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Tomb of the Mask app received 104 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about tomb of the mask?

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Oh, if only, if only...Ok, this game is amazing. I would not hesitate to rate it five stars... if it weren’t for this single little mistake that peeves me to hell. I’ll just get straight to the point and say, why. Why is it with chests when you don’t press the pay 200$ to spin again it does it anyway? I’m an older player and this didn’t used to exist. The cancel button popped up right away for me to press so I could get straight to the action. But now you have to wait nearly 4 seconds for the cancel button to appear! And me being a long time player I press the space where the cancel button was on instinct, and I end up wasting 200 hard earned dollars on accident for a crappy 25 dollar reward. I could be using this money on masks, shields and revivals. But this is just sad, mate. Please make the cancel button pop up straight away, please, like it used to. Thanks. (btw I think the whole 5 energy aspect is stupid, I just want to play more ToTM ;w;).Version: 1.7.15

You gameIt’s to boring make a time spans and make something chase after you ✌️.Version: 1.5.2

Paid to remove ads, but there are still ads everywhere!!!Love the game. Just don’t appreciate the free trial/paid subscription advert popping up every time I fire the game up. To continue you must watch an ad. Here’s a free chest, but you must watch an ad. If I paid to remove ads why not remove all this ad watching free stuff too. Get rid of the continues, free chests if it means no more ads please!!!!.Version: 1.5.1

To much adsSo I like the game it's just that when I finish the level it has a chest, that you need to watch an ad for, so being me I HATE ads so I won't press it. Then straight after I press x it pops up with an ad, an ad that doesn't even give you any thing! So basically if u you don't want to spin the chest for an ad it with just give you an add anyways ;(((( NOT HAPPY.Version: 1.5.1

BoringThis is a boring game for a 10 year old boy like me so you need some hard levels and some easy levels.Version: 1.6

EnergyAmazing game, and I was thinking of leaving a 5 star review, but then I was playing and ran out of energy. I really dislike games which p it limits on your time based off of an energy system..Version: 1.7.9

Get itGet it so addicting it’s worth it wish there were no adds but at lest it’s only a few.Version: 1.6

Disgusting - Please Read before purchasingThis game is not only lazy and poorly built and is infested with ads. Every single time you either finish a level, fail a level, go into the menu or open the app, you are confronted by a unskippable, 30 second ad. There are ads at the bottom of the screen and the amount of ‘free rewards’ there are for you to unlock by watching ads are enormous. The buttons for ads are largely disportioncate to the actual game buttons that it’s amazing this this is even considered as ‘editors choice’. The amount of greed you must need to have to make such a money hungry games must be enormous. This game would be a passable 3.5 if it didn’t have the amount of distractions the game has from its own gameplay..Version: 1.6

Great game!I love this gravity-puzzle game because it's fast paced and awesome, the retro style, daily challenges and unlockables and unique traps! There's also cool power ups that I don't use ever in any games... But the energy feature should be removed and there's way too many ads so remember to turn on aeroplane mode (Call me a mean person stopping their ad revenue but you'll soon learn). There is an endless mode which you don't need energy for though but the membership is ridiculous! $12 a week is like a 1 thirtieth of a cheap house! You're paying $576 a year for this if you get that! Just buy like 14 Minecraft accounts! But the main thing is the gameplay, it's fast, great physics and cool retro graphics all make up for the few negatives that can easily be handled. So 4 stars ✨.Version: 1.6

Fun until you die and then ads ads adsTomb of the mask is fun and addictive until you die. After you die it is ad world. You have to watch an ad to continue, you have to watch an ad even after you have finished the level. There are also more very annoying things in this game. YOU ONLY HAVE 5 LIVES! Who decides to make a game that you will die a lot in and only give you 5 lives. Also it takes ages to get into the game. Overall this game is kind of fun, but watch out with those ads they could swing in at any moment. P.S. I think that there should be a create your own level mode and that you shouldn’t lose a life if you want to restart the level of your stuck..Version: 1.6

Make it clear that you have to payJust do itman.Version: 1.6

Wow.Was a good game, online and offline, but now will crash any time I try to open it offline. That sucks..Version: 1.7.8

I like itI really like this game but we have a rule if you need to pay it goes I love it so so much but you have to pay and it is not cheap anyway if you would like to spend $13 on a game every week then go for it otherwise good game.Version: 1.7.3

MehPretty boring and the game has horrible graphics . Also there is way TO MANY ADDS ! To make it even worse the adds are inappropriate . would not recommend. This game is just a waste of time and money . if I could give it a zero star rating I would ..Version: 1.7.6

Disappointed.I used to play this game everyday. I was so addicted and till this day love the game-play. However, since the developers have gotten greedy and realised they created a money milk-station they’ve put up these extremely annoying and irritating ads. The fact that this game was ad-free and now has not only ads but pop-up ads as-well; made me un-install the app immediately. Their greedy and un-realistic prices with bundles and the remove “ads” feature is just horrible. So unless, they change this and make the game normal, I will be staying away from this extremely greedy and petty developer. Please DO NOT waste your time on this game it’s not as fun as it used to be due to the ads popping up every level. PS; I’ve also tried to turn off wifi and data from ads being generated but no, they’ve created a security system where the app does not launch without the use of internet..Version: 1.7.8

Fun untilThe controls are iffy some levels. You literally swipe to the right and the controls of this game think it is up and the character goes up into certain death. Not fair in my opinion. Besides some of the controls don’t work at all (not all the time but it still happens or it is really laggy some levels). Check the game mechanics with every single level before you publicize it. Also the flashing black and yellow lines without a warning for epilepsy is a poor choice from the developers. You must have a lot of complaints about people having seizures, especially since this game is advertised everywhere and seems fun. Should have an “epilepsy warning” at the very least. That or remove the toxic black and yellow flashing lines since there is no point to the actual game play and it is painful to look at. I almost forgot a cheap trick they did. One into making people purchase the in-ad purchases. When game over there is a back box with a yellow button labeled “replay”. You conditioned us to tap the button to replay over and over so we do it without thought. You thought you can take advantage of it and put an identical black box and yellow button that makes you pay for something in game. What a cheap trick to gain more money..Version: 1.6

Pay to remove ads so you can watch more ads!I paid for the app so I could avoid the dreadful ads, but they have carefully designed it so that even though I’ve paid, I still have to watch ads - either due to accidentally clicking on buttons (the ’replay’ button is carefully delayed so you click the ad button instead) or because the app has decided you are out of ‘energy’ and have to watch another ad to replenish it. Guess what - if I’ve paid for an app, I want to be able to play it when I want without watching an ad. Overall the game and the ad network it uses are so full of dark design patterns - trying to trick you into clicking on things that you don’t intend to - that you coming away feeling this rather fun game was designed (or taken over) by some very venal and unpleasant people who champion making a few more dollars via ad money above their customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction. I hope this backfires on them. I for one will be avoiding anything they make in future..Version: 1.6

