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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker? Can you share your negative thoughts about heartwatch: heart rate tracker?

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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker for Negative User Reviews

Bpm alertsI’m trying to figure out how to set an alert to inform me when my bpm goes over a preset rate while I’m walking??.Version: 3.5.2

A bit clutter UI and missing widgetsI like overall app but I think if you could just add widgets support that would be great!.Version: 4.3.6

Too fussyI’ve been using this app for week. It’s a well produced app, but I’m about to delete it. I am having to deal with a constant barrage of alerts when I’m walking along the road or climbing a flight of stairs. I’m warned my heart rate has risen to 104 bpm. I’ve checked with the NHS and this is perfectly normal. I’ve tried adjusting the alerts, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. The problem is, I’ve got so used to dismissing these alerts and ignoring them, if I ever get a genuine alert, I’m going to ignore that too. I can’t afford to let that happen. So I’m going to delete this app..Version: 3.5.4

Complex, poor translationApp is difficult to use, and the French translation makes it even harder to understand. Highly disappointed Edit: Gave this another try after a year or so. Still unable to change language back to English, onboarding tutorial are pushed into your face with really slow animation and you can’t dismiss them to continue doing what you wanted in the first place. Uninstalled again.Version: 4.3.5

It’s ok but wouldn’t recommend it for super active peopleGood concept. I really enjoy the charts and color coded badges—however, what I don’t like is the workout feature as well as some other things. Let me explain. I’m constantly on the move—walking, running, dancing, hiking, etc through out my day, so my heart rate is always going to be elevated. Honestly, I never really take a pause and I rarely ever sit down unless I’m eating. As such, It seems impractical to hit “workout” as I would have to leave it on for the whole day and drain my battery. However, if you do not click the workout button, the app assumes you are sitting down all day and doing nothing. I then get lots of skewed data saying my resting heart rate is really high which isn’t accurate. I would recommend that there at least be a feature on the app where it can sense if you are moving around. Overall I think the app is OK, but I would not recommend it to a very active person as there are more suitable apps for athletes out there such as zones..Version: 3.5.2

BummedIm super bummed, I downloaded the app last night and it had literally drained my battery to nothing in less than 16 hours and my battery usually would last 36 hours. I haven’t even made it through my day and my battery is less than 10% I need my watch…. I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue..Version: 4.3.7

Waste of MoneyIt a word…. GARBAGE! Save your time and money. Not worth even FREE!.Version: 4.3.5

Don’t let your watch dieFrustrating that if your watch diss, the app deletes all the data for that day....Version: 3.5.4

Accessibility!I have purchased this app. And found out that it is not accessible for those who are blind or visually impaired that use voiceover on the Apple products! Hi I’m sick and tired of every time I find an app that I can use to my surprise it is not accessible for those who are blind or visually impaired! We are getting sick and tired of you app developers thinking just because that we have a vision impairment that we are leftover trash, retarded, stupid, idiots! I do not recommend this app to anyone. A cop that is made poorly is a poorly made developer an app developer of course! I have severe health issues. This app would’ve been great for me. Unfortunately I wasted my money. What is it with you developers not taking those who have vision impairment into consideration when you develop an app. We don’t have eyesight but our brains still work. I have seven PhD‘s I went to Harvard. So I am not an idiot! I would appreciate it if you would take us into consideration and make this app accessible for those who use voiceover on the Apple platform on screen readers on other platforms!.Version: 4.0.6

Wild Variation vs Habit FormationThis app needs the attention of someone who knows something about human habit formation. The general idea of setting increasing goals to help the user form a “fitness habit” is a good one, but the wild variation in the goals set by the app have little to do with habit formation. Habit is something broadly repetitive, but with HeartWatch as it is now, the most repetitive thing about each day’s goal is that it will be either ridiculously easy or ridiculously difficult, unless perhaps for someone whose time is largely his own, someone who has little to do every day except to burn the seemingly random number of calories that he is urged to burn. The core of the problem is the developer’s useless obedience to the sheer accident of the existing 28-day lunar cycle, which we divide into fourths called “weeks.” There’s no other reason to use, as the standard of habit formation, a comparison of a 7-day average to a 21-day average. The developer would do well to forget how many days there are in a week, and to experiment with different ways of estimating habit formation and of setting goals. I suggest, for example, a goal of keeping the average for the last 19 days higher than the average for the last 20 days..Version: 4.3.6

