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It great and all but…So this game is great and all but I can’t pass level 37 it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hard. Now u think this person is only on level 37 so low but I have trouble with a lot of levels why did u have to make it so hard oh and no spoilers for those who have not gotten up to that level. Have a nice day/night lol and thank y’all.Version: 1.7.8

Download NOW!!Okay,I know this might be cheesy but I really do love this game!Its fun to play hard levels but I think we should all know how to play..So no go for the first and second level it's fun and all except the fact if you go back to level one it will do the same thing!?..But other than that honestly this game is really fun to play!!Its okay if your the age of 7 or if your 8 perhaps even when your 5 even though I don't think any five year old has a phone I just think you should definitely download it,its addicting and fun to play!And there are also some rip off games of thugs and it's not right to copy so if you made a rip off I don't know if you can delete apps but please do if it's possible because I think that there should only be one and this IS the one,on the plus side I really hunk it's a hard challenging game for fun unlike a horror game (Like granny it gives me nightmares lol) I just don't think I like horror games but,That's all!I think you should download it and yeah,Baiii!!!.Version: 1.6

Love it :)I often find myself playing this game when I’m bored (which happens a lot these days). I got the game when it only had 100 levels. Sadly, I got a new phone while the new levels were being made, so it lost all my progress. Obviously that has nothing to do with the game development but I just felt like saying it. Even though I have to redo wall the levels that I have already completed, I still get easily entertained by it. I love that the spin doesn’t seem rigged, in fact, I’ve gotten the shield or 200 coins plenty of times. I also love the add process, surprisingly, I rarely ever get adds. Unless I watch one to come back to life or to get extra rewards, I pretty much never see them. It does lag on occasion but I couldn’t care less. It’s not surprising that a game like this would lag, so I’m not upset about it. I totally recommend this game if you want one for when you are bored or the WiFi is down, we’ve all been there.Version: 1.7.3

Great gameThe is game is really fun to play and I have really enjoyed it. I am on level 32 and am finding tricky to get past so certain obstacles. A few small complaints I would like there to be more lives as once you use five you have to wait a while until you get more. The shields aren’t very good it says there last for 30 seconds. However when I try to use them to get past the obstacle I am stuck at it kills me straight away. I don’t know if they stop working once you get hit but I think that’s a bit silly anyway. But overall this game is really good and I would definitely recommend it.~ Aimee.Version: 1.6

Addictive affff!I enjoyed every level, but what I find really annoying was the lives, I wish I had more but I completed every level and kept on playing the arcade levels which is super cool lol!.Version: 1.6

AWESOMEI love this game so much, it is so fun. I would play it for hours if I could, but I can’t. The first problem I have with the game is lives. You only get five lives so when you die you lose a life unless, you watch a video or use 200 coins. The worst part is when you run out of lives you can watch a video to get 1 more life or you can spend 1000 coins just to refill your five lives. The other problem is the ads. There are so many. There are ads to revive, ads to get more lives, Ads get prizes, there are even ads after you pass a level. The worst of them all is the three ads when you enter the game. The first ad is for a Game, the second ad is right after it’s for the diamond membership, then after a few seconds the third ad comes on it’s an ad for the same game as the first ad. The good thing is most of the ads are just pictures of the game and the title with an x. Sry this review is so long, if you got through this whole review then you really must want to find out about the game. But I REALLY recommend getting the game, it is AMAZING..Version: 1.6

Great game ruined by adsI’ve played every level in this game and 3 stared all of them, however after every level, failed attempt etc there is a forced ad and it can put a negative stamp on such a fun game however you can buy an ad free version which I say BUY IT! But the overall game is short as I did all levels within a few days when I decided to play it after the loss of interest due to ads. The arcade mode is just that, a never ending mode that gets more frustrating than fun the further you go. However there’s some replayability for completionists bu saving coins to unlock masks and abilities but tbh that’s not as rewarding if you think about it. Overall this is a great game and I want more levels to play but will have to wait until the devs update more content. If you don’t mind ads then go for the free version and play this awesome gem but I’m going to be honest, you should buy the ad free version and play this game uninterrupted and enjoy every moment. 4/5.Version: 1.5

TotMTwo tomatoes amazing you should try it’s everyone if you aren’t what are you doing you need to try it it’s amazing game use swag swag swirl and it’s so fun.Version: 1.7.17

Fun but...This is a really fun game however the game recently has been very glitchy and completely stops in the middle and freezes and it a little annoying but other than that I thinks it a very fun and entertaining game!.Version: 1.7.17

It’s great but the addsI would like if they removed the adds.Version: 1.7.17

Used to be betterI got this game ages ago and finished it in a matter of days. It was really fun and it was a challenge to acquire all the masks by playing the game. When the update came by i could no longer use one of the masks that i had saved up for and every level i played i got an ad. Other than that i still love the game but i do think that the only in app purchases should be for coins and spins, not for masks..Version: 1.7.1

IncredibleThe animation is smooth gameplay is fast and fun there is just nothing not to love.Version: 1.2.23

FunFun.Version: 1.7.17

Great game, too much adsThe game itself is fantastic and I think the fact that there’s energy that you have to wait for makes it even better. Because if you play too much of a game you eventually get bored of it. However with this one, I just keep wanting to come back! The “energy reviving times” are a little long but thanks to that I adore this game. The amount of ads is infuriating though. I get that you’re just trying to earn money by giving us an ad free option but sometimes people just can’t afford that even if it’s a small amount. At least give the people that don’t wanna buy the ad free option less ads please. It really angers you when you just died a few swipes away from the finish and an annoying ad pops up. Tomb Of The Mask is awesome and I’m waiting for way more levels as I already finished the 200 that there are and arcade mode just isn’t enough. Please, please, please add more levels I can’t wait to see what more in store you have for us. GET ME MORE LEVELS please.Version: 1.6

It’s okIt’s a really cool game but the level of eye strain is big if u could fix that then that makes this a five all 🤞👍.Version: 1.6

Level EditorIt would be very nice to have a level editor. It would be very fun and with it you can build your own challenging and fun levels. With this it could build up a nice healthy community as well, sharing there own levels and talking about them. When just scrolling through a couple of reviews, people have been wanting an editor. This is a very beneficial thing for the game as it is already good (STOP WITH THE ADS!!) with how it is. Please implement the editor. Thankyou..Version: 1.7.2

Great, few concernsThe game is very fun and addictive. At first, it’s very slow at getting coins other than the wheel you receive for free every few hours. I absolutely love this game, but I have 2 “major” concerns: 1) Firstly, upon loading the game, in net with a screen talking about the weekly subscription (Unlimited energy, 400 coins per day, no ads and some masks). Sounds interesting and helpful, right? Well, they give you 3 days for free, but then it’s $7.99 per WEEK. Personally, I feel that is very expensive for a single week and I may purchase it if it does lower in price. 2) Secondly, I think it was a great option to have a “free” and “paid” option to regenerate a second life per level. I tend to go for the free option, only taking about 30 seconds and returning to the level. But, more than half of the time, the ad doesn’t even work and I’m forced to close the app, restart the level and wasting an energy. I know many will say/think “Well, it must be your internet!” when it’s not. When I do complete the level, yet another ad comes up and it perfectly shows..Version: 1.6

Good game, really enjoyedThis is a really fun game! I enjoyed it a lot. For the most part, the levels are challenging enough and it seems to me that a lot of thought went into making the game. I only have a few things that I think could be better. First, I would love it if the energy had a larger maximum capacity or replenished faster. I would even be satisfied if I could buy upgrades like that with coins. Also, the levels are really fun and interesting, but some of the later ones just seem much shorter and easier than they should be. I just wish they’d add a little something to the post 100 levels to make them more enjoyable and less of a colorful pixelated scavenger hunt. For example, I loved that little rolling ball that follows you and I would like more of it. It’s a shame the late levels don’t have as much effort put into them as late stages in arcade. Also, there are a lot of ads but I just keep airplane mode on and disable my WiFi to get rid of them. Overall great game and I’m gonna expect a lot from new levels if they add them..Version: 1.6

Great game but...This is a great game but I hate that every time you beat a dungeon you get an add and I would really like in the game that you could create your own tomb with different things in it and a place that you can see al the tombs people have created it would be pretty cool and thanks for making this game I love it!!!.Version: 1.2.27

