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LumaFusion app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using LumaFusion? Can you share your negative thoughts about lumafusion?

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So many bugs.Why continue to add new features when old features are not fully developed. I continue to attempt to edit voice on here and constantly it will skip back to an edit once another one is made. So essentially every time I cut a clip it jumps back to the same place for absolutely no reason. If you want to use a plug-in then it automatically removes any panning you may have done and can entirely silence the audio. The GUI for an iPhone has made landscape mode almost unviewable if held in portrait mode. It defaults to an iPhone specific aspect ratio but I can’t make my own default so I have to switch it every single time. Transitions have never been updated since day one even when their whole selection of effects could be made into stock and standard transitions. The High Pass filter only reduces by about 50% of what it states when compared to PC based DAWs. I want to love this APP and keep using it but it is becoming very challenges to find reasons to use it first anymore..Version: 3.0.4

Probably great but file handling and import makes it unusableI do a lot of editing from GoPro, Phone, Video Camera’s etc. and use a few other products. Luma looks great and the few times it works have been very good, But it is totally let down by getting the source’s into the program. It hangs when I try to import a 2/3Gb of .mov (SD from DV), I have tried different source’s wired connection from Mac, air drop, SMB shares, card readers etc. etc., the use of iOS files to get from SMB shares doesn’t work with files of any size. I really thought this would be great using on iPad Pro on the road as such, but it just doesn’t get the data on board and I am very IT literate with 20+ yrs of experience doing it. The only reason I have given the extra star is that when I can get it to work, its fantastic and most of these problems are probably due to reliance on iOS files. Looks like the Mac will still come with me..Version: 3.0.9

UnintuitiveI’ve been doing light editing for years with apps like Premiere and Final Cut Pro. After reading some positive reviews I thought I’d give Luma Fusion a try so I could do some editing on the fly with the iPad. Boy, what a mistake. After a few hours of exploring the program I closed the app and deleted it. It’s just not worth the frustration. If you’ve edited before with pro apps like Premiere you’ll likely find the interface for this app impossible to navigate. Save your money..Version: 2.4.3

Initially promising... but then....Initially a very promising app featuring a lot of functionality that you can’t find in other mobile video editors. However this app is expensive, and for the amount of times it has crashed on me during editing and export, I’m not impressed. At this price I expect something that is rock solid stable and dependable. Currently stuck with a video project that will not export due to crashes early on in the render..Version: 1.6.5

Poor SupportCouldn’t get help response was slow and received no help. Marblebusthouse.Version: 3.1.4

So-SoThis app is great however I have noticed some strange glitches. Like when I edit a clip on the timeline it shows part of the clip still there, even though its not. And all of my video in the preview window is either upside down or sideways and cropped weird but is normal when I bring it down to the timeline... which makes it hard to edit. I also feel like the controls are not very intuitive (can’t copy and paste clips to duplicate or command+c anything really). It took me a while to figure out how to copy attributes between clips (have to hit the clip button at the bottom which was a bit confusing) And hitting delete when a clip is selected on the timeline doesn’t do anything.... you have to touch the trash can. Although I like that I can still use I, O and W. But as far as editing on the iPad goes, its pretty robust. Way more features than iMovie or any other editing app I’ve tried. It’s a pretty decent way to edit on the iPad. Hoping for an update to fix the glitches though!.Version: 1.7.6

Used to be Great, until Version 3 Came OutI used to love Lumafusion. It was powerful enough that I could make really pro-level videos (sometimes up to 40 minutes long) without any problem. Then version 3 came out last year, and the app has been a buggy, unstable mess ever since then. It can barely handle small videos with constant lagging inputs, visual bugs, and occasional crashes. It’s an awful experience, and considering it worked great prior to this I don’t fully understand what this update was supposed to achieve or why the app is still, one year later, barely functional. The last straw for me came minutes ago, when I tried to load up a video I’d been working on for a couple of months and the app bricked my iPad. Like, completely killed it. I can’t even shut my iPad down to reset it. It’s stuck on the Lumafusion load screen, completely unresponsive. Considering my iPad worked completely fine ten minutes ago, I’m assuming it’s this godforsaken app. I would give this review for the iPad version of the app, but I can’t because this app is crashing so badly that I literally can’t use it..Version: 3.1.0

