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HP Prime Pro App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

HP Prime Pro app received 56 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using HP Prime Pro? Can you share your negative thoughts about hp prime pro?

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HP Prime Pro for Negative User Reviews

Unusable on iPhone 4s - no keyboard !Works fine on iPad 2 (although keyclick is a badly needed addition), but on iPhone 4s running iOS 8.4.2, the 'touchscreen' area shows up but the 'keyboard' region is just black. It seems to accept key presses in the black area, but you can't see where to press. Maybe it assumes the iPhone 5 or 6 aspect ratio?.Version: 1.1

NEEDS UPDATING FOR MULTITASKING AND A NEW UI SKINNEEDS UPDATING. BADLY. A vertical mode with responsive resizing for iPad Pro multitasking is MISSING. BRING IT UP TO SPEED. Allow for more streamlined UI and connectivity tutorials..Version: 2.1.14584

Don't do it.NOT worth $30-40. It’s not easy to use, does not format properly to iOS devices (I have iPhone XR and iPad Pro 11 2020)… I want a refund...Version: 2.1.14584

ProblemsPoor sizing on 6 Menu for help does not scroll You shouldn't make a calculator which has the poorer resolution of the original -- it should not faithfully emulate in that manner!.Version: 1.0

CAS crashesCannot solve with CAS mode. Just crashes app. Considering cost of app, very disappointed. This was updated 11 months ago. I expect better from h.p. I'm a long time hp calculator user, and own the prime calculator. It's not perfect, but at least it's pretty stable, and gets regular updates. Too bad hp can't find the time to put a little care into the prime app..Version: 2.1

Awesome function / Adequate form / BuggyGreat programmable cas with rpn... I would give it 5 stars if the app didn’t shrink just to get the hp logo to show at the top of the screen... please fix this hp! UPDATE: App crashes when using CAS solve functions. Very disappointing that the company known for “gold standard” engineering calculators such as the HP 50 g, HP 42s and more, can’t get this right on a paid app! Lowered to 3 stars....Version: 2.1

Decent first versionIn my limited use, I haven't noticed any differences to the physical calculator. However, I can't find a way to transfer programs. Files copied in using iTunes are corrupt and paste crashes the app. Five stars if this gets fixed or working solutions documented..Version: 1.0

CrashingThis last update crashes when any calculations are done. Then it resets the app. Please fix the pro version..Version: 2.1

CrashesI bought the physical HP prime recently. Love it. So I got this (expensive) app to go with it. But crashes every time I do an indefinite integral. Not good enough for the price..Version: 2.1

ROM Update?Are we ever going to get the lastest ROM update?.Version: 1.1

UnusableLatest version crashes constantly on start up. I can’t even use it anymore..Version: 2.1

Crashes in CAS modeWhen can we expect a fix?.Version: 2.1

Price decreaseI bought this app a little over a month ago for $25. It is now only $10 and I am very disappointed and want my money back!.Version: 1.1

Still works on iOSThe Hp Prime Pro is still functional!.Version: 2.1.14584

More ProblemsTried a short program. When typing reached the bottom of the screen, the cursor gets lost and could not finish the program because the cursor would not go past the first screen. The screen would not scroll past the bottom of the screen even if you tap ‘RETURN’. The cursor then positions itself between lines. Taping the screen in the upper part does not solve the problem. cursor remains between lines and straddles both lines. if you try to delete cursor moves erratically and does not delete but simply moves around the screen. The condition described above is common to both iPhone 6+ and iPad. Apart from programming, I find the calculator work normally. I don’t know yet if the programs one would make could be transferred from the Emulator back to the Mac(iTunes) through File Sharing or vice versa, and what format the files would take? Or is it even possible?.Version: 1.0

App crashesEvery time I try to calculate the determinant of a matrix..Version: 2.1

Current version crashes oftenThis used to be a useful emulator of the HP Prime, but the current version is buggy and crashes often, especially when using CAS functions. Sad..Version: 2.1

Constant CrashesThe app crashes every time that I use the toolbox functions related to CAS, or any calculus functions entered “manually”. I also can not find support for the app. The app support link is worthless as it takes one to an area that does not address this app; only the physical calculator is shown, or addressed on the HP website..Version: 2.1

