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Iron Marines: RTS offline game app received 52 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Iron Marines: RTS offline game? Can you share your negative thoughts about iron marines: rts offline game?

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I was a big fanHow does it take a year to animate the new levels I didn’t buy this to have early access and there’s no where near enough levels to call it worth my 7$ imo.Version: 1.5.4

Good game, but limited lifespan.Like thousands of other KR fans I've been waiting with baited breath for this release. Visually brilliant, technically amazing and highly engaging. But it's been out a week and I'm done. I'm bored. I can't see myself playing this after a month. I've spent years playing KR, over and over again, it's excellent in that respect. But to complete a game that's taken years to create in a few days is highly disappointing. It's not hard, there just aren't enough levels or challenges to make it viable for 4.99. I was seriously expecting more. Sorry Ironhide, unless you've many mor planets to release, I've lost faith..Version: 1.0

Not on the par with KRThe graphic looks cool. That is the good part. The bad part is the experience is tedious. Unlike KR, which allows you to finish a mission in different ways, that is the best of KR, Iron Marines lacks that kind of variation. Most time you can only command two or three squads, plus a hero. There aren't too many things you can do with them, except move them. You can not even command them which target to attack. The worst part is in many cases the enemies come from every direction out of thin air. Which renders formations meaningless. So what is left for player to do is very little. You just drag a line, and squads move, they never shoot when they move, that is the weirdest part of Iron Marines, when they stop they start shooting. The shooting sometime takes a while. So you wait for the superpowers of heroes to recharge, and click. There is no control of any superpowers, so you watch. And that is it. It is only fun for three hours. I'm thinking a true RTS is too complicated to one finger. Ironhide made effort and I have to say they failed. Iron Marines is a hybrid of Clash of Royal, Starcraft, Kingdom Rush, but misses the essences of all three great games. The variation of units is poor. The upgrading system is confusing. In conclusion, this game is too far from KR. I'll keep playing, but I won't fall in love with it..Version: 1.0

Rip offFor a game that costs 7-8 dollars you would think that they would put in more content but no.... I also think it’s stupid that there is a unit cap but that’s just my opinion🤮👎🏿.Version: 1.5.16

No voice for the gameGood game but the software have bugs.Version: 1.5.5

Same freemium stuff, except it's not freeSame boring plot as everywhere. A common money drainer - pay to become stronger....Version: 1.0

MehNot nearly as good as the original three Kingdom Rush games, but you can’t really compare them. If the game was just on the first planet in the game, and instead of going to the other planets the first one had more levels, the game would be 5/5. The first planet was so awesome that I replayed it 7 times before doing the next planet. The second and third planets didnt have the same, awesome feel as the first one, and were actually pretty boring. The music in the game wasn’t very memorable, and the game itself felt like a weird mix between an RTS game and a dungeon crawler. The level design is pretty cool, and being able to change the type of your troops in combat is something I’ve never seen before in a strategy game. Overall, probably not worth the price, doesn’t have enough content, has too much boring content, but is a decent game nonetheless. And don’t buy the IAP’s, you don’t need them to beat the game or even to 100% it. IronHide is notorious for their overpriced IAP’s and one should never waste their money on them. 3/5.Version: 1.5.16

Good game but you need to spend extra cashPaid for the game but you still can’t get level 8 unless you fork out cash to buy stuff. Already paid $7 for the game so expect being able to play without forking out extra cash. Biggest in app purchase is $149 which is crazy.Version: 1.0.3

Cardinal sin of phone gamesOriginally gave this 2 stars, the extra because the game was fun. Now I’ve looked at it a bit more it’s money grabbing is so extreme it’s lost that extra star. You need to pay to access almost EVERYTHING! And let’s not forget the fact that we paid to get this in the first place. I did not pay for the privilege of paying for content. Going to get refund. Save yourself the massive expense, avoid!!!!.Version: 1.2.7

Scam-likePay $7 to then get bombarded with them asking for more money!.Version: 1.5.9

Don’t Buy!Pretty quick games and serval of the games I did buy from ironhide are not longer playable. Wants me to buy again. What a joke.Version: 1.5.16

