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Reddit it saved my lifeAll my life I have had a fixation with sneakers and fashion in general when I was younger I was quite a successful artist musician DJ people used to tell me to save my money. I never got my head round that after all when you go when you meet your maker you can’t take them with you but while you are alive you are one of the coolest mo fo’s lol some people you are born with good looks but some people are born with good taste you can buy fashion but you can’t buy style. It’s plain and simple if you’re fresh you’re fresh I don’t care if I get called out on rep sneakers. I have real ones I have fake ones I even have ones I’ve had made . I have a pair JC keeps in a Perspex case but I wore mine to death and I feel great about it. Cakes are made to put on your feet not in a cabinet fact not fiction what is the point in keeping them behind the glass when you can look class thank you so much to all made this possible for me you made the old man happy if your Boots are made for walking make sure you swagger with pride then no one will call you out and if they do tell him to do one !,in the nicest possible way of course Love and respect Dave Beer.Version: 2022.45.0

I’m new to RedditI joined Reddit because I have acquired an interest in the JonBenet Ramsey’s case. It’s an old case, but all the information is new to me. Reddit seems to have the best leads of interest. I’m learning a lot of. However, there are a few things that irk me. I would like to be able to “like” certain posts, but because they are over one year old, I can’t. Nor can I even comment non older posts. I would like to be able to rekindle some posts. It’s a bit frustrating. Additionally. I can’t seem to post on certain subreddits. Equally aggravating. I personally want to learn more about the less read takes on subjects. And apparently Reddit has an aversion to conspiracy theories (as some see them). Too bad. It took hours of reading to find the authors who are talking about things I suspect to be true about this case. Overall, I’m enjoying Reddit as A source. It’s nice to find people who have already done research on things that seem to be new to me.Version: 2021.24.1

Great app, does what it needs to do.A great app in that it is simple and allows me to do what I want but one star removed because of constant nagging about wanting a review. Remember, I WILL decide when and whether an app is worth reviewing, the more you nag the more likely you’ll receive a low score when being reviewed..Version: 3.10.0

New logoHi so as a new update you have changed the logo colour to show that black lives matter, you will by most change change it back but I thing a good feature would be having the option to change imbeteween Colours (even if just black and orange) I would love to see this feature as no other apps let you do this (as far as I know could be wrong) and don’t know if it is possible, love your app, it has given me a reason to get up in the morning, thank you.Version: 2020.20.1

Bit confusing to a noob but otherwise nice app! Give us the option to keep the this icon PLEASE!I prefer the BLM logo,I have numerous apps now that give choice over the icon,usually 4 & you could easily do that. Switching back to the old icon is sweeping George and every other soul killed by crooked law enforcement because of their skin tone. A red Reddit in a black box would look good I think. Good solid app otherwise - I’m new to it so am finding it a little confusing,a walk through or pop up tutorial when you struggle would be good,as other apps do when first downloaded. Very helpful and as you look for particular topics seeing the usual trolling is no more a given,that may be the few things I follow. On other types of forums and social platforms you can’t help but get shovels of posts where trolls run rampant. Content wise and users seem much more with it. Five stars when you teach me how to use it! Til then it’s four. Is upvoting a like? I never figured Twitter out either so am only used to the fb ui and ux which probably explains why I find my way around Reddit a little confusing at times..Version: 2020.39.0

Reddit became an abominationI have been a Redditor for a long time and I have seen its tragic evolution into this thing that wants to mock every other possible platform. A platform that was once focused on the content that the user wanted to focus on became this absolute design disaster, a pie of features that work on the top of each other, optimised to drag the user into time wasting loops. All learnt from the worst of the worst platforms out there. The video player is buggy, the comment loading gets stuck, and the whole app freezes at times. It still manages to be a platform that gathers some good content (thus why not 1 star) but now I have to dig it out of tons and tons of trash that is splatted in my face just because I upped a few posts in a stupid subreddit while I was on the John. The goal of the management is solely the success of the app measured in users’ time spent on it, there’s no attention to information hygiene whatsoever..Version: 2022.25.0

I was v surprised to get into Reddit in my late 30s….but boy, was it lucky for my friends that I did. I was so obsessed with Bloodborne and Dark Souls that I crowbarred them into every conversation. They must have been sick of it. Fortunately I discovered there were communities on Reddit I could talk about these games to endlessly every day of the year. Phew. The app/website is great. My only criticism is that there’s something going on with eventual consistency and upvote counts. Refresh the page and the counts swing wildly up or down sometimes by 10 or more. And in general I find the notifications a bit flaky. I guess you’re dealing with a fair amount of scale though so fair enough I guess..Version: 2021.45.0

For and not for softiesI was able to finally free myself from some sorts of social media here. I’m not commenting as me and I’m not comparing myself to someone that I would have seen on another platform. It’s anonymous which is great. Making sure you “stay in your lane” as in keeping within the type of subreddits that really intrigue you is what everyone should start with. Don’t explore random things.. find a community here that you are super into. ExampleX I just started my first outdoor garden and there’s r/gardening or r/homestead if I wanted to look for some others doing what I’m doing. It’s really cool once you do find a community that fits your hobby whatever it may be. However there are areas of this platform that spew endless negativity but goodluck finding a platform that doesn’t.. I mean last I heard neopets was done for. Luckily I’ve found some super cool tips from countless subs that have helped in my own real life. Stay away from hate and get into what you’ve always liked!.Version: 2021.35.0

Better platform than InstagramNo stupid bots, better layout and something for everyone. It has communities and ways to connect and the like and Reddit really betters your Instagram experience by a fair margin. Reddit has everything, from subreddits about video games to memes to sports. Plus, Reddit has all the original memes, right? Of course, that wasn’t even a question..Version: 2020.9.1