Cool game but...This is a really great game and I enjoy playing it but there are just too many adds!! I don’t play it as much anymore because I kind of gave up on it because there were soooo many adds. You spend more time watching ads then actually playing the game!! It is really annoying and I hope u can do something about it. 😠😠🙂 Thank you!!.Version: 1.6

Scummy ad tacticGood game so far, but am immediately thrown off by the "watch ad for chest" button displayed at the end of levels, especially because of how subtle it is. It's in the same spot as the button that appears for *actual* free chests, and the only difference is a subtle icon in the corner of the button. This is the only button visible for about three seconds, before the replay and exit buttons are shown. Completely disrespectful to the player..Version: 1.2.27

Unbelievable amount of adsInteresting game however I’ve deleted it due to the amount of ads it comes with! Everytime I lose a life, an ad comes up.... I’m sick of the amount of ads I have to go through before I have to play the game. In fact, I spent more time watching the ad than playing the actual game. (I’m probably terrible at the game). This is a no for me due to the number of ad it has. Great game, but no thanks. I would rather play old snake game with no ads..Version: 1.6

Great game ruined by forced ads.This is a very fun, addictive and satisfying game, I would have given it more stars if the whole experience with the game wasn’t completely ruined by the constant forcing of advertisements. There where times when I would fail the level because the app hadn’t finished loading in the ad banner at the bottom of the screen and stuttered and lagged. When you fail, or win, you can watch an add for a free life or spin on their wheel, but if you fancy just getting back to the game or trying the next level, too bad, here’s a unskipable advertisement, only this time you don’t get anything out of it. Plus, it’s a sorry state of things when I’m spending more time being force fed adverts than I am on the actual levels. Ads welcome you before the title screen does as well! I would have much preferred spending £10 for the complete game, but unfortunately there is much more profit in ad revenue and micro transactions, even if it ruins a perfectly good game..Version: 1.5.1

Too many ads, breaks the immersion.This style of game has always been one I’ve been attracted towards. It plays beautifully, it was developed flawlessly, and it’s incredibly fun to get into the zone with this masterpiece. Though it plays well, it’s just like every other cheaply made mobile game. Advertisements aren’t a problem, one every once in a while is ok, it’s how developers get pain, I think everyone can respect that. But there was once a time when a quality game was shown before you even click on the app in the AppStore, it was an app that showed $4.99 instead of get. I would without hesitation spend five dollars on a mobile game if it had a trailer that looked as cool as the gameplay from this game, but this game was taken a different direction, the kind where you need to subscribe to a monthly plan just to get the few benefits the game offered. This game is amazing. I even once was in a video game design class and remade this game for my final, (I passed with flying colors). If the developers are going to read this, or anyone working on this game at all, please consider making this a game on steam with a story, or even just making people pay a flat fee like in 2010. All of my favorite mobile games were from then, and the potential is gushing out of this game. Thank you for creating this amazingly fast and colorful game, and I hope this helps start something even cooler. :).Version: 1.7.3

The Ad-Watching Game!The ads on this are beyond obnoxious. Out of all the apps I’ve ever played, this one is the worst offender. An ad comes up after every level and every death. This may not sound so bad, but this game is fast paced and you frequently die. I found myself having to sit through around a minimum of 2 ads a minute. This is not an exaggeration. Beyond that, nearly every big ‘button’ leads to an ad. You’ll see a huge flashing button that says ‘open chest!’ and by instinct, you click it. Congratulations, here comes a 30 second unskippable ad that ends with a tiny X button in the corner that is so hard to hit you’re guaranteed to click the ad link and take a trip to the App Store. I eventually learned to ignore the button and wait for the minuscule ‘next level’ link to appear, but by then I was already irritated. I tried to stick with this for a bit but it felt like for every minute spent on this app, I was playing the game for 10 seconds and watching ads for 50. I’ll be honest, it was just an awful experience. I couldn’t even make the decision to buy the full version because I felt like I had hardly even played the game. In the end, I felt I wasn’t a player; I was this company’s cash cow..Version: 1.6

Has its drawbacks, but I would recommend.The game is really fun. It's challenging and exciting. However, there are a couple things that could be fixed. First of all, the ads. There are a ton of them, from the second you open the game to once you run out of lives. There are videos in between every turn, and if you fail a level you have to watch a video. If we as players are forced to watch ads in between every failed attempt, the videos should only be 10 seconds as we see so many. Also, the ads are becoming really repetitive. Over the course of two days I saw the same ad every time they showed me one. It happened to be for Bowmasters, which is a game i'm not particularly interested in. The ads should be more diverse and shorter. Also, we should have more lives. The second my five lives are up, I exit out of the game and don't return for hours on end, instead spending my time on other games. If we can't have more lives to start out with, I suggest making ways that players can earn lives (for example, watching more ads). Overall, the game is fun, but there are still some things that can be fixed..Version: 1.6

Buggy and ridiculous amount of adsFrom the first level I had to watch 2 x 30 second ads (the same ad twice), then cor every level progression, then a number of misclicks while learning the game. So for 5 minutes of game play, expect 2-3 minutes of ads. At level 7, game let me break out of maze and continue indefinitely in a never ending straight line (had to exit, lose my shield them watch another ad to retry that level), second and third attempts my shield fails after 10 seconds in effect instead of now deleting this silly game..Version: 1.6

MORE LEVELSFun game, turn off wifi to get rid of adds, BUT... i've been waiting 6 months for "upcoming levels". Get onto it. Candy crush is ALWAYS uploading levels why can't you?.Version: 1.6

Love the GAME but....I really love the gameplay on this. Fun, addicting, and simple, but I just wish they didn’t play an ad EVERY 10 SECONDS. I understand that apps need to advertise, but oh my god. This would be a perfect game if they played an ad after every idk 6 games, but after every level, every death in arcade mode, every defeat in a level, you are slammed with an ad, which takes me out of the gameplay and makes me want to play less. And after all of that, you still have to watch ads to gain coins, or refill energy, which takes forever to refill btw. This game seems thought out and over all high quality, but the amount of ads makes me feel like I am playing a much lower quality game, and that makes me like it less. Overall a great game, but seriously it’s frustrating to play a game and be annoyed with dying not because you want to win, but because you know you’re about to be slammed with an ad after being asked to watch an ad to revive yourself or watch an ad to get an extra energy. The game is fastpaced but it takes forever to get from level to level because of the amount of ads you are offered and then forced to watch..Version: 1.5.1

Mixed feelings I guessSo freaking laggy, I mean, I love the idea of the game it’s entertaining but how am I supposed to play it when it’s to slow to let me move?! Another thing is you have to wait half an hour before you can play the level again. THIS IS MY MAIN PROBLEM, IT MAKES ME RAGE. You’re telling me I get your freaking game, and then when I die I have to wait a half hour to play again?! It is a stupid idea and it has more than once turned me away. I wouldn’t be surprised if people deleted this app just because of that!!! But it’s not all bad. I quite like the game itself when you can play it, it’s certainly addictive and I love the cat and dog avatar. 😋.Version: 1.7.2

