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CRASH PROBLEMThe app doesnt work ! crashes every 30seconds to a minute. my favourite app but man fix the crashing bug.Version: 3.7.0

Filter option in search bar presents issuesUnfortunately the filter option doesn’t always appear in the search bar while browsing subreddits, making it impossible to organise. When it does appear, the “hitbox” for it is so small that the app usually thinks I want to look up something else through the search bar rather than filter my current search. Not only that, but the Home page hasn’t been running smoothly lately. I’m often getting “Can’t reach Reddit” messages even though I can still look through different subs..Version: 4.7.1

Following the footsteps of facebook’s quality controlNot smart inverted colours-friendly, eats quite a bit of battery, have to pick which subreddit to post to even if you’re browsing it, most subreddits don’t even show up in search when you type their titles (but everything mildly related will be top result) and you still can’t search for users. I’m surprised the app is still running. Stop being lazy and fix these rookie bugs, is your boss not paying you enough?.Version: 4.11.4

Arbitrary bans.The moderators here ban non stop for the tiniest things, However this isn’t the reason for my 1 star review. I’ve rated 1 star because I’ve just received a 7 day ban from the app as a whole, this ban comes from actual Reddit employees and is completely uncalled for. I had committed 0 banable offences and I will uninstall if it does not get repealed. Edit: they responded to my appeal and apparently I was banned for contacting a moderator team (not an individual) using the supplied ‘Moderator Mail’ service. It was regarding a permanent ban that one moderator hit me with, they then muted me for 28 days. When the mute ran out I sent a message to try and make them aware of the moderator that was abusing power and they muted again, after that ran out I did the same. I was completely polite every time and didn’t even ask to be un-banned, only for the issue to be investigated. Fast forward to now, my polite messages were considered “harassment” and I was banned from Reddit. I ask you this, if it was considered harassment why don’t they supply mods with permanent muting capabilities? Reddit is hypocritical and facilitates hate speech while punishing polite people..Version: 2021.11.0

People on this app are mean!You can’t discuss a topic without getting hateful or condescending comments ! If someone is wrong, just teach facts instead of telling them they are idiots. I thought it would be a great place to learn from each other but it turns out to be full of high school-like bullies, even on innocent topics such as birds or plants🙄.Version: 2020.16.0

Good UI, stupid featuresI like this app’s UI and feed navigation better than the alternative apps like Apollo and Comet, but there are so many of Reddit’s stupid new features that they put front and centre which I don’t want to see. For example, livestreams always show up in my feed and I’ve never once watched one because Reddit ain’t the place for it, the new pointless awards are everywhere and they’ve honestly lost all meaning at this point, I get recommended subreddits every 5 or so posts. Like, I get having them every maybe 30 posts, but 5 is stupid. Not to mention ads look exactly like posts, so most of the time I look at the ad thinking it’s a post without realizing. It’s intrusive and annoying, which is a shame because every app that leaves this stuff out has worse UI....Version: 2021.14.0

Good if you’re a democrat.This app is filled with wonderful ideas, pictures, videos, and stories but the comment section completely ruin the app. Think of it like this, everyone is a professional about everything they see on the app. They judge you quickly and without a full review of who you are, and they’re from what I’ve encountered mostly leftist. God forbid you actually like your president because they will belittle you to nothing before you can even share you ideas. Even the news section that happens to be one of the biggest subs to reddit is all Trump this and a Trump that instead talking about anything worth a read. Personally, I still use the app even though it’s filled with know it alls and quick to judge liberals because I can cut most of it out by not looking at comments and only following subs where political input has no place and even then people will tether Trump to the situation so if you’re already tired by the constant hate parade on Trump then I don’t think you’ll be interested in this app..Version: 4.28.0

I love the app, here are some suggestionsI love reddit, the layout is great the content is as good as the internet can provide and the service is great. However I believe we should be able to get an in app NSFW button and an in app section to show us what email we are using, or at least a setting to change it in app. Recently I have had trouble and been in need of this as I have forgotten what one of my three main emails my account is linked to, and in the future I would like to be able to change it in app. this is a small thing but, because I have forgotten my password I can not log into the desktop site and enable nsfw. This has degraded my experience and made it a lot more of a hassle to use reddit and change my preference of nsfw items, thanks..Version: 4.22.2

New "buy coins" logo is gross.The app as a whole is okay. Buggy with weird design choices but it was the first reddit app I used so I'm too used to it to change. However, as the company continues to come up with ways to monetise it gets worse and worse. First it was ads that you had to pay a subscribtion to remove. Then it was adding a million different ways to reward users with useless icons that cost actual money and in most cases offer nothing. The latest update added a big coin logo at the top of the front page next to the search bar just so you never forget that you can spend money to buy absolutely pointless "coins". Hilariously the icon is bigger than any of the reward icons actual posts get. And unlike regular reddit ads this icon begging you to spend money doesn't go away when you have gold. The glory days of Reddit are long behind us. That's reality. Every knew decision the company makes seems to be anti consumer however which leads me to believe that the platform won't plateau at mediocre, it will nose dive itself into becoming indistinguishable from any other social media platform..Version: 2020.8.1

Pretty good but could be awesomeEDIT: FIX THE CONSTANT APP CRASHES!!! I love Reddit and I do love this app. It does however has some issues I wish would be fixed in some way. One big one at the moment is that occasionally when I double tap to zoom on an image after clicking the link, it will crash the app completely and I have to force close and reopen RIF. Another thing I have an issue with sometimes is how there’s not really enough space or even visually an actual space to tap on a thread because of how squashed everything is in the feed. I’d like this to be a bit more spaced out/redesigned to help it flow better. Apart from these issues, there isn’t anything else that majorly bothers me because I love using Reddit on this app!.Version: 4.13.0

Anti-woman websiteReddit hosts disgusting pornography of actual women getting raped and subreddits glorifying the rape snd murder of girls and women. Subs that have complained about this have been banned. Women-centered communities are banned left and right for dome sick reason too. Stay away from this app/site if you're a woman..Version: 2020.24.0

