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Refund issueI tried to cancel an order 3 seconds after placing it and the app rejected my request saying my order was being prepared.. in 3 seconds? I spoke with a male representative who canceled the order and said I would get a “full refund”, he never told me that the tip I gave had to to be edited through the app to get a “full refund”. Also they only allow a 1 hour window to edit tips. My “full refund” would take 3-5 days? So how would I have known to edit my tip if the representative didn’t tell me? I noticed a different amount being refunded so I called and spoke with a female representative. She kept talking and wouldn’t listen. She said I had to edit the tip through the app and that they can refund the tip. I asked why when the order was canceled and a driver never picked up the food. She said I can still do it on the app, I told her I cannot and that the 1 hour window expired 24 hours ago. She said she fixed it on the app and I should see it. I didn’t believe her and asked for a manager. She refused to transfer me to one. After 10 minutes of begging for one I got fed up and terminated the call. Since I’ve tried to get the refund and they keep trying to navigate me through the app so I can talk to a representative. I tried that but got nowhere! I keep trying to speak with them through the app but they refuse. I’m done with Uber everything. Disappointed consumer..Version: 1.210.10002

Outstanding Service!Joseph kept me well informed about my order. He delivered a completely accurate order with utensils, condiments, and all items included. He delivered my order early, dropped it at the door as arranged. When I opened the door, he wished us a very sweet Happy Valentine’s Day greeting. On the other hand, my daughter was amazed as she waited for her order from another restaurant very close to this Cracker Barrel through a DIFFERENT delivery service. After waiting several hours, she received a call saying her order was going to be another 45 minutes before it was prepared, and they sounded like they wanted her to just cancel the order. At that point, she, her, husband, and oldest son were starving and she said that she preferred to wait. (For point of reference, I had just placed my order for two (mentioned above), and mine showed as already being prepared. My order actually arrived well before her order left the restaurant. When her order arrived, she had no bread which was to be included with meals. She also was missing an appetizer and their order was cold. While the company did reimburse her for missing items, it was a disappointment. So, thank you to Joseph, UberEats , and Cracker Barrel for your exemplary service!.Version: 1.279.10006

Could be better selection for Christchurch NZCould be better food selection available, pizza places of course can already delivered, downloaded app to see if McDonald’s is available for delivery as it states on Facebook plus Google search that McDonald’s Christchurch is available but yet search on app says otherwise. Thought it may of been a glitch so have left it for a few weeks with it still not appearing so leaving review this time.Version: 1.133.10000

Will never order againOrder the food through the app after confirmation with takeaway says your order will be delivered at this time then went to track it it shows it picked up by the delivery driver while tracking it on the map can see the driver went to wrong street so called him on his phone did not answer then got called from him saying you’re address is not right he left the food at somewhere els if you still want the food I said I paid for it so he went back to the address where he left food pick it up and drop it at my address when I ask him he says he was following the navigation on his phone and your address isn’t right come on he can’t even read road name or door number where he left foo in first place I have to throw the food in the bin because of the coronavirus not sure if it contaminated massaged Uber Eat with issues No reply No apology no refund nothing so will not Order again Avoid If Can.Version: 1.242.10004

Sometimes ordering food feels like a GAMBLEWhile most of the times Uber drivers do an exceptional job in delivering food in all weather conditions against all extremities (pandemic, etc.), sometimes the system fails and the order doesn’t reach you. This can happen due to many reasons like the delivery driver’s vehicle breaking down or a dodgy driver or restaurant messing up the order. While all of these are unforeseen scenarios and can happen to any organisation, the frustrating bit about uber eats is that their response to any of these situations is to return the money charged for the order. They try and pass on the blame to the restaurants you are ordering from, scarring the restaurant’s image in customer’s eyes. In all of these years I have not once experienced uber eats trying to resolve the issue in any of these situations instead of just returning the money. Well maybe something Uber needs to understand is that when someone orders food they want the food not the money back after an hour of waiting for the food. Hoping to see better customer service and problem resolution from your organisation in future..Version: 1.270.10007

Card not acceptedI have to use Apple Pay, as my card comes up invalid for no reason. Have emailed Uber eats and got a response saying it’s not an error on their end it must be the bank. I’ve contacted the bank and there is no error with my card on their end. I believe this is an error with Uber but they aren’t able to sort it out. Not happy..Version: 1.184.10002