La barre n'est pas très hauteLumafusion est sans aucun doute la meilleure app de montage vidéo... parce qu'il n'y aucun autre concurrent sérieux. Une excellente app pour quelqu'un qui explore le montage, qui débute où simplement qui souhaite s'amuser. Dans un cadre professionnel, LumaFusion (et donc, un iPad) ne peut en aucun cas être considéré comme un outil de post-production sérieux. L'interface est lente, l'organisation des médias est chaotique, et plusieurs actions simples sont, soit complexes, ou impossibles. Ceux qui espèrent remplacer leur MacBook par un iPad doivent se rendre à l'évidence: on n'est pas rendus là!.Version: 3.0.9

Good, but lacks key featuresLumaFusion is a good editing app for mobile, however lacks the features that I’ve come to expect from a desktop editing software such as Final Cut Pro. My mobile editing experience would be improved if LumaFusion had histograms, speed ramping, video stabilisation, and most importantly allowing users to speed up videos by more than 6 times by giving a custom control. I would appreciate it these basic features were incorporated into the app through an update. As it stands, I believe the omission of these features in an almost $50 app is UNACCEPTABLE!.Version: 2.3.1

Doesn’t work at all way to hard to understandThis app is so over priced and doesn’t have anything at all that’s worth 40$ this is ridiculous.Version: 3.0.5

Ok but Unintuitive and ClunkyLumaFusion is one of the better video editing Apps but has some unintuitive and clunky ways of doing things which is really annoying and frankly, unacceptable. Simple things like fading audio require keyframing the Gain level (not ideal or effective) or more stupidly, using a hidden CrossFade Transition. If you know LumaFusion inside out then you’ll probably find it quite capable. The biggest downfall of LumaFusion is that its frustrating to learn because many things are just not obvious or intuitive. NOW COME ON LumaFusion! Fix this App and have it done by October 2022..Version: 3.1.1

ImpressiveThis app is incredibly impressive. Very powerful so far, and has a lot of amazing features that just cannot be found on most iOS apps. It has the closest feel to editing videos on a proper computer which is amazing. Unfortunately, I did not realize that this app did not have support for importing Live Photo’s from the camera roll which is a very big issue as I rely heavily on Live Photo’s for video clips when editing travel videos. Usually on my desktop when I import the live photos a .mov of the file is present with the .jpeg. There are some apps out there (like Quik) that allow importing photos as Live Photo’s but those apps are very very limiting in what they can actually do and do not come remotely close to the power of Luma Fusion. If we can see an update roll out that can add Live Photo support then this would be a 5 star app and possibly the greatest iOS app on the market currently..Version: 1.6.6

Auv3 plug-ins repeatedly crashing and not coming back! Help!Every time I use my noise-suppression plugin, Brusfri, and when I use my de-esser plugin, DeEsserFX, they crash, and do not fix themselves. I have tried force-quitting and restarting LumaFusion, powering off, waiting, and then restarting my iPad, and I have tried making duplicates of the project file. Nothing works, at-least not permanently. Anything that does appear to work only fixes the problem for a few seconds, then the plugins go back to being dead and non-functional. This is not the fault of the plugins because they work flawlessly in the DAW I use, Cubasis 3. Please fix this problem ASAP; my project depends on it, and is due in just 3 days. I would also love to have full-track audio editing, so that I did not have to have a separate instance of a plugin running for each video clip, especially in projects with a lot of micro-cuts, leading to many, many individual clips..Version: 3.0.9

Everything is great except the end.Hey luma fusion team. Thanks for making such a great editor for iPad and I really love it but there’s a problem I am encountering on my first time of editing up here on my all new device. At the end of the rendering process it comes up with an error of uploading video.. saying that “ cannot open this media may be damaged” sorry but please fix this ASAP. I tried everything I can possibly think off. I bought iPad because I like how they showcase that iPad just get your stuff done. So please fix it quick..Version: 1.7.7