One of the best time killersI’m in love with this app. No one social media platform can gang up together so well, be it disliking emojis or Tik Tok. It’s so addictive, just scrolling and scrolling. It’s great for memes, news, politics and just plain cool stuff. The whole concept of having multiple little social media’s in your social media (or supreddits, as they are called) is genius. You can join the ones you enjoy to just see things you like, and with one swift swipe you’ll be in the popular tab, seeing what the rest of the world likes. I highly recommend downloading this app, and remember to always downvote ads!.Version: 2020.22.1

Pointless… use the websiteThis app doesn’t really provide essential advantages over the website, and contains some real annoyances that actually make it harder to use, such as the way the scroll-down icon sits right on top of the post/save link, preventing you from posting/saving unless you scroll right to the bottom of the entire thread. I tried to report the bug, but r/redditmobile has a requirement to post 2 pieces of “flair”, which the app cannot do! You can only select one via a single-choice radio button - there’s no way to add the necessary app version number. My advice is simply to use Reddit in a browser (if you must) and avoid subreddits with childish restrictions..Version: 2021.22.0

Review on redditThis is a great app no doubt, but there are some pretty problems. Some is with the community and others are with the app itself. The community is toxic and elitist. They attack any other app used for memes and most of the time treat themselves as the highest meme app. The app has some technical problems. It spazzes out when I tap the upvote or downvote button 3 times. The rules section is broken and doesn’t respond until I swipe back to it, but when I come back it’s completely broken. In short, I love this app but I definitely have problems..Version: 2020.31.1

Really wants you to download the appWould delete in attempt to limit time on reddit and re-download again. 5 stars..Version: 4.24.1

It's good... until you get irritatedSo my usual routine is tap on a post, keep swiping until I find something I like and upvote or comment on it like many people. The problem arises when I occasionally (more than you would think) fail to successfully slide to the next post (I usually only search by images ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and I go off the full screen image and back to where I was before I went full screen. This wouldn't be an issue if I was a few posts in, but when your in 30 posts, the trouble to swipe through all of those again becomes a great problem, my suggestion is to have an option within the setting so when you leave full screen and back to scrolling mode your on the same post as you exited from (hope that makes sense)..a.Version: 4.18.1

Great appAwesome waste of time.Version: 2022.18.0

Yeesh.I used to like this app but then I accidentally commented ‘repost’ on a post dissing white teenage girls and got called uncreative, stupid and shaming my parents. I needed a break for my mental health, if you wanna download it, good for you but my suggestion is: stay of r/memes. And only pursue the subreddits that comply with your specific interests. r/hunger games is a great wholesome subreddit for hunger games fans. So parents keep your kids off so they don’t see anything they are not meant to see and just remember every time you post, comment or award you will be risking: being called A series of numerous swear words and a disappointment..Version: 2020.41.0

Create tab-Not happyHi, i’m visually impaired and have been using the app for awhile now. Absolutely love it but I just have one complaint. The app doesn’t seem to be quite fully accessible. Everything else works except creating posts. I’ve tried twice now to create a post and every time it closes the text field and come up with the option to save the draft or discard. The problem with that is obviously the fact that I can’t write anything without that popping up every second. I’d really like to introduce myself and make a post in one community. And for another one I have a question to ask. If this problem could be looked at and resolved in the next update I and any future visually impaired or blind users would be very grateful..Version: 2020.46.0

Love it, but i cant type in 7-13 minutes? TFBruh ill r8 a 5 star if it wasnt for this, one, thing. Not posting bc for some reason that idk. Like IT ALWAYS say this: "you are doing that to much. Try again in 7+ minutes. WHAT DO U MEAAN, i love reddit, im scrolling thro and fine something funny. And i give it a comment, it works, i find another post funny. I cant post for another 7 or more minutes (its always 7 or more minuts) IS THERE LIKE A TIME LIMIT, ITS NOT LIKE SPAM BOTS ARE GONNA SPAM. Jesus christ i just wanna post.Version: 2021.01.0

Inspiring as!As this is only my second day using this app, I find it useful, as it can help me find questions to reality. I also like answering questions too! There is so much to explore. You can post things of your own, write questions, find answers! I would really like to see some more updates in the future, but for now they are really great! My advice is to keep the app updated as much as you could. Thank you for reading..Version: 4.48.1

Working properly again…….for now…..They appear to have checked that the iPad version works properly after the latest update, so I’ve updated my star rating as promised below. Hopefully this is the start of a trend, as it’s quite enjoyable (though maybe a little bit addictive 😀) when it’s actually working properly. Previous review: Currently, they appear to have just given up on making the iPad app work correctly, after multiple updates since the start of the year. Can’t view comments on the majority of video types. Good job this is a free app. Works fine on iPhone though, so go figure. Previous review: They obviously didn’t bother checking that the iPad app still worked correctly after the latest update………….again. Can’t view/read/post comments in any post with a video in it………..can only view the video. Once fixed, which going by the update notes will be next year, I’ll try and remember to update my score to the four stars I mentioned in my previous review. Previous review: Whoever thought it was a good idea to mess with the video player should admit they were wrong and put it back to the way it was before, when I would’ve rated the app a four star at least. Random videos play, they stop playing when going full screen and can’t be restarted until coming out of full screen, frequently can’t access comments section even on topics I’m subbed to………….it’s just useless now. Please put it back the way it was before!!.Version: 2022.13.1

Put 5 star so you have chance of seeingWhere do I start. I been using Reddit awhile. Don’t use Reddit if you have any questions. They will most likely have a bot that doesn’t understand English and blocks your comment even though you haven’t broken any rules. This is okay but then it will stop you from trying to post your question again. It will say “wait 20 mins your posting to fast” I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO POST! What are you talking about ? This is a very small problem which made millions of people decide Reddit isn’t worth it. If you need news I would recommend somewhere anywhere else but Reddit If you have a question your not gonna get an answer let alone be able to post your question. If you wanna just have discussions Reddit isn’t the best place. The discussion would take over 8 hours and 1 person might be able to say 2 maybe 3 posts that can help/ answer someone’s question. (No matter what forum no matter place you are tying to post to. If you posted somewhere else on Reddit you still have to wait 20-30 mins. I don’t know about you but if I need help getting a answer then I’m not gonna have 2 hours to wait if I failed or forgot to mention something. This is literally one for he dumbest apps. I think it’s for people who are toxic who are trying to not by toxic I don’t know. Truth Reddit has become useless. Definitely for people who have things to do in there lives..Version: 2021.06.0