Why botherI have tried and tried to verify my cell phone with this four digit number they won’t send me. When I was on originally it was great besides a few hiccups. I deleted app as I was ordering too much. But trying to get it back is impossible. Grrr, help desk isn’t either. Also am giving it one star as it won’t let me post with none. Yup, I’m that ticked off..Version: 1.134.10001

Have had bad experiences with Uber eatsI have tried to embrace the Uber eats experience on multiple occasions, however unfortunately the food has been not been edible due to the delivery.. On one occasion the delivery guy had dropped our meal in the dirt and our meal was covered in leaves dirt and the packaging was completely soiled.. Uber was very slow to react to our complaint. We went to bed without dinner as a result. I decided to give Ubereats another try this evening and the delivery guy went to the wrong address. When the driver called to (what I assume was to find my address, however I did not understand his accent or the language he spoke)find my address he was unable to communicate in English. Eventually when I was able to locate the driver on foot and collect the meal, I wasn’t surprised to discover that the food was cold and mangled, the meal looked like it had been put through a blender. The food was thrown away. I’ve learnt it’s much easier to contact the food provider directly and not pay an additional fee to Uber for rubbish service....Version: 1.158.10000

DeliveryIt would be easier if the delivery drivers could give a call when they enter the street and ask us the exact location instead of loitering in the entire street ( happens sometimes the GPS misguides them) and waiting for the customer to text..Version: 1.176.10001

Where’s the loyalty?I have been loving Uber Eats (numerous times per week). Deeply disappointed that there is no reward/discount for loyalty. And if I get someone else to sign up, they get more than I do. That’s rough. It would be great to see something for loyal users. Particularly as 50% of my orders are for only one person, which when you add delivery, makes for an expensive meal. Would use it more if there was incentive..Version: 1.151.10000

Absolutely no consideration for Customer CommunucationI ordered a subway and my total came to about £30, when the delivery driver dropped it off he practically ran away and the order he gave me was someone else’s, myself and my partner are vegetarian and the order they gave us was filled with meat and half the amount. I tried to call my driver back, no response. Uber left no contact information at all for the restaurant of themselves, after finally finding a number to call customer support I was told I cannot talk to a member of their team because I didn’t have an active order. I am appalled by the lack of customer communication, and the lack of communication between the driver and customer. I feel as thought Uber have not tried to talk any of my issues into consideration after I have reported my order multiple times and now the day after still not response after my trying to reach out multiple times. I have requested a full refund and so far haven’t even had anything as far as a reply from them. Disgusted and I will not be using their services ever again..Version: 1.267.10002

Food complaintToday my sister and ordered Uber eats from McDonalds woodbine on her Uber eats app. The Uber driver was amazing he got the food to us within3 minutes. When it arrived the food was cold, the Big Mac was missing the sauce, the lettuce and pickles, the quarter pounder had no sauce, 5 pickles and no sauce, the chips were undercooked, there was no ice in the cokes and the nuggets were like rubber. We contacted the night manager to be told that this was not a store problem that it was an Uber eats problem. Which is highly disappointing as the Uber driver was great, it was the food quality that was poor. Please advise as to what we should do. Is this an Uber problem or a McDonald’s food quality issue. The manager was rude, obnoxious and commented that he was unfamiliar with the store layout therefore could not be expected to supervise everything... I thought that was a managers job... store supervision to maintain quality. He would not give me his name. Please advise what steps we should take next..Version: 1.204.10003

Terrible ServiceI ordered some Uber Eats as I do quite often from the same Kebab Shop to my home. A couple of weeks earlier I was at a friends place only several blocks from my home (less the 2kms)and ordered changing my address for the occasion. When I accidentally ordered without changing the address back I immediately notified Ubereats , the store and when the delivery was allocated the driver. The driver then proceeded to tell me it was too far and I had to pay him extra. This went on for 15 mins while he had my food in his car. As soon as I told him I was putting in a complaint he canceled the order. I then drove myself to that store to buy my food to discover the driver had taken and not returned my order to the store , therefore meaning he managed to keep my $55 order. It’s a no wonder he was so keep to try and extort me for money. I complained to Ubereats and they didn’t bother to try and rectify the situation at all !!! So it’s going to be Menulog for me from now on. What a joke !!!.Version: 1.267.10002