Bait and SwitchApp does not look ANYTHING like the screenshots and videos. An incomprehensible mess of menus without anything as simple as a “back” feature. Layers and layers of nonsense and required tutorials to even make a video—and I’m familiar with KineMaster, Adobe and about 1/2 dozen other apps used for mobile editing. I remember trying this when it was free and quickly deleting it. I’ve sent in a refund request because the software hasn’t improved at all..Version: 3.1.4

App is not syncing my videos or photos on iPhoneCurrently my iPhone is showing zero photos and videos in the library despite there being 100s. Is there a quick fix to this?.Version: 3.0.11

It’s good, but file saving is an issueIpad don’t have much storage. Having to spend a long time deleting things off my ipad every time i want to export a file to my external drive is really frustrating and stops me from wanting to use the app each time i do. It is a great app though. But this is a big flow stopper..Version: 3.1.0

Audio syncing issues, WD Passport support is unusableI've used LumaFusion for about 5 months as my editing app of choice and have generally been ok with the intricacies, but while editing my latest video I found the straw that broke this camel's back (pun intended...read on). While overall things work well enough to get a decent edit done, when I went back to start adding music I found that every time I hit play the music starts from a different point in the song. As such it's impossible to edit to the beat when the beat changes every time, and from what I'm reading I'm not the only one who is experiencing this issue. Another different, non-deal breaker, yet still super annoying issue is the WD Passport support, or should I say lack thereof. While they advertise that you can edit directly from the drive and it'll only download the necessary footage, in practice the connection is so slow that its completely unuable. Not sure if this is an issue with the drive or LumaFusion. As such I've resorted back to just copying footage from the drive to a PNY lightning/USB flash drive then copying from there to my iPad. It's time consuming but it works and once the footage is on the iPad I can edit like normal without waiting for it to buffer. In the end I'm giving up on trying to travel light and still get edits done on the road and will be packing my laptop from now on so I can use a real video editor and save my sanity at the expense of my back. Bon Voyage..Version: 1.6.7

No copy or paste option?As good as this app is (kinda) A simple important feature like copy and pasting of a clip on the timeline is not even possible?. It’s awfully frustrating. Also no speed ramp either? Another thing you can not do is export a section of your timeline when needed to edit a few seconds in another app, if that be to remove camera shake etc (another feature this app does not have) I noticed on the forums all these things have been asked for well over a year ago and still nothing? Unfortunately this app won’t replace DaVinci resolve or any other editing software. However, if they could just unlock these features then it would change everything for many people. For what this app is though, it’s worth the money.. In fact! I would happily pay way more if these features existed. Please keep moving forward LumaFusion..Version: 1.7.7

Crashing - help!I’ve been using luma for a while now and it’s great. I don’t know if this is a new bug but the app gets incredible buggy when I try to edit a close to 2 hr video with two audio tracks (nothing else), the app crashes, won’t play my timeline (the play button is dark grey and literally wont work when I touch it), and is incredibly glitchy when working on this larger scale product. Every time I open the app, it takes like 10 minutes to go into my chosen video, and buttons and timelines scrubbing becomes generally unresponsive. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, losing all my progress, and nothing changes. I’m using the iPad Pro 2018 which has incredible performance so I’m not sure why this is happening..Version: 2.2.3

Problem Exporting Movie Need HelpI having serious problem writing movie after finishing can’t export film really frustrating projects keep backing up don’t know what to do.Version: 3.1.4

Needs updating, not had one for agesUntil now, I have praised this app, mainly for being one of the three apps that turn the iPad Pro into a better device than a MacOS device due to the intuitive implementation when using a touch screen and ‘stylus’/Apple Pencil: 1. Adobe Illustrator 2. LumaFusion. 3. Shapr3D, the latter albeit massively overpriced. However, there have been zero updates to LF for quite a while now. The two major bugs (stuttering when scrubbing through 4K video even on a 3rd Gen iPad Pro 1TB like mine, the odd crash) have not been fixed, nor any flaws dealt with, such as inability to edit the position of key frames on the timeline. My hope is Apple has covertly bought Luma and is integrating the core engine into iPadOS FCP for a better user experience. A return to 5 stars when these issues are dealt with anyway..Version: 3.0.11