An “offical” app which is officially uselessUnfortunately I was forced to install and use this app since the latest apple iOS update made Reddit Blue unusable on my iPad. Sorry Reddit I didn’t change because of the invasive advertisement for your offical app, which appears on almost everything (it also covers half the screen). I used Reddit Blue comfortably for years, albeit with the casual crash. Fortunately the offical app doesn’t have that issue, and for the most part it is a solid app, but it is far from perfect. A particularly aggravating issue is the tendency for gifs and videos to not load. And the only solution reported seems to be to completely reset the app. Which also interrupts the place you were reading. Considering Reddit seems to be 50% gifs and videos I would say this is pretty far from okay. Researching this issue shows that it has been known about for over a entire year and the developers seem to either or not car or are to incompetent to fix it. I never used the offical app because it was never good years ago and now I’ve been stripped of a choice..Version: 4.24.1

Repetive adsIf you’re interested in your favourite subreddits, and don’t need the full laptop desktop experience this all you need. If you want an ad to feckoff, then you won’t find the hide, or block options of any use (and boy have I tried). The ad for GOT-conquest will be there every 20 or so posts (there are some GOT agnostics out there). It’s almost like they only have a tiny pool of advertisers and keep them on rotation for weeks before moving to another by a slightly different handle.Version: 2020.17.0

Piece of garbageIf you want a site that pushes one political agenda and does nothing but spread hate and ban anyone who doesn’t agree with them, then this is the site/app for you.Version: 2020.24.0

Best social media but ruined by left wing nutsI would say this is the best social media app I've ever used but unfortunately it's full of far left communists and unless you subscribe to rare and unpopular channels, you will find your voice silenced and any view diverging from the mainstream status quo is downvoted and never seen again. Yet another awesome idea ruined by politics.Version: 4.20.0

Reddit Sileneces Women and Uplifts Abusive MalesA recent wave of subreddit bans has targeted women’s subreddits that sought to counter act damaging parts of the patriarchy such as pornography and calling out subreddits that are 100% based around hating females. Though many feminist subreddits have faced the chop, many pornography subreddits that have rape and violence against women remain. Reddit’s priorities are transparent and blatantly sexist..Version: 2020.24.0

Reddit, Really?I got reddit and it was great, had it for about a week now it’s really good, but I don’t have iOS 13 so will that affect the safari version? And don’t make it just iOS 13 and over pls.Version: 2021.13.0

Employs pedophilesReddit has a known pedophile as a site wide admin and refuses to fire them. Also in charge of children’s subs. Do not download. Do not support. Aimee chanellor.Version: 2021.11.0

Just keeps getting worseThe app is okay at best, but the updates keep making it worse. The old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Whoever is in charge of the app obviously hasn't heard this, as they keep cramming in unnecessary updates with things nobody asked for. This latest update that I was forced to endure doesn't load gifs or most pictures, so I have to go through a series of clicks to open up whatever I'm trying to look at in Safari and it's mostly not worth it. Also, I absolutely hate the new "next up in r/___" that's sandwiched between the content and comments. Why have you done this? Who decided this would be a good idea? Lastly, stop recommending the same ads/posts from the same communities over and over. If I wasn't interested the first time, I won't be interested the next 200 times either. Honestly a few months ago I would've given the app more stars but it just keeps getting worse and worse, so here we are..Version: 4.12.1

BrainwashedAlmost every user is brainwashed in one way or another. Looking through reddit is just seeing a multitude of hive minds..Version: 2020.17.0

Keeps kicking me out to home screen.If I change to another app mid-thread then return to the reddit app, there’s a better than even chance I’ll wind up back on the home page and have to wade my way to the thread I was on and start scrolling like hell..Version: 4.24.1

Mods on a power trip, censorship!Great community, but has awful moderation and censorship! Yes, once you agree to the content policy, whatever they want they can do. But this is the USA. Those site policies should be for extreme circumstances, not for any sort of speech that’s our right outside of the walled community they’ve built. I’ve been banned several times on a subreddit I frequent over the last 5 years with an pretty high karma score. Banned for “calling names” for which they didn’t read into any context and now banned totally on that subreddit for breaking the rule on a racially insensitive comment, that was part of an overly sarcastic comedy bit that’s gained traction on the very site. The moderators have no transparency, who are they? Who do they report to? Do they have free reign over censoring our community indiscriminate of context? Apparently so. Seems as if they’re on a power trip and banning users for their political affiliations from posting in other popular political sub reddits. Very hateful place, non inclusive, hypocritical, unjust, and censoring. No thanks..Version: 4.19.0

Can't load gifsThe user interface is very nice but recently the app fails to load gifs. I have to open the link in a dedicated web browser or another app like Apollo to get it to load. Why does this app struggle so much with them??.Version: 4.24.1

CensorshipReddit deletes subreddits focused on feminism and women’s rights, but allows subreddits about rape fantasies? No thanks.Version: 2020.24.0

AlrightThere are a few good points about this app. First of all, you can join a wide selection of communities that interest you. Most people on this app are very helpful. However, it can sometimes be quite infuriating. For example, when you are commenting on posts, after about 2 comments, it says “you’re doing that too much” and then you have to wait another 10 minutes to comment again. My least favourite thing about this app is that you can’t seem to have an opinion different to other people’s or comment something without it being downvoted to hell. Then you lose a large amount of Karma..Version: 2020.21.1

Reddit is fine. This app is not.This official Reddit app has removed a bunch of features, like the ability to sort by controversial etc. Im not sure why they’re deliberately removing functionality and moving backwards, but I assume it’s to help create a more similar flow of opinion I comments and create a more consistent experience in the comments like in other social media, and Reddit being different to other social media platforms was the whole reason I used to use in the first place. For now you can still use this feature on desktop/mobile Reddit or on third party apps. So that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m deleting this app and getting a third party app, like alien blue or something..Version: 2020.40.0