Ok gameIt is so anouing that at the first level has aros to direct you even though you probably saw it in a add or have it and getting it on a different device and it is very boring that the first few levels have no obstacles but it is a good idea and game but can be done better if someone else had thought of the idea but points for the idea and well done for doing so many levels and lots of obstacles at the higher levels I think that you can do a better job at it and when people start getting to the higher levels then add more levels and more obstacles over all good concept and good ideas but hope to see more obstacles in the first levels and the future levels and more things added to all levels and Mack a number row soon and Mack lods more levels and games lots of luck Holly Maison.Version: 1.6

EnergyInstant uninstall when I found out that there was energy so you need to wait until you can play again, also if you are mad about how many ads there are just turn off your wifi and your data..Version: 1.6

Annoying energyI give the game 2 and a half stars. The game it’s self is really fun and you use your brain quite a bit but the energy takes forever and there’s way too many of them for the game to be fun. So consider getting rid of them or altar least using less of them.i like to play this game a lot but I’m always interrupted by the energy stops s I go and play a different game. Right now I’m writing this review because I’m waiting to be able too play the game again. It seems like you don’t want people to play your game because me and many others go on different games while waiting for the energy to load and by the time it does we have forgotten about until net week and then it happens again. So for us there is really no point in playing the game in the first place. You probably don’t want my reviews because it could send your company crashing but I’m like 1 of 2 that have written quite a negative review out of like 100 so there’s really no reason to worry..Version: 1.7.2

Been playing almost since game launchI’ve been playing this game almost since it came out on the App Store. I played almost every day, I had like every character, and I had a high score on free play of like a million. I got all of my friends to start playing as well. I beat every level (until about 145, which was where there was no new levels) and scored all dots and all stars on ALL OF THEM. I stopped playing for a while after, as there were no new levels. I came back about 2-3 weeks ago and saw there were new levels. I wanted to use the pig, who I had unlocked a while back. For those who don’t know, every character was unlockable when the game was new. The pig gives you a plus 50 percent boost on coins, which is very useful. But to my dismay, I found I could not use any of my characters that I had unlocked previously that actually had useful boosts. All these characters were dubbed “premium” and you have to pay real money to use them. Very disappointed. I think that if you were able to unlock the characters before they became “premium” you should be able to use them..Version: 1.7.7

Great game, awful adsTip for everyone: put on aeroplane mode before playing! It makes for a far, far better experience. The game itself is really fun, love the retro design, sound design, challenging nature etc. But the ads are just far too frequent and long. I do sympathise with developers wanting to make money out of their hard work, and understand that ads are necessary for this when the game is being offered free. But in my view as a player it is just far too much and really needs to be toned down. Less pop up ads that take you out of the game, and more ads in banners along the bottom may help somewhat..Version: 1.6

Ads Ads Ads! No wait... yes, more ads!Do you like adverts? Well boy howdy is this the game for you! I downloaded this game when it first came out and was addicted. Downloading it once more I find that the original game has completely sold out. It’s like another company has come in and monetised every aspect of the game with subscriptions, timed gameplay in progression through stages (unless you pay of course), and advert upon advert upon advert. This game has been tainted, taking the bits that people hate from free-to-play and has decided to shove it all down the throat of this one. This game is a fun, addictive adventure with heart pounding amazing gameplay. Shame that it’ll be interrupting you every 3 minutes to scream another advert into your face. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed..Version: 1.6

It is good but bad sometimes.Made me waste 2 shields when I didn’t even tap.!!!.Version: 1.7.6

AWFUL!*I don’t usually give app last a rating but I thought that this one had to be addressed this app has so many ads that made me not get out of it I wish you could rate it 0*.Version: 1.6

Great game ruined by adsGetting the bad out of the way first. This game has so many ads it’s ridiculous, and I understand why. It’s a free game, you have to make money somehow right? But the way they go about doing it is stupid. Whenever you die you have to watch an ad and whenever you want to proceed through the game and go to the next level you have to watch an ad. Also you only have 5 lives and if you die 5 times you either have to wait 20 mins, or watch an ad to only get a single life back. And the solution to get rid of all these ads? Pay 4$ of course! Don’t do this guy’s, just turn off your internet. And the membership is just idiotic. Who came up with those prices? I’m not going to pay 12$ a week for that. And this all has a simple fix, just put a price tag on the game and boom! Instant profit. Other than that, the game is fun and addicting. The levels are well designed and it requires some fast thinking. And for most levels you have to go fast, or you risk dying and having to wait 20 mins to play again..Version: 1.6

I hate the game it should be token off of the AppStoreI hate.Version: 1.7.17

A Standard ReviewThe game itself is good. Tight controls, nice simplistic visuals, a good feel and overall well planned puzzles. Yes it is littered with the amount of ad’s you’d expect to find in a freemium game. However. If you get tired of running out of energy (basically the life system of the game) it offers you ‘diamond membership’ que flashy lights and confetti. The price for this membership is £6.99. Per. Week. This adds up to around £27 per month, the price of your average second hand triple X title after a few months. The average price of a phone contract or home internet direct debit. For an IPhone app. This to me is the most overpriced thing since the US defence budget. For this sin and this sin alone it receives a measly two stars. To you developers I say shame. Shame on you, a plague upon your houses. Go and think about what you’ve done..Version: 1.4

Typical playgendaryGreat game, has been developed really well, it’s addictive, it’s playable for hours. HOWEVER.. you have seriously gotta be out of your mind, $10.49 a week for basically nothing. You’re valuing your game at $545 annually. You do this constantly with your games and it’s appalling, it’s just not worth that much, fact..Version: 1.6

Game time vs Ad timeI played the first 7 or 8 levels before deleting the game. From my experience, there’s ads after every level, and forced 30s ads for a chest opening. Time spent playing vs watching ads was probably close to 35:65 which is a huuuge turn-off. Gameplay was fun but the ads were a dealbreaker. The devs clearly want to generate a revenue but over saturation of ads means a decent chunk of people will stop playing the game earlier so ultimately you condemn your game. I’d likely have played longer and generated as much, if not more, ad revenue over a period of time if it were better balance. This happens to too many mobile games and I find myself in a perpetual search for fun games to fill my morning and afternoon commutes that actually allow me to play for more than half of it between menus and ads..Version: 1.5.1

It’s cool but...When there is a ad... the screen goes black!! You have to go out of the game then go back on 🙄. I also like it because (for my opinion) I like the colours..Version: 1.7.3

Scam adsI just got a scam ad wth is going on.Version: 1.7.6

Good but to many adsIt’s an awesome game and super fun to play but the constant ads are just to much to the point that I can’t be bothered playing anymore.Version: 1.6