NoYou suck.Version: 3.2.2

It’s okay but…2022 and can’t paste text into text field from outside app, limited options on video window, on our to-do list seems to be meaningless reply after 2 years - could be a lot better if developers really wanted it to be but I have my doubts. Time to consider alternatives..Version: 3.0.11

CrashesWon’t stop crashing after trying to sign into Dropbox :( otherwise solid.Version: 3.0.9

Glitch Ruined Hours of WorkThis is a well designed app, and may deserve 5 stars in the future. However I have been experiencing multiple media issues and errors. For example it may say “missing media, reimport the file”. The file is indeed there, playable, workable, but upon exporting an error is experienced. Optimize and consolidate does not always fix it. I can not simply re-edit this one media file, as I have spent hours on it. For the media to work in the project and then suddenly not upon export is infuriating. Is it corrupt or not? If so, perhaps let me know before I spend 6 hours working with a playable media file that is not “missing”, and very much so exists on the app. And I’m not about to upload 8 gigs to my photos every 10 minutes just to see if something magically became corrupted. I’ve dealt with it multiple times beforehand, but I just lost too much work to be content with this app currently. Update: even after deleting the media file and reimporting it upon export I got the same error. Please let me know how to fix so I can continue to use this app. Until then I’ll use something else that works. Update: why can’t I delete a folder??? I have too many files to delete individually and optimizing reimported them all. Please help..Version: 1.7.3

HOT $40 GARBAGEThis app is HOT GARBAGE. You can’t edit the volume levels across an entire video. You have to go in and edit EACH CLIP MANUALLY. Hell, I can’t even FIND the &[email protected]#ing volume slider to edit a SINGLE &[email protected]#ing clip. Don’t waste your money. There are MUCH better video editing apps out there. This app is the app price plus several hours of my life that I will NEVER GET BACK. 1 star because 0 or negative stars isn’t possible..Version: 3.0.9

Great Editor, and InfuriatingI bought this app because of the incredible potential, and because for editing it’s amazing compared to other phone video editors. But it has some infuriating, and needlessly complicating things that make no sense. Why is it so incredibly difficult to delete files? It takes up half the space on my phone, and no matter what I delete, what projects I clear, even using the “clean up” tool, it keeps taking up the same dozens of gigs. I have to spend hours on forums (which I shouldn’t have to do for something that should be so simple), and everyone else seems to be as confused as me. People give suggestions that don’t work. There is no reason at all why this hasn’t been fixed, or why it is so complicated. For me, I’ve been using this app for a couple months now, pretty much every day, and still the only way to clear the space is to totally delete the app and re-download it. If they fixed this, it would be awesome!.Version: 2.0.2

Long standing bug, reverse clip does not workReverse clip flat out doesn’t work and has never worked on my iPad Pro, and it’s not just me. The popup that says “reversing video” which is meant to show progress appears for about 1/5th of a second and disappears. The audio is reversed successfully, but the video is black. This bug has been a problem for around 2 years now and it’s deeply frustrating anytime I need to do it, because it breaks my workflow entirely. Sorry for the bad review but it is just so, so frustrating. A quick google search finds other reports of people having the same issue so I know it’s not just me..Version: 3.0.2

Needs speed rampingPlease add speed and slow motion ramping into the app.🙏🙏.Version: 2.1.1

Nice entry into video editingOverall it’s a nice app that has some good functions for entry level video editing. I have been using this for the past month now making quite a lot of videos and this app crashes too often for my liking. If I switch apps for a few seconds and switch back to LumaFusion my video won’t play scrubbing through the timeline is just black. The only way to fix this is to close the app down and reopen. Hopefully this can be fixed but I’d expect better when paying so much for an app..Version: 2.4.1