Reddit hates and censors womenReddit will allow rape subreddits but not subreddits for critical thinking related to women’s rights. Sadly, reddit is anti-free speech and pro-misogyny. Reddit bizarrely lumps critical leftist feminist thought in with extreme racism and fascism. Reddit moderators who delete critical thinking subreddits that discuss women’s rights compassionately and polite are disturbingly biased and admit to it. I am extremely disappointed with reddit. One day, this will all be realized as the shameful, pathetic nonsense it truly is. Until then, reddit is an utter disgrace..Version: 2020.24.0

Trash app and siteNothing like cruising random sub Reddit’s then getting notifications for them all day and night. Not sure where it said if you happen to see a suppressor on the main screen you want to be notified of posts on it..Version: 2021.13.0

Broken notificationsWhen you open up a notification banner, it takes you to where you're supposed to go - great. But it does not remove the in-app notification from the activity inbox. So you have to go there again to get rid of it..Version: 2020.48.0

Garbage appPretty much the worst Reddit app I’ve tried. I’m trying to watch a video on my browser and it tells you to watch it on the app but when you click the link it just transfers you to the App Store and then you lose the link that you were trying to watch. Dumb piece of garbage..Version: 2021.09.0

BadThis garbage crashes every 2 minutes, even when browsing the completely text-based subreddits..Version: 2021.10.0

Very slow recently... and new app look is uglyI love reddit as a website and I used to love the app but I recently deleted the app because it got soooooo slow. I have to wait and load every single picture and every single video to load and it’s super frustrating. I know it’s not my phone because I have a brand new iPhone 8 and I know it’s not my Comcast WiFi because I have used reddit sitting right next to the router. Whatever updates they did recently, when they changed the look of the app (the IOS version of reddit used to be completely orange with the reddit logo but they just changed it to where there is an orange circle logo with a white background.. it’s sooo ugly and looks sloppy and unfinished in my opinion).. but yeah I think the app got super slow when they did the last update.. reddit app developers, please fix these issues and change the app back to the old look! Or else I won’t be using the app, I’ll just strictly use the reddit website on my pc....Version: 4.17.1

UghSuper trash. Way too political and toxic. Stay out of this echo chamber..Version: 2020.24.0

Used to be great, new UI is problematicI've been on Reddit for several years now, starting back in 2016. I haven't had any complaints about the app until recently. The new UI, specifically, the "news" and "popular" tabs, along with the recommended communities/posts tabs, have been mostly an annoyance. I understand the satisfaction of these tabs, but I wish I had the option to disable them and view my solely my home tab. Reddit is wonderful because of the personalization it allows, where one user's experience differs entirely from another's. However, because of all the additional content being thrown towards me, most of it either completely disagreeable to me or simply not interesting, I feel my Reddit experience has been compromised. I don't use Reddit for politics, news, etc. I use Reddit to interact with a variety of individuals from the same academic discipline as me, for gaming highlights, and for memes. It's not hard to see that I have no interest in ANY political subreddit -- especially the large ones -- most news subreddits, or anything else that simply comes off as hostile in nature. I know this will never be read, but if someone from Reddit sees this, please consider what I have said. There are millions of users on your platform that, like myself, are uninterested in the hostility put forth by r/politics, for example, yet we're all subjected to it..Version: 2020.36.0

Behind the almost celebrity status, Vili was a very nasty and sexist person towards his staff.Vili used to bully his staff members and was very nasty, he was a male chauvinist talking dirty to his female staff on many occasions in front of his male workers so he could show off, it was as if he was nasty and sexist he could get away with it because he thought he was above anybody and the law. There are many former staff members that either left or took action on him through fair work Australia however he used his position of authority and also his almost celebrity like status to get away with treating his workers like dirt, his workers feared if they stood up for themselves they would be sacked, he had staff that worked for him on full time hours yet paid on a salary or casual with no holidays or sick leave using a clock on clock off machine. I could go on all day including topples golf days for his clients ....RIP Villi ..Version: 2021.11.0

Opening app from email links brokenAbout 4/5 times opening a reddit link from the reddit daily emails doesn’t take me to the post opened, instead I get kicked back to the home screen. Please fix..Version: 2020.16.0

WellApp incites violence and hatred against women, and bans any womens discussions subs, from men-free feminist discussions to subs against domestic violence or subs supporting single moms..Version: 2020.24.0

Reddit hates womenI deleted this application after they banned most of the best feminist subreddits and kept the ones featuring porn, pedophilia and rape..Version: 2020.24.0

Was ok on iPad, now a lot worseThis used to be a pretty good app, but they just released some kind of update to their video player (and lets face it, a lot of reddit content is videos). It’s just astonishing that someone thought this was a good idea. Tapping on the comments button takes you to full screen video (wut?). In full screen mode there’s another button for comments - it then shows the comments in a popover rather than in its own screen which means you see far less of them. Also, the app crashed twice on me when I tried to read the comments (I can’t even remember it ever crashing before in the years I’ve used it before this update). Absolute garbage, unintuitive, crappy user experience update. Please revert it, and send the person who thought this was a good idea for a psychological evaluation..Version: 2021.03.2

Support for iOS 12 stopped??That’s a shame really. Few-years-old devices running on iOS 12 are still very popular in some large economically unviable parts of the world..Version: 2021.13.0

Newest updateThe newest update for iOS makes watching videos/gifs a terrible experience. Tapping the video/gif when you want to pause it or go back a few seconds because you missed part of the start opens a whole new page, where the video/gif restarts and award animations fly everywhere. Even if you want to read the comments on videos/gifs, the new page opens up and you have to tap a small button to bring up the comments while the video plays in the background, and you have to swipe the comments up to actually see anything. It’s a terrible experience and makes me not interact with the videos/gifs on the platform at all..Version: 2021.03.1

TerribleReddit sucks and is nothing but a far left echo chamber. They have recently deleted 2000 communities for wrongthink. This is unbelievable censorship of free speech that is occurring.Version: 2020.23.0