Definitely AvoidEXTREMELY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! THEY CALL IT HELP...... WHAT HELP??? It is non existent! We have had trouble a couple of times over the past month with missing food but tonight it was diabolical! We ordered a Family Bundle, Calamari and Cookie dough from Bella Italia. When it arrived we received 6 Big Dog hot dogs. So we contacted Uber eats and was told: We understand that these issues do arise on occasion, but not often at this regularity. I am sorry but it isn’t my fault if your drivers make errors or the companies that you work with make errors, penalise them not the customers! I did not want a refund I just wanted the correct order. So I then contacted the restaurant for the second time after there advice was to contact Uber Eats and they kindly helped us, they told us that they customer that got our food took it back to them and that they was going to cook us fresh food if we could collect as obviously there was no Uber driver to deliver it. So my wife had to go out and do the drivers job and go take the hot dogs back and collect the CORRECT order. In my opinion it is not our fault, it is driver error and we should be compensated. I also agree with others that the customer service has gone down hill recently. Extremely unhappy! I wish we had Deliveroo in our area as I much prefer their service!.Version: 1.237.10007

Worst experience!I’m usually not like this when it comes to services and i try not to complain .However, this was a horrible experience. They absolutely messed up and it was uber’s fault not a driver’s. So I order my food and it says that it should be delivered by 1:50 so as I’m waiting for my order the time gets pushed back further and further until it reaches the time that it says it should be delivered at the latest so I go onto Uber eats help and I figure out how to cancel my order and whenever I go to cancel my order it says that I will be charged $8.75 for doing so like it was my fault that they couldn’t find anybody to get my order. So now I’m forced to wait for food that is probably going to be cold because it is been so long since it’s been prepared. It is now 2:13 and I sent in my order an hour ago. Mind you when I tried to contact Uber eats support it only allowed a text option which was unavailable because I guess it was busy. So they also don’t have a phone contact line so I couldn’t even review the extra charge. I usually use UE because they are cheaper than Door dash but i will no longer be using this service due to the inconsideration for their customers. Very disappointed because i used to like y’all and i only put 5 stars so more people can see how trash this is..Version: 1.287.10002

Ubereats is so handy!When using Ubereats, a good way of saving delivery time is to give specific detailed instructions on how to get to the destination if you know the best way to get to where you are, or give a landmark so that the driver will know what to look out for. Remember Ubereats drivers are like us too! One can only rely so much on GPS....Version: 1.160.10001

Service going downhill...fast!What can I say. I have been a fan of Uber Eats for a while however with the past few orders, I have often had the dips not being delivered with my chicken nuggets from McDonalds. I managed to get my money back with this item on my last order however because it happened again I decided to challenge this directly with Uber. Instead of them apologising they shake off any responsibility and say I should ring the restaurant directly and inform them myself! They also say they can’t guarantee delivery of the dips even though the dips section is on THEIR menu and on THEIR app and that you CAN’T complete your order unless you fill out the dip section side on the menu when ordering the nuggets! Makes no sense to me. Take dip order off your menu/app then. What is the point if you can’t guarantee delivery of these items? Just got another response from them. Awful. Just awful. Don’t waste your time with them..Version: 1.209.10005

Theft, and misuse of card details.Current issue, their payment method holds of less than $2 seem now to be a second charge of the same value of your order.. not only did I have issues months ago with them taking funds out from an order 3 months prior because they under charged me so they fixed it, but now this !? I’ve completely lost my trust in Uber.. they abuse the right of keeping your card details on file to alter their mistakes over time but don’t inform of these changes until it’s been done. I didn’t personally authorise this second payment processing or for them to use my cards to charge for their errors after the payment. Though I’m sure they’ve got it somewhere in the fine print when you sign up they can use your cards to do whatever with. Will not recommend to anyone, and most likely deleting the app.. no compensation ever and their customer service is so generic and belittling at times..Version: 1.184.10002