I think it’s greatPart for the developers so I think you should add a unicorn skin for the thing you play as, and also 1 or tiny bit more lives, so 1+ lives are really good so do that and I’ll rate it five stars now for people wanting to download this game... So for the people that want to download it it’s a great game it’s good enough to download, but I think that the only bad part are there are not a lot of lives in a level there is an arcade you can do fun things in AND 200 LEVELS levels, you can have real really fun it’s just the lives but you still enjoy now for all of you... For everyone... ITS MOSTLY A REALLY NICE GAME THANKS FOR READING MY REVIEW see you later aligater!.Version: 1.7.6

HmmThis is actually my favourite game but... I’m up to level 200 how long will it take for more level to come.Version: 1.6

Tomb of the MaskThis game on the trending list is a representation of how amazing it is. It’s great since there is no internet required and even though there are a lot of ads (every time you die) it’s still amazing. Also to the people who are saying there are too many ads, this is how they make cash and I think they are making tons considering how amazing this game is. 5 Stars!! <3.Version: 1.6

I am completely obsessed but...I absolutely love this game but they play adds non-stop for example if yoy have no lives left yoy have an option to watch an add for a free life, which seems pretty reasonable but even if you choose no an add will still play which van be pretty infuriating considering that they are the same three or four adds. The other thing is that there are a limited number of levels and it will just say new levels coming for weeks until the new levels.Version: 1.7.2

A footstep way from a perfect gameA satisfying, challenging, empowering game, strong in both replay ability and game feel, complimented by its wonderfully bold and comprehensive graphics. A downside I am getting, however, is lag in my input, especially when playing quickly in arcade mode. Being a developer myself, I’m not sure how your technicals work, but perhaps store any input I make as the character is flying, and then use it when it lands, without me having to swipe the same thing again, if that makes sense. Overall, a fantastic game and I look forward to what more it can possibly offer :).Version: 1.7.6

Happy Happy HappyThis game is awesome. Absolutely no ads and so relaxing, playing this game makes me feel like Coco games are boring. Coco games has way to many ads. But this game has like none, except if you want to resume your game. Whoever made this game know’s what ever age and every gender wants. But most importantly this game can also help your smartness, because, if you run into a spike then your brain tells you that you need to find another path, which challenges your skills..Version: 1.7.2

Do they?Appears to be a Russian company behind this game. It’s a rare combination of an ace game overlaid with a stinking ad based revenue system. 30 second video ads interrupt the gameplay too frequently. You can pay to remove them, but the price options are crazily high (£7.99...a week??!!). The developers claim to read all the reviews, but do they as most are negative words about this ad model? Like everyone else I give 5 stars for game development and 0 stars for revenue model..Version: 1.7.7

Very entertaining & can be played without adsFirstly the ads are easily removed by playing with aeroplane mode switched on. I never had to sit through a single ad & have just completed the game. The game is a very simple concept & the levels are very well thought out & often very tricky - but not to the point where you want to give up. This is a lives based as opposed to energy based game. If you don’t die you can play as long as you like. If you lose all lives you have to wait about 20mins per life. This is great for playing on a break at work but not if you want to play for hours on end. I have just completed level 200 which is currently the last level. More levels coming soon apparently. I’ll be looking forward to that. In the meantime I am eager to go back to older levels & collect all coins/stars. And it’s FREE! With no ads at all! Just put aeroplane mode on & stop complaining lol.Version: 1.6

AdsLove it! But way to many ads every time I complete a level I have to watch a ad.Version: 1.6

StatementHi this isn’t really a review but I was wondering when the next levels will be coming out on TotM because I have finished all of them up to 300 and Am still waiting for the next ones to come out.Version: 1.7.2

Nice!Good boredom killer:).Version: 1.7.17

Thoughts on this gameThis game is so addicting and fun!But the amount of ads you have to watch...not considering that sometimes the ads just repeat over and over again!Also you only get 5 lives and once you have died 5 times then that’s the have to wait around 20-25mins to play again!Even when I past a level it still makes me watch an ad!But other than all of the horrible things I said this game AWESOME and SUPER fun to play!.Version: 1.6

Good butVery good game. I love the gameplay and the graphics. Phew things that are annoying are the lives system where if you lose all your lives you have to wait to get more. And the adverts are annoying. One or two after you complete a level isn’t so bad but almost everytime you replay and advert comes on. Plus there is a glitch where when you get an advert at the start and you dismiss it. The AppStore page for the game randomly appears a few moments later. Overall a good game for passing time just a few niggles which stop it from getting 5 stars.Version: 1.6

Addictive gameplay and clever puzzle designOne of the rare apps where you have great gameplay and game feel. Really fun to control and you can get a good flow from the mix of skill and challenge, but it doesn’t get drawn out enough to not be enjoyable in short bursts. The design of the levels and mechanics are just 10/10 lots of passion went in and it’s clear they know what they’re doing. The only real downside is it’s a little plagued with ads, but this can be solved by turning off the internet while playing or paying a few bucks to remove them. Personally I paid up because I’d easily drop a few bucks for a game of this quality..Version: 1.6

TotM is greatTotM is amazing it gives you a guide at the beginning to ensure that you know what you are doing at the beginning and it gives you a marvellous experience racing around a mysterious tomb. You have to complete the levels by collecting dots and stars and avoiding deathly traps (mainly the spikes). You can change your avatar and collect awesome tools and shields to help you on your journey through the maze. The reason why I gave it four stars is because it makes a buzzing sound if you die,it is rather startling I am currently on level 28 it gets so hard as you have to move super quickly. I recommend this to everyone as a great game,though I encourage people to not spend as much time on electronics,it is amazing you should try it. Thanks for reading this guys! Hope you enjoy!👍✌👌😎😀.Version: 1.6

Fun, Retro and Insanely Satisfying.The retro style of the game is conforming and fits well with the fast paced swiping to collect the dots and coins to finish the level. Wheel spins, custom characters and arcade mode are great additions to the game making it overall a fun and highly entertaining game to sink your teeth into when your feeling restless. Although I cannot justify paying for subscription it costs too much I’d much rather pay like 30 bucks and get all that stuff instead of paying a lot for a week. My suggestion: the ads are fine turning off mobile data does the trick. Love the game keep up the good work devs!.Version: 1.7.2

Cool ideaThis game has the best idea for a game ever. It’s cool how it adds different things that can kill you the higher you get up so it’s harder. I’m up to level 19 and I’ll keep going!!.Version: 1.7.13

No music or sound (update...I was wrong)Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I love this game. A challenging puzzle game that puts swiping to the test. However...I can’t get the music or SFX to work. I tried rebooting the SFX and music. Nothing. I tried re-changing the language. Nothing. I don’t know if the ringer on my IPad is off or it’s the in-game glitch. I’m still gonna play it though. I just wanted to report this glitch in case you find it. I rated 4 stars...If I did get the music and SFX to work I would’ve rated 5 or...Yea just 5. Creator, if you read this, go in game and find the glitch. Then, update the game to fix the glitch. If it is normal, I thought it was a glitch...I’m sorry. But anyway, I justified the glitch (if it was a glitch). /\ Remember my past message?l Well...I just had to restart the game...I’m a TOTAL idiot. If you find this glitch, close out the game and hop back in. I don’t know why there is no music or sound when you first start...That should be changed..Version: 1.7.3

It’s awesome!It may seem a bit hard at first, but when you keep playing you will really get into it and you will love it! For example level 17 and 18 are hard ones to crack. But I know you’ll get it! (I’m saying it to however is reading this) :) Have a wonderful day! :).Version: 1.7.3

Tomb of the maskThis game is amazing and so fun I want everyone to play this game so I am going to spread the word to all my friends at school. It is so fun that I am literally going to tell everyone and even people out of school as well as in school. Just one thing I need to say i would play it all day if I could but I can't because we can lose lives so I think that there shouldn't be life's involved in this game because you might lose them so you can't play it all day. There can be lives only if they come back in one minute. Also the other thing about this game is that after you lose it comes up with an advert and i know your trying to get other People to play your games but that's why loads of people are deleting the game because of the adverts and we don't want that to happen do we. Other than that your great!xxxxxxxxx Your's sincerely summer Graham 8 years old Ps. I am your top number one fan of........ TOMB OF THE MASK!.Version: 1.6