Quit working after 1 monthI have deleted this app just like I did with AutoSleep also by the same developer. The Heart app quit working after less than a month..Version: 4.3.5

Not worth the money (for me)After reading the reviews, I was expecting something great. Unfortunately I’m out $4. The interface is overwhelming and that could be forgiven if it actually provided something helpful. It doesn’t (at least none I can determine, so I’m open to feedback). In fact, it was often wrong with the data. The alerts were not helpful because it was delayed (got notified an hour after an event which wasn’t even an event). I liked the visual charts, but that novelty wore off almost immediately for me. I’d recommend the developers have either a “lite” version with upgrade, perhaps. Overall looks like effort was made to create this app and I applaud them for that, it’s just overwhelming and didn’t really provide me anything “extra” compared to default Health app in determining heart status (again, that I could determine). I’ll be uninstalling now, and out a couple of bucks, sadly..Version: 4.1.1

Not the best...Got the app yesterday and it seemed good, didn’t sand any alerts when I set my watch in to exercise mode for a run regarding heart rate. So far so good Today, just been for a walk with the children on their scooters, my watch acknowledges exercise when I have a jog to keep up with them (dont set my watch to exercise mode as intermittent walk jog run stop activity), this app keeps buzzing my wrist saying my heart rate is too elevated, if it could check heart rate against my watch activity monitoring built in tracker it would see heart rate is elevated for a reason. It is good but could get better uninstalled if it keeps being annoying with notifications, will see what any updates bring over the next few weeks and see..Version: 3.5.2

Would love to give it a better ratingThere is so much great about this app but what is not great is really NOT GREAT! When it’s running I can’t get it to stop with the notifications both haptic and sound and if that wasn’t annoying enough my #1 problem with this app is that it continually pushes all other open dock apps (like now playing or any music volume and control app) behind it in order. What I’m trying to say is that when this is running the alerts make it so that every time I want to adjust the volume or play next song I have to open the dock again and scroll to find nowplaying or anything else you had open. I have exhausted every possible setting that I can to disable that from happening and yet it still happens. At least for me it’s a real pain to get into a good groove if I have to constantly have both my arms in-front of me looking down trying to find how to turn volume down or to skip a song. If I am overlooking a setting to stop this from happening please let me know and I’ll adjust the rating. I do hope that I’m wrong and this can be fixed because I do like your app and really want it to work..Version: 3.5.2

Too much personal information neededThe app will not work if I don't provide my personal information. This should be voluntary..Version: 3.2

Amazing, ButThis app is phenomenal. It single-handedly makes heart data accessible and useable for understand where one’s health is at. But minus two stars, one for each feature I would like to see. 1) HRV graphing. Just as we get to see HR trends, I’d like to see HRV trends, as this is arguably an even greater indicator of health. I checked the options but didn’t see one for day HRV, only night HRV. (Which would be great if only Oura would do their job and transfer HRV data to HealthKit.) Though if I’m mistaken on it being missing, correct me and I’ll update my review! 2) The ability to view historic ranges beyond 12 months. I just learned new things about my chronic health condition, and reviewing my past HR trends with that data in mind was so helpful and important … except now I can’t look beyond 12 months ago. I’ve lost all of that analysis potential. I don’t need the app to show 18 months or 24 months at a single time, I just need to be able to shift around the 6 week ~ 52 week timeframe to prior date ranges. Lacking this ability is actually getting in the way of verifying a part of my health condition. I need to see HR data from 2019 — it’s in the Health app, but HeartWatch won’t let me look at it currently. This seems like a really simple addition..Version: 4.2.2

I think phone appI’ve tried a few times wasted money. Never offered what it did. Contacted help twice. It dragged with excuses. No money back never used it while paid. Don’t believe not satisfied you will get money back. Worst joke ever!.Version: 4.3.7

The speak function stops working in watchos 10The speak function in watchos never really worked properly. When I press yellow speak button, it used to give me keyboard on watch. But it can take input and add measures anyway. After watchos10, it doesn’t take input as measure any more..Version: 4.3.6

Not much good to meI had read on the web that this app supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors. It looked great too so I bought it. Turns out that it supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors connected to Apple Watch, so you still need an Apple Watch. This app doesn’t work without one. Still, it looks like a well thought out and well developed app so I will keep it in case future updates allow other devices.Version: 3.5.2

