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Life changerFor a long time, I have been looking for a service that would connect me to my dad, who was forced to stay in his home country. This app allowed me to see his face, which I thought I'd never see again. Thanks!.Version: 1.1

So it’s actually a question I haveSo is this app wrk for every prison in the USA? And what are the prices ? Is the price per word ,and if per word I. A text what’s the limit of words when texting at a time ? And how much is it to call? Per minute how much ? or per session. if it’s per session how long are the sessions ? What happens if a session is missed bc an un expected lock dwn? What happens is u add $$$ and they get out and have money there . Will we get it back and if so how long will it take you to return the money And what are other great important facts people needs to know.Version: 3.5.4

ReviewThis is a great app to stay connected.Sometimes the system freezes and comes up with..system error..I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall again..but mostly it’s very good..can put money through to loved one also...Version: 3.8

One bug that I can’t standSo this app is the way better than the Connect Network app. You can add money and look at if an inmate tried to call you and add numbers a lot more easily and it’s so much less expensive! Global Tel Link is a complete scam, but my boyfriend is in jail so I wanna talk to him so I guess I’ll have to live with their outrageous fees for now. This app is great though. There’s on bug that really annoys me so much. When I open the app it stops whatever music I’m playing and then when I close the app it’s starts playing again for what reason I don’t know. That’s the only thing about it. That’s why the rating is only four stars.Version: 2.7.1

AppreciateI just want to tell Securus how much their services mean to me! I am so thankful for Securus video visitation and their e-messaging! I love all of their products but those 2 are my favorite! With the Covid 19 Virus they have made it possible to still be able to see our loved ones that are incarcerated. Without them I would not be able to see or communicate with my daughter!! They made it to where I don’t even have to leave my house or my couch! In fact the only issue I have ever had with Securus is they triple charged me for one visit almost a month ago and I am still waiting on credit or refund! I am sure I will get it eventually! Thanks again Securus for all of the products you offer and making it possible to still see my daughter even in the middle of this Epidemic! Forever Grateful!, Mom in Bristol TN.Version: 2.4.2

Just a few suggestions. Not a bad app.This app works pretty well on my phone. I haven’t gotten to try and use any of the video products yet all I use is the emessaging part really. But beside the occasional but getting more frequent “We are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later” message that pops up when I try and send a message by the way it also loads for like 2 minutes before it even pops up that message. It just kind of freezes and I have to close out of the app and restart it and hope that it works after that. It works pretty well but sometimes even restarting it doesn’t work to fix it. I just wanted to give a few suggestions as to things they should add to make it better. Like instead of me having to log in each and every single time (It’s annoying and time consuming). Make it to where we can use Touch ID with it so we can log in with a finger. Also I would love for the app to notify me when I have a message from someone. So I don’t have to constantly be checking my emails to see if I have any emails that I have a new message. Please please make these two things a reality on this app and it would make it better and easier for us who use this app. But I am very grateful for an app like this..Version: 3.5

Video visitation.Enjoy having visit thru video. It’s much better picture and more live than looking thru a window. That doesn’t really give you the feel that your in the same room. I also love where you can easily schedule and pay for visits. Usually don’t have a problem. I do think you need to put out information on instructions. How to setup a visit. It probably hard for people up in age and aren’t geeks. One problem I had was no sound with my iPad and earplugs. Couldn’t figure out how to get sound. No one at jail knew anything. Well I figured it out. My earbuds have a control volume on the cord and also can be muted. It was muted. All I had to do was click on the accessory attached to the cord on earbuds. Simple fix. You might have a help access on Securus app. I’m just not aware of it. But, I’m not a geek either. Thank you Securus for the technology to visit our love ones. I’m 71 years old and it’s hard for me and more expensive to drive 1 1/2 trip to the jail. Thanks again Namaste’.Version: 2.5

Happy to have communication.I will day I am over all happy with Securus.. now. But to get to this point was very defeating and difficult to put it politely. I can appreciate the fact that with everything going on right now this is available but, I was at the point of giving up truly. Securus customer service blames the facility, then the facility blames Securus... I literally called in 7 times and still got no answers. Thank goodness the inmate I was trying to communicate with got me a specific lady's phone number to call, that had never been provided to me, and she was amazing and handled the issue in 10 minutes while we were talking on the phone..Version: 2.4.2

So convenientI am so happy that the ones we love that are on the inside have the technology to reach out to their loved ones when they can. Not just phone calls at any time but also if we set up a 20 minute or 40 minute video conversation where we can see them as if we were on FaceTime. The only down side besides the money that we put into the open communication with our loved ones, but sometimes the phones go in and out and are hard to under the conversation. I do wish it was longer than 15 minutes as well. Also, I hope Securus does not have any more problems with the video chats because I had 2 set up last week and one of the 40 minute ones would freeze and the screen would go blank. The audio completely went out and it took the whole 40 minutes to keep logging back in for the same problem to continue. I also had a second video conference do the same thing last week and emailed Custer care to see if I could at least get another scheduled meeting but never received an answer. But they fixed it this weekend I heard and and a video meeting today with no problems at all. This is a great app to stay in touch with your loved ones. Amit definitely puts hope in his voice. Videos are cheaper than phone calls too!!! So take advantage!.Version: 2.9

Just one thing..So everything is great with this app .. it has allowed my husband and I to stay connected thru messages .. emails..photos and video chats ..my only issue and his as well is the connection with the video chats or rather the sound quality thru the video chats . Not sure if that’s within the jails telephone system or within the app but it is absolutely horrible. You hear only every other two or three words the other person is saying and it’s delayed so bad that it’s coming thru double time and speaking over the last thing said by u or the other person and it very staticky..it’s just AWFUL! Too many times..like today .. we have had to end our video chat early because we cannot hear or understand what the other is saying . Other then that it’s a great app to be and stay connected with ur loved one who is incarcerated but please improve the sound quality and clarity with the video connections . Thank you and God Bless.Version: 3.5.1

Please continue to update the app for better service.When I first downloaded this app it was working really great. The audio sound could be better but it does the job. Yesterday when signing on for my visit the app wouldn’t load. It kept crashing. I deleted the app and downloaded it again multiple times and still nothing. I turned off my phone and turned it back and still nothing. I called the help line to get my money credited for my scheduled call and they did which I appreciate. They also said they had received a few reports of people having issues with the app. What is the update? Is there something missing from the app? I do really Rely on the app for communication and if it’s a bug fix please try and correct it. I am not even able to log on my regular browser when I open it. I also had a friend in another state try and sign on and she was getting the same “network error “ connection message. I have never used WiFi for this at it is not needed because the app allows you to be remote but I did try to log on with WiFi and it still doesn’t work. Please try and correct this issue. Thank you..Version: 2.4.2

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