Keeps pausing the video I’m working onLumaFusion keeps updating the app and making it worse and worse. I paid $20 for the app, and it was amazing when I first got it. It was so easy to zoom in and out of videos. The timeline for the blue dots when I was to zoom in and out in certain sections of a clip. Now they have the whole image in the timeline instead of just the blue dots so it makes it a little difficult. Not as easy now. Please stop updating the app in these ways. It’s not needed. It was fine how it was. Also it keeps either keeps crashing or keeps pausing the video on me and once it pauses the video it takes a bit to get it to actually play my video so I can keep editing it. I can close out of it 3-4 times and it still won’t play. It’ll still stay paused. It takes time for it to play regularly again. Please fix your app. There’s not many mobile apps to choose from for video editing..Version: 2.1.0

Used to work amazingly, but something went wrong...I’ve been using this app for two years and it has been the best app to edit the videos. But since last 2-3 months I’ve been experiencing so many lags. The app would suddenly crush or freeze in the middle of the editing, and after re-opening the app - it would say that the file is damaged or missing. So I have to open the same file, which is not actually damaged, again. All these manipulations are slowing down my work. I have to shut down and open the app several times during the editing process in order to have things working. I don’t know how to explain the problem better, but it’s simply not what it used to be. The format or resolution of my videos haven’t changed, so I don’t understand what causes the app crashing. At some point I had to reinstall it completely. I am using my 3rd gen iPad Pro I would appreciate if you would help me with the problem..Version: 2.2.3

Change preset duration of all still frames?Just bought v. 3.1. You preset all imported still photos to 2 sec. duration. But I want to make video using still photos, each of duration 0.1 sec. Is there a way to change the preset so that all imported photos are automatically set to the shorter duration? (iMovie allows this.) I can see that I can manually change each photo manually one at a time but this is very slow..Version: 3.1.0

App is not smoothI'm on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch from 2017 Every other video editing app is flawless with no delay, but LumaFusion makes it nearly impossible to make a proper edit on time with the music. When you press play there's an almost second delay. And on top of that if you're trying to time it to the beats on the fly it is impossible bc when you press play sometimes the video plays but the audio is cut out for that same Almost a second. I thought it could be my iPad but I got the free VN video editor and it was BUTTERY smooth, so it's clearly something you guys are doing. Also I can't believe there's no automation?????? Second I opened up VN it has speed ramping and you can move text around the video perfectly. This app is just wayyyy to slow and I see now that only people who do simple videos can use this. I need intricate, I need simple yet complex. I want to find something good about this app but I regret buying it. I used to think iMovie was garbage, iMovie is miles better....Version: 2.4.2

All files got corruptedWas working on a project on an external SSD for a month, and all of a sudden the app crashed and all the files got corrupted for some reason. I lost all the work I was doing for a whole month because of the app. Do not recommend at all if using external SSD, will ruin your projects. So frustrated!.Version: 3.0.9

This app is the future, but…First of all I am pretty impressed what I can do with this small little piece of Software, this is quite amazing that on my iPod mini five I can and edit 4K videos well done I think this is where the future is and we don’t need massive computers any more soon will be able to edit using just things like iPad screen. But to be serious about using this app you really need to step up and give us the tools to judge the colours or exposure it’s needs et least histogram or preferably vectorscope that would be ideal because as for now I can’t use it professionally I can’t just judge colours by The eyes, so please give us More tools even if it needs to be paid extra I don’t mind Plus I would like to be able to jump to the next clip while adjusting the colours it is annoying that when using app you have to go back to the timeline to double tap and then go to the colours ,and then every time you want to go to the next clip you have to go back choose the clip and then you able to adjusted , waste of time, please change it.Version: 1.7.7

Not a beginner user friendly AppI have purchased this $49. There is no set up effect on pictures or titles and I need to manually create it. It would be ideal for the team to create already set ip effects for the users. While I use the app I realised there are a number of subscription fees for music and other features. All the tutorials on youtube are based on laptop or ipad. I cannot find the features on my phone to learn how to manually create it. This is not a beginner friendly app at all. Even to the amateurs..Version: 2.1.1