Nowhere near as good as kingdom rushIf you liked kingdom rush - you will not like this- it’s totally different- I feel sorry for the programmers who put hard work into this flop - hope the guy who designed it did not compare this with kingdom rush , if he did he needs to be sacked. Too many bad points about this game - needing to make purchases so early in the game especially if your skill level is average. Very disappointed because I would rather play any of the other kingdom rush games over and over than play this..Version: 1.4.8

Difficulty: Hard, but way better than super easy. Price: BadAll the comments on difficulty are a little much. I haven’t had to replay a level more than 3 times to beat it (and I’m not very good anyways). But the micro transactions are a slap in the face. $3, $4, $5 to unlock heroes in a game where you already dropped $5 to purchase is obnoxious. You can’t even grind the in-game currency to purchase the heroes. You HAVE to purchase them with real money. This is by far the worst part of the game. Maybe if there was a hero rotation every few months, or a way to purchase them with in-game currency it wouldn’t be annoying. You get 3 free characters with 11 behind a paywall. $49 dollars just to unlock 11 characters plus spending $5 to buy the game doesn’t make any sense. I’d rather spend $10 on the game with full content than do this nonsense. Plus they are adding even more characters that you’ll likely have to pay for. Great game, bad paywall..Version: 1.4.5

Great, Except...This game has all the usual high-quality features of other Ironhide games, but for 5$ and a whole lot of expensive heroes and "coin packs", you'd expect a reasonable level of difficulty and obvious ways to start to counter other enemy strategies. That's not the case. Your best way to counter enemies depends on how much you're willing to spend. You can make it decently far, but if you even want to play on normal difficulty, it becomes apparent that the game is attempting to put up pay walls, and entirely too early. Other basic mechanics need some work as well. It's easy to lose your units in a sea of enemies, with no way to mass select all units and move them. And enemy onslaughts are entirely endless, even if you destroy what seems to be a unit production structure, endless waves of enemies will appear off-screen and continue to batter your weak defense on your own structures, forcing you to take the small amount of units you're using to complete an objective and constantly have them abandon the mission to save the base. You can give yourself zero breathing room which is why this is sort of failing as a strategy game. It's obvious that this would probably have faired better as another tower defense game rather than an all-out RTS style version of the same thing. Fun at times and feels decently well polished, but it needs some changes to really earn a 4-5 star rate..Version: 1.0

Too short for IAPsI don’t normally write reviews for games that don’t deserve 5 stars but I felt it was necessary. The gameplay is ok or at least expected for the price...but the pricey IAPs do not add gameplay- only characters. After getting an update, we only got a few short new missions and...surprise!...we also get a chance to pay more money for 2 new characters. With all of these premium characters, you’d think that this would be a game that lasts more than a few hours but doesn’t. The strategy aspect is minimal and it the replay value is next to nil. Granted, I was super happy to play this game...even it only lasted a day but when the update only sells more characters and only gives you a few minutes of gameplay- the wallet gouging outweighs game developing. Why not sell DLCs loaded with maps/missions!? I would have gladly paid for more game! Who wants to play the same game 5-6 times start to finish? If the focus wasn’t on making more $$$ by doing the least amount of work, it could have stood with RTS greats like StarCraft. It quacks like a duck but it walks like a car salesman. :( Sincerely disappointing..Version: 1.2.1

Far too shortI might have been silly to expect this to be the same as their other games, but boy was I wrong. The concept of micromanaging units on a tiny phones screen via touch is just a bit of a nightmare at times. The levels are good, although it gets a bit repetitive, they are lush and well designed. However for the price, this game is far too short. Took me about 4 hours to finish the entire thing. Until world 3 comes out, I’d recommended holding out buying this..Version: 1.2.5

Good... but over very quick.The game in its self is good. Decent game play, no ads or need for in app purchases. However £4.99 is quite a lot for a few hours of game play. It really is over that fast. Even going back to complete all the achievements doesn’t take long. There is another level ‘coming soon’, but that could be months away. Good for £1.00 bit of a rip at £4.99..Version: 1.0.1

