned by that card each game. Thank you for your time please consider a little change to her have a great day😶‍🌫️.Version: 3.2872.3

Excellent game , terrible connection issuesI’ve been playing this game solidly since about a week since it’s release and since day one I’ve been having the exact same problem; connection issues. Currently every 2 games I play I am logged out of the game or the game seems to pause completely not allowing me to place anything through every update I have had no improvement. These connection issues have on regular occasion lost me challenges tournaments and trophies and there is no sign of it being fixed. Unless you have the latest phone or tablet it seems that the connection issues will never go away. I would advise supercell to put in a timer once a player has been disconnected for maybe 30 secs if they don’t reconnect the game can continue with one player playing. Aside this one major flaw the rest of this game is brilliant and I will probably continue playing it for a while.Version: 2.3.3

MinerNerf miner because it heals the enemies tower and that’s unfair 😡.Version: 3.2729.1

I think it’s greatEverybody out here complaining that it isn’t balanced or that you have to spend money to climb, no that isn’t the case, it takes time, I’ve had 3-4 accs and lost em due to deleting the game and coming back and I’ve never spent a cent yet I’m in arena 13 challenger 3 and still don’t see a problem, yea you get unfair matchups but that’s just what happens, you get angry stop playing and come back, also the decks and cards aren’t really unbalanced, it’s the creativity of your opponent so don’t blame the cards, blame the opponent for being decent at the game, yea there’s meta decks that people use consistently most recently wall breaker miner decks have blown up around me but no deck is impossible to beat or unfair, it’s all about skill, yea your deck could completely counter your enemy or vice versa but once again, it’s how the game works, get over it, there’s not really a problem with this game, it just takes time.Version: 3.2.1

Arguably the best mobile game ever!I’ve been playing Clash Royale for about a year, and I can say with absolute certainty that it is the best mobile game I’ve ever played! I play pretty much every day as it’s just so fun! I like the card progression system as it allows you to climb through the arena ranks over time. Many people complain that CR requires you to spend real money to progress at a reasonable pace; I have never spent a penny on this game and have not encountered any real problems or difficulties. The game works pretty much flawlessly (in terms of multiplayer connection etc), and uses incredibly little mobile data if you find yourself bored and without WiFi! However, it does use a fair bit of battery power, though that is expected from a multiplayer game. I highly recommend playing this game on an iPad as the game has been properly adapted to fit the large screen, and progress is synched between iPhone and iPad..Version: 2.4.0

GoodI have read older reviews from other people and although they say the game is fun, they say that the chests take a long time to open. But for me, I only get to log in to cr once a day and so I just casually open my chest, do clan wars/challenge and then log off. Also, many people say they have bad matchmaking, but in challenger 3, I get matched with even opponents but I usually win due to skill. I believe that the fun begins once you go to leagues. When I rejoined cr at the start of this year, I sped through arenas into leagues in a few days because I had more experience. And once I was on leagues, I didn't fight low level players anymore, but o think that some experience player purposely drop trophies so they can play against inexperienced players. Idk, that is just my thoughts.Version: 3.4.2

Good game in general, improvements still to be made!Hi Supercell, please don’t take offence in any way, this is my constructive criticism on the your game, CR. Firstly, matchmaking. Most people have a hard time winning on ladder due to versing people higher level, (meaning LvL 10 vs. LvL 12, 13, etc). One way we can fix this is using a system/program which recognises the level of the card the player is using and trying to match the player with a suitable opponent. This change can help players progress with more ease as player will not have to verse players that are 2+ levels in front of them. For me Supercell, that is the only issue I find in this game, other than that, (in my opinion), this game is quite well designed and functional, and I hope to see more of your future updates and improvements! Regards, vECt :).Version: 3.2729.1

Great game but glitchI was playing 2v2 with a clan mate, and after I rematched around three times, I pressed cancel to leave. It immediately put me in a match that wouldn’t start, every time I pressed cancel it would play the joining sound, and every time I start the game up it keeps me in the match. I’ve even tried restarting nothing works..Version: 2.2.3

Buff the Lava HoundHey I want to start off and say I love the game. It is just so creative and fun and addictive. I really enjoy playing. Now, personally my favorite card is the Lava Hound and I do see quite a lot of people use it, maybe not professionally, but for skirmishes and side play. I’ve also played Clash of Clans and I saw that the Lava Hound (CC) deals a pretty good amount of death damage, for what it can't do in regular damage, but the Lava Hound mama (CR) does no death damage which I don’t understand because it’s a flying golem and probably has one of the worst regular damage for a tower attacker and the lava pups they do an ok amount of damage but have like no health. Now you could argue that, what it can’t do in damage it makes up in HP, this is correct but there’s a problem, it’s a legendary card meaning that it’s SUPPOSED to be better than most other cards, but the Lava Hound might as well be labeled an epic or rare. I and many people would appreciate if the Lava hound got some extra love. I would like to suggest either the Lava Hound mama or Lava pups death damage and raise the Lava Hound mama ranged attack so that it can live up to the legendary title otherwise it’s just a heavy card that only works for a decoy or goes good with the clone spell. Please fix this because again me and many people would appreciate the Lava Hound getting some extra love..Version: 3.3.2

Every game aims to make money clash Royale no differentWHAT DO YOU EXPECT? SUPERCELL TO MAKE NO MONEY AND FOR THE GAME TO BE BORING WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO FUND ANYTHING BETTER? all I'm saying is the people who are like pay to win a are whooses, clash of clans you pay, yet everyone's loves that, game of war, hay day, fruit ninja, you name it it's society so get used to it. And for the sooks who say cards are too powerful, there are ALWAYS cards that counter them. FOR ALL DOS HATERS IMMA DAB ON DOSE HATERS I have never payed in clash royale, it took me 2 years to get all the legendaries, as I got to hog mountain and bought most of them. Ever since it's been so fun with legendaries, and it's not pay to win, if you earn legendaries then it's not unfair, simple you earn you become better. Most people who say it's pay to win are the ones who versed one paying payer and think EVERYONE PAYS! This game is great so stop sooking..Version: 1.9.2