Вылетает и не интуитивноПриложение постоянно вылетает, когда вставляется обычное видео, оно не воспроизводится, невозможно понять причину, нет обучения на русском языке. И это знаменитое профессиональное приложение? Как в нем можно хоть что-то сделать? Как сохранять видео элементарно в медиатеку? Непонятно.Version: 2.4.4

ConfusingI have tried iMovie (too simple), and Luma Fusion, and Videoleap (so nice and intuitive). Luma however just has a horrible UI.the icons make little sense, things are arranged all over the place in a confusing order, and everything is just difficult. I wish I could like this app as I paid for it..Version: 1.7.7

ProblemsHelp request the fit mode doesn’t work & I couldn’t change it any of it like stretch , fit , focus & fill on my video.. it is because of the new version?.Version: 3.1.4

IPhone 13 Pro Max - System Data ⭐️BUG⭐️ - iPhone Storage always fullI use les than 100GB of data stored on my 500GB iPhone, running iOS 16. The rest of the iPhone space is totally filled with the system data due to a LumaFusion bug. An apple genius showed me that LumaFusion (which I am a heavy user), does not delete the projects correctly and it just fills the system data on my iPhone storage. When I hard reset the phone, I can temporarily clear this 400GB of system data, but then it just fills up again as I use LumaFusion. When I delete and reinstall LumaFusion, the system data just fills up as I create and delete projects. Very frustrating, I hope someone can fix it. When I just delete LumaFusion and I don’t use it on my phone, I have no problem with the system data filling up. ⭐️ with this bug ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ with a fix 👍.Version: 3.1.4

It's okayNow when DaVinci resolve is ready to come out, it's a pity to look at this app and see that over a few years, it didn't improve at all... It has such a potential.Version: 3.2.0

Good APP w/ BAD updatesThis Video editing "app" has been my main editor for 3 years now, before Luma Fusion I even used their previous software Pinnacle Studio. Now I really do enjoy this software bringing computer grade editing onto the iphone basically. Making it an all in one, but I do expect a $30 app to be high quality given the average ios App is .99¢ or free. My main gripe is there aren't many bug fixes, only major updates, and by major updates I mean updates that add major bugs with some minor new features, and also remove other features I've grown accustom to. The latest one being tapping on a file in the timeline selects it tapping on it again goes to the beginning. This was completely removed which makes me have to relearn a portion of the software. Also the bugs make somethings impossible without learning work arounds for them. Sometimes I feel the developers don't actually have testers to give feedback..Version: 2.3.0

After updating..Clips from the 'File' app could not be uploaded on the timeline..Version: 2.3.0

Lost filesOn an iPhone, I took 6 videos. I brought all of them into my first LumaFusion project. I started the project and moved two of them to the video timeline. The iPhone was too small a platform to work on. Then I downloaded the app to my iPad with older iOS. My iOS was outdated. So then I bought a new iPad, with iOS 11.2.6 and downloaded my data from the cloud. When I downloaded the app to the new iPad, the 2 videos that I had added to the original video timeline when the project was on my iPhone were still in my photo/video folder, but the other videos were no where to be found! They were not on my iPhone nor in the cloud. Believe me, I checked multiple times! I lost hours of video time. I read after that there is the ability to delete material on your account from LumaFusion, but I don’t know how I did. If they were deleted via the app there should be a huge warning explaining what’s happening. I don’t remember doing anything that would have deleted any videos. I hardly did anything, given I could hardly work the app on the iPhone’s small screen. Anyone else seen this behavior? I like the functionality, but at this point, I’ll only use it after I back up my data separately before dragging any files into LF..Version: 1.5.4

Has no special effects at all...Great for color grading tho:).Version: 2.1.1

GarbageWould prefer a refund. Awful, unintuitive piece of bloatware..Version: 3.0.9

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