CensorshipThis app use to be the best part of my day , it’s now a absolutely joke , the admins are power hungry ban machines..Version: 2020.17.0

Good app, terrible customer supportWas really enjoying the Brave app and was a huge advocate amongst my friends and family until I encountered a problem. Got strung along by customer support to eventually receive no support at all with no solution to my problem. Was pretty disappointed and moved onto a new browser. Not worth the hassle with client support like this.Version: 2021.09.0

Perverted by advertising and inappropriate mobile app advertsUsed to be a great app - but now I just get perverse ads for hookup games from bots in my feeds that I have no interest in. Used to be a great app and now it’s annoying so uninstalling.Version: 2020.24.0

Fonts too small, even on an iPad.Not accessible. This app annoys me because the tiny fonts do not rescale with the system font size. The text is pretty tiny when reading through the threads, needlessly so. Also, the view is the same width when I rotate to landscape view, all that screen with large grey strips on the left and right sides. Why? Uses absurd amounts of battery..Version: 2020.21.1

The WORST “social” app.Reddit is a very interesting place.. On one hand, there’s a subreddit for basically every single thing you can think of. Most of them are crowded enough to share news, tips, feedback, find a community, friends, network, etc... On the other hand, your ability to socialize is dictated entirely by other users; reminds me of the social credit system that china uses. If people don’t like what I have to say, I’m limited in the amount of comments I’m allowed to make, until i say something they like, and get enough “upvotes” (by the same people who downvoted other comments, causing me to not be able to comment, in the first place). This is such a broken, garbage system. If I share an opinion and say “that dog is cute!” And other people don’t think so, so they downvote me, guess what? I’ve got to wait 10 minutes before I can comment again or reply to people replying to my comment. So basically unless I say “that dog is ugly!”....I’m going to continue to get downvoted. This app and this community are incredibly toxic. Reddit is even worse than facebook at this point..Version: 2020.38.0

AvatarsHello reddit workers. I'm writing this review to beg you all to make it an option in settings to turn off the option of seeing avatars beside comments. The reasons being that for one, it just looks hideous and two, the whole point and appeal of reddit for me at least is the fact that it's not "social media" like all the other apps and has an element of anonymity. I feel like showing avatars kind of takes away from that. And also there's the fact that we don't need avatars in the first place and I doubt the majority of people actually care for having them. Please, I'm begging you, please make it an option to be able to turn off seeing them by comments. My app usage is sometimes highly dependent on the way that it looks and I love most everything else about this app besides this one feature (and the adds), and would hate to have to resort to using it less because of this one stupid feature. Please hear me out staff and add this option to settings and also have a nice day to anyone reading this..Version: 2021.08.0

Current stateI have now deleted my account, but I started my old one at the start of 2019, and in that 1.5 years it went from good to downright rubbish. Majority of the subs have become political, including the one you might not think about. On top of this around the time of writing, they issued a ban on 2000 subreddits including ones that aren’t political (I normally browse and search for regularly) such as r/cricket. When did r/cricket become racist. I don’t remember seeing racism on there. But on the other hand, anything that doesn’t please the overlords at Reddit hq and the Chinese investors is probably racist. One other note, since like 2000 subreddits are banned I wouldn’t be surprised if people leave the site since their favourite subreddit(s) are banned..Version: 2020.24.0

Reddit CensorshipReddit has removed a lot of subreddits that don’t fit into the main stream political ideology. Complete censorship, good bye Reddit!.Version: 2020.23.0

Very well doneReddit is similarly formatted to other social media, with a couple of important changes. Firstly, and possibly the best part, is the custom feeds, which aren’t littered with rubbish posts of thousands of things you didn’t ask to see, or uncontrollable ads, instead it shows posts from subreddits you subscribed to. This allows each feed to be tailored to the individual. Next are the subreddits themselves. There are tons, and it’s easy to find one that interests you, which is fantastic. On reddit you can easily find like minded individuals for just about anything, and the subreddits are welcoming too. Thirdly, the format of reddit is one that allows interests to thrive, from memers to academics to lovers of the wholesome there is a plethora of thriving communities to chose from, without the worry of shame or hateful comments from the others. And lastly, something I’ve seen mentioned many times, the absence of care for followers or upvotes. If you wish to farm for upvotes and cultivate an account with hundreds of thousands of upvotes, it is entirely possible and quite fun, but on the other hand lurking and lacking followers or upvotes isn’t shamed whatsoever. Overall, a well made app which benefits from a community without overwhelming toxicity..Version: 4.47.0

Broadly okay, but not a great experienceApp reviewed on iPad. As a long time classic layout desktop user, the app, while perfectly functional, falls really short as a user experience. I don’t believe these are critical flaws with the app, but could be corrected and all would be well. It’s mostly an issue with layout and readability. The app makes zero use of the iPad screen. In portrait mode, opening a subreddit usually displays two (!) items in a space the could comfortably fit ten, one of which will invariably be an insultingly massive ad, with video auto play and very poor delineation between ads and actual posts. The general experience is just that, scroll, scroll, ad, ad, the real content gets lost to the eye.p and there’s no way to fix it. I understand much of this is subjective, but that’s the impression it leaves me with. Frustration, lack of options and poor layout. Oh, and notifications keeps ‘alerting’ me to random trending things I don’t want no matter how often I tell it I don’t want that. Is it a bug?.Version: 2020.32.0

Reddit hates womenReddit banned peaceful conversations of women discussing violence against them while keeping literal RAPE SUBREDDITS open.Version: 2020.24.0

AppallingThis app rises above the ordinary to bring contempt for users to a whole new level. The video player obviously was a result of top minds asking the question “how do we craft this product so that users understand this is not simple incompetence, but that we truly hate them?” Bravo, Mission Accomplished..Version: 2021.13.0