Difficult ControlsNot really a tower defense like Kingdom Rush. Maybe I’m old, but the control mechanics can be difficult to use at times..Version: 1.5.4

Frustrating and a bit disappointingI am a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series, and was really looking forward to this release. I don't mind paying the $4.99 (some people really got mad about paying for it) because...that's how game developers make a living, right? I don't mind that there are still in-app purchases. The game is lovely, visually. Great graphics. The usual quirky, fun little hidden things you see in KR games. I like some of the weapons. Some of the baddies are pretty cool. Being able to change troops on the fly is long as you can find your troops (more on that later). Here's the thing. This game is just not fairly balanced. Playing on casual, the lowest setting, should be somewhat doable. You clear an area and move on, right? Nope. You clear it but baddies keep coming from offscreen. The number of troops you get is way too small, if you leave some behind to guard the area then your hero dies. If you take the troops, you have to keep running back to guard the area. In the thick of battle, it's really hard to see where all your troops are, much less be able to move them quickly enough. It doesn't feel winnable, and tbh it feels like a chore to try to get through a level. I'm glad I bought it, but it's not the game for me. Real life is hard enough. I thought it would be fun to be the victor on the battlefield of Iron Marines, but that ain't happening. If a game is too tough on the lowest difficulty, it's too tough..Version: 1.0

Fun concept but in app purchases disappointingI love kingdom rush games so my hopes were a bit high. Concept is cool, and has the same “comic” feel and real time strategy is refreshing. The first issue is the in app purchases. I get it, you can buy stuff but I already paid $5 to have the game and I can only unlock 3 hero’s unless I spend more?? In addition there are multiple different types of currencies/points which of course can all be purchased, as the difficulty on certain levels is simply unreasonable. And I do love a challenge but there is a line between challenge and just unreasonable. Feels like a free to play that makes money off in app purchases rather than a polished stand alone gem. Disappointing because there is a lot of potential here but I find myself just wanting my $5 back. Also difficult to control groups of troops in battle and finding them all getting slaughtered as I desperately try to select the correct type in a crowd is frustrating. I did expect more....Version: 1.2.8

A disappointment after Kingdom RushToo long-winded and too much repetition..Version: 1.2.3

Great game, Bad micro-transactions.Great game and had loads of fun with it, BUT micro-transactions on a paid app? Seriously? I get having them on free apps but this is a paid product where you have to PAY REAL MONEY for specific characters, tech points & coins in game....Version: 1.5.16

Microtransactions in a paid game.The game itself is pretty good, all things considered. Basic RTS, decent campaign. My main problem stems from the fact that the game costs seven bucks but so many heroes (characters meant to command your team) are locked behind paywalls. It’s a game I paid for, why should I have to pay more for the full game? It’s not got an online component or any replayability so why make the characters cost more money? It’s not even extra levels that adds significant content to the game. Just characters. They should at least be obtainable through in game currency. It’s a good game but when I pay for something I expect to get the whole thing, not have to give more money for the full experience in an offline game..Version: 1.5.16

Somewhat too difficultFinal mission are very difficult..Version: 1.5.12

Developers got greedy with updateThis used to be one of the best games on the App Store, sadly now ruined but IAP greed. Before the update, I had 100% completion, every upgrade. Now, on the new world, it’s impossible to complete levels on anything other that basic difficulty levels, even after purchasing new hero’s and coins for upgrades. Very disappointed, would far rather pay for a new world. Isn’t a surprise, they did this with their previous games! Rebalance required..Version: 1.4.3

Not great on an iPhoneThis is too complex to play on iPhone..Version: 1.6.4

Polished, but dullIt’s an ok game I guess though for me it’s not worth the 4.99 purchase price. It’s made by the same guys as Kingdom Rush but is a very different game. As an aside I see a spirited defense of in app purchases in a review here for consumable points. Purchasing new heroes that are permanently unlocked is one thing, but I don’t think they’re defensible when they can cost £100 for the “best value” bundle of in-game credits..Version: 1.2.5

You have to buy characters with real cash. That aint rightDont make us pay upfront if we have to put in more cash to play the game..Version: 1.5.5

