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MoneyLion: Go-to Money App app received 19 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about moneylion: go-to money app?

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MoneyLion: Go-to Money App for Positive User Reviews

Great appI love this app, I love that the round ups are invested at a 1.00 most apps make it minimum 5.00 the point is to invest your change if you buy a coffee for a 1.50 you want the .50 cents invested not hold it until 5 bucks that is a noticeable withdrawal. Soon you can split the round up between investment and crypto. The atm fees can be high with both the atm and app charging you. Great Cashback and reward choices it adds up quickly. Direct deposit comes earlier than my regular bank. My only complaint is that I have both my paychecks directly deposited to the site and I love that instacash boost and credit builder coming out automatically, but I've tried to use payday advance app and even have applied for a loan and both would not accept moneylion as a bank so I did it get approved solely for that reason. So basically if I need to take a true loan I'll have to have my checks directly deposited elsewhere and it'll take weeks for that to happen and for the companies to see that the checks have been coming frequently to that account. I hope sooner than later places recognize them as a financial institution and not just a finance app because it's basically like showing no income. Those few negatives do not hinder the app at all the credit bulder, instacash, and investments are worth it on their own..Version: 7.45.0

Best pay card ever!!I’ve had a ton of regular bank accounts you know Wells Fargo Bank of America, South Sound bank, go bank, and none of them were as good as MoneyLion, not a one of em’!! I think their features are awesome they’re helpful and they come in handy when you need it. I referred my wife to use her P card to work to have her check direct deposited because of the Insta cash which is amazing to be able to get it in also I was able to get a boost in my Insta cash or referring her so everybody want! I really would recommend this card to anyone that is looking for a non-traditional think who treats their clients correctly by rewarding them for using their service instead of charging them for you after feel like they have to pay for the bank to operate when half the people in the bank or just standing around asking you if you’re waiting in line I am so tired of going into banks in being “helped”, and leaving like I talk to a brick wall or a child or a person with a IQ of six MoneyLion has never been a bad experience they’ve always been able to help me work things through if there any issues they say they help you and the amount of perks on their accounts are amazing I mean it’s just almost limitless they come up with new stuff all the time so go MoneyLion keep it up hurrah.Version: 7.35.0

Waste of timeI received numerous emails and text on how I was approved for the $500. I entered in banking info and had to manually send in bank statement since it had to be verified. I was then told by representative , an email and text my bank passed the screening process and to continue with the next steps online, after re-verifying my banking info as asked it stated my account/rousting number didn’t match. I called back after waiting on hold for 25 minutes and was told they support team updated it in the system and to retry. I did it again and now received error message my bank isn’t supported! I called back and was told my bank was verified and passed the process on their end but wasn’t sure why I was receiving error online. In the meantime I’m still receiving text and emails telling me I can proceed to get the money....long story short no one can assist with why or how the online system is blocking my banking info saying it’s not supported I was even told to try and use the MoneyLion checking account to have funds deposited by a representative and transferred to that department and after being on hold 30 minutes this time I was told the MoneyLion checking account hadn’t been open long enough! Complete run around for the past 2 weeks and to this day I’m still receiving offers to apply and that my bank passed the screening process. Frustrating to do all of this for no resolution !!!!!.Version: 5.6.0

Changed my lifeHonestly. Too much to say. But not enough time with the hustle known as life. MoneyLion has saved me numerous times. From issues with overall finances. Bailing me out of tight situations where a little extra was just needed when emergencies happen. Sometimes no matter how hard you budget. When stuck in the repetitive middle class where taxation on wages earned is more impactful than those above and below. Where trying to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck is seemingly not plausible. It really helps to be able to get by. As any business model will prove. Products and services do come with a cost. Regardless of the 7.99 instant transfer fee. Or the constant bombardment of tip inquiries. Nothing is free. However. It is all reasonable. I can without a doubt say that in terms of consistency, Accessibility, and options presented by this company. That it has well been worth it to me. But I’m just some random dude. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees for the program. They offer an array of services. So if your curious. Find out for yourself. Thank you MoneyLion.Version: 7.43.0