Is changing.Used to be a great app, a social media site that didn’t feel like social media. Now, there’s an ad on every other screen you see, some comment sections even include ads, there are constantly pop ups asking you to visit the AppStore to rate the app, constantly pop ups trying to ‘engage the user’ more (we get it, you’re making money off of us, no need to shove it down our throat), “you should join this community! Follow this thing for more posts!”, Reddit even now sends you direct messages telling you to go ‘check out’ these hot and rising posts.... only you’ll get about two of those a day, for all of time. I stoped checking my messages because instead of comment replies and upvote updates, it was just random “go look at this post we think you may like!”. It’s no longer about kittens, it’s about “how many ads can we shove at them to make a profit before they start leaving the app en mass?” Two years ago, Reddit prided itself on being the exact opposite of that. Of being the place that was DIFFERENT, in a good way. Now it just feels like a reskinned Instagram/Facebook, and even feels like Reddit is taking some direction from them. It’s gone from a place to explore the internet, to just one more app that’s more concerned with making a pretty penny off your use, and by gosh if they gotta violate your privacy and rights to make that buck then so be it!.Version: 2021.07.0

Poor iPad optimisation, misleading ads.This app is great on iPhone. However, when I installed this on my iPad, all of the content is stranded in the middle leaving an cumulative half of the screen unused with all of the content in the centre of the screen. On larger iPads, this makes it difficult to scroll. Other apps have a side bar on the left with a main window view on the right to utilise 100% of my large screen. I would use those apps, but this is the only app that works with native link support meaning I can’t use an app that gives a great unified experience. Meaning my reddit engagement suffers from being forced to use this app. The second problem with this app is that the ads are disguised to look like posts in your feed. I think this is against EU regulations, but I could be wrong. The ads need to be made more clear and visible perhaps changing the background colour of the ad post. I’m not against ads, I just feel like I’m being tricked into viewing something that when I realise it’s an ad, it again leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Ads are a necessity on many platforms, but be upfront about them your users are intelligent, treat them with dignity with this..Version: 4.38.1

Echochamber with poor featuresOther than the site itself being an echochamber that encourages wrong-think to be punished with prolonged reply windows and sending downvoted comments to the bottom and hiding them, the app itself has bugs that are annoying as hell. For one there are ‘features’ you can’t turn off or edit in the mobile version; you can’t turn off getting notifications of new comments on posts you commented on yourself, you can’t unblock or see who you’ve blocked, and moderation is essentially impossible on mobile. Also the app decides to close itself randomly when you minimise it, even if it’s minimised for only a second. This can mean losing a comment you were writing, a post you were making, or where you were on your feed..Version: 2020.15.0

New swipe gesture makes the app unusableEdge swiping now double backs.Version: 2020.31.1

No iPad support?This is a great app, but I just wish it supported the iPad Smart Keyboard and took advantage of all the extra screen size. It would really be 10/10 if they could support us iPad users..Version: 4.24.1

From great to ok to disappointingI’ve always heard of Reddit but never hopped on the train until a couple of years ago. The first year was amazing! So many subreddits, so much to learn, so much to laugh at. Then around the start of 2020, Reddit took a turn towards politics. I don’t mind that at all, but I get enough of that outside. It was doable to ignore and I still enjoyed the app enough. Towards the middle of 2020, it was like Reddit was becoming just like any other app with no distinction: ads galore, in app purchases (I’m still not sure why people waste their money on that), and notifications that you can’t get rid of unless you turn on your notification on your personal phone. That right there is just annoying. Reddit, you were fun at first, but you got a little political, when I just wanted to go to this app to laugh and learn. Reddit, you submerged my pages in an ad almost every other post. Reddit, I don’t want you to constantly notify me to get back on the page. I can do that just fine on my own. And because of that, I am letting you go Reddit. Good luck..Version: 2020.44.0

Good until most recent updateThis app is wonderful. It is one of my main source of news and a great way to find communities for virtually everything. It is not perfect but it is good at what it does. The most recent update however, has upset me to no end. They have added posts from other communities in my regular feed. I was okay with the small banner below the occasional post suggesting recommended popular posts in similar communities because it was unobtrusive but still visible and I would actually use it. Now? I get three posts in a row from a community i don’t know and am not interested in. The whole point of reddit is that i can create a feed that is tailored to my likes and interests and the banner with recommended posts was good at helping me discover new communities. It’s annoying to have to skip past posts that i don’t want to see from communities i am not interested in because most of these posts are “popular on reddit” or whatever. Seriously change it please..Version: 2021.11.0

IPad app is just a blown up phone appThe developers haven’t really though through the iPad app. It’s not BAD, but it doesn’t really use the space effectively. Using the dropdown menu to access the subreddit info is pretty clunky, and using the search button to access your subreddit list is clunky as well. There is more than enough space to put the subreddit list on the side, especially in portrait mode. When you write comments, the comment field expands to fill the whole screen and you can’t see the original post you were replying too, which once again is completely ridiculous on a device that has more than enough space. Overall the design of the app is a bit uninspired and really feels like the minimum required effort was put into it. The devs seem to have no clue how to make a proper iPad app, and just expanded the size of their iPhone app..Version: 4.0.2

4.0.2 No good 😕I’ve been using the various versions of Reddit for a while now and I have to say the latest update has me scratching my head a bit. Suddenly my home feed is littered with popular posts from subreddits that I’m not subscribed to. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the point of the “Popular” feed? On top of that, any time I view a picture or gif now it automatically orients into landscape. Quite annoying on mobile. I’ve only been using the app a short while since I’ve updated, so there may be a new setting or something I need to change, but either way this feels like a confusing and unnecessary change..Version: 4.0.2

The app is utter crapWhile I love reddit for the content, the whole transparency thing was a big fat lie. One still can’t see one’s followers. It is literally not possible to report a user for harassment or anything via the app because permalinks cannot be obtained via app. Even after obtaining permalinks, the punishment is usually a temporary ban of 3-7days. And worst of all, the chat feature is a punishment. You receive message and send replies, only to realise they wont get delivered. If you shut and relaunch the app, it will show that the messages failed to send. There is not even a mention of this in the recent updates. But like I said, the content is very captivating and engaging, it can be customised in a million ways to suit the end user but the interface is so utterly sub-standard, and reddit’s policies against bullying or abusive content are not great..Version: 2020.5.1