Don’t botherCan’t even begin to explain how much patience it took for me not to lose my rag at this company, so I thought I’d warn anyone looking to download this app as it’s not as good as it seems on their adverts. Over the course of 2 years that I’ve been using this app, it’s just got worse and worse until I am now going to delete it and use something else to get my food delivered. 9/10 times I order from somewhere, the driver either “forgot” to pick up a bit of my order or the restaurant “forgot” to put something I paid for in the drivers bag” when I contact the restaurant or the customer service help option on this app, neither service hold themselves responsible for the mess up, and just try and refund the money instead of getting in contact with each other to somehow rectify the problem. Throwing money back at me isn’t helping when I specifically asked for a product. Whenever I have complained to the uber eats customer service I get this scripted email about how “ Uber Eats has certain quality standards we hold restaurant partners to when they fulfill an order and we understand that your expectations weren’t met on this occasion” utter lies. Be warned when you use this app, IF you use this app, you will not get the things you asked for all of the time, and it will happen more than once, more than often..Version: v1.231.10002

Warning! Shady customer service, stronger regulations for uber now!I had a meal not show up to my house. Driver turned off his phone and no one could contact him...food disappeared! Uber kept my money for 1-10 business days while they "refunded" it. i received no replacement food. They applied a $10 voucher to try to make me happy, said voucher never showed up and i spent 30 mins on the phone (very hard to find the number of this dodgy company )explaining to a guy in another country that i had payed money and received no service and no working voucher, he was no help. Eventually i found out the voucher was being applied as "another refund" and was in my account some days later... they had my original money and the "voucher is payed for" for up to ten business days...because of an error on their end. This is unacceptable! i really think stronger regulations must be applied to uber eats and food delivery apps in general as this is not good customer service and i think they think they are untouchable..Version: 1.113.10001

Not Refunded My MoneyI have used Uber eats multiple times and absolutely love it however 13 days ago I placed an order. After it got delayed 20 minutes, 4 times, my order got cancelled due to lack of Uber drivers. It has been 13 days and my money has not been put back into my account. I have contacted Uber and Uber eats 10 days ago and am yet to get a response. I refuse to use Uber eats until my money has been refunded..Version: 1.192.10002

No refunds when their app messes upSo I have found in my last suburb that it was easy to use uber eats, but since moving to a new area, the app refuses to send the drivers to the correct location, and sends them up the street. No big deal as I can contact the drivers before they arrive to let them know. Unfortunately one driver didn’t check the delivery details and ended up down the road. I asked if he saw the instructions and he simply said “no and I won’t be delivering” - he marked the order as complete and stole my food/money. I sent an inquiry via their app for help and was sent an automatic response saying that I entered the address incorrectly. So I replied again, said to check the screen shots of where I had informed the driver etc etc. Again I was refused a refund as it was “a gps issue” - I do not control the gps. I did everything I could to inform the driver. He was less than 30 seconds from my address when he decided to just keep the food for himself. I’m currently trying to get a refund via the bank/credit card as uber has been non-responsive. Unfortunately with this service, you simply don’t have any idea who is dealing with your food, or any way to contact the owner if something goes wrong. I would not recommend using the service. Definitely overpriced for the support that they offer..Version: 1.227.10004

Service heavily depends on driver....The restaurants I order from are great- the food is always good but not if the driver squashes up the containers and your food is all spilled out into the bag! This has happened to me tooooooo many times and it’s infuriating!!!! I don’t know why some of these driver’s on bikes love to collect these orders and ride with absolutely NO care for your food!! I’ve requested before that a car delivers rather than a bike as sick of my food being ruined. Also a few times the person shown that’s delivering is not the person who shows up.... that’s not good. On the whole a good service and good on the 25% discounts- it encourages to order more- well me anyway. I don’t like this service fee that’s been introduced- I think it’s extortionate. The delivery fees are questionable for some places- ie Macdonalds!!! If based on distance Mcdees delivery should be free. I don’t understand how establishments much further away from me the delivery charge is much lower than Mcdees that is so close- makes no sense..Version: 1.284.10006