Free to play! Outstanding!The game is free, and I see reviews saying “this game pushes you to pay so you can make progress” and that is not true. I have spent money on this game but not a lot, and when I think of how I got my golem to level 12 I think of how I used trade tokens and opening clan war chests and quest chests. Supercell have given players a lot more ways to upgrade your deck so buying a Legendary Kings Chest will not upgrade your entire battle deck and if you really want to get to 6400 trophy's from 4000 you would have to spend a ridiculous amount of money or go on a journey of opening chests from clan wars and quests, gradually becoming stronger and building more skill. This game is good, and balanced as when you start facing level 13 on lather when you are level 11, it just shows you that you need to play different game modes like 2v2, challenges and clan war, this way you can upgrade your deck. It could be sometimes frustrating but what can Supercell really do, its not that easy? The game is fun and that is the most important part, so have fun..Version: 2.5.2

Cool gameI’ve played this game for a while, and I’ve enjoyed it, but there are a few things I feel should be addressed. First off, remove or nerf electro giant. It has exactly two good counters, and they only counter it with perfect placement. Some cards are ok at countering it (like pekka) but they still let it get a ton of damage on the tower. Second, I know this is how supercell makes money, but there are way too many people who blow their life savings on the game. It gives them a ridiculously unfair advantage. This is tied hand in hand with people having overleveled cards - a king level 10 doesn’t deserve to have three max level cards, especially if all his other cards are level 9 or 10. Aside from these issues, the game is very engaging, and it gives you an opportunity to earn rewards if you play just a few games per day. It’s a perfect game to play if you have a short break - for example, switching between classes. It always gives you something to strive for, and supercell adds new cards occasionally, which completely changes the strategy of the game. Whenever a new card is added, I generally try to use it in a deck to see what it works well with, and if I like it, I keep the new deck. Your strategy always changes based on what cards you and your opponent are using, and I like that. Overall, it’s a great game that doesn’t take too much time out of your schedule - well done, supercell..Version: 3.6.2

Medium...So...I have played the game for around a year now so it can get pretty addicting. However the game itself runs in a cycle. Earlier today I was put again Three level 13’s in a row. As a level 11. This may sound like not a lot of difference but the cards a level 13 has and the cards level make a massive difference. Let alone the gold star levels. And also the fact that anyone can spam as many emotes as possible. LIKE COME on supercell make the max a game 20!! Yes, there is a muting option but still. However the game also likes to make you spend money. It is unfair on people that can’t spend $100 on a mobile game! Anyway doing that is RIDICULOUS. Seriously though I had to start a new account just so I could have fun on the game. Doing this isn’t fun and I would recommend trying to play something else or do not fall for spending cash on the game. Possibly also make it so LEADERS can change THEIR CLAN name. Honestly the matchmaking should be based on LEVELS AND TROPHIES. Not just trophies. Maybe like a level above or below your level but not 2 or 3! It’s just mad. Honestly I may delete the app if the terrible experience keeps up. Supercell please fix your game!.Version: 3.2.1

Awesome game, but poor matchmaking lets it all downClash Royale is an awesome fun game with many different comical aspects to it. However, poor matchingmaking in 2v2s and 1v1s ruins the whole game. Every time I go to 2v2 with my friend, I get opponents who are two or three levels higher, meaning we cannot counter their higher level cards. In 1v1s I get people who are level 11-12 and I am only level 9. Personally I think you should base matchingmaking on player level, rather than just people in the same arena as you. Other than that one downside, every else is awesome!.Version: 2.8.1

What’s with all the negativity?I don’t understand why there’s so many butthurt people in these reviews. No the cancel button does not work but the game finds you a match ridiculously fast like 1-2 seconds so just don’t play if you misclicked the battle button. If that one loss makes a difference to you, you probably don’t belong in the arena you’re in. The cancel button not working is at most a minor inconvenience, not even close to a reason to give this game a 1*. It’s a fun pastime, great strategy game, and quick matches make it very convenient to play in short spurts. The matchmaking is perfect, I’ve never been matched against anyone totally unfair. If I’m matched with a lvl 13 and I get smacked it’s usually because I won too many games and I’m higher in the ladder than where I belong. 2 thumbs up. Only criticism is a little more balance to certain cards. As of right now the elixir golem is almost an instawin for the person that fights against it and the heal spell is very underwhelming as is the goblin cage. In general though, I will say cards have been balanced really well, there’s just a few kinks to work out..Version: 3.2.2

Balance problem and also a response to negativity. I love Clash Royale BTWI love Clash Royale. But one thing that I think you could improve for this app would be the balance. Whenever I am in 2v2 mode, I seem to be versing people who are a few arenas above me. Now I don’t really mind this but I think that if you pair up two people in say royal arena with other people in a arena probably one arena above or in the same arena. But that’s the only problem and let me just say that your game is very good. I started playing this year and I’m already in royal arena and I have 3 legendaries so I think that your game is thriving a lot. Also to those people who say that some lower level people already have good cards and have problems with cards please note that no one will listen to your whining so stop being so salty about losing matches just because your opponent has better cards than you and start thinking really carefully before you write scathing one start reviews. Also cards being overpowered? Deal with it!!.Version: 3.0.0