An interesting type of appThis app is a very unique app because of the countless communities this place has, you can just scroll scroll down once and you can find another great subreddit just waiting for you, not to mention most subreddits are incredibly funny, interesting, and some directed to your liking. Granted, the app has minor flaws, such as the people that overreact to the slightest things, the fact some videos can break your ears, and some can even show you something weird, or gross. But the fact that there’s so many good things, plus some bad things might not even exist for you, weigh down the negative things about the app for miles on end that they don’t bother you at all really, it’s a good app and it pretty much cures any boring time, (not at funerals, Not at funerals, not at funerals, not at funerals) and it allows people to express their creativity in many ways, this app is worth getting for the entertainment it will give you.Version: 2020.48.0

ExcellentI really enjoy it so far. I don’t have much of a social media presence to be honest. I don’t have Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc so I have gotten used to browsing on Facebook. The problem is the ocean worth of garbage flowing to my screen that has no interest to me. Reddit has allowed me to seriously customise the type of content I see. Whether it’s for animal/feel good videos, mental health support groups or havens for creative writers to share their ideas. Surprisingly satisfied which isn’t something I thought was possible referring to a social media app..Version: 2021.26.0

Just a suggestion..Absolutely love this app. i've seen memes, information and just useful things. only one suggestion: please let there be an option where i can hide certain notifications. i know that you can do this in settings but i still want to see my notifications. when someone replies to my comment i obviously want to see it but i want there to be a way where i can get a notification of someone replying to me, being able to read it and then hiding the notification. i've got really strict parents who check through my phone for no reason and i'm not gonna lie there's a few notification i would want them to see. if you can just add an option for this it'll be great. other than that i love this app and totally recommend this to everyone. if you're looking for a fun way to talk to random people, look at memes, the news and all around just wasting a bit of time then this is the perfect app!.Version: 2021.13.0

Don’t know where I’d be without redditReddit for me is a place a go for a real word answer. If you search google you get click bait that doesn’t really answer your question. All I do is type what I want to know into google then put reddit after it. You are getting real peoples perspectives on things and usually more than one opinion. You still have to make your final decision for yourself..Version: 2020.13.1

My fifth year on RedditToday was my 5th Reddit cake day. I thought I’d leave a review for the app since it has been almost 100% of my interaction with the site since singing up 5 years ago. I have tried other 3rd party Reddit apps and find that this one is the best for me. It’s easy to navigate and play with and does have some nice features for finding new subs and whatever. Does the basic functions of Reddit pretty well, as it should. HOWEVER The app is constantly being “improved” with god awful UI quirks to make it some form of “better.” The app is constantly fixing what isn’t broken. Just getting used to a certain feature of the app? Yeah, they’ll change it to something even more awkward and unusable in a few months. The most recent video player change makes NO sense and I don’t know of a single user I’ve interacted with that actually thinks it’s a good idea. As I mentioned before the site is really good at the basics of Reddit. And it should focus on being the best app for those basic features of the site! Stop messing with all the controls every few months and releasing updates that are just out of wack, for no good reason! Refine what works well and keep being the best at the fundamentals for the website YOU created in the first place! I love Reddit but these changes are frequent and annoying enough to make me just close the app after a minute or two because interacting with the content is such a chore. Really frustrating!.Version: 2021.25.0

Love everything but one thingI’m a massive fan of Reddit and spend nearly every day logged on and browsing content. The layout is great and it’s easy to navigate. My only issue is that videos don’t have sound unless the link directs you away from Reddit. It’s incredibly annoying to have to copy the link and past it to a browser on my phone any time I want to watch a video with audio. If they can fix this issue soon I’d be happy..Version: 2021.23.0

10/10Reddit... I have no words. It's amazing. Users anywhere and everywhere are able to post, vote and comment. I always laugh when I'm on reddit! I truly thing it's one of the best platforms ever! There's honestly nothing wrong with it! I've been reading negative reviews for a single reason which consists of the new notification feature! It is easily disabled in settings on the app. If you can't find it, one single Google search will show you how to disable the notifications. There's really no reason for all these negative reviews!.Version: 3.13.1

“You are doing this too much” 👍🏽👎🏽Hi all! This is a really good app in my opinion! But the fact that you have to wait 10 minutes to comment after you’ve commented on a different thing drives me INSANE!! so picture this... *I see a funny and reliable post* *i try to give my compliments in the comments* *i type “haha I have never laughed so hard in my life😂😂😂”* *i see a different post* *i try to comment something funny* *i try to send the comment* * I see something telling me “your doing this too much, try again in 8 minutes”* *I sit here and wait for 8 minutes just to type “*happiness noises*”*... I mean don’t get me wrong, I really like this app and the people on it but the fact that I have to wait 8 minutes to comment something is INSANE! I think I t should be 30seconds (max). 👍🏽.Version: 2020.22.1

The app itself is greatI use reddit a lot, whenever I get bored, it’s community sometimes isn’t very good but you gotta learn how to avoid them, it’s actual app is good to use I don’t really notice any problems when using it, though it would be nice if at the submit section of making a post they could make a small image editor so you can make a title or edits to the image to make posting a little easier. Overall though it’s good.Version: 2021.07.0

ProblemConstantly asks me to update my password with notification that blocks the lower portion of the screen making the app completely useless. I have updated password many times to zero effect.Version: 2021.22.0