⚡️ zappingWhen you are near a zap and you have pressed your 🛡 shield button and you go to the zap you actually get zapped. I find that very annoying because to continue you must watch a add. Otherwise I think that this game is very nice and relaxing 😎👍🏻I think this game is gonna be a hit because this game is a perfect fit for anyone.🧒🏼👩🏿‍🦱👱🏾‍♂️🧔👳‍♀️👦🏼👳🏼‍♂️👩🏼‍🦰👩🏾👩🏾👨🏻‍🦲👨🏼👧🏽👩🏾‍🦲🧓🏾👨🏿‍🦳👨🏻‍🦱👦🏼👱🏼‍♀️👲🏻👨🏻‍🦲👮🏽‍♀️🧕🏽👮🏽‍♂️🕵🏼‍♀️💂‍♂️💂‍♂️💂🏻‍♀️💂🏻‍♀️......YEAH anyone got it!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6

Fun and Skillful GameEven if you get the game for free and don’t buy anything, like I did, the game always has ways for you to keep playing. It’s like pac-man but with traps set up. Every level is genius in it’s design and never lets go of that sweet retro nostalgia. I highly recommend this game to anyone to at least try and see if they like it. While writing this review, I don’t know if it was a new update or something, but when I first played this game there were relentless ads. They popped any time you completed a level, you died, or if you played a level. Now, when you play, ads only pop up if you want a second life in the level. They also pop up for chests (a spinning wheel that gives you coins and unlockables) and energy (if you run out of energy you have to come back and play later.) If it wasn’t for this ad reduction, my whole rating would have dropped a couple of stars. THIS GAME USES A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE FOR THE FULL EXPERIENCE. I usually don’t usually sign up for monthly subscriptions unless I REALLY need to, but as I said, you don’t need to sign up to have fun. There’s a LOT of levels, I don’t know exactly how many, but there is a LOT. That’s that, I love this game it reminds of those times as a kid playing games that felt similar to this one, have fun!.Version: 1.7.2

It’s a good game but...Well it’s good enough for me to pay to remove the ads. Played all the way to level 340. But level 340’s difficulty feels like level 30. Not challenging enough:(.Version: 1.7.14

Listen up creators of the gameListen up!! Great game, amazing! I love how it looks like it’s made ages ago like that sort of art style and also I just love the concept of the game. Sadly too many ads!!! Yes I know you need ads to make money but you already offered people to watch ads to get shields or another spin of the wheel but after every single game there’s an ad? Also the shield, sometimes I don’t even mean to activate it and I just waste it on a easy level so that’s not right. But lovely game just try and ease it on the ads and make sure you need to press a button to get a shield instead of double tapping because somehow I activate it while I play by accident..Version: 1.6

ChippppppOk well the reason I rate this game four stars is because I’ve had the game for a very long time, since last year actually! And well I used to be on level 121 I think I don’t remember that great but I’m pretty sure that’s the level. In my opinion it’s really hard, and I asked so many people to help me but no one could beat that level. (Remember that I am not sure what level it is but it could also be level 123 or 122 either one) and the last problem is there are a lot of ads. I’m not sure why they are there but yeah. Overall I love the game I cannot stop playing and I’m writing a review because it asked me to and I realized I can tell everyone that this is a AMAZING game! Anyway enough of me going on and on. Have a nice day. Good bye 👋. Sorry I just got to the level I could not pass and the right level that is impossible for me is level 126! I don’t know how to beat it, for me it is impossible. And one more thing, O actually deleted this app when I got to this level because I could never beat it. And goodbye for real 👋..Version: 1.7.6

Best game in the world I love itIt’s so fun me and my dad love it I play every morning.Version: 1.7.17

Love it!!A very fun and challenging game, it’s quite addictive too.Version: 1.7.13

Super Addictive but ....TOTM is supper addictive and fun I have even got my friends involved and they have become more addicted then me ! But the only flaw is the amount of adds that pop up during game play !! I have to use a secondary app (Add block) to stop this and it really helps and now I enjoy it better . So I recommend you get Add Block if you get TOTM ..Version: 1.6

Great gameThis game gets me stuck in to it and makes not me want to leave. It’s an amazing game but I think there are way to many adds..Version: 1.6

Awesome game I love it but...Omg I love this game so much it’s really addictive but I have one problem... THERE IS SO MANY ADDS!!!! can the adds only come for when u watch them for extra energy and coins. They are so annoying and take 4ever. Please can u fix that please. Overall I give it a 9/10 😘.Version: 1.6

I know I am a geniusIf y’all are being annoyed by the ads just TURN OFF UR WIFI.Version: 1.7.17

To make it betterFirst you’re game is the best game of the App Store but to make it better you should make an editor mod where we can make our own level and we can make the color and the shape of our avatar in it plus add some powers and when we are playing levels each ten level a boss level that in this level they are some tsunami or like some other avatars trying to kill us and we should escape and find some secret passages or find some where to hide.Version: 1.6

BEST GAME EVER!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️I really enjoy this game and would even give it 10/10 stars if i could. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I like how you can play arcade mode and the chests you get every few hours. I also enjoy the fact that it doesnt take too long to get all your lives back and the amount of coins you pay 💰 is fair. However i have finished all 350 levels and have collected all the dots and stars!!! (Dont mean t brag or anything). I havent been playing the game as much as i used to because i completed all the levels. Plz could you make more levels and maybe even add more enemies or obstacles. I really appreciate your efforts to making this game and hope that you could make more levels. What would be good is if you update the app every week or so and add like 10 or 20 more levels a week. Keep up the good 👍 work on this app!!!!.Version: 1.7.14

Best quick game for 2019This game is fast paced, easy to learn, fun to navigate, and hard to think though! It makes me think about which routes to take and also challenges my reaction time and presents new challenges! An amazing game development! I’ve completed all 200 available levels on story mode and can’t wait for what else you guys have in store!.Version: 1.6

The great if not The best!This is a very hooking game as it’s constantly on my my mind. It’s a simple game that has you to avoid obstacles in one movements with weird puzzles and creatures there are some ads but not a whole so it’s manageable. I love and hope it gets more updates as it gets a little bit boring after you finish the main storyline. There also an arcade endlessly mode which is quit challenging which is why I like it. The game also requires energy to play in the main story while the arcade doesn’t. It’s not a problem as until you die you lose The energy. So all in all a great game hope to see more updates soon😁😆😆.Version: 1.7.1

WowIt’s so great!!!.Version: 1.7.17

AwesomeCould do with some more levels as I completed all 145, and found that the power ups could have been better (apart from the freeze).Version: 1.3

It’s very goodThis game is a very addictive game but I have finished all the levels. After completing the levels it gets boring. BUT it’s a great game and you should get it.Version: 1.7.2

Very addictive and fun!Way too many ads; one or two make me have to load the whole app up again because the cross in the corner of the ad is too small so I can’t tap it and it just brings me onto the play store. Also i hate games that have limited ‘energy’ do they want us to play their game or not?! As you might have guessed this is one of those apps😒 I am just a kid so I can’t pay for anything online so I’m now going to just play another game while my energy restores I only had about five goes! Errr... really good game though😅 just wish I could play it a bit more👺.Version: 1.6

READ THIS REVIEW!!! 100% SATISFACTIONI FINISHED THE GAME, ONLY 200 LEVELS SO FAR SO WHEN IS THE NEW UPDATE...? YOU SHOULD MAKE THIS LIKE CANDY CRUSH WHERE THEY UPDATE NEW LEVELS EVERY WEEK. But anyways this game is by far the best game I have played in years, even better than what I am playing right now-Pokémon Go and Peggle Blast. It’s that kind of game where you if you lose, you’re scream and get really stressed out; which build abdrenaline and makes you continue playing. There are ads after ever level, I gotta admit. But to get past this, all you gotta do is, before you play the game, take out your WiFi (also the cellular data in your settings). This will definitely remove all the ads and you can enjoy whenever you want, the after you lose your lives...turn your WiFi back on and it will be like nothing ever happened! The downside of this is that you won’t have that free ad-revive if you lose your life! Overall, I recommend 100% and recommend you doing my ad trick to remove it totally!.Version: 1.6