Have a nice day/night 😊😊(You don’t have to read this) If I’m going to play a game that includes stuff like if you want this chest you have to watch an ad and I say no I don’t want to watch an ad I shouldn’t have to watch and ad and if I do once I’ve said no it’s kind of annoying and I kind of want the app to stop doing that because I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said no to a ad and they have still got me to watch the ad and no one get angry because this is my opinion and you have your own I’m not going to comment on anyone’s comment saying “you shouldn’t give this game five stars and you shouldn’t say it’s a good game and that you like it!” And no one hate on me please anyways thanks for reading I guess and have a good day/night 😊😊.Version: 1.6

Don’t get!Adds every time you open the app every time you fail or complete a level, it’s basically all adds. Each time you try to start a new level bam another add its to many adds.Version: 1.6

Jesus! Get your ads out of my face!This otherwise good game has so many, un-skippable, in-mutable ads being thrown into my face every chance it gets. Terribly frustrating and completely got in the way of me enjoying, again, this otherwise good game..Version: 1.6

TerribleIt’s a great game, but (like all the other reviews say (I think)) way too many adds my brother used to play this game when he was younger, it was great barely any adds at all but when marketing came along, it ruined it all. So I came to a decision, going to email them about doing this so much, themed block me. Then I’d get a new email address and do the same then they’d block me and this would keep repeating until they either stopped the rise up adds (ok game) or moved to a new email were I would then email the new email address until they stopped the adds (most importantly the rise up adds.Version: 1.6

This energy system is crap.I said it. I can’t pay for energy. I don’t want to wait a million years for more. If u want to keep that system, make the levels easier. I enjoy it, but energies ruined it. Don’t ignore this review. If you like waiting, watching ads, and paying real money for a stupid game, this is for you..Version: 1.7.3

What a letdownI used to have this game and had deleted it. I was browsing for some games and I saw this one again, not remembering why I had deleted it. After playing it again, I remember why. The last time I played I had beat all of the missions, unlocked all of the masks, and overall 100% the game. I kept playing arcade though because how fun it was. This game however, has very bad and very fundamental issues. For starters, swiping is your worst enemy, the controls are extremely unresponsive. Ironically though, double tapping to get a shield isn’t, so you end up eating a chunk of your shields by mistake (the thing that costs money). It feels like the accidental shields are on purpose to get you to buy some more. The new subscription is actually hilarious, charging people $8 a WEEK to have unlimited energy, and acquire some masks. Back when I played, there was no energy, there were no micro transactions, but unfortunately the greed always gets to the developers in time and absolutely destroy a game. Do not get this game, it is a shell of what it once was, and all the resources spent on advertising the game, making subscriptions, adding micro transactions, should’ve been spent on bettering the game. What a shame.Version: 1.4

Create your own map and Clearer Game would be appreciative then I’d DEFINITELY give it a 5 startI guess it isn’t bad, and I’m on up to a certain little level, but I wish it was more not boring. I appreciate the puzzle concept but I also kind of wish we could make our own maps alike the already built ones. That would be cool. Also if things were a bit clearer. Just easier for the eyes 😁 If this actually happens, it would be amazing🤩. I beg for the creator of this game to reply to me if they just might make this Create-Your-Map thing possible. Hope my review gets out there! 😄👍✌️I’ll give this app 5 stars if we get this! Basically this is an OK game - depends what type of person you are..Version: 1.7.13

I like the game but....I really do like this game. I mean come on, it’s fun, addictive and there are quite some challenging levels in this game. However, all of the ads are driving me crazy!!! It is SO annoying that whenever I open the app, an ad advertising “kick the buddy” (which is also a very inappropriate and violet game) ALWAYS turns up. And who am I kidding I am NOT going to pay money just so that I can get the game ad free, I mean I rather delete the game than deal with all of these ads. I even have to turn off my wifi so that I won’t have any access to these ads whatsoever. I really hope that they decide to remove some of the ads..Version: 1.6

Used to love this game but...The controls freeze when you are next to an enemy. No doubt about it. You deliberately make players die to waste all their coins and/or watch ad after ad...It’s really annoying and unfair. It has become one of those types of games where it makes you die and you have to wait out a dumb timer when you lose five “hearts” in this case, lightning bolts. I used to love the idea of this game and it’s a shame that everything has become a benefit to multiple corporate ventures with dumb ads. I see the same ads on many social platforms and it’s really annoying. I’ll be deleting this app soon or just avoid watching ads altogether or spend coins. It shows how greedy these app developers are. I already paid for no ads, but it keeps shoving them in my face with all the dumb and unfair deaths due to janky controls. I also died and it offers a 30 second ad to continue, and it just instantly killed me right after without even giving me a chance to move at all. It used to be a great game and I still like the gameplay, but it wasn’t really unfair when I first downloaded it a few years ago. It really is a shame how much times have changed..Version: 1.7.14

It cheats sometimes and I hate the stupid annoying batteriesThis game is really fun and all but WHAT THE HELL. IT JUST CHEATED, I wasn't touching anything dangerous no spikes, there was no shooting thing or anything. AND I DIE OUT OF NO WHERE? Dude, This better be a bug, if not, I'm totally deleting this cheating game. 2. I know this is a really good game, and annoying batteries. You should be able to play the game all the time you want. Not just wait for the next batteries. Honestly this game just needs a few updates to be perfect. It's really good but it's ruined by so many things. And if you download this game and become obsessed with it, but you can't play it ALL the time, then what's even the point? Might as well find a different game, now. 3. Ads. Literally every time you lose there's an ad waiting for you. Ads make people insane, and if you download this app and you hate ads, this isn't the game for you, I know many games have ads. Maybe all of them but still! This has way to many ads, that's why I think these need to be fixed. I'm not trying to force them, I just don't like it. Thats why I rate it a 3.Version: 1.7.7

Not the best gameThe game has way too many ads, i guess it’s a free app so they have to make money somehow. You have 5 lives and when you run out of those lives you either can wait 24 mins or watch an ad for 1 lives, no you don’t get 5 lives you just get 1. I’m not a big fan of ads so this is really annoying for me. Also they haven’t added any new level, I finished this game a long time ago and even though they say they will add new levels they haven’t, so I’m still waiting. Although past all the bad things they game can be fun..Version: 1.6

GreedyGod it disappointing when such a great game with one of the best graphics I have seen this year for IOS devices, gets screwed over by greedy developers. Look it a great game if you are willing to pay $12 a week for no add and another like $20 for a subscription just to get like what 4 new masks. If you love add then download this game because every time you finish a level that can sometimes take 30s is not worth it, I’m up to level 56 and it just not fun anymore, didn’t mind the adds but since their a add every time it just annoying. The system where you pay $12 a week and no add, it just a hoax, a lie. Used to be perfect but know run over by greed.Version: 1.5.2