Used to be perfectI absolutely love almost everything about this app. A lot of people say that Apollo’s better but I’ve tried both and prefer the way this one feels. But last week they removed the ability to sort comments by controversial. Part of the fun of reddit for me is reading the top comments and then sorting by controversial to read the largely stupid ones, they were funny. Even if I didn’t do this I’d still think it was a dumb move. It just gives ammo to the far right who already call Reddit a left wing hive mind. Now they’ll claim their comments are being silenced. I’ve given the app 1 star based on this alone because it’s an annoying enough change to force me to use Apollo instead. If reddit brings the controversial option back then I’ll happily switch back and give it 5 stars. Edit. Updated to 5 because they put it back.Version: 2020.43.0

Really well improvedI used to always prefer the narwhal app or there’s plenty of other reddit apps I’ve used in the past. None I them were actually quite satisfactory enough. In the end though I realised that I still preferred browsing reddit through safari. Then after some time I decided to give the official reddit app another go and (while further updates may prove me wrong) I see little improvement to be made from this point. Haven’t looked back since. They’ve done a great job. It is now the best way for me to browse reddit. If you like reddit. This is the way..Version: 4.20.0

App is taking some shoddy turnsDo they test this any more? The video player opens under the iOS bottom bar, so trying to scrub video just swipes between running applications instead. Instead of viewing threads, you end up with screens full of video which make reading the discussions really difficult. It’s almost like the discussions are afterthoughts, rather than the basis of Reddit. The application becomes very slow to scroll after a few minutes use, which it never used to. This also results in your device overheating and draining the battery. As of late June 2021, this application has become a shadow of what it was. The number of places where the UI moves under your taps is ever-increasing, making the app unpredictable and unreliable. The new ‘avatars’ pushes the UI out as you access it, meaning when you go to tap one thing, you trigger something else entirely. The constant suggestions for new subreddits and posts does the same thing; you are forced to slow down and dismiss UI elements you didn’t ask for to access the things they interrupted. This is the first time I’ve considered third party clients to be a better option for Reddit. The QA and testing on this version just didn’t seem to happen. The application and business teams need to seriously rethink what they are doing here, as it seems to be quite damaging to their core business and user base. This is the worst review I’ve left in the 12 years I’ve been a registered user..Version: 2021.28.0

*fixed* Comments disappear when watching videos in landscapeEdit: bug has been fixed :) it’s nice and refreshing when developers listen. I like reading video comments and for some reason, they don’t show when watching videos in landscape. This worked fine before the app update. Note that I can view comments in portrait mode, just not landscape. Fix it reddit..Version: 2022.01.0

Pretty goodIt is pretty good but something annoying is that I can’t block someone that messaged me in the inbox but most people I can and I can’t go to their profile because it’s nsfw and I’m too young so I don’t know what to do....Version: 4.28.0

Simply amazingI’ve used Reddit now for about two years, it is simply amazing. For newcomers, Reddit is a collection of different pages called subreddits, such as the Reddit pages r/ukpolitics or r/soccer. You chose which subreddits to follow, and you will only see those subreddits appear in your home page. I follow a variety of different subs from sports and news to niche subs such as anime tv shows and gardening. Whatever your hobbies or interests are, there is a sub for you. The page r/leaves helped me to stop smoking, it’s a fantastic community for help and support to stop smoking. Reddit is whatever you make it to be, and it’s always fun finding a new sub which you have an interest in..Version: 2021.05.0

NiceReddit is an app where you can find a subreddit (like a small section of the app) that suits you. E.G. : Memes, Politics, Humour, public freakouts, casual conversations. The only problems I have in my opinion is while subreddits are entitled to their views I have seen a few particular subs ONLY delete hate comments to a certain group of people (E.G. “Religious People Should Die”... “Black people deserve what they have” etc.) when the post makes the front page. I am also severely annoyed at the excessive amount of notifications this app gives. I would turn them off but then I would also be blocking notifications from people who reply to me. Notifications like “Trending in this subreddit is (post I’m not interested in)” Overall a much safer place than most social media as long as you stay away from subreddits that show hate (and for some reason are not deleted though they break reddit TOS)..Version: 2020.20.1

Subtle removal of control from usersSince updating, the home page shows lots of posts from subs you’re not subscribed to which is frustrating. They’ve also removed the filter at the top which allows you to change between ‘best’, ‘new’, ‘top’ etc (and instead buried this in settings). Why would you remove control from the user? Why would you force the user to look at content which they are choosing not to? I’ve always liked Reddit because it’s different from other social media and gives you more control. I think it’s a little disconcerting that they would choose to take away so much control from users. The whole thing seems a little insidious to me and I’m not a fan of the direction they’re clearly taking to be in line with other social media platforms..Version: 2022.23.0

Does what it says on the tinThe only thing I'd change is for the iPad app not to decide for me which orientation I want it on. Landscape all the way, please, no switching to portrait Just Because..Version: 3.13.1

Great appReddit is probably the most entertaining app I have on my phone it has everything I just recommend explaining what flairs mean and stuff.Version: 2020.4.0

One of the best free apps out there!Reddit is one of the best apps out there in my opinion, it’s a place where everyone has a community to join, you can chill, discuss events happening all over be world, laugh at funny memes, get your mind blown, say “awww”, and meet new friends. I’m happy that Reddit is a place of free speech and doesn’t require a subscription or play unskippable ads every 10 seconds. 10/10 would definitely recommend. :D.Version: 4.29.0

A great source for information, be it useful or humorous.What I have used this for. “Dad, what’s this bug called?” Hang on a moment. Takes photo, upload to reddit. Answer comes ”This here, my child, is either called a pterodactyl or a baby lady bug”.Version: 2022.06.0

Better than i thought it would beIncredibly interesting, fun , as light or as dark as you’re in the mood for . Love how it can get deep at times . Some brilliant folks on reddit. Also there’s heaps there to learn and lots of chances to share with others in a wholesome way , lots of humour too..Version: 4.40.0

Best app everThis app is better than Facebook and Instagram, I assure you. Say goodbye to all your free time though..Version: 4.35.1