Fun!Such a fun game! It’s great for long car rides or just to play on the go. I do have one thing I don’t like. You only have a certain amount of lives. When your lives are out, you have to wait! I don’t really want to pay money to have infinite lives though. A positive about this is to arcade! You don’t need lives for it, it’s what I play when I run out of lives! This game is fun, and you should get it! 💖.Version: 1.7

Love this game but too many adsI absolutely loved this game! The first few levels were a little to easy but later on, they got loads better. The only bad thing I have to say about this is the amount of ads that are popping up. After you finish a level, when you fail a level, lots of ads. Love that this game is an arcade game (I love these types of games :D) and is simple to use. Keep up the good work guys! (:.Version: 1.7.6

Create a 'Report Bug' button in settings.Well I've just experienced my first bug. On level 93, I down-swiped on a wall and got stuck out of the map and the time zone thing that catches up to you caught me. I decided to spend 200 coins on the revive, expecting it to put me back in the map but I was still stuck and ended up dying again. I tried playing the level again and when I pressed play, the play menu was still stuck over the map so I couldn't see half of the obstacles lol. I tried pressing x on the menu, thinking that it would disappear and I could continue playing, but it sent me back to the map menu and made me lose another life. I tried again, same thing. After restarting my phone it worked again and I could play that level. Terrible bug and I hope you fix it next update so other people don't experience it..Version: 1.6

Absolutely Love It!I can’t remember the last time I’ve been addicted to a game like this! I personally love games that are very fast paced and require good hand eye coordination and this really gets me going! The only problem I ever really have is that sometimes I’ll swipe in a certain direction but then it goes in either the opposite or a completely different direction. I’m also not a huge fan of the energy concept. If you remember the Harry Potter game that was released awhile back, that was thing everyone hated about that was cause you had to wait for you energy to recharge before you could do anything. Of course it’s not exactly that case here cause you have Arcade Mode in which I still thoroughly enjoy. I just wish you didn’t have to wait to recharge energy in order to advance in the map stages, especially considering how there’s so many that need to be completed. Also it’s honestly a bit ridiculous to expect people to wanna pay $8 per week for unlimited energy and no ads. That’s straight up highway robbery..Version: 1.6

The Best Game Ever!This game may seem very boring and it looks like it’s aimed at boys but this game is totally fun and 100% unisex which I love because I am a girly girl so I can’t get picked on for playing “boys games”. At the moment, there are 200 levels and I have just finished level 200 so I hope the update with more levels comes out soon. There are not too many ads, the revive pay is fair, the amount of lives you get is perfect, the time you have to wait for each life is only 20 minutes or so AND it’s 90% free! All you have to pay for are no ads and premium! Premium is a good idea but it’s not needed to complete the game. Premium consists of no ads, exclusive skins, more coins, more shields etc. There is also an arcade mode where you have to rise to the top whilst being chased by poison liquid whilst avoiding various things that can make you loose. There are no lives to this so the turns you can play are limitless! You can also play in arcade mode whilst you wait for your lives to regain or just for fun! At the moment I can only play arcade mode because I have finished every level but you can go back and replay levels as much as you like. But that still costs lives. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game for free and you should totally give it a try! But the real question is, can YOU play along with me and collect all 3 stars each level? I bet you can! Love you TotM! Catch Me Knuckles!.Version: 1.6

My problems with the gameThis is an amazing game that I love but I have one problem there r never enough levels to play and never enough lives. I uninstalled this game ages ago because I had completed all the levels but then I reinstalled it like a month ago and it still has the same amount of levels and there r no more for me to do so I have uninstalled it. But if u put more levels and more live or for the lives put the time as 10-15 minutes then I would reinstall this game and play it all the time. Also I feel like there r too many ads I know ur trying to make money but I don’t think it’s necessary to have this many ads and it makes the game become really annoying because there r too many ads. So if these things were changed I would love this game..Version: 1.7.3

Mega megaMega game cool.Version: 1.7.17

Great game to swap between.This is an addicting game but you only have a certain amount of energy to play. When you are defeated in a level, you lose an energy. After 5 defeats you have to wait 20+ mins to play again. Also play with no internet, ads do not pop up but you can’t watch an ad for an extra energy. The game is fast paced and can get frustrating so the break to wait for energy is good. This is a great game to play then swap to another game such as tiny tower..Version: 1.6

A TOTM Review. (Suggestions)I love this game. It’s fun, yet challenging. But, I have a few suggestions. First, and most importantly, ads. This game is great, but one major thing: ads. They are everywhere, like tiny bugs. And, they appear every time you beat a level. In fact, (for me at least), there are so many that it makes the game laggy. Not insanely laggy, but overall pretty laggy. But, at least it’s playable. Now, I have a few ideas. The first is level editor. I think you should be able to create a level and share it with others. It would be interesting what people could make with it. Now, another idea is themes. I think you should be able to buy(with coins) different themes for the game. For example, a different color scheme. I think you could also be able to change the color of the character too. You can change the mask color and character color. Finally, multiplayer. You could be able to play with one-another and you could race, or just have a good-ol time. Racing would be interesting, and there could be difficulties, like easy, medium, and hard. The harder the difficulty, the more rewards you could get. Rewards could be coins, unique masks, and more. It would be like a wheel of fortune. The loser would get a slightly worse reward. Anyway, that’s all I could say. I hope you have a great day. Thank you for listening, [REDACTED]..Version: 1.7.17

Fun but time consumingI love this game even though I have a lot of time on my hands as I am a kid, I find this game time wasting and consuming because of all the adds and lives. I gave it a 4 1/2 stars and not 5 stars because even though it is time consuming once you finish all the levels you can’t play that game unless you play arcade and arcade it not fun at all. This mean the creator need to update and make new levels all the time..Version: 1.7

Best game in history but ...,..This game is sooo addictive. It’s really fun with all the levels and the whole energy and the look completes the game. There are 300 levels I finished them all , I WISH THEY ADDED MORE LEVELS. And for the ad problem just turn off wifi . This game is the bomb !!!!.Version: 1.7.7

Ads are the biggest downsideThis game is great. Art is great, gameplay is fun, there’s two modes for a variety of game style, and there’s a surprising amount of story-mode levels. The only problem is the abundance of ads. After every single level, whether you win or lose, you see a video ad that takes at least 8 or 9 seconds to skip. And now the ads are starting to bug out the gameplay and cause a few delays. And if it were a simple $.99 or $1.99 fee to turn off ads, I would be okay with that. I understand ads are the way people make money, and you either make the money off of the advertising companies, or the people willing to pay to get rid of ads, but for this game they require a monthly 8$ subscription to keep ads removed and unlock a few special character masks. To me that seems ridiculous and unaffordable by anybody besides someone throwing away money. I love this game otherwise but they should honestly chill with some of the ads. Keep up the awesome design work though!.Version: 1.4.1

Please DEVELOPERS read this :)I really like this game at first when it was really easy but then I got to level 13 and there were these werid things that we make you go really fast and it was hard to control it so I did that level a couple times then I realized that you kind of have to think about your moves and you have to come up with a good strategy so you can beat the level I Learned that once you are done with level one through 12 and you are done with all those levels it gets super challenging but it really is fun and I like a lot of things about this game like there are nearly never adds on other games there are always adds number 2 that literary nothing cost money a lot of other games if you want something and it is super popular it cost money but this game lets you play and get anything you want with out you buying anything or spending your money Number 3 this game is good for any ages like toddlers kids teens even adults it is really fun and I really like it! :).Version: 1.7.6

Great and entertaining GameI really like the functions of the game and what you have to do to get passed the level, but the only problem is that you have to buy a Membership to unlock 5 masks. In my opinion, you should add masks to either unlock, or you can but then with the coins that you have in the game. In addition, my friends say that there should be a editing thing so you can build and create your own levels and that would be fun because there aren’t many games like that in the App Store for Mobiles only games like Geometry Dash and others have that so if they add that that would be great. Other than that, the game is great and fun to play when your bored..Version: 1.6

Great game, so many ads.I used to play this back when it first came out and loved it - it was simple and addicting. Recently I’ve downloaded it again and was surprised by how much it has changed - all the levels and improvements are great, but it’s virtually unplayable by the amount of ads after/before every level. As much as I love this game, the prices need to come down, that way it will be accessible for even more people. If it was fine back then, without the atrocious amount of ads, then I’m sure it can be fine without them now..Version: 1.6