Fantastic service A few ideas.I absolutely love Uber Eats!! They are super fast, polite and I've never had a problem with the service. Two thing’s that could help them is, ☝🏼 they could improve on the range, for example offering Greggs, Cooplands, Krispy Kreme and other deli & dessert shops! Second ✌🏻, they could offer pick up services, for example they could show through the app if they are available in your area, then you choose your driver select the pick up option an example of what it would be used for is, if Hermes have dropped your parcels off at a shop and you can’t get there to collect, as long as it’s not an ID required collection, the Uber driver could collect for you as you can just text the driver the details. You’d pay for the travel and their time a bit like a taxi service but it’s a pick up drop off. I think if this and the fist suggestion was made available on Uber it would make the service unbeatable and 5⭐️🚖⭐️!!!.Version: 1.261.10004

Horrible rewards and customer serviceAs you earn rewards you are only not aware that you have received multiple rewards but they make it so hard to put it in that many times you give up. Then you you see promotions such as buy one get one free, but i had a few friends try and redeem this after i failed and no one could figure it out. Then it tells you restaurant is closed when it’s not. If You needs assistance, it is impossible to even connect with anyone at Uber eats (through any means) since order hasn’t been placed. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars in promos because i was not aware they were there. I use this application several times a day for years and have never so frustrated at their cryptic ways and I am. I have never rated any business less than 5 stars and this is the first time I’ve rated a 1. I like their efficiency and their concept is great but the fees are meant to confuse the average person. It’s sad because i was such a huge fan but they are starting to become shady with promises and surprise fees that after all these years I have to start using grub hub and Postmates. I would love to be contacted via any means from them and would be very happy to let them know what has frustrated myself and friends but i know that support will never come and it pains me to have to give a 1 star for the first time in my life..Version: 1.214.10002

Use it more than i should but reviewing is hardLove uber eats but don’t like how as soon as it’s delivered and before i’ve has a chance to eat the food, it’s asking me to review the food and tip. if i skip doing that, then i haven’t found a way to go back and rate and tip like three hours later. annoying. the Uber website help on how to amend your tip does not apply to Uber Eats app..Version: 1.215.10001

Food was never deliveredI have delivery instructions of “1st house down driveway upstairs, easiest to meet for delivery at the gate”. I then watched the driver (on the app) slow down and stop at the intersection to our street. I went out to the gate where I could see the driver parked on the street. As I was about to contact the driver, they drove off and the app alerted me “Successful delivery”. We have spent the last 30min trying to contact Uber to get our dinner. NO CONTACT PHONE NUMBER. NO RESPONSE TO CONTACT VIA THE APP. Not good enough Uber..Version: 1.176.10001

No Help Available with ProblemsNo help or “chat” function when running into error issue with placing order..Version: 1.285.10002

If you’re in France, prepare to read the menu in FrenchI’ve been using UberEats for a while now. So far, I didn’t have any problems until I decided to use the app in one of my trips in France. To my surprise, the entire menu including the user interface was converted from English to French. I tried to navigate around the menu as best as I can however the biggest challenge I had while using this app is that not many French Uber drivers can understand English and my messages sent to the Uber delivery drivers weren’t translated to French. Some complained that they cannot understand English and were more willing to cancel my order. It happened to me once, I was reluctant to order from Uber until today I managed to get some food with great success through translation apps. I think it would be great if you guys can deal with this communication issue when users are not entirely familiar with the respective country’s native language..Version: 1.163.10000

Uber eats is baeLove it for when I work late and forget to stop at the supermarket on the way home and then I’m too tired after a shower.. Uber eats is the fam that got your back like, if you ride, we ride together. Oh you hungry? Shiit I got you fam. Bam uber eats out here like the woman I never had she take care of me when I’m hungry wow I’m blessed. Uber eats is gone from fam to bae like 0-100 kinda quick. For real. That quick. It’s on baybhe I’m hungry..Version: 1.160.10001

Good but room for improvementFaster than most and a lot of options however there are a few things I personally have problems with for starters after all these service fees, taxes (I know we can’t avoid taxes lol) & delivery fee, your order ends up being like $10 or more than the subtotal. But hey I guess this may be how the drivers are able to make there money, I’m not really sure how that works. But a real tedious thing that I’ve been hoping the app would change already is, this.. okay so I order from both work and from home, the app usually leaves the address on the last place that you ordered from. I disagree with this, I think the programmed destination should be your current address just as the regular Uber app is. I know it’s your responsibility to double check I just wish the app would make it a little easier because once the driver has picked up the order, there is no canceling. So your forced to just throw the money away basically because they’re not refunding you after u cancel lol... or if u have a ride there, I believe they have an option to pick it up at the restaurant. Either way, it’s a lose lose situation for me, with two small babies whose going to get them up at 10 at night just to get mommy’s burger...Version: 1.211.10001