541TDoes not support floating window-within-window mode. So you have to switch back and forwards between the app and which ever other app you’re using..Version: 2.1.14584

Sait for update/ Attendre mise à jour Fonction de base ok, le reste plante avec iOS 12Attendre pour une version compatible avec IOS 12. La version 2.1 ne fonctionne pas. Pour le moment cette version plante pour affectation de mémoire en mode CAS, plante lorsque l’on veut faire un cercle manuellement dans l’app géométrie, impossible de faire le calcul automatique de l’aire d’une forme, etc... Donc utiliser la version Lite et attendez une nouvelle version avant d’acheter. Please, wait for a update the version 2.1 is not working with iOS 12. Use the lite version, this one works better, but do not have all functions like the pro one. Hope HP will works to get an update of this product..Version: 2.1

CAS does indeed crashLiking it overall so far, wish the RPN support were a bit more complete; as with many other reports, I found that at least on iPad the CAS is easy to crash: from Home in RPN mode just key in: ALPHA X ENTER and boom, the app crashes. So far it looks like the prime is one step forward two steps back from the 50g, but the app simulating it has stability problems regardless..Version: 2.1

CAS features crash iPhone XI own the HP Prime calculator and thought this would be a nice portable version for meetings, etc. Unfortunately it crashes when you use CAS features. HP, please fix!.Version: 2.1

CAS causes instant crashAs many others have noted with this version 2.1, the app crashes on any CAS problem. Seems HP have abandoned the app as this issue has existed for a long time. How do I get a refund!?!?.Version: 2.1

A very powerful, but finicky appHaving the power of a very full-featured calculator in an app is quite handy. Entry is a bit clumsy and sometimes sluggish. Occasionally the app will crash for no apparent reason, and in that case it reverts to the state of the calculator when you last opened it which discards any of your recent work. I expected more for a $25 app..Version: 2.1

THIS UPDATE BROKE IT!It used to work fine in iOS 11.1 b1 this update broke things bad. Only the display shows, no keyboard, completely black..Version: 1.3.6

Needs to be updated to fit iPhones without a home buttonCan’t believe this is still designed for the old iPhones with buttons. It’s hard to and everything is too small. If it was updated to fit the new iPhones it could be zoomed in more making it much easier to see..Version: 2.1.14584

Keys no longer visible!The upgrade caused the calculator's "LCD" to be visible but everything else is a black background. If I randomly press in the black area, a key will be pressed but I can't see what I'm pressing..Version: 1.3.6

Untested?The physical calculator looked really good, and I expected the iOS version would be on a par. After all, HP has a reputation for fine, professional calculators. Unfortunately, it isn't optimised for iOS and gives a less than satisfactory input experience. It shrinks after opening so doesn't take advantage of the full screen. On an iPad the graphics are fuzzy. Given the price, this isn't acceptable. According to the release notes - this update is ready for iOS 11. I've installed it on 12.9 inch Pad Pro 1 & 2. Also on an iPhone 7 Plus. Across 11.1 beta and the latest shipping version of iOS - it is unusable. I've removed and reinstalled.Removed, rebooted, and reinstalled. When I'm able to get through the setup screens there is a network error! On my iPhone I can at least see the keys, but cannot use it. Hard to believe this had even rudimentary testing. I was unable to give feedback to HP directly. The inability to give feedback directly is something I encountered on my other HP iOS calculator purchase..Version: 1.3.6

Best I have found but a bit buggyI agree with others that there are some bugs and often it takes opening it more than once for it to work. Sometimes the app doesnt respond to touch and makes it more frustrating. I used on a 6s+, 7+ and iPad Pro (9.7 & 10.5) so I assume its not the device. I was looking for an HP that has the Solve function they pioneered yesrs ago (e.g. on the HP-28 and many others). Used to be great and easy to use but as the calculators got more sophisticated (HP-48/49) it became less easy. Its a bit easier here but not great. I suppose I'm looking looking for is long gone and the HP-28S experience is dead. I will keep looking but until then I will use this app..Version: 1.3.2