YikesThe online bullying is rampant on this app, as with most social media, however; when reporting incidents of harassment, sexual harassment, and straight up bullying, Reddit will thank you for making the report and then do absolutely nothing about it. They don’t ban the account, they don’t shut their account down, the chain of bullying just continues and continues. Reddit may not be pro-bullying, but they allow it to flourish on various pages..Version: 2021.12.0

Subreddit searching seems to be brokenIf you're searching for a subreddit that you know exists, for whatever reason the search function won't find it but will show other results which have similar names..Version: 3.7.0

I’ve had about enoughReddit has given me a few good years of memes and news, and there are some fantastic people/communities there, but, it has become a shell of its former self. Mods don’t do their jobs. Hate subs stay up and even get to the front page. Women are treated very disgustingly as they either get sexualized or insulted just on the basis that they are a woman. Really I don’t mind these things I listed happening, as long as it’s avoidable. I just want to spend some time browsing peoples memes or artwork. The problem is that it’s unavoidable. Every sub that I join can start out nice but quickly turns sour. As I said, mods don’t do their jobs and seem to always let their subs stray from their original purpose. Reddit is an uncomfortable place filled with creepy people and every day I wonder why I bother coming back. It’s because I don’t have much else to do with my short free time. But I’ve finally had about enough, and I am deleting the app. I’ll try out instagram or something, but it seems like all social media is toxic now days..Version: 2020.8.0

Reddit - cesspool of female hatred and rape fantasyReddit has taken the unusual step of deleting feminist subreddits, calling them "hate groups". Maybe women wouldn't have so much to talk about if this app wasn't full of rape fantasies and other assorted misogynistic content. Hard pass. Deleted..Version: 2020.24.0

Bugs bugs bugsWith every update it gets buggier. I used to love this app, now as I’m scrolling, half of a previous post I was looking at will pop up on top of another post. The new comment format doesn’t work half the time (don’t know why it needed to be changed), entire comment threads will disappear or I won’t be able to scroll down without it springing back to the top comment. Sometimes I can’t even click the button to see the comments. I’m not on an old phone, my iOS is up to date - I don’t understand why it’s getting worse, shouldn’t it be getting better?.Version: 3.12.0

Innumerable issuesQuite apart from Reddit being a breeding ground for hate and censorship, the mobile app has extremely frustrating problems. Most videos don’t play without sound when they clearly should have sound, and it is not at all apparent that to hear it you need to click on the tiny link to watch the video on a separate website. Even worse is the app-breaking bug that keeps coming back: the whole app fails to load and simply says “Sorry, please try again later”. There is no explanation or guidance on how to fix this recurring problem, and the only way to fix it used to be to disable “personalised ads based on your Reddit activity”, the option to do which is now gone from the app entirely. So in short if you get this bug (about once every two weeks) there is no way to use Reddit - even on the computer - until it magically decides to sort itself out..Version: 2021.11.0

Solid app but needs refinementA lot of weird bugs, such as links not opening, formatting not displaying correctly (e.g. a comment that should be in bold instead displays as *bold*, or superscript text instead just displays like^this). You also can’t manually enter a subreddit name, only search for it which is completely stupid. I feel as though the creators of this app haven’t really tested it thoroughly as there’s just so many silly design decisions and bugs that I continue to notice update after update that don’t go away..Version: 3.9.1

What is wrong with this latest update?I’m having problems with this update, when there is a response to my comment I can’t see it. Many posts show multiple comments next to the little comment symbol, but when I view the post the comments are not there or many are missing.Version: 4.45.0

My favourite social media siteFar and away my favourite social media site. I love it. Anything you can imagine, there's a community for it. Generally well maintained communities too (I.e active, post often, good senses of humour, engaged). I don't have any of my physical friends on it so I do find it's different to FB, Twitter or others. But it's great in its own unique way. Extensive sources of knowledge in just about anything. If there isn't, start one. It's like Google but with active similarly interested people to converse with. Future is in doubt. Much like Wikipedia, it's a great site but to remain ad free and have a future, I do worry that it can sustain itself. App is intuitive enough. Easy to use haven't encountered anything irritating or limiting about it yet. Get it downloaded. More information and possible sources of knowledge than any other social media site on the planet. No limits to what you can explore and read about. Great source of learning. EDIT: Since the update/change to the app, the font being the noticeable change, the app crashes every few seconds. I love this site but I hate this new app for denying me access to it on the go. Get it sorted already. Think it's almost been a week and still no sign of an update to remedy this app breaking problem..Version: 3.7.0

Update made this app more frustrating than fruitfulKeeps logging me out once every three or four weeks, so when it happened this time, I took advantage and uninstalled this app. I'm not a fan of the update that has restructured your account tab- tapping through three times to see your own comments is stupid. A chat function button now dominates the bottom bar and is absolutely not what most people use Reddit for in the first place. There is no customisation, so you're stuck with it. I also don't like how subreddit headers follow you as you scroll through a sub, permanently stuck to the top 1/3rd of your screen, as if you're too stupid to remember what subreddit you're looking at..Version: 4.2.0

A few bugsBlocking a user takes you back to the beginning of your feed for the day. Incredibly annoying when you’ve gone through a lot in a single day. Counter for notifications doubles so there’s a ridiculously higher number bubble despite in having half the actual notifications..Version: 2021.09.0

One problem which makes the app unusableI spend most of my reddit time on r/Nintendo and stuff like that. But I am also subbed to a couple of subs which allow NSFW posts. eg, r/Trashy. The problem is the app opens directly onto your home feed, which contains posts from all your subs. This in turn means that when you open the app, NSFW posts can potentially be immediately displayed on your screen without warning. You can disable NSFW content on reddit, but I want NSFW to be visible, I just dont want them to immediately appear on my phone when I open the app. It could be embarrassing if im sat on the bus and innocently open the app without thinking lol. Please either allow options on where the app opens, or filter NSFW from the home feed when the app first opens. Thats the only problem with the app, but its a big one as I have to choose between censorship or humiliation..Version: 2020.48.0