Good but quirkyThe app is full of information, but with so many screens and charts it takes some getting used to as far as figuring what is what. Missing (or at least I can't yet find it) is an easy graph or chart to view changes over weeks or months. It may be there, but like much of the information overloading this app, it is well hidden. Also, it strangely devalues the Apple Watch stand goal. True, it's the least interesting ring (for me) on the Apple Watch, but in the tracking history part of the app, standing is capped off at 12 hours. My watch might say 16 or 17, but the app never credits more than 12! This makes absolutely no sense, and is either a clear bug that needs fixing or another example of a user interface is need of simplification. The sleep app (an additional purchase) is interesting as an add-on, but it offers so little information it is a pricey upgrade. It would be better simply integrated into the main app rather than an additional money grab. Still, overall a good additional to the Apple Watch fitness family. FitBit still wins on ease of interface. Apple app developers still have a few things to learn when it comes to fitness tracking..Version: 3.2

Could be much bettefThis is definitely one of the better heart rate apps however it could be better. I think the design of the iPhone app is quite clunky and difficult to navigate. There is a lot of Information displayed here but I think the design makes it difficult to interpret. I think it would be helpful if the app gave you suggestions. I often look at my data and just aren't sure whether it's good or bad. I think the watch app could also be better designed too. What is strange is there doesn't seem to be any simple way of checking your current heart rate. I certainly can't find anything withing the iPhone app. When using the watch app you have you have to make several selections just to take your pulse. My main bug bear however is that you cannot customize your complications. This is such pain for me as the watch face you use dictates what complications you can use. You should be given an option to have the type of complication you like. For example I just want to see what my heart rate is now. This is only available on certain watch faces. I also purchased the sleep app and the same problem is present. Please give the option to customize complications!.Version: 3.5.4

Stats with no explanationYou can certainly get a lot of stats with this app. As to what you’re supposed to do with that information is anyone’s guess. Red Amber Green is used a lot on this app. Usually you would expect RED = bad and GREEN = good etc. That’s what I assumed here. But charts showing work-out distance for example show longer distances in red and shorter distances in green. Agonist it be the opposite? I don’t know as there’s no colour key to explain. HRV stats are shown in Red Amber Green and Blue. What does blue mean? Is red bad? If so what am I supposed to do about it? What should I be aiming for? Should I be concerned about the occasional “red” scoring and only concerned about consistent “red” scoring? Yes lots of information but not much explanation. Try clicking on the help pages and you get a notice saying if you proceed tracking cookies will be shared with google. No option to switch these off. This is illegal in the UK and EU where consent is required for all cookies except those necessary to make the app function. All in all, apart from a lot of pretty charts I’m not sure this adds much usefulness to my life..Version: 4.0.6

They have ruined itThis was a great app, and I used it every day and shared information with my doctor. Now they have some instructional banner appear and block your ability to use it, as it insists on ‘showing you how to use it’. I have been using it for half a year and it’s been really important to my health regime, now I can’t get past the silly banners to find out my heart rate anymore! I also think it’s silly they now have avatars with cute names that you’re supposed to identify with — some of us are not six years old and just want a respectable app for sharing information with our doctors. Given than I may die of heart disease, I find it pretty bad manners to block the usefulness of the app with signs offering instruction — that you cannot get rid of, no matter what you do, even if you go through the steps of using them just to get rid of them. They never go away. If the app was like it was two months ago, I would have given it five stars and said it was helping me to stay alive. Now they seem to have become worried that it’s not ‘entertaining’ enough, so it’s ceased to be a serious app. Just put it back the way it used to be and it will be five stars. Please..Version: 4.0.1

Not what I expected from reading other reviewsI have long covid, and I got this app for the heart rate alert feature. I read in other reviews that this feature is helpful managing CFS and long covid, and I am currently trying to keep my heart rate under 100 to manage symptoms and work at a healthy baseline. I set the app to alert me if my heart rate goes over 97. It does not alert me accurately or in a timely manner. I have received only 3 alerts in 5 days, even though my heart rate has gone over 100 many, many times. I should have received more like 50 alerts if it were working effectively. The alerts come a half hour after my heart rate has gone over 100, also not helpful to me. I am disappointed. Based on reviews I understood I would receive an immediate alert when my heart rate hit 97, so I could know to sit and rest before continuing whatever I am doing. I have found it more useful to use my apple watch on the open workout function. I have to glance at my wrist, which I would prefer not to have to do. If I am carrying something this is hard, and it also raises my heart rate to raise my arm to see my watch face. I haven’t found anything that will immediately alert me with a beep or a pulse when my heart rate hits 97. ☹️.Version: 4.3.5