Since update of 3600 arena game has constantly been crashingGame is unplayable at this point because you never know when the game is going to crash. Happens AT LEAST once every time I open the app to play, can’t play ladder because I fear that the game is going to crash. I have lost many war battles and collection attacks due to this. Yeah yeah but we have to a half time we have a good time and I can come get him after school tomorrow if I can come over to your parents and get him out to come over for the weekend I will come get him before I go get to the game I’ll come over to your parents and get him and I have him go get some lunch for us. Hope that this is patched soon because there was one ‘patch’ released after the 3600 update but this didn’t seem to fix it at all. Never have I had the game crash this much in the last 2 weeks then it did for the last 5 years. Hope this helps..Version: 2.6.1

$z!m-$z!mGreat game!😁 I just can’t stop playing it... it is just super addictive. The only thing I’m annoyed with this game is that one day I tried to go on Clash Royale and it crashed. I couldn’t open it and I had to delete it and download it again. Unfortunately I was not logged in to google play and it restarted my account 😩. But now I’ve been playing on my new account for about a month and I’ve got to arena 8. This is the great part about my new account is that I’ve already got 3 different legendary cards! Thx for that SUPERCELL😁. I got a lava hound out of a crown chest then I got electro wizard (my favourite legendary card) out of a legendary chest and got an ice wizard out of a silver chest😱 which I was blown away by. Now I’ve got the deck I had on my old account. Personally, I think u r trying to help me get back up to where I was but I don’t know if this is wat u r doing. Besides that it is a great game. Thx again SUPERCELL for everything u did and for creating this amazing 😉 game.😍 🤪 🤩 😎.Version: 2.0.2

Amazing gameThis game is amazing been playing since about half a year after release good graphics salty community and many features but it would be nice if you could add a private chat with people on your Friends on you list because I can’t leave my clan to talk to them because I’m leader i will love you long time if you add this.Version: 2.1.0

Amazing!I only have one problem with Clash Royale, which is the matchmaking system, but you guys are trying your hardest to keep it fair. Except I believe that when in Party and Classic mode, it should only pair you up against someone with either 1 higher, lower or the same king level as you, while in Events/Challenges, you should be paired up against someone with a close 600 trophy range as you. I also think that there should be a fourth champion………. *drumroll please* The Dragon Lord! There are three champions, all ruling the earth, while the air is left alone? Not anymore… I know you’ve tried the Dragon before, but the all new Dragon Lord would be amazing! He would rule the skies, giving the game much more of a twist. Golden Knight and Skeleton King counter each other, while Archer Queen roamed free? That’s no longer a problem. The Dragon King would look amazing, mixing the colours of the Baby Dragon and the Electro Dragon, while wearing a fixed crown on its head. From aerial view, it would be the size of the giant. It would do about 1.5x the damage of the Baby Dragon, but have the splash damage of the Wizard. It’s Power: Raging Fire. It basically rages up, but it burns the 2x3 squares in front of it to a crisp, dealing 2x damage. The rage lasts for 3 seconds, speeding it’s a agility by 3x..Version: 3.2729.1

Gianni Clash reviewIn my humble opinion this game is anything but disappointing. Every time I load up this masterpiece of a game, It gives me morning wood when I see unlock a golden chest in the morning on my phone. Seeing hog rider makes my hog wanna ride. As I type this review the “Update of The Year” happened and I feel like a little boy on Santa’s lap getting what I want. This is exactly what I expected from a great company of the makers of Clash Royal. I just wanna spit in every developer’s mouth at the company and have them spank me pink. The shear joy of loading up the game and hearing the jingle makes my load come out on command. Can’t wait to end this review and bukkake on my screen while mini pekka moans pancake. Every Emote makes me so happy and all the silly little characters make me feel like a kid with my uncle, especially goblin giant because i was on his shirtless back as he recorded us having “Uncle Geno’s Friday Night Fun”. And don’t get me started on mother which. My fantasy is her making me her little sweaty pig. Just seeing her wand makes me want to act up 😉. I grab my balls violently while I place mother which on a Larry army. I should wrap it up here but i can go on and on. I need to get back on the game while I go 55 miles per hour in a active school zone while loading into ladder. Keep Clashing!!! Hehehe Ha..Version: 3.3024.2

Sorry for the long message but this is what everyone thinks:I’ve literally played this game since the day it was released. I remember getting on the bus and hearing that Super Cell finally released it. I downloaded it and I am not exaggerating when I say I didn’t sleep that night. I played that game until I got off the bus for class the next morning. The consent of it is what everyone always wanted. Clash of Clans, but live. No base building and no revenge just good ol fashion 3 minutes to prove who is better then the other guy. Now Super Cell did bring over some things that was never loved to begin with such as being a “pay to win” or gaining slight and discrete tactical advantages and boosts because you pay the company money, but it’s like this for every game. And a lot of updates are very excessive like the Royal Giant and now the health of goblins. Other things can be annoying like being level 10 and facing off with someone who has all of their cards level 13 with gold effects. I feel like if these things can be fixed in the near future, this game will not only raise back up to the top, but remain at the top for years. But for the years I have already invested into the Clash universe, I am proud to say I played Clash in my childhood!.Version: 3.2.1

Fun!It's a fun game, just don't take it too seriously :) It's not a metaphor for life or anything. It's a fun game to play when you have some time to do a few battles. Also, help and support is awesome if you need them. Great job!.Version: 1.9.2