I need new levels pleaseI love this game, it’s difficult but not to the point where it gets frustrating. The graphics are cool, the music and sound affects are well done, the enemies are unique from other games and each other, Tomb of the Mask is definitely one of my favorite games. The arcade mode is fun but I’m not really the type of person who can enjoy trying to beat my own high score over and over again. I love the story mode though. It’s really entertaining and since you only have a certain amount of lives, it keeps me from getting bored. It wouldn’t be as fun if I could just zoom through the levels without much of a challenge. I don’t have any problems with the game at all actually. The ads get a bit annoying but you can just turn off your WiFi. My only dissatisfaction comes from the fact that I played through all 200 levels and I don’t really have much else to do on the game since I’m not a huge fan of the arcade mode. So please release new levels as soon as you can. Or at least give us an update as to when they’ll be out. I hope you read this, thanks..Version: 1.6

Great gameLove it :3.Version: 1.7.17

Great GameThis game is amazing and really fun to play but there is only 200 levels and you can’t go any further. I have been waiting for the past couple of months and there has still not been any change. Also the ads are ridiculous because there are just so many of them. As soon as you go into the app there are 2 ads right in your face. It sort of gets annoying after a while because it’s the same 2 ads every time. Apart from that the game is entertaining and fun to play when you are bored. I would recommend this but here is a warning... YOU WILL GET ADDICTED!!!.Version: 1.6

LivesThis is a really fun game but the thing that annoys me about it is the lives. I think you should take this feature out because I remember the last time I played this was all the way at the start of the year. That’s because when I run out of lives I have to wait ages so I forget about it and don’t play it for ages. And when I’m actually having fun playing I run out of energy then get frustrated and leave it..Version: 1.6

I love it but...Ok I love this game! It’s fun to play in my spare time and gets me that adrenaline rush I need. But there is a few things I noticed that annoying me. For starters, the time between traps going off is too short in MY opinion. Sometimes I’ll be trying to get through a level and ( I think I have enough time ) I get hit with a trap, just saying you don’t have to do anything about this but it would be nice if you would. Second, the lasting time for the power ups, I think it’s not as long as it should be because I always run out of time before I can use my power up, for instance the shield. Like I said before, you don’t have to do anything about it but it would be nice if you did. Last but not least, the rising thing at the bottom, in MY opinion it moves to fast I know when I first started playing it got me a bunch of times. Say what if you missed a dot? And you went back to get it? You would get caught by the rising thing. Anyway~ I love your game and hope you keep making this one better. You don’t have to do anything that I mentioned but you can if you would like. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blessed day..Version: 1.7.17

OkIt's pretty good and it would be five stars but there's too many ads and for some reason the shield doesn't work which is annoying.I like the fact that you can revive if you die but I think 200 coins is a bit too expensive - 100 coins would be much better. I also really like that there's arcade mode which is good because it doesn't cost lives. Last thing: the snake is a bit annoying because you don't know when it's going to pop up. If you could change all that then this game definitely deserves five stars!!!.Version: 1.7.17

Update pleaseLove this game or should I say “loved” this game. Completed it with 3 stars per lvl about 3/4 months ago, it could be longer but can not remember. Please please please hurry up with an update and more levels. It says after lvl 200 “new adventures coming soon” how soon is soon if I have completed the game nearly 4 months or more ago? It’s a great game but wish it was easier to select older lvls to replay instead of sliding your finger across the screen. Lvl screen should be in grid form to make it easier to select an older lvl. So please hurry up with a new update with more lvls and better interface at selecting lvls..Version: 1.6

Really great game, just one minor issue..I love the game, playing it is very addictive for sure. Fast paced and only one thumb required :) I really enjoy the sounds, styling and overall simplicity. Getting every single coin and star for me is mandatory, so I love the challenge as the game gets harder. Regarding some peoples complaints, if you don’t want the ads, pay for the right to have no ads - this is a company that employs talented people to make great content for a living, not a charity. If you want to play, put up with the ads or pay them yourself for a game to play ad free :) and I’m definitely all for the latter! Just one gripe for me about ads, I encountered a bug where the in game sound no longer works after finishing the ad. It’s easily reproducable for me, just play any ad. Hope it can be easily fixed for your next release! Thanks for the game :).Version: 1.7.6

Great game!!!It’s an AWESOME GAME! I have deleted it 3 times now becuase I have completed all the levels and have restarted, the only thing that I would say about it is the fact that the levels are quite easy but that might just be because I peg done the levels so many times but other then that Greta game! Also when are the new levels coming out just want to know. Thank You.Version: 1.6

Where’s the ‘new adventures’ ??Would’ve been a five star if I wasn’t waiting so long for new levels. Other than that the game is amazing and great for taking up time. Would recommend..Version: 1.6

Love it!Hi I love your game I play it on my YouTube channel all the time! Way cool!!❤️.Version: 1.7.17

The GameI used to play this game and I just want to say thank you so much for continuing to let this game be a thing. I ,also, recommend that people should play the game and I swear they probably might love just like I love the game.Version: 1.7.17

Problems I experienceThis games is really, really addictive. I have very minimum space on my phone and I decided to try this app out. I deleted it (due to amount of space it took up) but then quickly regretted my decision. Very addictive game. The only problem(s) I experience are the ads. After I complete a stage, an add pops up and they are usually 30 seconds - a minute long. This gets frustrating because I can glide through the stages in under a minute. This really is frustrating. Another problem are the lives. When I'm playing a stage and fail, I loose a life. I would play the game more, but loosing a life every other stage or so, takes all my lives away in under 10 minutes. I just wish that we didn't need to rely on the lives. My last problem that I have experienced are the power-ups. For example, during the tutorial, the directions say to double tap the screen or tap the shield in the bottom left corner. Sometimes I go to fast and accidentally double tap, therefore wasting my shield when I didn't need to. The double tap is a pretty good idea, but not for a game like this where you may accidentally double tap. This game is really, really, really fun and addictive (quite literally) and I hope all the problems get sorted out to make this the dopest game of the year. - Thank you for reading.Version: 1.6

Best Game ever .. But The Ads ....I love this game ! I’ve been having it since last year . The only thing that ruins it is the ads . I understand that you put ads for money but there is a limit . Like come on the players want to play not watch ads ! Oh and you know the ads you watch to revive and stuff .. yeah those really aren’t it . There is this one specific one that is about 40 seconds long . Almost a whole minute ! And sometimes when I watch the ads to revive it makes me watch like a 30 second ad and then it doesn’t revive me . And I’ve been reading the reviews and almost everyone complains about the ads but no one is talking about that one ad on the bottom when you actually play . Sometimes when I try to scroll down I accidentally click on it and it brings me to the App Store or some website . Then when I go back to the game I die right away . It’s so annoying and that ad should go . But besides everything I’ve been compiling about the game is really good . I’m in level 227 and it’s really hard . Hope to pass it soon !.Version: 1.7.3

Great game, 1 problem, 1 ideaI really enjoyed playing this game and I find it very addictive, I enjoy the style of the game and find it very creative. My problem is the ads there are way too many ads and I finished the game way too quickly. I don’t like the fact that you only get one revive per level it should be like the shields which you can get them in the wheel spin. My recommendation is that a lot of people have finished a game already and are waiting for levels. Why not give them an option to create their own tomb. This is what happy wheels did and they achieved so much by doing this. Anyway it’s just a suggestion. Overall this game is very fun and I enjoyed playing it..Version: 1.6

Please fix this issue...This is a wonderful game and very fun indeed. The only flaw is that this game has an issue... the issue is that level 218 is undo-able and is extremely hard. I have spent about 50 lives on it and have been trying to get past the level for many days but it seems this level cannot be passed. Also, it would be even better if energy (something used to play this game) and shields (things that protect you for a while) would be cheaper as I run out of coins (in the game, of course) very often. I would be very grateful if you would fix these small issues so I can continue playing as this is my favourite game. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.7.3

It’s add infested BUT...With the adds, there’s a lot of them and I do think that they producers should cut down on them. But this game is still really good. IF YOU TURN ON AEROPLANE MODE THEN YOU GET NO ADDS ^^^^^^^(that’s for all the people who do not know that you can just ‘like’ turn of adds) Right now I am on like level 280+ and I’ve realised that the levels keep repeating. I’m not sure why but I do think that the producers should add some more levels and thing that could kill you. Anyway, I still think this game is a five star because of all the good qualities of it; addictiveness, fast passed gameplay and ‘Packman’ like retro aspects. Overall very good game and I look forward to what the developers will do to the game next. I think that this game should also get more love and attention than it has at the moment. (Also I do not want to seem angry or anything in this review because I very much love this game) Cya around developers!.Version: 1.7.9