Great money maker/investment/credit builderI took a chance with ml for the loan opportunity and I'm so glad I did. From the low interest rate on the loan I received, to the opportunity for financial growth by earning a dollar a day to build on my investment just for opening up the app and swiping, all the way to helping me build my credit I have to say the decision I made to take a chance was actually one of the best decisions I've made in regards to finances. I do however need to let it be known I am not so happy with my ml checking account, I opened the account because it said free checking account and over 55,000 free atm's but yet the first time I used my card to withdraw money out of an atm I was charged twice one charge was the typical $2 atm fee from the atm's financial institution but then I saw when I was looking at my ml checking account transactions that I was also charged $2.50 from ml as well on top of the $2 atm fee I had already paid. I should not have had to pay a fee to ml as well as pay one to the financial institution of the atm I withdrew from! Now I worry every time I need to make a purchase hesitating and debating on whether or not to use my ml card wondering if I'll be charged for doing so. That is something I should never have to worry about from my personal bank account/institution especially if you were told prior to opening it it's a free account..Version: 5.8.0

Highly recommendI started using MoneyLion this past year when I got a job that does direct deposit. (My previous job was a mom and pop restaurant) what made me start using this bank was the instacash option they have. Basically it’s an advancement that will come out of your next check. You do have to pay a fee for using the service but I think that’s fair as they need to make money as well. Just be aware that you will need to have the direct deposit active and going into the account for a month or so I believe. You can unlock up to $250 a pay depending on how you pay back the most previous advance. They also these “boosts” which is where they will give you an extra amount on certain things. For example they gave $25 extra for valentines. They also offer a credit builder loan up to $1000 for anyone needing to repair their credit or build it. Those payments are automatically deducted from your deposit. I think this is an amazing bank. Highly recommend..Version: 7.19.0

DON’T USE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!This is the worse app ever! I tried to give it a chance after the first major mistake. But after having to deal with it again the next month, shows me it’s not worth it! The first incident was when I checked my repayment date, I noticed it had changed. I get paid once a month so my repayment is on the next pay period, yet the app changed the date to middle of the month! When I checked why it changed it was bc my minor child’s bank acct had a deposit of money. Her acct is linked to mine for management reasons only! I do not have access to her monies. Her acct is under her social and her name. Money lion initiated a repayment from her acct without authorization! That’s stealing! That’s not the acct or debit card I signed up with and they should not be able to steal money from other peoples accts just bc they’re linked! I called for help and I had to delete all accts from app and then re-link and verify with my acct so it would only draft the repayment from MY ACCT. I was told the problem was solved. Then this month the same thing happened! 1 Star rating I’m deleting after I pay them back! Horrible experience!.Version: 7.17.0

I love MoneyLion😍I absolutely love MoneyLion it is a legitimate resource for saving and a legitimate source for a loan!! I started using MoneyLion in May and have already been able to save almost 300$ now I know 300 doesn’t sound like much but considering the fact the my savings account would always show zero I count this as a win, also in addition to the investment account, I was able to get a 500 dollar loan the next business day with NO hassle, of course you need proof of income and ID but that’s pretty much all they asked for so as long as you have a legitimate bank account a source of income with direct deposit and A government issued ID you will get a loan!!! And they are easy to payback my loan only charges me about 19 dollars every payday now this app does cost 79 a month but 50 dollars of that automatically goes into your investment account so it’s your money it’s kind of like a forced savings which I don’t think is horrible, and you get one dollar everyday that you login so the app is really free if you are logical lol but other than that don’t be hesitant to give it a try!!! Good luck.Version: 4.5.0

Great investmentSo I’ve been a member for a full 30 days now. I was very skeptical at first, I wanted to cancel after my first payment because I read some negative reviews. But, thinking about the situation a little longer I realized all the negative reviews have one thing in common, and that’s because these people didn’t read the documents or what they were signing up for. So I left it at that! Now if you don’t have the money monthly to pay both the membership fees and the loan. Then I wouldn’t suggest this app, cause you need to spend money to make money, if you have no money then you can’t make any. Anyways, you pay a membership fee of $33 and some change every two weeks. $50 of that goes into your investment account. That is STILL your money! It’s just in a savings account for you basically. ML couldn’t verify my bank account so I was in something called the LOANLocked group. I had to make sure to pay my membership ON TIME, auto-drafted from my bank account. 30 days later with no questions asked I was approved without running my credit for the $500 loan. I don’t have this app just for the loan. I have it to build my credit, and the ongoing investment. I would recommend this app to my close family and friends because I trust it. AGAIN READ what you’re signing up for. ☺️☺️☺️☺️.Version: 4.5.0