Endless Ads and Poor Monetisation.I finished 140+ levels less than six months ago. Left the game for a while, planning to come back when more levels were released. Opened the app up today, and was greeted with an ad immediately after the title card, before any gameplay. And an ad after every single level. And a pop up where the “play” button would be, asking me to watch another video. Played three levels of this before I’d had enough. $12AUD A WEEK for a subscription pass? Pull the other one. And it’s a shame. Tomb of The Mask had a great aesthetic, and was simple enough to pick up at a moment’s notice, but now it’s dragged itself down to the level of the scam apps that it advertises after every single level..Version: 1.6

Intuitive thinkingAt first glance of this game from commercials on the entire, I generally felt like it looked interesting, something that I had never seen before, yet somehow I could just tell something wasn't right, I downloaded the game anyway.. and to my surprise, the controls were sluggish the graphics were worse than the general "arcade style" everyone is used to, and the audio was extremely repetitive, I definently think the creators of this game have what it takes to make an action packed, fun, and entertaining phone game, but this is just not it, go and download geometry dash instead, it has a more challenging level system, and provides more entertainment on the value of sight..Version: 1.2.23

Fun game with some major annoyances.This little adventure platformer is simple and easy to understand, pleasing to the eyes and ears, and calming even when it gets difficult. I played it without paying any money for a little while but eventually got sick of the ads the game mercilessly buries you with, so I finally caved in and paid to remove them. This was nice, but there’s still some ad-based features that are quite annoying, mainly the energy system. There are no monsters to level up, no materials to collect, no buildings to place, so why is energy limited? You would think that $3 would be worth infinite lives in a game like this, but nope. Either watch *more* ads or pay more money to keep playing, or you have to wait for energy to regenerate. I was under the impression that the $3 was for the full unlimited game (aside from the $7 week membership which is NUTS for such a simple game) but still it asks you to watch ads and puts limits on you. So that’s pretty disappointing, especially considering how many games are on the market for the same price and offer so much more in depth and freedom. Still, it’s a good game, a curiously greedy game, but a good one..Version: 1.6

Good game, terrible adsThe game is amazing and smart, but there are a few issues. If you select to revive while being chased by the moving object (but died due to something else), you get revived right where the object is and die instantly. Waste of 200 coins/one ad watch. The shield activation is a double edged sword. It’s easy enough to activate (double tap anywhere while in game), but this leads to A LOT of accidental activation. The rate that the ads appear is overkill. They appear after every single round (each round takes around 10-20 seconds), and if you have been idle for around 30 seconds if the app is open. Yes, I could pay the $4.99 to remove the ads and support the developers, but is it completely unreasonable to expect a better standard of ad timing? Overall, a good game, but maybe it needs a bit more play testing and time in the thinking lab..Version: 1.7.17

Functionally IrritatingI echo the sentiments of other reviews, in that the pop up video ads are way too frequent and you spend more time watching them than playing the game. Due to having to wait for your ‘energy’ (eg: lives) to renew and the ads being so intrusive, this is hardly a jump in jump out game. It takes so long to restart a level from failing that it’s actually mins boggling. Do the devs not want people to play their game as much as possible? To be honest, I could mostly forgive the ads if they weren’t so functionally broken. The x in the corner frequently doesn’t work and simply opens the App Store. This is especially frustrating when you’ve just watched a 30 second add in order to revive during a level. You end up having to shut down the whole game and restart, making the watching of the ad pointless and the level a failure. Then naturally you need to watch another ad before you even get back into the game. It’s these functional problems that make the game increasingly irritating and the development decisions are at tones so irritating I feel genuine irritation toward the company that made the game, because how short sighted can you reasonably be as a game developer?.Version: 1.6

Good Gameplay But ADSTo Creators This game is good because of the concentration and quick thinking you have to do in it making you want to it more as it is a great rush and I’m kinda addicted to it. But there is one thing the amount of ads in unacceptable, I mean every single time you complete a level BOOM an ad and it’s $4 for no ads and their “Diamond membership is way too expensive it just takes fun out of the game because instead of having gameplay you get more ads than actual game time. And my thoughts are just do ads for when you die and want to continue because you will still make a good amount of money and if it weren’t for the gameplay being good than I would said NOPE. And out just the level ads alone if you do the math you get over an hour of ads all together with just from going level to level alone. So here is a tip, DON’T HAVE SO MANY ADS. And the way things are going you could lose players and then you will lose profit because no one will play so I’m just asking to dial down on the ads a bit..Version: 1.6

Great game, ruined by adsThe actual gameplay and looks to the game are great, it’s really fun and addicting but the entire thing is completely ruined by a constant onslaught of pop up ads that come up every single time you go to a different menu, there are also banner ads at the bottom of the screen while player which is really distracting. The game also has a subscription feature which is £6.99 A WEEK! This is for no ads, infinite energy and some extra masks. It basically removes everything bad about the game such as energy and ads, trying to force you to pay the fee. I can’t believe that the devs have gone this low just to get as much money as humanly possible out of decent idea for a free game. I’m fine with micro transactions in free games (as long as they aren’t stupid) but having adverts in you game is downright disgraceful.Version: 1.4

Avoid if you value timeThis game has more ads than the classified section of a newspaper. In the 5 minutes I had his game, at least of them were forced into watching video ads between stages. Seriously avoid if you value your time..Version: 1.2.27

This game WAS worth 6 stars.;/ It’s half the game it used to be. It’s been a year since the big bad update, which altered the masterpiece for the worse. It added a whole new facet to the game with 60+ (fun) levels, sure, but it’s still less than what it was! First off, I’m noticing many new bugs in it. So often now the game doesn’t respond to my finger swipe, so when my eyes are looking up ahead I fail to notice my character is going back the other way because it’s behind a step, this is very VERY frustrating. 90% of my deaths now are because of this one bug. It used to be smooth and responsive before that update, now my girlfriend wonders why I’m still putting myself through this.. We used to be able to bring our shields up to 99, which was great for long treks, now it only goes up to 10 shields, which activate WAY too easily, and because of that they’re all gone by accident before you know it. There is no way in hell I will ever beat my best score now :| :( :C Happymagenta created a true classic here, but then they ‘intentionally’ worsened it for some odd reason. I’m still so vexed with this question to them, “Why did you try and ‘fix’ something that was already so perfect!?!” At least release the original arcade version as a stand-alone, please guys!.Version: 1.2.21

What I think would make me play it moreYou should remove been able to need energy to play the game and have to spend money on it you should just have unlimited try’s and you should have more than just skins to buy.Version: 1.6

Taking my money??Hello, I had this game during the summer but deleted I about 2 months ago. Whilst the game was installed I used the free membership trial which ended after 2 weeks (I think that was the time period), I assumed it would just stop the membership and I would continue in the game as normal. Recently it has come to my attention that a certain amount of money has been taken from my account and charged to this game every month, even though I haven’t had the game installed for ages. I don’t know how to stop this and I have resorted to having to delete all my bank account information from my phone. Please could a staff member for the game help me or stop charging me money. PS: this was a very enjoyable game but this has just ruined it for me..Version: 1.6