YayCool that you sleep.Version: 1.7.17

HardThis is amazing but every ten levels I think comes up with something new.Version: 1.6

Shelzy please LISTEN UPThe game is good it has ads I’ll admit thats not the greatest but I’ll live. Come on were on God’s big green earth did you have the idea to give people 5 lives and each life takes 30 MINUTES to reload shorten it at least, maybe five minutes? The premium membership costs 8 bucks a week! I mean who has time for that? That’s 416 bucks a year or 36 a month. WHY!? I also thought that you guys should make a new mode a mode where WE the players could make our own levels AND just maybe be able to release them to the world I mean wouldn’t that be fun I sure think it would. Consider this PLEASE. And since it takes you so long to make new levels this could be just what you need the public would help you keep the game afloat because it’s a good game but we’re tired of having to wait for new levels we finish the game in a week and arcade isn’t the best alternative be cause you don’t advance from level to level like in story mode. Thanks for reading, Andrew..Version: 1.7.2

Loading ...Awesome game starts easy but gets tiny bit harder but still a cool game.Version: 1.5.1

Overly Addicting// THE ORIGINAL TOTM IS BETTERHere’s a fresh new review. Despite this virus still up and thriving, this game has gotten me through remote learning. I remember getting in a few levels in before my classes, in between my classes and before I go to bed. I have completed all 300 levels in two weeks(too additive) This game was really thought out. It allows you to choose your characters by purchasing them with coins you collect in each level. You can spin a daily wheel. This game even has an arcade mode that changes the style of the level each time you play, so you can’t master every move(I’ve tried). Unlike their new game: Tomb of the Mask Color, the new game is nothing like the original. I have only played 30 levels of it and I deleted the app when I realized that the creators added new levels to the original Tomb of the Mask. The new game is like every other color game just with a few additions from the original GET THE ORIGINAL TOMB OF THE MASK. THIS GAME IS WAAAAAYYY BETTER THAN THE NEW ONE!!!!! JUST COMPARE THE SIZE OF THE BOARD OF THE ORIGINAL GAME AND THE NEW GAME. YOU’RE GONNA WANT TO TRY THE ORIGINAL GAME..Version: 1.7.4

The best game you’ve maybe playedI think this app is a very challenging but a very fun game u should try it I can’t stop play it 😂🥰😍.Version: 1.7.3

AwesomeGreat game would recommend 👍.Version: 1.7.17

Can’t open the app!So I’ve had this game on my phone for way over a year as I really loved it and was waiting for more levels to come out! I randomly clicked on it a few months ago and have been causally going through the levels and have very much been enjoying it. Around a week ago I tried to click on it and it just no longer lets me on the game. I tried hard resetting my phone and even leaving it off for a while but to no avail. I would usually delete and reinstall but I’ve made so much progress on this I really really don’t want to delete it! Going to keep it and keep trying it, hopefully there’s some kind of bug fix..Version: 1.7.2

💡 ideaI love the game but I have an awesome idea. You should add a vs space were you could vs. Your friends to see who can get the farthest. You could have a code to type in to play or go to an online play to play with anyone. Please respond and I love love love love the game.Version: 1.7.7

Very fun and addicting!I’ve only really started playing this game but I already beat the last level (for now) the puzzles and concept are very simple yet very addicting. The old retro style makes it even better. This would be a great game to have a level editor option on it. Just think of all the wacky levels you could design. I’ve enjoyed the game immensely and I can’t wait for more!.Version: 1.6

What you should fixI think you should fix one thing it’s an app purchases it doesn’t let people fully get to know the game and it disappoints me to see how I can get things I want but it’s not possible I cannot get those opportunities I should get one playing the game and The second thing is the lead on this speaker trying to re-create sometimes gets hard for little kids trying to play like 879 all those that range and they don’t know how to do it keep trying and trying but the problem is the lives I think 5 lives is way too little and show make more lives like six lives or even seven the force that you need to fix is very important it’s how the game is made and it’s not because the Internet but it’s because of how you make it I’m actually thinking you’re trying to make people pay you up did you know that people get credit card bills for everything you buy and you are making them add more and more money also impossible to pay that back so I hope you’re able to fix the problem there’s more but since I am a kind hearted nine-year-old I will not say anymore but change those sold more and more people can come into your game and be happier. bye, signed by Isabella.A😀.Version: 1.6

My reviewI think it is a really good because it relieves stress quickly. It is so fun and it is completely free it is really addictive and fun. It deserves 5 stars I like it because it’s kinda challenging with all the different levels I personally think that a lot of people should purchase it (it is free) thank you for reading my review and I wish you happiness. In conclusion it is a good game..Version: 1.7.14

THIS GAME IS AMAZINGI think the game is great and definitely unique. At first it might seem really boring but as you get into the game it becomes fun. My favourite part of the game is that you can play the arcade mode when all your lives are gone which is really helpful as it is one of my favourite games. It is also 100% unisex and so far has no glitches so I really can’t complain much about this game. My only 2 complaints are that every time I spin the chests no matter what I always get 25 coins and so manny times I have been close to 250. I have no idea if this is a glitch or I am just unlucky. My other complaint is every time I die I get adds but the thing is it has only happened this past week. I recommend downloading the game and playing it as it is so much fun. I rate it 4 stars. And it’s free so you don’t have to pay anything unless you want premium or no adds..Version: 1.7.3

The new one does nothing but to me that you know how much they wantEat at home you don’t even get any of those people who got their money in good you use to go out there to do something else you need them to take you type away or you will never treat you again you ty trtr morning was so bad you were going back to school t t you you.Version: 1.6

How to get rid of ads without pay.Turn off your wifi and then the ads will not play.Version: 1.6

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ!!!I love this game and I got it only 3 weeks ago and have gotten half of the masks and beaten all of the campaign levels. Now here’s my question... Is there any way to make a level editor? I’m probably not the only one to have asked for this but am definitely one of the most enthusiastic for this to (hopefully) come. If there was an editor I would definitely consider buying the Diamond Membership and would enjoy the game much more. I would also share the game to all of my friends and recommend it to anyone I know. Now I understand if you guys will ever add this that it will take some time (2-3 weeks dependent on how many people are working on this add-on) and I will be very patient in waiting. Please, if anyone in the Playgendary team could get back to me, I would love to inform you on what else I would like added because I can see a very big change (better version) of this game to come. All you guys would need to do is to make a server capable of handling millions of people uploading their own levels... not that hard right??? Well that’s all for now, thanks for making this stupendous game! - DolanTheCookie... (As a side note please add all the fractures that are currently in the levels. My favorite of them is either the rotation of 90 degrees or the blocks that appear after having been touched.).Version: 1.6

LOVE IT SO MUCHI am fully obsessed with this game! I’ve now completed all 200 levels. Even though this is by far the most addictive game I’ve ever played, there are some things I think could be improved: 1. It’s annoying that when your playing arcade mode, there’s no ‘replay’ button. You instead are taken to the main page, and have to click ‘play arcade’ again 2. I’m not sure whether this is the same for anyone else, but I only realised that there were ‘missions’ when I was on stage 25-30 ish. This means I was getting missions such as ‘complete stage 5’ when I was already far passed it. So basically the missions were either too easy/ needed me to go back to previous stages which could’ve been avoided if I realised that the missions existed from the start. 3. More masks which provide benefits for the stages on the map, as opposed to the arcade mode Cant’t wait for more levels to be added!.Version: 1.6

I need more!I’ve finished the last level and it says new levels coming soon but it’s been like that for months now. Great animations, not a lot of adverts. But please put a third mode in or more levels!!!.Version: 1.6

CoolBest game ever.Version: 1.2.27

Great funI downloaded this game as a request from a fried, with regather low expectations. As soon as I played the first level I was COMPLETELY hooked ( it’s only been 2 days and I’m on level 47) the wait time for more lives and the ads can get annoying but you get that with most free games anyway. Not to mention they have an arcade version too which doesn’t require lives so if your lives run out you can still play the game! Overall, I really have enjoyed this game and will totally keep playing!!👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 1.7.1

