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Great pairing very fastGreat product.Version: 2.6.0

Well designed app. Very user.Was using an 11 year old Samsung smart tv. Upgraded to a new 43” Vizio and am amazed how far the smart tv has come. The Vizio app is well designed, and works seamlessly across multiple devices, some 6 years older than the new TV. My favorite app function is its ability to turn a phone into a remote control. Easily connects to devices, and has full functionality controlling the tv. Keyboard is great when searching for programs, apps, whatever. On my iPhone the speak to type function is a beta version, and works perfectly. Really great app, highly recommend!.Version: 2.3.4

This is a pretty convenient app.Listen, I have read a bunch of reviews about this app, and about eight times out of ten some crybaby is whining about the new remote design. It’s Vizio apps deal with it!! Anyways, that’s not my point. My actual point is this is a great app almost no bugs, smooth connection, and it’s easy to use! I don’t even see anything wrong with the new remote design (except the fact it’s hard to use the certain buttons on smaller phones) Heck, I love it! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I put in the right account information it wont let me in so I have to make a whole new account I’m running out of emails and passwords man! Please fix that, but other than that keep up the great work!.Version: 2.6.0

Way Better Than Physical Remote!I got this app after I lost my second physical remote (the first died for inexplicable reasons), and I'm never looking back. Both remotes would often not register presses. The only reason I'm giving 4 out of 5 stars is because there is a 1-2 second delay between pressing a button and the action happening. Even though the app registers every press and the delay might not sound like a lot, when you're typing a search term it's a little annoying. Love having access to the speech input Beta, even though it currently only processes simple terms/phrases like "home" and "go to [whatever streaming service]". My main feedback would be that searching for content brings you home even if you have an app currently open, whereas I'd prefer to search in-app..Version: 2.2.9

SmoothThe haptic feedback on the smartphone experience makes ffwd and revs so, so smooth. I enjoy the app more than the remote, although I love still having the comfort of a remote..Version: 2.5.5

Great but huge glitch devs missedI’ve used this app for a couple of years now, it had its less than great moments but overall it’s been pretty consistent and reliable. I’m using it with a Vizio who’s remote went kaput. The one thing devs need to work on is how to access the menu when router password has been updated. I had to reset my router and password, unfortunately there’s no way to connect to the TV to update the password since app and TV have to be on same wifi 🥴 Update: you can plug a wireless keyboard into your tv and enter the password that way 😉.Version: 2.2.9

Love it!!! Let the kids fight over the remote… I have my ownBoom!!! Mic Drop.Version: 2.3.2

Got Grandkids? You need this AppI love my baby grandkids but those little stinkers are constantly losing the remotes to the 5 smart TVs we have throughout the house. This app was an absolute godsend!!! I no longer have to look for remotes stuck in between the couches, underneath the beds, in the laundry, or even possibly in the fireplace… I got the app, and now access to every one of my TVs at any time. Thank you to whoever developed this app, you have taken away all of my anxiety when it comes to wanting to turn on and watch my TV… no matter what room I’m in! LOVE IT!!!.Version: 2.3.3

FlaBOYant!So GOURD.Version: 2.3.3

Very easy to useThere is very slight delay when using the app, but other than that it’s a great way to control your TV!.Version: 2.2.9

Good and very few flawsAll of the functions work perfectly and it is practically just like a normal vizio remote, however when u push buttons on the app it is a bit more delayed than i expected it to be but that may be an issue with my phone or wi-fi or smth idk. Only one other thing is “wrong” with it for me and that’s the fact that the button i push to go to the smart cast menu just…doesn’t work like at all. But, i can just go to the apps tab in the vizio app and pick whatever i wanna watch from there so it’s not very inconvenient for me personally but could be for others..Version: 2.2.9

GoodVery useful app.Version: 2.3.3

Works great! If you have trouble- contact support!The first time I use this app, I had problems however, I contacted support by text and they responded very quickly and helped solve the problem. It was due to a setting on my iPhone where I had chose ‘zoom’ under display. This caused me to be unable to see the entire remote buttons. I must say I was absolutely amazed that I actually got a quick response from Vizio. The text conversation with the agent was really cordial and walked me right through it. My thanks to the help desk agent!.Version: 2.5.3

Works great when the remote has gone missingWork as good if not better than the real remote.Version: 2.3.1

Download NOW!My Husband & I decided to download this app after about 5 months of fighting with our VIZIO TV to zero avail. Our remote had been through the works, having to glue it together a few times, until finally we found this app! Life changing! Instead of spending money we didn’t have on a universal remote in hopes of it working probably, we decided to invest nothing into something. You should too! We haven’t looked back since. Download NOW!.Version: 2.3.1