Life RaftI’ve read where some people say that they had a hard time getting set up with Money Lion but in my experience it was straight forward, and there weren’t a lot of hoops to jump through. I got my mom set up with them in just a couple of minutes and she hasn’t had any problems with them either. It wasn’t a whole lot that they had approved me for, but I was able to use their task & reward system to increase the amount. Like most of the lending apps if you directly deposit your paycheck with them they increase your limit even more. And you know what? With the smooth history that I e had with them and their other app features, I’m going to do the direct deposit with them. My bank doesn't give me cash advances when I need them. Also I like their tip system. They don’t charge interest on the loan they ask for a tip. They do cap you at $50 a transaction so you’ll have to tip again, but nobody’s making you tip. I leave what I think is fair for what I’m trying to take out. I know this must sound like a paid review but I chose to leave this review, they didn’t make me in order to continue to the app like some apps. Anyway, that’s my take..Version: 7.34.0

MoneyLion has me excited about saving!!So glad that I found MoneyLion! This app finally has me excited about saving. The MoneyLion Plus program automatically invests money for you each month and offers opportunities to earn “cash back” just for logging into the app everyday. The money is deducted from your funding source based on your pay period, these smaller reoccurring amounts make saving way less daunting. MoneyLion Plus also offers low interest rate loans with easy approval when you need funds without having to withdraw from your investment savings account. The loan payments are reasonable and are deducted automatically in occurrence with your pay day. In addition, they also offer a reward program that allows you to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards for doing things as simple as completing your profile or enrolling in their free credit monitoring program. The app is beautifully designed and easy to use, and customer support is responsive and helpful in regards to any issues. My financial future looks bright thanks to MoneyLion!! 🦁.Version: 3.12.0

Love The Service App Needss WorkSpecifically when I attempt to make an investment I get an error message saying that I can’t do that and when I go to more options it gives me a sorry message and I have to close and open the app. In addition customer support is saddening. I made three calls for the same issue the first call I was told to go online for support which I did. After following the directions given I received an email saying call back to get better help with resolution (keep in mind this email gave me special number saying I’d receive faster service). When I called the number this time, like the previous call that I made , I waited well over 25 minutes. When I finally got to customer service a rep hung up on me; I believe this because there was a long pause I heard noise in the background then the call ended. Finally after waiting a few days I call again with the same issue and I was told that I simply have to keep attempting to open account until it goes into manual review and someone will contact me.Version: 5.16.1

Fabulous investment account!As a “loan app” this is not ideal. If you need a quick $500, it will probably be pretty hard to invest $79 per month. I have absolutely been there financially, and people need to understand that this is first and foremost an investment app, Not an easy loan opportunity. Just like with any investment account, once you put your money in, it will take some time to get it back out, because your investments need to be sold on the market. Not a great way to save money if you think you will need immediate access to that money. I haven’t personally use the checking and loan features, but it’s really nice to know they’re there, and they are a step above the other options out there. Like I said, this is primarily an investment account, as if you go pro, you will be spending $79 per month on investments. Make sure you check the app every single day! The “fee” is easy to recoup by checking the app every day, and sometimes you even end up ahead if you were diligent (31 days in a month X $1/day - $29 fee = $2 ahead!)..Version: 5.12.0

Moneylion MembershipAfter carefully reviewing, and downloading the moneylion app, it has come to my attention that money lion will still charge you for the membership fees, even if the original bank account you linked up to money lion is no longer active. I have been having problems with this app for months, just dragging my credit score down. My original score was excellent, and now it has dropped to being fair.. it’s all because of the way moneylion handles its payments. It’s hard to get in contact with this company, and even harder trying to pay them back. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the troubles. They offer you a $500 loan, and the membership is supposed to help you with your credit, yet it’s very difficult to continue to make payments. The app won’t even allow me to take out my old bank account information, and everytime I log into the app, it will tell me how my account is currently suspended, yet I still have access to the app. I’m very confused, and I do not want to be apart of money lion anymore..Version: 6.9.0

