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What is LumaFusion? Description of LumaFusion

Welcome to the #1 multitrack mobile video editing app. A professional and intuitive storytelling environment will inspire you to craft your story wherever you are, from the mountain top to the living room. Recapture the magic of storytelling and the joy of editing!

“When it comes to editing video on an iOS device, LumaFusion has no equal.” - MacWorld

“If you have ever dreamed of editing videos on the iPad (or iPhone), or if you have the slightest passing interest in doing so, you need to own LumaFusion.” - 9to5Mac

“From aspect ratios to frame rates, you get full control over every aspect of your projects… this has just about everything power users are going to need.” - Gizmodo

Included in the one time purchase:

• Use 6 video/audio tracks
• Use 6 additional audio tracks
• Edit with the enhanced magnetic timeline with insert/overwrite and link/unlink clips
• Display track headers for locking, hiding, and muting tracks
• Use preset transitions or create your own
• Display your preview on an external monitor
• Add markers with notes to your timeline
• Cut, copy, paste in your timeline and between projects using Multiselect

• Layer effects; green screen, luma and chroma keys, blurs, distort, styles and color
• Stabilize videos with integrated Lock and Load Stabilizer
• Use powerful color correction tools
• Select from included color LUTs like FiLMiC deLog or import your own .cube or .3dl
• Animate with unlimited keyframes
• Save and share effect presets

• Create slow motion/fast motion forward and reverse
• Create smooth slow motion with 120 and 240fps files
• Edit with time-lapse video

• Fine tune audio perfectly with the Graphic EQ
• Keyframe audio levels, panning and EQ for perfect mixes
• Fill-from-left / right for dual-mono audio captures
• Isolate tracks on multiple track files
• Duck music during dialog with Auto-ducking
• Add third-party audio plugins

• Create multilayer titles with shapes and images
• Adjust font, color, face, border and shadow
• Import custom fonts
• Save and share title presets

• Create endless projects with a variety of aspect ratios (including landscape, portrait, square, widescreen film)
• Create projects for editing iPhone and iPad screen recordings
• Work in frame rates from 18fps to 240fps
• Duplicate, add notes, and use color-tag

• Use media directly from Photos, GNARBOX, WD Wireless,
• Edit direct from USB-C drives
• Import media: cloud storage, SanDisk iXpand and SMB network drives
• Use for free: dozens of royalty-free music, sound fx, videos, and backgrounds
• View detailed metadata for your media
• Rename, add notes, and color-tag
• Sort and search to quickly find what you need

• Easily share movies with control over resolution, quality, and format
• Create a snapshot of any frame
• Archive projects for backup or edit on another device
• Full ProRes editing and export on ProRes-compatible devices

• Subscribe to Storyblocks for LumaFusion to access the full library of music and clips
• Export to Final Cut Pro (FCPXML) for further editing on the desktop

• Access in-app help and online tutorials to get you started and keep you going
• Explore our full reference guide at
• Contact our friendly support with direct access to our editing experts at

LumaFusion App User Reviews

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LumaFusion Pros

Excellent but flawedThis app is a vast improvement over what I was using to edit my drone footage and full credit to its developers. However I had an experience with it that will make me cautious in future. When my iPad said that 52Gb of storage was being used by the app I followed advice to cleanup by doing a backup Project Export to my files. This was going to be a 19Gb file and I had 25Gb of free space. Just before it completed that process and was about to ask me where I wanted to put the file, it crashed. When I reopened the app it was as new with my project gone and the exported file no where to be seen either. That was over a months work destroyed! I have since deleted the app and reinstalled and regained my storage space but my advice is to not trust this app to behave as expected at all times and to make regular movie exports of your work in progress so that if a disaster like this occurs then at least you have a record of your editing decisions and, with the media, one can rebuild it from scratch. A painful lesson that has made me rather wary of this app. J P.S. I wrote to support about this issue before writing this review and before deleting the app and so far I have had no response . . . . ..KerrowmanVersion: 2.2.3

This is the best!!!So I used this app for about 4 months and got really used to it and after a while I started making really difficult videos and then started editing people’s videos making me 230$ thank you for this opportunity.JdijwjdkehdidjowjhoweVersion: 2.3.1

✓   LumaFusion Positive Reviews

LumaFusion Cons

CrashesWon’t stop crashing after trying to sign into Dropbox :( otherwise solid.Anonymous plz fix itVersion: 3.0.9

Auv3 plug-ins repeatedly crashing and not coming back! Help!Every time I use my noise-suppression plugin, Brusfri, and when I use my de-esser plugin, DeEsserFX, they crash, and do not fix themselves. I have tried force-quitting and restarting LumaFusion, powering off, waiting, and then restarting my iPad, and I have tried making duplicates of the project file. Nothing works, at-least not permanently. Anything that does appear to work only fixes the problem for a few seconds, then the plugins go back to being dead and non-functional. This is not the fault of the plugins because they work flawlessly in the DAW I use, Cubasis 3. Please fix this problem ASAP; my project depends on it, and is due in just 3 days. I would also love to have full-track audio editing, so that I did not have to have a separate instance of a plugin running for each video clip, especially in projects with a lot of micro-cuts, leading to many, many individual clips..Paarth34Version: 3.0.9

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Is LumaFusion legit?

Yes. LumaFusion is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 21,429 LumaFusion user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for LumaFusion is 94.6/100.

Is LumaFusion safe?

Yes. LumaFusion is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 21,429 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5. AppSupports Safety Score for LumaFusion is 95.1/100.

Should I download LumaFusion?

There have been no security reports that makes LumaFusion a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

LumaFusion Screenshots

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Product details of LumaFusion

App Name:
Luma Touch LLC
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Photo & Video, Music
App Size:
183.97 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
22 December 2016, Thursday
Last Update:
28 December 2022, Wednesday - 17:57
IOS 15.4 or later

LumaFusion 3.2.2 Update Note
✱ Version History

IMPROVED: • Clip and waveform colors for better visibility when editing FIXED: • Media access warnings incorrectly appear when using media from the Music library. • Some Warp effects rendered incorrectly in some cases - they now scale to fit within ....

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