Not so bad, but please fix the lightning.I love this game and find some of these more old-fashioned arcade-like games something I quite enjoy. You don’t need WiFi, it makes you think, is exceptionally a good game for children, isn’t to hard or easy, and much more. One of my personal experiences playing this game, however, is the lightning/ thunder. I understand payment for masks, free of ads, etc. But the lightning is a little bit like losing money, (I guess. I just think about it like that.) We shouldn’t have to wait just to play the game more than five times. I understand that you get to watch ads for more chances, but those chances soon run out when no more ads are available. This is only my personal opinion, and I will say I think I am a very selfish and picky person, but I mostly love this game except the lightning and chances. I wish for all of the people playing this game (including myself and my family) simply to play just for fun and not be playing games controlled by people obsessed with money or not letting you play just for the fun of it. Thank you, and I am very sorry..Version: 1.6

I love this game!My idea of a perfect mobile game! I usually don’t enjoy the disposable mini arcade games based around finger gestures that rule the App Store but TotM is great! It combines the retro, simple graphics with surprisingly effective sound effects and sound track. The gameplay is great, I love how each stage has a new feature so you never get bored and there’s loads of stages, but at the moment it’s not too cluttered and the setup is what you would expect from a freemium mobile game. My only feedback to the developers is that I can’t imagine spending 6.99 a week for a premium version of this kind of game, it’s too expensive and it’s not such a long term game so I wouldn’t do that but I suggest having a whole range of worlds more stages each with exclusive features and customisation sand each world requires a one time payment to unlock, thst.Version: 1.6

Amazing 😉Love it and is so fun to play. 👍.Version: 1.7.17

Such a simple but fun game!Honestly, I never write reviews. But this game deserves one. Many previous games had fulfilled my attention span for a week or two and then I’d get bored but with this you simply cannot get bored. The levels left me craving more until I discovered the arcade mode which kept me easily satisfied for about five months now. The simplicity would make it seem like it is a simple game but it’s complex in all it’s beauty as the fast paced actions can improve reaction time as well as engaging your brain. Excellent game!.Version: 1.6

Best mobile game everHands down best mobile game I’ve ever played. It strikes the perfect balance between games you can quickly pick up and play and games with some real depth and content. In an era where hyper casual is dominating the market this game offers a breath of fresh air and breaks the mold from other games in the genre. There is some real depth and thought and challenge to this game that is unmatched. I’m rating the game 5 stars for the amazing and addictive gameplay. Overall the game is not without its flaws like the annoying music and SFx but I just mute the audio. Also, the ads are a nightmare. An ad after everything you see or do. And a subscription model to remove ads? These guys sure know how to make money. If it was any other game I’d have deleted it by now without a standard option to remove ads for $$0.99 or something, but because the core gameplay is so good I still rate it 5 stars. Don’t rate a game bad simply cause it has an annoying monetary system. Rate a game for what the game is and if you do that then this deserves 5 stars. Thanks devs for putting in the effort to make something truly great!.Version: 1.5.2

HELPMY APP IS NOT WORKING, When I try to press on a button to go into the shop it will take me straight to an AD, HELP.Version: 1.7.14

SUPER FUN.... butIt’s a nice time killing game, that reminds you of the old Pac-Man games. I love the retro style of it and the music. But I think the energy aspect in it is pointless. A lot of developers think that it makes players want to come back to it, because the wait just makes them, “more excited to play” but that’s not the case. Whenever I play an app that uses the energy aspect, I lose interest way quicker. I feel like this should be taken out of the game to make it more enjoyable for players. Also playgendary, even though I love there games like Bowmasters, tanks, and now this game. The most annoying thing is ALL OF THE ADDS, and yes they give you an option to turn off adds, but why would you pay for something that can just be avoided by Turing on airplane mode??? Like you can have adds on your game, but don’t you think it’s a bit excessive to put an add every time you finish the level/die? So my final opinion is that the game is fun, addictive, has awesome music, the theme is great, it runs/plays well, but the adds are overwhelming and the energy aspect is pointless..Version: 1.5.1

FinallyThe next level is out excited 😍 leessgoo.Version: 1.7.1

It’s a very nice game butITS A VERY NEW NICE GAME but ADS ads are everywhere plz take them away everyone’s gonna rate you four star.Version: 1.6

<3I really like it, i think its fun and think that it can be addicting but there are too much adds it ruins a lot of fun ( my opinion) other than that theres not much wrong with it the style is really nice too.Version: 1.7.6

Ummmmmmm hiOkay, so I don’t normally write reviews, so anyone contemplating getting this game, here’s something you need to know. 1. There are quite a few ads throughout the game. 2. It is very addictive, and sometimes it can be easy, but also challenging. 3. There are only 200 max levels, which I just beat. 4. There are characters you can collect by beating different levels in order to level up. However I am a little stuck at the moment, because as I said before, I beat all of the available levels. 5. If you are broke like me😢 coins are not at all hard to come by. 6. There are also challenges that you can complete to earn rewards, and a endless arcade mode. 7. Also, which I personally love, the lives refresh every 30 minutes, normally compared to the hour or 5 hour wait in most games. I don’t exactly have a complaint against this game, except I wish the developers would come up with different levels. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to listen to my rant, and I might have wasted 10 minutes of your time. Byeeeeeee!!.Version: 1.6

AWESOME GAME! 🤪TotM is truely an amazing game. It gets challenging at times (which is a great thing 👍) but is so fun and very addicting 😎 I finished the game and go to level 200. The ONLY thing I would change about this game is to add more levels! More fun for everyone!! I just deleted the game and then re-downloaded it to redo all the levels and I had completely forgotten about them so it was a fun challenge. I don’t know what people are even saying, there aren’t too many ads at all! There are way less ads than most games I play. I would HIGHLY recommend this game to ANYONE of ANY AGE 🌵😝🌈🦄🐬🥳.Version: 1.6

Amazing game but..I love this game and I played it a lot but I just finished all of the levels and I’m really annoyed that there isn’t any more, I hope that u add more levels soon so I can keep playing this amazing game! The second problem in this game is all the ads. There are so many of them that you watch more ads than playing the game which also comes to only having a certain amount of energy (lives) You have to wait a while to get one energy and you can’t get any more than 5 which is also really annoying. If you could fix these problems i would be very happy. Other than that this is an amazing game!.Version: 1.6

Extremely fun, but the ads kill it.I absolutely love this game. It’s one of my favorite mobile apps so far. The fast paced movement, combined with the skillful dodging of obstacles and collection of dots, makes it a fun platformer. One of the only flaws with the game, however, is a deal breaker: the ads. Now, I know free apps have to run adverts in order to stay afloat. I get that. But the frequency at which ads are shown are a bit overkill. Here’s an example: at the end of a level, you’re given an option to watch a video ad to earn a free chest. Now, if you take this offer, you’re given the item and sent on your way. But if you pass and just tap ‘next stage’... it shows you an ad anyway. This is a bit ridiculous in my opinion, especially since this means you have to watch an ad after EVERY LEVEL. And the “diamond membership” is downright predatory. $8 a WEEK?! That’s $24 a month, just for a few masks and other superficial benefits. This, along with other IAPs, are shown suddenly, without warning in places where you’re just tapping through the menus to start a level; this makes it extremely easy to accidentally confirm to purchase one of these IAPs, another shady practice. All in all, great game, but the way the developers handle adverts and IAPs is pretty anti-consumer..Version: 1.6

So Addictive!I love this game and have from the start. i first saw my friends playing this game so i thought i would have a go... i wish i could say i didn’t install it straight away 😂 i love the idea of a story levelled game as well. i have completed all 300 levels and still waiting for the next batch 🥺 whilst you are playing you get 5 lives and if you waste those five lives you can’t play the game... or so you thought!? i really enjoy the ‘Arcade’ game mode built into this game which allows you to play forever without a ration of lives. I have only given this game 4 stars because i think you guys can improve. i think the game producers should create a new idea of another game mode. They should make the idea of a multiplayer, online game mode. i really hope this helps in the future 😁.Version: 1.7.1