It’s really a 5 StarI would have given MoneyLion a 5 star rating if it wasn’t for the verification system they have in place. But I can also blame them for the glitches because customer service seems to know what’s going on but doesn’t come right out to tell you, and that makes the verification go on for weeks. If some would have taken the time to explain I would have given 5 stars. After answering about 4 questions about myself which I answered CORRECTLY the computer told me I was wrong and I would get another try, the second time the same thing my answer were ALL CORRECT but there was no third try it told me I had to wait a week then reapply for the checking account which gives you a lot more options when it comes to borrowing money. Which in a sense is ur own money. But what gets me is why not just tell me I’m not eligible for the checking but I’m ok for the investment part which I really like and think it’s an Awesome way to save & invest at the same time. I wish I could get the checking account that would complete my portfolio! I still recommend investing it’s worth it, now and for the future!!! BeeMan.Version: 5.8.0

HelpfulIt’s not easy when you live paycheck to paycheck and it’s not easy looking for different ways to make sure you aren’t counting down to the final dime to get to your next. This app does help. Not just by helping you access your check early but, by having so many other options and advice. Different avenues to help you save and learn how to money manage. It’s filled with tools if you want more than just trying to make it to each paycheck. Small loans, big loans, credit building, debt consolidation and credit score info. It’s not there as a quick fix and to put you further in debt. As someone who grew up living paycheck to paycheck I know very little about how to build credit and properly manage money because it seems like the minute I get it well it’s gone. I’m not too proud to say that I’m not money savvy. Or that my family were not and are not credit building types. It was always. Survive and you’re okay. That doesn’t help you much. This app is helpful and very user friendly. I’m not on top of my game yet. But I feel like I can be eventually. And this app does help. So yes, I highly recommend..Version: 7.45.0

Would recommend.I’m a single income house with a small child, ended up having money stolen from my account and didn’t know what I was going to do. I found this app and loved it. The amounts start off smaller and once your payments are paid on time time they increase your borrowing limit, I think the max amount you can get is based on your income. It automatically repays itself from my account so I don’t have to worry about remembering to pay it, it also will let you reborrow the money right after it’s been paid back if you’re debit card is verified, I had to get a new card so that time it took a few days to be able to borrow again because be the payment had to process. 5 days I think. The only thing I would change about the app is that it only lets you take money in intervals of $50 or less and to get the money immediately, it charges you $5 per $50 you take. So I end up having to pay like $50 extra just to be able to get the money immediately. The app does encourage that you tip, but you do not have to..Version: 7.35.0

Great for new investorsI’ve been using the app for about 3 months now and I love it. This is a great tool for those of us that are either irresponsible with our money or have a hard time saving. I make sure to log in everyday so I’m essentially not losing any money and I have my investments set at moderate and I’ve gained 3% profit so far. Granted that is not a lot of money but over time with the more I put into it that will grow. I didn’t really need the loan but I took it anyway just to try it out and help build my credit a little. My credit score has gone up quite a bit actually since I started using money lion, 51 points to be exact. I have an allotment from my paycheck set to transfer into this account which is my spending money in order to better track my spending habits and hopefully help me create better habits. When I saw that I was paying almost $30 a month in fees I was blown away, I could have been banking that money and I was just throwing it away. I highly recommend this to anyway who needs financial assistance..Version: 5.13.0

IF YOU NEED ADVICE Before getting this appWhen i first got this bank i was excited i was accepted for MoneyLion after i entered all my personal info i was given access to the app they ask you if you want to join the MEMBERSHIP they give you different pay options on how to pay it ,they even ask you to link your bank account you already have . DONT BE WORRIED !!:) they’re a bank they need this stuff to help you operate. You can get access to a 500$ loan . I couldn’t get the loan right away which made me think this was dumb but it said i was on a lock down sorta thing . You have to check into the app every day to unlock the 500$ loan for about 30 days and after it’s GUARANTEED I PROMISE YOU how you spend it is in you just remember ITS A LOAN IT AFFECTS YOUR CREDIT AND HELPS BUILD CREDIT. So the MEMBERSHIP fee goes into your investments account I’ve had this for about 2 and half months and I have 200$ in my investment account from getting 1$ every day i check in the app and i also have a direct deposit set up to my card i don’t have access to instachash even though i do have money going into my account but i know this app is a good way for you to save money in the years coming.Version: 5.13.0

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