Great game everyone should play, but flawed.This game is fun and you cannot deny that ever. But, my problem is that even with the update of battle pass and such, I still do not own all the cards I’m suppose to own, which means I cannot optimize my decks because I do not own certain cards from lower ranks. But my main annoyance with the game is that at higher trophies, I’m constantly fighting people way higher leveled than me. These higher leveled players not only have cards I do not have, but their cards that I do have are higher leveled, so even if we play the same cards, I still lose. On top of all that, the higher leveled players have more health on their towers. So I’m literally at a disadvantage in 3 different ways. This game is incredibly fun, but being level 8 and constantly fighting lvl 11-12s is incredibly annoying. What am I suppose to do if a guy plays the exact same deck as me, but he has higher leveled cards? His card will beat mine even if they’re the exact same card... and I have to literally do more damage than him to win... even though he has better cards than me.. whether that be because he owns cards I don’t have, or because they’re higher leveled.. It’s honestly the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. Regardless, you should play this game. I just hope the playing field is more even. I should not be punished for going to higher trophies at lower levels..Version: 3.4.2

Really great but has a few problemsHey supercell this game is really great and all getting updates a lot and new things being added in but this game also has a few problems like its sorta unbalanced like I’m not the best player only in arena 5 but when I want to do an event I vs people that are probably like arena 11 or something like that because they always start destroying me in a battle there’s also the chest situation when you win chests from battles they take so long to unlock and you don’t get anything good like I’m in arena 5 (like I said before) but I haven’t gotten much epics and no legendarys from arena 4 and 5 and it’s starting to annoy me because that can have a giant effect on my battles and lastly the season passes there all good even if you have the free one but I play a lot and I always have to wait until another tier comes out and all I’m thinking is shouldn’t they have them all unlocked at once because I’m not really patient and I’m starting to get loads of crowns quickly I hope you guys read this and reply if necessary..Version: 3.2.1

NerfffThere are a lot of pros with this game but many cons to such including the bird of some troops as an early game player arena four and three can be incredibly difficult cause of one troop well multiple troops but the biggest one is the skeleton army it needs a nerf or a card needs to be added with splash range but other wise this game is amazing just with a few flaws.4 stars amazing game.Version: 3.4.2

This is trueAll the kids that put 1 star are just mad that they couldn’t defend mega knight, it’s true all the arenas under arena 13 are pay to win other wise you get matched with king level to match the arena or card levels, if your under leveled in a high arena, that’s not Clash royals fault. If you can’t defend e giant or mega knight, or your in an arena under arena 12 or your under leveled, don’t cry like a 9 yr old sore loser and blame the game.Version: 3.2803.4

Wonderful but critically flawedI love this game, the concept and ideas put in is amazing. I like how original and unique the cards are and how it affects the play of the game, but sometimes it does come off as pay to win. I’m higher level player, so I’ve seen action with almost all of the cards. On that note, in my experience the game has one glaring issue that’s rather essential to the gameplay. The balancing is alright, you jumpstart need to know how to play, but the matchmaking is by far the most garbage matchmaking I’ve ever seen in any video game. I get played against people up to two levels higher than me with maxed cards, when my deck is mostly 4 levels below. It takes the fun out of the game when you’re toy losing to matches like this, which also loops back to the pay to win. All in all, it’s a great game, but he matchmaking is horrendous, which makes it pay to win, and takes some of the fun out of the game..Version: 3.2729.1

For those bad reviewsI can't understand why people cry over because of matchmaking it is not my problem if they are not good enough. But fr you play the game with all your passion for like what 2-4 weeks then you instantly uninstall the game cause not enough addictive.Version: 3.2803.4

Joseph RochesterClash Royale is a great game where you can get new cards and make them better or level them up.i play it on lots of different accounts with different cards and that are at different heights in the game. I think as the game is ment to be about fighting and battling it really gets you to think about being in the game and playing a war against people. There is starting to be updates to the game like the party mode and I like how you can join clans. When you start the game you can play matches to give you coins or chests as you get better you can start to go into competitions and festivals also when you win a game you can gain trophies, when you get a set amount of these you either get a chance to choose out of too cards new or levelling up options, get coins or get a chest I like this because it allows the game not to become repetitive so you can get new prizes. Hope you enjoy the game Joseph Rochester 👍.Version: 3.2.2

Strategy? Or free gems?I have played many supercell games, yet this one is different. I have played this for half a year now and am now sitting (just) at level 10. It requires lots of strategy. Involving use of cards and placement (Tech). Yet sometimes there are major disadvantages and advantages. Concerning player levels and cards, and how experience improves castle hitpoints. Yet there are exceptions. I have been demolished by several people 2-3 levels below me. Clash Royale is a game to master by experience and strategy, and gaining experience fast. Like many others, I still am in disbelief of the websites allowing free resources into the game, allowing an easy advantage. But in general, a simple game to pick up for all ages. And certainly has a large strategical background to it also. I still enjoy logging on most days and playing a few battles. I think touchdown mode should be improved further. Thanks Supercell.Version: 2.2.1

Insanely. uniquely. greatThis is hands down the best game ever made for phones. It mixes character progression seamlessly into the fun and incredibly intense battles had in the 'arena' (I'm 5160 trophies btw). I love the mix of old, existing characters from the Clash of Clans lore, for example the Valkyrie and the giant, with a healthy number of new unique cards such as the Musketeer, Baby Dragon, etc. The addition of the Challenges is an excellent way of spending little gems for potentially massive tradeoff with 12 wins! You can, like Clash of Clans, spend money to progress faster in the game, but it was never forced upon players that they HAVE to buy into to the game to compete. The game is competitive and challenging even if you, like me have only spent a few hundred on game XD (the deals do wonders). The prevalence of eSport in the CR sphere is more relevant the more seriously into the game you get. This makes this masterpiece of a game more fun, the more it is played which is a vital and rare attribute, which only a few online competitive games have. Overall the game is a perfect combination of challenge, artistic creativity and entertainment and I would recommend it to any fellow app-surfer. 5 STARS.Version: 1.9.2