Waste of moneyDon’t waste your money. It doesn’t track your sleep. Worked for a couple days and now doesn’t track sleep which will effect other information on the app. Waste of money.Version: 4.3.5

Waking HRV is completely randomI purchased this app at the request of a health care professional to provide information that will aid in my recovery. The rehab program I’m in uses waking HRV to help with pacing and recovery. I take a reading using the breathe app every morning and plan my day accordingly. Then, before an appointment, I send all the data to the rehab program and we review it. Unfortunately, the waking HRV measurement is not at all accurate. Both my physio and I were under the impression that the waking HRV shows an average of HRV measurements when awake. After contacting HeartWatch support, I have learned that it does not. The number is randomly taken any time you wake up from sleep, whether or not you even know you are awake. My waking HRV numbers from the app are all over the place - between 122 and 8 — and these are different than the numbers I recorded with breathe. According to Heartwatch support, the sleeping HRV number is an average of all HRV readings from the time you are asleep, but the waking HRV function takes a random reading sent by the Apple Watch at any point you might awaken during the night. When I look closely at my lowest waking HRV numbers, they are all from the middle of the night when I was sleeping. For example, one week the app took a reading from 12:34 am three days in a row! I’m pretty sure I didn’t wake up at exactly 12:34 am for 3 consecutive days. There is a significant glitch in this app and it’s disappointing because otherwise it’s great..Version: 4.3.5

New app not workingDeleted and re installed app. It is now working and not asking for access to health data every time it is opened..Version: 4.1.1

ContradictingThis app is pretty good but take the stats with a grain of salt. It often contradicts other health data including its own because it really can’t differentiate “Daily BPM” and “Sedentary BPM.” Mine are always the same even though I exercise 30+ mins and stay active every day so I’m not sedentary 24-7 but my resting and daily rates are the same? Ok. The health data I get from Apple Health app are vastly different. Resting BPM is usually 57-60 and it gives me a view of my heart rate throughout the day and specific workouts. I do like that HeartWatch breaks down my specific categories like “fat burn” “high intensity” etc. Overall they really need to push some updates and figure out their algorithms better but it’s still nice to have and use to get a big picture of overall health but I certainly wouldn’t put all my faith into this app. I’m very active so naturally my heart rate is rather high on average because i’m always moving and I have a 2 year old who keeps me busy so it basically says my resting heart rate is like 80-90(very bad) when really it’s 60 or less (very good). This can be misleading and maybe ever cause some people anxiety or warrant an expensive cardiologist appointment for little to no reason. I mean see one obviously if you think you need to but don’t do it just cuz HeartWatch shows you some funky heart rate data..Version: 4.0.6

Complication On Watch Not WorkingComplication on Apple Watch Series 4 not working and immediately crashes when trying to open on watch. Please fix.Version: 4.3.5

Heart Monitoring does not work in CanadaHeartWatch and AutoSleep Apps DO NOT WORK on Apple Watch in Canada! Canadian government has NOT CERTIFIED this App or Apple Watch as for the Irregular Rhythm Notifications so the watch cannot access your pulse throughout the day/night.Version: 3.5.4

Its made me a little paranoidNot sure if I fully understand this app. I’ve been using it for about a month. It’s shows a lot of information and I think that’s its major downfall. It’s pretty overwhelming. I am also not sure whether to believe what it’s showing me. I don’t think it is detecting physical activity, which obviously increases heart rate and it’s like it displays that as a bad thing? It says a lot of red/pink/brown could be a concern. I’m not saying I have a lot of it, but it’s there most days, some more than others, mostly around the time when I’m working. To be honest this app makes me worried that there’s something wrong with me, I’ve even had my blood pressure and a basic ECG test done to help put my mind to rest!.Version: 3.5.2

GarbageSeem to work ok for awhile. Now According to this app I haven’t had a minute of sleep in weeks! If I could give negative stars I would. How do I get my money back!!.Version: 4.3.5

Could have been betterI like the UI. In terms of metrics, other than heart rate variability and workout intensity nothing is out of the ordinary. I wish you could show me the trend of workout intensity, there is aggregate but no trend to compare if I am getting better with time..Version: 4.3.1

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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker.

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