Latest update a perfect example of devs who mess with the ui too muchWhy oh why did the devs place the “give award” button right next to the share button, shifting everything over? Now every time I go to hit view comments, it brings up the share option. Because I’m so used to the old placement. I will truly never understand the though process behind changing UI that has been a certain way for so long. Would it not be possible to reduce the click box size for the share button? Or just move the award button back to its original place? I never leave negative reviews on anything unless something genuinely pisses me off, and well, that button placement genuinely pisses me off. There are many other reasons to give this app 2 stars. Like the fact that you can’t save videos with sound, and the fact that they constantly change the UI more and more just to push you into giving them money. But all I really ask is if something isn’t broken, like the button placement, don’t change/fix it. Thanks..Version: 4.48.0

Ap should not be requiredHad to download the app to read reddit on my phone. Not a huge fan of the amount of reddit censorship either. Only good for getting info then getting out..Version: 2020.17.0

One annoyance...I honestly like the official Reddit app way better than any other third-party apps I've tried. However, I have one minor annoyance that's grown into a major gripe over time: whenever I use Safari to Google search something, and a Reddit post is in the search results, if I click the link there's a pop-up that says "See Reddit in..." and I have the option to open the page in the Reddit app or continue with the web browser. My problem is, whenever I try to open the page in the Reddit app, I'm sent to the app store as if I hadn't installed the app. I have never been able to open a link from Safari in the Reddit app, and I've tried everything. The app is up to date, I've tried opening the app before clicking the link and it still won't take me to the app. Honestly, if this was fixed I'd give 5 stars. The Reddit app is really good. But this is just so annoying, and it's difficult to search for a specific post within the app so there's no real workaround. So I'm just hoping the devs see this and find a way to fix it. I'm using an iPhone XR 128GB, if that matters..Version: 2020.26.1

I used to enjoy reddit.The app never seems to allow you to upload any images or make any posts, even though you’re abiding by the moderator rules. No clear instruction is given as to why your post fails and there doesn’t seem to be much help in that regard. I’d happily use the app in the future should the issue be remediated, but definitely not until then..Version: 4.30.0

YikesI don’t download an official app to get spammed with recommended posts and unwanted livestreams and requests for my location to be turned on. Don’t even get me started on the basically non-functioning video player. Use some of that sponsored post money to fix your app :).Version: 2021.13.0

I would not recommend the appThe app is pretty terrible. I had fun when I first got it but there’s a huge problem, the constant reposts. In every subreddit there’s tons of reposts, it was okay at first since people would repost content that was made years ago but now people are reposting content that was made only a few hours ago. It’s impossible having fun on this site since there’s basically no original content anymore and any content you made will most likely get reposted and reddit doesn’t care. I have reported so many pictures and videos for being reposts of another picture/video that was posted a few hours ago and all the things I’ve reported are still up. Also why can’t you delete your mobile reddit account? It’s not that hard just adding a button that allows you to delete your reddit account in the settings. I’ve tried so many tutorials and none of them have worked. The only reason why I re-downloaded reddit was because I needed to ask a question and reddit hasn't answered my question and just put more stress on me. How do I delete my reddit account?.Version: 2020.4.0

Refresh button/linkLove the app, seen the ups and downs of buggy systems and updates but personally, this is the most annoying. The blue refresh button blocks titles and posts and travels half way down a page, so to read a title you have to drag the screen up, then drag back down to see the photo/link. It doesn’t go away after you scroll for a while, it’s constantly sitting there. I never want to accidently click it. Idk it’s just bad.Version: 4.11.4

Great for communities, but bad communityAlright so I love reddit, it gives communities a great platform to post and socialise. but the actual reddit community is awful. It’s so hive-minded. If you get downvoted ONCE, say hello to -100 downvotes in the first hour. Even if you’re slightly controversial, or have a different opinion you’ll get downvoted. They hate emojis, for some reason, enjoy the ‘fortnite hate train’ and if you dare speak about Instagram, or any other platform, DOWNVOTED. The only reason I’m still on reddit at all is for the memes on it and communities related to games I like. So yeah, you’ll enjoy reddit, just: - don’t use emojis (unless it’s ironic) - don’t speak out your opinion which isn’t the most popular - hate fortnite, Instagram and any other social media.Version: 2020.33.0

It’s decentJust like the title says, I think the app (and by extension, the desktop site) are decent, however it has its flaws. Firstly, I get a notice saying “Sorry, can’t reach Reddit” every single time I start the app. I tried deleting and redownloading but I’m still having this issue. It also takes a very long time to load. Additionally, I don’t think this point will be taken into account at all but it’ll be nice if you considered it. Get rid of the downvote button. One thing I’ve noticed in particular is that users tend to use the downvote leisurely, rather than for the reason it’s there in the first place. It’s disheartening when posts that are made with good intentions get downvoted for unexplained reasons. On a more positive note, I’m completely addicted to this app (and site). It’s where I catch up on all the latest news within my fandoms!.Version: 4.8.0

Fire those people who work in the appeals department.My account was permanently suspended without a given reason, and when I sent an appeal, all my alt accounts were permanently suspended as well. I made a new account only to find it banned as well and I didn’t even post yet. So I got banned without a given reason, ask politely for an appeal and receive an IP ban as a result. What is this logic? I use Reddit for homework and French help and I was actually doing better in French because of it. All I ask for is an account I can use for homework purposes and apparently that’s too much to ask for. And that person who decided to ban me is a sad, sad excuse for a human..Version: 2020.17.0

No longer the sameReddit is doing massive censorship of opinions different than their own. Moderators have been editing other people’s comments. They received a $150M investment from a Chinese investor and are clearly becoming more and more a propaganda machine. It’s sad, Reddit used to be a fun place where all opinions were accepted. Not anymore..Version: 2020.10.1