Ups and Downs for Clash RoyaleThis game is great and it’s the best game in my phone but I would like to share some thoughts about the game . The game has good graphics and is a great game to have in your teens you can use emotes, join clans, invite friends, build decks and much more which is incredibly fun. In the beginning something I really thought was cool was training camp it gave me a clear image of how the game would be which I thought was nice. However later probably in arena 4 you notice your fighting against people who have better cards than you because there in a higher arena and by the time I got to arena 6 I was fight against people who were in arena 10 which is very annoying since it puts you in a huge disadvantage and not knowing how to counter. Another thing is that in clan wars (which is a genius idea) you fight against people in much higher arena which makes it nearly impossible to play there by the time I was arena 6 I wanted to try out clan wars so I did and I was up against people in arena 11 or higher which made me like a bot since I was getting incinerated in battle . Other than this the game is awesome you get to join a clan do challenges get emotes upgrade cards ,unlock cards and I love unlocking legendaries because I end up feeling great. Other then the few flaws the game is awesome I definitely recommend you downloading Clash Royale ..Version: 3.2729.1

CChriz GamingI've been playing clash royale since it first came out in 2016. It's a very good game that I still play today. I usually play CR during break/lunch time and after school or on my way to school. I've played it even more now since the new 2v2 game mode came out, however it was only available for 32 days. (Which is a very long time) But I hope that supercell can make it a permanent game mode available for people to play, because i think that it is one of the best game modes in CR. (A lot of people might agree with me). 2v2 is an easy way to earn chests and other rewards without gaining or loosing trophies which might make the game less competitive, HOWEVER maybe supercell can make 2 modes in 2v2. For example:" game mode 1: do not gain or loose trophies but no rewards". Game mode 2: gain or loose trophies but with rewards". This way might still keep the game competitive. I hope that 2v2 will appear more often than usual or permanent if possible but clash royale will still be my favourite game either with or without 2v2. Thanks Supercell and keep up the good work guys!!!.Version: 1.9.2

Great game, needs a few tweaks thoughSo I’ve downloaded this game so many times it’s not even funny, however one thing that gets annoying after a while is the match up AI once you’re past 4000 trophies especially when you’re only kings level 7/8, it’s impossible to beak kings level 11+ just because of card levels (aka damage and hp), Honestly such a great game but if that could be tweaked it’d be awesome, just so that every game you have you at least have a fighting chance.Version: 3.2.2

Bro whatOkay tf am I king level 9 and playing against level 10-11s for huh? Seriously they have wayyyy higher cards then me and I’m in arena 13 but nahhh get the matchmaking sorted out. Also I swear some people don’t run out of elixir near end game they keep spamming in troops like there ain’t no tmrw while my elixer just won’t hurry tf up and go up. Supercell this could be good as but bruh just figure it out on god ..Version: 3.6.0

Really great, but… what happened to the cards?Hello, Supercell. I think Clash Royale is great! I play it every day. I would however, like to wonder the card placements… you would say… it’s weird. One thing I liked before the Monk + Phoenix update was that the cards fit the theme of the Arena. Electro Giant in Electro Valley? Yes. Ram Rider in Hog Mountain? Sure. Now, most cards don’t even fit the theme of the arena… Electro Giant is in Rascal’s Hideout now… legendaries are now unlocked at Arena 10 instead of getting Miner at Arena 4 (used to be PEKKA’s Playhouse but now it’s Spell Valley) and the distribution of cards is… off. Seriously, where did half the cards in Bone Pit go? Also, I’m currently level 31 in Clash Royale, when the Monk + Phoenix update released I was on Tower Level 11, which was Level 29. I was able to open only THREE level up chests. What happened to the 26 other level up chests I never got to reopen? And why do the people who are at level 50 (level 14 back then) get no level up chests? They are the players who put the most time into your game… um, if it would be possible, could you give everyone who played the game before the Monk + Phoenix update their level up chests they never got to open? Maybe even consider it? I still like the game regardless. I definitely recommend giving it a try! Cheers, DJBendy.Version: 3.3074.2

Clash Royale Over The YearsWhen I first started playing this game it was great, I became pretty good playing certain decks so it was enjoyable. The balance updates were usually really positive for the game, changing up the way people play, giving them opportunities to learn new decks and cards. However, of late, many many many bugs have infiltrated the game and influenced extremely negatively on how people view the game, me especially. It’s become very annoying and is constantly happening every season. The lasted bug was in the global tournament where somehow Supercell messed up and had to end the global tournament early, meaning I was unable to play. I know Supercell works exceptionally hard to fix these issues are make the game as enjoyable as possible but these bugs really bring the positivity down..Version: 3.0.3

Opinion from someone with some actual experienceIn the review section I just see a lot of ppl complaining abt chest opening times. Like that's the most important thing. I'm pretty sure you won't die if you have 6 less ice spirit cards for 3 hours until it opens. about the gameplay. I'm in challenger III and I have to say that when I was grinding to leagues, I would prefer if supercell made me wait a few more seconds to find someone playing, rather than immediately putting me with an A.I because it didn't find a player within the first 2 seconds. Also the A.I's were too low leveled in my opinion. I was v.s ing lvl 6 and 7 king tower A.I in spooky town which isn't really realistic. Also, the matchmaking is my 1 main complaint. In challenger I, I was pitted up against king tower level 12's a few times. I know this happens because of season trophy reset, but I reckon they should have a rule where you only have to vs people 1 level higher or lower than you, to ensure fair matchmaking. That's pretty much all I have to say, and do more tournaments pls theyre fun.Version: 3.4.2