Latest version consistently crashes.In agreement with some other recent reviewers - this app WAS great, but recently functionality that I was using regularly causes the app to crash. Definite or indefinite integrals crash the app in any mode. This is 100% consistent and repeatable, both on my iPhone and my iPad. HP charges too much for this app to have no way to report or address issues. Until they do, one star. It’s now unusable for anything other than basic arithmetic. HP’s inability to listen or even provide a feedback route shows again how they’ve declined as a company from their glory days....Version: 2.1

Does Not Load on iOS 11.0.2HP Prime Pro (paid app) does not run after updating iPhone 7+ to iOS 11.0.2..Version: 1.3.2

This calculator disppoints its customersI just bought this app, and tried it on my brand new Iphone 6s. Sin(30) returned a weird minus number instead of 0.5, same goes for other Trigonometric functions. It is useless. And the control panel is not easy for use as well. if I use my right hand to press on the "shift" button, on average, 1 out of 3 is successful, and if I use my left hand to press on the "shift" button, on average, 1 out of 10 the botton is pressed. It is not the right app for education purpose..Version: 1.1

Great if it works!I wish it made use of the entire screen and gave you the option of resizing the graphing/calculating screen. It's also not usable currently and just shuts down when I try to use CAS made to calculate anything..Version: 2.1

Needs updating for iOS 11Very good app, but needs a couple of attempts to get going on iOS 11. The main screen doesn’t look quite right either: the graphics needs looking at..Version: 1.3.2

A too faithful emulatorFor better and for worse, this is an extremely faithful emulator. Right from the start, the app/emulator makes a bad first impression by requiring pointless interactions. First, one must "slide to unlock" the virtual HP Prime screen. Next, it asks one to set the calculator clock, as if your iOS device wasn't already keeping track of time for you. This faithfulness, quirks and all, might seem like a selling point to a fan of HP's graphing calculators. As such a fan, I found myself frustrated. The biggest problem is that the virtual buttons are small or way too small for a iPhone screen. You'll find yourself slowing down considerably to ensure that the correct button is pressed. Another frustration is that the user interface stubbornly follows the design of the real calculator and therefore one must press the virtual buttons to accomplish tasks that would feel more natural as on-screen touch gestures. For example, one often needs to press the virtual D-pad and the virtual enter key to navigate the on-screen elements instead of just touching the elements directly. In the end, I'm not sure who the target audience for this app is. If you need a graphing calculator on a daily or weekly basis, then just buy the real thing. It'll be much easier to use. If all you want is an occasional RPN calculator on your iPhone, then there are plenty of good ones on the App Store that don't have tiny buttons. If you only occasionally need a graphing calculator and you want the depth and familiarity of HP's design, then maybe the quirks are worth it..Version: 1.3.2

Drains battery severelyYou should be aware that this app will drain your battery, even while not being used but running in the background, to the point where your device will become very hot. This happens on my iPhone 6 (not 6S), and my iPad Air (not Air 2). The app itself appears very good in its calculator functions, but the power drain problem is serious. I will be asking for my $25 back once I figure out how..Version: 1.0

Some functions don't workI have the actual calculator and the app cannot run all the functions, for example DDAYS down not work in RPN but it works on my calculator..Version: 1.3.1

Bug in ATAN functionI did a calculation producing ~2.64. I have the angle setting to degree. I used the ATAN function with Ans/10 as the argument and the calculator gave the answer as ~2.64e-02 which is clearly wrong. So I repeated with ATAN(2.64/10) and got the answer 14.81º which I checked using a handheld calculator..Version: 2.1.14346

Great app - butThis is a good app and a good replica of the real calculator - but still one or two bugs - from time to time the calculator crashes on startup and the rpn mode defaults back to standard entry. The splash screen needs to be optimised for the 6s plus. HP please provide an update and I will update this review..Version: 1.3.1

This is appallingInitially worked on the iPhone, did an upgrade and hasn’t worked since. Many re installs all leading to disappointment. This cost me $40AU, don’t waste your money on it. Whatever issue they have it hasn’t been fixed. Very poor..Version: 2.1

Nice try.Just paid for something that doesn’t work. The emulator keeps crashing when working in CAS mode..Version: 2.1

Needs iPhone X VersionIt looks like an accurate representation of the physical calculator, but it doesn’t take advantage of the full iPhone X screen - which means that all elements are very small. The iPad version is - of course - far more usable..Version: 1.4.1