Not user friendlyFirst time user. I’ve had an account for 20 minutes. I made an account thinking I could quickly get a question answered about a video I have. Very disappointed. I can’t post my video in the big communities. The small communities allow me to post my video but they are dead. I found a large community in which I could post the link to the video I posted in the smaller community, but moderators removed my post because supposedly it is a question and does not belong there. Mods suggested another community for me to post my question, but this community does not allow me to post links or videos... absolute waste of time..Version: 2021.24.1

A good app for a great website with some annoyancesI’ve been using the app for four years and got most of my needs it works well. Reddit itself is an amazing source of news, creative content, interesting discussion, hindered only by a few toxic communities and trolls. The toxic communities and trolls are easy to avoid or block however. The app has a few quirks. Sharing content onto other social media sites is constrained, with the app forcing a Reddit ‘wrapper’ around the content which means you have to click through to Reddit to fully view the content (I’m specifically frustrated with how sharing content to Tumblr now works). Additionally- messages and notifications are a bit clunky, with recommendations, notifications and messages all using the same mechanism. This is annoying because it’s necessary to open a notification in order to mark it as read, which is seldom something I would need to do since the content of most notifications is clear in the header/summary. I don’t like having to open things in order to get rid of them. Despite these annoying elements this is my most used app, and I love Reddit and the communities that make it what it is..Version: 2020.2.0

Few Bug issuesI have noticed from past few updates that when I try to select going back to home page of the sub reddit from a photo or video it bugs out not allow me or when I want to view comments of photo or video same thing it bugs out on me. It has done this on my iPhone and my iPad..Version: 2021.27.0

Is called a reddit holeBe careful you can lose an hour easy. It can be super helpful if you have issues - you can find support or different ways to look at things or approaches to try and you can find out that you’re not alone. And it’s great to be anonymous. That’s probably the most powerful opportunity. But there’s just general mindless entertainment and hobby stuff and special interest opportunities too. There’s a few trolls but it’s not too big of a deal. You can report then if you can be bothered. You will be misunderstood but you can handle it. Careful of that reddit hole..Version: 2020.30.0

100% better than instagramAmazing.Version: 4.44.0

Can I add another star?Reddit is such an amazing app, filled with amazing people! (Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of terrible people, but we usher them away into a corner.) Reddit feels like one big family reunion where everyone’s talking about different stuff, like you can go over to the gay aunts and uncles in one section and talk about LGBTQ+ stuff, then go talk to the Zoomers in another section and talk about memes! There’s so many different types of people, it’s actually kinda crazy... Everything is here, literally! Think of anything and it probably exists! So come on in, you’re not late to the party, we’re only getting started! ^^ Have a great day/night and thanks for reading, I hope this encourages you to join our family, if so we welcome you with open arms!.Version: 2020.8.0

I've never wasted my time so goodI always go here to take a 5 min break from my study but I end up taking hours nd I don't really regret it.Version: 3.8.0

AlrightThere are a few good points about this app. First of all, you can join a wide selection of communities that interest you. Most people on this app are very helpful. However, it can sometimes be quite infuriating. For example, when you are commenting on posts, after about 2 comments, it says “you’re doing that too much” and then you have to wait another 10 minutes to comment again. My least favourite thing about this app is that you can’t seem to have an opinion different to other people’s or comment something without it being downvoted to hell. Then you lose a large amount of Karma..Version: 2020.21.1

Not happy with Reddit’s response to Covid 19 misinformationI love using the Reddit app to interact with hundreds of different subreddits tailored to my specific interests. But after Reddit took a dangerously “neutral” stance against purposeful Covid 19 misinformation on their site, I can’t support their business model until they realize how their actions can and will result in literal deaths and the prolonging of this global pandemic. I will immediately stop spending even a dime on premium and awards, I will only access Reddit through third-party apps/will use an ad-blocker. Reddit needs to understand that the hundreds of communities and thousands upon thousands of users will use blackouts and halt as much spending as possible until they do what’s right..Version: 2021.33.0

Perfect AppReddit is the best social media app available out of every single social media app that the majority of the population uses, like even though TikTok is very main stream right now, it can get really old, always seeing the same videos and what not, but Reddit however is like a fresh breath of air, constantly updated, pages for every single content out there- literally anything you can think of and you want to see wether it’s just a hobby, something funny, wanting to learn new stuff or even just people fighting, wanting to find something new, or you are curious legit anything you can think of you will be able to find a Reddit page for it, I never have any issues with Reddit— no lagging, no connection issues, I never seen the same videos over and over again, the app is super easy to use and learn so no excuses to not have the app unless you just really don’t want to download it or have an account, you can just go through Reddit with a guest account aswell, perfect app! Deserves all 5 stars I gave it, keep doing you reddit !! 😁😁😁☺️.Version: 2022.07.0

RestrictionsReddit is incredible! i love using it but it’s very tiring seeing so many bigots on there, i would love to be more control for things like thag.Version: 2021.05.0

Small problemI love the app and have been using it for a year now, I use it to download images. However in the most recent update they removed the feature where you can hold down the image and it will then come up the “save button” instead i have to click the ... in the top right corner to save It doesn’t sound like too bad of a problem but after a year of saving it by holding down it will take a while to get in the habit of pressing the 3 dots.Version: 4.33.0

Falsely Accused, Permanently SuspendedMy account has been permanently suspended for supposedly posting something sexually suggestive toward a minor. Browse the few comments I’ve made, admin, because I haven’t made any posts, only comments here and there. I’ve deactivated my account because I’ve gotten no acknowledgement from actual staff in regards to my appeal or any of the other times I tried contacting them regarding this false accusation. The Reddit app itself won’t even allow me to sign out. It keeps reading “error”. I’m also thoroughly disappointed that anyone can troll your account and make false reports without admin looking into it. I’ve had all my privileges taken away for no good reason, and I tried to work with them to restore my account to no avail. If I ever get back on Reddit, I’ll truly be afraid to post/comment/upvote on ANYTHING for fear that the trolls will win and destroy my new account. They win on Reddit, at least. This was my favorite app, now it makes me angry and disheartened..Version: 4.21.0