Great game but..It’s a great game and I’m currently around the 5000 trophy range as a lvl 10 usually with all around level 10 decks. But the matchmaking always seems so rigged. One game I'm against someone against who’s really bad, then I play against some lvl 12 dude with a max deck and I get destroyed. The my win rates around 50/50 right now and trophy pushing just seems like a win then a lose.Version: 3.6.0

Supercell please read it will make the game betterNerf the royal giant The end Just kidding I definitely think you should change the clan chest back to its old value because it’s not a good chest it’s like a rip off version of a magical chest so just make the clan chest a bit better and also the clan chest is a gold chest in the opening screen rather than the old clan chest. I know this might not make much sense but please try to understand but enough hate I’ve been playing the game since beta because it was released in nz and I’m from nz and I’m in legendary arena as a free to play player and my clan is top 100 local so yeah. Also would like to say thanks for making the games it really is great and supercell if your reading this rather than some random I would like to say thanks you.Version: 2.1.0

Love hate relationship kinda thingThis game, is a love hate relationship in it’s finest, coz some of the player base, are fun to play against, even if losing, coz you actually stand a chance and they play a deck which isn’t op, and this I a good part of clash rl’s player base, but the other part I hate so much a consider deleting the game and alt f4 ing my life, that is how op there decks are and I say to all that come across these players are you okay, this really ruin’s the game, and that is unfortunate, coz I like this game sometimes, and I find that clans can be toxic too, too the point where I have experienced people telling others to kys, just because someone doesn’t contribute to a clan war, which is discussing how shallow and self loathing some people are…. So other all it ‘s a fun game but you need to take break’s from it once in a while, at least when you start to feel angry..Version: 3.2872.3

Make it better and I’ll make it 5 starThey should also make it so that you need 100 people to start, and you’re on a battle bus, and where you stop changes what cards you get and who you play against and also add an epic scar card because that’s a cool gun and also a taccie waccie because Tico is hilarious. Also rename it Clash Battle Royale and change gems to Cbucks and then 5 star review..Version: 3.5.0

Prefer Clash of Clans legendary cards to hard to get!I have been a big fan of Supercell for a long time. I’ve been playing clash of clans for over 3.5 years as well as clash royal. With updates like the builder base to clash of clans it has honestly kept me more interested in playing COC over royal. My main lack of interest in keeping up with clash royal is that the legendary cards are more of a luck of the draw to receiving vs. something I feel I have more control of obtaining. I’ve played a while and have still never gotten cards I could have received at lower levels. I guess that alone keeps some of the interest down. I like that if I really want to get a certain character in clash of clans there is a very clear process that I can work to get that character and improve them. With Royal I can request cards from people in my clan to upgrade faster but I still may not get a cards I haven’t received yet and have no way to change that. I do like games that are a little unpredictable and use chance but it’s frustrating that on my end I can’t do anything to get certain cards I’ve always wanted. I guess that had kept me from being an active player regularly with royal as compared to clash of clans that I probably have plaid almost daily for 3.5 years and have been really happy with the updates that have come out, it’s without a doubt my favorite phone game!.Version: 2.1.0

ExcellentUnlike most games on the App Store, this one has a clear identity of being made to be a quality game rather than an ad generator. Supercell is truly a development team that earns my complete respect. The game is 100% playable without spending money and although spending can garner advantages it never is truly pay to win. You can not spend a single dime on this game and manage to have fun and at the core of a game I think that’s what it’s all about. But on top of that, it’s all the small things. This game is very fun, always adding change, new cards, metas, modes, you name it. Additionally, Supercell does not get the respect they deserve for their immaculate servers. They’re as close to flawless as you can get in the modern day. Instantly I’m in a match, with no latency or frame skips due to servers, but if happening due to poor internet connection. I truly support this team for the simple fact their games are well thought out, cared for, updated, and aren’t made to simply just splurge off of the user playing via ads or making a paywall. For that reason, I occasionally make it a point to spend money on this game even when I don’t have to. Because I want to show my appreciation for such a great game in a mobile market that’s encompassed by developers being successful by throwing together a piece of crap to make money. Keep up the great work supercell.Version: 3.2.2

Trashcell!!!If your after game where you have to grind for months and months on end even after spending heaps of money on the game and make no progress then this is your game. It’s a PAY TO WIN game no doubt about it it doesn’t require to much skill it all comes down to who ever has higher level cards will win. It’s a shame because it has potential but it’s designed to be addictive and to make you spend money on it and in all honesty the game is limited you end up just grinding and getting no where it’s no wonder I see so many abandoning not only Royale but all supercell games. All it is is a money making scheme based around gambling and to keep you hooked. Plenty of other games out there that are way better and that are not as painful to play. Hearthstone being a prime example. Good bye trashcell 👋🏼.Version: 3.4.2

Stop knocking the gameI was reading all these reviews about how the game has horrible matchmaking and it is pay to play. I will admit that there are advantages to paying but they have to make money somehow. If you don’t want to spend time on a game, this is not for you. If you aren’t patient and want to become incredible at a game in 5 seconds, then don’t play. I just tired of all these guys who don’t have any patient and just assume things about the game after 2 matches. You don’t have to pay to be good. I played for 6 months and am almost in legendary arena and haven’t payed a dime. I know other people who r in legendary and have been for a long time who haven’t payed anything or have payed very little. This game is about strategy and you have to learn what cards to play and how to play them. So yes, this game actually makes u think instead of some of the other mindless games on the market. I would definitely recommend this game if you want a game that will make you try and compete and learn the strategy. Also, this game has many layers and you can get to the same place many different ways. That’s why I rated this game 5 stars and actually took the time out of my evening to give a review that no one will probably ever read..Version: 3.2729.1