Bit disappointedGreat game, quite entertaining. The difficulty curve gets quite steep even on the most basic difficulty level forcing you to pay for in-game currency, or watch endless repetitive adverts to gain a little free currency to buy stuff to help you on your mission. Considering the game cost £5 anyway is a bit of a cheek. And it's really short. No doubt you'll have to pay for new maps. This game could get expensive! It's a shame Ironhide are going down the Pay2Win Pay2Play route. I have all there previous games which are amazing..Version: 1.0

Bugs everywhereVolume has never worked for me :/.Version: 1.4.8

Mislead of thinking it was like KingdomRushWhen I first saw this game. I thought it might be like your other games, KingdomRush. But, with this type of setting. I was wrong and a little disappointed as well. Oh well :(.Version: 1.5.8

Not goodControls are weird and the fact that there are ads and micro transactions on a game I already paid for make me beyond angry instantly deleted it from my phone wish I could have my money back too..Version: 1.5.0

Scam. Got ripped off by themSpent over $15, and my purchases are gone after update. Contacted support and nobody replies, contacted apple and they say I have to contact developer directly ( that refuses to respond)..Version: 1.5.4

Why are there in app purchases?When you pay full price for a game like this, I don’t expect there to be in app purchases. I get that you can play without them, but the fact there’s a way to buy gems ruins the entire game. 2 stars because the gameplay is OK but the IAP should be punished..Version: 1.5.9

Not as good as kingdom rushI've been waiting ages for new updates on the other three old kingdom rush games but we get this instead. This is ok but not as good as the old games. And there are no towers. Heroes don't seem to be that good. Can't click the troops properly. They just all bundle together. Finished the whole game in less than a day. The game is expensive. I like the funny things the old game use to say. The new one doesn't really say much. Main thing is that it keeps crashing my iPad. Really annoying..Version: 1.0

Awesome game until I lost my progressHi I am a long time supporter of ironhide game studios.i recently deleted the game and when I got it back my progress and heroes were confused to what happened because I have deleted the game before and everything saved.i have emailed you about this issue please get my heroes back(fate,Darwin and sparas) and I will work on getting my progress back after you do.thankyou..Version: 1.5.16

Great game , in app purchase terribleGreat game like i said. Finally 3 planets instead of one. But unfortunately we need to pay 3.99 -10.99 for a hero in the hero selection (not in the shop). Thats why my low rating . In app purchase in a full paid game should be punished..Version: 1.6.4

Great game, bad valueI’m never sure how to rate games that are really fun but too expensive for the amount of game time they provide. Because I did have a lot of fun playing the three worlds in this game, but it was over way too quickly for how much I paid, and it seems clear no more worlds are coming. Not to mention, the in game purchases are very expensive as well. I’d have been happy to pay less for what I got, or to have gotten more for what I paid..Version: 1.5.16

Pay2WinPay2Win garbage.Version: 1.5.5

Too much content is pay to play.Love the game, good game mechanics, sound, design and art. So far happy with my PURCHASE. And that's the issue, I payed for the game to realise that more than half the heroes in the game require another investment. Some more than the cost of the game. Hence, the 3 out of 5 stars. A bit too 🤑 for my taste..Version: 1.0

I like it but don't love itI was obsessed with all the KR games and was counting down the days for this release. It is gorgeous and delightful to look at but I just get annoyed with how you make it move through the game. All the drawing of lines, is hard to get used to and the descriptions of different weapons/troops are not as intuitive. Many reviews talk about "well -if you were a true gamer" ...this or that. Seems irrelevant to me, should be easy to understand and navigate for everyone. I just keep losing interest and going back to KR. Perhaps I'll play more and find it more fun. I'm sure part of it is that I really just wanted another KR. Totally get that they wanted to do something else and it's very cool. Just not as intuitive and addictive from my perspective. Deserves more than 3 stars but since there's no 3.5 I am too disappointed to do 4. I absolutley will still buy their next game. Love their artistry and creativity..Version: 1.0