Very disappointedThe fact I am receiving ads in a, even stated by the developers, speed driven game within a level when I'm trying to get through it is ridiculous then proceeding to get yet another advertisement for a completely irrelevant game at the end even if I succeed. Arguably, yes it isna freemium game but when you have this amount in such outlandish places, it becomes extremely repetitive and extremely annoying to have to deal with. I'm sorry but I've had the game for a couple days and it's the one thing ruining it, the mechanics are elegantly smooth and really easy to grasp, the actual in-game obstacles are slightly confusing but still relatively beatable while retaining it's difficultly then you just have the same old advertisements pestering you, encouraging you to watch more for a chest that doesn't even guarantee more currency than what it's worth with a complete scandal where getting 25 coins isn't only very common but practically unavoidable in some situations like when it's next to your marker, no matter how slow it's going you'll get 25 and that is appalling. The subscription is also way too pricey for what it is, especially the time you get it for. It's just not worth-it, this could of been a better game..Version: 1.6

SadThis game looks and was so fun to play but I deleted it pretty quickly due to the amount of ads that would pop up it got really annoying which is sad because I really did enjoy this game for the small amount of time I had it. Disappointing..Version: 1.6

Way to many ads!This game shoves ads down your throats every chance it gets! 30 second ads when you use a revive, start a new level, exit a level, enter the game. It makes you spend energy points to play levels, and you get one (1) energy every 15 minutes or so and if you want more energy you have to... can you guess? Watch another ad. There's also a 3 day free trial for no ads and unlimited energy! That's so cool right? Wrong. Because after three days it's $8 every single week. Seriously? Now don't get me wrong- this game is extremely fun, I'm guessing that's why they give you ads 24/7 and make you pay so much money to have them stopped. But it's truly not worth it. You can't get any actual gameplay done because half of it is just ads. And even when you want an ad in order to get that one extra energy point to complete a level, sometimes they'll say that there's no ads available and you're stuck waiting 15 minutes for an energy to load, then you get yourself killed and lose the game in three seconds and you have to wait for energy all over again. I'm pretty sure you might read this review and decide to download the game anyway, that's cool. But I guarantee you that you'll be the next irritated person writing a bad review for this game. Give it a couple days..Version: 1.6

A really polished game just ruined by adsThis game is so much fun. Zipping around the map trying to not get hit by spikes. The design of the app with the old arcade graphics and colours look great but there is one issue. The ads, I understand that developers need to make money somehow but the amount of ads in this game are pushing the limit. What makes things worse is that they are Not 15 second ads but 30 seconds! Starting a new level, ad, dying, ad. It nuts! To remove ads it’s a $4.50 in app purchase in Australia, that’s as nuts as the amount of ads them self’s So please developers of this amazing game. Cut down on the amount of ads which frustrate the player. But overall a very good game if you are looking to pay $4.50 to remove the ads..Version: 1.6

Tomb of the maskThe game is to glitchy sorry.Version: 1.7.6

PAY-legendary greed machine.Happy magenta is a developer with beautiful retro stylings and smooth gameplay. It’s sad the playlegendary have anything to do with them. This Game is amazing. But 10.50 a week? Or an ad following every simple level. Who is going to see this and stick with it long enough to see that the game is actually fun and challenging. Nobody. I miss the old TOTM..Version: 1.7.6

BruhI love this game but recently every time i go into the app it closes me out of it i don’t know what is happening but i haven’t been able to play and game.Version: 1.7.8

Stage 144I don’t know weather this level is impossible or if I’m just dumb but I have spent 2 hours trying to get the level done and have searched the web for an answer but nothing comes up....Version: 1.2.23

Don’t download unless you want to wast your timeThe game itself is great and keeps you thinking and alert, it’s also quite addictive but just like other reviews I do have to say how utterly disappointed I was after downloading. The amount of pop up ads and video ads you have to watch are horrendous. I mean you have to watch one EVERY time you want to play again and if you get off the game and then load it back up again then you have to watch two more (let alone the energy revival ones) all in all it is just a greedy way to get peoples money. You can pay for premium but that is £6.99 a week which is sickening! So that is £360 per year-£1 per day. When all you can do is clock on the ‘delete’ button..Version: 1.6

Great game, dampened by ad-mania.As other uses have pointed out, this is a great game ruined by ads. I understand game companies need to make money somehow, but so much of being able to progress/play in this game revolves around watching/being bombarded by ads, so much so that you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. The prices of things are so ridiculously high too, that only an idiot would pay the costs. Shame because, without this excessive greed, this would easily be my favourite mobile game. The retro style is fun, the levels progress well, and the sound effects are classic. Remove the excessive ads, and you have a 5-star game on your hands..Version: 1.6

Fun, but has some issues.First off, this app is pretty fun and enjoyable. However, people who aren’t on WiFi/Cellular cannot enjoy this fun. If you try to open the game without WiFi/Cellular, the game doesn’t load, and if you’re in the game and you turn it off/lose it, the game freezes and eventually crashes. There is no reason for the issue to exist other than forcing you to watch the ads on the game. The game can mostly be played without online functionalities, with the only things being sacrificed are the In-App-Purchases shop and the leaderboards, and of course, those precious little ads and the ad revenue that comes with it. Other than that, the game is completely offline. Playgendary has been known for doing anything for money, and considering that they’ll steal YouTuber’s content for the crappy ads, it doesn’t seem too farfetched to call this issue purposeful. Like I said, this game is pretty fun. The ad spam is definitely real with this game, which is annoying, but it’s a fun little arcade style game. They just need to fix this stupid issue, and the game would probably be close to perfect..Version: 1.7.5

Developers Please ReadI objectively find this game fun, but what is keeping me hesitant on coming back to play it every now and then is the need to watch a video every time to open a chest or even when trying to play a level. It hinders the players interest and connection to the fast pace style of the game with the motononous ads that are required to be viewed just to get the chance to spin a wheel for something "great". This brings up the point of the Diamond Membership. Four out of five times I open the app I am greeted by an ad then another ad from the game asking if I want to buy the Diamond Membership. I am forced to see this ad almost permanently considering it is part of the game. This game could easily be a .99 cent app or even a 1.99 dollar app with no ads. There could be a lite version of the game that is free that people could test the game on and you could show ads on there about the real version of the game. If you want the remeaining people and more to continue playing this game. You would please consider listening to the people who play it..Version: 1.6

Holy crap$10.49 CAD a WEEK for 4 masks and unlimited energy?.Version: 1.6

Good but badThis game is a very entertaining game Though it only gives you a limited tries and you have to wait for the next set of adds to be able to play again but sometimes I don’t have enough time to wait, or you have to buy it. I rarely play it because of that but if that is improved then I would recommend the game It’s so annoying if there is still a limited amount of goes I’m just going to delete it because the limited amount of goes is ridiculous..Version: 1.7.2