The front page of the internetReddit is called "the front page of the internet" for a reason - a global online community connecting people through issues, topics, interests, news, hobbies, films, TV, music and much more An interesting phenomenon that is a contemporary incarnation of Usenet - the text based forums from the early days of the internet. Reddit has something for everyone..Version: 2021.34.1

Social media with a twistI had heard of reddit for years but never thought I wanted to go down that rabbit hole. Imagine all other social media platforms but the remove most of the BS. This is reddit. You can have your feed tailored to what it is. It gets weird but that's the fun. It's not about likes (sometimes it is) but it's mainly about tailoring your news feed to what you like. This could be public fights to dogs smiling or even wholesome memes. Give it a go. There is nothing difficult about it and I'm sure you will find a sub which will have you laughing or ashamed that you share the human race with these people.Version: 4.41.0

App is decentI love Reddit but the app could probably have better UI and enhanced features to better utilize mobile. Overall, it's still a good app..Version: 3.7.0

69Nice.Version: 4.44.1

I Oppose Censorship. The content that remains is still good.I Oppose Censorship. Reddit used to be a place where you could find anything and everything. My ideologies and attitudes and personal philosophies and opinions have grown and evolved over time. Reddit was one of the reasons why I am an open-minded individual. I am much more eager to listen to opposing views, in order to find common ground with people who are very different from me. I’ve learned to have productive and civil conversations. I have been motivated to become a more knowledgeable individual on a variety of issues. The content that remains is still good. However, I believe that it is inexcusable that Reddit has censored / deleted / banned / restricted / removed many posts and subreddits over the years. Many of us on the internet came here because it was NOT the basic / polished / scripted GARBAGE that television has become. We migrated to the internet for the freedom of ideas and expression that was nowhere to be found elsewhere. Heed my warning. It’s all good, until they consider your ideas dangerous, and they come after you. Please return Reddit to its former glory, and restore freedom of expression. Otherwise, people will leave, and you will become the relic media that you deposed. Great app though. TLDR: Reddit used to be the place of freedom of expression and, if it wants to stay relevant, it should stop censorship..Version: 2020.41.0

Absolutely hate the new feed experimentThey are supposedly running an experiment on your home feed. Some users are effected by this, some aren’t. They are no longer display posts from all the subs i follow in chronological order. They are running an algorithm that is picking what it wants to show you—and there’s no way to change it to Top, New, Hot, etc etc. I’m missing a lot of content now. Before in chronological order i felt like i saw *everything* now with this new algorithm i feel like i see 60% of the content. I see repeating posts nearly all day. I thought it was spam posters at first but then i realized it was just Reddits algorithm really wanting me to interact with that post for some reason. I hate it lol. Please go back to chronological order and give us the option to organize by hot, new, etc pleaaassseeeeee. Besides that, i really love the app. It works great, and does what i need it to..Version: 2022.23.0

Better than FacebookAs title says enjoying my time here compared to FB as they’ve suddenly started restricting people accounts for simple things as cuss words. Here though you can feel safe but at same time appreciate Reddit allowing free speech and exchange of ideas..Version: 2021.17.1

Your Moderators Need to remain neutralI love Reddit...BUT !! your Moderators are the worst. I am hoping someone will look into this as it's really killing your user base and there ability to speak from a left right or even a neutral standpoint. They take things personally and clearly target you if you offend them (which is easily done) Internal politics, bias targeting and threats to ban you for something minor and unintentional is a big downfall in any company, community or social platform. You end up feeling like your treading on eggshells afraid that you will offend a moderator. Some of your Moderators need to be taken down a peg or two as it's clear the power they have been given has gone to their heads. Aside from all the above Reddit to me is the best social platform, just needs to check those dudes (and dude-ets) a little more often. ✌️.Version: 2020.23.0

Good BUTI love this app for the adult content but there’s a few issues -It’s easier to find posts on reddit through google search then reddit search -adult videos don’t have sound -page won’t refresh sometimes -to use grid view I have to refresh first -custom feeds are basically gone But you can find them if you save the link to your notes -no grid view on saved posts -comments can string on and on and on, without an option to “read more” it just has literally every comment open already… -Isn’t this website a huge mainstream social media? Disgraceful honestly..Version: 2022.32.0

News buffetNews means new information from the world around us. But to be fair, it should include stories from afar as well as info from our immediate surroundings. Reddit news brings it all together, topical and relevant headlines and links to stories from around the world. I haven't seen any other current example of worldwide news, supplied by eyewitness accounts and mainstream media, that collects and offers news from everywhere for everyone. Keep it coming and thank you for it..Version: 2021.19.0

Great!My only complaint is the fact that I can neither see or write in the comments when the post is a video. It just brings the video up full screen and refuses to show anything to do with the comments. When it’s a picture, the comments work as they should. Would be lovely to fix this glitch, as it is highly annoying. Thanks.Version: 2022.10.0

Can't load gifsThe user interface is very nice but recently the app fails to load gifs. I have to open the link in a dedicated web browser or another app like Apollo to get it to load. Why does this app struggle so much with them??.Version: 4.24.1

I absolutely love Reddit, #1 social media platformSo I’ve used Reddit on and off for a while, but only last year started using it a lot, but the whole karma aspect of it I love, like it gives you a motive to actually post quality content, and you can choose categories of things you like, and speak to like minded individuals. Another thing I’m able to note, is it’s fairly kid friendly, like obviously not young children, but your able to filter nsfw content, and then again it’ll be hidden until you press on the post, on a lot of things, not always but major nsfw are usually covered it seems. But I’d reccomend Reddit for anybody who uses social media, it’s a great app for anyone who has hobbies of any interests. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2023.02