Buggy and latest update makes it unusableThe app would crash under iOS 11 so I thought the latest update might make it better. However, now the app is unusable! The keyboard on the calculator is not visible at all on my 10.5 iPad Pro. 😩.Version: 1.3.6

IPhone X screen problemThe app doesn’t fit the screen of iPhone X well..Version: 2.1.14346

Latest Version of Calculator Keeps on CrashingThis was a great app, but the latest version has significant issues and has become unusable. It constantly crashes when you use any of the CAS solve capability. I tried deleting the app and re-installing, but that did not correct the problem. I do not know if this is a compatibility issue with IOS 12 or a bug introduced in the latest version, but it exists in both the iPhone & iPad versions. There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact HP on the issue (no phone or email). The app support link is totally useless since it appears you can only get support for the physical calculator and not the app for which they charge a lot of money for. Extremely frustrated with HP’s poor support with an app that constantly crashes. Beware and keep away until they fix this..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t support from iPhone 10 onwardsI’ve just paid the most I’ve ever paid for an app only to find it doesn’t fill the screen of my iPhone 11 Pro (nor any iPhone from 10 onwards). It’s sits in the middle of the screen with a big black bar at the top and bottom like an ugly out of date app for 5 years ago. I was going to show this calculator app off to my colleagues at work on Monday but I’d be embarrassed to do so now. Unbelievable! I’m pretty sure it doesn’t conform to Apple’s latest rules either (an app must support all screen sizes of all compatible devices). I want my money back or an urgent update. For the amount of money people have to pay for this and seeing the last update is 7 months ago, HP are nothing but thieves!.Version: 2.1.14346

CrashesThis program has been broken for months and still no update. HP, if you are not going to fix this program, at least put the previous one back because, at least it worked..Version: 2.1

Needs to support the full XS Max screen resolutionAs good as this is, and it is, the app really needs to ecploit the screen capabilities of the iPhone XS Max. The current resolution is awkward to use. Also connectivity with the HP Connectivity Kit would be enormously beneficial for data transfer..Version: 2.1

Update to fit new phonesPlease update the app to be optimized for iPhone 11 Pro Max phone..Version: 2.1.14584

Has stopped working on iPad ProUsually a four star app, has stopped working on iPad Pro over the last few months. No response from HP to my reports of this fatal issue submitted to the HP Museum forums or to the HP Prime calc beta email address. App simply crashes instantly on startup - am unable to use the calculator, or access my programs and data stored in the HP Prime app. Sad..Version: 2.1

Problems on iPhone 7Just starting using this app. The touch gestures are having a real problem on the iPhone 7 but work fine on my iPad mini 2. Key click works great on iPhone 7 but are delayed and erratic on iPad mini 2. Will update after more use. Edit: It seems that the problem with the touch gestures is that this app leaves the standard iPhone title bar on when running which offsets the app graphics down. The app will work fine if you select the "hide title bar" option. This will not remove the iPhone title bar which will appear on top of the app title bar. Not perfect but will work until they fix this bug..Version: 1.3.2

DisappointedLongtime HP fan, and love RPN. But it crashes *often*, and when it does, it resets the Settings. I'm constantly having to go back in and change it back to use RPN all the time. Hope they release an update soon! For the cost, they should..Version: 1.3.1

Crashes too frequentlyLove HP, have many HP calculators including the Prime. This software version of the prime is a great emulation of the venerable HP Prime including the 3D graphing app. It crashes frequently on my iPhone X when using the solve function in CAS mode. The screen is also cropped not making full use of the latest iPhone screens. Looking forward to an update..Version: 2.1

Completly brokenRunning iOS 12.2 on iPad Pro 10.5”. CAS functions I have tried immediate crash the app every time. For example integration or summation. Pretty clear this app was not tested with this version of iOS. Too bad, I like the physical calculator and would like to use the app. Hopefully HP will fix it. Also, oddly, it supports 3 of 4 screen orientations but not the one I use: home button at top — I use this to avoid hitting the home button with my palm while taking notes..Version: 2.1

Need key clickWould be 5 stars if I could get audible feedback when keys are pressed..Version: 1.3.2

All CAS functions crash the appDo not buy. Intentionally crippled by HP and they are not fixing it.Version: 2.1

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