Lacking of fun, its very boring while playing the game. I cant imagine it comes from ironhide.Lacking of fun, its very boring while playing the game. I cant imagine it comes from ironhide..Version: 1.5.16

Ok. In app purchases are a jokeI downloaded this because I love the kingdom rush trilogy. It’s a different style of game to iron hides previous offerings but hey ho! What ruined it for me was 1) the in-app purchases are a rip-off. Heroes should be free or unlocked through game play. They should not cost several pounds each! 2) the game is way too short. I completed the whole thing in a day and quite frankly I’m bored of it now. This game is no kingdom rush and tbh I think it’s over priced for what it is. Make more Kingdom Rush type games! That’s what everyone wants really........Version: 1.0

I must be missing somethingThe game seems OK but there are no instructions that I can see. I've tried playing a few times and just pressing buttons to see what they do but after pressing one and disappearing from screen with no logical way of re-appearing, I've given up. Seems like lots to do but no idea how to do it so unless you're as intuitive as the 300 or so people that seem to have rated it 5* I wouldn't bother wasting your money. I can build a complex network to do most things. But when I do, I have to tell people how to use it. This does not..Version: 1.0

Lost potentialIn app purchases for a premium game is greed gameplay. Not being able to choose units and build them up for critical missions funnels players to buy upgrades...such an obvious cash grab gameplay tactic. Well done creating a game to join all the other play to win games out there. What are you teaching future game programmers?.Version: 1.2.10

Game is fun but you pay 10 dollars for so much locked contentIt’s ridiculous how you pay money for the game and so much e.g. 9 out of 12 hero’s are locked behind a paywall..Version: 1.5.13

Don’t waste your time and moneyYou will hate this game by the third level.Version: 1.4.8

Where is my herosSorry to give one star to this game,but i couldn't find my heros when i download it back. before i bought the iPhone X,I’m using the iPhone 6 Plus but it works pretty slow.....after I finished the game, I deleted it until I change my phone, sooooo, now I got my new iPhone, I wanna play again and buy new hero, but it just seems like doesn’t work, plz help me out.Version: 1.4.6

Micro transactions are ridiculousSo the game itself is pretty good. I'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Rush series and played the hell out of them. So when I saw Ironhide's new game, it was a no brainer. The gameplay is fun and I absolutely love the art style. My biggest problem I have with the game and why I only gave it 3 stars is the amount of micro transactions there are for a mobile game that costs 5 dollars. I would understand if the game was free, I mean they'd have to make money somehow. But you pay five dollars for the game and then they give you almost nothing in the game. There's a total of about 9 heroes I believe. But only 3 of them are playable from just purchasing the game. You have to pay for every other hero individually. And some of them cost even more than the actual game which blew my mind. There's a bunch of other micro transaction stuff that I'm not going to get into but the heroes are what annoyed me the most. I want to love this game like I did the Kingdom Rush series but to be able to do that it would cost way more than the price tag of the game. And for that I can't bring myself to rate it any higher..Version: 1.0

Seems great but unplayable for me.This looks like exactly the game I want to play. I loved the kingdom rush games. But this game crashes constantly on both of my iPad mini 2's. I can't get through a level without constant lagging and eventually a crash. If this gets fixed I'd give it 5 stars. If it works for you, enjoy, it's seems awesome :(.Version: 1.0

Not Kingdom RushI don’t know why they threw away their excellent tower defence game formula to make just another military strategy game like all the other hundreds of unit-moving-and-upgrading games in the app store. I hate those and only tried this one because of the company that made it. Tried and.... Nope, I still hate them, which is why I avoided those and played things like tower defence games instead, Kingdom Rush being the best of them. More Kingdom Rush please.... Update: this was originally a 1 star review. As you can tell, the game really isn’t my cup of tea. I recieved a developer response (+1 star wow, reassuring to know they actually read these) confirming that they are working on a new kingsom rush. Hurrah! +1. I still hate this game, but at least the game devs are listening, and my main gripe (no more unique kingdom rush games) has been responded to and it’s all good news..Version: 1.2.8

Great game!!!Amazing quality and extremely addictive!!! Plz add more content though no.Version: 1.5.16

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