Good app, Sharing Options are TERRIBLEThe app works great and is getting better all the time. If you’re here to browse Reddit on your own it works perfectly. However, if you want to share anything you find, you’re in for a confusing time. Reddit feels the need to share the link to the post even if all you’re trying to share is an image. I get they want traffic to their site, but trying to share images via MMS becomes obnoxious because you’re always sharing the image AND the link. In most messaging apps, this renders a preview of the image alongside the picture that was actually sent. So as the sender I either need to delete the link to just send the picture, or give in to their intentions and only send the link. But this is also an issue because sometimes the link opens in a web browser instead of the Reddit app, which then links to the respective App Store, and finally just opens the Reddit app. By the time you’re in the Reddit app you’ve already downloaded, the link was lost from all the app switching and the post doesn’t open at all. My biggest issue is prepending this link to the image share BREAKS Airdrop completely because it refuses to send multiple items of different types, so the only Airdrop option is to only send the link to the post. Despite this, I’ll continue using the app because it’s a solid experience for viewing content. But I’ll cringe every time I want to share something until Reddit lets ME choose when I want to send links..Version: 4.48.0

TrashNow I can’t see nsfw without the app? Screw you reddit.Version: 2021.12.0

Frustrating Issues with Reddit VideosThis app works perfectly fine in pretty much every way EXCEPT when someone posts a video to Reddit without using a third party hosting service, like imgur. Literally every time I click on a Reddit hosted gif or video, it fails to load. I will click play, wait twice as long for it to load as I do an imgur link, have it load partially, it tells me it’s fully loaded so I click play, the. when it gets to the part that hasn’t loaded, the video just stops playing, and I can only hear audio. It’s so infuriating because it means that I’m effectively cut off from any Reddit hosted videos/gifs. The app would be literally everything I want if this stupid bug was fixed..Version: 4.3.0

Spotty PerformanceWhen Reddit works, it's great. There's a sub for everything, I moderate a sub, I spend hours browsing. But every other day or so it decides to not work, and all I get is a "sorry, try again later" message and nothing loads. So nearly half of the time, the app is completely unusable. The other thing is that in the last year the amount of censorship on Reddit has skyrocketed. While they've made some progress in cracking down on racists and Neo-Nazis, they take two steps in the opposite direction by censoring stories about the Chinese government. Some of this could come down to the fact that hundreds of subs are run with an iron fist by a total of 12 moderators. Until they sort out the technical issues plaguing their mobile app and fix their broken moderation system to allow more people to participate in running the content, 3 stars is all they get from me..Version: 2020.21.1

Toxic Forum & Dishonest AdminsReddit is the most toxic social forum I have ever seen. The posting and voting system is fraudulent. Moderators and administrators are breaking TOS themselves by encouraging sexism & racism, sending personal threats and shadow banning innocent users. The app’s rating is also manipulated by deleting the negative reviews. A lot of the five star reviews obviously sound fake. No one would truly believe those words come from real Reddit users..Version: 2020.17.0

Humanity is shatteredReddit maybe the third most toxic place on the internet, besides tumblr and discord. This swamp is dwelling with most vile,egotistical, sjw filth on earth.Version: 2020.24.0

The update is... OKFor the most part this is fantastic, though a new feature implemented recently forces you to watch video content through what’s called “RPAN” (Reddit Public Access Network) the UI is terrible and takes up 1/3rd of the screen with useless icons and such. Furthermore, the comment section on videos is only accessible through a ‘pop-up’ menu at the bottom of the screen, making it difficult to read through the comment section. I don’t mind change whatsoever if it’s an improvement but this is a huge step in the wrong direction in my opinion..Version: 2021.03.0

Great app - News needs workI love the reddit community in general and this app makes interacting with reddit a pleasure. The news section is another story. Without the news tab, I’d give the app a 4 or 5, but this section is super frustrating. For example, your choices for politics is ‘politics’. There is no way to filter out the questionable news sources (which is most of what appears in this feed). As a result this is a complete cesspool of sketchy and manipulative ‘news’. Facebook is being slammed for manipulating perception via misleading information disguised as news, but this feed is the exact same thing. I want to be able to select the sources of news that appear in this feed so I can choose reputable sources and sources that I want to see to triangulate my info. There are polarizing sources of news-like entertainment on both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum that nobody should be reading. The current structure of this feed is contributing to the deepening divide in our country..Version: 4.45.0

Pretty annoying app to useMany faults, technical errors and unnecessary and grating features. I don’t know how Reddit still fails to upvote and downvote posts without sometimes saying that such a simple action can’t be done and without the app refusing to do it until I press it again. The same with making posts. It’s not that difficult to allow users to make posts when they want to, these simple things need to be fixed. The option to “see less” of recommended communities and to turn on my location (and when I do turn on my location, recommended posts and subs that are popular in my area) does absolutely nothing. Stop pretending like that option is there when everyone knows that pressing that button doesn’t do anything. It’s so annoying and people will continue to rate the app low until the option to completely remove these annoyances is genuinely given to us..Version: 4.36.0

Great app, mixed communityI really like the concept of Reddit! I like the structure of the site and how subreddits are made. I often find myself trying to find a reddit link whenever I google a question. Unfortunately my main issue resides with the community. There’s some people that are seriously toxic on this platform, so much so that I feel like it shines through other platforms. A common theme I see within these people is “Harass and cyberbully someone if they don’t agree with your opinion, for example, ‘Reddit is the best social media platform.’” This doesn’t apply to every Reddit user, but a spoiled apple ruins the whole basket. This is so much of an issue that there’s a negative stigma surrounding Reddit users, or “Redditors.” These people are depicted as obese grown men who live with their parents who follow the same hivemind, typically one that praise things like Keanu Reeves and the Big Chungus meme, while scorning opposing opinions..Version: 2020.35.0

Why should I report an issue with Reddit?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Reddit to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Reddit customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Reddit.

Is Reddit not working?

Reddit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Reddit.

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