Amazing!!!This was my favourite game for a really long time, and then the devs sold it to this horrific company that just mass produces shovelware and shoves ridiculous amounts of ads in and charges you your life savings to remove them. I really hope that one day the original team will realise how their game has been destroyed and buy it back. If we as a community boycott shovelware and stop making this pathetic business model viable, maybe one day we can actually have decent mobile games....Version: 1.6

STOP complaining about the addsThis game is awesome and fun super addictive. But what really bums me is not the difficulty of the levels or the adds ( I will tell you how to get rid of them later ) but it is the people giving this game 1 star reviews because of the adds and the developers greed. The developers aren't greedy. They say it is "so hard" to get coins and 25 coins " isn't enough" when really if you think about how much you get from a normal level, well its quite a lot. They complain about how it is so unfair that you have to wait 30 mins to get 1 energy and sure it is annoying but you can play arcade mode when you don't need any energy for and since it's endless you can grind it while your waiting for your energy. Now the final one adds, all you have to do to get rid of is turn off your wifi. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. No buying the no adds thing just turn off your wifi and data and then boom no adds. This was a long review and I hope it was worth it..Version: 1.7.17

AMAZING GAME! Just two problems...This is probably one of the Best games i’ve played on my iPhone. However, I have 2 problems. 1. The Ads. I don’t mind ads too much, but playing ads every level is obsurd. 2. Energy. Like, come on. There’s this system in almost every mobile game. Who thought it was a good idea to add a system where if you Lose a game, you lose a life? When you run out of energy, you have to wait like 5 hours and rot. What if a kid was only allowed one game on his phone and he couldn’t play more? It’s not Fun snatching away a game from someone AND JUST NOT LETTING THEM FXXKING PLAY!! Stop this trend in mobile games..Version: 1.6

Love the game! ( Too much ads kinda! )Okay so this is a very incredible game, I’d just wish for you to not like have so many ads? If that’s the word? It makes me feel like School was then.. But now we’re in quarantine, But anyways! I know games make ads to get money and all that and you need the money right!? But this is a very awesome game! This definitely belongs in an Arcade! If it isn’t already, I’d also love to play this game on my birthday with all my friends! I just got a load of new apps and this is one of the few that downloaded, And I love playing this when I’m grumpy and don’t like doing anything else if you know what I mean, But I also play it when I have free time! From Walking the dog, Playing with the dogs, Feeding the dogs, And other stuff! But after all this is a game most people can’t finish! And that’s something people like in games! But some people like to complete them! I don’t really care tho, But anyways! Just wanted to say all of this in my free time! I will continue playing this game! And just love typing! And yeah!.Version: 1.7.4

FunnySpeedrun it😆😆😆😆😆😆.Version: 1.7.17

Good game but....There are way to many adds witch makes it harder and all the adds are games or apps I have and the adds give me headaches but I love the game it is very fun and addictive and I cannot stop playing but the adds are the things that make me want to stop playing it’s just really annoying to have an ad pop up right after you die it’s getting annoying, sometimes I hope and hope that I won’t get an ad but it never works but like I said I love the game and recommend more people to play but please get rid of all the ads yea I know you can by the get rid of ads thing but you have to pay money and so people like me don’t wanna waste money on a game just to get rid of ads I hate when I have to do that. So please get rid of the ads and all of the glitches and stuff but I still really love this app and I hope more people play this game, also one more thing that I dislike and get a bit stressed is that you have like moves or a certain amount of time and I hate how you have to wait 28 or more minutes just to get one more move! Also my adds to refill the moves won’t work and I wait 20 or so minutes JUST TO GET ONE MORE MOVE! But like I said 100 times I love this game very much 👌👌👌..Version: 1.6

Game optionHi love the game! Most exciting game to play in the AppStore so far but only problem is, that it goes up to level 300! Please make more levels thanks.Version: 1.7.2

A tip for players ⚠️I like the app, was better before the big update a long time ago but it’s still okay. i mean there’s A LOT of ads. a tip to all players: turn off wifi while playing so you get no ads..Version: 1.7.17

YayReally enjoy the game. So much that I’ve completed all 200 levels about 5 tones now. New levels to come?.Version: 1.6

Wow!Well, isn’t this so cool?! What an app! It’s so creative and I find myself playing this for hours everyday, it’s actually really addictive. There aren’t a lot of adds either so no one should be complaining about them. Graphics are surprisingly good as well, and the game has no lag whatsoever-it runs smoothly for me. It’s just you, all alone, in a mysterious maze, and it’s up to you to find your way out! There are still lots of indications of where to go, but this doesn’t necessarily matter, considering the fact that the game isn’t just ‘swipe-your-finger-across-the-screen-to-win’. You DO still have to dodge different things and have quick reflexes to make sure that you don’t die. And this counts for ALL the levels. So, not to be judgmental, but stay well away from the reviews that say, ‘Oh, the game is trash and easy and not worth your time’. Then we have the arcade, which continues on forever and doesn’t require any energy, so you can’t use this to your advantage to grind for coins! Great! This review basically covers up everything I want to say and that’s it from me. Amazing game. Thanks-XD!.Version: 1.7.17

Awesome but I think it needs some changesThis is my favorite game for a phone, it is really fun and challenging. But I think you should get more chances to revive in regular mode like maybe three instead of one because the levels are pretty hard. I also think there should be a way to pause the game especially in arcade mode because you’ll die if you sit there and do nothing. This is if you need to do something real quick but you don’t want to restart the level. I still think it’s an awesome game and I highly recommended it.😀 The reason I got this game is because of the ad on my other apps. The add gives you a chance to try out the game and see how fun it is instead of sitting there staring at someone else playing it. And also if you die it gives you unlimited chances until you reach the end, unlike some playable adds where once you die you still have to wait thirty seconds before you can close the add. Edit: I found out that there is a pause button sorry about that..Version: 1.7.2

One finger gameThis is a game I can easily play in my extra time love playing but there are are some adds😐.Version: 1.6

Awesome game!This game is really good; the things that make it good are: The graphics, missions, idea formation of having a character go through courses to collect coins to proceed to the next level, while also having to be aware of obstacles. The arcade designing is also really appealing, as most apps haven’t accomplished the look to be this perfect and realistic. And of course, having no lags throughout the gameplay due to a smooth formulation that plays offline. When online though, ads to occur to be seen as annoying. However, ads also come in handy too; reason as to why is because that’s how I came across this game. In the overall, I review this game/app 5 stars..Version: 1.7.14

Where is the “New Adventures” come out?!Hey Y’all, This game is very addictive and all but this thing is that I finished all the levels up to 200 and I’ve waited for 2 months for “New Adventures” to arrive and it seems to not have come in. I did delete the app and download it again thinking it would save my work but little did I know it deleted all of my progress. Now I’m trying to see if the “New Adventures” had arrived. So can you fix this issue please. BTW. I ddid recommend this game, it’s amazing!!!.Version: 1.6

PooPeepeepoopoo.Version: 1.7.17

Tomb of the maskThis game is really fun I really enjoy it tomb of the mask could be my favorite game of all time I hope you guys enjoy it to.Version: 1.7.17

This is the best game ever played! ☺️The tomb of the mask IS AMAZING. I I play it all day. I love how it works. Anyway enough with the pros. Now to the cons. I don't like how you have an energy bar. It's not fun so when you run out of energy and have to wait for 20 minutes to get your energy fully back. Sometimes I don't have 20 minutes in my free time so, I try to beat the levels but I keep messing up. Anyways next thing! I think that there is a glitch. Whenever I go to play sometimes it glitches me out. Also, whenever there is an ad, it freezes to I can't play. I know the game isn't new but still. Please fix the glitches. I love to play this game so if you're reading this you will know what to expect if you download it. It's a really decent game and I bet you will play it as much as I do! I didn't wanna write a long review because most people don't like to read long reviews. So have a good day and stat awesome!.Version: 1.7.7

Absolutely amazing 😁 but 😕.......This game is so fun I love the retro stile and you made it a tomb raiding game. It’s not that it has a glitches it’s just that I wish the energy thing didn’t take like 30 minutes I get you want us to watch an ad but what if you don’t have any internet and can’t watch an ad. So could you make so you have infinite lives or at least make the energy not take so long like make it 2 or 3 minutes. But aside from that I 110 percent I no, breaking the fourth wall but I 110 percent recommend this game. Good day.Version: 1.7.1

Add up more levelsCould you please add up more levels as I have done all og 195 levels.Version: 1.4.1

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