Ads + MoneyI personally loved this game. It was nice and the levels are good and fun. It took me a very long time to get to fifty, and I’m still getting to 100. As nice as this game is, I hate about half of it. Why? Because the ads are just plain stupid, annoying, and costly. Every tie. You die, or complete a Level, you go into an ad. Immediately. It’s stupid and that’s not it. Every time I go into the app it shows the title screen. Then immediately and ad for a fishing game pops up and I accidentally click on it. This game is not even using a clever strategy to get you to buy games, it is just plainly trying to get you to click on them by accident. After I click on the ad, nothing happens. Until I get into a level. Then while I’m PLAYING the level, the fishing game’s AppStore page pops up. Not only is it late, it has costed me so many lives it’s unbelievable. I’m still not done. Then it is the costly in-game prices. Not gonna lie, 8$ a week is the most stupidest, frustrating, outrageous thing I will ever see. Or maybe not. Then, in order to stop seeing ads about every 15 seconds, I have to pay 20 something dollars, MONTLY!!!!!! I have seen no ad purchases on other games. They are ranging from 5-8 dollars. Overall, I like this game, but all this side nonsense makes it have a 3-star rating.Version: 1.6

Fun game, ruined by ads & subscription priceI really like the visual style and mechanics of this game but it’s too tedious constantly being bombarded with ads considering the game itself is quite fast paced, such a shame. It’s unfortunate that the developers feel like £6.99 PER WEEK is an acceptable price to charge to remove ads! They must be out of their minds! I wouldn’t pay £6.99 per week for a AAA game with tons of content, if I wanted to play this game for a year uninterrupted it would cost £363! Does this arcade style mobile game have enough content and replay-ability to justify such a ridiculous price? I doubt it. If this game was £6.99 upfront I would probably buy it. Sadly, greed has ruined an enjoyable experience, I’ve got to level 18 and given up because of the amount of ads..Version: 1.5.2

Game is to shortWould play this game on my bathroom breaks at work and I’m at level 350 says more adventures soon but that was 6 months ago when will more levels come out.Version: 1.7.17

It's fun but........When you play it it's very fun and addictive but when you fail in the middle of playing a level it asks you if you want to watch a video to continue playing and if you say yes and press on the video when the video is done it starts you all the way back at the beginning of the level instead of where you were you were in that level and if you said no to a video and press replay it shows you a video anyway so if you say you want to continue where you were you would have to see 2 videos . And you can't play another level until loads of long trashy ads go by !!!!THERE IS TO MANY ADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want people to play the game maybe you game makers take away 20 percent of the ads and then they will spend more time playing it and not put bad reviews up like this one and maybe even buy some things on the game AND when people pay for no ads they don't expect to get more ads then before so that a big thing you need to fix and if these aren't fixed I'm deleting the game !!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6

More ads than gameplayLike many of the other reviews here, I find the gameplay to be really fun but the ads are just too much so I have deleted the game. I don’t mind watching ads every now and then to support the game but the amount on this one is beyond ridiculous..Version: 1.6

Ads and Lives ruined itIt’s a really fun game, but there’s constant down time, and I genuinely can’t wait through an ad every time I start a new level. It takes like 20 seconds just to try again on a level, or to move on to the next one, not to mention there’s a life system where you can only play a certain amount of times before you have to wait for them to recharge. Soured my experience. If you want a real mobile platform we, just get leapday..Version: 1.2.27

Ads, ads, adsThis game is fun don’t get me wrong, with endless and stages there is no way to go wrong. The progression is very well done with upgrades unique to the game and experience points that actually unlock different items in the game. HOWEVER, there are SO many ads. There is an optional one to be revived, an optional one to get an extra reward. I have no problem with the optional ad opportunities, ITS THE NOT OPTIONAL ONES. What kind of game has optional ads and ones that are required. When you first open the app there is an ad. When you open a chest there is an ad, when you start finish a level there is an ad. And there is always an ad on the bottom of the screen. THE ONE THAT REALLY GETS ME is the ad that plays after the optional ads, so you might as well have watched the optional ad because your going to get an advertisement anyway. This game is too bogged down with ads that it can’t be enjoyable in a realistic way. I can’t play for more than one round at a time because after one round I’ve already watched 4 ads. I spend more time watching ads than playing the game. And I know there are ways to turn them off and everything but that’s almost even more of a pain..Version: 1.6

To many adds and have to pay so muchIt’s an amazing game, but there’s just way too many ads and all the time it just makes you pay maybe it’s not the same for everyone but for me it’s like that I don’t know why because it says it’s free when I download it but anyway it’s a great game and I love to play itAnd so does my brother.Version: 1.7.17

DEVELOPER PLEASE READ!!I’m not sure if you can change this or not but can you please make a way to move the data from one iPhone to another? At least please make it so that you can save all progress through a Facebook account. I tried and deleted right away because I figured out there was no possible way to save or at least make an account to log into and load your stuff. And I just wanna say, when I play a game, I need a way to play it on different devices. Because think about it, if you complete all levels and your getting a new iPhone then you just have to ditch all of that good, valuable, and hard work you just did with no possible way to transfer it to your new iPhone. And boy, do I hate ditching hard work. I made a big mistake such as this in a different game when I upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone XR and it felt BAD leaving all that gold behind. (But, once/if you do make a way to transfer, then I will be playing a lot because it’s honestly such a good game I love this game but please tell me below because I will only download if it’s in the description or if the developer tells me.).Version: 1.6

Frustrating and scummyThe actual game is fun, but this is the worst game for ads and playtime. Constant banner ads and videos after every single game. Not to mention that you can only play so many times in a row... Unless you pay 10$ a week... Its a shame such a fun game is burried under all the ads and wait times..Version: 1.6

Pay to continue?!If I die too many times I can’t continue without paying 1,000 in game coins? What a cash grab..Version: 1.7.6

I don’t like your gameYour game is trash.Version: 1.6

GarbageThis game follows a trend of mobile games these days where they barrage you with ads and shove ads down your throat and force-feed you ads constantly unless you pay them 8 dollars A WEEK for a “premium membership”. This is a minuscule phone game with one primary fundamental game function, which is swiping. Sit down, game, you are not the Church and you can’t steal money from people that easily. This game does not deserve Editor’s Choice. Remember when Lite games existed, or even just free games in general that didn’t have the most obstructive ads you could possibly imagine? Why not have a bar at the bottom of the screen that displays ads? Why do you have to absolutely annihilate the player every single level with an unskippable ad? Mobile games these days are absolute garbage. It’s a shame, because this game could have been fun if I wasn’t being incessantly fed the most annoying ads of the century. Better yet, you could just make this game what… a buck? 2 bucks? And not lure kids playing this game into paying 8 dollars a WEEK for a membership in a MOBILE GAME? It’s sad how far mobile games have sunk. Every developer is a cash-grabbing greedy fiend these days. Trash. If you don’t particularly like to play a game that’s more ad than game, I would suggest not picking this piece of trash up. Save yourself the hassle..Version: 1.4