Good but...Personally i love clash royale but it can get really frustrating at times. I feel a campaign mode would give the game a massive uprise. The challenges are incredible and the best part about the game. I would suggest buying this if you are patient. I have played clash royale since release and i remember being in pekka playhouse used to be good. I was in builder workshop that was good when i played nowadays thats a whizz. I recently started a second account and was able to reach 2169 trophies as a level six in 2 days. The problem is too much new stuff has come out. Most people are in jungle arena right now which means the standards are going down and that it due to the new cards. Obviously you can't remove stuff but i think it would he best if you left it with arenas 1-8 and training camp with two legendaries. I'm more for the less legendary point though as most deck now revovle around them. If i had made the game i would have kept all cards in the legendary update I'm not to keen on the whole league thing. I would get rid of arena 8,9,11 again if i had the choice however i don't mind them much apart from arena 11..Version: 1.9.2

WarsI pretty much have no issues with the game and have played it for years but the war matchups are disgusting. I’m level 13 but only have 1 deck of maxed cards, the rest of my cards are 9 & 10 so when i have to make 3 more war decks, they are quite low level but yet, i get matched up against level 13 & 14 card decks, i don’t even have a chance so what’s the point in even playing in the war? This just results in so many clan members not participating in war then eventually quitting, it’s not hard to fix: match cards levels, not king towers or make all king towers the same level and only match through card levels, the war mechanics are most definitely the dumbest game mechanic i’ve seen and i would play a lot more if they were better, please fix it.Version: 3.2803.4

Love it, but would appreciate more chest slots & shorter timeGreat game overall, very well thought out. Pretty much love it all except for the time it takes to open a chest and also the number of slots available. It gets really frustrating when it takes 150 coins to upgrade (I'm only on Level 3, mind you, and already feeling the frustration) but you only earn 5 coins per battle......then 3-8 hours just to open a chest. The 3 hour chests don't really have a lot of valuable items, just common cards x3 that's all. Perhaps this could be reconsidered to make the game less frustrating for loyal players, and we will continue to support Supercell instead of dropping out after not making enough progress as everything just takes too long, thus sucking out all the fun and becoming meaningless. Thank you! :) It's still fundamentally an awesome game, which is why I rated 4/5 stars!.Version: 1.9.2

Incredible Strategy Game!!Incredible strategy game ! I have played ever since it came out and have gotten so much enjoyment out of the game! There are so many different strategies and decks you can build ! The game is constantly updating introducing new cards to play with! It is grindey but not to the post where its just not fun or pay to win, the game is almost intirely skill based and is one of the best games I have ever played !.Version: 3.3.2

Another great supercell gameClash Royale is a cool perspective change of the clash of clans universe. Instead of building a base, and upgrading buildings, you have a pvp aspect, where 2 players battle it out with various different troops cards and spells, with the goal of having the most of the three towers being destroyed. The towers, like the troops, upgrade instantly, but the towers get improved stats based on your current level. Now by no means do you need to have max level to have an advantage. As you earn trophies, you can progress through different arenas, which don’t change gameplay, but look way better than the starter arena and put you up against slightly harder players. Throughout the first few arenas, you get put up against opponents that are rather easy to beat, but as you get further you have to employ more strategy. Although there is micro transactions, none of them are required and most are purely cosmetic..Version: 3.6.0

Fun Game but If You Give Up Easily Don’t PlayClash Royale at its core is a pretty fun game. It’s always satisfying to counter a large push or to see your hog rider connect to the tower. However, the game is a tough one to get good at. I’m not a pro by any means, I have 5200 trophies as of now but the ranked system is extremely frustrating. The matchmaking system can and will often place you in a game against players with higher leveled (and therefore better) cards, and higher king tower levels, which gives your opponent more HP and more mistakes to make without losing. If you spend money on this game, you will in turn receive better or higher leveled cards in some way. When you upgrade your cards to the next level, you will get experience points that help you reach a higher king tower level. So for, Free-to-Play players, the game is extremely unfair. It is also very easy to rage when you lose and the fact that you can lose trophies after losing a game makes it all the more stressful and annoying. At some points, it feels like your life depends on the game that will either get you to the next arena or send you down 30 trophies. So, in conclusion, the game is fun but has its fair share of problems like every other game, so I would not play if you won’t be able to preserve and keep on going..Version: 3.2729.1

Really good game. Too many updates/cardsI few too many cards being added too soon. I have played since there where only 3 Legendary cards and I found the game super fun, then the addition of “party” attacks where really good, then they started adding 2-3 cards a year, which I really like, but it doesn’t give me time to master the first card that came out before there are 3 more, I have stuck to one main deck for almost as long as I have had those cards (for those who want to know minipekka, freeze, inferno dragon, balloon, minions, zap, goblin gang, and ice golem) and it has worked for the last year or two, I also think the addition of magical items was a great idea and have been able to get higher levels in most of my cards because of it. I would have to give this a 4/5 start rating because there still are mistakes and glitch . I know SuperCell are just keeping on top of the demands, but this is just my 10c. Thanks for reading!.Version: 3.5.0

Great game, but serious issues ignoredAs I’m sure everyone knows, clash Royale has a significant pay to win aspect to it. Although this has been dealt with by facing people closely leveled to you, the player level is taken into account, rather than the card level. In brawl stars, the system used is okay because genuine skill can outperform a stronger opponent, but in clash Royale, you can face a maxed out deck used by a level twelve player. If you try to defend, you get overwhelmed, if you try to attack you can’t push through, and if you use spells for tower damage you are low on elixir and can’t defend a push that already would have taken your tower when defended. I don’t care if I face a level 13 as a level 11 when their cards are level twelve as well, I just am concerned because every time I try gaining trophies I face at least a half level thirteen deck, and almost always face 1-4 level fourteens if not more. I would understand if you don’t want to change this as I am making a rare request, which would mean that doing so would only satisfy a few people, but maybe at least consider this request for a few seconds as I know that others may have this problem too and want to help everyone’s experience. However, if this would not benefit players as much as I think, seeing as I am a player and therefore am biased, you should most likely not add a feature like this. Thank you - not a toxic nine year old demanding that they get what they want.Version: 3.2803.3