Great, Functional and all round usefulI’ve been a Redditor for less than a year and I have settled into this community so well. This app is so functional, as there is a group of people on this app talking about literally anything. While I wouldn’t advise this app for anyone under the age of 11 at least, the content on there is great. If you don’t like the content you’re seeing, find different subreddits that appeal to you! So well designed with updates coming all the time. Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit lets you escape the boundaries of how you have to have fame to get noticed, with your profile being practically meaningless, and the content being the biggest part of this app. Unless it’s blatant racism, sexism, xenophobia or other hate, Reddit will accept you for you, and won’t delete content simply because of things you can’t decide e.g. sexuality, impairment, etc. All around, this app is fantastic and keeps you interested with new content as almost everything you see will be from a new person. 10/10, would definitely reccomend..Version: 2020.17.0

Better than the others, but has it's share of craziesReddit is a great social media platform as it allows you to laser focus in on certain areas of interest with its subreddits, developing great communities of like minded people. However, there are certainly areas of reddit that attract the lesser nature of man. The site wide moderation is often not enough to keep these corners clean and so they can often become far worse than a bigot ever could on Twitter. It's good to keep in mind that this is a downside of not only all social media, but society. There are bad people. But reddit helps you find what makes you happy if you look for it instead of letting yourself get tempted into the usual social media anger and sadness traps..Version: 2022.38.0

Glitch galoreReddit is great, but the app is not. I have had glitches all the time, it’s a complete nuisance. The main one is my profile, it often zeroes out everything and says that it can’t load. So I can’t find my old posts and comments. The karma and Reddit age both go to zero. Also! I posted something that has completely disappeared. Please fix the glitches on the iOS app..Version: 2020.37.0

Best social media app to date, too overlookedApps like Instagram and Snapchat really have took people in the wrong direction. Reddit is such a good social media platform and people should try it out instead of sticking to the basics. I know some others may find it confusing to use in the first place but that just shows how much effect the likes of Instagram have on people, they become that dumb when it comes to certain apps that they can’t even function a simple app like Reddit. Subreddits are amazing and like little online communities and each show you like pretty much has one..Version: 3.12.0

Reddit is goodIf you have any question on whether you should buy it or not, here’s your answer: Reddit is not just your classic social media app, it has everything. Memes, videos, advice, conversations, movies, books, news, politics and a really good, positive community. There is a subreddit for everything, as long as it has a large enough fan base. My sense of humour and the way I look at the world has completely changed since I got Reddit and in a positive way. I would recommend Reddit to anyone aged 14-30 and think there may be a bit of inappropriate content for anyone younger than 14. 5 stars.Version: 2020.24.0

People helping peopleIt’s great to feel that sense of belonging. These are my people. Can we please change the cigarette butts in ashtray image? It’s gross and triggering!.Version: 2022.42.0

AwesomeI lik it.Version: 4.15.0

Almost perfectLove everything except would like the feature to disable replys to original comments.Version: 3.11.0

Started great, new update is poorI finally got the app after being harassed from the mobile site. Initially it was great, I enjoyed the “you may have missed” and subreddit preview features and similar sub recommendations. However the latest update has completely changed the UI and its not very intuitive. I’m disappointed that the chat feature is in such a prime position- I don't use reddit to “chat”- I use it to post things and contribute to discussions. I really think the chat function is a waste- you have private messages for any communication you may need. The profile area being at the side is just wrong. I either end up accidentally scrolling to the top or it takes a few taps to actually look at what I want to- whereas before I could tap once and see my posts and comments etc. Also I have to keep checking my submissions via profile as my inbox seems to only work when I actually tap onto it. Then it doesn’t dismiss messages I’ve tapped on. It also doesn’t clear straight away. Hoping for a new update to address these issues, otherwise I’ll just go back to mobile and be done with it..Version: 4.0.2

Great app. Perfect navigation.This app is so good it almost ruined desktop reddit for me. The swipe navigation on this app is pretty much perfect. All apps should just navigate the same way this one does. Apart from that, it's solid, bug free, and has enough flexibility to work for me. Just a word of warning though- I'd turn off auto play Vids/gifs when on mobile data though. This app chews through data when that's turned on..Version: 4.18.1

New “feature” is infuriatingDevs, this new “feature” that has the “Add a comment” bar at the bottom of your screen whenever browsing the comments section is INFURIATING. The amount of times I accidentally click it is obscene. It was so much better before where the bar was shown only when you swiped down, rather than it being there all the time. Please revert this back or at least give users the option to not have it there permanently. Review will change to a higher rating when this is fixed Edit: change has still not been fixed but have updated star rating because reddit is great.Version: 2020.38.0

A huge thank you!I have been a Redditor for a few years now and always look forward to updates on the app. I don’t usually use the computer so I appreciate any and all updates to mobile. My all-time FOREVER FAVORITE & also what coincidently brought me to Reddit in the first is No Sleep. For the longest time, I couldn’t subscribe to series with one click. I tried to read how to fix the problem and or do it manually but could not figure it out. I knew from web searches this wasn’t an isolated problem. It sucked that I had to save the story then login on the internet to subscribe. But just for old times sake I clicked “here” and it worked! I appreciate all the time and effort everyone puts in, even though most of Reddit only comments and complains about Reddit. I can’t afford to buy premium monthly but I do when I have extra spending money and love to give awards the few times I have. I wish it was a bit more cost-effective but other than that you have a fan/user for the life of this platform!.Version: 2020.3.0

Good app but needs tweakingLove the app but you can't do certain things on it. You can't do certain things through the app that you can on the computer. My friend can't turn off NSFW shield to view certain pages for example. Also I don't like how you can't leave the app on a thread, page or post for hours or days etc. it switches back to the homepage after a few hours which gets annoying when you have to go search for it again. Why not just return where you left off like a computer would behave? Other than these little gripes it's a fine app.Version: 4.2.0