It’s Great!It works perfectly on my Vizio D series 32 the only thing that it needs help with is to turn on the TV but after all of that it’s very great I’m glad Vizio made this It’s great for if you lose your remote, I love TVs like this, and it doesn’t even need an input for his TV. This is the best TV I’ve ever laid hands on. It has all the apps and movies and a whole entire import for shows it’s better than every single TV I’ve heard of better than LG Roku Samsung and Sanyo Sanyo is the worst. I love Vizio when I grow up even though I’m already a teenager I will still use this Vizio 💙💙💙💙💙.Version: 2.5.2

Visio & Smartcast is #1After MANY flat screen purchases over the years(Toshiba, Sony, TCL, LG, Samsung-the worst BTW) I chose Visio for the specific reason of it’s smart TV software support and streaming capabilities. Integration of smartphone technology, Bluetooth capabilities and incredible variety of streaming platforms is what Visio offers that stands out from ALL other makers currently. You can stream SEAMLESSLY from any Bluetooth enabled device, in an instant, to Visio’s Smartcast interface. Pairing is a BREEZE, and my PC, laptop and phone all works together and is not restricted or reliant on CLUNKY APPS or OPERATING SYSTEMS. Get one! You will not regret it! The ease of use is simple and intuitive and user friendly for even a 60 something grandma like me!.Version: 2.3.2

I love it now if I loose my remote I can use thisLove it.Version: 2.2.9

Haters are idiots!Dog chewed up one of my controllers and downloaded this app. It works on my living room 70 inch TV, my family room TV and my master bedroom TV. All Viszio. After my first Vizio (Black Friday special) purchase, I have been nothing but impressed with how good it is for the price. My pup chewed on one of my remotes and so I downloaded this app. It has worked perfectly as it says it would and now I’m sad that I spent money on ordering a new controller as I don’t feel I need it now. If you want to hate, my advice is; you need to spend more than double the money and purchase a “name brand” tv and complain to their customer service when it doesn’t live up to your standards. This App works great for me..Version: 2.3.1

Suggestion to improve the app!I love this app. It has made using the tvs in my house easy and I don’t have to worry about the remote going missing with my toddler anymore. One thing that would be cool to see, when you have multiple tvs on the remote, the status of the tv that might be in the other room. Just some way of knowing if it’s on or off so you don’t have to get out of bed and walk to the other room to see if the tv is still on. Maybe a green or red light next to the tv name? Idk but that is my one and only complaint about this app..Version: 2.6.0

So good, so great!The remote to my smart tv broke and I really did not want to 1) have to spend money on a new one, and 2) have to wait for it to con in before I could watch tv. This was the perfect solution and a breeze to install. After using it, I discovered that it is better than the original remote because it has shortcuts for apps you can favorite, and you can use the keyboard instead of having to scroll through the in app search keyboard one letter at a time, especially since they all seem to have a different system. So much faster and easier to have everything streamlined!.Version: 2.2.9

Works flawlessly even when my real remote doesn’t.Great backup..Version: 2.2.9

Up there with AppleI know there are people that just don’t like Apple just because they don’t know any better ! Or they just can’t afford it but then you have the other 75% of the world that knows quality and that’s exactly what this Vizio App is ! Top quality of Products right here ! I’ve been buying Vizio TVs for about 10 years and they are always ahead of the game ! And their sound systems or again Top Notch ! I currently have the 55” 4K with their surround sound system which is unreal ! And now I have a remote that controls everything together individual and as deep into the system and their original remote! Top Shelf 360°.Version: 2.3.1

GreatI love the app works great for my setup, makes it real easy to setup and use. Thanks.Version: 2.4.2

Time to update my reviewMy last review was god-awful the remote was super slow couldn’t get connection. It would constantly disconnect, but over the past year they have improved it an extreme amount, even going to the extent of changing the look of it now in the latest update, which I kind of like but I wish they brought back the remote button feature where you could click the button on the phone and it made it look like the remote, and the swiping feature, I really do miss the swiping feature as well. That was great just some of the UI from the old date needs to be brought to the new update but other than that I really am enjoying it. I have no more connection issues and everything is fast and responsive. PS this is coming from a person with multiple Vizio smart cast TVs in the house. This app controls all the TVs in my home. We do not use physical remotes. Everything is done by the app so it is extremely important to me that it works well that is why we bought the Vizio smart TVs with smart cast..Version: 2.4.2

Horrible updateThat’s surely one way to force people to buy new equipment. Doesn’t seem to be compatible with my current 5.1.2 soundbar, just crashes since the new app version. Support doesn’t seem to care either, guess you’ll get what you pay for. Update: I found out what makes this new app version crash … the following URL needs to be whitelisted in your ad blocker / pihole / nextdns. After that it works fine, remove blanks: vid-io-iad .springserve . com.Version: 2.4.2

DocAwesome 👌.Version: 2.2.9

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