Great Game ! After many updates...Clash Royale has come a long way since it’s start and the graphics are great. Supercell have done a great job in designing the game. I am an OG player and I gave up after a year of playing it. 2 years later.. I opened the app and played a couple of battles and it was great! Fair matchmaking was something Supercell had improved on significantly. But this after two years of the release ! The Fair Matchmaking worked until I got into leagues. I played against people who were 2 king tower levels more than me! I lost lots of games. Then they now added REAL fair matchmaking which improved my game. I like the idea of season passes. You can get lots of rewards. But nowadays it is a bit hard to get gems if you don’t buy them. Overall, this a great game for all ages and Supercell have come a long way to make this game great..Version: 3.0.0

The good and the badI want to start off with I love this game. I would consider myself the average player. I win and lose, I haven’t spent any money on clash, and I have spent about 2 and a half years climbing to 5,500 trophies. It is really fun most of the time, but after I get any streak going the game wants me to face players that should be miles beyond me. I could start off with cycling a level 12 ice spirit. Then the opponent would respond with a level 14 lumberloon push. Then I defend it perfectly, but what’s gonna stop him from waiting to use freeze the next time rendering my defense useless. What I am saying is that there is no way for the average player to know how to defend this. But where these menaces are trying to get to is high ladder with good players who know how to defend against these one trick ponies. Creating a cycle where they are hard stuck in so called “mid-ladder” keeping people who want to have fun and be creative with people who don’t have any concept of what fun is. There needs to have a change implemented that isn’t just “e-barbs” do 2% less damage but a more fundamental change that can actually keep these cards in a more balanced state that doesn’t alienate them as put garbage. TLDR: try to make the game less exhausting to try to have fun in..Version: 3.3024.2

Too focused on making moneyPlayer enjoyment could be improved by Changing the difficulty to upgrade your decks. It takes a very long time to make a deck and this involves buying cards and then paying for EVERY stage of the upgrade, like seriously talk about making it hard. If they made it so cards automatically went to the next level when you had the card levels, players would have multiple viable decks they could compete on ladder with, creating a more diverse experience and more enjoyment. I have played for the last 3-4 years and finally maxed a deck, with the introduction of pass royale they are on the right track for making the process easier but again at a cost. I like the game but the money focused system seems greedy and is a frustrating aspect..Version: 3.2.1

Great but some ideas for improvementLook I absolutely love this game! The only few things I would suggest is maybe make it easier to trade like u have to get to king level 8 and let’s say I wanted to help me friend I wouldn’t be able to because of this. Now let me talk about the things I love about the game! I love how u don’t have to spend to much money - there is always a option not to pay money. Another thing I would improve is that u can friend people by searching their users because first of all it is very useful and second of all another game that the developers made was ‘brawl stars’ it’s also a very good game and it has this feature. Adding on to this point, I think there should be a way for friends to play matches against each other and win trophies because if want to play with your friend I think u should earn trophies for the time u spend. One other improvement that could be made is when your playing a match against someone I think they should add a feature to pause the game because u can’t go afk if u needed to at that moment. All in all if there was a option I would give the game a 4.5 because it has great features just some things to work on. And for people who don’t wanna pay money there is always a way. Great game maybe make more game modes soon. Anyway thanks for reading this..Version: 3.2872.2

They’ve ruined it!!They’ve changed the war system to this boat race and it’s absolutely ruined the game. I reviewed this under five stars a few month back but now I’ve gave it one. Since this boat race rubbish, the game is absolutely dink! You have to wait 14hrs+ to reuse any cards. I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this game by maxing up without spending a single penny and they’ve ruined it with one update. The old system was so much better for wars but with this boat race I rarely get involved anymore. Lucky if I open the game once a day now compared to the old system I’d be on the game consistently every couple of hours. Used to be good now it’s crap, my whole clan feel the same with the boat race! Supercell this is for you ‘please rethink the boat race system, it’s not fair that you ban us from re-using cards and have to wait 14hrs before we can use them again’.Version: 3.3.2

Great Game but....Clash Royale has to be the most addictive and competitive mobile game I've ever played. A couple years ago Clash Royale was a normal casual game with no chance of being really popular but the game has evolved a lot, competitive gameplay, card mechanics, making legendary cards easier to gain and released a new genre of gameplay, 1v1 Tower defence attack and destroy. I've been playing since the release and now I'm level 11 arena 12 ( I don't play every day) and I've been noticing the game releases new events for those above level 8 and only focusing on new cards for those of high arena. I suggest to focus on low level players a little bit more, e.g. Releasing new cards in low arenas, making an event for those under level 8 and only under level 8. This may improve the enjoyment of players. I'm not saying forget about focusing on high level players but just remember you have players who don't have access to these features. Also please include more emotes, it'll be really cool to see your king be like a gif(moving image) or something. But overall Clash Royale is the best game ever (in mobile)..Version: 2.2.3

SusAnogus.Version: 3.2727.5

I like itHi I really like clash royal and I'm only in arena one! And I like how there are cards and they cost the pink stuff ( I don't know how to spell that)my little brother is in arena 3 and my big brother is in arena 8 and we all like this game my big brother thinks that my deck is good but I don't we do 2 v 2 battles and get the clan chest it's fun how we play together and thank you for makeing this game! That's the end..Version: 2.0.2

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