One annoyance...I honestly like the official Reddit app way better than any other third-party apps I've tried. However, I have one minor annoyance that's grown into a major gripe over time: whenever I use Safari to Google search something, and a Reddit post is in the search results, if I click the link there's a pop-up that says "See Reddit in..." and I have the option to open the page in the Reddit app or continue with the web browser. My problem is, whenever I try to open the page in the Reddit app, I'm sent to the app store as if I hadn't installed the app. I have never been able to open a link from Safari in the Reddit app, and I've tried everything. The app is up to date, I've tried opening the app before clicking the link and it still won't take me to the app. Honestly, if this was fixed I'd give 5 stars. The Reddit app is really good. But this is just so annoying, and it's difficult to search for a specific post within the app so there's no real workaround. So I'm just hoping the devs see this and find a way to fix it. I'm using an iPhone XR 128GB, if that matters..Version: 2020.26.1

Great with problemsThe website is great the format is simple and easy to understand and it’s a good idea to have different places for different conversations but the mods are kinda dumb, I got banned for writing a harmful comment when the post itself is more harmful than my comment and there’s no way to get unbanned unless it was a mistake witch it stupid since you could have committed something years ago and get banned for it when you wrote it when you were a dumb teen this is only one of the many other dumb things that the I see the mods doing..Version: 2022.39.0

Good appLove the app & the fact it has night mode. Much better than fb and others also replicates the desktop experience quite well. Has a few small bugs & had it crash on me once but otherwise it's deffo 5 stars. Good subreddits: r/drugs, r/factorio, r/treees.Version: 3.11.1

Make loneliness a thing of the past with Reddit...So many subs to choose from! Find affirmation, have random arguments with’s all good here..Version: 2021.27.0

Reddit for President.Reddit brings everything in one app. The good, the bad and the super ugly. Not only is Reddit the greatest app for looking at cat videos/gif/pics, but you’ll also have deep and meaningful conversations with random strangers from around the world..Version: 4.26.0

Great appGreat app, no complaints except they really don't need the notifications in the lock screen..Version: 3.7.0

Reddit Is incredibleYou all should know that, so instead of reviewing the service I'm reviewing the mobile application, it works great. I came from a state of thinking that revolved around me being biased towards pc, thinking the mobile version of reddit would be terrible and un-optimised, it is neither of those things it works perfectly!! Why the 4 stars? Merely because to alter some settings you need to do that from the desktop site, which it redirects you to, this may be a hinderance or merely an annoyance to some mobile users..Version: 3.9.1

CheatingDon’t tell Twitter, but I’m having an affair with Reddit..Version: 2020.15.0

Top workWell maintained and every update is useful and necessary, unlike fixing things that aren't broken. Especially a big fan of the auto-nightview that comes on at night- black background as opposed to the daytime white. I spend too much time on here..Version: 3.11.0

Better than FacebookIt's a easier to use, more personalised experience that makes you feel like part of a community instead of a mindless follower. The site is perfectly translated to the smooth app and it is often much more enjoyable to use than other social media, because it's more about news and events that are relevant to you than - well, the social aspect..Version: 4.3.0

REDDITMy mom said that if she catches me on Reddit she’ll swipe my head against my keyboard but I don’t care it’s really funny gljgjfvjchdhhdhfhfhfvhdhfhdjvjchvuvizyyryfrttr5t5t5ttrh(GGhFf(GFggGgGGgfysF6373),??&.?.Version: 2020.10.1

The most unique and customized social media platform out thereMany people look at me like I’m a nerd or dweeb when I say something about Reddit, but that’s just because they’ve never used it. Reddit possesses its own culture, comment memes, and sense of humor and it is just delightful. It’s where you can have a simple epiphany that gains you underserved adoration from thousands of random Redditors, and where you might just have the cofounder ask you if you’re his brother (both of which have happened to me, thank you Mr. O’Hanion). Reddit creates a feed based on your interests. There are thousands of subs dedicated to very specific things, many of which you didn’t even realize you were interested in. It’s not like FB or IG where you scroll and hope to find something interesting or relevant to you. On Reddit, the feed is made up of things you subbed to, and after you create a feed, you get to get your hands dirty in the comments... just do it, you won’t regret it..Version: 4.12.0

This is what the internet would be if it was censoredI would rate 0 stars but then it wouldnt show up, this app is terrible, i cant even view a discussion thread without being forced to download this app and i dont want it, the administrators are all politically biased power trippers who force you to dance to their tune, or you get banned, its like an echo chamber. If you arent an extreme leftist and you try to have a serious discussion on a political subreddit, you will be banned, if you try to dispute the ban they will ignore you, if you tell them to perm ban you from the garbage subreddit they will ban you from the whole app for harassment, the moderators have too much power and no repercussions for misusing it, you can be banned for literally anything if they deem it so, the only thing this community is good for is video game discussions or help, everything else is biased and subjective, people call ifunny the forbidden app, but atleast you have more rights there than here.Version: 2022.22.0

Night mode +adsIt would be better if night mode was a dark grey, rather than a straight black as the black contrasts very heavily with many colours, especially white images. Also ads need more definition from regular posts..Version: 4.16.1

I love you reddit!!After deleting Facebook their was a void in my life, constantly refreshing news sites and endless scrolling of instagram just could never make quite the impact that I so desperately needed, then, I stumbled across reddit, it’s not as popular in my country as it is in the states, but after using it I can’t seem to figure out why! I am in love with the community, and I feel more informed about social and current events both national and international, minus all of the drama, complaining and censorship that has been riddling Facebook for the last couple of years. Thank you reddit, you give me the hit every internet junkie is looking for, you got me hooked!.Version: 4.31.0

Reddit is stupid and I love itThink about the wide range of people and interesting personalities… are they gone? Good, get out of here while you still can. It is to late for me but you can save yourself, throw you phone and pc away and join the armish, it’s the only way to avoid them. When you get there say that you are escaping the growth, they will know what to do. You will be safe there. Oh no, they have found me… run!.Version: 2022.10.0

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