To easyI rated this three stars because it is to easy it is hard to understand the concept of It being this easy so I feel that the screen needs to be a little tougher maybe not you are not too easy maybe like just right for kids 12+ something is for kids 12+ it should be harder for the older kids in the younger kids so saying this I feel that it should ask you for your age and then based off of the age make it just right for that age so like if you’re 12 it should be hard if you’re up 4 it should be easy It should be based off their age because it’s just right for that age and they should be able to change your aid my a it should be based off the age because it’s just right for that age and they should be able to change The age of the person gets older like I’m 11 so it should be harder for me than a four-year-old and then like if you’re 12 it should be harder than a five-year-old so based off whether you’re 12 11 or10 whatever you should be able to change your age that way if you’re four and then you turn 10 within six years then that age should be hard enough like just rain but not harder than it should but this is too easy for me being an 11-year-old so I’m just saying that it should I ask for the age also parents just so you know this game has certain add to it I’ve seen that are age-appropriate starting from the age 8+ year-olds so just make sure that you know that the ad can be inappropriate.Version: 1.6

Way too much adsI really hope you will agree with me that they should take away the ads because it basically just watching ads and not playing the actual game. I find it very annoying so i deleted it in 1-2 min(s).Version: 1.6

Great game, ruined by too many adsThis game is awesome, but the number of ads is absolutely ridiculous. Some of the ads are offensive (the storyline choices rubbish that always seems to have people cheating on each other is particularly crass), some are unskippable, some are brain-numbingly dumb, but they are all an awful waste of time. I don't mind an ad every second or third level or death, but if I die I sometimes quit in frustration before I have to watch yet another ad. Paying $4.50 to remove ads is a bit much, in my opinion, as is being constantly asked if I want 'diamond membership'. As if I am going to pay to support an already irritating business model. I love the game but am losing interest due to all the ads..Version: 1.6

Good game but ruined by energy and adsThis is a great game with such good and addictive levels but it is ruined by all the ads which isn't my main concern as you can just put it on airplane mode and turn ur wifi off. The thing that ruins the game for me is the fact that there is energy and if you fail a certain amount of times then the energy runs out. At this point you can wait however many hours until it refills of you can use the coins this costs around 200 for a refill. I don't want to be wasting the coins and keep getting energy has run out pop ups. Would much rather play without this. Overall the game its self is amazing and would recommend if it didn't have the energy feature.Version: 1.7.2

I like it BUTI would have gave it a 5-star review but I can’t play with all the adds I know that it’s a free game but how do you make a add ON EVERY LEVEL it’s just stupidly time wasting I mean playing it is SUPER FUN but really? Cmon guys I have been playing it for an hour and it’s really really fun but I can’t even play it bc I only get 5 try’s or you can’t play for a hole day not just that if you want to go to your home menu there’s a add if you die in the game there’s a add if you want to just restart there is a add I just don’t understand like I said I know it’s a free game but all the time it’s a add more and more adds you put the more I want to delete the game but when I delete it I want to play it then when I want to play it there’s a add and I’m not paying 2:99 just for no add like really you guys really need that much money really that’s so unseasonably because when you put that much adds do you really need that much but all I’m saying is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AT LEAST PLAY (or die) THREE TIMES BEFOR A ADD but I LOVE THE GAME and I think that it’s really cool that you put puzzles in the game well thank you for reading please fix it good bye -Isaac.Version: 1.6

Really great idea for a game but...It’s a really great idea for a game and it’s easily addictive but the one thing that puts me off playing is the ridiculous amount of ads you have to go through just to get through to the actual game play, and then every time before and after you play is an ad. You spend more time watching ads then you do on the actual game. I understand ads are a necessity to supporting a game but this has far too many ads.Version: 1.5.2

Membership is ridiculous price ($12 a week, $50 a month, $600 a year)The game in itself is great! It’s fun and addictive. A couple of flaws that I think are quite major is the amount ads is ridiculous and how you have energy which I find so stupid as you can only play a couple of times before running out of energy and have to wait 20 min before playing again. You can buy the membership pack to get unlimited energy and remove ads but the price is absolutely insane!!! It’s $12 A WEEK?!?!? that price is crazy especially for what you get (4 masks, 400 coins daily, no ads and unlimited energy) that’s almost $50 a month and $600 a year!!!!!! for a little game $600 for a year is asking for way too much..Version: 1.6

A fun little game but has its problemsThe game itself is fun, I like the movement, the traps, the sounds, the Pac-Man-esque style, but I have a few problems with it. For one, after around level 100, there are a few challenging levels, but pretty much from then on every level was repetitive and too easy. I preferred the challenge rather than just flying through level after level, putting limits on myself or else I would beat it too fast. Another problem is the ads: I know it’s how you make your money but showing an ad after literally every game is excessive. I watched some videos to open chests (because that’s pretty much the only way to finish the “open X chests” challenges without waiting for days on end) so having more ads on top of that is annoying. Finally I have issue with the “diamond membership” that you and a bunch of other games have been offering lately. $7.99 a WEEK for what, 4 masks you’ll never use, 400 coins per day, and no ads, which on any other game would cost like $3.99 once? Do you really think this game offers almost 4 times as much value as, say, Netflix, which charges like $9 a month? I would pay $7.99 ONCE for these things, maybe. I bet you offer the 3-day free trial so people sign up for it and forget to cancel, too. Having finished all the levels, I can say all in all that this is a fun game that could have been better executed if more effort was put into the levels and it weren’t muddled by greed..Version: 1.6

Was not warned of the flashingI have epilepsy and not only was I not warned of the constant flashing and flickering contrasting lights, but I was also not able to turn them off in the options as soon as I opened the app. This is very dangerous and can put someone like me in hospital if I was not careful. I am physically unable to play this game because of this issue..Version: 1.7.1

Great game ruined by greedWhat would be a great game is ruined and made almost unplayable by the constant interruption of ads and the greed of the developers. When you first load the game you are invited to subscribe at the ridiculous price of £6.99 A WEEK! You can ignore this and just go ahead and play but, be warned, you will spend more time watching long, trashy adverts than actually playing the game and they come on constantly. So how about paying to remove ads? I paid £2.99 to remove ads but all this does is remove the pop up ads in between game play. Except it doesn't, because in order to get anywhere in the game you need coins, shields and energy which you get guessed it, watching yet more long, garbage ads. You need at least 1 Energy to play and it takes 30 mins for 1 Energy to recharge. It's so disappointing that what could have been a great, addictive game, has been ruined by adverts and ultimately the developers trying to milk as much money as possible out of the people they should be making the game for. If you want to make money then ask people to pay for your game then leave it at that. If your game is good enough you will make money. If you charge people to remove ads then remove all the ads. Release this game as a paid for game and get rid of all the ads and money-grabbing tactics..Version: 1.6

Why should I report an issue with Tomb of the Mask?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Tomb of the Mask to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Tomb of the Mask customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Tomb of the Mask.

Is Tomb of the Mask not working?

Tomb of the Mask works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Tomb of the Mask.

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