Cash payment optionThis app is very useful for getting the meals you want when you can’t get out and get it yourself, but I am writing this review to ask if you could add a cash payment option. When ever I go to the bank, I withdraw all my money from my credit card, so when I want UberEats and I’ve only got cash, it doesn’t work out so well. Please add a Cash Payment option, either than that this app is very useful when you don’t take all your money out of your credit card. 4/5 stars..Version: 1.213.10002

GreatReally great I use it all the time, However... I don’t like how easy it is to place an order. For example I was looking at the meals I had in my cart and accidentally pressed the order button and because they make you save at least 1 card it payed for the order and went through straight away even tho I wasn’t finished. I prefer to use my card manually every time I order anything instead of it having to be saved. They did however very kindly cancel my order allowing me to send through the right one.Version: 1.187.10003

Poor serviceMy order came on time but my order was wrong ! I called the shop and they were going to sort it out but they didn’t. The drivers should double check that what’s in the bag matches what’s in the receipt! I blame the shop and Uber for my meal being wrong!!!! And the shop servants didn’t even apologise and all they kept saying is if you want a refund talk to to Uber even though they mixed up the orders of two of their customers! Total disgrace! They also told me to come to the shop to collect my meal when the whole point of Uber eats is for me to pay $5 for the meal to be delivered !!! Again a total lack of respect for a customer and very poor customer service! I want a full refund and I also found that it’s under new management which explains the quality of service and food dropping dramatically and will remove my recommended review and change it to unrecommend! Someone from Uber eats tried to call me but my phone keeps cutting out. So I’m emailing this to you as I want to my money refunded ASAP!.Version: 1.198.10002

BxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxbxUse this about once a month from work. I get my order about 50% if the time. The deliverer says “order delivered” and closes the job so I can’t communicate with them. This means that when I go to get it from the door - I have no way of communicating to say “it’s not there, where is it?”. Messaging should be left open until the BUYER closes it, not the deliverer. And a person at Uber HQ should be in the cc so the deliverer is accountable..Version: 1.257.10006

Best Food Delivery AppI’ve been using food delivery apps for years, and watched as the big three have evolved over time. I can safely say that UberEats is by far the best food delivery app/service now. Postmates, who used to be the most refined service/app, with the best customer service, now has the absolute worst customer service by far (so bad that I’ve stopped using them altogether). DoorDash usually has the largest selection of available restaurants, but their customer service could use a little work, and they occasionally accept orders without making sure there is a driver available to deliver it. Finally, UberEats, which used to have the most limited selection, has grown to almost match DoorDash. What sets them apart though is their customer service, which is the best by far, something that is essentially with a food delivery service, where thing will inevitably go wrong sometimes (although they seem to have fewer problems than the others). They also have some nice additional features, such as priority delivery ($1.50 extra to make sure that your order is delivered first by the driver), and a graphic to show you when an item is out of stock (instead of just having the item missing from the menu as with other apps). You also get reward points for delivery orders which are shared with the regular Uber app, and count toward higher tier statuses..Version: 1.286.10002

The Service Has Become So BrokenI’ve called my favourite restaurant and they are open and waiting for business but UBER eats shows them closed or can’t deliver to my new address or some random message. The platform is seriously broken and this is bad for the businesses that are trying to make a living depending on these fools. Uber eats.......sort it..Version: 1.197.10003

Great app, but poor service and competitivenessAfter using for a few months I realised something.. Just Eat offers many of the same places but with no delivery fee! Sometimes even the prices themselves are slightly less too, so using Just Eat is saving up me £3-5 every time I order! I still use Uber Eat when a particular place isn’t available on Just Eat or Deliveroo.. or at least, I did until an incident 2 weeks ago. I ordered milkshakes which stated delivery between 20-25 minutes. The establishment took an extra 5 mins preparing the order, but I didn’t mind that.. all was still going well, then I noticed the driver stop just by my house. I messaged him to explain how to locate my premises.. then he drove away. 30 minutes later of him driving in circles, ignoring instructions as his English was poor, Uber Eats automated system noticed the extreme delay and credited my account with a £2 promotional credit. HOWEVER, when the milkshakes arrived they were in a poor state. They weren’t cold and fresh like they should have been, but had warmed up and kinda melted. Uber Eats refused to refund me, simply stating that I can ‘leave delivery feedback’ - absolutely no care for customer satisfaction, thus I’m avoiding Uber Eats as much as possible..Version: 1.186.10001

Über UberEATS!Loving UberEATS while on holiday! It's perfect for downtime at hotel. Delicious food delivered to you!.Version: 1.108.10001

Not delivered my purchaseI used the app and their gps sent the deliver to the wrong address I was talking with him by texting message and gave him the right address. He just left it at the wrong address and UberEATS told me it was my fault and I won’t get my money back. So wrong and unfair. I’m feeling extremely unable to do anything about that because they are a big company and I am just one more client. Very sad.Version: v1.203.10002

At least they refund you.I’ve noticed a steady increase in frequency of stuff ups when ordering, for a while it was going without an issue, every order was correct, sometimes even better at getting it right than dominos. But then it started, first it would be just a drink or 2, highly annoying but not meal breaking, just send a refund application and it would get sorted out, no big issue, then it started to get more frequent and worse, one time I had only half of my order (for a family of 3) delivered. (Yes I got refunded, had to wait though). Then the errors continued to get more frequent and now we got the completely wrong order with not a single part of it correct. Now yes we will probably get the refund for that too, but at this point I feel that it’s not good enough, I don’t want a refund, I want my food that was paid for with hard earned money. What I want is for Uber to take some more steps to ensure that these errors stop. While the refund is nice it doesn’t come immediately and you are forced to have to order something else, that’s a lot of time to have money missing, if it was just a drink missing every 10 orders that would be ok, but at this point it’s unacceptable, something needs to be done to better ensure that orders are successfully fulfilled. At least in the end, they will still give you a refund, but i have run out of second chances to give, next time a big error happens, goodbye Uber eats, hello whoever can show basic competence..Version: 1.211.10001

Terrible App Complete GarbageLet me just start with saying Door Dash refunds are instantaneous. Now, I am making a point to leave this review because what happened to me is wrong. So, I ordered food for my wife yesterday and it was delayed four times before we decided to simply cancel the order in its entirety. I was on the phone with customer support to have the order canceled and support told me to stay on the line while they connected with their driver. This was to let them know the order was being canceled, then all the sudden on my app when I was still on the phone with Uber eats support mind you. My order gets completed? So, without the order ever even coming within 20 minute radius even near my wife my card gets charged because the driver was given a heads up by Uber eats to cancel my order i.e. mark it as completed. Not to mention I had to call customer support 3 times so they could understand I wanted a refund to my card and not my Uber eats account. Really, Who wants to spend money on a app that literally doesn’t work for the consumer? Worst experience I have ever had and with no recommence from Uber eats I’m out 23 bucks for 3-5 business days and no credits in my account for all the bull. I should’ve gotten some kind of, “I’m sorry” credits from Uber eats but apparently my past history of ordering from them over $300+ means nothing to them..Version: 1.174.10002

Ordered lots of food and only got oneI ordered from McDonalds on the Ubereats app and had to wait 30 minutes for my Food to arrive only for it to be a cheeseburger combo and a McFlurry. I ordered something completely different and I had to wait 30 minutes just for my food to be what I didn’t ordered. That’s $80 down the drain..Version: 1.225.10003

Cool but map needs updating!!I use uber eats frequently and I love the service provided, however my address is not available hence I have to resort to using the next unit over and then confirming to uber drivers that it is my order even though I note it down in the notes to come to my home. Please if theres anyway where the uber map could be updated, etc. then that would mean alot to a loyal customer 😊 I’m sure I’m not the only one...Version: 1.165.10000

Poor communication and syncMy dining experience was spoiled by poor communication using the Uber app, I was told the order had failed and subsequently cancelled so I ordered from elsewhere. After I’d already received and part eaten the second order, I received a notification that my order from the first place was on its way. I felt I had no choice but to accept this order because it was too late to cancel, even though I never received a confirmation of order. And it was an hour after I ordered it; I live about 1.5 km or ten minutes walk from the restaurant. This has happened several times, the order seems to dropout midway or freezes so you never really know the status of your order. Leaving feedback for Uber, rather than the eatery, is also problematic not at all helpful. I give up, I do not plan to use Uber eats again. Even sending this review is ridiculously complicated, you have to provide a nickname and every nickname you try is supposedly taken!.Version: 1.185.10002

Uber eatsUber eats is pretty good and it is super handy when you are home after a night out and need some snacks or just can’t be bothered going out physically to get fast food. The only reason it is not a 5 star rating in my eyes is that often the estimated time will increase dramatically once the order is placed and that is not necessary, it should just be accurate from the get go. Thanks.Version: 1.172.10001

Very good but 1 drawback for meI’ve enjoyed this app and it’s infuriating simplicity, but I do have one drawback. The one consistent issue I’ve had with my Uber orders is that the food very often doesn’t taste like what I expect, and this seems to be a drawback with doing something online rather than getting to speak to someone in person. For example, I ordered a pizza from a place suggested by Uber, read through the different options, and made my selection, as you do. Then when I got the pizza, something about the sauce used was super sweet and rich, which totally ruined the rest of the pizza for me. From what I can tell, that is an intentionally part of the recipe, but there was no way to tell that from the description, and no one I could ask for suggestions like I normally would if a waiter/server. I’m not sure how this could be fixed, but maybe if uber eats offered some sort of optional survey where people could narrow down what the liked/didn’t like and offer suggestions based off of menu descriptions and customer reviews..Version: 1.140.10001

One driver ruins it allApp works fairly well, so far food orders perfect until last night. Order #6A7F4 with driver Courtney in Tampa. Ordered from Deeya Indian Food in Clearwater FL. Was estimated 30 minutes. Assigned to driver Courtney. Had only a 60% rating, not sure why she is even allowed to continue to deliver with that lack of respect for the customer that they rated her 60. As order picked up, somehow, without my authorization, she was assigned another delivery from the same restaurant, and this extended my delivery to from 25 to 35 minutes. Why am I paying for colder food? Then, 8 minutes before my scheduled delivery, my order shows delivered. Yeah, the moron of a driver looks to have delivered both orders to the first stop. Even Ubereats couldn’t get a hold of driver. Sure my money was refunded, but that is not good enough. I want to know what happens to the driver, should be banned from Uber and or ubereats for at least a year, and I should at a minimal get a free meal. I sat and waited an hour, starving....and eventually had to go out and get my own food....wonder how quickly I will use ubereats again.....or recommend to others....NOT. If Ubereats want to keep me as a customer......something should be done more then, oh we so sorry...we will refund you ok...... Very very disappointed customer......Version: 1.194.10001

Robust but could include more featuresDon’t get me wrong, Uber Eats serves its consumer base well and has plenty of robust features where it needs them, covering all sorts of potential cases and showing clear diagrams and overlays to provide a great user experience. However, simple things like landscape orientation, more thought into larger screens, and the ability to perform more advanced filtering and sorting on food selection and restaurant selection would be great..Version: 1.191.10002

Why lolTerrible, when you place an order and recently because of the update I’ve been charged twice for orders I did not place and when I did place one last night I got charged twice this amount so now I’m $80 out of pocket and there’s no one I can talk to from Uber specifically that can help, besides hopefully wait 10 days to see if I get my money back from getting charged twice from McDonald’s and see whether or not Uber will refund me for an order I didn’t place because you can only leave little messages and hope for the best?.Version: 1.248.10002

Good but would love more options.Would be awesome to have more restaurants (including fast food ones like mc Donnalds) available to be delivered -especially since they’re open most hours. As someone who lives in a popular neighbourhood but not close to many restaurants and food places having more round the clock options would be nice. Its nice to see uber eats on the shore, id just like to see more options in smaller places like birkenhead and beachhaven as opposed to the big places like glenfield which get so many options..Version: 1.166.10001

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